After Li Tian leaves the Hotel with Han Weisheng he growls, “Why the fuck did you invite the two bitches to dinner?”

  “Zhao Lanfen would destroy the little cook in the press. You know how people are, they are invested in Long Jinxi’s pure and innocent image as the National Sweetheart. Do you think they will look beyond the allegations for the truth? Hell no! The little girl’s reputation will be ruined..and in the worst case scenario they will find out Song Sara is pregnant with your child.” 

  Li Tian clenches his fist and calls Yang James.

 Yang James has been expecting Li Tian’s call since he gave Zhao Lanfen his itinerary. As is his habit when dealing with problems he repeatedly taps his gold pen on the desk. He answers in his usual calm tone, “Yes, Boss?”

  “No one knows I am in Bashu City how the fuck did Zhao Lanfen find out I would be in the Harborview Hotel right now?”

  ”Not from our end.” He retorts with a reasonable explanation, “That scheming bitch Zhao Lanfen must be restless because Long An was released from the hospital and sent home.The two daughters have been quarreling nonstop according to our spy in the Long mansion. Long An has been demanding that the marriage contract revert back to her now that she is recovered. You know that Zhao Lanfen favors Long Jinxi and doesn’t want Long An reinstated. The father doesn’t give a shit which of his daughters becomes your wife.” He asks, “Why has she made contact?”

 “Fuck yes..why do you think I am fucking calling you! How incompetent is the spy in their midst? She should have notified you immediately that they followed me to Bashu City. I’m beginning to think you are slipping. First, you couldn’t find evidence that Long Xixue paid those men to loosen the railing and pushed Song Sara . Secondly, you couldn’t locate Song Sara with all our resources. Now you let them approach me without prior warning.. I’m beginning to think I should send you  to reorganize our office in Tanzania.”

  Yang James breaks out into a cold sweat, but he maintains his composure. “If you think that is where I can best serve the company, I am willing.”

   “I will give you one more chance to prove you haven’t lost your edge. Get all the information you can about…” He turns to Han Weisheng, “What is the Prosecutor’s name again.”

  “Dong Yi.”

 “Get all the information on the City Prosecutor’s death last year and the connection to the Guo Family.”

  “Will do. Did Kang Mingshun meet Old Man Guo and get the signed papers?”

  “He hasn’t contacted me yet.” Li Tian looks at his watch, “ Should be soon. I will check them over then send them to the Shen and Long Law firm.”

    While the two men are driving to the Black Dragon Club for dinner Sara is in the kitchen with Li Shaoting. He has been helping Sara make dinner and says, “I will call my cousin and see what time he will arrive.”

   “Good. The other dishes can simmer but I think the steak should be grilled right before dinner.”

   Li Shaoting calls Li Tian, “When will you be here for dinner?”

   Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, “I have a business dinner. I won’t be back until later.” Dammit, I need the human face mask. I could eat her cooking and spend time with the little kitten.

   Li Shaoting looks over at Sara who has been cooking for over an hour and his temper flares. He walks out into the living room. He has an irritated tone, “Cousin, you specifically asked my cook to prepare dinner, now you aren’t coming?”

  “You have a problem with that?”

  Li Shaoting would rather not see his cousin but he is irked thinking about his inconsiderate behavior. Sara painstakingly looked at recipes to please him. “I think you could have called.”

  “I’m telling you now.”

  Li Tian hangs up and walks up the stairs to the private rooms. He has a gloomy expression on his handsome face, “Get me the human face mask by tomorrow morning.”

  Han Weisheng responds, “It will take a couple days if you want it to be flawless.”

  They walk into the private room and Han Weisheng’s brothers,Chao and Tingfeng are sitting on an Italian leather couch. Han Chao sets down the beer he is drinking and walks over to Li Tian. He growls, “Why did you invite that bitch, Jiang Wenli and Long Jinxi?”

  Han Weisheng has a slight smile, “They are here already?”

  “They went to the ladies’s room.”

  “I didn’t… your brother did.” 


  A beautiful young woman dressed in black leather shorts and a short red sequined top that reveals her toned stomach enters the room.The woman’s 10cm heels click accentuate her long legs as she glides over to the men. She flutters her eyelashes and smiles at Li Tian, “Do you want something to drink? Wine?”

  Li Tian doesn’t put her seductive gaze in his eyes, “Whisky..Macallan on the rocks.”

  She turns to Han Weisheng, “What would you like?”


   When she leaves the room, Long Jinxi pulls her to the side. “Do as we agreed upon, after dinner he always has a glass of brandy. Got it?”

   “Hmm.” After seeing Li Tian she decides to change the plan, she will be the one to sleep with the incredibly handsome and rich stranger. The Han brothers are out of the equation; they are friends with the Boss. She licks her lips, “But the handsome man with them looks strong and virile. She touches the packet in her pocket and smiles at Long Jinxi, “Of course.”


   Long Jinxi and Jiang Wenli walk into the room. Jiang Wenli looks around expectantly, “CEO Li, will your cousin Tang Wu be joining us tonight?”

   Han Chao answers, “Give it up. He doesn’t like you, it was the company creating a CP.”

   Jaing Wenli’s face turns bright red and she grits her teeth. “Kang Jin, shut up. You don’t know anything!”

   Long Jinxi laughs, “Kang Jin, don’t be jealous because Fan Mi locked you in the friend zone.”

  Li Tian frowns, “Noisy. Leave. Go to the next private room. You can eat dinner there.”

  Long Jinxi’s expression shows her displeasure and she haughtily responds, “HA! Li Tian you should remember what my mother said. If you don’t want…”

   The air around Li Tian drops to below zero and his ink black eyes are filled with rage as he approaches Long Jinxi. He leans down and in her ear threatens in a low tone, “Do you think I don’t know it was you who tried to kill my woman? If it weren’t for my grandfather you would already be rotting in the ground.”

  Long Jinxi’s face pales and she trembles, “I..I..told you at the time it wasn’t me.”


   Long Jinxi pulls Jiang Wenli out the door into the next room. She slaps Jiang Wenli, “Why did you start with Han Chao!”

 She holds her cheek, “You bitch! I can’t believe you slapped me! Should I tell Li Tian what you plan to do?”

  Long Jinxi pushes Jiang Wenli and she stumbles onto the couch. Long Jinxi looks down at her, “You dare? Do you want to stay in the crew of —–. One phone call and you are out on your fat ass. The Director loves me…he will do whatever I say.”

  Jiang Wenli has heard rumors but didn’t believe Long Jinxi would sleep with a middle aged married man. She stutters, “ slept with Director Fang.”

  “Gross! Of course not. I am like a daughter to him.” My mother discovered he has certain fetishes. I dress up like a baby and he holds me on his lap while feeding me a baby bottle of milk. I just have to gurgle and coo…call him Dada…Funny.. but I actually enjoy him pampering me. He kisses me and says what a beautiful baby I am.

  “But rest assured one word from me and he would recast your role.”

  Jiang Wenli stands up, “Jinxi, I won’t say anything but you and I are no longer friends.”

  Long Jinxi hugs Jiang Wenli and gazes into her eyes with crystal tears hanging on her eyelashes. She puffs out her cheeks and in a coquettish voice says, “I’m sorry.  But Wenli, you don’t know how frustrating it is being engaged to a man like Li Tian. He ignores me…insults me…but I have no choice. My mother makes all the decisions  and she says I have to marry him. I wish my sister was still engaged to him. Not me…”

  Jiang Wenli looks at her friend’s aggrieved expression, “Well, I will forgive you this once. If you ever slap…”

   Long Jinxi tightens her arms around Jiang Wenli then buries her head in her chest. “Never..never..I promise. You know the Limited Edition Hermes purse my mother gave? It is yours.”

  Jiang Wenli’s eyes light up, “Really?”

  “Yes.” Sorry Mom… but I need this idiot. I have to show my sincerity.  

She Is In My Bed

   Bai Cai gazes at Emmi lying unconscious on his lap. He lightly touches her cheek with his long slender finger. Such a delicate girl could have had her entire life ruined tonight. That bastard Zhen Sihao! Announcing his engagement to Fang Hua while his girlfriend was nearly brutally raped. He doesn’t deserve Chen Emmi!

   When the car is in the circular driveway of the mountain villa the garage door automatically opens. The driver pulls into the garage filled with several expensive vehicles. He parks the black Maybach next to a Limited Edition silver Bugatti then gets out of the driver seat.

He opens the back door and is shocked to see Chen Emmi lying on Bai Cai’s lap. The tinted partition was up so he couldn’t see into the back seat and tries not to show his astonishment on his face.

The driver controls his facial expression and politely asks, “CEO Bai, do you want me to carry the woman?”

  Bai Cai ignores his question and exits the car with Emmi tightly held in his embrace..

   The driver catches a glimpse of Emmi’s face before Bai Cai gives him a threatening look causing him to immediately turns away. He senses he will be severely punished by the Boss if his eyes linger for even a moment longer on the little beauty. She looks like a fairy…a small oval face with flawless snow white skin and cherry red heart shaped lips. The little girl’s eyes are closed but her long black eyelashes are thick and curled. Her neck is long and slender and her exposed delicate clavicle makes a man want to take a bite.

He wonders who the little girl is that can catch the attention of an abstinent man like Bai Cai. She looks a bit young for the Boss…but it is good to know the rumors about the Young Master are false.

    Bai Cai carries Emmi into the house then directly to the second floor guest room. He lays her on the bed then covers her with a soft white hypoallergenic comforter. Touching her forehead he frowns because she has a fever. He walks into the bathroom to get wet towel then returns to the luxurious bedroom.

    After wiping her face he impatiently takes out his phone to call his brother. Bai Chuan walks in the bedroom door with his ringing phone in his hand and laughs, “I seldom get to see human emotions on your that a look of panic?”

   “Shut up. She has a fever.”

   Bai Chuan walks over to the bed then takes Emmi’s pulse. “The girl’s qi is chaotic. Are you sure she was only chloroformed?”

  “As far as I know.”

  He lifts Emmi’s eyelids and shines a light in her eyes. Afterwards he listens to her heartbeat. “I don’t detect any abnormalities. Her pulse is concerning, I would need to take blood and have it analyzed to find out the reason. The fever could be due to being outside in the freezing weather in such a thin dress. She should go to the hospital.”

  “If I wanted to take her to the hospital I would have.”

  “Well, she should wake up in an hour or so. I will give her a glucose drip to rehydrate.”

  “When the bag is finished, remove the needle from her arm and put a piece of cotton then tape over the injection site. I don’t want to get stuck here, I have an important meeting at the hospital tomorrow.”

   Bai Cai sneers, “You aren’t going anywhere until the girl wakes up. I’m not a doctor I can’t take a fucking needle out.”

   “Cai, it is very simple. I can’t stay.”

  “You can and you will. Chen Emmi’s recovery is essential. I told you she is the only one who has helped my migraines and might be able to cure the poison. You can reschedule the meeting. Nothing is more important than Chen Emmi, do you understand?”

  Bai Chuan feels the invisible pressure coming from his brother and warns, “Relax. You need to control your internal energy. I know enough about your condition to tell you getting angry will speed up the poison reaching your heart. I will stay until she is stable but then I am leaving. After the successful birth of her fat little grandson after a difficult pregnancy The Old Madam of the Ruan family is willing to donate a wing to the hospital. I can’t be disrespectful and blow off the meeting.”

  “If you miss the meeting, so what. If she changes her mind, Bai Group will build the new wing.”

  Bai Chuan lifts his thin lips into an arc, “I will be happy to let you both invest.”

   He unfolds a portable stand and puts a plastic bag of a glucose solution on the hook. Bai Chuan sits on the bed and holds Emmi’s wrist then wipes an antiseptic swab across her delicate skin.

Bai Cai watches as his brother inserts the needle attached to a small tube into a blue vein on Emmi’s almost translucent skin. He sees a drop of blood and furrows his sword like eyebrows, “Why is she bleeding? Are you out of practice since you became the Director?”

  “I just inserted a needle, of course there will be a small amount of blood.”

  Bai Chuan stands up. “I need a cup of tea.” 

  “You know where the kitchen is. I didn’t expect to come here and I don’t have any maids. The old housekeeper is probably asleep.”

  After he leaves the room Bai Cai’s dark and unfathomable eyes are glued to Emmi’s face. He has a flashback. A pretty little girl accompanied by a beautiful woman who was a frequent visitor at his parent’s home before they died. 

   He was on his way out the door to meet his friends at the basketball court. The little three year old girl chased after him asking him if he saw Meilin. She wasn’t paying attention as she ran into the driveway, he pulled her back as a black car sped out the driveway. 

   The little girl looked up at him with an innocent smile. “ “Little Uncle! You saved Emmi!” She had a puzzled expression and shook her head making her curly black hair bounce, “No you are aren’t…haha… you are LinLin’s big brother.” The little girl suddenly had a sad expression on her cute little face and her eyes were misty, “ I heard Mommy say…” She sniffled and wiped her eyes, “Little Uncle is missing.”

    For some reason he feels something terrible happened that day but he doesn’t remember. Why can I clearly remember that scene and nothing else of the day?

   He fixes the quilt around Emmi and walks out of the bedroom deep in thought. Bai Cai goes downstairs and into the kitchen. Bai Chuan is pouring a cup of Chamomile tea, “Do you want a cup? It will help you sleep.”

  “No. Do you think Chen Emmi looks like…a woman who used to visit our house when we were young… before Mother and Father died?”

  Bai Chuan sets down the teacup, “What woman?”

  “Forget it. I just had some flashes of memory.”

  “Cai, I told you that you need to avoid stress. You should call Dr. Lambert he can help you sort them out through hypnosis.”

  “No. I don’t like the idea of spilling my guts, not even being aware of what I am saying.”

  Bai Chuan laughs, “Brother, don’t be so suspicious of everyone. I have known Dr. Lambert since Medical School, he is a reputable psychiatrist.”

  “So you would let him hypnotize you? Possibly become privy to your dark secrets?”

  “…but you never killed people on a regular basis like I did.”

   Bai Cai pours a glass of red wine. “I gave the orders, isn’t that the same thing as wielding the knife myself?” 

  “Okay. I see your point. My advice is leave the past in the past. You took revenge and are now the CEO of Bai Group.”

  “True, but there are  unanswered questions that have bothered me over the years.”

  “After you are cured…pursue the hidden culprits. Don’t let the poison’s deadly effect accelerate because of your anger.”

   Bai Cai’s phone rings and his eyes shine with a cold light. It took the bastard longer to call than expected. He answers and Zhen Sihao sounds enraged, “I am at your mansion and your brother said you aren’t here. Where the fuck did you take Chen Emmi?”

  “I think you lost the right to ask that question.”

   Zhen Sihao slams his fist into the wall. “Motherf****r do you think I won’t kill you if you touch my woman? Tell me where she is now!”

  “Shouldn’t your first question have been, is Chen Emmi okay?”

    He swirls the red wine around in the crystal goblet. “ I didn’t like it when you told me you were deceiving her as to your real identity but I didn’t interfere. But, tonight, If I didn’t intervene the innocent little girl would have been brutally raped, while you were on stage announcing your wedding date with that insipid bitch Fang Hua. The woman on the screen behind you… would have been Chen Emmi not Peng Hua. She is my little sister’s good friend and under my protection now.”

   Zhen Sihao grips the phone tighter unable to refute what he said. He growls, “I had my reasons. Now tell me where she is.”

  “She is in my bed.”

    Bai Cai abruptly ends the call and Bai Chuan raises an eyebrow, “Chen Emmi is Zhen Sihao’s mistress? Why did you make the situation sound ambiguous? That is definitely not like you. Are you interested in Chen Emmi? Why make an enemy of Zhen Sihao?”

    Bai Cai pours another glass of wine, “Like I said Chen Emmi is under my protection now. Zhen Sihao has been lying to the girl and tonight he left her in a precarious situation. If Maisie hadn’t discovered the plot… the innocent and pure girl would be ruined in a beastly manner by Professor Liu. He was drugged by that crazy bitch and Chen Emmi almost was injected with the same aphrodisiac.”

He lights a cigarette, “Zhen Sihao..that arrogant prick crossed my bottom line when he deserted the vulnerable little girl in the garden.”

Bai Cai has a serious expression and his usually unfathomable dark eyes are tinged with a hint of possessiveness.  “Zhen Sihao is a cold and heartless bastard and I am not going to let him have Chen Emmi.”

   Tea sprays out of Bai Chuan’s mouth, “What the fuck!?

Li Tian Arrives

   Li Feng’s stomach is growling and he looks at his watch. Screwing up his face and puffing out his cheeks he whines,“Dad, do we need to wait for Cousin Tian? I’m starving.”

   Li Liang hugs Wei Minnie’s thin waist and with a pampering tone asks, “Are you hungry?”

   “Honey, we should wait.” She doesn’t want to anger her volatile nephew and ruin the harmonious atmosphere. That boy’s temper could  frighten Shaoting’s cute little girl.


  “Feng’er you know that man’s personality. He will scare TingTing’s little sweetheart to death with his cold aura. She looks fragile as a delicate porcelain doll. Your brother finally has a girlfriend. Do you want her to see how terrifying our family’s Tian can be? ”

  Resigning himself to the fact his empty stomach will need to wait to be filled with delicious food, he starts to play a game on his phone.“You’re right about Cousin Tian. After school I was with a group of my friends working out at his gym on Yuying St. I didn’t expect him to be there at that time of day and he scared the shit out of my friends. You know Lu Ming?”

   Wei Minnie taps her slender white finger on Li Liang’s thigh. “Hmm..Lu Ming.. The ruggedly handsome boy who always wears basketball jerseys and likes to flex his muscles? No that is Han Weishing’s nephew Han Shi Oh.. I know! That feminine looking kid…the tall willowy one with the flawless jade like skin and naturally red full lips?  TingTing got a modeling job with Henri Armand? He is so adorable.”

   Li Liang pinches her waist and his voice is tinged with jealousy, “MinMin, I didn’t realize you pay such close attention to Feng’s friends.” I will have to forbid Feng bringing those stinky bastards to the house.

    She squirms in his lap and has an innocent expression on her beautiful face. “I don’t. I mean Weisheng is your friend so of course I pay attention to his nephew. And…and… I just saw an ad Lu Ming did for Henri Armand in Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine and I remembered the frail looking kid.” She mentally fans herself…that was close.. Liang is still so jealous…but he looks so sexy when his eyes are like a bottomless abyss filled with only me. I will need to show him later that he is the only man I need.

     Li Feng puts down his phone. “Back to my story.”  Mom enough with the fangirl description. Dad is getting mad. Married for so long and he still acts like a jealous idiot when you tease him. 

    “Yeah, that guy.” He shivers, “And Mom, don’t say feminine looking…” Li Feng thinks about the stares they get when they are we are a fucking couple. “Anyway, Ming has a weak heart and when Cousin Tian approached…get this..he hadn’t said a word and Ming fainted. Boom..straight to the floor. Cousin Tian stepped over poor Ming… he was a piece of wood.”

   “My goodness! That boy should get some therapy. I don’t know where he gets that heartless dark aura. Your Uncle Hong is stern but has a calm rational personality and your Auntie, well..I don’t know a more gentle and kind woman.”

   Li Tian sneezes as he presses the passcode to the door then enters the villa.

   Li Feng and his mother have guilty expressions when they see Li Tian.

   Li Liang chuckles when he feels his wife stiffen in his embrace and her heart beating erratically. He playfully nibbles on Wei Minnie’s ear then teases, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

   She swats his chest, “Not afraid.”

   He lifts her chin and looks into her beautiful amber eyes, “MinMin,you have never been a good liar.”

    She snuggles into his embrace and in a barely audible voice she mutters, “Now I know why Little Ming fainted.”

  Li Liang laughs and kisses her half parted lips, my little wife is still so damn cute. I can’t wait to get this dinner over with and take her to the bedroom

  He is not intimidated by his nephew’s imposing aura. “Now that Tian has arrived let’s eat.” He stands up and carries Wei Minnie to the dining room.

   Li Tian is slightly drunk and sneers as he watches the loving couple. “Uncle, what a surprise. I thought you were unable to come to Bashu City. You and Auntie look very… free.”

  “Nephew, don’t be petty. You lost. I won.”

  Li Tian sits down across from Li Feng. “Where is Shaoting?” I have questions about the cook.

  Li Liang answers, “He had to take a call from his agent. Feng, go tell your brother dinner is being served.”

   Li Feng happily leaves the dining room and runs up the stairs..

  Mildred walks out of the kitchen carrying a platter of the Spicy Chicken Wings and in her other hand the Ginger and Scallion Noodles.

  Li Tian sees the plump older woman and narrows his eyes, “You are the cook?”

 Mildred looks around for Li Shaoting. He specifically told her not to reveal Song Sara. She has a apprehensive expression, the man’s piercing gaze …so terrifying…should I lie…oh mama…what should I do?

  Li Tian is impatient. “Answer. Not a hard question. Are you the cook?”

  Mildred nervously twists her hands in her apron. I am the cook..  But not the cook who prepared these dishes.

  “Bring me the cake.” 

  Wei Minnie and Li Jiang stare at him wondering why he is bullying the poor woman. Li Liang lifts his sword like eyebrow, “I thought you don’t like cake.”

  “I don’t”


  The Li brothers walk into the dining room, with his powerful father here to counter his cousin’s aura Li Shaoting doesn’t feel as intimidated. He sits down next to his mother and Li Liang points to the chair across the table. Hmmph! So much for feeling Dad will protect me.

  Mildred returns with a piece of Strawberry Cream Cake and places it in front of Li Tian. He growls, “What’s this?”

   She blinks her eyes, “Cake.”

   “I can see it is fucking cake but not the fucking cake I wanted.”


  He glares at Li Feng, “Did I not make myself clear last night. I wanted the goddamn cake in the photo.”

  Li Feng has a helpless expression as he pleads with his eyes for someone to save him.

  Li Liang  calmy responds, “Cake is cake. Don’t bully the poor woman or Feng’er.”

  Standing up, Li Shaoting says “Mildred, come with me to the kitchen.”

 Once inside the kitchen he apologizes, “Sorry Mildred. My cousin is very prickly. Did Song Sara make another cake? You can be off, I will take care of the rest of dinner.”

  “Young Master! I can’t let you serve the food! It isn’t right!”

  “Mildred, you do a great job. I just think it would be best if you retired for the night.” I don’t need this old lady having a heart attack. There is a raging snowstorm and the roads aren’t cleared.

  “I didn’t see another cake, only the one on the counter.”

  “Okay. Do as I say. You are off work for the night.”

   She bows respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Li.”

   After Mildred leaves he looks around the kitchen. I thought I told Song Sara to prepare the same menu but whatever. Why does the stupid tyrant want that particular cake? The man doesn’t like sweets!

  Li Shaoting walks back into the dining room and sits down. Li Tian glares at him, “Well?”

  “Cousin, my cook misunderstood and thought that cake was too plain for a guest. She made the Strawberry Cream Cake instead.”

   Li Tian has an icy look in his pitch black eyes, “Fire the woman. She blatantly disregarded your instructions.” I know that the cake in the photo was similar to the one I ate when I was in Zhou Mo’s office, made by Song Sara. It’s far fetched but I thought Song Sara might be working in a bakery…or had some relation with the brat’s cook. I might have a lead to the disobedient kitten.

  Li Liang puts down his chopsticks, “Enough. I don’t know what your problem is Tian, but Shaoting doesn’t need your advice on how to handle his servants” He sticks his fork in the creamy cake covered with strawberries then puts it in his mouth. “This cake is light and delicious.”

  Li Tian angrily storms out of the dining room and grabs his black cashmere coat. Kicking off the slippers on his feet he grabs his black leather shoes from the rack.  

  Li Liang watches him leave, “Where does he think he is going? The snowstorm has made the roads impassable.”

   Li Shaoting looks towards the door. “Cousin Tian’s friend lives in the community.” Perfect! Now I don’t have to deal with that mental case and my parents.

She Must Be Song Sara!

   Li Tian impatiently looks at his watch, where the hell is the fucking woman? I clearly told her that the reservation was for two o’clock. I have to meet Yang James at four o’clock then go to the Old Man’s mansion.

   The door of the private room opens and Guo Nuan flips her long red hair as she enters. Smiling, she stretches out her hand, “Mr. Li, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”

   He suppresses his irritation and politely responds, “Not a problem. But, I am limited on time, I hope Miss Guo understands.”

   “Of course. My grandfather told me you are meeting him later.”

   She sits at the table and crosses her long legs. Picking up a menu she looks at him, “The Shrimp Scampi here is very good.”

  He motions for the waiter to come to the table. “Bring a bottle of Chateau Risa Pinot Noir.“

  Guo Nuan stares at  Li Tian, her cousin told her he was handsome but his outstanding looks and impeccable style are beyond her expectations. Guo Nuan’s eyes roam over his perfectly proportioned body.

  Li Tian raises an eyebrow at her unrestrained behaviour. He quips, “Miss Guo, do you like what you see?’

  She lightly laughs, “Well…I have no complaints. You have the qualifications to be my husband.”

  “It doesn’t bother you that I already have a fiancee?”

  “According to my grandfather you are unhappy with the arrangement.” She has a mischievous gleam in her almond shaped eyes, “One Miss Long being replaced with another Miss Long…how tacky.”

   The waiter pours the wine and she takes a sip then licks her full red lips. “Very nice choice.”

   “Pardon me for being frank but it is well known that you have been chasing Young Master Bai since you were in High School. Is approaching me for marriage merely a ploy to reel him in…”

   Guo Nuan tightens her hand on the wine glass but remains calm. She curls her lips into a faint smile,“It’s true. My childish infatuation with him in the past is no secret.” She seamlessly lies, “But, after studying abroad and recently returning I realized Bai Chuan isn’t worthy of me. After he graduated from Beijing University he refused to enter Bai Enterprises and live up to his potential.” She drinks down the glass of wine in one go. “How could I, with my noble identity, continue to love a man who chose to be a doctor rather than the CEO of a multi international company. Li Tian, do I look like a woman who would lower her standard of living?”

   “I see Miss Guo is a practical woman rather than the hopeless romantic as rumored.”

   She gazes at his flawless face. “I think given the chance I could be both…have you considered my Grandfather’s proposal?” If you accept the marriage contract, I know Bai Chuan will realize he doesn’t want to lose me! Although when I saw him today he looked annoyed because of my stupid bodyguard charging out of the elevator to deal with that crazy man at the hospital. I wonder if the woman was a patient of his…she was very beautiful..Dammit all his patients are beautiful!

Thinking about Bai Chuan touching women’s vaginas in order to examine them, she pours another glass of wine. Why did he choose to be a gynecologist! She unconsciously mutters, “The woman with the crazy man was so beautiful…”


  “Oh nothing, I guess I am still upset about an incident at the hospital when I went to see Bai Chuan.”

  ???? Li Tian wants to laugh, she just made a point she didn’t have anything to do with the man.

   He acts interested, “You encountered a problem?”

   Guo Nuan has drunk three glasses of wine and is slightly drunk, “Well..I  was in the elevator with a crazy man and a woman. He verbally abused me then crushed my bodyguard’s hand for a small provocation. I have never seen a man with such crazy eyes. One brown… the woman didn’t say a word to stop him!”

She swirls the wine around in the crystal wine glass. “When they got off the elevator they met Bai Chuan. I don’t know what was said but…” She mumbles, “I couldn’t even explain.”  I didn’t dare get out of the elevator the way Bai Chuan suspiciously glared at me. Plus my bodyguard was whining like a little bitchit was annoying as fuck..what a shitty day! At least Li Tian is eye candy and the wine is tasty..

   Li Tian suddenly narrows his eyes, Fucking Cadieux! Wait.. could the woman be.. He looks at Guo Nuan with a piercing gaze, “What type of doctor is Bai Chuan?”

   “Bai Chuan..” She frowns, “He is a gynecologist.”

   “Describe the woman!”


   “I said! What did the woman look like!”

   “I didn’t pay much attention to her because I was being bullied by the man.” Unwilling to admit any woman is more beautiful than her Guo Nuan nonchalantly taps her fingernails on the table. “She was short. Pretty I guess. I don’t know.. why? Do you know them?”

   Li Tian impatiently asks  “Was she pregnant?”

  Guo Nuan voice is shrill “She was wearing an oversized coat, how would I know.”

  “What hospital?”

  “Harbor Heights Priva..”

   Li Tian suddenly gets up from the table and rushes out the door of the private room.


   He calls Yang James, “I thought you were having that bastard Cadieux watched! He is here and I think Song Sara is with him.”

   “Leo Cadieux can’t be in Bashu City. Kang Mingshun has been monitoring his movements. He  hasn’t left Catang City.”

   “Bull fucking shit. How many maniacs have different colored eyes? Huh? You are closer to Harbor Heights Hospital. Get over there and stop them from leaving. I am on my way.”

   The driver James is sitting in the car texting his girlfriend when Li Tian frantically knocks on the window. Startled, James fumbles with the phone to put it in his pocket. Beads of sweat form on his forehead. What the hell..shouldn’t he be eating lunch right now! Why didn’t he call? James jumps out of the car to open the back door wondering why Li Tian appeared. Li Tian growls, “I’m taking the car.”

   He gets into the driver’s seat and starts the engine then screeches out of the parking space. The tires squeal as he races down the street. Song Sara…I finally found you!

   Yang James grabs his coat and curses Kang Mingshun as he slams the door to his hotel room. He calls Kang Mingshun and through clenched teeth snarls, “How the hell did you lose Leo Cadieux?”

   “What are you talking about? He is in his villa.”

   “You idiot! He is in fucking Bashu City!”

   “Well, maybe he will lead you to Miss Song.”

   The veins on Yang James forehead bulge and the corner of his mouth twitches as he hangs up. “Fucking Useless.”

   He takes the elevator down to the Underground garage. Maybe I can avert this catastrophe. If I find the woman first…

Sara At The Hospital

    Leaving the villa Sara comments on the picturesque scenery, “Tang Wu, I have never seen such a beautiful natural landscape surrounding a villa. Mountains…a forest and lake.”

   “Yeah, that is why I picked this property and there are only two other occupied villas. Additionally,the security is extremely tight so I feel relaxed when I come here. One of the villas is owned by a friend of mine who owns a high tech security company, I hired his company to ensure my privacy. He is a cool guy. If it stops snowing later we should walk up and visit him, the view from his mountaintop villa is spectacular.”

   “I would like that!”

   There is a car in front of them on the way to the gate and Li Feng recognizes the Rolls Royce Phantom, he clenches his fist and sneers, “Enemies meet on a narrow road.”

   Sara looks at him, “Huh?”

   “The car ahead of us…my cousin commandeered it…made me trek in my new AJs through the snow…err..he really pisses me off.. such an arrogant fuc…man. He is the reason I got drunk last night.”

   Sara pats his clenched hand resting on the seat, “You shouldn’t let other people influence your mood so you make bad decisions. And…” She laughs, “Why didn’t you just say no when he wanted the car in the first place?”

   Li Feng and Li Shaoting:  “…”  You don’t say no to Cousin Tian unless you want to die!

   The gate opens and both cars pull out onto the two lane road. Li Shaoting passes the Rolls Royce and as he does Li Feng’s face contorts in anger, impulsively he raises his middle finger at the backseat of the car. Sara chuckles, “These windows are tinted your cousin can’t see you.”

  “Well..if he could see me I wouldn’t do just feels good.”

  Sara shakes her head, “Is your cousin that scary?”

  Li Feng complains, “Girl,you have no idea. He is..”

  Li Shaoting interrupts, “That’s enough Feng.”

  In the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom Li Tian is on the phone with Yang James. “Have you arrived in Bashu City? Do you have what I asked you to find?”

  Yang James is in the elevator of the Harborview Hotel, “Yes, and I checked into Han Weisheng’s hotel rather than one of the company’s properties.”

  “Good. I am meeting with the old man this afternoon. Tell my father that I will handle the matter and Grandfather doesn’t need to come here.” No way am I letting my grandfather bow to that despicable old fart! I will destroy the entire Guo family…all the way down to the fourth branch.That motherf****r shouldn’t have messed with our family! My father and Uncle might be vegetarians but I certainly am not!

  Yang James says, “Do you want me to come with you to the Guo mansion?”

  “No. I will go alone.”

  “Where do you want to meet to get the flash drive and documents?”

  “Sun Zhi’s villa. I am having lunch with Old Guo’s fucking granddaughter as he requested then going back to the villa. I want him to believe I am complying with his…” He snorts, “Orders.” 

  “Well, let me know.”

  “Has there been any news about Song Sara? I want to wrap this up quickly then return to Catang City.”

  “The investigators haven’t found any leads.”

. Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, “What do I pay those morons for anyway! Not one lead? What the fuck! How could she disappear into thin air? Well Han Weisheng will get me answers. I spoke to him last night. One of his men will be able to retrieve the lost security footage at the train station.”

   Yang James swipes the card to his luxurious suite and inwardly curses Han Weisheng for interfering. He narrows his eyes behind the lens of his gold rimmed glasses,Goddammit! The little slut is in Bashu City, it won’t be hard for Han Weisheng to locate her whereabouts with his ability. All my work in erasing the tapes and witnesses will be in vain. He wishes Long Jinxi had succeeded in killing Song Sara on the rooftop of The Waterfront Towers.

     He throws a black leather computer bag onto the couch and his mind is racing thinking about the situation. Well there is no way Li Tian can discover my part in destroying the evidence. But, the Boss seriously needs to forget about that fucking pain in the ass. She is distracting him from concentrating on business! He allowed those fuckers go that hijacked the arms shipment in order to get information on Song Sara…leading the other factions to think he has become weak because of a fucking..goddamn woman! If it weren’t for her he would have killed those assholes and sent a message to his enemies. 

  Yang James is annoyed because he has an ominous premonition Li Tian will find Song Sara. He looks out the floor to ceiling window at the bustling harbor and sees a ship owned by Guo Shipping. If Old Man Guo didn’t stir up trouble the Boss would be in Catang City…not in the same city with that troublesome woman!

     “Once we know the city…The little disobedient woman is pregnant and will need to find a doctor.”

     “Makes sense. Let me know if Han Weisheng has any leads, I can have the investigators follow up.” Then maybe I can hide her location at least until you stabilize your position in the Underworld. Our credibility has been damaged by the hijacking and subsequent events. You actually rescued the hijackers fucking family…you have lost your motherf*****g mind over that bitch!

   He calmly replies,  “Will do.”

   After he hangs up the phone Yang James loses his temper and kicks the table, Fucking act like the cold and heartless  badass you have always been!… you are Li Tian for fuck’s sake! You have never let anything or anyone come before business! He throws a lamp at the wall,Song Sara could you just fucking go die! I’d kill you myself but I can’t…you are carrying the Boss’ baby..heir to the Li Group. 

    Sara touches her stomach as she walks down the hallway to the elevator in the hospital. “Tang Wu, you should go meet your brother on the third floor. You are a celebrity, if someone saw you where the OB/GYN doctor’s offices are located..well.. would skyrocket to the top of the hot search.”

  “No one can recognize me with my mask and baseball cap. Feng is fine.” He holds her hand and pouts, “I want to go with you.”

  She wrinkles her nose at the tall handsome young man standing next to her, “No.You are way too good looking. Even hiding your identity, you will turn heads and I want to keep a low profile.”

   Sara takes her hand away, “I appreciate your concern… I really do. .I don’t know what me and the baby would do if you  hadn’t taken me into your home. I wouldn’t even be able to have a checkup after losing all my money.” The door to the elevator opens, “I will meet you at the coffee shop on the first floor when I am finished.”

    Around the corner from the elevator Leo Cadieux hesitates. When he finished some business in the city, the man watching Sara informed him she entered the hospital. He rushed over wondering if there was a problem with the baby. Now he isn’t sure if he should approach Sara. She looks well and she hasn’t called me…would I scare her if I suddenly appeared? But she is my sister.. He waits until Li Shaoting leaves then as the elevator is closing he puts his hand on the door. Leo pretends to be surprised when he sees Sara and she is shocked, “Mr. Cadieux! 

  “It hasn’t been that long since I have seen you, now I am Mr. Cadieux again?”

  Sara blushes, “I’m sorry. I just was caught off guard. I’m also really sorry I didn’t contact you after I left Catang City. I left hurriedly.” She has a worried expression, “What are you doing at the hospital? Are you sick?”

 “Not sick. I am here to visit a business associate who was in a car accident. Your friend Han Bi explained the situation…I am happy you asked her to tell me.”

  “Well, I am hiding…”

  The elevator door opens and two doctors and a woman with two muscular bodyguards enter. Sara stops speaking in mid sentence. 

   Leo warmly smiles, “I can accompany you” He tenderly gazes at her stomach, “You can tell me how you both are doing.”

    The pretty woman standing next to Sara unabashedly looks up and down Leo’s body. He is wearing Gucci blue tinted glasses and stylishly dressed in a long black cashmere coat. Greedily looking down his long legs she recognizes the small logo on the side of the custom made black leather boots. She confidently gazes up at him, “Excuse me, are those boots made by Enzo? I didn’t see them in his latest collection.”  Expensively dressed…Patek Phillipe watch..I wonder what family this Young Master belongs to..I haven’t seen him before. He looks Chinese but speaks with a French accent. 

   Leo ignores her and she knits her eyebrows together unused to being treated like air.”I am talking to you.”

   He doesn’t acknowledge her and one of the bodyguards angrily steps forward, “You can’t disrespect Miss Guo. Answer her question.” Before the man’s beefy hand can grab his arm Leo snaps his wrist and the man howls in pain. Leo smirks and replies, “I don’t speak to unrestrained ugly bitches.”

   Young Miss Guo disregards the wailing of her bodyguard with a broken wrist and pushes him aside. Looking at Leo’s disgusted expression she sputters“” She purses her lips and nods to the other bodyguard. But before the man can move towards Leo, Sara quickly pulls Leo out of the elevator as it opens on the seventh floor.

   The bodyguard is about to follow when Guo Nuan sees the smile that is not a smile on the pretty man’s face who is standing behind Sara. She smiles brightly at the beautiful man then pulls the bodyguard back into the elevator. She continues to smile as the door closes, in a low voice whispers, “Another time.”

   The beautiful man greets Sara and Leo, “Did Miss Guo give you a problem?”

  Sara sweetly smiles and holds Leo’s hand, “No. Not at all.”

  He raises his eyebrow when he feels the invisible pressure from Leo, “That’s good. She is spoiled and can be overbearing.” So little girl you are good at lying. Guo Nuan was obviously agitated and ready to cause a scene. She is naive to think she could mess with this man next to you.

 He looks at the directory on the wall. “Which doctor are you here to see? I can direct you to their office.”

  Sara takes the appointment card out of her purse, “Dr.Bai.”

  He has an amused exoression, “Well, this is a coincidence, I am Dr. Bai.”

   Leo blurts out, “My wife wants a female doctor.”

  ???? Sara’s eyes widen and she wrestles her hand from Leo’s strong grip as she gives him a stern look. “My friend is joking, he isn’t my husband.”

   Dr. Bai has a complicated look on his flawless face, with the tinted glasses I can’t see the man’s eyes but he definitely gives off an extremely possessive and jealous vibe.

    Sara pulls Leo down by his collar and stands on her tiptoes then whispers in Leo’s ear, “Dr. Bai was the only doctor available and I need a checkup. He was nice enough to fit me into his schedule so please don’t cause a scene.”

    Leo looks over at the doctor and frowns, “I can have Dr. Ling here by this afternoon.”

   Dr. Bai is curious who this man is that can summon the great Dr. Ling. He saunters towards the elevator.“Well, in that case I am going to check on a patient.” 

   Sara stops him and bows, “ Dr. Bai please see me. I made the appointment with you. Let’s go to your office. Leo, why don’t you wait in the coffee shop. I will meet you there after my appointment.”

   Leo glares at Dr.Bai while emitting a strong murderous aura then quickly reins the intensely oppressive energy surrounding him. I can’t frighten my sister… He has a gentle tone meekly agreeing to Sara’s request, “Fine. I will wait for you in the coffee shop.” 

   Dr. Bai is shocked that Sara can suppress such a dangerous man. Damn..I had to gather my qi so not to be severely injured by the invisible pressure coming from the little bastard. He looks very young to have such a powerful aura.

  He has a gentle smile and his voice doesn’t reveal his turbulent mental and physical state. He is a member of the powerful Bai family and is trained in martial arts. Bai Chuan is well aware that even with his training if the young man had not restrained himself he would be on the floor  spitting up blood right now.

 Sara has piqued Bai Chuan’s curiosity and that is not easy to do. The young girl is pregnant…didn’t come with her husband and the young man who accompanied her is obviously a lunatic. “Follow me then, I will give you a checkup then send you over for an ultrasound.”

Meet Me In The Garden

  Zhen Sihao is in the backseat of a Rolls Royce Phantom impatient that Fang Hua hasn’t come out yet. He is looking at his phone when Han Weisheng sends him a photo that his brother reposted. [ Your little songbird looks beautiful. Isn’t that Bai Cai’s mansion?]

    He clenches his fists, why is the little girl at that bastard’s mansion again today. He texts Emmi [Where are you?]

    Emmi is on the way to the Harborview Hotel with Bai Meilin and Bai Chenxi. [I am on the way to the Winter Ball. Why are you texting me? Aren’t you with your date?]

    [No. Why don’t you be my date?]

    [ Sorry. I have a date]

    [He can’t be more handsome than me. Ditch him.]

    [You might be more handsome but my date is much more dependable.]

   [Sounds boring.]

   [Dependable doesn’t necessarily mean boring.]

   [I need to talk to you. When you get there, wait for me in the garden by the Lotus Pond.]

   [It’s snowing!]

   [There is a heated Pavilion to the right of the bridge.]

   [I will think about it.]

  [Be there. It is important.]

   Bai Meilin notices Emmi’s smile as she is on her phone. “Who are you texting?”

   “Oh, an annoying man I work for occasionally.”

   Zhen Sihao has decided he will meet Emmi and tell her the truth. Either way she will find out my identity tonight. It would be better if she hears the truth from me.

   Fang Hua walks up to the car and the driver steps out and opens the back door. She slides into the car, “Sihao, why didn’t you answer your phone?”

   “I was in a business meeting.”

   She maintains the smile on her face but she inwardly curses him. She got a call from Yan RanRan that he was at a bar with her brother getting drunk.

   They don’t talk on the way to the hotel but as they arrive Fang Hua turns to him. “Sihao, I will find a way to convince my father to break the marriage contract but tonight could you give me face. There will be reporters and I am in the middle of an important negotiation with LIn Entertainment. I can’t have them see a joke.”

   Zhen Sihao doesn’t answer as the driver opens the door. He extends his hand to help her out of the backseat as reporters surround them and there is a blinding glare from the multiple flashbulbs. She smiles brightly as they bombard them with questions, “No comment.” Several bodyguards appear blocking the reporters from continuing to hound the two as they enter the hotel.

   Once inside she gazes up at the tall handsome man, “Thank you, Sihao.”

    “I will play the part but after we enter I need to do something. I expect you to patiently wait for me to come back and not follow.”

   “I won’t. But we need to spend some time mingling before you disappear. Otherwise it will draw the attention of our families.”

   He knits his swordlike brows then scans the crowd in the luxuriously decorated ballroom looking for Emmi. “Agreed.”

   She takes his hand and smiles as they walk through the room. Zhou Gao approaches them with a big smile, “Hua you look stunning tonight.”

   “Thank you Uncle, have you seen my father?”

   “Yes. He was over by the bar talking to my nephew, Zhou Jason. I want to talk to Sihao for a moment.”

   “Certainly, Sihao, I will wait for you by my father.”

    Zhou Gao drops the charade and growls, “I see you moved your mother and removed ‘some’ of my spies.” He pats his suit coat, “You better realize I have you in my pocket right now. I don’t know why you fight me on this marriage, the woman is perfect.” He looks over at Fang Hua, ” Well.. Little Hua looks happy. I expect you to keep her happy.”

   “Are you finished?”

    Zhou Gao hates his son’s ability to hide his emotions. He wants to see him agitated over the situation. “For now. I will be watching you.”

  Zhen Sihao smiles then sarcastically replies.  “I should join my beautiful…perfect fiancee.”

   Zhou Gao’s corner of his mouth twitches watching Zhen Sihao walk away. Zhou Gen walks over to him, “Did Sihao irritate you again brother?”

   “That stinky brat is the bane of my existence! Fang Hua is a beautiful, smart and wealthy woman, any man would be happy to have her as a wife. Only my son would reject the woman. I am beginning to think the cold bastard is fucking gay.”

  Zhou Gen starts laughing, “It is true I have never seen my nephew with a woman. When he does attend events he usually brings one of his secretaries.”

   “Whatever his sexual preference is I don’t give a fuck. He will marry the heiress to the Fang Group.”

   Zhen Sihao approaches the bar and Fang Chun remarks, “Gao told me the mansion in the Waterfront Development is completed so you two will be able to move in after the wedding.”

   Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow, “My father is well informed.”

  Fang Hua  affectionately hangs on his arm and tells her father, “The mansion’s design perfectly suits my taste.” She looks up at the incredibly handsome man wishing what she is about to say is true. She smiles, “Sihao knows how much I love plum blossoms and he surprised me by having the driveway lined with them. He didn’t spare any expense to create a beautiful garden in the back of the house complete with a heated Pavillion.”

  Fang Chun nods his head in satisfaction, “It is good you treasure my little girl. Although her mother and I have always spoiled Hua she has a good head on her shoulders. It is through her efforts we are in negotiations to purchase Lin Entertainment.”

  Zhen Sihao motions to the bartender, “I will have a whisky on the rocks.”

  A flash of irritation crosses Fang Hua’s face but she quickly adjusts her expression. Zhen Sihao’s indifferent attitude is hard for a proud woman like Fang Hua to swallow. Before she loses her temper she sweetly tells her father, “Daddy, I see Yan Ran, excuse us, I need to thank her for my gown.”

  “Okay, if you should see your mother tell her I am at the bar. She went to say hello to Chen Xue”

  “I will.”

  When they walk away Fang Hua attempts to take the glass of whisky from Zhen Sihao and he sneers, “What do you think you are doing? Don’t get too deep into this aren’t my wife and never will be.”

   “Sihao, I could smell the alcohol on you when you picked me up. I am only concerned you might…” She sees his face darkening and quickly gives up nagging him, “Nevermind.”

  He hears a loud commotion by the door and instinctively turns to see what is going on. Several invited reporters have entered the venue and are surrounding three people. 

   “Mr. Chen is your niece coming?”

   “When will she arrive?”

  Chen Chloe and her mother are stupified. They thought the reporters came over to interview Chloe.  Although Chen Chloe’s blood is boiling she maintains a bright smile, “Cousin always arrives late, she will appear when she wants. I can answer  answer any questions you might have.”

  They look disappointed but don’t want to appear rude since they were the only reporters invited to cover the highly anticipated Winter Ball.

   A reporter in the front who is a veteran of these events takes the news in stride. All the elite families in Bashu City and several celebrities will attend tonight so there will be interesting gossip. 

 He hides his disdain for Chen Chloe, it is obvious by her comment she is throwing shade on her cousin hinting the girl is arrogant and flighty. “Are you excited to appear on the Clebrity Assistant Variety Show alongside your cousin?”

  “Very excited. My cousin has no acting experience and I want to guide her as much as I can.” She has a concerned expression,  “I know from discussing the show with Cousin Emmi that she feels apprehensive because she didn’t go through the audition process. Combined with her lack of training she sought my advice since all the other participants are well known in the industry.”

  Another reporter fuels the fire, “I have seen Chen Emmi’s livestreams she is a natural beauty and seems to be very comfortable in front of the camera.”

     Chen Chloe conceals her jealousy and replies, “That will work in her favor but…” before she can continue all the reporters rush to the entrance as Emmi arrives alongside Bai Meilin and her brother Chenxi.

Emmi On Hot Search

    While Emmi and Bai Melin are getting dressed for the Winter Ball, Zhen Sihao is drinking at a bar with Yan Jing.

 “Dammit, my father is forcing me to take Fang Hua to the fucking Winter Ball. He plans on announcing a marriage date. I fucking hate that bastard!”

  Yan Jing takes the bottle of whisky away from him. “Slow down, getting drunk before you go will only make matters worse.”

  Zhen Sihao takes the bottle back. “You don’t understand. I finally meet a girl I like and now it is going to be over before it begins.”

  “What are you talking about? You aren’t making sense.”

  “Chen Emmi. She thinks I am Wang Hao and for some unknown reason she hates Zhen Sihao.”

  “Right. I remember when I met her about the Waterfront Development she seemed more like she was afraid of him…you.”

  “I don’t understand either but I know with her personality finding out I am Zhen Sihao coupled with I am getting married well..she won’t speak to me. Chen Emmi won’t even give me a chance to explain.”

  “Why don’t you explain to her first before the Winter Ball.”

  Zhen Sihao swirls the whisky in his glass, “Yeah. But she might accept I am Zhen Sihao..but getting married..what girl would commit to a scumbag who has an impending marriage. What is going on with moving my mother to another location?”

  “We eliminated your father’s spies and she is in transit now to another facility. But, there is no way to ensure he doesn’t have another deeply hidden spy. It will take several days to contain the situation. You said Zhou Gao would take action immediately if you don’t adhere to his demands.”

   Zhen Sihao angrily gulps down the rest of his drink and shakes his empty glass at the bartender.

   Yan Jing raises an eyebrow. “Are you hoping Fang Hua is repulsed by your drunkenness and willingly cancels the wedding. Give it up. I know that woman because she is a good friend of RanRan’s…she is a shrewd businesswoman..she will weigh the benefits against the fact you are having a temper. She will definitely take the benefits ignoring your childish tantrum. She will soothe you and make it appear that she is supportive even as you attempt to humiliate her at the Winter Ball. Not to mention your father will act if you are disobedient and embarrass Fang Hua.”

  “Fuck! I can’t deny your reasoning but I am so fucking pissed!” He laughs, “I even considered the bitch having an accident and being unable to attend.”

   He stands up and sways then strides towards the door, “Looks like I need to sober up and get ready for the fucking Winter Ball.”

   Meanwhile at the Bai mansion Emmi and Bai Meilin are dressed and ready. Emmi drinks a glass of orange juice, “Meilin I don’t know how I can repay you. The dress and jewelry you loaned me are so beautiful.” She holds out her delicate wrist, “ I never thought I would be able to wear a pink diamond set from Navarre’s Pink Lotus Collection.

   Bai Meilin knows if she says the jewelry is a gift Emmi will refuse so she answers, “Don’t be bothered, the rental price is nothing and the dress is a gift. You don’t know how relieved I am that you can help my elder brother. He silently endures so much for our family. I know his migraines have been getting worse although he never complains.”

   “He is a very strong man and very dedicated to family which is admirable.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes water, “He is so strong which makes it harder to watch and not be able to do anything when he is in pain. She blinks back her tears, “Thank you for helping him.

   Emmi picks up a tissue and gently dabs Bai Meilin’s eyes, “Don’t cry.” She smiles, “You will ruin your gorgeous  makeup. I will do whatever I can for him, your family has been so nice to me. You are a good friend and your brother Chenxi got me a spot on a Variety Show and today your elder brother really put the fear of God..haha..into my Cousin Chloe.”

   There is a knock at the door, “Girls are you ready?”

   Bai Meilin answers the door, “Chenxi, we will be down in a minute.”

   After he leaves Emmi says, “I think I should check on your brother before we leave.”


   Emmi walks up the stairs to the third floor and knocks on the treatment room’s door. When no one answers she opens the door and enters. Bai Cai appears to be sound asleep and she walks over to check his pulse. She touches his wrist and smiles, “I think you should be pain free for a few days anyway.” She touches his forehead and Bai Cai pretends to be asleep. He heard Emmi enter the room but wanted to see what she would do, he is still somewhat wary because of her relationship with Zhen Sihao.

She sits in the chair next to the bed and stares at the sleeping man. “I admire you Bai Cai…working hard for your family even while you are experiencing excruciating pain. The way you pamper and indulge your little sister and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me for you to defend me in front of my Cousin. I promise that I will sincerely do my best to cure you so you can lead a happy and long life.”

Emmi has a wistful expression looking at the exquisite dress and pink diamonds she is wearing, “I feel like a princess wearing this dress and  jewelry your adorable sister arranged for me…you taught her well..Meilin is sweet…funny and too generous. So I want to make sure she always has her big brother to protect her and keep the smile on her face.”

   Emmi stands up and brushes the hair back that is hanging on his forehead then leaves.

   Bai Cai opens his eyes and catches a glimpse of Emmi as she leaves. He was shocked she would sit and talk to him so freely. He was touched by her words and the sincerity of her promise. Due to his position in both the business world and the Underworld most everyone is terrified of him, it felt strange to be spoken to in such a gentle way. He smirks, Chen Emmi is very naive, admire me? she has no idea I almost snuffed out her little life when we first met for knowing my secret. If any of my enemies were aware of me being poisoned and  my weakened state it would cause me problems. How many people I have killed for less without losing a moment of sleep…as though they are merely ants to be crushed under my feet. Little girl, I am a very bad man…not someone who deserves your kind words or sympathy. 

    Emmi walks down the stairs, Chenxi gasps and takes out his phone. He takes a picture then says, “Meilin stand by Chen Emmi.”

     Meilin stands next to Emmi and they put their heads together and smile as he snaps a few more pictures. “I am accompanying the two most beautiful girls going to the Winter Ball.” He posts a picture on Weibo and it is instantly liked by Kang Jin and he comments “Beautiful Fairies.”  Film Emperor Tang Wu reposts it and Fan Mi likes it and the internet blows up. Bai Chenxi laughs and shows Emmi his phone, “Little girl, you will be famous before The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show starts!”

    Emmi frowns, “Bai Chenxi shouldn’t you ask my permission before you post a picture of me!”

    At the Chen villa Chloe is looking in the mirror very satisfied with the stylist. She hears the two stylists chattering, “Is that bracelet from Navarre’s new collection?” 

  The other woman chimes in, “Look at the marble staircase and the Van Gogh on the wall to the left, I wonder where this was taken? Is it a photo shoot?”

   “It looks like it but i don’t recognize the two young models. They must have signed with Bai Chenxi’s agency recently.”

    “Look at this! Kang Jin commented and reposted. Those girls are going to be on the top of the hot search.”

    Chen Chloe turns around to see them looking at a phone. Curious she walks over and peers over the one woman’s shoulder. She reaches and grabs the phone startling the woman. “NO! NO!” Impulsively she throws the woman’s phone at the wall, “BITCH!”

    The two women nervously look at Chen Chloe and then the cracked phone on the floor. The woman whose phone is broken wants to cry, she just paid off the expensive iPhone. She picks up the phone when she sees Chen Chloe pulling at her hair she grimaces, I spent over an hour styling.“Miss Chen, calm yourself.”

    Chen Chloe’s body is quivering, “GET OUT!” She stomps her feet when they stay frozen in place and brushes the crystal perfume bottles onto the floor, “I SAID GO!”

    Chen Xue hears the screams and reaches the door as the two women brush past her anxious to leave. She stops them and in a threatening tone warns, “I don’t know what happened but if you breathe a word about my daughter you will never work again. Do you understand?”

    They both nod their heads, “Yes Mrs. Chen.”

    Chen Xue opens the door to her daughter’s room and sees the mess on the floor and Chloe sitting on the bed clutching a porcelain bottle. She sits down on the and puts her arm around her daughter, “Honey, what is wrong?”

    She sniffles while caressing the bottle in her hand, “Mom, it’s her.. Cousin Emmi..I hate the bitch so much.”

   “You are so much better than that little hoof why do you let her bother you? Come sit, Mommy will fix your hair.”

   Chen Chloe walks over and sits in front of the mirror. “Mom, she has a backer now. I don’t think I can compete with her anymore.”

   She takes out the diamond hairpin and brushes Chloe’s hair, “What do you mean ..a backer?”

   Chloe picks up her phone on the table and shows her the posts. Chen Xue taps the screen, “Who is the other girl in the photo?”

   “A nobody, but the man who posted the picture is her brother, a golden agent. He represents top names in the industry and he has taken the little bitch under his wing. She is going to be on the Variety Show I am appearing on next week. This photo shoot is probably to hype her up before she appears.”

   “Why didn’t you tell me about her appearing on the Variety Show with you? I could have found a way to prevent her from appearing.”

   “I wanted to handle it myself.” She gazes at the bottle in her hand. “I have a way… but I am worried I might get caught.”

   “Tell Mommy.”

Sara Calls Bi

    Li Feng arrives at Han Chao’s luxurious home as they are finishing dinner. Fan Mi asks him why he didn’t join them and he says that he ate with his brother. She laughs, “You should have waited and eaten with us. Han Chao poached his personal chef from a five star Michelin restaurant.”

   “Shaoting’s new cook is amazing. I didn’t lose by eating at his villa.” Shaoting said to not reveal that Song Sara is staying with him. He takes out his phone to prove his point, “Look at these mouthwatering dishes. The girl’s desserts were delicious too.”

   Li Tian isn’t satisfied after eating the boring meal and looks over Li Feng’s shoulder. When he sees the tray of cakes he has a familiar feeling as though he has seen the desserts somewhere. Li Feng raises an eyebrow, “Cousin…could you back up a little?” It is like someone turned up the air conditioning!

  “Give me your phone.”


  “I want to see the photos.”


   Li Tian grabs the phone from his hand and stares at the pictures then gives the phone back to Li Feng, “Who is the cook?”

  “She is a new hire. I don’t know her background.”

  “Is the woman from Catang City?”

  “No. She is a local.” 

   “Tell Shaoting that I will be dining with you tomorrow night. I want the woman to make the same dinner and desserts.”


  Li Tian walks away and Fan Mi pulls on Li Feng’s sleeve, “What was that about?”

 “How would I know? My cousin’s brain is something I will never be able to figure out. I know he doesn’t like sweets at all so why would he want the girl to prepare them?” Plus, Song Sara is Shaoting’s guest, not a goddamn cook!

  Fan Mi watches Li Tian sit down next to Han Chao’s brother and shivers, “Your cousin is so scary…you and your brother are nothing like him.”

   They walk towards the game room and Li Feng glances back at Li Tian, “Thank God.” Fuck! Why did I show Fan Mi those pictures! Now I fucking have to tell Shaoting the evil bastard wants to come eat dinner at the villa. Not only that, the unreasonable man wants the same meal we had tonight. What the hell! Very strange… He takes a bottle of beer from  a small refrigerator after they enter the game room. Song Sara might not want to cook…with Cousin Tian’s temper… He gulps down the beer as Han Chao approaches him, “Feng, why do you look like you just saw a ghost?”

   Li Feng tightens his grip on the bottle as he glares at his friend. “Chao, why is my cousin Tian here?”

  “ He came with Weisheng.”

  Li Feng flops down on the leather couch and picks up a controller. “He is really killing my vibe.”

  “It’s not like he is going to come to the game room…haha…”

  Li Tian walks in the door, sitting next to Li Feng he picks up the other controller, “Let’s play.”

   Beads of sweat form on Li Feng’s forehead from his cousin’s suffocating aura. He gives Han Chao an angry look, then through clenched teeth he spits out, “Cousin, you play Legends Of The Jianghu?”

  “I invested in Fang Chao’s company LCG… so naturally I played a little beforehand to see if it was worth the money.”

   Li Feng has an idea, what am I worried about? Pfft…I can beat the shit out of the arrogant tyrant in a game anyway.. “Well, let’s make a bet. If I win you don’t come to dinner tomorrow night.”

   Li Tian’s lips curl up into a faint smile, “If I win?”

   Li Feng is positive he can easily win, he is one of the top players. He chuckles and his boyish face exudes confidence, “You name it.”

   “Don’t regret betting with me then.”

   “I won’t.”

   Han Chao has a puzzled expression on his handsome face watching the two cousins. He walks over and stands next to his brother Weisheng, “Why did you two come to the game room?”

  “Tian wanted me to look at some pictures on Li Feng’s phone.”

   “Why would he challenge Feng? That kid lives to play that game, isn’t he afraid of being embarrassed?”

 “Tian has been under pressure lately… maybe playing a video game will relieve some of his stress.” He pats Han Chao on the shoulder, “It should be fun to watch. Grab me a beer.” 

  Across town at Li Shaoting’s villa Sara feels refreshed after walking through the gardens and down to the edge of the woods. When they enter the warm villa she takes off her coat and scarf, “Tang Wu would you like me to make some tea?”

  “No. I am going to have a beer and play some video games. Do you want to play?”

  “Well, I am not very good, my friend Han Bi tried to teach me but…I will just watch you.” 

  “I can help you. It will be fun. You can follow me on a quest.”

  “I don’t want to hold you back.” She laughs, “Really I am…well…terrible.” 

  He takes her hand, “I am not taking no for an answer.” They take the elevator to the third floor and Li Shaoting opens the door to the game room. Sara gasps when she sees the interior, “Han Bi would go crazy if she saw that pinball machine! She loves to play old machines.” Thinking about Bi, Sara has a gloomy expression. She has been putting off calling to explain the situation and her pregnancy.

  Li Shaoting notices her sudden change in expression and asks, “What’s wrong?”

 “Tang Wu, my friend Han Bi must be worried about me. I haven’t explained why I left Catang City so suddenly. I think I will go call her now.”

  “Okay. But, don’t worry too much about telling your friend. I’m sure she will be understanding.”

  “Yeah. Have fun playing your game.”

  “Come back when you get off the phone.”

  “I will.”

  Sara lowers her head and drags her feet heading down the stairs to the second floor. What a mess…first I was drugged and got pregnant by that beast then I got involved with a domineering tyrant  who believes the baby to be his… I had no choice but to run away and hide. Baby, I will do everything to protect you! Your mom will find a way to make a life for us in Bashu City..away from danger.

    Han Bi is in the backseat of a taxi coming back from dinner with her coworkers when her phone rings. She looks at the number and ignores the call. Sara realizes she is using a new phone and Bi doesn’t answer calls from unknown numbers. She texts [Bi, it’s me Sara. Pick up]

  Han Bi’s hands are trembling as she anxiously answers the phone, “Sara..Sweetie..where are you? I have been so has Mr. Cadieux.”

   Sara’s beautiful blue eyes are covered in a layer of mist hearing her friend’s worried voice. “Bi, I’m sorry I left so suddenly without telling you, but it was necessary.”

   “Where are you? When are you coming back?”

  “Bi…I can’t come back not for a long time.”

  Bi rubs her eyes as tears fall on her cheeks. She sniffles, “Sara… have to come back…I miss you. Wang Xiaoming opened the restaurant but the pastry chef isn’t half as good as you. The restaurant is your dream. Why would you suddenly leave?”

  Sara picks up a bottle of water and takes a deep breath unable to say the words. She texts [Bi…I…I am pregnant.]

  Bi is infuriated [PREGNANT!?! THAT BASTARD LI TIAN]

  [Not Li Tian’s]

[How are you going to live ? Come back Mr. Cadieux can protect you]

[I can’t. Too stressful… have to think of my baby. Found job as cook in private home]

Giving herself a moment to compose herself she decides to call to spill whole story. “Bi, Li Tian believes the baby is his and wants me to have an abortion. He isn’t the type of man to mess with…I could try and say the baby isn’t his but he wouldn’t listen. He would probably still force me. Whether the baby is his…or not his…he won’t care…either way he views the baby as disposable. I really had no choice but to run away.”

    Bi is stunned and stutters, “Not Li Tian…Wha..what beast? You were raped? Why didn’t you tell me?”

   “I tried to forget about it and put it behind me…I did until I found out I am pregnant. You know the night we went to The Black Jade Club and met your colleagues…I was drugged by Jiang Wenli. So I guess it wasn’t rape…but I wasn’t in my right mind and the beastly man took advantage of me.”


   “Bi, calm down. What is done is done. Jiang Wenli has always hated me because she likes Yibo. I don’t want you to do anything stupid, your family and the Jiang family do business together and I don’t want to cause problems. Really, I have accepted the fact I am pregnant and am happy. I am looking forward to being a mother.”

  “Where are you? I will come take care of you.”

  Sara laughs, “Thanks, but I am alright. I am not far along in my pregnancy so I can work.” She lies so Bi won’t worry too much, “And I have my savings.”

  Bi starts crying, “Sara…come back to Catang City. My brother Weisheng is friends with Li Tian. He can talk some sense into the crazy bastard. Tell him the baby has nothing to do with him and to leave you alone.”

  Sara sighs, if it were only that easy..but I can’t tell Bi about the complicated relationship between Li Tian and me… “Bi, I think it is best if I stay where I am. I found a good job with a very nice employer who knows I am pregnant and is very accommodating. “I am a cook in a gorgeous private residence with room and board included. So you don’t need to worry.”

  “At least tell me where you are. I will come visit you. I need to see for myself you are fine.”

  “I am going to sound paranoid but Li Tian might be watching you. He knows you are my best friend. I wouldn’t put it past him to  have his men follow you.”

   “Mr. Cadieux is rich and powerful he can stop Li Tian.”

  “Bi, I know you are only thinking about my well being but for now I want to handle this on my own. I will keep in touch with you..we can video call too. Don’t worry about me. I have a great place to live and my employer is awesome. I am very comfortable here.”

  “I will respect your wishes Sara, but please if you need my help in any way you better tell me! I expect you to call me regularly! Promise me!”

  Sara smiles, “Of course I promise. I will call my very best friend and I will annoy you with all my complaints about morning sickness and weight gain…haha.”

They talk for a few more minutes then after Sara hangs up she feels much better. I should take this job seriously and plan some menus for the week. Sitting cross legged on the couch in the guest room she takes a pad from her backpack and taps the pen, what should I make tomorrow?

Across town in Han Chao’s game room everyone stares at Li Tian in amazement, what the fuck just happened? Li Tian shows a rare smile then laughs while tossing down the controller. He stands up and ruffles his flustered cousin’s hair, “Little Feng, you should never underestimate me. See you at dinner tomorrow night.”


Winter Ball Part 1

  Zhen Sihao gazes at Emmi with a thoughtful expression, “Who are you going with to the Winter Ball?”

   Emmi is focused on devouring the delicious porridge, not paying attention to the man sitting across the table. She looks up with a confused expression, “Huh?” 

  He repeats, “I asked who you were going with to the Winter Ball?”

   “The Winter Ball? Oh..No one. My family and the Zhou family sponsor the event so I have to go but I don’t really want to attend.” She laughs, “I usually sit in the back of the ballroom the entire time trying to avoid my family. I find a cozy spot and try all the awesome pastries..haha.” She has a very bad memory of approaching ‘Zhen Sihao’ and being humiliated when she was in High School. Since then she attempts to be ‘invisible’ hoping never to run into that old man again.

   He narrows his eyes dangerously and  clenches his fist on his lap, those bastards in the Chen family…I will deal with them for you one by one. Except for your cousin,Chen Yi, they are all scheming assholes.

   She finishes the plate of Cashew Chicken with Snow Peas then puts down her chopsticks and pats her stomach. Emmi’s eyes bend into a crescent shape and she has a satisfied smile. “Wang Hao, you are a really good cook.” She stands up and clears the plates, “I will wash the dishes then leave.”

  “No need. The maid will be here shortly.”

  After she rinses the plates she stacks them in the sink. Drying her hands on a blue striped towel she says.“Then I will go.”

    “Okay.”He doesn’t insist on driving, “I will see you tonight”, and tell you who I really am before the announcement and explain the situation.

   Emmi puts on a white puffer jacket and heads to the door. Zhen Sihao says, “Wait a minute.” He takes a man’s Hermes plaid scarf from a rack by the door and wraps it around her neck. He brushes her neck with his hand and leans down,pressing his mouth against her ear, in a low and seductive voice he teases, “Since I made you breakfast you owe me a dance.”

    “Wang Hao!”

   He takes her hair that is tucked in the scarf and brushes it back with his fingers, “Hmm?”

  Emmi’s body quivers from his closeness. She pushes him back,  “Nevermind.” Emmi is about to say, ‘ please don’t find me at the Winter Ball’  but remains silent. He just wants to see me agitated will be with a date he won’t bother with me.

Emmi isn’t quite sure why but she has a strange feeling in her heart thinking about seeing him tonight. It must be because he kissed me last night…that is why I feel weird. He doesn’t seem affected at all…he is treating me the way he always does… so I should forget about it.The Big Devil just likes to see me flustered for his amusement…it is a game to him.

   He opens the door for Emmi and watches her walk to the elevator with an intensely possessive gaze. 

    Wearing his scarf Emmi is enveloped in Zhen Sihao’s woodsy scent and her heart flutters. She immediately takes off the scarf and holds it in her hand as she hurries out of the building and trots down the sidewalk towards the University.

When she enters the school grounds, someone comes from behind and twists her arm, “Damn you Chen Emmi! I have been calling you all morning! Where have you been? I waited outside your dorm room for an hour. Were you spending the night with that wild man? I want my fucking dress!”

  Emmi glances around, “Cousin, aren’t you afraid someone will hear you cursing like a shrew and ruin your image?”

  “It is Winter Break. Only pathetic people like you who have nowhere to go are still in the dorms.”

  Emmi cocks an eyebrow and sneers, “ are here..does that make you one of the pathetic people?”

     A luxurious black Rolls Royce Phantom pulls up not far away and neither Chen Chloe or Emmi notice.

   “Brother, Chen Chloe  is a terrible wench..I need to go help Emmi.”

    He stops his sister from opening the door. “You sit.” Since Emmi has brought his beloved sister out of her depression and helped him he recognizes Emmi as his person. He won’t let her suffer any grievances.

     Bai Meilin has a slight smile, good… Cai scare the heck out of that bully…Chen Chloe…hahaha… you are about to see what a real bully looks like..Hahaha.

    Chen Chloe is used to her cousin being easily bullied by her and wonders where she got the nerve to be so salty. She  pushes Emmi, “CHEN EMMI,YOU BITCH! I WANT MY DRESS!”

    Emmi stumbles backwards and slips on a piece of ice. She puts her hands up to protect her face anticipating hitting the ground, but is caught by a strong arm that pulls her into his strong chest.

   Bai Meilin is watching from the car and her mouth makes an O shape as her mysophobic brother holds Emmi in his embrace.

    Emmi uncovers her eyes and gasps, “B..Ba.. ” before she says his name he puts his finger on her mouth.

    Chen Chloe has an incredulous expression staring at the extraordinarily handsome man who has his arms wrapped protectively around her cousin. The tall man is inconspicuously dressed in casual black pants and a long black windbreaker. The clothes are all  custom made especially for him by an Italian designer,CK, most people would not know they cost thousands. The designer only has one client-Bai Cai. The unique and luxurious material is hypoallergenic and repels even fine dust.

   Chen Chloe comes back to reality and smirks pointing at Bai Cai, “So this is your wild man? Wait until I tell Dad!”

   Emmi can feel a suffocating  murderous aura surrounding the terrifyingly cold man next to her and is afraid for her cousin’s life. Calling the head of the Bai family a wild man?!? Although she doesn’t like Chen Chloe she still is her family. Emmi quickly steps away from Bai Cai and stands in front of Chloe. Nervously stuttering, “Don’t…don’t mind my cousin, she is always spouting nonsense.” she prays to Buddha he doesn’t shed blood.

   Chen Chloe has a revelation as she looks at his attire and sees the Rolls Royce parked not far away, “Oh so you are fooling around with a driver.” She laughs and holds her stomach, “Haha..A  lowly driver..I wonder what family he works they know your lover uses their car to bring you home after sleeping with you? Suits a stupid  cheap woman like you!”

Emmi can’t believe her cousin doesn’t see she is provoking a very dangerous man. She feels like her head is going to explode watching the situation escalate.

Emmi takes a deep breath, I can only hope he appreciates me helping with his pain the other day, it might prevent the scary man from killing Chloe on the spot. She looks at Bai Cai with teary eyes when several muscular men surround Chen Chloe.

Bai Cai growls, “Drag her away.”

Emmi quickly bows down in front of him, “Please! I beg you…forgive my cousin’s insolence!”

    Bai Cai gazes at Emmi with an unfathomable expression as he pulls her up. He leans down and whispers in Emmi’s ear in a low and penetrating voice, “ I never forget or forgive. I owe you for relieving my pain. but.. Your cousin better never appear in my sight again.” He motions to the men and they disperse, he lights a cigarette as he lazily strides back to the car. He blows out a thin stream of smoke then mutters, “Little girl, you are too forgiving.”

    Chen Chloe’s knees are knocking together and she holds onto a nearby tree for support. After speechlessly staring at Emmi with a stunned expression on her pale face she blurts out, “ are sleeping with a gangster..he…he is an Underworld B..B..Boss?” When the muscular men dressed in black silently came out of nowhere and surrounded her, Chen Chloe almost fainted in fear from the killing intent they emitted.

    Emmi shakes her head, “If you see that man again you better hide. I will bring the dress to the house. You should hurry and leave.” Chen Chloe sees the horrifying man hasn’t left, he is leaning on the Rolls Royce smoking a cigarette. Stumbling in her high heels she runs over to her Red Lamborghini.

She has never been so terrified in her life, she fumbles to put the key in the ignition while looking at Bai Cai, her boyfriend is a dangerous Underworld Boss surrounded by killers..and I am supposed to drug Chen Emmi tonight? He will murder me for sure..She breaks out into a sweat..I just can’t get caught. Peng Hua made it clear I will be exposed with the video if I don’t. 

   After Chen Chloe speeds out of the parking lot Bai Meilin gets out of the car and walks towards Emmi. When her brother got back into the car he was laughing which was really strange. He only said, “Call Martin when you are ready to go home.” Nothing about what happened by the door to the dormitory. She saw his dark guards surround Chen Chloe and she thought the vicious wench would be dragged away. Suddenly the guards disappeared and Chen Chloe ran to her sportscar. 

   Emmi takes the dress and her backpack  from Bai Meilin and softly says, “Thanks for bringing the dress.”

   Bai Meilin has quite a few questions but Emmi looks frazzled, “I brought some soup for you.”

    Emmi holds her other hand, “Bai Meilin,I am sorry about last night…and you and your brother witnessing the messy scene right now.”

   “Emmi, I shouldn’t have poured you so many glasses of Champagne. I just wanted you to be happy.”

   “It was my fault. I really do love to drink haha..sometimes I don’t realize I am overindulging. I had some wine when I was talking to Jean Paul…I think that and the excitement of him asking me to be his assistant, I got carried away.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes widen, “Jean Paul wants you to be his assistant?”

  “Yeah. I need to think about his offer but it sounds good.”

   Emmi opens the door to her dorm room and sees her comfortable bed, “I don’t want to go to the Winter Ball. I am so tired! You have no idea how stressful it is to go to my Uncle’s mansion and ride with the family.” Knowing Chloe she won’t let this go so I need to prepare to face Uncle Yihong’s anger. She flops down on the bed and hugs a plushie. So tiring!

   Bai Meilin sits on the edge of the bed and smoothes Emmi’s hair. “Why don’t you come with us.”

   Emmi gazes at Chen Chloe’s dress on the chair.” I need to take the dress to Chloe anway.”

   “No you don’t. I can have a courier from the company send it. You should sleep…you look tired. You could come to my house and we could get ready together. Chenxi is sending a stylist from his company. You wouldn’t have to do anything but sit and have them put on makeup and style your hair.

   Emmi rolls over and puts her head on Bai Meilin’s lap, “You are like a fairy godmother haha..taking all my worries away. But…  I have troubled you enough to bring my backpack and the dress.”

   Meilin twists a strand of Emmi’s hair on her finger. “Emmi, we are friends. I had fun yesterday. It has been a long time since I played and laughed with another girl.”

   She looks down and Emmi is asleep hugging the plushie. Meilin smiles and  takes out her phone, “Maisie, could you come to A University. I need you to deliver a dress.”

   Bai Meilin touches Emmi’s cheek, you are my very best friend. I would do anything for you. I was disappointed Cai didn’t teach Chen Chloe a lesson but she will receive her punishment for bullying you.

    Brushing Weibo, Bai Meilin’s eyes narrow when she sees the people participating in the Celebrity Assistant Variety Show next week. I don’t think Chen Chloe needs to be one of the participants. I will talk to Chenxi later.

    Maisie picks up the dress and asks Bai Meilin, “Anything else Miss?”

    “Yes. My friend will be accompanying me to the Winter Ball and I want a diamond set prepared for her and a designer gown..” She affectionately strokes Emmi’s hair. “A dress that is pure and fairy-like..beautiful…like my little goddess Emmi..haha..I don’t care which designer, but the dress needs to be breathtaking and one of a kind. Have it sent to the mansion and I was going to call Chenxi but you can handle it..another stylist to do her makeup and hair.”

   “Yes Miss.” Maisie sees how happy Bai Meilin is and smiles, the Boss said the Young Miss has been livelier since she met Chen Emmi. It has been a long time since she took an interest in any social gatherings..first the dinner party last night now the Winter Ball.



At The Lake

  Rui has a demonic look in his eyes as he growls in a low tone, “Bitch, if you fucking try to stir up trouble between my wife and me again, I will kill you.” He tosses the lifeless snake at Su Wanqing, “This is your only warning.” 

  Su Wanqing slumps down to the floor clutching the limp pink snake after Rui leaves. Thinking about Rui’s heartbreaking revelation she sobs uncontrollably,  Wife? She shakes her head in can’t be married… 

    After Rui leaves the gazebo he softens his expression while lovingly gazing at LiMei. She is wiping bits of apple from Diablo’s mouth and talking to the horse, “Diablo, you little piggie, you ate the apple in one bite! Did you even chew? I’m sorry that was my last apple, but when we get back to the stable I will bring you more. It will be our secret.”

   She sees Rui approaching and runs into his arms. He rubs her head, “What was that about a secret?”

   “Nothing..nothing..” She furrows her delicate eyebrows, “Where is Miss Su?”

   “She won’t be joining us.”

   LiMei takes his hand, “Rui…ahh..nevermind.” LiMei wants to ask Rui about his relationship with Su Wanqing…obviously she has fond memories of their time together but Rui doesn’t seem to like her very much. 

    Rui knows LiMei has questions but he doesn’t want to discuss the Snake Woman. He bends down and kisses LiMei then whispers something in her ear. LiMei blushes listening to his lewd suggestion, “RUI!!!”

   Leaning on the railing of the gazebo Su Wanqing’s hate-filled eyes watch as Rui playfully lifts LiMei up and kisses her face. He twirls LiMei around and her melodious laughter drifts into Su Wanqing’s ears inciting her rage. It is all because of that little fox…Feng LiMei might  as well have killed my darling Diamond with her own hands. I will make the little slut pay a thousand times over for bewitching Brother Rui.

Leaving the dead snake on the floor for LiMei to see Rui’s handiwork she wipes her eyes and sniffles…I will get both… Qiao Rui and my revenge.

Walking to Chestnut bent down eating grass she curls her fists into tight balls at her side, hmmph…Qiao Rui…you won’t be able to stop me from destroying your relationship. Kill me? Master won’t allow you…I am his adopted daughter after all. The only person on this Island that is going to die is Feng LiMei!

  Unaware of Su Wanqing plotting her death, LiMei happily strolls down to the water’s edge holding Rui’s hand. 

   Meanwhile in the Courtyard of the main house Baobei pulls on Yang Chenxi’s sleeve, “Uncle Chenxi, I finished studying where is Sister LiMei? She said she would play with me! She promised!”

  “I think she thought you would be still in class and went to the lake with Brother Rui. They will be back in awhile.”

   Baobei’s eyes light up, “Let’s go to the lake and surprise them!”

   Yang Chenxi has a complicated expression, Qiao Rui certainly wouldn’t like the surprise. “Baobei, I thought you wanted to challenge me? Why don’t we spar and wait for them to come back?”

   Baobei stands with his hands on his hips and his chubby legs spread apart. “I want Sister LiMei to see me defeat you. I know…she must be hungry, it is past lunchtime. I will ask Auntie to give me food to take to the lake. So I won’t be bothering them, I will be bringing lunch!”

   Before Yang Chenxi can process the little fat man’s brain circuitry, Baobei has run off to the kitchen. He shakes his head, will be fun to see the look on Rui’s face. 

   A short while later the kitchen Auntie walks out carrying two food boxes, “Mr. Yang, Baobei asked me to prepare lunch for the guests.”

  He takes the two boxes from “Thanks Auntie Ning.”

  “I put the plates and chopsticks in this bag.”

  Baobei comes charging out of the kitchen holding a box of cakes, “The cakes!” 

  Auntie Ning laughs and brushes the crumbs from his mouth, “Baobei, you know your grandfather said you can’t eat too many sweets.”

   “Auntie, I only sampled the chestnut cake to see if it was moist, the last one you baked was a little dry.”


   Yang Chenxi gives Auntie Ning a sympathizing look then grabs Baobei by the collar, “Little fat man do you want to take the cart or ride your pony?”

  “Ride Ghost, I look handsome on horseback.”


  At the lake Rui is laughing at LiMei as he scoops her out of the water, “I told you I was going to let go and for you to relax your body. Hahaha.. I didn’t think you would sink like a stone.”

  LiMei’s long black hair is tangled and hanging in her face as she sputters spitting water out of her mouth. She clutches onto his shoulders, “ Ka..ka..khak..khak…”,then puffs out her cheeks and hits him in the chest with her tiny fist. “I said when I counted to three! THREE!”

   He brushes her wet messy hair out of her face then embraces her tighter. Gently patting her back he can’t resist reminding LiMei, “Baby, we are in four feet of water you could have stood up. Hahaha.” How can my little wife be so cute… He leans down to kiss LiMei and she turns her face. He puts his hand on her cheek turning her face back towards him. LiMei is embarrassed she panicked and was flailing around in the water when she could have put her feet down. She squints her eyes and spits out, “Husband, if you keep laughing at me you will be sleeping alone tonight!”

 Watching LiMei’s snow white chest heave up and down as her temper flares he has a sense of crisis. Disturbed by the thought of being driven out of bed he instantly has a serious expression, “No more laughing.”

LiMei is satisfied as she holds up three fingers, “I said on three..”

“You did.”

“Good you know.”

Rui’s eyes are full of indulgence and love as he sucks and nibbles on her ear. He has a faint smile as he whispers, “Baby, it was my fault.” He gently kisses her lips, “Forgive me.”

Suddenly they hear horses and when Rui sees who is approaching the corner of his mouth twitches. LiMei smiles brightly, “Baobei looks adorable on that white pony.” He is wearing a white helmet with a green dragon emblazoned on the front and is dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a bright blue t shirt.

  Baobei jumps off the pony and takes off his helmet exposing his fluffy head. He has the helmet under his arm as he walks towards the water’s edge. Waving his short little arm he grins then raises his milky voice, calling, “Sister LiMei! Sister LiMei…I brought lunch!”

  LiMei notices Rui’s face darkening and giggles, “Don’t look at him with that fierce expression, you will scare the little boy. That is so sweet of him… I am starving.”

   She kisses Rui, “Be nice…okay?”

    He embraces LiMei, brushing his finger across her tempting lips he confesses, “Wife we are on our honeymoon, I just don’t want to share you with anyone.” He wraps his arm around her waist pressing her soft body against his bare chest, passionately kissing her until LiMei can’t breathe. Rui’s voice is low and hoarse, “I told you what I want to do to you in the gazebo.”

   LiMei’s face turns red from the tips of her ears down her neck then she curls up her lips revealing her cute dimples, “Husband behave and I will compensate you.”

   Rui caresses her face then kisses her neck, his warm breath tickles as he presses his lips on her ear, “What did you have in mind.”

  LiMei gazes into his deep ink black eyes, “Husband, surprise you.”

   Witnessing their intimate behavior Yang Chenxi puts his large hand over Baobei’s eyes then lifts the little boy up with one arm. Baobei puts his small pudgy hands on Yang Chenxi’s hand struggling to see LiMei, “UNCLE CHENXI!”

After they walk to the horses he puts Baobei on Ghost and takes the reins of the two horses. He ignores Baobei muttering and leads them to the gazebo.

When they enter Baobei almost steps on the dead snake. He wrinkles his nose when he recognizes Diamond and accusingly points a finger at Yang Chenxi, “Did that unruly bird of yours kill Miss Su’s pet snake? She is going to be very angry when she finds out. He was her favorite you know.”

   Yang Chenxi has a thoughtful expression, Jack would have taken the pesky snake away to be eaten. Why is the snake dead in the gazebo? He picks Diamond up and can see the snake was pinched to death, Qiao Rui? Did Su Wanqing try to kill Feng LiMei?

   Baobei puts his helmet on the cushioned bench and scratches his head, “Uncle Chenxi, should we bury Diamond so Sister LiMei isn’t frightened?”

“No need.” Yang Chenxi stares at the dead snake then cups his free hand by his mouth and makes a screeching sound. Jack flies into the gazebo but when he sees Diamond in Yang Chenxi’s hand he flaps his furiously flaps his wings then flys away.


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