Baobei’s Cave

    While Rui anxiously pushes Diablo to go faster LiMei and Baobei are eating the cold chicken.

After Baobei devours the last piece of meat on the plump drumstick in his fleshy hand he moves closer to Jack. Staring at the unconscious black hawk with a worried expression he asks, “Sister LiMei, when will Jack wake up?”

    LiMei wants to comfort Baobei but doesn’t know what will happen.  When Jack fell he hit branches on his way down so the impact on the ground was lessened but he sustained other injuries.  “It is hard to say.  I checked Jack, his breathing was more stable and his heartbeat was steady. When he does wakes up we can feed him the Dragon Eye fruit to help him recover.” 

      As the thunderstorm storm rages, bursts of thunder and the crackle of lightning echo in the cave. Torrential rain pounds the ground outside and water begins to pool at the entrance. The cold wind swirls at the entrance threatening to extinguish the fire she painstakingly lit.

   LiMei pushes up the sleeve of the oversized black sweater and stokes the fire with a thin branch. She takes another piece of the firewood and puts it on the fire. If the fire goes out we will be in trouble, the temperature in the cave has been steadily dropping.

   Baobei watches LiMei , “Do you go camping with that man? I didn’t think you would be able to start a fire.”

  LiMei thinks for a minute, it seemed to come naturally when she found a knife in the wooden chest. First, she made a v shaped hole in a piece of wood then rolled a spindle to create an ember that fell on a piece of bark she placed there. “Maybe.”


  She rubs his head and laughs when she notices his puzzled expression, “Well, I must have. Come sit on my lap, you are shivering.”

  Suddenly there is a rustling at the front of the cave that sounds like an animal might be seeking refuge from the storm. LiMei nervously puts her finger to her mouth, “Shh.” Lowering her head she whispers in his ear, “Go to the back of the cave and hide under a blanket.” He doesn’t budge and she says, “Go.”

   He moves his chubby legs as fast as he can into the darkness. As he passes by the bed he grabs a blanket then drags it behind him. When Baobei reaches the rear of the cave he picks up a few stones then curls into a ball under the cover.

He peeks out a corner of the blanket to see what is going on in the front of the cave. He grips one of the stones in his hand , if Sister needs me I can make a sneak attack from here. I wish I had brought my sword!

    LiMei picks up the knife by the fire and steps into the shadows thinking possibly a wolf is approaching. She takes a deep breath trying to stabilize her turbulent emotions. She is very afraid, her hand clutching the knife is trembling. I need to be strong to protect the little guy. She steadies her hand, you can do it LiMei!

    Wong Kai sees the fire inside the cave and has a dagger ready to confront the intruder. He cautiously enters and can hear breathing in the shadows. Swiftly locating LiMei’s position in a flash has his hand on her neck pressing her delicate body against the cold stone. He growls in a low and threatening tone that sends shivers down LiMei’s spine. “Who sent you? Speak!”

   LiMei bumped her back on a protruding rock from his forceful push. She winces in pain and can’t catch her breath let alone speak.

Baobei recognizes Wong Kai’s voice and crawls out from his hiding place. He runs towards the sound of the familiar man, pulling on his muddy wet pant leg he pleads, “ Old Hermit! Don’t hurt Sister LiMei! She is my friend!”

   Wong Kai lets go of LiMei’s throat.

LiMei coughs, “Keke..Keke..Old Hermit?”

   He apologizes, “Ahh…sorry…the kid is never here at night and…” I thought you were sent to eliminate me. Of course if I hadn’t been up for three days straight I wouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. No assassin would light up the cave and have a roaring fire going.

  They step into the light and LiMei stutters looking at the incredibly handsome man that can’t be older than thirty. She points her slender finger at him and has an incredulous expression, ‘YOU..YOU..are Old Hermit?”

  The tall  handsome man has a deep and melodious laugh, “Haha..well when I first met the kid I had been burning some papers. The wind suddenly shifted so I was covered in ash and the little guy said, “Old man, what are you doing by my cave?”

   “So… I don’t know why..haha..” He rubs his chin, “ I told him my name is Old Hermit.” I didn’t want to kill the runt and I thought if he mentioned me they would think I was just some harmless old guy.

  Baobei gazes up at Wong Kai with a quizzical look, “It isn’t?”


  LiMei shivers, “Let’s go by the fire. It is too cold right here.”

  Wong Kai follows them, wary of LiMei he asks, “Why are you here?” 

  Baobei holds LiMei’s hand, “I wanted to show Sister LiMei my cave but I didn’t think it would thunderstorm.”

  Wong Kai stares at LiMei wearing his clothes and she notices he doesn’t look happy.

  LiMei blushes, “I’m sorry I had to borrow your clothes. My clothes were soaking wet.”

  Baobei puts his hands on his hips, “Old Hermit, don’t be stingy. I will bring you a new set next time I come.”

  “Okay, don’t call me Old Hermit. You can call me..hmm…” I am too fucking tired to make up a name. “Just keep it, Old Hermit.” He changes the subject. “Does your grandfather know you are here?” I don’t need the old fart sending someone to look for you. I planned on finding some Myrahia to get rid of the poison then sleeping here for a few days. Once I recover I have a job in Shanghai. 

  Baobei’s big round eyes widen, he blinks a few times, “Ummm…maybe now.”

    “I’m leaving.”

  LiMei sees Wong Kai is soaking wet, his clothes completely drenched from the rain and covered in mud., “It is too miserable out there and it doesn’t appear the thunderstorm will be ending anytime soon. You will catch your death of cold if you leave.”

  He stares at LiMei holding Baobei on her lap debating if he should stay. It took all of his internal energy to make it up the back of the mountain. He inwardly sighs, I will face death if my father finds me here. He made it clear when he disowned me not to show my face in front of him ever again if I wanted to live. But this Island is too full of rare medicinal plants and I like spending time with my little nephew. The incident wasn’t even my fault at the time but the stubborn old goat was too angry to listen to my explanation.

  “Well, I will stay until the storm lets up.”

  “Old Hermit, why were you gone for so long?”

  “I was working.”

  “Did you assassinate anyone?”


  Wong Kai laughs as he waves his hand, “Miss, don’t listen to the kid. I told those fantastic stories cause Baobei likes to hear them.”

  LiMei chuckles, “Baobei said he missed you because you told the best stories. You should change out of your wet clothes. I will put another piece of wood on the fire.”

  He hurriedly grabs the piece of wood, “I can do it.” Looking at LiMei’s tender looking small hands he is curious,The little girl looks rather delicate, how did she start the fire? Who is she? A new disciple? 

  LiMei takes the piece of wood, “Seriously, go change!”

  “I will sit by the fire the clothes will dry.”

  “We already have an injured bird and frankly, you don’t look well.” She teases, “I’m a married woman.”  LiMei’s face pales thinking about Rui but then she smiles brightly, “I promise I won’t look.”

  Baobei nods his head, “Sister LiMei won’t peek…I changed earlier and she didn’t look.”


  Wong Kai walks to the wooden chest and takes out a towel, jeans and a black sweater. He lazily stretches his long legs towards the back of the cave. While he is changing he is curious about LiMei’s identity. She is married? Who is her husband? Not one of the disciples, they are all single dogs. A visitor to the Island…the man must be someone important.  Well that might work out …If there is a problem I can take the little woman with me to escape.

    Baobei comfortably snuggles in LiMei’s embrace while sitting by the flickering fire. After the treacherous climb up the mountain, the exhausted little boy’s eyelashes are fluttering as he tries to stay awake. 

LiMei is also having trouble keeping her eyes open but is wary of Wong Kai. Old Hermit..what a ridiculous name ..he is obviously not old… or a hermit. .. he said he made up the stories he told  Baobei but he exudes an extremely dangerous aura. The man easily took the knife from my hand and didn’t hesitate to ruthlessly press me against the stone wall. The black dagger at my throat was invisible in the dark, very much like an assassin’s weapon. I felt a bone chilling coldness as he demanded to know my identity. If Baobei hadn’t called out in time I seriously think would have killed me without blinking.

     She contemplates the situation. No..I don’t trust the man at all..When Old Hermit smiled at Baobei his eyes were gentle but when he was talking to me the smile didn’t reach his cold dark eyes.  He stared at me as though he was calculating if I was worth keeping alive.

    LiMei viligantly watches Wong Kai walk over to a black backpack. He can feel her eyes boring a hole in his back and chuckles, the little woman is afraid of me…He has the urge to tease LiMei. Turning around he steps toward LiMei and extends his fist. She stiffens and wraps her thin arms around the sleeping little boy in her lap in a protective gesture. Wong Kai opens his hand and in his palm are bright red berries, “These are good to ward off the cold.”

   When she doesn’t take the berries he has a devilish grin, “The berries aren’t poisonous.” He pops a few into his mouth. Little Missy…If I wanted to kill you…you would already be dead.

  She hesitantly takes a few of the bright red berries. “Old Hermit…or whatever your name is…I don’t care. When Baobei and I go back tomorrow I won’t mention I saw you. Let’s get along until then.” 

    LiMei puts the small red berries in her mouth, as she chews her face scrunches up from the assault on her taste bitter..bitter..bitter.  LiMei looks at Wong Kai with watery eyes, after she swallows she purses her lips. “Ahhh.. the taste terrible!” 

    He hands her a small purple leaf, “Chew this. It will get the bitter taste out of your mouth.”

   She looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “I don’t want.” The amused expression on his face is annoying…he could have warned me!

   He eats a piece of leaf and smirks, “Suit yourself, but I will warn you the bitter taste won’t go away by itself. Your tongue might swell up too.”

  “I’m fine.”

  “Really? You don’t look fine.”

  When she feels her tongue beginning to swell, she grabs a leaf and stuffs it into her mouth. The cooling sweet sensation makes her  beautiful green eyes bend in a crescent shape. She takes another leaf from him, “So sweet…like a piece of toffee.

   Baobei hears the word sweet and drowsily opens his eyes, “Old Hermit, you brought me toffee?”


Race To The Mountain

   Su Wanqing has a slight smile satsified she will finally be rid of the irksome bird. She watches Jack plummeting through the trees down to the ground then hugs Liu Mo. “You are so strong! Now that nasty black hawk won’t feed on my precious snakes anymore!” He won’t fly back to alert Master that the little nuisance and the slut are stuck in the mountains. There is no way they can return during this thunderstorm. I can only hope they meet a calamity or freeze to death. The temperature drops drastically at night. I saw the little brat earlier and he was wearing shorts and a cotton short sleeved shirt. I doubt the stupid girl was prepared either. 

   Liu Mo only came to train on the island recently while Jack was with Yang Chenxi on a mission. He has no idea the black hawk he hit with the stones has been meticulously cultivated and raised by Wong Hu.

Looking down at the rain soaked woman he gently pats her back. “We need to find shelter.” While tightening his coat around Su Wanqing he inadvertently touches her large firm breasts with the palm of his hand and his Adam’s apple rolls. 

   Su Wanqing snuggles into his embrace and rubs her body on his lower abdomen. He can feel  Little Mo stiffen from her seductive body pressing onto him. She pouts her full red lips and her eyes are watery stirring his protective instinct. “I’m cold Brother Mo.”

   He hugs her tighter, “Sister QingQing I can make a fire when we find a dry place. We should hurry.” He suddenly picks her up into his embrace and runs up the mountain. She buries her head in his coat with her cheek resting on his chest. She can hear his erratic heartbeat and thinks she will have fun later giving this handsome boy his first taste of a woman.

Su Wanqing puts her hand on his sturdy chest and his body trembles from her soft touch. Liu Mo is very strong…this terrain is treacherous and he is flying up the mountain with ease. The puppy is so sensitive…just touching him like this I can feel his huge erection poking my butt. She squirms a little in his arms rubbing him with her round bottom.

Liu Mo’s voice sounds raspy, “QingQing, be good. Don’t move around.” I don’t know if I can restrain myself if she keeps rubbing my c*ck with her ass. He continues his ascent up the mountain as Su QingQing nestles in his arms.

    Halfway up the mountain Baobei is having trouble navigating the narrow path. The rain makes it difficult to see two steps ahead and he is nervous leading the way along the steep cliff. The thunderstorm is getting worse and the sky is darkening from the large clusters of storm clouds. The path is muddy and very slippery. He trips on a rock and loses his balance then quickly bounces up, steadying himself. He pats his chest with his small hand, Oh wow! That was a close call!

  Baobei adjusts his breathing and points up ahead not realizing his finger is shaking. I wish I had checked the weather this morning and not brought Sister LiMei to the Mountain. He tries to sound calm, “As soon as we turn there the land is flat. My cave is not far from there.”

  “Okay.”  She knows the little fat man is afraid but is doing his best to act like an adult, so she doesn’t tease him.

  Baobei’s chubby cheeks are red from the chilly wind so he thinks LiMei doesn’t notice him blushing in embarrassment. He is relieved, maybe Sister LiMei didn’t see me…I really almost fell! I have never been here in the dark and it’s storming so bad. I can’t act afraid though. It will be fine when we reach my cave.

    LiMei is worried about Jack; he is still unconscious and from what she could see his wing is very badly broken.

    They continue around the narrow path and Baobei perks up when they reach the plateau. “Not much farther.”

    When they reach the cave he excitedly opens his backpack. He takes out a Night Pearl  illuminating the interior of the cave. LiMei’s eyes widen in shock, “Baobei…how did you?”

     “I bring stuff every time I come and Old Hermit that stays here sometimes made the table. He and I made the sleeping area using some logs.”

   “A hermit?”

   “Well.. Old Hermit is a retired assassin. He used to work for the government. I haven’t seen him in a couple months. I hope Grandfather didn’t find him and have him killed. He doesn’t like strange people on the Island. “


   Baobei takes out several Night Pearls from under the makeshift bed. He puts them around the cave.” I hide these so if Miss Su ever finds the cave she doesn’t steal them. Old Hermit said they are very valuable artifacts. I took them from Grandfather’s storage room.”

  LiMei is awestruck by the simple but comfortable cave. “Baobei, do you have a change of clothes here? You should get out of your wet clothes.” 

  “I do.” He scrunches up his cute face and wrinkles his eyebrows together looking a LiMei, she is drenched. “But what about you?”

  “I see you have firewood. I will make a fire and dry off.”

  Baobei frowns, “Ahh..I have firewood but no matches. Old Hermit would start the fire. Oh! Maybe he left some clothes.”

   He rummages in a wooden box and pulls out a pair of worn out men’s jeans and a black sweater. He smells the clothes, “They are clean. Old Hermit had me bring laundry soap and would wash his clothes in the stream. I really miss him, he told good stories and well…I had fun hanging out with him.” I really hope Grandfather didn’t have the old guy eliminated.

  LiMei carefully puts the basket down. “Baobei, is there an extra blanket we can put down for Jack?  The basket is too wet.”

  “Well, there are only two blankets, can we use this other sweater?”

  “Sure. It should work.”

  LiMei carefully lifts Jack from the basket and lays him on the large woolen dark blue sweater. “I think I can make a splint for Jack’s wing with a couple pieces of kindling. Is there a t- shirt or something I can rip up to use to wrap his wing? I can catch rain water to clean his injuries.”

   Baobei looks on a shelf, “I have some herbs for cuts. I will crush them and make a paste.”

   LiMei’s eyes sparkle, “You said your cave is amazing and it really is!”

   “I wanted to run away and live here with Old Hermit but I knew Grandfather would miss me and send people to find me. I didn’t want him to discover my secret spot or Old Hermit.”

   LiMei laughs, “Why do you always call him Old Hermit, what is his name?”

   “Huh? He said my name is Old Hermit.”


   “I am going to catch rainwater. You change your clothes.”LiMei picks up a bowl from the table and stretches her hand outside the cave.

   Baobei blinks his eyes, staring at LiMei’s back. What if she turns around? He lays on the bed under the blanket and changes his clothes.

   LiMei catches the water then walks over to Jack. She sneezes, I will change after I take care of Jack.

   Baobei takes the herbs off the shelf and crushes them in a bowl with a pestle. He adds some water to make a paste. He waits while LiMei cleans the dried blood off Jack. “Why hasn’t Jack opened his eyes yet?”

  “Well Jack suffered trauma and is in a coma. He is breathing so don’t worry he will wake up. Is that the medicine?”

   Baobei nods his head and LiMei praises him, “I smell Xianghu . How did you know that would disinfect and help heal cuts?”

   “I drew a picture when I found the plant and Grandfather told me.  I get scrapes when I come up the mountain so I picked some. First time I tried putting the leaves on the cut but they would fall off so I made the paste. Sister LiMei, how did you know the plant’s name? Do you study Chinese medicine?”

  LiMei has a slight headache, she doesn’t know why that plant’s name came to mind. I must have heard Rui mention it? “You know Qiao Rui is a doctor. He is familiar with many types of plants and makes medicines and creams. She rubs her legs together, I wish I had some of his healing cream now I am so sore from his plundering last night. I can’t think about him or what he might be doing with that woman.

   Rui is deep in thought, as to who will win the game of Go at the moment he isn’t sure. Both of them are clever strategists and have been unable to outwit the other. He desperately wants to win so Wong Hu will cure LiMei, then he can impregnate her and start a family.

  Yang Chenxi hesitates then knocks on the door of the study.

  Wong Hu flicks his sleeves irritated by the distraction. He commands in a low and threatening tone, “Leave!” He stares at the Go board in disbelief, the brat might win. My next move is crucial.

  Yang Chenxi has a bad feeling. Jack knows they were to set sail and he hasn’t returned from looking for Baobei. He can’t find the little boy and Feng LiMei isn’t in the Plum Blossom Courtyard. It is very possible they went to the mountain…but Jack definitely would fly back and report. The weather on the Island can be unpredictable. Earlier they might have decided to go hiking because it was sunny, not expecting the clouds to move in from the ocean. Now it is lightly raining here but there is a thunderstorm in the distance. I have to inform Master and Qiao Rui.

   He knocks again and Wong Hu says, “Knock again and suffer the consequences!”

   Yang Chenxi swallows his saliva and says, “Master, ahh..its about Baobei and Feng LiMei.”

   Rui hears LiMei’s name and in a flash rushes to the door. When he opens the heavy wooden door he growls, “What about my wife?”

   Yang Chenxi  has no choice but to say, “I think she went to the mountain with Baobei. I sent Jack to look for them earlier but he hasn’t returned.”

  Rui could hear the thunderstorm while they were playing Go but his only concern was that Su Wanqing would come back without the Pycarius Berries. He narrows his eyes and his face darkens, “What did you say?”

  “Well… I knocked on the door of The Plum Blossom House and no one answered. I can’t say for sure but I looked everywhere in the Compound and neither one can be found.”

   “Why do you think they went to the Mountain? Did you check by the Lake?”

   “Well Auntie said Baobei ran into the kitchen in the morning and grabbed some scallion pancakes. The chicken she made was gone from the refrigerator.”

   Rui knocks past him and runs to the Plum Blossom Courtyard. He rushes into the house hoping LiMei is sleeping and didn’t hear the door. When he sees she isn’t in bed his heart is twisted in a knot. He looks for a note she might have left for him but nothing. 

   He quickly changes into a pair of jeans and puts on a baseball cap. Grabbing a razor sharp dagger from the drawer, Rui is extremely upset.  Dammit! What was she thinking following a little kid to the Mountain? Even if it was a clear day the mountain can be the midst of a thunderstorm it can be deadly! Why didn’t she come tell me? I definitely would have forbidden the little girl to go!

Rui picks up the backpack and places the dagger and his medicine bag inside. Taking long strides to the kitchen he grabs a few waters from the refrigerator. He is worried sick about LiMei as he heads towards the door. He fumbles as he ties the laces of the hiking boots because his hands are trembling. Rui stuffs a black windbreaker and LiMei’s pink jacket into the backpack. The little fool didn’t wear hiking boots or take a jacket!

    Yang Chenxi is standing by the gate and when Rui flies out of the Courtyard he says, “I will come too.”

   Grabbing Yang Chenxi by the collar, Rui’s face contorts in anger as he spits out,“Who the hell was supposed to be watching the kid anyway? No one fucking noticed the little fat man disappeared until now?”

  Rui unhands him. He mutters, “Useless.” then runs through the courtyard to the stable. I can ride Diablo to the base of the Mountain. 

   Yang Chenxi saddles Blaze, a red chestnut Arabian horse, as Rui puts a saddle on Diablo. 

    Rui puts on the black windbreaker then flings the backpack over his shoulder. He jumps up onto Diablo then races out of the stable towards the forest through the drizzling rain.

    Yang Chenxi kicks the horse he is riding to catch up with Rui, who is leaning forward in the saddle as Diablo gallops at an unreal pace. I can only hope for everyone on the island’s sake that nothing happened to the crazy bastard’s little wife.

Affectionate Puppy

   It has been awhile since Su Wanqing has spoken to him and Liu Mo keeps sneaking peeks at her face.

   She has calmed down knowing it wasn’t Rui who drew LiMei’s picture. She notices the little wide eyed puppy keeps furtively gazing at her face. Knowing he is apprehensive she decides to tease him. She doesn’t want to destroy the image of a soft and vulnerable woman she skillfully crafted while sitting under the fig tree. Suddenly stopping she coquettishly curls her lips into a pout , “Brother, do I have something on my face?”

   He blushes and stutters “,..”

  Su Wanqing looks at his cute puppy dog appearance, “Then why do you keep staring at me?”

  “Ummm…I wondered if you a bad mood.”

  She takes his hand in both of her small soft hands, making his cheeks turn bright red, “Brother, no one has ever cared if I was in a good mood or a bad mood. To be honest I have never told this to anyone but the only comfort I ever receive isn’t from humans is from my beautiful snakes. I know the other disciples call me Snake Woman but they are my pets and I am not ashamed to say that I love them.”

She decides to feel him out and see if he knows about her strange physique. If his gentleness is only a pretense. “The only reason any of those men approach me is because of the ridiculous rumors about me and Brother Rui. They actually believe I helped him ascend..using..” She blushes making her look like a wronged celestial goddess in his eyes. “I can’t are new here and might not have heard. Let’s say the rumors are very unfair to me.”

   He suddenly takes her into his arms and hugs her tightly. Those hurtful bastards! Conveniently forgetting he also wanted to ascend by having sex and absorbing her yin. “QingQing. Sister, you have been wronged! I will fight any one of those men if they approach you again or spread nasty rumors saying you are a wh…he stops. “ Beasts! They are all selfish beasts!” He smooths her hair affectionately. ”You have me now QingQing, your brother will always comfort you when you are sad or lonely.”

   She unexpectedly feels her heart beating fast from his declaration. It is true no one has ever comforted her or cared about her moods, but she is a naturally cold and indifferent person so it never actually affected her in the least.

Su Wanqing didn’t expect the little cute little puppy she decided to pick up would be so affectionate and caring. She thought he was just like the other men coveting her beauty and hoping she would fuck them. After all, he was always peeping at her through the window.

  Su Wanqing looks at the sky and says, “We need to hurry.”

  Baobei and Li Mei are halfway up the mountain and Baobei looks at the sky, “We heed to hurry.”

  LiMei was tossed all night and into the morning by Rui and is exhausted. Now her legs feel like they are on fire from the strenuous hike. She is surprised Baobei’s stamina is so strong. “Baobei…I know the storm is coming but could we rest for a minute? She chuckles, “I am not in as good of shape as you.”

   He wrinkles his nose wishing he was a man so he could carry LiMei. “Sister, we need to keep moving.” He feels a couple drops of rain, “The section of the mountain up ahead is the most dangerous when it rains. The path is narrow and winding; the edge of the cliff can be very slippery. Once we pass that stretch it will be muddy but not as treacherous because we will be on the inner side of the mountain. We can rest there then continue to my cave.”

  LiMei rubs her scratched and bloody legs, “I understand.”

  Baobei regrets not looking at the weather forecast. “I’m sorry Sister LiMei, I should have been more diligent and checked the weather.” He isn’t allowed access to the internet unless he asks his grandfather for permission. This morning because he wanted to sneak away he didn’t want to alert him.

  She puts her hand lightly on his shoulder, “It is my fault for being so slow. I told you earlier that since it was bright and sunny it looked like the perfect day for a hike.”

   He furrows his brow as the rain starts to fall, “Follow closely behind me.”

  LiMei can’t help but rub his head gazing at his serious expression. “Listen to you.”

  Jack is worried about the two. He thought LiMei would tell the Young Master to turn back a while ago when the sky darkened.He decides he should go and alert Master and Yang Chenxi.

Jack is about to fly down the mountain when a small round stone hits his right wing with a great deal of force, then another stone comes out of nowhere accurately disabling him before he can dodge.

Jack tries unsuccessfully to flap the injured wing suppressing the pain while scanning the area to see what bastard threw the stones. The wing is broken, unable to fly Jack falls through the trees. The pain increases as he hits tree branches because he can’t control his large body to avoid them on his descent. Jack lands on his side behind them with a loud thud.

   LiMei jumps, frightened by the sound. Startled, she swings her body around. “What was..” 

   Both LiMei and Baobei are stunned, Baobei has tears in his eyes when he sees Jack on the ground. Normally they have a love-hate relationship but Baobei truly cares for this annoying bird. “Jack! Jack! You stupid bird what happened?”

  Jack can only blink twice then he closes his beady red eyes slipping into unconsciousness.

   Baobei starts crying, “Jack don’t die! I will give you all of Auntie’s spicy chicken wings! I will share all my cakes with you I promise.”  When he doesn’t move after hearing the tempting offer Baobei shrieks, “Sister..Sister Jack is dead..Wuuhuuuu… Jack is dead!”

    The distraught little boy wants to hug the bird but LiMei stops him.  She can see the big black bird is alive but his breathing is shallow. “Don’t touch him. Jack isn’t dead but he is severely injured. We need to be focused so we can save him.” She hugs Baobei and wipes the tears that are mixed with the rain on his face.

She speaks softly to him in a very soothing voice to calm him down. Since he is so precocious LiMei sometimes forgets he is just a five year old boy. “You can do that, can’t you Baobei. You are so smart we can find a way to save Jack. It looks like his wing is broken and he has injuries from the fall. First, we need to put him in the basket and get him to your cave. Once we are there, you have more Dragon Eye fruit right?

He sniffles and nods.

“Well…we can mash the fruit up and feed it to him and we can find a way to treat his injuries.”

   She takes a tissue from his backpack and the blue and white blanket. LiMei hands Baobei the tissue, ” Sweetie, blow your nose and I will wrap Jack.”

   LiMei doesn’t think it will be easy to lift the big bird but has no choice. She finds a somewhat dry spot under a large tree not far away from where Jack is laying on the ground. She spreads the blanket and sets down the basket. LiMei takes a deep breath and gently lifts Jack.

LiMei has a confused expression, she thought it would be difficult to lift his massive body. She carefully steps over a few branches and places Jack on the blanket. LiMei wraps Jack tightly so if he wakes up he doesn’t try to flap his injured wing. Once she has him securely in the basket she puts it on her back, why is Jack so light? Maybe he is all feathers?

     She doesn’t realize that she is much stronger than an average man because of her constitution that was altered by Xinghe. “Ready Baobei let’s go.”

   Baobei has a gloomy expression looking at the large basket with Jack’s ruffled head with blood stuck on his feathers propped to the side. “Is Jack..heavy?”

   “Not too bad, Jack acts so tough but I think he is all feathers haha.”

   They are walking and Baobei says in a serious tone, “Sister, Jack is very strong. One time he stole a prized black snake of Miss Su’s that must have weighed twenty pounds. She was so mad when she saw him by the stables eating Black Jade. Jack was so full that his belly swollen, he could hardly take off from the ground.

She looked like a witch as she chased Jack with a broom. Miss Su was able to swat him once before he flew to a low hanging branch. Even though she couldn’t reach him she was still swinging the broom and cursing. She didn’t see me because I was behind a bush eating an apple waiting for Ghost to be saddled.”

     LiMei decides to distract Baobei,“Does Miss Su name all her snakes after gems?” She recalls the snake’s name was Diamond that Su Wanqing had around her wristwhen she met her by the Lake.

   “Yeah. Miss Su loves snakes and jewelry…” He furrows his delicate eyebrows while thinking, “..yup.. that is all. I have only seen her happy smile..a real smile not the fake one she always has on her face… when she is playing with her snakes or  sparkly jewelry.”

   LiMei thinks both sound so cold…snakes and gemstones. But.. the knot is her heart tightens, I did see Su Wanqing’s dazzling smile when she was looking at Rui… definitely a genuine smile.

Call Me QingQing

   Su Wanqing and Liu Mo are walking through the field of wildflowers when Liu Mo says, “Miss Su do you want to rest? Sit in the shade and cool off? There is a large fig tree over there.”

  “No. I want to hurry. Get the berries and other herbs and return. It looks like rain. The mountain path gets very slippery when it storms and is dangerous because the  path is by the cliff.”

  “Maybe we should go back and come tomorrow. Or if you describe the berries I could go myself.”

  She is getting impatient with this stupid man. Master said pick the berries so I need to fucking go pick the fucking berries.

  “Stopping for just a few minutes should be okay, you look hot Miss Su.”

  She dabs the sweat on her forehead with a beautiful handkerchief embroidered with hibiscus flowers. Liu Mo watches and his heart aches that the Big Beauty needs to suffer in the heat. Why didn’t the Master send one of his disciples… Miss Su is too delicate to be in this heat.

  “Fine.” She is thirsty and a few minutes won’t matter.

  They walk over to the shade tree and she frowns because she didn’t bring a blanket today. Liu Mo sees her expression and takes off his outer shirt. “Sit on this.”

   She looks at his muscular chest, he is only wearing a white sleeveless undershirt that is clinging to his body. She gulps down her saliva and smiles brightly thinking about rolling with him later. “Thank you Liu Mo. Can you hand me a water bottle from the backpack.”

    Su Wanqing intentionally rubs his calloused palm as she takes the water bottle. Liu Mo’s boyish face turns red and the heat dyes his ears the same crimson color. He flutters his curled black eyelashes that are as dense and beautiful as a woman’s, flustered he says, “Oh…let me open it for you.”

   His hands are trembling as he unscrews the top. He hands the opened water bottle back hoping she brushes her fingers across his palm again. Su Wanqing doesn’t disappoint, this time she squeezes his large hand. She gazes at him with watery eyes, “Liu Mo, I am so happy I met you today. It is lonely always going by myself to the mountain. Although I bring Baobei with me…well..” She leans on his arm making sure to press her large soft breast on his chest…”to have a strong man like you help me..” She gazes up at him and all he can see are her luscious red lips as they open and close, “Means so much to me..”

She squeezes out a few crystal tears that hang on her eyelashes then slowly trickle down her cheek. She sounds weak and pitiful, “I get so tired carrying the basket…but I must do whatever Master asks of me. He did rescue me when I was an orphan so I am very grateful. I owe him my life. I lived in a dirty orphanage without enough to eat, wearing the same filthy clothes everyday. I was bullied by the bigger kids everyday. They would steal my food and kick me.” Su Wanqing actually begins to shed real tears recalling her life before Wang Hu took her away from that horrible stinking place.

  Liu Mo wants to take the sad beauty into his arms and lick the tears on her cheek. She can see a tent forming in his pants and has a mischievous gleam in her misty amber eyes. “Liu Mo…no I can’t ask..”

   “Ask what?” I will do anything for you! Anything you ask!”

   “I feel like you are the brother I never had. Could you..She seductively bites her bottom lip, “Hug me for just a moment?”

   Liu Mo’s eyes light up but he doesn’t want to scare her by being too forceful ..she did say like a brother…I will need to slowly change that but for now I can feel her luscious body in my arms. He nods, “If it will make Miss Su feel better.” He gently embraces Su Wanqing and feels like he is going to explode in his pants. He inhales the light scent of medical herbs with a hint of floral fragrance on her body and closes his eyes savoring the moment. He rubs her back with his large palm, “Does Miss Su feel better?”

  She alluringly hums as she snuggles into his embrace..Hmmm..” She gazes up at him and her voice is dripping with honey, “Brother should call me QingQing. No one has called me that since I was a little girl.” Laying her head on his strong chest she can hear his heart racing and his body temperature rising.

     She is satisfied with Liu Mo. It is the right choice to pick him as a bed partner. He will be obedient and do whatever I ask of him. I might even be able to use this silly boy to destroy Feng LiMei. He looks like a puppy who found a home. Once he tastes my pussy he will be unable to refuse any request. But I can’t rush. I can tell he likes the sweet and pitiful type. Su Wanqing runs her finger across his heart, “Brother can you call me QingQing.” 

  Liu Mo’s Adam’s apple rolls up and down, if she keeps touching me..his voice is dry and hoarse, “Of course. Since you recognized me as your brother I will.”

  She pulls on his undershirt and can see his nipples are erect and hard from her teasing. She softly says, “Well..”

  He coughs then apprehensively says, “QingQing.”

  She looks up at him adoringly as she smiles prettily hooking him in with her eyes that have a hint of dependence. She sounds childish but with a hint of seduction, “My name sounds so good when you say it Brother Mo. Say it again.”

  “Qing Qing.” He has his hand in the air about to stroke her hair and kiss her tempting lips. but pulls his hand back. He nervously puts his hand behind him on the ground, damn I want to see what her full red and soft looking lips taste like. I’m sure her lips are sweet and as delicious as I have imagined in my dreams.

     Su Qing can see all his emotions clearly on his innocent face. I have to admit this young man’s voice is good. Low and full of affection, too bad I am not an innocent young girl I might actually like this good looking little milk dog. She is comfortable in his arms but the mood is broken when he says, ”What’s this?”

     Liu Mo has a piece of crumpled paper he picked up out of the grass where his hand was resting. He unfolds the paper. Su Wanqing’s tranquil mood disappears when she sees the drawing of Feng LiMei. He can feel her body that was relaxed a moment ago tense up, “What’s wrong?”

   Controlling her turbulent emotions she calmly shakes her head.“Nothing… but we should go.” 

    She quickly stands up and Liu Mo feels at a loss as the warmth from her soft body leaves him. He tosses away the drawing and stands up also. He notices her face is very red and has no idea that she is full of rage because of  the drawing. He is picking up the backpack and doesn’t notice her furiously grinding the heel of her hiking boot on the irksome picture. She is satisfied when the drawing is torn and dirt is smeared across the beautiful smiling face she hates.

   Liu Mo sweetly asks, “QingQing. Let me carry you, you didn’t rest long enough.”

   She is in a bad mood now and curtly responds, “No. We need to hurry.”

   Liu Mo has no idea why her mood suddenly turned gloomy but thinks it is because there is loud thunder echoing in the distance. 

   Su Wanqing crushes patches of colorful wildflowers as she stomps through the field not taking the path. He meekly walks beside her sensing her sudden coldness. Liu Mo writes it off to the fact it is going to storm and she doesn’t want to go collect the herbs and berries.

   She is thinking about Feng LiMei, at first she thought Rui drew the picture then remembered he is with Wong Hu. The little fat man? She has seen Baobei with a sketch pad but never thought to look at what he was drawing.

   Lifting her thin eyebrow she is deep in thought, although I hate the subject for a five year old the kid is talented. expected of the Master’s grandson I guess. He has nurtured the little eyesore since he was a baby. He probably wanted to make up for the fact he kicked his incompetent son out and the kid’s mother…I have always wondered what happened there. It is a mystery…to mention the woman is taboo. I barely said her name one day and the Master slapped me.

   The sound of thunder and a streak of lightning snap her out of her daze. She quickens her pace towards the mountain still ignoring Liu Mo by her side.

Rui and Wong Hu Argue

   While playing Go, Wong Hu moves a black stone and Rui knits his eyebrows while looking at the board. He can’t concentrate because he is thinking about LiMei. He fiddles with the white stone in his hand. “Tell me about my wife…I know you felt something unusual when you checked her pulse.” Rui puts down the white stone in his hand on the board blocking Wong Hu’s attempt to gain more territory.

  Wong Hu has a slight smile, “As expected of my best student!”

  “I want to know about LiMei.”

   ‘”We can discuss your wife after the game. I can’t do anything for the woman until  Wanqing returns with what I need anyway. She has gone to the mountain to pick the berries and herbs I need.”

  “What the hell!” Rui is furious, “I told you Su Wanqing intends to harm LiMei, why would you send that woman. If you need medicinal herbs I could go get them.”

  “I want to play Go with you.  She doesn’t know why I want the Pycarius Berries so there is no need to worry.”

  Rui’s eyelashes tremble and has a suffocating feeling in his heart, “No need to worry? Are you telling me that my wife has a cold poison in her body? Why else would you need those heat filled berries?” 

  Wong Hu pulls on his thick gray beard while contemplating his next move. “True…. Feng LiMei has a cold poison in her body.” He looks at Rui and his voice is tinged with sarcasm, “But your little wife has an unusual constitution doesn’t she Rui…so the poison is somewhat dormant. “He places a black stone on the grid. “The only effect is… well…your wife won’t be able to get pregnant until the cold poison is resolved.” 

   Ru’s pitch black eyes look like a bottomless abyss, “WONG HU! Fucking tell me about what is going on with my wife!” No wonder LiMei hasn’t gotten pregnant with all my effort…who fucking did this? Xinghi?

   “It’s your move.”

  “Do you think I can still play after you tell me that! I want to know everything!”

  Wong Hu leans back in the chair and shakes his head disapprovingly. “Qiao Rui, you came here for my treasure because my incompetent son was able to threaten you with that little girl. You are weakened… vulnerable because of that little girl. You compromised the principles I taught you because of that little girl. Not to mention you have made a very dangerous enemy in that lunatic Xinghi because of Feng LiMei.

    I never thought my most favored disciple…the cold and heartless Qiao Rui would be such a disappointment.  I didn’t teach you all I know so you could throw it  away because you fell in love.” He smirks, “a love that is illusionary… you tampered with the little girl’s memory…creating a beautiful delicate doll who depends on you…whose world revolves around you. Well…I am going to restore her memories and cure the girl…then see if she stays willingly by your side. You both would be better off apart…you are not fated to be together.”

  Rui in a rage flips over the board and the black and white stones rattle on the table some spilling onto the floor. He clenches his fists at his side and the veins in his forehead are bulging. “SHUT UP! YOU THINK I AM LIKE YOU? I WILL NEVER GIVE UP THE WOMAN I LOVE!  IF I AM WEAKER IN YOUR EYES …DESPICABLE…UNPRINCIPLED…I DON”T GIVE A FUCK! I WILL NEVER LET LIMEI LEAVE ME!

  Infuriated by Rui bringing up the past, Wong Hu lifts his palm in anger. The force of his internal energy hitting Rui’s chest causes him to fly across the room hitting the wall. Wong Hu’s voice is low and threatening. ”You dare! One more word and I won’t be so gentle.”

   Rui coughs up blood and can barely breathe from the intense blow. He is bent over and holds his chest. “Who are you to judge me. Your other disciples…fuck your own son doesn’t know but I do…I saw with my own eyes you and…”

  Wong Hu remembering his own weakness…bewitched by the woman’s beauty…seduced and falling into hell… the aftermath of the illicit trysts…. grabs Rui by the throat, “You should leave with Yang Chenxi. I won’t be treating Feng LiMei.”

  Rui locks eyes with him, “One game of Go..if I win… you cure LiMei and hand over the treasure.”

  Regaining his sanity ,Wong Hu lets go of Rui’s neck, “If you lose?”

  “Anything you want.”



  “Even if I say you need to leave Feng LiMei?’

  “I don’t plan on losing, so yes.”

  Wong Hu laughs and puts his arm around Rui’s shoulder, “It is good to see my disciple is still arrogant. Brat, you have never beat me.”

  “I will today.”

  “I will agree with curing Feng LiMei as to taking the treasure we will need to discuss. I don’t think you know how precious the treasure is to me. And once you know what the treasure is…you may change your mind about delivering to Chao. He is unfit to possess the little treasure.”

   The little treasure, Baobei, has his sketch pad out and is drawing LiMei. She is sitting on the ground leaning against a large fig tree in the midst of a field of wildflowers. Perched in the tree, Jack after nibbling on some figs comfortably naps, totally forgetting his mission to bring Baobei back.

   LiMei is wearing a colorful flower wreath she made with purple and pink wildflowers. She looks up,  finishing a small wreath made of small white daisies for Baobei. “Baobei, let me see.”

“Sister LiMei, the picture isn’t finished.”

  “I want to see.”

   He walks over carrying the pad and LiMei pulls him onto her lap. Smiling she puts the wreath on his head, “ cute!”

   Baobei blushes, “I am a boy!”

    She pinches his chubby cheek, “You are drawing a picture of me so I wanted to make something for you. Let me see the picture.”

   He sheepishly holds the white piece of paper up with a girl half drawn, “I’m not done yet…it will be better once I color the flower wreath on your head.” He hid the crumpled up sheets of his first three attempts under some flowers.

   LiMei’s eyes widen and her  mouth forms an O shape, expecting a childish drawing but the picture is surprisingly good. She stares at the lifelike drawing, ’Baobei, you are such a good artist!”

   “Thanks. I really like to draw. I don’t draw people very often, usually I draw pictures of the medicinal plants I find so I can remember what each one is. I will show you when we get to my cave. I forgot my book the last time I came to the mountain. I show the pictures to Grandfather and he helps me write the names.”

  She can’t resist and hugs him then kisses his cheek, “Baobei, you are so awesome!”

  The tips of Baobei’s ears turn bright red and so does his small face. No one besides his grandfather has ever kissed him. He has a warm feeling in his heart and decides he will convince his grandfather to let him go home with LiMei for a visit. He gazes up at LiMei’s beautiful face adoringly, It would be nice to be hugged and kissed like this more often by the beautiful sister.

   LiMei looks out at the mountain and the clouds forming, “When you finish we should get going. It looks like it might rain.”

   Baobei looks up at the sky and frowns, “I didn’t bring an umbrella.”

  LiMei chuckles, “Little man, it didn’t look like rain earlier, you can’t blame yourself. You brought everything we really If it rains we can stay in your cave until it lets up.”

  Baobei’s deep brown eyes sparkle, “My cave is very comfortable!”

  “Great! When you complete your drawing we can go.”


   LiMei takes a sip of water enjoying the warm breeze. She sighs as she picks up one of the ripe figs Jack brought her earlier. It is not as unbearably hot as when we were trekking across the two barren fields. She closes her eyes and thinks about Rui, I wonder if he is with Miss Su?


Go To The Mountain Part 3

      After confronting Su Wanqing on the way to the Main House Rui is livid. He smashes his fist into a tree, fucking lying bitch! Quickening his pace he ignores Yang Chenxi trying to get his attention as he passes by several disciples on their way to the dining room. Unable to control the rage brewing inside of him, he storms into Wong Hu’s study unannounced. 

    Rui’s handsome face contorts in anger, clenching his jaw he spits out. “I don’t care if Su Wanqing is your adopted daughter! She is a lying scheming bitch! You need to control that poisonous woman or don’t blame me when I crush her scrawny neck squeezing the fucking life out of her!”

    Wong Hu throws an exquisite jade teacup at Rui’s head and Rui barely has time to dodge as the cup whizzes past his head. The rare antique cup smashes into pieces when it hits the wall. “Brat! Who gave you the guts to come into my study in a huff! I thought I trained you not to be impulsive and contain that rage of yours! Did I waste my time? What I hate most is wasting my time on an ungrateful disciple!”

   Rui glares at him, “Master, I love my wife more than you could possibly imagine. LiMei means everything to me…she brought light into my dark cold world. I won’t lose my wife!” Rui narrows his eyes dangerously and is surrounded by a lethal aura of pitch black killing intent. If Wong Hu was anyone else he would be dead. Rui continues, “That fucking bitch tried to hurt Feng LiMei..not once..but twice!”

   Wong Hu raises a bushy eyebrow and closes the book he is reading. “Do you have any proof? Wanqing is a spoiled and willful woman but she knows her boundaries. Unfortunately, the poor girl set her eyes on you and then you appeared here unexpectedly with a very young and incredibly beautiful wife.

Wanqing is extremely vain and was probably stunned by your wife’s fairy-like appearance and you doting on the little girl. I know I was. It is only natural for her to be upset…but… try to harm your wife? Wanqing isn’t stupid. She is aware of how you deal with your enemies and I’m sure has no desire to die a miserable death.”

   “I don’t have any evidence and of course she wouldn’t admit her wrongdoing! Do you know the last room that the unfortunate maid cleaned was our bedroom? Our fucking bedroom! You don’t think that is suspicious?”

   Wong Hue taps his pen on the desk.“I will talk to Wanqing. If I find she had a hand in harming the maid with the intention of dealing with Feng LiMei, I will punish her severely.”

   Rui knows that is all he can hope for without any definitive proof. “I will hold you to that.”

  Wong Hu stands up and walks to a table with a Go board set up. He says, “We can discuss your wife’s condition while we play. Since you left there is no one that is a worthy opponent. “

Meanwhile, in the furthest corner of the Compound Su Wanqing’s eyes are full of hate as she sits in her Courtyard stewing over the unpleasant encounter with Rui. She is cursing LiMei. How did the little fox girl seduce Brother Rui. She couldn’t possibly satisfy him in bed! She frowns as she pets a crimson red snake on her lap.

Dangling a fat white mouse by its tail in front of the snake she bitterly exclaims, “Ruby, why does Brother Rui not see how much better I am than that timid little mouse!”

The snake hisses and opens its mouth wide, expecting to be fed but Su Wanqing teases the snake while lamenting, “Nothing is going as I planned! Now the old fart wants me to go to the mountains to get Pycarious Berries. It is so hot today! I don’t want to go!”

   A boyish looking young man is standing at the gate to her Courtyard watching Su Wanqing with lustful eyes. Is it true she helped that bastard Qiao ascend by having sex with him? Mixing her yin with his dark yang? That sounds outrageous but I wouldn’t mind trying…at the very least I could fuck the woman..she is so beautiful.

   He stands there watching her tease the snake with the mouse and his lips curl up into a smile. She is a very interesting woman.The thought of her touching him with those long slender jade like fingers makes his Adam’s apple roll up and down.

   Su Wanqing notices Liu Mo. She has seen him peeping at her at night while she is in the bath. After she discovered him the first time she found it fun knowing he was watching. She would get out of the bath still dripping with water and rub her erect buds while he watched at the window. Sometimes she would finger herself and climax while listening to him moaning outside.

    He is rather short and not as handsome as Qiao Rui. But, his body looks well toned and his face when he is excited is strangely appealing. He looks like a little kid who just tasted candy for the first time. Today…today might be the man’s lucky day. I need a good fuck to get rid of my pent up sexual energy… I can imagine that he is Brother Rui.

  Su Wanqing stuns the mouse whose tail is pinched between her finger with a blow to the head then tosses the dazed creature into the Courtyard. The hungry snake quickly slithers down to the ground, following the mouse as it staggers under a flowering bush.

She leans back in the chair and opens a beautiful painted fan then unbuttons the top of her white silk blouse. She sighs as she fans herself, “Ahhh…I am so hot. I wish I had someone to go to the mountain to help me.”

   Liu Mo thinks this is his chance. He hesitates, then opens the gate and nervously walks into the Courtyard. “Miss Su, I was walking by and heard what you said. I am finished with my training for the day I can help .”

   She  coquettishly waves the fan across her half-exposed breasts, drawing his attention there, “Really?”

  He can feel his heart pounding being so close to the woman he has only been able to watch from the shadows. Liu Mo’s eyes are riveted on her large breasts as they rise and fall with her breathing. “Yes.”

   Su Wanqing smiles brightly dazzling him, “Very good! I was dreading going by myself. I usually take Little Baobei but he is nowhere to be found. I never looked for him the last thing I need is that aggravating little eyesore. I am annoyed beyond words already from Brother Rui and his concern for the little twit. If I didn’t think fast on my feet he might have strangled me to death on the spot. “Come in the house and wait, it is so hot out here.”

Lui Mo eagerly follows behind Su Wanqing watching her full hips swaying provocatively and gulps down his saliva.

   She leaves the door slightly open to her bedroom as she changes clothes. He wanders over and can see her standing by the bed in only her skimpy underwear. He feels himself get hard and wants to rush into the room to push her down on the bed. No..if I can get closer to Miss Su by helping her gather herbs maybe … 

    Surprised Liu Mo doesn’t take the bait she decides she will seduce him after they do the old man’s bidding. At least I can get him to crawl out and pick the Pycarius berries that grow on vines in the crevices of the cliff. The last time I made the little nuisance do it.

   Su Wanqing finishes dressing and walks out, Liu Mo is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed drinking a bottle of water. She chuckles to herself, the man does have good martial arts skills. I didn’t hear him go back to the living room. She smiles brightly, “I’m ready.”

   He stands up and takes the basket and bag from her hand. “Let me.”

   Su Wanqing gazes at Liu Mo appreciating his angular profile and muscular body. She notices the bulge in his pants and licks her lips. I haven’t been properly fucked since I was in Morrocco I am looking forward to seeing his performance after he ingests the aphrodisiac I am bringing. 

   They walk out of the Courtyard and head towards the mountain. 

Go To The Mountain Part 2

    The bird has a bad premonition and flies over the forest. The brat probably wants to show off for Feng LiMei. I saw he has a crush on the little beauty. After he passes over the tall trees he sees Baobei and the beautiful girl sitting by the stream. 

    Jack swoops down and lands on a large rock by the blue and white blanket that is spread on the ground. Baobei frowns, Yang Chenxi must have sent the annoying bird to find me. I am not going back. I am going to the mountain and show Sister LiMei my special cave!

   LiMei sees Jack and smiles as she helps Baobei with the food. “Jack! I haven’t seen you since we arrived on the Island!” She sits down and pats the blanket next to her, “Come sit with us!”

   If a bird could smile Jack would be beaming right now. She remembers my name! He gently flaps his wings and quietly lands next to LiMei. She feeds him a piece of chicken, “Jack are you leaving with Mr.Yang today?”

   He nods and LiMei pats his head, “You are so smart! I have never seen a bird that understands human language.”

    Baobei swallows a piece of ham steak and snorts, “It is because Grandfather trained Jack. He told me he used an ancient technique to awaken Jack’s consciousness. He said I shouldn’t tell anyone but you are different. I know you can keep a secret.”

   “You mean magic?”

   “I don’t know, I can only read a little. My Grandfather has a very old book. The pages aren’t like my school books, the pages are yellow and the writing is weird. I look at the strange pictures in the book sometimes when I am in his study waiting for him to finish his work.” He puts a straw in a bottle of orange juice and takes a sip. “When Grandfather has time at bedtime he will come to my room and read. He tells the most amazing stories.”

    Grabbing a scallion pancake he rolls it up, after he rips a piece off for Jack he stuffs the remainder into his mouth. Baobei’s cheeks are bulging and LiMei teases, “Little man, eat slower, no one will steal it from you.”

   Jack lowers his head and covers his face with his wings when Baobei replies, “Pfft! Jack will.”

   LiMei gazes with a reproachful look at Jack and giggles, “Jack! Haha…Naughty bird! Do you take Baobei’s food?”

   Jack flies away and LiMei frowns, “I was just kidding.”

   A few minutes later Jack returns with several small bright red fruits with a yellow stripe down the middle in his talons and drops them onto the blanket. LiMei smiles and picks one up, “Thank you Jack.” She holds one in her hand, “Baobei, what kind of fruit is this?”

   Baobei glares at Jack, “You! You…Show off! I was going to climb up and get some for Sister LiMei!”

   LiMei wipes Baobei’s mouth with a napkin, “I think Jack is apologizing.”

   Baobei crosses his chubby legs and picks up one of the fruits, “Well, these are really sweet and delicious. and difficult to get. They grow on the cliffs over there.” He takes a bite and red juice drips down his chin, he points his stubby finger soaked with red juice to the left.” I think this Island is the only place they grow, they are called Dragon Eyes. See.” He picks up two and covers his eyes with them,”Don’t I look like a fierce dragon?”

   She bursts out laughing at his adorable appearance, “ do.very terrifying…haha.”

   He hands one to  LiMei, she takes a bite and sighs, “OH MY! I have never tasted a fruit like this that melts in your mouth!”

   LiMei’s eyes are sparking and she takes another bite. “Really delicious.”

  Baobei says, “These fruits are full of energy too. If you are tired and eat one your internal energy is replenished.”

   LiMei’s eyes bend into a crescent shape, “What kind of mystical Island is this..haha..spirit animals… fairy fruit.”

   Baobei gets up and walks over to the stream and washes his hands. He kicks a rock on the way back and his face has a complicated expression.

   LiMei notices he seems unhappy all of a sudden and puts him on her lap. She pinches his soft tofu like cheek, “Cutie, why are you so gloomy?”

   “Well if this was an ordinary Island Grandfather wouldn’t be in danger all the time. Bad men always come to steal the Island’s secrets. There are so many treasures here…and the ancient book just last week..”

    She pats Baobei’s head but doesn’t know what to say to comfort him. Looking at Jack and the fruit LiMei wrinkles her forehead yes..people are greedy and want to snatch anything valuable. 

    Jack starts flapping his wings furiously and making noises, “KeKawkakakakaka” Stop talking little boy! She shouldn’t know the Master’s secrets!

    LiMei can see how agitated Jack is and she has a stern expression, “Jack! I will never repeat anything Baobei tells me. Can’t you see he needs to confide his feelings in someone!”

   Baobei kicks Jack away, “Yeah..Sister LiMei is my friend..she said she wouldn’t tell anyone my secrets!” He stands up, “It will start getting really hot soon. We should get going.”

   LiMei picks up the blanket and shakes it then folds it neatly. She unzips his  backpack. “My goodness Baobei you have a lot of stuff in here!”

   “I like to be prepared.”

    Jack has totally forgotten he was supposed to bring Baobei back to the Main House and follows them as they head towards the mountain.

   LiMei holds his hand, “Baobei would you like to come visit me in Pushong City?”

    “Go..go stay with you in China?”

   “Yes, if your grandfather agrees, you could come stay with me for awhile. We could go to the Amusement Park and the Movies.” LiMei doesn’t think it is fair for the little boy to be other children… adults that are too busy with their own affairs. He is so smart he should be in kindergarten.

   Baobei heaves a big sigh, “Sounds like fun but Grandfather won’t agree.”

   “How do you know he won’t allow you to go? Well, I will ask him when we get back later.”

   They are walking on a beaten down path through a large barren field overgrown with weeds. It looks as though the field was once a cornfield. LiMei looks up at the scorching sun and wishes she had brought sunscreen. Baobei says, “There is a field of wildflowers over the hill up ahead. I think you will like. “

   LiMei takes off her baseball cap and fans herself then wipes her sweaty forehead with the bottom of her shirt, “ Are there any shade trees haha…You were right it is hot now that we are out of the forest.”

   Baobei stops and takes off his backpack and rummages inside. He pulls out a frozen bottle of water. “ Sister LiMei, put this on your neck, it will cool you off. Here is a handkerchief too.”

   LiMei bends down and hugs Baobei, “Little man thank you! I didn’t think to bring anything when we left the house. I am so useless!” She takes the frozen bottle and puts it on her neck and her eyes widen. Holding the icy cool bottle on her forehead she exclaims,“What a good idea!”

    He grins and she pokes his dimple, “You are so smart!”

    He zips up the backpack, “Well one day when Miss Su brought me along to gather herbs she was in a bad mood. I couldn’t keep up and she left me behind. I heard her complaining that she wasn’t a damn babysitter. The sun was so hot I thought I would die I ran back to the stream to cool off. It was then that I decided I needed to think of something for the next time the woman ditched me.”

     Upset that a little boy endured being mistreated LiMei hugs him tighter “Baobei! Oh baby, that’s terrible!” 

   “Well… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

  “…” LiMei doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This kid is too much! So is that terrible woman! How could she leave such an adorable child to fend for himself!

Go To The Mountain Part 1

     After Rui leaves LiMei shivers still unsettled by her realistic dream. I don’t want to lose Rui. I can’t. I will learn to be more seductive and not let Su Wanqing or any woman steal my husband. She holds her head, why..why did I dream of them rolling in bed. I thought if I tried something new Rui would stay in bed with me..but no..he he going to meet that woman?

She thinks about when Su Wanqing came to the lake and her curvaceous figure in the red bikini top. Rui told me to go give Diablo an he could be alone with her?. 

   LiMei wipes the tears from her eyes, I knew I was too happy. I don’t deserve Rui. He is so outstanding in every way…so handsome and super sexy.

  There is a knock on the door, LiMei quickly puts on a bathrobe and calls out, “Who is it?”

  She hears a sweet childish voice.“Sister LiMei, It’s Baobei.” 

  “Just a minute.” LiMei hurriedly puts on underwear and a pair of denim shorts. Looking in her suitcase she chooses a pink short sleeve blouse then shakes her head. She picks out a red tank top and slips it on over her head. Once she tucks in the clingy tight top she zips up the shorts and rolls up the bottom of the shorts. That will make my legs look longer.

   She brushes her long black hair and puts it into a high pony tail then answers the door.

   Baobei rushes into the living room and hugs her legs, “I saw the mean man at the main House so I rushed down here.” He grabs her hand, “Let’s go to the mountain before he returns.”

   She giggles, “Slow down. Come sit.” LiMei’s stomach is growling, “Sweetie, I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

   “I brought breakfast that we can eat on the way.” He anxiously jumps up and picks up her white high top tennis shoes by the door. “Hurry.”

   LiMei rubs his head, “Little boy, why don’t you like Qiao Rui? He is a very nice man.” Too nice..too perfect!

   Baobei rolls his eyes, “Sister, you are blinded by love. That man is a devil..a devil. Hmmph! I just saw him with Miss Su. He had his hand around her neck and his face was right next to hers.Then he took her hand and dragged her behind the bushes. I heard all kinds of sounds. Miss Su was moaning and yelling his name. If I liked her at all I would have called one of my grandfather’s disciples to save her from him.”  

  LiMei misunderstands and her eyes widen, my dream is true.. Rui and Miss Su… LiMei has a knot in her stomach and feels her heart breaking. Baobei notices her pale complexion and hands her a bottle of juice from his backpack. “Drink this then we can eat as we walk.”

  “Hmm.” LiMei puts on the tennis shoes and follows him towards the front door. Tormented by the thought Rui and Su Wanqing are having sex she feels her soul has left her body.

Baobei says, “Wait, you need a hat and sunglasses.”

   He sees LiMei is standing frozen in one spot, “Sister where are they? I will get them for you.”

  LiMei points to the bedroom and he moves his chubby little legs as fast as he can. He emerges holding a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. He hands them to LiMei and opens the front door. He stops..”Umm maybe you… you should leave the Big Devil a note.” He doesn’t want to face an angry Qiao Rui when they return. “Say you decided to go pick flowers on the Mountain.”

  She  walks out into the Courtyard, “No need. He won’t care.”

  LiMei is in a daze as she walks through the Courtyard. Baobei takes her hand, “The mountain is really beautiful.”

  Feeling his small warm hand in hers, LiMei decides to try and not think about Rui and the woman. “Baobei, do you go to the mountain often by yourself?”

  He is happily skipping along then stops, “Huh?” He nervously answers, “Oh yeah..all the time. Grandfather is very busy…all the guys are practicing..Miss Su takes me with her sometimes but only when Grandfather tells her to teach me about medicinal herbs and plants.”

   “You know about medicinal plants and herbs? That is very cool.”

    They walk out of the Compound and enter a dense forest. LiMei looks around as Baobei pulls her hand, “Once we are out of this forest there is a nice place by a stream to sit and eat.” We will be far enough away that they can’t find us. I went this way one time with Miss Su and marked the trees.

   LiMei feels sorry for Baobei, he must be lonely, I will stop thinking about Rui,set aside my heartache and play with him today.

She smiles gazing at the chubby little boy wearing a cartoon t-shirt and a blue Yankees baseball cap. He is smiling happily and his little face is lit up with excitement. He has a red and yellow backpack with a thermos on the side. So cute! He must have got up early and planned this little expedition. She watches him checking out the trees that are marked. Not only are ribbons on the branches but marks are carved into the bark. “Baobei, I am really impressed, you marked the trees so you can find your way.”

  The little fat man’s round eyes sparkle and his small face light up from her compliment. He puffs out his chest, “Yes. I have a compass but I thought in case I ever lost it or it broke this would be a good idea. The first time some of the ribbons blew off so I stole..I mean I borrowed a knife from the kitchen and carved my initials.”

  He hears LiMei’s stomach making noises and reaches in his backpack, “Have an apple it will be about an hour before we reach the stream. I made a nice little area for relaxing there and we can have breakfast.”

   She takes the apple from him and bites into the juicy piece of fruit. “Yum..very sweet.”

  “I packed a lot of delicious food.” Auntie was making breakfast and I stole quite a bit. There was a whole chicken in the refrigerator I brought too!

   Yang Chenxi walks into the kitchen and picks up a plate, “Auntie, have you seen Baobei? I want to say goodbye to the little fat man before I leave.” 

  “He ran in here earlier and I haven’t seen him since.”

  Yang Chenxi fills his plate then walks out to the Courtyard, Jack is resting on a branch when he smells the food. He swoops down and lands on the stone table. Yang Chenxi tosses the black hawk a piece of ham, “Jack have you seen the little fat man?”

   Jack nods his head, he saw Baobei running down the path to that evil woman, his mother’s Courtyard. Yang Chenxi gives him another piece. “Go bring him back. I want to see him before we go.”

  Jack stares greedily at the piece of steak on the plate and after he is given a large piece he flies down to the Plum Blossom Courtyard. He pecks at the window and hovers looking inside. Then flies off to check where Baobei usually plays and can’t see him. 

LiMei Dreams of Rui and Su Wanqing

This chapter is for my 18+ readers only. It is very spicy…LiMei feels threatened. Enjoy! ❤ I know my awesome friend and sponsor Lily will haha..


   Rui sleeps with LiMei snuggling in his chest. He opens his eyes and has a deeply satisfied expression on his face gazing at her naked body covered with his love marks. LiMei is wrapped around him and he tightens his embrace. My Baby must be very tired after last night, he inwardly chuckles, my little wife is getting more daring.

Rui recalls LiMei’s lustful appearance as she begged him to fuck her little wet pussy. He is getting aroused as he caresses LiMei’s soft warm body and puts his large hands on her slim hips turning her to the side.  Stroking her tangled long black hair, Rui gently enters her tight flower hole from behind as his hot palms move up to play with her breasts.

   While Rui pinches her erect bud and kneads her tender breasts , LiMei softly moans but doesn’t wake up, too exhausted from Rui tossing her delicate body all night.

Rui feels her walls tightening around his huge shaft and he begins to rhythmically thrust in and out of the tiny hole. LIMei lets out a cry as he plunges deep reaching her cervix with the head of his scorching hot c*ck. Half awake she moans as her body instinctively cooperates with his movements, “Ahhh… Mmmm…” her voice is hoarse…”Ruiii… Soo tired..” She can feel his moist warm breath as he sucks and licks her neck. The intoxicating sensation causes LiMei to quiver as a wave of heat engulfs her sensitive body.

Rui can’t control his inner beast as the fire within him is fueled by the sound of her low moans. He growls, “Baby… Wife…AHH…give it to me.. UMMM… I need you…My c*ck wants to be inside your tight little pussy.”

    Honey gushes down his thick shaft and he has a devilish smile as her tunnel becomes slippery allowing him to slide into the depths of her flower cave.  Ummm… my c*ck is fucking your sweet little pussy…. feels so damn good…Ahh..My Baby is as tight as the first time I broke her pure virgin body.

He rams into her tiny hole again, gazing at her long messy black hair cascading down her slender back and her willow like waist... I was my baby’s first man and I will be her only comfortable..want to stay like this forever.

    LiMei is floating in the clouds from euphoria as Rui skilfully manipulates her lithe body, but is sapped of energy… “AHHH…OHHHH….Your c*ck is too big…too strong…RUIIII!!!!…too deep ..sooo tired. HUSBAND!”

    Rui bites her delicate shoulder and his deep voice is hypnotic. “Baby…you know you want it ..your little pussy is hungry …so wet…let Husband fuck you hard.” He fondles her soft breasts as he continues to fiercely pump his throbbing c*ck in and out. 

    LiMei’s eyes are closed and she is deep in a dream state but her body surrenders as Rui continuously hits her sensitive spot with the tip of his swollen c*ck. She whimpers as he vigorously moves inside of her and his arm encircles her tiny waist. He knows LiMei’s weaknesses and rubs his thumb across her red and swollen nub and her body shakes uncontrollably.

    Out of control he turns LiMei’s flushed body over so he can ravage her jade like breasts. He sweeps his tongue playfully across her erect nipple then sucks and nibbles making LiMei writhe on the bed. How nice it would be if LiMei had sweet milk for me to drink. I must get my little wife pregnant.

He lifts his head and kisses LiMei deeply entangling their tongues until LiMei gasps for air. Rui is engulfed in indescribable bliss and his heart thumps wildly in his heaving chest. Looking at LiMei’s flawless face his pitch black eyes are filled with paranoid obsession. Mesmerized by her breathtaking natural beauty he ravenously stares at her flawless face like a man possessed. Wife, you are my most precious treasure… you can only belong to me…every part of your luscious body is incredible. I can’t get enough of the delicious taste of your sweetness. 

   He continues to sprint inside of LiMei, sweat dripping off his forehead onto her snow white peaks that are bouncing with his movements. After fiercely penetrating LiMei, crashing into her core several times, her walls clamp his c*ck tightly, Rui can no longer hold back the urge to shoot his essence inside of LiMei.

    Rui’s body shudders and he sounds like a wild beast as he grunts,“NNNGH..UUUUHHH…BABYY…MMMMNNN…So fucking tight..Your pussy is strangling my fucking c*ck..AHHHH!!!!!….

    LiMei is filled with his scorching hot essence and Rui kisses her damp forehead and her trembling eyelashes. Rui raises the corner of his mouth as he runs his finger down her cheek. My baby is the most beautiful… He hugs her petite body that still hot and flushed from their lovemaking, then gets up to run the bath.

   After he bathes LiMei in a soothing medicinal bath he gently lays her on the big bed and applies ointment to her body covered in his love bites.Rui coats his erect c*ck with a special ointment he created just for LiMei and slides his huge c*ck into her red and swollen pussy. He slowly pushes in as deep as he can and LiMei feels a cool soothing sensation.

LiMei softly sighs, ‘Umm…so comfortable.” Rui resists the desire to toss LiMei again and pulls out thinking he will take care of his painful erection in the bathroom.

LiMei drowsily opens her eyes and flutters her eyelashes. “Husband…” She sees his erect c*ck and smiles then puts her hand on his shaft and rubs,  “Do you need your wife to help you?” She surprises him by putting his throbbing c*ck in between her perfectly shaped breasts and Rui begins panting heavily, “Wife you are becoming so sassy. My slutty little baby…Husband likes it.” 

    She has her small warm hands squeezing her soft breasts together as Rui’s  c*ck still coated with the creamy ointment and her honey slides up and down. LiMei licks the oozing juice on the tip and then teases him with her tongue and soft hands She stops and licks her glistening lips, “Husband, I love the way your big c*ck tastes.” She seductively bites her lower lip, “Feed your slutty wife.”

   Rui can barely hold onto his sanity listening to her lewdness. Rui’s erection swells even bigger, the veins bulging and his thick shaft pulsating in anticipation. “If my sluttly little wife is hungry. What kind of husband would I be if I didn’t feed her.”

“YES! I am Rui’s little slut..I want his big fat c*ck to fuck my mouth!”

Rui fevershly kisses LiMei bewitched by her beautiful green eyes filled with only him.

“I will give it to you little slut…feed my meat stick to my hungry Little Baby…” He puts his swollen c*ck into her mouth and groans in pleasure as her small moist mouth sucks him vigorously and her hands busily play with the bulging sacs below.

LiMei’s unexpected seductive behaviour arouses Rui almost to the brink of insanity. He moans loudly, “ wife is a little slut…my little hussy..Ahhh.. little slut you are making me crazy…”Mmmm… My c*ck wants to fuck your mouth deeper”

He thrusts his c*ck into her throat until LiMei gags only able to take half his hugeness. She moves her hot hands up and down his thick shaft that she can’t take into her tiny mouth.

Rui’s breathing is ragged and his hands are in her tangled hair as he presses the back of her head and growls, “Ummm…Baby…My Little Slut…Nnngh…My c*ck is going to explode…Mmmmnnn… Little Demoness…My c*ck likes your little mouth so much…” Rui has reached his limit and shoots his hot essence into her mouth. LiMei can barely swallow it all, some of the creamy fluid drips down the corner of her mouth onto her chin.

    Rui takes his semi hard c*ck from her mouth LiMei licks her lips and runs her finger over her chin covered in the thick sticky essence. “I can’t waste any of my darling hubby’s nourishment.”

   Rui is stimulated by the erotic sight and is breathing heavily. He uses all of his self contol not to fuck the little beauty acting spoiled because he needs to meet Wong Hu soon.

He lowers his head and nibbles on her ear, “My Baby has become such a greedy little slut..I want to feed her other mouth now ..but I just applied medicine.”

   She wraps her arms around his neck, and coquettishly says, “Docor Qiao,You have more medicine don’t you in your bag…I want my Husband to fuck me..I’m so itchy. She kisses him. “Rui’s little slut feels so empty without his big c*ck deep inside her little hole.”

   He is tempted but he says, “Baby, you need to rest. I have to go talk to Wong Hu.”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes and kisses his lips again. This time sticking her small pink tongue in his mouth teasing his tongue while her hand caresses the tip of his c*ck that is hardening again from her efforts. She curls up her lips into a seductive smile, “Husband, shouldn’t you reward your slutty little wife for making your dragon so comfortable.”

   He turns LiMei over onto his lap and slaps her round bottom, “I should punish my little wife for being clingy…and acting spoiled… distracting me when I have to leave.”

   LiMei feels a stinging pain but a burst of pleasure from the slap. She wiggles her cute little butt, “Husband, you should punish me…I couldn’t swallow all your precious essence.”

   Rui laughs and slapping LiMei’s bottom a little harder, he teases “Naughty girl, I don’t think this is punishment enough for such a greedy little slut.” He gazes at her perky snow white cheeks with the glaring red handprints then lifts her hips, mercilessly licking and biting her soft uplifted ass.

  LiMei softly moans as her honey flows onto his thighs. “Ahh..Mmmnn… Husband I am a very…very bad girl…a perverted little slut…Punish me more..”

  Rui turns LiMei over and hugs her into his embrace. He lovingly gazes at her red cheeks and her misty green eyes “Little fool, it isn’t punishment if you like it..Your hungry little pussy is dripping all over my thigh… haha..”

   He  passionately kisses all over her face then whispers in her ear, “Baby…I have to go. I will be back as soon as I can.”

   LiMei leans on his chest and pouts, “Rui, do you have to go? I thought we could have breakfast then go to the lake for another swimming lesson.”

   He plays with a strand of her silky black hair, “We can go when I return.”

  Rui reluctantly lays LiMei down on the bed, “Sleep.”

  LiMei watches him dress and hops out of bed, “I’m not tired I will go with you.”

  He walks over and hugs her naked body, “Baby, I can’t bring you I need to discuss important matters with Wong Hu.” He kisses her forehead, “You would be bored. Rest.”

  “Rui..I..I..oh never mind.” She buttons his light blue shirt then stands on her tiptoes and kisses him then climbs into bed. LiMei covers her head with the lavender and pink quilt embroidered with hibiscus flowers.

   He walks over to the bed and pulls down the quilt, “Childish.” 

   LiMei wrinkles ger small nose and puffs out her cheeks and complains, “This is our honeymoon.” She opens the covers and spreads her legs. LiMei touches herself, opening her flower hole with her fingers to tempt him, “You should stay with me in bed.”

   Rui wonders what got into LiMei and sighs. The greedy wild cat even took the initiative to put my c*ck between her breasts and tease me with her little tongue. The little girl was even seducing me by talking dirty…making me want to go crazy. He taps the tip of her small nose, “Baby…I promise I will come back as soon as I am finished and spend the rest of the day with you.”

  LiMei turns away from him thinking about by her dream and the fact her seduction didn’t work. He is probably going to find that woman... “Just go.”

The realistic dream was very disturbing. A girl who looked just like her was angrily shaking LiMei’s shoulders She warned LiMei…”Rui is so good in bed how do you think he became such an excellent lover? He has been with many women that’s how! Do you think you can match up with a beautiful mature woman like Su Wanqing? Are you stupid? She was flaunting her big breasts wearing a red bikini top and seducing Rui right in front of your stupid naive face! He told you to go feed Diablo so he could be alone with the woman. He was going to look for her last night using getting your luggage as an excuse! Are you blind! First Bai Chinyu now Su Wanqing! “

   LiMei pulls on his arm, “Husband are you sure you won’t stay?”

He furrows his eyebrows because if she continues to provoke him he won’t be able to leave. Rui doesn’t realize he sounds disinterested and annoyed when he responds, “Don’t act like a baby…sleep.” He is actually getting hard again from LiMei’s actions and desperately wishes he could stay.

LiMei is jealous and misunderstands, influenced by her dream she thinks he is impatient to meet Su Wanqing. She buries her head in the pillow as tears silently fall.

He shakes his head looking at LiMei sulking but has no choice and walks towards the door. I would love to stay and fuck your beautiful body all day but this is important. I need to find out what Master discovered when he took your pulse. 


Plum Blossom Courtyard

      After dinner Rui holds LiMei’s hand as they walk along the winding pathway to their Courtyard. He is deep in thought and doesn’t hear LiMei talking to him. Wong Hu told him to come in the morning to his study to discuss LiMei’s situation and the reason for his sudden visit. Rui didn’t get a chance to ask about the ‘treasure’ he came to the Island to retrieve for Wong Chao because of the situation in the maid’s quarters. Rui knits his brows together, Master looked disturbed after checking LiMei’s pulse, what did he discover? Did I really harm my little wife by removing her memories?

     LiMei suddenly stops. “Rui, what are you thinking about? Did you hear what I said?”

   “… sorry…” He lowers his head and kisses LiMei“ I was thinking about something.” 

    “Are you worried about the maid? Should you meet Master Wong at the maid’s quarters? Maybe you can help. I can walk back by myself.”

    “Master can treat the woman.” Worried about some insignificant servant? As if! I am only concerned about you!

   “What had you in a daze?”

    Rui lifts her chin and smiles gazing into her sparkling green eyes, “I was thinking how beautiful my precious little wife looks in the moonlight.” He possessively hugs her slender body into his warm embrace. He slips his hand into her dress and rubs her breast. “I can’t wait to taste my wife’s sweet pus…” LiMei hears footsteps and hastily puts her finger on his half opened lips, “Rui! Shush!”

   Yang Chenxi stops them, “Qiao Rui, Master said for you to sleep in the Plum Blossom Courtyard. The maid was somewhat incoherent… but one thing was clear… the last room she cleaned was your bedroom. She insisted she was bitten by something but when she looked there was nothing but a puddle that suddenly evaporated. After examination she had no bite marks that could be detected but her skin is well..covered in red oozing blisters.  I don’t know if she was hallucinating or what but the fact is the woman is in terrible shape from an unknown cause.”

  LiMei’s mouth is agape, “Oh my..the poor woman! That sounds terribly painful.”

   What Rui gleans from his words are ‘in the bedroom’. Could that poisonous woman have tried to harm LiMei but the maid was bitten by one of her snakes? Rui’s pitch black eyes narrow filled with killing intent, “Is Su Wanqing in the maid’s quarters?”

   “No. After Master Wong arrived, she abruptly left.”

   Rui decides after he gets LiMei settled in the house he will confront Sun Wanqing. He can barely contain his rage but he doesn’t want to frighten LiMei, he clenches his fist in his pocket, Was my goddamn warning not enough for the scheming bitch! 

   They reach the gate to the Courtyard and Rui changes his mind and says, “Chenxi, take LiMei into the house. I am going to grab our suitcases.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen and she stammers “ you can’t go in there, it is too dark.” She anxiously tugs on his arm, “Rui, what if whatever bit the maid is still  in there.”

   He brushes back the loose strands of hair on her forehead then kisses LiMei’s wrinkled brow. “Don’t worry. I will turn on the lights immediately when I enter and be careful.”

   LiMei thinks about the maid’s unsettling condition, what if Rui is bitten? Worried, she puffs out her cheeks and stands in front of the gate with her arms stretched out, “Husband, No! You can’t go in there!” She stutters, “You…you can go in the morning and get our stuff. Not tonight.”

   Rui laughs looking at the determined look on her pretty face and her ‘intimidating stance’, He teases, “Okay Baby, I guess don’t need a nightgown.” I will be stripping it off you anyway.

   LiMei glances at Yang Chenxi and her face is crimson red. She stomps her small foot, “QIao Ruiiiii!”

   He wraps his arms around her thin waist and lifts her up into his arms. Looking at her blushing cheeks and adorable expression he whispers in her ear, “What were you thinking? I meant you could sleep in this dress.” He nibbles and licks on her small earlobe, his low and enticing voice that makes her heart skip a beat , “Or not..I wouldn’t mind.”

   Rui’s seductive voice and his warm breath on her neck makes her quiver. When he shamelessly rubs her breast she softly moans. Almost lost in desire she regains her senses remembering Yang Chenxi is right there. She grabs Rui’s wandering hand  then gives him a warning look “Rascal!”

  He laughs and kisses LiMei, “ My Little Baby is still so shy..we are married after all.”

  Yang Chenxi coughs, “Well, I will see you in the morning then I will be heading to the Mainland.”

   LiMei looks over at Yang Chenxi with a surprised expression , “You are leaving so soon?”

   “I have some business to take care of then I will be back in five days.”

    Rui starts walking away with her in his arms before LiMei can continue the conversation. When they arrive at the Plum Blossom Courtyard he carries her into the house and turns on the light. LiMei looks around at the lavish white and lavender furnishings that have a distinctly feminine touch,  “This house is so pretty. Did a woman live here?”

   “Yes. Wong Baochun’s mother.”

    She really wants to ask about the woman but as though Rui can read her mind he says, “I know you must be curious but I don’t have any answers. I only met the woman once. Master doesn’t mention her and by the fact he told the kid she is dead you can see the woman is a taboo subject.”

   “Poor Baobei, what about his father?”

  “ Wong Chao… He is Wong Hu’s son. He isn’t suitable to raise a child so Wong Baochun is better off being with his grandfather.”

   “LiMei, why don’t you take a bath. I am going to see what the situation is with the maid.”

   “Promise me you won’t go back to the house where we were staying.”

   “I won’t.”


    He takes long strides down to the remote Compound where Su Wanqing’s house is located and angrily pounds on the door. When no one answers he enters but she isn’t there. Yang Chenxi said she left the maid’s quarters…hmm..where the fuck is the bitch! Dammit..I don’t want to leave LiMei alone for too long…I will find the venomous woman in the morning and get some answers.

   Rui returns from her house then takes a deep breath to clear his mind and dispel the darkness surrounding him so as not to alarm LiMei. She seems to sense his moods and he doesn’t want her to worry. When he enters the bedroom he sees LiMei’s  small head sticking out from the covers and he walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. He gently runs his fingers down the contours of her face while staring unblinkingly at her delicate face.

Mesmerized by LiMei’s breathtaking beauty he is uneasy thinking about her safety and the possibility his past with Su Wanqing being revealed. My little wife, you are so untainted  and pure…I don’t want that dirty woman to hurt you…or reveal my secrets. I made it clear that I hate the sight of her..she disgusts me. If I wasn’t forced to use her yin to ascend I never would have touched Su Wanqing at the time.You are the only woman I have ever loved or will love in this life. 

     After Rui kisses LiMei’s soft pink lips he stands up from the bed. He has a ruthless gleam in his eyes as he walks towards the bathroom.  LiMei, I will protect you from that woman…

   Rui comes out of the bathroom after showering. He is wrapped in a towel and realizes their suitcases are in the other house. He walks to a phone on a table and calls Yang Chenxi, “Bring our suitcases here. While you are in the bedroom check and see if their is any indication it was one of Su Wanqing’s fucking snakes that bit the maid.”

  “Will do. I don’t think the woman is that crazy to harm Feng LiMei.”

  “For my relationship with Wong Hu it would be good if nothing points in his adopted daughter’s direction. I won’t tolerate her obsession with me…I warned the fucking whore after she tried to seduce me right in front of my wife.”

   “Whoah! In front of the little girl?” He smirks, “That was a bold move on her part.” He takes a bottle from the refrigerator. ” So you killed her favorite snake.”

  “What do you think?”

  “I would have thought Su Wanqing knew your personality well enough not to cross your bottom line.”

  “Su Wanqing is spoiled and willful. She relies on the fact she is valued by Master. Also, the woman is delusional, believing because she is beautiful any man will fall under her skirt.”

  “It is unfortunate she set her sights on you. I tried to warn her many times that her pursuit of you won’t end well. But.. she is… as you said spoiled and willful.”

   “If she harms even a hair on LiMei’s head I don’t care if Wong Hu severs our relationship. Even if I have to kill him and everyone of his disciples to leave this Island… I will kill the woman.”

    Yang Chenxi gulps down the ice cold beer. “The woman might be stubborn but isn’t stupid. I doubt she would use one of her snakes after your warning.” The hair stands up on the back of Yang Chenxi’s neck recalling the bloody carnage when Rui single handedly destroyed an entire Organization. Qiao Rui is merciless to his enemies and undoubtedly Su Wanqing would meet a miserable death.

  “Bring the luggage”

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