The Immortal and His Little Sorceress


Zhang XiXi thinks her future will consist of someday taking over the family’s cosmetic business. She isn’t aware of her family’s ancestry as Sorcerers until she is thrown into another world with her father.
There on a magical island she begins an adventure that will last an endless lifetime, sharing her heart and powers with a handsome Immortal.
Facing dangers as she learns to wield her powers as a Sorceress she is accompanied on her journey by mythical beasts and three handsome men.
Which Immortal will win her heart ?

Table Of Content:

Chapter 1 Is This A Dream

Chapter 2 A Mythical Beast?!

Chapter 3 My Name is Feng Tian

Chapter 4 Lost in Their Own Thoughts and Snake for Dinner!

Chapter 5 Have Some Berries

Chapter 6 Beast Herd Interrupts Her Swim…

Chapter 7 Hero Saves The Beauty

Chapter 8 A Glass of Wine and Memories of a Dragon Tooth…

Chapter 9 Feng Che Is Curious

Chapter 10 XiXi and Yun Tai in The Hot Spring…

Chapter 11 Take Your Bunny and Go…

Chapter 12 Don’t Be Unruly and Just Bow!

Chapter 13 The Script Goes Terribly Wrong…

Chapter 14 She Charms His Spirit Pets…

Chapter 15 Yun Tai’s Calming Tea…

Chapter 16 Yun Tai Needs Answers…

Chapter 17 Gemini Twins…

Chapter 18 Sworn Brothers…

Chapter 19 Feng Tian Explains, Part One

Chapter 20 Feng Tian Explains, Part Two

Chapter 21 The Old Master, Yun Pei Shan

Chapter 22 Yun Pei Shan, Part Two

Chapter 23 Zhang Yu Wakes Up

Chapter 24 B reakfast and A Question…

Chapter 25 Breakfast is Served…

Chapter 26 Long Conversation

Chapter 27 Valentine’s Day…

Chapter 28 LingLing Part One

Chapter 29 LingLing Part Two

Chapter 30 At The Spring

Chapter 31 XiXi Meets LingLing

Chapter 32 XiXi’s First Lesson in Sorcery

Chapter 33 Feng Tian in Myriad Cloud City

Chapter 34 Feng Tian gets The Wine and A Little Beast

Chapter 35 Sung Wu Gets Greedy

Chapter 36 Yes! We Are Going To The Lake

Chapter 37 Plum Blossom Cliff

Chapter 38 A Little Water Trick…

Chapter 39 XiXi’s Dream…

Chapter 40 Yun Pei Shan and XiXi…

Chapter 41 LingLing…

Chapter 42 Poison…

Chapter 43 The Panthera -Siyu

Chapter 44 Frustration…

Chapter 45 Yun Tai At The Lake…

Chapter 46 Where’s Feng Tian

Chapter 47 Hong Bo…

Chapter 48 XiXi’s Dance…

Chapter 49 Wang Li Jie Arrives…

Chapter 50 Please Don’t Sing!

Chapter 51 I Want To Do Fun Cat Stuff!

Chapter 52 XiXi the Cat and Yun Tai…Part One

Chapter 53 XiXi the Cat and Yun Tai… Part Two

Chapter 54 Feng Che and Feng Tian…

Chapter 55 XiXi and Yun Tai Wake Up…

Chapter 56 Conspiracy…

Chapter 57 I’m XiXi!

Chapter 58 Keep My Secret…

Chapter 59 XiXi Wanders Off..

Chapter 60 Mystical Moon Garden…

Chapter 61 Chen Brothers Sparring…

Chapter 62 Rong Meets XiXi

Chapter 63 Red Lotus Bracelet

Chapter 64 Astral Void Beast

Chapter 65 Mystical Cloud Palace

Chapter 66 Wang Li Jie Is Happy

Chapter 67 The Play Begins

Chapter 68 Xiaolian and Li Jie

Chapter 69 The Flower Cave

Chapter 70 Quan Zhen

Chapter 71 The Chase

Chapter 72 The Chase Ends

Chapter 73 Jiang Bai

Chapter 74 Intrigue

Chapter 75 Return…

Chapter 76 Make a Wish…

Chapter 77 The Soaring Sky Stage

Chapter 78 The Black Abyss Beast

Chapter 79 Soaring Cloud Continent

Chapter 80 Crown Prince’s Protection

Chapter 81 Kang Longwei

Chapter 82 The Old Monk.. Part One

Chapter 83 The Old Monk..Part Two

Chapter 84 Return to Ice Palace

Chapter 85 Complications

Chapter 86 Demonic Snake

Chapter 87 Loose Ends

Chapter 88 Compensation

Chapter 89 Soon Will Say Goodbye

Chapter 90 Leaving Mystical Cloud Palace

Chapter 91 Jealousy

Chapter 92 Lan An and He Peng

Chapter 93 Lunch At The Inn

Chapter 94 Dragonflower Wine

Chapter 95 Be My Empress

Chapter 96 Zhao Jiao

**********New Chapters Coming Soon*********

Chapter 97 Escaping

Chapter 98 We Need To Leave

chapter 99 Desire Interrupted

Chapter 100 Time Dilation Array

Chapter 101 Return To Bamboo House

Chapter 102 Yun Tai is Drunk

Chapter 103 Bring Me Grapes

Chapter 104 Who Are You

Chapter 105 Vanished

Chapter 106 Hangover Soup

Chapter 107 Having Fun

Chapter 108 XiXi Is Angry

Chapter 109 She Needs To Stay Home

Chapter 110 Changing Plans

Chapter 111 Eating Vinegar

Chapter 112 Troublemaker

Chapter 113 Challenge

Chapter 114 Dreaming

Chapter 115 Wang Chao Han

Chapter 116 Golden Red Lotus Bath

Chapter 117 Runaway Horse

Chapter 118 Eating Plums

Chapter 119 Call Me Master

Chapter 120 Little Sorceress, Are You Ready

Chapter 121 Dangerous Decision

Chapter 122 He Can’t Die!

Chapter 123 Beast Hunters

Chapter 124 Delirious..I Want You

Chapter 125 Is She His Mate

Chapter 126 Who Changed My Clothes

Chapter 127 You Pervert!

Chapter 128 Attraction

Chapter 129 Captured

Chapter 130 Rescuing XiXi

Chapter 131 Burn The Map

Chapter 132 Changing Feelings

Chapter 133 Little Zhu?

Chapter 134 Not Going

Chapter 135 LingLing Returns

Chapter 136 XiXi Never Listens

Chapter 137 Snake Bite

Chapter 138 Leaving At Dawn

Chapter 139 Questions Need Answers

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