Xinghi’s Plan

  Rui hangs up and goes to LiMei’s room, she is sleeping soundly. He bends down and kisses her forehead and has a gentle smile watching her long black eyelashes flutter, Baby, you look like an angel when you are asleep. He lightly caresses her cheek then tenderly kisses her pink lips. Rui leaves to find Xinghi. When he is in the hallway he calls him, “Where are you?”

  “Xixin and I are in your office.”

  “I am on my way now.” He hurries to the elevator. Impatient to find out LiMei’s condition he takes a breath then nervously asks, “Is she Feng LiMei or Qin Daiyu?”

  “Both, but the dominant personality at this time is Feng LiMei.” He can tell by the tone of Rui’s voice he is agitated so he wants to reassure him so he doesn’t do anything rash. “After she came out of the hypnotic trance the first thing she said was, “Where is Rui.”

  Rui clenches his phone in his hand and has a faint smile, “Is there anything else I should know before I go to see Feng LiMei?”

  “Come to your office.”

   When Rui arrives he takes two long strides over and sits at his desk, “Tell me.” 

  “Well, right now she is stable, similar to when you first met Feng LiMei. She embraces the identity of Feng LiMei but she knows she is Qin Daiyu. She told me she wants to be honest with you but is afraid you will leave her if you know her past. I suggest you don’t force that issue. She needs an indefinite number of therapy sessions to completely integrate her personalities. There seems to be a very faint third personality also.

  “A third personality?”

  “Very weak. This personality seems to be suppressed by Qin Daiyu. Apparently this aggressive personality surfaced when LiMei was on the roof of the warehouse.”

  Rui clenches his fist, “LiMei was on the roof!”

  “According to Feng LiMei she went up there when the bodyguard was not in the warehouse. He went to survey the area. Once she was up there she became frightened and ‘LingLing’ jumped to the branch and climbed down to the ground.” I am not going to mention to this lunatic that this ‘LingLing seems to be attached to the bodyguard. I think I can erase this personality next session. I don’t want to complicate matters further.

  “What the fuck!”

  “I want to continue tomorrow. I think we made a small breakthrough but there is more hypnotic therapy needed.”

  “Fine but I don’t want her to stay in the hospital tonight. I will take her to my villa then bring her back tomorrow. Are you free at two o’clock?”

 “That will be fine. But, I don’t stimulate Feng LiMei.”

  “I won’t. It would be best for LiMei to comfortably find herself and willingly tell me about her life.”

  “As long as you don’t make any selfish decisions and are patient I think she will integrate her personalities and become mentally stabilized.”

  “Very well. I am going to LiMei’s room. I will see you tomorrow.”

   Rui is excited by the prospect, once her personalities are fully melded together she will confess to me. That will mean she fully trusts me. He has a beaming smile on his face as he heads to LiMei’s room.

  After he leaves his office Dr. Woo crosses his legs and leans back on the couch. “Xinghi, you are a real bastard.”

  “If you disagreed why didn’t you tell him?”

  “You know why.”

  “What? He is fragile and you don’t want him to lose it.”

  “ Because I thought I could change your mind. I don’t understand you Xinghi. Don’t you want Qin Daiyu to be happy? You can see how much Qiao Rui adores the little girl.”

  “Do you think ‘love’ will make a difference? Qin Daiyu is Subject 456, she is meant for bigger things than being a plaything for the good doctor. Didn’t you support the program after Qin Chyna was killed? The little girl was used by her father and the Black Sky Organization; she has a chance to rise above the crowd, avenge her mother and grandmother.”

  “Did you have this in mind the entire time?”


  “So you aren’t afraid I will reveal your purpose?”

  “No, because I know you want the same thing I do. The people who killed those two innocent women will be sent to hell by Qin Daiyu.”

   “It isn’t ethical.”

  “When have I ever cared about ethics..morality.. This fucked up society’s vision of right and wrong.”

  “She is your goddaughter.”

  “If I thought the little girl would be hurt in any way I wouldn’t continue. Qin Daiyu’s capabilities are beyond what you could even imagine. ‘LingLIng’…  leapt off a roof a distance of six meters onto a thin branch that could probably only withstand the weight of a cat. She then lightly balanced herself to climb to the trunk of the tree then down the Oak tree by the warehouse. I think she probably could have jumped from the roof and survived if she was trained properly.”

  ‘You are talking about taking out the Minister of Land and Resources! Do you think she can get away with assassinating a prominent and powerful man like him?

  “Not by herself but with my planning and Qiao Rui’s help she can.”

   Dr. Woo stands up and raises his voice.“You are insane!”

  Xinghi stands and faces him surrounded by a tyrannical aura. “Maybe. But I think it is destiny.  Kuang Fu brought me a fragile looking girl as a test subject. I laughed and told him to fuck off, I wanted a strong man to see if I could create a Super Soldier. He paid double saying if she died she was no loss for his operation. He didn’t want one of his elite assassins wasted on an experiment. I had no idea she was Lu Chyna’s daughter. I didn’t know her bastard of a husband’s surname.

Qin Daiyu turned out to be the only one in the group who didn’t reject the Regeneral and Phoenix Breath Serum. Qiao Rui is a highly trained martial artist…” He picks up a bottle of mineral water and unscrews the top. “I can thank you for that… and an even better doctor. He is thoroughly obsessed with the little girl. Qiao Rui won’t let Daiyu die.” Xinghi has a sarcastic grin as he continues.”Xixin you have to admit fate bringing them together was a stroke of luck for me.”

  “I forgot what a selfish bastard you are. Chyna wouldn’t want you to use her daughter to gain revenge. It is you that wants to avenge your first love being killed.”

  “What about you? You grew up with Lu Chyna..she was your childhood friend…don’t you want her murderer to pay?”

  “Not at the expense of her only daughter and a man who is like a son to me.”

  “I thought as my friend you would ultimately agree once I explained. I probably wouldn’t have told you except for the fact you were in the room when Qin Daiyu remembered.”

  “I will give you a chance to reconsider. If you don’t I will tell Rui.”

  In the blink of an eye Xinghi swiftly inserts a needle in Dr. Woo’s neck immobilizing him. He then inserts another and twists it. I really thought you would want to seek revenge for the woman you also loved. Xinghi imprints a new memory in his mind “Xixin won’t remember my plans for Qin Daiyu and Qiao Rui. Only what I told Qiao Rui about the hypnotic therapy.” I can’t let you ruin my plan.

Rui enters LiMei’s hospital room and sits on the bed. He is confident after the therapy he will be able to marry LiMei and they will be together always. He brushes her hair back off her cheek, “I love you LiMei.” She hears him and slowly flutters her eyelashes as she wakes up. She stretches her arms up and wraps them around his neck, “Rui, how long was I asleep. Is the doctor going to hynotize me?”

“…” He kisses her tempting lips, “All finished.” He hugs LiMei into his embrace and his warm breath sprays on her neck. “Do you want to go home with me?”

LiMei leans her head on his shoulder, “Yeah.” Why don’t I remember?



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 LiMei is exhausted after Rui vigorously ‘convinces’ her to move into his villa After she falls asleep again Rui covers her with the blanket then calls Xinghi, “Come in two hours, LiMei is still sleeping, she needs her rest.”

   Xinghi and Dr. Woo are discussing the situation while sitting in Rui’s office. Xinghi reluctantly agrees. When he hangs up he asks Dr. Woo, “What do you think that brat is planning? He said he won’t tamper with Daiyu’s memories again but can I trust him?”

  “If Qiao Rui gave you his word you can trust him to comply. He has to realize she is in a fragile mental state. It is essential  to restore her memories, no person can live with a false identity indefinitely.”

  Xinghi crushes out a cigarette in the ashtray, “Xixin, my impression of Qiao Rui previously was that he was a cold expressionless prick. I never saw him display any emotions. I always believed that his detached personality  is what made him such an excellent doctor with an unrivaled success rate. Difficult cases no one else wanted to touch he would accept as a challenge…the results were well…  unbelievably high by any standard. He was never afraid to use experimental techniques when he operated, as though whether the patient lived or died was of no concern to him. He seemed to lack basic human emotions… a sense of humanity. But, when I heard the desperation in his voice when he thought Daiyu might leave him… then the uncontrollable rage in his pitch black eyes..well…he didn’t look like the same person.”

  Dr. Woo treated Rui for his inability to harness his inner rage. When Rui was in High School he took him as a disciple and they lived in the mountains. It was during this time he taught Rui to meditate to calm his inner demons. “I think ‘Feng LiMei’ is the only person Qiao Rui has ever given his heart to completely. After his mother died when he was young he closed his heart, his brother Delun is probably an exception too. He has always had a good relationship with him but..Feng LiMei is like an obsession.”

  “He wants to be in the room when I hypnotize Daiyu but I’m not sure that is a good idea. I agreed or otherwise I think he would have lost control.”

  Woo Xixin sips his tea that is getting cold, “I will be there too. I will keep an eye on him.”

  “Well, I think Daiyu is still in danger because she is Subject 456. I have major regrets that I used the little girl in my experiments. Kuang Fu was firm on Qin Daiyu being the first experimental subject, she wasn’t my first choice. But when it was decided  I was impressed with her skills, at the time I felt it would give her an extra layer of protection being in the Black Sky Organization. I don’t think anyone could have predicted she would escape and create a new identity for herself. When I saw her with Kuang Fu she was very docile and obedient. I never considered the ramifications if her regenerative capability was discovered. If she can restore her memories she will be able to protect herself.”

  Dr. Woo responds, “The perfect scenario would be that she integrates the two personalities, retains her skills and memories of the past but lives a simple life like Feng LiMei. There is no upside to returning to being Qin Daiyu.”

  Xinghi lights another cigarette, “Kuang Bo forced his brother Fu to give up on bringing Qin Daiyu back and seeking revenge. If her identity as Subject 456 can remain hidden there is no reason for not to lead a normal life. I have my men trying to find out who was behind kidnapping Daiyu from the Jewelry Competition. Unfortunately, all the evidence in the warehouse/lab was destroyed in the explosion.”

   Rui’s secretary Bai Chiyu enters the office and is surprised to see the two men. She recognizes Dr. Woo, “Where is Dr. Qiao?”

 Dr. Woo answers, “He is checking on a patient.”

 “Do you know which patient? I wasn’t aware he returned to the hospital this morning.”

 “You can call him. I don’t know.”

 She sits at her desk and dials his number. That is strange he isn’t answering. She hangs up, “Is he coming back to the office?” If Dr. Qiao is back he can deal with his stepmother. She has been hounding me non stop.”

   Rui has finished taking a bath with LiMei and is drying her hair when there is a knock at the door. Delun brought the clothes he requested. He knocks again, “Rui,  let me in… I want to see Feng LiMei.”

  Rui opens the door slightly, “No.” He takes the clothes  and shuts the door.

  “…” Delun knows his brother’s temper so he isn’t surprised. After he leaves Wu Pei looks at Hak Byung-soo, “Isn’t that Qiao Rui’s brother?” Morgan had shown him pictures of the people surrounding Rui.

  “Yeah, I told you CEO Qiao is crazy when it comes to Feng LiMei.”

   LiMei heard Delun’s voice, “Rui, why didn’t you let Delun come in?”

   “Dr. Huang will be here soon. You need to get dressed.”

   “Rui, I am a little nervous.”

  He holds her hand and lifts her chin then tenderly kisses her lips, “I will be with you there is no reason to be afraid.” Rui hands her the bag of clothes then watches LiMei get dressed. He kisses her neck and zips up the back of the dress. He lifts her hair and whispers in her ear, ‘Baby, tell me you love me.”

  LiMei turns around and wraps her arms around his neck, she gazes deeply into his eyes “Rui, I love you… you are mine and I am yours forever.”

   Rui is satisfied with her answer, he passionately kisses LiMei  and hugs her tighter, wanting to mold her beautiful body into his bones. He inhales her intoxicating scent and his deep voice is filled with emotion as he presses his lips on her ear, “Don’t ever forget those words.” Rui holds her small delicate face in his hands while tenderly kissing her forehead, eyebrows and the tip of her nose, “You are mine…only mine.”

  There is a knock at the door and LiMei looks up at Rui with a frightened expression. Her soft voice trembles, “I…I  changed my mind, I don’t want to do it.”

  Rui is tempted to say then don’t but he knows she needs therapy. He picks up the brush on the nightstand and fixes her hair into a high ponytail. “Trust me. If you are at all uncomfortable I will tell him to stop.”

  Reassured Rui will protect her, LiMei holds his hand. “Okay.”

  Rui walks over and opens the door, Xinghi and Dr. Woo enter the room. Xinghi greets LiMei, “Miss Feng.”

  “Hello Dr. Huang.”

   He gives Rui a warning look then says, “Dr. Qiao, if you want to observe I will need you to stay towards the back of the room out of Miss Feng’s sight. ”

  LiMei looks at Rui then tightens her grip on his hand, “Dr. Huang, I want Rui to stay by me.”

  ‘Miss Feng, if that is the case I will need to put you into a deep sleep. Seeing Qiao Rui might inhibit your ability to focus.”

  Now she is conflicted, she wants to be conscious so she can be in control. She lets go of Rui’s hand, “Allright.”

  Xinghi props up the pillows on the bed. “Sit on the bed and we can begin.”

  “I need a drink of water first.”

  Rui hands her a bottle of water and she takes several gulps. He brushes her hair behind her ear, “Baby, don’t worry. I’m here.”

   After he kisses her forehead she calms down, “I’m ready.”  

   Xinghi takes out an unusual piece of carved black jade. He hands the amulet to LiMei, “Relax and rub your finger the jade amulet , can you see the carving on it?”


   “Concentrate on counting the number of lotus blossoms you can see.”

   “I see one…two..three..fourrr…fiii…” LiMei closes her eyes and drops the rare black jade onto the bed.

   Xinghi waits a few moments then says, “You can open your eyes.”

   LiMei flutters her eyelashes, “Can’t.”

  “Try harder.”

  “Don’t want to.”


  “Good dream.”

  “Tell me about your dream.”

  LiMei’s eyes remain shut but she smiles exposing her cute dimples. “Secret.”

  “You can tell me.”

  LiMei scrunches up her nose and furrows her eyebrows in her dreamlike state. ‘Noisy! Uncle Xinghi! You are ruining my sweet dream!” 

   “You recognize my voice?”

   “Why wouldn’t I?”

      “…” Rui and Dr. Woo are watching from a short distance away.  Rui clenches his fist at his side. LiMei recognizes Xinghi’s voice? She is Qin Daiyu! Dr. Woo feels the dangerous aura surrounding Rui. He holds onto Rui’s arm, in a low voice he says,”Don’t disturb them. He has barely begun.”

Live With Me

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     LiMei tosses and turns in her sleep worrying Rui. She mumbles incoherently then wakes up in a cold sweat. Rui gently wipes her face with a damp cloth and comforts her, holding her shivering body tightly in his embrace. He feels a stabbing pain in his heart because he is unable to alleviate her distress. Running his fingers through her messy hair he tenderly kisses her face repeating, “You are dreaming LiMei…dreaming…I’m here don’t be afraid.” She  briefly wakes up then falls back to sleep snuggled in his arms whispering nonsense.Rui’s heart tightens, he can’t bare the sight of her fragile appearance as tears silently fall down her cheeks. Rui tries to make sense of what she is saying but the only words he can make out give him a chill. LiMei repeats over and over, “I need to leave…I need to leave.” 

    In the middle of the night LiMei’s condition worsens and she becomes extremely agitated. Rui decides to give her a sedative in order for her to calm down so she can get some rest. When he walks over to his medicine bag on the table LiMei takes the opportunity to dash towards the door. He takes two long strides to catch LiMei and traps her with his strong arms. Rui panics when sees the blank look in LiMei’s beautiful eyes as she struggles to get out of his embrace. She squirms and pushes his chest, “Let me go!” Her green eyes are unfocused  and filled with fear as she attempts to strike him with her palm. Quickly grabbing her small hand he buries his head in LiMei’s neck, “’s me… Rui.” He kisses her sensitive ear and his warm breath tickles her neck,  “I love you LiMei. Baby…Baby you can’t leave me.”

   Hearing the soothing sound of Rui’s voice LiMei feels confused, he doesn’t love me…he loves Feng LiMei. I am not Feng LiMei, I am Qin Daiyu. She lifts her head and meets his deep eyes full of love. Maybe… I can tell Rui the truth…maybe he will accept me. No, I don’t want to see Rui push me away in disgust. I want to remember the affectionate look he has in his beautiful eyes right now. I must keep my past a secret and leave Pushong City.

   Rui notices the complex emotions flashing across LiMei’s face. You want to leave me? Never! Fuck it! Baby, I am going to do what I need to do to keep you by my side. He hits her acupoint with two fingers and she slumps in his arms. He carries LiMei over to the bed and after he lays her down he takes out his silver needles. “I need to erase your memories…Baby, I am doing this for us.”

  Xinghi comes through the door and witnesses Rui about to insert the silver needle in LiMei’s Zhedu point. He angrily grabs Rui’s arm, “What are you doing!”

   Rui shakes him off, “It is none of your fucking business!” He pushes Xinghi, “Get the hell out of here!”

  “Do you want to break the little girl’s mind! You selfish bastard, she needs to come back to reality.”

   Rui’s eyes narrow and the air around him drops to freezing, “She is happy being Feng LiMei. She had nightmares all night. It would be best for her to forget the past.”

   “You don’t know that. Asshole! You are only thinking of yourself. Have you considered the consequences of you manipulating her memories? Obviously in her subconscious she knows she isn’t Feng LiMei, that is an identity she created. The constant conflict in her mind is the source of her debilitating headaches and nightmares.”

   Xinghi points out Rui’s sore spot, he realizes his motive is extremely selfish. But, when she said she wanted to leave he snapped. “Xinghi, you are right I am being fucking selfish and i don’t give a damn if doing this is unethical. I don’t want to lose LiMei. I will do whatever it takes to keep her by my side.” He is used to being able to control every aspect of his life and maintain his composure, but since he met LiMei his self control has collapsed.

  “ Rui, whether she is Qin Daiyu or Feng LiMei, most likely her feelings for you will remain the same. Although Daiyu was trained as an assassin she never lost her desire to lead a normal life which is why she escaped from Kuang Fu. I know Daiyu very well she can’t hide her emotions. She is a sweet and pure girl even after all she has been through. I saw the way she looked at you when Xixin and I were here yesterday well… the little girl genuinely cares about you. You need to support her in recovering her memories. How do you think she would feel if she knew you wanted to manipulate her? She would be hurt and feel betrayed.”

  Rui clenches his fist at his side and glances at LiMei sleeping. “I don’t want to take a chance she will distance herself from me once she regains her memories.”  I won’t let that happen! She kept saying she wanted to leave and tried to run away. “Xinghi, I love Feng LiMei, for the first time in my life, I am happy. That happiness is because of Feng LiMei. She is everything to me.” He aggressively grabs Xinghi by the collar, Rui’s eyes look like a black abyss filled with extreme possessiveness. “I won’t let you… or anyone take her away from me.” He let’s him go and walks over to the bed.

  Xinghi knew Rui was involved with Feng LiMei but he didn’t know the depth of his feelings. He can feel the murderous aura surrounding Rui. How did little Daiyu get involved with this crazy bastard! He is no less dangerous than Kuang Bo.“I don’t doubt you love the little girl but in her condition she could become mentally unstable. Let me hypnotize Daiyu when she wakes up and integrate her memories. That is the only way to ensure that her mind regains its balance.”

   Rui looks at LiMei’s furrowed eyebrows, he knows she is in pain. He gently rubs his finger between her eyebrows. “I want to be present while you hypnotize LiMei.”

   “As long as you don’t interrupt the process I don’t foresee a problem.”

  “Fine.” I need to make sure she doesn’t forget me. If it looks like Feng LiMei will disappear…well I will do what I need to do.

  “I will come back in an hour.” Xinghi leaves and Rui calls his brother Delun, “Bring a set of clothes for Feng LiMei from the guest room and my black Armani suit to the new Holistic Wing.”

   “Feng LiMei is in the hospital? What happened?”

  “She is having some tests. Hurry. They are scheduled in an hour.”

  He watches LiMei sleep then leans over and caresses her cheek, when he does she slowly opens her eyes, “Rui…” She puts her hand on his, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

  Rui takes a deep breath suppressing his turbulent emotions. He smoothes her tangled damp hair. “I was just worried… you were restless having a bad dream.”

  LiMei has a confused expression, “Hmm..I don’t remember.” She can see in his eyes he seems gloomy and sad. Did I say something disturbing in my sleep? LiMei thinks he has been very moody lately, she stretches her arms out, “Rui..Come back to bed. I am cold.”

   He kisses LiMei and she wraps her arms around his neck. “Rui, after the tests are finished can we go to your villa? I will make you lunch. We can walk around the garden, I never saw the cherry blossom grove.”

  Surprised because earlier she said she wanted to return to her apartment, Rui lays down next to LiMei. He wraps his hands around her slender waist pulling her petite body closer. Rui’s eyes light up, “Baby, you want to go to my villa?”

  LiMei buries her head in his warm chest. She puts her hand on his heart and can feel his rapid heartbeat. “Hmm..I want to spend a relaxing day with you. When we go back to work we won’t have the time. You will be busy opening the new wing and I will be working at Hushang Group.”

  He touches her soft black hair then plays with a strand around his finger, “Why don’t you quit Hushang Group and work for me. Then we could spend every day together.”

  “Rui, I like my job.”

 “Then move into my villa.. Live with me.” He kisses her forehead. “I want to wake up to your beautiful face every day.”

 LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and her lips curl up in a coquettish smile as she intimately touches him, “Well… convince me.” 


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18+ chapter

    After Rui reprimands Wu Pei he pushes open the bathroom door startling LiMei. He drags LiMei to the sink then lathers her hands with soap. He carefully washes each of her slender fingers then plays with them. Baby’s skin is so soft, white as the finest piece of jade. He sucks on one of her fingers, “So beautiful.”

Suddenly recalling the scene of the bodyguard handing LiMei her clothes incites his rage.How dare he touch my woman! Filled with jealousy he roughly dries her hands. Realizing he used too much strength when her hands redden he apologizes as he gently rubs lotion on her hands, softening his tone he regrets his impulsiveness,“Sorry Baby.”

  Unable to stabilize his emotions Rui’s eyes are red and his anger is still smoldering, “Next time wait for me.” 

  LiMei can feel the dangerous aura surrounding him. The pressure from his intense gaze makes her legs weak. “I didn’t know when you would be back. I thought the nurse was in the room.” 

   LiMei is only covered in a short white towel, he stares at her slender legs and her chest rising up and down under the terrycloth. Furious the bodyguard might have seen her delicate body; he wraps his right hand around her thin waist then presses her against his hard chest. He places his left hand on the back of her neck pulling her forward then kisses her fiercely. Invading her mouth he entangles his tongue with hers then sweeps it around sucking her sweet taste. She puts her arms around his neck and they kiss until LiMei can’t breathe.

   Rui lifts her up and carries her to the bed.I see I need to remind you that you are my woman. He removes the towel wrapped around her petite body. I am the only man who can look at you.  If you are disobedient again… He stares at LiMei with a dark and gloomy expression, do I need to lock you up? You are mine…

   She noticed the flash of insanity in his eyes when Rui first came into the bathroom. LiMei gazes at the burning flames in his obsidian eyes wanting to calm him down. Why is he so paranoid? “Rui…Rui don’t be angry.” Last time they made love she felt more like he was punishing her body. She knows he has an extremely possessive attitude, ” I was wrong.”

   He leans down playing with a strand of hair hanging down on her swan like neck. He sucks her neck then bites her earlobe whispering in her ear, “Baby,do you know what you did wrong?”

   Rui licks and nibbles on her ear while his finger pinches her erect bud. LiMei’s sensitive body is trembling, She softly moans, “Ahh… Rui..I shou..should have umm..waited for you.”

   “Good girl.”

   He takes off his jacket and tosses it on the floor. Rui has a satisfied smile as LiMei reaches up to unbutton his shirt with her small hands. Mesmerized by LiMei’s beautiful face dyed red and her deep green eyes hazy with lust, Rui’s eyes are filled with obsessive desire. LiMei wants to please Rui so he knows he is the only man she loves. She unbuckles the belt then unzips his pants unleashing his dragon. Feeling brave she puts her hand on his hardness and begins to rub. 

   Rui teases, “Hungry?”

  LiMei seductively bites her lip and nods, “Hmm..”

  Rui puts his hand on the back of LiMei’s head running his fingers through her silky black hair as she licks his swollen hardness. He is aroused further by the lewd slurping sounds from LiMei’s saliva as she licks the tip of his throbbing cock .  A rush of heat runs through his body from the intense pleasure, his voice sounds husky, “Nnngh” as she tries to swallow his shaft into her warm moist mouth. He begins to thrust in and out and LiMei gags, unable to take his entire length. 

  When LiMei stops he says in a husky voice, “Umm..Baby, don’t stop..feels good.”

  LiMei puts her hand on his thigh to stabilize herself then he moves her hand up.

  Not sure what to do, she gently fondles them in her hand as he groans, “Nnn.. Mmmm..”

  When he is about to release he holds back, I want to come inside of her little pussy and make a baby. Then she will never be able to escape. “Baby, do you want it?”

  LiMei is dripping wet as he lays her back on the bed, “Hmm…Want..Want..”

  He has a devilish grin, “Baby, you need to say then I will give it to you.” It excites Rui hearing LiMei’s soft kittenish voice saying fuck me.

  LiMei wrinkles her nose, “Pleaseee. ”

  He leans down and kisses her lips still coated with saliva. He licks his lips, his voice is low and seductive, “Please what?”

  “Fuck me…Fuck me… I’m so itchy Rui..please…don’t tease me. ” She puts her small hand on his erection moving it towards her small entrance. 

   “Didn’t you say earlier you didn’t want me in your bed? I need to sleep in the guest room?”

   LiMei wrinkles up her nose, Oh… I did say that. “I…I changed my mind..I want you to sleep here.” She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him, ‘Rui..I need…”

   He spreads her slender legs with his hand and squeezes her wet pussy. He licks his finger, “Little girl are you going to let a man into your room again?”

   “No! Never!” She squirms and whimpers as he rubs her nub with his thumb.”Ruiiii…Ahhh..”

  He is unable to continue teasing LiMei he can barely control his urge to feel her tight tunnel around his hardness. Rui enters LiMei and she gasps, “Ummm..”

   Thrusting wildly Rui wants to mold LiMei into his bones as the beast within him takes over. He loses his rationality as he tosses LiMei until she passes out while pressed under him. Satisfied after he hits her cervix repeatedly then shoots his hot and thick essence into her depth he kisses her damp cheek. He presses his lips on her ear, his voice sounds raspy, “Feng LiMei, you are mine…only this life and the next I will never let you go. If you are disobedient again I swear I will lock you up.” Rui covers LiMei’s body imprinted with love bites that declare his sovereignty with the quilt. He tenderly kisses her forehead then gets up and walks to the bathroom.

   While he fills the bathtub, LiMei has a dream. She is working at the Crescent Moon Hotel when she sees Rui walking into the ballroom. She silently follows Rui as he walks into a ballroom, then hides behind a pillar watching him. He looks incredibly handsome when he smiles at a stunning woman wearing a shimmering evening gown. Taking her arm they greet several people and the woman holds out her hand, a huge diamond ring sparkles on her finger. Rui tenderly brushes a loose strand of hair behind her ear then kisses her cheek. LiMei can hear him, “ Darling wait here, I am going out for a smoke.”

   The beautiful woman holds onto his arm, “I will go with you.”

   Rui kisses her then has a pampering tone, “It is too cold. I won’t be long.”

   LiMei tightens her small fists and decides to follow him. When she sees he is alone in the garden she approaches him. “Rui.”

   He inhales his cigarette and turns around when he hears movement behind him. He glares at her with a tinge of ruthlessness in his eyes, “What are you doing here? Didn’t I warn you not appear before me again.”

  “Let me explain.” She puts her trembling hand on his arm. “Please Rui…I love you so much.”

   He shakes off her hand with a look of disgust on his face.“Leave or don’t blame me for being impolite.” He throws his cigarette on the ground stepping on it with his black leather shoe.

   Tears start streaming down her face, “Give me a chance to.. You said you loved me.” She has only seen this side if Rui when Wang Rebecca schemed against him. He thinks I am no better than Wang Rebecca? I knew he would hate me when he found out I am Qin Daiyu. I betrayed his trust.

   “I want you out of my sight.” He motions for his bodyguard Hak Byung-soo to drag her away. “I loved Feng LiMei…You aren’t Feng LiMei. Haha..There is no Feng LiMei…” He pinches her chin making her meet his eyes filled with hate. “You are lucky I didn’t kill you when I found out about your deception. Bitch, if you don’t want to die stay the fuck away from me.” He shoves her and she stumbles to the ground at his feet.

He angrily reminds his bodyguard as he storms away “I said throw the slut out. Do I need to say it twice!”

    LiMei clutches the pillow in her arms while sobbing. When Rui comes out of the bathroom he hurries over and sits on the bed, He pulls LiMei into his arms tightly embracing her naked body. He sounds frantic, “Baby..Baby..what’s wrong?” He kisses her face and uses his tongue to lick her tears, “I’m here, don’t cry. Don’t cry. Did I hurt you?” 

   She opens her eyes and looks up at him through her tears, “Rui…don’t hate me…don’t hate me… I’m sorry.”

   He kisses her tangled hair and puts his hands on her cheeks gazing into her eyes, “LiMei baby, you had a nightmare.” Rui hugs her closer, “I love you LiMei..I love you so much.” LiMei’s body is shaking uncontrollably while she curls up with her head resting on his chest. He lifts her head up, he lovingly kisses her lips then holds her clammy hands in his warm palms,“Tell me what you were dreaming about.”

  LiMei tries to calm down but the dream was too vivid, she can’t stop trembling. Since Qin Daiyu’s memories are being integrated into her mind she has been conflicted and feeling guilty. She knows her relationship with Rui is based on lies. The dream was brought on by her fear of losing him when he discovers the truth.

LiMei shakes her head, I can’t say.. 

He rubs her back then gently hugs LiMei’s shivering body into his arms. He smoothes her hair as he carries her to the bathroom. He trys to comfort LiMei. “It was a dream LiMei..not real. I’m here. I promise I will never let anyone hurt you.” He has a worried expression gazing at LiMei’s terrified appearance. He wipes the sweat beads off her forehead with his finger.The medicinal herbs in the water help should her relax. Rui feels helpless because LiMei won’t open up to him.What was she dreaming about that frightened her so badly?





Blind Date

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    Lin Qing is lying on her stomach getting a massage and she complains to her friend Lau An. “I forgot how unbelievably cold and indifferent Morgan can be.”

   Lau An replies, “You haven’t got over him?” She frowns as the masseuse exerts pressure on her back. Turning her head she angrily reprimands the masseuse, “Lighter! You are going to break my bones!”

  “I thought if I married his brother Heng I would be happy, their looks are seven points similar. I thought I could be close to Morgan when he returned from military duty. I never considered the possibility he wouldn’t come back after completion. Do you know how shocked I was when Heng told me Morgan decided not to enter the company and became a bodyguard. A bodyguard! He graduated at the top of the class in University and is considered to be a financial genius.”

  Lau An adjusts the rejuvenating mask on her face, “Morgan is an enigma that is for sure. I never could tell what he was thinking with his emotionless face. When you switched your attention to Lin Heng he seemed like a better match for you. I really hoped you would have a better outcome.”

  “I thought so too but I can’t get Morgan out of my head. When I heard he was coming back…well…I made a plan to seduce him.”

  Lau An motions to the masseuse to stop. She sits up and stretches then curtly tells the woman,“Leave.”

  “Are you stupid! He isn’t the type of man to fall for a scheme. I know since you have been working in the Entertainment business you see it all the time. Chen Huan tells me stories of women using dirty methods to climb into his bed. Do any of those women have a good ending? Sweetie, Lin Morgan is your husband’s brother! You could lose everything!”

  Lin Qing fixes the towel wrapped around her as she sits up. “Lau An, I have been in love with Lin Morgan since I was in High School. No one can compare to him, he is excellent in every way, handsome, brave, strong and the smartest man I have ever met. I pretend Heng is Morgan when we have sex. Maybe if I can sleep with Morgan I can make him mine.”

  “Don’t delude yourself, that is wishful thinking. He has never been linked with any woman, although so many beautiful women chased him at University. I really think he doesn’t like women…he is gay.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want to bring up the incident in University. He is a straight man but has tremendous self control. Mother has arranged a blind date for Morgan and he is willing. She told me that he decided to enter the company because he wants to settle down and get married. That is what stimulated me to get him into bed now before he finds a woman he likes.”

    Morgan is sitting across the table from his blind date, Tang Diana. He wanted to cancel but his mother insisted he must go. Tang Diana is wearing a light blue dress she bought especially for this blind date. When her mother said she had arranged a meeting with Lin Morgan she couldn’t believe it. Now seeing him in person she is ecstatic. Lin Heng is handsome but the man sitting across the table has a godlike appearance. Phoenix eyes with long black eyelashes, sexy thin lips and chiseled jaw. He exudes a very powerful masculine aura.

She has been working at Lin Group and heard he is the new CEO of Lin Entertainment. When she mentioned the blind date to Lin Heng he encouraged her to pursue his brother. He told her in order to gain a position at Lin Entertainment she would need his approval.

  “Mr. Lin, thank you for the flowers. They are very beautiful.”

  He looks up from the menu with an indifferent expression, “Do you have any taboos?”

  “No. I am not a picky eater. I heard their signature dish, Lobster Allende is excellent.”

  The server comes over, “Would you like to order a cocktail or wine?”

  “Miss Tang, do you have a preference?”

  “I like any white wine.”

  “Give Miss Tang a glass of Domaine Monchart . I will have Chevas on the rocks.”

  Tang Diana gazes at his handsome face as he orders. The pictures I saw of Lin Morgan don’t do him justice. He is more handsome in person and his powerful aura enhances his appeal. I wonder what kind of woman he likes, nothing in my research gave any details.

  Morgan feels very uncomfortable noticing her pupils dilating,she is trying not to show it but her eyes are greedily sizing me up. She is very beautiful but I don’t feel attracted to her at all. The woman seems very self assured and is saying all the appropriate responses, like a well built machine. He sips his drink and an image pops into his mind, he can’t see the girl’s face but she is laughing giving him a warm feeling. He is brought back to reality when Tang Diana says, “I don’t know if your mother mentioned, but I work at Lin Group.”

  “Yes she did. What do you do there?”

  “I am in the Marketing Department”, but I want to work in the Entertainment Company.She tells him about her degree and work experience. She smiles as she continues to drone on highlighting the contributions she has made to the company.

    He finishes the glass of Scotch, Damn,why did I ask? The server walks over and takes their food order, Morgan orders another Chevas. Boring woman. She obviously wants me to offer her a job at Lin Entertainment. That will never happen. I want to leave now but mother will get angry. The next blind date needs to be someone who has no connection to Lin Group or the Entertainment Industry.

  Tang Diana has no idea that her well rehearsed performance is falling on deaf ears. She daintily lifts her glass of wine. After taking a sip her eyes are watery, she thinks she looks innocent and seductive. Most men can’t resist this look. She smiles while complimenting his choice, “ I don’t usually drink alcohol, but this wine is light and refreshing.”

  That is hard to believe, being in the Marketing Department she must have to attend business dinners where drinking is expected. So she is boring and a liar.

  Morgan is tired from flying back then dealing with Nikolai Naralov he is becoming impatient. Halfway through dinner he receives a call from Wu Pei . He decides this is his chance to escape. “What? A problem with the contract? I will go to the office now.”

  Tang Diana looks up as she cuts a piece of steak when she hears him on the phone. She is prepared to offer to go with him when he says, “Unfortunately, I need to leave. Please enjoy the rest of your dinner.” He immediately stands up from the table and quickly walks away before she can respond.

  “…” Tang Diana watches Morgan’s back as he takes long strides through the restaurant. Hmmph… Asshole! She angrily takes out her phone then hesitates. Pursing her red lips as she crushes the flowers Morgan brought. Insulted by his hasty departure in the middle of the blind date she decides to make the call, “Heng, are you sure your brother isn’t gay? He spoke more to the handsome server than to me.”

   Morgan gets to his car and calls Wu Pei back. “Speak.”

  “What was that about?”

  “Don’t worry about it. Why did you call?”

  “Fucking Qiao Rui is crazy! Didn’t you tell him I don’t like women?”

  “What happened? What did you do?”

  “I didn’t do anything man. The little chick was calling out for the nurse and she had left for an emergency. I went into the room and she was taking a bath and needed her clothes.”

  Morgan’s veins bulge in his neck and he tightens his grip on the phone.“You saw Feng LiMei naked?” For some unknown reason Morgan is getting angry at the thought.

  “Fuck no! The little girl was in the bathroom and reached out her hand.Seriously man, the door was only open a fucking crack. Qiao Rui came into the room and he saw me with her clothes and her hand on mine. Before I could react and explain he came flying towards me. Dude, he looked like an Asura from Hell as he grabbed her clothes then growled, “Get the hell out!”  He rubs his jaw, I am not going to say I wasn’t able to block his fist.

  Morgan lights a cigarette, “ Goddammit! Didn’t I warn you he is extremely possessive of Feng LiMei! Did he fucking fire your ass?” I can’t go back to Paris.

  “I was going to say fuck it and leave then I remembered the $50,000. So I waited outside the room and apologized. I told him that I am gay. He calmed down and reminded me to keep my distance from Feng LiMei.”

  “Keep that in mind.” He hangs up and opens the door of his Land Rover when he parks at a convenience store. He throws his empty pack of cigarettes into the trash. Qiao Rui really is crazy when it comes to the little chick. 

Night Sky Entertainment

   Morgan arrives in Catang City and immediately goes to his apartment. Dammit! Why did Heng send his wife to deal with Naralov. Is he stupid?  After he showers he changes into a custom made dark blue designer suit and puts on a Cartier black diamond watch. He picks up a set of car keys and heads to the underground garage. They have no idea who they are dealing with, I can just imagine Qing trying to charm Naralov to get the contract and his reaction. I told Heng I would handle the company’s affairs when I returned. 

  As he opens the door to a white Land Rover his phone rings, Lin Qing has been anxiously pacing around her hotel room waiting for his call. He puts the key in the ignition as he answers. Morgan grits his teeth, what a pain in the ass. Sounding very displeased he spits out, “I told you I would call when I arrive in Bashu City.”

  “I’m sorry Brother but I..I  am afraid. CEO Naralov was very overbearing and..well.. scary.”

  “Don’t be dramatic.” Nikolai Naralov finally was able to break away from his family and head his own legitimate company. He wouldn’t do anything too rash.  What is she up to anyway?  “Go back to Catang City I will handle the situation.  

   Lin Qing’s voice trembles, “You…you don’t know how frightened I was when I was in that terrible man’s office.” She knows the way to get Morgan’s attention is to act weak and vulnerable. She sniffles, “He threw the contract in my face. If we don’t get Su Kai the movie will be ruined.” I already leaked the news he would star in the movie..who knew Night Sky would get a new CEO and upset my plan.

  He pulls out of the garage, “Why didn’t Heng attend the negotiations? ”  

   “Heng is busy at Lin Group and I have been dealing with Su Kai’s agent.”

  “Well, since I said I would take control of Lin Entertainment I will handle the situation. Go back.”

  “I can’t face Heng..he trusted me to resolve the situation. I will wait for you.” I don’t want to leave without seeing you… it has been too long. Hmm.. She has an idea as she looks at the luxurious bedroom. Hmm.. “I am staying at the Harborview Hotel Room 980. Meet me here. I have the contract.” I can take this opportunity to use the medicine I prepared for CEO Naralov on Morgan. 

   Morgan is uncomprimising, his voice tinged with annoyance, “No. Don’t make Heng worry about you. I revised our offer after your phone call earlier. You can toss the contract you have in the trash.  I am going directly to Night Sky Entertainment.Once I deal with Nikolai Naralov I will return to the city, I have a dinner appointment.” He abruptly ends the call. I need to replace Qing at the company, working with her will be uncomfortable. I will talk to Heng when I return home. I’m sure he doesn’t want us to be in close contact anyway because of the misunderstandings Qing caused at University.

  Lin Qing stomps her high heel on the floor,  Morgan, you can’t avoid me now that you are back! I am not going back…Heng will punish me for failing to get the contract signed before you returned. She calls her friend Lau An, “I’m leaving for the Resort now.” 

  “I thought you changed your mind.”

  “ Well, I changed it back. I should be there in an hour.”

  “ I am having lunch with Wong Stephanie she is at the Spa with her aunt. Call me when you get here.”

   When Morgan arrives at Night Sky Entertainment he is sent up to Nikolai Naralov’s office on the top floor. Nikolai Naralov looks up from his computer then laughs when Morgan enters his office. “When they said CEO Lin was here I didn’t expect you.”


  “Anton, get Morgan a drink. What do you want?”

 “I want you to sign this and stop bullshitting around.” He tosses the contract onto Nikolai’s desk. “I don’t have time to play games with you.”

 Nikolai leans back in his chair with his hands behind his head. “I told the haughty little slut you sent that I am not going to hand my artist over without receiving benefits.”

 “Have some respect, she is my sister-in-law.”

  Nikolai lights a cigar and takes a drink from Anton “Really? Does your brother know she wanted to put a green hat on him just for a fucking deal.”

  Morgan raises an eyebrow and doesn’t comment. 

 Nikolai gulps down his glass of vodka, “ I hate that type of conniving bitch the most. Always thinking a man will agree to anything just to get a taste of their pussy.”

  Morgan is aware Qing can be coquettish to get what she wants but she is his brother’s wife. “I don’t know what happened between the two of you but say one more word and don’t blame me for being impolite.”

 “Ha! Believe it or not. Bottom line is the woman disgusted me. I won’t sign.”

 “Read it. I think you will reconsider.”

 “I will read the contract if you tell me the little fool’s situation. She was kidnapped again under your nose?” He has a sarcastic tone, “No wonder you are no longer a bodyguard.”

  Black lines form on Morgan’s forehead, he snickers, “Coming from the man who let Feng LiMei get shot right in front of his face, that is a fucking joke.”

  Anton’s veins bulge on his neck. “Asshole!” He impulsively grabs Morgan for insulting Nikolai. Morgan quickly reacts forcefully kicking him in the chest, sending Anton slamming into the wall. Spitting out blood Anton rushes towards Morgan. Nikolai angrily shouts, “Anton!” He growls, “Insolent! Did I give an order? Leave us.”

  Anton glares at Morgan as he retracts his fist, cursing in Russian he walks to the office door.

  After Anton leaves Nikolai puffs on his Cuban cigar thinking about the situation. I wanted Su Kai to star in the big budget movie then use the hype to promote my company until the woman thought she could manipulate me. Nikolai points the cigar at Morgan while he heartily laughs, “I like you Morgan. You have balls. You came to negotiate yet have no qualms about provoking me.”

  “Well, I don’t like you. But, I think we are both able to see the big picture. You want to put your past behind you and I want to quickly secure my position. It is in both our interest to set aside our personal differences and have a mutually beneficial relationship.”

  “How is Feng LiMei?”

    Morgan shakes his head, “ Minor injuries, in hospital for observation.” He impatiently looks at his watch, I never should have agreed with mother about a blind date as soon as I got back. “Naralov, I don’t fucking have all goddam night, look at the contract.”

     Nikolai studies Morgan’s cold and indifferent expression. My informant said Morgan is in love with Feng LiMei, but from his attitude it doesn’t appear to be true. Good. He picks up the contract, after he reads it he is surprised. “You are willing to let two of my 18th tier actresses be   the other main concubines? I can choose without you interfering?”

   “Yes and I will have the screenwriter give the characters more lines. The arrangement for Su Kai starring in the film remain the same which is generous.” Everday Su Kai holds out I lose money what is putting in a couple 18th tier actresses. Qing is too short sighted. She should have comprimised in the first place instead of playing tricks.

   “I’m surprised.”

   “You aren’t stupid. If the actresses are incompetent or merely vases, it would reflect poorly on Night Sky. So, I assume you will choose wisely.” Morgan has a sarcastic smile on his face, “I’m sure there are many people who would like you to fail. If you cooperate with me I won’t be one of them.”

   Nikolai signs the contract then hands it to Morgan. He has a sly smile, “Happy Cooperation then.”

  “En. We are on a tight schedule after you select the actresses have their agents send them directly to the filming location. I expect Su Kai to be there tomorrow he has scenes to film with Fan Mi.”

  Morgan starts to leave and Nikolai stops him by the door, “I am curious. What made you decide to suddenly leave your job as a bodyguard for Feng LiMei.”

  “No reason.” He opens the door then turns around, “You should stay away from Feng LiMei in the future.” When he gets to the elevator he wonders why he said that. It isn’t like him to care about a client. He reaches in his pocket and takes out his phone to call his mother. When she answers he says what is the woman’s name again I am meeting?”

  “Morgan! You forgot her name!” She frowns, that boy!  His mother continues to trim the stalk of the rare peony in her hand. “Her name is Tang Diana. You met her at Heng and Qing’s wedding. She works at Lin Group, well.. I sent you her picture and some information. Didn’t you get the email? She is a lovely woman and a good match for you.” She knows her son’s indifferent personality, “Give her a chance, don’t be cold.” She puts the beautiful purple peony in a vase, “Bring her some flowers.”

  “I will check my email.”


    He hangs up as he reaches the lobby and as he is looking down at his email suddenly a petite girl runs into his chest. 

  She holds her nose, “OWWW!” She looks up at him with an aggrieved expression then suddenly smiles, Oh Shit! When did they sign this delicious looking male god! “Ah sorry Handsome! I should have looked where I was going! My name is Zhou Li..” Before she can say her name Morgan has stepped past her and in a few long strides reached the door. After he exits the cold air hits his hot face snapping him out of his daze, his heartbeat is erratic, that girl’s fragrance…why did it seem familiar…jasmine?

   Zhou LingLing watches Morgan’s broad back as he hurriedly exits the building. Wow..I like it!  So cold and aloof! I wonder who he is…must be a newcomer or I would have noticed him before. I will ask my brother. She stops at the reception desk, “Is my brother in his office?”

  Morgan walks down the sidewalk looking at the email, Tang Diana. She is beautiful, graduated with honors and speaks several languages. . But she works at Lin Group it could get complicated. I should cancel.


No Feelings

     After Rui leaves LiMei can hardly stand the excruciating pain, she staggers into the table as she tries to get to the bed to call for a nurse. Morgan hears the noise as LiMei falls to the floor and rushes into the room. He carefully picks up her trembling body from the floor and carries her to the bed. He is reaching for the button to alert the murse when she grabs his hand. “Wait …don’t call.”  The voices in my head are fighting over Morgan?!?

   She gazes at his ruggedly handsome face, he doesn’t have his usual facial paralysis. Morgan’s expression is gentle and he is looking at me with an affectionate gaze.The voices in her mind become clear as they argue about controlling her mind and LiMei tries to focus. The one voice keeps saying, I want Morgan. He is mine. Don’t try to stop me. Li Mei feels confused, Did something happen when I wasn’t in control? When he rescued me?

    Morgan knows she is having mental issues and is worried, LiMei’s delicate face is extremely pale and there are beads of sweat on her forehead. He hesitates to press the button wondering if she is now her alternate personality, LingLing. He is caught off guard when LiMei says, “ mind is very confused..but..well..I don’t know how to say this…did something happen between us?” 

     Surprised by her sudden question he hesitates then replies, “No.” but his tender expression says, ‘yes’. 

    LiMei’s headache worsens. ERASE HIS MEMORY!! HE WILL DESTROY RUI TO HAVE YOU! LiMei responds, I don’t know how to do that! Qin Daiyu’s voice says, I will do it if you accept I am you. You are Qin Daiyu, Feng LiMei is an identity the old man gave you. When LiMei doesn’t respond, the voice warns, DO IT! MORGAN IS OBSESSED WITH YOU!  LingLing wants to emerge but Qin Daiyu won’t let her, she becomes increasingly  weaker as LiMei focuses on Qin Daiyu’s familiar voice.I am Qin Daiyu? Listening to Qin Daiyu’s voice inside her mind while looking at Morgan’s concerned expression she wonders, Could the Iceberg like me? If so I should listen and do it for his well being. He is a good guy and I love Rui.

   LiMei makes a decision allowing Qin Daiyu to take over her mind. She smiles at Morgan, “Let’s forget I said that then..haha.. I don’t want to bother the nurse, could you hand me Rui’s medicine bag? There is some medicine for my headache there.” She knows Rui also has silver needles in his medicine bag .

    When Morgan brings the bag over LiMei asks, “Would you get me a glass of water?” As he walks over to the table LiMei quickly takes out a silver needle and hides it in her sleeve. When he hands her the water she points to the chair, “Sit with me until Rui comes back.” 

Disappointed that LiMei is treating him indifferently Morgan sits on the chair by the bed not sure what to say. He can feel his heart tighten into a knot, Feng LiMei has no memory of being LingLing and the intimate moments we shared. After she takes the headache medicine she suddenly exclaims, “Rui!” He immediately turns towards the door, LiMei swiftly inserts the needle in his Zhedu point.

Normally it wouldn’t have been so easy to distract him but he was thinking about LiMei not remembering kissing him and saying she wanted to be together while at the warehouse.

After being immobilized Morgan slumps back in the chair. LiMei twists the silver needle twice then removes it. Afraid Rui will return soon she hurriedly whispers in his ear, “You have no feelings whatsoever for Feng LiMei. She is only a woman you are paid to guard. You will wake up in thirty seconds remembering only that I asked you to sit with me until Rui returns.”  That’s to the point.

LiMei leans back on the pillow, I really can’t imagine the big iceberg being obsessed with any woman let alone me..hahaha..She isn’t sure if it is from the medicine or letting Qin Daiyu surface but she no longer has a headache.  

   Morgan opens his eyes, “Miss Feng, I should go back outside, Qiao Rui wants me to guard the door until he returns. If you need anything, call the nurse.” He recalls the Game Room incident. Qiao Rui definitely wouldn’t want me alone with you in the room with his possessive attitude.


  LiMei watches him leave then finishes the glass of water. She picks up the silver needle from under the quilt and stares at it, I have this skill? She takes the silver needle to the bathroom to clean and hears the familiar voice, because you are Qin Daiyu..not Feng LiMei… When she finishes she places it back in with the other needles in Rui’s medicine bag.  She feels dizzy as some memories flood her mind, she repeats because you are Qin Daiyu..not Feng LiMei…but I like being Feng LiMei…Rui loves me…he would despise Qin Daiyu.. GO AWAY! LET ME BE HAPPY! 

  Outside the room Morgan’s phone rings, “Yeah, I will come down and meet you.” He turns to Hak Byung-soo, “I am taking off for a week. Wu Pei is downstairs. I am going to bring him up then leave.

   Hak Byung-soo stops him, “What? What about the little chick?” 

  “ You know Wu Pei, he is overqualified as a bodyguard.”

  “ can just leave?  I mean… Shit… it is great if you came to your senses..That’s good you decided to give it up.”

  “Why not? It is not that much money.”


   “I am considering quitting anyway. I have been doing this job long enough, it might be time for a change.” He looks at his watch, “If Qiao Rui comes back tell him I went to get Wu Pei.”

   After Morgan walks down the hallway to the elevator Hak Byung-soo scratches his head, was it the shock that Qiao Rui wants to marry the little seductress? Is that why he is leaving? What happened to the crazy look in his eyes when Feng LiMei is mentioned. He looked so fucking calm when he left her room. Maybe she has some conscience and made it clear to him she isn’t interested and he accepted the fact. He was in her room for awhile.

   While Hak Byung-soo is trying to make sense of Morgan’s sudden change in attitude, Morgan is downstairs meeting Wu Pei.

   Wu Pei didn’t get any details on the phone so he asks. “Why did you call me?

  “Short notice. I knew you wouldn’t say no.”

  “Tell me about the job.”

  “You will be guarding Qiao Rui’s girlfriend Feng LiMei.”

   “Fuck Bro! You never said I would be guarding a woman. Why didn’t you just call a security agency? I don’t like dealing with arrogant little bitches!”

  “She is just a little girl. Besides being somewhat wilful and childish, her personality isn’t bad. Feng LiMei was kidnapped and the person behind her abduction hasn’t been found. That is why I need a qualified replacement or Qiao Rui definitely wouldn’t agree, he dotes on the little chick. You know Hak Byung-soo, you will be working with him. Let’s go up.”

  Wu Pei laughs, “Rene assigned Hak Byung-soo to guard a little girl? Haha..he must be going insane from boredom!”

  While they are in the elevator Wu Pei asks a few more questions about Qiao Rui. “He owns this hospital?”

  “Yeah, he is CEO of Qiao Corporation but also a doctor.”

   “What… so someone grabbed her for a ransom?”

   “It isn’t clear why she was kidnapped but when she was rescued there was a laboratory inside the warehouse. Anyway, she could be in more danger so don’t be lax.”

   Morgan doesn’t want to interrupt Rui’s meeting but is hesitant to leave without informing him. He decides to call. “Wu Pei arrived. I am taking him up to Miss Feng’s room then I am leaving. Should I introduce him to Miss Feng?”

   “ No one is to disturb Feng LiMei. I will be up shortly.”

   Morgan and Wu Pei reach LiMei’s floor, Wu Pei sees Hak Byung-soo leaning up against the wall. “Long time no see.”

  Hak Byung-soo flinches as Wu Pei pats his shoulder. He pushes him away, “Get your fucking hands off me.”

Wu Pei teases,  “Don’t worry, you aren’t my type..hahaha.”

   Morgan wants to get to the airport, “Qiao Rui said he would be up soon. Don’t let anyone enter Miss Feng’s room.”

   Curious about his sudden indifferent attitude towards LiMei, Hak Byung-soo has been waiting for Morgan to return. When Hak Byung-soo sees Wu Pei he comes to the conclusion Morgan got Wu Pei as his replacement because he won’t look at Feng LiMei. He nods his head and  laughs, “Morgan I almost thought you changed your mind. I see you have a plan.”

     ???? What the hell is he talking about?  “I’m leaving.”

    As he walks towards the elevator his phone is ringing.  He takes out his phone from his pocket, the caller is his sister-in-law. Morgan has black lines on his forehead as he answers, “Speak.”   

VIP Room

     They arrive in Pushong City, LiMei is sleeping so Rui carries her to a Silver Rolls Royce Phantom. He turns to the bodyguards, “Morgan, you and Hak Byung-soo follow us to the hospital, Cheng take the luggage to my villa. I informed my brother you would be coming. Be very careful with the Tianshu Dragon Sword.” I have to fulfill my agreement with Gunnar Hedwig, find the rare herbs I need  to cure his mother of the Gu poison.

   Rui tells his driver to go to his hospital. LiMei is lying on his lap, he smoothes her hair then touches between her eyebrows. She had another headache on the plane. LiMei denied it but Rui could see by her pale complexion and tense expression she was hiding from him. He wants to find out if the reason is physical or from mental stress and trauma. He called Dr. Woo to meet them at the hospital. Knowing LiMei has secrets that could endanger her life, he doesn’t trust any of the psychiatrists on staff.

   He called ahead and had a VIP room prepared for LiMei so they could go directly to the room. LiMei stirs in his arms and blinks a few times, feeling disoriented. The last thing she remembers is being on the plane resting in the cabin. She slowly opens her blurry eyes, “Rui… we are in Pushong?” 

  “Yes. We are on the way to the hospital”

   She rubs her eyes and looks up at him, “I don’t want to go to the hospital. I want to go to my apartment.”

   He has a determined look on his face, “No. I won’t feel comfortable until I give you a full examination.”

   LiMei pouts and puffs out her cheeks, “Rui! I said I am fine!” I want to relax in my own space. I need to figure out what is going on with me. I don’t want Rui to know that I am having weird flashbacks and disturbing strange voices in my head. He will think I am crazy!

  He caresses her cheek, “Baby, you aren’t fine. I know you didn’t want to tell me on the plane but you had another headache didn’t you? It will only be two days at the most to run the tests.”

   LiMei tries to think of something to change his mind “But..” Rui stops her, “Be a good girl.” He lifts her chin, “You don’t want me to worry do you?”

  “Okay, two days but no more.”

   He lightly kisses her pink lips and embraces her tighter in his arms, “Two days.” I also want a gynecologist to check and see if you are pregnant and if not why. 

   The driver pulls up to the VIP entrance in the back of the hospital so they can enter unnoticed. Rui picks LiMei up and she squirms in his arms, “Rui I can walk! Your staff might wonder who I am.”

  He doesn’t let her go, “You are my girlfriend.”

  “No Rui! It hasn’t been that long since the scandal with Wang Rebecca. I don’t want people staring at me and gossiping.”

   “Who would dare. This is my hospital…do you think they want to lose their jobs? This is a private entrance, no one will see us.”

  LiMei knows Rui does what he wants so she pulls up her jacket covering her face and buries her head in his chest. He kisses the top of her head, “Silly girl, I said no one will see us.”

   LiMei’s voice is muffled by the jacket , Not taking a chance.”

  Rui starts laughing, “You are going to be my wife. Are you still going to hide then too?

  She pops her head out from the jacket, looking up at him with wide eyes, “What did you say?”

  He kisses LiMei then his voice is domineering, “Baby, you heard me. I’m not waiting any longer, I want you to be my wife.”

     LiMei doesn’t answer as they enter the back door, putting her head back under the jacket she snuggles back into his embrace. LiMei’s heart skips a beat, I want to be with Rui always, but for some reason I feel I can’t.

    Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are a short distance away and can hear Rui. Morgan kicks  a metal trash can and it flies across the parking lot. I never thought he intended to marry Feng LiMei! I need to find a soon as possible! Hak Byung-soo watches the heavy trash can barely miss their black SUV, “I told you to give it up..If he is serious about marrying Feng LiMei you are shit out of luck. What woman would trade being Mrs.Billionaire Qiao Rui to be Mrs.Poor Bodyguard.”

   Morgan angrily grabs him by the collar then abruptly lets him go without saying anything. He takes long strides towards the hospital entrance followed by Hak Byung-soo who is shaking his head, Brother you don’t have a chance in hell.

  The four of them enter Rui’s private elevator. Once they are on the 10th floor of the hospital he carries her to the new Holistic Healing Wing. It is unoccupied waiting for the opening ceremony scheduled next month. “You are the only patient on this floor so you don’t need to worry. I had Bai Chiyu assign a few trusted nurses.So you feel at ease one is the woman you liked when you were a patient before, Nurse Ding.”

   She hugs his waist,“Really? You remembered? You are so very thoughtfu!” 

  He touches the tip of her nose with his finger, only to you..“Will you cooperate then?”

  LiMei smiles up at him acting coquettish as she holds onto his jacket , “Well, will you stay here with me?”

  He kisses her lips then teases LiMei, “This new wing is designed for families to visit. Each of the VIP rooms has an extra living area and bedroom.”

 ???? I meant to sleep with me. 

  Rui sees her pouting, she always scrunches up her little  nose and puffs out her cheeks, so he whispers in her ear, “The patient’s beds are also quite comfortable and roomy.”

  LiMei blushes, “I think you could stay in the extra bedroom.”

  They arrive at the VIP room. Rui tells Morgan and Hak Byung -soo to wait outside.”Don’t let anyone enter.”

He locks the door then carries LiMei to the bed.He leans his body down on top of her and has a mischievous gleam in his eyes, “Baby, do you really want me to sleep in the extra bedroom?”

   LiMei puts her arms around his neck, “Well…convince me to change my mind.”

   Rui laughs and kisses her half parted lips inserting his tongue into her mouth he kisses her until they are breathless, “I will do my best.” He takes off her jacket and unbuttons the first two buttons of her blouse exposing her lace bra as LiMei unbuckles his belt. She is unzipping his pants when there is a knock at the door. LIMei pushes him away and he grimaces, “Ignore it.” He continues to unbutton her blouse and LiMei protests,”Stop. Maybe it is a nurse or a doctor.”

   He kisses LiMei then gets off the bed, “I’m going to get rid of whoever it is.” He zips up his pants and buckles his belt walking to the door. LiMei quickly buttons up her blue silk blouse.

   He unlocks the door, his voice reflects his annoyance, “I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

   Dr. Woo and Xinghi are standing there, they have been anxiously waiting for LiMei to arrive from Paris. Xinghi gives Rui an icy look, I want to see my little Daiyu now. Rui motions for them to move away from his bodyguards. “She has memory loss and she won’t recognize you. She has no idea she is Subject 456 or what that means.”

  “I want to see for myself.”

   Rui knows he can’t argue with Xinghi, “Fine. Then we need to go to my office and talk.”

   Rui opens the door and LiMei is sitting on the couch, “LiMei, you remember Dr. Woo don’t you? We visited the TCM clinic he runs.”

   LiMei smiles brightly, “Of course I remember then we went to that awesome Thai restaurant.” She stares blankly at Xinghi, and the three men can clearly see she doesn’t recognize him. Xinghi says, “I am Dr. Huang, a neurologist. I will be examining you tomorrow.”

   She stands up and politely bows, “Oh, well nice to meet you.”

   Rui tells LiMei, “I need to discuss a few things with them in my office. It won’t be too long. If you need anything, press the button by the bed.”

   The three men leave and LiMei sits back down on the couch, Dr. Huang? Why does he seem familiar? He looks so distinguished… I’m sure I would remember such a handsome older man. His aura is very strong. LiMei’s head starts pounding as both LingLing and Qin Daiyu battle inside of her mind. LingLing knows those two men are bad news for her existence. Qin Daiyu is excited to see them. She wants to come back and leave Pushong City with the Golden Dragon.  LiMei’s subconscious is actively suppressing Qin Daiyu so she can be Feng LiMei and forget her unhappy past. Qin Daiyu is considerably  weaker than LingLing who is a new entity that LiMei’s psyche barely recognizes.

  LiMei can hardly stand the excruciating pain and she staggers into the table as she tries to get to the bed to call for a nurse. Morgan hears the noise as LiMei falls to the floor and rushes into the room. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, Morgan is about to push the button for the nurse when she grabs his hand.

Jealous of Morgan

This chapter is for 18 +

    LiMei is mentally exhausted from the inner turmoil going on in her mind and doesn’t wake up while Rui tenderly bathes her in the warm medicinal bath. When he finishes he wraps her delicate body in a towel. Grabbing the ointment from the bathroom counter he hugs her to the bed. After he applies the ointment to the red love bites scattered on her snow white skin he gazes at her beautiful face. Baby, I am bewitched by your beauty when we make love, I can’t resist marking your sweet body. You are mine.. You can only be mine in this life… He gently kisses her red and swollen lips, then gets the hair dryer from the bathroom. After he dries her long black hair he puts a sheer pink nightgown on LiMei.

   Downstairs Morgan comes out of the bathroom after a long cold shower drying the water dripping down his muscular body with a white towel. He has calmed down considerably but still can’t completely get LiMei out of his head. He has always been a very decisive person and realizes to achieve his goal he needs a plan. Morgan looks at his watch on the nightstand we are leaving at six o’clock for Pushong City what should I do? He dries his ink black hair while considering how he should proceed.

Qiao Rui said Feng LiMei would be admitted to the hospital for tests, that controlling prick won’t allow anyone in her hospital room I’m sure. Maybe I should use that time to go to Catang City. I can check out the company and also consult with Wang Yi about her split personality. I want LingLing to surface but I don’t want Feng LiMei to suffer any serious complications.

   He puts on a black shirt. While zipping up his black pants he recalls the obscene sounds coming from LiMei in the backseat on the way to the villa. He begins to get hard… Dammit! He quickly shifts his focus formulating a plan to take LiMei away from Qiao Rui. Morgan sits on the edge of the bed and makes a call to a mercenary he has worked with in the past. Wu Pei only likes men, I don’t need to worry about him guarding Feng LiMei. Morgan thinks he would be the best person for the job. He is actually overqualified. Wu Pei has worked for Rene in the past so Hak Byung-soo should know him. There should be no reason for Qiao Rui to object. 

  Wu Pei is in a luxury hotel in Shanghai getting drunk and enjoying his first piece of fresh meat in a month. He mutters, “Fuck!” when he hears his phone on the nightstand ringing, interrupting his fun. It could be that bastard Malouf. He motions to the slim feminine naked man lying on the bed next to him to hand the phone to him. He sees the caller is Lin Morgan. What the hell does he want?

      “Lin Morgan.. It has been awhile.” He sits up and lights a cigar.  Wu Pei spreads his muscular legs and the young man coyly smiles showing his perfect white teeth then kneels on the floor. 

   Morgan puts on the low key but very expensive watch. “I heard you finished the job in Seoul and are back in Shanghai. Are you working now?”

     “ Why?” 

   “I’m going to recommend you to the man I am working for at the moment as a bodyguard. It will be for a week, the pay is good but I will compensate you also. I know you don’t usually take simple bodyguard jobs.” 

   “I don’t know man, I am heading to Bali for a month with a friend.” He puts his large palm on the blonde man’s head who is between his thighs. “I got plenty of money, I need to chill.”

  “Do I need to remind you about Zambia?”

  When Morgan says this Wu Pei’s rough looking face instantly pales. He pushes the young man away and growls, “Get out.”

   Shocked by Wu Pei’s sudden terrifying aura the male prostitute hurriedly grabs his clothes and leaves the luxury suite. Naked standing in the hallway he quickly pulls on his pants cursing Wu Pei. He wipes his mouth, fucking asshole!  After he puts on his pink ruffled shirt and shoes he heads for the elevator while dialing the woman who sent him to service Wu Pei.

  Wu Pei looks down at his little brother that is now soft. True if fucking Morgan didn’t save my ass I wouldn’t have Little Pei. He shivers thinking about being tortured by that sick motherf*****r he  met in a bar in Lusaka. Who knew the pretty delicate Young Master was such a perverted sadist. The little shit was angry at his family for forcing him to work in their Zambian office and vented his anger on unsuspecting men he picked up at gay bars. He drugged them and had his bodyguards take the men to his ‘special’ room at his mansion outside the city. Although Wu Pei was able to exact his revenge then kill the disgusting pervert he still has flashbacks. The humiliating torture I endured was worse than anything I experienced on my many missions. “Give me the details.”

   Morgan explains the situation then says, “ I will call you back shortly.”

   Upstairs in the Master bedroom after his shower Rui lays on the bed behind LiMei. Resting his head on his elbow he watches her lush black eyelashes fluttering while she sleeps, so cute! He touches the tip of her small nose then he has a faint smile gazing at her pouty pink lips. He gently kisses LiMei , unable to resist temptation he pulls her petite body closer then tightly wraps his strong arms around her thin waist. Uneasy because of his jealous thoughts about LiMei being attracted to Morgan he whispers in LiMei’s ear, “Baby, you can only have me in your eyes…only me.” He kisses her tender earlobe, his voice trembles slightly thinking about losing LiMei, “ I love you so much..” I wish I could keep you hidden away so no other man could look at you.

   Rui is mesmerized by her delicate oval face. You are perfect.. He takes her small soft hand in his and plays with her slender fingers. He touches his mother’s ring on her finger. You need to marry me LiMei. He twirls a strand of her hair and puts it under his nose. Inhaling the refreshing scent of jasmine that only belongs to his beloved woman a burst of heat quickly runs through his body. Rui’s heartbeat quickens wanting to make love to LiMei. When LiMei instinctively snuggles into his arms like a small kitten his body reacts as she rubs against his lower abdomen while getting comfortable.

Rui hurriedly takes off the towel around his waist tossing it onto the floor by the bed. His hardness presses against LiMei’s bottom that is only covered by the thin pink nightgown. His hand reaches up from around her waist caressing her soft breast under the nightgown. Toying with her erect bud with his fingers stimulates LiMei, she moans in her sleep and Rui lips curl up into a satisfied smile. My little girl is so sensitive.

He lifts up her long black hair and kisses the back of her swan like neck then sucks on her earlobe. Rui knows LiMei always gets aroused when he nibbles on her ear. She quivers from his touch and he lifts her nightgown revealing her round snow white cheeks. He rubs and squeezes her tofu like skin and his breathing becomes unstable. He inserts his finger between her flower petals finding her tight entrance, haha so wet already.. He slowly enters LiMei with his throbbing erection, gently moving inside of LiMei as her walls tighten around him. He groans in pleasure as her nectar drips down his pillar onto her slender thighs as he hits her sensitive spot. Damm..I want to fuck her tight little p*ssy so hard and deep but I don’t want LiMei to wake up.

He restrains the urge to plunge into her depths continuing to thrust in and out slowly while his thumb rubs across her swollen nub. LiMei awakens from the strong waves of intense heat suddenly running through her body. When Rui sees she is awake he changes position and eagerly lifts up her round ass . Holding onto her slim hips he begins to pound into her tight little flower hole. LiMei’s seductive soft voice sounds breathless and excites Rui as she moans in pleasure ,”Ahh..too deep..too big..Ahhh.”

   Listening to her soft cries pleading for mercy brings out Rui’s inner demon. He wants to make LiMei addicted to the ecstasy he can give her while having sex.“Too deep? ..Baby your hungry little hole is sucking in my c*ck. ” He controls his movements, teasing her with shallow thrusts, “Well then..if you don’t want.. I will..”

   LiMei’s face is crimson red from the intense pleasure, she makes obscene noises as her small hands clutch the sheets, “Ruiiii! Ummm.. Don’t stop…so itchy…pleeease… want it…WANT..Ahhh.”

   Rui has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes, “Say my name again..”

He slaps her bottom leaving a large red handprint punishing her because he saw LiMei looking at Morgan..

   LiMei is experiencing both extremes.. pleasure and pain, “RUIII! RUII! AHHH…HURTS!”

“I should stop then…” He pulls out his thick shaft then teases LiMei only rubbing the tip of his hard pillar on her entrance.

“NO! NO! DON’T STOP..I.. I.. PLEEEASE…” She wiggles her bottom, PUT… BACK IN..HURRY!

   He listens to LiMei begging him and slaps her tender skin again as he thrusts deeper, his voice sounds low and sexy, “Hmmm..Give it to my naughty little baby then..” His thick throbbing erection fills LiMei up and she whimpers. Her kittenish moans always drive Rui to the heights of ecstasy. His heart is racing as he leans down putting his large hands on her tender breasts molding and squeezing. Touching her breasts while thrusting deeply inside LiMei sends an indescribable rush of fiery heat surging through his body. So fucking tight..

Suddenly the thought of LiMei with another man drives him crazy. I saw a flash of infatuation in her beautiful green eyes while looking at Morgan in the car. He stares at her with a scorching gaze while fiercely ramming into her tight tunnel, sweat dripping down his chest. Fueled by jealousy he finds the right angle to give her the most pleasure then increases his tempo making LiMei violently tremble as she claws at the black silk sheets. “AHHH! Ummm…”

Imagining LiMei being unfaithful, another man tasting this sweet little body that belongs to him…LiMei smiling at anyone other than him with her luscious pink mouth and sparkling green eyes.Rui momentarily becomes unhinged letting his mind be darkened by possessiveness and his desire to monopolize LiMei.

Panting heavily Rui’s voice is low, barely audible, he sounds possessive and insanely jealous as he runs his finger down her smooth back then uses his large hand to squeeze her ass , “Baby, your perfect little body is mine..your tight little pussy is mine…all of you is only mine..” If you look at another man I will lock you up like a canary and kill the man.

Before he sinks into madness he reassures himself watching LiMei’s body shudder uncontrollably as her flower cave swallows his entire length, only I know how to please you Baby.. where your seductive body is the most sensitive. Rui increases pressure while pinching her erect bud as he ruthlessly moves inside of LiMei. Honey is pouring out onto the crumpled silk sheets as LiMei climaxes again. LiMei’s mind is muddled from the intensity of his thrusts, she feels dizzy. “RUIII…SOOO BIG..TOO BIG…MMMM..”

  LiMei’s lewd sounds and breathless voice excites Rui he growls, “Baby..NNGH..URGGH..” Rui’s throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse, “Can’t stop..Baby, your greedy little hole won’t let me stop..” He is like a savage beast devouring his prey as he torments her body with his huge pillar hitting her cervix.

    When she reaches the peak of desire she screams out, “RUIIII! RUIII!” LiMei’s body is flushed red and she is soaring into the clouds as Rui expertly manipulates her body.

Rui’s dark eyes are blazing with a red tinge consumed with paranoid possessiveness, “Tell me you love me LiMei..” as he pounds into the same spot over and over leaving LiMei muddleheaded.

LiMei’s body quivers uncontrollably and she feels dizzy from the overwhelmingly intense sensation. “AHHHH!!!! RUIIIII!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!! ONLY YOU!!! UMMMMM…”

   Satisfied, Rui’s heart is beating wildly as he plunges deep into her slick tunnel again. LiMei’s sensitive body has been stimulated to the extreme from Rui’s insatiable lust and she blacks out with her head in the pillow.. He growls like a wild beast as he releases his essence deep inside of LiMei, “NNNGHH…Baby… so fucking good..” Rui grabs her wet mound then licks her sweet honey from each of his fingers “This delicious pussy is only for me…”

Rui turns LiMei over onto her back, holding her tightly to him while gently wiping the sweat from her forehead. He brushes her tangled damp hair off her cheeks and chuckles as he wipes the drool from the corner of her mouth. “Baby, you are so beautiful…” He embraces LiMei, pressing her spent body against him not leaving a gap between their bare bodies. “I will never let you go.”

Morgan pulls on his black boots and walks out of his room to speak to Rui. He passes Hak Byung-soo in the hallway but doesn’t say anything. He walks up the stairs to the Master bedroom and knocks on the door. Rui has just finished showering and is wrapped in a towel walking to the closet. When he hears someone knocking on the door he frowns, he doesn’t want LiMei to wake up. Opening the door he sees Morgan, he furrows his eyebrows and steps outside leaving the door ajar, “What is so urgent it couldn’t wait until we are leaving?”

  Morgan apologizes, “Sorry, I need to speak with you immediately. I have something I need to do in Catang City that can’t be delayed. It will take a week, I found a replacement his name is Wu Pei, he can meet you in Pushong City. He is extremely skilled and reliable. Rene is familiar with his work so you can verify his qualifications with him.”

  Rui thinks that will be good. It will give LiMei time to forget Morgan’s heroics while saving her from the kidnappers. “If Rene vouches for the man I am fine with you taking a leave.”

 “I will confirm with Wu Pei. Should I have him meet you at your hospital? I will wait until he arrives before I leave.”

 “ Yes.  I am taking Feng LiMei directly to the hospital. Anything else?”

   “No.” Because Rui hasn’t closed the bedroom door completely Morgan can see LiMei wearing a thin pink nightgown sprawled on the messy bed as he speaks with Rui. Her long black hair is tangled spread across the pillow and her face is flushed. Even with a quick glance I can see the red marks on her jadelike skin. He acts as though he doesn’t see anything not showing any emotion on his face but inside his emotions are in turmoil.

   Rui goes back inside of the room. He impulsively left the door open to test Morgan. He wanted to see if he had any reaction upon seeing LiMei’s appearance. He is relieved that Morgan remained his usual emotionless self. If he showed any interest I would have to deal with him. LiMei is my woman.

   Morgan goes back to his room and angrily hits the wall with his fist. Fuck! That arrogant bastard purposely left the door slightly open. He wanted me to witness the aftermath of him fucking Feng LiMei. I need to endure and find a way to eliminate Qiao Rui from Feng LiMei’s life. It will be good to distance myself until I can get a plan in place, otherwise I’m not sure what I might do. 



Drive To Villa

This chapter is for 18+

    After LiMei and Rui check on Song Sara they leave the hospital. Rui considers Morgan’s advice to return to Pushong City immediately but he needs to pick up several items from the villa. He decides he can cancel the meeting scheduled with Biotech. I should give LiMei a thorough check up at my hospital, she is pale and although she says she no longer has a headache I am concerned.

  He calls the airport to have his plane ready in three hours as they drive to his villa. “Hak Byung-soo, you are coming to Pushong City to guard Feng LiMei with Cheng. I spoke to Rene. He doesn’t need you until he leaves for Thailand.”

  When Hak Byung-soo hears this he curses under his breath.Motherf****r! I don’t want to go to Pushong City but I have no choice but to follow Rene’s orders.  Morgan is driving, the car swerves when Rui assigns Hak Byung-soo to guard LiMei instead of him. “Sorry, there was a branch in the road.”

  Hak Byung-soo looks at Morgan, bullshit…there was nothing in the road. I can see by the expression on your iceberg face you are angry that you are not on Feng LiMei’s security detail. 

  LiMei is half asleep in the back seat lying in Rui’s arms. Because LiMei is vulnerable in her present semi conscious state LingLing takes advantage and tries to take over. She is furious, stupid man! You can’t take my Morgan away! How will I see him! LiMei flutters her dense black eyelashes. She doesn’t know why but she doesn’t want Morgan replaced. She sleepily gazes up at Rui, “Rui..I want Morgan as a bodyguard, I feel safe when he is guarding me and well…I don’t think Hak Byung-soo likes me.”

   Hak Byung-soo clenches his jaw and suppresses the urge to reach back and strangle LiMei. Little bitch! What the hell! Why did you say that to the Boss!

  Rui has a faint smile, I know, that is why I am assigning him to guard you. Rui’s jealousy flared up when LiMei was praising Morgan after the rescue. I think after Morgan rescued you that you might… well.. I know Morgan wouldn’t develop feelings for you with his cold and alienated personality but… I made my decision. “LiMei, Hak Byung-soo is an excellent bodyguard. I need Morgan. I have my reasons.”

    Hak Byung-soo breathes a sigh of relief, I thought CEO Qiao would be angry..seems like he doesn’t care that the little nuisance doesn’t like me.  

    LingLing’s commanding voice is inside of LiMei’s head urging, “CONVINCE HIM!”

   LiMei suddenly stares at Morgan driving, “I am going back to work at Chen Group when we get back. You said that I can’t take the bus to work and I don’t think Hak Byung-soo is familiar with Pushong City…ummm..or even has a driver’s license.”

  Hak Byung-soo’s lips twitch, I have a fucking driver’s license and how hard is it to navigate a small city like Pushong! The little slut just wants Morgan around to tease! The poor guy he is a newbie to love and defenseless to her charm! I need to step up for him.He calmy replies, “Miss Feng, I have a driver’s license and there is GPS in the car.”

  Morgan’s slight smile thinking LiMei wants him to guard her disappears listening to Hak Byung-soo’s response. What the fuck! Shut up!  Morgan lifts his palm up on the steering wheel, angrily sending a wave of his internal energy directly to the passenger seat. The temperature drops to freezing in the front seat and Hak Byung-soo feels suffocated. 

    Hak Byung-soo coughs,  Brother, I know you are pissed off but I’m doing this for you! You don’t need to guard this little seductress! She is destroying you! You are Lin fucking Morgan ! A badass…a fucking souless killing machine!

   Now Rui is convinced LiMei is developing an attachment to Morgan. Morgan is too good of a bodyguard to dismiss but he needs to put a distance between them. Rui leans down and kisses LiMei, “Be a good girl.” He gently touches her cheek, “You can’t go back to work right away. I need to give you a full examination at the hospital to find out the cause of your headaches.”

  “I only had a slight headache, the doctor said I am fine. I don’t want to lose my job.” Although Chen Jianyu can be sooo annoying I Iike Nuying and the work is easy. “I am looking forward to going to Shingu Island again.”

   “ Baby, it can’t be considered a slight headache, you fainted. When we were in the cabin you also had a headache and fainted. I will only feel at ease if I run some tests.” Shingu Island? I don’t think so! He recalls the last time they were on the Island and Leng Shuai. Luckily he heard Leng Shuai was forced to return to Chinese Intelligence for the time being. “Jianyu will understand your health comes first.”

     LiMei snuggles into his warm embrace smelling his distinct masculine scent. As she listens to Rui’s calming voice and he tenderly kisses her she feels safe so LingLing begins to fade. Ohhhh…the little girl is getting stronger as the stupid man coaxes her with his pampering tone.. Morgan looks upset …don’t worry I will be back!

    Rui tells Morgan to put up the partition between the seats for privacy, “Baby, I need to be assured there is nothing wrong with you.” He lifts her chin and lovingly gazes into her beautiful green eyes, “I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight.” He possessively wraps his arms tighter around her petite body. “I was too careless…if anything happened to you I..”

   LiMei stops him, “Rui, it wasn’t your fault. Who would have thought someone would kidnap Song Sara and me from the backstage of such a big event. Do you have any idea why someone would kidnap us?”

   LiMei must still not remember she is Subject 456. Now is not the time to say anything. I will have Dr. Woo examine LiMei also, it might be time to restore her memories. “No. I will investigate after we return to China.”

   LiMei leans on his chest listening to his heartbeat, “Rui..”

   He plays with a strand of her loose black hair while looking at her biting her lower lip and furrowing her eyebrows, she is so fucking cute! “Hmm?”

   “Don’t be mad at me.. I lost the beautiful Pink Lotus Necklace and bracelet you gave me. I know it must have been very expensive. I am so sorry.”

  “Is that why you look so worried? Haha..the necklace and bracelet are in your purse that you left on the couch.You took them off probably before you modeled the Midnight Lover’s necklace. Even if you did lose the jewelry I wouldn’t care..there is nothing in the world that is precious to me except you LiMei.”

   He gently kisses her forehead then her lush eyelashes, her soft cheeks finally her soft pink lips. Rui licks then nibbles on her sensitive earlobe and his warm breath makes LiMei quiver. He smiles at her adorable reaction as his breath tickles her neck. “Baby, I love you…”

   “Rui…you are so good to me.” 

   He has a devilish grin while teasing LiMei, “Baby, I want to be good to you right now..” He puts his hand under her thin dress caressing her thigh and he kisses her deeply . His low voice sounds seductive as he whispers in her ear, “Can I?”

  She can feel his hardness under her bottom and she is getting turned on from his kisses. LiMei blushes and giggles, “Can.”

Morgan is going crazy thinking about LiMei and Rui having sex in the back seat. He notices Hak Byung-soo has his headphones in with his eyes closed leaning back in the seat. Shit! He reaches over swiftly hitting Hak Byung-soo’s acupoint putting him to sleep.  Morgan impulsively puts the privacy partition down slightly leaving a small gap to listen. He can only see LiMei’s seductive flushed face.

   Rui kisses LiMei’s neck leaving a trail of red marks as he pulls down the small white shorts she is wearing under the dress. He leans LiMei back onto the seat and spreads her thin legs kissing her thigh until his hot lips reach her flower hole. LiMei moans loudly as her honey flows out, Rui greedily laps up the sweet nectar while thrusting his tongue in and out. Rui’s face is buried between her legs, he savors her sweetness as she arches her hips towards him. “Ahhh…Ruiiii!!” LiMei’s throaty moans echo in Morgan’s ears as Rui brings her to climax.

Rui’s messy soft hair falls on her skin as he runs his tongue across her small entrance. He lifts his head and licks his lips, “LiMei Baby.. you taste so sweet.” He straddles her body and LiMei unbuckles his belt then pulls down his zipper. She touches his erection sending a hot rush of blood making it enlarge and begin to throb. He growls, “Uhhh..Baby..Use your mouth.”

    Morgan wants to put the partition back up but he can’t.  Imagining LiMei’s delicate snow white body writhing in the throes of ecstasy he gets hard. I’m a fucking sick pervert but I don’t give a shit. He unzips his pants exposing his huge swollen pillar. Putting his hand on his erection he moves it up and down while listening to her sweet voice moaning and begging for mercy.  I want to fuck Feng LiMei so goddam bad!

    He holds tightly to the steering wheel with his other hand to keep the car steady on the dark road. His mind is filled with lewd images as LiMei sounds coquettish pleading with Rui to stop. He puts up the partition then moves his hand faster, his breathing becoming heavier as he is about to explode. “NNNGHH..AHHH.. FUCK! “ After he releases he quickly opens the console grabbing out a towel to wipe himself off and the messy area in front of him. He tosses the dirty towel out the window. Reaching in his pocket for his pack of cigarettes he remembers he smoked his last one in the parking lot of the warehouse. Dammit!

  When they arrive at the villa Morgan presses Hak Byung-soo’s accupoint waking him up. He rubs his eyes,“We are here already?”  

   Morgan gets out of the driver’s seat and walks around the car to open the back door. Rui carries LiMei who is asleep in his arms into the house followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. He takes her up the stairs to the Master bedroom. After he lays her on the bed he goes into the bathroom and fills the bathtub with warm water. He sprinkles in some medicinal herbs and flower petals then goes into the bedroom to get LiMei.

   Morgan goes into his room and turns on the shower. He slams his hand on the wall while thinking about listening to LiMei and Rui. Morgan you shameless motherf****r! How could you do the perverted shit you have done lately?

Morgan takes off his clothes tossing them into the trash. He steps into the shower and winces as the water sprays onto his injury.

Morgan touches the scar on his abdomen that LiMei ran her finger down. Feng LiMei is so beautiful and sweet. He thinks about her making herbal medicine especially for him. He smiles and has a gentle expression, she even brought me fruit because it was bitter. FUCK! I can’t stop thinking about the little girl. I want to kill that fucking bastard Qiao Rui with my bare hands.

Morgan places his hands on the shower wall with his head hanging letting the ice cold water run down his muscular body. He can’t calm down the beast raging inside of him. I don’t care if it is fucked up! I want her alternate personality to come out and fuck her beautiful body until she screams my name.. I want to fuck her in the the bed..anywhere! If I don’t possess Feng LiMei soon I will lose my fucking mind! Morgan looks at his body’s reaction while thinking about LiMei. How can I make ‘LingLing’ appear again?

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