Game Room

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 LiMei walks in from the garden followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. She sighs, “I wonder when Rui will be back?”  She enters the kitchen and opens the refrigerator and takes out a bottle of water.  When she sees the groceries she decides she will make Rui dinner after she changes. “Hey Morgan.”

  Morgan has been avoiding making eye contact with LiMei, “Yes, Miss Feng?”

  “Is there a market around here?”

  Morgan frowns remembering LiMei escaping from him in Cambodia, “Miss Feng, the CEO said you can’t go anywhere.”

  “I want to make his favorite dish and I need prawns.”

 “I’m sure the Boss would like anything you prepare.”

   LiMie bites a piece of celery then points it at Morgan.“Well, you go.”

  “I can’t. I need to guard you.”

   LiMei scrunches up her nose, “You go then Hak Byung-soo.”

  “I also need to stay.”

  Noelle overhears them talking and confidently struts into the kitchen. I am cooking for Qiao Rui! “I have decided on tonight’s menu. The chicken is marinating.”

  LiMei didn’t like Noelle’s flirtatious behavior towards Rui before he left for Paris. “You can make dinner for these guys . I’m making Rui’s dinner. You can have the night off.”

   Noelle maintains a professional appearance but she has a slight sneer on her pretty face as she replies, “Only the CEO can dismiss me Miss Feng.”

  LiMei bites down on the piece of celery, “ Then Rui will give you the night off when he gets home.” She angrily grabs a beer from the refrigerator and tries to twist the top, “Ouch.” The beer falls from her hand and Morgan quickly grabs the bottle before it hits the ground.

  “…”  He sets the beer bottle on the counter and takes a bottle opener out of the drawer. “I wouldn’t open that one.” 

  LiMei is in a bad mood because Noelle is at the counter starting dinner. She ignores his advice and opens the bottle, the beer foams as LiMei quickly drinks it. The foamy beer dribbles down her chin onto her snow white chest. When she licks the beer from her glistening lips  Morgan’s Adam’s apple rolls and he quickly turns away Goddam little enchantress! 

    LiMei’s catlike green eyes narrow while glaring at Noelle. She puffs out her cheeks then tells Morgan as she stomps out of the kitchen,“I’m going to change then go to the game room. You guys can meet me there.”

    Dejected LiMei slowly goes up the stairs to the bedroom drinking the beer on the way. That woman!.. I want to make dinner for Rui!  She takes off her dress stained with beer and goes into the bathroom to take a bath. While she is lying in the bubble bath she splashes the water around and plays with the bubbles. I wonder when Rui will be back? LiMei washes her hair and leans back in the warm bath closing her eyes.

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are standing outside the bedroom door. Rui told them not to be far from LiMei at all times. Hak Byung-soo leans against the wall. He mutters, “This job is fucking boring. What are we..goddamn babysitters? Who would want to fuck with that silly girl?”

   “ Word of advice. Don’t let the CEO hear you say anything about Feng LiMei.”

  “I was supposed to guard a visiting sheik but René pulled me off for this job. It is a fucking waste of my skills. I don’t guard celebrities or socialite bitches.” Hak Byung-soo is still pissed off LiMei blamed him after he hit Rui in the training room as if he sucker punched him or something.

  “Did René tell you why you are guarding Feng LiMei?”

 “No. He never divulges the why of an assignment. What is so special about this chick?”

   Everything..the way she smiles and her little cute laugh.. The way in the kitchen when she was angry… she puffed out her cheeks and pursed her pink lips..her big green eyes..

 “Morgan, I asked you a question.”

 He snaps, “Just do the job.”

  In the bathroom LiMei opens her eyes then stretches her arms and laughs. I almost fell asleep… this bath feels so good. The medicinal herbs that Rui told me to use really make my body relaxed and all the soreness is gone. She gets out of the bath and wraps a towel around her petite body then dries her long black hair. I want to look extra pretty for when Rui gets home. Looking through the clothes hanging in the closet she picks an apricot colored chiffon dress with cap sleeves by Chloe Designs. When she opens the drawer and sees the selection of sexy underwear, she laughs, Rui.. haha.. She chooses a nude colored lace bra and matching thong.  Once she is dressed she applies lip gloss and a light coat of delicate makeup. LiMei pulls half her  long black hair up into a small bun with her white jade hairpin leaving the rest of her waist length hair hanging down. She turns around in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom.

Satisfied with her makeup and the beautiful dress LiMei puts on her slippers and grabs her phone then walks out of the bedroom. She smiles at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo, “To the game room! Haha..”

   Both Morgan and Hak Byung-soo stare at LiMei’s alluring transformation. Morgan can feel his heart pounding and Hak Byung-so gulps down his saliva.

  When they enter the game room LiMei’s eyes light up, she exclaims, WOW! THIS IS AWESOME!” as expected of Delun this set up is great! There are several gaming systems, computers, two giant screen televisions, some arcade games, pool table, a bar.. The leather sectional looks really comfortable with thos big pillows and plushies.

   LiMei walks to the small refrigerator by the bar, she frowns when she opens it..ahh empty.

   “Morgan or Hak Byung-soo do you mind getting some beers for the fridge? I would go but I don’t want to see that stinky woman Noelle.”

   Morgan: “..”

  Hak Byung-soo: “…”

  Morgan volunteers, “I’ll go.”


   LiMei plops down on the couch and hugs a plushie, I should call Delun. She calls his number when he answers she says, “Delun, it’s Feng LiMei.” 

   “Hey. How is Milan?”

   “Didn’t Rui call you? He had business in Paris so we are at his chateaux.”

   “You are at his chateaux?”

  “Yeah. I am sitting in the amazing game room right now. So cool! What are you doing?”

   “ I’m driving to meet Sheng Siyue for dinner. I’m going back to school in Paris on Monday. Did Rui say how long you will be there?”

  “Oh..I was going to see if you wanted to play ‘Dark Kingdom 2’. You can call Rui. I have no idea. He is at a meeting right now though.”

   Morgan comes into the room with an armful of beer and puts it in the small fridge. LiMei gets up and lazily walks over to get a beer. Morgan opens it for her and she takes the beer from his hand. “Thanks.”

   When she steps away he can still feel the warmth of her fingers on his hand. He shivers, Goddammit I need to get my mind off of Feng LiMei! Why can’t I stop thinking about the little temptress! When I have a day off I am going to get laid! Why didn’t the Boss take me with him into Paris!

  Delun says, “Who is that?”

  “Morgan.” I want to say the Big Iceberg but he did open the beer for me. She looks at the finger she hurt earlier. “Delun when you get back from dinner if you want to play ’Dark Kingdom 2’. Text me. “


   After she hangs up she rubs her stomach, snacks would be good with this beer. She looks over at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo reluctant to ask them to go to the kitchen. 

    Morgan has been watching LiMei and can see LiMei is hungry but doesn’t want to go to the kitchen. He volunteers, “Miss Feng if you are hungry I can go to the kitchen.”

    LiMei excitedly jumps off the couch, “Really? You don’t mind?”

   His lips curl up in a faint smile, “Don’t mind.”

  “Awesome. Thanks!”

   After Morgan leaves Hak Byung-soo has a disgusted expression while staring at LiMei. He mutters under his breath. “Spoiled…”

  LiMei hears him and her face turns red in embarrassent. “Morgan..Morgan said he would go get the snacks. I didn’t force him.”

   Hak Byung-soo ignores LiMei and strides to the floor to ceiling window looking outside at the dark sky.

  LiMei finishes her beer and opens another one. When Morgan comes back holding a tray of snacks LiMei rushes over and takes it from him. She looks at Morgan fluttering her curled black eyelashes and her voice sounds sweet, “I’m sorry I asked you to get me snacks. Here you guys should relax and have a beer.”

  “…” Morgan gazes down at LiMei, she looks so cute.. “No problem. We can’t drink on duty.”

  “Oh… Well… have a snack.”

  “Not hungry.”

    LiMei sets the tray down and pulls his arm.“You must be tired. Sit down I will massage your head and shoulders.”

    Morgan’s tips of his ears turn red and his heartbeat accelerates as he takes her small hand off his muscular arm. “Miss Feng, why don’t you play a game. I have something important to discuss with Hak Byung-soo.” He breaks out in a cold sweat as he hurries over to where Hak Byung-so is standing. WHAT THE HELL!  A FUCKING MASSAGE! THE BOSS WOULD FUCKING KILL ME!

  LiMei glances over at the two men, hmm..well I will make it up to Morgan. I just didn’t want to look at that smelly woman. I’m afraid I would lose my temper. LiMei drinks the cold beer and picks up a bag of chips. She pops a chip in her mouth then puts on headphones to listen to music while she plays a game. She finishes the beer then starts singing as she plays, “ He said, Baby, I don’t want to fall in love..what if it isn’t reciprocated?…   I want you..I want you..”

  The two men look over at Feng LiMei who sounds drunk.

  Bored playing the game by herself she puts down the controller then saunters over to the two men by the window.  LiMei’s cheeks are flushed pink and her green eyes are glistening from drinking. “Do you want to play with me?” 



     Rui picks up the half empty bottle of wine and fills Gunnar Hedwig’s empty wine glass.  “Nothing to say? Well, that was retribution for frightening Feng LiMei.” He moves the laptop back. “The next video is to ensure you won’t be bothering my woman ever again.” Rui picks up the menu, “Did you want to eat first?”

   Gunnar Hedwig sneers as he looks at the menu, “Doctor, I have to hand it to you, you got my attention but I can easily recoup my losses. Every top official in the government has to ask my permission before they take a piss. So you found one rogue general and a rebel group to destroy my underground lab. Minimal damage.  Dr. Samman..who gives a fuck about his formula. There is always some lunatic developing the next big designer drug thinking it will earn him a fortune.” I will placate the Old Bitch and that hot head Malouf about the loss of the aphrodisiac. Troublesome but not difficult.

  Rui chuckles then counters with, “Didn’t I tell you that was only a little retribution for targeting my woman.” He finishes his glass of wine. “I only had two days to prepare my surprise. Imagine if I dedicated my resources to destroying everything you built over the last ten years. But, I could give a shit about what you and Chronus do as long as it doesn’t touch my reverse scale. My only concern is Feng LiMei’s safety.”

  “Do you think you are in a position to negotiate with me? Do you think I’m worried about whatever else you have up your sleeve? You should order and enjoy their signature dishes because you won’t be leaving this restaurant alive. Then I will find your little woman and drain every ounce of blood from her snow white body. I saw a video of Feng LiMei or should I say Qin Daiyu, she is quite beautiful…like a winsome fairy.  She looks incredibly soft and delicate with an ethereal beauty..It is hard to believe the little fairy girl is a member of the Black Sky.”

  Rui’s face darkens but he maintains his composure, “One more word..and no one will save your dear mother. I will say for a middle aged woman who is deathly ill she still retains her beauty well.” He turns the laptop towards Gunnar Hedwig, the screen displays Rui putting something in Hana Hedwig’s infusion bag.

   Gunnar Hedwig quickly stands then lunges at Rui with a dagger that was hidden in his sleeve. “YOU FUCKING BASTARD! WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THE IV?”

   Rui swiftly stands up anticipating his move and agilely turns away dodging the dagger. The two men struggle knocking over a chair. Rui forcefully hits Gunnar’s hand, the dagger rattles as it hits the marble floor. Rui changes direction from behind grabbing him around the neck. He would kill him right now but he knows he is the only one that can stop Chronus and any other organization from going after LiMei. The two men’s bodyguards rush in when they hear the noise inside the private room. Rui  tightens his grip on Gunnar Hedwig’s neck. His pitch black eyes display a strong killing intent,“Tell them to leave or you die now.”

  Gunnar Hedwig struggles gasping for breath, his blue eyes bulge as he weakly commands them, “Go.”

   The two men don’t move and he gathers his strength to repeat, “GO!”

  Rui tells Morgan and Cheng, “You two leave too.”

  After they leave Rui shoves Gunnar Hedwig down on the couch. “You are not as invincible as you seem to think. Now let’s continue our discussion.”

  Gunnar Hedwig rubs his throat while coughing. How did this bastard get behind me? “Wh..wh..what did you do to my mother?” He knows Rui won’t kill her because he obviously wants to use her as a bargaining chip. Motherf****r I did underestimate the prick!

  Rui bends down to pick up the dagger on the floor then twirls it in his hand. Rui’s lips curl up in a malicious smile as he taunts him.“ A ruthless bastard like you…  a ‘Mama’s boy.’.. Quite funny..”

 Worried about his mother Gunnar Hedwig clenches his fist at his side, “What did you do to my mother?” I will burn that fucking hospital down and kill that fat fuck Broussard for letting Qiao Rui get to my mother!

 “You may find this hard to believe but I want to save your mother in exchange for you forgetting Feng LiMei is Subject 456.”

  “So you poisoned my mother now you are negotiating for the antidote?”

  “Actually no. Your insidious father poisoned your mother. I put a rare medicinal herbal medicine in the IV to alleviate the symptoms from the cold yin in her body.”

  Rui throws the dagger and it sticks in the wall. “Call your mother and ask how she is feeling if you don’t believe me.”

  “You expect me to believe this bullshit! She is being treated for stomach cancer. Poisoned by my father? Impossible!That bastard is cold in his grave .”

   Observing Rui he has an ominous feeling. Gunnar takes his phone out of his pocket then dials his mother’s hospital room. When she answers he softens his tone, “Mother, how are you feeling?”

   “Gunnar darling, much better. A lovely Chinese doctor gave me an infusion and I feel better than I have in a long time. He suggested I wait before scheduling any further chemotherapy, I was going to call you to discuss.”

   “Mother, I need to go to a meeting. I will visit you this evening. We can discuss your treatment.”

   “Your voice sounds hoarse,  have you been overworking at the Company? Darling boy, let Ning help you, she is the Vice President. Mother worries about you. Last time you came to visit you looked too thin .Don’t work too hard and make sure you have dinner.”

   “I will Mother.”

    Rui walks over and hands Gunnar a glass of water. “Satisfied?”

   Gunnar Hedwig gulps down the water. “ You might have just given my mother a pain medication to fool me. I want answers. If I am satisfied I will agree to your terms.”

  “First of all if she continues with the chemotherapy she will die a horrible death. The radiation will cause the Gu worm to mutate and become more virilant.”

  “What the fuck is a goddam Gu worm.. what do you mean mutate?”

  “You might not believe what I am going to tell you but it is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you. I only want to protect Feng LiMei and it is in my best interest to cure your mother. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help her if it didn’t benefit me. Your despicable father poisoned your mother using a Gu worm to keep her close to him. This is an ancient method from the South of China. The Gu worm lives in the abdomen. It consumes the victim from the inside out with internal burning without the antidote being administered on a regular basis. 

   For example would your mother suffer from prolonged fevers, loss of appetite and vomiting if she left your father for a period of time?”

   Gunnar Hedwig’s face darkens and he has black lines on his forehead. He hated his domineering and powerful father for many reasons but never thought he would use such merciless means to keep his mother close. She tried to escape from him many times but always came back to his side. He never knew why she would always return to the hell called home.

  “Now that your father is dead your mother will also soon die.”

 Gunnar Hedwig’s face pales, “Qiao Rui you have to save my mother. I will make sure no one knows Feng LiMei is Subject 456. We can go to the hospital now and you can cure my mother.”

 “Hedwig, it isn’t that simple. I know a way to exorcise the Gu worm from your mother but I need to go to the Washu Mountains in China to retrieve the necessary rare herb. In the meantime I can keep the Gu worm under control using a similar antidote your father fed your mother.

  You can move your mother out of the hospital to her home. I will give a month’s worth of antidote. It needs to be administered every ten days. I will return to Paris at the end of the month.”

 “Fuck! Now I see! Bastard, you think if you go back to China you will be out of my reach so you concocted this absurd story.”

  “Ask Ning’s mother, Fu Wan if it is true. She gave him the Gu worm to feed your mother.”

  “Fu Wan was his mistress why the fuck would that whore make sure my mother was tied to my father! Ridiculous!”

  Rui looks at his watch, “Ask Fu Wan that question. When you make your decision you know where to find me.” He picks up the laptop from the table and leaves.

  Gunnar Hedwig watches Rui leave. Deep in thought he leans back on the luxurious leather couch staring at the priceless black diamond ring on his finger.

Plan Part 3

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   Rui follows the Manager to the stairs leading to the private rooms upstairs. He and his bodyguards attract the eyes of several women sitting at the tables they pass. A pretty Eurasian woman looks up from the menu when her friend exclaims, “Wow. What a handsome man.” She stares at Rui’s flawless face and the way his gray designer suit accentuates his broad chest and long legs as he strides across the crowded restaurant.  “I wonder if he is a model in one of the fashion shows this week.” Watching the two tall muscular bodyguards dressed in black following him she shakes her head. “No..:he must be a Young Master.” The woman turns around to see a strange look on her friend’s face, “Ning, do you know him?”

  “No. Stop staring. Look at the menu, I have a fitting at three o’clock.”

  When Rui arrives at the private room he laughs, does Hedwig think I am stupid? He noticed several men scattered at different tables that obviously were from Chronus. Although they were dressed in designer suits and accompanied by women their aura and tense body language gave them way. He has a faint smile, along with the way they were furtively watching me as I walked through the restaurant.

  He sits on the couch lazily crossing his long legs as the Manager sets two menus on the dining table. “The server will be up shortly, would you like to order a bottle of wine or something else?”

  Rui sees the sweat beads on the man’s forehead, and his hands were slightly trembling when he put the menus down. “No. I will wait for CEO Hedwig.”

  “Very well.” The Manager hurries out the door. When he leaves the room he takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes the sweat from his forehead. He is actually quite happy Rui refused the wine. Mon Dieu! I don’t want to be an accomplice to murder!  Why would that elegantly dressed young woman want him dead? A cheating lover perhaps?

  Rui leans back on the couch thinking about LiMei. He takes out his phone and looks at the pictures from the video call at the chateau’s gardens. Touching the photo of LiMei’s petite figure standing at the koi pond his pitch black eyes soften gazing at the beautiful scene. LiMei’s delicate features and snow white skin make her look like a porcelain doll. Rui lightly traces over her small face with his slender finger, across her clear and sparkling green eyes down her small nose then lingering on her pink and seductive lips.  He hears movement outside the room and puts his phone away. The tender look on his face disappears swiftly replaced with a terrifyingly cold expression.

  He told Cheng and Morgan to stay outside the room and he hears them arguing and refusing to allow Hedwig’s bodyguards to enter. Rui walks to the door and opens it, he smiles, “CEO Hedwig can feel free to bring his bodyguards inside, I have no objection.”

 Cheng is in the face of one of Hedwig’s bodyguards when he protests,  “But Boss.”

Rui calmly responds, “You have your orders.” He motions for Hedwig and his bodyguards to enter.

 Gunnar Hedwig speaks English with a heavy German accent, “You aren’t afraid I will have you killed right now.”

 “If you wanted to kill me it would have been easy enough when I was standing outside the restaurant and you were parked across the street. Or any one of your men downstairs could have killed me. I hear the chef’s Boeuf Bourguignon is excellent.” He sits at the table placing his laptop down. “But.. you might not have an appetite after we talk.”

  The server comes in and brings a bottle of Chateau Ausone 2006 Gunnar Hedwig ordered. The server opens the wine and after pouring two glasses he asks, “Would you like to order?”

  Gunnar Hedwig waves his hand, “We will wait.”

  Rui swirls the wine in the crystal goblet then takes a sip and nods in appreciation, “Good choice.”

   Gunnar Hedwig raises his eyebrow; I don’t detect a hint of fear or apprehension coming from this man. What is he up to? He is aware Rui spent time in the Underworld but his capacity was as a doctor working for the Serpentine Syndicate. Since he left that life he owns a hospital and recently took over as head of the Qiao Corporation. Why does he exude a dangerous aura and his momentum is no less than mine.  He sits across the table from Rui as his bodyguards check the room for hidden cameras or any hidden weapons.

  Rui watches the two bodyguards then sarcastically tells Gunnar, “Are you sure you want them to remain? I am not armed and there are no cameras. I don’t think you want them to hear the details of what I am going to tell you.” He sneers, “It might change their perception of you as the omnipotent leader of the Chronus Consortium. Also, most men don’t want their family’s dirty laundry to become public knowledge. But you do seem to have extremely thick skin.”

  Gunnar Hedwig shrugs his shoulders as he replies, “If they hear what shouldn’t be heard well…they know what to do.”

  “Very well.” Rui looks at his watch then types on the keyboard. He looks over at Gunnar, “I sent you a video. Don’t rush to kill me because this is only the beginning. I have two more and I am saving the best for last.”

  Gunnar looks at the video on his phone suddenly the veins bulge on his neck and his face turns bright red. Furious he tightens his grip on the phone, “How! How!” He continues to watch as the numbers keep rolling down the screen. “You are dead Qiao!” He stands up and his bodyguards move towards Rui who remains expressionless, “ Touch me and you won’t get to see the other much more infuriating videos.”

  Gunnar looks at the screen as over a billion dollars is siphoned out of his personal account. He quickly composes himself. This money is only a dent in my personal wealth. When I obtain Subject 456 I can recoup the money as soon as my scientists are able to replicate the regeneration process. “I give it to you Qiao, I didn’t expect you to be so resourceful. I will have to reprimand my accountants for their lack of vigilance.” I will have each one of them fucking killed!

 “Well relieving you of that inconsequential amount of money and the next item on the agenda are only to get your attention.” Rui smirks, “I am saving the best for last.” He drinks his wine and pours another glass. Before he sends Hedwig the next video he looks at his watch, the livestream should begin in two minutes. “This video needs a little introduction. An hour ago you called your Manager Kalib Housner at Zartech Pharmaceuticals and informed him you acquired information the government plans on doing a surprise inspection of the facility. A whistle blower gave them evidence you use child labor and illegal undocumented workers. They also were sent pictures of an underground lab where experiments are performed on young women. This underground operation also is used for the manufacturing of illegal designer drugs such as aphrodisiacs. You told him to immediately send the workers home on both levels. The women in the lab were to be taken to your private clinic and treated.”

 “…” Gunnar Hedwig’s mouth twitches while clutching the edge of the table and his knuckles are white. The two bodyguards are sweating knowing they aren’t going to live much longer being privy to this conversation.  He wants to kill Rui but silently listens, restraining the urge to lunge across the table.

 Rui has a malicious smile, “Are you sure you don’t want to send your bodyguards out. Losing manpower is never a good thing. As a doctor I value human life.”

  Gunnar Hedwig glares at Rui, his blue eyes are red with rage. Regaining his rationality he looks at the two men standing motionless by his side.They are his most trusted guards. He grits his teeth and bellows, “VERLASSEN!”

  After they close the door Rui continues, “Now look at the video.”

  Gunnar Hedwig’s heart starts racing thinking Chronus’ illegal operation under Zaratech Pharmaceuticals was exposed. The matter of the child labor and illegals can be handled by bribing officials.  But the underground facility..there could be severe repercussions. He looks at the livestream expecting to see government vehicles surrounding the facility.

  He narrows his eyes glaring at Rui, “I don’t see government trucks… this a fucking joke?”

  “Oh, I lied to your Manager, there was no ‘whistle blower.. the government wasn’t informed..haha..I just wanted your employees evacuated, Haha..but..” He looks at his laptop, “Look now.”

   He turns his laptop in Gunnar’s direction. “Better quality picture.” There is the loud sound of several explosions and black smoke rises from the building.“The multimillion dollar underground lab and the designer drugs are destroyed. The women were taken to a private clinic to be treated but not yours. They will be giving statements and the evidence will be compiled should you decide to rebuild.

Although Dr. Samman fled..well he didn’t get far. There will be some damage to the upper level but since you are one of the few suppliers of the new Antimalarial medications I refrained from having the entire facility brought down. The supply of the Antimalarial medications you had stored was transported to a warehouse to be given to NPO’s to distribute for free.

  Any questions?”

  Gunnar Hedwig feels as though he can’t breathe. The designer aphrodisiac was already purchased and set to be delivered to Morocco. Not just the money but dealing with Madame Olga and her hothead son.. then there is that bastard Amir Malouf ..will be a huge pain in the ass. Without Dr. one else knows the goddamn formula. He gulps down his wine; he has never been played by anyone. How did I underestimate this motherf****g prick! Well it’s only money I will make this arrogant bastard’s bitch suffer a fate worse than death when I get a hold of the little lab rat. I will torture her..drain every ounce of blood out the little slut while I make him watch. 

 Rui picks up the half empty bottle of wine and fills Gunnar’s empty wineglass. “Nothing to say? Well, that was retribution for frightening Feng LiMei.” He moves the laptop back. “The next video is to ensure you won’t be bothering my woman ever again.” Rui picks up the menu, “Did you want to eat first?”

Plan part 2

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   Director Broussard takes a bite of the creme brulee, he moans in pleasure, perfect. He grimaces when his phone rings. Listening to what Robert says he takes a sip of his imported Black Ivory coffee, arrogant bastard! He throws his linen napkin on the hand carved mahogany table begrudgingly replying,“ I will be right down.” He picks up a folder from the desk with the prepared documents. Dammit! If that old man didn’t make me run this fucking hospital I would be in St. Tropez right now with my friends! Now I need to kiss some Chinese bastard’s ass!

  Rui stands at the nurses’ desk with Robert Pierpont who is nervously looking towards the elevator. What is taking the lazy prick so long, I can’t take the suffocating aura of this domineering man. Knowing that fat fuck he is still licking the crumbs off his plate.

   Director Broussard comes out of the elevator slowly walking towards the men, “Dr. Kang. Let’s go to my office where we can comfortably discuss our cooperation.”

   Rui looks at his watch, “I have been here for thirty eight minutes you have seven minutes.”

   Hmmph.. He maintains his fawning smile and opens the folder on the counter. Just sign it asshole.

   Rui flips through the pages, “Now that I have observed the facility I think there needs to be some revisions before I sign. You need to fire your private chef and convert the private dining room into a family room for patient’s visitors. I hate second generation heirs like you that are lazy and overindulgent to themselves. Your annual salary will be cut by 30% but you will be awarded bonuses if the quarterly report shows you increased revenue. Of course this is while keeping the level of care at an optimal level.  Fifty per cent of the investment capital needs to be allocated to the Oncology Department, it is the most profitable department. Lastly, I want 500 shares of Broussard Corporation in addition to the agreed upon return on my investment. After your father reviews the new provisions, if he agrees, have Arthur personally contact my Shanghai office.”

   Rui slaps the folder into Director Broussard’s soft chest then looks at his watch. He motions to René and Cheng then they walk away leaving Director Broussard standing there speechless.

 He clenches his fist crumpling the folder and his face turns crimson red watching Rui enter the elevator. Slamming his hand on the counter, his blood is boiling. He screams, “BASTARD!” while throwing the folder onto the floor. Papers scatter around his brown leather shoes and he stomps on the pages, Who the hell does he think he is! A pay cut? No fucking way! Insulting me by his last sentence, as though I am not in charge of this hospital. I AM THE DIRECTOR!

  The nurse sitting behind the desk hides behind a chart hoping he doesn’t direct his anger at her. While he is kicking the papers she sneaks away. Why did the Chairman make this nut the Director? His sister Marjorie was doing a very good job until she was replaced by him.

   René opens the back door of the Rolls Royce Phantom and Rui has a smug smile as he enters the car. I planned on signing the agreement but it was too fun fucking with that fat little shit. It is a good investment, we will see if Arthur Broussard is desperate enough to agree to the new terms.

  Rui opens his laptop to make a call. Kuang Bo is in his study lying on a leather couch. He is listening to music while looking at some fashion designs sent to him by a friend when his phone rings.

  “Is it done?”

  Kuang Bo turns down the rock music, “Done.”

  “I will contact you later.”

  Kuang Bo was stunned when Rui contacted him. He called on a secured private line that was only known by Scorpion and a couple other trusted associates. Rui proceeded to tell him he wants his help to counter attack Gunnar Hedwig to protect LiMei. Qiao Rui is aware of her past as Qin Daiyu and at present she has no memory of her life with Black Sky. Kuang Bo didn’t have any leads when LiMei went missing so he was willing to help Rui after listening to his plan.

  Kuang Bo sits up, “ I’m curious.How did you know I am the head of the Crimson Jade Syndicate and that I am an expert  hacker?”

 “Not that difficult.”


 “You and Gunnar Hedwig are overconfident because you are narcissistic. You forget you leave traces of your existence when dealing with insignificant situations and unremarkable people.”

Rui hangs up and rubs his temple. Yes, I learned a lot about the criminal mind when I was in the Underworld for five years. During that hellish time I remained quiet, watching and listening while stitching up gangsters. Not to mention when a man thinks he is dying he likes to confess his sins. Then there are the men you save and they feel they are indebted to  you. It is strange their convoluted sense of right and wrong..what is moral..what is honor. I never thought when I left that dirty world I would be drawn back into it. But for you LiMei ..I will do whatever it takes to ensure you are safe and can always be with me.

  Kuang Bo deep in thought puts down his phone. Picking up a glass of whiskey from the table next to the couch he cocks his eyebrow as he mutters I underestimated the good doctor. Maybe he can protect Daiyu.”

  Rui puts down the privacy window, “How much further is the restaurant?”

  Cheng replies after looking at the GPS, “A half hour I would say.” Centre Hospital is located on the outskirts of the city and Étienne’s is in the heart of Paris.

 “ Rene, hand me a bottle of mineral water.”

Rui drinks the water. I wonder what LiMei is doing? He makes a video call.

LiMei is feeding the fish in the koi pond. When she hears her phone ring she drops the fish food onto the ground. “RUI!”

 “I miss you. I wanted to see your beautiful face before my meeting.”

  LiMei has a mischievous gleam in her sparkling green eyes, “Hurry home and you can see more than my face.”

 “Naughty girl!”

 LiMei blushes from her impulsive statement to change the subject, “I was feeding the fish and one big blue and reddish koi kept pushing the other fish away..what a little fatty.” She turns the phone to the pond, “See That one. I call him Gordo! Haha.”

  Rui recognizes that particular koi because it is extremely rare. “Delun bought that one last year.” LiMei looks so beautiful with the koi pond and the flowers as a backdrop. 

  Rui has black lines on his forehead when he sees Morgan and Hak Byung-soo on her left side as she turns the phone. He sounds angry, “Baby, I thought I told you to change. It is too windy and cold out today.”

   Wisps of her shiny black hair are caught by the breeze and her cheeks are rosy, giving her a very alluring look.The green dress she is wearing is too short and as the wind blows it flutters up exposing her creamy white thighs. LiMei looks like a fragile fairy..Damn! Why didn’t I wait until she changed before I left. Disobedient girl!

  LiMei looks guilty, I was too lazy to go upstairs and change. “Okay. I will.”

 “Good girl. Go.”

 “Well I want to take a couple pictures first.”

 He tries to control his jealous temper, “LiMei Baby if you catch a cold we won’t be able to go into Paris.”

 “Okay I will go into the house now.” 

 ‘ Have Noelle make you a cup of herbal and ginger tea.”

 “I will.” I don’t want to have anything to do with that woman! I will make it myself.

 “Baby I need to hang up now. I love you.”

   LiMei smiles showing her two dimples and her eyes bend in a crescent shape when she hears his low and sexy voice saying he loves her. She blows him a kiss, “Rui, hurry home. Don’t stop anywhere, come right back…okay?”

  “I will. Bye Baby.” After he hangs up he looks at the screenshots from the call. He brushes his finger across the screen. You are so sweet and beautiful. He smiles at the picture where she is blowing the kiss.

When they stop in the front of Étienne’s. René opens the door and Rui steps out of the car. He doesn’t show any fear as he looks across the street at a black Bentley with tinted windows. He stands on the sidewalk and lingers for a moment smiling then enters Étienne’s

The man in the backseat of the Bentley smokes a Havana cigar as he watches Rui confidently stride into to the restaurant. He has a deep laugh, ” The good doctor has some balls..I will give him that.” He crushes the cigar in the ashtray as he asks the muscular man in the front seat. “Are the men in place?”

“Yes Boss.”

“He chose a good restaurant for his last meal.Three Michelin stars..”

Initiate Plan

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 LiMei clings onto Rui, “Rui, can you take me with you into Paris? Not to your meeting..haha..but drop me off so I can do a little sightseeing?”

   Rui brushes a few loose strands of hair behind her ear then kisses her forehead. “Baby, you need to rest. As soon as my work is done in a couple days we can go anywhere you want.” He hugs LiMei tighter then licks and sucks on her neck sending a shiver through her body

   LiMei notices Noelle holding two glasses of juice standing next to Rui. Could you stop staring at Rui like that! Put the juice down and go back to the kitchen! LiMei possessively wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and kisses his lips then pouts, “Please? After your meeting we could have dinner and walk around the city.”

  He smiles and takes her arms from around his neck and teases LiMei, “Be good. Baby, I wouldn’t feel at ease with you by yourself in the city.”

   She points at Morgan and Cheng who are walking past the dining room towards the living room.  “I wouldn’t be alone.  I could take Morgan and Cheng  with me.”

   Rui won’t relent, “Cheng is coming with me. Morgan will stay at the chateau. The third floor has a game room Delun set up, don’t you like to play video games? and an indoor pool. You can watch a movie or play video games. There is a koi pond and the gardens are beautiful.”

    LiMei can tell she won’t be able to change his mind. She scrunches up her nose, “Well..then.” She stares at the two men’s backs as they enter the kitchen. “You take Morgan and leave Cheng here with me.” Morgan has facial paralysis and never talks, I will be bored to death! Cheng at least  is funny and we could play video games. “Cheng and I can play video games and he is funny.”

   “…” Rui narrows his eyes, he has a surge of jealous rage flowing through him remembering LiMei laughing with Cheng at the hotel in Cambodia. He tightens his grip on the teacup almost crushing it in his hand then calmly responds, “I need Cheng to come with me. Morgan stays.”

  LiMei snuggles into Rui’s chest and twists a button on his shirt , “Okay. What time will you be back?”

  “By dinner.”

  Morgan  hears their conversation and he dejectedly leans on the wall holding his head. When he overheard LiMei request Cheng he was elated then he heard Rui’s response. There goes requesting a change. The Boss sounded firm. Fucking Shit! He will only get pissed if I say anything now. 

 Cheng takes out two pills from his pocket then hands them to Morgan. “ Here are some pain relievers, you really look like shit!”

  Rui and LiMei come into the living room holding hands. He lowers his head and kisses LiMei thinking about how beautiful she looks in the dark green dress. The color makes her skin look even more white and her green eyes look exceptionally bright and sparkling. Rui whispers in her ear “Baby,you look very beautiful. You should change your dress.Wear the black track suit, you will be more  comfortable.”

  ??? LiMei blushes and hugs Rui. “Will you call me after your meeting?”


  She walks with him to the door, “Rui..”


  LiMei sees Noelle watching Rui from the dining room so she stands on her tiptoes and kisses him, impulsively putting her small tongue in his mouth. He deepens the kiss and they tangle their tongues kissing until LiMei is dizzy. She looks up at Rui, her heart  pounding from the lingering kiss. LiMei’s soft voice is tinged with seductiveness as she breathlessly says, “Hurry home, ok?” Thinking about how handsome and sexy Rui is LiMei worries..Don’t look at any women..just come straight home to me.

   He hugs LiMei and lifts her chin affectionately gazing into her eyes “Be good.I will bring you a surprise.” Rui picks up his computer bag from a side table as René opens the front door.

   She starts to walk outside with Rui but he stops her at the door, “Stay inside.” He laughs at the way she is being clingy. “If you walk out with me, I won’t want to leave.” 

    LiMei flutters her eyelashes looking up at him with an aggrieved expression while holding onto his suit coat with her small hands.“I wish you didn’t have a meeting.”

     Rui bends down whispering in her ear, “Why? So I can make love to you all afternoon?”

   LiMei’s mouth drops open and her face turns bright red. “Rascal!” She pushes him towards the door.  “Go. Don’t forget my surprise.”

    Rui’s face lights up as he walks to the black Rolls Royce Phantom. He shakes his head looking back at LiMei standing in the doorway waving to him....My Baby is so damn cute! I want to fuck her so bad right now.

Cheng opens the back door for him. René starts the engine. Rui takes out his phone and calls Morgan. Since LiMei was clinging to him he didn’t want to talk in front of her. “Morgan. Do not let Feng LiMei out of your sight. If anything happens..well this time..I think you know the consequences.”

   “Yes Boss.”  Morgan gulps thinking of the punishment when Feng LiMei went missing in Cambodia.  He has seen Rui’s ruthlessness first hand and knows this time he won’t escape a horrible death. 

    Rui hangs up then puts on his sunglasses and opens his laptop. “Go to Centre Private Hospital.”

   When they arrive at the gate of the property a man in a booth asks for their identification then asks which patient they are visiting then asks for their identification. Rui rolls down the back window and says, “I have an appointment with Director Broussard.”

   The middle aged man hands Cheng back the Id’s and makes a phone call after he hangs up he opens the iron gate. While approaching the entrance Rui looks at a message on his computer screen. After he types a response he narrows his dark eyes. Very Good.

   René gets out of the front passenger seat and opens the door for Rui as three men hurry out the entrance of the small hospital to greet Rui. The bald man in the lead wipes his sweaty palm on his jacket and reaches out to shake Rui’s hand. The man has a greedy gleam in his eyes as his full lips curl into a smile.“Doctor Kang, I am the CFO, Robert Pierpont. Director Broussard is delighted you could come today. ”  Actually, the old fart was so pissed his eyes were bulging in his head and he spit out his fois gras when he heard you were personally coming. He thought you would just sign the check.

  Rui has a contemptuous look on his face ignoring the bald man’s fat hand. He walks to the entrance followed by René. Once inside the bald man says, “The Director is waiting for you in his private dining room. He had his private chef prepare a fabulous gourmet lunch.”

    Raising his eyebrow Rui looks down at the short bald man. “The hospital is in the midst of a financial crisis and the Director indulges himself with a private chef?”

   Robert has no idea how to respond. “The Director is a diabetic and needs to have a special menu.”

     Robert Pierpont and the two men the Director sent down to meet Rui can feel his cold and oppressive aura. Waiting for the elevator Rui sneers “The hospital employs competent dieticians doesn’t it? A private chef seems excessive. I will want to personally visit some patients to check the quality of care they recieve.” 

   Cheng parked the car and hurried through the lobby to meet them at the elevator.The elevator door opens and a very plain looking nurse walks out into the lobby. She shyly smiles at the men and nods at René as she exits.

   Seeing the signal Rui says, “I am short on time. Have the Director meet me in the new Oncology Wing. As a doctor,  I am considering investing in Centre Hospital because I was impressed with your prospectus my investment firm received. According to what I read, your success rate treating cancer patients well exceeds the norm. I want to see for myself.”

  “Certainly.” The man next to Robert Pierpont pushes the button for the 10th floor. 

  “ Tell him to bring the paperwork.”

  Rui wanders down the hallway while Robert Pierpont is on the phone with Director Broussard.  The two men watch him but no one dares stop him. He casually opens the door to a room and enters while Cheng and Renée stand outside the door.

   The hospital bed is raised and a thin middle aged woman is covered with a blue blanket. She is wearing stylish designer reading glasses, flipping the pages of Paris Vogue.The blonde haired woman looks as though she was once very beautiful, but her face is ashen and her blue eyes are sunken from being ill.  Rui walks over and checks the infusion bag next to her bed. She looks up from the magazine and coughs watching Rui. She smiles at him then coughs some more, her thin chest heaving in and out. “When did Philippe hire such a handsome doctor?”

  Rui smiles and replies, “When did he get such a beautiful patient ? ”

Hana Hedwig is used to being flattered but since she became ill she knows how dreadful she looks. Her stylist applies her makeup and does her hair every day but when she looks in the mirror she is devasted. She was once a famous Swedish supermodel but retired when she got married. She laughs, “Handsome, I will need to have Phillipe increase your salary. I feel better looking at you.”

He takes her thin wrist and feels her pulse then has a complicated expression, his information was correct. It is hard to believe someone would be so cruel to their own wife.  Looking at her chart he says, “You started chemotherapy last week?”

  “Yes Handsome.” She touches her wavy blonde hair that is stylishly clipped to the side. ” I fear soon I will lose all my beautiful hair.”

  “Well, I will see if I can prevent that from happening.” Rui thinks the hospital unable to detect she was poisoned misdiagnosed her with stomach cancer.  The door opens and Robert Pierpont frantically rushes into the room. Dammit! of all the rooms this asshole could have entered he came into Hana Hedwig’s room. He is beginning to sweat heavily, “Dr. Kang…M’am”. Flustered he looks over at Hana Hedwig who is reading a magazine. Good she doesn’t seem disturbed. There would be hell to pay if she was annoyed by the intrusion

  Rui  leisurely walks out the door of Hana’s hospital room as he looks at his watch, “Where is the Director? I have another appointment.”


Sleepless Night

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    Morgan tosses his cards on the table.”I fold.” Cheng pushes the pile of money over in front of him stacking up the bills. “Damn Morgan! You are on a losing streak!” He laughs as he finishes his beer, “Seriously Old Man, do you have something on your mind. You have been distracted all night.”

   René stands up while chugging the last of his beer, “I am going to check on Byung-soo, then turn in. Did the CEO say what time he wants to leave for Paris?”

   Cheng leans back in his chair as he replies, “Dunno. The Boss was supposed to brief us but..” He snickers, “Looks like he changed his mind when the little chick showed up.”

   René isn’t very talkative so he tosses his empty bottle into the trash and leaves.

   Morgan takes out a cigarette from his pack then lights it. Shit ! I only have two more.After he inhales and blows out a thin layer of smoke he pensively looks at his empty beer. “Any more?”

   “Nope. I got these beers from the small kitchen’s refrigerator, go get one from the main kitchen. Get me one more too then I am going to bed.” 

   Morgan thinks about what René said as he slowly walks down the hallway to the kitchen. Yeah, the Boss definitely forgot about the briefing. Who wouldn’t when a little seductress was stuck to your chest. Fuck! How am I going to switch with Cheng. No way do I want to guard the little poison. He begins to stagger as he approaches the main kitchen.

   Morgan absentmindedly walks into the main kitchen and as he walks past the island in the middle his foot steps on something soft. What the fuck! Morgan’s vision is blurred and he squints trying to focus. He gulps down his saliva when he sees the front of his black boots are caught in LiMei’s pink athletic pants stained with wine. The messy pants are crumpled on the floor next to a fluffy pink sweater turned inside out. There is an empty bottle of wine, scallions and mushrooms scattered on the polished marble floor next to the counter. He widens his dark brown eyes staring at the counter stained with wine and the two empty wine glasses. Slurring his words he stammers, “Mo..Motherf****ng shit!” The tip of his ears turn red and he regrets not sending Cheng for the beer.

Black lines form on Morgan’s forehead because he doesn’t want to touch LiMei’s clothes. He shakes his foot trying to get rid of  the stubborn pink pants covering half the black leather boots. After stumbling around the pants don’t budge. Goddammit ! The pink pant leg is caught on a small metal piece below the boot flap on his military style leather boots.. Morgan curses because he is forced to bend over and touch the pants she wore.

After drinking several beers along with a few shots of whisky his mind is foggy as he clumsily fiddles with the soft athletic pants. Morgan’s long fingers touch a silky wet piece of fabric inside the twisted pants in his hand. He drops the pants and his half opened eyes are riveted on the the tiny white silk thong left in his palm.

He rolls the silky white material through his fingers playing with it then impulsively lifts the tiny wet thong towards his nose.

Morgan hears a noise and suddenly comes to his senses throwing the white silk thong onto the floor as if it was a live grenade. Morgan trips over the empty wine bottle on the floor and it clatters into the island as he runs out of the kitchen. He breaks out into a cold sweat while furtively glancing around to make sure no one saw his lewd actions. Morgan’s heart is racing as he rushes down the hallway staring at his hand. I am a pervert! A fucking pervert!

  Cheng comes walking out of the common room meeting Morgan in the hallway on his way to the bathroom. When he sees Morgan is empty handed he bitches, “What took you do long ? Where’s the fuckin beer?”

  Morgan guiltily sticks his hand in his pocket as he stutters, “No beer..No..Out”

  Cheng is also drunk and scratches the stubble on his chin. He wanted one more beer before he turned in.  “Fuck man..I saw a twelve pack in there earlier. I’m going to see if there are any in the cupboard. I don’t mind if the beer is warm.”

   Thinking of the erotic scene in the kitchen Morgan pushes Cheng towards their rooms,  “We gotta get up fuckin early for the briefing. Go to fuckin bed.” 

  Cheng does feel dizzy now that he is standing up. “What the fuck ever.” He pushes Morgan, “I gotta piss first.”

  Morgan leans unsteadily on the wall and takes out his last cigarette to calm his frayed nerves. Consequences of actions..consequences of actions..if I didn’t listen at the goddam bedroom door I wouldn’t be fucking thinkin about the little Lolita…  I wouldn’t get drunk and I wouldn’t have.. He sees Cheng come out of the bathroom and walk down towards his room. Relieved Cheng won’t go to the kitchen now he wipes his sweaty forehead with his sleeve. Morgan doesn’t want to explain why he didn’t comment on the scene in the kitchen. Typically they would have a laugh together about that kinda shit. 

  When he gets to his room he takes off his black shirt revealing his broad wheat colored chest and eight pack. He tosses the sweaty shirt on a chair then he drops to the floor to do pushups to relieve the tension built up inside of him. After he finishes he takes off his pants and goes to the bathroom for shower. He looks down between his muscular legs at his Little Brother standing at attention. Fuck me! Poison! The little chick is fuckin poison!  He gets into the shower and turns the water on full blast.

  In the morning Rui is propped up on his elbow watching LiMei soundly sleeping curled up next to him in his bed. He carried LiMei up to his bedroom from the guest room after he indulged his desires half the night. They continued in his bed, Rui tormented her delicate body until she fell asleep exhausted.

After LiMei went to sleep he put a pillow under her propping her legs up so his seed wouldn’t leak out. He tenderly touches her stomach and smiles, soon LiMei soon..then you will never leave me.  Rui plays with the wisps of hair hanging on her forehead then kisses her face. While caressing her cheek he sighs. Baby. I can’t get enough of you.. You are so beautiful.. Today I will begin my plan to protect you. I don’t care how immoral my methods are if they keep you safe.  Rui hugs LiMei  for a while then takes her arm from around his waist trying not to wake her up. He has a devilish gleam in his eyes thinking the odds of becoming pregnant increase if a woman stays in bed after having sex. He quietly gets out of bed to shower.

   After he showers he selects a crisp white shirt and a dark gray suit from Henri Couture.Looking through his ties he picks a silk light gray striped tie. Once he is dressed he puts on a low key Cartier watch on his wrist that has been modified. It is equipped with poison tipped needles that will instantly render a person immobile. He picks up his laptop case and walks to the bed.

  Rui sits on the edge of the bed, he hesitates staring at LiMei’s peaceful expression while she sleeps. Rui doesn’t want to wake LiMei up because she must be exhausted after the amount of times he indulged himself during the night. His desire to bind LiMei to him and make her addicted to the pleasure he can give her was out of control. Rui is aware now that he is sober that in the heat of passion a couple positions might have been too much for LiMei’s delicate body to handle.

Rui studied the Kama Sutra with his female Master ten years ago when he lived in the mountains with Xixin Woo. She trained Rui in the ways to please a woman not just physically but spiritually.

He applies soothing ointment he personally made for LiMei on the red and purple marks covering her petite body. He tenderly touches the bruises on her narrow hips. Rui furrows his sword like eyebrows. Baby.. I’m sorry if I was so rough. He kisses her stomach then rubs the medicinal cream on her red and swollen nub with his slender finger. Afterwards Rui covers LiMei with the soft white comforter.

He lowers his head and kisses LiMei lightly on the lips then leaves the bedroom.

  Downstairs Morgan and Cheng are in the small kitchen eating breakfast talking to Rene and Hak Byung-soo. Morgan is silently drinking his black coffee and hasn’t touched his plate of food.

  Cheng notices Morgan’s lethargic appearance, “Old Man you look like shit! Ask the cook for some porridge if you can’t eat  Western food.” 

  The cook is one of the men René recruited. He used to be an assassin but now he is over fifty and retired because of health issues. His vision isn’t very good and he has a slight limp. This is a good paying job for him and he likes hanging out with René and his men.. René was one of the last men he trained and he gives him work when he has a job.  “Hey ya want some hangover soup? I got some here.” He was drunk last night too so he made some.

  Cheng answers for Morgan. “Sure. Thanks Fatty.”

  Fatty pours some soup and slowly walks over to the table, “This always works for me.”

  Morgan looks at the steaming bowl of soup. He didn’t sleep because every time he closed his eyes the events of yesterday played back in his head. He wonders if anyone went to the main kitchen yet and cleaned up the mess. Probably the main cook should have come to fix the Boss’ breakfast. He picks up the spoon and takes a mouthful, “Good.”

Cheng takes a big bite of ham then looks at his watch, “The Boss should be down soon. He said eight o’clock.”


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  LiMei looks like a small bunny as she runs into Rui’s arms. She puffs out her cheeks as she angrily glares at Hak Byung-soo then raises her voice, “CHENG! Why are you just standing there ! Hurry and get the medicine box!”

  The three men watching the dog blood scene in front of them are speechless. Rui has a small cut by his mouth and is otherwise unscathed. Hak Byung Bo’s right eye is swollen shut and his right arm is hanging limply by his side, possibly having suffered a dislocated shoulder from Rui’s brutal assault.

  Cheng leaves to get the medicine box as LiMei gently touches Rui’s cheek. She has a pampering tone and her voice is soft, “Honey, does it hurt?”

  Rui looks down at LiMei, her misty eyes are filled with undisguised love and concern. His heart starts racing as he hugs her to him breathing in her sweet fragrance. Although he was caught off guard Hak Byung-soo’s punch only grazed his jaw, he barely feels any pain. But gazing at LiMei’s aggrieved expression he replies, “Hurts.”

  She hugs him wrapping her thin arms around his waist. “Well, Cheng will be back soon. I will disinfect the cut and put on a bandage.”

   “…” Not only did the Boss ruthlessly beat the shit out of Byung-soo but he is a fucking doctor! 

  Rui looks over LiMei’s head motioning towards the door for the men to leave. Morgan is relieved, anxious to distance himself from them. LiMei’s baby voice soothing Rui in a soft pampering tone is making him recall eavesdropping at the bedroom door earlier. Fuck! She is like a tempting little Lolita! No wonder the Boss is fuckin bewitched. What man wouldn’t want a beautiful girl looking at him with those misty deep green eyes! He begins to sweat, I need to stay the fuck away from Feng LiMei! 

    Once they are outside the training room René looks at Hak Byung-soo’s pained expression. “Is your shoulder dislocated? I can snap it back for you or you can wait for Qiao Rui.”

  “No. His last kick hit my Fhendu acupoint and my arm is numb. It should be okay in a couple hours. Damn! Rene, I never expected the CEO to possess such powerful ability. I assumed he had some training but his skill is at the highest level.”

  René has no idea why Rui’s skills are that incredible. “Didn’t he say he studied under a Master in the mountains? I think since he is a member of an elite family with the constant threat of kidnapping and assasination he trained in martial arts to protect himself. Morgan,you have known the CEO for a long time, do you know?”

  Morgan hasn’t been listening. He is picturing LiMei standing on her tiptoes tenderly caressing Rui’s cheek. The pink sweater exposing her snow white thin waist as she raised her slender arm and beautiful face flushed red. Morgan’s Adam apple rolls, she has such an innocent and pure looking face like a little fairy which makes a man want to bully her. Her tiny body is so she would break pressed under a man.The sound of her sweet voice is echoing through his mind, Honey..honey…honey.. 


 Morgan shakes his head to dispel the disturbing thoughts he is having, “What.” Dammit ! Why is my mind suddenly filled with the Boss’ woman ! When we were in Cambodia I thought she was a cute girl.. but..was it listening to her in bed wiith the Boss ? Fuck ! I can’t get the sound of her moaning out of my mind ! I can’t guard her..No..I need to guard the front or go with the Boss tomorrow.

   René asks Morgan again, “Do you know why CEO Qiao has killer skills?

  “Practice.” He is aware of Rui’s training and why but doesn’t plan on revealing Rui’s dark past.


  Cheng passes by them in the hallway with the medicine kit. He doesn’t stop to talk but rushes into the training room.

  LiMei raises her eyebrow as she scolds him, “What took you so long?”

  He hands the medicine box to LiMei. “I had to find it.” We just got here! I’m not familiar! I had to look in several places.

  Rui is enjoying watching LiMei reprimand Cheng…she is so adorable when she is angry. She probably thinks she sounds fierce but with her soft voice ..haha.. !

  LiMei takes Rui’s hand, “We need to clean your injury first.” 

  Rui takes the medicine box from LiMei as they walk out of the training room. When they arrive at the bathroom LiMei holds a white hand towel and puts some soap and water on it.”Rui, lean down… no sit.” He obediently sits, his eyes are full of LiMei’s reflection as he watches her seriously taking care of him as though he is a small child. He thinks it is funny as LiMei wrinkles up her forehead carefully wiping the blood from the corner of his lip. Rui has a warm feeling being taken care of by LiMei.She gently cleans the small cut. After she disinfects the area she puts on a bandaid, “Rui, why were you fighting with that man?”

  “He is a new bodyguard and I wanted to see his skill.” 

  “Why didn’t you have him spar with Morgan or Cheng?”

   He wants to tease LiMei as he stands up and envelopes her in his arms. Rui has a devilish grin and in a low and sexy voice whispers in her ear, “Baby, since you were sleeping..well..I had some energy I wanted to burn.” He lifts her chin and kisses her lips then playfully quips, “Now that you are awake..”

   LiMei’s face turns red, “Rui…” She looks at him. Rui is so handsome and sexy.. so sexy. Her heart starts thumping as she peeks up at him.

    He takes her hand as they leave the bathroom, “Are you hungry?”

  “I am. How about you?”

  “Hungry.” He suddenly lifts her up and LiMei wraps her legs around his waist as he pries open her mouth inserting his eager tongue kissing her deeply. They are both caught up in the moment as Rui backs her into a wall and they continue kissing. Rui and LiMei are both breathing heavily when LiMei’s stomach rumbles loudly. Rui puts her down and laughs. “We should eat.” He looks at LiMei’s thin figure, we can continue this later.  

   When they enter the kitchen LiMei opens the refrigerator and takes out some vegetables. “Do you want me to make some porridge? Or noodles? Either one would be easy for you to eat.” 

   Rui’s jaw and mouth are fine but he enjoys LiMei’s thoughtfulness. “Noodles would be good.” He pours two glasses of wine, setting them and the bottle on the counter.Rui encircles her waist from behind, leaning down he rests his chin on her shoulder, “Need anything?”

  LiMei turns around and decides to provoke Rui because he always teases her. LiMei’s beautiful green eyes are sparkling and she flutters her long black eyelashes as she points the scallions in her hand at the glasses of red wine. “My hands are full and well.. I’m a little thirsty.”

  Rui’s eyes light up and he smiles at LiMei’s playful behavior. He picks up a glass of wine and takes a mouthful then puts his hand behind LiMei’s head. She opens her mouth and he kisses her, the wine enters her mouth and she swallows the warm liquid. “Mmm..” A few drops are glistening on her lips and Rui feels his desire building. He gently licks her lips and in a hoarse voice says, “Still thirsty?” LiMei seductively licks her wet lips and nods. Rui’s lower body is reacting as he takes another mouthful of wine and feeds it to LiMei. After the entire glass has been fed to her LiMei feels drunk and uninhibited. She puts the scallions on the counter and holds the other wineglass and sweetly says, “You must be thirsty too.” She tips the wine glass into her mouth then curls her slender finger for Rui to bend down and kisses him. The wine drips down her chin onto her snow white neck and ignites the fire in Rui.

  He lifts her up onto the counter and feverishly kisses her lips then seductively whispers, “Baby.. I want to eat..I’m very hungry.” Seeing LiMei being coquettish makes Rui very hot and unable to control the urge to make love right now. When she fed him the wine it was drinking a strong aphrodisiac.

   LiMei wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and eagerly kisses him craving his touch. Ever since they arrived at the chateau LiMei feels as though she can’t get enough of Rui. When she woke up in the big bed and he wasn’t there she felt lost.  While bathing she couldn’t help touching herself thinking about the feel of his his hands on her body that sent waves of pleasure through her body.. She leaned back in the bath imagining his handsome face as he was pressing her down, his hot kisses and the feeling of him deep inside of her body. So after her bath she hurriedly dressed and went to find him wanting to take him back to bed. Now that he is kissing her LiMei wants more.

  Rui licks the wine trickling from her mouth to her chin and moves his lips down her swan like neck licking and sucking. LiMei runs her fingers through his ink black hair as her body heats up from his passionate kisses.

Rui pulls off her pink sweater tossing it onto the floor then removes her bra. LiMei surprises Rui by taking the bottle of wine and filling up her glass. After she takes a gulp she tips the glass dripping the rest of the wine down her breasts. LiMei’s deep green eyes are sparkling and her cheeks are flushed from the wine. “Oops.” She runs her finger down her chest then puts her wine soaked finger to his mouth.

   Rui’s eyes are full of lustful desire aware she intentionally spilled the wine. Fuck she looks so damn beautiful! Rui can’t control the fire inside his body as he sucks her finger while looking at LiMei’s half naked body. The contrast between her snow white breasts, his red love marks from earlier and the glistening droplets of wine fuels his dark desire. He growls, “Naughty are driving me fucking crazy..” Rui buries his face between her breasts licking the wine dripping down the valley. His hot tongue then licks the sweet wine on her soft breast as he kneads the other tender breast in his large hand. After he licks and sucks the wine from her breasts his lips travel down her stomach. LiMei quivers softly moaning. “Rui.. Ummm..feels sooo gooood.”

He pulls her pants down with his hand. When he touches her wet panties he smiles, “Baby, so wet..” Rui removes the soaked white silk thong and spreads her slender legs. He kisses her wet sensitve spot and rubs his thumb across her red and swollen bud. His other hand caresses her soft thigh as his tongue moves in and out of her slick tight tunnel. LiMei arches her back deep in the throes of ecstasy. “Ahh..Umm..” Rui savors her sweet nectar as her honey drips down her snow white thighs.

LiMei feels dizzy from the intense pleasure as his hot tongue teases her flower petals. He is nibbling and sucking stimulating all of her senses. When she can’t take it anymore she whimpers, “Please..please..Ahhh..Mmmm..” as she leans back on the granite counter. LiMei has never been this aroused…”Ruiiii..stop..please..Ahhh..”

He loves the taste of LiMei and listening to her moaning in pleasure his erection is throbbing. Rui sucks her honey then puts his finger inside of her tight tunnel hitting her sweet spot and LiMei shudders. Looking at her face dyed red and her beautiful green eyes hazy filled with lust as her body twitches he has a satisfied expression “So sensitive.”

Rui can’t hold his back the urge much longer to be inside of her body so he picks LiMei up from the kitchen counter. He kisses her forehead that has a thin layer of sweat as he quickly carries her to a guest room on the first floor.


Hak Byung-soo

    Rui gently runs his hand across LiMei’s flat stomach, judging from the time of your last period you should be ovulating. He smiles thinking of the possibility,  Maybe…  

He lovingly gazes at LiMei sleeping in his arms exhausted after he indulged his desires too intensely. Rui brushes LiMei’s damp hair off her cheek then wipes the beads of sweat from her face with his finger.The feeling of her soft naked flesh pressed against his body is indescribable. He lightly plants a kiss between her eyebrows, Baby, I am sorry I had to betray your trust but it was necessary I can’t let anything happen to you… You are the only pure existence in my life…Baby, I love you so much..

   Rui bitterly recalls when LiMei was abducted and he couldn’t find her whereabouts. His heart tightens at the memory.. the feeling of despair..loneliness.. as though someone had ripped out his heart. Before he met LiMei he had never been in love and the only two people Rui cared about were his brother Delun and his mentor and Master, Xixin Woo. Now that he has let LiMei into his heart he won’t let anyone come between them.

Rui’s Phoenix eyes narrow and are black filled with freezing killing intent. I will never let that bastard Hedwig capture you. I’m not going to sit back and wait for the lunatic’s next move either. I have a plan to destroy that motherf****r, you just need to stay in the chateau where I can protect you and wait. When you are safe LiMei, I will take you anywhere you want to go. He licks and kisses her pink lips then reluctantly covers LiMei with the white comforter and gets out of bed to take a shower. 

    Morgan is nervously sitting in the living room with a strange expression on his ruggedly handsome face. What the hell! I’m dead if the Boss finds out! Fuckin Dead! He tilts the water bottle in his hand and gulps down the water. When Cheng and René walk into the room Cheng notices Morgan’s face. “Hey bro, do you have a fever? Your fuckin face is as red as a monkey’s butt.”

   Cheng sits in the chair opposite the white leather couch and lazily crosses his long legs, “Did you talk to the Boss?” Cheng was behind the servant’s quarters smoking a cigarette and talking with René. When Morgan didn’t come back with instructions after he smoked half a pack he decided to see what’s up.

   Morgan has sweat beads on his forehead, “Nah..No..The Boss..he..he.. hasn’t come down from upstairs. I have just been sitting here waiting.” He finishes the water and glances at his crotch covered by his jacket.

   “What the fuck is wrong with you Old Man?” Cheng  thinks it is funny to see the stoic and taciturn Morgan seemingly distraught. He starts laughing derisively, “ What? Did you see a fuckin ghost?” 

   Morgan snaps out of his daze, he angrily growls, “Shut the fuck up you little asshole!  I gotta take a piss I will be right back.” He hurries down the hallway holding his jacket in his hand.

   When he finds the bathroom he rushes in and sits on the toilet seat. He looks down at the big tent formed his pants, Fucking Shit Man! Are you a fuckin pervert! Why didn’t you walk away! Morgan received an important call and without thinking rushed upstairs to tell Rui. When he got to the bedroom door he was about to knock when he heard LiMei’s loud moans and lewd language. He was shocked when he heard LiMei’s seductive voice and was going to leave but found himself stuck in place outside the door listening. If the Boss knew..I don’t want to think about the punishment.

He shivers looking at his erection. Little Brother we better pray he doesn’t find out. Well, I need to solve this and get back out to the living room. It just damn! The little chick looks so innocent and cute. Morgan thinks about the sound of her alluring voice, like a little kitten purring and pleading.. The way she was begging for the Boss to.. “Ahh..OH..AHH.. Fuck!” When Morgan finishes he looks at his sticky wet hand and his Little Brother. This  secret is between you and me Little Brother! No one else can know! He zips up his pants and tucks in his black shirt. After he washes his hands he splashes water on his face then looks in the mirror and shakes his head, You pervert!

  Rui comes down the stairs dressed in a black cashmere sweater and dark gray casual pants. He sees Cheng and Rene and looks around. “Where is Morgan?”

  Before Cheng answers Morgan rushes into the room, “Here I am.”

   Rui walks over to the bar and pours a glass of whisky then turns around,“ I don’t want Feng LiMei to be aware that there is any danger. I want the men to stay out of sight. She knows you two.” He looks at Morgan and Cheng, “She remembers you from Cambodia.” He sits on the couch and sets his glass of whisky on the glass coffee table. “ Rene, I will introduce you to her tomorrow so Feng LiMei feels comfortable with your presence and I think one more man. Who do you suggest? The other men I want to keep a distance from her and protect the perimeter of the property. She would become suspicious if she sees a number of bodyguards. I don’t want Feng LiMei to worry or ask questions.”

  “Hak. Hak Byung-soo. He has a high level of martial arts skill and a calm temperament. He is Korean but speaks fluent Chinese.”

   “Go get him.”

    After René leaves the room Rui takes a gulp of his drink and then rubs his temple, “Morgan, I need to go into Paris tomorrow, I will take Cheng and Rene, leaving you in charge of the chateau and Feng LiMei. Don’t let her out of your sight stay close to you understand? She can walk in the enclosed gardens out back not by the lake or the front of the house.”

  Morgan gulps down his saliva, “Boss, Feng LiMei well.. she might feel more comfortable with Cheng. I should go with you to Paris.” Rui glares at him, that is exactly why I am taking him with me. Cheng is too good of a bodyguard to dismiss but I don’t want LiMei in close contact with him. Rui is jealous and paranoid because LiMei said Cheng was cute. He clenches his fist picturing them laughing together.There is a distinct chill in the air and Rui sounds irritated. ”Are you questioning my orders?”

  “No. No Boss.” He almost forgot about the call he received earlier. “Boss, Han Weisheng called. He has the information you requested.”

  René walks into the living room followed by a boyish looking Korean man. “Boss this is Hak Byung-soo.”

  The Korean man bows respectfully. “CEO Qiao.”

  Rui looks at him then says “Come with me.”

  The five men walk down the long hallway to a large room Rui specifically had renovated when he bought the property a couple years ago. It is identical to the Chinese style training room he has at his house in Pushong City. The room is virtually empty except for some mats stacked on the floor and a couple dummies in the far right corner , on the wall are various weapons on two racks. When Hak Byung-soo enters he notices several beautiful calligraphy on the wall. The strokes are bold and you can feel the fighting spirit of the person who wrote the profound words. He has to ask, “CEO Qiao, may I be presumptuous this once and ask what Master’s work these are ? “

  “These are my own but I was taught by my Shifu in the mountains. He values his privacy.”

 Hak Byung-soo seldom feels jealous but envies Qiao Rui. Not because he is rich but from looking at the calligraphy he can feel his powerful spirit. Who is his Shifu ?

 Rui points to the weapon rack, “I want to see your ability. Miss Feng is my most beloved person.” 

  Hak Byung-soo nods and walks over to the wall removing two Wing Chun Butterfly knives. The size is good for maneuvering and striking in close distance combat. He thinks Rui will match him up with René or one of the other two men and is surprised when Rui says, “Ready?”

   Hak Byung-soo thinks he should warn Rui. “CEO, I think it would be best if you wore protective gear.” Is he insane? Am I supposed to hold back and put on a show? He notices Rui hasn’t chosen a weapon “Aren’t you going to get a weapon”

 “No need.” He waves his hand for Hak Byung-soo to attack. 

  Hak Byung-soo looks over at René who is also surprised. Both Morgan and Cheng remain silent because they know the level of Rui’s skill.

   Hak Byung-soo lunges forward and Rui agiliy dodges the butterfly knives. He doesn’t move forward on the offensive but studies the way Hak Byung-soo wields the knives. After being unable to strike Hak Byung-soo quickly swings around to attack from the side.  It seems as though Rui has eyes in the back of his head. He anticipated the strike easily avoiding the blades. Hak Byung -soo suddenly feels a violent and oppressive aura surrounding Rui and his breath is sucked out of him when Rui’s foot lands on the chest sending him backwards. Hak Byung-soo stumbles to regain his balance realizing Rui wasn’t being arrogant and definitely has a high level of martial arts skills. He decides the knives will be useless against Rui and he tosses the knives to the ground surprising Rui and the men watching. Rui gives him points for being adaptable and realizing he chose the wrong weapon.

  The two men begin fighting using martial arts. Hak Byung-soo feels his internal energy being depleted and can’t believe Rui’s stamina as they fight. Suddenly the door opens and LiMei is standing in the doorway wide eyed watching the two men exchanging blows. When Rui sees LiMei for a half a second he becomes distracted and Hak Byung-so who is caught up in the momentum punches Rui in the face. LiMei screams. Her shrill scream pierces through Hak Byung-soo’s concentration and he sees Qiao Rui bleeding from his mouth. 

Li Mei runs over to Rui with tears forming in her eyes, “Ruiii..You’re hurt.” She has her hair in a high ponytail that swings as she runs past Morgan and Cheng and she is wearing a pink and white top paired with pink athletic pants. LiMei looks like a small bunny as she runs into Rui’s arms. She puffs out her cheeks as she angrily glares at Hak Byung-soo then raises her voice, “CHENG! Why are you just standing there ! Hurry and get the medicine box!”


Losing Control

Well here is an extra chapter just in under the wire for Valentine’s Day haha..I love Rui ❤ LiMei and this ridiculous gif! Enjoy!

   They are almost to Rui’s chateau outside of Paris, LiMei looks out the window, “The rain finally stopped.”

   Rui is lost in thought about how to bring up the subject of the face mask after they arrive at the chateau. He knows Dietrich’s workmanship is excellent and no one would be able to recognize LiMei when she is wearing it. He made sure the only two people who knew about the face mask can no longer remember. Rui didn’t want to leave any loose ends once Dietrich completed the task he erased his memory along with his wife Marta’s memory using his silver needles. The payment they receive from him will be transferred anonymously. After so many years of dealing with people in the Underworld he is well aware that even if Dietrich and his wife wanted to keep the secret Gunnar Hedwig has a thousand ways to make them give up the information. The technology that Chronus possesses..well most likely they will find out our location soon.

  LiMei tugs on his jacket, “Rui, what are you thinking about?”

  Rui snaps out of his daze and kisses LiMei’s forehead, “Nothing. We should be at my chateau soon, are you tired?”

  “A little. I have a bit of a headache that won’t go away.”

  “I will massage your head for you. Morgan, hand me a bottle of water”  Rui has a twinge of guilt when LiMei says she has a headache. He doesn’t want to use his silver needles after earlier. He has a few regrets for making the decision to put her to sleep so Dietrich could make a mold for the mask.But, he believes to ensure her safety it was the only choice he could make. He opens the mineral water, “Drink.” He rubs gently her temples then massages her head. LiMei closes her eyes and sighs, “Ahh..that feels better.”

  When he finishes she snuggles into his embrace, “Rui, do you think while we are here we could go to Pont des arts .”

   He has a pampering tone as he plays with a strand of her silky black hair, “If you want.”

 “How long will you be in France? I might need to book a flight back to China.” 

 “I’m not sure how long my business will take. If you are worried about your job I spoke to Jianyu. He has a temporary assistant until we return.” No way am I letting you out of my sight ever again!

  “CEO Chen wasn’t angry?” That man has the worst temper. I can’t believe he wouldn’t make a stink about me having an extended leave.From the missed calls Nuying was trying to get a hold of me. She glances at Rui, I still need to find out how I lost the time between being in Cambodia to being in Milan. Did I hit my head? Is that why I am having headaches? I will ask when we reach the Chateau.

 “No. He hugs LiMei possessively, “ LiMei you should quit working for that arrogant bastard and work for me.” Be by my side every day when we return to Pushong City. No…don’t work.. just marry me and have my baby.

  LiMei laughs when she sees his serious expression then wraps her arms around his neck, “We can talk about it when we get back to China.”

  Cheng pulls up to a tall iron gate and puts in the passcode. When he drives up a circular driveway Emily straightens her back, “Wow! Rui! This is your house?”

  He kisses her on the head, “En.”

  When Morgan opens the door to the backseat Rui picks up LiMei carrying her to the front door. A very tall muscular man opens the door, “CEO Qiao.” He looks at the small woman in his arms and doesn’t realize he is staring. Morgan coughs, “ René I need to speak to you.”

  René walks away from the entrance way with Morgan. Cheng is following behind and takes out a cigarette. He was dying to smoke on the ride to the chateau but couldn’t because of LiMei. When they are in the dining room René says, “Who the fuck is the little girl the CEO is holding?”

  Morgan looks to make sure Rui isn’t walking their direction, “Listen you idiot! That is the Boss’ woman and you are lucky you were on the side and he didn’t see you staring at her! He is crazy about the little chick! The Boss kicked the living shit out of Cheng because he was having a cup of coffee with Feng LiMei and she was laughing at something he said.” Cheng packs the tobacco in his cigarette and nods. “It’s true Dude. He is fucking bewitched by the little girl.”

  “Anyway just avoid Feng LiMei. I have to fill you in on some shit.You are in charge of the outside security. Me and Little Cheng here will take care of the interior of the mansion. Did the men arrive?”

  “Yeah. They are in the servant’s quarters.”

  “Okay. I will be back to call a meeting as soon as I talk to Qiao Rui.”

  Rui carries up the marble staircase to the Master bedroom and puts her down on a soft couch. “There are clothes prepared for you in the walk in closet. Do you want to take a bath?”

  “Yes.” She reaches up and pulls him on his sleeve. She has a mischievous smile exposing her two cute dimples as she teases him,“Do you want to bathe together?”

  LiMei’s soft kittenish voice scratches his heart and his Adam’s apple rolls listening to the tempting offer. He leans down and kisses her lips. “Want. But, I need to speak with Morgan.”   LiMei pouts and her soft voice sounds coquettish as she clings onto him like a koala bear, ”Stay.”

Rui gently caresseses her cheek then brushes her hair behind her ear whispering, “Can’t.” LiMei quivers from his warm breath on her neck and blushes when he rejects her.

LiMei doesn’t want Rui to leave, she doesn’t want to be alone for some reason. This room reminds her being trapped in a similar room. Unwilling to give up she wraps her arms around his neck and boldly kisses Rui putting her little tongue in his mouth. His body reacts and he takes control, his tongue savoring her sweet taste as he deepens the kiss.

He scoops LiMei up and carries her to the luxurious bed covered in a white comforter then presses her petite body down into the soft cover. He continues to feverishly kiss LiMei as he unzips her top.  Breathing heavily Rui touches her breast covered by the thin lace bra, then moves his hand down her flat abdomen towards her black athletic pants.When he slides them down her snow white legs LiMei instinctively arches her body towards him. Rui sucks and nibbles on her neck causing LiMei to softly moan as her body heats up from his familiar touch.

Rui tears off the thin lace covering her soft breasts and twirls his tongue around her erect pink bud. He then gently bites LiMei sending a wave of pleasure through her sensitive body. When his hand is under her panties and a finger is moving in and out of her tight tunnel LiMei’s moans get louder, “Ahh..ummm..Rui..” LiMei’s honey is dripping out covering his finger and she touches the tent formed in his pants, “Rui..I want…give me…” 

   “Naughty girl.” Rui has a devilish gleam in his dark eyes, he has never seen LiMei be this wanton and he is really aroused by her lewd behavior. His throat is dry and his voice sounds hoarse as she rubs his erection through his pants teasing him.

He licks his finger that is dripping with her honey while watching LiMei unzips his pants. “ are a bad little girl.” She has an idea when she touches him. She wants to give Rui as much pleasure as he gives her and she bites her lower lip, “Rui..I want” LiMei shocks Rui when she puts her delicate soft hands around his hardness licking and sucking the tip then puts his throbbing member into her small mouth. The feeling of being inside LiMei’s mouth and her moist hot tongue licking and sucking him Rui almost can’t hold back the urge to release. His heart is pounding in his chest as his fingers hold onto her messy ponytail. He growls, “Baby…Umm..Ahhh.. soo good.” as he thrusts into her wet little mouth that can barely accommodate his thick long shaft. Not wanting to release into LiMei’s mouth he pulls out while spreading LiMei’s slender thighs apart then inserting his huge erection into her dripping wet flower hole.

    LiMei whimpers as Rui enters and hits her sensitive spot with a hard thrust. He knows what to do to drive LiMei crazy and rubs her red and swollen nub with his thumb while increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusts. LiMei clutches onto messy bed cover as her small hips move up to meet his wild movements. “Mmm..Ruiii..Soo Big..Too Fast.. Ahhh.” Rui can’t stop his raging possessiveness to own LiMei’s heart and body. He sucks and licks her breasts covering her snow white skin with red love bites. The alluring sight of her beautiful innocent face flushed red with desire unleashes the beast in him. You are mine LiMei..Mine.. I was your first man and I will be your only man in this life.

His messy ink black hair is hanging onto his forehead with droplets of his sweat dripping onto LiMei’s snow white skin as he loses control. He lifts her thin legs in the air as he continues to ruthlessly pound into LiMei. He wants to crush her bones into his and become one so she can’t ever escape. 

Dizzy from the intense heat flowing through her body LiMei tries to hold onto her sanity. She feels engulfed in a sea of flames as he continuously hits deep into her tight tunnel. The more she writhes around Rui can’t stop his raging beast like urges. He holds her thin waist turning her over to continue ravaging her body.

Rui’s eyes are red and full of lust looking at her beautiful body in this position. Her slender snow white back covered in damp long black tangled hair a thin waist that one of his hands can wrap around. My Baby is so beautiful..He can’t resist the urge to slap her round cheeks leaving red handprints. When he unexpectedly slaps her tender skin LiMei has a rush of pain and pleasure and she screams his name as she climaxes again. When he hears LiMei’s seductive voice call his name he can’t control the intensity of his movement plunging inside of LiMei as far as his huge erection can reach. When he can’t hold back any longer he groans, “Umm..Baby..Urghh..Mmnn.. as releases his essence into the deepest part of LiMei. Afterwards he hugs LiMei tightly in his arms and tenderly kisses her lips. Satisfied he filled LiMei with his seed he covers her stomach with his large warm palm…Have my baby LiMei.. 




Leaving The Inn

    After Rui reaches the heavens releasing his essence deep inside of LiMei he holds her naked body tightly in his embrace.They are both breathing heavily as he brushes the damp tendrils of hair off her face, then traces his finger down her face. She looks up at his handsome face with a satisfied smile sweetly meeting his tender gaze. He wants to lock LiMei away so he is the only one who can possess her beauty. I want your beautiful green eyes filled only with me. When Rui sees his reflection in her hazy green eyes his heart skips a beat. So incredibly beautiful and she is mine..only mine.. Rui tenderly touches her flat abdomen and rubs his hand across her soft skin thinking they have never used any contraception. If LiMei was pregnant that would be..he stops himself from indulging in wishful thinking. His voice is hoarse and sounds breathless as he whispers in her ear, “Baby, I love you so much.” 

   LiMei wraps her soft arms around his neck and her eyes get misty hearing his heartfelt confession. She doesn’t say anything but lays her head on his chest and closes her eyes while listening to his rapid heartbeat. How did I get so lucky to meet such an amazing man.  

   Rui wishes they could stay in bed but realizes they must get to the safety of his chateau. “LiMei I will start a bath we need to leave.” As he gets off the bed she pulls on his arm. She has a coquettish tone as she pouts, “Can’t we stay here for awhile.”

  He momentarily hesitates as he stares at her bright smile and her cute little dimples as she tries to pull him back onto the bed. He lifts the quilt over her snow white body that is covered with his love bites. Baby, I would love to stay in bed with you but it would be too dangerous to linger here any longer. He bends down and kisses her forehead. “We need to go.”

  LiMei removes her hand from his arm and lays back onto the pillow. Why is Rui so anxious to leave?

   When the bathtub is filled with water he comes into the bedroom and carries LiMei into the bath then joins her. While Rui washes LiMei she relaxes enjoying his pampering. Suddenly images of them in Cambodia pop into her mind and she feels very confused. She holds his hand as he runs the washcloth down her arm. Rui, did something happen to me? I can’t remember coming to this Inn.”

   LiMei notices a strange expression flash across Rui’s face but he doesn’t answer. “Rui..tell me.”

   He takes LiMei into his embrace and tenderly kisses her lips, “Baby, I will explain while we are in the car.”

   Rui gets out of the bath and dries his muscular body while LiMei watches him while leaning on the side of the bath.Rui’s wet hair is hanging down onto his forehead and water droplets are dripping down his face. He looks like a model. No even more beautiful..I am so lucky ! Rui is so strong and handsome…His body is perfect, long muscular legs, eight pack and oh my god what am I thinking ! LiMei blushes and covers her face hoping he didn’t notice her peeking at him.

He has a devilish grin, she is so cute. Rui leans down his warm breath on her face, “Baby, am I that good looking ?”

LiMei blushes and covers her face and Rui starts laughing then lifts LiMei out of the bath into his arms. He kisses her glistening wet lips then says, “LiMei, trust me.”

   LiMei feels safe in his arms and snuggles into his warm chest, “I do.”

   Rui kisses the top of her head thinking how he can explain the situation without frightening LiMei.

   After they are dressed Rui walks to the door and turns around, “I will be right back then we will leave.”

   LiMei gets out her phone to play a game while she waits for Rui. She sees she has several missed texts from Gu Cheng and missed calls from Chen Group. She texts back [Sorry I didn’t see your texts. I will send my rent immediately to your Grandfather.]

   Gu Cheng is walking into the school gym for basketball practice when he sees the text from LiMei. He tosses the basketball to his friend and walks to the side and immediately texts back. [We were just worried about you because we haven’t heard from you.]

   [Sorry.(T_T)] I don’t even know how to explain not returning his texts. They are from last week.

   [Are you still travelling on business?]

   [Yes] I will need to ask Rui when he plans on returning to Pushong City.

  Gu Cheng’s coach sees him texting and glares at him across the basketball court. [Okay I am at the gym for practice. Text me later.] He puts his phone into his gym bag and runs onto the court.


   In a high tech computer room a man excitedly says, “ Dr. Graff I have a lock on the lab rat’s phone.”

  When Rui gets back to the room LiMei is laying on the bed sleeping. He has a pampering smile as he picks her up from the bed. When he walks out into the hallway he tells Chang to grab her purse and his jacket. Chang starts to ask him something and Rui frowns looking down at LiMei snuggling into his chest.

  Once they are in the black Maybach Chang puts in the address Rui gave him earlier. Rui plans on stopping in a small town across the border. A man lives there who he was acquainted with during his time in the Underworld. Rui holds LiMei on his lap as she sleeps and he leans back closing his eyes. How am I going to explain the situation to LiMei?

  Not twenty minutes after they leave the small Inn two SUV’s come racing into the parking lot of the Inn.  When they screech to a stop in front of the Inn several muscular men dressed in black jump out and enter the lobby. The old innkeeper has just come back inside from the garden and thinks it is his wife returning. When he looks up he freezes thinking they are gangsters sent to disrupt their business again. He immediately wants to run and as he is attempting to escape one of the men grabs him by his collar, “Old Man tell me what room Qiao Rui is in now!”

  The old man’s hair is standing up on his neck, no one checked in by that name and the only guests they had just left. “We don’t have any guests right now.” He is about to tell him about the four people who checked out but he sees another man come inside with a gun to his wife’s head. The old man immediately screams, “Let her go!”

  The old man’s legs are dangling in the air, the extremely tall man grits his teeth, “I will have him release the ugly old woman when you tell me where they are.”

  “I’m telling you, search! We don’t have any guests!” What the hell! We need to sell this Inn and move far away!

  He tall man motions to three of the other men,“Look around.”The coordinates we got from the lab rat’s phone definitely is this run down piece of shit hotel. “If you are lying Old Man you will regret it.”

   The Old Man can barely breathe but he spits out, “Why would I lie?” The old man panics why didn’t I say they checked out? If I say it now he will think I am trying to buy time.

   His wife nervously looks at her husband. Why didn’t the idiot say they checked out a an hour ago. “Four people checked out an hour ago.”

   The tall man holding the Old Innkeeper lets him go then shoves him to the ground, “Why didn’t you say so?”

  “I was going to but you didn’t give me a chance.”

  “Did they say where they were going?”

  “I overheard one of them say something about Paris. But I don’t know if that is where they are headed.”

  “What kind of car were they driving?”

  “I don’t know it was black and looked expensive.”

  “Let me see your security cameras.”

  “…” The Old Man stares at his wife with his eyes wide and more sweat forms on his forehead. The last time the gangsters Johnny sent the first thing they did was destroy the cameras. “We are a small Inn. We don’t have any security cameras, but  there are CCTV cameras on the road.”

   The tall man sneers at the two old people who are shivering in fear, Useless old farts. He walks towards the door of the Inn. “Let’s go.”

   When he gets into the passenger seat of the first vehicle he slams his hand on the dashboard. If that asshole Frank hadn’t screwed up this wouldn’t have got dumped in my fucking lap. He dials a number, “Get the CCTV footage from the coordinates we received from the phone to all roads headed towards the French border. Even if they are headed to Paris they could take a detour. You are looking for any high end vehicles. Send the feed directly to my laptop.” He hangs up and stretches his legs out. Frustrated they couldn’t capture them at the Inn he glares at the man in the driver’s seat and barks, “What are you waiting for? Move out.”

    The driver squeezes the steering wheel, I was waiting for your orders you fuckin prick! He knows not to mess with the him if he wants to live. “So to the highway headed for France?”

    The tall man named Jack lights a cigarette then traces his finger across the photograph in his hand. The driver notices a strange expression on Jack’s face and leans over to see the picture he is holding, “Is that the lab rat?”


   “Why would they use such a little girl?”

   “Don’t know.” He recalls when he heard rumors were circulating five years ago he didn’t believe that the procedure would be a success. The rumors quietly died down and he thought the experiments had been scraped. It wasn’t until Gunnar Hedwig called him personally that he found out there was a person named Subject 456. This experimental subject displayed the ability to heal at an unbelievable rate. Intrigued at the prospect that this biotechnology could produce super soldiers he planned on observing the experiments at Chronus’ lab. It would be worth the price of one insignificant person’s life if the biotechnology could save the men under his command. After he flicks his half smoked cigarette out the window Jack stuffs the photograph of a beautiful young girl playfully making a peace sign into his pocket.

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