I Will Get Revenge

Su Wanqing and Liu Mo reluctantly lead Rui up the mountain as the storm rages. Yang Chenxi is next to Rui and warns, “”If it keeps storming there is danger of a landslide.”

“That is why we need to hurry.”

He grabs Su Wanqing’s arm with an iron grip, “How much further to the cave?”

 She winces from the pain and her eyes water, “Qiao Rui! This is insane! If they are in the cave they are safe! We should have waited until the morning.”

 “Answer my question!”

 “Should be around the next bend but that is the most treacherous part of the climb. I can barely see two steps ahead.”

  “Keep moving.”

  As they hike further up the mountain Su Wanqing slips and Liu Mo pulls her into his arms. “Qiao Rui, you are going too far. It isn’t WanWan’s fault your wife foolishly followed the little brat!”

 Rui grits his teeth, “I said keep moving.”

 In the cave LiMei can’t keep her eyes open and drifts off to sleep while hugging Baobei. Wang Kai covers them with another blanket then stokes the fire.

Sitting cross legged next to the fire he rubs his hands together gathering his internal energy. The soft little girl is Qiao Rui’s woman?…Hard to believe… but knowing that lunatic, the thunderstorm won’t stop him from looking for her if she is his wife. There is no way he is involved with Su Wanqing as she thinks…he hates her.

  I can’t afford to be discovered by him but in my condition I won’t make it back to the boat. I need to find the herbs to combat the poison that is flaring up. He puts on his coat and knit cap then heads out of the cave.

   Meanwhile, Rui and the others are digging through a small landslide blocking the last section of the path to where the cave is located. Covered in mud Su Wanqing glares at Rui but remains silent. Besides Master Wong he is the only man that she fears in this world.

Her pitiful appearances pulls on Liu Mo’s heartstrings. He places his large hands on her quivering shoulders and tenderly says. “WanWan sit on the boulder there, you don’t need to dig.”

  Rui sneers as he tosses a large rock and it lands by Su Wanqing’s feet splashing more mud on her, splattering across her face. Liu Mo angrily stretches out his arm to push him but Rui moves so Liu Mo falls forward. Yang Chenxi intervenes, “Liu Mo, don’t be played by that woman. She is not the innocent victim she appears to be.”

  “Yang Chenxi, WanWan is innocent. We came to get the medicinal plant Master Wong wanted. We never saw those two. There is no reason for Qiao Rui to bully her because he can’t control his own wife!”

  Rui’s eyes are filled with a murderous glint as he grabs him by the neck, “You are a brainless fool if you think that poisonous bitch didn’t have her hand in this.” He lets him go, “Both of you keep digging if you don’t want me to kill you right now.”

  Liu Mo and Su Wanqing can tell by Rui’s terrifying aura it is not an idle threat and they unwillingly resume clearing the path. When they finish they drudge up the final stretch to where Baobei’s cave is located. Once it is in sight Rui rushes up to the cave entrance.

 His heart is pounding when he sees the fire and anxiously scans the interior. When his eyes land on the makeshift bed he quickly strides over. Relieved LiMei appears unharmed he reaches to touch her cheek then retracts his dirty hand. He wants to take LiMei into his arms but he is muddy and she is comfortably sleeping. 

   Not far away Yang Chenxi notices Jack laying in the basket with his wing bandaged. He exclaims, “What the hell!”

  Su Wanqing apprehensively clutches her jacket, I can’t believe that damn bird didn’t die… she moves over to the side of the cave pulling Liu Mo along. Once they are shrouded in darkness she softly whispers, “Brother Mo, I didn’t lie to you that hawk tormented my snakes and killed my favorite. I was so mad when I saw the hateful bird I wanted it dead…I didn’t consider the fact it belonged to Yang Chenxi.”

  He smoothes her hair and his voice is full of tenderness, “I know. Don’t worry WanWan, you are my woman now, I will protect you. No one knows how the bird was injured.” 

 Liu Mo takes a handkerchief from his pocket then wipes her mud stained face, “And I will make Qiao Rui pay for the way he treated you.”

Su Wanqing wraps her arms around his waist and rests her head on his sturdy chest. He can’t see the malicious smile on her face as she coquettishly responds, “Brother Mo…I’m so happy I met you.”

  His face is beaming as he kisses the top of her head. I will make that bastard pay for hurting my sweet WanWan. 

  Rui walks over to them, “Leave.”

  Liu Mo is about to protest when Su Wanqing smiles, “Fine.” She looks up at Liu Mo, “Let’s go.”

  When they leave she holds his hand and says, “Brother Mo, there is another cave past the stream. I don’t want to stay with them anyway.” I can plan my revenge on that bitch Feng LiMei. Now that I have you for a scapegoat. It is all her fault! I will ruin her face and cripple her! Then Qiao Rui will come back to me!

  Rui puts some wood on the fire then he sees a bucket of water on a small table and a towel. He removes the filthy coat he is wearing then washes his face and hands. Afterwards he walks over to Yang Chenxi, “What happened to Jack?”

  “He has a broken wing and is unconscious.”

  Rui sits by the fire with Yang Chenxi,  “Well, it looks like LiMei did a good job bandaging him. He might have sustained a concussion when he fell.”

  “It seems suspicious, did you see the look on that kid Liu Mo’s face when I mentioned Jack at the cabin?”

  “Unfortunately for him he is under the snake woman’s spell. She drugged him and once a man has sex with her if his yang isn’t strong enough becomes bewitched. Su Wanqing is using him and he has no clue how vicious she can be. “

  When his clothes are dry he walks over to the bed where LiMei and Baobei are asleep. He lifts up Baobei and carries him to the other bed. Afterwards, he slides under the covers and lays next to LiMei. He wraps his arm around her thin waist and pulls her close to him. Inhaling her naturally sweet fragrance his anxiety dissipates. Baby, why do you make me worry? 

   Rui lifts her chin and tenderly kisses LiMei, licking and sucking her lips. He wants to possess her body but restrains himself because Yang Chenxi is not far away. He buries his head in her neck and tightens his embrace.  Slowly the exhaustion from the arduous climb and debilitating anxiety he experienced drains him completely and he falls asleep.

 Worried about the bird, Yang Chenxi is unable to sleep so at sunrise he decides to take Jake to the Compound. 

    As he is washing his face Baobei wakes up and  stretches his short chubby arms. He rubs his eyes, “Uncle Chenxi! When did you get here.”

  “Last night. Baobei, what happened to Jack?”

  “I don’t know. We were hiking up the mountain when Jack fell from the sky.”

  Baobei hops out of the bed, “Is Jack awake?”

  “No. I am going to take him to your grandfather. You be good. Don’t wake up Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei. You can go back with them.”

  Baobei shakes his head, “No…no..the mean guy will be mad because I brought Sister LiMei to my cave. I will go with you.”

Yang Chenxi glances at Rui and LiMei, the brat might be right. “Okay. Is there a pen and paper.”

“Yeah. Well..I have pencils.” He scurries over to a shelf and takes down a wooden box. He picks out a blue pencil then rips a sheet of paper from his drawing pad.

   Baobei anxiously puts on his shoes and jacket. Blinking his round eyes he stammers,  “Hurry..hurry…make it short.. he might wake up.”


He leaves a note then picks up the basket with Jack inside and puts it on his back. He lifts Baobei into his arms then teases, “You know you still have to answer to your grandfather.”

 Baobei wiggles in his arms and pushes his chest, “Let me down I will go back with them.”

  Yang Chenxi laughs and flicks his forehead, “Too late.”

Li Tian’s Scheme

Li Tian turns to the side and in a low threatening voice that only Li Shaoting can hear growls, ”Hallway.”

   He nervously nods then says,  “I’m going to step outside and give some instructions to Lu Zhen.”

    Once they’re outside the hospital room Li Tian grabs his cousin by the collar. “Do you want to die! “I like men?!?” I dare you to say that again! “

 “Calm down.” Li Shaoting blinks his eyes, “Tha..that was the first thing that came to mind. It was obvious he wasn’t going to let you stay. I had to think of something. “

   Li Tian lets him go thinking he might have a point. “You can leave.”

  “I want to wait until the doctor comes to check Song Sara.”

  Li Tian has an idea, “I am going to make a phone call. I will be right back.” 

  “Well… bring back two cups of coffee, it will look as though I sent you to get them.”


  Li Tian calls Kang Mingshun, “I need you to take care of something for me.”

  “Boss, where are you?”

   “I am at the hospital.”

   Kang Mingshun anxiously glances at Han Weisheng then asks, “Did you see Miss Song?”

  “Too many questions. Listen to me. I need you to contact Chen Wu. Have him disrupt Cadieux’s newest venture, the hotel by the waterfront. Create an urgent situation he needs to take care of personally.”

   “How are you feeling?”

  Li Tian notices Kang Mingshun’s worried tone. “What is wrong with you? Get on it.”

   Kang Mingshun hangs up and tells Han Weisheng, “The Boss is at the hospital. I don’t know what is going on with him.”

   “I will go check out the situation.”

  Li Tian has a faint smile on his face as he walks to the coffee machine. For now I will play the role perfectly but little cousin when the play ends I won’t forget your insolence. He presses a button on the machine then leans against the wall waiting for the coffee. When the coffee is finished, he repeats the process. Holding the two cups of coffee he lazily strides back to Sara’s room.

    When he enters he hands the styrofoam cups to Li Shaoting, “Sir, your coffees.”

   Li Shaoting’s mouth drops open, staring at his cousin in disbelief. I wish to fucking god I had this on video. The King of Hell serving me and his enemy…wait… did he do something to the coffee…

 Fidgeting in place for a moment Li Shaoting rules out that possibility then sets a cup on the table by Sara’s bed. Leo ignores him and continues to stare fixedly at Sara.

  Li Tian steps back by the door, immersing himself in his character. He stands straight with his hands back and a blank expression on his face. Soon that bastard  Cadieux will leave and I can be alone with her.

   Li Shaoting desperately would like to put distance between him and his cousin but wants to hear the update on Sara’s condition. He awkwardly sips the hot coffee, his eyes darting between the two men wishing the doctor would arrive soon.

   The heavy silence is broken by the sound of Leo’s phone ringing. He impatiently answers, “Duan, whatever it is you handle it.”

   “I wouldn’t call you if the matter could be taken care of by me. If you don’t placate the owner of the hotel in person, the deal is off for the purchase.”

  Leo reluctantly places Sara’s hand under the quilt and stands up. “It was a done deal. What happened?” His face darkens as he listens and the veins on his forehead bulge, “Motherf***er!” He stomps out the door and Li Tian has a devilish grin as he walks towards Sara’s bed, “Now you leave.”

  “What did you do?”

  Li Tian raises an eyebrow and smirks, “Is that something you should ask?”

  Li Shaoting inwardly curses him then calmly responds, “Cousin, I am only worried about Song Sara. What if Mr. Cadieux comes back?” He anxiously gazes at the door, “You shouldn’t be so close to her.”

  “Cadieux won’t be back. He will leave immediately thinking he will wrap it up quickly then return. But, there is no simple solution to the problem. By the time he comes back Song Sara will be moved to a different facility.”

  Stunned Li Shaoting’s eyes widen and he shakes his head. “No..no way. Are you insane? He will think I did it and retaliate against the family.” He raises his voice, “With his resources do you think it would be difficult for him to locate her?  Also, who knows if her condition would worsen by being moved? You need to clear your mind and be rational!  You are only creating problems because of your selfishness.”  

  “Do you think I, Li Tian, am afraid of that insignificant bastard? I can’t stand by and watch him touch my woman. I won’t!” He tenderly brushes a few loose strands of Sara’s hair behind her ear then bends down and plants a gentle kiss on her forehead.

   Li Shaoting fearlessly continues because he doesn’t want Li Tian’s scheming to cause problems for his family or Sara. Trying to reason with him he advises, “You need to look at the big picture. She will regain consciousness and return to my villa. This is temporary. TEMPORARY!”

    The door opens and Li Shaoting impulsively pulls Li Tian away from Sara”s bedside. Han Weisheng walks into the room and Li Shaoting rushes over to him, “You need to talk some sense into my cousin!”

   Han Weisheng glances around the room, “Where is Tian?”

  Li Shaoting’s eyes flicker and he doesn’t respond. 

 “I just saw Leo Cadieux exiting the hospital in a rush. What happened?”

 Li Tian has a smug expression, “Looking for me?”

 Han Weisheng recognizes his voice and his thin lips curl up. He steps closer and examines Li Tian’s face. “Hmmm…No flaws at all. As expected, her work is top notch. I never would have recognized you.”

  Glancing at Sara motionless with her eyes closed he asks in a concerned tone, “How is Song Sara?” 

  “The doctor should be here soon for an update. She is out of immediate danger but as you can see she remains unconscious.”

  “Kang Mingshun filled me in about the helicopter crash. What about you? He said you had a concussion.” And  you were delusional.

  “Some pain when I breathe and my shoulder is stiff, otherwise fine.”

  Dr. Ling is reading a chart as she walks into the room. When she looks up she is puzzled staring at the three men, “Where is Mr. Cadieux?” It isn’t like him to leave his sister with these strange men.

 Li Shaoting tells the truth, “He received a phone call and left.”

She has a stern expression, “You can stay but you other two gentlemen need to leave.”

 Li Tian is about to protest but Li Shaoting quickly responds, “Lu Zhen, wait outside with Han Weisheng.”

  Dr. Ling checks the IV bag then looks at the chart again. “Miss Song hasn’t awakened at all?”


    Li Shaoting patiently sits on the couch watching as she checks Sara’s vitals. A nurse comes into the room with an ultrasound machine.

   In the hallway outside of the room Han Weisheng sees his friend’s eyes filled with worry. “Dr. Ling is very capable.”

  Li Tian clenches his fists at his side. “I need to find the bastards that did this.”

 “Kang Mingshun said they were human traffickers?”

 “I don’t think so. They were targeting either me or Leo Cadieux. Do you have a cigarette?”

 Han Weisheng takes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket as they walk down the hallway. “Are you going to have Yang James investigate?”

 Li Tian flicks the lighter in his hand, “He is busy dealing with the opening of the Mega Mall. I am going to have Chen Wu locate the culprits.”

  “Are you going back to Catang City for the opening?”

  “No. I am staying here to oversee the Affordable Housing Project.”

  The corner of Han Weisheng’s mouth twitches, “Isn’t that project well…easily handled by a subordinate?”

    Li Tian lights the cigarette then blows out a thin stream of smoke.“I have my reasons.” I will win the disobedient kitten over by showing her that I am a compassionate and caring man. 

   After he finishes the cigarette he looks at his wrist then realizes he didn’t wear a watch today. The doctor should be finished examining Song Sara. I am going back to her hospital room. “Did you come find me for a particular reason?”

  “No. Now that I see you are alright I am going back to the hotel.”

They walk down the hallway together then Han Weisheng stops at the elevator.

Li Tian grinds his molars then knocks on the door to Sara’s room. In a polite voice he chokes out, “It is Lu Zhen.”

His cousin chuckles, “Enter.”

 Li Tian notices the sonogram in his hand and anxiously grabs it from him, “Are the babies okay?”

 “Dr. Ling said they are both responding well.”

  Li Tian gazes at Sara with a worried look “What about Song Sara? When will she wake up?”

 “Dr. Ling drew blood to have it analyzed. She said her vitals are all normal. But..”

  Li Tian’s eyes redden and his aura is terrifying, “Spit it out.”

  “The drug…well…she was injected with a megadose and although the blood transfer saved her and the babies. You need to be prepared…she might be in a coma for an unknown amount of time.”


Li Tian Becomes Lu Zhen

Kang Mingshun sat on the couch in Li Tian’s room the entire night. Every time he heard the slightest noise he would be jolted from sleep. He slept restlessly, afraid Li Tian would decide to go to the hospital.

  In the morning Li Tian wakes up and sees Kang Mingshun, “Why the hell are you here?”

  Kang Mingshun wants to see if Li Tian is back to normal and replies, “I know you wanted this mask urgently so I brought it to you.”

Li Tian yawns, “The mask..oh right. You can go.”

“Well Boss, umm..what are your plans for today?”

 He takes a water bottle from the table, “Get me some headache medicine. My head is killing me.” Did I drink too much last night? 

Kang Mingshun quickly rushes to the bathroom and picks up the bottle of prescription pills that Dr. Xie prescribed.He hesitates wondering if he should give Li Tian two. Well the Boss might go back to sleep and that would give me time to find out what is going on with Miss Song. He gulps down his saliva then takes out two of the small white pills.

Li Tian calls out, “What is taking you so fucking long?”

Kang Mingshun returns and hands him the medication, “Here Boss.”

 Li Tian swallows the pills then gulps down half the bottle of water. He sits on the edge of the bed trying to think about last night but his mind is blank. “Mingshun, did I meet Han Weisheng for drinks last night?” I must have, I slept in my clothes. It has been a long time since I got black out drunk… I can’t remember a fucking thing.

  Kang Mingshun guiltily responds, “Yeah.”

 “I’m going to take a shower then try on the mask. If it looks good then I will go to my cousin’s to see Song Sara. Wait downstairs.”

  Kang Mingshun breaks out into a cold sweat and stands motionless in front of the bed.

  “Why are you standing there? Go.”

  “Yes Boss.”

  Once he is outside the room he quickens his pace. What the hell..I can’t keep lying, the Boss will kill me..but if I don’t…

His empty stomach is in a knot as he nervously calls Han Weisheng. “It’s Kang Mingshun. I need your help.”

  Without leaving out the slightest detail Kang Mingshun tells him everything. Han Weisheng taps the silver pen between his fingers on his desk. “How is Miss Song now? What is her condition?”

  “I have no idea.”

  “If you gave him a sedative he should fall back asleep. I will find out the situation then drive over to Sun Zhi’s villa. Don’t let him go anywhere.” What a mess…Dr. Ling is an excellent doctor. I hope she was able to save the mother and babies. If anything happens to them that crazy bastard could actually lose his mind completely. Twins…wow..

  “I won’t.”

   Han Weisheng calls Li Shaoting, “Kang Mingshun just filled me in on the situation. How are Song Sara and the babies?”

  Li Shaoting is in the hospital cafeteria and puts the cup of coffee in his hand down on the table. “According to Dr. Ling, the blood exchange was a success but…Miss Song hasn’t regained consciousness. The babies…well she said they need to be monitored. It is too early to tell if there will be any heart problems.”

 “Is Leo Cadieux there?”

 “Yeah, he hasn’t left Song Sara’s room.” Li Shaoting has been worried his cousin will show up and cause a scene. “Where is Cousin Tian? I don’t think it would be good for him to come to the hpspital, Mr. Cadieux is well…agitated to say the least.” 

 “Kang Mingshun gave him medicine Dr.Xie prescribed so he should sleep. I will do my best to prevent him from coming to the hospital. Keep me informed.”

 “I will.”

 Han Weisheng tells his secretary to clear his schedule for the day and leaves the hotel. Kang Mingshun breathes a sigh of relief knowing Han Weisheng will take control of the situation and he can step back. He walks downstairs and runs into Tang Qiang.

He sees the black circles under his friend’s eyes and his messy appearance. He laughs, “You look like shit!”

  “Fuck off. You have no idea what I have been through. I am going to take a shower and clean up. Don’t let the Boss leave under any circumstances. I don’t have time to explain.”


   Tang Qiang sees Butler Mu carrying a large bag of trash, “I can get that for you.”

    Li Tian gets out of the shower and walks into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. The pills Kang Mingshun gave him were not sedatives but medication to stabilize his mind.

 After calling the hospital to check on Sara’s condition, he is anxious to go to the hospital and see her. No longer confused, he knows the situation between them and smiles as he opens up the package on the desk. He removes the skin mask and puts it on his face pulling it tight the way the woman instructed. He nods in satisfaction, no one will recognize me.  Not as handsome as my true appearance but good looking.

He picks out a simple black suit and white shirt then gets dressed. Looking in the full length mirror Li Tian straightens his tie. Out of habit he puts on a watch then changes his mind this Limited Edition Cartier watch is too eye catching, I need to look like a bodyguard.

 Li Tian walks out of the bedroom and calls Kang Mingshun, when he doesn’t answer he decides to drive. I can’t wait for that moron.

  Once downstairs he heads towards the garage and passes Butler Mu and Tang Qiang in the hallway. Neither of the men pay attention to him and Li Tian smirks, very good.

  When he arrives at the hospital he parks then calls Li Shaoting, “Where are you?”


 “Who else?”

 Li Shaoting puts down his chopsticks, “I am in the hospital cafeteria.”

  “I will be right there.”

  Shocked, Li Shaoting calls Kang Mingshun, “I thought you said Cousin Tian was sleeping!”

  “He is. Why?”

“He just called me.”

  Kang Mingshun runs out of his room and up the stairs, he knocks on the bedroom door. “CEO LI? Boss?”

  When there is no answer he cautiously opens the door and peeks into the room, Dammit! “He isn’t here. He must be going to the hospital.”

  “KANG MINGSHUN!I thought you said…” Suddenly someone grabs his phone from his hand and hangs up. Li Shaoting angrily looks up at the strange man, “What the hell! Give me my phone back!”

   Amused by his cousin’s exasperated expression Li Tian taunts him, “What if I don‘t?”

   Li Shaoting stands up and grabs for the phone, “I will call security. Who do you think you are? Give me back the phone!”

    Li Tian holds up the phone and chuckles, “Who do I think I am? I am your cousin of course.”

   “ What kind of shit are you trying to pull? I don’t know you. You aren’t my cousin.”

   Happy that he is unrecognizable Li Tian leans toward Li Shaoting and in a barely audible voice he teases, ”Little TingTing, let’s not make a scene. I am Tian… in disguise as the new bodyguard you hired for Song Sara.”

  LI Shaoting’s eyes flicker and he stutters, “Ti..Tian?”

  “This skin mask is worth the exorbitant amount of money I paid.”  Li Tian touches his face and grins, “Now where is Song Sara’s room eh? Take me there and introduce me as her bodyguard.”

  “Cousin, you aren’t going to make a scene are you? Leo Cadieux is there. I mean..it wouldn’t be good to disturb Song Sara when she wakes up.”

   Li Tian stares at Li Shaoting with a cold piercing gaze, “She is still unconscious?”

   “Yeah, Dr. Ling said she could be in a coma from the remnants of the drug.”

   “I called and they said she was out of danger!”

  “Well…yeah she and the babies are… but the effects of the Sombian haven’t completely resolved.” 

     They step into the elevator and Li Tian growls, “Incompetent idiots! They should all be fired!”

   Li Shaoting notices two nurses reacting to his outburst and he quietly advises, “Cousin, if you want to stay I think it would be best if you got into character.”

  Li Tian clenches the fist in his trouser pocket, he is right I need to play the part well so I can be by her side. I will stay calm and ignore that bastard Cadieux. 

  They exit the elevator and walk down the hallway to Sara’s room. Li Shaoting stops before they reach the door, “I will introduce you. Don’t talk. You have bodyguards, imitate their behavior. Got it.”


   Li Shaoting opens the door and Li Tian stiffens, Leo is sitting in a chair next to the bed holding Sara’s hand. His face darkens and the aura surrounding him becomes suffocating. Li Shaoting is exhausted and bravely kicks him in the shin forgetting his innate fear of his cousin. He warns through clenched teeth, “Get into character.”

   Li Tian takes a deep breath to reel in his murderous aura and follows Li Shaoting. Leo turns around and narrows his eyes behind his tinted glasses, “Who is this?”

  “One of my most trusted bodyguards, Lu Zhen. He will guard Song Sara.”

 “Get out. As long as I am here she will be safe.”

  “But Mr. Cadieux, you have business to attend to and you can’t be by her side 24/7.”



  Li Tian has no confidence in Li Shaoting persuading Leo but he calmly stands to the side.

 Li Shaoting has an idea, “Mr.Cadieux, I can sense you are quite skilled in martial arts but it is best to maintain your image in front of Miss Song. Also, when she is discharged she will be returning to my villa. If you are worried, well… I can tell you there is nothing to be concerned about…” Li Shaoting cautiously steps away from his cousin, “ Lu Zhen is..ah..gay. He..he likes men.”


Can’t Let Li Tian Go To Hospital

When they arrive at the hospital Dr. Ling tells Leo, “Everything should be prepared, I called ahead. The only problem is the hospital doesn’t have sufficient blood for the transfer. Since you and Miss Song have the same blood type, follow the nurse and they will take your blood. There is one bag which will be enough to begin the procedure.”

 Leo gazes at Sara’s face, her alabaster skin appears almost translucent and her heart shaped lips are devoid of color. “Once the blood is exchanged will she regain consciousness? What about the babies?”

  “Leo, first it is imperative to remove the Sombian from her blood. At the very least dilute the drug in her system. I explained to you the precarious position the patient is in because of the excessive amount of the drug in her bloodstream and the babies’ reliance on her blood. Go. You are only delaying the procedure by asking the same questions. It is unlike you to approach the problem with your judgment clouded by your emotions.”

  Leo holds Sara’s  small cold hand, “Save my sister. Don’t be concerned with the babies, she is young and can have other children.” He reluctantly lets go and follows the nurse.

Dr. Ling consults with a middle aged doctor next to her and they accompany the stretcher to a sterile room that has been readied. The male nurse effortlessly lifts Sara’s petite limp body onto the bed then moves a machine to the bedside

As they begin the treatment Dr. Ling doesn’t hold much hope to be able to save both Song Sara and the babies. From what she knows of this drug, the clinical trials proved Sombian had too many side effects and two pregnant women in the study had miscarriages.”

 Entering the elevator, Leo impatiently asks the nurse. “How long does this take, my sister needs the blood.”

 Li Shaoting followed the two doctors and is now pacing up and down the hallway outside the room where Sara is undergoing the blood transfer. He has a knot in his stomach because after Leo left Dr. Ling and the other doctor discussed Sara’s tenuous situation in depth. They were absorbed in their conversation and didn’t notice his presence. He overheard their analysis and the guilt he felt for leaving Sara by the boutique was overwhelming. 

Nervously biting his fingernails he wonders if he should call Li Tian. While he is debating his phone rings, he sees the caller is Li Tian and his heart races. Holding the phone like a hot potato his mind is whirling with what to say. Should I lie? He is injured, how will finding out Sara is in dire straits affect his recovery. The Li Group depends on him and the situation in Bashu City still needs to be wrapped up. Fuck! The phone continues to ring and he breaks out into a cold sweat. I can’t ignore him.

He composes himself and takes a deep breath, “Cousin, you are awake.”

 “How is my wife?”

Kang Mingshun glances in the rearview mirror at Li Tian and shakes his head. The Boss is delusional. Ever since he woke up he isn’t himself. He thinks he and Miss Song are happily married. I need to convince him to go to the hospital when we get to Bashu City, he needs to talk to a psychiatrist. 

 Li Shaoting has a puzzled expression, “Your wife? You mean Song Sara?”

“You moron! Do I have another wife!”

 He must be sedated and hallucinating. I will humor him.. “No. Well…she is undergoing the procedure now to exchange the blood. The doctors are confident she got here in time and they can reverse the situation. ” Anxious to get off the phone he advises, “You should rest and I will keep you informed.”

  “How can I rest when the woman I love and my children are in danger. I should arrive in Bashu City within the hour.”

  “You are on your way here?”

  “Yes and I don’t want to see that bastard Cadieux at the hospital when I arrive. I am calling my men to remove him.”

   “Wait! No!” What a fucking mess that would be! Does he want to start a war? “Ahh..they need him on stand by if Miss Song needs more blood. His blood type is compatible and the hospital is in short supply. Even if you hate Leo Cadieux you don’t want to risk Miss Song or your babies’ lives.”

   Li Tian’s veins jump on his forehead. “Get another hospital to send blood.”

   Unable to deal with Li Tian’s selfish attitude he blurts out“Cousin, you need to get your head on straight. This is an emergency situation and the fact his blood can be used is a godsend!” He can feel Li Tian’s murderous aura through the phone and he sttuters, ” I mean…don’t be rash.”

  Li Tian’s head is throbbing, “You..you are right. I can kill him later.”

  “…” Kill? 

  Li Tian hangs up and takes a bottle of pills from his pocket then pops two in his mouth. Dammit! I have to get to the hospital and be with my woman! I can’t let that bastard steal her away from me!

  Kang Mingshun slows down, I need to delay the Boss. Maybe those pills Dr. Xie gave him will put him to sleep and he won’t cause a scene at the hospital. If Miss Song wakes up and sees the Boss…I don’t want to think about how chaotic that situation would be! He doesn’t remember the little chick wants nothing to do with him.. she ran away and is in Bashu City hiding from him! 

Deep in thought wondering how he can prevent a disaster, he suddenly has an idea, if he falls asleep I will take him to Sun Zhi’s villa and call Han Weisheng. He will know what to do. I need to protect the Boss while he is in this delusional state… prevent him from appearing in front of Miss Song and ruining his plan to slowly enter her life again.

   He feels as though that is the best plan and has a slight smile as he drives at a leisurely pace towards the city.

 Li Tian doesn’t notice the slower speed of the car because he is in excruciating pain. He leans back then closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep.

   Relieved when he hears Li Tian snoring, Kang Mungshun heads for the villa confident that he is doing the right thing.

   At the hospital Li Shaoting walks to a coffee machine. He pushes a button and waits while the paper cup fills up. He is unnerved by the short conversation with Li Tian. He takes the coffee and blows on it to cool it off. The only important thing is that Song Sara and her babies are okay. Cousin Tian and Leo Cadieux…well..I would hope they would put her welfare above their hatred for each other. I can’t believe she got involved with my cold and heartless cousin. 

  Kang Mingshun pulls up to the iron gate at Sun Zhi’s villa. The guard recognizes him and opens the gate. Once he parks in front of the villa he steps out of the car and opens the back door. Putting Li Tian on his back he carries him to the front door and rings the doorbell. 

  Butler Mu is in the kitchen with his wife and walks to the front door. Looking at the monitor he raises an eyebrow then opens the door  when he sees Kang Mingshun with Li Tian on his back

“What is wrong with CEO Li? Should I call a doctor?”

 “No. I will take care of him. He had too much to drink at a business meeting.”

 “If you could direct me to his room I would appreciate it.”

 “Certainly, follow me.”

  Kang Minshun follows him to an elevator and the old man says, “The third floor, the second guest room on the right. Also a package was delivered earlier for CEO Li and I placed it on the desk in the room.”



The Storm Arrives

   When Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai walk back into the room, the nurse has finished with the ultrasound. Li Tian has a flustered expression while staring at the sonogram, the little girl is pregnant with twins. How can her tiny body handle having two babies? As the nurse moved a gadget around on Sara’s stomach he listened to their faint heartbeats and his mind is still reeling from the realization that those are his babies… He asked the nurse why the second baby didn’t show up in the first sonogram. Nurse Dong told him that because it was very early in the pregnancy the other baby could have been hidden from view. It is unusual but happens and is nothing to worry about, from the ultrasound results both babies appear unharmed.

   Li Shaoting looks over Li Tian’s shoulder, “Let me see.”

  Li Tian clutches tightly onto the black and white film in his hand while lovingly gazing at Sara’s delicate face devoid of color. She looks like a fragile porcelain doll laying there with her eyes closed her lush black hair spread on the white pillow. His voice is low and hoarse, “Yubai, did the results come back from the blood test? Why hasn’t she awakened yet.”

  Xie Yubai replies, “Not yet, I want to look at the sonogram.”

 Li Tian reluctantly hands it to him and Xie Yubai has a surprised expression, “Twins?”

 Li Shaoting grabs Xie Yubai’s arm, “What!”

 The three of them are looking at Sara lying unconscious on the bed when the door opens. A man in a white coat is holding a few sheets of paper and says, “Dr. Xie, could you step outside.”

 Li Tian glares at the man, “Do you have the results from the blood test?”

 The man feels stifled from Li Tian’s oppressive aura and steps back. He looks at Xie Yubai for instructions and Xie Yubai nods. The lab technician reports, “The woman was injected with a strong sedative called Sombian. It is currently not on the market and is in clinical trials…” He breaks out into a sweat as Li Tian suddenly approaches him in two aggressive long strides.. “Ah…ah…” Frightened he moves closer to Xie Yubai as Li Tian’s veins bulge on his forehead and his eyes turn pitch black,  “Continue…is my woman in danger?!”

  “Well…I don’t know. The patient’s blood is also tainted… with a..a..” The man stiffens his back and spits out, “I don’t know what…I would need to run more tests….we don’t have the facilities for complicated analysis.”

   Li Tian is like a volcano about to erupt, he feels as though he could destroy the world right now. A moment ago he was thrilled at the prospect of having twins but now faced with the possibility there could be complications for both mother and child he is close to losing his mind. Li Tian’s breathing quickens holding his bruised ribs trying to stabilize himself. His knuckles turn white as he grips onto a nearby chair, “Are the babies in danger?” 

   When the man doesn’t answer he grabs him by the collar and in a terrifying voice dripping with anger demands, “Answer me!” Li Tian has been suppressing the pain from his injuries but now that his rage has surged his qi is chaotic and he can’t focus. The man in front of him is becoming a blur and the room is spinning. He sucks in a deep breath and tries to remain alert but suddenly darkness surrounds him.

   Xie Yubai barely catches LI Tian as he collapses and tells the lab technician, “Get a stretcher quickly!”

   Li Shaoting watches in shock but snaps out of his daze to help Xie Yubai. Although they are both men are180m tall, Li Tian is still almost a head taller so they struggle supporting his strong body to the couch. He has never seen his intimidating cousin in a weakened state and his eyes widen in disbelief, “ I didn’t realize he was that injured.”

  “Tian is a very strong willed person adept at martial arts. He was using his internal energy but when he became enraged he couldn’t maintain the calmness he needed to ignore the pain.”

  Li Shaoting stares at his cousin lying motionless on the couch, maybe I underestimated his feelings for Sara but that doesn’t change the fact he isn’t good for her. It would be for the best if she didn’t go back to Catang City with him. She should remain at my villa where she can feel comfortable and start a new life.

  Two nurses enter with a stretcher and Xie Yubai and Li Shaoting help put Li Tian on it. Xie Yubai instructs them, “Take him directly for x rays of the chest and left arm, then a Cat scan.”

  Both he and the lab technician follow out the door and Xie Yubai turns back, “Shaoting, I will be back shortly.”

  Outside the room the lab technician hands are trembling as he passes Xie Yubai the paperwork, “Look at page two the second paragraph. The patient should be taken to a better hospital as soon as the storm subsides. We don’t have the right blood type here and she will need an exchange transfusion to dilute the effects of the Sombian in her bloodstream. I am telling you Dr. Xie, the side effects are unknown at this point and well…with the patient being in the early stage of pregnancy she needs to be monitored to prevent miscarriage. Whoever injected her with the drug exceeded the maximum dose…” He shakes his head thinking about the possible consequences…coma… miscarriage he is disgusted, “I hope the culprit will be brought to justice.”

Xie Yubai flips to page two and reads as he does his heart tightens. Despicable! If anything happens to Song Sara or the two babies I shudder to think of the hell Li Tian will rain down on whoever is involved. I have never seen such a genuine smile on his face as I did today while he was looking at the sonogram. He gazed at the woman like she was his most precious treasure… if they are harmed… he will become an Asura from Hell.

  Yang James eyebrows twitch as he impatiently calls Kang Mingshun for any news, “What is taking you so long! You haven’t arrived in Chengi yet? I tried to call CEO Li but there was no answer.” He is panicking, afraid his part in Sara’s kidnapping might be discovered somehow. After making the decision to eliminate anyone who lead Li Tian back to him, he contacted an assassin who is an expert in bomb making. He plans on swiftly killing Alexandre, Madam Olga and Hamid. He has arranged a meeting for tomorrow at the hotel where Madam Olga is staying. Aware of Li Tian’s methods he knows time is of the essence, he can’t delay.

  “I am driving as fast as I can, the snow has stopped falling but the visibility still sucks in the mountains, I can barely see through the fog.” Li Tian told him not to mention the helicopter crash.

 “Let me know as soon as you find him.” I need to know what is going on, Alexandre said Hamid released the woman but I haven’t heard anymore about the situation.

  At the hospital Li Shaoting stares at the sonogram in shock, today has been full of too many surprises. Song Sara’s kidnapping…Cousin’s confession that he is the man she was entangled with in Catang City…she is having twins… and  I couldn’t hear them but Sara or the babies must be in some sort of danger from his reaction to what the lab technician said.

 He rubs his temples feeling helpless when Xie Yubai returns to the room. Xie Yubai walks over and checks Sara’s pulse. Li Shaoting has a worried expression, “Song Sara is going to wake up and be alright isn’t she?”

  Xie Yubai knows Li Shaoting’s sensitive nature and doesn’t want to worry him, that won’t help the situation. “She is stable but she will need to be transferred to a larger hospital for more tests.”

   “What about the babies?”

   “Also stable, don’t worry too much. When she does wake up she will need you to be strong. You can do that can’t you?”

  “Of course. What about Cousin Tian?”

  “He has two broken ribs but no other broken bones. Mild concussion.. deep bruising and lacerations nothing serious. He collapsed because his breathing became unstable from the broken ribs and head injury.”

  “Is he awake?”


  “It is getting late don’t you have to film your scenes in the morning? You should rest.”

  “I can’t leave Song Sara alone, I feel responsible for her kidnapping. I shouldn’t have left her side.”

  “Shaoting, you can’t blame yourself we don’t know who kidnapped her or why.” It could very well be because the little beauty is carrying Li Tian’s child…rather children. He has a lot of enemies and Kang Lanfen is ruthless if she found out he had a mistress…well…I don’t put anything past that scheming bitch. Easily switching daughters to ensure the marriage contract wasn’t broken when Long An was injured…she needs this marriage desperately. The odd thing is the kidnapper told Tian where to find Song Sara without a ransom demand. Very strange…

  Li Shaoting takes out his phone to call his brother to update him when the door is flung open and Leo rushes to Sara’s bedside, startling both Li Shaoting and Xie Yubai who is checking the IV drip. Leo tenderly touches Sara’s pale cheek then impulsively grabs Xie Yubai by the shoulders, “Are you totally incompetent! Why hasn’t my sister awakened?” 



Cancel Filming

  Li Tian walks into Sun Zhi’s villa and Mr. Mu greets him, “CEO Li, the guest room clean up hasn’t been completed so the Young Master said to move you to the East wing.”

  “Very well.” He follows Mr. Mu and as he passes by the presumptuous maid who entered his room he glares at her. She feels his oppressive aura and hurries down the hallway. She quivers, I need to stay far away from that terrifying man !

  Once inside the guest room he sits on the couch and takes out his phone. “Mingshun, I want you to install cameras in my cousin’s villa. Place them in Song Sara’s bedroom, the living room and the kitchen.”

  Kang Mingshun is driving back from Catang City after personally delivering the documents from Old Man Guo to Li Hong. He turns down the music in the car, “Boss, what did you say?”

 The corner of Li Tian’s mouth turns down, “I said I want cameras installed in Song Sara’s bedroom, the kitchen and the living room at my cousin’s villa.”

  Kang Mingshun hesitates and Li Tian growls “If I have to say it a third time, there is a vacancy in the Tunisian office.”

  “I heard you Boss…but…”

 “Do it.”

 Kang Mingshun hangs up, the Boss is going too far. If the little chick finds out she won’t forgive him. Why doesn’t he think like a normal man. Buy her flowers and beg the girl to forgive him.

 Li Tian lights a cigarette and gazes at the picture on his phone of Sara in bed. He has a satisfied smile thinking about being able to watch Sara, until I can be by the little girl’s side this will work.

  Sara is in the kitchen making breakfast and Li Shaoting is sitting at the table. “Song Sara do you want to go to my friend’s house with me for dinner tonight?”

  She flips the sausage patties over then looks up from the frying pan, “Thanks for asking me but I am meeting a friend tonight. He is leaving to go back to Catang City in the morning so we are going to have dinner.”

 Li Shaoting has a surprised expression and Song Sara notices, “He is one of the few people who know about my situation.”

  “You can bring him along.”

  Sara giggles thinking about Leo’s cold personality, “Well, I think he has something he wants to discuss with me.”

  Li Shaoting smells the delicious aroma of the food cooking and has a worried expression, “He wouldn’t want to take you back to Catang City would he?”

  Sara puts the sausage patties on a plate next to an omelet with a smiley face drawn in ketchup. “No. I can’t go back.” She sets the plate down in front of him with a glass of orange juice.

  “I hope you are happy here.” His lips curl up looking at the smiley face, “I am considering staying in Bashu City.” I haven’t been this relaxed in a while…it would be great to live here with Song Sara.

  Sara sits down at the table opposite him, “Don’t you need to film soon?”

  “I do but I can commute to the location they are filming the first half of the drama by Washnu Mountain.” He picks up a piece of the omelet with the chopsticks, “Do you want to come with me this afternoon? I am going to meet with the Director and film two fight scenes. It is really beautiful there.”

   Sara’s blue eyes sparkle,“ I have always wondered how they do the flying fight scenes.”

  Li Feng lazily walks into the kitchen. He is wearing an Adidas blue and white tracksuit and has a pair of headphones around his neck.  “I will come with you.”

  “Don’t you need to meet with a tutor this afternoon?”

  “Bro, I’m on vacation, I don’t want to study.”

  “No. I don’t need the headache if Dad finds out.”

  He takes a piece of sausage from his brother’s plate and  Li Shaoting swats his hand, “Get your own!”

  While he is chewing Li Feng says, “Take the nanny van and she can come with us. I will study while you meet with the Director.”

  Sara stands up, “I will fix you an omelet. Sit.”

  “I’m good. Is there any more sausage?”

  “Yes, but you should eat breakfast.”

  “I had a banana and toast earlier.”

   Li Shaoting asks, “Did you see Cousin this morning?”

  Li Feng shivers and his boyish face reveals his irritation, “Yeah. Why doesn’t he just stay at Sun Zhi’s villa.”

  Sara’s ears perk up when she hears his name. “Your cousin is friends with Sun Zhi?”

“They are friends. Sun Zhi lives behind me, the large villa on the side of the mountan. He is out of town right now so our cousin is staying there.”

 Both the brothers look at Sara, “Do you know him?”

  “Well…yes. I am acquainted with him. We worked for the same man briefly. My Boss lent me to another company… the Li Group. it is a long story. One I definitely don’t want to think about.

The two brothers stare at Sara and Li Shaoting stutters, “The..the Li Group?”

“Hmm.. The Mega Mall cooperation.I worked for the Zhou Group and CEO lent me to Li Tian as an assistant.”

Sara puts the last two sausage patties on a plate. “Are you sure you don’t want eggs?”

“What did you think of Li Tian? I heard he is a difficult man to work for. He is one of the investors in the film I’m working on right now.”

Sara scoops out a spoonful of rice, “I think I rather not comment.” My God where would I begin? Li Tian is the reason I ran away from Catang City!

The brothers can see by her expression Sara had been bullied by their cousin. Li Feng blurts out, “If you meet the rest of the Li family don’t judge them by that arrogant tyrant!”

“…” She eats a bite of rice and wonders why Tang Feng would be so agitated. Maybe he is friends with tthe Li family.

“Haha..I did meet his mother and father they seemed much more..ahh..normal.” She opens the refrigerator and takes out a carton of milk. After she pours a glass she leans on the counter.

   Li Shaoting jumps up from his seat, “Are you okay?”

   Sara’s face pales and her face contorts in pain. “My body feels a little achy. Probably just the weather.”

  Li Shaoting turns to Li Feng, “Go get Song Sara a sweater. Should I take you to the hospital?”

  “No..no maybe I did a little too much yesterday.”

   He holds her arm and helps her to the table, then carries over the milk. “I will call Mildred to return.”

  Sara smiles, “No. Honestly I am okay. My waist and legs are sore that’s all.”

  Li Feng rushes back into the kitchen with a sweater, “Song Sara do you need to go to the hospital.”

  She laughs, “Calm down you guys, I am fine and please call me Sara.”

  “Maybe you should stay home and rest today. You can accompany me another day to the filming site.”
  “Actually I would like to go. I have a few things on my mind and it would be good to be distracted.” I keep thinking about that annoyng man. I had a spring dream about him last night. When you mentioned Sun Zhi I was reminded of him again.

   “Li Feng call the tutor. I want to leave in an hour.”

   The Housekeeper walks into the kitchen, “Young Master there is a man at the front door saying he is here from the security company to check our monioring system. Apparently, because of the storm several people have complained about a disruption in their systems.”

   “Check his identification then let him into the house.”

     The Housekeeper opens the door and Kang Mingshun enters. Li Feng walks past them while talking to the tutor on the phone, “Yeah, we will be going to Washnu Mountain to the filming site. My brother and his friend invited us to go.”

   He listens then says, “No. His friend Song Sara is going also.”

   Kang Mingshun frowns, the Boss isn’t going to like this. He says to the Housekeeper, “Show me to the monitoring room.”

   Once he is inside the room he takes out his phone and calls Li Tian, “Boss, ahh..Mis Song..well..”

   Li Tian is driving to a house outside the city to meet the woman who will make the human mask for him. He turns a corner sharply, “Spit it out. What about Song Sara.”

   “She is going to the filming site with Li Shaoting and his brother.”

   “What! The roads are terrible. I almost skidded off the highway on my way out of town. The haven’t properly cleared the roads yet after the snowstorm. Stop them.”

   Kang Mingshun knits his eyebrows together as he replies, “How am I supposed to do that?”

   “What do I pay you for? I don’t know but do it.”

   After he hangs up Kang Mingshun stands frozen in place stymied as to how to prevent them from leaving. 

   Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel then calls Kang Mingshun back, “Don’t let Song Sara discover you. I will take care of it. He calls the Director, “It’s Li Tian.  Shaoting said he is going to the filming site today. I’m worried about my cousin’s safety the roads are treacherous.. Postpone until tomorrow.”

  “CEO Li, normally I would acquiece but everyone has been assembled and I need to start filming. I have to leave for Hungary next week for my daughter’s wedding.”

   “This isn’t a request.”

   The Director breaks out into a cold sweat, “As you wish. One day won’t disrupt the shooting schedule too much.”

    Satisfied that Sara won’t be going anywhere, Li Tian hangs up as he checks the GPS. He narrows his eyes looking at the men milling about in the driveway at the address Han Weisheng gave him.

Li Shaoting and Sara are talking in the kitchen when his phone rings. He thinks the Director is impatient to begin shooting his scenes. “I am leaving soon.”

 “No need. We won’t film until tomorrow.” The Director angrily watches as the crew breaks down the equipment silently cursing Li Tian. The weather is clear and the conditions are perfect to shoot the fighting scene between the two rival cult leaders.

  “I thought you said you need to do the scene today.”

  “Well, the second female lead has a cold. We will resume tomorrow.”

  “Okay.” After he hangs up he wants to spend the afternoon with Sara. “They delayed filming but would you like to still go to the mountains?”


  Kang Mingshun is busily working on the monitoring system to divert the footage to Li Tian’s phone. When he finishes he calls Li Tian but he doesn’t answer.

   Li Tian is sitting in a chair and a stunning woman prepares a cast to put on his face. “CEO Li, I know you want a rush job but there is no way to speed up the process.”

   “How long will it take?”

   “The earliest is forty eight hours.”

“It better be perfect.”


Leo Wants To Meet

    After Li Tian wiped off Sara’s body, erasing the evidence of his plundering, he gently applied ointment to relieve the redness and swelling.

Hugging Sara’s soft body in his embrace he played with her hair, wrapping the silky black strands around his finger. I need you to see I am the only man for you. You are my woman and the baby in your belly is mine. After you ran away I realized how much you mean to me. We are a natural  fit…your body perfectly suits my taste. . I will give you anything you want to stay by my side. 

   Inhaling her intoxicating fragrance he presses her body against his bare chest. More comfortable than he has been in weeks his eyes slowly close. He hasn’t slept well since she left and after tossing Sara on the bed he is exhausted.

   In the morning  Li Tian wakes up in a panic, he hadn’t planned on spending the night.

   He nervously gazes at Sara who is still under the influence of the sleeping pills and sleeping soundly.Gently lifting his arm resting across her thin waist he is tempted by her half parted lips. Resisting the impulse to kiss Sara, he gets out of the bed. After picking up his pajamas crumpled on the floor, he pulls on the pants then like a thief  silently slips out of her room.

  Once back in his room he walks to the bathroom to shower. He doesn’t want to run into Sara so he plans on returning to Sun Zhi’s villa then contacting Han Weisheng to see about the human mask. I will return as the newly hired gardener. 

   After he showers and changes into a dark gray suit he looks at his watch.  Energized after a good night’s sleep he leaves the guest room and takes long strides down the hallway. He doesn’t realize he has a satisfied grin on his face until he runs into LI Feng coming up the stairs.

   Li Feng is eating a banana and has a cup of coffee in his hand. Half asleep and startled by Li Tian’s appearance, I didn’t think the cold bastard could smile like that, he looks…happy. he forgets his inherent fear of Li Tian and quips,“Cousin, what makes you so happy this morning?”

  Li Tian doesn’t rebuke him as expected and replies, “The bed was very comfortable. I will be sleeping here tonight.” 

  “…” Just because of the bed he looks like a satisfied cat that just ate a big fish?

 After he walks out the door of the villa Li Tian takes out his phone then gazes at the picture he took of Sara in bed. His dark eyes have an extremely possessive glint as he runs his finger over her stomach, mine..both of you are mine.

 In a good mood he calls Yang James, “Hold off on publicizing Li Group’s involvement in the Affordable Housing Project here in Bashu City.” I don’t want the little kitten to be frightened I might be here in the city.

  Yang James wonders what Li Tian is planning. Obviously all his efforts are for that unworthy woman.  “Are you coming back to Catang?”

  “Not right now. I sent the documents from Old Man Guo to my father. I am going to make sure they don’t try to interfere with the airport in any other manner. Old Man Guo agreed but that doesn’t mean his avaricious sons or the other branches will stand back. The old fart’s motive was revenge but they of course planned to scoop up the project after we were stymied.”

  “I mentioned Alexandre arrived in Catang. Are you not planning on cooperating?”

  “I think I made it clear I won’t. His partnership with that bastard Cadieux makes the deal appear to be a trap. There will be no shortage of buyers. I will contact you later today on how to proceed.”

  “Alexandre won’t like being snubbed.”

  “Too bad. I let my guard down and the last shipment was hijacked which was a pain in the ass. Even though the merchandise was recovered, it caused me problems due to the delay in delivery. The mole hasn’t been uncovered and until I find out how the information was leaked I am going to be cautious. Do you have any new leads?”

  Yang James pours a cup of coffee while trying to think of a viable reason for Li Tian to return to Catang City.

 When he doesn’t respond Li Tian impatiently looks at his watch, “Well?”


 “Keep working on it and find out why Cadieux is in Bashu City.”

 “Will do.”

 Li Tian opens the door of a black Maybach and gets into the driver seat then lights a cigarette. On the way to Sun Zhi’s villa he calls Han Weisheng. “When will the mask be ready?”

 Han Weisheng was eating breakfast when his phone rang.

He puts down his chopsticks and smirks knowing why his friend is calling. Why does this guy think when he wants something it should magically appear in his hands.“You need to meet so she can match the mask to the contours of your face if you want it perfect.”

  “Tell the woman to meet me now.”

  “Tian, she works at a Club and won’t be awake at this hour.” He laughs, “She probably just went to sleep. I told you that you can’t rush.”

   “Wake the woman up. I will pay double.”

   “If you offer to pay five times the price Maggie won’t get up. I will contact her this afternoon and set up a meeting.”

  Li Tian slams his hand on the steering wheel. “Contact me when you have made the arrangements.”

   At Li Shaoting’s villa Sara flutters her eyelashes as she wakes up. She rubs her eyes then shakes her head, what a crazy dream. Why would I dream of him? I thought I blocked him out of my mind. Reaching for the bottle of water on the nightstand she notices the sleeping pills, is it because I took two last night? I am not taking them again! She shivers as she gulps down the water,  I don’t want to think about CEO Li!

  She puts her hands behind her head and stares at the ceiling. Baby, is Mommy crazy? Why would I dream that he and I…it felt so real except for when he was tender and loving..haha..I guess dreams are partly wish fullfillment. If he had treated me with any respect maybe I could have told him the baby isn’t his and we could have stayed in Catang and lived peacefully.

  Sara’s phone rings and she sees the caller is Leo. Her voice is slightly hoarse when she answers, “Hi.” She chuckles, “Why are you calling so early?”

  “I have to return to Catang City and I wanted to see you.”  Leo decided it was time for Sara to know the truth about their true relationship.

   “Well, I need to work today. Could we meet this evening after six?”

   “Tell Tang Wu you have an appointment.” He doesn’t want her to know Tang Wu is Li Tian’s cousin as much as he does.

   “I can’t do that. His regular cook is on vacation. Tang Wu has been good to me and I don’t want to shirk my responsibilities.”

   “I will send a chef.”

   Sara starts laughing, “Can’t we meet for dinner?”

  “Fine. I will pick you up at six o’clock.”


  Leo hangs up and takes off his tinted glasses revealing his different colored ireses. He narrows his eyes as he looks across the table at an old woman. “I have to go out for awhile.”

  Sara’s grandmother says, “You might regret your decision. Sara might not give you the response you want.”

  “Aren’t you more afraid she will know you have lied to her all these years?”

 “I did it for her own good. You are evil…you have been evil since you were a child. The best thing my daughter did was to give you to that man to keep Sara safe.”

  Leo slams his hand on the table. “Maybe by throwing me away into that viper’s nest the bitch created the monster that I am. When I am with Sara I don’t feel the rage inside of me. The desire to destroy the world. Do you know the hell I grew up in..do you have any idea?”

  Sara’s grandmother calmly replies, “I don’t care.”

  Leo suddenly grabs the old woman by the throat then lets go.His piercing glare is filled with hate. “I will kill you but not yet.”

 Unfazed staring into his disturbingly cold eyes, the old woman laughs as she mocks him, “You want to kill me but you can’t. Just like Li Tian, you hate him for being the father of Sara’s child. Jealousy and envy corrodes your soul because you want your twin sister to only see you..only love you.  Can you imagine if you grew up together? You would have isolated Sara. She is a loving and caring person, compassionate and her heart is pure. Look at yourself are you worthy of being her brother?”

  Leo screams, “SHUT UP!”

  “For Sara’s sake and..your own…don’t tell her the truth.”

  He motions to Wong Duan, “Lock her in the room.”

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Where Is Sara’s Room?

   Li Tian finishes the tasteless meal envious of his cousins who Sara fixed a special dinner for tonight. He drinks a glass of wine, “Did Zhen Sihao change chefs? The filet mignon is as tough as beef jerky and the vegetables are too salty and overcooked.”

  Han Tingfeng responds after he dips the last piece of chicken into a savory brown sauce. “Same chef, I think the food is good.”

   The server has been waiting for her chance to drug Li Tian and walks over to the table. She carefully pours the drugged wine into his glass without any remorse. This is my chance to climb onto a high branch…not only is he a billionaire he is also incredibly sexy…gorgeous. A win win. Unexpectedly, Li Tian looks at his black diamond watch and suddenly stands up. “Weisheng, I will pick the package up tomorrow afternoon. Have it ready.”

  Han Weisheng puts down his chopsticks, “Tian, I told you it can’t be rushed.”

 “Tell your man I will pay triple.”

 “It is a time consuming process.”

  “Call me.” He walks out the door anxious to go to Li Shaoting’s villa. Song Sara should be asleep by now.

  The server looks at the glass of wine with wide eyes, why did he suddenly leave? What should I do now? She smiles at Han Weisheng, “Is the gentleman leaving?” I better get rid of this glass of wine immediately.

  “I assume so.”

  She picks up the glass of wine and the plate of food Li Tian hardly touched. What is that witch going to say? She will want her money back. Well, nothing I can do.

  The server has a malicious gleam in her eyes, how will Long Jinxi know I didn’t drug him?  She hurries out of the room then dumps the untouched wine into a planter in the hallway. The server confidently opens the door to the room where Long Jinxi and Jiang Wenli are eating.

  Long Jinxi jumps up, “Is it done?”


  Long Jinxi winks at Jiang Wenli, “Showtime. You should leave.”

  “I haven’t finished eating.”

  “I can’t have you here. Eat when you get back to the hotel.”

  “Fine. But don’t forget the Hermes Limited Edition purse you promised me.”

“I won’t. Leave.”

 Jiang Wenli stands up with a fork in her hand then greedily eats one more bite of the Shrimp Scampi. She puts on her coat then opens the door. “Remember you need to have just a bit of the aphrodisiac so you appear to be a victim also.”

   “Wenli..” She hesitates then chokes back the question she wants to ask, ‘will the aphrodisiac harm a fetus?’ She realizes that the secret must be kept if her plan is to work. Right now only her mother and her know about her pregnancy.


  “I want to be in control. Do I need to take the drug?”

 “You are a good actress but the symptoms…a flushed body…rapid heartbeat… hot skin…can’t be faked. You only need to take a small dose. Li Tian isn’t stupid he will notice those details even if he is drugged.”

  “That makes sense. Okay, shoo. I need to prepare.”

  She takes a deep breath then reaches into her purse, unaware Li Tian has left the Club and is heading to his cousin’s villa. He is at the moment in a daze imagining holding his soft little kitten in his arms again.

  At the villa Sara is in bed reading a book she picked up after she was at the hospital. The book describes what a pregnant woman should expect as the baby grows. She touches her slightly swollen belly, Baby, mommy will do everything she can so you grow healthily. Sara drifts off to sleep still holding the book in her hands.

  When Li Tian arrives at the villa he enters through the back. He stealthily looks around to make sure Sara is not in the kitchen. Li Feng walks into the room to get a snack and is startled, “What the hell? When did you come? I thought you were staying at your friend’s villa.”

  Li Tian responds in a cold and indifferent tone, “When is it your business what I do?”

  Li Feng stutters, “It..it’s not. You just scared the shit out of me. Everyone is sleeping so I didn’t expect anyone would be in the kitchen.” He reaches into the refrigerator and takes out a small fruit platter Sara had prepared earlier. 

  Li Tian arches his eyebrow gazing at the beautifully arranged fruit on the blue patterned plate. Song Sara you made cute shapes out of the fruit for this brat! When I was in the hospital you cut uneven slices of an apple and practically threw the ugly pieces at me!“Did the cook prepare the fruit?”

  Li Feng has a perplexed expression, who else would?. “Yes.”

  Li Tian grabs the plate out of his hand, “I will take that. It’s not good for digestion to eat late at night.” He picks up a piece of pineapple cut into a heart shape and pops it into his mouth.


  Li Tian has a slight smile on his face as he leaves the kitchen savoring the sweet piece of pineapple in his mouth. Delicious.

  Li Feng’s broods, pouting his lips in dissatisfaction as he watches as Li Tian leaves the kitchen holding his plate of fruit.  He cries in his heart, Sister Sara even cut the apples into little animals. I didn’t get to taste one! Not one! First the delivery man robs me… now Cousin Tian! He is ruining my vacation!

  Once upstairs Li Tian realizes he doesn’t know what room Sara is in and looks down the hallway. There are two guest rooms besides the one arranged for him, then he considers the fact she is the cook. Would she be sleeping in the servant’s quarters? That could be a problem.

His question is answered when Li Feng comes up the stairs and notices his cousin standing outside Sara’s room. “Cousin, your room is next door. Shaoting is short of rooms to accomodate the new cook in the servant’s quarters so she is temporarily staying in that room.” Don’t scare the girl!

  Li Tian acts disgruntled , “A servant… sleeping in a guest room?”  This is great! Right next to my room! I can easily slip in and out!

  Although Li Feng is deathly afraid of his cousin he feels the need to protect Sara. “Listen cousin, Song Sara is special. Don’t embarrass the girl so she wants to leave. She is very nice and an excellent cook. Mildred is on vacation, so if you drive Song Sara away, we would be left without a cook.”

  ‘Well, since I will be eating my meals here I will disregard how inappropriate this situation is. Make sure she doesn’t enter my sight.” 

  “I will tell Shaoting.” 

  “Good. I don’t need a servant trying to climb into my bed when she discovers the head of the Li Group is in the room next to hers.”

  Li Feng clutches his fists at his side, “Cousin, Song Sara is not like that! She is a sweet and innocent girl! If she wanted to climb into someone’s bed she would have with my brother! You know how popular he is with women!:

  Li Tian’s face blackens and the vein on his neck bulges. Li Feng feels suffocated from his oppressive aura and stutters, “Plus, she thinks our surname is Tang..not Li.

Any..anyway, she isn’t like that so you don’t need to worry.” He runs down the hallway to his room. Once inside he leans up against the wall to catch his breath, Fuck! I need to make sure Song Sara  doesn’t come into contact with that arrogant lunatic!

 Li Tian grabs a piece of apple shaped like a bunny and bites off the head, Song Sara you dare to think of climbing into anyone bed besides mine you and the man are both dead!

Li Tian Arrives

   Li Feng’s stomach is growling and he looks at his watch. Screwing up his face and puffing out his cheeks he whines,“Dad, do we need to wait for Cousin Tian? I’m starving.”

   Li Liang hugs Wei Minnie’s thin waist and with a pampering tone asks, “Are you hungry?”

   “Honey, we should wait.” She doesn’t want to anger her volatile nephew and ruin the harmonious atmosphere. That boy’s temper could  frighten Shaoting’s cute little girl.


  “Feng’er you know that man’s personality. He will scare TingTing’s little sweetheart to death with his cold aura. She looks fragile as a delicate porcelain doll. Your brother finally has a girlfriend. Do you want her to see how terrifying our family’s Tian can be? ”

  Resigning himself to the fact his empty stomach will need to wait to be filled with delicious food, he starts to play a game on his phone.“You’re right about Cousin Tian. After school I was with a group of my friends working out at his gym on Yuying St. I didn’t expect him to be there at that time of day and he scared the shit out of my friends. You know Lu Ming?”

   Wei Minnie taps her slender white finger on Li Liang’s thigh. “Hmm..Lu Ming.. The ruggedly handsome boy who always wears basketball jerseys and likes to flex his muscles? No that is Han Weishing’s nephew Han Shi Oh.. I know! That feminine looking kid…the tall willowy one with the flawless jade like skin and naturally red full lips?  TingTing got a modeling job with Henri Armand? He is so adorable.”

   Li Liang pinches her waist and his voice is tinged with jealousy, “MinMin, I didn’t realize you pay such close attention to Feng’s friends.” I will have to forbid Feng bringing those stinky bastards to the house.

    She squirms in his lap and has an innocent expression on her beautiful face. “I don’t. I mean Weisheng is your friend so of course I pay attention to his nephew. And…and… I just saw an ad Lu Ming did for Henri Armand in Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine and I remembered the frail looking kid.” She mentally fans herself…that was close.. Liang is still so jealous…but he looks so sexy when his eyes are like a bottomless abyss filled with only me. I will need to show him later that he is the only man I need.

     Li Feng puts down his phone. “Back to my story.”  Mom enough with the fangirl description. Dad is getting mad. Married for so long and he still acts like a jealous idiot when you tease him. 

    “Yeah, that guy.” He shivers, “And Mom, don’t say feminine looking…” Li Feng thinks about the stares they get when they are together..like we are a fucking couple. “Anyway, Ming has a weak heart and when Cousin Tian approached…get this..he hadn’t said a word and Ming fainted. Boom..straight to the floor. Cousin Tian stepped over poor Ming…like..like he was a piece of wood.”

   “My goodness! That boy should get some therapy. I don’t know where he gets that heartless dark aura. Your Uncle Hong is stern but has a calm rational personality and your Auntie, well..I don’t know a more gentle and kind woman.”

   Li Tian sneezes as he presses the passcode to the door then enters the villa.

   Li Feng and his mother have guilty expressions when they see Li Tian.

   Li Liang chuckles when he feels his wife stiffen in his embrace and her heart beating erratically. He playfully nibbles on Wei Minnie’s ear then teases, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

   She swats his chest, “Not afraid.”

   He lifts her chin and looks into her beautiful amber eyes, “MinMin,you have never been a good liar.”

    She snuggles into his embrace and in a barely audible voice she mutters, “Now I know why Little Ming fainted.”

  Li Liang laughs and kisses her half parted lips, my little wife is still so damn cute. I can’t wait to get this dinner over with and take her to the bedroom

  He is not intimidated by his nephew’s imposing aura. “Now that Tian has arrived let’s eat.” He stands up and carries Wei Minnie to the dining room.

   Li Tian is slightly drunk and sneers as he watches the loving couple. “Uncle, what a surprise. I thought you were unable to come to Bashu City. You and Auntie look very… free.”

  “Nephew, don’t be petty. You lost. I won.”

  Li Tian sits down across from Li Feng. “Where is Shaoting?” I have questions about the cook.

  Li Liang answers, “He had to take a call from his agent. Feng, go tell your brother dinner is being served.”

   Li Feng happily leaves the dining room and runs up the stairs..

  Mildred walks out of the kitchen carrying a platter of the Spicy Chicken Wings and in her other hand the Ginger and Scallion Noodles.

  Li Tian sees the plump older woman and narrows his eyes, “You are the cook?”

 Mildred looks around for Li Shaoting. He specifically told her not to reveal Song Sara. She has a apprehensive expression, the man’s piercing gaze …so terrifying…should I lie…oh mama…what should I do?

  Li Tian is impatient. “Answer. Not a hard question. Are you the cook?”

  Mildred nervously twists her hands in her apron. I am the cook..  But not the cook who prepared these dishes.

  “Bring me the cake.” 

  Wei Minnie and Li Jiang stare at him wondering why he is bullying the poor woman. Li Liang lifts his sword like eyebrow, “I thought you don’t like cake.”

  “I don’t”


  The Li brothers walk into the dining room, with his powerful father here to counter his cousin’s aura Li Shaoting doesn’t feel as intimidated. He sits down next to his mother and Li Liang points to the chair across the table. Hmmph! So much for feeling Dad will protect me.

  Mildred returns with a piece of Strawberry Cream Cake and places it in front of Li Tian. He growls, “What’s this?”

   She blinks her eyes, “Cake.”

   “I can see it is fucking cake but not the fucking cake I wanted.”


  He glares at Li Feng, “Did I not make myself clear last night. I wanted the goddamn cake in the photo.”

  Li Feng has a helpless expression as he pleads with his eyes for someone to save him.

  Li Liang  calmy responds, “Cake is cake. Don’t bully the poor woman or Feng’er.”

  Standing up, Li Shaoting says “Mildred, come with me to the kitchen.”

 Once inside the kitchen he apologizes, “Sorry Mildred. My cousin is very prickly. Did Song Sara make another cake? You can be off, I will take care of the rest of dinner.”

  “Young Master! I can’t let you serve the food! It isn’t right!”

  “Mildred, you do a great job. I just think it would be best if you retired for the night.” I don’t need this old lady having a heart attack. There is a raging snowstorm and the roads aren’t cleared.

  “I didn’t see another cake, only the one on the counter.”

  “Okay. Do as I say. You are off work for the night.”

   She bows respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Li.”

   After Mildred leaves he looks around the kitchen. I thought I told Song Sara to prepare the same menu but whatever. Why does the stupid tyrant want that particular cake? The man doesn’t like sweets!

  Li Shaoting walks back into the dining room and sits down. Li Tian glares at him, “Well?”

  “Cousin, my cook misunderstood and thought that cake was too plain for a guest. She made the Strawberry Cream Cake instead.”

   Li Tian has an icy look in his pitch black eyes, “Fire the woman. She blatantly disregarded your instructions.” I know that the cake in the photo was similar to the one I ate when I was in Zhou Mo’s office, made by Song Sara. It’s far fetched but I thought Song Sara might be working in a bakery…or had some relation with the brat’s cook. I might have a lead to the disobedient kitten.

  Li Liang puts down his chopsticks, “Enough. I don’t know what your problem is Tian, but Shaoting doesn’t need your advice on how to handle his servants” He sticks his fork in the creamy cake covered with strawberries then puts it in his mouth. “This cake is light and delicious.”

  Li Tian angrily storms out of the dining room and grabs his black cashmere coat. Kicking off the slippers on his feet he grabs his black leather shoes from the rack.  

  Li Liang watches him leave, “Where does he think he is going? The snowstorm has made the roads impassable.”

   Li Shaoting looks towards the door. “Cousin Tian’s friend lives in the community.” Perfect! Now I don’t have to deal with that mental case and my parents.

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