Drive To Villa

This chapter is for 18+

    After LiMei and Rui check on Song Sara they leave the hospital. Rui considers Morgan’s advice to return to Pushong City immediately but he needs to pick up several items from the villa. He decides he can cancel the meeting scheduled with Biotech. I should give LiMei a thorough check up at my hospital, she is pale and although she says she no longer has a headache I am concerned.

  He calls the airport to have his plane ready in three hours as they drive to his villa. “Hak Byung-soo, you are coming to Pushong City to guard Feng LiMei with Cheng. I spoke to Rene. He doesn’t need you until he leaves for Thailand.”

  When Hak Byung-soo hears this he curses under his breath.Motherf****r! I don’t want to go to Pushong City but I have no choice but to follow Rene’s orders.  Morgan is driving, the car swerves when Rui assigns Hak Byung-soo to guard LiMei instead of him. “Sorry, there was a branch in the road.”

  Hak Byung-soo looks at Morgan, bullshit…there was nothing in the road. I can see by the expression on your iceberg face you are angry that you are not on Feng LiMei’s security detail. 

  LiMei is half asleep in the back seat lying in Rui’s arms. Because LiMei is vulnerable in her present semi conscious state LingLing takes advantage and tries to take over. She is furious, stupid man! You can’t take my Morgan away! How will I see him! LiMei flutters her dense black eyelashes. She doesn’t know why but she doesn’t want Morgan replaced. She sleepily gazes up at Rui, “Rui..I want Morgan as a bodyguard, I feel safe when he is guarding me and well…I don’t think Hak Byung-soo likes me.”

   Hak Byung-soo clenches his jaw and suppresses the urge to reach back and strangle LiMei. Little bitch! What the hell! Why did you say that to the Boss!

  Rui has a faint smile, I know, that is why I am assigning him to guard you. Rui’s jealousy flared up when LiMei was praising Morgan after the rescue. I think after Morgan rescued you that you might… well.. I know Morgan wouldn’t develop feelings for you with his cold and alienated personality but… I made my decision. “LiMei, Hak Byung-soo is an excellent bodyguard. I need Morgan. I have my reasons.”

    Hak Byung-soo breathes a sigh of relief, I thought CEO Qiao would be angry..seems like he doesn’t care that the little nuisance doesn’t like me.  

    LingLing’s commanding voice is inside of LiMei’s head urging, “CONVINCE HIM!”

   LiMei suddenly stares at Morgan driving, “I am going back to work at Chen Group when we get back. You said that I can’t take the bus to work and I don’t think Hak Byung-soo is familiar with Pushong City…ummm..or even has a driver’s license.”

  Hak Byung-soo’s lips twitch, I have a fucking driver’s license and how hard is it to navigate a small city like Pushong! The little slut just wants Morgan around to tease! The poor guy he is a newbie to love and defenseless to her charm! I need to step up for him.He calmy replies, “Miss Feng, I have a driver’s license and there is GPS in the car.”

  Morgan’s slight smile thinking LiMei wants him to guard her disappears listening to Hak Byung-soo’s response. What the fuck! Shut up!  Morgan lifts his palm up on the steering wheel, angrily sending a wave of his internal energy directly to the passenger seat. The temperature drops to freezing in the front seat and Hak Byung-soo feels suffocated. 

    Hak Byung-soo coughs,  Brother, I know you are pissed off but I’m doing this for you! You don’t need to guard this little seductress! She is destroying you! You are Lin fucking Morgan ! A badass…a fucking souless killing machine!

   Now Rui is convinced LiMei is developing an attachment to Morgan. Morgan is too good of a bodyguard to dismiss but he needs to put a distance between them. Rui leans down and kisses LiMei, “Be a good girl.” He gently touches her cheek, “You can’t go back to work right away. I need to give you a full examination at the hospital to find out the cause of your headaches.”

  “I only had a slight headache, the doctor said I am fine. I don’t want to lose my job.” Although Chen Jianyu can be sooo annoying I Iike Nuying and the work is easy. “I am looking forward to going to Shingu Island again.”

   “ Baby, it can’t be considered a slight headache, you fainted. When we were in the cabin you also had a headache and fainted. I will only feel at ease if I run some tests.” Shingu Island? I don’t think so! He recalls the last time they were on the Island and Leng Shuai. Luckily he heard Leng Shuai was forced to return to Chinese Intelligence for the time being. “Jianyu will understand your health comes first.”

     LiMei snuggles into his warm embrace smelling his distinct masculine scent. As she listens to Rui’s calming voice and he tenderly kisses her she feels safe so LingLing begins to fade. Ohhhh…the little girl is getting stronger as the stupid man coaxes her with his pampering tone.. Morgan looks upset …don’t worry I will be back!

    Rui tells Morgan to put up the partition between the seats for privacy, “Baby, I need to be assured there is nothing wrong with you.” He lifts her chin and lovingly gazes into her beautiful green eyes, “I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight.” He possessively wraps his arms tighter around her petite body. “I was too careless…if anything happened to you I..”

   LiMei stops him, “Rui, it wasn’t your fault. Who would have thought someone would kidnap Song Sara and me from the backstage of such a big event. Do you have any idea why someone would kidnap us?”

   LiMei must still not remember she is Subject 456. Now is not the time to say anything. I will have Dr. Woo examine LiMei also, it might be time to restore her memories. “No. I will investigate after we return to China.”

   LiMei leans on his chest listening to his heartbeat, “Rui..”

   He plays with a strand of her loose black hair while looking at her biting her lower lip and furrowing her eyebrows, she is so fucking cute! “Hmm?”

   “Don’t be mad at me.. I lost the beautiful Pink Lotus Necklace and bracelet you gave me. I know it must have been very expensive. I am so sorry.”

  “Is that why you look so worried? Haha..the necklace and bracelet are in your purse that you left on the couch.You took them off probably before you modeled the Midnight Lover’s necklace. Even if you did lose the jewelry I wouldn’t care..there is nothing in the world that is precious to me except you LiMei.”

   He gently kisses her forehead then her lush eyelashes, her soft cheeks finally her soft pink lips. Rui licks then nibbles on her sensitive earlobe and his warm breath makes LiMei quiver. He smiles at her adorable reaction as his breath tickles her neck. “Baby, I love you…”

   “Rui…you are so good to me.” 

   He has a devilish grin while teasing LiMei, “Baby, I want to be good to you right now..” He puts his hand under her thin dress caressing her thigh and he kisses her deeply . His low voice sounds seductive as he whispers in her ear, “Can I?”

  She can feel his hardness under her bottom and she is getting turned on from his kisses. LiMei blushes and giggles, “Can.”

Morgan is going crazy thinking about LiMei and Rui having sex in the back seat. He notices Hak Byung-soo has his headphones in with his eyes closed leaning back in the seat. Shit! He reaches over swiftly hitting Hak Byung-soo’s acupoint putting him to sleep.  Morgan impulsively puts the privacy partition down slightly leaving a small gap to listen. He can only see LiMei’s seductive flushed face.

   Rui kisses LiMei’s neck leaving a trail of red marks as he pulls down the small white shorts she is wearing under the dress. He leans LiMei back onto the seat and spreads her thin legs kissing her thigh until his hot lips reach her flower hole. LiMei moans loudly as her honey flows out, Rui greedily laps up the sweet nectar while thrusting his tongue in and out. Rui’s face is buried between her legs, he savors her sweetness as she arches her hips towards him. “Ahhh…Ruiiii!!” LiMei’s throaty moans echo in Morgan’s ears as Rui brings her to climax.

Rui’s messy soft hair falls on her skin as he runs his tongue across her small entrance. He lifts his head and licks his lips, “LiMei Baby.. you taste so sweet.” He straddles her body and LiMei unbuckles his belt then pulls down his zipper. She touches his erection sending a hot rush of blood making it enlarge and begin to throb. He growls, “Uhhh..Baby..Use your mouth.”

    Morgan wants to put the partition back up but he can’t.  Imagining LiMei’s delicate snow white body writhing in the throes of ecstasy he gets hard. I’m a fucking sick pervert but I don’t give a shit. He unzips his pants exposing his huge swollen pillar. Putting his hand on his erection he moves it up and down while listening to her sweet voice moaning and begging for mercy.  I want to fuck Feng LiMei so goddam bad!

    He holds tightly to the steering wheel with his other hand to keep the car steady on the dark road. His mind is filled with lewd images as LiMei sounds coquettish pleading with Rui to stop. He puts up the partition then moves his hand faster, his breathing becoming heavier as he is about to explode. “NNNGHH..AHHH.. FUCK! “ After he releases he quickly opens the console grabbing out a towel to wipe himself off and the messy area in front of him. He tosses the dirty towel out the window. Reaching in his pocket for his pack of cigarettes he remembers he smoked his last one in the parking lot of the warehouse. Dammit!

  When they arrive at the villa Morgan presses Hak Byung-soo’s accupoint waking him up. He rubs his eyes,“We are here already?”  

   Morgan gets out of the driver’s seat and walks around the car to open the back door. Rui carries LiMei who is asleep in his arms into the house followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. He takes her up the stairs to the Master bedroom. After he lays her on the bed he goes into the bathroom and fills the bathtub with warm water. He sprinkles in some medicinal herbs and flower petals then goes into the bedroom to get LiMei.

   Morgan goes into his room and turns on the shower. He slams his hand on the wall while thinking about listening to LiMei and Rui. Morgan you shameless motherf****r! How could you do the perverted shit you have done lately?

Morgan takes off his clothes tossing them into the trash. He steps into the shower and winces as the water sprays onto his injury.

Morgan touches the scar on his abdomen that LiMei ran her finger down. Feng LiMei is so beautiful and sweet. He thinks about her making herbal medicine especially for him. He smiles and has a gentle expression, she even brought me fruit because it was bitter. FUCK! I can’t stop thinking about the little girl. I want to kill that fucking bastard Qiao Rui with my bare hands.

Morgan places his hands on the shower wall with his head hanging letting the ice cold water run down his muscular body. He can’t calm down the beast raging inside of him. I don’t care if it is fucked up! I want her alternate personality to come out and fuck her beautiful body until she screams my name.. I want to fuck her in the the bed..anywhere! If I don’t possess Feng LiMei soon I will lose my fucking mind! Morgan looks at his body’s reaction while thinking about LiMei. How can I make ‘LingLing’ appear again?

Employee Discount

  Dr. Liu can’t resist encouraging Emmi to pursue a medical career. ” Emmi you should switch majors. With your talent..”

  Liu Ling interrupts him, Dad didn’t we just discuss this! “You should follow your own path Chen Emmi. Do what makes you happy.”

  Emmi’s green eyes shine gazing at him, “Thank you Brother Ling!”

  “I just don’t want to see you lose your smile.”

  When she hears him say that her mood brightens, he is so sweet! I will keep smiling if you say you aren’t engaged…

     Dr. Liu hands Emmi the payment for the medicinal herbs, “When the Blue Dragonflower blooms let me know.”

    Emmi puts the money in her purse, “I will. It will be the last time it blooms until Spring.” She stands up, “Well we should go so I am not late to work.”

   After Emmi and Han Shi leave Liu Mei’s eyes crinkle as she teases her son, “I think Little Emmi has a crush on you Ling.” She noticed Emmi’s infatuated gaze, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

  “Mom, don’t be ridiculous.”

  She holds her son’s arm as they walk towards the kitchen, “I know you have always thought of her as a little sister but I think she..”

  He stops her, “Mom, I know you are very fond of Chen Emmi but don’t get any ideas. There can be nothing between us. I do think of her as my little sister, nothing more. The reason I came over today is to tell you I am engaged.”

  She can’t hide her astonishment at the sudden news. “What? To whom? You have never brought a woman to meet us.”

  “Well I am going to introduce you and Dad to her next Saturday. Her name is Peng Min, I am a consultant at her father’s company.” He wants to vomit blood as he continues, “Since we have been working closely together we have developed feelings for each other.” Yes.. my feelings well..nausea..contempt..loathing.. I can’t stand the spoiled self centered bitch. But if I don’t marry Peng Min I can kiss my hard earned reputation goodbye because her father is blackmailing me.

   Dr. Liu comes into the kitchen, “Did I hear you say you are engaged?”


  “Well you are twenty seven, it is time you settled down. What is she like?”

   How do I describe the disgusting woman…arrogant..willful..annoying..obviously scheming to convince her father to threaten me. “She is  smart.”


  Emmi and Han Shi arrive at the hotel, after he parks in the Underground garage they take the elevator. He is surprised when Emmi gets off at the lobby with him. “Aren’t you going to Ming’s?”

  “I booked a room. Where I live on weekends is being renovated and the dorm will be closed when I get off work.”

  Han Shi walks up to the front desk and winks at the serious looking woman behind the counter. “Chen Emmi, did you know employees get a fifty per cent discount?”

  Emmi’s eyes light up, “Really! I didn’t know!”

 The woman can hardly contain her urge to expose his lie. She rolls het eyes then stares at Han Shi, what are you talking about there is no discount! 

 Han Shi has a thick face and ignores the desk clerk’s disparaging attitude , “ Show her your ID from Ming’s, she can refund the difference to the credit card you used.”

 Front Desk Clerk: Han Shi! You just got off probation! Your Uncle isn’t going to like you taking advantage! Are you paying the difference?

 Emmi takes out her ID and shows it to the woman. Han Shi stands behind Emmi motioning to the woman I will pay.

  Emmi thinks about the situation, since it is half price I will stay through Sunday and then go to the dorm on Monday. First thing in the morning call a locksmith and security company for the Art Studio. “In that case I will stay for the weekend.”

  Han Shi has a devilish grin on his boyish face, Great! We can go to lunch at Grandpa Wu’s tomorrow!

 The woman looks at the computer, “I will extend your stay and the refund should appear in your account within three to five days.” She hands Emmi the room card and raises her eyebrow looking at Han Shi. “Han Shi, I need to discuss your work schedule this week with you.”

  “I will be right back. I need to pick up my check.”

  He walks towards the elevator with Emmi and she thanks him, “Han Shi if you didn’t tell me about the discount I would have known that is a perk for employees.”

  “No problem. I am working tomorrow do you want to go with me on my lunch hour to Grandpa Wu’s restaurant?”

  “Sure! I have some studying to do before my shift but lunch sounds good! I took my friend Ruan YaoYao there last week. Maybe she can meet us.”

  “ The girl in the Music Department who plays the piano?”

  “En. Do you know Ruan YaoYao?”

  “No, but I saw her perform at the Autumn Concert. She is amazing!”

  “ She is so talented! What time do you take lunch? I will call her to meet us at the restaurant.”

  “Usually about two. Would that work?”

 “For me, yeah, I will see what she is doing. She doesn’t practice on Sunday.”

  When the elevator stops on her floor she waves goodbye as she exits then turns around, “Message me on WeChat and I will meet you in the lobby tomorrow!”

  Emmi opens the door to the room then sighs gazing at the big comfortable looking bed. I am taking a short nap before work.

 She is awakened by her phone, “Hmm..”

 “Emmi, were you sleeping?”

 She sits up on the bed, “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

 “Well, Lu Ying Yue called me and said she could meet me tomorrow to mentor me. I was wondering if you could watch Lu Jun Jie in the afternoon.”

 “Sure, early afternoon. I go to work at five tomorrow. Oh and I am staying at the hotel for the weekend. But that might be better to entertain him. They have a pool and a children’s playroom.”

  “Why are you staying at the hotel?”

  “Well the dorm will be closed when I get off work and my Art Studio..well that is a long story.”

  “What do you mean?”

  “I don’t want to talk about it right now. I will explain when I see you. I got an employee discount so the two days are half price. I am so nervous. What if I make a big mistake?”

  “I have confidence in you. Just think of all the money you will make!”

 “ know that will motivate me! Okay check with Lu Ying Yue and tell me if it is okay to watch the little bun here. Actually it is more convenient for her probably since she lives in Bashu City.”

 “I will let you know. Good luck tonight.”

 “Thanks YaoYao.”

  “Oh I almost forgot! My aunt absolutely loved the embroidered sachet you gifted! She kept smelling it and complimenting your embroidery skill. She wants to introduce you to my cousin..hahaha”

   “Please noooo.. That playboy!”

   “ know I think I saw Wang Hao at the party. The man looked like him anyway. He was talking with a blonde woman by the rockery. When I got closer they had disappeared.”

  “Hmmph!” Emmi grumbles, “ Don’t mention that useless man’s name to me again! If it was that narcissistic white face they probably disappeared into the closest bedroom.”  Emmi looks at the time, “I need to get ready for work. Call me later.Bye.”


   Leo walks into the security room where Li Tian and Qiao Rui are watching the surveillance tapes. They both turn their heads when Leo enters the room. Li Tian questions him, “Did you find anything out?”

  “My men have located three possible locations in the outskirts of the city. I ordered them to head there now.”

   Li Tian breathes a sigh of relief because they have narrowed the search area. “Where? I can send additional men.”

   Leo responds, “That would only complicate matters. The men I sent are elite professionals and they are the best equipped to handle the situation. ”

   Li Tian won’t be dissuaded, “ The address! I won’t interfere but I need to be there.” Before he continues his phone rings with a familiar ringtone, Fuck..what the hell does he want. He briskly exits the security room as he answers the phone, “Yes.”

    Li Gao is livid after hearing Li Tian allowed Song Sara to bully Long An and her mother. He knows Li Tian has been unhappy with the marriage contract but didn’t think he would act rashly. It is one thing to have a woman on the side but he needs to control her behaviour. “Brat! You need to return to Catang City immediately. Thanks to you, your grandfather’s heart disease flared up, now he is in critical condition at the hospital.”

  “What? I thought Grandfather’s heart disease was under control with medication. How did I aggravate him?”

   “You and your little whore that’s how! You need to bring Long An back with you to Catang City and go directly to the hospital. Zhao Lanfen’s call earlier this evening stimulated the old man.s She complained your unruly mistress assaulted Long An landing her in the hospital. When Zhao Lanfen confronted the bitch this evening at the Jewelry Competition her bodyguard forced Zhao Lanfen to kneel on the cold bathroom floor for over a half hour. You get your ass back here immediately!”

  Li Tian’s face darkens, “What is Grandfather’s condition? What did the doctor say?”  I can’t leave until I find Song Sara.

   “He is unconscious.”

    Dammit!“I will fly back in the morning.”

    “Unfilial brat! I said now! You have your private plane. I called the airport and it is ready to go. Bring Zhao Lanfen back also. We need to smooth over the situation before Old Man Zhao gets wind you have been mistreating his granddaughter.” I don’t need any conflicts with that crazy old bastard!

    Li Tian’s veins are bulging on his neck, “I have an emergency I am dealing with at the moment. I can’t leave Paris until it is resolved.”

    “ I said leave tonight with your fiancee and her mother! There is no room for negotiation!” Li Tian’s father abruptly hangs up the phone. He is fuming, Zhao Lanfen said the boy’s mistress’ name is Song Sara. I need a thorough investigation. It isn’t like Tian to set aside his familial responsibilities..this engagement was set by the two elders. What is the bastard thinking allowing his mistress to run rampant. Assaulting Long An..disrespecting Zhao Lanfen…who gave her the courage! 

  Li Tian purses his lips, FUCK! He calls the Director of Li  Private Hospital. “This is Li Tian, what is my grandfather’s condition?”

  “CEO Li, I was just speaking with your father and the cardiologist in charge of your grandfather’s treatment. Li Hong is presently in a coma, he has not awakened since he was brought into the Emergency Room earlier. We are monitoring him to see if he will need heart surgery, at his age we don’t want to operate unless it is the last resort.”

  “I see.”

  The Director glances at Li Gao as he hangs up the phone. He was told to exaggerate Li Hong’s condition, he can’t afford to disobey Li Gao’s orders if he wants to keep his job. 

   Li Gao nods at the doctor. “Very good. I knew my son would call to confirm.” Li Hong awakened shortly after arriving at the hospital. He is in stable condition but after hearing Zhang Lanfen’s complaints he wants Li Tian to get rid of Song Sara.

  When Li Tian gets off the phone with the Director he is worried about his grandfather. I have no choice, I need to return to Catang City immediately. I will have Chen Wu  alert me when Song Sara is found. Although Leo Cadieux is the last person I want to entrust Song Sara to, I am confident he can bring her back safely.  He has a knot in his stomach thinking about abandoning Song Sara. I will make it up to her.

  He walks back into the security room and approaches Qiao Rui. “ I need to return to Catang City immediately.”

   Leo Cadieux is the first to react, he snarls, “HA! You cold heartless bastard! I knew you didn’t deserve Song Sara!” He gets in Li Tian’s face, Leo’s pupils behind his glasses narrow dangerously as he pushes Li Tian, “ Song Sara’s life’s in danger and you are flying back to China! You call yourself a man!”

  “Fuck off! I don’t need to explain myself to you.” Li Tian pushes him out of the way and steps in front of Qiao Rui. 

  “ I need you to take care of Song Sara when she is rescued with Feng LiMei. I am leaving my three bodyguards I brought to assist you.”

   Even Qiao Rui has a shocked expression on his face. Li Tian is an asshole but I thought he cared for Song Sara. How can the bastard leave Paris when his woman is in danger. “Feng LiMei considers Song Sara her friend so I will because of that fact.”

   Li Tian motions for a muscular tall man dressed in black to come over and he introduces him. “This is Chen Wu the head of my security team. He will remain here in my place.”

  Li Tian can’t waste any more time he needs to get Long An and Zhao Lanfen to go to the airport. He pulls Chen Wu to the side. “I am counting on you to make sure Song Sara isn’t harmed. Keep me up to date on the progress.”

   Long An and her mother are sitting at a table in the main room. She is frightened,  “Mom, why do you think the lights suddenly went out.”

  Zhao Lanfen glances around looking for Li Tian as people are filtering out of the room. “Maybe a robbery.”

  “Shouldn’t we leave?”

  “We need to wait for Li Tian.”  After the phone call I made to Li Hong he should be looking for us to return to Catang City.

  Long An pouts,puffing out her cheeks she complains, “I don’t want to see him!” She finishes her glass of wine. “Mom,  I want to end this farce of an engagement. I am tired of being humiliated by Li Tian! He hates me! When that arrogant man was insulting me he turned a deaf ear. Ever since Song Sara showed up all he thinks about is that scheming slut!”

  Zhang Lanfen restrains the urge to slap her daughter for her short sightedness. She has a malicious smile on her face, “Baby, Mommy told you I would handle this matter. We will be going back to Catang City with Li Tian tonight.”

  Long An wants to ask her mother if she hit her head in the bathroom then sees Li Tian taking long strides across the room towards them.

  When he reaches the table he growls, “Let’s go.”

   Zhang Lanfen remains seated as she calmly responds, “I have a driver. An is upset, she can stay with me at my hotel.”

  Li Tian sneers, “Zhang Lanfen, you can cut the crap! You know very well my father instructed me to bring you and Long An back to Catang City.”

   Zhang Lanfen has a surprised expression, “Li Gao asked you to bring us back to the city? Why? I planned on staying in Paris with An for a few days to shop.”

   Li Tian has flames rolling in the bottom of his eyes, “I don’t have time for your games. You knew very well the reaction Grandfather would have to your phone call. You better hope he doesn’t die or you and your whole family will be buried with him. Either you walk by yourself or my bodyguards drag you to the car.”

     Long An stares at her mother, is this what she meant earlier by ‘I have a plan?’ What happened to Grandpa Li?

     Zhang Lanfen stands up then motions to Long An to follow, “Tian, you only have yourself to blame. If you met your obligations to my daughter I wouldn’t be in Paris right now. Did you expect me to sit idly by while you and your whore bullied my daughter!”

  “SHUT UP!”

  Zhang Lanfen has a slight smile, she can feel the killing intent coming from Li Tian. Good! Now, is not the time to aggravate him further. I have achieved my initial goal of separating him and that conniving bitch Song Sara. I will be quiet but I am not finished with you bastard! No one bullies a member of the Zhang Family and gets away with it! ”

Brother Si

  Qiqi sits on the couch to finish her breakfast drink wondering if she should call Sun Zhi again. When Fat Cat jumps up onto her lap she strokes his soft fur, “Do you want your breakfast?” She laughs when he immediately meows, “Fatty, do you know what I am saying?”

   He rolls his round amber eyes, yes stupid human girl I do. You barely gave me any dinner and I have been waiting an hour for you to wake your little drunk ass up!

  She sips her drink then sets the empty glass down on the coffee table. “Okay, but you need to go on a diet, it isn’t healthy to be so overweight. I will stop at the pet store and get you better cat food later.”

  Fat Cat jumps off her lap and looks back at Qiqi while meowing, well, hurry up, I’m starving! Although the taste of the cat food is disgusting I need to pad my stomach. 

  Qiqi lazily gets off the couch and walks to the cupboard to fill his bowl. She only fills it half way with the cat food and Fat Cat taps his paw on the edge of the dish while glaring at Qiqi. That’s it? Come on! Don’t be so stingy! Although that haughty wench who lived here never paid any attention to me she always kept my dish full!

  She notices his disapproving expression and affectionately strokes his soft furry head. “I’m sorry Fat Cat but it is for your own good. I will get you the most delicious and healthy brand at the pet store, I promise! Maybe I will buy a leash and take you out for a walk tonight. What do you think?”

  He shakes his head, A leash? A walk? Little idiot.. I’m a cat! What did the old monk say? How long will I have to bear this humiliation? I want to cry! If I wasn’t so damn hungry I would put up my tail and storm off right now! How did I end up with this stupid girl!

  Qiqi has no idea the thoughts that are rolling around in Fat Cat’s head. She watches him stick his head into the dish and gobble up the cat food then lick his mouth.

  She goes into the bedroom and looks at the messy school uniform thrown on the chair. I need to go back to the High School and finish drawing the basketball players. If I can’t find my laptop I can change up the end of the arc a little.

  After her shower she dries her long black hair then pulls it up into a high ponytail. She smells the school uniform, ‘EEk..I should have washed it last night.” She picks up her phone on the bedside table and calls Kang Xue, “Xue Xue do you have your old uniform?”

  Kang Xue is slipping on red 10 cm high heels when she answers the phone. “What?”

  “Your uniform.”

 “Not at my apartment. It is at my parent’s house. Why?”

 “Well mine is stinky. I need to go back to the High School to draw. If I can’t get my laptop I will need new material.”

  “Just wear regular clothes.”

 “No Auntie said I can’t distract the students.”

 “Did you call the hospital so you can email me your medical report.”

“Not yet. I just got up. I will before I leave.”

  “You need to do that so I can show it to the old witch. Qiqi honey, are you sure if you can’t get your laptop back you can redo the end of the arc?”

  “I can. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” But I hope I can contact the handsome man and get it back. I want to go to the Jade Auction with Brother Si. “Should I go to FutureTech? He isn’t answering my calls.”

  Kang Xue considers the idea then frowns, “No.I doubt you could talk to him. They always screen people and if you don’t have an appointment they will ignore you.”

  “Should I call Uncle Lu?”

 “That is actually a good idea. He probably won’t ignore your uncle’s call. But, I thought you didn’t want your Uncle to know you are writing a Webtoon. Doesn’t he think you are going to H University for your Masters in International Business?”

  “Well..yeah and he would wonder why my laptop is in Sun Zhi’s car. That might be even harder to explain. I could cause problems for Sun Zhi.”

  Kang Xue walks to grab her jacket from the closet, “Sweetie, I think you should resign yourself to the fact you need to redo your work. I can delay the old witch when you email me the medical report. Please, from now on back up your work.”

 “I know it is my own fault. Is your mother home? Can I get your uniform?”

  ??? I am a head taller than you and I was well, very developed in high school. “If you want. Just email me that asap.” She leaves her apartment, “I have to get the bus, call me later.”

  “Okay. Thanks Xue!”

  Qiqi puts on a white sweater and a pair of ripped blue jeans. After she ties her white tennis shoes she grabs her purse. Should I try him again? She dials Sun Zhi’s number as she walks to the living room. No answer.. 

   “Fat Cat, I will be back later, go out and do your business.” She opens the sliding glass door to the balcony and leaves it open while she fills his water dish.

  The fluffy orange cat hurries out the door and glances back to make sure Qiqi isn’t watching him. He sighs as he relieves himself, Ahhh.. then shivers it is really starting to get cold outside. He hurries back inside and jumps up on the couch curling into a fluffy orange ball.

  Fat Cat watches Qiqi shut the door to the balcony and head to the front door. He twitches his whiskers, Little fool is leaving without her coat. With that thin little body of hers she will freeze!

  He starts meowing loudly then jumps over to the chair where she threw her black cashmere jacket last night. Qiqi turns around, “Haha..Fat Cat, are you reminding me to take my jacket?” She picks him up and kisses his fluffy head, “Thank you. Are you caring for me?” The fat orange cat struggles to get out of her embrace with a thud lands on the floor. When he arrogantly struts away he scoffs, Hmmph! If you get a cold, who will take care of me? 

  Qiqi slips the warm jacket on and takes a bright red woolen scarf hanging on a wall hook, “Bye Fatty! See you later.”

  Once she is downstairs she decides to take a taxi. While she is waiting Zheng Si comes down from his grandmother’s apartment. He was there to gain her support because of the hastily called Board meeting, sure that with her backing there shouldn’t be any problems maintaining his position at the Zheng Group. He pulls up his collar of his black trench coat as he exits the building to block the wind and walks towards his car. The driver opens the back door and when he enters he notices Qiqi standing on the corner. He instructs the driver to pull up to where she is standing. He rolls down the window, “Shen Qiqi, do you need a ride?”

  She smiles when she sees who is in the black Rolls Royce, “Brother Si! What are you doing here so early?”

  “I was visiting Grandma. Where are you going? I will give you a ride.”

  “I don’t want to trouble you.”

  “No trouble. I have time before a meeting.”

  “I need to pick something up at a friend’s house on Plum Blossom Way. Are you sure it won’t delay you too much?”

  “Not a problem I am headed that direction.”

  The driver looks in the rear view mirror. Young Master, the Company is the opposite direction.

  Qiqi gets into the back seat, “ Brrr.. thanks! It feels like Winter is almost here.”

  Zheng Si brushes her loose hair behind her ear then tightens her red scarf around her neck, “It is supposed to snow at the end of the week.”

  Qiqi smiles and her beautiful almond shaped brown eyes sparkle, “Really? I love the way the city looks blanketed in snow. Do you remember when you and my brother took me to Switzerland on Winter Break when I was a freshman? I had such a good time!.”

  Zheng Si’s lips curl up in an arc, “Little girl I see you have selective memory. You don’t remember twisting your ankle and having to be carried back to the lodge on my back. Your brother still blames me because I let you accompany me to the slope at the back of the mountain.”

  Qiqi starts laughing showing her cute dimples, “Well, I did enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace drinking hot chocolate. You kept buying me presents to get my mind off my ankle. Do you remember carrying me up to the roof to look at the fireworks when they celebrated New Year’s Eve. It was such a beautiful clear many stars.. ” 

  “Remember.” He affectionately pats her head,”It was a very beautiful night.” Sitting on the roof  in the moonlight you looked like a little fairy.  He can feel his mood becoming better listening to her sweet voice. 

  The driver wonders who the young girl is. He has never seen Zheng Si smile or laugh so freely. I need to tell Madam she worries about his taciturn personality.

  Qiqi looks out the window, “ We are almost there. Could you please turn the next left, it is the first villa. Brother Si, thank you for the ride.”

  “Do you want me to wait?”

  “No. I am going to visit for a bit. I haven’t seen Auntie for a long time.”

    He buttons the top button of her jacket, “Very well. Don’t forget the Jade Auction is tomorrow night. I will pick you up at eight.”

   “Okay.” My God I hope I can get my laptop back or I won’t be able to go. After I pick up the school uniform I have to go to the company where Sun Zhi works, I can’t disappoint Brother Si.


Very Awkward

 Li Tian grits his teeth thinking about Song Sara’s insolent attitude while she was on the phone. He dials old man Zhou who is sitting in Qiao Rui’s hospital nervously waiting for the results about his wife’s injuries. She remains in a coma from the attack outside the Red Viper Club in Pushong City. 

   Zhou Mo looks at his phone, What the hell does he want? I told Jason to deal with Company business until I return to Catang. Zhou Mo rushed to the hospital after he was notified his wife Vicki was admitted. He hasn’t slept all night, he holds his throbbing head, maybe Li Group secured the land for the Mega Mall project , “CEO Li, I have a personal emergency right now, call my son Jason, he is at the company.”

   “I won’t take much of your time. No questions, tell Song Sara she needs to accompany me to Milan to meet an investor.”

   Zhou Mo scratches his head,“We have another investor? They are Italian?”  

   Li Tian squeezes the phone, what part of no questions did you not understand you old fart! “I said no questions if you want Li Group to continue partnering with the Zhou Group I need Song Sara to be my assistant until the project concludes. 

   Tell your assistant the decision was made because you trust her judgement. Zhou Jason has other projects to handle as temporary CEO while you deal with your wife’s hospitalization.”That will make her want to meet his expectations without questioning his motive further. Obviously she values the old man and would want to help the company. “Give her a 20% raise for the duration of the project.”

   “I will inform Miss Song tomorrow.” Zhou Mo has to much on his mind to care why Li Tian wants Song Sara to work with him and she is competent. Alsothis will free up Jason to handle the remaining projects. But how did he know my wife is hospitalized I blocked all reports concerning the incident. 

     No matter, 20% raise is reasonable for the added responsibility, she does have a degree in Business I have always felt she is overqualified to be my executive secretary.

    Li Tian demands,“Call her now.”


   “Yes, I am leaving for Milan tomorrow.” Dammit! That’s right she doesn’t have her fucking phone.

   He paces across the living room,“Send her an email if she doesn’t answer.”

   “I will have Jason email her personally, it isn’t convenient for me right now.” He sees a doctor approaching him with a chart. Why does CEO Li sound strange? Usually Yang James handles minor personnel issues for the Li Group. He rubs his red eyes, “CEO Li have you heard from the farmer about the land?”

   “I am in negotiations now. “Actually someone bought the fucking piece of land and I can’t find out the bastard’s identity yet.

    “Inform your son to send the email immediately.” That will work it will sound reasonable for him to make the decision to lighten his workload since he had to step into his father’s position as CEO of Zhou Group abruptly.

  “Make sure your son believes it to be your decision, otherwise I might  have to reconsider our cooperation.”

   “I will lay it out to Jason as we discussed don’t worry I have no problem loaning you Miss Song. The idea actually has merit since the Zhou Group will need Jason’s full attention on another project in the works.”

      Li Tian’s veiled threat makes Zhou Mo break out in sweat, he has already invested too much in the project, the shareholders would be furious if the Mega Mall Project didn’t materialize.

   “Then I look forward to our cooperation on the Mega Mall Project.” He has a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he hangs up the phone. Perfect! She will be by my side without even  knowing I am manipulating the situation.The more time she spends with me she will realize how perfect I am. I could use a drink, where is Peizhi anyway?

   Sara stares at the ceiling her stomach growling, maybe Mrs. Mu will let me make a few dishes for dinner to thank Sun Peizhi and Li Tian for saving me. She lazily walks out of the bedroom as she does she bumps into Sun Peizhi coming out of his room, “Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Sun Peizhi smiles, “Did you speak to your friends?”

   “Yeah.” She hands him the phone, “I feel relieved that I could tell them I’m fine, knowing the two of them they didn’t sleep last night.”

   They continue walking down the hall, Song Sara asks him, “This house is very beautiful do you know who the designer is?”

   Sun Peizhi has a proud expression on his handsome  face because he designed the house himself, but unfortunately can’t admit the fact. “Have you heard of a design firm in Hirachi City named Clear Sky Architectural?” 

   Sara excitedly grabs his arm, “I thought  the unusual design reminded me of a home I saw in Architectural Digest. Is the designer the elusive owner of that firm? I saw CEO Leng’s spectacular vacation home on Shingu Island featured in the magazine. The Mountaintop home was unbelievably innovative and amazing!”

   Seeing her excitement he really wants to tell her he collaborated with Leng Shuai on this house, but he says, “My friend who owns this villa  is a good friend of the architect and drew the initial design then worked with Clear Sky to make his ideas come to life.

   “Wow your friend that is very talented! Is he an architect  also? “

   “No he is in another line of work.”

   Li Tian  hears them coming down the hallway talking amiably together. What the fuck! I don’t like this one bit! 

    The two of them are laughing as they approach the living room Sun Peizhi freezes when he sees the killing intent radiating  from Li Tian’s dark eyes. He quickly says, “Boss, I need to check on the situation with a motorboat in town.”

   “Good but before you do I need to discuss some business with you first.”

   “I will go see if Mrs. Mu needs help preparing dinner.” Sara scurries away to the kitchen,she can feel the dark aura surrounding Li Tian,she shivers, my God how can anyone live with so much negative energy!  That man really should try  to find a way to relax and calm down.

   After she leaves Li Tian says, “Get me a drink. “

  “What do you want?’

  “I will take a whiskey on ice.”

   Sun Peizhi walks to the bar then pours him a drink. When he hands it to him he says, “What business?”

 “Ask Song Sara if she needs to check her email. Is there a computer here she can use? I have mine in the car but I would rather not be involved.”

  ???  “Yeah, there is a spare laptop in the study.”

  “Do it before you leave.”

   “Will do. Boss.. about Milan.” I need to go but how can I approach the subject without raising suspicion? 

   Li Tian gulps down the whiskey, “What about Milan.”

   Fuck it! I will make up some shit. “I know a guy who belongs to the Rushkov Organization, I think if I went with you I could be of use in finding out Viktor’s whereabouts.”

  “Why didn’t you mention this to me before.”

   “I wasn’t sure he would be in Milan and didn’t want to say anything until I confirmed he could help.” I hope the fucking Russian pri*k will help me, I busted his jaw the last time I saw him when he was drunk and provoking me in Berlin. But then again I did save his life in Serbia.

  “You can go but I have one stipulation, stay the fuck away from Song Sara on the trip.” I don’t like the way she looks at you with those big blue eyes of hers. I should tell her you blindly took another woman off the boat barely returning in time to save her little ass.

   “…” Damn he really is a crazy jealous bastard! But, I need to complete my mission successfully, once I do, the commander said I can take a month off. 

   “Get me another drink then go tell Song Sara she can use the computer.Don’t rush back from town I want some time alone with my woman.”

  “En.” Holy fuck! I won’t miss working for him at all, get me that. .what does that nice girl see in this arrogant bastard anyway? 

   Sara is in the kitchen with Mrs. Mu, “Smells delicious! Do you mind if I add a couple dishes, I feel it is the only way I can thank Sun Peizhi and CEO Li for saving me.”

   Mrs. Mu looks up from the sauce she is stirring on the stove. “I don’t mind..what do you mean saved you?”

   “It is a long story but CEO Li sent Sun Peizhi to rescue me after I was kidnapped.” She opens the door of the refrigerator taking out some shrimp, “Is a shrimp dish okay?”

    Mrs. Mu continues to stir the bubbling sauce,“I was going to make garlic shrimp, I have some  shrimp peeled by the sink, you can use them.” She suddenly drops the spoon and turns around staring at Sara her eyes wide in shock, “ Wait did you just say you were kidnapped?”

   Sara walks over to the sink to rinse the cabbage in her hand, “Yes it was terrifying but Sun Peizhi rescued me shortly before the freighter exploded.He is so brave.”

   Mrs. Mu grabs her chest, her heart is racing, the Young Master saved this girl? Was it the freighter I saw on fire on the television? My Lord!  The Young Master could have died! She grasps the counter with her hand, what kind of job does he have?

  Sara sees her panic stricken face, the old grandma seems fond of Sun Peizhi, worried she hurries over to her, “Are you okay?”

   “Yes, that just sounded so frightening! Thank god you are alright!” And the Young Master! The  Madam would collapse if anything happened to her favorite son!

   Sun Peizhi walks into the kitchen right after Sara gives Mrs. Mu a glass of water. The old lady’s face is pale and there is a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. He rushes over, “Grandma Mu are you alright? What happened?”

   She affectionately puts her hand on his face, “ Young Master..Are you hurt anywhere?”

   He looks over at Sara, dammit! How am I going to explain myself! “Mrs. Mu, I’m his friend Sun Peizhi, Young Master is in England.” 

   “Oh..oh.. I was so stunned. “ She self consciously smiles, “Sun Peizhi..” She pats him on the arm, “You and the Young Master look so much alike this old lady got confused for a moment.”

  Sara softly says, “Come sit down. “ She holds Mrs. Mu’s chubby arm helping her over to a chair. “You rest, I will make dinner. Do you want a cup of tea?” Sara brings the glass of warm water to the table, “Drink some more water.”

   Mrs. Mu waves her arm, “ will be fine if I sit for awhile.” 

   The saucepan on the stove begins to boil over and Sara hurries over to remove it from the heat. 

   Mrs. Mu takes the opportunity to quietly whisper to Sun Peizhi, “I’m sorry this old lady got a shock when the little girl said you saved her after she was kidnapped.”

   He affectionately holds her wrinkled hand smiling, “Just don’t tell anyone, particularly my mother.”

   Mrs. Mu motions as though she is zipping her lips as Sara walks back over to the table. “I took the sauce off in time. I think it didn’t burn, is it for the pork? I can finish preparing the meal you should go lay down.”

   Sun Peizhi looks at Sara, “We can order takeout , Mrs. Mu you should go rest.”

   “No, I’m fine.”

  “I insist, I wouldn’t want to have to explain to your Young Master if you collapsed.” 

   She sheepishly looks at him, his eyes are telling her to go, “I will thank you then.”

   Mrs. Mu stands up to leave and Sara asks, “Do you need help getting to your room?”

   “No please don’t worry this old lady just had a little shock to her system there.” 

   After she leaves Sara apologizes to Sun Peizhi, “I didn’t mean to upset Mrs. Mu I just told her you saved me and I wanted to cook for you.”

   “How could you have foreseen her reaction, she always mistakes me for the Young Master . We can order takeout.”

   Sara starts laughing as she steps over to the bowl of marinated pork, “CEO Li doesn’t seem the type of man who would eat takeout though.”

   Li Tian overheard her laughing at his expense, controlling his temper he casually strolls  into the kitchen. He sips his whiskey, “You are right Sara since you scared the cook you should prepare dinner.”

  “Of course it would be my pleasure to cook for you CEO Li.”  Sara? Sara? What is wrong with that man! Can he say anything without having that cold and overbearing attitude! I was planning on cooking, he didn’t have to be rude and remind me I scared Grandma Mu!

  Sun Peizhi awkwardly tries to relieve the tense atmosphere by changing the subject, “Miss Song I was going to tell you if you need to use a computer to check your emails there is one available in the library.”

  “Really! Thank you! I should check my work emails, I was planning on calling my boss in the morning. CEO Li would you like me to brew some tea for you while you wait for dinner?”

  “No. He hands his glass to Sun Peizhi, “I will take another whiskey.”

   Sara ignores Li Tian who continues to stare at her and begins to fry the pork strips then checks on the rice. She hums a song as she stirs the vegetables in a pan sprinkling some spices on the vegetables. I can feel his eyes burning a hole in my back. What did I do in my previous life to deserve this man’s evil aura surrounding me…Brrr..

   Sun Peizhi returns with Li Tian’s drink after he hands it to him Li Tian says, “Go check on the boat.”

   “Okay..” I was going to wait until after dinner to meet Marley for drinks at the Drunken Clam. Whatever she is cooking it smells delicious.

  “Well, can’t you go after dinner?” I don’t want to be alone with this iceberg.

  “I need to go before the repair shop closes.” Can’t you see the Boss is annoyed and wants to be alone with you? I don’t want to be the third wheel!

  “I wanted to show my appreciation for saving me…you and CEO Li of course,” She smiles sweetly at Li Tian, “ CEO Li do you think he could leave after we eat, the food will be ready shortly.”

 “You can eat first.”  If I say no I look like an asshole. He gulps down his whiskey, “But Sara, I told you to call me Tian.”

 “Thank you CEO Li…Tian” My God that sounds so weird! She picks up the spoon next to the frying pan, “If you two want to go to the table I will bring the dishes in as soon as they are ready.”

  Li Tian and Sun Peizhi walk to the dining room table, “Peizhi did the doctor leave a sedative for Song Sara?”

  “He did. It is in the bottle on the nightstand next to the antibiotics.” 

  Li Tian has a strange look on his face. Good..Very Good. I need to sleep with her tonight I can feel my blood heating up every time I am close to that stupid woman. But from her attitude there is no way she would be willing to warm my bed.

Sara’s Heart Flutters

March 15th is a very special day for me. I met the amazing person who inspired me.❤ His adventurous stories and sense of humor made me find the writer hidden inside of me. I hope my loyal readers enjoy my stories..kira ❤

    A few hours later Li Tian and Sara return from lunch at his business associate, Qiao Rui’s chateau. They enjoyed a delicious and thoughtful lunch prepared by his girlfriend Feng LiMei. Li Tian was able to secure the land he needed for the Mega Mall Project and Sara enjoyed meeting Feng LiMei. Everything went smoothly until after dessert on the patio. Qiao Rui’s beautiful young girlfriend performed a Sword Dance with illusionary qualities then collapsed unconscious. Sara noticed Li Tian’s trepidation to get involved when they witnessed the harrowing scene of Qiao Rui attempting to revive Feng LiMei. 

  She is hesitant to ask Li Tian but when they arrive at his villa she can’t contain her curiosity asking, “CEO Li, you know martial arts right?”

   He walks over to the bar to pour a drink. “I do. Sara, it is best to forget what happened at Qiao Rui’s chateau.”

  “Of course I would respect their privacy. But I am very curious about something.”


   He hasn’t mentioned anything about the Tianshu Sword Dance and she wants to know if he saw and heard what she did.

  “Well, watching Feng LiMei dance I wanted to know if you saw the same illusionary grisly scene I did.” Sara heard ancient pipa and qin music. When Feng LiMei was dancing she saw a horrific sword battle where Feng LiMei killed dozens of black clothed men. Finally killing the last one her clothes splattered in the men’s blood. It was very realistic.


 “Could you hear the sound of a pipa then a thundering qin. Men screaming and wailing as they died?”

 “Could.” He finishes his glass of whisky slightly unnerved by Feng LiMei’s Sword Dance.

  “How do you explain it?”

  “Can’t.” He really has no idea of how to explain what they witnessed. Li Tian believes in mysticism after being trained by a Master but he has never actually seen any metaphysical phenomenon. He knows his aura is very dark and Sara’s bright warm aura balances him and calms his turbulent qi… but to actually see something like a strange vision no..he has never. When a Black Dragon flew out from the hilt of the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword he could feel a cold wind sweep over him from its expansive wings as it circled the cliff. The eerie feeling gave him a chill down his spine.

  Sara can sense people’s auras and if something triggers her ability she has fortune telling  capabilities so she is very open to the metaphysical world. But, what she felt and saw was extremely disturbing. When I get back to Catang City I want to discuss the Tianshu Sword Dance with  Grandmother. She knows a knowledgeable Buddhist monk at the Yunshu Temple.

 “CEO Li..Umm..well nevermind.”

 “Song Sara, I will give a little advice. Do not befriend Feng LiMei. I saw you were getting along well with the woman at the chateau but in the future avoid contact.”

  Sara never saw any darkness surrounding Feng LiMei even when she was dancing in that horrific illusion which is why she is more confused. She had a golden aura as she collapsed onto the cherry blossom covered ground after the Sword Dance. After that comment she doesn’t want to say she asked LiMei to attend the Jewelry Competition.

  “I am going to make a cup of tea and rest until we need to leave for the Jewelry Competition.”

   “That is a good idea. The stylist will be here at six.”

   After Sara walks to the kitchen Li Tian calls Yang James, “Find out all the information you can about a woman named Feng LiMei. Also the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.”

  “Didn’t you get that black sword to exchange for the land?”

  “Done. I thought Qiao Rui wanted it because he collects that type of shit. But now I am not so sure.”

   “Will do. Also while you are on the phone I wanted to tell you all the retail space and condos have been sold out at the Waterfront Towers. When you get back did you want to hold the opening ceremony.”

  “All sold?”

  “Every one and I held the space you told me not to sell. It got pushed through the zoning board as you expected after you reined in the Long Family.”

  Li Tian finishes his drink, “Yang James do you believe in metaphysics?”



  “You are asking the wrong person…haha…Don’t you remember I told you about my maternal grandmother and her brothers. They were well known exorcists in Shenshuan.”

  “You didn’t answer, do you believe.”

   “I went with my Great Uncle Ru when I was ten to exorcise a woman ghost from a newlywed’s home. I have never been so terrified in my life. More so than when I was in the Army facing the enemy.” Yang James takes off his gold rimmed glasses and leans back in his chair. ” Great Uncle Ru was supposed to train me but I ran into the woods when he started chanting and putting talismans inside the house and the room had an spooky feeling. Scared shitless I hid behind a rock when and… I am not fucking with you Boss I saw my Uncle thrown out of the house and float in the air. I pissed my pants and started crying.” Now it seems ridiculous but I was fucking ten. “Then I heard a gentle woman’s voice whispering, “Don’t cry little boy. When my husband returns from the war we…” Then I heard the woman’s shrill scream as my Uncle approached chanting and throwing a yellow talisman in the direction of the voice..  I fainted and later my Great Uncle was laughing telling my mother I had no talent. I was afraid of a third level ghost and peed my pants. The old fart still taunts me whenever we have a New Year’s gathering.”

   “So you do believe?”


  “Okay. Get the information I asked and send me an email. As far as the Waterfront Tower opening, find an auspicious day.”

  “Will do.” Auspicious day? When did the Boss ever…what the hell happened in Paris…

  Li Tian hangs up and sits down on the couch crossing his legs. He leans his head back then closes his eyes thinking about Song Sara. His phone rings when he answers he says, Julien.”

  “The Midnight Lover’s Necklace is repaired. I will bring it to the Competition and meet you there at eight.”

  “Julien the judges that were bribed have been exposed and the Competiton will be fair. I know you have been striving for this prize and I think it is within your grasp.”

  “Thank you Tian for your support. If I win it will not only benefit me but it will open the door for LTJ to move into the American market.”

  “I had my men in New York find a suitable store to renovate for a Spring Opening.”

  Julien smiles having Li Tian as a powerful backer has helped him establish himself as a well known young jewelry designer. “ Tian, your confidence in me is well..very much appreciated.”

  “It was my pleasure to thwart that bastard Phillipe’s attempt to ensure his son Albert’s victory. Besides the fact I think you will win on your own merit even without those men’s votes, I hate men who stoop to cheating to win.”

  “Did Miss Song decide on a dress?”

  “Yes. I think it will compliment the necklace well without distracting the judges.”

  “Then we will see you at the Etienne Hotel at is in the Versailles room correct?”


  Sara took a shower then fell  asleep.  She is awakened by a knocking sound. Slowly getting up she stretches then slowy walks to the bedroom door, “Yes?”

  “Miss Song, my name is Brittany Brimmette, I am here to dress you for the event.”

“ Oh.” She rubs her eyes, is it six o’clock already? It feels like I just barely fell asleep. She opens the door and a pretty young woman walks in holding a dress followed by another older woman with a makeup case.

  Sara is half asleep as they dress her and put on delicate makeup. When they finish she is happy with the result the light blue beaded gown has an elegant fishtail and a beautiful simple design. The heart shaped bodice is not too low  but will showcase the necklace. The waist is snug and the slit on the side only exposes my calf. After the hairstylist fixes Sara’s hair she puts a sparkling diamond clip on the side sweeping up half the curled black hair hanging to her waist. The woman says, “You have beautiful silky hair Miss Song.”

  “Thank you.”

   She smiles brightly at the stylist when she stands and looks in the full length mirror. “I like it!”

“Miss Song, you are very lucky to wear this dress, CEO Li had it designed specifically for you by Chloe as a rush job. The CEO is not only incredibly handsome and powerful but so considerate. I have admired CEO Li for a long time, I used to work for him at LTJ Paris. He always appeared so unreachable and aloof when he would come to the store. I had no idea he could be this thoughtful. Li Tian is definitely a woman’s dream man. Haha..”

  “,…”  CEO Li had this amazing dress made especially for for me? Sara looks at how the incredibly beautiful dress fits her perfectly and her heart flutters.

Black Dragon Club

    Emmi finishes her beer then orders a Baijui and another beer glaring across the room at Zheng Muyan. “YaoYao, I want to have fun tonight. Even if the talent show is a scam we can drink all night for free.”

   Ruan YaoYao sees the deep sadness in Emmi’s eyes. It must have been hard to face Zheng Muyan unexpectedly. Although Emmi  stayed strong in front of Zheng Muyan as her close friend YaoYao knows how he hurt Emmi’s pride. “What the heck..why not!” She raises her glass and clinks it with Emmi’s half empty glass. “It isn’t often I get out of practice to go have fun!”

   Emmi has an idea and finishes her beer, “Let’s get a hotel room so we can change and not worry about going back to the dorm.”


   Emmi pays the bill and the two girls say goodbye to Grandpa Wu. Emmi tells YaoYao,“I have the two outfits I modeled on the livestream. I think the jumpsuit will fit you, might be a little tight around your chest.”

   Ruan YaoYao remembers the cute jumpsuit, “I can leave it open then with the camisole I’m wearing  underneath.”

   “Good idea!”

    “The Han family’s Harborview Hotel isn’t far. We can get a room there.”

   When the man behind the frontdesk tells Emmi the price of a room she hesitates then thinks about Zheng Muyan’s face. She furrows her eyebrows and hands the woman her credit card.

   In the elevator YaoYao says,”I will pay you half, give me your phone.”

  “No. This is my treat.”

  “I can’t let you pay that much money!”

  “Someone has been gifting me on my livestream. They must be really rich haha..think of it as them paying for the hotel room.”

  Zhen Sihao sneezes as he is driving to his Club.

  They enter the hotel room and YaoYao gasps, “This room is gorgeous!” Emmi lazily walks over to the window and looks at the city lights. “Come look at this view it is amazing.”

   Besides the city lights they can see the harbor. “The restaurant is on the rooftop I will be working at this weekend and has a panoramic view.”

   “Cool. Are you nervous Emmi, my father was talking with my mother about Ming’s restaurant. They couldn’t get a reservation until next month. It is popular with celebrities and was featured in a couple magazines recently. Waiting on those type of snobbish people can’t be easy.”

  “I’m a little apprehensive but it’s a good opportunity to make extra money. I won’t let anyone bully me. Hmm.. The Ruans are one of the elite families in Bashu City..they need to wait for a reservation? Emmi notices the small refrigerator and her eyes light up, “Should we see what is in the mini bar?”

    YaoYao comes rushing over with her brown eyes wide blocking the bar.“Don’t open. Hotel’s overcharge like crazy for those little bottles of alcohol.”

   Emmi puts her hand on her friend’s shoulder while looking into her worried eyes, “We can each have one, at the Club the drinks will be free.”

    They look through the small bottles then see a bottle of champagne for two. Emmi and YaoYao excitedly look at each other, “YES!”

   “Let’s get dressed then drink it.”

    After they both shower Emmi puts on  the pink embroidered top and black tulle skirt she modeled at the harbor earlier. YaoYao puts on the black and white jumpsuit, “What do you think Emmi?”

  “You look like Yang Mi but more beautiful!”

   YaoYao hugs Emmi, “You are so talented! This jumpsuit is so cool! I want to buy it!”

   “Sorry YaoYao I sold it to Little Fluff on the livestream. I will discount it for her since I let you wear it tonight haha. I don’t think she will care.”

   They happily laugh as they apply makeup when they are finished they walk out onto the balcony. Emmi’s green eyes sparkle as she pops the cork on the Champagne bottle trying to hurry as it foams out the top she fills their glasses. “To winning the 10,000 yuan or just getting drunk on free drinks! Hahaha”

   When they leave the hotel room they link arms on the way to the elevator, YaoYao giggles, “I heard the Black Dragon Club belongs to a mysterious Young Master and it is popular with the Golden Bachelors. Do you think we will see them?”

  “YaoYao get your head out of the clouds haha. They don’t mingle on the first floor, they have private rooms upstairs.” Emmi has heard her cousin Chen Ji talk about going to clubs with his friends.

   She pushes the elevator button. “Yeah, you are probably right.”

  When they get outside Emmi shivers, “We should have brought jackets.”

  YaoYao spots a taxi and waves. “Don’t worry it will be hot in the Club.”

  When they arrive there are women standing in a line outside waiting to get into the Club. Emmi shivers,“Well,YaoYao we might freeze out here before we get into the Club… haha.”

  “We have those VIP cards.” She pulls Emmi to step around the women. “There should be a VIP door.”

   A group of heavily made up women who look to be in their late twenties start grumbling and Emmi looks at their angry faces, “Hurry then before these Aunties eat us alive.”

One of the women hears her comment and tries to grab Emmi’s arm, “Who are you calling an Auntie!”

Emmi laughs mischievously as she avoids her outstretched arm and the women stumbles in her 10cm heels, “Should have said Grandma..haha..” She scurries away towards the front door as the woman rubs her ankle.

   They show the VIP passes to the stone faced man at the door and he stamps their hands with a Black Dragon, “Go in that door.”

  Once inside the music is deafening Emmi pulls on YaoYao’s thin arm, “So loud!”

  YaoYao excitedly glances around at the luxurious bar and the colored lights flashing on the crowded dance floor. “WOW!” She is a sheltered girl from a prestigious family and has never been to a Club.

   Emmi stands on her tiptoes, YaoYao is much taller than she is and screams in her ear, ”TOO LOUD! IS THERE ANOTHER BAR?”


   They walk through the drunk crowd towards the back. There is another quieter bar with leather couches and low glass tables with candles on them. Emmi breathes a sigh of relief. “This is better.” They find a couch and sit down, “I wonder when the talent show begins?”

  YaoYao looks at Emmi with a concerned expression, “Are you sure you want to participate?”

  Emmi looks for a cocktail server, “Why not! If I win I am 10,000 yuan richer. If I lose like I said I will get a buzz for free.”

   A tall pretty woman wearing black leather shorts, a red silk short top and 10cm red high heels walks by ignoring them. Emmi tries to get her attention but to no avail. “YaoYao, I am going up to the bar, what do you want?”

  “I will come too.”

  “No someone might take our seat and this is a comfortable spot.”

  Neither one knows this area is reserved for escorts. Men come to this area to find women to accompany them to the private rooms.

  Emmi strolls up to the bar and orders two gin and tonics with a lime. The bartender waits for payment and Emmi confidently shows him the Black Dragon stamp on her hand. He nods and watches her walk away, Beautiful girl but looks awfully young. Usually the Boss has Mo Yimo hire more mature looking women. He wipes off the blue granite bar where a few drops of liquid can be seen. None of my business what these perverts like.

  Emmi hands YaoYao the drink, “AH CRAP! I forgot to ask him when the talent show begins!’

  She decides to wait until she has another drink then will ask the bartender.

  The couches where scantily clad women were seated are slowly emptying. Two drunk middle aged men approach Emmi and YaoYao, after they pass one man responds to the other, “Fuck no..I would feel like I was fucking my daughter. Yeah the one looks ripe but the other one doesn’t even look like she has more than a handful.”

  Emmi and YaoYao are oblivious to the strange looks they are getting and chat about school. After they finish their drinks Emmi lazily walks back up to the bar, “Two more please.”

   When he comes back with the drinks she gives him a tip and says, “What time is the talent show?”

  “What talent show?”

   “The man with the flyers at the harbor said there is a talent show here tonight that is why my friend and I are here,”

   The bartender looks over at YaoYao then laughs, “Haha that explains it.. Haha.” He wondered why the two girls were sitting there happily talking with no customers. Most of the women are hungry and if they aren’t chosen sit with scowls on their faces. They certainly don’t talk to their rivals.

   Emmi knocks on the bar to get his attention,“Hey handsome! What is so funny?”

 “Ah nothin..” Then he decides to tease Emmi and leans over the bar and takes her wrist. “See that Black Dragon, the reason you get free drinks is because..” Emmi pulls her hand away, “Because why!”

   “This area is for men to hook up with you.”

   “Hook up?’ She raises her voice, ” HOOK UP!” Emmi’s face turns bright red as she stares at the handsome bartender’s amused expression. She isn’t one to take a loss so she composes herself then nonchallantly says, “I have the stamp so I still get free drinks right? It is my choice if I go with a man or not… I mean I could choose a woman right”

    ??? “…”??? “…”

  Emmi curls her lips in a satisfied smile then winks at him. Picking up the drinks off the bar. Once sitting down she gazes at YaoYao’s innocent expression looking around the lively bar. Best if I don’t tell YaoYao the situation. She sees the bartender looking in their direction and she puts her arm around YaoYao. He is still staring at them so she scoots her butt across the couch to sit closer to YaoYao to dispel any doubts he might have. “The bartender doesn’t know the time. After this drink lets go to the front of the Club by the dance floor.”

   Zheng Muyan and his friend Gu Chen are looking for Emmi and YaoYao. Zheng Muyan pushes through the crowd, I distinctly heard them say they were coming to the Black Dragon Club.


This chapter Only 18 and older..

   Before Rui leaves Paris he tells Cheng to stop at LTJ Paris to find a piece of jewelry to surprise LiMei. When he enters the store because of his outstanding good looks and the two muscular bodyguards following he attracts the attention of several women. A saleswoman’s eyes light up when she notices his Limited Edition Cartier Black Diamond watch. She rushes over, “Can I help you?”

  “I want to see the Navarre Pink Collection.”

  “Certainly.Please come with me. We have a private room where you can view the collection.”

  A  frequent customer of LTJ, a socialite named Lois Cadieux notices Rui. She is here to pick out a set of jewelry to wear to the International Jewelry Competition being held tomorrow night. Lois pulls the arm of the saleswoman next to her whispering, “Viv, do you know that handsome man?”

   She shakes her head, “Non. I have never seen him in the store before.”

   Lois overheard Rui ask about Navarre’s Pink Collection. “Viv, I want to see the Pink Diamond Lotus Necklace.”

   “Now? But Marielle just took a customer into the private viewing room. I can’t intrude, she is the Manager.”

   Lois whispers something in Viv’s ear and she feels her knees go weak. A layer of sweat forms on her forehead,“Miss wouldn’t!”

   Lois sneers, “Would. Now let’s go.” She points her finger towards the private room then licks her lips. I must have that delicious looking man.

  Viv regrets greeting Lois, she purses her red lips and reluctantly walks through the luxurious shop to the private room.

  The private room has a comfortable white leather couch and a contemporary glass table. There is a bottle of fine wine on the table for the customer to enjoy while looking at the jewelry. “Monsieur, would you care for a glass of wine?” She doesn’t wait for Rui to answer and pours him a glass. Customers tend to spend more after a couple gasses of wine and are easier to handle.  “I will be right back with the Navarre Pink Collection”

   When the saleswoman hasn’t returned yet Rui frowns looking at his watch. He wants to get back to the chateaux to be with LiMei.

   Outside the room Lois Cadieux wants to go inside but Rui’s bodyguard René tells her she can’t enter. They are arguing in French when the Manager walks up followed by another man carrying velvet cases. She glares at Viv but smiles at Lois Cadieux, “Miss Cadieux, there is a gentleman waiting to see this jewelry. Viv can take you to the  Blue Rose Room.”

  “Miss Piate is this how you manage your store? I am a VIP customer and I requested to see Navarre’s Pink Collection before that gentleman came into the store. Do I need to inform my father of your incompetence! My family spends a great deal of money at LTJ!”

  Marielle Piate looks at the two bodyguards blocking the door and sighs, “Miss Cadieux, LTJ appreciates your family’s patronage but.. I can’t disrespect the gentleman inside patiently waiting. If you had mentioned you wanted to see this collection first..well..but unfortunately you did not. If you have a problem with my decision please feel free to call LTJ headquarters and complain.” 

   Lois humphs as she follows Viv to the next room and the Manager enters the room where Rui is waiting. “I’m sorry I was held up. Here are the pieces you wanted to see.” She opens several black velvet cases. “This is his latest piece, the Pink Lotus, this bracelet has 25 pink diamonds each one is 2 carats of the most exquisite and purest pink diamonds, the gold is 24 carat. As you can see the gold with the pink diamonds is each in the shape of a delicate pink lotus. The necklace is an intricate single pink lotus design created using a 15 carat pink diamond.”

  “I don’t need to see the other pieces.” Rui hands her his black card, I will take these.”

  She can barely contain her excitement; the necklace and bracelet combined are 75 million euros. Oh my God! My will be huge! HUGE!” The Manager’s hands are trembling as she takes his black card.

  Rui’s lips curl up in a smile, the Pink Lotus jewelry will look beautiful on LiMei’s snow white skin. When the woman comes back with his card and the jewelry Rui wants to call LiMei but he decides he will surprise her instead.

  When Rui arrives at the chateaux he hears someone in the kitchen. He thinks it is LiMei and he hurries into the room. 

  Noelle looks up from the stove greeting him with a bright smile, “CEO Qiao. Dinner will be ready soon.”

  Disappointed that it is the cook he frowns, “Where is Feng LiMei?”

  “Miss Feng? I don’t know.” Noelle notices the bag in his hand. She can see the black velvet boxes peeking out the top of the gold colored bag printed with LTJ and feels extremely jealous of LiMei. What is so good about that little slut !

  Noelle knows LiMei is in the Game Room but doesn’t want to say then thinks about it. That big rugged looking bodyguard came and got beer. Maybe they are getting drunk. It would be great if Qiao Rui caught the little bitch fooling around. I saw the way that frosty looking bodyguard was gazing affectionately at Feng LiMei. “Oh that’s right ! The handsome bodyguard..ah.. I mean Morgan came and got beer for them. Miss Feng is in the Game Room playing games with the two bodyguards.”

  Rui’s face turns black and he immediately turns around darting out of the kitchen dropping the LTJ bag on the floor. He races up the two flights of stairs and angrily opens the door of the Game Room. 

   After neither Morgan or Hak Byung-soo wanted to play a game LiMei decided to use the karaoke machine to sing. She is clutching the microphone and singing a sad love song by her male idol Kang Jin when the door opens. Rui stands in the doorway listening to her sweet voice echo through the room. He is mesmerized staring at LiMei’s sexy appearance while she is singing. A storm is brewing in his pitch black eyes and he clenches his fist at his side. What the fuck has been going on while I was gone. Luckily for Morgan and Hak Byung-soo they are across the room looking out the window. Morgan heard Rui open the door and immediately pulled Hak Byung -soo over to the window. He lowered his voice and said “Ignore Feng LiMei or we are both dead.” A moment before they were both by the bar staring at LiMei’s soulful ‘performance’.

LiMei doesn’t notice Rui right away because she is immersed in the song. When she notices him she drops the microphone on the floor, “WuuWURuiI!”  LiMei drunkenly stumbles as she runs into his arms. LiMei smiles happily as she wraps her arms around him. “Youwoo tooook sooo wong.”

  He glares at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo by the window then growls, “GET OUT!” I will deal with you bastards later! LiMei is obviously drunk! 

  LiMei takes his large hand in her tiny palm and drags Rui over to the couch. She innocently looks up at him, her face is flushed and her long black eyelashes flutter. “Sit.I will sing wouu a song.”

  Rui’s eyes are red and full of jealousy as he pulls LiMei onto his lap. His eyes are glued on her swan like neck and delicate collarbone exposed in the off the shoulder dress. Dammit! Any man would be tempted looking at LiMei in this dress. I don’t remember telling Chloe to include this dress in the clothes she sent to the chateaux.The thought of the two men watching LiMei in her intoxicated state incites his dark possessiveness.

He has his hand on the back of her neck and passionately kisses her lips, licking and biting. Rui inhales her light jasmine fragrance and his heart starts racing.He slides his hand up under the layers of the apricot chiffon dress rubbing and squeezing the soft mound through her thin silk underwear. He bites her earlobe. “Baby, you are so wet already.” He possessively grabs her wet sensitive spot then slides his finger underneath rubbing hee nub. She squirms twisting her small butt on his crotch. “Mmmmm” Rui’s deep voice sounds hoarse and filled with lust as his warm breath tickles her neck. “Do you want it ? Baby..tell me you want it.” He is hard but wants to punish LiMei.

  She bites her bottom lip and gazes at his incredibly handsome face so close. “Ahh.. so handsome..” LiMei’s charming smile and her starry eyed expression captivate Rui. He quickly looks away from her tender gaze. No…I need to teach LiMei a lesson.She was very naughty.

Rui pinches her little nub between his fingers and LiMei gasps as a pleasurable sensation spreads throughout her sensitive body. A stream of honey gushes out of her flower hole from his stimulation. He holds up his wet finger then licks the honey dripping down. LiMei blushes watching him then he says, Baby, you taste so good.” as he rubs the finger across her soft pink lips then kisses LiMei. LiMei thinks Rui doesn’t sound like his usual self but is drunk and doesn’t think much about it.

Rui has a demonic gleam in his eyes he is still holding her small hand on the tent formed in his pants. “You have to say you want me to fuck you.” He is still angry at LiMei and he wants to hear LiMei be lewd. He plays with a strand of her silky hair, “Say, fuck me hard Rui.”

“Ruwwwi. Umm.. I waaant..I waaant. Fu..fuck me.” LiMei feels on fire from his touch and responds using her small tongue to pry open his mouth. While she tangles her tongue with his she restlessly continues to rub her round bottom on his lap.

   Rui pushes LiMei down on the wide comfortable couch tossing off the extra pillows He wants to dominate her body and soul as he hungrily tears the beautiful dress revealing LiMei’s beige lace bra. After he rips the bra from her body he sucks on her erect pink bud while kneading her other breast. He wants to crush her into his bones and punish LiMei after watching the scene when he opened the door of the Game Room. Rui’s pitch black eyes are filled with desire as he leans down and kisses LiMei’s face then rains kisses down her neck leaving his marks on her tender skin. After nibbling her ear he seductively whispers, “Baby…you are so beautiful..” as his finger spreads her flower petals and invades her tight tunnel thrusting in and out. Rui grows his voice low and sexy, “Say my name, LiMei.”

    LiMei arches her back and wraps her slender arms around his waist. Breathlessly whispering, “Mmmm..WuRuuui.”

    He has a volcano about to erupt inside him as he hurriedly strips off his shirt then unbuckles his belt. Once he unzips his pants his huge dragon is released, the tip glistening. He wants to punish LiMei for her seductive appearance while singing in front of Morgan and Hak Byung-so.He pictures her pink mouth opening and closing while she sang the sweet lyrics. The way her long black hair hung loosely down the front of the thin almost nude colored dress to her tiny waist. Gazing down her slender snow white legs swaying as she tried to keep her balance. The image of LiMei’s face flushed red and her hazy deep green eyes flashes across his mind.

Consumed by jealous rage Rui impulsively turns LiMei over and slaps her small round bottom leaving a large red handprint. LIMei squeals, “Ahh..hurts.”  He slaps her again leaving another handprint on her tender skin, “You were a naughty girl LiMei…You are mine..only mine..You can only sing for me.”

Rui gets very turned on seeing LiMei’s innocent face dyed red with lust so he turns her over to face him again. He kisses the tears from the corners of her eyes then spreads her slender thighs with his large hand then puts his hardness at the entrance of her tunnel. He wants LiMei to fully submit and beg him to fuck her only then will he feel reassured.

Rui arouses her further by rubbing the tip of his pillar over her red and swollen nub then back and forth across her flower petals teasing without inserting his throbbing erection. LiMei cries out with a soft obscene voice, “ Only yours..Pleassse Rui I itchy.” She arches her hips and puts her small hand on his huge shaft. He gazes at her incomparably gorgeous face she looks like a little kitten in heat.

  LiMei is dripping nectar and he gets excited listening to her coquettish moans. He wants to enter but he holds back, enduring so he can continue to tease LiMei.Rui has a devilish gleam in his eyes as he growls in a low raspy voice, “Baby, what do you need?”

  “You..ahhh..inside..fill me uppp..” LiMei’s body is burning up from the torture of feeling the tip of his hardness rubbing her nub and flower petals.The alcohol has intensified her desires and the the waves of blissful pleasure and her sensitive body trembles from Rui toying with her. He knows how to drive her crazy teasing her with his touch.

  “ What ? “

LiMei has lost her rationality and her breathing is chaotic as his touch leaves a trail of fire. Her body is flushed red and she is writhing under him. Tingling in pain she pleads, “Fu..fu..fuck me. Give it to me ! I’m gonna dieee..pleasssse.”

Rui’s eyes are pitch black when he sees LiMei has a muddled expression on her face.He pinches her chin and makes her look into his accusatory deep eyes. LiMei looks out of she thinking of one of those fucking bodyguards. “Who am I.”

    LiMei is moaning and making lewd sounds from his intense teasing.“ Ruiii”

   Rui’s pitch black eyes are clouded with desire gazing at her delicate pink flower petals and narrow entrance. He has a satisfied smile listening to LiMei as he inserts his eager erection into her slick tight tunnel. He thrusts in and out while LiMei moves underneath his strong body welcoming his invasion. He groans from the intense and indescribable pleasure as her wet walls squeeze the most sensitive part of his thick shaft . “Ummm..”Only mine..

He holds onto her slim waist as they tangle their bodies, rythmically thrusting keeping a tempo of shallow then deep thrusts. Not leaving a gap between their hot bodies only the sound of flesh slapping together can be heard.

When LiMei’s nectar heavily flows down his thick shaft it fans the flames of desire and he accelerates his movements. Pumping faster and harder Rui feels overwhelming ecstasy as he slams his huge pillar deep inside LiMei’ tight wet tunnel. I will make you only have me in your eyes LiMei.

   Once he unleashes the beast inside of him he continues to mercilessly pound into the depths of her petite body.  Sweat is dripping off his muscular chest down onto her plump breasts covered in red marks and Rui’s breathing becomes ragged. The way LiMei’s warm narrow cave tightens around his huge member and sucks it in deeper sends an electric current up his spine. He wants to release but he holds back, his brows draw together as he controls the urge to fill LiMei up with his seed. He licks and sucks on her breasts then twirls his hot tongue on her erect bud as he continues to plunge deep inside.

  LiMei’s feels dizzy as Rui holds onto her slim waist lifting her slender legs onto his shoulders while constantly ramming and ruthlessly colliding into her twitching walls, “Too fast..too deeeeep..Ahhh..” The fiery heat flowing through her body and the intense pleasure overwhelms LiMei; she screams, “Noo..Noo more..AHHHH!RUIIIII! She presses her hands on his hard abdomen trying to push him away but her resistance incites him further and he thrusts deeper. LiMei’s sweet honey flows down making her tunnel very slippery allowing him to slide in and out while accurately hitting her most sensitive spot. LiMei shudders digging her nails into him. “Too big! Noooo..Ahhh Ruiii! So Big!”

  Listening to LiMei’s kittenish voice begging for mercy combined with her small hands on his waist is intoxicating. He completely loses control and is on the brink of madness from the euphoria he feels while possessing his beloved woman. “Nngh…. Baby..Your little p***y belongs to me…Ahhh…Ummm..Your wet p****y good…” as he thrusts deep inside creating a bulge in her stomach. Rui is unable to hold back any longer. He spasms and groans in ecstasy shooting his seed deep inside of LiMei. She quivers and her nectar flows out mixing with his essence, drained of all her energy from his savage penetration she loses consciousness.

  Rui stays inside of LiMei as he hugs her delicate body covered with his love bites to him. He brushes her wet hair off of her face and kisses her red and swollen lips. He realizes he wasout of control and too reckless, he whispers, “Baby, I’m sorry.” He kisses LiMei’s face and hugs her exhausted body tighter in his arms. He nibbles on her delicate small ear. “You shouldn’t have been a bad girl.. You don’t know how my heart tightened and hurt when I saw your alluring appearance in front of those two fucking men. I wanted to kill them.” He puts his hand on her mound that is drenched with their i intermingled essences. “Baby, your sweet little p***y belongs to me…you are only mine…  I will never let you go.”


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    Rui goes into his soundproof study down the hallway from the living room. First, he calls Rene to tell him they will be leaving soon for Paris. He also gives him the instructions for the men who are remaining at the chateau. Afterwards Rui opens his silver laptop using facial recognition to unlock the high tech device. Rene acquired the laptop from one of his contacts who he worked with when he was in Special Forces. The computer expert is a rare talent and for an extra charge he installed unique software recently developed by him for French Cyber Security.  Additionally, the computer is equipped with a modulator that changes the timbre of Rui’s voice and enables him to speak any language perfectly. Rui’s location is untraceable when he uses he laptop so he can be assured no one can trace his call.

   When he connects a man speaking Arabic with a rough voice answers the call. Rui tells him, “I will contact you in two hours. Is everything ready?”

   “Yes Zayn. The general received his instructions and the initial payment. ”

   Rui taps his pen on the antique wooden desk, “ Make it clear to him that I can’t have any delay.”

  “The plan is foolproof. It is all set. My brother in law works loading the trucks on the lower level of the facility. ”

   “I transferred half of the payment to an account set up for you in the Caymans. I will send you the encoded information. When I receive the video I will send the final payment. You and your family should relocate.”

    The short bald man plays with a black dagger in his hand. “Do I have your permission to kill that bastard Samman?” 

  “Your revenge will have to wait, Akeem. If you want to torture him..hmm.. well, I have no problem with that.. but..leave the slimy bastard alive. I need him to be able to speak..legibly.”

   “En.” Akeem has a sinister smile exposing his two gold front teeth as he hangs up. He walks over to a couch where a young emaciated dark haired girl is holding her knees shivering. She looks about sixteen although she just graduated from University and is twenty as of last month. The disheveled girl’s features are similar to the older woman sitting next to her rubbing the girl’s matted hair.

  She gives the girl a sip of water and the girl spits it out knocking the glass from the startled woman’s hand. The woman’s thin face is tear stained and her hand trembles touching the young girls chapped lips. “Mommy wants you to drink. Please baby, please swallow the water.”

 The girl looks at her mother with lifeless sunken brown eyes as she shakes her head wildly back and forth.

  Akeem walks over to the two, speaking in Arabic to the haggard looking woman he sounds worried, “Shari, the doctor will be here soon. He can give Nina an infusion, don’t force her to drink.” He tenderly touches the girl’s cheek and she starts screaming, “NO! NO! DON’T TOUCH ME!”

  The woman tries to calm her down but the young girl is flailing her extremely thin arms towards Akeem.

   The Chinese doctor dressed in green and brown camouflage clothes comes into the room witnessing Nina’s agitated appearance. He motions to Akeem to step away from the couch and the man grabs Nina’s twig like arm and in one swift motion injects a sedative into her upper arm. The girl slowly slumps over into her mother’s lap.

  The doctor pats Akeem on his back, “It is not your fault. Stop blaming yourself. How were you to know about the sick bastard’s experiments. She will recover in time with the antidote. He takes out a packet of powder from his black medicine bag.”Mix this powder with a little porridge and feed it to her when she wakes up.” The doctor noticed the water spill and broken glass by the girl so he thinks in food would be the best way to feed her the antidote. “Zayn also is giving you the opportunity to avenge the girl.”

  Akeem hands the doctor a cigar. “Thank you for coming.” Akeem picks up the frail young girl to carry her into the bedroom then lays her on a bed covered in a pink bedspread. The doctor looks around the girl’s room. There are pictures on the wall of some young boys singing and stuffed animals on a shelf. He takes out the infusion drip and motions to a young African man who is following him to set up the infusion pole. He lifts Nina’s limp wrist covered in scars and inserts a needle. The doctor hands the girl’s mother a tube of ointment. “Apply this to the girl’s scars twice a day and in a couple months they will fade away. These pills are anti depressants and this bottle contains a mild sedative. Only use if you feel it is necessary or you could create another problem. The anti depressants can be addictive.”  

  The woman looks at the tube in her hand and the bottles of pills. Her bony fingers are trembling looking at her once beautiful daughter. “What kind of beast..?” She breaks down sobbing and Akeem holds her in his embrace, “Sister, I will get revenge for our sweet Nina.”

   The doctor checks the drip then says, “This is my associate, Kwame Kimathi. He will come by tomorrow to check on the girl. When the drip runs low later, Mrs. Koury change it out with this one. It is very easy to do.” He demonstrates, “Do you understand?”

   Shari nods yes then holds onto his jacket, her raspy voice is full of gratitude, “Thank you..thank you doctor.”

  He pats her hand not sure how to comfort the woman. He is an Army doctor and only came because of the operation. Akeem can’t be distracted this afternoon or my men will die. “I need to return. Akeem here is the number to the clinic. If the girl has any problems, call.”

   Akeem walks out with him, “How did you locate the antidote for the aphrodisiac?

  He doesn’t answer Akeem’s question as he puts on a pair of sunglasses. “Don’t fail today.”

  Akeem opens the door to the small house then turns watching the Chinese doctor and the young African leave in a Jeep. He looks at the clear blue sky then at the children happily playing soccer in the street. 

  After he enters the house his sister hands him a cup of black coffee and then bends over picking up a smashed cup on the floor by the couch. “Akeem…kill that evil man.”

  Akeem drinks the cup of strong coffee then sets it down on the table. He has a worried expression looking towards the shut bedroom door. “Take care of Nina.” Akeem holds a hat with the  Zartech Corporation logo in his weathered hand then picks up a blue work jacket. He affectionately touches his sister’s  face and tucks a few gray strands behind her ear. “ Sister, don’t forget to eat.”  He walks out to his battered blue truck then makes a call as he starts the engine, “I am on my way.”

   At the chateau Rui walks into the kitchen and raises his eyebrow when sees the cook, Noelle standing at the stove. The attractive woman looks up from the sizzling vegetables, smiling at Rui as she greets him, “Dr. Qiao.”

    The last time he was at the chateau he wasn’t the CEO of Qiao Corporation so she thinks it would be best to call him Dr. Qiao. She looks very professional wearing a pair of black straight leg pants and a white long sleeved blouse with a navy blue apron tied around her thin waist. Looking at Noelle you would never know she is a trained assassin. She stirs the shredded pork as she adds the fresh cut vegetables, when Rene called her to come to the chateau to work she was ecstatic at the prospect of seeing Rui again. “I made your fav..” She stops herself, “I made Gingered Chicken Congee. It is almost ready if you want to sit in the dining room, I will bring your tea.”

  After Rui leaves the kitchen she clenches her hand and her knuckles turn white. When she came into the kitchen this morning she was met with the  scene on the floor and counter. Noelle was furious thinking about the slut who seduced her Dr. Qiao. Dirty! Dirty! What a dirty woman! Now Dr. Qiao is ignoring me. I will kill the little bitch! Rene filled her in about how important Feng LiMei is to Qiao Rui not knowing she is obsessed with him.

   LiMei woke up and saw Rui wasn’t in the bed. She got up and although her whole body was sore she took a quick shower. Rui told me last night he had to go into Paris for a meeting. I wonder if he left.Why didn’t he wake me up! She hurriedly puts on a pretty sleeveless dark green dress and looks in the full length mirror. Satisfied she puts on her slippers and uses all her strength to walk down the stairs. When she enters the living room she sees a pretty woman standing next to Rui who is sitting at the dining room table. The woman is smiling and pouring tea for Rui leaning with her chest in his face. What the heck? Who is she!

  LiMei presses her lips together in a straight line and her catlike green eyes have a dark jealous flame burning in them. She stands in the doorway motionless watching the woman flirting with Rui. She is debating if she should interrupt when Cheng and Morgan come walking into the living room. Cheng looks at Morgan, “Why is the little chick just standing there?’

  Morgan barks, “How the hell would I know!”

 LiMei turns around when she hears Morgan bellow at Cheng. Embarrassed that she is peeking into the dining room she walks over to the two men, “Ah hi.. morning.”

  The two tall muscular men look down at LiMei, her face is bright red and she is nervously clutching onto her dress. Cheng answers, “Good Morning Miss Feng.”

  Morgan steps back and his eyes dart around the room not making eye contact. Damn she looks like a little porcelain doll in that dress.

  Cheng’s voice carried into the dining room and Rui stands up, LiMei woke up? He walks towards the living room to see LiMei dwarfed by the two muscular men. She is looking up at Morgan and smiling. He quickly walks to LiMei and takes her petite body into his embrace. He kisses the top of her head, “Baby, why are you up?”

  What?Am I disturbing you and that Auntie? She looks up at Rui, her cheeks are puffed out and she has an angry expression. LiMei blinks her eyelashes composing herself then sweetly says, “I’m sorry. Did I interrupt your breakfast?” 

  Rui doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, is LiMei jealous of Noelle? Now I’m glad I didn’t tell Noelle to get the hell out. I never liked the way the woman stares at me. He lifts her chin then  kisses LiMei, “Of course not.” He has a faint smile thinking about LiMei being jealous. He  takes LiMei’s small hand in his and walks towards the dining room. “Let’s eat together then I have to go to my meeting.” He kisses her then picks her up. When they get to the table he sits with LiMei on his lap. He picks up a piece of egg with his chopstick and feeds LiMei. Rui has a soft gaze staring at her delicate face and his deep voice has a pampering tone, “Baby, I thought you must be tired. I didn’t want to disturb you.”

  “…” Noelle looks at the beautiful petite girl sitting on Rui’s lap. She has snow white skin and her green eyes are sparking under her dense black eyelashes as he feeds her the scrambled eggs. 

 You little bitch!  I didn’t make that food for you! 

  Rui tells Noelle as he uses his napkin to dab LiMei’s pink lips, “Bring Miss Feng some fresh squeezed orange juice.Make sure there is no pulp.” He gives LiMei a sip of water then kisses her pink lips, “Or Baby… do you want cranberry juice?”

 “…”  Noelle’s mouth twitches then she smiles asking LiMei, “Orange or Cranberry?”

   LiMei isn’t listening, she is enjoying the fluffy eggs, WOW..I AM SO HUNGRY! LiMei points at the shredded pork and vegetables,  “Rui, could I have some.”

  He picks up some shredded pork with his chopsticks and feeds her another bite, he looks at Noelle, “Just bring a glass of both.

   The hair on Noelle’s neck stands up as she turns around and walks into the kitchen. Grinding her teeth in anger she slams her hand on the counter, I am going to kill that little slut!

  Oblivious to the murderous vibes leaking out of the kitchen, LiMei forgets she was jealous of Noelle, “Breakfast is really delicious. Rui, what is the cook’s name? I need to thank her for preparing such a delicious breakfast.

Crowded Sidewalk

Love is in the air in Paris- the beautiful City of Love ! ❤ Enjoy the extra chapter..this author appreciates you reading my story! Have an awesome day full of love! ❤

While enjoying her meal Sara sees a different side of Li Tian. This seems to be the first time that I have had a normal conversation with Li Tian. I am surprised he is actually easy to talk to when he isn’t being overbearing. He was actually very witty when he shared a few anecdotes from his trips to Africa. Sara thinks about what Bi had told her about Li Tian, that he was very amiable when she had dinner with him at the Japanese restaurant. Maybe I have been too harsh in judging him.

   After they eat lunch Sara feels more relaxed, she has a sip of water, “I have never eaten Moroccan food before it is really delicious.” Sara’s eyes sparkle. “I really liked the caramelized apples and thin crepes with crushed almonds.” 

  When she says this his lips curl up into a slight smile, he watched Sara take a few photos then devour the sweet dish. Li Tian was impressed with the different flavors infused into the traditional Lamb Tagine with Couscous. “The taste is very authentic.” He hands his black card to the server as he finishes his glass of white wine. 

  “When were you in Morocco?”

 “Last year on business.” Unfortunately I had to go to deal with that bastard Amir Malouf’s mishandling of an important matter.

  She looks around at the  colorful decor of the restaurant. Traditional mosaic tiles and beautiful tapestries adorn the walls.  “I have always wanted to travel, visit different countries and experience different cultures. I enjoy trying ethnic dishes.” 

The server comes back with Li Tian’s black card. He puts it into his black leather Gucci wallet, “Finished?” He considershaving Yang James arrange a trip to Marrakech so they can spend time together. I will mention it after she is more comfortable being with me.

  Sara takes another drink of water, “Yes.” She stands up, “We can walk to the Art Gallery, it is two blocks down the street.”

  The owner opens the door to the restaurant for them and Li Tian puts on his designer sunglasses. He languidly walks over to Kang Mingshun who is leaning against the black Maybach smoking a cigarette, “We will walk.”

  Sara sees that every woman who walks past Li Tian stares at him. She smiles, the beautiful packaging is amazing but..

  He sees Sara’s silly smile while looking at him, “Good looking?”

  She laughs, “Good looking… CEO Li..”


 “Nevermind.” So many women can’t take their eyes off him, I want to ask him why does he bother me?

  He takes Sara’s small hand, she tries to wiggle it out of his grasp and he calmly says, “Too many people. Hold my hand.”

  Sara thinks he is worried because those men grabbed her earlier so she doesn’t resist. She also is still a little afraid from the whole incident.

  Li Tian has a satisfied smile on his handsome face while holding her soft small hand in his large palm. Sara’s natural warmth is travelling through his body calming his turbulent qi. This time I will take it slow and not pressure the little thing.Lunch was the first time she didn’t seem frightened of me. 

  Sara points to the Art Gallery, “Here it is.”

  He sees the name of the Gallery and hides his displeasure, “This is the gallery your friend recommended?”

  “Yes. I like modern art.”

  He opens the door and when they enter Sara gasps looking at a tall abstract bronze sculpture, She didn’t tell me that there are sculptures on exhibit here by Davinne.

  Li Tian stands next to Sara still holding her hand as she admires a bronze sculpture of a ??.He rolls his eyes, What the fuck is it supposed to be?

A stylishly dressed woman wearing an electric blue wrap dress sways her hips seductively as she approaches them. The beautiful woman has wavy long red hair and round brown eyes with full red lips. As she walks towards them her 10cm heels soundlessly glide over the marble floor. Sara can’t help but think she is one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen. The woman smiles showing her perfect white teeth which contrast prettily with her bright red lips. “Tian.” She gazes at Sara, “You must be Long An.” Lois knows very well that the young girl next to him is not Long An but she wants to see his reaction. Dare to bring a woman to my Gallery!

  Sara looks at her hand realizing she and Li Tian must look like a couple. She quickly takes her hand away before he reacts. Sara’s face turns bright red, “CEO Li, I am going to look at the paintings.” She hurries away to avoid further humiliation.

  Li Tian’s face blackens as he watches Sara’s back get farther away. Dammit! I knew when I saw the name of the Gallery we shouldn’t come inside. He doesn’t bother to respond and lazily walks over to Sara leaving Lois standing there stunned.

    Sara is in a daze staring at a painting depicting a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The sky is dark and ocean waves are crashing into the cliff, one solitary light is coming from a window on the second floor of the house.  Tears are forming at the corner of Sara’s eyes and her heart tightens with a sense of familiarity and pain. Li Tian sees her crying and thinks the reason is because of Lois’ snide remark. He can’t restrain himself taking Sara into his arms wiping away her tears with his fingers. Overcome with melancholy Sara clutches onto his suit jacket burying her head in his chest. He smoothes her hair and in a gentle comforting tone says, “Don’t cry.”

   She clings onto him while her heart beats erratically.Images of a beautiful woman standing on a winding staircase crying flash across her mind. Suddenly Sara comes to her senses and looks up at him, Oh my God! What am I doing. Sara blushes face and her voice trembles, “CEO..Sorry..sorry..I..well..the painting..” Flustered she steps back wiping her cheeks with her hand. Li Tian has a knowing expression, the little girl is upset because of that bitch Lois and is covering up. I will play along. “Is this the artist’s work you you wanted to see?”

     “Well, I’m not familiar.. but this painting is very moving.” Sara can’t look at the desolate imagery anymore,  “I wonder who the artist is?” He pours a lot of emotion into his painting. Despair..loneliness..She shivers as she walks towards another group of paintings. She wants to get her mind off that dark painting. “CEO Li, Did you see anything you like.” Li Tian is distracted and doesn’t immediately answer. Song Sara is very sensitive and vulnerable. That must be why she avoids getting involved, she is afraid of being hurt. Maybe I could use that to keep her by my side.  He answers honestly, “No.” His interest lies with ancient Chinese artwork.

   Sara can see he is bored and she wants to leave. She feels the atmosphere in the Gallery is stifling. I want to breathe some fresh air to calm down. “Well, I have seen enough, we can leave if you want.”

  “Where do you want to go next?”


  “I thought we were going to explore the city together.”

  “Oh..where do you want to go?”

  He thinks walking around will give him the opportunity to hold her hand again. “We could walk around.”

   “Okay.” I did say I would accompany him to start paying off my debt.“I want to ask about the artist.” 

  Lois hears Sara, she is surprised a girl would like such a depressing and somber painting. “The artist? He is a recluse. He donated this painting to support an orphanage outside of Paris.”

  Sara impulsively says “Charity? I would like to purchase it.”

 “Five million Euros.”

 “Oh..well..nevermind. Could you tell me the artist’s name? I want to ask him a question.”

  “No. The artist wants the buyer to appreciate the painting not the artist.”

   Sara can feel the woman’s obvious hostility towards her and detects she is interested in Li Tian. She smiles sweetly,“Okay.” Best not to continue.

   After they leave Lois thinks Li Tian didn’t buy the oil painting for the woman because she was playing with him when they entered the gallery. Hmmph.. Petty Bastard! 

   Li Tian would have easily paid for the painting but he knows Sara is stubborn and wouldn’t accept it as a gift.

   Outside Li Tian takes Sara’s hand, “Crowds.”

   “Hmm..okay.” Sara has a strange sense of security holding his strong hand as they walk down the crowded sidewalk. They stop to look in a window of a Boutique. Li Tian says, “You want to go in?” Before Sara can answer without warning a man carrying a large cardboard box forcefully knocks into Sara from behind. The sudden collision sends her petite body forward towards the store’s window. As she trips, Li Tian quickly catches Sara wrapping his arms around her thin waist pulling her back from smashing her beautiful face into the glass. Tightly holding her in his embrace his heart is racing picturing Sara flying into the window if he hadn’t caught her in time.

Startled and in pain from the heavy box hitting her slender back she looks up into Li Tian’s dark eyes. Sara’s heart starts thumping and her soul flies away breathing in his unique masculine scent as he holds her in his arms. It feels as if the world has stopped around them as her eyes meet his intense gaze. The CEO.. he seems to be staring at me with.. affection? 

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