Alternate Personality

    LiMei has never seen Morgan lose his temper. She sheepishly responds, “Okay. Won’t go.” The iceberg seems to be overreacting, I could easily climb up to the roof.

   “I’m leaving. Be good.”

   LiMei watches Morgan leave then checks on Sara. After she wipes her flushed face again with a wet cloth she makes a decision. You are still feverish, you need to get to a hospital. Sorry Morgan but I am going to the roof. “Sara , I don’t know if you can hear me but I will be right back.”

   Taking the large flashlight she found in the desk drawer she opens the door that leads to the warehouse. LiMei hurries up the flight of stairs in the back of the large room to the third floor. Maybe the phone will work if I lean out the window. She struggles to pry open the window, come already! The temperature in the drafty room is extremely low. Shivering in the thin evening dress she is wearing LiMei can see her breath as she yanks on the stubborn latch .Finally the rusted handle loosens, she uses all her strength to push up the window.

LiMei hangs half her body out the window as she dials Rui’s number. She scrunches up her nose, no luck.. There is a short ledge on the outside of the window, I have no choice, I need to try to contact Rui. LiMei takes off her shoes, earlier she broke off the heels so she could run but thinks the ledge covered in frost looks slippery. She climbs out, don’t look down..don’t look down. LiMei holds onto the edge of the roof then pulls her body up onto the flat roof.

   She breathes a sigh of relief once she is safely on the roof. Carefully navigating the slippery roof trying to pick up a signal she is disheartened. Don’t tell me I can’t get a signal..I have to..Song Sara looks terrible.  Suddenly the phone rings, LiMei’s hand trembles as she excitedly answers. She hears Rui’s angry voice, “Morgan! Where the hell are you? Where is LiMei!”

   LiMei clutches the phone, “Rui!”

   Rui’s heart starts pounding, “BABY! LIMEI! WHERE ARE YOU?”

  “I..I don’t know..” The phone starts breaking up, “Rui..Song Sara..she needs help.”

  “You are breaking up..I will check the phone’s location. Don’t worry I will find you!” He frantically checks the GPS of the phone, Got it!

  “Hurry! Before they find us!”

  ”I..” The phone dies before he finishes his sentence. Dammit! “Cadeaux, call your men Feng LiMei is at 1955 S. Lafayette Blvd.Let’s go!”

  The two men anxiously rush out the door, Leo calls Pierre to give him the address. After he hangs up he informs Rui,“They are approximately fifteen minutes away from that location.” He is more concerned about finding Song Sara, “Is Song Sara with Feng LiMei?”

  “I assume so. Feng LiMei wouldn’t abandon her friend. But, she said Song Sara is very sick, she needs to go to a hospital.”

   LiMei clutches the phone to her chest, Rui..hurry.. She wipes a tear from her cheek, okay.. he is on his I need to make sure Song Sara is stable. She frowns, getting down from the roof will be harder than climbing up. I don’t have confidence I can land on that narrow ledge especially since it is slippery. I wonder if they have a fire ladder on the other side of the building? LiMei walks across the roof, no fire ladder, well that would have been too easy. She notices a large Chestnut tree’s branches hanging close to the right side of the roof. Maybe I can climb down the tree.

  LiMei plays with a few strands of hair, then brushes them behind her ear. If I miss grabbing onto that thick branch, well..I have no choice. She leans over the side of the roof, stretching out her arm, the tree branch is slightly out of reach. She stands up staring at the giant Chestnut tree. Suddenly a surge of adrenaline rushes through  her body, LiMei’s subconscious tells her she can do it.  An unfamiliar woman’s voice reverberates inside her head.. this is easy… use your internal energy…gather your qi..  jump onto the tree. Why are you hesitating?  JUMP!

  LiMei’s eyes focus on the branch and she leaps across landing solidly in the middle. She balances herself then grabs onto the next branch down, steadily moving down the tree until she reaches the ground. She quickly runs around the old wooden building to the office. If that man Morgan isn’t back I need to go help him. He doesn’t seem very intelligent but he is brave, I admire that.  She looks at her thin white arms, I don’t like this weak girl whose body I am occupying, she should have taken out the two incompetent kidnappers when they stopped the vehicle. Didn’t she train as an assassin with that moron Kuang Fu? 

   She runs into the office, hmm.. the handsome bodyguard hasn’t returned. Without looking at Song Sara she quickly heads to the gate where they entered. She rips part of her dress then wraps the strips of fabric around her feet. Why didn’t the little idiot bring her shoes up to the roof? Looking at the ground she follows the trail left by Morgan’s boots, crushed grass, broken twigs and muddy footprints. When she hears the sound of fighting she crouches down behind a bush to assess the situation. Morgan’s face has blood dripping down; one arm has a large gash. He is wielding a pipe fighting off five men. She picks up a few Chestnuts from the base of a nearby tree. Using her internal force she throws four simultaneously. The small nuts whip at lightning speed towards the men, undetectable in the darkness.  Four men fall lifelessly to the ground, the only man left standing relaxes his vigilance against Morgan while looking at the strange sight. Morgan takes the opportunity to strike the man in the face, splitting his nose and smashing his jaw. The man screams holding his face as a Chestnut hits him in the back of the head instantly killing him.

   Morgan has no idea why the four men suddenly fell to the ground. He looks at their motionless bodies sprawled on the muddy ground. He kicks one of the men with his boot to see if he is still alive. All dead. What the fuck! He looks around and can’t see anyone. Well, maybe Qiao Rui sent men. I don’t have time to check, I need to return to the office where I left Feng LiMei and Song Sara.  

   When he enters the office LiMei is in the bathroom wringing out a wet cloth. Morgan only sees Song Sara, he nervously calls out “FENG LIMEI!”

    She lazily walks out of the bathroom and smiles, “You are back. Good. Rui is on his way.”

“Huh? The phone works?”

   “For only a few minutes but Rui said he could track the phone.”

   “His men might be here already, I was fighting several men and they were all mysteriously killed.” He leans over the sink splashing water on his face to wash off the blood.

LiMei hands him the towel. Well, that was me haha… but I can’t let the silly man know. “Let me see your arm, you are bleeding.”

   “It is nothing. Song Sara hasn’t awakened yet?”

  “No. Her temperature has gone down but she is still unconscious. Come here.” She grabs another towel from a cupboard “Let me clean your wound. Take your shirt off.”

  “I can do it myself.” Morgan takes the other towel from her hand, “Go take care of Song Sara.” 

  “I will bring you the medicine chest.”

Morgan is unbuttoning his shirt, “Okay.”

   LiMei returns with the box and stares at Morgan’s bare chest. This man is really handsome..just my type..  He reminds me of Hu Ming the leader of the Blue Mountain Sect. Lean but well defined muscles.. I want to touch.. She has a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she applies the disinfectant to his injured arm. Afterwards she stands very close to him running her finger down a long jagged scar on his abdomen. Her finger stops and rests right above his belt buckle. LiMei’s voice sounds low and seductive “Morgan, how did you get this scar?”

   Morgan looks down at LiMei, he can feel her warm sweet breath on his chest. His heart races and turbulent emotions engulf him from LiMei’s unexpected actions. He quickly removes her soft hand from his skin that is on fire from her featherlike touch, “Long story.” What is she doing!

  She looks up at him and her voice has a coquettish tone that scratches his heart like a kitten’s paw, “I want to know.” 

  Morgan’s face turns red, “Miss Feng, I think I hear Miss Song, she must have awakened.”

  LiMei enjoys his flustered expression from her teasing, the big man is cute…  She brushes her hand across his large palm as she hands him a tube of ointment. “I will check on her.”

  After she leaves the small bathroom Morgan stares at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes are dark with desire. He gulps down his saliva, Dammit! I could barely control the urge to grab the little thing into my arms and kiss those tempting pink lips when she was touching me! Does she not understand how provocative her intimate actions were! If I didn’t know Feng LiMei I would think she was trying to seduce me!  Standing so close to me wearing that thin torn dress, does she not consider me a man!

  While Morgan is in the bathroom trying to calm himself down LiMei looks at Song Sara, this woman is pitiful…so weak.. LiMei takes her wrist to check her pulse, hmmm..the woman is pregnant… no wonder her emotional state was easily stimulated by her man’s fiancee and the bitch’s mother causing a fever. Well, since Feng LiMei considers you her friend I will help you regain your strength. She gathers her internal energy and places her hands on Song Sara’s body. Song Sara slowly opens her eyes, “Feng LiMei.”

   “Don’t try to talk. I will get you some water.”

   Song Sara looks around the small office, where are we?

Save Song Sara

    Morgan tenderly caresses LiMei’s cheek.He can’t resist the urge to kiss her so he lightly presses his lips on her forehead. Afterwards he stares lovingly at her delicate face and traces his finger across her curled black eyelashes, I promise I won’t let them hurt you. He carefully lays LiMei down next to Song Sara then moves behind the stack of pallets towards the back of the truck.

    After the truck passes through the gate it stops in front of a large warehouse. The driver, Eddie gets out of the truck then grumbles as he throws his cigarette on the ground, “Get two of the guards to carry the women, my back is messed up from the last job.”

   “You are so goddamn lazy… always fuckin complaining.” His cousin Ben opens the back of the truck. “You go do it. I will wait here.” He leans against the side of the truck and smokes a cigarette. If that fat idiot wasn’t my cousin I would have refused to work with him.

    The driver comes back with two guards, “When they take the bitches inside we can leave.” He waves a fat envelope, “Not bad for one night’s work.”

   Suddenly Morgan hears two gunshots and the sound of the two bodies hitting the ground with a loud thud. One of the guards laughs as he picks up the envelope, “Morons. They were told to bring Feng LiMei, serves them right for grabbing an extra woman.”

  The other guard looks at Song Sara laying in the back of the truck. He gulps his saliva down looking at her beautiful face and body, “What are we going to do with her?”

   The middle aged guard smiles showing his two gold front teeth. Smirking as he grabs his crotch, “Fuck the little beauty to death then toss her body into the incinerator out back like these two stupid assholes.”

  The skinny guard can feel himself getting hard thinking about ravaging the Asian stunner.  “The women are still unconscious. We should get rid of these fuckin bodies then come back for them.”

    “Good idea. After we dispose of them you can carry Feng LiMei into the lab and I will tie the other woman up in our room.”

    He looks around, “Don’t let anyone see you, I don’t want to share her body. He licks his lips, “Only the two of us. We can take turns fucking her all night.”

     LiMei has awakened and can hear the two men talking. She clenches her fists at her side,  Disgusting! I won’t let you hurt Song Sara! 

   After she hears them dragging the bodies away she sits up and jostles Song Sara, “Wake up..we need to escape.”

   Morgan hears LiMei and comes out from behind the pallets startling her as she is nudging Sara. He quickly puts his hand over her mouth, “Shh..Miss Feng, it’s me..Morgan.”

   She looks at him wide eyed as she whispers, “How..”

  He says in  a low voice, “No time to explain, I am going to see if the keys are in the truck. If they come back, you need to pretend to still be unconscious. Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you.”

   Morgan jumps out of the back of the truck before she can respond. He looks in the ignition then bangs his hand on the side of the truck, no keys. There are woods to the right. I can hide the women then come back to hot wire this truck or find another vehicle.

   He climbs into the back of the truck. “We need to escape, there are no keys. Can you run? I will carry Miss Song.”

  LiMei holds onto his sleeve, “Wait. You need to save Song Sara. She has a fever and needs to go to a hospital. Don’t worry about me. Escape with her, if I am still here they won’t put much effort into searching for her.”

  “NO! I am your bodyguard! You are my only priority.”

   She pleads, “Morgan! You heard them! They are going to violate Song Sara then kill her. YOU MUST SAVE HER! They won’t kill me, they need me alive. Contact Rui after you escape.”

  “I am not leaving you.”

  Morgan picks up Song Sara and when he is on the ground grabs LiMei’s hand pulling her out of the truck. “Let’s go.” She tries to wiggle out of his grasp.He holds her hand tightly then starts running towards the woods.”Behave!”

   The guards come back from burning the two men’s bodies and see the back of the truck is empty, “FUCK!”

   The short skinny guard exclaims, “We are dead if we don’t find Feng LiMei!”

   The middle aged guard starts sweating, “They couldn’t have gone too far.” He looks around, “They must have headed towards the woods.”

   Morgan wants to find a place to hide the women then return to find a vehicle.He cuts through the woods and tears a couple pieces of Song Sara’s dress. He hangs the fabric on a couple of bushes along the way to mislead the men following them then circles back around.

   As they circle around he notices another warehouse surrounded by chain link fence. This might do as a temporary hiding place. “Miss Feng, I need you to hide behind these bushes with Miss Song. I am going to see if there is a gate.”

  He carefully lays Sara down, “Stay here and wait for me.”

  LiMei nods and then touches Song Sara’s forehead. Oh my God she is burning up! I noticed a small stream as we were running. She watches Morgan’s back disappear. It shouldn’t take too long to get there. LiMei rushes back towards the stream, when she arrives she tears a large piece of her dress then soaks it with the cold water. Once she finishes she hurries back to where Song Sara is laying motionless behind the bushes. She is wiping her flushed cheeks when Morgan returns.

 “…” Didn’t I tell her not to leave!

  LiMei notices his angry expression but ignores him and continues to wipe Sara’s face with the wet fabric.

    Morgan points to the right, “I found a gate and the warehouse appears to be empty. Most likely after the guards search the woods they will check the warehouse but it will buy us some time anyway. I will try to get a signal once we are out of the woods to call Qiao Rui.”

    LiMei worries if Song Sara’s fever worsens she could die. “Morgan, you need to promise me that if those men catch up with us you will protect Song Sara. She is an innocent person who unfortunately was with me. I can take care of myself, she is sick and vulnerable. You need tofind a way to take her to the nearest hospital.”

  “Miss Feng, I know you want to protect your friend but..”

   LiMei purses her lips and stares at him with a determined look in her eyes.“No buts Morgan! I will never speak to you again if anything happens to Song Sara! YOU PROMISE ME NOW!”

  Morgan has a complicated expression, “I will protect both of you.”

 He lifts Song Sara up and firmly grips LiMei’s small hand in his large palm. Dammit! I can’t promise that! When they reach the gate to the warehouse Morgan had already broken the lock earlier so they walk through into the parking lot. He tells LIMei, “After I get you settled inside I am going to take care of the two men following us. Once they are eliminated it will remove the immediate threat.”

   Morgan kicks open the door of a small office attached to the warehouse. He lays Song Sara down on a couch while LiMei looks in the cabinets to see if there is a medicine box. She pulls a large white plastic box out and stumbles backwards. Morgan reaches his long arms out to catch LiMei before she falls to the ground. He freezes and his heart starts pounding in his chest with her petite body in his embrace. He inhales her sweet fragrance and it takes a moment for him to regain his senses. Looking down at her beautiful face his ears turn crimson. When LiMei notices his shy expression she blinks her eyes, “Ah sorry!” He immediately let’s go of her thin waist then nervously bends down to pick up the scattered medical supplies. I hope she couldn’t hear my heart pounding… Morgan nonchalantly says, “There is some fever medicine.” He looks at the packaging, “It isn’t expired.”

  LiMei takes it from him, “Great!” She grabs a paper cup from a dispenser next to an empty water cooler then goes into the bathroom. She rinses the cup out then fills it with water mixing in the powdered medicine. 

  When she returns to the office she lifts Song Sara’s head and pinches her jaw so she can feed her the medicine. 

   Morgan’s deep obsidian eyes are filled with infatuation watching LiMei give Song Sara the medicine, she is so beautiful and sweet. He recalls her gentle touch applying ointment for him and feeding him the medicine she prepared especially for him when he was injured.

   LiMei finishes then Morgan reminds her, “Miss Feng, you are Song Sara’s only protection so don’t follow me or leave.” That should convince the little girl not to go anywhere. “I haven’t been able to get a signal but I am leaving my phone with you.”

  “Okay, maybe on the roof I can get a signal.”

  Morgan impulsively puts his hands on her shoulders and leans down. He sounds angry as he growls, “MISS FENG! DON’T DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS! WHEN I GET BACK I WILL GO TO THE ROOF!” He takes his hands away, “Sorry. Please…just stay here and wait for me to return.”

  LiMei has never seen Morgan lose his temper. She sheepishly responds, “Okay. Won’t go.” The iceberg seems to be overreacting, I could easily climb up to the roof.

   “I’m leaving. Be good.”


   Rui wonders why it is taking so long for LiMei to come to the main room after going to the bathroom. He walks down the hallway but doesn’t see Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. He creases his eyebrows surveying the crowd then breathes a sigh of relief when he sees LiMei sitting on a couch at the back of the room with Song Sara.

   LiMei wants to sit and comfort Song Sara because she isn’t feeling well and he isn’t pleased. I don’t want LiMei to get involved with this woman, from the guilty look on the woman’s face she is hiding something. The investigation report identified her as the unwanted daughter of that old bastard Song. She is engaged to Tsu Yibo and apparently is cheating on him with Li Tian. No good.. Why did I agree to bringing LiMei to this fucking event.

    Feeling conflicted when she notices Rui’s annoyed expression LiMei nervously looks at Song Sara. I can’t leave the poor girl like this after that old woman and her bodyguard bullied her in the restroom, Song Sara is shivering in fear. LiMei regards Song Sara as a woman with a good personality, someone she would like to become friends with in the future. Maybe Rui can check her condition. Rui holds LiMei’s small hand and mentions he will go find Li Tian. He sneers when Song Sara quickly stands up, as expected the woman appears anxious and has a guilty expression on her face.

  The three of them walk into the main room and approach Li Tian who is engaged in conversation. Uncomfortable because she took off her wet panties in the restroom LiMei puts her legs together. Should I tell Rui I am not wearing any panties so I can go buy underwear at the Boutique I saw as we entered the hotel.

   Rui notices her blushing and clutching the hem of her dress, He leans down with a gentle look on his face whispering in her ear, “LiMei what’s wrong?” 

  “Na Nothing.. Nothing is wrong..”

  He hugs LiMei away from the group of people then lifts her chin, while staring into her eyes  she blinks several times. He playfully teases, “LiMei, do you know when you don’t want to tell me something you blink several times?’

  She widens her eyes then rubs her finger at the corner of her eye, “I just got something in my eye.”

  He laughs, “Little Liar. Baby, just tell me.” Both LiMei and Song Sara appear unsettled. “Did something happen in the restroom?”

   Well yes ..I beat up a woman and threw away my panties. LiMei decides she can’t say anything, I will slip away and go myself. She has a sly smile, I will divert his attention. “Rui do you know the woman in the red dress?” LiMei was watching Song Sara and only heard part of what she said.

   Rui embraces LiMei and kisses her forehead, “Baby,are you jealous?”

  LiMei’s voice sounds soft and coquettish, “Well, maybe a little.” Rui likes it when I act jealous he will forget he was questioning me. She looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “You are the most handsome man here. I didn’t like the way she was looking at you.”

  Rui feels like his heart will burst listening to LiMei’s sweet words. He pulls her into the hallway and presses her up against the wall, “One more word from that sweet little mouth of yours and I won’t be able to control myself.” He kisses LiMei, biting and licking her lips. When he pries her lips open his hot tongue enters her mouth, kissing LiMei until she is breathless. Breathing rapidly LiMei pushes him as he puts his hand under her dress. LiMei’s face suddenly is dyed crimson red, “Don’t be a rascal!” 

   He takes his hand off her soft thigh when two people walk by. Rui inhales her sweet scent as he plays with a strand of her loose hair, “Well, I need to show you that you are the only woman I want.”

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo are standing not too far away.  Hak Byung-soo smirks while Morgan clenches his fist in his pocket, unable to look away from the steamy scene.

   LiMei hears them announce the beginning of the Jewelry Competition, “Rui, it is starting I want to go back into the main room.”

  He reluctantly takes her hand then lazily walks back into the venue followed by Hak Byung-soo and Morgan.

  LiMei asks Song Sara, “Will you be modeling the Midnight Lover Necklace soon?”

  “Yes. Mr. Navarre’s assistant will get me to go backstage.”

  “Do you want some water,  you look very pale.” LiMei sees Rui is distracted while talking to a strange man and decides to go to the Boutique. “I will be right back.”

  LiMei hurries out the door followed by Morgan and Hak Byung-soo. When she enters the Boutique they both look at each other, Feng LiMei is going shopping? They follow her into the store and stand back as she asks the woman where to find underwear. The woman has a strange look on her face, “We don’t carry undergarments. There is Vivienne’s Secret down by the elevator but they are closed.”

  “Do you carry any shorts?”

  ???? This is an exclusive store that only carries designer dresses by Chloe Design. But she is wearing the Pink Lotus necklace by Navarre, I shouldn’t insult the young woman. “Miss, there is a sportswear store at the end of the hallway to the left. I’m not sure of their hours..” She looks at her watch then politely smiles, “This store closes in ten minutes. Is there something else I can help you find?”

 Morgan listens to their conversation and the tips of his ears turn red. He gulps and his Adam Apple rolls as he looks at LiMei’s flustered expression. Could the little girl not be wearing any panties? 

  “ you.” LiMei runs to the door then down the hallway, she sees a woman locking the door to the Sportswear shop. “WAIT!”

   Startled by LiMei’s sudden appearance the woman glares at her and LiMei spits out, “I need a pair of shorts.”

   “I’m sorry Miss the store is closed, we open again at ten o’clock.”

   “This is an emergency.I will pay you to open the door.”

  LiMei reaches into her purse and realizes she doesn’t have any cash. She pulls Morgan by his sleeve, “Do you have any money? I will pay you back.”

   He reaches into his wallet and gives LiMei all his cash. She smiles looking at the stack of bills, “Thank you!”

   The woman stares at LiMei’s outstretched hand thinking she is crazy, the young girl is wearing a multi million dollar necklace and an exclusive designer cocktail dress. Why does she need a pair of shorts at this time of night. She greedily takes the money LiMei,“Very well.”

   The woman turns on the lights and points to the back of the store, “Our selection of running shorts are located there.”

   LiMei rushes to the back and finds a pair of white shorts, these will work. She hands the woman her credit card, “I don’t need a bag.” She shoves the tiny shorts into her purse, “Thank you.” 

   The woman hands her back her credit card and LiMei rushes out of the store, “Whewww.. Thank God!”

   Morgan and Hak Byung-soo follow, each having their own thoughts about the situation.

   LiMei slows down her pace as she enters the main room. Everyone’s eyes are on the stage as a beautiful woman wearing a unique ruby necklace walks in front of the judges.

   She takes a bottle of water from a table and takes a deep breath as she approaches the group of people.”Where is Song Sara?”

   Rui holds her waist tightly, “Where did you go?” He knits his brows staring at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo with an icy expression.

   LiMei innocently responds,“I couldn’t find a bottle of water for Song Sara, “Did she go backstage?”

  “Yes, Navarre’s assistant came and got her a few minutes ago.”

   “I am going to give her the water.”

   He holds her hand tightly, “No. I don’t want you wandering around any more.”

   LiMei looks up at him with a pleading look in her eyes, Damn I want to put on the shorts.  “But Rui she didn’t look well, I want to see how she is feeling. She told me she has never modeled before and is nervous. I have bodyguards, I will be fine.”

   Rui reluctantly agrees, “Go straight backstage.”

   She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him,  “Of course.”

  LiMei stops at the restroom to put on the shorts then comes out the door with a relieved smile on her face. She ignores the strange looks on Morgan’s and Hak Byung-soo’s faces and hurries through the main room to a door leading to the backstage area.  A security guard opens the door for LiMei but won’t let Morgan and Hak Byung-soo enter, “You can’t go in there.” They see several other muscular looking men who are obviously bodyguards also standing outside the room. They nod and step to the side.

   LiMei enters the backstage area gazing around for Song Sara.  The models are mingling in the middle of the room but she can’t see Song Sara. When she walks around the group she sighs when she notices her friend sitting on a couch in a far corner of the room by herself. Song Sara’s complexion is pale and she has her hand resting on her stomach.  LiMei sits next to her and holds her hand, “Drink some water.” Sara’s hands are cold and clammy, concerned LiMeis asks,“How are you feeling?”

   Song Sara takes the water, “Thank you. I’m just a little nervous.”

“You look absolutely gorgeous, you will do great!”

“To be honest I want to get this over with and go back and sleep. I am leaving to go back to Catang City in the morning.”

“If you aren’t feeling well can’t they find another model?”

“No. I promised Mr. Navarre I would model for him.”

Navarre’s assistant walks over with a disgusted look on her face. “I need the make up artist to redo your makeup You look terrible.”

LiMei gives her a dirty look, “She isn’t feeling well. Give her a minute!”

“There isn’t much time. She models after Marissa.”

Song Sara stands up and feels dizzy. LiMei quickly grabs her arm before she falls and sits her down on the couch. “She can’t model! She touches Sara’s head, “She has a fever! Get someone else!”

“There is no one else! Are you going to ruin Mr. Navarre’s chance of winning!” She pulls on Sara’s arm yelling in her face, “Who put you up to this! You were fine earlier!”

LIMei pushes the assistant. “Let go!” She thinks the shock of what happened in the bathroom must have affected Song Sara. “I need to go get Qiao Rui, he is a doctor.”

Mr. Navarre’s assistant looks closely at LiMei, Eurasian..beautiful.. a little short but.. She sounds fierce, “You are her friend? You do it or we will sue Song Sara.”

“Me!?! I’m not a model!”

The assistant sneers,”So what neither is Song Sara. Mr. Navarre wants an unknown to model.”

“I need to go get Qiao Rui, she is burning up with a fever.”

Song Sara can hear them but is very weak, “No.. no.. I can do it.”

The assistant shakes her head, “Nonsense do you want to humiliate Mr. Navarre!”

LiMei holds her hands, “I will. But you need to go get Dr. Qiao he is standing next to Li Tian, you know him right?”

” Yes. I will get the doctor. You put on this necklace, when they call Song Sara you go out that door that leads to the stage. Walk in front of the judges, smile and put your hand delicately on your neck to show off the necklace. Very simple.”

After she leaves LiMei takes a tissue from her purse and dabs the beads of sweat on Song Sara’s hot forehead, “Sara lie down, I will do a good job for you don’t worry.”

Song Sara can barely focus on LiMei’s face, her eyes are misty. She lightly squeezes LiMei’s hand, “Feng LiMei… thank you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.” LiMei takes off the Pink Lotus necklace and bracelet and puts them into her purse. She takes a deep breath then nervously puts on the Midnight Lover’s Necklace. How hard can this be...

Song Sara’s eyes are closed

Leaving The Chateau

This chapter is for readers 18 and older…

   After Rui and LiMei shower together he hugs her tightly in his strong arms inhaling the jasmine fragrance emitting from her body. He whispers in her ear, “Baby, I love you so much,” then kisses her face. Taking a towel he gently dries her slender body, when he finishes he brushes her wet hair. LiMei obediently sits with the towel wrapped around her as he blow dries her long black hair. She loves the feeling of Rui’s pampering but is apprehensive because of her fragile mental state. He kisses the top of her head when he finishes, “While you get dressed I need to go to my study and make a call.”

  LiMei stands up and presses her body onto his firm chest. She looks up at him with a loving gaze, “Rui,you are too good to me.”

   He lifts her chin and regrets having doubts when he sees her green eyes covered in a layer of mist, “I told you LiMei, you are everything to me.” Rui kisses her passionately tasting her sweetness as LiMei’s heart starts racing melting into his strong embrace. He nibbles and sucks her tender lips, when she is breathless and clinging onto him he stops. LiMei looks up at him with her eyes sparkling, with a trembling voice she confesses, “Rui, I will always love you.”

   When Rui hears LiMei he feels like his heart is going to explode, He puts his hand on the back of her neck and pulls her closer as he kisses every part of her face then sucks on her small jade ear. Rui’s deep eyes reveal his possessiveness, “Baby, I will never let you go..”

   LiMei  leans her head on his chest and can hear his rapid heartbeat. He suddenly lifts her up and carries her to the bed pressing her thin body underneath him.”Baby..” Rui kisses her lips then as his lips move down her neck his phone rings, Dammit! He kisses LiMei then gets off the bed to pick up his phone on the table. After he answers he growls, “What!” He listens and then says, “I will call you back.”

   Rui’s face is black as he leans over and kisses LiMei, “Baby, I need to make a call after I get dressed.”

  LiMei nods, “Okay.”

  After Rui leaves LiMei gets off the bed, Rui didn’t look very good when he got that call. I wonder what it was about? She picks up a bottle of water and takes off the cap. There is a knock at the door. LiMei says, “Who is it?”

   “Morgan.” He waited for Rui to leave then came to deliver the shoe. 

   “What is it? I’m not dressed.”

   Morgan grips the high heel and his Adam apple rolls picturing LiMei’s naked body, “Ah, when Qiao Rui brought the clothes up one of the shoes was by the couch. Must have fallen out of the box when Hak Byung-soo got the delivery.” 

   “Oh. Leave it at the door. Thanks.”

    He is walking towards the stairs when he sees the door open and LiMei wrapped in the towel. Morgan’s dark eyes have a lustful gleam as he watches her bending down. You will be mine Feng LiMei… He hurries down the stairs and runs into Hak Byung-soo coming in from outside. He tells him, “Qiao Rui said you and I are back on duty tonight.”

   “I switched with Henry Noone. I am going to guard the perimeter.”

  “Not tonight. Qiao Rui said he wants you and me to be the bodyguards when he and Miss Feng go to the International Jewelry Competition.”

   “No fucking way! René already approved the switch.”

  “Who is the Boss, René or Qiao Rui?”

  Hak Byung-soo kicks the table by him, “I really hate that little slut!”

  Morgan’s eyes are full of killing intent, his veins bulging on his forehead as he grabs Hak Byung-soo by his neck and squeezes. He grits his teeth growling, “Don’t ever say that again or believe me, I will kill you!”

   Hak Byung-soo can barely breathe. He uses all his internal strength to spit out, “A..are you crazy?”

   Morgan releases his neck and walks away clenching his fists at his side. I would rather have Cheng going tonight instead of that rat bastard. He has no respect. None! I don’t know if I trust him to protect the little girl.. Well, I will be there ..nothing will happen with me guarding Feng LiMei. He goes to his room to shower and put on fresh clothes. 

   Hak Byung-soo watches his back disappear down the hallway.  What the fuck! Crazy! Did that little demoness bewitch him.

   Upstairs LiMei puts on the dress, oh so pretty! She twirls around. When Rui walks into the bedroom he has a doting expression on his handsome face watching LiMei in front of the mirror. He comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and rests his head on her shoulder, “You look very beautiful, like a fairy princess.”

  LiMei turns around and blushes, “Rui..” She stands on her tiptoes, “This dress..the beaded butterflies are so pretty. Chloe is such a talented designer!” He lifts her silky black hair and puts the Pink Lotus Necklace around her neck. LiMei’s mouth drops open staring in the mirror as she touches the necklace. “RUI! I have never seen such a delicate beautiful piece of jewelry!”

   He softly kisses the back of her neck and LiMei quivers. Running his finger over her exposed snow white clavicle he then touches her fingers on the necklace. He turns LiMei around and kisses her soft lips then seductively says, “I think this necklace is very beautiful but can’t compare to your beauty.”

   The tips of LiMei’s ears turn red and Rui’s thin lips curl in an arc, he holds her hand, “Sit. I will put your shoes on for you.”

  “I can.”


  LiMei sits on the couch and Rui holds her jadelike tiny foot in his hand and can’t resist the urge to kiss her cute toes. When he does, LiMei starts giggling again, “Rui! That..haha..tickles..”

    While he slips on her crystal beaded high heels,LiMei watches him “Rui,you look so handsome.. like Prince Charming.”

    After he puts the heels on LiMei he teases, “ Am I handsome?”

  She leans forward, smiling happily wrapping her arms around his neck, then kisses him, “The most handsome man in the entire world!”

   Rui laughs thinking LiMei looks adorable, her eyes are bent in a crescent moon shape and her two dimples are exposed as she grins.

He lifts her up into his arms and walks out of the bedroom. LiMei has her arms around his neck, “Rui I can walk.”

“I like to carry you.” He kisses LiMei, “Isn’t that what Prince Charming should do?”

LiMei blushes and giggles, “I love you my Prince.” She snuggles into his chest as they go down the stairs. I love you so much.

Rui motions to Hak Byung-soo to open the door and he carries LiMei out to the Rolls Royce Phantom. Morgan is leaning on the car smoking a cigarette. He immediately extinguishes it and opens the back door while staring at LiMei in Rui’s arms. He has a jealous look in his dark eyes. She looks like a fairy princess in that dress. he snaps out of it and says, “René went to the Étienne Hotel as you instructed. I will be driving.”


Hak Byung-soo gets into the passenger seat, What the hell? Is the chick’s little p***y that fucking good. Both these idiots look like they want to fuck the little slut on the spot. He has deep resentment towards LiMei, although he and Morgan have butted heads he has a a great deal of respect for him professionally. He is considered one of the most elite bodyguards in all of China, his skills are enviable. He glares at LiMei, from the moment I met her I can see she is an unlucky star for that poor fuck Morgan. Does he really think he can take her away from a fucking Billionaire? He is a goddam bodyguard. Those shoes she has on probably cost a years salary for us.

LiMei sits on Rui’s lap and leans on his chest like a contented kitten. Morgan pulls out of the driveway and looks in the rear view mirror clenching his large hands on the steering wheel. Rui kisses LiMei and rubs her breast. Embarrassed because of the two men in the front seat she whispers, “Rui..don’t”

Rui has a playful expression, “Don’t what? This?” He slips his hand under her dress and runs his hand up her thigh. LiMei instinctively moans, he wants to show she belongs to him to the two men in the front. He didn’t want to bring them after the Game Room incident but they are the two bodyguards with the best skills. LiMei tries to take his hand from under her skirt but he moves his hand up under her lace panties playing with her flower petals while he kisses her pink lips, he whispers in her ear, “You are mine Baby.. I want to fuck you right now.”

LiMei looks at Morgan and Hak Byung-soo in the front seat, her voice is shy and low, “Rui they can see. Stop. Please.”

He was only teasing LiMei, he tells Morgan,”Put down the glass partition.”

Morgan’s finger is shaky as he presses the button. It makes the back soundproof as well as private. Once it is down Bak Byung-soo snickers, “I thought the Boss was going to let us watch him fuck his woman. That would have been fun. I am curious what kind of pussy drives a man insane.”

Morgan knows he has to drive and can’t beat the shit out of Hak Byung-soo right now. He grits his teeth, “You think I was joking earlier.”

“Morgan, I want you to see she isn’t the only little twat in the world. Why you are fucking obsessed with Feng LiMei I don’t get it. You are a goddam legend! The last job we worked together those two beautiful sisters were fighting over you and you didn’t put them in your eyes. You are a fucking badass, how can you be played by Feng LiMei? Granted she is extremely beautiful but so what? She could end up destroying you. Qiao Rui is insane, you and I both know that.

“None of your business. Protecting Feng LiMei is your job and I expect you to do your job.”

“I have never let personal feelings affect my performance. But you..well..I think you know falling in love with the client causes a bodyguard to lose effectiveness in a dangerous situation.”

“You better not repeat that.”

“I won’t. I respect you that is why I prevented you from rushing out to the garden. That is why I didn’t fight you when you grabbed me by the neck. I don’t want you brought down by a woman. A woman who belongs to a powerful man. You saw in the training room his murderous aura, he would kill without blinking an eye any man who messes with Feng LiMei.”

In the backseat LiMei and Rui are getting more aroused. Rui presses LiMei down and his face is under LiMei’s dress sucking and licking her flower petals. He uses his tongue to thrust in and out as LiMei leans back softly moaning, “Ruiii..ahhh.” She has her hands on his head as she makes lewd sounds. LiMei’s mind goes blank as intense pleasure overtakes her as he rubs her red and swollen nub. Rui laps up her delicious honey dripping from her flower hole coating his lips. He holds her slim hips as she squirms on the seat responding to his hot tongue moving in and out of her tunnel. Sliding his tongue and poking her sensitive spot giving her endless pleasure.”Ummm..ohhh…Ahhh..”

LiMei’s soft and tender p***y is being sucked and licked until she can’t breathe and her body is twitching. “Ruiiii.. “

The sound of her soft and tender cries fuel his desire. He moans breathlessly, “Baby I need to be inside you.” When he unbuckles his belt a LiMei has a lucid moment, “But Ruii..” She has an idea, “Ah..let me use my mouth.”

Rui gazes at her innocent expression remembering her inexperienced attempt last time. But he agrees, if we have sex..

Kneeling she stares at him while biting her bottom lip. He wants to laugh at the determined look on her face. My Baby is so cute. She holds onto him with her soft hand then licks his thick shaft with her warm moist tongue, his eyes are glassy as he moans, “Ummm”. She moves her hand up and down as she concentrates on licking and sucking the head. Twirling her wet tongue around licking and teasing him as Rui breathes heavily. A surge of heat runs through his body from her soft and wet tongue as she flicks his sensitive head. “Nngh.. Baby..feels so good…”

LiMei then puts as much of his length as she can in her mouth and Rui runs his fingers through her silky black hair thrusting in and out as her head bobs up and down. I’m glad I watched that video, Rui seems to enjoy it this time. Proud of herself she continues until suddenly she gags as he enters too far into her throat. She doesn’t have time to recover when he releases and she swallows a unpalatable tasting substance. LiMei’s eyes water and spits a little out and the thick sticky liquid dribbles down her chin. Rui chuckles at her distressed expression, “Poor Baby, but it was your idea.”

LiMei can barely talk, “Tow…towel”

Rui takes a bottle of water and wets his handkerchief then wipes her lips and face. After he kisses her wet lips, he tells her, “Baby, you were amazing.”

She forgets her grievances as he gently cleans her face, “Really?”

He smiles, “Really.” Rui seductively whispers in her ear, “My Baby’s mouths are the best I love fucking both of them.” He has a devilish smile seeing LiMei turn red, he grabs another bottle of water. “Drink.”

Rui cleans himself after he zips up his pants, he pulls her into his embrace. “Baby, tell me again you love me.”

LiMei hugs his waist, “I love my Rui. My Rui is the most handsome and sexiest man in the world.”

He laughs, “Are you sure you want to go to the event?” He squeezes her breast, “We could continue in a hotel room.”

“We can continue afterwards, just next time don’t make me swallow.”

Rui hugs LiMei, “Hahaha..well I rather your other mouth swallowed my seed so we can have a..” He stops himself. “Looks like we are here.”

LiMei anxiously takes a brush out of her purse and takes the clip from her messy hair, “I am going to need to go to the bathroom before we go into the Jewelry Competition to clean up.”

“I can get a Suite.”

“Rui! Then we won’t leave the room! I will just use the restroom first.”


Do You Love Me

This chapter is for readers 18 and older

   Rui picks up the dress and shoe box then heads up the stairs. Morgan has a smile on his face as he goes back to the common room. The old cook sees him as he picks up some dirty dishes from the table, “Big Guy, why are you smiling? Is it the little girl? She seems to be the only one who can crack that frozen expression he usually has on his face. But from what that little Korean guy said Feng LiMei is bad news.

  “No reason. Have you seen Hak Byung-soo?”

   “He said he was going out to the perimeter.”

   Morgan goes out the side door to the patio then takes the path around the house to the front.

   Upstairs LiMei is leaning back in the bath asleep when the bathroom door opens. Rui’s thin lips curl up in a smile staring at LiMei with her eyes closed, her curled dense black eyelashes are fluttering and long strands of her wet hair are stuck to her cheek. Rui’s Adam Apple rolls gazing at her round soft breasts peeking out from under the flower covered water. He wants to kiss her alluring pink lips that are slightly parted while she breathes. My baby looks so delicious.. So he kneels by the bathtub gently brushing her hair from her cheek touches her hair then kisses her lips, “Baby.Wake up.”

  LiMei can hear Rui’s voice and her eyes lazily open halfway, her vision is blurry. Rui can’t resist her seductive appearance. He puts his hands on her cheeks as he kisses her soft lips again. LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and smiles showing her cute dimples and her deep green eyes bend into a crescent shape, “ are back.” She kisses him and he slides his tongue inside her warm mouth to taste her sweetness. When they are breathless LiMei starts to unbutton his shirt and his heart is racing when her soft fingertips touch his skin. He hurriedly takes off his shirt then his pants, his deep eyes are full of lust as he gets into the bath. Water splashes onto the floor as he pulls LiMei onto his lap facing him. He hugs her naked body to him as he whispers in her ear in a low and magnetic voice,”Baby…you are so beautiful”, then nibbles on her snow white ears that are dyed red. When LiMei’s small bottom moves on his lap he feels a fire surging within him. He kisses her neck, licking and sucking her tender skin, ”Do you really want to go tonight.”

  His scorching masculine breath on her neck is intoxicating. LiMei can feel him growing bigger underneath as she twists her body to get comfortable in his arms. She has an itchy feeling. LiMei’s voice sounds raspy as his mouth moves down to her sensitive pink bud and he holds her breast in his hot hand. “Ahhh..Rui..Ohhh..”

  He twirls his tongue around the erect pink bud then bites and plays with her other breast. LiMei has her hands in his hair as he mercilessly teases her body. “Rui…stop..ahh..”

   The water is getting cold in the bath, Rui picks LiMei up and dries her petite body then takes her to bed. He presses her flushed body underneath him hungrily continuing to suck her snowy white soft peaks as she sweetly moans. Aroused by her lewd sounds he spreads her delicate and slender thighs. Rui’s thin sexy lips lift into an arc as he inserts his long finger into her tight tunnel, “So wet.” He gazes at her beautiful face, when LiMei is aroused her face is so incredibly beautiful..a combination of innocence and seductiveness. The scent of her body is sweet and sensual from her honey. And this look is only for me.. Her body only belongs to me. He thrusts his finger in and out and LiMei pleads, “Rui..don’t tease..pleeease..” She arches her slim hips towards him and he kisses her mound, “Please what?”

  “Give it..give it to me..Ruiiii..ahhhh..ummmm..”

  “Open your eyes.”

  LiMei obediently opens her eyes and blinks a few times to focus on the handsome man on top of her body. She closes her eyes because if she looks at Rui she can’t control her emotions. LiMei always feels he is too good for her and gets self conscious.

   “Open your eyes Baby I want to see my reflection.” He sees the overflowing love in her gorgeous catlike green eyes that suck his soul from his body. Becoming aroused Rui’s voice sounds hoarse as he gently touches her cheek. He impulsively asks,  “Baby, do you love me?”

  LiMei has a misty look in her eyes when he says those words because she doesn’t believe she deserves Rui. After she woke up some memories were clear in her mind. But she does truly love him with all her heart. LiMei’s voice has a kittenish softness,  “I love you much.” She recalled bits of memories of a man chasing after her the sounds of gunfire. Crystal tears silently form in her eyes as she mutters “But..I can’t.. he..” before she can say anything else Rui fiercely bites her lip then licks and sucks the blood. Coming unglued at the thought of another man pressing LiMei on the bed he seals her lips with a domineering kiss. Can’t..can’t!.. HE! HE! she has another man? I will fucking kill him! Baby, I won’t ever let you escape from me in this life! He wants to dominate and possess her body to make sure she can only have him in her eyes. Rui’s deep dark eyes have a demonic glint. “Baby, I will give you what you want.” Rui has a crazed look in his eyes, “I will give it to you..but Baby you need to tell me who the man is.” He moves the tip of his erection on her flower petals teasing LiMei. At the same time he rubs his thumb across her nub then pinches it making LiMei’s body quiver. Honey pours out as LiMei writhes on the bed clutching the covers, her entire body is begging for him to quickly fill her up. Her voice is hoarse and pleading from the strange feeling of being unsatisfied. and tortured by his intensive toying with her body.”Ruiiii.. You..only you.”I want you..Ruiii..pleeeease Ruiiii… ” She puts her hand on his erection, “I need itchy.”

Rui’s possessiveness and jealousy clouds his judgement, he has a raging fire burning inside of him. ” Baby, I will fuck you so fucking hard… until you can only see me. He lifts LiMei’s slender legs placing them on his shoulders and with a savage thrust his huge shaft enters deep into her tight tunnel startling LiMei, she screams while gripping onto the covers. “AHHH! WOOO!HURTS! HURTS! STOPPPP.”

“Baby.. Unghh..Your tunnel is devouring doesn’t want me to stop.” His eyes are red and his breathing is ragged as he pounds her flower hole like a beast wanting to devour his prey. Rui is consumed with dark desire, misunderstanding LiMei. You’re mine Baby.. He growls, “ Nngh..MINE. Ummm..” Baby, your tight little p***y is ONLY MINE. LiMei’s warm honey pours out drenching his long shaft and his movements become faster and more brutal from the indescribable pleasurable feeling. 

   Hurt by LiMei’s careless words he turns her body over and lifts up her round bottom. He wildly plunders inside while slapping her tender skin sending a wave of pain and pleasure through her body. LiMei keeps sucking in his length and he is losing his mind thinking she wants to leave him. He is thrusting into the deepest part of her tunnel, you will be my wife and have my baby LiMei.

  LiMei’s mind is chaotic from his savage thrusts and the overwhelming sensations from him hitting her sensitive spot over and over. Twitching and writhing she is adding fire to the already out of control burning desire within Rui. Obviously he is angry but I don’t know why he was fine when we were in the bath. “AHHH…WOOOHUUU.. TOO DEEP… NOOOO!” LiMei feels a rush of heat through her body and spasms clutching onto him digging her nails into his skin.

   He leans down his voice sounds low and magnetic, “Am I fucking you good Baby?” Rui reaches around pinching then rubbing his thumb across her red and swollen nub as he speeds the rhythm of his thrusting. “SAY MY NAME..”

  LiMei screams in ecstasy as she climaxes again and her honey squirts out, “RUI!..RUI…AHHH.. TOO BIG! TOO FAST!”

  Listening to her scream his name Rui has his hands on her hips fiercely thrusts his  engorged thick shaft into the deepest part of her flower hole ramming into her cervix. When he fills her with his seed he groans in satisfaction, “Baby..Ummm..Nngh.. Fucking your wet p***y feels so fucking good..” He squeezes her tender bottom, then lightly runs his hand down underneath teasing her red and swollen nub.

  LiMei quivers when the hot rush of his essence shoots inside her body and collapses on the bed burying her head in the pillow.

  He has sweat dripping down his forehead as he pulls out of LiMei then he turns her . LiMei looks at him with an aggrieved expression and her eyes are red. Rui hugs her to him and kisses her forehead, “LiMei, I’m sorry. Don’t look at me like that.” He buries his head in her neck whispering, “Baby, I love you too much. When you said you love me but..I..” Rui gently kisses her ear, “You can’t ever leave me LiMei.”

  LiMei is surprised that is why Rui was angry, “Rui, I don’t want to leave you. I just think I am having some mental problems and I don’t want to burden you.”

   He tightens his embrace, “LiMei whatever problems you have we can deal with them together. When we get back to Pushong City I know a good therapist.” He kisses her face, “Baby, you are everything to me, I love you. 

   “Rui when I performed the Sword Dance you didn’t think it was strange?”

   He brushes her damp hair behind her ear, “It was strange but very beautiful.”

  “Rui I saw things.”

  “Like what.”

  “Well I saw a map on the Tianshu Sword. A cave with weird medicinal herbs growing inside. Forget it..I was hallucinating.”

   Rui lifts her chin looking into her eyes, “You saw a map?”

  “It was in gold writing and it was like it imprinted on my mind at the end of the Tianshu Sword Dance.”

    “LiMei, when we get back to Pushong City..” LiMei interrupts, “Do you believe me?”

   “Of course I do. I purchased the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword because of  its mysterious origin.” He doesn’t want to press LiMei although what she knows might be the key he needs to find the rare herbs needed to cure Hannah Hedwig.

  LiMei rests on his chest, “Rui.”

  He plays with her long black hair twirling it between his slender fingers, “Hmm.” 


   “Baby, do you really want to go to the Jewelry Competition?”

  LiMei looks up at him with a pleading look in her eyes, “I do. I don’t have any friends in Pushong City and I felt a connection to Song Sara. She asked me to come and support her while she models the Midnight Lover Necklace for Navarre.”

   He kisses her forehead, “The Competition begins in an hour and a half, there is no time for a stylist but I did get you a dress from Chloe Design.”

   LiMei hugs Rui, “Thank you.”

   Rui holds her in his arms, “Just say you forgive me.”

  “Rui..I love you please don’t ever doubt that. I just worry..” He puts his finger on her lips, “Shh.. Baby, I always want you by my side. We can deal with your memory loss together.”

  LiMei impulsively kisses Rui and slips her small pink tongue in his mouth. She entangles her tongue with his and Rui’s heart pounds in his chest. My Baby is so cute, she is still a little clumsy. He takes control of the kiss sweeping his eager tongue over the inside of her sweet mouth. All I ask is that you love me can never leave me or I will lose my mind. When I think of you with another man..smiling at him..kissing him.. A surge of rage flows through my body I can’t control.

Morgan Makes Plans

   LiMei wakes up feeling refreshed, I will need to thank Morgan his massage really got rid of my headache. She gets out of bed to take a bath wondering where Rui went this afternoon as she takes off her clothes and walks into the bathroom. Filling the bath with warm water and the medicinal powder she slips into the bathtub.

  Downstairs Morgan is in his room feeling ashamed he took advantage of LiMei. He lays on the bed with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling unable to relax. It’s true once you taste the forbidden fruit you want more. I need to find a way.. I want to hold Feng LiMei in my arms and make her happy. While he is imagining the possibilities his phone rings, “Brother, why are you calling?”

  “Mother told me you are finally willing to enter the company.”


   “What made you decide to suddenly return?”

   “Personal reasons.”

    Lin Heng grits his teeth, why can’t that bastard say more than two words at a time! “You know this is a sensitive time for Lin Group we recently invested a great deal of capital in Lin Entertainment. The subsidiaries located in Hirachi City are going through reorganization due to the intense competition from Leng Enterprises.”

  “Know.” When he was unable to sleep thinking about LiMei he spent the time getting acquainted with the recent developments within Lin Group. He gets up to light a cigarette. “Brother, I have no intention of usurping your position as CEO. Not yet anyway. I need more time to investigate the situation in the company. I will need to figure out how to bring your supporters to my side and disclose your selfish machinations I discovered.

    Lin Heng breathes a sigh of relief he has been panicked since their father told him Morgan was going to work at the company, well aware his brother isn’t a man to be underestimated. He was top in his class at University and everyone thought he would immediately take over the company. Morgan shocked everyone by declining and joining the Army then when he became a bodyguard it was the talk of the circle. “Well, we can discuss with father when you return. When will you arrive in Catang City?”

   “Next week.” 

   “Mother said you agreed to a blind date?”

    “If that is all I will be hanging up.” 


    Lin Heng’s wife walks into the room, “Honey, why is your face red?”

  “That fucking bastard Morgan is coming back and joining the company.”

   Lin Qing’s eyes light up but she quickly reins in her emotions and in a dull voice she says, “Why?” She had given hope on seeing Morgan again after the last time he was at the mansion. He wouldn’t bend when the elders tried to convince him to work at the company after his injury. Shocked would be putting it mildly when she heard he became a lowly bodyguard. The aloof and untouchable genius of the department, a bodyguard! He must have finally come to his senses.

   Irritated by the prospect of Morgan returning to the family the veins bulge on his neck as he blows up. “How the fuck do I know! Father and Mother were so excited they couldn’t wait to tell me. I thought it was wishful thinking on their part but he confirmed it right now. Mother said he was even willing to go on a blind date and settle down”

     Lin Qing fingernails dig into her palms in the pocket of her Chanel business suit. A blind date? Settle down? He said he would never get married in this life! Although she wants more information Lin Qing knows how jealous her husband is of Morgan’s accomplishments in University and she doesn’t want to infuriate him. It would be best to find out from Mother. She holds his arm and coquettishly looks up at him with her doe like brown eyes reassuring him, “Heng, he is no match for you. He hasn’t been in the corporate world since he graduated.”

  He calms down, “You are right.” He might have been the number one genius in the department but that was seven years ago. He gazes with a hint of admiration at her stylish designer outfit, the short cyan two button jacket  paired with the high top pants accentuates her small waist.The white silk blouse underneath shows a hint of cleavage between her ample breasts. Qing is tall at 170 cm and in the 10cm nude high heels she is wearing make her legs look long and straight. Qing is a stunning woman, she looks sexy even in a pantsuit. If I cared about her at all I would be jealous but she is only a pawn. Marrying — was to secure the votes and cooperation of her family. I never thought her ability to seduce men would be an added perk. The bitch is as greedy for wealth and power as I am.  “Are you going to the company? We can go together.”

  She kisses him then brushes her finger across his thin lips to remove the lipstick. “No. I have an appointment at Night Sky Entertainment with their new CEO Nikolai Naralov about cooperation on a project.”

  “Nikolai Naralov? There isn’t much information about him.” He pats her round firm ass pulling her into his embrace. He bites her earlobe then in a low deep voice teases, “Madam Vice President,use your charm and find out how we can use him.”

   Lin Qing’s ‘s lips curl up in an arc as she fixes his tie, “President, have I ever failed in this aspect.”

 He laughs as he lifts her chin staring into her eyes, “No. I know I can count on you because we both want the same thing.” 

    Lin Qing looks at her watch, “I need to leave. I will call you after the meeting. I might stay overnight in Bashu City. I want to the Han’s Mountain Resort Spa with my friend Lau An tomorrow, she is there on business also.”

  “Very well.” 

    After Lin Qing gets into her red Lamborghini she looks at the bag of skin products on the passenger seat. Well,it is worth giving them to the old lady if I can get information about Morgan’s return .She was excited to get from her connection at Aphrodite Cosmetics. I am sacrificing you for a good cause. I have to find out what Morgan’s plans are. She calls her mother-in-law, “Mother, I was wondering if you are free for breakfast. I got you the latest skin products from Aphrodite when I was in Seoul last week.” 

   Lin Rong abruptly puts down her chopsticks gazing at the plate of food in front of her at the dining room table. She has been on a waiting list for those products, how did Qing’er get them ahead of the official release. “I can meet now if you want.”

   Lin Qing pulls out of the gate, “Let’s meet at the Red Palace Restaurant.”

   “En.” Lin Rong stands up from the table, “Husband, I forgot I have an appointment.”

   “…” What would make Rong leave her favorite dish untouched?

   Meanwhile in Rui’s chateau LiMei soaks in the bath, I hope Rui wants to go to the Jewelry Competition. I would like to support Song Sara and meet the designer of the Pink Lotus bracelet.

  Downstairs Hak Byung-soo answers the door for the delivery man carrying the clothes for LiMei. Once he takes the dress from the man he tosses it onto the couch and drops the shoe box on the floor. He shakes his head, Now, I am a goddamn butler.  Disgruntled he goes outside to see if his friend has decided to switch positions. Rene said he would have no problem with them exchanging duties.

  Morgan feels restless and walks to the living room when he hears the doorbell. He sees the evening dress in plastic crumpled on the couch. He picks it up and straightens the dress on the hanger. The dress is beautiful, a white cocktail dress with crystals sewn on the top and a layered chiffon skirt adorned with colorful beaded butterflies. He sees the crystal covered high heels that are spilling out from the shoebox. Morgan gulps down his saliva, the little girl will look like an innocent and pure fairy descended from heaven wearing this dress. He has a flash of jealousy in his bottomless eyes that other men will see her wearing this delicate dress. I need to be Feng LiMei’s bodyguard for the Jewelry Competition tonight so I can protect her from all the wolves that will be eyeing her beautiful body. But how? Qiao Rui won’t let me guard her after the incident in the Game Room. Maybe if she requests me? But how can I ask?

   He has an idea but as he picks up the dress Rui comes in the front door. He immediately puts the dress down. “Boss, they just delivered the clothes.”

  “Good. I will take it upstairs with me.” After his meeting he doesn’t want to disappoint LiMei but he feels going to the Jewelry Competition could be dangerous. His informant told him that Gunnar Hedwig has a researcher who has disappeared. The man complained to his subordinates about Hedwig’s decision to abort the Subject 456 project then angrily stormed out of the facility. The source said the man has been identified as Paul Polskinzi. Rui knows him from the Underworld and had a bitter dispute with him. The man ended up losing three fingers and his position as head of research at Biotech. Naturally he bears a grudge against me. He looks at Morgan, he is my most trusted bodyguard and Hak Byung-soo’s abilities are the best of the bodyguards. He doesn’t usually waiver in his decisions but he thinks they would be the best two men. Rene can be the driver.

   Morgan is staring at Rui thinking about how to broach the subject when Rui surprises him, “Morgan you and Hak Byung-soo will be the bodyguards for this evening. Go inform Hak Byung-soo.”


This ‘Morgan’ chapter is for my friend Lili who likes this poor obsessed guy haha…

     Hak Byung -soo releases Morgan’s accupoint after Rui takes LiMei into the house. Morgan looks at him with a piercing glare, “You have guts.”

   “If I didn’t stop you from running out to where Feng LiMei collapsed, well..I think you know the consequences. You should thank me. Don’t be an idiot.. Fuck bro…she is the Boss’ woman.”

   Morgan stares out at the cherry blossoms scattered on the ground. Deep in thought he sees Rui walk out and pick up the Tianshu Sword then go back inside. His heart feels stifled not knowing if LiMei is alright after collapsing. I wonder how the little girl is doing.

  Hak Byung-soo can see what Morgan is thinking, “Man, you should avoid that little demoness. It was like Feng LiMei was possessed while she was dancing. I am not fucking with you! I saw her life force leaving her body, how did she wake up…and did you see the goddamn illusion she created? It was too fucking real.”

  “Shut up.” Morgan goes back into the house as Cheng is walking down the hallway to his room. Rui had sent him to follow Gunnar Hedwig and he only returned to the chateau now. 

  Cheng shakes his head, “What the hell happened to you.”

 “Don’t worry about it. I need you to go find out how Feng LiMei is doing.”

  Cheng bites the apple in his hand, his words are garbled as he chews, “I have been up for twenty four hours, I gotta go to sleep.”

  “Just do it.”

   Cheng isn’t aware of the events in the garden earlier, “Shouldn’t you know what she is doing? Aren’t you her bodyguard?”

   Cheng is about to take another bite of the apple and Morgan snatches the half eaten green apple from his hand and tosses it into a waste can in the common room “Goddammit Cheng! How many times have I covered your ass! All you need to do is go see how Feng LiMei is doing!”

   “What the hell! I’m fucking starving!” I didn’t eat but one measly sandwich while I was shadowing Hedwig. “Did something happen to Feng LiMei?” Why does he care anyway?  He hears footsteps as Rui walks towards them, “Here comes the Boss, ask him.”

  Morgan has black lines on his forehead and kicks Cheng, “Don’t fucking say anything.”

  Rui walks up to them, “The cook went to the store. Tell the old cook to make a pot of the calming tea in the main kitchen for Feng LiMei. I need to go into Paris for a meeting and I’m taking Rene and Adrien. I will be back in two hours. I am expecting a delivery from Chloe Design for Feng LiMei. Don’t disturb her, leave the dress in the living room.” He looks at his watch as Rene approaches.

  After he leaves Morgan has an idea, I will take the tea to Feng LiMei to check her condition. “I’ll go tell Old Huang to make the tea. Yeah, you look like shit Cheng, you should get some sleep.”


  Morgan lips curl up into an arc as he enters the main kitchen. After carefully brewing the tea he walks up the stairs to the bedroom where LiMei is sleeping. He knocks twice when she doesn’t answer he enters the room. Looking at LiMei’s alluring appearance on the bed, his hand is trembling while holding the tea, he assumed she would be awake. She is sprawled on the bed hugging her pillow with one slender leg exposed outside the covers. He gulps while gazing at her ink black hair seductively spread out and tangled. She has a few sweat beads on her forehead and she is mumbling something indistinguishable  in her sleep.

  The teacup is making a clinking sound as it rattles on the saucer, he quickly sets in on the nightstand. Morgan’s breath is chaotic as his dark eyes are glued on her petite body, her silk light blue nightgown has ridden up her thigh. If I look I can’t..don’t do it!

  He gently lifts the quilt then covers her leg. Should I wake the little girl up to drink the tea? He is mesmerized watching her slightly parted pink lips as she talks in her sleep. It won’t hurt just to watch her sleep… Should I sit on the edge of the bed..or pull up a chair. Morgan’s obsession with LiMei makes him unable to think clearly. He sits on the bed, only for a few minutes then I will leave…when we get back to Catang City I will quit and go on that blind date. I am going to indulge myself this once. 

  Suddenly LiMei grabs his hand, “Dad, No..please no..I will work hard at the company for you don’t make me go with them. I’m scared!” Tears are spilling out of her closed eyes onto the pillow she is holding.

  Shocked Morgan doesn’t know what to do, what is she talking about? He still has some rationality and tries to peel her tiny soft fingers off his hand. LiMei won’t let go and moves closer to him. He can smell her light jasmine fragrance, his heart pounding as she hugs his waist. Panicking he begins to sweat as his body reacts to her arms wrapped around him. I need to wake her up. “Miss Feng?..Miss Feng?”

   LiMei is dreaming of being taken by her father from her class. Qin Peng then dragged her across the school parking lot to men wearing masks waiting in a van.“Don’t leave me..I’ll be good..don’t give me to them.”

  He is at a loss as he listens to her not knowing how to comfort LiMei. He tenderly rubs his large palm on her head, “It will be okay. You are having a nightmare, wake up.”

  “Bo..Bo why did he sell me, I’m his daughter.”

   Morgan decides he should wake LiMei up, her entire body is quivering and she has sweat beads on her forehead. He reluctantly removes her arms from his body and stands up. He leans down and shakes her thin shoulder, “Feng LiMei..wake up.”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes then slowly opens her eyes, her voice sounds weak, “Feng LiMei?” She stretches her arms out and stares at Morgan looking disoriented.

  She pulls the covers to her neck as she sits up in the bed. Morgan notices the confused look in her eyes, “You were having a nightmare when I came in with your tea.”

   Morgan hands her the teacup. Oh… Morgan. “Thanks for the tea.” Maybe the tea will clear my head.

  LiMei looks frightened and is still shaking so he asks in a concerned tone. “How are you feeling?”

  She blinks her eyes a few times composing herself because her thoughts are jumbled. “Ah..ah..good.”

  “The Boss said he will be back in two hours. Do you need anything else?”

   LiMei rubs her throbbing temple, “Is there any pain reliever? I have a terrible headache.”

  Morgan furrows his swordlike eyebrows as he responds,“After being unconscious I’m not sure if it would be wise to take any medication.” He hesitates then says, “I could help you relieve your headache if you want.” He knows that by massaging her temples and pressing on her acupoint she should feel some relief.

She blows on the tea that is still steaming,”I don’t want to bother you… you should be resting..why did you bring the tea? Where is the cook?”

Morgan’s has an infatuated look on his face but LiMei doesn’t notice as she sips the tea. He casually replies, “The cook went to the store, I was the only person not busy. Miss Feng, I don’t mind, I appreciate the ointment and medicine you gave me.”

Morgan’s heart tightens he can tell LiMei is in pain as she creases her forehead. “It won’t take long.”

LiMei finishes her tea then reluctantly reluctantly agrees because her pain level is rising, “Thank you then, should I sit in the chair?”

“You can just turn your back to me, your legs will feel weak for a few minutes after I am done. It would be difficult to walk back to the bed.”

LiMei turns her back to him and Morgan begins to massage her temples. LiMei sighs in as her pain decreases after a few moments, “ head feels better already.”

A secret fire burns in Morgan’s pitch black eyes as his long slender fingers gently massage her temples. A few strands of her silky black hair fall tickle the back of his hand and his heart starts beating faster. He takes a deep breath to control his rising desire, inhaling her light sweet fragrance is intoxicating. LiMei’s seductive scent is making his blood rush and a scorching heat is rising into his chest but he resists temptation. Gulping down down his saliva he concentrates on alleviating LiMei’s pain and he can feel her body relaxing.

Morgan continues to massage her temples then moves his strong hands to the base of her neck continuing to tenderly massage LiMei. The beast inside of him can hardly be suppressed. If I press her Xinya acupoint she would never know if I touched her body. Morgan’s eyes are red and his Adam’s apple rolls as he looks at the charming scenery in front of his eyes. Don’t do it! She trusts you..don’t be a despicable flower thief! Damn! I will just look at her for awhile. He is filled with uncontrollable lust and dark desire as he impulsively hits her acupoint. LiMei’s delicate body goes limp resting on his broad chest, she is in a trancelike state. I could just touch once..only once..she wouldn’t know.. He massages her thin shoulders then lays her head down on the pillow. Morgan lovingly gazes LiMei, she is wearing a thin light blue nightgown, underneath her perfect round breasts are captivating while moving up and down as she breathes. The hint of her pink buds can be seen and the nightgown clings to her petite body displaying her slender curves. Breathing heavily he traces his finger down her face to her pink lips then sliding further lightly touching her snow white neck. Fascinated by the feeling he continues to move his hand down her body. Goddammit! Why isn’t Feng LiMei my woman! If I took over the company I wouldn’t lose out to Qiao Rui in any aspect. Morgan’s eyes light up when he comes to that realization, that’s what I will do then… I will compete with that cold bastard for Feng LiMei! I can give her anything she wants if she is willing to be mine! Once he makes this decision he has a faint smile on his face. You are so sweet and innocent if you realized all the darkness inside of Qiao Rui would you still be with him? He is deceiving you little girl..that prick puts on a fake gentle air while disguising his true self.

Morgan’s handsome face is flushed red and his emotional state is unstable as he hugs LiMei’s soft body to him. Aroused by the feeling of her breasts pressed onto his chest his eyes are full of sparks. He has lost his mind being so close to the woman his heart longs to possess. He has never been attracted to a woman before LiMei and he isn’t able to control his feelings that are raging through his body. Burying his face in her tender snow white neck he exposes his turbulent heart whispering ,”Why isn’t it me..”. He gently kisses LiMei pressing his eager warm lips on her flawless face. He then kisses her half parted lips slipping his hot tongue into her small mouth to taste the sweetness he has been dreaming about every night. Giving into his lust he runs his fingers through her soft ink black hair as he wantonly caresses her supple body. Morgan comes to his senses as his pants strain from his huge erection and stops before he does something he knows he will regret. He breathlessly gets up and leans down lightly brushing his finger across her lips then covers LiMei with the warm quilt. I want you Feng LiMei.. I have never wanted anything as much as I want you …One day you will willingly give yourself to me. That bastard doesn’t deserve you.

Morgan quietly leaves and goes to his bedroom to take a shower. Once in his room he has a self deprecating laugh as takes off his pants looking at his throbbing erection. He thinks about holding LiMei’s seductive body in his arms and kissing her sweet lips as he rhytmically moves his hand up and down. I am a perverted bastard but I don’t care…I would do it again.

LiMei Collapses

   The pink cherry blossoms above LiMei come cascading down as she triumphantly swings the glowing sword finishing the Sword Dance. 

    Everyone watching is in a daze trying to comprehend the inexplicable visions  created by LiMei’s —-Sword Dance LiMei breathlessly collapses to the ground into a sea of cherry blossoms.

    Rui’s reaction is the quickest he moves like the wind to her side, panic coloring his handsome face. Sara hurries into the kitchen to get some water for LiMei. Sara moves past Li Tian with the glass of water but he grabs her arm, “Don’t get involved.” Sara glares at him but he doesn’t let go of her arm. “ I said Don’t.” Li Tian intently focuses on Rui and LiMei as he lights a cigarette. The girl must have high level martial arts skill to perform that illusionary sword dance. She might have damaged her qi from the intensity. If she dies because I asked her to perform the sword dance that could be very troublesome.  He exhales and  a trail of smoke rises in the air. Sara heeds his warning because of the worried expression in his eyes and stands next to him praying LiMei will wake up.

    Outside the common room Morgan has taken two long strides forward to rush towards LiMei when Hak Byung-soo seals his accupoint so he can’t move. Brother are you completely stupid?! The chick could die. Do you want to be anywhere near Qiao Rui if she does? Hak Byung-soo saw LiMei’s life force diminishing at the end of the sword dance. The other guards are rendered speechless by the Boss’ terrifying aura and strong momentum. Fuck! The Boss will go insane if his woman doesn’t wake up! The common thread being everyone is very worried about LiMei’s condition after her extraordinary and mind blowing performance. The reasons for the concern is as varied as the people watching the dramatic scene on the cherry blossom covered grass.

  Rui holds LiMei in his arms, his eyes darker than a moonless night as he tenderly wipes off the black blood trickling out the corner of her small mouth with his finger.  LiMei’s pulse is chaotic and she might have suffered some internal bleeding from being inside the murderous dreamlike state.He frantically kisses her pale face from her eyebrows down to her soft lips as his heart pounds in his chest. Begging his most beloved woman to wake up as he brushes her tangled hair drenched in sweat, “LiMei Baby..wake up..wake up.” He can feel her pulse is weak and her breathing is shallow. 

  Overcome by a feeling of helplessness and in a state of shock he can feel his world crashing down around him he channels his internal energy into LiMei.He places his hand on her heart then moves it over her body desperately trying to replenish her qi. She still remains motionless as he hugs her tighter to his chest, a ball of fire burning in his heart He encircles her frail body with his arms as he continues to whisper in her ear, “I love you..I love you..don’t leave me Baby..please don’t leave me..” He kisses her hair like a crazy man as tears form in his pitch black eyes. 

   A few strands of ink black hair messily hang on his forehead covered in cold sweat as he leans over LiMei’s flawless face without a hint of color. His long black eyelashes are wet. No one watching can see the desolate look on Rui’s face as his warm teardrops fall onto her cheek. Rui’s strong broad shoulders are slightly trembling as he nestles her body into his chest.”You have to stay with me…circulate your qi…come back.. you can do it.. I know you can do it..please..”  His only hope is that Dr. Woo’s regenerative enhancement will help her circulate her qi allowing the internal energy he gave LiMei to revive her weakening heart.  

    LiMei’s body slowly responds to Rui’s warm energy spreading through her body, stabilizing her turbulent qi. Her body’s regenerative ability kicks in as Rui predicted it might, repairing the  cellular damage she suffered. LiMei flutters her butterfly like eyelashes then opens her blurry eyes touching Rui’s cheek. She gazes at Rui’s handsome face stained with tears and his red rimmed eyes, her voice sounds soft as she tenderly caresses his cheek, “Rui..why are you crying?” The last thing she remembers is dancing happily.

  Rui hugs LiMei’s frail body tighter into his embrace, “Baby..Baby..”

  LiMei looks up at his forlorn expression, “I’m okay..really…I..I just got carried away while I was dancing then fainted. Probably too much wine..haha.”

  He lifts her chin then gently kisses her lips hungrily wanting to taste her sweetness to know she is really still with him.

   After kissing her like a man who has come unglued he realizes he should take LiMei inside and examine her. He lifts her up into his arms and steps out of the cherry blossoms scattered on the grass.

  Sara breathes a sigh of relief as Rui carries LiMei past them into the house. LiMei is awake and hitting his chest with her hand telling him to put her down. 

   Rui lays her on the couch then checks her pulse. It is normal. “Kang Mingshun, bring me my medicine bag.”

   LiMei’s face turns red when she sees Song Sara and Li Tian walk into the living room. She sits up then whispers to Rui, “Rui! I am fine! Please!” How embarrassing! 

   Sara hands LiMei the glass of water she is holding, “Feng LiMei you should let Dr. Qiao check you out. He was very worried when you collapsed. We all were.”

   LiMei takes a sip of the water. She apologizes, “I’m sorry my Sword Dance was disappointing.” Why did I drink all that darn wine first! 

   “Really Feng LiMei your sword dance was amazing!” It was the most mystical dance I have ever seen!

  Rui walks over to Li Tian who has been observing from the side. “Li Tian I don’t think I need to tell you what you and Song Sara witnessed…” Li Tian interrupts, “We had a delicious lunch and conducted our business.”

  Li Tian picks up his briefcase with the deed to the land for the Mega Mall Project then turns to Song Sara who is talking to LiMei, “Let’s go.”

   Song Sara says goodbye to LiMei then bows towards Qiao Rui, “Thank you for your hospitality CEO Qiao.” then meekly follows behind Li Tian. She could feel the tension between the two men and both of their auras were dark.

   Kang Mingshun hands Rui the medicine bag and Rui sits on the edge of the couch to examine LiMei. She tries to refuse saying she feels fine but he insists. “Baby, you really scared me. I need to check your vitals.”

  LiMei thinks Song Sara was being polite when she said the sword dance was good.” Umm can tell me the truth was my dancing okay?” She doesn’t want Rui to be embarrassed in front of Li Tian and Song Sara because of her poor skills.

  “Do you remember any of it?”

  “No.’ She sips the water, “ I remember I experienced a lot of emotions..haha..I was happy then sad.. hurt..angry.. very angry then I had a feeling of well.. it is hard to describe…”

  “Your Sword Dance was incredibly beautiful and very unforgettable.” He kisses LiMei then has a doting smile as he touches the tip of her small nose, “Like you.”

   LiMei smiles happily, exposing her two dimples, “Haha..did you like it?”

  “Very much.” 

   “Rui, earlier Song Sara admired my Pink Lotus Bracelet and said she is modeling the designer, Navarre’s entry tonight at a Jewelry Competition. Can we go? I would like to support her and I think it would be cool to meet the man who designed such an amazing bracelet.”

   He picks LiMei to go take a bath, “I will think about it if you rest.”

   After they take a bath Rui lays LiMei down on the soft bed. He has to restrain himself, I want to make love to LiMei but she needs to replenish her energy. He hands her a cup of mint herbal tea he had the cook bring up to the bedroom.“Drink this calming tea then sleep.”

   LiMei reaches her arms up, “Rest with me Rui.” She has a strange uneasy feeling and doesn’t want him to leave.

   Rui sits on the bed and brushes back loose wisps of black hair hanging down LiMei’s forehead. He has a mischievous smile,“Baby, if I stay I don’t think I will be able to just rest.” He touches his lips on her forehead with a feathery light kiss, “You expended too much internal energy during your sword dance, if you want to go to the Jewelry Competition you need to take a nap.” He tucks her into the covers then holds her small warm hand. He doesn’t want to tell her how frightening the ordeal was when she collapsed after the sword dance. She didn’t simply faint, she almost died. “Be a good girl.”

  LiMei reluctantly watches him leave the bedroom but even covered with the warm quilt she feels a cold chill through her body. She sits up and drinks the warm tea hesitant to fall asleep.

  Rui walks back downstairs going directly outside to where LiMei performed the dance. He picks up the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword that is lying in the midst of the cherry blossoms on the green grass. He carefully examines the hilt and the blade then shakes his head thinking about the illusion of LiMei riding the Black Dragon that flew out from the hilt of the sword. The Black ancient lettering…the cave opening…the mountain. The mountain seemed familiar to me. I think I saw it when I was at a mountain clinic while working for the Serpentine Syndicate. Rui sheaths the sword and is deep in thought as he goes into the house walking to the training room carrying the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.


LiMei’s Sword Dance

This is a bit of a fantastical chapter. I love the Jianghu and the legends surrounding the rivers and lakes so..LiMei’s Sword Dance is mystical .. I hope you enjoy!

   The four of them walked to the table, Rui took LiMei’s hand as she was about to sit in the chair next to him. He pulled her directly onto his lap and she blushed, shaking her head no as she pushed his chest with her tiny hands. LiMei’s voice sounded aggrieved as she scolded him in a low tone, “Don’t be a rascal!”

   Rui’s lips curl up as he lets her go so she can sit down. He chuckles at her flushed cheeks and her beautiful green eyes wide in embarrassment. LiMei sits with her back straight smiling bashfully at Li Tian and Sara as the cook brings in the dishes.

   Song Sara thinks LiMei is very sweet and wants to lighten the atmosphere, “Smells delicious, what kind of soup is that?”

  Rui has a touch of pride in his deep voice as he replies, “Ask Feng LiMei she cooked all the dishes.”

   Song Sara exclaims, “You like to cook?” Sara loves to bake also…she likes LiMei more and more.

  LiMei blushes shyly fluttering her curled black eyelashes, “I do. I hope you enjoy, these are simple dishes but I wanted to cook for Rui and you.”

  “Thank you.”

  “The soup is a nourishing Herbal Chicken Soup, my mother taught me the recipe. Rui has a medicinal herb garden so I picked some herbs this morning. I know travelling can be tiring, I added Dang Shen and Dang Gui. It has a little sweet taste from the honey dates I added.”

  Song Sara tastes the soup and her blue eyes light up. She nods her head in satisfaction. “Feng LiMei, the soup is absolutely delicious.” She can feel the fragrant chicken soup warming her stomach as she eats.

  Li Tian agrees, “Miss Feng the soup is quite delicious.”  He glances over at Rui who is feeding LiMei a spoonful of soup. Is this a fucking dog blood drama! What a fucking show off! Just wait until I tame Song Sara! I will invite the arrogant bastard to my mansion in Catang. I have seen Song Sara’s stupid blog… she can cook! 

  LiMei has been drinking wine and feels very relaxed around Sara. Li Tian is being amiable so she says, “Song Sara, I noticed you had your hand on your stomach earlier, try the Ginger Soy Fish, the ginger will help with your digestion. I usually make this dish for New Year’s but I thought since fish symbolizes great fortune and prosperity I would make it for our first meeting.”

  The  Ginger Soy Fish is pan seared, served with Ginger Sauce and white rice. The fish is flaky and the sauce has a mouthwatering flavor. The other dishes are also praised for their varied tastes and textures so LiMei is happy.

  The conversation during meal is very harmonious. Both men are satisfied with the business transaction and the women are getting along very well. When the meal comes to an end LiMei says, “I made Mango Pudding for dessert I thought we could sit outside and enjoy the garden if you would like. The cherry blossom trees and the flowers are very beautiful right now.” 

  Li Tian can see Song Sara is enjoying spending time with Feng LiMei so he decides to be indulgent. He had planned on leaving directly after the meal but isn’t having a bad time. Song Sara has paid more attention to him today than usual even putting food onto his plate. “We have time. Feng LiMei, I heard you mention a Sword Dance. Do you think you would honor us by dancing?”

  LiMei’s eyes sparkle and she grabs Rui’s hand looking pleadingly into his deep dark eyes, “Could I? The Tianshu Dragon Sword is so beautiful!”

  ??? It is a plain black sword.

 “If you want.” He would like to see LiMei dance but he wishes it could be an audience of one..only him. 

  The cook comes to take away the dishes and LiMei asks, “Rui should we go out to the garden now?”

  Rui looks at LiMei’s excited expression and leans over and kisses her pink lips, “Whatever you want.”

  Song Sara stares at Rui with a soft gaze thinking he is so affectionate and sweet to Feng LiMei. Indulging her whim…praising her cooking…the way he looks at her adoringly. Han Bi told her when she said they were going to Qiao Rui’s chateaux for lunch that he is an arrogant bastard worse than Li Tian. Her friend Yan Katie went to his hospital for cosmetic surgery and he ridiculed her in front of her boyfriend. But Song Sara thinks there must be more to the story Qiao Rui doesn’t seem like a cruel person. His aura right now is very peaceful.

 Li Tian notices Song Sara admiring Rui and wishes he hadn’t said they would stay.

 Rui goes to the living room to get the sword and LiMei leads Li Tian and Song Sara outside. Song Sara sighs when she sees the beautiful ancient style garden. “I feel like I am in China.”

   LiMei smiles, “Rui designed the gardens himself. He comes to France to visit his brother Delun who attends a Culinary School in Paris. I think Delun lives in the dormitory during the week and here on the weekends . He has a Game Room upstairs that is pretty amazing.”

  Rui hears Game Room as he walks out and has a devilish grin remembering them making love there last night.

   The cook brings tea and the Mango Pudding in crystal cups placing the desserts on an ornate wrought iron table with a heavy glass top. LiMei walks over to Rui, “Wine?”

   Rui smiles looking at her glassy green eyes and flushed face. He pulls her over behind a large flowering bush then whispers in her ear as he squeezes her little butt.“Baby, we should send them off and you can dance naked for me upstairs.” LiMei giggles, “Rogue..”She takes his warm hand off her bottom.He hugs her tightly inhaling her sweet fragrance while kissing her sweet lips. LiMei opens her mouth letting his tongue twirl around inside her small mouth. When she is breathless he lets her go and takes her hand walking back to the patio.

  Rui tells the cook to bring out a bottle of 2006 Vidal-Fleury that would go well with the Mango dessert.

  LiMei sips the wine and stares at the sword eager to unsheath it. After they finish dessert Rui says, “Are you sure you want to dance?”


   LiMei picks up the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword and happily walks out to an open grassy space under several cherry blossom trees. The alluring sight is very picturesque. LiMei wearing the feminine pink silk qipao and the wide chiffon white pants swaying in the breeze under the lush pink blossoms. Her flawless face and the long black hair held up by the white jade hairpin then cascading down her slender back is stunningly beautiful. She looks like a fairy descended from heaven standing admist the beautiful vibrant flowers.LiMei’s innocent and pure appearance is in stark contrast with the lethal looking long sword black as obsidian.

She bends her head fluttering her eyelashes staring at the imposing black sword. LiMei’s jade like slender fingers tenderly caress the blade like a long lost lover. She slowly slides her fingers down the long sword then looks towards Rui. Smitten by how devastatingly seductive Li Mei looks while carressing the sword’s blade his eyes darken watching LiMei. Li Mei’s deep green eyes glimmer with golden flecks that look like small flames as she mentally prepares to dance.

  Rui’s heart beats uncontrollably thinking about his beloved woman preparing to dance regretting his acquiescence . He wants to get up and grab LiMei into his arms… tell her he forbids her to dance for anyone other than him. 

   LiMei takes a deep breath, closes her eyes envisioning the amazing woman, the true owner of the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword. A legend who was both an assassin and genius doctor of the Jianghu. Once she immerses her mind in the legendary world of rivers and lakes LiMei holds up the long black sword towards the white clouds drifting past in the bright blue sky.

After only a moment LiMei gracefully leaps into the air spinning around brandishing the black sword. The pink qipao hugs her chest and accentuates her tiny waist as the flowing white chiffon makes it appear as though she is on a billowy cloud. LiMei’s raven black waist length hair swirls around her lithe body as the Tainshu Black Dragon Sword slashes in wide strokes.She agilely wields the weapon while wantonly dancing. Decisively lunging forward then spinning in circles as the sword whirs through the air. The Tianshu sword responds to her momentum and appears to be a shimmering black blur in the blue sky as she leaps, rotating her slender body in the air. LiMei is like a delicate nymph flirting with the gods to the sound of an enchanting pipa.

Suddenly the harmonious lilting pipa merging then being overshadowed by the sound of an angry qin can be heard. The scene is changed to a cliff in front of a of a formidable mountain.

All three watching from the patio are mesmerized witnessing the scene. Morgan and Hak Byung-soo hear the qin music drifting through an open window in the common room. Curious the two men step outside to see who is playing an ancient song of the Jianghu. Morgan stands frozen watching LiMei’s seductive dance and Hak Byung-soo rubs his eyes not believing what he is seeing.

   Kang Mingshun and Cheng are standing at the far edge of the patio as are the two men who were guarding LiMei. They can’t take their eyes off the incredible dreamlike image. 

  All the people watching clearly hear the murderous sound of the qin but no one is playing an instrument. The scene in front of them is both terrifying and inexpicably beautiful at the same time. Men dressed in black are wailing as the ethereal beauty mercilessly cuts them down with her flashing black sword. The music becomes thunderous and the melody sucks the breath out of the spectators The clash of swords can be heard as the assassins she once considered her brothers strike from all angles. The beautiful woman evades the pursuers’ poisonous blades by spinning and attacking from behind. Like a wisp of smoke she reappears in front flashing a playful smile before sending them to meet Yama.

  LiMei bends her flexible body backwards as she dances with the Tianshu Dragon sword then slowly spins in circles. She looks like a fluttering diaphonous pink butterfly, but each graceful movement lands a lethal blow to her opponents. 

   The female Asura sweeps through the violent scene, crimson blood splattering on her clothes and snow white face. She descends from the sky in a rain of blood as she slices through the last assassin coveting her Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.

Lifting the sleek black sword dripping with blood to the heavens LiMei’s dazzling smile stuns the onlookers.The smile seems to hide a deep pain and sadness. The gentle innocent face at the beginning of the sword dance is now fierce and determined covered in the treacherous men’s blood. LiMei’s once clear and pure eyes are now cold and sharp after facing her enemies.

The Tianshu Black Dragon Sword vibrates and LiMei can barely hold onto the vibtating black sword exhausting the last of her internal energy as she grips it tightly. The qin’s melodious sound rises and the sound of drums can be heard as the pristine mountain quakes and opens a cave . A ferocious bone chilling roar can be heard as the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword reveals golden lettering down the blade and emits a blinding bright light.

The Black Dragon etched on the hilt vividly comes to life spreading his giant wings soaring into the sky then circles the cliff. LiMei leaps into the air and the Black Dragon swoops down allowing her to ride on his back as she hugs his thick neck. After circling the cliff The Black Dragon lands then reclines docilely beside LiMei.

    The cherry blossoms above LiMei come cascading down as she triumphantly swings the glowing sword finishing the awe inspiring Sword Dance. 

    Rui and the others are incredulous at the inexplicable visions created by LiMei’s Sword Dance. Everyone is in a daze trying to comprehend what they saw when a breathless LiMei collapses unconscious to the ground into a sea of pink cherry blossoms. 

Tianshu Dragon Sword

LiMei leaves the common room and asks the guard what time it is. “Eleven thirty.”

   Rui should be back soon he said the guests would be here at noon. She walks into the kitchen and picks up the vase of peonies she picked earlier and puts it on the rosewood dining room table.She takes a small white peony out to put in her hair. When she returns to the kitchen she goes into the small bathroom and inserts the flower by the carved jade hairpin. I hope Rui thinks I look good. I’m a little nervous about meeting his business associate and the woman he is bringing to lunch.

  She sets the table then pours a glass of white wine before she checks the chicken in the oven. When she takes a sip she frowns, too dry..but I’m afraid if i have red wine I might spill on myself. Drinking a beer would seem too common haha.. After the glass of wine her green eyes are shining and she feels a little more relaxed. Should I call Rui? She runs up to the bedroom to get her phone, she is coming down the stairs when Rui walks in the front door, she happily runs down, “Rui! I was worried the guest would come and you wouldn’t be back.” She runs into his arms hugging him.

   His breath is taken away from the sight of LiMei in the beautiful pink qipao and the white chiffon pants exposing her delicate ankles.”LiMei you look beautiful.”

 She hugs him tighter, “You bought me such beautiful clothes. I love this..” 

  He lifts her chin and smiles as he touches between her eyebrows, “Looks good.” He remembers the jewelry he bought at LTJ. He holds her hand and walks over to the couch, “I got you a surprise yesterday.” He hands her the gold bag with the LTJ logo.

  LiMei is excited, “You got me a present!” She opens the black velvet box, “OH! OH! I have never seen such an exquisite bracelet.”

  He says, “Let me put it on your wrist.”

  LiMei holds out her hand and he hooks the clasp. LiMei stares at the sparkling pink lotuses and her eyes get misty as she wraps her arms around Rui’s neck and kisses him. He responds and tangles their tongues together. He wishes Li Tian wasn’t coming and they could go upstairs.She doesn’t have a chance the neclace because Rui begins kissing her neck and slips his hand under her blouse. “Baby, I want to tear this off you..”

LiMei is breathless from his kisses, “Ruii ! ” She takes his hand from on her breast,”Stop it !”

   They are making out on the couch when the doorbell rings. Kang Mingshun gets the door and Rui’s business associate and a woman walk into the entrance hall. LiMei hears them and pushes Rui away. Blushing she stands up and smoothes her clothes. Rui lazily stands up and holds LiMei’s hand as they walk to greet them.

   LiMei is apprehensive she tightly grips Rui’s hand as he introduces everyone. LiMei shyly whispers ” Rui, lunch isn’t quite ready, should we go to the living room? I made appetizers I will go get them.” 

  Rui leans down in a low voice teases LiMei, “You don’t have to whisper. René sent a new cook she can serve.” LiMei looks at Rui, her eyes wide in surprise, a new cook? What happened to Noelle? “Okay.” 

  The four of them walk into the living room and sit. LiMei sees the sword in Li Tian’s hand and nudges Rui, “That is the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword?”


    A middle aged woman comes into the living room with a tray of appetizers and says, “What would you like to drink?”

  Li Tian answers red wine and Song Sara says, “ Juice please.” Rui says, “ Bring a bottle of the 2006 Château Ausone “

  While Rui and Li Tian discuss business LiMei can’t take her eyes off the Tianshu Dragon Sword. Song Sara notices. The atmosphere between the two women is awkward so she decides to start a conversation. “Feng LiMei are you interested in swords also ? CEO Li told me Qiao Rui is a collector.”

  LiMei looks up from the sword, “No. But I grew up in the Washu Mountains and this sword is legendary.”

  Song Sara looks at the sword, it seems so ordinary, but Li Tian said Qiao Rui was willing to sell the land for the Mega Mall Project to obtain the sword. “Really? That is interesting.”

  The cook comes into the room with the wine and juice. LiMei picks up her wine and takes a sip. “My grandmother told me the story when I was young. I never thought I would actually see the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword.”

  “You grew up in the Washu Mountains?”

  “Yes. What about you?”

   “I was born in Pushong City. I’m curious what is the legend behind the sword.”

   LiMei glances over at Rui and Li Tian and they are looking over some paperwork. She drinks her wine and feels more comfortable with Song Sara. She gets a good vibe from her, she doesn’t seem haughty like I thought she would be. “Well, there was a cult of assassins in the Jianghu who had extraordinary martial arts and medicinal skills.” She touches the hilt of the sword and whispers to Sara, “I’m not sure if I should touch it.” Song Sara thinks LiMei is cute she obviously is worried about touching the sword but Sara could tell from the adoring looks Qiao Rui was giving Feng LiMei he loves her very much.

Sara leans over whispering, “I think it will be alright they are focused on their business deal.” She is surprised too that Feng LiMei’s aura is very warm but she detects a strange fluctuation unsure what is causing it. Maybe being nervous Feng LiMei has put up a protective barrier because Sara can’t really fully sense her true self.

  “You think so?”


  “Okay.” LiMei finishes her glass of wine. “Can you see these markings under the Black Dragon?”

   Sara looks closer and LiMei says “Don’t just use your eyes, use your mind.”


   LiMei sees the quizzical expression on Sara’s face. “Haha that probably sounds weird.”

  “Kind of but I think I know what you mean. But I only see the intricate lines and geometric patterns.” She means connect to it with my subconscious mind but I am too weak right now. Interesting girl.. “I don’t have a clear mind right now so I can’t concentrate.”

  “Oh. I will explain to you.This particular sword according to the markings here.” She points to some ancient writing, “This Tianshu Dragon Sword belonged to a woman …a very strong woman.” LiMei’s  green eyes widen, “Wow.. She was the only female leader of the Black Dragon Assassins. See these lines? That is how many men she defeated to rise to the position of cult leader. These symbols represent the location of their secret caves in the mountain. The legend says has it there was a Healing Spiritual Spring hidden behind one of the caves.“

  “A woman ? CEO Li said the sword was discovered in a Warlord’s tomb.”

  “Really? Did he kill the woman? Take her sword?” LiMei fills up her glass and puffs out her cheeks then takes a gulp of wine. Shaking her hrad as she purses her lips together, “Men..”

  Song Sara can’t help but laugh out loud, Oh my God she is precious!

  LiMei laughs too realizing what she just said, “Well, haha..according to the last line on the hilt only a woman performing a perfect Sword dance with the Tianshu Black Dragon Sword can open the entrance of the secret cave . So if he did steal it I doubt the horrible man could open the cave.”

  They both laugh, Rui and Li Tian look over what is so funny? 

   The cook comes into the living room, “Lunch is ready.”

   LiMei breathes a sigh of relief that the cook was watching the food she totally forgot about lunch. She is a little tipsy and when she and Sara stand up she takes her hand, “I will finish the story after lunch. Maybe I will perform a Sword Dance in the garden and see if the sword reveals any of its other mysteries..hahaha.” Sara laughs and walks with LiMei out of the living room.

On the way to the dining room Song Sara says, “ Feng LiMei, your outfit is beautiful, I love traditional Chinese clothes.”

“Thank you. I really like the color of the dress you are wearing. It makes your beautiful eyes look so crystal staring into the deepest part of the ocean.”

   Rui: LiMei Why are you holding that woman’s hand.

  Li Tian: That’s a good line.




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