Save My Sister

LiMei sees Rui and goes running over to him then wraps her arms around his waist. She looks up at him with sparkling eyes as she proudly asks, “Rui, did you see me? I made a basket!”

   “Saw.”  Rui hugs LiMei tightly when she runs into his embrace, wanting to crush her into his bones so she could never escape.

Rui’s extreme possessiveness clouded his mind after witnessing LiMei’s cute playfulness on the Basketball Court. It took all his willpower not to drag her away from the group of teenage boys and teach them a painful lesson for coveting his little girl.

After dealing with Hannah Hedwig’s poison he rushed to her apartment to surprise LiMei and was very upset when she wasn’t there. He tried her phone and she didn’t answer, then he called Hak Byung-Soo. He decided to fan the flames and told Rui she rode on Gu Chang’s bike over to the park although he reminded her she was to wait at the apartment.The scene when he arrived at the park made his blood boil, LiMei was laughing and pushing Delun then fooling around with Du Chang. 

He gazes at her flushed face his heart is in turmoil, you are so beautiful LiMei I don’t want to share you with anyone.Rui places his hand on the back of her slender neck and kisses her soft lips entangling their tongues. He needs to taste LiMei’s sweetness to calm the raging beast inside of him. Deepening the kiss he can feel LiMei surrendering to him and when she is breathless he lets her go. LiMei is panting and lets out a kittenish moan, he smiles then licks and sucks on her lips.

  Tightening his grip around her tiny waist he caresses her cheek then buries his head in her neck.  He nibbles on her delicate earlobe, “Baby,you shouldn’t be running around in this weather. You will catch a cold.”

     Rui notices a bike by the bench and can’t hide his jealousy. He holds both of LiMei’s hands and his gloomy tone reveals his mood “Did you ride over here on that boy’s bike?” Did you wrap your arms around him? Press your body against his back? He lifts her chin with his finger “Don’t you remember what happened the last time?”

     LiMei was excited to see him and forgot his temper when it comes to her paying attention to other men… even his own brother.  Rui is consumed with dark emotions...I want to lock LiMei up so no other man can see her smile and laugh. LiMei is trapped against his strong chest and can feel his tense muscles. Rui is jealous and angry. Standing on her tiptoes she wraps her arms around Rui’s neck then lovingly gazes into his dark eyes that are swirling with rolling flames. Smiling brightly she coquettishly flutters her curled black eyelashes, “How could I forget? I met you…the most handsome and perfect man I have ever seen! I fell in love with you at first sight.” Looking over Rui’s shoulder at Hak Byung-Soo  she glares at the smirking bodyguard. I know you told Rui… annoying man! 

  LiMei presses her cherry red lips onto his then tries to divert his attention, “Do you want to go to the Supermarket? You can tell me what you want to eat.”

   Soothed by her words, unexpectedly Rui lifts her into his arms then in a low and seductive voice teases,“You.” 

   LiMei blushes, “Rui! Put me down, all those guys are looking at us.”

    “Good.” He possessively sucks and bites on her lips then admits, ” I want them to see that you are mine.” 

   The boys standing on the court watch them leave. Chen Yi  has an incredulous expression, “Qiao Delun…your brother is Dr. Qiao Rui?”

  “Yeah. Why do you know him?”

  “Dr. Qiao operated on my sister last year. He…he saved her life. Feng LiMei…is his girlfriend?” He has a deflated expression on his handsome face. She really is unattainable.

  Du Chang bounces the basketball as he walks over to them, “Delun, why are you and your brother so different? He is like the fucking King of Hell! I could hardly breathe when he was staring at me. It was like he was tearing me apart with his eyes.”

  Delun laughs and pats Du Chang on the shoulder. “We aren’t that different. It is just when it comes to Feng LiMei my brother is well…possessive.” He is insane when it comes to Feng LiMei…that girl is the only person who makes his cold and indifferent persona collapse.


   Rui opens the door for LiMei  then he walks around the car to get into the driver’s seat. He reaches over and buckles her seatbelt. LiMei can smell his distinct masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance. She stares at his handsome face and he notices, “Am I good looking? Better than those boys?”

  LiMei smiles thinking Rui is really cute when he is jealous. “My Rui is the most handsome. They can’t compare with you.” You are perfect in every way, handsome and extremely sexy…gentle..kind.. Every girl’s dream man! I can hardly believe you are mine… I don’t deserve your love.

  Satisfied with her answer he leans over to kiss LiMei afterwards he starts the car, “Where is the Supermarket?”

  “Take the first left then it is about five blocks down on the right.”

  Rui drives down the street as he turns the corner his phone rings, He touches his Bluetooth, “What? Your mother should be resting.”

  Gunnar Hedwig frantically clutches the phone, “You need to get to the hospital, it is my sister… she was in an accident.”

  “The doctors at my hospital are qualified. I’m busy.”

   Gunnar Hedwig raises his voice, “ Ning’er lost a lot of blood. The baby is in jeopardy. You need to save them. Get here now!” 

   Rui glances over at LiMei who has a concerned look on her face. Dammit! He said that so loudly I’m sure LiMei heard him. I can’t tell the bastard to fuck off LiMei will think I am cruel. 

   Unable to vent his anger for Gunnar Hedwig disturbing his time with LiMei he grips the steering wheel tightly, “I will come and assess the situation.”

  After he hangs up he turns to LiMei, “I have an emergency at the hospital. I will take you to your apartment.”

  “I will go with you.”


  “Rui, I can wait in your office.”

  He relents and they drive to the hospital. When they arrive  Rui is holding LiMei’s small hand as they enter the Emergency Room. Gunnar Hedwig is anxiously waiting for them and when he sees Rui he rushes over.”Hurry. She is over here.”

  LiMei stares at the disheveled man and thinks he looks familiar but can’t think of where she has seen him before.

  Rui leans down and tenderly kisses LiMei then brushes her windblown hair behind her ear,“Go wait in my office.” He orders the two bodyguards, “ Byung-Soo and Gu, go with her.”

   LiMei hugs Rui, “I will.”

   He follows Gunnar Hedwig and Dr. Chen approaches them, “Good. You are here.” He hands him a chart and glares at Gunnar Hedwig. “Surgery can’t be delayed any longer. The woman sustained multiple injuries and the fetus has been disturbed. The woman is prepped. We were waiting for your arrival.”

   Gunnar Hedwig’s eyes are bloodshot and his voice is shaking as he grabs Dr. Chen’s arm, “The baby..will the baby survive?”

   Dr. Chen can’t hide his frustration as he shakes his hand off his sleeve. “Mr. Hedwig, it will be determined after the surgery that you have delayed long enough.” 

  Rui ignores them and studies the chart. He tells a nurse , “Take the patient to Operating Room Number Four. She will need a blood transfusion. Send two units of blood, type A.

  After looking at the chart Rui frowns, “Hedwig, you should prepare yourself.Your sister is in critical condition.”

   Gunnar Hedwig has an idea, he knows LiMei’s blood type is O which could be used for the blood transfusion. Using Subject 456’s blood will increase my Ning’er and our baby’s chance of survival. The regenerative properties of the blood could save them both.

    He steps away from the two men standing at the elevator and makes a phone call.

    LiMei is sitting on the couch in Rui’s office playing a video game when a nurse enters. She smiles politely at the two bodyguards then calmly says, “Dr. Qiao sent me. The woman in surgery needs a transfusion. Miss Feng, Dr. Qiao would like you to donate blood. Due to the number of accident victims it has put a strain on our supply.”

   LiMei looks up from the game she is playing and doesn’t doubt the nurse. The Emergency Room was filled with victims from the pile up on the snowy highway. “Okay.” 

   Nurse Fu’s lips curl up into a smile that isn’t a smile, what a stupid woman. She recalls when Wang Rebecca paid her to spy on LiMei when she was a patient.  “Follow me and I will draw your blood.”

  LiMei stands up and Hak Byung-Soo steps in front of the nurse, he noticed the woman’s strange expression. “Feng LiMei,I need to check on this first.” No way would CEO Qiao let his precious woman donate blood. 

  Gunnar Hedwig anticipated that the request might seem out of the ordinary so he took precautionary measures. Nurse Fu confidently responds, “Time is of the essence but you can call the blood bank to verify. Dr. Qiao is in the operating room so he wouldn’t be able to confirm.”

   Hak Byung-Soo says, “What is the phone number?”

   LiMei stops him, “It is just giving blood. We shouldn’t delay. Let’s go.” She puts her phone in her pocket then sweetly smiles, “ Better to save one life than build a seven- storied pagoda.”

Find Out The Girl’s Identity

  A pretty girl wearing a bright red coat walks up to the group of boys surrounding LiMei sitting on a bench, “What are you guys laughing about?” Sheng Nuo’s cousin called her to come to the park, Du Chang and his friends were at the Basketball Court. She threw down the book she was reading and hurried over, as she walked up she heard them teasing Du Chang. 

  LiMei quickly says, “Nothing. It’s been awhile,  Sheng Nuo, how have you been?”

   Du Chang  doesn’t want to explain the situation. Although he didn’t confirm LiMei was his girlfriend he didn’t deny it either. He nervously motions to his friends, “Hey, someone is trying to take our court!” 

  All the boys run towards the basketball court leaving LiMei and Sheng Nuo. LiMei picks up the extra hot chocolate, “Drink this, you look cold.”

  “ Thank you Feng LiMei. Well when my cousin Siyue said Du Chang was playing basketball at the park I wanted to come and watch.”

   “Call me LiMei.”

    Sheng Nuo sits down next to LiMei. “Du Chang said you went on a business trip. Did you just get back?”

   “I did.” LiMei watches the boys playing basketball as she sips her coffee. “How’s it going with you and Du Chang?”

   Sheng Nuo gazes at him playing basketball and heaves a big sigh, “The same. It is frustrating.”

  “Hey I have an idea. Let’s go see if we can play with them. It will give you a chance to get closer to him.”

   The timid girl looks at LiMei with her eyes wide, “LiMei..I don’t know how to play basketball.”

  “Don’t you play basketball in gym class?”

  “I don’t take that class, they offer yoga and dance also so I signed up for them.”

  “Oh. Well you could ask him to teach you how to play.”

  “ Du Chang takes the game seriously so he wouldn’t want to show me. He might get angry with me. I will just watch.”

   LiMei swings her legs a little bored watching the basketball game. She finishes the cup of coffee and walks to the trash can while absentmindedly humming a song. A little boy holding a tall and slender man’s hand abruptly stops, “Sister, what is that song ?”

  LiMei bends down so they are eye level, “Little Brother, the name is ‘Forever My Love’. My mother used to sing it to me when she tucked me into bed.”

  The little boy’s brown eyes light up, “Can you sing the song?”

  The elegant looking man is on the phone and looks annoyed. He stares at LiMei suspiciously, his voice is polite but his eyes show his disdain.“Miss, sorry to bother you.”

He hangs up the phone and puts it into his dark gray cashmere coat. “Muyan, let’s go.” The doctor suggested going to the park after the boy’s therapy session. But the little boy was upset seeing the other children with their parents, so they were walking back to the car.

    When the boy doesn’t budge he picks him up. LiMei sees the little boy is unwilling, he has tears forming in his eyes. LiMei pities the boy, the man sounds impatient and has a cold and indifferent expression on his handsome face. “Sir, I don’t mind singing the song if it will make your son happy.”

    The slender, well dressed man warily gazes at LiMei.Too many women try to approach him using various schemes he is considering if LiMei is one of them. He thinks she wants to use his vulnerable nephew to attract his attention. The boy lost his mother and father in an accident last month.  Irreprehensible!  He sneers, “No need.” 

    The little boy clutches onto the man’s coat and his voice is barely audible, “Please..please I miss mommy. ” A few crystal tears hang on his curled black lashes.

    Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu are standing behind LiMei watching the scene. Qin Shizhou didn’t notice the bodyguards initially because he was distracted by his grandfather’s phone call. He studies LiMei’s face, well she looks like she is in high school, her eyes are clear without any impurities, it might just be a coincidence. His men are behind him on alert, he waves them back. “Trouble you then, Miss.”

   LiMei smiles brightly, exposing her cute dimples and her beautiful green eyes curve into a crescent shape. “Let’s sit on this bench.”

   Qin Shizhou sits down holding his nephew on his lap and LiMei sits next to them. The little boy has been staring at her rabbit hat, in a small milky voice he asks, “Can I touch your hat.”

  “Of course.” She leans over so the little boy can pull the ears. LiMei can tell he has a deep sadness from the lonely look in his eyes. She takes her hat off and puts it on his head, “You can have it.”  She can’t resist and pinches his cheek.  “Oh.. you look so cute.”

  The little boy blushes, “Men are handsome. Not cute.”

  LiMei rubs his chubby cheek, “I meant the hat. haha..You are a very handsome little man!”

   Qin Shizhou watches as LiMei takes out a mirror. When she holds it up in front of the little boy’s face he smiles. “Yes. The hat is cute.” He pulls on the ears and a small laugh comes from his lips. The boy suddenly realizes something, “But, I have nothing to give you in return.”

  LiMei grins, “Yes you do. I don’t know when I saw such a handsome boy as you before. Smile for me and give me a kiss right here.” She points to her cheek. “That will be the best gift I have received in the longest time.”

  Huo Muyan shyly smiles then pecks her cheek, his face turns bright red as he buries his head in his Uncle’s chest.

  LiMei gently touches his hair then begins to sing the sad song. 

   Qin Shizhou feels his heart tighten listening to LiMei sing. This song has special meaning not only to the little boy but to him. When he was young his mother would sing it to him and his sister at bedtime. When his sister gave birth to Huo Muyan she carried on the tradition singing it at bedtime to the little boy. He has a complicated expression, this is the first time Huo Muyan has smiled since his parents died.

   LiMei is lost in her own memories as she sings and a she fights back the urge to cry. Grandma..Mom..I miss you so much.. When she finishes the song Huo Muyan is sound asleep on Qin Shizhou’s chest. She whispers, “Your son is too cute.”

    Qin Shizhou’s deep eyes are full of complex emotions and he doesn’t correct the misunderstanding. He never feels the need to explain himself.“Thank you Miss. He has had a rough time lately.”

   LiMei gently rubs the boy’s back, “Well, I hope the song made him happy.”

  “I think very much so.”

   “I will be going then, I want to play basketball with my friends.”

  LiMei starts to walk away and uncharacteristically Qin Shizhou stops her, “Wait. Here is my card if there is ever anything..”

  She shakes her head no and waves her hand, “I got my thanks from your son. I don’t want your card, I feel it would be a burden. Please help your son find happiness in his life. Children shouldn’t have as much sadness and loneliness as I saw in your son’s eyes.”

   Qin Shizhou is speechless as he watches LiMei run towards the basketball court. No one has ever refused his card. He stands up and strides over to his assistant who is standing with the bodyguards.”Find out the little girl’s identity.”

    He carries the sleeping boy to a black Maybach and his driver opens the back door. Qin Shizhou glances back and sees LiMei dribbling a basketball past a very tall boy who is laughing. She smoothly glides past him then tosses up the basketball which bounces off the backboard. He has a slight smile as he enters the back seat. Interesting little girl.

   LiMei pushes Delun as he grabs the rebound, “No fair! You are too tall!”

   He winks at LiMei and teases, “I thought you said you had skills.” He holds the ball in the air as she tries to jump to get it. Du Chang comes from behind and swats the ball from his hand then throws it to LiMei. “You can do it LiMei. I have confidence in you.”

    LiMei kicks Delun and trips him then runs with the ball. He laughs, “That’s a foul!” He helplessly watches, “You can’t run like that!”

   When she gets to the basket the boys watching are shocked when she leaps and floats in the air then drops the ball into the hoop. Chen Yi exclaims, “SHIT! How did she do that!”

   LiMei lands on the ground then puts her hands on her hips, “I did it!”

   Du Chang rubs her head, “Good job Feng LiMei.” Suddenly a chill goes down his spine and he turns around to see Rui is standing at the edge of the court.

   LiMei also sees Rui and goes running over to him then wraps her arms around his waist. She looks up at him with sparkling eyes as she proudly asks, “Rui, did you see me? I made a basket!”

Basketball Court

   LiMei gazes around her apartment and smiles, it has been so long since I was here. She picks up her favorite manga from the nightstand and flops down on the bed. Grinning as she reads, I forgot how funny Celia is dressed up like a boy to enter the Club to get closer to her crush. Teehee.. There is a loud knock at the door. She hears Du Chang’s voice, it sounds like he is arguing with that sourpuss Hak Byung-Soo. She puts down the magna and answers the door, “Hak-Byung-Soo this is my friend, Du Chang.” She drags Du Chang into the room and notices he is carrying a basketball and dressed in athletic wear. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

  “We have the week off from school. There was a fire at the school and they need to repair the damage.”

  “Wow. Was anyone hurt?”

  “No it happened at night. It started in the chemistry lab, they are investigating the cause.”

  “Well since no one was hurt, I will say lucky you! unexpected week to play.”

  “I need to work at the bike shop but other than that I am free. My grandfather said he was getting the mail and saw you return. You were with the Old Man.”

   LiMei slaps his arm, “Rui is not old! Stop calling him that!”

   Du Chang’s lanky body towers over LiMei and he affectionately pats her head, “ you want to come with me and watch me play basketball at the park? It is the first decent day in a week. It has been so fuc..I mean so cold and snowy.”

   “Sure. I don’t have anything planned this afternoon. I just need to go to the supermarket. Oh Yeah… I got a present for your grandparents and you.”

  “You got me a present?”

 “Don’t get too excited…haha.” She unzips her bag and pulls out a blue and white New York Yankees baseball cap. “Here you go.”

   Du Chang’s eyes light up as he strokes logo, “Cool!” He puts on the cap. “Thanks, Feng LiMei.”

  “Looks good.”

   He has a serious expression,“Of course. I am the School Prince after all.”

  LiMei giggles, “Modest too I see.”

  “I will wait outside while you change. Hurry though the pick up game is set for 11:30.”

  “Go outside then, I will make it quick.”

  LiMei walks to the closet, she picks out a pink sweater and a pair of gray leggings. After she changes she puts on a pair of white tennis shoes and  her white puffer jacket. Grabbing a pink wool scarf and a knit hat with rabbit ears, she heads outside.

   Hak Byung-Soo is on the phone discussing an upcoming job with Rene, when he sees LiMei he frowns and says, “Hold on.” He extends his arm to stop LiMei and Du Chang. “Miss Feng, where are you going? The CEO said for you to wait for him.”

  “I’m going to the park to watch Du Chang play basketball. Rui wouldn’t mind, he knows Du Chang. You can follow.”

  LiMei’s phone rings, “Hi Delun, what are you doing?”

  “I wanted to know if you would like to have lunch together. I could cook or we could go out.”

  “Um..I can’t. You remember my friend Du Chang? I am going to watch him and his friends play basketball at the park.”

  “Hey, that sounds like fun. Ask him if he needs another player.”

  “Sure.” She turns to Du Chang, “Remember Qiao Delun, Rui’s brother? He was wondering if you need another player.”

  “Yeah, tell him to come we can always use one more guy.”

  LiMei relays the answer, “He said okay, we are going to the park on Mulberry Rd. by my apartment.”

 “See you then.”

LiMei tells Hak Byung-Soo, “I am riding with Du Chang. You can meet us there.”

  Hak Byung -Soo lifts an eyebrow as he stares at Du Chang, “You drive?”

 LiMei covers her mouth as she looks at the incredulous expression on Hak Byung-Soo’s face. Before Du Chang answers she says, “I like to ride on his bike.” She pulls Du Chang’s arm, “Come on, let’s go.”

  Hak Byung-Soo forgot Rene was waiting on the phone. He quickly says, “Boss, I gotta go. I definitely want in on the job in Thailand. I will see if Morgan can fill in for me. It is only three days.”

   He shakes his head watching LiMei happily laughing with Du Chang as they go down the stairs. Dammit! Feng LiMei is a real pain in the ass! I am a highly skilled bodyguard and I am reduced to watching a childish chick go watch a bunch of High School brats play fucking basketball. I am not a goddamn babysitter!

  Big Gu was leaning on the wall while smoking a cigar. He can’t help but notice the frustrated look on Hak Byung-Soo’s face. He crushes out his cigar on the patio then lazily strides over and pats his back, “Hey man, this gig is so fucking easy, the money is good and there is no danger involved. I’m taking it as a little break from constantly being on guard.”

  “That stupid chick doesn’t bother you? The way she has CEO Qiao wrapped around her little finger?”

  “From what I have seen she is a sweet girl, you don’t come in contact with such an unassuming client very often. The last bitch I had to guard.” He sneers, “I wanted to kill the haughty slut myself, treated me and the other guys like shit. She also screwed around behind her husband’s back. So this little chick ain’t bad. As a matter of fact I think Miss Feng is kinda cute.”

 “Pfft. Don’t let her innocent act fool you.” He cringes watching LiMei throwing a snowball at Du Chang. They are laughing and playing in the snow by where the bike is by the garage. “You can have this job. I am leaving for Thailand at the end of the week.” I am not going to mention that poor bastard Morgan was in love with Feng LiMei. It was pitiful to see a man who could single handedly kill twenty men without blinking an eye or working up a sweat acting like a lovestruck fool! She is a little seductress!

 “Let’s go.”

  LiMei is on the back of Gu Chang’s bike. She almost falls and grips his waist tighter,“Gu Chang, do you have to hit every bump!”

   He has a devilish smile, “Hold on tighter, this is the fastest way to get to the Park.”

   When they arrive his friends stop playing and watch LiMei get off Du Chang’s bike. Two of them walk over to them, curious who the unfamiliar girl is with their friend.The taller of the two boys smiles, “Hi, I’m Fan Jingzhou. What High School do you go to?”

   Du Chang pushes him, “Don’t even think about it. She is out of your league.”

   LiMei can’t help but chuckle at Du Chang’s words, “Hi. My name is Feng LiMei.”

   Fan Jingzhou teases, “I can dream can’t I?”

   LiMei wishes she had got a cup of coffee, although it is a sunny day, the weather is still very cold. “I will be right back.”

   Du Chang has a confused expression, “Where are you going?”

  “I want a cup of coffee to drink while I watch. ”

  “There is a Starbucks around the corner.”

  “Thanks.” LiMei walks away and Hak Byung-Soo has a curt tone, “Where are you going now?”

  LiMei scrunches up her nose, “Hak Byung -Soo would it hurt for you to smile? I don’t know how I offended you but your gloomy expression really is a buzz kill.”

  The corner of his mouth twitches, “Miss Feng, I asked where you are going?”

  LiMei shakes her head, “Around the corner to get a coffee. You can wait here.”

  “I will drive you.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous Starbucks is really close. If you insist, just walk with me. You can help carry the hot chocolates for the boys.”


  Big Gu bursts out laughing looking at Hak Byung-Soo and ignores the frosty glare he gives him.  He teases,“Bro, lighten up.”

   Delun arrives at the basketball Court and is about to ask Du Chang where LiMei is when she walks up carrying a coffee followed by her bodyguards.

   She waves at the boys, “Come warm up with some hot chocolate.”

   They run over, their cheeks are red from the cold and in unison say, “Thanks Feng LiMei!” They grab the steaming cups from the two muscular men and sit on the benches. A tall thin boy assumes she is Du Chang’s  girlfriend. He sips the delicious hot chocolate then sighs, “Chang if I could find a girlfriend as beautiful and sweet as yours I would be so fucking happy!”

   “…” Du Chang blushes because on the basketball court they were slapping him on the back and envying him that he was with such a beautiful girl. He was enjoying his friends being jealous and never denied LiMei was his girlfriend.  

   LiMei has both hands on the cup of coffee, “ warm.” She is trying to think of something so Du Chang isn’t embarrassed when Delun says, “Sorry, Feng LiMei is my brother’s girlfriend.”

    A handsome boy wearing a Jordan Jersey walks up while bouncing a basketball. “Who is your brother? What High School does he go to?” He noticed LiMei the moment she got off Du Chang’s bike and thought she was really cute.   If she isn’t Chang’s girlfriend I can compete. He is my good buddy so I wouldn’t steal his girl. I’m rich…handsome and the number one genius at the High School.

   Du Chang grabs the basketball as it bounces, “Give it up, Yi. She likes old men.”


  LiMei kicks Du Chang in the shin then through gritted teeth spits out. “I said don’t call Rui an old man!”

    Du Chang holds his shin and hops around,“Oww..Damn Feng LiMei, are those steel toed tennis shoes!”

   Delun laughs so hard watching Du Chang jumping around that his side hurts,  “Haha..Haha..”

  LiMei takes the hot chocolate that Delun is holding in his hand, “You don’t deserve my kindness. Rui is your brother. How can you laugh!”

   Chen Yi stares at the three of them, “What your boyfriend is in University? I will be attending A University next year.


Gu Poison

   They arrive at LiMei’s apartment and Rui tries to wake up LiMei who is comfortably nestled in his warm embrace. He is reluctant to part with LiMei but he has to get to the hospital to treat Gunnar Hedwig’s mother. First, he needs to go to his villa and retrieve the Gu worm locked in his safe.

He tenderly kisses her forehead and brushes the long strands of hair that fell onto her face. Rui’s voice is filled with tenderness as he whispers in her ear. “Wake up Baby.” Feeling his warm breath tickle her neck she wrinkles her nose. Rui’s thin lips curl up into an arc gazing at LiMei’s cute expression as her small hand touches his face and she softly says, “Sleep.”

He decides to carry her to her apartment. Rui looks in her purse for keys and when he doesn’t see them he recalls she put an extra set under the flower pot in front of her door. He instructs Hak Byung-Soo to go ahead and open the door.

   He hugs her up the steps. When they enter her tiny apartment, Rui frowns, I forgot how small this place is. Looking at the screen in front of her bed she uses to separate her sleeping area, he has a faint smile. That night I was here and you were dressing behind the screen, I desperately wanted to peek at your body. He gazes down at her lovingly, now there is no beautiful part of you I haven’t seen and enjoyed.

   Rui lays LiMei on the bed then covers her with a blanket. This apartment is too cold and drafty. He looks for the thermostat and turns on the heat. Maybe I should take her to the villa, I don’t like leaving her here. No…She will be angry with me if I do.  He walks back over to the bed and LiMei is curled under the blanket. After tucking the blanket around her petite body he sits on the edge of the bed watching her sleep. Running his slender finger gently down her cheek his eyes contain dark possessiveness and obsession. Baby,you are so beautiful. I want to spoil you and always keep you by my side.

Lowering his head he kisses her pink lips then picks up her small hand. Kissing each of her delicate fingers he has the urge to press her into his bones. Rui touches the delicate silver ring on her ring finger. Marry me LiMei…marry me.. have my babies and never leave me.

Rui suddenly has a solemn and gloomy expression thinking about LiMei’s cold attitude last night. Baby, I will do whatever it takes even if it means locking you away. So don’t think about are mine only mine.

He waits to make sure the heater is working properly then walks to the door.  Glancing back he smiles when he hears LiMei  muttering, “Ruiii.” while hugging her pillow.

   He keeps the key instead of putting it back under the flower pot. He goes down the stairs. Little fool.. Cheng opens the back door of the Rolls Royce Phantom, and Rui says, “Go to the villa.”

    Gunnar Hedwig is getting impatient waiting for Rui to arrive at the hospital. Bai Chinyu arranged a  luxurious VIP room in the vacant Holistic Care Wing and his mother is sleeping peacefully; she has no idea why he is angry. She politely asks,“Mr. Hedwig, can I bring you a cup of tea? There is also a resting room if you are tired from your trip.” If Dr. Qiao doesn’t get here soon, I will lose it completely! I have been managing all the affairs of the hospital for a week dealing with one problem after another. He did give me a bonus but this man is on my last nerve. I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is!

   Gunnar Hedwig is pacing back and forth in front of his mother’s bed, “Call him again.”

   Bai Chinyu takes out her phone and the door opens. She breathes a sigh of relief, “Dr. Qiao.”

   Gunnar Hedwig growls, “Where have you been?’

   Rui calmly says, “Bai Chinyu, you can leave.” 

  She hurries to the door before he can change his mind. 

  Rui walks over to the bed, “Hedwig, you can’t rush this. Your mother has been poisoned for a very long time. I told you the medicine I gave her when I was in Paris would alleviate the symptoms and she would be comfortable. I went to a great deal of trouble to get the antidote. There is only one in this world. Do you want your impatience to destroy your mother’s recovery?”

   Gunnar Hedwig clenches his fist in his pocket. He sneers, “It better work if it doesn’t I won’t hesitate to grab your little sweetheart.”

   Rui’s eyes darken and rolling flames are at the bottom of his eyes, “Do you think you have the ability to threaten me? Do you think I actually trusted you to keep your end of the agreement? In the past month I have made the necessary arrangements, aligning myself with someone who has the means to completely expose your illegal activities. Chronus would be destroyed and you..well… once your true self was revealed,your legitimate businesses would be destroyed along with your Underworld Organization”. He lifts a swordlike eyebrow, “I acquired the antidote in good faith and I am definitely the only man who can save your mother. You would be foolish if you believed that once she is saved you can betray me.”

   “ made your point. Now solve the poison.”

   “You need to leave.”

   “No. I want to see for myself that you give Mother the antidote.”

   “Unlike you when I give my word it means something. I don’t want to be distracted. Leave.”

  Rui steps over to the bed and checks Hannah Hedwig’s vital signs. The medicine worked well. He takes out his silver needles from his medicine bag and inserts one into her neck and then one by her clavicle. After a few moments he removes them, when he does Hannah Hedwig opens her eyes. She blinks a few times then looks at Rui, “Ahh…the handsome Chinese doctor.”

   He smiles, “Mrs. Hedwig. How do you feel?’

   Although Hannah Hedwig is over fifty years old she has a beautiful appearance. After she began taking the medicine her complexion improved and she no longer suffered any hair loss. She stretches her arms as she yawns, “The Chinese medicine worked wonderfully. This past month I felt better than I have in years.”

  “Well, I will be honest with you. I asked your son to leave the room because I don’t know if he would want you to have this information. But, I think you have a right to know. You were poisoned, which is why you have been sick intermittently through the years. If you left your husband for a period of time the symptoms would occur correct? When he died the symptoms worsened again and then became worse as time went on, am I right?

   She has an incredulous expression on her face, “Well yes.”

   “Your husband conspired with someone who was able to obtain Gu poison. I don’t know if you want to pursue this matter but I believe you should be aware. The antidote I am giving you is also a Gu worm but it will devour the one that has been living in your stomach. It then will die. You should be symptom free after a weeks rest.”

   Hannah Hedwig’s face turns pale, she gulps down her saliva, “That is insidious.”

  “Which is why I’m telling you. If they discover you are in good health they might attempt to poison you again.”

   Hannah Hedwig is a smart woman and is suspicious of his motives. Most people are afraid of her son and try to curry favor with him.“Why are you telling me? Particularly if my son won’t be happy about it?”

  “ Because I know that your son only listens to you. I went to a great deal of trouble to secure this antidote. I did it to protect someone I love very much not particularly because I wanted to save you. Now I am concerned once you are recovered he will have second thoughts. The person I love to him is merely a profitable commodity.”

   She laughs, “I think you could have left out the part, ‘I didn’t care about saving you’. I had the impression you were a benevolent man.”

  “No. I also look at profit and losses.”

  “I appreciate your honesty. I will keep Gunnar in check, you are saving my life and your warning is an eye opener.”

   She gazes at the handsome man’s profile as he reaches into his black bag.“You must love this woman very much.”

   “I do. Now let’s begin. I am going to feed you a bitter concoction that is unpaltable. You can not spit it out. You must eat the entire bowl. I suggest you close your eyes while I prepare the antidote.” He opens an intricately carved box,  a glass jar inside contains a frightening looking crimson red creature.

Addicted To You

   After Zhou LingLing changes into her cleaned clothes she walks downstairs. Morgan is on the phone so she quietly sits on a bench by the door to wait for him. She stares at him still in shock they slept in the same bed. Tilting her head in his direction she unconsciously studies him. He is really a good looking man. 190 cm tall with broad shoulders and long muscular legs.CEO Lin’s face doesn’t lose to a top model either Ruggedly handsome with a strong jaw and flawless facial features. I didn’t notice before but his serious expression has its own allure,  he does epitomize the cold and domineering  protagonist of a  CEO novel. She shivers, what am I thinking!

   Morgan finishes the call and walks over to Zhou LingLing, who is in a daze. “Miss Zhou, I will take you to the hospital when we get back to the city. “ When she doesn’t answer he says, “Miss Zhou?” Why does the little girl have that silly look on her face? 

  She looks up at him and blushes, “Huh?”

  “I said I will take you to the hospital.”

  She waves her hand, “No need. If you could take me home I would appreciate it. I need to get ready for the audition.”

  “The audition is changed to Monday. Let’s go.”

  She gazes at him with a puzzled expression as they walk towards the door. Did he change the time for me? Because of my sprained ankle...

   Zhou LingLing limps behind him and once outside Morgan stops. “Stay here. I will bring the car to the entrance.”

   He drives to the curb in front of the Inn then gets out to help her into the Land Rover. Zhou LingLing’s heart flutters as he unexpectedly lifts her onto the passenger seat. “Thank you, CEO Lin.”

  Morgan doesn’t respond and walks to the driver’s side. When he gets into the car he notices she didn’t buckle the seatbelt. “You need to fasten your seatbelt.”

  “Oh.” She fumbles with the metal piece. Morgan impatiently reaches across her body, “It isn’t that complicated.”

   Zhou LingLing breathes in his distinct scent and feels Morgan’s warm breath tickles her neck as he leans across to buckle the seatbelt. Feeling a rush of heat through her body she suddenly pushes him, “I can do it.”

   The little bit of strength she possesses isn’t enough to budge him, he snaps the buckle then moves back. When he pulls out onto the road Zhou LingLing opens the window letting the cold air hit her face. He frowns, “Do you want to catch a cold?”

   “I just..I..I felt a little hot.”

  When Morgan stops at a light he stretches his hand and Zhou LingLing’s body stiffens when his cold palm touches her forehead. He lifts an eyebrow, “You have a fever. They can check your temperature at the hospital.” He presses a button and the window rises.

   Zhou LingLing clutches her skirt, I don’t have a fever, it’s because of you! Why are you being so damn nice! Delaying the audition…showing concern for me…You obviously don’t like me or when we were in bed you would have…no…LingLing stop. You like the handsome boy not this cold man next to you.

  They are both quiet on the way back to the city each lost in their own thoughts. When they arrive at the hospital Zhou LingLing unbuckles the seatbelt, “I can take care of it myself. Thanks for the ride. My agent can pick me up.”

  “I will wait. I don’t have any meetings this morning. I just need to see Feng LiMei at one o’clock.”

   Zhou LingLing doesn’t think the name sounds familiar, curious about the woman’s identity she asks, “Is she an actress?”

  “No. I was her bodyguard.”

  “Hmm.” Why does he still have contact with the woman? None of my business. Why do I care?

  LiMei wakes up in Rui’s arms. She is sitting on his lap in the backseat of a car on the way to Pushong City. He gently kisses her forehead, “Awake?”

   LiMei peers out the window at the highway leading to Pushong City. She gazes up at him with an aggrieved expression.“Rui…I said I wanted to stay in Catang City.”

   He hugs her tighter, “Baby, I want you to be with me.” Earlier after they made love while she was fainted Rui didn’t hesitate to press LiMei’s accupoint so she wouldn’t wake up. He didn’t feel the least bit guilty as he bathed then dressed LiMei. Afterwards he carried her to the waiting car and left for Pushong City.

   LiMei reaches for a bottle of mineral water. Rui takes it from her and unscrews the cap, “I would be worried about you LiMei and that would distract me.” He seamlessly lies, “ I have a delicate surgery to perform. You wouldn’t want me to make a mistake because I was thinking about you…would you?”

   He holds the bottle so she can drink. After swallowing she replies, “No, of course not.”

  He turns her head and kisses her wet pink lips, licking the excess water from her lips. “Are you angry with me? We can go back to Catang City tomorrow, you can see Song Sara then, okay.”

  She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck. “How can I be angry?  As a doctor you are under a lot of pressure. I don’t want to be the reason you can’t concentrate during an operation. I’m not that selfish.”

  Rui has a devilish gleam in his ink black eyes. “I knew you would understand.” He has an idea, “Why don’t you have a therapy session with Dr.Huang while I am in surgery?”

  “Hmm…I feel like I am back to normal. I haven’t had any headaches or strange dreams.”

   Rui thinks about last night and LiMei’s friigid appearance and they way she rejected him. You are not back to ‘normal’ definitely not!  “Knowing you are with Dr. Huang  would make me feel at ease during surgery.”

  “Rui, I don’t want to today. I will schedule an appointment with him in a couple days. I haven’t been to my apartment and I have the presents I bought for the Du family. You don’t need to worry about me, Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu will be with me.”

  “Fine.” I will instruct the bodyguards not to let LiMei out of their sight for even a minute.

  LiMei kisses Rui then smiles brightly exposing her cute dimples.“After your finished at the hospital I can cook for you at my apartment!” LiMei’s green eyes sparkle, “Rui, do you remember I made you dinner and you fixed the lights on the balcony for me?”

   “I do. I kissed you for the first time.” Rui recalls how much he wanted LiMei that night. I had to suffer through dinner with that brat Du Chang…I didn’t feel the timing was right to make love to LiMei but it was hard to restrain my desire.When I went home I had to take a very long cold shower.

   He presses LiMei down onto the seat, “Baby, do you know how hard it was for me. I wanted you so bad, but I knew it wasn’t the right time. When I put my arm around your shoulder you blushed. So cute yet seductive… innocent and naive.

The dark green sweater you wore made your eyes look like sparkling emeralds and in the moonlight you looked like a delicate fairy.” He smiles, “I thought you might be able to hear my heart pounding when I kissed you..I wanted to tear your clothes off and press you underneath me.”

Rui kisses her face, “I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.” Rui’s eyes are like deep pools gazing at LiMei, his voice is low and seductive, “Baby, you are so beautiful.

    LiMei blushes and confesses, “I thought you were the most handsome and gentle man I ever met. I was so nervous.”

    Rui smoothes her hair, “LiMei, I never thought I was capable of loving anyone until I met you. I want you to be by my side forever.”

    LiMei has a complex expression gazing at the delicate silver ring on her finger. A voice in her head says, “You are a trained assassin. If he knew would he still want you? Get the Golden Dragon Statue and call the old man to sell it on the black market. Leave Pushong City. Leave Qiao Rui.”

 She tenderly caresses his cheek, “Rui..I..I don’t deserve you.”

   He kisses her small soft hand resting on his face. “Don’t say that LiMei. You are everything to me. Everything I could possibly want. You know that dinner was the first time anyone cooked for me?”

Rui slips his hand under her dress and hooks his finger into her lace thong. “I can’t get enough of you. Baby, I think about you all the time and I want to marry you.” 

   Rui slides the wet black lace thong down her slender legs and buries his head between her thighs. LiMei’s honey covers his lips as he licks and sucks on her sensitive pussy. You can’t leave me LiMei I am addicted to your sweet taste…I am addicted to you..your beautiful smile..the sound of your soft voice calling my name…the way you think of ways to please me. I will never let you go…never!

    LiMei closes her eyes and a crystal teardrop hangs on her black eyelashes. I will leave but until I do I want this feeling of floating in the clouds…I want Rui… Overcome by a wave of indescribable pleasure she arches her back as Rui expertly thrusts his hot tongue inside her greedy tunnel. LiMei trembles and moans, unable to control her body when he sucks and licks her pink folds. She whimpers, “Ahh..Ruiiii! Mmmm..”

Rui loves the sound of LiMei’s raspy and breathless voice as he gives her pleasure. Only when LiMei’s body is under him and he hears the sweet sound of her moaning and begging does he feel she is really his woman…Baby..I know you are addicted too..

Confused and Distressed

   After a sleepless night Rui gets out of bed and dejectedly runs his fingers through his ink black hair. Distressed over LiMei’s estranged behavior he stayed awake worrying that if he wasn’t vigilant LiMei would slip away.. disappear from his life. He was terrified he might lose LiMei after her frosty and alienated attitude last night.

She locked the bathroom door and when he knocked said “Go away.” shocking him with her tone that hinted of annoyance.After a lengthy amount of time when she finally emerged from the bathroom she was cold and distant complaining she wasn’t feeling well.

Unlike her usual self LiMei ignored Rui, going so far as to turn her head when he attempted to kiss her or be the least bit affectionate. Once in bed she laid as far way from him as possible wrapped tightly in the quilt. It was extremely difficult to restrain his urge to bully LiMei and force her to submit to him.

    Xinghi told him while they were discussing her condition, not to attempt to manipulate LiMei’s mind. Rui needed to placate whichever personality was dominant at the time. Under no circumstances use his silver needles to imprint Feng LiMei’s memories should she exhibit signs of another personality emerging. Frustrated by his inability to control the situation he worried all night that he might lose LiMei to her more dominant and original personality, Qin Daiyu. He had no idea she was being controlled by ‘LingLing’.

Fearing if she wasn’t by his side she, ‘Qin Daiyu’, might instigate her to abandon him. Rui makes up his mind, he will insist LiMei accompany him back to Pushong City and meet with ‘Dr. Huang’ for a therapy session.

   Rui glances at LiMei on the bed, she is sleeping peacefully. He leans over and kisses her forehead. Baby, when you wake up please be my LiMei. I don’t think I could bear it if you treated me like a stranger again. I might lose my mind and do something unconscionable to you.

  LiMei feels Rui’s soft kiss and his warm breath on her face. She slowly opens her eyes and wraps her thin arms around his neck. She flutters her long black eyelashes and tries to focus. “Rui…what time is it?” She doesn’t remember going to bed and the sun is shining through the sheer curtains.


   She smiles and pretends to pout, “Who else would be in your bed?”

   He hugs her tightly then frantically kisses her forehead, her eyelashes and down to her pink lips. When she is breathless he lets her go. He cups her face in his hands and gazes deeply into her dark green eyes still covered in a slight haze from sleep.” was so worried.”

   Confused by Rui’s serious expression LiMei wrinkles her forehead, “Rui..what is wrong?” She could feel the desperation in the domineering kisses.  She frowns looking at the dark circles under his eyes and his pale complexion. She gently puts her small hand on his handsome face. She sweetly asks with a warm and caring tone, “Didn’t you sleep? Is it because of what happened at the hospital?”

   When he hears her soft milky voice filled with concern his heart skips a beat. He can tell she is LiMei and doesn’t want to bring up last night thinking it might trigger an alternate personality to reappear. “Yes. It is a complicated situation. I reconsidered, I want you to come back to the city with me. You can meet Song Sara another day or she can come to Pushong City.”

  “Rui, I thought we decided that you will return here after you solve the problem at the hospital. I don’t want to cancel my lunch with Song Sara.” For some reason she feels determined to remain in Catang City. 

   He presses LiMei’s petite body under him and cages her with his arms, “I want you to come with me.”

  She instinctively arches her body towards him. LiMei knows when he acts this way he is feeling insecure. She wants to reassure Rui that she loves him, so she takes the initiative and kisses his lips, prying them open, she inserts her small tongue then playfully teases him.  “I want you to miss me then tonight I will have a surprise for you.”

   Rui’s heart is pounding as LiMei moves her hand down onto his huge erection. When LiMei acts coquettish gazing at him, her beautiful green eyes tinged with lust he becomes extremely aroused. 

   He rips her thin white nightgown and begins kissing her breasts, hungrily licking and sucking as she softly moans. Rui can’t control himself as he devours her body leaving glaring red marks on her snow white skin. Venting his pent up frustration from last night and wanting to declare his sovereignty he mercilessly teases LiMei’s body. LiMei writhes uncontrollably on the bed as Rui uses his mouth and hands making her sensitive body quiver in ecstasy.

Rui’s hand spreads her slender legs then he rubs his thumb across her nub. He eagerly inserts a finger into her tight flower hole and smiles when he feels LiMei’s sweet honey flowing down.

Rui has a dangerously dark and possessive aura as he  whispers in a throaty voice, “You are  my woman… your wet little pussy is mine… only mine.” Rui can’t wait to feel himself inside of LiMei and plunges his throbbing c*ck deep inside her tunnel. 

   After Rui tosses LiMei on the bed until she passes out from the unending waves of intense pleasure, he feels satisfied. Leaning on his propped arm he lovingly stares at her flushed face. Last night reminded Rui he could lose LiMei if she isn’t the dominant personality so he made a decision, I’m sorry but I can’t leave you alone in Catang City. He brushes the damp strands of black hair stuck to her cheek behind her ear then kisses the tip of her nose. You are so beautiful LiMei. I can’t lose you…if I have to lock you up …use drastic means to get rid of your alternate personalities.. I will do it without a moment’s hesitation if that bastard Xinghi’s therapy doesn’t work.

   Rui goes into the bathroom and runs the water in the bathtub. He notices LiMei’s phone on the counter by the sink. He picks it up without the slightest bit of trepidation puts in her password. A dark cloud forms over his head and a strong killing intent bursts out from his taut body when he sees LiMei’s call log. must have been Qin Daiyu.. made six calls to FUCKING LIN MORGAN! I WILL KILL THAT MOTHER****R! I WARNED HIM TO STAY AWAY FROM LIMEI! I sensed there was something between them at the restaurant! Is it Qin Daiyu? Something must have happened between them at the warehouse when LiMei was kidnapped! 

  Furious, Rui dials Morgan’s number but there is no answer. He slams his hand on the wall. BASTARD! ANSWER THE GODDAMN PHONE!

   Morgan is sleeping soundly and doesn’t hear the phone on the nightstand but the ringing awakens Zhou LingLing. She stifles a scream when she sees the ambiguous situation on the bed.OH MY GOD! CEO LIN! What the…  She is wearing a red plaid flannel nightgown and her arms and legs are wrapped around him. She slowly lifts her leg from his thigh but when she  removes her arm from around his waist he unconsciously pulls her closer to him. He mumbles, “Be good. Sleep.”

   Zhou LingLing’s face that is buried in his strong chest turns crimson red because she is unable to remember what happened last night. The last thing she can recall is drinking a couple cups of Peppermint Hot Chocolate. She inhales his masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance…I wouldn’t…he wouldn’t.. My body doesn’t feel like I was tortured, SuSu said the first time you have sex your body feels like it was run over by a truck. Maybe he couldn’t get it up…She stares at his strong physique… no he looks quite capable.

   There is a knock at the door and Zhou LingLing almost jumps out of her skin when Morgan suddenly opens his eyes. They stare at each other for a moment then he abruptly pushes her away and hurriedly gets out of bed. Relieved that he is wearing his shirt and pants he furrows his eyebrow. Last night I carried Zhou LingLing to the room but then went to sleep on the couch. How did I end up in the bed? Confused he looks at Zhou LingLing but doesn’t know what to say.

    The knocking on the door continues, Zhou LingLing is sitting on the edge of the bed and looks at Morgan, she silently points at her foot wrapped in a bandage. He lazily walks over and opens the door, Mu Yan is standing there with a tray of food. “Good Morning. Miss Zhou I thought you might have a hangover so I brought you some chicken porridge and a light vegetable stir fry with rice. Lin Morgan I brought you some of those breakfast buns you like and coffee. ”

  ???? Zhou LingLing bites her lower lip. Hangover? Didn’t I just drink hot chocolate?

  Mu Yan sets the tray on a small table by the window. She sees the confused look on Zhou LingLing’s face and has a guilty smile, “Well, the hot chocolate had brandy in it. Since the doctor wouldn’t be able to arrive until after he delivered the baby, I thought it would ease your pain.”

  “Oh.” I must have had three cups! No wonder I was drunk! I can barely drink a beer without getting tipsy! But she had good intentions. I don’t want to make her feel bad. Zhou LingLing holds her head, “Haha..that explains my head throbbing.” And being unable to recollect what I did last night!

  Mu Yan ignores the awkward atmosphere and says, “The road is cleared. Miss Zhou I washed your clothes,  I will bring them up.”

  “You didn’t have to do that. Thank you.”

  “Well, you vomited all over them.”

   Zhou LingLing wants to find a hole to crawl into, Ahhh.. I did what? Ewww…can this get any worse! Zhou LingLing’s face turns bright red and she covers her mouth with her hand as she gasps.

  Mu Yan further teases, “Miss Zhou, you should thank Lin Morgan. He cleaned you up. I was going to help you but there was an emergency in the kitchen.”

  Morgan gives Mu Yan a stern look when he notices Zhou LingLing’s embarrassed expression, he clarifies, “Mu Yan is playing with you. I didn’t change your clothes. I  wiped you off and helped you to the bathroom. After I filled the bathtub I left. “

  “Hmmm..thank you CEO Lin.” How can I work at the company now! I have thoroughly humiliated myself in front of CEO Lin! Well I can’t let this affect me. I want to audition for the part of Concubine Li! I will apologize and stay out of his sight when we return to the city. How often would I see him at the company ? Probably never ..okay..calm down. She stands up and endures the pain from her ankle as bows deeply, “I am very sorry to have troubled you!”


  Mu Yan grins watching her exxagerrated bow. Wearing the oversized plaid flannel nightgown of mine and bowing Zhou LingLing looks silly. Like a child who got into trouble. Shaking from laughter Mu Yan holds her stomach.“Haha..Your expression is too adorable. Haha..sorry Miss Zhou I couldn’t resist teasing you.” She wipes the tears from her eyes with her finger. “Eat while the food is hot.”

  Zhou LingLing feels today has to be the most humiliating day ever as Mu Yan’s unrestrained laughter rings in her ears. She timidly says, “Thank you.” 

Starving, after Mu Yan leaves she limps to the table and sits down. 

   Morgan walks into the bathroom. After he washes and brushes his teeth, he tucks in his black silk shirt. Thinking about his peaceful sleep he has a crease between his swordlike eyebrows. I didn’t dream about ‘LingLing’ and slept very soundly. Strange.

    When he comes out of the bathroom he leisurely strides to the table but doesn’t sit down. He grabs a bun and takes a sip of the black coffee, with an indifferent expression he says, “I need to make a call  while you eat, then we will leave.” After he picks up his phone he leaves the room.

    Zhou LingLing watches Morgan as he leaves, for some reason she is disappointed that he isn’t showing some sort of reaction…any reaction… to having slept in the same bed. She taps her chopsticks on the edge of the bowl of rice. Why does the CEO act so calm! Last night we shared a bed and this morning he doesn’t show any reaction whatsoever!  He wasn’t tempted at all? Is he a monk? Am I not desirable?


Meeting Again Part 1.1

  LiMei takes a sip of the sweet wine then leans over to Rui. Pressing her lips on Rui’s so the wine enters his mouth her green eyes are sparkling. Watching Rui’s lustful expression she smiles then she seductively licks the wine on his sexy lips.

    LiMei has a wicked grin as she puts her arms around his neck, “Your present… is a surprise.”

    Rui feels his c*ck harden imagining the ‘surprise’. He kisses LiMei deeply, tasting the sweetness of the wine mixed with her saliva, then whispers in her ear, “ Baby, we should go to the hotel now.”

    She giggles, “Rui, I’m starving.”

   He looks like a hungry wolf, “So am I.” He puts her hand on his crotch and LiMei blushes, “Ruiii…stop.”

 Rui  teases, “It is your fault LiMei. All I can think of now is eating you. We can order room service.”

  “No. I really want to try the food here.” She licks her lips eyeing the dishes on the other tables, “Everything looks delicious.”

  Rui tries to suppress the heat building inside of him, his hardness forming a tent in his pants. He takes her hand away and kisses it, “If you want.” He waves over the server, “We are ready to order.”

   “LiMei, what would you like?”

   While they are ordering lunch Morgan and Zhou LingLing enter the restaurant.

 An attractive older woman wearing a black Cheongsam behind a hostess stand asks, “Do you have a reservation?”

 Morgan replies, “Yes. Lin Morgan. Two o’clock.”

She crosses off his name from a list. “This way.”

 Morgan steps forward but LingLing doesn’t move. The woman raises an eyebrow, “Follow me.”

 “Ahh, I am not with him.”

  Morgan doesn’ t say anything; he is waiting to see what LingLing is going to say. Determine if she is acting or actually meeting someone for lunch.

  The woman gazes impatiently at the two of them then politely says, “Miss.Do you have a reservation?”

  LingLing scans the restaurant, “No..but I am meeting a man. I’m late. He might be here already.”

  “His name?”

  “Well…I forgot. He is a blind date my mother set up. Take CEO Lin to his table. I will wait here and call my mother.”


    Morgan’s lip curls up into a smirk. The little girl really is putting on a show for me..haha. Now I am almost positive she called me… Maybe she used a voice modifier. Well, she was injured by Qing. I will still give her the role of Concubine Li. Let’s see how long it takes for her to find her way to my table after her ‘blind date’ doesn’t show up.

  He follows the hostess through the crowded restaurant. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice and his eyes fall on Rui and LiMei cuddling together at a table by the window. Why are they in Catang City? Does it have something to do with the mysterious woman named LingLing. He doesn’t believe in coincidences and is tired of making conjectures. Morgan stops by their table, “CEO Qiao, Miss Feng.”

   They both look at him with surprised expressions. LiMei is the first to speak, “Morgan! What a coincidence.”

   Rui gives him a perfunctory nod, “CEO Lin.” Okay, keep walking. I don’t need you interrupting my lunch with LiMei. 

   LiMei’s green eyes are sparkling as she pats the chair next to her, “It has been awhile. Do you want to join us? Rui told me you took over as CEO of Lin Entertainment. Congratulations.” LIMei doesn’t know why but her heart is racing and she really wants Morgan to join them.

   Although Morgan can sense hostility coming from Rui, he decides it would be a good opportunity to ask about the woman named LingLing. The mysterious woman did call on Feng LiMei’s phone. There are four seats, is this part of ‘LingLing’s’ plan? 

  “Thank you, but I am meeting a woman.”

 “Well, this table is set for four.” LiMei’s heart is filled with strange emotions. Sit down…I want you to sit next to me.

  Rui’s mouth twitches and he grits his teeth. “Baby, Morgan probably wants…”

  Before Rui can finish his sentence Morgan smiles,“Okay. I will accept your invitation.” Morgan has been watching LiMei’s facial expressions and detects LiMei’s eyes are filled with expectation.  Yeah..this is no coincidence. 

   He sits down next to LiMei and Rui’s aura becomes dangerously black. What the fuck!

  The hostess who is waiting to the side turns to Morgan, “So, you don’t want your reserved table?”


  “Very well we do have a wait for tables.” She sets two menus on the table then walks away.

   Morgan slightly turns his head to see Zhou LingLing talking on the phone. He inwardly chuckles, I wonder how long before she walks over to the table. Surprisingly the girl turns and leaves the restaurant.


   He has a compelling need to control. Morgan wants a logical sequence to events…all the puzzle pieces to neatly fall into place. Bewildered by the situation not developing as expected, he wants to directly ask LiMei about ‘LingLing.’ Qiao Rui’s expression isn’t good. I don’t want to cause a problem for Feng LiMei but dammit! I need some fucking answers.

   Rui’s phone rings and he scowls, “What.”

   Bai Chinyu’s hand is trembling, staring at the imposing man in front of her desk she stammers, “Dr. Qiao there…there is a problem at the hospital.”

   He doesn’t want to leave LiMei and Morgan alone at the table but has no choice. He doesn’t want to worry LiMei and he doesn’t want to expose his business in front of Morgan. 

 He kisses LiMei on the forehead, “Baby, I need to take this call I will be right back.”

  Rui gets up from the table to find a quiet place to talk. Motherf****r! He angrily strides to the door to the garden. “Speak.”

   Inhaling Morgan’s scent is stirring emotions and strangely a feeling of desire within her body.  LiMei sips her wine nervously trying to compose herself.  Uncomfortable not understanding the wave of inexplicable heat rushing through her body she anxiously gulps down her wine. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked Morgan to join us. My God I am getting wet..what the ????. Is it something to do with my alternate personalities? I should step away from Dr. Huang… I want to kiss his sexy lips..touch him… this is crazy. She can barely control the urge to put her hand on his leg. I need to get away. I can’t ask him to leave. How weird would that be? I just asked him to join us.

    “Miss Feng, I received a call last night…I was wondering…” 

    She fills her wine glass, Rui! Hurry back! You need to get rid of Morgan! Get jealous…tell him to leave. “Wondering?”

    Morgan has an urge to kiss LiMei’s lips glistening with droplets of red wine. He is aroused gazing at LiMei’s beautiful face flushed red from the wine, his dark eyes fill with lust. Feng LiMei is breathtakingly beautiful. So fucking beautiful.

He takes a deep breath and concentrates on why he is here to dispel the inappropriate thoughts swirling around inside his mind. “Your friend LingLing called me from your phone last night.”

   LiMei’s head starts throbbing as LingLing desperately fights to surface. “Morgan, I don’t know anyone named LingLing.”

   “The call was from your phone.”

  LiMei smiles, “You must be mistaken.”

  “I’m not.”

  LingLing’s personality rises to the front of LiMei’s mind. The intense desire she feels for Morgan and him being so close  gives her the power to subdue Qin Daiyu and Feng LiMei. Morgan, remember me! I’m here! Your LingLing! Damn that bitch Qin Daiyu for erasing your memories! How can I make you remember! You love me…you want me!

  When she doesn’t reply he notices her dazed expression, “Miss Feng?”

  LiMei tries to regain control, “I need to use the restroom. I’m not feeling well.” Qin Daiyu’s voice screams, Get away from him!

  LiMei’s face is pale and she is trembling. He assumes it because she doesn’t want to discuss ‘LingLing.’

  When LiMei stands up she feels light headed and puts her hands on the table to steady herself. Morgan furrows his eyebrows at her fragile appearance. “Miss Feng, should I go get Qiao Rui.?”

   LingLing answers, “ I don’t want to worry him. If you could help me to the bathroom. I think I need to splash some water on my face. I haven’t eaten and the wine made me feel dizzy.”

  After being her bodyguard he knows LiMei has a low tolerance for alcohol. He holds LiMei’s slender arm for support and walks towards the hallway where the bathrooms are located.

   LingLing’s’s lips turn up into a sly smile as she leans into Morgan’s strong body. smell so good. I will make you remember me!




    Lin Heng storms through the Club and opens the unlocked door of room #3. Lin Qing’s naked body is tied to the bed with black leather straps, her slender legs spread open and her eyes shut. When the yellow haired man hears the door open he turns around with a big grin on his flat face. “Gonna watch the fun?”  Surprised when he sees the intruder isn’t Suli or the bartender, he grabs for the gun on the nightstand. Lin Heng smirks as he decisively shoots the man in the head, killing him instantly.

    The dead man falls onto the bed with blood spilling out of the head wound onto the sheets. Lin Qing opens her eyes, witnessing the terrifying sight she screams. “Ahhh..Ahhh..”  She frantically tries to wiggle out of the restraints while staring at the naked corpse. Suddenly a large hand pushes the motionless body off the blood stained bed onto the floor. She faintly sees a man standing at the end of the bed who resembles her husband, “Heng..Heng is that you? She bursts out crying, “They drugged me.”

   Pretending to be shocked he hugs her flushed body that is on fire. Lin Heng’s thin lips curl up into a sinister smile. “I know…I know… let Daddy take care of you.” He strips off his clothes then ruthlessly presses his body on top of Lin Qing ready to vent the rage pulsing through his body because of her betrayal. Lin Heng’s eyes are red, consumed by anger and lust.

   After an incident last year Lin Heng has his wife followed when he travels on business trips. He barely returned an hour ago when the man shadowing Linn Qing called him, after his wife visited Lin Morgan she didn’t seem right. She drove to this Club. that is notorious for providing services.

   He uses the sex toys provided by the Club to abuse her body that is still tied to the bed. A few times during the heated session he is tempted to strangle the woman under him to death. He ravages her body as she begs and moans for him to stop. Lin Heng’s voice is filled with ridicule as he fiercely rams into her body.  “Slut..isn’t this what you like? What you came to this dirty Club to get…sexual abuse. I have been too gentle I guess.”

    He is out of his mind thinking she obviously went to Lin Entertainment to drug his younger brother and the dead man on the floor fucked his wife before he arrived. Whore, I will make you pay for your betrayal. Lin Heng mercilessly tortures his wife until she is bruised and half dead. 

    After he is satiated Lin Heng looks at the woman passed out on the bed. Fucking whore..I will never forgive you. I gave you everything and still the only man in your eyes is my own brother…fucking Morgan. He gets dressed then walks out of the room back to the bar, his handsome face devoid of emotion as he instructs a female bodyguard. “  Untie her hands and feet. Put the dead man on the bed, wrap his arms around my wife.” Qing your life is about to become a living hell.

   Everyone stares at the surprisingly emotionless expression on Lin Heng’s face. He is calmly speaking as though the woman in Room #3 isn’t his wife. Lin Heng has a cold and piercing glint in his narrowed eyes as he nods to the bodyguard on the right.

  Lin Heng’s other two bodyguards follow as he leaves the Club. He looks at his watch then makes a call. “Meet me at your apartment.”

    After he leaves the cold blooded bodyguard kills Suli and the handsome bartender without blinking. He walks over to the cash register and takes the money leaving the drawer open. The female bodyguard watches him, “What about the office?”

   “In this neighborhood the robbery would be a quick grab and go. Did the woman wake up?”

   “No. I noticed a light in the wall. The next room was recording the activity in Room #3. I destroyed the video camera and the footage.What about security cameras out here?”

   “None. Too cheap I guess. They most likely used the hidden cameras in the private rooms  for blackmail. Let’s go.”

   Across town Morgan is waiting patiently for the doctor to finish applying the burn medicine to LingLing’s hand. I don’t think she is the woman on the phone. If she wanted to ingratiate herself to me for a role she wouldn’t have been so impudent in the car.

   LingLing comes out of the doctor’s office. She puffs out her cheeks and purses her cherry red lips.“You are still here?”


  “I can have my agent pick me up.” She ignores him as he stands up and walks over to the billing window.

  He glances at LingLing, he feels a sense of responsibility since she was injured because of Lin Qing. “I paid. Let’s go.”

  LingLing stubbornly bites her bottom lip looking unblinkingly at Morgan who towers over her petite body. She waves her hand wrapped in white gauze, “No need…no need. I’m sure a busy man like you…” She is momentarily distracted looking at the serious expression on his handsome face. “Is busy.”

  “Not busy.”

  ??? Can the tacturn man say more than two words?!?

 LingLing takes out her phone to call her agent. “Could you..”

  Morgan quickly snatches the iPhone from her hand then hangs up. He lifts his swordlike eyebrow, “I said I’m not busy.”

  LingLing grabs the phone back muttering, “Umm..CEO Lin.I don’t hold you responsible for my injury. It was an accident.You brought me to the hospital. You paid. That is enough.”

   Morgan gazes at LingLing’s clear and bright eyes that don’t contain a speck of impurities. He feels slightly guilty. I misjudged the girl, assuming that she wanted to go in the back door. Maybe having the same name as the woman who called is a mere coincidence. No..I don’t believe in coincidences. She is an actress… Maybe she is a very good actress.

  “CEO Li?”

   “I want to discuss your upcoming audition for the part of Concubine Li. We can talk while I drive you home.”

   LingLing has a look of surprise, why would the CEO care about the actress for the third female supporting character?  Maybe since I got hurt he wants to give me the role. “Well okay. But I am not going home, I have a lunch appointment. Can you take me to The Golden Pear Restaurant?” 

    “Can.” He has a strange expression. Is the little actress playing with me? Hmm..she almost fooled me. 

       At the Golden Pear Restaurant Rui and LiMei are seated by the window facing the garden. Rui gave Leo Cadieux the information he promised then picked Feng LiMei from the Mall. Song Sara was too busy at her new restaurant to meet so LiMei went shopping.

    “Rui, this restaurant Mr. Cadieux recommended is very pretty.” She points out the window, “The plum blossom trees are full of blossoms.”

   “My patient I was expecting at the hospital today won’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon due to the blizzard in the East.” Gunnar Hedwig left a message about the change of plans while Rui was in the operating room. ” I booked a Suite at the Golden Phoenix Hotel. ”

   LiMei’s green eyes sparkle surprised they can stay overnight in Catang City. “Oh great! I thought we would have to rush home so you could go to the hospital.” LiMei has a complicated expression as she takes a sip of water. “But, how is the patient you performed surgery on after the accident, Lau An?” Delun told LiMei the story of Rui and Lau An. She wants to see what Rui will say about their relationship. When she first arrived in Pushong City she met Lau An at her Morning Glory Cafe. Chen Jianyu briefly mentioned Lau An and Rui being a couple but at the time she wasn’t very familiar with Rui.

   The server walks over to the table and Rui orders a bottle of wine. Afterwards he addresses her question. “Lau An was in stable condition this morning so was moved out of ICU into a VIP room. Dr. Chou took over as her primary physician. I was only called in to perform the intricate surgery.”

  I had to deal with her father, Lau Zemin which was fucking annoying. I hadn’t seen the old bastard in months. What an asshole. One day I will repay him for fucking up my life. Since I have been with LiMei I had forgotten how much I hated him and the idea of revenge. He successfully rekindled that fire with his obnoxious attitude towards me.

  LiMei notices Rui’s face darkening and his ink black eyes have a murderous gleam. “Rui what are you thinking about?”

  “Nothing important. What did you buy when you were shopping?”

  She decides to tease him, “I got cool matching cashmere scarves for Delun and Sheng Siyue since we are going to the Ski Resort.”

   The server pours the wine, “Would you like to order?”

   Rui answers, “We will wait a short while.”

     LiMei sips her red wine and continues, “I haven’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Du in a while so I got them a beautiful jade Buddha. Mrs. Du collects jade statues. Chang, I couldn’t think what a high school boy would like so I got him a baseball cap. I am going back to work so I got Fan Nuying a Chanel silk scarf.” She can tell he is getting jealous and her lips curl up in a mischievous smile, “I got CEO Chen a..”  Black lines form on Rui’s face and LiMei giggles while grabbing his tensed hand, “Haha..I was kidding I didn’t get that stinky man anything.”


  LiMei takes a sip of wine then leans over to Rui. Pressing her lips on Rui’s so the wine enters his mouth her green eyes are sparkling. Watching Rui’s lustful expression she smiles then she seductively licks the wine on his sexy lips.

LiMei has a wicked grin and she puts her arms around his neck, “Your present… is a surprise.”

CEO Lin’s Office

  LingLing leaves her brother’s office with has a worried expression on her pretty face. She bites her fingernail on the way to the elevator. I hope I am not in trouble for anything. I did mess up at dance training but my legs were cramping. 

  Lin Qing is in Morgan’s office to deliver the package of herbal supplements and tea. “Brother, can I brew you a cup of tea?”

   He is getting impatient waiting for LingLing. When Lin Qing came into his office he turned around expecting to see the scheming woman who called him last night. “Fine.”

   Lin Qing’s lips curl up into a smile as she touches the packet of aphrodisiac in her pocket. Lin Morgan you will finally be mine.

  She comes back from the small kitchen and sees Morgan staring fixedly at a young girl.

He forgot about Lin Qing, when he sees her he is dismissive and his voice is cold, “ Put the tea down and leave.”

  Lin Qing has already put the aphrodisiac into the tea and panics. She stands there holding the tray with the two cups of tea. “But..but Morgan, I need to discuss the cooperation…” He marrows his Phoenix eyes glaring at Lin Qing, through gritted teeth he growls, “Do you not speak Chinese?”

  Shocked, she decides all she can do is knock over the tea. She pretends to trip but LingLIng notices Lin Qing losing her balance and grabs the tray so the tea doesn’t spill onto Lin Qing. She realized if she tried to catch the woman they would both be burnt from the hot tea.

  Lin Qing tumbles to the carpeted floor and LingLing holds the tray unsteadily. The teacup closest to her tips splashing the steaming liquid onto her hand. LingLing winces in pain and mutters a soft painful moan “Owww..” as she sets the tray on the table.

   Morgan doesn’t extend a hand to Lin Qing sprawled on the floor. Embarrassed she holds onto the edge of the couch as she struggles to stand up in her 10cm red heels. LingLing helps Lin Qing to steady herself and gives Morgan a confused look. Why didn’t he try to help the woman? Well, none of my business.

  Lin Qing knows if Morgan drinks the tea the beautiful little girl will be the one to have sex with him. The drug is potent and acts quickly. She makes a decision, sitting on the couch rubbing her ankle she casually drinks the cup of drugged tea. Lin Qing stands up and has a haughty smile without speaking she leaves the office. 

  LingLing’s hand stings and blisters are forming on her delicate skin. She doesn’t want to get involved in the CEO’s drama with the woman. “CEO Lin, I will be leaving. Call my agent.”

   Morgan grabs LingLing’s thin arm as she walks towards the door. “Wait!” He wants to ask about the phone call last night. The girl’s petite body is similar to the woman in my dreams but the face… I don’t know.

“Hssss…” LingLing’s body tenses from the pain. Morgan realizes she is injured. “I will take you to the hospital.”

    LingLing wants to get far away from Morgan. She recognizes him as the iceberg she ran into in the lobby last week. He doesn’t seem to be the compassionate type. “No need. I will take care of the burn myself.”

  Morgan effortlessly lifts her petite body into his arms. He has a domineering tone, “I said I will take you to the hospital.”

  LingLing blushes, “Put me down!”

   Morgan doesn’t listen and rushes out the door of his office. When he passes by his secretary’s desk she stops writing and watches with her mouth open. Where is the CEO going with Director Zhou’s sister?

   LingLing can tell Morgan is going to do what he wants. She hides her face in his chest so no one can recognize her. How will I work here? Rumors will fly that I have a relationship with the CEO. This is like a scene from a domineering CEO novel!

   He carries LingLing into his private elevator to the Underground garage. He hurries across the parking lot and opens the door of a white Range Rover. Morgan gently places LingLing on the passenger seat. She tries to buckle the seat belt but her hand hurts too badly.

   When he gets into the driver seat he notices her struggling with the buckle. He leans over and buckles the seatbelt. Distressed gazing at her snow white hands covered in blisters and bright red he admonishes LingLing. “Stupid girl. Why didn’t you let the tea tray fall?”

   LingLing has been stubbornlyholding back her tears, she is a spoiled girl after all. The three brothers at home and her parents dote on her and she has never been ridiculed. LingLing eyes get misty and her lips are trembling. She angrily blurts out “You! You! Why didn’t you catch your woman! I couldn’t not do anything. If the hot tea splashed onto her face as she fell her beautiful face would have been ruined!”

   “Lin Qing is not my woman she is my sister-in-law.”


   Morgan drives to the hospital while LingLing quietly looks out the window. Sister in law?

  Lin Qing sits in her Red Lamborghini desperately calling a man she sleeps with occasionally, “I need you! I need you right now!”

   “Sweetie, I am in Shanghai.”

    Lin Qing’s body is on fire, “What!”

  “I left yesterday. If you checked your messages you would have known.”

   She is clawing at her dress, what am I going to do. I couldn’t knock the drink over twice. Damn that little bitch for interrupting us. Ten more minutes we would have been rolling on his bed!

   “Qing..Qing what is wrong with you?”

   Lin Qing hangs up and slams her hand on the steering wheel, Heng is in Hirachi City… Dong Wei is in Shanghai, what am I going to do!” She recklessly drives her red Lamborghini to a Club on Harbor Street. When she arrives she staggers up to the bar. The handsome bartender leans over the bar, “What do you want to drink?”Not too many women come to drink and play during the daytime.

  She pulls on his tie, “No drink..I need…I need.” She spits out, “I need a man.”

   He raises an eyebrow, “Drugged?”

   Lin Qing is extremely uncomfortable rubbing her legs together. She bites her lip and nods her head. Unable to resist the man exuding male hormones in front of her she suddenly kisses his lips, “You..I want you.”

   He wipes off the bar and laughs, “Sorry, I am a bartender not a ..”

  She can’t stand it, it feels like a thousand ants are crawling on her skin. Lin Qing licks her lips, “I will a lot. More than you can make in a year.”

   A pretty tall woman wearing a black silk Cheongsam walks over to the bar. “He is not for sale. But I have someone who can help you.”

  Lin Qing’s eyes are hazy but the woman looks familiar. She doesn’t care, “Let me see him.”

  The pretty woman raises the corner of her lips into a sneer and in a sarcastic tone says, “Can you be picky? If you don’t solve the medicine soon. Well, you will regret it.”

  The woman motions to a short muscular man to come over, “He will satisfy you.”

  Lin Qing is consumed with desire as she tears the top of her dress, she grabs the man’s large hand, “Let’s go.”

  The pretty woman tells the man, “Room 3.”

  The man has a sadistic gleam in his eyes as he bends down kissing Lin Qing’s red lips. He grabs her between the legs. “Honey, I will make you scream. He chuckles to himself, “In pain.”

   After they leave the bartender walks around the bar to a circular leather booth. The pretty woman sits on his lap and puts her hand in his shirt rubbing his chest. He raises his eyebrow, “Suli, are you sure you want to let that crazy bastard fuck Lin Heng’s wife?”

   She runs her fingers through his hair, “She dared kiss my man. I don’t care who she is.” She rubs his crotch and pouts,“Why? Did you want to fuck that arrogant bitch?”

   He kisses her passionately and puts her hand down his pants. She calls out, “ Little Lou cover the bar.”

    Suli rubs the handsome bartenders huge erection. She smirks, “Do you want to watch the fun in Room 3?”

   The handsome bartender wonders what he sees in this woman. “No.” He is about to pick her up and take her upstairs when the door bursts open. Five muscular men dressed in black enter the Club. The handsome bartender pulls out a gun from under his jacket. The head bodyguard kicks the gun out of his hand and presses him down on the booth with his arm on his neck. The man next to him grabs Suli by the hair. “Where is she!”

   Suli stutters, “Who? We aren’t open yet. No one else is here.”

  He slaps her across the face, “Bitch! Lie again you are dead.” He takes out a knife and holds it to her face. “The woman who walked in here ten minutes ago.” Suddenly an elegant slender man steps out from behind the muscular bodyguard and she recognizes him. Suli’s face is bloodless as she nervously stammers, “Lin…Lin Heng.”

   Suli gulps down her saliva and breaks out into a cold sweat knowing she made a big mistake. “Room #3..Room #3.”





Zhou LingLing

    Morgan sits at his desk looking over the audition list cast for a new ancient fantasy drama. He sees the name LingLing up for a supporting role as one of the Emperor’s unfavored concubines. He leans back and scoffs, she must be angling for the role and knows Feng LiMei. The corner of Morgan’s mouth twitches, Fuck me..hahaha.. Do you think if you seduce me I will give you the role? 

   He picks up the phone, “I want an actress named LingLing sent to my office immediately.”

  “Will do.”

    Morgan opens his desk drawer takes a cigarette out of a pack. How many women have tried to crawl into my bed..female spies.. stupid socialites …shitty actresses.. He languidly walks to the window and looks out across the greenbelt. Snow is lightly falling dusting the plum blossom trees, it is a beautiful pure sight and calms him down. The lake is frozen and appears like glass reflecting the blue sky. He puffs on his cigarette and a thin stream of smoke rises in the air. Troublesome woman.

  Zhou LingLing is still in bed sleeping, hugging a large gray elephant plushie, she ignores the ringing phone.. Last night she went out with her friends and doesn’t have any classes this morning at the University.After fifteen minutes the phone rings again, through her sleepy daze she recognizes her brother’s ringtone, she mutters, “Brother, wuuhuu… I am sleeping..”

  Zhou Hao stares at the CEO’s secretary standing impatiently in front of his desk. He came to find Zhou LingLing’s brother when she didn’t answer. “Sorry, the little girl isn’t answering.” He saw her with her friend’s at the KTV and knows right now his lazy little sister is hugging a stuffed animal fast asleep.

  “ Director Zhou, the CEO wants her to come to his office immediately. Shouldn’t she answer her phone when she is up for a role?”

  “Secretary Chen…My sister..well.. I will try again.” It is best I don’t tell him about my little sister.

 LingLing is the spoiled daughter of our Zhou family. The little girl has no sense of responsibility and it was only because of me she could enter the company. She became an actress on a whim to get closer to her male idol, Li Shaoting. I didn’t think she would draw the attention of  CEO Lin.

  Ling Ling wipes the drool from her mouth with her hand and answers the phone when it keeps ringing. “Brother, I am sleeping. Call me later.”

  Zhou Hao has a helpless expression, as expected of the little girl. “LingLing, I am at the company. You need to come to my office immediately.”

  “Huh?” She yawns and scratches her head “Later. I will come later.”

  He glances at Secretary Chen who looks flustered. Zhou Hao has a harsh tone, “LingLing. Now.”

  “Brotthhhhher!!! I will tell Mommy you are bullying me.”

  “Well, I guess you don’t want to work at Lin Entertainment any longer. Fine. Don’t come.”

   LingLing bolts up in bed. “I will be right there.”

   Zhou Hao has a smile on his face as he hangs up. “My sister will be here soon. I told her to come to my office first. She might be nervous because CEO Lin wants her to come to his office. I will explain the situation.” He raises an eyebrow, “By the way, Secretary Chen what is the situation?” He isn’t very familiar with Lin Morgan because he only recently took over as CEO.

  “I don’t know. He was looking over the names of the people auditioning for the new drama.”

  ‘I will send her up after she arrives.”

 Zhou LingLing jumps out of bed mumbling “Brother sounded serious.” I wonder why I need to go to the company? The audition for Concubine Jing isn’t until tomorrow. She turns on the bath and looks in her large walk in closet. She decides on a simple black short suspender skirt with a little lace at the hem. Hmm..what blouse.. She picks a pink silk blouse with ruffles down the front. Shoes? The little black boots will be good.

  After her bath she dries her shoulder length black hair and curls the ends. She uses two butterfly clips to hold back her hair and puts diamond studs into her ears.

  She hurries down to the kitchen and the cook sees her grab a Yakult and an apple. The cook frowns, “Miss LingLing, the Old Madam said for you to eat a good breakfast.”

  “ I don’t have time, I will be late.”

  “Well, at least take a bun, I just made them.”

  LingLing smiles prettily, “Thanks!”

  She drives a white BMW to the Lin Entertainment building and parks across the street. She forgot to bring her badge to park in the Underground lot.

   LingLing shivers, this leather jacket looks good but isn’t very warm. She tightens the pink and black cashmere scarf around her neck. She crosses the street to the tall building with the name Lin Entertainment across the top.

   When she enters the building she walks to the reception desk, “Hi Miss Walker, I am here to see my brother. I forgot my badge.”

   The woman grins as she opens a drawer then hands her a temporary badge. ” Zhou LingLing, this is the third time this week! Haha..”

” I should keep it in my car… I change purses and forget..sorry!”

Miss Walker shakes her head as she watches LingLing walk to the elevator.Director Zhou’s sister is so sweet it is hard to get angry.

Waiting by the elevator, LingLing sees Li Shaoting and his agent getting out of the elevator next to where she is standing. As they walk by she smiles at him. Li Shaoting ignores LingLing and brushes past her as though she is invisible. LingLing sighs, he will notice me when we work together on the drama. I have to get that role! I will have at least ten scenes with him.

   Once inside the elevator she presses the. button for the 32nd floor. When she steps out she lazily walks down the hallway to Zhou Hao’s office. His secretary greets her and says to go into the office, “Director Zhou is waiting for you.”

  “Thank you.”

  When LingLing enters the office her brother is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed looking over a script.

   She walks over and sits down next to him and hugs his arm, “Brother, what was so important that you dragged me out of my beautiful dream?”

   He takes off his gold rimmed glasses and rubs his eyes, “LingLing first tell me do you know CEO Lin?”

   LingLing’s fox-like eyes widen, “The CEO? No.” She shakes her head and takes the apple out of her purse. “Do you have a fruit knife? Never met him.”

  He takes the apple from her and walks to a short counter in the next room.. He uses a small knife to slice the apple onto a plate “Why would he call you to his office?”

  “He wants to see me?” She sits cross legged on the couch and takes the plate of apples from his hand. “I don’t want to go to his office.”

  He starts laughing, “You work for Lin Entertainment. He is the CEO, you can’t say no. Don’t you want to be in the new drama?”

   “Well, I do but..” he interrupts and takes a piece of apple, “No buts.. Anyway from my interactions with Lin Morgan he is easy to get along with. Just go.”

   LingLing takes a deep breath, “Come with me.”

  He feeds her a piece of apple, “You are not a child anymore. If you want to work in society you need to be able to deal with different people.” He rubs her head, “I saw Li Shaoting earlier.”

   LingLing’s face turns red.  I saw him too and he completely ignored me. Yes… I need to get that part. “I will go.”

   “Come back to my office afterwards and I will take you to lunch.”

  “Okay, can we go to The Golden Pear? I want to eat spicy crawfish.”

  “I will get a reservation.”

  LingLing stands up and hugs him, “Brother is the best!”

  She walks to the door then turns around. “Ah..where is the CEO’s office?”

  “The 40th floor.”

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