CEO Zhen…Don’t Touch!

Emmi wants to get her degree from A University in Fashion Design then eventually have her own clothing line. She has a small studio on the edge of her family’s property where she escapes from her chaotic life creating clothes for her small online store. There she can be at peace and work happily building her online business.
CEO Zhen is a powerful and cold man who literally comes crashing into Emmi’s life. His sudden appearance outside her art studio on a cool Autumn night disrupts both their lives.

Chapter 1 Cripple Him!

Chapter 2 Can’t Die…

Chapter 3 Rescue Strange Man

Chapter 4 Zhen Sihao Wakes Up

Chapter 5 Arrangement

Chapter 6 Video

Chapter 7 Emmi Needs Money

Chapter 8 At The Dorm

Chapter 9 Shameless

Chapter 10 Livestream

Chapter 11 Huang Electronics

Chapter 12 Bashu City

Chapter 13 Han Shi

Chapter 14 Han Shi Part 2

Chapter 15 Zhen Group

Chapter 16 Zhen Group Part 2

Chapter 17 Yan Jing’s Office

Chapter18 Empty Cafe

Chapter 19 Lu Ying Yue

Chapter 20 Emmi Returns To Cabin

Chapter 21 Making Plans

Chapter 22 Leaving

Chapter 23 Liu Ling’s Lecture

Chapter 24 Italian Restaurant

Chapter 25 The Apartment

Chapter 26 Grandpa Wu’s Restaurant

Chapter27 Black Dragon Club

Chapter28 Black Dragon Club Part 2

Chapter 29 Black Dragon Club Part 3

Chapter 30 Go To Hotel

Chapter 31 Wang Hao’s Apartment

Chapter 32 Massage

Chapter 33 On Campus

Chapter 34 Lunch With Liu Ling

Chapter 35 Lunch Part 2

Chapter 36 Liu Ling’s Office

Chapter 37 Ming’s Restaurant

Chapter 38 Emmi’s Business Plans

Chapter 39 Partnership

Chapter 40 Impulsive

Chapter 41 Emmi Wakes Up

Chapter 42 Too Expensive

Chapter 43 Noo..He Can’t Be Engaged!

Chapter 44 Bullied

Chapter 45 Ride To Work

Chapter 46 Employee Discount

Chapter 47 Little Songbird

Chapter 48 Wang Hao..Hooligan!

Chapter 49 Lu JunJie

Chapter 50 Pool

Chapter 51 Unblock Me

Chapter 52 VIP Pass

Chapter 53 Collaboration

Chapter 54 Misunderstanding

Chapter 55 Shameless Devil

Chapter 56 Liar!

Chapter 57 I Wasn’t Dreaming

Chapter 58 CEO Zhen Is Back

Chapter 59 Provocation

Chapter 60 Daphne Drake

Chapter 61 Leaving D’Amico’s Restaurant

Chapter 62 Leaving D’Amico’s Restaurant Part 2

Chapter 63 The Gazebo

Chapter 64 The Gazebo Part 2

Chapter 65 I Do What I Want

Chapter 66 Emmi Breaks Down

Chapter 67 Fever

Chapter 68 You Need To Stay

Chapter 69 I Will Make Lunch

Chapter 70 White Rabbit Cafe

Chapter 71 Crush Young Master Jiang

Chapter 72 Homework

Chapter 73 Sleep In His Embrace

Chapter 74 School Forum Part 1

Chapter 75 School Forum Part 2

Chapter 76 We Are Partners

Chapter 77 Help Liu Ling

Chapter 78 Bai Family Part 1

Chapter 79 Bai Family Part 2

Chapter 80 Your Little Songbird Part 1

Chapter 80 Your Little Songbird Part 2

Chapter 81 Han Chao’s Studio Part 1

Chapter 81 Han Chao’s Studio Part 2

Chapter 82 What Is So Good About Him?

Chapter 83 Jean Paul

Chapter 84 Yan Ran

Chapter 85 Cousin Chloe

Chapter 86 We Could Be A Fake Couple

Chapter 87 Dinner At The Art Studio

Chapter 88 Surprise In The Supermarket

Chapter 89 I Want To Eat…Rice

Chapter 90 Emmi Is Drunk

Chapter 91 I Will Only Marry You

Chapter 92 Chen Chloe Wants Emmi Destroyed

Chapter 93 So Evil

Chapter 94 Poison

Chapter 95 Kissing

Chapter 96 Another Woman…

Chapter 97 Winter Ball

Chapter 98 Emmi Warns Bai Cai

Chapter 99 Emmi On Hot Search

Chapter 100 Meet Me In The Garden

Chapter 101 Emmi Is Bullied

Chapter 102 Emmi Wants To Leave

Chapter 103 Fang Hua and Peng Hua

Chapter 104 Too Vicious

Chapter 105 Drive Faster!

Chapter 106 She Is In My Bed

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