When Li Tian arrives at the Paris airport he hurriedly exits the plane reminding Noah to keep a low profile. “You will owe me for this one it won’t be easy to negotiate a deal to appease him, until I can sort out the mess you created well… I think you can guess the consequences.” Noah nods his stiff neck in agreement, “I am going to the countryside to take care of my injuries.Then I think I know one person who can dissuade that maniac from seeking revenge.”

   “Just keep in mind…don’t act without my permission or I can’t guarantee your safety. We need to neutralize the bastard before next week.” Li Tian narrows his eyes and they shine with a strong killing intent staring at Noah and François. “I am not going to lose 500 million letting him wreck havoc on my arms business. As soon as I conclude my dealings  in Paris I am going back to Catang City, I have to touch base with Zhou Jason about the Mega Mall Project.” He looks at Adrien then towards Noah, “Your man can come with me, I need someone who speaks fluent French and has knowledge of the Paris Underworld.”

    Noah motions to Adrien, “Go with him.”

    Adrien has a strange expression while looking at the two men, how is Li Tian’s girlfriend going to react when she sees me? Although he seems to have forgotten we kidnapped the little chick, I doubt she will. Fuck me ! I have no choice but to follow orders, hopefully she won’t make a scene. Li Tian’s phone rings, godammit I can’t keep avoiding Grandfather. He continues walking towards the Terminal as he answers in an irritated tone, “Yes?” 

     “Stinky brat! Now you decide to answer?” 

     “I have been busy and I know why you are calling, I don’t have time for your bitching right now.”

     “Have you so easily forgotten what I told you before you left ? If you want the Waterfront Project to continue you better adjust your priorities. Little An called me crying that you not only have been ignoring her but you embarrassed her at the Bellini reception. Who is the slut you are sleeping? Is she worth throwing away what you  have worked for at Li Group.”

   “Grandfather, anything An said was complete nonsense. Have you ever known me to be associated with a woman?”

    “Well that’s true, frankly I’m tired of the rumors you are gay, but I can’t have you upsetting the little girl.You are aware that her mother wields a bit of power with the Zoning Commission since her cousin took over when old man Wang died. Our company has the hold up with the Mega Mall Project and the partnership with Zhou Mo, we can’t have any additional problems. So you had better find a way to humor An unless you want to be replaced at the next CEO meeting.”

       “Yang James called me yesterday and informed me that he found the owner of the property we need for the Mega Mall. When I return to Cantang City  I will begin negotiations to acquire the property.Do you actually think I will allow anyone to interfere with the development project on the Waterfront?” He glares at Tang Qiang,” I want my engagement with Long An broken, we are not a suitable match.” Without proof I can accuse her of sleeping with another man… what should I tell the old fart? “She is far too immature to take on the responsibilities of being my wife.”

  “Who is this woman Song Sara?” He trims his bonsai tree… maybe if the brat likes her and she’s capable…

  “ An is trying to stir up trouble.Song Sara is simply an executive assistant I borrowed from Zhou Mo to bring to Milan because Yang James is tied up with company  business.” He tells his grandfather about Long An slapping Song Sara in front of the jewelry store causing a scene. “I don’t have any more time to explain myself. I just arrived in Paris and need to touch base with the jewelry designer for LTJ. If Navarre, my designer, is able to win the International Jewelry Competition I will be able to open LTJ jewelry stores across the United States. Our brand will be known worldwide and this expansion could make the Li Group millions.” He continues  walking while speaking to his grandfather while anxiously looking around for the Airport Security Office.  He spots the office, ” If there is nothing else I want to get to my hotel. “

   Disappointed he puts down the small clippers. I was hoping this woman, Song Sara if she caught Tian’s attention was a possible marriage candidate, unfortunately she is only a secretary.

After listening to his grandson he isn’t sure if this marriage arrangement will work. Long An obviously was acting jealous and displaying irrational behavior disrupting Tian’s work.  “We will discuss your marriage contract when you get back home. I expect you in the meantime to handle the situation delicately. Although the Long Family is not a threat, they do have the ability to interfere with the development project and I don’t want any unnecessary delays. Little An is young and I think you need to give her a chance, the marriage contract will not easily be broken unless she decides to break the engagement. Until you can find a solution you need to respect the decision of the elders.Don’t cause any unnecessay trouble!”

    After Li Tian hangs up with his grandfather he calls Sun Peizhi, “Can you save the pictures on Tang Qiang’s phone?”Once I have them available to blackmail Long An that will be one less thing I have to worry about, she will do what I want rather than be  exposed.

   “I am having someone I know extract the information on the phone.When he finishes I will forward them to you.” Sun Peizhi is in the middle of packing to return to Catang City. “Since my job has been completed as per Zheng Teilan’s request I am leaving Milan. “

 “What about the information I need on Sun Zhi?”

   Sun Peizhi closes his suitcase restraining himself from laughing, “Once I get back to the city I will see what information I can gather for you.” He has a faint smile on his handsome face, “ But that will be an extra fee.”  Why the hell does he want to know about me anyway?

   “I don’t give a fuck how much it costs, contact Yang James at my office in Catang.”  He hangs up as they arrive at the Security Office. Excited he will see Sara he quickens his pace as he enters the room, a short man in a gray uniform stops them at the door. Speaking French he says,  “How can I help you gentlemen?”

   When  Li Tian  doesn’t see Sara his expression changes and his face darkens. He answers in English, “Where are the man and woman you were supposed to be holding that got off the plane from Milan?”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about… please explain. “

    “Didn’t the Security Chief at the Milan Airport contact you?”

   The man slowly walks over to a desk where a woman is looking at a computer. “Did we receive a call from the Milan Airport Security? ”  

     She looks up from the report and nods her head replying, “Non.”

    He glances back over at Li Tian who is pacing around the room. “When were they supposed to arrive and what is the crime?”

    Li Tian looks at his watch, he sounds  impatient, ”The plane should have been here at least an hour ago. Call Milan Security now I want to know what the fuck is going on!”

   The guard rubs his head, “Calm down and have a seat. I will find out about the situation.”  He can tell by  Li Tian’s expensive-looking suit and the two muscular men dressed in black, this intimidating man is not someone he should  offend. “I need to know the passengers’ names and some details from you.”

    Li Tian gives him the information he needs and tries to restrain his temper while the guard makes the call. Goddamn it where the fuck did Navarre take Sara?

   Sweat forms on the guard’s forehead as he listens to the Security Chief from the Milan Airport. Li Tian’s aura is suffocating and he finds it difficult to breathe. He tightens his hand on the phone as he loosens his collar, obviously the problem occurred when the two arrived in Paris before I came on duty. He furtively glances over at Li Tian who is looking at his phone then hangs up to call the security checkpoint to find out exactly what happened. Apparently, when Navarre and Sarah arrived the guards were waiting but the two disappeared in the crowd. According to this man the two guards came back to the office and filled out a report and left it on the desk. I didn’t see  a report and why didn’t they chase after them? This can really be a problem especially since it involves a celebrity like Navarre.

   Across the city in Navarre’s luxurious apartment Sara is waking up from a nap in his guest room.She stretches her arms out then rubs her eyes  Oh my that felt so good…I was exhausted.  Sara  gazes around the room then mutters, “Really beautiful.” I guess it makes sense because he is an artist, all the furnishings are delicate and exquisite. She stands up and walks over to get a closer look at a painting of a woman by a lake.While she is  admiring the painting there is a knock at the door. She hears a young woman’s voice speaking English with a heavy French accent, ‘Miss Song are you awake? “

   Sara walks over and opens the door, a pretty woman dressed in a black and white uniform stands in the hallway holding a bag and a dress, “May I come in? “

 “Of course. “

  “ Monsieur Navarre asked you to change into this dress and join him for dinner. “

   Sarah smiles as she takes the bag and dress from the woman, “ Merci, please tell him I would enjoy that.”

   “Do you need anything? Would you like me to run the bath for you?”

   “No. I can do that myself, but could trouble you for some water? I’m very thirsty.”

   The maid walks over to an ornately carved wooden cabinet and opens the door revealing a small fridge . “There are bottles of mineral water and juice in here. Should you care for a glass of wine it is in this cabinet and the glasses are here also.”

   Sara takes out a bottle of mineral water then tilts her head as she gulps it down, “Ahhh..” She notices the maid watching her drink the water with a strange look on her face. Sara doesn’t realize while she was sleeping the pin loosened on her sweater revealing her neck. At this angle the maid has a view of  the purplish red marks that form a stark contrast to her snow white skin. Sara finishes the water and notices the maid  is still staring at her. “Thank you for your help, I’m going to take a bath now.”

    Clara composes herself, “ If you need anything dial 5 on the phone over there by the bed.”


   Clara walks down the hallway to Navarre’s art studio where he is working fixing the necklace.  she knocks on the door, “C’est Clara,  Monsieur Navarre.”


   Navarre continues working on the Midnight Lover Necklace as Clara informs him Sara will join him for dinner. He doesn’t bother to look up and he dismisses her with a cold and indifferent tone he says, “You can leave.”

   Clara has an infatuated look on her round face as she watches him meticulously replace some gold pieces on the beautiful necklace. She is working for her cousin while she is on vacation and today is the first day she has seen Navarre. Frozen in place staring at the incredibly handsome man’s profile she doesn’t respond when he tells her to leave.

   Annoyed that she hasn’t left he looks up from the necklace, “ I don’t like to repeat myself. Go.”

  Clara’s face turns bright red and she feels her cheeks getting hot, “I..  I just wanted to know if you would like me to stay to take care of your guest?”

  “That won’t be necessary.”

  “All right, I’ll be leaving then.” After Clara leaves the room she leans up against the wall looking down the hallway towards the giest room. Who is that woman? Cousin said Navarre doesn’t allow any of his women to stay here. The  shameless woman’s neck is covered in love bites too! 

Huang Electronics

  When she finishes her livestream she is very excited. Emmi’s green eyes are sparkling while counting the money she made from all the gifts she received tonight and happy lazy fairy bought the ruffled blouse and pencil skirt. Giggling while considering she can pay her tuition and have extra money to buy more supplies she gazes at her embroidered backpack. I didn’t know my embroidery would be so popular with my viewers. She forgets Zhen Sihao is behind the  embroidered screen and starts dancing as she hugs her backpack, “ Yeah! So many gifts! I’m rich..I’m very rich!” Emmi begins singing as she twirls around her hair flying, “Nothing can stop me now.. I will soar among the clouds..”

  Zhen Sihao steps out from behind the screen startling Emmi and she abruptly stops singing and dancing mid step. Noticing his amused expression dampens her mood and she throws the backpack onto the white wicker chair. She binks a couple times and blushes that he saw her being silly. “Hehehe..Wang Hao you woke up.”

   “Noisy.” He gazes at Emmi’s carefree appearance with a hint of desire in his deep eyes. Emmi’s beautiful face is flushed red, her long black hair is pulled up into a high ponytail giving her an innocent youthful look but a few strands of hair are seductively hanging down her creamy white neck. Her emerald colored eyes are sparkling and she has a shy expression, her thick black eyelashes fluttering from my sudden appearance. His Adam apple rolls looking at her flawless face, those cherry red lips and her dimples when she was smiling as she was dancing. The bunnygirl really is a beauty. Is that how she makes money.. flaunting her beauty on camera? He thinks about the person named i’m here for the beauty and becomes irritated..he gives her gifts? Shameless girl! She will do anything for money!

   Emmi notices the changing expression on his handsome face, first he looked dazed from being awakened but now he appears angry,“Why are you looking at me like that? He must be mad because I suddenly woke him up. “I forgot you were here.

  Am I that easily forgotten! Well yes.. the little miser was busy prancing around in front of a camera making money letting strange men leer at her body. Feeling annoyed he says, “My back hurts from laying on this lounge chair. I am going to have to dock your pay.”

   Emmi stomps her foot,“That is not fair! I told you I have a livestream at eight and you fell asleep at the table. I had no choice but to put you on the lounge chair” 

  “Pfft! It is more important to entertain strangers than take care of your patient!”

  “What?! That is ridiculous!” Emmi waves her hand at him dismissively, “Forget it.. I’m too tired to deal with your idiocracy, I’m taking a shower and going to bed. If you want me to go pick your stupid laptop in the morning you better.. change your attitude.” Seriously! Emmi walks to the bathroom, Well I’m not going to let his rotten personality ruin my good mood!

  Zhen Sihao’s face turns black, who does the little brat think she is! Telling me to change my attitude. He stretches his back, if I didn’t need to stay out of sight for a few more days I would call Wu to pick me up right now. I am tempted to put that little girl over my knee and spank her for her insolent behavior!

    The next day Emmi arranges for Butler Han to meet her at the edge of the woods with breakfast for Zhen Sihao before he drives her to town. This time she doesn’t bother waking Zhen Sihao up and sets the insulation container on the counter. Hmmph! He didn’t bother to acknowledge me when I came out of the bathroom last night. I thought he might apologize but I guess that’s too much to ask of the arrogant jerk.

    Emmi glances back at the bed waving her little fist at Zhen Sihao who appears sound asleep as she opens the door to the cabin. After she leaves he has a faint smile on his face watching her little angry gesture. He can smell the delicious aroma coming from the container and slowly gets up.

   When Emmi is in the car she asks Butler Han, “Was Uncle Yihong home this morning?”

  Butler Han knows Emmi doesn’t want her Uncle to know she has a guest at the cabin. “No. I drove him to the company early this morning for a meeting. Don’t worry he thinks you are at the University. ”

  “Thanks Butler Han. Besides the fact I have a friend staying at the cabin, I..well..I am avoiding Uncle.”

  “May I ask why?”

  “Well, Uncle wants the deed to Grandfather’s cabin so he can sell the lakefront property to Zhen Group, Chloe told me yesterday. Uncle Han..” Tears start to form in her eyes, “I don’t want to give up the isn’t right… Grandfather gave his fishing cabin to me.”

  Butler Han tightens his hand on the steering wheel, that greedy bastard. He thinks for a moment but can’t come up with a solution. The poor Miss has no backing, if Chen Yihong wants it what choice does she have? “Have you spoken to your cousin Young Master Ji? Maybe he could intercede for you with your Uncle.”

  “ Cousin know his cold personality. He won’t get involved. I mean..he has always been nice to me when I see him more so than Uncle or even his sister Chloe. But, when it comes to business…I think he will want the profit of the sale to strengthen the company.”

  “The Young Master..well yes..I think you are right. Do you have any ideas?’

  “I think I am going to contact the Zhen Group. Maybe they could begin the development further away from my little bit of property.” Although I hate that old man Zhen Sihao for what happened to me in high school I have to give it a try.

   “That is a good idea Miss, there is so much land by the lake, your few acres of woods and the cabin shouldn’t matter to a big company like Zhen Group.”

   “I think so too. Okay, I see Huang Electronics up ahead, this shouldn’t take long.”

   Butler Han pulls the black Maybach into a parking spot in front of the shop. Emmi goes into the shop looking around for a salesperson, she bumps into a muscular man in a navy blue suit, “Oh sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

   He looks down at the petite young girl, obviously you weren’t paying attention. Is she the girl the CEO sent? She doesn’t look very reliable. He continues to look at a shelf containing electronic equipment while watching Emmi out of the corner of his eye.

  She sees Huang Peng bending down tying his shoe by the counter. “Mr. Huang!’

  “Miss Emmi! Long time no see!”

  “How is your daughter? Dr. Liu said the medicinal ointment worked well.”

  “Did your grandfather make it before he..” He stops when he sees Emmi’s complexion pale. “Well, it worked great.” He wants to kick himself for mentioning Chen Bingwen.

  Emmi can see he is embarrassed so she breaks the awkward silence, she sweetly smiles,“Mr. Huang please don’t shy away from mentioning Grandfather. He valued his friendship with you and I like to be reminded of him. In answer to your question I made the medicinal ointment. He taught me alot about medicine and I use some of his formulas and also create my own.”

  “ Jiao’er has no scars after using the ointment. We were so worried after the accident. She is only in high school after all.”

  “ That is great! You should bring Little Chang over to the lake to go fishing. I miss eating all the fish you guys used to catch.I turned Grandfather’s fishing cabin into an art studio but I kept all Grandfather’s fishing gear and the boat is in good shape. I take out into the lake once and a while.”

   “We will!” He looks up as the door chime rings, “ Did you hear Liu’s boy Ling’er is coming back from abroad?”

   Emmi’s face lights up at the mention of Liu Ling, “Dr. Liu told me when I dropped some medicinal herbs at his house. Liu Ling is going to be a guest professor at the University.”

  Huang Peng has a broad smile on his weathered face. “Yeah, you should hear him brag about that boy’s accomplishments! Haha. Why did you stop in the shop? Is there any problem with the microphone you bought?”

  “Oh no. It works great! Last night was the first time I tried it out during my livestream and my viewers said my voice was very clear. I am here to pick up a laptop. It is for Wang Hao, from his company.”

   Huang Peng’s round eyes narrow and has a complicated expression, “How do you know Wang Hao?”

   Emmi doesn’t want to explain the situation. “I don’t really. I am earning some money by picking it up for him, it wasn’t convenient for him to come to your shop.”

  The intimidating man looking at the electronic equipment has been listening to their conversation. The young girl doesn’t look suspicious, as a matter of fact she seems naive and innocent. Where the hell did the CEO find a University student to run this errand. I should have checked with Chen Yi to see who was picking up the laptop. He texts Chen Yi [Boss there is a beautiful young girl at Huang’s to pick up CEO Zhen’s laptop.]

Chen Yi looks at the text [Young girl?] Zhen Sihao didn’t say who he would send [Let me check]

 He sends a text to Zhen Sihao [Who did you send to pick up the laptop. My man says there is a beautiful young girl asking for it.]

  [I hired a University student to pick it up. I thought it would be less suspicious. Just in case.]

  [ I will inform him] That was smart.

 Zhen Sihao picks up the chopsticks and eats a bite of the flavorful egg dish. Beautiful young Chen Yi’s man staring at the little thing right now?

 He sets down his chopsticks and sends another text.[Tell your man to leave.]

   Huang Peng takes the laptop from a cabinet under the counter then glances over at the man dressed in black worried Emmi will have a problem after picking up the laptop. He dropped off the package a half hour ago but has been hanging around the shop.. Obviously he has been waiting to make sure everything goes right. Fucking Zhen Sihao! How does he know Chen Emmi!

   Emmi looks at the silver laptop in Huang Peng’s hand, “Is that it?”


   “Do you need me to sign for it or anything? It looks expensive.”

   “No.Let me put it in a bag for you.”

   “You can save a bag. I am going to deliver it now before I go back to the University. “

  Huang Peng watches the intimidating looking man leave then breathes a sigh of relief but still has a concerned expression. “Emmi you shouldn’t run errands for people you don’t know.”

  “Haha..thanks for your concern Mr. Huang. This is a one time thing, my tuition is coming due so I need some extra money.”

  “Well if you need part time work my cousin could use a server at his restaurant on the weekends.”

  “Really?  But I have no experience.”

  “He could train you, it isn’t hard. Let me give you the phone number, tell him I recommended you.”

  “Only weekends? I have school during the week.”

  “Yes. That is his busiest time and he needs extra help. One of his employees went back to their hometown so he is short a server.”

  Emmi looks at the card with the name of the restaurant and the phone number. “Thanks! I will call if he doesn’t mind training me.”

  Huang Peng has known Emmi since she was a child so he gives her some advice. “Avoid taking random jobs.”

   “Thanks for your concern. Remember to plan a day you can come fishing!” She carries the laptop and waves as she leaves the shop. Emmi shakes her head then laughs wondering why he looks worried.

   Butler Han is leaning against the black Maybach smoking a cigarette when Emmi walks over, “I didn’t think it would take that long but I was talking to Mr. Huang.”

  “Did you want to go to the University now?”

  “No. I need to drop this off for my friend so she can write a sales report that is due. I will go to school afterwards.”

Uncle Xinghi Arrives

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo walk down the hallway to Dr. Silva’s office, as they arrive at the door Xinghi says, “Let me do the talking.”

  “Do you think he will agree?”

  “I can persuade him. He admires my work and considers me a genius..haha..”


  Dr. Silva has just showered and is putting on a fresh set of clothes when he hears a knock at the door. He walks out into his office after he adjusts his blue and gray silk tie, he sits at his desk, “Come in.”

  He looks surprised when the two men enter the office. I don’t have any appointments on my calendar for this morning. “ Can I help you gentlemen?”

  Xinghi wears his latest face mask that is virtually undetectable so it is no wonder Dr. Silva doesn’t recognize him. He moves closer to Dr. Piero and in a low voice informs him of his identity, “Piero, I am Xinghi. You know I can’t travel freely.” He holds up his visitor’s badge. “Please call me Jiang Shiting.” 

   Dr. Silva has an astonished expression,  “I didn’t expect you until later this afternoon.” 

   “Well after you described the patient’s injuries I felt she would be a good candidate for my experimental treatment. I didn’t want to waste time. Of course I will get the patient’s permission first. You said she is a young girl who was shot in the head and shoulder?”

  “Yes, the patient came through the operation well and the last I checked on her before the end of my shift she was stable.”

  “Did you use your latest nanobot during the operation?”

  “No, I felt it would be premature since the process to certify its effectiveness hasn’t been completed.”

  “Can I see the patient’s chart?”

  “Of course.” He brings up LiMei’s information on his laptop turning it in Xinghi’s direction then stares at Dr. Woo thinking he looks familiar, “Who is your associate?’

  Xinghi introduces him, “This is Dr.Woo,he has been working with me in the development of the experimental drug.” He doesn’t want to say LiMei underwent regeneration therapy and the Phoenix Breath Serum drug will merely stimulate and quicken the process. “I have full confidence that the drug therapy will hasten her recovery time.”

     Dr. Woo stands silently listening to Xinghi lie without batting an eye.He is well aware LiMei has already received the injection from Dr. Lumbert. What if Dr. Silva wants to watch Xinghi administer the Phoenix Breath Serum. He has no clue that Xinghi has considered this possibility. Xinghi knows Dr. Silva is open to innovation but cautious when it comes to implicating Blessed Spirit Hospital. If that weren’t the case he wouldn’t wait to use his new nanobot until it was cleared for mainstream use.

    Dr. Silva has to consider the hospital, if anything went amiss they could be held liable.”You know I respect your abilities but…” Xinghi interrupts him, “I am aware my methods are controversial and wouldn’t expect you to put the hospital at risk. I propose to move her to my associate Dr. Lumbert’s Private Clinic for the patient to receive the treatment and recuperate.”

  While waiting for Dr. Silva to make a decision the phone rings. When Dr. Silva answers he frowns, “Brother, what can I do for you?”

  His brother raises his voice, he woke up this morning to a call from his grandfather. “Did you perform an operation on a young woman last night who had a gunshot wound! Brought in by fucking Nikolai Naralov!”

  “Obviously you are aware I did.”

  “Do you know the problems that could cause our hospital’s reputation if the media found out we treated a gangster’s whore! Grandfather called me this morning furious over the matter.”

   “How the hell did Grandfather find out?” He shakes his head, Of course… he has spies among the staff. “I had no choice except to perform emergency surgery. The patient was in critical condition.”

  “I want her out of the hospital now! Before any media outlets looking for a sordid story find out Naralov’s little girlfriend is here.”

  Dr. Silva tightens the grip on the phone then looks up at Xinghi, if she can be safely moved I can avoid a confrontation with Grandfather. Unfortunately I need his financial support for my research. Dammit!

 He continues speaking with his brother, “ If the patient can be safely relocated to another facility I will do it. But, if it will endanger her recovery I won’t agree to it. If the woman suffers any serious setbacks or dies, it would be dangerous for the hospital in more ways than one. Nikolai Naralov seemed very attached to the patient. I will check and get back to you.”

 Dr. Silva’s face darkens as he hangs up the phone. He looks at Xinghi with a serious expression, “Well I’m sure you caught the gist of that phone call. If Feng LiMei agrees and it is safe to move her after I check her condition I will release her into your care. But, if I deem it medically necessary for her to remain in this hospital I won’t be swayed by you or my brother.”

  Dr. Woo has a faint smile,  as to be expected Xinghi isn’t one to leave something to chance. The sly fox hedged his bet by alerting Dr. Silva’s grandfather Feng LiMei had a gunshot wound and was brought in by Nikolai Naralov. He didn’t mention Henri Armand was there or that she is Qiao Rui’s fiancee. 

 Dr. Silva stands up, “Well, let’s go see how she’s doing. Will you be in town long? I would like to show you the new research facility. “

  “If no unforeseen complications arise in Milan, I should be here until at least the end of the week.I would like to see the new research facility and the progress you’ve made with nanobots.” 

   When they arrive at the elevator  the door opens, Doctor Turino greets Dr. Silva, “I thought you went home. “

   “I slept in my office. Have you seen my brother?” He wonders if she told him about Feng LiMei.

   “No. I haven’t seen him since last week. I thought he was in the Maldives with that German woman.”

   He doesn’t respond and when the elevator opens  the three men exit the elevator. Dr Turino gives him a strange look as she watches him leave.She didn’t recognize the two men with him and is curious  why he suddenly asked about his brother. 

 “Piero, why do you still work in your family’s Hospital? If you devoted more time to your research I think you could make a breakthrough with the additional time to devote to your projects.”

  “I have considered it but I do owe my Grandfather. Also,I enjoy performing intricate brain surgery.I feel it would be a waste of my skill to simply do research.”

   Dr.Silva opens the door to LiMei’s room and they see the empty bed. He has an angry expression on his face. Instinctively he looks towards the side room where he sees a faint light coming through from under the side room’s door. The arrogant bastard wouldn’t have put the girl in his bed would he… she is recuperating from fucking brain surgery!

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo follow him as he angrily strides across the room.He opens the door to see LiMei curled into Rui’s embrace, his arm is resting across her waist and her leg is wrapped over his thigh. Both are sound asleep and don’t stir when the door is opened.

  “…” All three of the men stand there staring at the couple on the bed.

    When Dr. Silva doesn’t move Dr. Woo slowly strides over to the bed then taps Rui on the shoulder to wake him up. Rui slowly opens his eyes, “Xixin? What are you doing here?” Then he notices LiMei wrapped around him and he smiles as he lifts his arm from her slender waist. He moves her leg and sits up when he sees Dr. Silva and Xinghi by the bed he raises an eyebrow. Who is the other man with Dr. Silva? Rui runs his fingers through his messy black hair trying to recall how LiMei got into the bed with him. He lovingly gazes at her beautiful face as she sleeps, then black lines form on his forehead that his time with LiMei is interrupted by their intrusion.

  Furious LiMei isn’t in the hospital bed Dr. Silva suppresses his anger and quietly says in a deep voice, “You are a doctor why…” Before he says anything else Xinghi stops him knowing Rui’s temper could flare at any moment and that could present a problem.

  Dr. Woo has a tacit agreement with Xinghi he will handle Rui. “Rui, if Feng LiMei is up to it we  are going to move her to a facility that can better deal with her injuries.”

  Rui trusts Dr. Woo implicitly and nods, he glares at Dr. Silva, “I know what you are thinking but LiMei came into my bed while I was sleeping.”

  LiMei hasn’t stirred and Rui walks around the bed and lifts her into his arms. He gently kisses her on the forehead as he carries her to the hospital bed to be examined.

  Dr. Silva has a confused look on his face, so she didn’t lose her short term  memory? She recognizes Qiao Rui? As Rui carefully places her onto the bed Dr. Silva can’t resist asking, “So the patient remembers you… as her fiance?” If so that would be unusual for a patient after being injured in that particular area of the brain.

  Rui doesn’t hesitate to answer although he is rather sure LiMei doesn’t totally remember him, she did willingly come to his bed. “Yes.” Then he possessively kisses her lips and brushes her hair behind her ear with his finger.

Before Dr. Silva examines LiMei he remarks to Xinghi,“I would like to accompany you to Dr. Lumbert’s Private Clinic and follow Miss Feng’s progress.”

    “…” Xinghi can’t refuse, “Do you know where the Clinic is located?”

   “I am familiar with the area but have never been to the Clinic. Is it off Corso Venezia behind the park?”


   “Let me check the patient to see if she can be moved.” Dr. Silva checks her vitals then as he opens her eyes to check her pupil LiMei suddenly awakens pushing Dr. Silva’s hand away, “Wh..what are you doing? Where am I?” She looks around at the unfamiliar faces then touches her head. That’s right I am in the hospital. LiMei takes a deep breath and composes herself, smiling she stares at Dr. Silva,“Ahh..sorry I was disoriented for a minute.”

  “Miss Feng, I am Dr. Silva, I performed your surgery, this is Dr. Jiang and Dr. Woo, and of course you know Dr. Qiao.” He watches LiMei to see if she actually remembers Rui. She has a shy smile, “Thank you Dr. Silva for saving me.Sorry you can continue your examination.” Who are these other doctors? Why are they all looking at me with such weird expressions? Still no Kuang Bo..what a jerk leaving me here to fend for myself. I will just try not to say anything ..I felt Dr. Silva’s eyes were probing me when he said of course you know Dr. Qiao… keep it together LiMei..

   Dr. Silva completes his examination then asks LiMei some questions about her pain level and if she is experiencing headaches or memory problems. When she answers she admits her head is throbbing and her shoulder hurts but denies having any memory problems. He is satisfied she won’t be in danger if she is moved and gives his permission to transfer her immediately to Dr. Lumbert’s Clinic. He then asks LiMei, “Miss Feng, do you have a problem with being transferred to a different clinic? They are more suitable to take care of your recovery.”

   Rui has been listening to the three of them discuss her situation and since Dr. Woo knows Dr. Jiang and recommends the transfer he doesn’t object. He still wonders why Dr. Woo is in Milan but decides he will wait to question him. For some reason Dr. Jiang seems familiar but he can’t place where he might have met him before. Maybe at a Medical Conference…Hmmm..

  LiMei hesitates then looking at Dr. Jiang he gives her a signal that only she, Kuang Bo and Xinghi know. Relieved that he is  Xinghi in disguise, her expression changes and she readily agrees. Oh my God he is Uncle Xinghi, I am saved! Kuang Bo must have sent him! Uncle will never let anything happen to me! That is one of his best face masks I have ever seen! If he didn’t give me the secret sign I never would have guessed.. I’m saved! But Kuang Bo I am still mad at you!

Outside the Blessed Spirit Hospital four rough looking men sit in a black Land Rover. The driver is on the phone while looking at a photograph in his hand, “Are you positive the woman in the photo is fucking 456?”

“Positive and she is fucking Naralov’s girlfriend. The Boss gets a two for one when you grab the little guinea pig.”

“You are sure they are moving 456 to that asshole Lumbert’s Clinic?”

“Positive. My source is very reliable.”

The driver takes a gulp of his coffee, “All we need to do is deliver the bitch ..nothing else?”

“Fucking shit! What is with all the goddam questions!”

“Hey Louie, man.. I just got out of fucking prison! I don’t want to go back even if I owe you a goddam favor I ain’t fuckin whackin nobody!”

The man on the phone scratches his beard, he sounds impatient, “How many times do I gotta tell ya.. you just need to deliver the woman to the Boss then we are square. I won’t never ask ya for nothin again.”

The driver nervously looks at his watch, “It’s fucking freezin out tonight… Okay your contact told ya she will be in ambulance coming out from the back of the hospital?”

“Yeah. Fucking grab 456 before they get to the Clinic less trouble if Lumbert’s not involved.. He spits out a wad of tobacco then winks at a man standing nearby giving him a thumbs up.

“Gotcha.” The driver hangs up and finishes his coffee then crushes the paper cup tossing it outside. Fuck it’s cold tonight!

Trouble Coming

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   Li Tian is on his company’s plane with Tang Qiang and another bodyguard who met them at the airport. He anxiously looks at his watch, Dammit! Another half hour before we can take off.  “Qiang, where the hell are the photos of Long An in bed with you?”

  Unable to avoid the subject when Li Tian pressures him, Tang Qiang unwillingly recounts what happened in the Presidential Suite.  “Well Boss.. I tried to tell you, Miss Long saw me standing by the bed with my shirt off and started screaming obscenities at me. I had fixed her dress before I got out of bed so she wouldn’t suspect anything but when she saw me half naked..” His face turns bright red when recalling her insults. “ She began cursing and ran at me. I let her slap me to vent her anger but she was still very agitated. When she picked up a full glass of wine then threw it at me I dodged to the side. Unfortunately, my phone on the table behind where I was standing got soaked with the wine as the glass hit the lamp. Sun Peizhi came back not long after she stormed out so I asked him to try and save the pictures. He said he should be able to retrieve them but it will take some time.”

  Li Tian’s back stiffens and he bangs his hand on the arm of the couch, “Goddammit! Now I need to wait to deal with the situation.  Knowing that childish woman in the meantime she will run to my grandfather with her list of grievances.”

  Tang Qiang scratches his head deciding not to continue describing the chaotic scene with Long An.  As she was pacing around the room the crazy bitch did say she would make you regret embarrassing her at the reception, among other things I won’t mention. I don’t want to be punished for failing to get the photos when we get back to Catang. He grimaces remembering the last time Li Tian ordered him to be punished it took a solid two weeks to fully recover.

   While opening a pack of cigarettes Li Tian’s eyes have a mischievous gleam, so what if I don’t actually have the pictures, An woke up in my room with only my half naked bodyguard there. I can assume from her reaction when she saw him she thinks Tang Qiang took advantage of her in bed while she was drunk. Thinking about Long An facing Tang Qiang he starts laughing, serves her right for being a thorn in my side. Tang Qiang gives him a strange look, the Boss thinks the situation is amusing?

   Picking up his phone Li Tian dials Long An’s number, when she sees who is calling she has a smug expression on her pretty face. Tian’s grandfather must have called him to make things right with me. She just got out of the shower and sits on the bed wrapped in a towel. After letting her phone ring a few times she answers, “Tian.” I can’t wait to hear him beg me to forgive him.


  Shocked by his accusation Long An starts to cough and she clutches the towel around her, she never thought the bodyguard would tell Li Tian. She quickly composes herself, there is no way he could know for sure and it is my word against that big meathead, “ I have no idea what you are talking about. Don’t try to cause a problem for me. It is you who is having an affair with that slutty secretary of your’s Song Sara. I told Grandfather Li too, so you better dump the little whore immediately or you will have severe consequences!”

  Li Tian narrows his dark eyes, I never thought Long An would be bold enough to name Song Sara when complaining to Grandfather. Does she want to die !  He raises his voice threatening her,  “An you crossed my bottom line! You better tell grandfather that you made up that story and break the engagement between us or don’t blame me for being impolite!

   She feels confident having his grandfather and her mother backing. “Pfft! I am not breaking off the engagement! As a matter of fact you should get a call very soon from Grandfather Li pushing the date of the wedding up. He also said if you don’t bring me back with you not to come back!”

   “That is not happening. I am going to Paris for the International Jewelry Design Competition. You will be returning to Catang City on your own and breaking off the engagement. Otherwise, I will send the photos my bodyguard took of the two of you in bed to both my grandfather and your mother. See how you can talk your way out when they see proof of your promiscuous behavior.”

   Long An’s long manicured nails dig into her palm,“BASTARD! You set me up!” She checked when she got home there were no signs on her body she was intimate with the stupid man in the Li Tian’s suite.

  “What if I did. You can’t prove it, I want out of this marriage contract. If you want to save face for you and your family you will gracefully..” The pilot walks back to Li Tian and interrupts, “Sorry CEO Li, but there is a mechanical problem with the plane’s left wing, apparently it was damaged when you flew into Milan during the storm. The mechanics informed me that it will be repaired within the hour.” 

  Li Tian furrows his eyebrows, fucking shit! He gets back to his phone call, continuing to intimidate her he growls, “Long An, you better do as I say or neither you or your family will have a good outcome. Go back to Catang and I will get in touch with you when I return. Don’t cause any more trouble!”

  After he hangs up Long An stares at the phone then angrily throws it down on the bed. NO! I WILL MARRY YOU! I need to stall him if he has incriminating photos of me and destroy them. Then I need to get pictures of him and that whore Song Sara. You are going to Paris? Then so am I! I won’t let you play me like this! I will get that idiot bodyguard of yours to admit we didn’t do anything in bed you set me up!  Long An hurriedly  stands up from the bed looking in the closet for a dress. How am I going to get rid of those two bodyguards Tian assigned to me?

  On the plane Li Tian takes several long strides up to the cockpit, “What the hell is going on! We have been in Milan for a few days, why wasn’t this problem taken care of by now.”

  “ Sorry CEO Li, we were waiting for a part which only arrived last night and you weren’t scheduled to depart until Wednesday. They are working on the wing now.”

  Li Tian reprimands the pilot “I should have been notified of this problem.” He doesn’t wait for a reply and walks back into the cabin, at least security at the Paris Airport will hold Song Sara and Navarre until I arrive.

 “…” The pilot nervously watches him leave the cockpit. You didn’t give any notice you wanted to depart suddenly! How you got clearance to take off I don’t even know! This is the heaviest traffic period at this airport.

  Suddenly met by Tang Qiang as he opens the cockpit door he frowns, “What?”

“Boss, there is a disturbance outside the plane. I am going to check on the situation.”

“Go but hurry. I don’t want any more problems. If it isn’t related to me don’t interfere unnecessarily and waste more time.”

“Got it.”

  Li Tianrubs his throbbing temples as he leans back on the couch. Closing his eyes he thinks about holding Sara in his arms then waking up in an empty bed. Song Sara why didn’t you just stay at the Inn with me?

  Outside of the plane Tang Qiang spots Noah and François with another muscular man he doesn’t recognize. He stares at the two men’s burnt and ragged clothes. “What the hell happened to you two?”

  Noah’s face is red and swollen, he can barely see out of his one eye, “Where is that asshole boss of yours, fucking Li Tian?”

  “Why do you need the Boss?”

  “I said tell him to get out here!”

  Tang Qiang calls Li Tian, “Noah and François are out here and want to talk to…” Noah grabs the phone, “Why didn’t you answer my call earlier!”

  Li Tian glances out the window and he can’t resist laughing at their pitiful appearance. What the hell? “I was busy and assumed our business was concluded.”

Noah grits his teeth, “Get out here.”

 “No time. I need to get to Paris. I can’t have you delay me.”

 “Then I am coming on board. We can talk on the way to Paris.”

  ‘…” Li Tian motions out the window for Tang Qiang to let them come onto the plane. Noah tosses back Tang Qiang’s phone then slowly walks up the stairs followed by François and Adrien.

   Noah has a raspy cough and his throat hurts from inhaling smoke, “I need a bottle of water.”

   Li Tian points towards the back,“In the refrigerator between the cabins,you need to get yourself.”

  “ Adrien get me a bottle of water.” He glances around looking for Sara.”Where is your pretty little assistant?”

  “Not here. What is so important you rushed here instead of going to a hospital. Speaking of which what the fuck happened to you?”

  Noah gulps down the cold water as the pilot comes out of the cockpit. The pilot has a look of surprise when he notices the three extra men and their condition, “CEO Li we are cleared for takeoff.”


  “Are your guests leaving or can we pull the stairs up?”

  Noah doesm’t wait for Li Tian to respond, he answers, “Staying.”

  Li Tian crosses his long legs, “After we take off you can take a shower and change. I have extra clothes.” His lips curl up, “Then I am curious to hear how you ended up like this.” Besides the occasional conflict of interest he and Noah have a decent relationship. He had to retaliate for the Berlin interest or he would weaken his position as the most feared of the arms dealers. Also, he has a Ukranian arms deal coming up where he could use Noah to transport the goods to Kazakhstan. He will be busy with Li Group business and breaking ground for his Waterfront Development in Catang City.

  “It is your fault.”

  Li Tian smirks, “How is it my fault?”

  “I had to blow up Marisa’s villa, Francois and I barely made it out alive.”

  “You blew up Marisa’s villa?” Li Tian can’t help but laugh at Noah’s swollen face and his blackened clothes, even his blonde hair is singed and he is missing an eyebrow. Noah prides himself on his elegant appearance he must be devastated at the sorry shape he is in right now. François doesn’t look much better. “Haha..while you were in it? Are you insane?” Once they are in the air Li Tian turns to Tang Qiang. “Get Noah an ice pack for his eye.”

   Noah takes the ice pack from Tang Qiang and places it onto his half closed bloodshot eye. “Oww!” The pain is excruciating but he didn’t want to go to a hospital afraid Gunnar Hedwig would find him. “Goddammit! I had no fucking choice, it was either take a chance the explosion diverted their attention and escape or wait to die. He was definitely going to have me killed even after he received the arms shipment.”

  “So is the buyer dead?”

  “The bastard left before I detonated the explosives… with Marisa, leaving me and François for his men to dispose of us.”

  “He kidnapped Marisa?”

  Noah purses his thin lips and has a self deprecating tone when he admits, “Marisa left willingly.”

  “So that is why you want revenge?”

  “You must be joking, he can have the conniving bitch. I came to you because once the crazy bastard finds out I am alive I won’t be for long.” He continues, “I miscalculated the placement of the explosives. If Adrien hadn’t returned when he did and pulled us out the fiery debris we would be among the dead. The mansion burnt to the ground.”

  Interested in finding out more Li Tian calls Tang Qiang over, “Qiang, get me a glass of the red wine and bring one for Noah and François.” Turning his attention back to Noah he wonders how Noah found him, “How did you know I was at the airport and why should I help you? What is in it for me?”

   “To answer your question because you are next, since you caused the weapon delivery to be delayed. He got a phone call right before the shit hit at his chemical plant in Africa where the weapons were to be delivered. He had to suck it up and ask for a government official he detests to intervene and send government forces to protect his facility. That was his only option to avert a catastrophe when the chemical plant was overtaken by the insurgents before the shipment arrived. He was really pissed off when he was put in that position.”

  “Unless you told him my men hijacked your shipment, how would your client know my identity?”

Noah takes the glass of wine from Tang Qiang, after he gulps it down he responds, “Who do you think? Amir covered his own ass and put the blame squarely on me and you. The buyer was aware of the entire situation before he arrived at Marisa’s villa.”

  Irritated that he got drawn into Noah’s problem Li Tian raises his swordlike eyebrows, Noah appears unusually frightened so the man must be formidable. He lights a cigarette and blows a smoke ring, “Who is the client?”

  Noah’s swollen face loses color and his forehead has a layer of sweat, he was hoping in the beginning he wouldn’t need to reveal the man’s identity to Li Tian.“Uhh..Gunnar Hedwig.”

    Realizing this situation won’t be easily reconciled Li Tian has a complicated expression. Fucking Gunnar Hedwig! If it had been a normal buyer I could easily subdue him but that maniac!  Li Tian stands up and grabs Noah by the collar yanking him out of his seat. Angered by this disturbing information his eyes have a murderous glint and his aura blackens, “You stupid motherf****r…you fucked over the head of the Chronus Consortium then brought me trouble! Did I not warn you before the Berlin incident about partnering with that greedy weasel Malouf ? I should throw you off this plane for your unbelievable stupidity!”

Milan Airport

   Sara enters the airport looking for a shop where she can purchase a toothbrush and some toothpaste. When she locates one she wanders through the aisles picking up some personal items. Once she purchases the various toiletries she slowly walks to the restroom to freshen up, afterwards she plans on having some breakfast. Entering the restroom she walks past two women to look in the mirror, when she sees her reflection she lets out a gasp then touches her neck. How embarrassing! I spoke to the woman at the Inn…no wonder she gave me that strange look… and the delivery driver, Carlo, never mentioned anything either. Sara frowns, they must have thought I knew and didn’t care. Sara’s face turns red, I need to buy a scarf to cover these horrible red marks. She notices the two middle aged women staring at her and nervously pulls up the collar of the sweater.

  Looking at her reflection in the mirror Sarah sighs,  I have Panda eyes! She touches the dark circles under her eyes. I’m a mess. I am so glad I left before CEO Li woke up for so many reasons! When I get home I’m going to sleep for an entire day…no a week! Taking out the soap she purchased she washes her face, then pats some face cream under her eyes. Looking at her red and swollen lips she wishes she had purchased medicated lip gel. Exhausted and her nerves on edge Sara sighs while brushing her tangled hair. These last couple of weeks have been like living in a bizarre nightmare!

   After she exits the bathroom she glances around for a restaurant to have breakfast. While searching she notices a small boutique not far away. Sara walks in looking around for a scarf. A stylish looking saleswoman wearing a black designer pantsuit approaches Sara and politely says, “Can I help you find something?”

 “I am looking for a scarf.”

  “Follow me, we have a nice selection over at this counter.”

   Sarah picks up a blue and black silk scarf that looks like it would work but it doesn’t have a price tag . “How much is this scarf?”

 “That scarf is a beautiful choice. We only received that in the store yesterday. It sells for only 300 euros.”

  Sara frowns, “That is a little out of my price range. Do you have something around 50 euros?”

  The woman’s pretty face twitches, she is doing her best to maintain her professional attitude. Although the young woman’s clothes are too large on her petite body they are from Chanel’s latest sportswear collection. She calmly replies while digging her red nails into her palm, “ Our shop’s scarves are from top designers and the price starts at 225 euros.” What a waste of time!

   Sara purses her lips, no way am I spending that much money on a scarf. “Sorry to trouble you.” Maybe I can just pull the collar up a little and fasten with a safety pin. She tugs on her collar as she decides to go back to the store where she was earlier.   After looking around the small shop she can’t find a package of pins so she approaches the girl at the counter “Miss, does the store carry safety pins? 

The girl at the cash register recognizes Sara from earlier, the glaring red marks on her creamy white neck was hard to miss when she stood in line. “We don’t but let me see if I have one in my purse.” She bends down and opens a cabinet under the counter. Reaching into her large purse she takes out a brush, a bag of snacks, an umbrella thena small sewing kit. Sara can see in the plastic bag it contains needles, thread and several different size pins. Out of the corner of her eye the little cashier checks to see if her manager is around and quickly hands a couple pins to Sara.”Here you go. “

   Sarah is very grateful, “Thank you so much.”

   The girl smiles at Sara, “No problem. I like to be prepared for any wardrobe malfunction..haha..” Since the manager isn’t around and no customers are waiting to pay at the counter when she watches Sara struggling to fix the sweater she takes one of the pins, “Here let me help you.”

    She comes around the counter and pins the top of the sweater together .Without thinking it might embarrass Sara she pats her shoulder. “ There you go. No one can see your man’s love bites now.”

    Sara blushes shyly thanking the girl for her kindness before hurrying out the door. Li Tian? my man..oh nonever.. a shiver runs down her back thinking about how he took total control of her body. She has lost her appetite after the girl’s offhand comment, I will grab a snack before I get on the plane. She sees the security checkpoint and rubs her waist while she stands in line waiting, so sore. When it is her turn she shows a security guard her identification, passport and the ticket she got at the kiosk when she entered the airport.  She puts the crystal beaded purse in a plastic container then waits to pass through the detector. When the person looks at the screen showing the contents of her bag he motions to a woman at the end of the conveyer belt. The uniformed woman tells Sara she will need to stand to the side. 

   The manly looking woman picks up Sara’s small purse and dumps the contents out, then lets out a gasp when she sees the Midnight Lover Necklace, the crystal beaded purse’s label inside says Chloe Design. She stares at Sara accusingly, with her untrained eye Sara’s clothes are unremarkable, oversized and messy. She doesn’t recognize them as Chanel exclusive sportswear. Did she get the clothes at a thrift store and rob someone? The delicate workmanship on the purse and the  broken Sapphire and Diamond necklace definitely don’t belong to the young woman in front of me. She whispers something to the gray haired man next to her and he gets on his phone. Sara can see their suspicious expressions as they stare at her. The necklace! They probably think I stole it. How am I going to clear up this misunderstanding without contacting CEO LI. 

  While Sara is trying to figure out what to say to them, two security guards approach then tell her to accompany them. Nervous she might miss her flight she sounds worried, “I understand you have questions about the necklace in my purse but I can explain. She stammers, “ isn’t what you think. “

   The man has an imposing aura but his voice is emotionless.”We will give you a chance to explain in the office.You must understand we need to clarify ownership. It is unusual that you did not check any luggage and we must confirm the necklace is yours before you leave the country.With your cooperation this shouldn’t take very long and it won’t be a problem for you to make your flight to Catang City “

  “ All right that makes sense.” I can have them call LTG Milan, even better I can have someone from there come and take the necklace to be fixed. Relieved, she smiles, I don’t need to contact CEO LI , just the jewelry store! 

  When they enter the airport security holding area a burly man in a blue uniform tells Sara to sit down. She obediently sits in the chair in front of his desk. The woman who is holding the necklace in her broad palm puts it on his desk. Her voice is husky as she explains the situation, “Chief, this woman had this Sapphire and Diamond necklace in her purse as she went through security. She doesn’t have any carry on luggage and didn’t check any baggage either. She displayed suspicious behaviour at the checkpoint, combined with the fact the necklace is broken most likely from a struggle caused us to be concerned the necklace was stolen. Also, from her appearance it gives the impression she couldn’t afford the expensive necklace in her possession. ”

   Sara gives the woman a puzzled look, How was I acting suspiciously. Does she think this is a television drama?

   The man behind the desk picks up the Midnight Lover Necklace then looks over his glasses with a cynical look towards Sara. Giving Sara a chance to speak he asks, “What do you have to say?”

    Sara  calmly replies, “The necklace indeed is not mine.” The three people stare at her when she makes this statement, she is admitting she is a thief? then Sara continues, “It was loaned to me by LTJ Milan  to wear to the Bellini Reception. I do not want to mention CEO Li, but how do I explain having the broken necklace with me going to China.

The woman laughs and her stomach jiggles in her tight uniform, “We are supposed to believe you?” Look at are trying to say a luxury store like LTG would loan a multi million dollar necklace and you were attending an exclusive banquet at the notorious playboy Diego Bellini’s mansion..hahaha. She can’t help laughing more boisterously thinking about it.

“…” Sara wants to cry, nothing is funny about this!  “Call them to confirm what I say is the truth.”

   The woman wipes the tears from laughing from her beady eyes, “It is Sunday the store is probably closed.”

   Sara’s face pales, I am going to have to call the CEO. Maybe I could call Sun Peizhi but I can’t remember his phone number. She nervously taps her fingers on the arm of the chair, “Try to call the store, someone might be there.”

   The man behind the desk fiddles with the Sapphire and Diamond necklace, if this involves Li Group’s jewelry store I can’t let this woman leave until we find the truth. There would be hell to pay if we let her taake a flight out of Italy with their jewelry. “I will call.” He looks up the number then dials, the phone rings several times then he is prompted to leave a message, the store is closed.

  He hangs up, “Anyone else that can verify your story?”

  “Well…” Sara begins to feel nauseous, I don’t want to see that man..I can’t call CEO Li! He is probably disgusted with my..oh my God, I feel like I am going to be sick.

 “If you can’t give us some form of proof you will need to go to the police station until tomorrow when the jewelry store can be contacted.”

  Sara remembers the man that designed the necklace gave her his card, what was his name? Navarre.. “If I still have his business card the designer of the necklace can attest to the fact I am telling the truth. Look in my wallet, it is a silver and black business card.”

  The man opens the purse and takes out her wallet, there are a few business cards, “Silver and black? I see a black one.” He looks at the name on the card, nothing else is printed on it but Li Tian,”The CEO of Li Group designed the necklace?”

   “NO..NO.. wrong card!”Sara’s eyes widen and she jumps up reaching to grab the card out of his hand.

The burly man raises his voice when he sees her sudden , “SIT DOWN or we will put you in restraints!”

Frightened when he bellows in her ear, Sara’s heart skips a beat. After a few moments she regains her composure, “No, not that card. Silver and black..can I look?” When he doesn’t hand her the purse she points, “Maybe in the side, look there.”

  The man pulls out the right business card and Sara breathes a sigh of relief, “Yes, that one. Navarre, call him.”

    In his luxurious suite at the Grand Palace Hotel, Navarre leans over the curvaceous naked woman in his bed to look at his phone on the nightstand. Li Tian said he would return the Midnight Lover Necklace to him for the jewelry competition and he doesn’t want to miss his call, he plans on leaving later today for Paris. He rolls back off the woman looking at his phone, he doesn’t recognize the number but answers tentatively, “Oui?”

  The Security Chief doesn’t speak French, “Do you speak Italian?”

  Navarre answers in fluent Italian with a slight French accent, “Yes. Who is this?”

  “I am Gino Linguino, the Head of Security at the Milan Airport.”

   Navarre gets out of the bed then walks to get a cigarette, “Why are you calling me?”

  “I have a woman here.” He squints looking at her passport, “ By the name of Song Sara..she has a broken necklace she said you designed. Gold with Sapphires, Diamonds..” before he says anything else Navarre has killing intent emanating from his body, “BROKEN? YOU SAY MY MASTERPIECE IS BROKEN!”

  The Security Chief glances at Sara who has her head down holding her stomach, “So, Mr. Navarre…” He begins to sweat, I can’t have anything go wrong here what if these two are working together. “Do you have proof?”

   The veins are bulging on his forehead, “The NECKLACE IS MINE!”He tosses his unlit cigarette onto the glass table. How can the isolent man question me! “I am Navarre, everyone knows I designed the Midnight Lover Necklace!”

  Chief Linguino wants to cover his ass, “Well, even if you are the designer I need some proof the necklace belongs to you. I can’t just go on your word.”

    Motherf***cker! What kind of proof? Is my beautiful necklace ruined? I have no time to create a new one before the Competition! Goddamn Li Tian letting his woman wear my necklace! I told him how important this Competition is to me! 

   When there is silence at the other end he asks,“Mr. Navarre are you there?”

   “I will be right there to claim my necklace.” He hangs up the phone and walks to the bed. He yanks the pretty woman up by her arm throwing her out of the bed, “Scram. I need to think.”

   The young socialite was sound asleep when he disturbed her dream. Still groggy and disoriented she tries to get her balance. “ Baby, what is wrong?”

   He kicks the  shimmering silver dress that is at his feet over to her, “I said leave.”

    Naked, she grabs the dress as she pulls it over her hips she whines, “You can’t play with me then kick me out!  I will tell Uncle Louis!”

   He lifts his eyebrow as he sneers, “Tell him what? You were drunk then crawled into my bed? I don’t think that would have a good result. Aren’t you supposed to marry that fool next week. Go.”

  She angrily picks up her designer heels and Chanel purse then leaves cursing him as she slams the door. “Pig! Bastard.”

  Navarre sits on the edge of the bed and anxiously calls Li Tian. He doesn’t want to get to the airport security office and be rejected because he has no proof to show them. When he doesn’t answer Navarre leaves a message for him. Dammit! He hurries into the bathroom to take a shower.

  After he gets dressed he throws the last items he needs to pack into his suitcase. He looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, I will catch an earlier flight since I need to go to the airport now. My precious necklace better not be totally fucked up or I will kill that careless woman.. I need to win this Competition! I can’t easily replace the Kashmir Sapphires or those top grade Diamonds. 

Emmi Needs Money

  Inside the Chen Mansion, the aroma of the fragrant congee wafts out from the kitchen as Emmi walks through the dining room. Wheeling a suitcase filled with the clothes she took from her cousin Ji’s closet into the kitchen, she feels a little guilty. Her cousin, Chen Ji is in Thailand negotiating a contract and won’t return until the end of the month. She rationalizes the situation to relieve her guilt, Cousin has so many clothes he hasn’t taken the tags off of yet he won’t notice a few missing.

     Emmi walks over to Grandma Kang and picks up a piece of green pepper off the cutting board. “Smells delicious!”

   “I made chicken and ginger congee, eggs with tomato, rice and the scallion pancakes. I packed an insulated container, it is over on the far counter. I put in some vegetable buns your friend can have for lunch.”

  “Oh..” I didn’t think about lunch, I will be gone all day. “So thoughtful of you! Thanks so much!”

   Grandma Kang can’t help but think of Emmi’s mother, the Young Miss is so much like her mother when she was young. Beautiful..kind.. As tears form in her eyes thinking of how she was mistreated then passed on early. Grandma Kang turns towards the door wiping her eyes when Butler Han comes into the kitchen, “Miss are you ready to return to University?”

   “Yes, but first I forgot something at my studio. We need to stop by there first.”

   “I will pull the car around.”

     Emmi follows him outside, turning around waving at Grandma Kang who is standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Once gets into the backseat of the black Maybach, she hesitates, “Butler Han. Ummm.” Emmi bites her lip deciding if she should be honest with him. She decides he won’t tell anyone. “Actually,my friend is staying at the studio, so I am dropping off the food there.”

    Butler Han responds, “Miss, you needn’t worry your mother asked me to watch out for you. I won’t stir up any unnecessary trouble..”

    Relieved she can count on him she smiles, “I knew I could trust you! So after I drop off the food, we need to stop by Dr. Liu’s clinic. I have some medicinal herbs for him.”

    Butler Han pulls up to the edge of the woods where the road stops and Emmi gets out of the car, “I won’t be long.”

    When she enters the studio she sees Zhen Sihao has his eyes closed laying on the daybed . Should I wake him? The food would be better hot. He is paying me a lot of money for the week. She places his breakfast on a small wooden small table then takes out a pair of black athletic pants and  gray cashmere sweater from the suitcase. These look like they should fit, cousin is a little shorter but not much…and this man looks like his build is similar, maybe a little more muscular…. the home clothes shouldn’t fit too badly. 

   Holding the clothes in her hand Emmi touches his shoulder, before she can say ‘wake up’  his large hand  grips her neck squeezing until Emmi can’t breathe. Zhen Sihao’s eyes are blazing, staring at her as though with cold eyes as though he is in a trance. Emmi drops the clothes onto the floor as she gasps, “AHHHH.. KEKE..” then puts her hand on his trying to loosen his hand from around her neck. Emmi’s eyes are watering and turning red, I’m gonna dieeel! He suddenly comes out of his daze then abruptly let’s her go. Catching her 6cm heels on the quilt hanging off the bed, she stumbles backwards away from the bed. Coughing while holding her neck, she has a terrified expression as she looks at him in shock. Her voice hoarse from the pressure he exerted on her throat she spits out, “Are crazy!”

   “You shouldn’t sneak up on a person.”

   “I didn’t! I was waking you up to eat!”

    Unreasonable psycho! She doesn’t want to deal with him, what can I do? I will just avoid him. I need the money he offered to pay for the week. Still rubbing her neck, she points to the  clothes on the floor and the table with the food laid out. After getting a bottle of water to try and soothe her throat she shoots daggers at him with her eyes then storms over to the shelf where she keeps her medicinal herbs.Emmi wonders why she bothered to save him as she packs several  jars of herbs in her backpack. Just think of your tuition..

  He rubs his chin as he watches Emmi, hard to believe this is the same girl in the bunny pajamas. She is wearing a dark blue dress that accentuates her tiny waist and provides an alluring contrast with her snow white skin. She has her long black hair loosely curled and is wearing delicate makeup…the little thing looks… breathtakingly beautiful.

   Emmi feels his eyes on her and she whirls around, her voice sounds raspy, “What are you looking at?”

  “Where are you going?”

  “I have a presentation at school today not that it is any of your business.” She clears her throat, “Now thanks to you I can barely talk. I’m leaving. ” She points her slender finger at the clothes on the ground.”Also, there will be an extra charge for the clothes.You can see the tags are still on them . I will give you a 50% discount, I doubt you could afford the full price so I am giving you a break. ” I wasn’t going to charge you but I am really pissed off!

She is almost at the door when he stands up holding the walking stick in one hand to support himself and the quilt in his other hand to cover his lower half. “Stop.” He has a demanding tone, “You need to buy me a phone so I can contact my work.” He wants one that is untraceable- a burner phone. “Just get me a cheap prepaid phone at a convenience store.”

   “ Forget it!I don’t have any extra money. You can use my phone when I get back.” Why would I do him any favors, if it weren’t for the 8000 yuan I would kick him out now..

   “Aren’t you selling those medicinal herbs in your hand?” He decides to point out the money he will pay so she will do it. “Once I have a phone I can transfer the 8000 yuan to you on WeChat.”

   Emmi perks up when he mentions transferring the money, then raises an eyebrow,, “Okay but the money for the phone and clothes is extra, not included in the 8000 yuan.”

    He smiles looking at her puffing out her cheeks with an aggrieved expression, he likes to see her angry expression, it is really cute. “I haven’t received my salary this month, I might need to pay you in installments. The 8000 yuan is  all my savings.” 

   Emmi softens her gaze, “You are this old and you only have managed to save 8000 yuan?”

   “…”   Looking at the girl’s deep green eyes full of pity Zhen Sihao doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he just made a record breaking billion dollar deal.

 “Fine.” She forgets she is mad at him for choking her after hearing how poor he is.Maybe he lives in a dangerous neighborhood and needs to be on guard for someone attacking him when he is sleeping. “I am leaving, don’t answer the door. I don’t need any more problems than I have now. If that old fart thinks he is getting my …anyway. just.don’t answer the door. Oh. and don’t get your wounds wet, I can change the bandage and clean you up when I get home.”She teases, “No charge that is included in the 8000 yuan. haha..”

 Zhen Sihao has a smile that goes all the way to his eyes as he watches Emmi leave. No charge..hahah.  He touches his face, whatever medicinal herbs she applied to my injuries appear to be working rather well.  He slowly walks over to the shelf where Emmi stores her herbs. He picks up one reading the label, Interesting.

   Looking over at the variety of steaming dishes on the table stimulates his appetite.  His thin lips curl up as he sits down to eat. I’m surprised the little miser didn’t charge me extra for meals..haha… 

  Emmi walks back to the car, as she gets into the backseat she puts her backpack with the medicinal herbs on the floor. After she buckles her seatbelt she apaologizes, “Sorry it took me so long.”

  “To Dr. Liu’s clinic then?”

   “No. I almost forgot the clinic is closed on Monday morning, he will be home until noon.”

   Butler Han turns the car around and takes a side road that leads up to the highway. 

    When they arrive at Dr. Liu’s home, Emmi knocks on the door and his wife answers, “ Emmi, I haven’t seen you in a while. Come in, he is in his study..”

   “Thank you Auntie Liu.”  As she follows her,she notices a new photo of their son in a silver picture frame on the table and picks it up for a closer look.“When will Brother Ling come back from abroad.” She stares at the slender man wearing a white coat standing next to an elderly man. Her heart skips a beat, so handsome. He hasn’t changed since the last time I saw him. No..he is even more handsome!

    Mrs. Lui’s face lights up at the mention of her only son. “Wednesday..He graduated a month ago but he has been traveling.”

   Emmi tries to conceal her inner joy at the prospect of seeing the outstanding man of her dreams again. She casually asks,  “Oh.Is he going to work at the clinic with Dr. Liu?”

   “I don’t think so. We want him to stay in Huangdan but he has his heart set on research. You attend A University right?”


   “ Ling is doing a series of lectures starting on Thursday..”

   Emmi’s green eyes light up, she has had a crush on Liu Ling since the first time she saw him at Dr. Liu’s Clinic. Her grandfather brought her along when he delivered some medicinal herbs, she was in Middle School at the time. Unable to contain her excitement knowing she can see him on campus her eyes sparkle,“I will look forward to attending his lecture!”

   Mrs. Liu has a puzzled expression, “Aren’t you studying Fashion Design?’

   Emmi blushes, “Well yes, but…”  Dr. Liu walks out from his study and Emmi smiles, “Dr. Liu,I brought the herbs I told you about. She opens her backpack, “The Nindrus Griyo is especially potent, I used the method grandfather taught me and the roots are very thick. Here, smell.”

  Emmi hands one of the roots to Dr. Liu  and Mrs. Liu holds her nose, “I will leave you to your business.” She leaves the living room fanning herself,  potent? Stinky is more like it!

    “I am impressed. What else did you bring?”

    Emmi takes out the other medicinal herbs she brought and they discuss the price. The doctor is very satisfied with their quality. “Girl, you should consider studying traditional medicine. With the foundation your grandfather gave you I think you could do well.”

   She waves her hand,“Thanks Dr. Liu but it is more of a hobby. I want to be a fashion designer.”

  “I was thinking if you are interested Ling could show you around the new research facility by the University. He could tell you about the study program, You might find it interesting.”

  “Well, yeah..  I should keep my options open! I would really like that!  Are you sure he wouldn’t mind?” Oh My God! A personal tour..spending time with him..I could treat him to a meal..

    After they finish discussing the medicinal herbs she will bring him next week Dr. Liu pays Emmi then slowly walks her to the door. “Remember as soon as the Silver Berji blooms you need to pick it and dry the flowers.”

  “I will.” 

   The old doctor watches her leave, What a sweet girl, it is a shame she lives with those damn Chens. They are so wealthy yet the poor girl has to sell medicinal herbs. He shakes his head, it’s a shame her mother passed away so young and now the old man is gone too. She can only rely on herself now.

   In the back seat of the Maybach Emmi opens her backpack and looks at the money Dr. Liu gave her for the medicinal herbs, that should be enough to buy the stupid phone and leave me money for the sewing supplies I need. “Butler Han, could you stop at the convenience store? I need to buy something before school.”

   Emmi leans back on the seat and closes her eyes thinking about Liu Ling..Thursday..! I can see him .. I can really see him has been so long will he even remember me?


   When Emmi returns to her Uncle’s mansion she slips in through the back. Entering the spacious kitchen she only sees Grandma Kang who is standing at the counter chopping scallions. She comes up behind the chubby old woman and affectionately hugs her thick waist. Resting her head on her shoulder she smiles, “Grandma, are you making scallion pancakes?”

  Grandma Kang turns around with a worried expression on her wrinkled face, “The Young Miss was just in the kitchen looking for you.”

   Emmi takes an apple out of the refrigerator. “I will find my cousin, would you mind making some congee for me?”

   “Of course not. You are too thin you should eat more than a piece of fruit in the morning.”

 “ Well, actually could you pack it for me, I am taking it to school. A friend of mine is sick and you make the best.”

   The old lady smiles and lowers her head whispering, “Go find the Young Miss so she doesn’t make things harder for you. I will prepare some dishes for your friend.” Miss Chen stomped in here breathing fire with an ugly expression on her face.

   Emmi walks out of the kitchen as her cousin Chloe comes down the stairs. “Cousin, you were looking for me.”

   Chen Chloe grabs Emmi’s arm, “Is it true what FeiFei told me?”

   Pulling her arm away Emmi has an annoyed expression, “What kind of gossip is she spreading now.”

  “She told me that you asked her brother Weiming to be your date for my birthday party!”

   Emmi replies without any hesitation, “Ridiculous! Why do you listen to her anyway, she is trying to sow discord between us for some reason. I know he is in your heart. Why would I trample on your feelings? You are my cousin.” Emmi remembers Friday seeing FeiFei when she was going up the stairs to the library. Pfft! that nosy girl must have seen us talking by the stairwell. He approached me..but that would be more disheartening if she were to know he is chasing me. Jiang Weiming is a heartless playboy! I don’t know what Chloe sees in him. So stupid!


  Emmi takes a bite of the apple then responds, “Really. Don’t listen to that girl’s nonsense. I was carrying some bolts of cloth and dropped them, Jiang Weiming happened to be walking by and helped me pick them up. You can ask that friend of yours.. ummm… the tall red haired girl who is in the Music Department. I can’t remember her name, but you know who I mean. She was coming down the stairs and saw us, we didn’t exchange two words. Anything else?”

  Chloe stares at Emmi, she doesn’t look like she is lying. Her lips curl up, Right he wouldn’t bother talking to a waste like my cousin. “Oh, Daddy wanted me to tell you the sale of the lakefront property to the Zhen Group should be completed at the end of the month. He wants the deed to Grandfather’s dumpy little shack. He was looking for you last night but I said you weren’t home,  I would pass the message to you.”

  Emmi’s face turns red and she clenches the half eaten apple in her hand. No! I won’t do it! Ohhh..I  hate you Zhen Sihao!  “Did you tell him where I was?”

 “He didn’t ask.” 

  Emmi smirks, I shouldn’t be surprised that Uncle Yihong didn’t bother to ask, he doesn’t care at all about me. If he did he wouldn’t want to take grandfather’s cabin from me. “ I need to go to class but I will look for the deed later.” I am going to hide it well so he can’t find it!

   Chen Chloe picks up her Limited Edition Hermes bag and waves her car keys taunting Emmi. “Okay. I am driving my new red Lamborghini Daddy bought me for my birthday, so I will be going.” She has a smug smile, “I don’t want to get stuck in morning traffic.” 

  Emmi shakes her head watching her back as she walks away. I don’t care I am not treated well here but there is absolutely no way I am giving up grandfather’s cabin. That old money grubber surnamed Zhen can build around it! Another reason to despise that shameless Capitalist! Emmi goes upstairs and knocks on her cousin Ji’s door. Good he must still be on his business trip. Emmi enters his room to find some clothes for Zhen Sihao.

  Zhen Sihao sneezes as he looks at Emmi’s outdated laptop. She has stickers on the front of her favorite band and one of a cartoon character. He frowns when he opens the computer, what a piece of shit but it will work to send an email to Yang. He laughs, just as I thought the little  bunny is an idiot, no password needed. He uses an email address registered under a fake name from his University days, only a few people know. Yang went to school with Zhen Sihao so he will recognise it immediately.

   [ Notify PK. Inform him of the plan. I am safe, and will follow up with you soon.]

  Director Yan hears a notification he has an incoming email. When he sees the name of the sender he breathes a sigh of relief … Wang Hao, haha.. He quickly answers,  [Will do. Plan in motion.] He leans back in his seat relieved that his good friend avoided being killed. I knew he wouldn’t die so easily.

  Picking up a secure line he calls Peng Kai, “The boss is alive. Don’t continue the search or call attention to the matter. I have reported the Maserati Z5 stolen. The guardrail has been replaced and all evidence of an accident has been removed.”

  “Should I notify Chen Yi? He was preparing to dredge the lake.’

  “ Chen Yi has been informed not to interfere.

  “Where is the Boss?”

   “On the way to his private island. Don’t ask any unnecessary questions.”

  Zhen Sihao looks at Weibo, his thin lips curl up in a smile while watching a video of him smiling down at a beautiful woman while walking up the stairs of the Zhen Group plane at his private airstrip. He is very satisfied with the video and surrounding information that Yang inserted, really looks like it is real time and authentic.  I knew I would need to use the video one day to divert attention away from myself. Of course I didn’t realize it would be because my own father attempted to assassinate me.Luckily the actress wanted to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, when she received payment she immediately relocated to the United States.Yang you are good…I knew you were a talent when I first met you.The internet is buzzing with netizens wondering if the diamond bachelor CEO of Zhen Group is eloping and who the lucky woman could be.

   He takes the walking stick to pull himself up and limps over to the small refrigerator looking for a bottle of water. When he bends over he grimaces when the gash on his stomach is disturbed. Damn that old fox!  

   Meanwhile, in Zhou Gao’s office Wang Boquin is on his knees kowtowing. He was in bed with CiCi when he was dragged out and brought here by Zhou Gao’s guards. He had no idea about the video until he was thrown into the office. Zhao Gao slapped him then grabbed him by the neck forcing him to look at the computer screen.

   Zhou Gao’s anger contorts his face, his eyes are red and the veins in his neck are bulging out. He lifts his muscular leg kicking Wang Boquin in the side knocking him down. Unable to restrain his rage the bottom of his shoe presses on Wang Boquin’s cheek grinding his face on the hard marble floor. “Incompetent little pr**k! Explain to me how a man goes off a cliff into a lake then in the morning looks perfectly healthy getting on a plane. The cocky bastard might as well have looked at the camera and given me the middle finger!”

  Sweat and blood from hitting the marble floor pours off Wang Boqin’s forehead. How did that fucking son of a bitch escape! Dizzy he looks up, his vision blurry, “Master Zhou..It is fake! Fake news! My men wouldn’t dare lie to me! They saw Zhen Sihao go off the cliff into the lake!”

  “You moron! My son isn’t stupid! He must have exited the car before it went off the cliff then his men picked him up. Did these so called ‘professional killers’ you hired search the area? The lake? Or just collect my money and take the fuck off.”

  Zhou Gao has dark circles under his eyes and rubs his throbbing head, his wife walked in on him yesterday while he was enjoying the two big breasted beauties Lily sent over to entertain him. The crazy bitch caused a scene yanking the one woman off from on top of him by her hair. Her sudden action caused him a great deal of pain since he was buried deep inside of the whore at the time. Wang Boquin as his assistant should have alerted him she was coming. “Nothing? No answer? What do I keep you around for, you didn’t even alert me my wife had an appointment yesterday about the fucking Chen’s party.”

   He motions to his bodyguard, “Take him for his punishment.”

 Wang Boquin noticed him limping when he came into the room and holding his crotch. “Wait!”

  “Don’t try to worm your way out of this, since you botched the job it created more problems for me!” He glares at his bodyguards,”Get this useless piece of shit out of my sight.”

  Zhou Gao doesn’t give Wang Boquin a chance to explain and his guards drag him out of the office. After they leave Zhou Gao can’t control his rage, he brushes everything off his desk, Idiots!

He storms over to pour a drink to calm his nerves. He gulps down the fiery liquid then picks up his phone that is ringing. “You checked.”

  “The video has no flaws and the flight plan shows the Zhen Group’s corporate plane is headed to Zhen Sihao’s private Island.”

  “What about the accident site?”

   “I drove the entire highway to his villa. There is no evidence of an accident.”

   Zhou Gao finishes the glass of brandy. “How did that bastard son of mine escape Wang Boquin’s men! I know Boquin wouldn’t have the fucking balls to lie to me. He was confident the job was completed by the Frenchman he hired.”

“I will continue investigating but…”

   Zhou Gao impatiently interrupts him, “BUT WHAT!”

  “If Sihao was heavily injured or dead how could he have secured the contract with Wang Corporation.”

  Zhou Gao feels as though his head is going to explode hearing this devastating news. He kicks the table over, “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY!”

     His brother Gen begins to sweat. Haven’t you turned on your goddamn television it is all over the financial news. “Turn on the television.”

   He picks up the remote flipping on the Business network. The commentator is discussing the acquisition of two subsidiaries of the Wang Corporation by Zhen Group, making them the largest supplier of Optical Fiber and Cable in China. They already have a huge presence with Internet Services and Online Shopping. Several people on the program are discussing the huge impact this will have on Zhen Group’s growth. One of the women on the panel continues praising his son, “Zhen Sihao’s net worth will skyrocket in the next couple of years. He is already one of the youngest billionaires with Zhen Construction and the prime real estate he owns. As you can see on the comparison chart behind me, the display shows the present stock price of Zhen Group rising steadily while Zhou Enterprises and Exdon Corporation’s stocks are declining in value.” Fucking bitch! Zhou Gao throws an ashtray at the television on the wall, the screen blackens and her voice is silenced    “MOTHERF****R! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU HIDE IT! SO FUCKING..”

His brother Gen has remained on the phone. When he hears the crash and the swearing, he doesn’t know whether he should hang up or say something to try and calm Gao down. Suddenly Zhou Gao hangs up and Gen looks at son sitting on the couch, “Call your cousin Jason.”

    Zhou Gao has an idea and his eyes have a murderous gleam as he formulates a plan. Bastard you think you can win? I will bury you or my surname isn’t Zhou! He picks up the phone, regaining his composure he calls the CEO of Exdon,“Gunnar, we need to talk.”

  “Ha..I have been expecting your call but I am in the midst of a sensitive negotiation right now. I will call you later.”

  “This can’t fucking wait. Did you see the stock prices?”

    Gunnar Hudwig is watching the video of a recovered arms shipment. He glances at a man named Noah holding a device to detonate a bomb in the villa he is standing in at the moment.  “ Gao, I said I’m busy. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

    Zhou Gao hangs up. Still fuming he takes a cigar from his drawer then walks over to the floor to ceiling window in his office. He lights the cigar then stares intently at the Zhen Group building across the street with a complicated expression on his face. 


This extra chapter is just because..I appreciate my readers ❤ and enjoy all the likes & comments! Thank you for reading my little story! kira ❤

  In the morning the sunlight streaming through the sheer white curtains wakes up Sara. Disoriented she slowly opens her eyes, she is trapped in a man’s embrace, his muscular arm draped across her naked body. Her head is nestled on his bare chest, she can hear his steady heartbeat and feel his warm breath on her face. His breathing is light and steady as he sleeps. It takes a minute for Sara to realize she isn’t dreaming and she panics recalling the crazy sex filled night she just shared with this handsome man. Shocked, she gulps down her saliva, OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! LI TIAN! I SLEPT WITH CEO LI!! She blushes looking towards the bathroom, I didn’t just sleep with him…wuhuuwuhuu.. we had sex in the shower, bending over that table and up against that wall! I’m such a pervert! I begged him..I forced myself on him! I need. to escape before he wakes up. I will die if I have to face him! So shameless!

  Keeping an eye on his face Sara slowly lifts his arm and rolls away from his naked body. She is so light the bed barely ripples but Li Tian’s long eyelashes start fluttering and he briefly stirs in his sleep. Watching his slight movements Sara holds her breath apprehensive that he might awaken before she can escape. She covers her mouth stifling her urge to cry out in pain, her lower body feels extremely painful as though her insides have been ripped apart. She glances at the incredibly handsome man peacefully sleeping on the bed. Sara wants to curse him for being an insatiable beast but.. I can’t blame him.. I brought it on myself because of that horrible aphrodisiac. 

  Once she is off the bed she quietly tiptoes over grabbing her messy clothes off the floor. The old floorboards creak as she puts on her underwear, panicking she peeks over at the bed. Whew! Still asleep.Well, he must be completely drained.. his stamina was unbelievable… Sara’s thin waist hurts as she bends over and her legs tremble while she pulls the sweater over her head then gets on her pants. Furtively glancing around she sees her delicate crystal covered evening bag by the side table. I’m not even going to the bathroom, the noise from the water running might disturb his sleep..she shivers recalling the warm water spraying on her body in the shower as Li Tian repeatedly thrusted his huge...uhhh..she blushes and shakes her head..Sara you nympho! Stop thinking about…

  She quietly opens the door still holding her shoes in her hand, looking down the hallway she sees the stairs to the lobby. I need to get a taxi to the airport. I will go directly there..she looks in her purse, damn! that’s right, I dropped my phone outside the cafe when I was kidnapped. I hope someone is at the front desk, so I can use their phone. She calms herself and stumbles while putting on her shoes as she hurries down the hallway.

  When she arrives at the front desk a short chubby young woman whose features are similar to the old woman who delivered the meal last night gives her a strange look. Sara hasn’t combed her hair  and she looks disheveled.

“Miss, can I help you?”

  “Yes, I was called back to the city for an emergency and my Boss is still asleep. I don’t want to wake him up. Could you call me a taxi?”

  The front desk clerk raises her eyebrow now that Sara is closer she can clearly see her lips are swollen. She notices her neck is covered in conspicuous red and purple marks. She rolls her eyes,  Boss..yeah. Another man bringing his whore to our Inn.. “No taxi will come until after nine.”

 Sara hasn’t looked in the mirror and has no idea why the woman behind the desk has a disgusted look on her face.”What about a private car?”

  “Not until eleven.”

   A good looking man wearing overalls and carrying a clipboard comes into the lobby from a side door, “You need a driver?”

   Sara smiles when she hears him, he might be able to help me. “Yes! Yes!”

  He takes off his leather work gloves, “I can give you a ride but I only have my work truck. I just dropped off a grocery delivery, I need Maria to sign for the delivery then we can leave. If you don’t mind, I have one more stop before I go back into the city.”

   The young girl behind the desk puffs her chubby cheeks while listening to their conversation and clenches her pudgy hands at her side. She marches out from behind the desk pulling the delivery man over, her round face is crimson red, “You can’t take her with you she is a..a .. well.. you can’t!”

   He smiles, handing her the clipboard then he leans down, “Bella, are you jealous?’

    Maria glares over at Sara who is nervously gazing in the direction of the stairs. She keeps her voice low, “I think..I think she is running away from a man. You don’t want to get involved. Papa said the man brought her late last night and paid with a black card.”

     “I could use the money,.” He takes the signed paperwork. Now, I definitely will take her away from here. I hate rich fucks that play with young girls. He turns to Sara, “I’m leaving, are you coming?”

Distracted worried Li Tian will come down the stairs at any minute Sara trips on her long pants. Hurriedly rolling them up she answers, “Coming!”

   Maria holds onto his arm and he laughs at her silly expression then flicks her forehead, “Worried about me? If the man asks don’t mention I gave her a ride.” He pats her on the head, “See you on Thursday. The Boss said to be sure and tell your father the price of chicken is going up.”

  “En.”  The young woman has her hands on her wide hips as she watches them go out the door. The little bitch better not try to seduce my Carlito!

   The delivery man points to a truck, the side is emblazoned with Bartelli’s Market. “My name is Carlo Bruni.”

  “I am Song Sara. Thank you.”

“I don’t mind, I need the extra money. Where are you going in Milan?’

  “I am going to the airport.”

   He notices she doesn’t have any luggage, she really is running away. Haha..

   He helps Sara climb up into the truck, “What time do you need to be there? I do have a stop first.”

  “No problem, I have plenty of time.”

   He gets into the driver seat and apologizes, “I’m sorry but the ride will be a little bumpy, my truck needs a few repairs.” He puts the truck in reverse and backs out of the loading zone.

   “I really appreciate you offering to take me, from what the desk clerk said taxis and private drivers aren’t available this early.”

   He is curious why she is running away but doesn’t ask, from her red and swollen lips he can see she has been bullied. “Well, out here most people have personal drivers.”

   When she was riding in the backseat of the kidnapper’s car Sara did notice there were only expensive looking villas. She thinks of Marissa’s villa and shudders recalling looking down from the balcony before she grabbed the silk rope.

  Carlo sees Sara shivering, “Are you cold? The heater in the truck is broken but I can give you my jacket.”

  “ I’m good thanks.”

   At the Inn, Li Tian is furious, he slams his fist into the wall. When he woke up he discovered Sara was not in the bed. You think you can escape from me little thing! In your dreams! Use me to relieve the aphrodisiac then disappear without a word.. Little Seductress you certainly have some big guts! 

  He shakes his hand, fuck! then calls Tang Qiang, “Did Song Sara come back to the suite.”

  “No.” Li Tian sounds angry, he doesn’t know if he should tell him about what Long An said. I will only mention if the Boss asks.

  “Forget meeting me at the Inn I am driving back to Milan now.”

   “Okay.” Tang Qiang has realized one word answers to be the best when dealing with Li Tian.

   Li Tian hangs up then gets into the shower, Why would she run away, before she went to sleep she was satisfied and clinging onto me. His body reacts picturing her slender snow white body in the shower, goddammit, why didn’t she stay in my bed! He looks down at his throbbing erection,goddammit! He closes his eyes imagining Sara’s beautiful body as takes care of himself then washes his body, The little thing better be at the hotel. When he finishes his shower he grimaces reluctantly puts on his clothes from last night then hurries dowstairs to check out.

  He stands at the front desk looking for the old Innkeeper, when he doesn’t see him he rings the bell. A very short chubby young woman comes out eating a piece of toast, when she sees him she quickly tosses the half eaten piece of bread into the trash. After Wiping the crumbs from her lips with her sleeve she stares at him “Can I help you?’

  Li Tian hands her his black card, “I’m checking out.”

  Her eyes widen looking at his black card, he must be the man who checked in with the girl who got a ride with Carlo. She runs his card while staring at him in a daze, what a beautiful man. Why would any girl run away from him, he is the most handsome man I have ever seen. He must be super rich too.

  Li Tian is used to seeing the infatuated look on the fat girl’s face. He snaps, “I’m in a hurry.”

  “ is your card.”

  “Did a young woman request a taxi not long ago?”


  How would she leave then? “Did you see her leave?”

 “No, but I was in the back checking the groceries that were delivered. If someone rings the bell i come out.” He does look a little scary with the cold expression on his face. I can’t let him know the whore went with my Carlito.”

  Li Tian takes his card back and walks to the door then turns around. “Do you have any surveillance cameras?”

   She nods her head no. We do but then you will see her with Carlito.

    Li Tian leaves the Inn and gets into his silver Maserati, well you can’t hide from me for long. He pulls out onto the highway then lights a cigarette. His phone rings and the caller is his grandfather so he ignores it.Pfft! Calling the old man I warned you! Fucking Long An… I wonder if Tang Qiang got those photos?

   Sara and Carlo are laughing talking about food and that she is a blogger. He has a friend who also posts pictures of Italian food. When he dropped off the delivery at his Aunt’s restaurant  the cook gave them some Italian pastries. “What is the name again of this pastry?”She wanted to take a picture but she doesn’t have a phone.

“ Raspberry Crostata”

 “Really delicious.”

  Sara puts a piece of the flaky Raspberry Crostata into her mouth then chokes when she sees Li Tian’s silver Maserati pass them on the two lane road. He dangerously speeds up and swerves around a car coming the opposite direction maneuvers around Carlo’s truck. Sara feels her heart tighten, then has a strange feeling worrying about his reckless driving. Is he speeding to the hotel to look for me? He almost grazed this truck and was so close to hitting that car. Sara’s face pales as she sees the silver Maserati disappear down the road. No I am overthinking, he was driving like that on the way to the Inn, he is just a terrible driver.

   Carlo hands her a bottle of juice, “Are you okay?” He noticed the driver of the sports car frightened Sara with his reckless driving. “This road can be dangerous, people are always in a rush to get to the city. They should extend the four lane highway but the government is too cheap.”

Sara looks out the window at the wooded area they are passing through, “People should obey the speed limit, it would be a shame to ruin this beautiful area with a highway.”

“You have a point.Well, we should arrive at the airport soon.”

   When they reach the airport Sara thanks him and pays him for the ride. She doesn’t have a watch and without a phone she has no idea what time it is. “Could you tell me the time?”

   “Sure. Nine thirty.’

  “Okay, thanks. Drive safely.”

   Carlo smiles at Sara, “Have a safe trip. I will check out your food blog!”

   She laughs, “Send me a photo of that delicious Italian raspberry pastry your Auntie makes in her restaurant!”

  She breathes a sigh of relief as she enters the Milan airport. I can’t wait to get home!

Can’t Die…

     When Wang Boqin arrives at the elevator he makes another call, “It’s a go. Make sure you put the asshole in the hospital but don’t kill him. The Boss wants him barely alive.”

   The man on the other end extinguishes his cigarette then answers, “Got it.”

   Wang Boqin gets into the elevator, the pretty woman next to him smiles while admiring his handsome appearance, “Bo, long time no see.”

   He noticed her when he first stepped into the elevator. He blatantly stares at her tight blouse with the two top buttons undone. Wang Boqin’s eyes are covered with lust admiring her breasts, I wouldn’t mind fucking her tonight. He heard a rumor she wants to come back to work for him, “CiCi…still working for Wang Corporation?”

    She bites her lower lip then seductively moves closer to him holding onto his tie, “I am… but I told you before say the word and I will come work for you again.”

   He lifts her chin and with a low voice he says, “Why don’t we go to the Red Viper Club and have a drink to discuss changing positions.”

   She brushes her lips across his and he grabs her around the waist pulling her into his embrace. CiCi whispers, “I thought you have a woman you like.”

   Wang Boqin puts his hand on her breast as he leans in kissing her then says, “When did that ever stop you?”

   CiCi hugs him inhaling his familiar scent. When the door opens to the lobby, she coquettishly smiles, “Let’s go.” I timed it perfectly to meet Bo at the elevator...I am tired of working for that wrinkled old fart CEO Wang, such a disgusting body! I regret taking the job as his executive secretary when I was angry at Bo.. The money was excellent and I heard he was impotent. I never thought he would force me to do such unpeakable things.. She shudders thinking of earlier today in the lounge attached to his office Tonight I am going to make Bo forget that insipid little bitch, she isn’t worthy of such a handsome man.

   They are leaving as two heavily made up women wearing provocative clothing enter the reception area. “We are here for CEO Zhou, sent by the Xu Agency.”

   The woman behind the desk rolls her eyes as she picks up two visitor badges for them. Her voice can’t hide her disgust, “Take the last elevator on the right. It takes you directly to the President’s office. Don’t forget to return the badges when you leave.”

   Wang Boqin snickers as he passes the two garishly dressed women. Big breasts alright, I wish I could watch the show when Fan arrives, with her temper it should be quite a scene.

     On a dark winding highway headed for his luxurious villa by the side of Wanshu Mountain, Zhen Sihao curses his vindictive father. I need to secure this project tomorrow before the old man finds an underhanded way of coercing the seller. I should have cemented the deal when I was in Shenshuan. When I find out who leaked the information I will have their head! Recklessly driving the Silver Maserati Z5 he maneuvers the treacherous curves on the road at an extremely high speed testing the  agility of his new sports car. The Maserati Z5 hugs the curves as the number on the speedometer rises. Peng Kai tries to keep up with him but the SUV is no match, he bangs his hand on the steering wheel, how am I supposed to protect you Boss when you are so drive like a fucking maniac!

     As they travel down the highway five black Land Rovers enter the highway behind the Masareti. Zhen Sihao notices them in his rear view mirror and smirks, the old man didn’t waste much time. These SUVs separate Zhen Sihao and his men but he isn’t worried with the safety features and speed of the Maserati Z5 he is confident. Distracted momentarily by the SUV’s he then sees the black Viper approaching out of nowhere. Where the hell did that Viper come from? The Vipers headlights aren’t turned on and in the darkness the sleek vehicle is almost undetectable. Fuck!

Zhen Sihao doesn’t panic and the two cars play cat and mouse down the highway. He takes his gun from the console next to him but is at a disadvantage. Since his position is in the front of the swiftly advancing Viper, Zhen Sihao is unable to accurately shoot at the speeding Viper behind him. He needs to hold the steering wheel steady taking the potentialy deadly curves at high speed.. At this point the only two vehicles on this stretch of road are the Maserati Z5 and the black Viper, the Suv’s have been left far behind.

   The killer in the black Viper sneers as he takes aim at the tires. He is well aware this Maserati Z5 has superior safety features, no matter how well equipped, the tires make it vulnerable to attack especially on a stretch of road like Blue Cystal Highway. Although the tires will self inflate it will take a few moments during which the sports car’s alignment and maneuverability will be affected.

A seasoned professional his eyes darken with killing intent savoring the anticipation of finishing the job. He has a faint smile while waiting for the perfect moment as the Maserati Z5 takes a sharp curve in the road by a cliff overlooking Blue Crystal Lake.  He has a satisfied grin as he fires three consecutive bullets at the tires of the sportscar Zhen Sihao is driving. Tthis is the perfect spot, the only thing that waits below for you mother f***er is a watery death and for me a huge payday.

     Once the tires are punctured the car swerves, Zhen Sihao’s head bounces back after hitting the airbag as the car breaks through the guard rail. Stunned as the vehicle rapidly plummets down, he has no choice but to brace himself during the freefall. The car finally tumbles through some sparse trees in the direction of the lake. His handsome face contorts from enduring excruciating pain as blood runs down his face from his injuries. After two attempts he successfully pushes the window button aware he will soon be in the deep water of the lake looming ahead. If I hesitate there is no way I will be able to escape death when the car sinks into the lake.

He grunts as the window opens retracting his hand to deal with the seatbelt. Zhen Sihao winces while pelted with debri as the sports car falls down the rugged slope below the cliff.

     Once the tires are punctured the car swerves, Zhen Sihao’s head bounces back after hitting the airbag as the car breaks through the guard rail. Stunned as the vehicle rapidly plummets down, he has no choice but to brace himself during the freefall. The car finally tumbles through some sparse trees in the direction of the lake. His handsome face contorts from enduring excruciating pain as blood runs down his handsome face. After two attempts he successfully pushes the window button aware he will soon be in the deep water of the lake looming ahead. If I hesitate there is no way I will be able to escape death when the car sinks into the lake.

He grunts as the window opens then retracts his hand to deal with the seatbelt. Zhen Sihao winces while pelted with debri as the sports car falls down the rugged slope below the cliff. As the Maserati Z5 hits the water he struggles unbuckling his seatbelt as water flows inside. His only instinct is to survive, he ignores the stinging pain from the wounds on his body as he swims out of the window. I can’t die before I settle the score with you

Being submerged in the freezing water shocks his body making him more lucid. Barely able to move his injured right leg he rises to the surface, gasping for breath he strains his eyes to locate the direction of the shore in the darkness.

The night wind has created a lake current he can’t fight in his weakened condition but he thinks this factor could work to his advantage. The men who ambushed me will need to verify my death to the old man. To escape I will float along with the current away from where the car went off the cliff. After a short while he notices a small dock with a fishing boat tied to it. Unwilling to die he gathers all his internal energy slowly swimming to the shore in hopes someone lives nearby. Once on the ground sapped of his strength Zhen Sihao rolls over onto his back to rest on the shore. I will lay here for a few minutes then see if I can find help. 

   The contract killer in the Viper calls the man driving the lead SUV who hasn’t arrived at the scene. He has a Bristish accent,  “It is done, continue to the warehouse.Let his incompetent guards take his broken body to the hospital or a funeral home.”

   The man follows orders and immediately turns around heading back to the city followed by the other cars. When Peng Kai sees the black SUVs and the black Viper speeding back their direction he has an ominous feeling. Shit! What happened to the Boss! He breaks into a cold sweat fearing the worst when he arrives at the mangled steel guardrail. Pulling the SUV to the side he hops out then looks down below. He gulps, it would be a miracle if CEO Zhen survived. It is too dark to see anything below the small cliff but he knows he needs to try and find Zhen Sihao. When the other men stop he tells them, “We need to search the area down below.”

   One of the guards unwilling to scale the cliff in the dark chimes in, “ Peng Kai it is pitch black down there. How could we find the CEO.”

   Peng Kai gives him a dirty look,“We need to try. Maybe he was able to get out of the car before it crashed into the lake.”

    Undaunted by the cold glare from Peng Kai the disgruntled man continues,“We would need climbing apparatus to get down the cliff.”

   “This property belongs to the Chen family, Chen Yi’s Uncle to be precise. I will call Chen Yi and get permission to search for the CEO. He won’t notify the police, the Boss wouldn’t want the news spread. I am going to work under the assumption he survived. He isn’t someone who will easily die, particularly at the hands of his father.”

    Hearing they don’t need to go down the treacherous cliff the man responds, “That is a good idea. Call him.”

     Peng Kai because he is Head of Security for Zhen Group is familiar with Chen Yi, he often accompanies Zhen Sihao to the Chen Company. Chen Yi is in the middle of dinner with a blind date when he receives the call. He tells the woman, “Excuse me. I need to take a work call.’

   Lin Xinduo smiles prettily at him, her eyes sparkling, “Please Brother Yi take the call.”  She was excited after she was able to manipulate her grandfather into setting up this blind date. Chen Yi is wealthy, handsome and more importantly the man Ning likes. If I can hurt that bitch by marrying him I will finally win.

   He walks away from the table, “Is there a problem with the Z5?”

   “Worse. The Boss was in an accident, the car went down the short cliff onto your Uncle’s property.hopefully not into the lake. I need to search for him. Can you meet us there?”

   “How the fuck did that happen? Of course, I will meet you there now.”

   Chen Yi quickens his pace as he returns to the table, “I’m sorry Miss Lin I need to go. I will have my driver take you back to your grandfather’s.”

    Lin Xinduo grips her pink Chanel skirt under the table reining in her frustration. I spent a month’s allowance on this dress! Not to mention the stylist! Calm down..calm down.. I can’t let him see how annoyed I am ..Mother said I need to be understanding and not be willful or demanding if I want to marry Chen Yi. She gazes at him with a worried expression as she responds, “I will trouble you then, it would take quite a while for my driver to come.” 

   Chen Yi thought with Lin Xinduo’s temperament she would be annoyed, he turns around as he leaves to see her quietly finishing her dinner. The daughter of the Lin family isn’t as spoiled as the rumors say. When he gets to the elevator he takes out his phone then calls Peng Kai. “How could this happen? I checked all the safety features personally before the Z5 was delivered to Sihao.”

   “There is a short skidmark before the guardrail. It appears the Boss lost control on the curve.”

   “Come on! Sihao knows that highway like the back of his hand, every goddamn curve on the road. He is an expert behind the wheel. I don’t give a fuck how dark it is he could drive blindfolded and still reach his villa safely.”

    Peng Kai hesitates to tell him Zhen Sihao was being pursued so he evades the question, “How long before you arrive.”

   “Don’t fucking change the subject. Sihao could be severely injured or dead and my prototype destroyed. Answer me.”

  “I don’t have answers. How long before you arrive?”

   The restaurant where he was having dinner isn’t far from his company. He realizes he is wasting time trying to get information from Zhen Sihao’s guard. “I will take my company helicopter, twenty minutes.” 

  “Good. We will be waiting.”


   Adrien listens to the instructions from François then hangs up. Now at least there is an alternate plan to find out the location of the arms shipment. He composes himself after averting his eyes from Sara’s exposed snow white thighs. “ Don’t make any noise or you will die. Get dressed. We need to leave.”

   Sara’s face pales listening to his emotionless voice, not understanding what is going on now. Earlier the Frenchman was confident but now his eyes contain a hint of apprehension. She grabs the clothes from the chair then silently retreats back into the bathroom to change.

   While she is in the bathroom Adrien steps onto the balcony considering how to escape with Sara. Looking down at the bushes and lawn below he calculates the distance to the ground, at this height the tiny woman won’t be able to survive jumping down. Her frail bones would break on impact. We can’t go down the stairs… Shit!  He angrily walks back into the bedroom then rips the sheets off the bed, I can tie them to the railing and go down first then she can follow. He furrows his brows picturing Sara’s petite body, if she falls I can catch her without a problem. He goes to a cabinet that looks like it might contain extra bedding to find another sheet and his eyes widen at the variety of of sex toys, handcuffs and silk ropes inside the wooden cabinet. He looks at a couple of the items, I can’t even imagine what those are used for, would that even fit into a woman’s body? He laughs as he takes two of the red silk ropes and tests their strength by pulling on them. Noah you fucking pervert!

  He ties the silk ropes together then walks out to the balcony tying the connected ropes to the railing. The rope hangs down leaving a short distance to the lawn but he is satisfied he can easily catch Sara. Adrien walks back into the bedroom as Sara opens the bathroom door. 

   “…” He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight thinking Sara looks ridiculous in the clothes she is wearing. Adrien walks over to where she is standing and has an amused expression, Marisa is very tall so the pants and sweater are too long. Sara is rolling up the black pants, he doesn’t sound as intimidating as he warns,“There is a situation downstairs so we are going to another meeting place. I need you to cooperate to ensure your safety. Follow me.”

   When they are standing on the balcony Adrien points to the silk rope tied to the railing. “I will go down first, then you need to climb down. When you reach the end of the rope let go,I will catch you. Once we are on the lawn we need to immediately move towards the back where a car will be waiting. Don’t try anything because if we are discovered the men downstairs won’t hesitate to shoot to kill.”

  Looking over the railing Sara’s heart starts beating rapidly. Are you serious! No way! Frightened she looks up at Adrien shaking her head, “ can’t I am afraid of heights.” Sara feels dizzy after leaning over the iron railing.

  Adrien doesn’t have any patience he needs to get the location of the arms shipment to save Noah.  Unused to coaxing a woman he reverts back to his cold demeanor irritated he needs to deal with such a fragile looking woman.  “Which scares you more..climbing down the rope or death?”

  Sara looks up at him with a terrified expression, “Are you sure you can catch me?”

“Yes and I am warning you if you think you have a better chance trying to escape once I land on the ground forget it. There is already one dead man in the living room.”

 Wuuuwuuu..why did he tell me that! Sara shivers at the thought then takes a deep breath to calm herself down. Knowing she is left with no other choice she reluctanly agrees,“I will do it.”

  Adrien climbs over the railing and without any effort at all swiftly climbs down the rope then jumps to the ground. He looks up and waves to Sara to start her descent.Sara stands frozen in place on the balcony staring down at him. Black lines form on his head as he frantically motions to her to come down What the fuck! Did I not make myself clear? JUMP OR STAY AND DIE! Sara pushes up the sleeves of the light blue sweater and with her hands trembling she clutches onto the cold metal. Don’t look down Sara..don’t look down.. She swings her trembling legs over the black iron railing then grabs onto the silk rope. Oh my God! I’m going to die! I couldn’t even climb down the rope in gym class. Sara can’t move her hands, her knuckles are white as she clings onto the rope. Her palms are sweaty as she slowly inches her way down the swaying rope.

  Adrien knows the silk rope can’t support both their weight or he would have brought her down with him. So climbing back up to get her is out of the question.Goddammit little girl! Come down the rope for fuck’s sake!

  Sara finally crawls down when she gets to the end she holds her breath and closes her eyes as she bravely lets go. She lands in Adrien’s waiting arms, when she feels his strong arms and warm chest she gazes up at him like a small rabbit stammering, “Th..thank you.” Sara pushes his chest to get down but he holds her tightly, deciding not to take a chance.. The way the little doll is shaking she won’t be able to run with those thin legs of hers. The damn girl would probably trip and the sensors could be triggered. “Don’t move.”

   Carrying Sara in his arms Adrien runs to the back gate avoiding the sensors so the alarm doesn’t sound. François is waiting for them in a black Land Rover, “Hurry. We don’t have much time.”

   The back door is open and Adrien puts Sara into the backseat, then he climbs in afterwards.  He speaks in French, “ If we don’t get that information quickly Noah is fucked. Did Li Tian agree to the change of plans?”

  François drives down the narrow road behind the villa heading to the Inn. He responds. “Does the woman understand French?”


 “He seems desperate to get his woman back.” François glances in the rear view mirror at Sara who is looking out the window. What a fragile looking girl. I’m surprised she would be with a dangerous and cold man like Li Tian. “So Johan is dead and the rogue guards have Noah?”

  “From what I could see from the top of the stairs. I overheard them say their boss would be at the villa soon.”

  “Well, they aren’t going to kill Noah until they receive the arms or their money back. Once we have the information from Li Tian we can negotiate with the client.”

   “How far is this Inn from here?”

    “ Not far at all that is why I picked that location to meet. It is set back from the road and there are no buildings around where he could place snipers. There are woods behind the Inn and on the side we are meeting it would be difficult to go unnoticed. We should be there shortly”

     Down the highway Li Tian speeds towards the meeting place, he calls Tang Qiang, “They changed the location of the exchange and it wasn’t Noah that called but that shifty asshole François. I’m slightly hesitant to go by myself, but I don’t want to jeopardize Song Sara’s safety. The new meeting place is an Inn not far from the villa.”

   Tang Qiang puts out his cigarette debating on telling Li Tian he sent Sun Peizhi to the villa. But, the Boss sounds like he has some concerns, maybe I should tell him. “Well Boss, Sun Peizhi called when the little chick wasn’t at the cafe and said he was going to look at the traffic cams. I told him you  were on your way to Marisa’s villa.” He scratches his head, “ I know you said you wanted to go by yourself but he is an expert at remaining hidden, so he is heading there now.”

   Li Tian doesn’t like his men disobeying his orders but this might work out. “ You will be punished for acting on your own when we return to Catang City. I will call Sun Peizhi to inform him of the change in location.”

   “…”  So Boss.. you approve of him guarding you but you are pissed it was my idea? 

  Sun Peizhi looks down the dark road, I should be at the villa soon, Sara, why didn’t you wait inside the cafe for me! His phone rings, Li Tian? Qiang said not to let him know I am coming, but I can’t ignore his call.  He answers,“Boss.”

   “There is a change of location, meet me at the  Camelia Inn on Cyprus Street, they are bringing Song Sara.”

   “Who kidnapped her?”

   “None of your business. Don’t interfere, only make sure Song Sara doesn’t get hurt if anything goes wrong. Where are you now?”

   “I am ten minutes away from Cyprus Street.”

   “Good we should arrive at approximately the same time. Remain in the shadows and keep an eye on Sara.”

     He grips the steering wheel tightly wanting to press Li Tian for answers. He looks at his watch. By now the mission should be successfully competed at the Bellini auction and I will quit working as his fucking bodyguard. I will take Sara back to Catang City. She made it clear she wants to get away from the bastard. “Will do.”

    After he hangs up Sun Peizhi speeds up racing down the road. Who the fuck has Sara? Why wouldn’t the bastard say? I need to make sure she is safe and get her away from Li Tian. He is too dangerous and reckless, she will never be safe.

   At the Camelia Inn, François pulls into the far side of the parking lot. When he stops the car he calls Li Tian, “Where are you? We are at the designated spot for the exchange.”

  “Be there in five.”

  François turns to the backseat, “He will be here soon.” 

  Sara has no idea what they are saying but their auras don’t seem to be exceptionally black right now. Mentally exhausted she wants to ask what is going on but has no energy. She watches as the driver gets out of the car then leans on the hood lighting a cigarette. 

  Adrien turns to her speaking English he has the urge to comfort Sara, “Don’t worry your man will be here soon.”

  “Huh?” My man? haha.. oh right they think I am in a relationship with CEO Li. what a joke..he is the last man I would want to..haha.. ridiculous. 

  Adrien sees the quizzical expression on Sara’s face, out of curiosity he asks, “Li Tian..” before he continues Sara panics, My passport! She impulsively grabs his arm, “My purse? Where is my purse?”

  He pulls the small beaded evening purse out of his jacket pocket, “I have.”

  “You will give my purse back to me right? I need my passport.” 

   His lips curl up into a smile as he teases Sara, “You aren’t worried about the Sapphire and Diamond necklace?”

    Sara shakes her head, “No. The necklace is insured. But without my passport and identification I can’t return to China.” She is telling the truth although she doesn’t want to deal with losing the Midnight Lover Necklace she isn’t terribly concerned about it.

  “I am not a thief, the contents have not been touched.”

  “…”  You obviously are a mercenary. Killing is fine but no I don’t steal. So you have some scruples. “Thank you.”

   “When the exchange is made you can have your purse. I would give you a bit of advice, you should find a new man.” Sara reminds him of his beautiful younger sister who lives in Marseilles. He looks at her delicate face and petite body, “You are too weak to survive in Li Tian’s world..this world.” 

  Sara smiles at him, “I have an ability to sense people’s aura and sometimes calculate their fortune. I think you are conflicted living the life you lead. You should find another occupation, the people you love don’t need you to sacrifice your happiness for them. Once you kill the man and fulfill your father’s dying request, leave this life behind. Return to your family before it is too late.”  

  Adrien’s dark eyes narrow, squeezing Sara’s arm  he hisses, “Who are you! How do you know!”

  “I told you I have this ability. I warned you because you have treated me decently under the circumstances and not harmed me. I understand the desire to seek revenge, but you can’t let it take over your life. I trust you will keep my secret.”

    François  taps on the window  snapping Adrien out of his trance while listening to Sara , “Bring the woman out.”

    Adrien fumbles with the door handle as he stares at Sara. “I can’t find the hidden man.Do you know?”

   Sara shakes her head, “ I’m not a fortune teller. I just get flashes when I concentrate on someone’s aura. It was a fleeting glimpse, but I get the impression you are missing an obvious clue.”

   They step out of the car and Sara sees Li Tian approaching. I never thought I would be so happy to see that man.

   Sun Peizhi has just arrived and is hidden in the back observing the situation with his gun drawn.

   François stops Li Tian as he rushes by to check on Sara. “Not so fast, she is fine. Step over here and tell me the location, my man will give your woman to you.”

  Sara can’t help but blush when François says that, I can’t believe Li Tian is pretending I am his girlfriend. 

  Impatient to hold Sara in his arms he says, “Give me your phone I will put in the coordinates. Once I do have Sara walk over by me. When she is next to me I will give you the phone.”

   “Sounds reasonable but what if you input the wrong location…”

   “Although I wonder why Noah sent his lackey I have an agreement with him. I won’t go back on my word. I will wait while you confirm with video surveillance.”

  He hands the phone to Li Tian, “Do it.”

  “Send my woman to me.”

  Sara’s face now turns crimson red, CEO Li could be an actor he sounds so convincing.

  François motions to Adrien to  come over with Sara. As they do, Li Tian inputs the coordinates, once Sara is next to him he pulls her into his arms and tosses the phone to François.

  Li Tian embraces Sara tightly and smoothes her long black hair, in a doting tone he whispers, “Did they hurt you?”

   Embarrassed Sara tries to push him away, “I’m just tired.” Then she remembers her purse turning her head, she calls out, “My purse!” I need to catch the plane to Catang tomorrow.

   Adrien has been in a daze after listening to Sara. He walks towards them and Li Tian before he can hand it to Sara li Tian angrily grabs the small beaded purse. “I will take that. Get the fuck away from her.” He holds Sara tighter to his chest as he glares at Adrien.

   Sara blinks a few times at Li Tian, he is really playing this up. Feeling like she can’t breathe she says, “CEO Li, could you let me go?”



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