I’m Sorry

    Andrea enters the VIP room carrying a tray with the dishes Rui ordered for LiMei. He smiles when he notices LiMei’s eyes light up as she excitedly looks at the food on the tray. The little girl really does love to eat . When his cold expression softens both LiMei and Andrea stare at the obviously pampering look on his face.

  Facing the nurse his expression becomes indifferent again, in a monotone voice he tells her to put the food on the side table close to the bed. “Leave. I will feed her.”

   Andrea’s face shows her obvious disappointment, her plan was to stay and help LiMei so she can spend time with Rui. Instantly regaining her composure she complies and walks towards the door. After his cold treatment of her earlier she is aware of his aloof temperament and wants to avoid unnecesarily irritating him. I will have time to find a way to seduce him. I shouldn’t rush. She turns around and politely warns him, “It is very hot so be careful.”

   LiMei has a confused expression: she was sure the coquettish nurse would find a way to stay. You obviously like him, why are you giving up so easily? LiMei watches the nurse’s back as she leaves then turns to Rui, “I can use my left hand if you move the tray in front of me.”

   Rui has already picked up the bowl, “Let me.” LiMei is too hungry and doesn’t want to be out of character if she is in a romantic relationship with him. She observes him with his head lowered scooping up some of the steaming porridge. He really is an incredibly handsome man. Those long black eyelashes slightly curled covering his dark eyes  and those thin lips..definitely sexy. He looks up to see LiMei staring at him with an intense gaze, he doesn’t say anything but he blows on the spoonful of porridge and brings it to her lips. She obediently opens her mouth while nervously wondering why he is taking such good care of her.

  LiMei decides to not to converse with him afraid she will make a misstep. Kuang Bo taught her if she isn’t sure what to say to remain quiet and observe the situation. Rui notices her awkward expression but quietly feeds her, occasionally wiping the corners of her mouth with a napkin. When she finishes she sighs and rubs her stomach with her hand, “So full.”

  Rui is reminded of the first time they had a meal together in the garden of his hospital in Pushong City, at the time he thought she looked like a satisfied kitten. He pushes the call button for the nurse to retrieve the empty dishes. LiMei seems distant and he doesn’t like the feeling. Reaching over he gently brushes the loose hair on her cheek back behind her ear. He has a serious expression on his face and his deep voice is tinged with heartache, “You don’t remember me, do you?” When she doesn’t answer and gazes at him with a complicated expression he holds her in his arms. Gently lifting her chin his dark eyes filled with desperation lock on hers. Filled with pain they seem to suck her soul out. “ I love you LiMei..you can’t forget..you love me..”

  Looking into his bottomless dark eyes LiMei doesn’t feel like lying in the face of his sincerity. Whatever the mission this man appears to genuinely care for me. I don’t think I have the mental energy to keep pretending. I have so many questions and my head is buzzing with different images flashing across my mind. 

  “I’m..I’m sorry…” LiMei doesn’t know why but when she sees the undisguised sadness in his eyes at this moment her heart tightens. She experiences a sharp pain in her chest and tears form in her eyes. Suddenly her face pales and she falls unconscious.

“LiMei!  LiMei!”

  He lays her on the pillow then immediately checks the heart monitor and takes her pulse both are in normal range and her breathing is normal. He opens her eyes and her pupils constrict so he breathes a sigh of relief. Forcing LiMei to be honest with me; it must have been too much of a shock for her mind to handle. But he has been thinking of LiMei night and day since she disappeared and his mental state is not good. Crushed she has amnesia his mind is in turmoil and he loses his rationality. I will take you back to my hospital immediately. I will make you remember me LiMei! 

   Rui glances at LiMei then takes his phone out of his pocket as he walks into the side room. Sitting on the edge of the bed he calls Ming Jian.  “I want my plane ready to leave in an hour. I am taking Feng LiMei to my hospital in Pushong City.” 

  Ming Jian was sound asleep and it takes him a minute to respond. “ Boss, the little chick..she can be moved so soon?” Didn’t the tell me she just get out of surgery last night?

  Rui’s face darkens, “Forget it.” He hangs up the phone and rubs his temples. Dammit! LiMei shouldn’t be moved yet. He runs his fingers through his hair, I can’t think straight. He lays back on the bed and his eyes slowly close.

  LiMei wakes up and looks around, the dirty dishes are gone and no one is in the room. Where did the handsome man go? The last thing she remembers is telling him sorry. Maybe he left afterwards. She yawns, I feel much better than before I went to sleep. I barely have any pain and although it feels stiff I seem to be able to move my shoulder. She slowly gets off the bed and walks to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet she tries to piece together the fragments of her memories.Nope..Nothing about that handsome man. But why did my body react to him, his touch felt calming and familiar.  She gets up and washes her hands in the sink, afterwards she looks in the mirror. When is Kuang Bo going to come to find me? 

   When she leaves the bathroom she walks to the side room where Rui is sound asleep on the bed. Curious she quietly enters the room, if I could look at his identification I would at least have an idea of who this man is, maybe his name will trigger a memory. She slowly approaches the bed, standing over him she is momentarily mesmerized by his face. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this man beautiful. Distracted by his flawless features she has the urge to touch his hair that is messy and hanging onto his forehead. She smiles reaching out a slender finger then hestitates, retracting her hand she sighs, I need to check his identity, his wallet is probably in his back pocket. 

   She carefully slips her small hand under his back feeling around for his wallet in his back pocket. Yes! Once she has the black leather wallet she silently steps away from the bed. Looking in it she pulls out his ID,  Dr.Qiao Rui..hmm..he is a doctor.. A few business cards, CEO of Qiao Corporation.he has a black card.. looks like he is super rich. ..well I guess if he is a doctor and a CEO. Does the mission have something to do with this Qiao Corporation? LiMei glances over at Rui, he doesn’t seem like a corrupt businessman.

   Leaning over Rui to put the wallet back her body brushes against his and he reacts. Reaching his arm wrapping it around her thin waist he pulls her onto the bed. In a deep sleep he hugs LiMei to his chest. When she attempts to wiggle out of his strong arms, without opening his eyes he whispers, “Be good. Sleep.”

    Inhaling Rui’s distinct scent LiMei comfortably rests her head on his broad chest as though she has been intimately held by him before. He smells so good..She listens to his heartbeat and instinctively nestles into his warm chest. A strange tingling sensation goes through her body and her heart is messy. This feels so right..Although I don’t remember him my body is naturally responding. LiMei can’t resist and runs her finger over Rui’s cheek and across his lips, I need to know…


In Hospital Room

    LiMei feigns sleep hoping the handsome man who is gently holding onto her hand will leave soon. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up does pretense, my nose is itchy. Rui watches her subtle movements as she scrunches up her nose, Rui’s his lips curl up, he can tell that she is awake. Still pretending? He tries to coax her, “Baby, I know it was my fault please forgive me.” He is about to lean down to kiss LiMei  when the door opens and two nurses enter the room.

    One of the nurses approaches him, her eyes light up when she sees his flawless face. She sweetly says, “We are here to move the patient to the VIP floor.” She sighs while staring at Rui, my God he looks like a celebrity.

   The other nurse takes the IV bag off of the stand to hook on the side of the bed. When she finishes Rui has a doting tone instructing her, “Be careful not to jostle her when you move the bed. I will come with you.”

   Once they arrive at the VIP room Rui looks around satisfied, the room is spacious, there are a few landscape paintings on the creme colored walls and the large windows will allow natural sunlight to brighten the room during the day. The flowers and color scheme have a calming effect and the side room with a bed looks comfortable. Much better than the cramped room LiMei was in previously.

   He gently fixes the covers over LiMei then tells the nurse who is staring at him with an intense gaze, “You can leave.”

  She snaps out of her daze, “You can use the call button if you need anything and I will come immediately.”

  He has a cold expression on his face, “En.”  Annoying woman. How many nurses have I seen with that look on their face , so obvious.

  When the two nurses leave, as they walk down the hallway the dark haired nurse who is interested in Rui excitedly pulls on her friend’s sleeve. “ Bea, did you see how handsome that man is?”

   “Andrea, don’t get any ideas. Did you see the affectionate way he was looking at the woman. I don’t think you will have a chance. You will just get yourself in trouble.”

  “I overheard Dr. Silva say she might have amnesia when she wakes up. She might not even recognize him.”

  As they continue walking Bea laughs, “This isn’t one of those dramas you watch. The inredibly handsome male lead falls in love with the caring nurse because he is devastated his wife no longer recognizes him.”

  “I could easily play the part of the beautiful villainess and break them up. He is so good looking and must be extremely wealthy. I also heard him say he would buy the hospital if he wasn’t allowed to be with the patient.”

  “You idiot doesn’t that tell you something? That right there shows he obviously is deeply in love with the patient.” I don’t want to say this but the woman in the bed looks like a beautiful fairy. You are pretty but there is no comparison.

  They get closer to the nurses’ desk and Andrea confidently says, “He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. I want him. I will get him.”

  Neither nurse notices a tall man who exited the elevator a moment ago. When he hears their conversation he raises his eyebrow, with a devilish grin he sarcastically comments, “You don’t have the ability.”

  Startled Andrea blurts out, “It is impolite to eavesdrop!”

  “I think scheming to take a man from a woman in a coma might be considered more impolite don’t you think?” He glances at Bea whose face is red and is trying to distance herself from Andrea.

  Undeterred Andrea gives him a dirty look, “This VIP floor is restricted how did you come up here anyway.”

  Henri Armand waves his visitor badge then lazily walks down the hallway towards LiMei’s room.

    They are getting close to the nurses’ desk so Bea pulls Andrea over to the side, checking to make sure the older nurse at the desk can’t hear. Worried she can feel her palms getting sweaty,  “What if that man says something? You will be suspended! You know the rules!”

   Andrea sneers watching him enter LiMei’s room. “He won’t say anything.”

  “How do you know?”

  She has a smug expression, “It is the middle of the night and he is going to visit her, his name badge has a different surname so he isn’t a relative. The arrogant man likes the patient too. I could tell from the look on his face when he said ‘ you don’t have the ability.’ he has a high opinion of the woman.”

  Bea thinks about what she said, makes sense but I don’t want any fallout. “Just don’t get involved, aren’t you seeing the x-ray technician on the third floor?”

  Andrea smoothes her hair, “I am, but that doesn’t mean I am not looking for a rich man. I don’t want to work twelve hour shifts for the rest of my life. Why do you think I spent so much energy sucking up to that bitch Dr. Tuirino so I could get moved to the VIP floor?”

They walk behind the desk and sit down. Andrea tells the woman looking at the computer, “The patient in room 8906 requested me as her personal nurse.”

Bea shakes her head listening to her friend lying, then asks the older nurse. “I’m going to the snack room do you want anything?”

“Get me a coffee, I have two more hours until my relief gets here.”

Andrea reaches into her pocket and gives Bea some money, “Get me some mints.”

 Dr. Piero has finished the emergency surgery and gone to LiMei’s room to check on her condition. When he sees the room is empty he storms out to the nurses’ desk, “Where is the patient that was in room 4589?”

  “She was moved to the VIP floor.”


  The nurse nervously drops her pen and stammers, “Dr. Knight…he..he gave the order.”

  Dr. Piero can barely control his anger, he takes long strides down the hallway to Dr. Knight’s office. He enters without knocking, “Tony, who gave you the guts to move my patient?”

  “Calm down.”

 “I specifically gave the order that she was not to be moved until her condition stabilized.”

 “ Piero, those instructions were not written on the chart. I wouldn’t jeopardize a patient.She was stable and Dr. Qiao requested her to be put in a VIP room.  I saw no reason to decline his request.”

  Dr. Piero remembers he didn’t write it on the chart but..I specifically told Dr. Qiao. Dammit! 

  Dr. Knight looks at his blood shot eyes, “You look exhausted. I can assure you Miss Feng is resting comfortably. Why don’t you go home and rest, those were two extremely complicated surgeries you performed. I am here and so is Dr. Tuirino.”

  He does feel his energy level has been sapped and needs sleep. “I am going to my office to take a shower and sleep. If there are any complications with Miss Feng I want to be alerted immediately.” Although I don’t like that bastard Qiao’s attitude,he is a competent doctor.

    Henri enters LiMei’s room, Dr. Lumbert called him and said he administered the Phoenix Breath Serum but was unable to take her to his lab. He wants Henri to monitor the situation in case her rapid recovery causes any suspicion. There is a rumor in the Underworld swirling around Xinghi’s experiments finally achieving results. Different organizations are searching for the person named Subject 456.  “How is she?”

  Rui let’s go of LiMei’s hand and stands up, “Her vitals are good and..”  He glances at LiMei to see if she reacts, “She woke up.”

  LiMei hears him and realizes her act wasn’t working. The Frenchman’s voice sounds familiar. Well I can’t continue this charade is giving me a throbbing headache. She flutters her eyelashes and Rui smiles waiting for her to open her eyes. He doesn’t have to wait long until she blinks a few times then slowly opens her eyes.

   Excited Henri tries to move closer but is blocked by Rui, Henri glares at him, “LiMei.” He gazes at her frail appearance and doesn’t know what to say.

   LiMei can feel the awkward atmosphere and smiles.  Her throat is extremely dry and her voice sounds weak as she softly says, “Could I have water.’

   As Henri reaches for the water pitcher Rui quickly grabs it away and pours a glass of water. He pushes a button on the bed so she is elevated, “Is this alright?”

  LiMei nods her head slightly and is surprised she doesn’t feel any pain. The painkillers they gave me must be really strong. My head hurts but not terribly, what happened to me?

  Rui gently puts the glass to her lips and she takes small sips. He wipes the water from her chin with his finger then gives her another some more water.

  The water soothes her throat and she thinks she should find out about her situation. Now seems as good a time as any, “Wh..What happened?”

  Rui holds her hand,”You shouldn’t try to talk.”

  She observes the two men’s expressions, the really handsome guy looks guilty and so does the Frenchman. “I want to know.”

  Rui reluctantly answers, “You were shot. But you shouldn’t think too much right now you have only been out of surgery a few hours.”

  LiMei wants to know what her relationship with these two formidable looking men could be. How can I find out without being obvious I don’t have recent memories. Where is Kuang Bo, shouldn’t he be around somewhere? I have never been sent on a solo mission.

  When Rui looks into her green eyes that don’t have her usual sparkle when she looks at him he is worried. Is she that angry at me or does she not even remember me?

  Henri has remained silent observing LiMei. She has a blank expression on her face and doesn’t seem to be affectionate towards Qiao Rui. Could she have lost her short term memory? If so she might think she is Daiyu and have no recollection of escaping from the Black Sky Organization and taking the identity, Feng LiMei. How can I test her to find out. Come without my face mask as myself, Kuang Bo, possibly dressed as a doctor? That might be worth a try. He makes a decision, “Feng LiMei I wanted to make sure you are recovering but I see you are very weak. You should rest. I will come back later today to visit you.”

  LiMei looks distracted, Feng LiMei…my cover is Feng LiMei… She smiles her voice weak she softly says,“Thank you for coming.” and giving me one hint anyway, how can I get more information out of Handsome?

   Rui ignores Henri and concentrates on watching LiMei for a clue. “Are you hungry?”

   “A little.”

   He pushes the button and Andrea eagerly tells the other nurse sitting behind the desk, “I will see what the patient in 8906 needs.” 

  Her friend Bea rolls her eyes, my words fell on deaf ears obviously.

  Rui lightly touches LiMei’s cheek, “Are you in pain? I know you don’t like painkillers but for now you need to take them. I can bring my silver needles later today but i don’t want to leave you.”

   The touch of his hand on her cheek makes LiMei’s heart beat fast, what is this, am I attracted to him, how long have I been on this mission? He knows a personal detail about me, how? Is he a doctor also? I feel like I am going crazy. Suddenly a burst of pain goes through her head and her face pales, “Ahh..hurts.”

  Rui holds her hand, “What is wrong!”

  LiMei grits her teeth, “I just had a pain in my head it is gone now.”

  He debates on whether he should call Dr. Silva, “LiMei, on a scale of one to ten how bad was the pain?” Some pain should be normal.

 She thinks oh about a level of twenty. “Don’t worry, the pain passed.”

  The nurse, Andrea comes into the room and walks over to the bed. “You needed something?” She had unbuttoned two of her top buttons before she entered the room. She leans over to straighten LiMei’s cover exposing her cleavage. Rui ignores her provocative posture. His voice is cold and he has an indifferent expression.“Miss Feng is hungry. Bring her some congee with two soft boiled eggs and sliced fruit.” He gazes at LiMei, “And a glass of pineapple juice.”

The nurse stumbles as though she is going to fall onto his lap and he doesn’t attempt to help her, he moves away. Embarrassed she blushes innocently, “I think there is some water on the floor. Be careful.” She goes and gets a cloth to wipe up the nonexistent spill. When she finishes she politely says, “I will be right back with your meal Miss Feng.”

   LiMei has a complicated expression, he knows how I like my eggs and I prefer pineapple juice, he is dismissive of the woman’s attempt to flirt with him. I need to be more responsive until I figure this situation out.

  Rui can see LiMei’s behavior is unusual he sits on the edge of the bed, “LiMei are you angry with me or do you not remember me at all?”

   Shocked by his blunt question she flutters her eyelashes and pouts, “I am a little angry.”

   Rui can’t resist. He has been going crazy  since LiMei disappeared in Cambodia. He kisses her forehead then whispers, “I will make it up to you I promise. I love you LiMei.” Tenderly holding her face in his hands he gently kisses her lips. “You are everything to me.”



   Nikolai plays with the black dagger in his hand, “So who will you murder Martina? The slut on the ground or dear Daddy?”

     Confused as to what to do Martina stares at Ivan hoping her brother will help get her out of this terrifying situation. With a desperate expression on her swollen and bloody face her eyes plead with him to help. Nikolai grabs her by her messy blonde hair forcing her to look into his cold eyes, “ Why are you looking at your brother.” He laughs holding the knife to her cheek, “Do you actually think your selfish brother will save you?” He mercilessly throws her back down on the floor. “Time to decide. I need to be somewhere.”

   Martina tries to think of a plan to escape. Ivan doesn’t want me to kill his fat whore…but Daddy? How can I kill my own father? My Uncles won’t let me live if I do. I don’t want to disfigure myself either.  Bastard! Why didn’t you die in the Bosnian prison!

  Nikolai looks at his watch, “Ten..nine..eight..seven..”

   Martina pulls on his pant leg mumbling, “Daddy.” He is in the auction and the doors won’t open for another hour. I can think of something. I have to!

   Ivan has a smile on his face for a moment then regains his emotionless expression. Good choice Little Sister.. I don’t need to dirty my hands and I take over the Organization much sooner than I had planned.

    Nikolai doesn’t miss the brief look of relief on Ivan’s face, “It looks as though your brother is very satisfied with your decision. I will leave Anton here to make sure you follow through.” He hands Anton the dagger then sneers pointing at he face contorted in fear. “Martina, don’t forget to make a nice jagged gash on your face, don’t half ass the job or Anton will help you. Also Martina, I will send the old man to you so stop fantasizing you have time to escape your fate.”

   Martina is horrified and touches her cheek. Never! I won’t cut my own face. You are insane!

  Nikolai glances at the two guards who have remained motionless while watching the scene.”You two. It must have been hard guarding such a pretentious bitch. You have a choice: die now or come with me.”

  They immediately step around Martina on the ground and follow Nikolai out the door.

    Coming down the stairs at the Bellini Mansion Nikolai sees Sun Peizhi. He turns to Martina’s guards. “I want you to wait for the auction to be over then tell old man Rushnikov, Ivan and Martina need him to come to the room upstairs. After you escort him to the room you are free to go where you like. If I find out you failed to do as I ordered..well..there will be nowhere to hide.” Martina to make it easy… I will deliver the old man to your door.

   “Yes Mr. Naralov ”

     Nikolai lazily walks over to Sun Peizhi, “I thought you would be gone after you completed the task.”

  Sun Peizhi raises an eyebrow, well, no reason to lie, “Bellini won’t let Rushnikov acquire the flash drive no matter what the loss.”

   “When did that stingy pr**k ever take a loss? Did you fail to ensure the bid? ”

   Sun Peizhi glares at him with a murderous glint in his eye. Everything was set up perfectly and the last thing I wanted to do is come back here! “Apparently according to my source old man Rushnikov’s daughter disrupted the beginning of the auction. Diego was furious that the scene caused him to lose face. You know how he prides himself on having everything under control at these auctions. Then to compound the already bad situation Rushnikov hid under his chair not acknowledging his daughter’s presence which really pissed off Diego. He hates cowards…he wanted to kick the old fart out immediately but the door was automatically closing. His men barely got the woman thrown out.”

   “What the fuck!’ Fucking Martina! Screwing everything up!

   “Don’t worry. I am here to remedy the situation. We had a deal.”

  Nikolai’s face blackens then he shakes his head, “Forget it. Circumstances have changed. I don’t give a rat’s ass.” I will still have my revenge on the father and the daughter surnamed Rushnikov! “Walk out with me. I want to discuss a business proposition with you.”

   Sun Peizhi signals Freddie it is a no go, then leaves with Nikolai.

     At the hospital LiMei stirs on the bed, the Phoenix Breath Serum has started regenerating her cells at a rapid rate. This regeneration process causes her blood pressure to rise and Rui sees a spike in her heart rate on the monitor. Worried, he checks her pulse then touches her head. Dammit! She is running a high fever and her heart rate is rapidly increasing to a dangerous level. Concerned about her condition  he presses the call button, she needs to be immediately treated for tachycardia. He applies gentle pressure to her carotid artery while looking towards the door, FUCK! A nurse comes into the room when she sees his hand pressed on LiMei’s neck she hurries over to the bed  The nurse attempts to remove his hand from LiMei’s neck. Flustered she raises her voice,“What are you doing?”

   Rui  restrains himself from getting angry and calmly replies, “I am a doctor. Look at the heart monitor she needs an antiarrhythmic drug. Get a doctor  NOW!” The nurse rushes out of the room to find the doctor on duty, Dr. Knight.  Meanwhile, Rui goes to the bathroom to  wet a cloth with cold water to wipe her face. When he returns he gently runs with cloth over her flushed face. A middle-aged doctor  enters the room to examine LiMei, Dr. Silva explained the situation to him earlier. He nods at Rui, “Dr. Qiao, I need to check her vitals. “

    “Did you bring the necessary drug?”

    “I did but I need you to step aside. “

    Rui steps to the side so Dr. Knight can  administer the injection.  He watches him then when he finishes Rui checks the monitor. He breathes a sigh of relief noticing her heartbeat is slowing down and her condition stabilizing.

   Dr. Knight studies LiMei’s medical chart then glances at Rui  who is staring at LiMei with a worried expression. He met Rui at a medical convention about six months ago in Berlin, at the time he felt the aura surrounding him was extremely cold. When we were discussing a new treatment with painful side effects being presented at the symposium, he was analytical and appeared devoid of emotion.  He was focused on the end resultof the drug trials with little compassion for the patient’s ordeal during treatment. It is hard to believe that is the same man who is standing here now with a pained expression thinking the girl could be in distress.

   Rui has his eyes focused completely on LiMei so he doesn’t notice the strange look on Dr. Knight’s face. Dr. Knight casually says, “Dr. Qiao, you should get some rest. I will have a nurse monitor the patient. I don’t foresee any problems. After this type of surgery the patient should sleep through the night.”

    “I would feel more comfortable remaining here. I want Feng LiMei moved to a VIP room.”

  Dr. Knight doesn’t know that Dr. Silva has previously refused this request  and replies, “I don’t see a problem. I will tell the nurse to ready a room.”

    “Very good.” Rui picks up the cool cloth and continues to gently wipe LiMei’s face. He leans down and lightly kisses her forehead whispering, “Baby, I am so sorry.” 

   The Phoenix Breath Serum  in her bloodstream  stimulates LiMei’s brain. Images  and memories flood her mind  in a disorganized fashion. Flashes of her childhood in the mountains,  happily sitting in her grandmother’s Clinic, her mother laughing at the dining room table, her high school friend Meng QiQi. Then with her father and stepmother arguing in the office of his Construction business. The painful memory of her father dragging her from the high school parking lot to a black van..

  Rui watches her sleep. LiMei’s eyes remain closed but her long black eyelashes flutter and tears roll down her cheeks. His heart tightens at the sight of her tears, is she is pain? He knows she was given a heavy dose of painkillers in the IV so she must be having a nightmare. He squeezes her hand quietly comforting LiMei, he wipes her tears with his slender finger. “Don’t cry you are having a bad dream. I’m here, I won’t let anything hurt you again.”

   LiMei  feels a warm hand on hers and slowly opens her eyes wondering why her head is throbbing and her whole body hurts. She tries to lift her left hand to touch her head. Rui quickly holds her small hand. He has a gentle expression on his handsome face ,“Don’t.’

   She gazes at Rui with a blank expression, Who is this handsome man?

 Surprised LiMei woke up, Rui brushes her hair behind her ear, his voice has a doting tone, “LiMei, don’t move around.”

    She closes her eyes so as not to show the confusion she is experiencing. Who is LiMei? Was I on an assignment and that was my cover? Where is Kuang Bo? How did I get injured?

   Rui can tell she is no longer asleep. She had a strange expression before she abruptly closed her eyes. She doesn’t even want to look at me? Is she angry with me because of the kidnapping?

   Rui’s dark eyes are filled with guilt, his heart feels heavy looking at her bandaged head and frail body. “LiMei…Baby, it was my fault. I can’t change what happened but I will never let you out of my sight again. As soon as you can travel we will go back to Pushong City for you to recuperate from your injuries.”

  LiMei listens to him without opening her eyes trying to figure out her current situation. When will Bo get here? I can’t continue this mission in my condition. I don’t even know what my mission is. Will Kuang Fu punish me? I need to pretend I know this man obviously..

  Rui stares at LiMei then can’t resist the urge to gently kiss her lips. Startled by the sudden kiss LiMei remains motionless afraid she will be exposed. Oh My God! Why is he kissing me! Her head starts throbbing as she tries to remember what happened before she was injured.

  Dr. Knight returns accompanied by two nurses, “The VIP room is ready, they will wheel the patient up now.”

   LiMei hears them but doesn’t open her eyes. Please Bo come soon. I don’t know what will happen if I am exposed. Why would they move me to a VIP room? What is my identity, who am I to this man? His mistress? Unable to figure out the mission her emotions are in turmoil. Kuang Fu! I hate you!



Blood Price

   Rui affectionately gazes down at LiMei, her long black eyelashes are fluttering and her face is pale. He frowns looking around at the small room then turns to Dr. Silva, “I want LiMei moved to a VIP room, I will stay with her tonight.”

  Dr. Silva’s expression immediately darkens , What the hell! Didn’t we just have this discussion in my office? The patient can’t be disturbed. “We discussed this. No.” At this moment Dr. Silva’s phone rings, his voice sounds irritated, “I need to take this call. You can remain but don’t stimulate the patient.”

  Once he leaves the room  Dr. Silva answers the phone, “ You have considered my proposal?”

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo are boarding his plane to fly to Milan. Xinghi answers, “Not yet, I am calling regards to a patient you operated on earlier, Feng LiMei.”

  Dr. Silva is shocked he is well aware of Xinghi’s cold personality after secretly working with him on his nanobot research project. He raises his eyebrow,“You know Feng LiMei?”

  “She is my niece. What is her condition?” Xinghi buckles his seatbelt as the plane gets ready to take off from his compound in Cambodia. “I am on my way to Milan now. I don’t have much time so quickly fill me in on her condition.”

   Dr. Silva pushes up his gold framed glasses,this girl gets more interesting by the minute!  He goes over her injuries, the operation and her prognosis. After he finishes  Xinghi replies, “I have to disagree with you Piero, Feng LiMei would benefit from audio and tactile stimulation. Allow visitors.” Besides the fact he believes this to be the best course of action, this would simplify Dr. Lumbert giving LiMei the Phoenix Breath Serum.

  Dr. Silva’s voice conveys his skepticism, “That is highly unorthodox! A person could imprint ideas into her mind before she fully awakens and she could..” Before he finishes the phone call is disconnected. He tightens his grip on his phone, talking to himself he continues his thought in a low voice, “Believe inaccurate information and memories to be true!” Goddammit! No! I don’t trust one of those men surrounding the patient! I didn’t have time to inform him who the fuck brought Feng LiMei into the hospital..that maniac Nikolai Naralov.

  As he is about to enter LiMei’s room he is paged to do emergency surgery on an accident victim. I can’t allow Qiao Rui to remain in her room. When he enters Rui is sitting at a chair staring at LiMei waiting for his return to further discuss moving her to a VIP room.

   “Dr. Qiao you need to leave I have to perform emergency surgery. We can discuss this further when I am out of the operating room.”

   Rui has a faint smile, very good. I will simply leave willingly then go back and you can’t stop me. If all goes well with the negotiations the next couple days I will own this hospital and do as I want. Rui surprisingly stands up obediently and follows him out the door.

   Once in the hallway Dr. Silva knows with the arrogant man’s personality he would have protested, obviously he has no intention of leaving. There is a shortage of security guards right now because of the situation in the Emergency Room.. He turns to Rui, “I will be frank, I realize as soon as I leave you will go back to Feng LiMei’s room.” UnfortunatelyI don’t have the manpower right now to stop you.  “I would urge you though to consider Miss Feng as a patient and act accordingly as a doctor.”


  Rui returns to the room and sits in the chair by her bedside again. He doesn’t agree with Dr. Silva, he feels LiMei would benefit from stimulation. He caresses her small soft hand then places it into his hand. Desperately wanting to hold her in his arms he restrains his urge. He stands up then leans down gently kissing LiMei on her forehead. He inhales her unique fragrance and is overwhelmed by guilt. I love you  LiMei… it is my fault for not protecting you well enough. I won’t leave you again..or let you out of my sight. His black eyes are filled with jealous rage thinking about what might have happened while he was separated from LiMei. He paces around the small dimly lit room trying to calm himself. I know you weren’t with that bastard Nikolai Naralov willingly. I don’t believe what that damn Frenchman told me. You are mine..only mine..

  At the Bellini mansion Martina rushes up the stairs to find her brother Ivan. Bursting into room after room until she finally finds him. Wild eyed and disheveled she screams, “Brother! Brother! You need to help me!”

  Her brother and Karin are rolling in the sheets and are startled when she flies into the room. Ignoring the fact the two people are naked and having sex, Martina runs over to the bed. “IVAN!”

   Panting heavily with sweat dripping down his face Ivan rolls off of Karin Annoyed at the interruption he exclaims,“Martina what the hell!”

   She anxiously grabs his sweaty arm, “Get dressed, get your guards! Nikolai is coming to kill me!”

   Karin leans on her elbow looking to see who barged into the bedroom. Her voice sounds hoarse, “Bitch! Get out!”

   Ivan slaps Karin’s face then kicks her off the bed, “Scram!”

  She crawls up grabbing his arm, “No, I need you.”

  Martina grabs her by her tangled blonde hair, “You heard him get out!” Her guards that followed in behind her pick Karin up to throw her out; she kicks one in the leg. Speaking in Russian she screams, “PIG! I need my clothes.”

 Martina smirks noticing her brother doesn’t care. “Toss the cow out.” 

 The guards drag Karin out naked and leave her in the hallway then return to the room.

  “Brother, help me!”

  Ivan runs his fingers through his messy blonde hair as he stands up pulling on his gray pants, “What did you do?”

  Martina’s eyes tear up knowing her older brother can’t stand to see her cry. “It is Nikolai’s fault! He brought his little whore to the reception!”

  “So.” Normally Martina’s tears would move him but she just interrupted him as he was about to satisfy his lust.

  She grabs his gray striped shirt off the floor tossing it to him, “Hurry! You need to get me out of here.”

  “ Sister, Nikolai wouldn’t hurt you even if he doesn’t like you. It would go against his interests.You are being dramatic.” He puts on his designer silk shirt, as he buttons it he continues, “Diego would never let him disrupt the auction either. He values his reputation for keeping the auction civilized.” He laughs at his use of words considering the unsavory people attending tonight.

  “Ivan, I will explain after you get me to a safe place where he can’t reach me.”

  Nikolai silently enters with Anton who is pushing Karin into the room.“Too late for that Martina.”

  He has a disgusted expression as he steps around Karin. “Ivan, I suggest you finish fucking this fat bitch and stay out of it. He sarcastically remarks, “She was laying in the hallway writhing around calling your name.”

  Ivan can feel the killing intent coming from Nikolai, “Niko, I don’t know how my sister angered you but whatever it is we can work it out.”

  Martina anxiously hides behind Ivan as her guards stand by protecting her. 

 Nikolai sneers, “Ivan, I told you when we were in school never to call me Niko again, I don’t recognize you.”

 “I thought since you were to be my brother in law we moved past our enmity from our childhood.”

  “You were wrong. Now back to why I am here. Martina do you want to tell your brother or should I?”

  Martina’s voice cracks as she stammers,“Nikolai…I was wrong… I was jealous.”

 Ivan pulls her out from behind him then stares at Martina in a cold tone he growls,”What did you do?”

 Nikolai wants her to squirm,“Tell him.”

Martina has a terrified expression and her face loses its color.She thought Ivan would shield her from Nikolai and his attitude unexpectedly suggests otherwise. Like a cornered animal she stares at Nikolai, his eyes are bloodshot and he has a demonic aura. She decides to change her tactic.“I did nothing, it wasn’t me I was framed. Brother, believe me.”

“Framed? By whom?”

 “I can’t say.” Martina quickly forms a plan to pin the attempted murder of Karin. She pretends to be hesitant then timidly points to Karin, “It was her and her mother Olga.”

  Karin is out of it from being drugged and has no clue she has become the villainess in this drama.

Nikolai starts laughing, “Ivan, your sister could be an actress with her skill. Martina, the gunman was your guard and confessed you gave the order.”

Ivan has no patience, “Martina,what the fuck is going on here?”

Martina pulls on Ivan’s shirt, “I was jealous when Nikolai arrived with another woman that is true. But, the guard…the guard was subverted by Karin. I was complaining to her about the situation and she said she would teach the woman a lesson for me. I had no idea she would try to kill Nikolai and the woman using me as a scapegoat.”

Now Ivan knows Martina is lying but she is his little sister. He decides to try to save Martina, from the look on Nikolai’s face he won’t go easy on the perpetrator. Ivan grabs Martina and slaps her, “Kneel!” Martina realizes her brother is trying to save her so she obediently kneels down, “Nikolai forgive me I had no idea she intended to murder you!”

  Annoyed he can’t really kill Martina, his mother was very fond of her as a girl which is why they became engaged in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean she can get away with harming Feng LiMei.“Ivan you call that a slap?” He motions to Anton who slaps Martina. She screams in pain then holds her red and swollen face. Anton slaps her again and one of her teeth flies out from her bloody mouth. Her two guards stand motionless when Ivan raises his hand. Ivan clenches his fist at his side and the veins in his forehead bulge watching Anton slap Martina againwith his large palm He is well aware Nikolai could easily kill them both before the guards could react. Ivan doesn’t want to die because his useless sister is a complete idiot.

  Martina crawls across the carpet over to Nikolai’s feet,she can barely talk, “Stop, I will do anything.”

 Nikolai has a devilish grin, “Anything?”

  She nods. 

  Nikolai takes out a dagger twirling it in his hand, “Slit Karin’s throat then cut your face.”

  Ivan rushes towards Nikolai and Anton quickly steps in front of Nikolai. Ivan knows Nikolai’s twisted method will eliminate his entire family.“Bastard! If she kills Karin, Olga won’t let her go.”

 “Well, I could have Martina kill her dear brother instead. Someone needs to pay the blood price for attempting to kill me and injuring my woman.”

  Ivan gulps, Nikolai never jokes. He looks at Karin naked and mumbling on the ground. Motherf****r! Olga will go insane if her only daughter is killed. Not to mention her lunatic brothers Rashid and Hamid. A few people saw me come upstairs with the fat bitch before the auction. Not to mention if she was calling my name in the fucking hallway outside the room.

Ivan makes a decision, he doesn’t want the wrath of Olga and her sons coming down on him. “She can kill our father, how is that. You might not know but he and Viktor are responsible for you being thrown in the Bosnian prison will that satisfy you?”

Martina’s eyes widen in shock listening to her brother’s words. Even though she is in a great deal of pain from the slaps she isn’t muddleheaded, Daddy? I can’t kill Daddy! I will kill the ugly woman on the floor!

Nikolai can’t help but admire Ivan’s keen sense of self preservation. Obviously he quickly realized Olga would retaliate and wipe out anyone with the name Rushnikov. Also, with his father out of the way Ivan will be the new head of the Rushnikov Organization.

 Nikolai throws his head back laughing, “Hahaha…Ivan Rushnikov you certainly are your ruthless father’s son.”



Dr. Piero Silva

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   Rui drops the glass in his hand and stumbles as he stands up, holding onto the bar for support, “Whaaat..Whaat di ju shay. LiiiMeii..LiiiMei…”

   Henri’s face is black, why am I bothering with this sloppy asshole! He is completely drunk! Disgusted listening to Rui he growls, “ I don’t have time for you..”

   Before Henri finishes his sentence sensing he is about to hang up the phone Rui blurts out, “Waaaait..dunnt hang…” Rui shakes his head, “Liii…Meeii..where..” Feeling dizzy and his vision blurry, he knows he is in bad shape. He sees Leng Shuai walking over , “Tellllll Lengg Shu…”

   Leng Shuai furrows his eyebrows watching Rui try to balance himself by leaning on the bar, what the hell? Leng Shuai barely reaches where he is standing when Rui almost drops the phone trying to hand it to him, “LiiiMeiii”

    Thinking Feng LiMei is on the phone, Leng Shuai feels relieved, he excitedly snatches the phone, “Feng LiMei where are you?”

    Henri responds with a worried tone, “It’s Henri. Feng LiMei is being prepped for surgery, she was shot.” He gives Nikolai a sidelong look, I want to say while protecting Nikolai Naralov but I’m not sure who the target was. It may have been LiMei.

     Shocked by the news Leng Shuai tightens his jaw, “What hospital ? We will be right there.”

    “Just you come. Don’t bring Qiao Rui, he is useless. He might cause a problem.”

    Leng Shuai can tell Rui is wasted; Rui sways back and forth bent over the bar. He frowns, after spending this time with Rui he has gained a better understanding of him, he almost feels sorry for Rui. How did he get drunk so quickly? He was fine when I went to talk to François. Leng Shuai looks at the woman next to Rui who is acting in a suspicious manner nervously sneaking peeks at them, did she drug him? He responds to Henri,“”What hospital?”

  “ Blessed Spirit Private Hospital.”


  Leng Shuai hangs up, putting Rui’s phone in his pocket. He reluctantly grabs Rui by the arm, Shit!  “Do you have any medicine in your bag that can help you?”

  Rui has a dazed look in his eyes, he nods indicating he does. His head is spinning he can barely comprehend what he is hearing and is unable to walk or speak coherently. Fuckkkkkkkk!

  “Let’s get it.” Leng Shuai holds Rui up as they walk towards the door, then Leng Shuai realizes there might be reporters still outside. He sees a side entrance and maneuvers Rui that direction. He isn’t sure why he is concerned about Rui, he raises his eyebrow looking at Rui trying to walk. You owe me asshole.

   When they get to Rui’s hotel room Leng Shuai opens the door using Rui’s room card. He sees Rui’s medical bag by his luggage, after he drops him on the couch he brings over the bag. “Get the medicine. But if it doesn’t work quickly I’m leaving you here. This is as much consideration as I’m giving you.” He wants to hurry over to the hospital and check on LiMei’s condition.

   Rui squints his eyes trying to focus as he looks into the black bag, his hand shakes as he takes out a bottle. He tries but can’t open the lid. Leng Shuai impatiently grabs the bottle, “How many?”

   Slumped over on the couch Rui can barely hold up two fingers. Leng Shuai thinks Rui definitely was drugged for some reason. His pupils are the size of pindots and his body is trembling. Just from touching his hand his body temperature is below normal and his face is extremely white. “It looks like you were drugged, will this medication work?”

   Rui’s mind is muddled but when he hears Leng Shuai he points a trembling finger at a small vial on the side of his medical bag. Leng Shuai barks, “Open your mouth.” He roughly shoves the pills into Rui’s mouth then puts the water bottle to his lips. I’m now his goddamn babysitter! He looks at the vial that contains a blue liquid, “You drink this?”

   Rui nods and Leng Shuai feeds it to him then looks at his watch, “I will be back in fifteen minutes.”

  At the hospital Nikolai is telling the doctor if they need blood he is a match for LiMei. Dr. Mueller replies, “ No need. The hospital has a plentiful supply of Type O blood. ”

  Nikolai of course isn’t going to explain that his blood is more beneficial, but insists in a threatening tone, “Where do I give blood, you must use mine.”

   Dr. Mueller hates being told what to do. First, Henri Armand questioned his compentency now this man has an extremely dangerous aura and wants to delay the operation. He refuses, in a thick German accent he reprimands Nikolai, “ Sir, you are jeopardizing the patient. I need to scrub and assist Dr. Silva.” 

   Henri wonders why the doctor hasn’t gone into the operating room yet. He walks over to them, “Is there a problem?” 

   Dr. Mueller pushes up his black rimmed glasses giving Nikolai a disdainful look , “No.” He walks through the doors next to the operating room. How does Henri Armand know that man? He looks like and has the violent temperament of a Mafia Boss.

   Curious as to what transpired between the two Henri aproaches them. He can tell Nikolai is furious and the doctor is clutching tightly onto a folder wrinkling it from the pressure his hand is exerting. After the doctor is out of sight Henri grabs Nikolai’s arm“What was that about? Is there a problem with the surgery?”

   Nikolai shakes off his hand, “Get your hand the fuck off me.”Henri clenches his fist at his side wanting to punch him in the face for his obnoxious behavior, Such an annoying pr**k! Henri wonders if Nikolai pissed the doctor off before surgery. If I find out the shooter’s target was you…

Silently walking down the hallway past the operating room as the red light goes on above the door Nikolai pauses. He has a murderous glint in his eyes as he stares at the closed door of the operating room, He didn’t like Dr. Mueller’s condescending attitude. Bastard! You better save the Little Assassin or you are fucking dead! Once he reaches the end of the corridor he calls Anton, “Did you give the flash drive to Bellini?

  “Yeah Boss, I did just what you said.”

  “Are you still at the mansion?”


  “ I haven’t received payment. Don’t leave.”

    Anton’s impression of Diego Bellini was he was afraid of Nikolai when they spoke earlier. “He wouldn’t dare not pay.”

   “Did you see Sun Peizhi?

   “No, but Boss you know those two men Mikhail was watching?

    “Yeah..” Right… Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai would be at the reception looking for Feng LiMei.“What about them?” 

     “One guy looked really fucked up at the bar, then the other man dragged him out.”

     Nikolai receives a message, “ Hold on a minute.” He sees the deposit into his account in Switzerland. “Never mind the wire transfer was just completed. Meet me at Blessed Spirit Hospital.” Nikolai has a sudden thought, Henri is friends with those two would he let them know Feng LiMei is shot? “Tell Mikhail I don’t want Qiao Rui or Leng Shuai showing up at the hospital”

   Anton’s face changes and his expression is grim, “Boss! Did something happen with your injury?” I knew he shouldn’t be carrying that stupid girl out to the car!

   “No. The little thing… well, she was shot. I want you to find out who was behind it.”

   “…” How did she get shot? Anton pulls on his thick brown beard, “Are you sure you didn’t get hurt?”

   Nikolai’s heart tightens recalling the scene in the elevator, then LiMei covered in blood. “She jumped in front of me.” He feels his head throbbing thinking about LiMei being hurt because of him.

  “WHAT??” That little girl doesn’t even seem to like you Boss… she was really pissed off when you two left.

    Nikolai knows the only way he can feel better right now and get rid of his guilt is if he kills everyone involved with the shooting. “No more questions I will give you the information when you get here.”

    Kuang Bo is sitting outside the operating room also on the phone. “There was a shooting at Postino’s Hotel, the police are probably transporting the gunman to the public hospital on 16th Street. I need you to find out who his target was, Nikolai Naralov, Henri Armand or a woman named Feng LiMei who sent him. After you have the information kill him before he can be interrogated.”

   Scorpion puts down his forkful of pasta, “Aren’t you Henri Armand?”

   “Just do it.” What an idiot!

    Leng Shuai walks into Rui’s room and he is asleep with one leg hanging off the couch. He shakes him but Rui doesn’t wake up so he takes two long strides over to the desk. He glances back at Rui then leaves a note with the name of the hospital and sets down Rui’s phone. I did my best but I’m not going to delay any longer to go to the hospital.

   In the operating room Dr. Silva is looking at the images of LiMei’s brain when Dr. Mueller walks over to him. He studies the specific area of the entry wound Dr. Silva has marked. “Piero.” He points to the tear, “Are you going to use your newly designed nano bot to repair this section.”

   Herman admires his outstanding friend, barely thirty years old and his achievements are numerous. Piero is a brilliant sought after surgeon but in his spare time he dedicates himself to humanitarian causes. Not too many men would be as dedicated, especially coming from his background.

   Piero frowns, “ Herman, you know my new nano bot is still in the experimental stage, I don’t dare. I think the outcome would be better for the patient but if anything goes wrong they will scrap my research. I would need the patient or her guardian to waive their right to sue if there were complications. Also, I can’t afford to lose funding because of a lawsuit. Additionally, Lionel, Nori and Gina would be affected since they are in the same research facility.” He continues to study the images. “You saw those men in the hallway, would you want to ask?”

When he heard Nikolai speaking he turned around recognizing him immediately as Viktor Naralov’s ruthless son. He pats Herman on the shoulder then has a strange grin on his handsome face. “Herman, I think if there is any problem with this surgery we are dead men.”

   Dr. Mueller sighs after feeling the immense pressure from the cold faced Russian he knows his friend is right in his assessment.  He taps his pen on the film, “If you use the traditional surgical procedure the patient will possibly lose her memory.”

   “ I think that is preventable, at the most the patient would suffer from short term memory loss if I disturb this part of her hippocampus.” He reaches his slender finger over to the next image, “There are two blood clots by the bullet fragment that need to be removed.”

    Confident he can perform the surgery successfully after studying the PET scans he signals his team he is ready to begin. He instructs Dr. Mueller, “First, since she is stabilized I will perform the surgery on her brain then you can remove the bullet from her shoulder.” 

    They walk over to the operating table, Dr. Silva stares at LiMei’s innocent face remembering another young and beautiful gunshot victim. “Herman, maybe it would be best for the girl if she…” He abruptly stops mid sentence thinking he shouldn’t say what he is thinking, she looks too young and delicate..maybe it would be for the best for her to forget. Get out of that life…she looks too pure and beautiful to be passed around by wealthy men.

   He has a complicated expression as he tells the middle aged surgical nurse to hand him the cranial  drill.


Nikolai’s Whim

     LiMei curses Nikolai and eight generations of his ancestors while storming around the living room kicking the luxurious furniture. Unable to completely dispel her anger she walks over to the bar. Slamming her tiny palm down on the bar her eyes have a flame burning in them, “STUPID… STUPID LUNATIC! I WON’T DO IT…I WON’T!” 

    Looking at the crystal decanters she knits her eyebrows as she picks one up with clear liquid then takes a whiff hmm.. vodka. She grabs a glass then fills it to the brim, I need to relax! LiMei ignore him..find a way to leave with Rui..you can do it.  She takes a few gulps, the vodka burns LiMei’s throat and her stomach feels like it is on fire. Her eyes turn red as they water and she begins coughing, “ke ke ke..damn..kekeke..”

    Anton walks past the living room and hears LiMei coughing then glances her direction. She is leaning on the bar holding a half full glass in her hand. He sees the top off of a decanter, Shit! That is the boss’ vodka made by that weird old  man in  Marinsk, it is 190 proof! Should I warn the stupid woman? He hesitates, She did give me acupuncture for my pain, and clean my wounds. Anton reluctantly steps over to where she is standing, “Girl, don’t drink the Boss’ vodka.”

   LiMei looks up at him towering over her with a stern look on his ruggedly handsome face, “Huh?” What? I shouldn’t drink his precious vodka? Hmmph  LiMei finishes the glass of vodka choking down her tears. She defiantly takes another gulp then responds with a hoarse voice tears forming in her eyes, “I will if I want.”

   Anton can see by her stubborn attitude he is wasting his good intentions but continues, “Too strong for a girl.”

  LiMei laughs as she pours another glass, “I have a high tolerance.” She looks at his complicated expression, is he trying to be nice?  “Anton, why is your Boss so…?”

     “…”  He can anticipate what she will say, Nikolai is a ruthless killer, what do you expect? Before he answers Nikolai silently walks up behind them, “So..finish your question.. So… handsome and charming?” He seductively leans into her body then lifts her chin.

      LiMei laughs, her eyes sparkling and her beautiful face flushed from the vodka as she looks straight into his bottomless eyes , “So quiet when he sneaks up on me..hahaha.”

     Nikolai frowns seeing her flushed appearance then gives Anton a look. Anton quickly raises his hands with a helpless look on his face, Boss I was trying to stop her..

   LiMei lifts the glass to finish the vodka and Nikolai puts his hand on hers taking away the glass. “No more.”

   Standing on her tiptoes she tries to reach for the glass as he raises his hand.  She pouts, “Stingy!”

    Nikolai has a gleam in his dark eyes looking at her cute expression then he hands the glass to Anton, “Little Assassin It is time to leave. Aren’t you excited to see your lover, Qiao Rui?”

     LiMei forgets she is angry with him and quickly pulls on his arm dragging him forward, “Let’s go.”

    He inwardly chuckles at her ability to change faces so quickly as she eagerly clutches onto his sleeve. When they get to the front door he turns to Anton speaking Russian , “Follow, then wait for my call.” 

    Once they are in the black Bentley LiMei glances over at Nikolai who is looking at his phone. “You never told me what I need to do.”

   “ Originally I needed your help to distract Diego Bellini but no longer.”

   “So what do you need me for then?”

 “ Now it is very simple, you act like you are in love with me.” I decided I will have fun tonight watching Martina squirm, Qiao Rui explode..Leng Shuai try to kill me and Kuang Bo attempt to rescue you. Also, I want you to look at me with the silly grin you have on your face when you think of the arrogant doctor. 

   LiMei’s face turns bright red as she shakes her head vehemently refusing to play that game, “WHAT! I SAID NO WAY! I WON”T!”

   He reaches over lifting LiMei’s chin enjoying her aggrieved expression, “You will.” He distracts LiMei who is dazed by his request by forcefully kissing her lips, as she frantically tries to push him away. He uses her own silver needle to insert into her Bedhu Point and she closes her eyes. His face has a devilish grin as he whispers into her ear implanting a new memory, “ You love Nikolai Naralov, he is the most incredibly handsome  and hmmm.. kind man who rescued you from Kuang Fu. You have no feelings for Qiao Rui, you dislike Leng Shuai and you are afraid of Kuang Bo.”  

   Satisfied, Nikolai rests LiMei’s head on his shoulder as he brushes a few loose strands of her long black hair off her face. I can’t let you leave me my little pet. I would be so bored.

  He wakes her up by pressing on her acupoint, LiMei languidly sits up and with her eyes half open she affectionately touches his chest, “Niko..I fell asleep?”

  Nikolai holds her small hand, “You were tired so I let you sleep.”

  LiMei peers out the window at the Bellini mansion up ahead on the right side of the private road and all the luxury cars in front of the magnificent home. There are numerous photographers and reporters clustering around the people exiting their cars. She flutters her eyelashes as she shyly gazes at Nikolai, “Niko, do we really need to go to this party?”

   His lips curl up when he sees the adorable expression on her face, “Don’t worry it will be fun.”

   She leans into his chest in a soft pleading tone she coaxes him as she snuggles into his chest, “I would rather enjoy this beautiful night with you…maybe walk around the Galleria… have dinner. I really hate these types of parties. So boring.”

     Nikolai wants to chuckle while listening to her coquettish voice, what a difference from her usual irritated tone she has when talking to me. I haven’t used that technique in a long time…haha..she really thinks she is my girlfriend. I can’t wait to see the expression on Qiao Rui’s face when she ignores him. “We can do that tomorrow, I have important matters to discuss with Diego Bellini.”

  “Pfft..” LiMei puffs out her cheeks as crosses her slender arms over her chest, “It is because Martina Rushnikov will be there, right?”

   “…”Nikolai bursts out laughing, holy shit! She is even acting jealous. “Hahaha..”this is hilarious! If she knew how she is acting she would spit out blood!  “Hahaha..”

  Leon hears Nikolai heartily laughing and looks in the rear view mirror to see LiMei’s face is red and she is glaring at Nikolai. Slightly drunk from the vodka LiMei can’t control her emotions. Thinking she will need to watch Martina hang on him she pounds his chest with her small fists, “Stop laughing!” Leon turns the corner almost running off the road while staring into the backseat. He quickly turns the wheel, “Umm..sorry Boss there was a branch in the road.” What is going on with them? I have never seen the Boss laugh like that!

  LiMei isn’t buckled in her seat and falls into Nikolai’s lap as the car suddenly swerves, her face between his thighs Nikolai’s body stiffens. Embarrassed LiMei quickly jumps up moving over towards the side then looks out the window. Nikolai glances over at LiMei with a faint smile, she is really cute. Impulsively in a pampering tone he says, “Fine. We don’t need to go.” Fuck watching the show at the reception. Anton can deliver the flash drive to Diego and I am sure Sun Peizhi will take care of the rest.

  Shocked that he agreed, LiMei turns towards Nikolai with her green eyes wide open and sparkling. “Really?”

   Nikolai’s heart skips a beat looking at her excited expression, the Little Assassin really is incredibly beautiful when she smiles. He pats her head as he replies, “Really.”

  LiMei puts her creamy white arms around his neck while staring at his handsome face, “Where do you want to go? I have never been to Milan.”

 “Anywhere you want. First, I need to make a call.” He removes her arms from around his neck, “Be good.” He takes out his phone from his suit coat pocket, speaking in Russian, “Anton, I need you to deliver the flash drive to Diego Bellini. I will call him and let him know.”

 “What? But Boss..”

 “No questions.” He glances over at LiMei looking out the window. I am going to enjoy tonight, after all I have been through in the last six months… so what if it is fake I will enjoy the play. He dials Diego Bellini’s private number then speaking Italian as he watches LiMei obediently sitting looking out the window , “Plan changed. My guard Anton will deliver the flash drive. Meet him at the designated area in forty five minutes.”

  Diego walks away from the group of men he is talking with by the bar. He nervously responds, “No. I don’t know this man. You need to deliver personally.” If anything goes wrong it will be my ass, I invited the heads of seven organizations to bid on this item!

  “I will send his picture. If you want the drive you will accept this change.” He glances at LiMei twirling a ring on her finger distractedly, “Something came up at the last minute. Once it is delivered I will expect the transfer.”

  Diego tightens his grip on the phone not wanting to agree. “You trust him?”


“If anything goes wrong..” He looks around the room at the dangerous group of men gathered together who came for the auction later. “It is not just my family that will suffer the consequences.”

   “Don’t be melodramatic. Be there.” He sends a picture of Anton then impulsively holds onto LiMei’s soft hand, “Do you want to eat first?”

   After drinking the vodka at the villa LiMei feels very hungry and  lightheaded, “Yes.”

  “We can go to the Skyfall Restaurant that has a spectacular view of the city.”

   LiMei puts her soft hand on his entwining their fingers then sweetly says, “Sounds nice, thank you Niko.” 

   “Leon drive to the Skyfall Restaurant.”

  “Okay, Boss.”

   Nikolai actually thinks not going to the Bellini mansion is an excellent idea. Why deal with all those motherf****rs. It would be nice to see them squirm but they will be looking for me, not expecting Anton so this will prevent any problems with someone trying to intercept me. Not to mention those two assholes, Qiao Rui and Leng Shuai. His eyes light up with a mischievous gleam  picturing them scouring the reception to find LiMei. Soon I will be leaving the family and living as a legitimate businessman, why court trouble before next week when I close the deal with Henri. He smiles feeling the warmth from LiMei’s hand on his hand. I should thank you Little Assassin for saying you don’t want to go to the reception. 

   He leans back with a satisfied look on his handsome face looking out at the city street filled with people. The driver pulls in front of the Postino family’s luxurious hotel, the restaurant is on the 20th floor. Nikolai stretches his long slender legs as he gets out of the backseat followed by LiMei,  She looks radiant in her evening dress as she holds the hem while stepping onto the sidewalk. She stumbles and Nikolai grabs her into his embrace, they are both laughing as he strokes her long hair whispering something in her ear. LiMei reaches to take his hand as they walk towards the entrance of the hotel.  This affectionate scene is witnessed by a handsome man across the street who clenches his fists together at his side, Why the fuck is Daiyu laughing and holding that motherf****rs hand!


   After Li Tian drags Sara through the lively crowd he impulsively stops in an empty hallway. He turns to Long An who has been struggling to remain by his side, because he wants to be alone with Sara he orders her in a demanding tone, “Get me a glass of wine.”

    Sara expects Long An to refuse but unexpectedly she sweetly replies, “Red or white?”

   Li Tian’s face has an annoyed expression because she didn’t immediately leave. “Red.”

   Long An gives Sara a cold piercing look as she walks away but then smiles towards Li Tian. Yes. I will gladly get you a glass of wine. I will even get one for your little mistress. Haha..one for you to drink with the drug in it and one to spill on the little slut to get rid of her so I can lure you to a bedroom.

    Sara can tell Li Tian is angry but she isn’t sure why. She looks at her hand he is still holding and wonders if she should say something. His threatening attitude with the man from outside appeared abnormal. Does he have an enmity with him?  

    Shortening the distance between them Li Tian backs Sara into the wall behind her and has a very intense gaze as he questions her, “Did he touch you anywhere?”

   Nervous because of the dangerous aura surrounding him she quickly denies any contact with the man, “No..no..I was lost and he showed me the way into the mansion.”

   His hands are on the wall caging Sara between them, his eyes flash with burning fire, “Where is your bodyguard? Why were you with that bastard?”

   She blinks a few times trying to calm her nerves, staring at Li Tian’s intense gaze Sara feels her legs getting weak from the domineering aura surrounding him. I don’t want to get Sun Peizhi in trouble..wuwuu he looks so angry!  She gulps down her saliva then stutters , “I…I..asked him to find you. I told him I would wait on the patio. I didn’t want to walk around in these heels through the crowd I could see through the window gathered inside. She looks down at her feet, “These heels are much higher than I normally wear. I got a little distracted when I saw the beautiful gardens so I wandered towards them, I didn’t realize as I was absentmindedly looking at the beautiful flowers that I got lost.”

   Li Tian looks down at her delicate ankles then notices the dirt on her heels, she is telling the truth…but with all these wolves gathered here tonight the little idiot was asking for trouble. He watches her sexy red lips opening and closing as she explains and has the urge to kiss Sara. He leans into her alluring body, tempted as he inhales her distinct fragrance he doesn’t let her escape pressing her into the wall.  Sara’s bright blue eyes widen as he seems unusually close, she can feel his hot breath on her face. What is going on? Has he been drinking? Reflexively she puts her hands on his shoulders to push him away, “CEO Li, what are you doing?” He comes back to his senses and quickly responds, “ Stupid girl! I want to demonstrate how easy it would be for a man to overpower you. You should be more aware.” 

   He has a faint smile as he backs away from Sara realizing his impulsiveness might frighten Sara. She shakes her head, that was weird. The ambiguous  atmosphere is dispersed when Long An walks up holding two glasses of red wine. After she hands the drugged wine to Li Tian she plans to trip then  douse Sara with the wine. But, Sara sees a server holding a tray of juices and politely says, “Excuse me I want to get a glass of juice before we meet Mr. Difiorno.”


  Long An is left holding the glass of wine so she reluctantly takes a sip while watching Sara walk through the crowd.Ignoring the fact Li Tian can’t take his eyes off Sara, Long An coaxes him, “Try your wine, it is really delicious.”

   He lifts the glass to his lips but doesn’t drink the wine, he hands the glass back to Long An, “Hold this.” Li Tian rushes over to where Sara is standing when he witnesses a man about to brush up against Sara’s bare back while she takes a glass of orange juice from the server. Stepping between her and the unimpressive man, he puts his hand on her thin  waist moving her away before the man’s hand can touch Sara. When she has a quizzical look on her face  he casually says, “Too crowded, he was about to knock into you.” Sara sees the middle aged man who Li Tian is referring to and grimaces, she noticed him with a lecherous look on his face as she was walking over to get the juice. She takes a sip of the orange juice, “Thank you CEO Li. “ She shudders thinking of the pervert’s fat greasy hand touching her skin, “That man does seem a little creepy. “

    Li Tian’ eyes darken as he looks over the crowd, the pig like man who is unaware he has crossed a devil’s bottom line, is still staring at Sara lasciviously while talking to a group of men.  Li Tian sees the man’s eyes glued to Sara’s body and wants to kill him You old pervert! Dare to try and touch my woman!  He restrains himself  from lunging at the man’s throat then motions to an intimidating muscular man standing over to the side. Without any warning Li Tian’s bodyguard suddenly grabs the man who was leering at Sara putting his arm behind his back pushing him out of the room. 

    Ignoring the scene to the left of them he has a charming smile as he tells Sara, “ I am going to dock your pay the next time you call me CEO Li.”

    Sara laughs, “I can’t get used to calling you Tian, I’m sorry.”

    “Well practice or you won’t have a paycheck when we get back to Catang City.”

    She doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he sounds serious. “Then Tian it is.. I will definitely have to remember.”

    The corner of Li Tian’s lips start twitching as he notices several men admiring Sara’s stunning appearance. He has an idea and grabs her hand, “Did you say you were looking at the gardens? I heard they are beautiful, can you show me?”

   Her orange juice splashes out of her glass onto the floor from the jerky movement when he takes her hand. Sara looks around hoping no one saw her spill her drink.  “Don’t you need to meet Mr. Difiorno?”

   “The business matter can wait. I saw him with Henri Armand and they seemed deep in a discussion. I don’t want to interrupt them. “

   “Okay, but I don’t quite remember the way.” Dammit! I never went to the garden I was covering for Sun Peizhi. Speaking of which I haven’t seen him around. She surveys the crowd to see if she can locate him.

   Li Tian continues to wind through the crowd, “Let’s go, we can wander around. It is a beautiful night.”

    Long An sees the two of them walking through the spacious room in the opposite direction. Where is the slut taking him? She hurries over with the drugged glass of wine, “Tian, your wine.”

    “What?” Shit! I almost forgot about this stupid woman. He takes the wine from Long An, “An, I need to have a business meeting with Rafael Difiorno. I saw your friend Ning over by the bar. why don’t you talk to her and I will find you when I am done.”

   She looks over and sees her friend waving in her direction. I would like to find out what is going on with Song Sara and Tzu Yibo’s engagement and Ning is friend’s with his sister. “Alright but don’t be too long.” If you are, I will find you. Wenli says the drug takes about an hour to work anyway. Let him think I am being amiable.

   Li Tian and Sara exit through the French doors onto the outdoor patio. Lights are strung across into the massive oak trees surrounding the tables giving the area a very romantic atmosphere. Many people are mingling while they  smoke cigarettes and the sound of music floats through the air. Sara can’t help but feel strange as Li Tian maneuvers through the area disregarding the people who are trying to strike up a conversation with him. 

    He stops briefly at the edge of the patio setting down his wine glass to light a cigarette. While he flicks open his lighter a beautiful tall blonde approaches them then holds up an unlit cigarette between her slender fingers. Sara can’t help but notice how beautiful her long manicured nails are,painted a brilliant red color  with small sparkling diamonds . The woman has a slight Russian accent when she says, “Light.”  Li Tian has an irritated expression as he lights her cigarette. The statuesque blond woman takes a puff looking down at Sara waiting by his side  “Tian darling, who is this?”

   The veins on his forehead bulge and his voice sounds annoyed, “None of your business.” He pulls Sara to leave and the  woman steps in front of him, Sara scrunches up her eyebrows as she watches the woman’s bold move. She is wearing a low cut red dress and her ample breasts are plastered to Li Tian’s chest. She has a strong presence and is apparently unafraid of CEO Li’s dangerous aura he is exuding right now. Is she a lover? The woman  provocatively pulls on his gray silk tie then whispers something in his ear. His eyes narrow as he roughly flings her hand from his tie without saying anything. He tosses his cigarette down, crushing it with his foot, then turns to the woman, his voice tinged with rage he responds, “Nyet.” 

    The woman looks amused as she throws her head back then starts laughing. She takes a puff on her cigarette then raises the cigarette signalling a  sinister looking man in the corner of the patio.  After he hurries into the garden she picks up Li Tian’s wine glass gulping down the wine her eyes riveted on Sara’s back. We will see…

   Sara can tell Li Tian is fuming over whatever the woman told him but chooses to ignore his sudden bad mood.  She looks up at the sparkling stars above and the full moon.It is much better being outside on such a beautiful night than in the crowded mansion. I can ignore his bad mood and enjoy the scenery.  

    Once they leave the patio area there is a blue stone path leading to the gardens. The silence between them is broken when Li Tian points to  the walkway ahead veering  two directions. He gazes down at Sara,“Which way were the flowers you were admiring?” I am not going to let that Russian bitch ruin my mood with her threat. Motherf*****g assholes, the nerve trying to intimidate me. 

   Sara could kick herself for lying earlier about wandering into the garden she is at a loss for which direction to go. She scrunches up her nose, “I really forget.” She looks up at him then nervously giggles, “I have no sense of direction.”

   He thinks she looks adorable with the confused expression on her face. “This way looks good.”  Choosing to go to the right, the walkway winds through a beautiful sea of blue yellow and pink flowers  Sara gasps, the gardens are lit up and the colorful flowers are all blooming. Combined with the glow from the moonlight  the  scene is spectacular, she breathes in the sweet fragrance and exclaims as she twirls around excitedly,“So beautiful!”

   Li Tian’s lips curl up in a smile, under the moonlight Sara looks like a goddess, the sparkling crystals on her dark blue dress and the Midnight Lover necklace are glimmering as she wantonly spins around. The hem of her dress is swirling exposing her creamy white slender legs and her long black hair has come loose and is cascading down her bare back.  Mesmerized by the bewitching sight he wishes he could take her into his arms and kiss her as he watches Sara playfully spin around. 

   When Sara realizes her impetuous action, she stops and looks at Li Tian with a complicated expression. “Ha..ha..I got carried away. It is just so unbelievably gorgeous.”

   He smiles, restraining himself from making an impulsive move. “I think that is the first time I have seen you smile.” He steps closer to her casually brushing her hair behind her ear. “I see a gazebo by a pond to the right. Do you want to admire the flowers before we meet Rafael?”

   Sara feels a strange familiar sensation and her body quivers as his fingers lightly run across her neck. A little dazed by his affectionate gesture she looks up at him with wide eyes, her eyelashes fluttering, “It is up to you.” Trying to adjust to the way Li Tian is behaving tonight she writes it off to what Bi said after she had dinner with him at the Japanese restaurant. When Li Tian isn’t working he isn’t as cold and aloof as people say. I guess it is true people have different sides to their personality.

   “We have time.” He starts walking to the gazebo and Sara walks alongside of him sneaking a glance at his perfect profile.  He certainly is a strange man,his aura really fluctuates more so than anyone I have encountered before. Sometimes his Yang is suffocating and I feel drained from the darkness surrounding him, but right now I feel very relaxed . He seemed concerned about me being taken advantage of by that Bellini fellow and blocked the pervert from touching me. When I get back to Catang City I should visit Grandma, maybe I could help him find a balance. He really seems to go from one extreme to the other.

   Li Tian has no idea of the complicated thoughts Sara is having about him right now. He is trying his hardest to be a gentleman and make her feel comfortable so he can make some headway in his plan to seduce Sara. He still doesn’t quite understand how she can be oblivious to what happened between them.

   When they arrive at the gazebo they sit on the cushioned bench looking out at the garden and the moonlight hitting the water.  Li Tian sees she is shivering, “Cold?”

   “Just a little.”

   He takes off his suit coat, putting it around her shoulders as Sara tries to refuse, “No..no..I’m not that cold.”

   “Just wear it.” He thinks she looks cute wrapped in his coat. Damn this is so fucking hard to resist touching her. How am I going to get her to fall in love with me? I want to press her underneath me… how long will it take for her to fall in love with me? 

   Sara shyly looks up at him, this is too weird. I want to go back. “Maybe we should go back.”

    A waiter is walking around with a tray of drinks for the people admiring the Bellini’s famous gardens. He sees Li Tian and Sara sitting in the gazebo and walks over,he doesn’t speak but sets down two glasses of wine. He nods to them and walks away The atmosphere in the gazebo is very awkward so they don’t pay attention to the odd behavior of the waiter.

    Li Tian drinks some wine and reluctantly says, “After this glass of wine we can return.” I’m not making any progress here. Dammit! She obviously has no memory of being intimate with me, how can I jar her memory.

   Sara takes a couple sips of her glass of wine trying to relax. As she does the scent of Li Tian on his jacket wafts into her nose stirring a strange feeling and her heart skips a beat. She glances at Li Tian who seems lost in thought staring at the sky. Why am I having this reaction to being here with him and having his coat on me. She quickly sets her wine glass down that is still almost full, I feel unsettled..maybe it is the wine, I probably shouldn’t drink after being drugged. “I am getting cold, do you mind if we go back now?”

   Frustrated because Sara is so close to him and he can’t touch her he stands up then he gulps down the last bit of his wine. “Let’s go.”

   Sara feels he is irritated by his abrupt tone but really doesn’t want to be alone with him for some reason. Sara holds onto his suit coat around her shoulders as she struggles to keep up with Li Tian while he takes long strides down towards the mansion.

   As they turn a corner in a secluded section of the garden headed for the blue stone walkway the waiter who brought their wine steps out of the shadow. Speaking what sounds like Russian his voice low, he says something to Li Tian as he waves a knife towards him. Li Tian quickly puts Sara behind him in one smooth move then says, “RUN!” 

   Sara remains frozen to the spot watching Li Tian dodge the knife and kick towards the man’s chest. The man takes the hit to the chest but smiles as a needle flies out of his sleeve hitting Li Tian in the shoulder piercing through his black silk shirt. Li Tian’s movements become sluggish and he is using all his internal energy to fight. Fucking shit! The needle had poison on it! He regrets telling his shadow guard to leave them alone in the garden. His vision getting blurry he sees Sara still standing there out of the corner of his eye, why isn’t the dummy leaving, his words slurred with great difficulty he spits out, “Go!” He circulates his qi and sends a palm strike to the man’s neck. The man dodges and as he does he is close to Sara. Li Tian staggers forward clenching his teeth using the little strength he has left with a weak voice   “Don’t touch her! Tell… can have…” without finishing the sentence he falls to the ground unable to move. 

    Frightened as the man with the knife approaches, knowing he is going to kill her because she is a witness, Sara stumbles backwards. Falling to the ground as he hovers over her she can smell his breath and she wants to vomit. When she turns her head away and tries to move back she feels a rock close to her right hand. He has a sinister laugh, then in a thick accent he speaks English, “Your man is paralyzed from the black viper poison but he can still hear. We can’t kill him until he gives us what we want. But..I can make him wish he was dead as he watches me f**k his woman with my big c**k. Listening to you beg me for more will make his blood boil.” He has a grin on his face revealing his two gold front teeth. “Honey, I make you moan and scream my name before I kill you.”

    Li Tian tries desperately to move but is unable to even lift a finger. The rage inside of him is unbearable as he listens to the man’s lewd words inciting him. He can see Sara shaking with her head lowered as the man leans over her slender body. She is shrinking inside of his suit coat like a frightened rabbit. That motherf*****g bitch!  Sending this sick fuck! He recognizes the man now as one of the prison guards from the Bosnian prison.

    Sara sees her chance as he turns his attention away from her to goad Li Tian. She decisively picks up the rock clutching it tightly in her hand. When he reaches down with the knife towards her neck tearing off the suit coat covering her body she swings the rock at his head hitting him in the temple. Stunned from the blow he falls back with blood dripping down his head. Still conscious he reaches his bony hand out towards Sara, his eyes have a crazed look as he growls, “BITCH!”


   Nikolai and Sun Peizhi finish reconfiguring the virus in the villa’s state of the art  computer room. Both of them are satisfied as they walk down the stairs, when they arrive at the living room Nikolai reminds Sun Peizhi, “Don’t forget only Rushnikov.” Su Peizhi nods, “I will ensure Rushnikov has the highest offer, I plan on manipulating the bids as Bellini receives them.”

    Nikolai decides to subtly threaten Sun Peizhi so he doesn’t change the plan, “Make sure you do or the little secretary might suffer.”

    Sun Peizhi was prepared for Nikolai to bring up the woman he is interested in who works for Li Tian. He caught a glimpse of one of Nikolai’s men, Leon, at the Medici Club when he was with Song Sara. He could tell he was watching him but he didn’t know why until he got the call from Nikolai about the flash drive. “Save your veiled threats. I have no intention of betraying you. This plan works out for both of us. Who gets screwed from buying it makes no difference to me. You want it to be Rushnikov… fine by me. Eliminating or disrupting one of the five major syndicates is my only goal.”

   “Then I will be looking forward to our desired outcome.”

   Sun Peizhi meets his driver Freddie in the driveway very pissed off Nikolai threatened him with  Song Sara. He could have said they are just friends but that would have made Nikolai more suspicious of their relationship. He mutters as he approaches the car, “Fucking asshole.” 

   Freddie is staring at Nikolai’s Limited Edition Lamborghini as Mikhail drives it into the garage. He gets into the driver’s seat,“Where to Peizhi?”

    He takes out his phone to call his informant Lucas.“I’m hungry let’s meet Lucas at the Italian Restaurant next to the park on Galleria Way.”

    Nikolai has a satisfied grin on his face as he walks over to the bar in the living room.He pours a glass of vodka watching the black Maybach pull through the iron gate. I know Peizhi will make sure that old bastard Rushnikov gets the flash drive.  Anton joins him, “Boss, I didn’t want to say anything in front of that guy but your father readily gave up the flash drive. It was too fucking easy. He didn’t even protest. I thought his sudden change in attitude was suspicious since he has been adamant about holding onto the flash drive to deliver it to Bellini personally to be paid.”

  “Maybe the old bastard finally realized I wasn’t bluffing.”

  “If it were that simple. But when I was leaving the hotel in the lobby I saw Kuang Bo. I slipped around a corner then watched him get into the elevator. He was the only one so I looked to see which floor the elevator stopped on and it was the 26th floor. Your father’s floor. I knew you needed the flash drive so I left. But..why would Kuang Bo meet with Viktor?”

   Nikolai’s body tenses up at the mention of Kuang Bo, he lights a cigarette as his good mood disappears. He smokes the cigarette pondering what the two of them could have in common. Kuang Bo and his brother Fu don’t get along so he probably wouldn’t do his bidding about killing Viktor. The only common denominator..the Little Assassin? Kuang Bo found out his brother kidnapped Feng LiMei now she is in my hands? But why wouldn’t he confront me directly? He should know my father has no influence over what I do. 

    Nikolai decides to go up to LiMei’s room and have some fun, he plans on telling her Kuang Bo is looking for her whereabouts and she can call him. LiMei is sound asleep when he quietly enters her room. He sits on the edge of the bed and frowns at her scrunched up face pressed into the pillow as she snores. He takes a tissue from the nightstand and wipes the drool from her chin. I have never seen a woman look so slovenly when sleeping!  He recalls her drooling onto his shirt in the backseat of the Land Rover.

She rolls over slightly when he touches her chin. Looking at her peaceful face he can’t resist the urge to tease LiMei. He lightly tickles her nose with the edge of the tissue he is holding then smiles watching her wave her small hand around as she wrinkles her eyebrows together. He does it again and then laughs when she swats herself on the nose. What an idiot! She wakes up when she hits her nose, her eyes half open, she rubs them staring at Nikolai, how long has the crazy guy been sitting there? 

   Her warm breath sprays on his face as she drowsily says, “What are you doing here?”

   “Time to get up. We leave for the reception in an hour.”

   LiMei sits up clutching onto the quilt, “Why are you going to a party? You should be resting with that wound.”

  “Worried about me?”

   LiMei rolls her eyes and makes a face when he says that, “ No. I just don’t want my effort in saving you to go to waste if you rip open your stitches then get an infection.”

   He starts laughing at her childish expression, “I am strong. I am healing fast.” Especially since your blood has an amazing effect on my body.  The acupuncture treatment you gave me is working surprisingly well.”

  She lazily stretches her arms out while yawning. “Of course it is but just because you don’t feel pain doesn’t mean you should strain yourself.”

  He affectionately rubs her head, “Don’t want to go?”

   “Do I have a choice?”


  “Then why did you say that?” I really don’t want to go to this stupid party! I am so tired! What does he need me for anyway?

   “Little Assassin, I thought you would be happy to go. Three of your lovers will be there, all wanting to be the hero that saves the beauty.” He starts chuckling while his outstretched finger pulls down the covers a little. His eyes have a mischievous gleam while staring at her chest, “But, I don’t see why.”

   She ignores his sarcastic remark and her beautiful face lights up. She anxiously asks, “Rui will be there?”

    “I’m sure he will with his new best friend Leng Shuai.”

   “Wait who is the third man?”

   “So you admit they are all your lovers?”

   ‘Shut up..you know I only love Qiao Rui. But..who…who is the third man?” If it is Kuang Bo he definitely can help me escape this lunatic.

   “Your old partner Kuang Bo naturally. I love that I can see by her expression all her emotions and thoughts. She is considering how Kuang Bo can help her escape. So of course he could help you escape from me…” He tenderly brushes her hair behind her ear and she knocks his hand away. “ “But where does that leave your true love Qiao Rui? He will be dead before you leave the mansion.”

   LiMei glares at Nikolai as she impulsively pounds her fist on his chest, “What enmity do we have between us that you want to torture me! I would have been better off with the morons that kidnapped me. I could have found a way to escape when the plane landed!”

   Nikolai holds onto her fist while looking into her eyes with a serious expression, “Well you can blame yourself little Assassin for not being more careful while living your little ‘dream life’ in Pushong City. You knew Kuang Fu’s personality, the reward for your capture was exorbitant especially coming from cheap bastard like him. Which shows how much he wanted to make you pay for escaping and humiliating him by botching the Han hit.

Poor thing, it only took one person recognizing you for your little world to fall apart. Speaking of which,what would the outstanding doctor Qiao think of his little lover if he knew you were actually a trained killer. I don’t want to throw salt on the wound but should anything happen to Qiao Rui at the party that would be on you also.”

   LiMei’s expression changes and tears form in her eyes so she lowers her head not wanting Nikolai to see her reaction to what he said. She sniffles trying to hold back her emotions. Everything he just said is true.  Rui is too good for me, I never want him to know the real me..Qin Daiyu… he definitely wouldn’t want to be with me.

  He feels uncomfortable when he sees LiMei crying. “Stop crying. You will look ugly with swollen eyes when we go.” Standing up from the bed he calmly says as he walks away, “If you do what I want nothing will happen to the doctor or that asshole Leng Shuai. I might even kill Kuang Fu for you.”

   LiMei lays down and pulls the covers over her face. Is that his way of comforting me…he will kill Kuang Fu.. what a lunatic! She waits until the door shuts and pulls the covers down then sits up on the bed holding a pillow. Kuang Bo…Kuang Bo..

    Nikolai pops back in the door startling LiMei. He declares, “ I am much more handsome and charming than any one of those arrogant bastards,” then leaves.

   “…”LiMei shakes her head and pounds her fists on the pillow. “ So crazy!”

   Nikolai walks down the stairs, when he sees Anton he calls him over, “I think my father plans on taking the flash drive back using Kuang Bo. Who  most likely is cooperating thinking he can then negotiate with me for Feng LiMei’s release. I have a flash drive I will carry with me that is not the original. You will have the one with the virus. I need to bring down old man Rushnikov so I am not going to miss this chance. Once we arrive at the Bellini mansion I will signal you when I want you to give it back to me.

  “Boss, Kuang Bo is not someone easy to fool. Why don’t you just give him the woman.”

  Nikolai shoots him a warning look, anyone else would be kicked across the room for questioning him. He has a complicated expression thinking about LiMei, “I don’t want to, that is why.”

   Upstairs LiMei decides to get ready for the reception. After her bath she puts on the champagne colored chiffon dress from Chloe Design. She looks in the mirror  as she applies light  makeup. Thinking about how to deal with the situation she decides she will figure out what to do when she gets to the reception. I don’t even know why Nikolai Naralov needs me. What is my purpose?

LiMei’s green eyes sparkle at the thought of seeing Rui tonight. Ahh..I can’t wait! She pulls her long black up in a braid inserting her white jade hairpin, leaving half her long black hair down. Satisfied with her delicate makeup she smiles applying her pink lip gloss.  I will think of a way to protect you from Nikolai Naralov!  I am not going to let him expose my true identity either. I am Feng LiMei…Feng LiMei the woman Rui loves. She touches the delicate diamond ring Rui gave her, soon I will be free of these people and live the simple life I want with you.

    After giving herself a pep talk while getting ready she has a renewed sense of confidence as she leaves the guest room then walks down the stairs. Nikolai has finished giving Anton instructions and they both turn around as they hear LiMei’s heels clicking on the marble staircase. Both of them are stunned by her transformation, the light from the crystal chandelier illuminates LiMei as she smiles radiantly when she approaches them. She thought they would be leaving, she frowns upset Nikolai isn’t ready to go he is still wearing casual clothes. Her voice sounds annoyed,“Why aren’t you ready?”

   Nikolai looks at her irritated expression, now she is excited to go?  He replies, “I was busy.”

   “Well, hurry up.”

   “…” Anton is waiting for Nikolai to finally strangle the impudent girl but Nikolai unexpectedly laughs, “I see you recovered your spirit, Anxious to see your lover?”

  LiMei decides she isn’t going to let him push her buttons so she doesn’t get angry simply replying,  “Of course.”

  Anton looks back and forth between them, Isn’t she the Boss’ pet? How can he say that so leisurely? He doesn’t want any part of the strange and tense atmosphere in the living room. He quickly starts walking away, “Boss, I am going to go tell Dimitri your instructions.”


   Nikolai puts his attention back on LiMei, “I’m surprised you are in such a hurry to tell Qiao Rui you are my woman and don’t love him anymore.”

   LiMei’s face darkens and she clenches her hands at her side making small fists, “WHAT! THAT IS GOING TOO FAR! I WON’T DO IT!”

    He lifts her chin with his finger staring at her flushed face and wide green eyes, “I think you will.”

   “Errr.. You..You..” LiMei’s eyes flash with a murderous glint as she impulsively pulls one of her silver needles out of her hair. She thinks he won’t be able to react because of his injured  right arm. As she is about to strike the right side of his neck he easily grasps her hand then the silver needle falls to the floor. Looking into her eyes he has an amused expression. Haha..the little wildcat couldn’t control her temper for very long. So funny..the look on her face is priceless! “Temper..temper..didn’t you say I could trust you?”


   He gently caresses her cheek, “I’m not cruel Little Assassin, it is for your own safety.”

   LiMei humphs and angrily pushes him away, “Right..my safety.. I can take care of myself!”

   Nikolai teases LiMei, “Can you? It really doesn’t look like it to me.” He steps on her silver needle, “You don’t think I can anticipate your every move?”

   LiMei calms herself, he is just playing with me to see my reaction. I fell into his trap once again. He really likes me to dance like a clown for him.  “It is true that I am out of practice, the first lesson that maniac Kuang Fu taught me was that a good assassin doesn’t let emotions cloud their judgement. Wait for the right moment to strike. So since I have forgotten my training and am ineffective… really why would you want a useless character like me.”

  “You are a very good cook.”

   “Pfft. I could poison your food.”

    He leans down whispering in her ear,“I will tell you a little secret, killing me with poison would be very difficult to do. I am immune to a thousand poisons. My Master who found me in the Ural Mountains after being thrown there by my father to die was a genius in alchemy.”

    If I didn’t despise him right now I would be impressed and say Wow.. that’s cool. She stubbornly puts her hands on her hips,“I really hate to keep bringing this up but I saved your life, not once but twice. You did promise me that after I go to this reception with you I could leave tomorrow. What good would it be for me to tell Rui I am with you because as soon as I return to Pushong City I will explain to him why you forced  me to say that.”

   “I have my reasons.” I don’t like the way your eyes light up and you have a stupid grin at the mention of that arrogant bastard Qiao Rui that is why!  “Wait here I will get dressed to go.”

   After he leaves LiMei paces around the living room then kicks the couch,, there is no way I am telling Rui I am with you. No way in hell! You just want to mess with me..I know you laugh every time I get angry! Psycho! I am not your damn pet!


   Rui runs his hand through his messy black hair as he and Leng Shuai walk out of the Italian restaurant after meeting with Rui’s friend Sun Peizhi. He can’t control his emotions at the thought of another man touching LiMei, his eyes narrow and emit a strong killing intent. “What do you know about Nikolai Naralov? Why would he have LiMei?”  If I didn’t think LiMei might get hurt I  would find the bastard’s villa right now and take her away! He has been torturing himself by imagining LiMei in bed with another man.

   Leng Shuai crumples an empty pack of cigarettes, Damn!  He is also baffled as to why someone like Kuang Fu would kidnap an ordinary woman like Feng LiMei then not ask for a ransom. How did Naralov come into the picture. Irritated, he calls to his driver waiting at the side of the Maybach, “Give me a cigarette.” Once his driver hands him a cigrette he answers Rui as he lights it and inhales, “I have no idea, I can only assume it is because of Kuang Fu. Naralov found out Feng LiMei had some value, what I don’t know. Why the fuck would Kuang Fu kidnap Feng LiMei in the first place?” He glares at Rui, “Have you had any sort of conflict with him?”

   “No.” Rui hasn’t had any contact with the Black Sky Organization since he left the Underworld. He has been considering different possibilities.“What if Kuang Fu didn’t want her personally  but someone hired him to kidnap LiMei?” Maybe the Wang family particularly her ruthless brother Kai hired the Black Sky because of Wang Rebecca. It could even be my unscrupulous father or stepmother because I stole the CEO position out from under Xiaotong. They are all vicious enough to seek revenge by kidnapping the only person I care about, LiMei.

  The driver opens the door to the black Maybach, Leng Shuai and Rui get into the car. Leng Shuai agrees that could be the situation because he hasn’t been able to find a connection between LiMei and Kuang Fu.“That is definitely a possibility but right now we need to form a plan for getting Feng LiMei from Naralov. Why he has Feng LiMei can be figured out later and the people involved will pay.”

   Rui gives Leng Shuai a sidelong look, “Obviously she was a pawn to threaten one of us. How would she have any connection to a killer organization and that bastard Kuang Fu? When Nikolai Naralov took her from Kuang Fu the game changed which is even more worrisome. His motive…what could it be?”

  “I agree with your reasoning but now that is a moot point. We need to formulate a foolproof way to get Feng LiMei back at the Bellini Reception.”

  Rui rubs his eyes and looks at his watch, “We don’t have much time. Tell me what you know about Naralov, my perception of  the man from when I met him once is very vague.”

   “Nikolai Naralov is a man not to be underestimated. His methods can be extremely impulsive and brutal or on the other end of the spectrum well detailed and intricate. He is unpredictable to say the least. But, I got the impression from Sun Peizhi’s facial expression that Feng LiMei is safe. I think he would have been more agitated when he was telling you..” He sneers at Rui, “Your girlfriend is in an extremely dangerous man like Naralov’s villa.” He flicks an ash out the window trying to understand Nikolai’s motivation. “Why Naralov would take her to the Bellini Reception tonight I have no clue, I heard he would be accompanying his fiancee Martina Rushnikov. I will say the man has deep schemes, I have been on the receiving end and he could be considered one of the most devious men in the Underworld. i don’t say this of many men but his mind is unfathomable.”

  “So how are we going to proceed?” He clenches his fist at his side irritated that he needs Leng Shuai.  “As head of the Ghost Blade you should have the ability to overpower his men at the reception with your elite guards.” Rui wants to vomit blood knowing he needs to depend on Leng Shuai in order to save LiMei. If we were in Pushong I could handle the situation but I hate feeling powerless here in Milan without my men and resources.

    Leng Shuai has a satisfied smile on his handsome face, “Good you realize I am more powerful than you.”

  Rui’s pent up emotions are ignited by Leng Shuai’s snide remark. He snaps suddenly reaching over to grab Leng Shuai’s collar, then abruptly lets it go. “BASTARD!”

   Leng Shuai smirks, “Temper..temper good doctor. I will ignore that little outburst. I’m sure you have a great deal of guilt since Feng LiMei was snatched right from under your eyes in Phnom Penh.”

   Rui can feel his heart tighten when Leng Shuai points that fact out to him. “We don’t have much time, do you have any fucking ideas?” They arrive at the luxurious Lattorio hotel and exit the car. Leng Shuai takes out his phone then tells Rui, “I am going to make a couple calls, you look like shit. Go to your room and I will contact you, as soon as I have a viable plan we can go to the reception. I need to contact some people and get you an invitation also.”

   Rui walks into the hotel, his bloodshot eyes shooting daggers at Leng Shuai as he growls, “Fine.” I really hate you. I would like to wipe that smug look off your face. They walk towards the elevator and pass a man named Li Tian who is exiting with a woman dressed in an evening gown and his two personal bodyguards.

  Leng Shuai has dealings with him in Catang City so he greets him reluctantly, “Tian, Miss Long.”

  Long An holds onto Li Tian’s arm possessively and smiles, “Mr. Leng.”  Who is the man with him? He looks terrible…Oh my God! It is the new CEO of the Qiao Corporation, Qiao Rui, he looks like he hasn’t slept in days.

  Li Tian frowns as he feels her hand resting on his sleeve and shakes it off. Long An tries to maintain her smile hoping the men didn’t notice. Li Tian points to the couches in the lobby curtly ordering Long An, “Wait over there. I want to discuss some business.” Embarrassed, she blushes as she leaves knowing she is one step away from Li Tian not taking her to the Bellini Reception.  She obediently walks over to the couch after he barks at her while reminding herself not to lose her temper. Calm yourself An, you need to ignore his insulting behavior and go to the reception so you can go through with your plan.

  Leng Shuai looks at his watch, “I’m in a hurry, CEO Li. We can discuss our collaboration when we return to China.”

  “I wanted to quickly give you a word of advice that actually has nothing to do with business.”


   “I ran into Nikolai Naralov…he was cryptic and told me not to bid on the final item at the auction.”


   “He didn’t say. Only that I would regret it if I did.”

   “I am passing on the warning in good faith since we are to be business partners… you know what a psycho Nikolai Naralov is so whatever the item may be I don’t need the trouble attached to it. I assume you don’t either.”


  Li Tian walks away and Leng Shuai turns to Rui, “I wonder what that was about.” He has a fleeting thought Naralov might put Feng LiMei on the auction block. Diego Bellini is a perverted playboy and has been known to auction off women for fun at his parties. He looks at Rui, I won’t mention that thought he looks like he is going to come unglued any minute as it is and I need him to hold onto his remaining sanity. If he causes a disturbance at the party all hell could break loose.

   Rui watches Li Tian leave, “Hmm.. who knows, we need to get LiMei before the auction. The last auction in Pushong City was a huge mess as you recall. I heard someone stole the Golden Dragon Statue you purchased.  He wants to taunt Leng Shuai but decides against it.  Rui arrives at his floor, “I am going to shower and rest let me know what you decide.”

   Leng Shuai calls Chen Wu, “ Why is it taking so long? Have you found the information I wanted?”

  “Boss, I was just about to call you, it took some digging but I found out why Kuang Fu kidnapped Feng LiMei. You aren’t going to believe it when I tell you.”

  Leng Shuai opens the door to his suite as he loosens his tie, “ I’m not playing a fucking guessing game with you. Spit it out.”

  “The little chick isn’t Feng LiMei, her real name is Qin Daiyu.”

  “What?  She changed her name? Why?”

   “She was a member of the Black Sky Organization and left it a few months ago. Or should I say escaped.”

  Leng Shuai tosses his tie on the couch, “What the fuck! Are you sure of this information?”


  “Send me everything you have.”

   Leng Shuai pours himself a glass of whiskey, Damn! No wonder she was able to knock me out at the airport in Hirachi City. I didn’t even see her make a move towards me. I wonder if Qiao Rui knows? No, I doubt she would tell him and it took Chen Wu this long to uncover her real identity. Haha, He takes a gulp of his drink, Interesting! 

He sees a notification of an email from Chen Wu then sits at the desk to read the contents, Holy shit! That was very brave of the little thing to leave, no wonder she wore that ugly short wig and the contacts, she was trying to disguise her beautiful natural appearance. When he finishes reading the email he is conflicted, the information is incomplete. Why would she be with Nikolai Naralov? Does she know him, is she with him willingly? I got the impression from Sun Peizhi she didn’t appear to be in danger.

    After he finishes his glass of whiskey he takes off his clothes and goes into the bathroom still considering what Nikolai Naralov wants from Feng LiMei. What is her use? He steps into the shower letting the hot water run down his tight body. While he washes his hair he ponders if she is an assassin LiMei could have been acquainted with Nikolai Naralov previously. There is no denying the fact despite being a psychotic killer he never has a shortage of women around him,but he doesn’t appear to be the little idiot’s type.

Well, I need a rescue plan whether she wants to leave him or not she is coming with me tonight. He mutters as he gets out of the shower, “No way am I letting the little idiot stay with that crazy maniac, he is too volatile! Knowing her annoying personality she will eventually anger him. Then he will kill her without a second thought.” He thinks of the many times he wanted to strangle LiMei and he restrained himself.

    Rui wearily enters his room taking off his jacket then tossing it onto the couch. No matter what obstacles I am getting you back tonight LiMei! He slowly walks into the bathroom feeling extremely despondent he couldn’t protect LiMei. Once he takes off his wrinkled clothes and gets into the shower turning on the cold water he lets the icy spray hit him in the face to wake up. At least I know I will see you soon and you will be back in my arms. He slams his hand against the wall cursing, “ I am going to kill that motherf*****r Naralov!”

    When he finishes his shower he wraps a towel around his waist then lays down on the bed closing his eyes. When he does images of LiMei smiling at him surface then her being with another man giving him the same smile cloud his mind. His phone rings and he comes to his senses then rolls over on the bed to grab the phone off the nightstand,”Yes.”

   Leng Shuai and Chen Wu devised a plan to rescue LiMei so he informs Rui, “ I have a plan I think will work and I got your invitation, we will leave for the reception in forty five minutes.”

    When Leng Shuai gets off the phone he calls Benji Gabriel, “I have an invitation for you to attend the Bellini Reception. I will need your help to rescue Feng LiMei. You will be posing as a French fashion designer, I have a suit you can wear, we are about the same height and build. Meet Chen Wu he will be in my suite at the Lattorio he will be your assistant. He will explain the plan to you and give you the necessary materials.”

  “Okay Boss.”

   When Leng Shuai hangs up the phone he is satisfied the plan should work especially now that he knows LiMei has skills. He breathes a sigh of relief and gets his clothes out of the closet. I can’t wait until you find out Feng LiMei has been hiding this secret from you Qiao Rui. Knowing your arrogant personality I don’t think you will be able to accept her past. But I will!  I won’t be the one to tell you so Feng LiMei or should I say Qin Daiyu resents me, I will let you find out at the reception. She will need to show her abilities in order to escape.

  Once he is dressed he puts on a Limited Edition Cartier Diamond watch then straightens his tie. He smiles looking into the mirror as he brushes his hair. What an unexpected discovery.. Qin Daiyu… haha..

Change Plan

     LiMei shudders looking at Nikolai’s flirtatious expression, is he attracted to me? Then quickly realizes he wants a reaction remembering his comment about her needing to eat papayas. Childish!  “Don’t you have anything to do? Gun to clean..practice your shooting skills they seem a bit lacking… I’m trying to concentrate here!”

   Anton knits his eyebrows as he lowers his head, Stop..please stop annoying the Boss! Nikolai is not a tolerant man, I think you have pushed him to his limit!

   Surprisingly Nikolai throws his head back laughing then playfully touches a long strand of black hair hanging down onto LiMei’s neck, “Maybe when you are finished I can use you for practice. I prefer shooting a moving target. I can let the dogs out to make it more interesting.”

   LiMei is about to respond when Mikhail comes into the kitchen speaking Russian, “Boss, there is a man at the door who says he has an appointment with you.”

   Nikolai responds, “Have him wait in the living room.” He has a satisfied expression knowing since the person came he is interested.

   LiMei is applying the healing ointment to the last wound on Anton’s back. Nikolai tells Anton in Russian, “Go to my father’s, bring me the flash drive. If he resists, tell him you have my order to kill.”

   Anton quickly stands up from the chair he turns in LiMei’s direction as he rubs his neatly trimmed brown beard, he hesitates then in a low voice says, “ Thank you.Your skills are good.” He didn’t expect such remarkable results, the cooling sensation of the ointment combined with the effects of the acupuncture are extremely effective. He grabs his shirt to leave as Nikolai watches LiMei closing the ointment. So her skills must be excellent Anton never acknowledges anyone especially a woman.

   After Anton leaves the kitchen Nikolai orders LiMei, “ Sterilize the silver needles, I am having pain in my arm.”

  “…” LiMei can’t believe how thick skinned Nikolai can be, although she is unwilling she doesn’t want to say no if he is in pain. Having experienced a gunshot wound herself she knows the excrutiating pain as it heals. He only had surgery a short time ago and has not even rested. But I can’t readily agree, I am not his doormat! “Say please and I will.”

  “Nyet. But I will give you a surprise if you can rid me of the pain.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up, what surprise? I can call Rui maybe?  She reigns in her enthusiasum,“What is the surprise?”

  He flicks her on her forehead, “If I tell you it is no longer a surprise..haha.”

   She holds her forehead as she gives him an irritated look, really so immature for a grown man who is 190cm tall! LiMei knows she will need to accommodate him anyway so she sweetly says, “Fine.” I might as well get some sort of reward.

  He takes off his shirt exposing his bare chest then lays his casual gray shirt over a chair. LiMei comes back from washing and sterilizing her needles to see him sitting there shirtless. He has several scars across his chest but they don’t detract from his handsome appearance. LiMei gulps while distractedly gazing at his well defined muscles and beautiful wheat colored skin. He exudes an extremely dangerous aura, like he could destroy the world if he is in a rage. But, when I saw him peacefully sleeping he was like a beautiful Immortal. Definitely someone to avoid, a person could get sucked into those soulful eyes full of unfathomable secrets.

   Nikolai has a mischievous gleam in his eyes noticing her infatuated look as her eyes move from his face to his half naked body. His voice sounds low and seductive, “Looks good? Better than that weak doctor of yours?”

  Embarrassed he noticed her admiring his body LiMei’s face turns bright red, “You are handsome but you can’t compare to Rui.”

   Nikolai is proud of his body and has never lacked beautiful women fawning on him, LiMei’s insult pricks at his masculine ego, this is the second time she has said that phrase.

He assertively reaches around with his left arm and pulls LiMei onto his lap. Stunned by his sudden movement LiMei’s alluring pink lips are slightly parted because she is about to protest his sudden embrace. Nikolai seizes the opportunity to give LiMei a tyrannical kiss as he presses her soft body onto his bare chest. He inserts his hot tongue into her mouth entangling with her small tongue. His impulsive action was to punish LiMei and he planned on immediately releasing her lips after a quick kiss. But the sweet taste of her mouth makes him want more so he ravages her mouth sucking and savoring her unique flavor. He starts to feel intoxicated as he breathes in the light fragrance of jasmine on her petite body and his kiss becomes more passionate and demanding.

LiMei feels slightly dizzy from the sudden deep kiss but tries to stop him by wriggling in his lap and pushing her small hands on his immovable chest. Nikolai is lost in the pleasurable feeling of the kiss, his hand begins to wander into the loose uniform she is wearing. He hasn’t felt this desire in a very long time and unexpectedly her delicate body tempts him. Nikolai’s breathing becomes heavy as his hand touches her soft breast while continuing to hungrily suck on her tongue.

LiMei angry he is taking advantage of her bites his tongue which brings him back to reality. He let’s her go, his dangerous black eyes flicker with desire as licks the blood on his lip. “Naughty girl.” She can’t control her anger looking at his satisfied grin. His eyes seem to be silently mocking her, unable to restrain herself she raises her hand to slap his face, he easily prevents her by grabbing her small hand into his large palm. Then with a flick of his wrist LiMei flies off his lap landing sprawled on the kitchen floor.

  LiMei is infuriated by the sudden kiss and the way her heart is beating rapidly, “Bastard!” She wipes her lips several times with the pink sleeve of the nurse’s uniform she is wearing as she stands up straightening the oversized dress. Hmmph! She huffs as she walks towards the kitchen door, psycho! psycho! such a crazy man!

  He grabs her arm as she strides angrily away from him. His voice sounds hoarse, “Where do you think you are going?”

  LiMei is caught up in her anger but realizes she has nowhere to go; she is his prisoner. “I need to wash my mouth out!”

  “After. Give me treatment. I have a guest waiting.” Nikolai curls his lips in a satisfied smile while gazing at LiMei’s cheeks tinged with red and her flustered appearance. He could feel her ragged breath and her heart beating rapidly while they were kissing. No woman can resist me! Deny all you want Lttle Tigress, you were excited by my kiss.

 “It can’t wait.”

“ Little Tigress, unless you want me to continue in the bedroom, start with your needles.” Nikolai only wants to frighten LiMei and his plan works, she immediately starts inserting the needles. Once she is done Nikolai has no pain in his arm whatsoever. The bandage needs to be changed again so Nikolai tells LiMei, “You disappointed me with your lack of ability kissing, I didn’t feel anything.  If you still want the surprise, change my bandage and apply the ointment.”

  “First you need to tell me if the surprise has anything to do with Rui. Can I call him?” If I can talk to him I will do my best to ignore your mental issues. You are obviously too insane to deal with rationally that is for sure. 

  Nikolai frowns looking at LiMei’s hopeful expression..Rui..Rui..Rui.. you  are too naive Qin Daiyu…you have no future with the CEO of Qiao Group. You are an abandoned child turned assassin. If your true identity was exposed do you think he would dote on you. A little killer… I highly doubt it. He thinks you are a sweet and innocent girl, if your dark past was exposed… I won’t burst your bubble by pointing out the facts now.

“You would only make his search for you more frantic if he heard your voice. He could make a mistake that would cost him his life.” He closes his eyes leaning back in the seat while  enjoying the euphoric feeling from her acupuncture treatment. He hasn’t felt this relaxed in a very long time. She is talented with the needles. She has many unexpected talents and abilities… I can never let her return to Qiao Rui. Her unruly behavior also amuses me .. How could I give up such a funny little pet.

   LiMei scrunches up her nose as she listens to Nikolai; he might be right. I need to complete whatever mission this maniac needs me for then return to Pushong City. Worst case scenario I will tell him about the Golden Dragon and negotiate. Although he didn’t seem interested when I mentioned it before, maybe he didn’t believe me.

 “Whatever.” LiMei unwraps the bandage on his arm and gasps when she sees his injury.

    When Nikolai hears LiMei and sees her bewildered expression he turns his head to examine his arm, What the Fuck! The wound has no redness surrounding the area and the wound appears to be healing rapidly. He meets LiMei’s eyes that have a look of disbelief. Had I known I wouldn’t have let her change the bandage, this result of her blood mixed with mine is beyond normal comprehension, I was only operated on earlier today. He comes to the conclusion he should ignore her surprise so avoid having to explain.. “What is taking so long, I need to meet my guest.”

   LiMei rubs her eyes maybe I wasn’t seeing clearly when I looked at his injury…impossible.. LiMei can barely keep her eyes open without the energy to consider how he can heal so quickly. She finishes wrapping his arm, then takes a gulp of water. Yawning she stretches her thin arms, between giving blood, cooking and treating Anton then Nikolai I am exhausted. “I am going to take a bath and then take a nap. I am very tired. But, first what is the surprise?”

  “It will have to wait, you took too long.”

  ??? Well if it isn’t about Rui I don’t really care too much. LiMei starts to walk to the door of the kitchen and Nikolai stops her pointing to the hallway beyond the back of the kitchen.“Take the servant’s stairs to the guest room.”

   LiMei grabs an apple and her water walking towards the back stairs. She turns around, “You will let me go after this weekend right?”

   LiMei stares at the empty kitchen. She can feel tears forming in her eyes thinking about Rui, You will right?

    A man named Sun Peizhi is sitting in the living room surrounded by Nikolai’s men quietly waiting for Nikolai to appear. Dimitri and Leon observe him, the man’s  aura is no less impressive than their boss. They wonder who this Chinese man is waiting for Nikolai. He hasn’t shown any impatience while he waits, his posture is relaxed as he lazily leans back on the couch while using the remote to flip through channels on the television. He arrived in a black Maybach then sent the driver away leaving him virtually helpless in Nikolai’s territory. Obviously Nikolai invited him but that doesn’t ensure his safety yet he isn’t carrying a weapon.

   While their eyes are riveted on the Chinese man speculating about his reason for coming to the villa, Nikolai enters the living room. Sun Peizhi nonchalantly glances at Nikolai as he approaches. He turns off the television and sets the remote on the glass coffee table. “Naralov.”

    Nikolai thinks Sun Peizhi hasn’t changed at all since he saw him last a few years ago. “Long time no see.”

    “I would say too long but I haven’t missed you.”

     Nikolai motions for his men to leave the room. Dimitri doesn’t trust any man who can appear this calm while unarmed and surrounded by a dozen men with guns, so he hesitates while intensely focused on Sun Peizhi. Nikolai glares at Dimitri, “Leave.”

    Once all his men have dispersed Nikolai tells Sun Peizhi, “I will get to the point, I can help you and in turn you can help me.”

   “ When you called I assumed whatever you needed from me would be mutually beneficial or I wouldn’t have come.”

   “That is what I have always liked about you Zhi. You don’t fuck around and know my intentions. I decided to scrap my initial plan, your informant in my father’s organization..what is the scrawny man’s name again…Chonglin. Anyway, when my father discovered he was a traitor I happened upon the scene.” Nikolai tries to see if Sun Peizhi has a reaction to what he is saying, he is not surprised when there isn’t a flicker of emotion across his indifferent and cold face.

   “And” Sun Peizhi is an expert at not revealing his emotions but he always liked Chonglin. He only decided to use him for information when Chonglin approached him saying the money could help his sister after she relocated to his cousin’s after she was raped. 

   “As I stood behind the two way glass watching him being tortured he spilled his guts about you. At the time I just laughed at how you had no idea your little scheme to steal the flash drive was dead in the water before you could even attempt to get your hands on it. Then it dawned on me I could use you, so I killed the man my father used to torture him. The man was so grateful he could live he grabbed onto my pant leg crying.”

   Sun Peizhi can feel his blood boiling Chonglin is a loyal guy they must have put him through hell before he gave up the information. “Good story but if you know my plans why am I here.”

   Nikolai walks over to the bar and gets a glass of vodka, “You want one?”

  “No. Hand me a bottle of water.”

   Nikolai brings him the water and sits across from him. “You know no one in your headquarters backs you. Why do you continue to work for them?”

   “Niko, just because we were friends once don’t presume to think you know me. Do you want me to be upset over Chonglin. he knew the risks. You want me to pissed because the assholes above me are cheap lazy motherfu****rs?  The fact they are greedy men only worried about their political positions was obvious from the first mission I undertook. You want me to wring my hands cause you know my plans? Fuck Niko, the  thing you should know about me is I am adaptable and don’t give up.” He gulps down some water and takes out a cigarette. Nikolai has no idea he quit and is very agitated which is why he is lighting a cigarette right now.

  “Zhi, a handsome hero like you should find a sweet piece of ass and settle down. You are one of the richest fuckers I went to school with in England,why work for those men all their hands are dirty.”

  “Dammit, Niko get to the fucking point I am not here to reminice with you, or explain my choices” He takes a puff of his cigarette and blows a smoke ring thinking about a beautiful sweet girl named Sara. Niko did hit on some valid points that have been bothering me in the last couple years. So fucking sick of the dirty dealings at headquarters..and cheap! those greedy bastards are so damn cheap. No wonder Tielin said fuck you and quit. I might think about quitting after this mission I get a vacation, I will consider my options.

  “I have a new plan I think will work for both of us. Obviously you are aware the flash drive is in my father’s possession soon to be in mine.”

   Sun Peizhi wonders why Nikolai called him; they are opposite sides of the law. Why would I help him? He laughs, “Good to know, I can switch my target.”

   Nikolai smiles and gulps down his vodka. He has a serious expression on his handsome face as he languidly crosses his legs,  “My friend, I, Nikolai Naralov want to work with you in the name of justice… ”

   Sun Peizhi sprays the water out of his mouth when he hears Nikolai. He starts coughing then laughing, “What the hell did you just say?”


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