Teach Skye A Lesson

     Skye and her new friends finished the bottle of Henri Giraud ‘Argonne’ and Skye ordered another bottle. They were talking and laughing when Murong Hui noticed them. He was still waiting at the bar for Ye Yunxian to return from Ruan Ning’s office.

   He picked up his glass of wine and hmphed as he strode over to the table, “Murong SuSu! You can’t drink and drive!”

   Murong SuSu’s chopsticks stopped in midair when she heard her brother. She had been trying to decide which appetizer she wanted to eat. Her eyes were glued on an Almond and Chicken Momo.  “Brother!” She extended the chopsticks and picked up the savory looking ball. She had rosy cheeks and her eyes were glassy from the Champagne. “I didn’t drive your stinky car! My friend has a driver.” 

  “Well, at least you have some sense.” He was bored waiting so he pulled a chair to the table. “Hello Chen Nuying.” He gazed at the beautiful blonde girl sitting on the right, “Are you a new model?”

   Murong SuSu finished swallowing then introduced him, “This is my brother Murong Hui.”

   Skye smiled, “Nice to meet you. I’m Skye Benning.”

   He was shocked when she said her name, “Benning, as in the Benning Group?

   “Uh Huh.” The waiter refilled her fluted glass with champagne and Skye sweetly thanked him.

   Murong Hui stared at his sister then Skye, how did this little idiot become friend’s with that bastard Shao Zu’s sister?

   Murong SuSu pinched his leg afraid he would say something. She knew her brother hated Shao Zu Tang.

   He winced in pain then questioned Skye, ignoring the little fist that was pounding his thigh, “How do you know my sister?”

   “Well, I met Chen Nuying, then she introduced me. You must be very proud of your sister, she is very talented. I am going to wear a beautiful dress she designed.”

   Murong SuSu beamed, “Yes Brother, Skye is going to wear my dress to the Chou Entertainment party on Friday. I will be famous! Famous!”

    Surprised that Skye would wear an unknown designer’s dress he remarked, “Miss Benning is brave.”

   Murong SuSu kicked his leg and he groaned, “Owww.”

   Skye chuckled, “I agree with Murong SuSu, she will become famous. I think her designs are very beautiful and have a great vibe. It is my pleasure to wear her dress.”

   Murong Hui commented, “You are so open minded. Are you sure you are CEO Tang’s sister?”

   Murong SuSu had enough, she stood up and yanked on his arm “Brother, leave. You are ruining my good mood.”

    He tapped the tip of her nose then apologized to Skye, “ SuSu, sit down. Haha..I am just teasing.”

   Skye sipped her champagne, “Mr. Murong, do you know my brother?”

   Before he answered Ye Yunxian suddenly appeared towering over the table with a cold and gloomy look on his handsome face. The expression in his eyes was faint but the freezing air around him showed his mood. He had been talking to Ruan Ning by the bar when he witnessed Skye smiling and laughing with Murong Hui. The little seductress really has to ensnare every man she meets with her seductive looks. Hui has an idiotic expression on his face staring at the little liar. He wasn’t listening to Ruan Ning as he observed them. She noticed he was distracted and glanced in the direction he was looking. “Is that Murong Hui’s new girlfriend?  Is she a foreign model? She is quite beautiful.”

   He didn’t answer and unconsciously felt irritated as he strode over to the table.

   Skye looked shocked when she saw him approaching and wanted to run. Damn man! What is he doing here?

   Murong Hui, oblivious to the strange tension between Ye Yunxian and Skye casually said, “Yunxian, sit down. This is Shao Zu Tang’s sister Skye Benning. Of course, you know my sister and Chen Nuying.”

    Ye Yunxian pulled over a chair and squeezed in between Skye and Murong Hui. 

    Murong Hui was surprised he would move the chair next to Skye. Ye Yunxian doesn’t like stange women too close and there was room next to his sister.

    Skye attemped to scoot her chair away and he subtly held the leg of the chair under the table. Skye’s amber eyes have a complicated expression wondering what he would say to embarrass her in front of her new friends.

   The server saw the two men joining the table and the tight seating. He finished taking an order at the next table and walked over to them. “If you would like a bigger table we have one available.”

    Ye Yunxian answered, “No Need. I will have a double whisky on the rocks.”


     Skye felt trapped and uncomfortable. She didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere so she said, “I am going out to the outdoor balcony to get a breath of fresh air.”

      Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying were discussing their upcoming trip to New York. Chen Nuying said, “I will come with you. I want to ask you about New York.”

     Ye Yunxian shot her a frosty look then stood up, “I am going out to smoke a cigarette I will accompany Miss Benning.”

       Skye clenched her small fists at her side, “I’m going to the bathroom first.”

      Ye Yunxian watched her back as she scurried away, little liar, think you can get rid of me that easily? I still have a few questions for you. There is some connection between your kidnapping and Kang Jimmy. After reviewing the footage the man in the cap was one of the six murdered men found at Dong’s Garage. I believe you were kidnapped by the Red Scorpion Gang under Kang Jimmy’s order. I just don’t know why yet. You know something.

   Skye hurried into the bathroom and she muttered “Really..why did the annoying man show up! I can’t believe it! I was having fun with Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying. Detective Ye is friends with Murong Hui? I am so vexed!” She walked into the stall and sat on the toilet. He is my unlucky star! Should I leave? I can’t. They came with me. It would be so rude. Endure..you must endure. Ignore him… Yes Skye.. ignore him. Go back to the table and finish your champagne. 

   Ye Yunxian was leaning on the wall outside of the woman’s bathroom waiting for Skye. She was startled when she saw him. She lifted her head defiantly and warned, “Detective Ye. Stop stalking me or you will regret it.” She wished she didn’t insist that the bodyguards and Wyatt eat at a table across the restaurant.

   He pushed Skye up against the wall trapping her with his arms, “I am going to be your shadow until I find out what happened at Dong’s Garage.”

   After her inner dialogue in the bathroom she gathered her courage. Skye looked up at him with a cold glint in her amber eyes. “My shadow? That Detective Ye…  is stalking. I’m sure there are laws here to deal with that type of behavior.”

  Ye Yunxian stared at her cherry red lips opening and closing, spouting nonsense… Never in my twenty six years had anyone challenged my bottom line like this girl in front of me.  She was so beautiful and tempting that it made his heart pound and that angered him further.  He wanted to silence Skye..  wanted to see her humbled…break her confident and proud spirit that didn’t put him in her eyes. Who does she think she is? Lying to me..playing with me? She made a fool out of me.

 Ye Yunxian’s messy thoughts fueled by alcohol made him lose control. He leaned closer to Skye, he had a scorching fire in his pitch black eyes. Skye sensed his dangerous aura. He looks like an eagle ready to swoop down on his prey.

   He liked the expression on Skye’s delicate face, a combination of confusion and anger. Much better than that haughty superior smile she had a moment ago. Very good. 

    Skye nervously pushed his chest, bothered by the way her body was reacting when she inhaled his distinctly masculine scent. She dug her fingernails in her palms to sober herself. “Detective Ye, I know I am beautiful but I have no interest in an unattractive and boring man like you. Nothing about you is appealing.”

   He was sure the innocent and pure looking girl would crumble when she was bullied by him. Intoxicated after the several beers and whisky he drank, her words ignited a fire in him.  Unattractive? Boring? He impulsively pressed his body against Skye and whispered in her ear with a low and seductive voice “No interest? You are quite the little liar. Why is your breathing erratic” He rubbed his hand on her undulating chest.” I can feel your hardened nipples through this thin silk top.”

    She knocked his hand away, blushing  and squirming trying to slip under his arm , “You pervert! Psycho!”

    He was unexpectedly aroused by the infuriated expression on her beautiful face, his eyes darkened and filled with lust. He lowered his head then licked and sucked on her lips. Feeling that wasn’t enough he pried open Skye’s cherry red lips, inserting his hot tongue into her small mouth. He couldn’t stop as he tasted her sweetness and his hand roamed up her slender thigh. Skye bit his tongue and kicked him. When she did, he came to his senses and let her go. He wiped the blood from his lip with his finger then licked it. “A little punishment for lying to me..”

    Skye was infuriated and upset she had no control over her body responding to his touch.  She used the back of her hand to wipe her mouth.“You..you! You are sick! I will sue you!”

     He brushed a few strands of loose blonde hair behind her small ear then lowered his head and nibbled on her earlobe sending shivers down her body. “Little liar, you can try. But there are no witnesses and no one would believe you. ”

      Skye stormed down the hallway then composed herself as she walked out to the outdoor patio to calm down. The nerve! He did that to humiliate me!

     Murong Hui was leaning on the railing of the outdoor patio smoking a cigarette. He flicked the ash off his cigarette and noticed Skye. “Miss Benning.”

    Flustered from Ye Yunxian’s domineering kiss she took a deep breath as she walked over to him. She smiled brightly, “Mr. Murong.”

    He asked, “Did you see Ye Yunxian?”

    Skye shook her head, “No. I didn’t.”

    “Hmm. I wonder where he went?”

   A server walked by and asked, “Can I get you a drink?”

   Skye responded, “I will have a gin and tonic with lime.”

   Murong Hui exhaled a thin stream of smoke that floated into the warm night air, “Sounds refreshing. I will have the same.”

    Skye learned at an early age how to hide her hurt. She wanted to cry after being bullied by Ye Yunxian but her pride wouldn’t let her do that. She was an expert at pretending to be sure of herself and confident. What hurt more than Ye Yunxian bullying her was her body responding to his kiss and touch. She has never been close to a man or kissed passionately and was uncomfortable with her body’s reaction. She was fully aware he only wanted to humiliate her and she was very angry. But I can’t let it show. I won’t let it show.  Skye gazed out at the lights of the city, “Shanghai is so beautiful.”

   “Is this the first time you have come to Shanghai?”

   “No. I was here last year but I didn’t get a chance to explore the city. This is the first time I have seen the city lights from a rooftop. Breathtaking!”

   Murong Hui was mesmerized by Skye’s ethereal beauty. He was surrounded by beautiful women because of his position of CEO of Murong Productions but he thought she looked like a delicate fairy. Skye’s blonde hair was like spun gold and her unusual amber eyes were bewitching.

  The server brought their drinks and Skye took a sip, “Yummy..that is tasty.”

  Suddenly Ye Yunxian appeared and grabbed the glass from her hand. Skye and Murong Hui watched in disbelief as he put his lips directly on a red smudge from Skye’s lipstick  then drank the gin and tonic. “Delicious.”

   Murong Hui has known Ye Yunxian since they were children; he knew his severe OCD. He stared at him as though he saw a ghost. What the fuck!

     Speechless, Skye blinked a few times in astonishment, Shameless! I can’t deal with him. He is crazy. She started to lift her heels to walk away and Ye Yunxian pulled her into his embrace, “Where are you going?”

     She pushed his chest and in a barely audible voice sneered. “Detective Ye. Let me go. Now there is a witness.”

    Ye Yunxian smirked, “Hui, you didn’t see anything did you?”

     Murong Hui had a horrified expression on his handsome face, “Yunxian, what are you doing? Are you drunk? Let Miss Benning go.”

    He had a devilish grin on his handsome face as he taunted Skye. “Miss Benning? I thought your name was Baili. Which is it, little kitten?” Ye Yunxian saw the infatuated look on his friend’s face when he walked out onto the patio. It angered him and he wanted to embarrass Skye.

    She narrowed her amber eyes and clenched her teeth wanting to wipe the smug look off his face. Skye threatened him in a low voice only he could hear, “Psycho, I will make you wish you never met me.”

   He teased her with his warm wet tongue, licking and nibbling on her ear then whispered in a raspy voice, “You taste more delicious than that drink.” He abruptly flung her away, “Hui, don’t let this little liar bewitch you.” 

   He thought she would be humiliated and run off crying but Skye slapped him as hard as she could. She turned to Murong Hui, “Sorry you had to see this joke. Detective Ye is drunk, maybe you should take him home.”

   She held her head high, ignoring the fact her whole body was trembling, she proudly walked to the door.  Bastard! Horrible Man! Shameless Psycho!

   Murong Hui had a horrified expression on his face, “Yunxian..are you crazy! She is that lunatic Shao Zu Tang’s sister!” He crushed his cigarette out in a nearby ashtray. “Wait..she called you Detective Ye.. how does Skye Benning know you are a detective?”

   Ye Yunxian rubbed his cheek and had a wicked smile as he watched Skye. He could see her legs trembling as she attempted to look unfazed walking towards the door. “Let’s go back to the table.” I’m not finished with you yet Princess.

   “No fucking way. What is going on?”

  “Hui, have you ever known me to take a loss?”

  “No. But..”

  “Well, that little girl crossed my bottom line. Not once but several times. If I don’t teach the little liar a lesson, my surname isn’t Ye.”



    Shao Zu looked at the  panting woman underneath him that he just finished tossing on the bed. He rolled off her body marked with his love bites and stared at the ceiling with an indescribable expression. He was consumed by a complex mixture of emotions, anger, frustration, disgust directed towards the woman,Xie Min. I can no longer use this incompetant slut as a substitute.

Usually when used her as a tool to vent his sexual frustration he felt satisfied but today he was less than pleased. A substitute… a poor imitation…she even had the fucking nerve to call my name. I told her never to speak while I fucked her!..hearing her lewd voice destroyed the fantasy I was making love to Skye..my precious baby sister. Goddammit!

     Xie Min sensed his dissatisfaction and panicked. She couldn’t help herself when she was in the throes of passion his name slipped out. Xie Min immediately regretted her impulsiveness when she saw his face darken and he abruptly lost interest.

Hoping to arouse Shao Zu she ran her fingers down his bare chest covered in a thin layer of sweat. He grabbed her hand and threw it off him then got out of bed. “Your acting skills are lacking, you can’t follow the simplest instructions. We are finished. I am getting rid of this apartment and don’t show your face in front of me again. The usual compensation will be sent. I think you are aware of my means, so don’t attempt to leak any information. You will be banished from the circle and your family will suffer the consequences of your betrayal.” 

   Xie Min sat up and her pretty brown eyes filled with tears. She crawled across the large bed and grabbed his thigh. Tears rolled down her cheeks and whimpering she confessed.“CEO Tang, please..please..I love you. I will do whatever you want. I love you so much.”

   Shao Zu grimaced as the naked woman frantically clung onto him. He ruthlessly growled, “ Remove your hand.Touch me again and I will break your arm. You have ten minutes to remove your existence from this apartment.” He put on his clothes then surrounded by a bone chilling aura he sneered, “If you are still here my men will enjoy fucking you to death.” 

   Shao Zu slipped on his brown leather shoes then walked out the door without looking back at the woman clutching the wet sheets and sobbing hysterically.

Once he made a decision it was irreversible. He ruthlessly instructed the two men outside the door that if the woman wasn’t gone in ten minutes to throw her out. Shao Zu only threatened Xie Min with sexual violence to ensure she would quickly leave.

   He dismissed his driver then drove aimlessly through the streets of Shanghai, his mind filled with the image of Skye in the thin bathrobe pressed against him. He lit a cigarette, How can I get rid of Chloe Wang without upsetting Grandfather. I don’t think I can wait to possess Skye. If I demonstrate their influence is not as powerful as he has been led to believe I might be able to convince him. Should I dismantle the Wang Group? I can’t yet, I still need them. Should I at least have my hidden company takeover Wang Entertainment as a start? I could manipulate the situation while remaining in the shadows. He was contemplating how he could cleanly destroy the image his Grandfather has of the Wang family being beneficial to The Benning Group China when his phone rang.

   He smiled and touched his Bluetooth, his voice was gentle, “Something?”

   Skye gushed, “Brother! I thought the other phone was awesome but this is pure bling!”

   Shao Zu’s ink black eyes are full of indulgence, “I know how you love pink diamonds.”

    Skye picked at the vegetables on her plate with the chopsticks. “My very favorite. I wanted to tell you that I called Grandfather.” She suddenly thought about the bracelet she lost at the Night Market. Maybe someone picked it up. I could offer a reward.

  “Very good.”

   “He asked if I had seen Chloe Wang. I told him we are having dinner tonight. He told me to be nice to her and that she’s your future wife. I need to realize the importance of your marriage.” She sipped on a glass of water, “I guess he didn’t forget I threw a bit of a temper tantrum when I first got the news. I assured him after I talked with you  I realized that this marriage is what you want so I will support you.”  I can’t… absolutely CAN NOT accept that woman as your wife! Never!

   Shao Zu tightened his grip on the steering wheel until the blue veins on the back of his hands bulged. “Well, it is best to say what Grandfather wants to hear if you want to remain in Shanghai.” I can’t let you leave. After seeing you again I don’t want to have any distance between us. I want to slowly find a way for you to see me as a man not as a brother. I can’t rush it, you might get frightened.

  “You mean you are considering letting me work at the company?”

  “En. Of course Grandfather would need to agree.”

   Skye’s amber eyes sparkled, “I will convince him!” Even if it means getting close to Chloe Wang!

   “What are you doing now?”

  “Oh that was another reason I called. I was wondering if I could meet Chen Nuying I want to ask her to help  me pick a gift for Chloe Wang. She is one of Chen Nuying’s clients so she knows her taste.”

  “ That is very thoughtful of you Skye but not necessary.”

   “Brother! That is part of my plan to convince Grandfather of my sincerity towards my future sister-in -law.”

   He raises an eyebrow, “So your plan is to befriend Chloe Wang?”

   She bites her lower lip, “Well..yes”

  “Skye, I don’t want you to be friends with her, she isn’t a simple person and you are too naive.”She is a scheming bitch…and I don’t want her to use you in any way.

  “Brother, could you please have some confidence in me! I am not a child!”

   He pictured Skye’s supple body, no you are definitely not a child but you haven’t experienced the dirty side of life. I don’t want you to know. If the bitch thinks she can use you as a pawn she will.

  “You can get the gift. I will have two of my bodyguards follow you and take your assistant.” But there is no way I am going to let you befriend Chloe Wang!

  “Wyatt? Yeah…okay.” Teehee… I almost forgot about bringing him along on this trip. He must be wondering why I haven’t contacted him.

  “We are having dinner with her at Purple Moon Restaurant at eight o’clock. I have some business and will meet you there.”

  “See you then.”

   Skye took out Chen Nuying’s business card and called, “Hi, this is Skye Benning are you free this afternoon?”

  “Miss Benning. What can I do for you?”  Chen Nuying was lounging on a comfortable leather couch in her best friend, Murong SuSu’s office. They were discussing a big party being held by Chou Entertainment Company on Friday night. Murong SuSu wanted one of Chen Nuying’s clients to wear a dress she designed for exposure. 

   “Call me Skye. Do you want to go shopping?”

   Murong SuSu glanced over at her friend with a curious expression, mouthing Miss Benning?

   Chen Nuying put her finger to her lip signalling her friend to be quiet. “CEO Tang gave his permission?”

  “I told you he is a very nice man. I got an invitation to a party on Friday night I want to buy an Evening Gown.”  When she received this invitation she decided to use this for an excuse to go out and have fun. She really just wanted to explore the city. “I can pick you up wherever you are.”

   Chen Nuying agreed, “Okay. I am at my friend’s office located in the Murong Building on Zhongshan Road.”

  Murong SuSu whispered, “Tell her to come to my office. I want to meet CEO Tang’s sister.”

  “Can you come to her office?”

  “Sure. What floor?”

  The company’s name is SuSu Designs on the 25th floor. Ask the secretary at the end of the hallway she will escort you to her office.”

  “I am leaving now then.”

  After Chen Nuying hung up, Murong SuSu rushed from around her desk cluttered with designs over to the couch. She sat next to her friend. Affectionately wrapping her arm around her shoulder, “Spill! What is that iceberg’s sister like?”

   Chen Nuying laughed, “Nothing like CEO Tang that is for sure. She is really cute, American, she tries really hard to speak Chinese and seems like a sweet girl. She lives in New York so I want to ask her what there is to do there since we are going there for Fashion Week.”

   She played with a straw stuck in a half empty glass of milk tea, “I honestly didn’t think he would agree to letting his sister hang out with me.”

   “Well, maybe he is like my brother, hates to say no when I pester him. If I cry and act like a baby he eventually gives in..haha..”

   Chen Nuying finished the milk tea and teased, “Like when you wanted to start this fashion design company?”

   Murong SuSu pushed her shoulder, “I used my own money..well… yeah I wouldn’t have been able to afford the start up… any employees..or any.. I get your point.

   She stretched her arms the took off her glasses, rubbing her eyes she continued, “He did convince Daddy to let me try, even convincing him to let me have this floor in the family’s building. All right! Back to CEO Tang’s sister. What is her name again? I want to search for her information on the internet.”

  “Skye Benning.”

  “That is a cool name.” She took out her phone and typed ‘Skye Benning.’ “Huh..nothing..not a picture.”

  “Well, probably avoids publicity. She mentioned she went to school in Switzerland, see if there is anything there. Like a school  forum. I think she said she studied in Montreux.”

   Skye called her assistant, Wyatt Malone. He immediately answered, “Miss Benning are you alright?”

   “Yeah. Sorry I didn’t call. Are you at the hotel?”


   “I will pick you up in a half hour.”

   Skye walked over to the two tall muscular Chinese men assigned to be her bodyguards. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

   They led the way out to the circular driveway. A man in a black suit got out of the driver’s seat to open the  backdoor of a siver Bentley. They were told not to talk to Skye unless necessary so when she smiled and thanked him he nodded.

   The two bodyguards followed behind in a black SUV as the Bentley pulled out of the driveway.

After they picked up Wyatt Malone at the hotel Skye told the driver to take them to the Murong Building. He wrinkled his eyebrows together, the Murong Building? He recalled an incident in the parking garage there last month. CEO Tang had an altercation with Murong Hui, the two men almost came to blows. Who is she meeting there? Should I call the CEO?

Go To The Police Station

     After Skye returned from getting the coffee she bathed and got dressed in a Dolce & Gabbana light green floral dress. The bodice was white sprayed with colorful flowers and form-fitting. The skirt was slightly flounced and the hem reached slightly above her knee.

She sighed, Brother is so thoughtful. He knows I love D&G and this dress fits perfectly. The nude colored Christian Louboutin platform shoes are a perfect match. 

    A young Chinese woman patiently waited to the side. Shao Zu sent her with the clothes and to be  Skye’s stylist. “Miss Benning, should I start your makeup and hair?”

   “Yes. Thank you Chen Nuying. I prefer light makeup. No foundation, a touch of mascara and lipstick. My hair, please keep it casual.”

   “As you wish.”

   When Chen Nuying  finished she held a mirror up for Skye to look at her hair and makeup. “Is this what you had in mind?”

  “Oh! I love it! The braid to my ponytail with the gold thread woven through it looks awesome! Not too much but adds a touch of glamor. I think Brother will like it!”

   Chen Nuying smiles, “What do you think of the make up? Are you satisfied?”

  “Yes. I don’t like to wear makeup but we are going to the company after lunch. I don’t want to embarrass Shao Zu.”

   “You look beautiful, with your poreless skin and creamy white complexion you don’t need it.” 

   “Thanks. I’m lucky that I inherited my mother’s looks. She was quite beautiful.”

   The stylist packs her makeup bag, “Did you need anything else before I leave?”

  “Chen Nuying, my brother said his fiancee Chloe Wang is one of your clients. I don’t know her very well. I want to buy a gift. Do you know her preferences?”

  “ Chloe Wang?”  Errr..She is such a bitch! Demanding…insulting.. I cringe when she makes an appointment. Chen Nuying smiled hiding her true thoughts and politely answered, “I can only say that she wears Andrew Wang and seems to like jade. Why don’t you ask CEO Tang?”

    Skye put on a pair of small delicate diamond earrings, “I wanted to surprise him. If I ask then it won’t be a surprise right? Hahaha.. Do you know a reputable jade dealer?”

   “This might sound weird but my cousin knows an old man who lives by a Temple in the countryside. He told me that the old man’s home is located in a bamboo forest and hard to find. Cousin Chao complained that he makes unusual demands but has the finest quality jade.” 

   “Really? Sounds intriguing. What is his name?”

  “I don’t know. My cousin calls him Crazy Old Man.” She sees the puzzled look on Skye’ s face “But he says that affectionately. Haha…The old man is just well..elderly and has his ways.”

  “Could you have your cousin call me? I will pay him a commission to go with me. I don’t know anything about jade.”

   “Of course. Cousin Chao is in Hong Kong but he will return in two days.”

   “Thanks. I don’t know anyone in Shanghai. Would you like to go to lunch with me tomorrow?  I want to properly thank you for your effort today.”

   Chen Nuying refused, “Miss Benning, I don’t think CEO Tang would approve.”

  “Huh? Why not?”

  “You are his sister and I am well..a stylist.”

  “Chen Nuying, you have Shao Zu wrong. He isn’t an elitist. I can make friends with whomever I want. I don’t know anyone in Shanghai and he has a busy schedule. I’m sure he would rather I go out with someone he knows than alone.” Particularly after what happened last night.

  “You could call Miss Wang.”

  Skye shook her head, “Well.. she and I..it is complicated. I don’t want to spend any more time with her than necessary.”


  “How about this. I will ask Shao Zu, if he approves, do you want to go to lunch with me?”

  “If CEO Tang agrees, yes.” Chen Nuying thought Skye was cute and friendly. She heard she was from New York and would like to ask her some questions about the city. She will be travelling there next month with a client for Fashion Week.

  “ Can you hand me my new phone you brought? I can add you on WeChat.”

        After the stylist left, while anxiously awaiting for Shao Zu’s arrival, Skye looked out the window, filled with excitement. Brother said he would be here at ten. I can’t wait to get settled in at his villa. I will get to see him everyday! Yeah!

    At the sound of the door opening Skye happily spun around, “Br..” She has a startled expression. “Wha..what are you doing here?”

   Ye Yunxian drove to the hospital from Dong’s Garage. He checked on Leng Chang in the ICU  then went to the room to shower and change. After he freshened up he went to the VIP floor where Skye’s hospital room was located. Pleased when the nurse on duty said she was waiting to be discharged, he decided to take the little con artist to the station before her backer could prevent him. 

   “Miss Baili, I need you to come with me.”

  “Detective Ye, my brother will be here shortly. Where do you want to go? I should wait for him.” Who is Miss Baili? I shouldn’t say I am Skye Benning…Brother must have registered me under this name.

  He gazed at Skye’s beautiful doll like appearance. The little con artist really looks like a socialite in that dress. Quite a difference from her pathetic appearance last night. Hmmph! If we wait for your ‘Brother’ my plan won’t work. I’m sure you have him bewitched with your fairy like face.

  “He can come to the station.”

   Skye’s face turned pale, “What is this about Detective?” I don’t want my brother to get in trouble. I will go. This must be about my kidnapping. I will leave Shao Zu out of it.

  “I think you know already. But we can discuss the matter at the station.” I am going to take a nice detour and scare the truth out of you.

  Skye clutched her dress with her hands and nervously responded, “Umm… okay.”

  Ye Yunxian smirked, Little seductress, your wide eyed and innocent look won’t work on me . Save it.

   They walked out of the hospital room past the nurse’s desk, no one was sitting there. Skye obediently walked next to Ye Yunxian.  Wow..he smells good…

   When they arrived at his car he opened the door of the black SUV, “Get in.”

   Skye struggled to get into the car, she was wearing high heels and the step was high. He walked to the driver’s side and got into the car. Unnerved by the sight of her dress rising up revealing her slender thigh while she struggled to get into the car his Adam’s apple rolled. He gripped the steering wheel and his voice was harsh, “Buckle up.”

  “Umm..Detective, I don’t know how the buckle works.” 

  He reluctantly reached over and snapped the buckle. Inhaling the light fragrance on her body and brushing across her soft skin he got angry, “Don’t play any games with me, you got it. I will make things difficult for you if you do.”

  ???? Isn’t he overreacting? I have no idea how these stupid seat belts work.

  Ye Yunxian screeches out of the parking lot as Shao Zu enters the hospital followed by his bodyguards.

     Shao Zu looked at his watch, Skye should be finished getting ready.  When he arrived at the floor there were two doctors and three nurses outside of Skye’s  hospital room. Black lines formed on his forehead, “What the hell is going on?”

    The doctor holding a chart answers, “Miss Baili left without being properly discharged.”

   Shao Zu angrily pushes past them into the empty  room. Frustrated, he grabs the doctor closest to him by the collar. “You idiots just let her leave?”

    The nurse who spoke with Ye Yunxian ran into the room when she heard the shouting. “CEO Tang, she left with a detective, Detective Ye.”


   “I thought the patient knew Detective Ye because when I got coffee on the seventh floor earlier she was talking to him.”

   Shao Zu storms out of the hospital room and makes a call, “Find Skye. She is with a detective  named Ye.” He knew Skye won’t say anything about the kidnapping because he told her last night he would handle everything. The veins were bulging on his neck and he clenched his fists, Skye wouldn’t voluntarily leave knowing I was coming. Why didn’t she call? If that bastard bullies Skye he is fucking dead!

He dialed Skye’s number after the third ring she answered, “Brother.”

“Where are you?”

“I am on the way to the police station.”


Ice Skating

When Mu Yan brings the double whisky Morgan drinks it in one go and orders another.

    Zhou LingLing quietly watches Morgan as she sips her Coke. She could hear a woman’s voice when he answered the phone. When he returned to the table he was muttering, “Damn woman..” Is she a lover? According to Mrs. Mu he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Well none of my business. I am here to eat and then be his chauffeur.

  During lunch Morgan drinks the entire bottle of wine while staring out of the window. He has complex emotions about meeting with Feng LiMei tomorrow. He anxiously wants to solve the mystery of the woman in his dreams. The dreams are full of sex and dark desire totally out of character for him.

   Zhou LingLing happily tastes all the different dishes, savoring every bite. She had her head buried in her plate and didn’t notice Morgan hadn’t eaten until she reached for her bottle of Coke; he had only been drinking the wine

    She looks at his dark complexion. It seems as though the phone call he received really upset him.

 “CEO Lin, aren’t you going to eat? The food is amazing.” 

   He nods, “Not hungry.”

   Zhou LingLing isn’t sure why but his gloomy expression bothers her, she picks up his fork and twirls the creamy pasta. “You should eat. Drinking on an empty stomach will cause you problems. Have a bite.”

   Morgan feels his obsession with the woman in his dreams is consuming his soul. Wanting a distraction, in his drunken haze he stares at Zhou LingLing. Maybe this girl can make me forget about the woman in my dreams. He opens his mouth and let’s her feed him. “Delicious.”

   Zhou Ling Ling smiles brightly, “The best Alfredo sauce I have ever tasted.” 

   She sets his fork on his plate, “Eat more.”

   “Feed me.”

   “…. ” Feed me?  Shit..the CEO  must be  drunk. Well, he needs to eat. I will consider this thanks for a great meal. She pulls her chair closer to him and blushes as she picks up a shrimp.

    He gazes at the serious expression on her beautiful face and obediently eats as she feeds him.

  Suddenly he says, “You wanted to ice skate?”

  “Ah..no. I think we should go back.”

  “I want to watch you.”

  Zhou LingLing gulps down her saliva. “I’m not very good.”

  “I want to watch you.”

  “I don’t have skates.”

  “They rent them here.” He stands up and takes her hand pulling her up from the chair. “Let’s go.”

   Zhou LingLing stares at Morgan, he is acting really strange. I should call his assistant. Maybe he has a low tolerance for alcohol and morphs into another person.

   He pulls her along and when they get downstairs he tells Mu Yan to get her skates. 

   “CEO Lin, maybe I should call your assistant.”

   “I don’t think he can ice skate.” 

   Morgan laughs and Zhou LingLing is mesmerized by how handsome he looks. 

    He takes the ice skates in one hand and holds her hand with the other. Zhou LingLing decides to go with the flow. Ice skating will be fun..maybe he will sober up in the cold air.

    They walk down a path lined with plum blossoms. Zhou LingLing gasps at how beautiful the area behind the simple Inn looks Like a wonderland! The trees glistening covered in a layer of snow. The sunlight shining on the frozen lake makes it appear like a sheet of glass.  She takes out her phone and snaps a couple pictures. When they get to a bench Morgan says, “Sit.”

   Zhou LingLing unconsciously follows his command and sits down. He kneels and takes off her boots one at a time putting on the ice skates. Unable to fathom what he is thinking, she silently watches him.

    She feels her heart beating fast when tenderly rubs her feet with his strong hands. He sends his internal energy to warm her feet before he puts on the skates. Looking at him she thinks he looks incredibly attractive. Morgan’s shiny black hair is messily hanging on his forehead and his long black eyelashes cast a shadow on his ruggedly handsome face. 

    When he finishes without saying anything he picks her up in his embrace and carries her to the frozen lake. Zhou LingLing’s face is on fire, “CEO I can walk with the skates on.”

   “You might turn your ankle.” He puts her down by the edge of the frozen lake. 

    Several young girls witness the scene and take pictures

   “Oh my God! He is so handsome!” One girl poked her boyfriend, “Learn from him!”

   The boy grimaces, if you looked as beautiful as that girl I might consider carrying you.

   Morgan’s unfathomable dark eyes are riveted on Zhou LingLing’s beautiful face as he fixes Zhou LingLing’s scarf, “You look beautiful.”

   Zhou LingLing quivers as his fingers lightly brush against her neck. I never noticed how indescribably deep and sexy his ink black eyes are. Wait! Calm down! LingLing what are you thinking! He is CEO Lin! Ceo Lin!

  She snaps back to reality and gazes at Morgan with an incredulous expression. I have heard of this condition but I have never seen it in real life. The CEO has a split personality! After drinking, his sexy..sweet…very sexy..alternate personality took over. I need to humor him then call my brother. No, I can’t let the CEO know that I am aware of his secret. I will never get an acting job. I can’t tell my brother either…he will wonder why I am with the CEO at an Inn.

   She smiles at Morgan then slowly skates onto the lake past several skaters. I need to have my own space in case I fall down.

   After she relaxes she is no longer apprehensive thinking she might fall at any given moment. Spinning and twirling around she glides across the ice. Wow..this is fun! She forgets about the awkward situation with Morgan as she enjoys herself. It is beginning to snow and she reaches her hands up to catch the snowflakes.

   Mongan is entranced watching her graceful movements as she glides across the icy lake. Zhou LingLing’s short black skirt reveals her slender legs as she spins around and the wind blows her long black hair. The little girl looks like a fairy.

   After a while, out of breath, LingLing skates over to where Morgan is waiting. She steps off the ice and trips. Closing her eyes she anticipates falling head first., but Morgan reaches out wrapping his hand around her waist.

  “Ohhhh.sorry.” Zhou LingLing tries to stabilize herself but Morgan doesn’t let go. He pats her on the head as he chuckles, “I told you the ground was uneven.” He hugs her into his embrace her  and carries her up the small hill to the Inn.

   “…” Once inside he sets her down and she yelps. He was right, I twisted my ankle. He wrinkles his eyebrows, “Your ankle?”

   Zhou LingLing bites her lower lip and nods as she stumbles onto a chair. This day is getting more embarrassing by the minute. Hopefully when he sobers up he won’t remember anything.

 Mu Yan hurries over to them, “What happened?”

  “She twisted her ankle. I am going to take her to the hospital.”

  Zhou LingLing panics and grabs his arm, “CEO Lin!  You can’t drive, you have been drinking!”

  Mu Ning sets down a stack of menus then  walks over to Morgan, “There was a bulletin right now, the road is closed that takes you to the highway. I didn’t hear why.”

  Zhou LingLing rubs her ankle then squints in pain. “You mean we are stuck here?”

   “Well, until they clear the road I will have YanYan prepare a room for you.”

   “HUH! No! No room!”

   Morgan laughs at her frightened expression, “Two rooms. Can you call Dr. Fu  to check Miss Zhou’s ankle.”  He Is acquainted ith the old doctor. He lives in a villa about half a mile down the road.

   “Sure I can call Dr. Fu  but with the road closure I can only give you one room. There are too many people who will be stranded in the area. You know there is only our Inn and The Plum Blossom Hotel.”

   Zhou LingLing gulps and looks like a frightened rabbit staring at Morgan. He teases, “Don’t worry, I don’t eat little girls.”

   Zhou LingLIng shoots him a look, who knows what you will do! You obviously aren’t yourself! 

   Mu Yan comes over to Zhou LingLing  holding a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. “The room won’t take long to get ready.”

   Zhou LingLing sips the hot chocolate, “Yummy! Is there peppermint in there?”

   “Yes.” And a good amount of brandy..Dr. Fu is delivering a baby and won’t be here for a while. It will dull the pain a little.

Lunch At The Inn

    Morgan takes long strides through The Golden Pear Restaurant. He loosens his black striped silk tie as he steps outside and breathes in the cold air trying to quell his anger. Why did I want to punch Qiao Rui in the face? Because he treated me as though I was still his bodyguard? He could bark out an order and I would blindly obey? Fuck him! I still need answers. I want to know who this  ‘LingLing’ woman is who keeps disrupting my dreams. Feng  Li Mei must know something…the woman called on her goddamn phone!

   He walks down the sidewalk to where he parked his car and sees Zhou LingLing rubbing her hands together while shuffling her feet to stay warm. Morgan has a slight smile, “What happened to your blind date?”

   Startled by his sudden appearance she jumps and pats her chest, “Oh..CEO Lin you scared me! My blind date? Haha… I wrote down the wrong date according to my mother. It is tomorrow.”

   Zhou LingLing wrinkles her nose that is red from the cold wind, “What about you? Shouldn’t you be biting into a nice juicy steak about now.” After the ride to the restaurant she isn’t as intimidated by him.

   He smirks, “I got stood up.”

   Zhou LingLing chuckles, “Who would dare?”

  He gazes at her shivering, “Are you waiting for a taxi?”

  “Yeah..I guess they are busy right now because of the Art Exhibition at Red Peony Gallery. There are alot of tourists in town.”

   “Come with me I will give you a ride.”

   She waves her hand, “I don’t want to trouble you. I can call my agent.” Zhou LingLing tightens the scarf around her neck. “Go..go..I’m fine.”

    “Don’t be stupid. You will catch a cold standing in this wind.” He snickers, “If you could call your agent I think you would have already.” For some reason his mood improves looking at Zhou LingLing’s expression, she is freezing but stubborn.

   She looks at her phone and sees the location of the taxi on her app. She holds it up, “See, the taxi is almost here.”

   Morgan bursts out laughing, “It will take him another hour to arrive because that part of town has one detour after another with all the construction. “I’m your Boss. If you want the part of Concubine Li, let’s go.”

   “Okay.” I guess I can’t argue with him. She cancels the ride and walks next to him. “CEO Lin, I don’t want to go in the back door. I think my acting skills are good enough to get the part on my own. I will audition with all the other actresses.” Once people find out you got the part because of a powerful backer it will only be troublesome. Jealous crew members on set alienate you and throw dirty water. But, I am not going to say that to the Big Devil.

   He opens the passenger door of his white Range Rover then walks around to the driver’s seat. Once he is inside of the car he glances over at Zhou LingLing. “Very well.”

   Morgan notices her flinch in pain from the burn on her hand as she tries to buckle the seat belt. He leans over. “I will buckle it for you.”

    Zhou LingLing inhales his masculine scent mixed with a spicy woodsy smell, hmm..smells good. I wonder if my brother Jiang would like it., his birthday is coming up. “CEO Lin what is the cologne you are wearing? It smells really good.”

   “I am not wearing any. Might be my shower gel.”

   “Oh. My brother’s birthday is soon. I thought I might get him some cologne.”

   He doesn’t know why but he feels very comfortable talking to Zhou LingLing now that he knows she isn’t the ‘LingLing’ in his dreams. “I assume you didn’t eat, neither did I. Do you want to get some lunch before I take you home?”

  Zhou LingLing is starving but hesitant. But..he doesn’t seem that scary now. “Yeah, I am really hungry.

   “Do you like Italian food?”

   Zhou LingLing’s eyes light up, “Definitely. I love Italian food.”

   Morgan drives to a little Italian restaurant outside the city that he frequents occasionally. Zhou LingLing gazes out the window, “Looks like it is going to snow again.”

   He turns his head and glances at Zhou LingLing absentmindedly looking out  the window. If the little girl can act with her looks she could be a good seedling to develop. I will need to watch her audition. I do owe the little girl for selflessly protecting Qing from the hot tea. 

   They arrive at a small Inn and he parks. He reaches over and unbuckles Zhou LingLing then gets out of the car. She opens the car door and steps out, staring at the quaint restaurant she smiles. I didn’t think a cold man like CEO Lin would frequent such a small inconspicuous restaurant. It looks cozy.

   She follows him in the door and they are greeted by a short plump woman. She has her steel gray hair in a bun and is wearing casual clothes. “Lin Morgan! I haven’t seen you in a while.” She notices the slip of a girl cautiously standing behind him. “Who is this?”

   Zhou LingLing smiles brightly, “Hello. My name is Zhou LingLing. I work for CEO Lin.”

   The old woman frowns in disappointment looking up at Morgan. She clicks her tongue, “Tsk..I thought you finally found a girlfriend.”


    He grabs two menus from a worn wooden counter, “Is my table available?”

   “Of course.”

   “We can seat ourselves.” Mu Ning is getting old and he doesn’t want her to have to walk up stairs. He lazily walks to the back of the open dining room and then up a short flight of stairs. Zhou LingLing, speechless at his informal manner, follows behind him like a timid duckling.

    When they walk down a hallway there is an antique carved wooden table by a large window. She stares at him incredulously as they sit down. “CEO, how did you find this place?”

   “When I was in high school I was doing community service not far from here. My friend and I came to eat lunch. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. I come back when I get a chance.”

   She wistfully gazes out the window at an ice covered lake, several people are ice skating. “Wow. I haven’t been ice skating since I was little. They really look like they are having fun.”

  Morgan’s phone rings and he recognizes the number. Feng LiMei? Why is she calling me? He answers.“Yes.”

  LiMei controlled by LingLing was upset when she walked out of the bathroom and Rui was waiting for her instead of Morgan. Once they arrived at the hotel suite she went to the bathroom to call him. “Why did you leave?” She turns on the water filling the bathtub to cover the sound of her voice.

  “You told me not to wait.”

  “Do you want to know about LingLing?”

   Morgan tightens his hand on the phone and stands up. He takes three long strides down the hallway, “Yes.” He needs to solve this mystery. Every night he dreams about the woman.

  “Well, I need to see you in person. It is complicated. She is complicated.”

   “Miss Feng, I don’t think Qiao Rui would like you getting involved. Give me her phone number and I will contact the woman personally.”

   LiMei/LingLing, “It is not that simple. Rui has to go back to Pushong City tomorrow and will return at night. I could meet you at your office. The hotel wouldn’t be convenient.”

   “Very well.”

   “I will be there at one o’clock.” I will make sure you remember the desire you felt for me. In the restaurant I saw the lust in your eyes when you were holding me…wanting me.

   Morgan hangs up feeling extremely agitated, from what he knows of Feng LiMei she is a straightforward and honest girl. Is this LingLing woman manipulating her in some way? Feng LiMei would never do anything to anger Qiao Rui. She obviously adores the bastard. If he found out she met me, I don’t fucking care, but how would it affect their relationship. He would be furious. I can only draw the conclusion that this LingLing woman is controlling Feng LiMei…

  He walks back and a pretty girl standing at the table eyes light up, “LIN MORGAAAAAN!”

  “Mu girl, how have you been?”

   She touches her slightly protruding stomach.  “Good. Excellent! Weiting  and I are expecting our first baby.”

  “Congratulations. Is Weiting still working for Li Group?”

  “Yes, he was recently promoted to a Branch Manager so we decided to start our family. He told me you aren’t working as a bodyguard anymore and took over Lin Entertainment.”

   “Yeah. It was time.”

   Zhou LingLing’s eyes widen as she observes them, CEO Lin was a bodyguard? That is interesting.He certainly looks the part, he has an intimidating aura and muscular physique.

   Lin Morgan notices Mu Yan sneaking peeks at Zhou LingLing. “Mu Yan, this is Zhou LingLing, she works at Lin Entertainment.”

  “Hi. You are so beautiful. Are you an actress?”

   “ Thanks. Yeah, still in training really though.”

     Morgan interrupts. “Look at the menu so we can order.”

    “I like anything I will have whatever you are eating.”

    He orders Shrimp Scampi, Fettucini Afredo and a Ceasar Salad then looks at Zhou LingLing, “Can you drive?”


    “Do you have a valid driver’s license?”

    “Huh?” Zhou LingLing wrinkles her eyebrows together and puffs out her cheeks, “Of course. I am a law abiding citizen.”

   Morgan has an amused expression seeing her Zhou LingLing’s cute face contorted in angry, “Bring me a double whiskey on the rocks and a bottle of red wine.  A cup of tea for Miss Zhou.”

    She stops Mu Yan. “Do you have coke? I would like a bottle of coke. No tea.”

   Mu Yan  chuckles as she walks away. That piece of wood has never brought a woman here. She is very cute. I hope she can break through his cold exterior and find a place in his heart.

Meeting Again Part 1.2

   Morgan gazes down at the delicate petite girl clutching onto his arm. Has Feng LiMei gotten thinner since I worked as her bodyguard? She looks like a gust of wind would blow her away. As they approach the bathroom a tall woman and a little girl rush down the hallway. The tall woman is chasing the little girl, “Don’t run, you will fall!”

  The woman accidentally bumps into them. LingLing takes this opportunity to fall into Morgan’s arms. He embraces her and she looks up at him with misty eyes hinting of seduction, her alluring pink lips parted as she sweetly smiles, “I forgot how strong you are.” 

  Morgan’s heart skips a beat, if he leaned down slightly their lips would touch. Morgan’s arms are wrapped around her thin waist and her soft breasts are pressed against his chest. She innocently places her hand over his heart and looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “Do you ever miss being my bodyguard?” LingLing’s voice sounds soft and coquettish, “ Morgan, I miss you. I felt very safe when you were around. Hak Bying-soo doesn’t like me..he is mean to me. Do you ever think about when you saved me at the warehouse?”

        She suddenly leaves his arms and mischievously throws her head back as she laughs in a self deprecating manner, “Of course not. You are a CEO now.” LingLing knows to stop here, just plant the seed of desire. There will be time. I am going to stay in Catang City until you are mine. “You don’t need to wait for me. I think after I freshen up I will feel better.”

   When she pushes the door to the bathroom open Morgan watches her enter. He feels an indescribable emotion thinking about the warmth of the beautiful girl suddenly disappearing. Morgan shakes his head, for a moment I wanted… He adjusts his erratic breathing and closes his eyes while leaning against the wall. Old habits die hard, even though she said to leave he feels he should wait.

   He hears the sound of fast footsteps coming down the hallway. He opens his eyes and meets Qiao Rui’s piercing eyes, “What happened to LiMei?”  When Rui returned to the table the server said she was dizzy and the other gentleman escorted her to the restroom.

     “Too much wine. She was light headed so I escorted her to the restroom.” After working for Rui he knows how possessive and jealous he is when it comes to Feng LiMei. “Since you are here, I will be leaving.”

 Rui’s deep eyes have a murderous glint and his body emanates a freezing blast of coldness. He clenches his hand in his pant’s pocket. Rui snarls, “Morgan in the future stay away from Feng LiMei.” He sensed the atmosphere between LiMei and Morgan was strange, similar to when she was kidnapped. When he arrived in the parking lot of the warehouse at the time he got the same ominous feeling.

  Morgan doesn’t answer and walks away.

Encounter At Hospital

The elevator door was closing when a large hand reached into the small gap preventing it. Ye Yunxian stretched his long legs into the elevator and pushed the button for the tenth floor. He ignored the three people staring at him, all that was on his mind was his partner, Leng Han whose life was hanging by a thread in the operating room.

   Ye Yunxian was detained in the convenience store parking lot by the policemen who arrived with the ambulance. After he disclosed what little he knew about the shooting he anxiously raced to the hospital. When he arrived in the hospital’s Emergency Room he was informed Leng Han was in critical condition and rushed into surgery.

   Skye furtively peered at Ye Yunxian immediately recognizing him as the annoying man she ran into at the Night Market. Unconsciously, she shivered then buried her head deeper in Shao Zu’s chest to diminish her presence. Shao Zu hadn’t asked where she was abducted and it appeared he assumed she was kidnapped when she left the Club. If Brother was aware I was at a sketchy Night Market he would be furious with me. I should have listened to the old taxi driver when he warned me it was a dangerous area.

    After a moment curiosity got the better of Skye, she stealthy peeked at Ye Yunxian wondering what happened to him. The annoying man still has the same smug look on his face but there is a deep crease between his eyebrows.  The black trench coat that was neat and clean when I ran into him at the entrance to the Night Market is ripped and soaked in blood. Earlier his thick ink black hair was neatly slicked back and now is messily hanging down on his forehead. The man reeks of blood and cigarettes… Was he injured? Well…he doesn’t look in pain… more like he is extremely worried by his expression.

   Ye Yunxian moved back to accomodate  a group of several doctors entering  the elevator. He was unable to avoid bumping into Shao Zu as a plump woman attempted to squeeze into the already crowded elevator.   

   The corner of his mouth twitched when he noticed Skye resting her head on Shao Zu’s chest, comfortably cradled in his embrace He sneered, I see the little whore found a rich…haha.. and by the looks of his designer clothes and the diamond watch worth millions…a very rich sucker. I wonder how many times the little con artist has pulled this trick…looking fragile and pitiful to hook up with an unsuspecting rich fool.  Hmmph… look at her fluttering those long black eyelashes and clinging onto his sleeves with her hands like a frightened rabbit. The little slut should quit selling her body and be an actress with her stellar acting ability. 

    Shao Zu glared at Ye Yunxian when he brushed against his arm touching Skye. Shao Zu quickly turned his body sideways to protect her from being jostled in the crowd. Narrowing his eyes he was angry. The bastard didn’t even bother to apologize!

     He wanted to kick the unruly man away for touching Skye but held his temper in check. Surrounded by so many people in the tight space he didn’t want to cause a scene.  He took note of Ye Yunxian’s face and thought he looked familiar but couldn’t place him. If our paths cross again I will punish the prick! 

  Ye Yunxian had a contemptuous grin seeing the man’s possessive posture while holding the disheveled girl. He thought about his encounter with Skye at the Night Market. Ye Yunxian’s cynical attitude worsened after being a detective for the past two years. He believed Skye purposely tripped into him then innocently looked up startled, her amber eyes wide as she apologized. If he didn’t look like such an arrogant asshole I would warn him about the scheming little beauty’s tricks. Well, he will find out soon enough when she drains him dry.

After Ye Yunxian exited the elevator Skye breathed a sigh of relief. She inwardly chuckled, Whew…yeah… I was probably worried for nothing he probably didn’t recognize me or didn’t care.

  When they arrived at the VIP room Dr. Huang led them inside the room. Deserving of being a VIP room it was very spacious, resembling a luxurious hotel suite. The bed was large and there was a floor to ceiling window with a spectacular view of the river. The paintings on the wall depicted ancient settings and breathtaking landscapes.

  The first thing Skye said as they entered was, “Brother, please can I take a bath before Dr. Huang examines me?” She felt very grimy, first she was sprawled on the wet floor of the bathroom of the Club then held in the greasy garage.

    He carefully laid her down on the bed.“No. You can take a bath after the doctor cleans and bandages your wounds.”

    “Can I have a drink of water?”

   Shao Zu walked over and grabbed a bottle of mineral water from a side table. He sat on the edge of the bed and took the cap off the bottle then held it to Skye’s mouth.

   Dr. Huang was in shock watching Shao Zu pampering Skye. He knew his friend very well and had never seen him be gentle with anyone. He stood motionless in disbelief watching their affectionate interaction. The young girl smiled brightly at Shao Zu as he tilted the bottle towards her lips. He grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and dabbed the water from her chin. 

   Shao Zu’s eyes had a fire deep within them and were riveted on Skye’s luscious cherry red lips. He gulped down his saliva wishing he could take her into his arms and kiss her deeply. Having given into temptation while they were on the way to the hospital he craved the sweet taste of her lips. Baby girl, I need to find a way…I must find a way to be with you. 

    He regained his composure when Skye started coughing. He tenderly smiled, “Slow down. You will choke.”

  “I am so thirsty.” Skye’s stomach rumbled and Shao Zu laughed, “Hungry too, I see. After you are examined and bathed I will order dinner.” He looked at his watch, “You are to be a good girl and stay here overnight. I will need to leave, I have an appointment.”

  Skye coquettishly pouted and held his hand, “This late? Who are you meeting?” She bit her lower lip and puffed out her cheeks, “Chloe Wang?”

   Shao Zu brushed a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear and teased, “Jealous?” Very happy that Skye’s voice was tinged with jealousy; he kissed her forehead. “No.”

  “Well, change the appointment until tomorrow. Brother, I need you to stay with me tonight.” She leaned forward and wrapped her thin arms around his waist, “I’m afraid.”

   Skye wrinkled her delicate eyebrows together. I need to use this unexpected opportunity to spend time with Shao Zu. He is getting married to that evil woman in only two weeks… TWO WEEKS! Shao Zu will never just be mine again. Sure he spoils me now but Luli warned me that once a man gets married he forgets all about his sister. Since her elder brother got married he seldom has time for Luli and she usually only sees him at family gatherings and holidays. David’s wife is very controlling and monopolizes all of his free time! Shao Zu is my only real family besides grandfather. I can’t lose him!

   He patted Skye on the head and lifted her chin with his hand. Gazing into her soul stirring clear amber eyes that reflected only him, Shao Zu’s heart was pounding. “I am leaving two of my elite bodyguards outside. There is nothing to be afraid of…you are safe.” 

   Fuck! There is nothing more I would like to do than stay with you but I need to eradicate the second branch of the Kang family tonight. I want to personally torture the shit out of Kang Jimmy for ordering your abduction. That worthless piece of shit must die at my hands tonight!  He caressed her soft cheek. “Skye, don’t act like a petulant child. You need to rest. Tomorrow I will come back and take you to my villa.”

  Dr. Huang hesitated then walked over to the bed, “I should examine Miss Benning.” I don’t think they are really siblings. They look nothing alike…I can’t see one similarity. Also, Shao Zu is looking at the beautiful girl like a man gazing at the woman he loves. He takes out a cotton swab and disinfectant from a medical bag. I wonder what the story is… haha… I will get Shao Zu drunk and find out the next time I go to the Club

    Dr. Huang examined Skye under the watchful eyes of Shao Zu. He was curious as to why Skye’s clothes were filthy and torn; also how she sustained the bruises and cuts, but knew better than to pry. Shao Zu answered all his questions directed at Skye, omitting the fact she had been kidnapped.

    Acting like a baby Skye’s eyes became watery and she winced in pain when the antiseptic solution stung her arm, “Owww..”  She  reached over and grabbed Shao Zu’s hand resting on the bed.  Every time she thought about losing her brother to Chloe Wang she became anxious and clingy.

   Shao Zu wrapped his warm palm around her small hand, “Bear with it Skye, he is almost finished.” 

   He glared at Dr. Huang, his pitch black eyes shooting daggers at him.. “What kind of doctor are you? Be more gentle!”

  A chill went down his spine, “Sorry, almost done.” He finished then instructed Skye not get the area wet and not to eat spicy food until her injuries were healed.

   Huang Kai was a well known playboy in Shanghai; he clearly saw the fleeting flash of undisguised lust in Shao Zu’s eyes while gazing at Skye. But, the girl seems oblivious to the situation. Maybe his sister is too young to notice …Well, I need to keep my thoughts to myself.. No one would believe me anyway if I told them. He had a mischievous smile on his handsome face The Big Demon is in love and with his fucking sister! A wave of fear coursed through his body and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He broke out into a cold sweat cursing his ability to read people.  I can’t let him discover I know his secret…I might disappear without a corpse.

   Skye saw the sweat beads formed on the doctor’s forehead and his pale complexion after Shao Zu raised his voice reprimanding him. She felt guilty, the pain wasn’t too much to bear but she wanted an excuse to hold Shao Zu’s hand. “I’m okay Brother. It only stung for a moment.”  

” Huang Kai, leave.”


Dark lines formed on Shao Zu’s forehead and his face contorted in anger as he looked at his beautiful sister’s pitiful appearance. The clothes she was wearing were dirty and torn. Skye’s long honey blonde hair was tangled and her delicate face was stained with black streaks.

    He took his monogrammed dark blue silk handkerchief and gently wiped the black oil smudged around her misty amber eyes. After he used his fingers to smooth her messy hair Shao Zu’s jaw tightened.  A storm was raging in his pitch black eyes and a murderous aura emanated from his tense body. I will make that greedy bastard pay for kidnapping my precious little girl!

 Shao Zu picked Skye up into his embrace and kissed her forehead. Disturbed by the glaring bruises and red marks on her thin white arm his voice filled with concern he declared,“I’m taking you to the hospital.” 

   Skye obediently nodded knowing her brother wouldn’t take no for an answer. Although she wasn’t in pain she was mentally exhausted after the long flight to Shanghai and tonight’s ordeal.

   Earlier Skye acted calm and brave but when she heard the gunshots she was very afraid. Nestled into his warm chest, Skye inhaled Shao Zu’s familiar masculine scent combined with a woodsy fragrance. I knew you would come to save me.

    Being the heiress to the Benning Group may sound glamorous but Skye led a complicated life.The sense of security Shao Zu gave Skye can’t be measured in words, he has always been her safe haven.She has relied on his strength and unwavering love since he first appeared in her life. 

   Skye noticed the bodyguard still holding Lu Chang pinned with his face against the wall and gazed up at Shao Zu with a pleading look, “Brother, don’t hurt him. He risked his life to help me escape, he isn’t one of the kidnappers.”

  Shao Zu momentarily hesitated then nodded at the bodyguard and the muscular man released Lu Chang. 

   Skye didn’t forget her promise, “ Shao Zu, can you hire Lu Chang as my bodyguard?”

 He decisively denied her request. “No. I don’t know anything about him.”

   Lu Chang didn’t expect the arrogant man to agree. He sneered, “Can I go?”

    Skye anxiously clutched Shao Zu’s lapel with her small hand. “Wait! Bother, can you give him a job?”

   Shao Zu wanted to hurry and leave with Skye but felt he should reward the man so he instructed his bodyguard, “ Give him Director Peng’s business card.” 

  He studied Lu Chang with a piercing gaze then in a cold and indifferent tone said, “Contact his secretary in the morning. He will find you a position in the company. I don’t know the extent of your involvement in my sister’s abduction but you did help her escape. I will forget you were here tonight. Don’t make me regret my decision.”

   He smiled and affectionately tapped Skye on the tip of her small nose, “Good enough?”

     Skye wrinkled her delicate eyebrows as Shao Zu’s bodyguard opened the door for them. “Wait.” Turning her head to face him she sweetly smiled at Lu Chang, “Make your mother and me proud of you, okay? And take good care of your little brother.” She wraps her arms around Shao Zu’s neck and kisses him on the cheek, “Thank you, Brother.”

   Lu Chang watched them leave with a complicated expression then shoved the elegant black business card into his pocket. Strange girl. 

   He left through the office without returning to the garage because he knew the scene inside would be unsettling. 

   When he walked through the deserted parking lot Lu Chang’s eyes reddened. He wiped his tears with the corner of his sleeve. Big Gu… I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, I never intended to desert you. I only wanted to spare the girl from being handed over to your despicable Boss. No way was that sick bastard going to let the little girl go once he saw her beautiful face. You made the decision to kidnap the girl without telling me. I guess it was your fate to die here tonight.  

  Down the dimly lit road in front of the garage he noticed a Rolls Royce Phantom followed by two black SUVs at the stoplight. Lu Chang took out the business card and stared at the name emblazoned in gold, Benning Group.

   Pfft! I don’t need your fucking charity! Annoyed by Shao Zu’s frosty and superior attitude, he angrily quickened his pace towards a nearby trash can. Fuck that rich bastard! Arrogant asshole! He looked at me like I was a piece of trash! The only reason he offered me a job was because of the girl. Lu Chang’s phone started ringing.  He stopped and took it out of his pocket. “Mom.”

  “Chang honey, can you stop and get a bottle of soy sauce on your way home? I was going to send your brother but he hasn’t returned from Night School.”

    Perplexed, Lu Chang lifted an eyebrow, Night School? When did he start Night School? He was been working overtime at the garage for the last month…but he should be home by now. “I will get it.”

   “ Also get a bunch of scallions and a dozen eggs for the morning.”

   “Okay.” He hung up then called his brother wondering why he didn’t go directly home from the garage. He nervously played with the card in his hand while waiting for him to answer. Finally, after several rings his brother Ling picked up the call. 

Lu Ling sounded anxious, “Bro, where are you? Is it all over? Did you get hurt?”

  Lu Chang twirled the black business card between his fingers, “ I’m good. Forget about tonight, I’m done, the debt is paid. He scoffs, Well, there is no one left to collect it anyway. “Where are you?”

   Lu Ling was sitting by a lake with his girlfriend. He quickly pushed the pretty girl wearing a school uniform away from him. He quietly whispered in her ear, “Shh..it is my brother.” He put down the bottle of beer in his hand, “I’m home, why?”

  “Don’t lie. Mom just called me. I’m not going to ask who you are with or what you are doing. Get your ass home.” He reluctantly put the business card into his pocket. Fuck it! I need to swallow my pride and take whatever job they offer me. Ling can go to Night School and stop working overtime at Dong’s Garage.  The girl was right. I need to make Mom proud of me and let Ling have a bright future. Skye Benning…

    Skye fell sound asleep sitting on Shao Zu’s lap in the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom. When she snuggled into his chest and drifted off to sleep, he lovingly wrapped his arms around her slim waist. Intoxicated by her sweet light fragrance he twirled a strand of her loose honey blonde hair between his fingers. Baby Girl, if anything happened to you I would fucking lose my mind.

    Unable to take his eyes off her pure and innocent face, he leaned down and softly kissed her half parted lips. I love you Skye…I love you so much. 

    The thought that he might have lost his beloved little woman forever tonight distorted his rationality. He pressed her slender body against his broad chest with one arm then lifted her chin with his finger. The temptation was too great, he pried her lips open and inserted his eager tongue into her warm moist mouth. Tasting Skye’s sweetness, a wave of indescribable pleasure engulfed him.

   He was panting heavily as he continued to indulge his dark desire. Shao Zu put his hand under her blouse and caressed her petite body. He couldn’t control his lust as he licked and nibbled on her delicate ear. Shao Zu’s voice was raspy as he whispered, “Skye..Skye..you are mine…only mine. You have to wait for me.”

    He was on the verge of completely losing all self control when the driver’s voice came over the intercom. “CEO Tang, we are at the hospital. Do you want me to alert the staff?”

    Shao Zu breathlessly kissed Skye one more time then adjusted her blouse and brushed her messy hair behind her ear. He licked his lips enjoying the lingering sweet taste of his indulgence then gently ran his finger down her flushed cheek. So beautiful..

   He pressed a button to answer the driver. “No. I will take my sister into the hospital.” 

   The driver parked in front of the Emergency Room then got out to open the door for Shao Zu. 

   When he opened the back door, Shao Zu stretched his long legs out of the car. Hugging Skye in his arms he carried her towards the door of the Emergency Room. She felt the cold air on her face and slowly opened her eyes. Disoriented, she blinked staring at the bright red lights of an ambulance pulling up then gazed at Shao Zu with blurry eyes,“Brother?”

   Shao Zu smiled,“Who else?”  

   Skye closed her eyes again and softly muttered , “Brother, I don’t want to go in there. Take me to my hotel. I’m so dirty and tired.“

   “ You can bathe in the hospital room, after the doctors examine you we can go to my villa. I will have Austin send your luggage.”

   Skye became alert when Shao Zu said ‘his villa’. Previously no matter how many times she begged, he said no to her staying there because of Wang Chloe. She gripped his suit coat, “I…I can stay with you?”

    “Well, tonight proved I need to keep an eye on you.”

   Skye buried her head in his chest, YES…YES! I am so happy!

  When they entered the Emergency Room Shao Zu’s strikingly handsome face and noble appearance attracted attention. A curvaceous nurse dropped the paperwork in her hand and hurried over from behind the desk, “What is the emergency?”

   He lifted an eyebrow, and with an imposing tone ordered the nurse, “Call Dr. Han and prepare a VIP Suite.”

   The pretty nurse frightened by his intimidating demeanor nervously responded, “Ah..Dr. Han is in surgery.”

   A handsome young doctor heard Shao Zu’s voice and came around a corner.  “Shao Zu Tang…” Dr. Huang Kai stopped mid sentence staring incredulously at the beautiful blonde girl in his friend’s arms. Shocked that the heartless Shao Zu Tang was personally carrying a woman into the hospital he had a puzzled expression, “She is?”

   “Good.You are here. I guess you will do.”

   “…” Excuse me? I will do? Hahah..Shao Zu you are such a prick. I am the most sought after cardiologist in Shanghai!  

   Skye pinched Shao Zu’s arm and in a low voice admonished him. “Brother, don’t be rude.” She politely smiled at Dr. Huang, “Hello, I’m Skye Benning, Shao Zu’s sister.” She blushed, “Brother you can put me down I can walk.” I love being held in your arms but the look on the doctor’s face is well… a combination of shock and umm… more shock..hahaha.

    “No. Huang Kai let’s go to a VIP room. I want my sister examined immediately.” When Dr. Hualng remained frozen in place, Shao Zu sneered, “What are you waiting for?”

   “Miss Benning needs to be admitted, fill out paperwork.”

   “That can be done from the room.”

   “Very well. Follow me.” He had a slight smile on his handsome face. No use trying to follow the rules with this domineering Young Master…

    The three of them entered the elevator. Dr. Huang teased Shao Zu, “Shao Zu, why didn’t you ever mention that you have such a beautiful sister?”

    “Why would I discuss my family with you?”


Lu Chang


   The man sent by Shao Zu’s competitor for the beach resort property dragged Skye to a small silver mid-sized car. He roughly tossed her into the backseat next to a thin man wearing a red cap and a mask.

Skye learned martial arts because her grandfather insisted but she wasn’t sure if she should try to escape. The man who abducted her from the Night Market was holding a long knife. The man next to her on the backseat had a bulge in his jacket which could be a gun.

Based on the training Skye received when she was young she knew remaining calm was crucial to ensure her immediate safety. Experts advised Skye how to assess the situation objectively should she ever be kidnapped. Since she was the granddaughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world, kidnapping was a constant threat.

Skye sighed, I never thought the first time I would be kidnapped would be while I was browsing in a Shanghai Night Market. These two men seem like low level gangsters too. Shao Zu will rescue me ...I just need to wait and not anger these men.

    Meanwhile, in the backseat of his black Rolls Royce Phantom Shao Zu was in a terrible state of mind worried about his precious sister. He tightened the grip on his phone as he called Skye’s phone. When he heard the recording that the phone was turned off he was close to losing his sanity. “Drive faster!”

   When he arrived at the hotel he rushed to her room on the seventh floor. Flustered by her disappearance he knocked repeatedly on the door while calling out her name to no avail. Shao Zu dialed the front desk when connected he instructed the front desk clerk, “Send someone up immediately to Room 789 with a room card.”

   The woman at the front desk recalled a single young woman booking that room. She checked the reservation on her computer. “Sir, I will need Miss Benning to request the room card.”

  Shao Zu gritted his teeth and growled in a domineering tone, “I am Shao Zu Tang, her brother. Get someone here now if you want to keep your job!”

  The woman’s face paled and her hand on the phone started to tremble, Oh my God…CEO Tang? “Yes…Yes… I will send the room card up right away.”

   Shao Zu had an ominous premonition something happened to Skye as he nervously paced up and down the hallway. A sweaty young man wearing a hotel uniform holding the room card flew towards him. “Sorry for the wait!” The frightened bellboy cursed the woman who sent him when he felt the dangerous aura emanating from Shao Zu Tang. He wanted to get back downstairs as soon as possible so he didn’t waste any time and quickly swiped the card.

   When Shao Zu stormed into the hotel room it was evident that Skye hadn’t been in the room. Skye’s initialed custom made Gucci luggage was unopened by the bed and the room was undisturbed. He kicked the suitcase as he called Skye again and her phone was still turned off. He was beside himself as he slammed his fist into the wall. Where would she go? Skye doesn’t know anyone in Shanghai. I should have put a tracking device in the goddam phone!

    He would have been surprised that he was the one losing his shit and Skye was handling herself with a composed attitude. She cooperated with the men and remained silent as they dragged her into a garage past a truck with the hood up. She overheard them discussing their Boss, she gathered that she was the bait to lure her brother Shao Zu here because of some project. The men obviously thought she was Chloe Wang, his fiancee.

   A skinny young mechanic wearing oil stained overalls walked over with a strip of dirty cloth.He was taken aback while he stared at Skye’s beautiful face. He wondered what caused the delicate little woman to be in this precarious situation. 

   Skye didn’t move as he carefully wrapped the cloth that reeked of motor oil around her eyes. He was somewhat gentle as he tightened the blindfold, “I hope it isn’t too uncomfortable” He leaned down to give Skye a warning.  “Missy, it is best that you don’t see the Boss.”

   Skye waited patiently for him to tie the blindfold then asked, “Mister, could I have a drink of water?” After drinking the wine earlier her throat felt parched.  The man didn’t respond so she smiled, exposing her perfect white teeth, dazzling the young mechanic then she coughed. “Please.”

   The man wasn’t part of the gang, he was working overtime on a delivery truck’s engine when his brother and his friends came with Skye. He didn’t dare refuse because he was afraid of his brother’s friend Big Gu’s violent temper. He nervously replied, “I need get permission first.”

  He walked across the garage to his brother, “Chang, can I get the girl a drink.”

  Lu Chang looked towards his friend on the phone then agreed. “Big Gu’s Boss will be here soon. You should get the fuck out of here.” He affectionately rubbed his younger brother’s messy hair, “Tell Mom I will be home later.”

   The young mechanic nodded, “Lock up when you leave.” He knew his brother owed a big debt, which is why he worked for the gang. Pulling on his brother’s leather jacket’s sleeve he voiced his concern.“ Bro, I don’t like this. Why did you grab the girl?”

   Lu Chang glanced over at his friend who was leaning on the wall while still talking on the phone, “Yeah it’s fucked up. I didn’t know the bastard with Big Gu was going to kidnap someone. I thought we were going to pick up cash from the Enforcers.” He regrets involving his brother. “This is my last job then my debt will be paid.”

  “ You didn’t answer me. Who is the girl?”

  The man pushed his brother towards the sliding metal door of the garage. “Don’t ask so many questions. Go home.” 

   Lu Chang walked over to Skye and handed her the bottle of water. “Miss, just do what they say. I’m sure your boyfriend will sign the contract and they will let you go.”

  Skye heard Lu Chang and his brother talking and figured out their situation. She whispered, “I can help you pay your debt. You could come work for me as a bodyguard. I will tell you… if you stay here…well  you will die today.” Shao Zu will kill all of these men for taking me. “I am saying this because I can tell you aren’t a gangster. You are just in a bad situation.”

   Lu Chang studied Skye with an incredulous expression on his handsome face. How can the little girl be this calm? She hasn’t cried or begged for her life. It is as though she knows Shao Zu Tang will successfully rescue her. “Drink your water.”

   She reached out and fumbled to grab his arm. “I am going to take a chance and tell you something. I am not Shao Zu Tang’s girlfriend..I am his sister…Skye Benning… he dotes on me. Believe me he will kill all of you and if he doesn’t my grandfather will make sure you die a miserable death.”

   The man’s face changed and a thin layer of sweat formed on his forehead. What the fuck! Should I tell Big Gu?

  Since Skye was blindfolded she can’t see his reaction but she could tell he hasn’t walked away. She slipped off her bracelet and put it in his palm. Lowering her voice she continues,“Take it, if you sell it ypu will have plenty of money. Go call my brother tell him where I am. His private number is ×× ×× ××××× ××××.”

  He hesitated then handed back her bracelet. “I can protect you, but I can’t betray my friend. I won’t let you get hurt.”

   Didn’t he get the message? I was trying to help him. He sounded so damn depressed talking to his brother! All I can do is warn him again. She clenched her teeth and quietly spit out. “Listen up! Shao Zu will kill you!”

   Lu Chang suspiciously asked, “Why would you want to help me?”

   “I heard you say ‘Tell Mom I will be home later’ and that made me sad. Just because of a money debt an old woman won’t see her beloved son again. After my brother kills you he won’t leave your corpse intact.”


  While  Skye waited for his response she thought of a saying the old Chinese professor at University told her once. Saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda. 

  The handsome man thought about what might happen to Skye when Big Gu’s Boss arrived. The man is a sick pervert he might look at the beautiful girl and… Fuck! Lu Chang clenched his fist in his pant’s pocket thinking about his little sister. He decided to help Skye escape and exclaimed, “Big Gu, the girl is a pain in the ass now she needs to go to the bathroom. I will take her to the office.”

  Big Gu waved his large hand towards Lu Chang. “Damn..first water now she needs to go pee..whatever. Go.”

Lu Chang helped Skye stand up and he walked with her to the outer office. When they entered the small cluttered room he took off her blindfold and pointed to the bathroom. “There is a window. That is the best I can do.”

  She gazed at him with a puzzled expression, “But what will happen to you?”

  “Just go.”

  Skye entered the bathroom and hurried over to the window. She struggled to open it but the window was rusted shut. She popped her head out the door. “I need your help the window is stuck.”

  Suddenly Lu Chang heard gunshots coming from the garage. He shoved Skye back into the bathroom, then used his strength to pry open the window, “Hurry. I don’t know what is happening in the garage.”

   She looked at him with widened eyes, “You need to come too.”

   Lu Chang laughed, “Do you think I can fit through that window?  Fuckin go. Get out of here!”

   “No. My brother will kill you. Since you helped me I will help you.”

    “Listen Little Sister, there is no guarantee your brother is coming out on top in there. Both those guys who grabbed you are experienced killers. I know you think your brother is a badass but he is a fucking businessman.” 

    Exasperated by her reluctance to leave Lu Chang wondered why he listened to the girl in the first place. He lifted Skye up to put her through the window. She was halfway through the narrow opening when the bathroom door was kicked open. Shao Zu grabbed Lu Chang from behind with a gun pressed on the back of his head, his finger eager to pull the trigger.

    Skye turned her head when the door banged open. She stuttered, “Brother NO! NO! He was helping me escape! He is just a mechanic who works here!”

Shao Zu pushed Lu Chang to a muscular bodyguard beside him. Lu Chang didn’t put up a struggle as the guard placed his hands behind his back restraining him as he pushed his face into the wall.

    Shao Zu helped Skye down from the window then frantically hugged her petite body in his embrace. Shao Zu’s voice was low and trembling as he scolded Skye. “Stupid Girl! Do you know how worried I was!”

   Shao Zu’s pitch black eyes were filled with dark desire as he tightened his arms wrapped around her thin waist. She snuggled into his arms and could hear his heart pounding in his chest as he kissed the top of her head.  She knew she was wrong to leave the Club. She looked up at him and fluttered her long black eyelashes moist with tears.”I’m sorry, Brother.”

When Shao Zu got the call she was being held so he would sign a contract he almost went insane. He wiped the tear at the corner of her eye then kissed her cheek tasting her salty tears and his heart tightened. Shao Zu whispered in her ear, “Do I have to lock you up?

Sara In Morning

 Li Tian stares at Sara sleeping next to him and he smiles. So beautiful..  He kisses her tempting half parted lips, little thing I sleep so good when you are next to me…no insomnia..no nightmares. He lightly touches the tip of her nose and she makes a face.When he does it again he has an amused expression, Sara scratches her nose then snuggles further into his warm embrace.

When Sara touches his lower abdomen Li Tian is tempted to rip out his IV and indulge himself in her alluring body. He controls himself...when I get out of the hospital I am going to make you mine. Song Sara you deny that you have feelings for me but your body doesn’t lie. Holding onto my body your heart is racing. Inhaling her sweet fragrance he touches her hair loosely hanging down tickling his chest. I want you..I want you to be mine. Only look at me…only be with me.

    Last night after drinking the calming tea Sara could barely keep her eyes open. She massaged his legs then fell asleep on the couch waiting for Kang Mingshun. He listened to Li Tian’s order and placed Sara on the bed next to him.

   Although Li Tian doesn’t want to part with Sara he calls Kang Mingshun. If she wakes up in my hospital bed for a second time it will be difficult for the little thing to accept.

   Kang Mingshun carries Sara to the couch. She curls up in a ball and he covers her with a quilt. Afterwards, Li Tian motions for him to walk over to talk. He keeps his voice low, “Let Song Sara wake up naturally then take her home.”

  “Boss, I didn’t have a chance to tell you last night…” because you were molesting Miss Song as soon as she fell asleep. “When we arrived at the hospital last night Long Jinxi approached Miss Song as she got out of the car. I don’t know what her plan is. She was very friendly and invited Miss Song to lunch. Miss Song tried to decline but Miss Long wasn’t taking no for an answer. They exchanged contact information.”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, “Find out why Long Jinxi isn’t on location filming. I have a bad feeling that old bitch Zhao Lanfen is going to try and pull something. Fuck! I wanted to see if a killer would make an attempt on my life but I can’t let those conniving women manipulate my grandfather.” He chuckles, “Looks like I am going to have to regain consciousness later today.”

  “Yeah. The driver of the car that hit you insists it was an accident, his old car’s brakes are bad and he lost control on the icy road. We are still investigating.”

   Sara hears voices and mumbles, “Bi, is that Fu Chian?”

  “…” Li Tian has black lines on his forehead, “Tell Song Sara you will be her driver today.”

   “Okay.”  Kang Mingshun can’t refuse but really doesn’t want to spend any more time than necessary with Song Sara. He is afraid he might slip up and say something wrong. The lies are beginning to pile up.

   Sara stretches her arms and opens her drowsy eyes then sits up. She looks around, I fell asleep here again?!? Well… I was really tired when I gave CEO Li the massage last night. She stands up, “Kang Mingshun, why didn’t you wake me up last night?”

   “Well I had an emergency and had to leave. You were sleeping soundly when i came back so i didn’t want to wake you.”

  “Oh. Can you take me home now? I am going to the new restaurant this morning.” She walks over to Li Tian’s bedside. Now that I think about it the other voice sounded like Li Tian. She stares at Li Tian with his eyes shut, “Kang Mingshun did the CEO wake up?”

  Sara had a strange dream she was kissing Li Tian and he was taking liberties. She unexpectedly touches his hand and he reflexively moves his fingers.

Li Tian inwardly curses for reacting to her soft touch. Dammit I wasn’t expecting her to grab my hand! I hope she doesn’t get suspicious, with her hot temper she will be angry if she finds out that I’m faking!

Sara has a strange feeling, the dream was too realistic. There is a crease between her delicate eyebrows, could the CEO possibly be pretending? No..that is ridiculous! He wouldn’t deliberately worry his family. “Kang Mingshun, you should call the doctor. CEO Li moved his fingers.”

  Deciding to check she touches his hand again but there is no movement. “Hmm..this time he didn’t move. Did you say after the first massage Li Tian he also had a slight movement?”

   “Yes. I will get the doctor.” He rushes out of the room..what the hell!

   Sara stands by the bed, she has a sincere tone as she gently squeezes his hand. “CEO Li, I hope you wake up soon, it is hard to see you laying here motionless.”

   The doctor and Kang Mingshun come into the room.  The older woman is the same doctor who saw Sara on Li Tian’s bed the first night he was admitted.The old woman gives Sara a disgusted look then curtly says, “You will need to leave while I examine the patient.”

    If Li Tian could move he would throw the doctor out the door and keep Sara. What a bitch! How dare the old hag kick my woman out! Unfortunately, he needs to pretend to be in a coma a little while longer. 

    Sara is embarrassed and her face turns red. “I’m leaving, Kang Mingshun I can call for a driver…” She doesn’t get a chance to say more. Kang Mingshun picks up her jacket and says, “I can take you home.”

   When they leave the room Sara puts on her coat and scarf. “Kang Mingshun, do you think the CEO will regain consciousness soon?”

  “Well, I overheard the doctor say his CAT scan was normal, he doesn’t have any brain trauma. He has a severe concussion, so they are optimistic.”

  He pushes the button for the elevator. “Miss Song the CEO well..I wish you could see he cares about you. I told you he wanted to personally buy..”

  Sara puts her hand up to stop him, “Kang Mingshun! Don’t say any more please.” I don’t need the complication. He has a fiancee and I am not stupid Long Jinxi has her eyes on him too. Why else would she try to get close to me. Kang Lanfen probably told her I am Li Tian’s mistress. 

  They silently walk out to the Rang Rover and Kang Mingshun opens the door for Sara.

   When they arrive at Sara’s apartment building he says he can wait and take her to the Waterfront Towers. Sara refuses, “No. My assistant is coming and I will go with her to the new restaurant.”

  “I can take you both, I need to speak with Director Yang about business. He will be in his office located in the building.”

   “Thank you but no.” She walks to the entrance and turns around, “Kang Mingshun it is impossible between the CEO and I.”


  Sara enters her apartment and sighs, Kang Mingshun certainly is devoted to Li Tian. She laughs, bodyguard… driver..matchmaker..hahaha. 

  Fu Chian has the girls ready for school in their new outfits. He is putting on their coats when Starfire rings the doorbell.

  He opens the door, “Miss Starfire, we are almost ready.”

  She walks in and takes Xiaoyue’s coat from him, “I love the coats, they are not the same but compliment each other. Miss Song has good taste.”

   Xiaoxiao smiles showing her little tiger teeth and opens her coat. “My dress is light blue and Sister’s is dark blue. I really like it.” She lets out a big sigh, “Little Uncle, how did Miss Sara know we were tired of wearing the same clothes?”


  Starfire laughs, “I always thought twins like to dress in identical outfits.”

  Xiaoxiao shakes her head, “No..well not us..we both love pink of course, but I like blue and Xiaoyue likes green.”

   Starfire puts the scarf around Xiaoyue’s neck then walks to the kitchen, “Mr. Fu may I have one of these buns?” Being a foodie she can’t resist the lure of delicious smelling food.

“Sure.” This girl is tiny but really loves to eat.. When I called the main house to find out when she was coming the Auntie in the kitchen said she was eating breakfast.

   Starfire takes a bite, “Umm..good. Mr. Fu, where did you learn to cook?”

  “Well, when I was young and lived in the orphanage my brothers and I were always hungry. I made friends with the Grandma in the kitchen so she would give us extra food. I would help wash and cut the vegetables. Eventually, she taught me how to cook so I could help prepare the meals. I don’t know any special dishes but a few she would cook for her family to take home.”

 “The pork filling in this bun is really tasty, is that cilantro in it?”

  “Yeah, cilantro grew like weeds behind the orphanage. One day I smelled it and brought a bunch back. She had never used cilantro in cooking and was hesitant thinking it might not be edible. He laughs, “So I put some in a pork bun and ate it.”

  Starfire swallows the last bite of the steamed bun, “Can I come to breakfast tomorrow?” The Auntie in the main house’s food is good but this is really different. The pork is tender and a little spicy.. the cucumbers are cut in tiny pieces and crunchy the cilantro gives it a pop..

  “Sure.” Don’t they feed you enough at the main house?

  Starfire takes Xiaoyue’s hand and Fu Chian takes Xiaoxiao’s hand and they walk to the black Bentley. “Miss Starfire you will need to sit in the front passenger seat because the child seats are in the back.”

  He opens the back door and puts the girls into their seats. Starfire opens the passenger door and gets into the car. She isn’t sure how to buckle the seat belt and Fu Chian points to the metal buckle, “Press there and it will open slip in the buckle and it will latch.”

  Once she is buckled he drives out to the gate. They are leaving as Kang Minshun returns to the community. He recognizes Fu Chian and glances at the girl in the front seat. The woman must be Miss Song’s assistant that bastard Cadieux hired. He clenches his hand on the steering wheel.The Boss better do something quick when he gets out of the hospital. That motherf****r is surrounding Miss Song with his people!

  Fu Chian takes the girls to school first. “Wait in the car. I won’t be long.” if I go into the school with a different woman it will raise questions.

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