Starfire’s Punishment

    Outside the door Kang Minshun leans against the wall and closes his eyes. Why can’t the Boss show some respect for Song Sara? She obviously cares about him or she wouldn’t have looked so distraught when she thought he was in a coma. If he treated her well…

   Kang Mingshun’s thoughts are interrupted when a nurse approaches carrying a tray. He stops the woman before she can enter Li Tian’s room. 

   Long Jinxi is wearing large black rimmed glasses, Nurse Pei’s uniform and has her badge. She confidently smiles, “CEO Li needs his medication.”

   “It can wait.”

   “You are his bodyguard? Can you make that decision? He could go into convulsions if he doesn’t take his medication.”

   The corner of Kang Mingshun’s mouth twitches. “Miss Long. You should leave.”

   Long Jinxi gulps down her saliva staring up at his ridiculing gaze, I only met him once outside the hospital and it was dark. How did he recognize me? She doesn’t panic, I’m an actress! I can convince him.  She uses all her acting skills to maintain her composure, “You are mistaken.Look at my badge, my name is Pei.”

    Removing the large glasses in one swift motion Kang Mingshun warns, “I will say it one more time. Leave. If you persist in bothering CEO Li, I will have you thrown out of the hospital.”

  Long Jinxi tries to grab the glasses but he holds them high above her head. He repeats,“Leave.”

   She purses her lips then explodes , “ You! You are just a Bodyguard! I am his fiancee! Why are you protecting that lowly slut who is in there with him.”

  He laughs, “Get lost.” Since when did this sister become the fiancee? 

  Long Jinxi storms down the hallway ,the first thing I will do when I am his fiancee is fire that insolent man!

   He shakes his head,  the Boss needs to get rid of those troublesome Long sisters. He leans back on the wall and closes his eyes. It is too bad Miss Song isn’t qualified to be the Boss’ wife.

   Across town Fu Chian and Starfire are in the guesthouse. Fu Chian is making dinner and Starfire is upstairs playing with the girls in their room. 

    There is a knock at the door and Fu Chian puts down the chopsticks he was using to stir the spicy chicken. When he answers Wong Duan is emitting a strong murderous aura. He was informed Sara was brought into the hospital by Li Tian’s driver and taken to his room.

   He doesn’t show his anger on his face but his imposing aura shows he is very angry. Fu Chian has a bad feeling, “Mr. Wong.”

   Wong Duan steps into the guesthouse and glances around the living room. “Where is Starfire?”

   “Upstairs playing with Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. Is there a problem?”

   “Why did you allow Miss Song to be taken by Li Tian’s driver? If I am not satisfied with your answer there will be a severe punishment.”

  “What?” I don’t want to involve Starfire. “Miss Song said a friend was picking her up. I had no idea that the person was Li Tian’s driver. I didn’t think it was my place to force her to ride with me. I was instructed to be her driver; no mention was made of monitoring her movements.”

   Wong Duan can’t argue that point, Fu Chian was only told to be available to drive Song Sara. “Tell Starfire to get down here.”

   Fu Chian walks upstairs then into the girl’s room. Starfire is playing with a doll in a playhouse. He says in a fairly loud voice “Miss Starfire, Mr. Wong is here. He wants you to come downstairs.” He bends down and whispers, “Don’t say anything about Miss Song being ill and the car you saw.”

   Starfire is a little tipsy from the Peppermint Patty drinks, why is he whispering amd winking at me? “Uh okay..dinner smells good. What are you making?”

    “I think he came to take you to the Villa. Remember what I said.”

   “But, I want to eat dinner here.”

   “I don’t think that is possible. Another night. Be good.”

   “Hmmph.” She follows him downstairs and the little girls trail behind Starfire.

  Wong Duan hands Starfire her coat, “Let’s go.”

  Starfire has a puzzled expression, “Mr. Wong, Miss Song went to her apartment so I’m not needed at the villa.” She smells the inviting aroma floating out from the kitchen. “ I’m staying for dinner with Mr. Fu.”

  Fu Chian wants to shake Starfire, he abruptly takes the coat from her hand and tries to put it on her. Can’t you see he isn’t giving you a choice!“Another time.”

   She puffs out her cheeks and stubbornly refuses to hold out her arms. “I want to eat!”

   Watching Fu Chian trying to put the coat on Starfire, Wong Duan impatiently stands between them then picks Starfire up. He tosses her over his shoulder as Starfire struggles, “Put me down! I don’t want to go with you!”

  “Shut up!” He opens the front door then takes long strides down the snow covered walkway to the main house.

   Starfire is trying to wiggle out of his iron grip and grumbles in his ear, “I’m so hungry! Why did you come and spoil everything!”

  He fiercely slaps her bottom with his large palm, “I said shut up!”

  Starfire is only wearing a Cheongsam and the slap wasn’t light. She whimpers, “You are so mean! I just wanted to eat delicious food.”

   When they get to the main house he throws Starfire onto the couch in the living room. He is exasperrated by Starfire’s childish behavoir and that she doesn’t grasp the situation. “Little girl you need to grow up! It is your duty to protect Miss Song. Do you know where she is right now?”

   Starfire sits up and wipes her misty eyes,“At her apartment.”

  “No. She is with that bastard Li Tian in his hospital room. Why? Because you are stupid.”

   Starfire’s eyes widen, “Miss Song said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home.”

   “Who ordered the alcoholic drink for Miss Song? You did… which is why she felt ill, she had an allergic reaction. Who let her leave with Li Tian’s bodyguard. You did. You have one job… to protect Song Sara! Mr. Cadieux entrusted Song Sara to you and your only concern is what you are going to eat.”

   Unable to respond, Starfire bursts into tears then gets off the couch. Feeling remorseful she kowtows, knocking her head on the marble floor. She looks up at Wong Duan with blood running down her forehead, “I’m so sorry! So sorry! I will protect Miss Song well from now on, I promise!”

   Seeing her pitiful appearance Wong Duan has the urge to hold Starfire but it wouldn’t be in her best interest. He is being tough because if anything happened to Song Sara, Leo would torture Starfire without mercy then kill the girl. “Go get your punishment.”

   Wong Duan rubs the space between his eyebrows after Starfire leaves the room. He is definitely not a compassionate man but seeing Starfire’s beautiful innocent face covered in blood his heart tightened inexplicably. He thinks about Starfire’s clear and pure doe like eyes full of guilt… she is just a little girl…

   After Starfire leaves the living room he walks to his bedroom and opens a cupboard containing rare medicinal herbs. He chooses three for pain to make medicine for Starfire and picks up a porcelain bottle of healing powder. I hope the little fool learns a lesson because next time…  

   Starfire bites her lip to stop from screaming as the whip slashes the tender skin on her back. Tears are rolling down her cheeks but she is determined not to make a sound as she endures the excruciating pain. When she was punished by her Master he never used such a terrible whip. Everytime the jagged wire whip lands on her body she feels a searing pain, it rips and tears, shredding Starfire’s jadelike skin.

The man in charge of meting out the punishment, Gao Ji, was told by Wong Duan, fifteen lashes.. But watching the young girl’s body convulsing in pain and crisscrossed with bloody lash marks it is hard for him to continue.  He is loyal to Wong Duan so he follows his orders, he said fifteen..not one less. When the whip strikes Starfire’s back for the fourteenth time she passes out from the pain. Gao Ji grimaces as he whips her mangled back one last time. Fifteen. 

   He calls Wong Duan, “ The girl..she passed out at fourteen.”

   Wong Duan rushes to the basement. When he enters the room the stench of blood surrounds him. He sees the steel spined whip dripping with blood in Gao Ji’s hand, “You used that fucking whip!” Wong Duan’s pitch black eyes flash with killing intent as he reaches for Gao’ Ji’s neck then stops, I can’t blame him it is my fault.I did say fifteen lashes..not one less. “Get the fuck out! You better hope the girl isn’t dead!”Goddammit she is a girl why did he use that whip!

   He rushes over to where Starfire is chained and checks to see if she is still breathing. Good. Starfire is only clad in white lace underwear that has been stained red. There is a pool of blood at her feet and he can barely look at the horrific wounds on her slender back. Blood that was spattered from the whipping is dripping from her hair.

   Wong Duan unlocks the chains holding her up and her thin limp body falls  into his arms. He is unusually distressed and has a complicated expression as he gazes at the little girl’s fragile appearance. Starfire’s delicate face is extremely pale, her cheeks are tear stained and her bottom lip is red and swollen. He tenderly touches her cheek then carefully lifts her half naked lithe body into his arms.

Loyal Dog Kang Mingshun

  Starfire returns to the table and Fu Chian asks, “Where is Miss Song?” He wondered why Starfire ran to the table then left with the coat and scarf.

  “Mr. Fu..this is bad.”

  “Where is Miss Song?”

  “ When I saw her in the hallway outside the restroom she was pale and said she wasn’t feeling well. She said she was going to take a taxi to her apartment. I tried to dissuade her but..” Starfire has a concerned expression, “Mr. Fu, Miss Song was acting strange and she left before I could even give her this coat. I saw her get into the back of an expensive looking car. I’m worried.”

   Fu Chian glances at the two girls happily drinking the Hot Chocolate. “Sit down. I will call to make sure she is okay. She probably didn’t want to disappoint Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. Watch the girls.”

   He steps away from the table to a hallway and dials Sara’s phone number.

   After he leaves the pregnant server walks over to the table, “How are your drinks? Can I get you anything else?”

   Starfire looks at the girl’s cups and they are half full. “I will have another Peppermint Patty.” It might be my last chance to enjoy myself. She bites the head off an iced cookie in the shape of a Snowman. If anything happens to Miss Song I am as good as dead.

   Fu Chian comes back to the table, “There is nothing to worry about, Miss Song saw a friend and got a ride to her apartment. I was right, she didn’t want to disturb the girls.”

   Starfire has a relieved look and sips the Peppermint Patty. “Wheww..that is a relief! Did she say how she was feeling?”

   “She said it was time for her to take her medicine, which is why she was feeling a little sick.”

  “Oh. That explains it.”

   After Sara hung up the phone she gulped down some water. It took all her strength to sound calm on the phone, she didn’t want to worry Starfire or Fu Chian. She looks out the window at the snow falling, what am I going to do. If this leaks out that I went to the hospital because I was drugged my  cheap father will throw a fit thinking it will affect my engagement to Yibo. I have no choice, I am burning up, my body is craving…oh my God this is terrible!

   Kang Mingshun can see Sara in the rear view mirror and feels sorry for Sara’s situation. She is writhing around and her face is as red as a tomato. He knows Li Tian has the antidote for the aphrodisiac but won’t give it to Sara. Kang Mingshun is a loyal man so all he can do is follow orders and Li Tian’s orders were to bring the woman to his hospital room.

   He parks then takes off his jacket. “Miss Song, the weather is freezing, put on this coat.”

  Sara has a faint smile, “Ah..thank you Kang Mingshun.” She puts on the huge black wool coat then when he opens the back door she steps out. 

   Sara’s legs are weak and she slips getting out of the car. Kang Mingshun quickly grabs Sara and lifts her into his arms, “I will take you into the hospital.”

   She tries to protest, “ will’m can’t go in with me.”

    “You can’t walk. Cover your head with my coat. No one will recognize you.” He curses Li Tian in his heart for being a cold heartless bastard. He doesn’t deserve a gentle and kind woman like Miss Song. Kang Mingshun feels guilty but tells himself Li Tian saved him; he has no choice but to be loyal to him. He swore an oath the day he was saved.

   Sara leans into his chest and covers her head. Kang Mingshun takes long strides into the hospital then quickens his pace towards the VIP elevator. 

  Long Jinxi steps out of  the coffee shop and recognizes Kang Mingshun. She hurries to get the elevator, she raises her voice, “Wait! Hold the elevator!”Kang Mingshun ignores her and the door shuts as she approaches. She angrily glares through the closing door at Kang Mingshun holding Sara. She tosses her half full coffee into the trash. I couldn’t see the woman’s face but I am almost positive that the woman in his arms was Song Sara!

   Fuming he didn’t hold the door, she stomps her high heels, Dammit! She calls her mother complaining, “Mom! I just saw Li Tian’s bodyguard carrying a woman. I think it was his whore, Song Sara! You need to stop them! I bribed a nurse and she told me he was awake. I wanted to seduce him. It is my only chance! He will be weak and unable to resist.”

   “What! Li Tian is awake?”

  “Mommmm…You are missing the main point. I had the nurse drug him!”

  Kang Lanfen clutches her phone, “YOU DID WHAT! ARE YOU STUPID!”

  “It is your fault! You haven’t been able to switch the marriage partner from my pathetic sister to me yet. If you had, I wouldn’t have come up with this plan.”

  “I thought you were smarter than that. Drugging Li Tian? Are you crazy? You will be lucky if you can keep your little life when he finds out. You have been in that dirty Entertainment Circle too long. Those idiots wouldn’t want to lose face so if you drugged one of them, yes they would take responsibility. Do you think Young Master Li gives a shit! He would squash the news and kill anyone involved. Crush insignificant ants under his feet

Stop the nurse now.”

  Long Jinxi breaks out into a cold sweat, Mom is right. “I will call the nurse.”

  Nurse Pei looks around furtively then answers, “Don’t be impatient. I said I would call.” 

  “Don’t do it. I changed my mind.”

  “Wait a minute, we have a deal.”

  “I will still pay you.”

  “Same amount?”

  Long Jinxi digs her fingernails into her clamy palm, greedy bitch! I will be paying for nothing..I was going to say half price.

 When she hesitates the nurse grumbles, “We had a deal. If you don’t want me to ex..”

     “Same. But I want you to do me a favor.”

   Kang Mingshun carries Sara into Li Tian’s room. When he stops she lowers the coat and has a startled expression. Li Tian is sitting up in bed looking at his phone.

   She pushes Kang Mingshun’s chest, “No. Put me down, I need to find a doctor.”

   Li Tian has a wicked smile on his handsome face, “Why do you need a doctor when you have me. Kang Minshun, bring my woman over to the bed.”

   Sara struggles in Kang Mingshun’s arms, “KANG MINGSHUN! NO!”

   He obediently delivers Sara to Li Tian’s bed then leaves the room.

Li Tian tightly embraces Sara, “Baby, you know I have what you need.”

    Sara can feel her feverish body craving his touch. Already breathless from inhaling Li Tian’s familiar masculine scent,a wave of desire engulfs Sara. Sara’s voice is raspy and her heart is racing. “Are..are you crazy? You just came out of a coma.”

   He nibbles on her ear then shamelessly admits , “I was faking. I am not weak in the least. Li Tian licks her delicate ear making Sara quiver then seductively whispers in a low voice, “I will show you.” He slides his hand down her pants and rubs her sensitive spot through her lace thong. 

   Sara thinks about feeling guilty about his accident and massaging his legs. Ohhh..I hate you! Playing with me again…making a fool out of me! She grabs his hand. “! I don’t care if I die..I won’t” Flustered and embarrassed from his confession she struggles to get out of his embrace.

Sara is livid Li Tian played her for a fool and impulsively slaps his face. She defiantly stares at him with a scorching gaze. “Let me go! You are a shameless Devil

    He holds Sara down, trapping her between his muscular legs then growls, “Little wildcat, I am going to have to punish you for that.” He aggressively licks and bites her lips until glistening droplets of blood appear. He brushes his finger across her lips then forcefully opens her mouth inserting the finger, “Sweet isn’t it.”

     Sara bites his slender finger and he smiles, “It seems you need to be taught a lesson.”

   Sara pushes his chest with her small hands, “LI TIAN! STOP!”

   He kisses her lips then down her neck leaving a trail of red marks. Sara can’t help but let out kittenish moans as her body instinctively responds to his hot kisses.

   Li Tian teases, “Your body doesn’t want me to stop. I bet your tight little pussy is very wet right now. Let me check.” He rips off her pants revealing her white lace thong. He puts his large hand on the tiny soaked thong and squeezes, “Baby, you are dripping with honey. It seems your greedy little hole missed me.”

Sara is biting her lower lip to suppress her urge to moan in pleasure as he rubs her sensitive nub. Gazing into Sara’s lust filled eyes and sees her attempt to reign in her desire arouses the beast in him. He wants to see Sara under his control…her beautiful face with a helpless expression..submissive and needy.

He runs his finger down her cheek then lifts her chin staring into her misty blue eyes with his eyes that are like a dark abyss. Narrowing his eyes they shine with a devilish gleam as he taunts Sara. “But, Naughty Girl…since you are being willful, I will need you to beg me to fuck you.”

Hot Chocolate

    Wong Duan drives Sara and Starfire to meet Fu Chian at the lake. When they arrive he leans over and unbuckles Starfire’s seatbelt. She hasn’t spoken to him the entire way, still angry at him for blocking the handsome boy’s attempt to get her contact information. Starfire grumbles under her breath, if I knew how to unfasten the troublesome seatbelt, I would push the annoying man away!

She hurriedly gets out of the car then turns around and glares at Wong Duan. He raises his lips in an arc when she puffs out her cheeks and wrinkles her cute little nose. He waves his slender hand infuriating Starfire with his smug expression. She stomps her feet in anger and kicks the snow, Stupid man!

    Sara chuckles, “Mr. Wong, I think you did the right thing. The boy didn’t have good intentions.” She could see his aura and it was dark brown symbolizing greed and a selfabsorbed personality.

   Wong Duan stretches his long legs out of the car then opens the door for Sara, “Miss Song, You should call Mr. Cadieux.”

   “I will.”

   Wong Duan watches Starfire as she runs through the snow then picks up one of the girls. She has a carefree and playful smile on her delicate face as she spins the little girl around. She and the little girl are giggling. Yes, someone needs to protect the foolish little rabbit. She is too innocent and naive, the little girl has no idea how beastlike men can be.

   He is driving down the highway when his phone rings. He listens to the old man then laughs, “He really is a scheming bastard.”

   The old man continues, “Boy, don’t involve me next time. I did this as a favor to you, not that arrogant lunatic you insist on following.”

   “I know Old Man.To clarify the Lord wanted you to save Li Tian. He has his reasons. Who would have thought the bastard was pretending to be in a coma. That must have been fucking boring. Haha.”

  “ I have business to take care of in Shanghai so I don’t have time to see you. Come to the Temple when you return for your sister’s death anniversary. I want to check your meridians to see if the medicine is working.”

    Wong Duan’s beautiful face is covered with a layer of gloom thinking about his younger sister.  “I will.”

    He calls Leo, “Lord, the Old Man took Li Tian’s pulse he is not in a coma.He is in overall good health.”

     Leo sneers, “Shit! So when he was discovered, what did he do?”

   “The Old Man said he sat up in bed and calmly said, ‘Leo Cadieux sent you?’

   “How did he respond?”

  “You know the Old Man’s personality, he waved his sleeve and left without answering.” He is pissed off at me but he will get over it. “What about Miss Song? Are you going to tell her that Li Tian has been playing her for a fool?”

  “No. I want her to find out for herself what a scheming prick he is. I think with Song Sara’s personality she would be embarrassed that I knew she was deceived. But, I want you to prevent my sister from going to the hospital to see him.”

   Wong Duan lifts an eyebrow, what about when she finds out about your deception? 

  Leo’s driver turns down an unpaved road and a cluster of small houses can be seen. “I am almost at the old hag’s house in the countryside. I will contact you after I finish.” He gazes out the window with a sinister gleam in his strange eyes. “What is Song Sara doing now?”

   “ I drove Song Sara and Starfire to the lake. They are meeting Fu Chian to go ice skating with the two Fu girls. I reminded Song Sara to call you.”

   “Very good, that should keep her occupied.”

    After ice skating Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue are exhausted. Sara laughs when Xiaoxiao leans into her embrace while she unties the little girl’s ice skates. Out of breath Xiaoxiao exclaims in an exagerrated tone.“Sister Sara…Ahhh I am soooo tired!” Gazing at Xiaoxiao’s small chubby face flushed red from the cold and her sparkling brown eyes, Sara can’t resist the urge and hugs her tightly. When she feels the girl’s frosty breath she taps her on the tip of her nose, “Xiaoxiao,we need to warm you up. Do you want Hot Chocolate?

   Xiaoyue hears Sara and wiggles out of Fu Chian’s hand to run over to them. She moves her short legs as fast as she can through the snow then trips, landing right in front of Sara’s feet. Quickly standing up she nods her head, “Hot Chocolate! Yes! I love Hot Chocolate. Will it have whipped cream and a cherry on top?”

   Sara grins at the little girl as she brushes off the snow from her face. She puts on Xiaoyue’s red and white mitton that fell into the snow. Sara’s voice sounds soft and full of pampering. “ Xiaoyue, you need to watch where you are going or you will get hurt.” 

     Sara holds the little girls’ hands and walks over to Fu Chian. He is pacing back and forth while talking to a mechanic at his garage on the phone. Sara holds the little girls’ hands, leaning down to their eye level she smiles, they are so excited they are chattering non stop haha.. “Shh..your Uncle is on the phone.” The girls immediately quiet down afraid she will change her mind about the Hot Chocolate. Sara waits until he hangs up then tells him,“Mr. Fu, I sent Starfire to get us a table in the Inn’s restaurant.”

   He puts the phone into his jacket pocket then lifts Xiaoxiao into his arms, “Sounds good.”

   Sara walks next to him carrying Xiaoyue, they look like a beautiful family of four as they leisurely stroll towards the Inn. Sara is laughing at something Xiaoxiao said.

   Kang Mingshun is standing on the snow covered patio of the Inn taking a video on his phone. Li Tian told him to follow Sara and report back. Kang Mingshun decided that telling him didn’t describe the situation as well as a video. When they enter the Inn’s small restaurant, he stops recording then sends it to Li Tian’s phone.

   Li Tian is in a very bad mood after dealing with the Old Doctor. He had heard of ‘The Genius Doctor’ and his extraordinary skills but never thought the old fart could tell by taking a pulse a patient’s condition. Now he needs to move up his timetable of ‘recovery’. Sizing up the old man he didn’t believe he would expose him. But, if Leo Cadieux sent him; he certainly wouldn’t waste any time telling Sara.

    The phone on the nightstand vibrates and he opens a video message. Li Tian’s face turns black watching Song Sara’s happy expression talking to a handsome man. The little girl’s beautiful blue eyes are sparkling and she is smiling brightly exposing her cute dimples.  He remembers Kang Mingshun saying the man is her driver and the two little girls are his nieces. He clenches his fist, Song Sara! I leave you alone for a day and you are flirting with your fucking driver! 

   He calls Kang Mingshun, “You need to bring Song Sara to me.”

   Kang Mingshun now regrets his rash decision to take a video. “Boss, how can I do that?”

   “Are you an idiot! Didn’t you hire Song Sara to give me therapeutic massages? Tell her I opened my eyes, moved my legs then became unconscious again. No.. tell her I woke up and the doctor said my legs are weak and I need a massage.” I need to punish her properly for being so attentive to another man.

   “That sounds good. I will call her now.” That is ridiculous! But I need to follow orders.

   Kang Mingshun dials Song Sara’s number and she doesn’t answer. He can see her through the window as she sips a chocolate drink . 

    Sara greedily drinks the delicious Hot Chocolate. She comments to Starfire, “This Hot Chocolate you ordered is really good, it has a peppermint flavor.”

    Starfire points across the room to a pregnant woman wearing an apron. “The server recommended this drink, she said it is the specialty of the restaurant. She called it a Peppermint Patty, and she commented that people love it after they have been ice skating. The girls said they don’t like peppermint so I ordered them regular Hot chocolate. Mr. Fu what do you think?’

    He was on the phone with the mechanic again, the woman with the Lambhorgini was in the office throwing a fit and wanted him to come to the garage. He hangs up, “Huh?”

    Starfire sweetly smiles, “I asked what you thought of the Peppermint Patty.”

   He glances at the glass cup with the whip cream on top. He doesn’t like whip cream or sweet drinks. But, Fu Chian can see the expectant look in Starfire’s eyes so he takes a sip. “Not bad. But I am driving. I can’t drink this.”

   Starfire and Sara look at him with puzzlement, they say in unison,“Why not?”

    “Well the drink contains alcohol.”

    Sara’s eyes widen as she stares at her empty cup, “Th..this has alcohol in it? I didn’t taste any.”

   Fu Chian laughs, “That is why these kinds of sweet drinks are deceptive. I could taste peppermint liqueur and brandy.”

   Sara asks Starfire, “Did the server mention the alcohol content.”

   Starfire shakes her head, “She asked how old I am.”

   Sara’s face pales and her hands are clasped together on her lap trembling. What am I going to do..this will trigger the aphrodisiac! I need to get out of here. What can I say?”

   Starfire notices Sara’s pained expression, “Miss Song are you alright?”

   “I’m not feeling well. I need to go to the restroom.”

   Starfire has a worried expression, “I will go with you.”

   “No…no you stay. I will be right back.” I need to go to the hospital. Li Tian was able to help me to relieve the effects before but now..what am I going to do?”

    She hurries into the restroom and takes out her phone, there are three missed calls from Kang Mingshun. She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together. What does he want? I can’t give CEO Li a massage, soon I will be burning up with lust! WuuuuuHuuu..this is terrible! The phone in her hand rings, on edge and startled she almost drops the phone into the sink. Sara answers, “He..hello.”

   “Miss Song, this is Kang Mingshun. Can you come to the hospital? CEO LI is awake and needs a massage.”

   “CEO Li woke up?”

    “Yes. The doctor suggested you come and massage his legs.”

    Sara feels her body heating up. “I can. Would you be able to pick me up. I am at the Snow Lotus Inn.”

   “Yes. I will be right there.” He hangs up and paces around the patio wondering how long he should wait. Fuck it. I will say I was in the area.

    Sara splashes her face with cold water. After she dries her face she walks out of the rest room her body quivering. Sara digs her fingernails into her palms to take her focus away from the waves of heat surging through her body. Starfire is walking down the hallway, she is concerned because Sara didn’t return to.the table. “Miss Song, how are you feeling?”

   “Better but I am going to leave. Please tell Fu Chian and the girls.”

 “I will come with you.”

   “No! I mean… stay with Mr. Fu and the girls. I am going back to my apartment and lay down I won’t need you anymore tonight.”

   “But Mr. Cadieux said that I need to stay by your side.”

   Sara’s voice has a hint of annoyance, “Starfire, I need my space. Okay? I will explain to Mr. Cadieux.” Sara rushes out the side door to wait for Kang Mingshun. She fans herself with her hands and lets the cold air chill the fire starting in her body.

Stunned by Sara’s harsh tone Starfire is frozen in place watching her leave. She notices Sara doesn’t even have her coat and scarf so she rushes back to the table.

After she grabs them she hurries down the hallway. When she gets to the door she sees Sara get into the backseat of a luxurious looking car.


Starfire’s Admirer

    Wong Duan lazily strides into the restaurant and sees Starfire with an infatuated gaze  staring at Wang Xiaoming. What is the little fool thinking with that silly expression on her face?

    Starfire’s eyes light up when he walks up to the table. “Mr. Wong! Why are you here?”

    “Mr. Cadieux sent me to see if Miss Song needed any help.”

  He intentionally ignores Wang Xiaoming and glances around the restaurant, “Where is Miss Song?”

  Starfire answers, “She is in the kitchen brewing tea.” 

   Sara walks out carrying a tray with three tea cups and a pot of Jasmine tea. “Mr. Wong, would you like a cup of tea?”

   Before he answers, Wang Xiaoming  looks at his watch then stands up. “Song Sara, I have to leave for my appointment. Please think about what we discussed.” He doesn’t acknowledge Wang ‘s presence either, the two men have a deep enmity from an incident at a restaurant in Shanghai two years ago.

    Sara pours the tea, “Okay. But, I won’t change my mind.”

  “I will call you later. The kitchen should be completed tomorrow. I will email you the menu I prepared and you can send a list of the desserts you plan on including. Once we finalize it I will send it to the printers.”

  “Okay. Sounds good.”

   Sara sits down, “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Wong, I forgot my manners and didn’t introduce you to my partner, Wang Xiaoming.”

    “We are acquainted.”

    She puts a cup of tea in front of him, “Try this tea, I grew the Jasmine and it has a light floral taste.”

     Starfire noticed the silent tension and sparks between the two men. “Why don’t you like Mr. Wang?”

    Wong Duan inhales the light aroma of the tea and smiles with an insincere expression betraying his really feelings, “I don’t dislike Wang Xiaoming.” I hate his pretentious ass!

   Starfire bluntly continues, “You do. Your eyes narrowed and your aura became dark. Well, Mr. Wang is a gentleman, he hid his emotions better than you did. But, I could sense he doesn’t like you very much either.”

    Wong Duan pats her head, “ Little girl, don’t worry about grown ups’ business.” Wang fucking Xiaoming is no gentleman! Little girl, you are too simple minded!

    Starfire’s face turns red and she puffs out her cheeks. “I’m 19…an adult! Don’t treat me like a child!”

    He flicks her on the forehead and teases, “Really? Only a child impulsively blurts out their observations without a filter.”

   “You! You..”

   Sara laughs, “Starfire, could you go get our coats. The workers are finishing in the kitchen and Fu Chian will be picking us up soon.”

  She sips her tea, “Mr. Wong, did Mr. Cadieux send you?”

   He has an amused expression watching Starfire muttering under her breath as she storms towards the office. ‘Well, yes… he wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly. He will be out of town for a couple days, his assistant Alain Guerren will arrange for movers  to take your furniture to a storage unit. Also, Miss Han and your personal belongings to the villa.”

  “He is so thoughtful! I should call him and thank him.”

   “I think he would like that.”

  Starfire comes out carrying the coats and scarves. She rolls her eyes when she meets Wong Duan’s gaze then sweetly lifts her lips into an arc. “Are we going ice skating now?”

  “Yeah, but I just thought of something, with the girl’s car seats I’m not sure there will be enough room in the car. Maybe we should take a taxi to meet Fun Chian and the girls at the lake.”

  Wong Duan hesitates then says, “I can take you. I’m free until dinner.”

  “Really? That would be great. There is quite a bit of construction and a taxi could take a while.”

    Wong Duan takes out his phone. “I will call Fu Chian to let him know.” 

   He notices Starfire pulling on Sara’s sleeve while quietly coaxing her, “Miss Song, let’s wait for a taxi.”  He can’t help but chuckle, the stubborn little girl is still angry at me.

   The workers come out from the kitchen into the dining room. The man in charge walks over to Sara, “Miss Song, we will be back in the morning. Everything is in place. We are only waiting for the plumber to install the lines for the dishwasher and sinks.”

  Sara finishes her tea, “Thank you for your hard work. I will see you then.”

   One of the young workers stares admiringly at Starfire as she puts on her coat. Qi Chunyu is very happy he came to work with his Uncle today or he wouldn’t have seen Starfire. He takes off his cap and clutches it tightly pretending to be nervous. I don’t want to frighten the little rabbit.

Qi Chunyu is popular with the girls at the University he attends, but it is rare to meet such an innocent and beautiful girl. The Cheongsam she is wearing makes her look like she should be in a period drama on television. After talking to Starfire he realized she was naive and sheltered which further piqued his interest.

Thinking this might be his only opportunity to get the beautiful girl’s contact information he approaches Starfire. ” Could you add me on WeChat?’

  Starfire is fixing her scarf, “Huh?”

   “Umm..add me on WeChat.”

  Wong Duan is on the phone with Fu Chian and when he hears the young man he hangs up. “She can’t.”

   Starfire and the handsome boy turn at the same time. The boy looks at Wong Duan then Starfire, “Is he your Dad?”

  “…” Do I look old enough to be her father????

  Starfire has a murderous glint in her eyes aimed at Wong Duan then replies, “No, he is not…  I don’t want to sound like a country bumpkin but I don’t have WeChat. She really had no friends except the other disciples and wasn’t allowed to have a phone at the compound. She disregards Wong Duan’s disapproving expression and skillfully lies, “I forgot my phone. You can give me your phone number. I can call you.”

   Unexpectedly Wong Duan grabs Starfire’s hand and drags her towards the door. She tries to wiggle out of his hand but his grip is too strong. She grits her teeth, “ WONG DUAN!”


  Sara smiles at the men and avoids addressing the awkward situation, “I will see you in the morning then.”

   They leave and Sara locks the door. Wong Duan really is protective towards Starfire. He appears to be a very cold man but when he looks at Starfire his aura becomes light purple tinged with gold. 

   Wong Duan and Starfire are by the elevator. He pushes her against the wall then leans down, “You really are a foolish child!” I saw the way the boy was staring at your body. He definitely had bad intentions… an innocent girl like you would be easy prey.

   “Wong Duan, you…you should mind your own business! Qi Chunyu is very handsome and smart.. and sweet!  When we were in the kitchen earlier he was telling me about the University. “

   “Listen up little fool. You can’t trust every handsome boy you meet.” I should know…under my devastatingly handsome appearance lies a cold hearted beast.

   Wong Duan backs away from Starfire when he hears a click as Sara locks the restaurant. He keeps his voice low and sounds intimidating. “Girl, The Lord brought you to Catang City to protect Song Sara. Don’t forget your duty.”

   Starfire feels her cheeks get hot, she knows he is right.  She bites her lower lips then timidly responds. “I won’t forget.”

    “Very Good.”

   He turns and pleasantly smiles at Sara, “Fu Chian said they will meet you at the lake.”

Protect Song Sara

   After Wong Duan leaves the newly named Club, Rapture, pleased with himself he slyly grins as he enters the backseat of a black Rolls Royce Phantom. He marvels at his restraint and foresight, looking at the big picture instead of outright killing the man who made an attempt on his life, Sung Ren was easier to subdue than anticipated. I think Leo will be impressed that I opted to spare the bastard’s little life and gain a new business. 

   Glancing out the window as the car pulls away he notices two conspicuous  black mid size cars across the street. He instructs his driver, “Keep an eye out for anyone following us.”

  The driver also sees the two identical vehicles across the street, “Will do.”

  Wong Duan leans back on the leather seat and takes out his phone to call Leo. “Are you at the villa?”

   Leo is enroute to confront his grandmother about the past. “No. I am going to a small town in the countryside. Qiao Rui brought me the proof I needed to expose what happened in the past.” He looks at the folder on the seat next to his laptop. “I will need you to contact Alain to arrange for my sister and her roommate to move into the villa. How did it go with Sung Ren?” He chuckles, “Did you give him the kiss of death?”

  Wong Duan laughs, “You should have seen the look on that little prick’s face when I got out the lipstick then the vial containing the antidote. I decided it would be better to make a profit and confiscate Little Ren’s Private Club. Let him live for now anyway.”

  “I’m proud of you for restraining yourself. I thought with your temper you wouldn’t leave his corpse intact. You can have the club as a reward, both for making the right decision and relocating to Catang City. I’m sure you miss Shanghai.”

  “Thank you Lord, but I can’t accept.”

  “Accept or I burn the building to the ground. You should know by now that what I give, I will never take back.”

Wong Duan reaches into the small refrigerator and grabs a bottle of mineral water.  “Very well then, I will accept your generous gift. Do you have any other orders for me?”

  “Yes. What is Li Tian’s condition? Is he still in a coma?”

  “I don’t know. I can find out.”

  “Although I hate the ruthless bastard he is the father of my sister’s baby. I think if Li Tian were to remain in a coma, as much as I hate to admit it Song Sara would be devastated. She tries to hide the fact but it is obvious she has feelings for him. I would rather have him regain consciousness and his true nature revealed. She is too soft hearted, going to his hospital room everyday…I don’t want my sister to be stuck taking care of a vegetative person if he doesn’t recover.”

  “You are right. According to Fu Chian, Song Sara feels guilty about Li Tian’s accident, although the evidence points to the driver a deliberately turning his car into Li Tian’s vehicle.” He drinks the refreshing water then adds, “I have only had a relatively small amount of contact with your sister but she is too kind and naive.” Wong Duan has a faint smile, “It is hard to believe Song Sara is your twin sister..haha.”

  Leo picks up the thick folder on the seat, “I can’t disagree. Song Sara is the polar opposite of me, that is why I need to protect my little sister. I never thought I would have anyone who truly loves me, I can feel warmth from her golden aura when she is around me. I experience a peaceful calm in my heart which I have never felt in my entire life.

You are aware that I have the ability with my green eye to see inside a person’s soul and Song Sara’s love for me is extremely pure. She has no ulterior motives for getting close, even if she wasn’t my biological sister I would recognize the little girl. So she must be protected well.”

  Wong Duan is surprised, he knew Leo wanted to protect Song Sara but he didn’t know the depth of his feelings. “I will make sure Song Sara is safe. Starfire is very competent and her driver Fu Chian can also protect her from any danger. As far as Li Tian goes, I can get his medical information and proceed from there. I know a genius doctor who might be able to treat his condition and bring him out of the coma.”

 “ Send the doctor to the hospital say Dr. Ling recommended him. Find out who attempted to kill the bastard and get rid of them.”

  “…” Wouldn’t they be doing you a favor by eliminating Li Tian. Sometimes it is hard to fathom what goes on in his mind.

 “Keep me posted.”

  “ One last matter, the gambling equipment arrived from Shanghai. The Casino at the Ecstasy Club will be operational by tonight.”

  “Very good. I have instructed Natalia to be the hostess until Mei comes to Catang City at the end of the month. You will need to bear with Natalia’s infatuation until then because she is needed. You have to admit she is very good at hooking the whales.” Leo snickers,  “Happy cooperation.”

Leo hangs up and opens the folder while muttering, “Old woman, let’s see how you try to rationalize your despicable actions with the undeniable proof right in front of you!” Robbing me of my sweet sister for so many years! You and everyone involved will pay! If it weren’t for fate bringing us together I would never know the feeling of being loved!

  Thinking about Sara Leo calls her phone and she doesn’t answer. After he tries again he frowns then calls Wong Duan. “Call Starfire find out what Song Sara is doing.” She always answers my calls, what is going on?

   “Fu Chian said he was driving Song Sara to her new restaurant. Do you want me to go there?”

  “That is a better idea. Go.” 

  Wong Duan tells his driver to go to the Waterfront Towers and sips his mineral water. I am curious about Wang Xiaoming. Why would. a world class chef partner with a little unknown baker?

  Wang Xiaoming and Sara are in the kitchen watching the large ovens being installed. Sara points to the new marble countertop, “Wang Xiaoming the Italian white marble is beautiful.”

  “I’m glad you like it. If all goes well we should be able to open the restaurant the end of next week.” He stops one of the workers, ” Make sure there is adequate space on the side where the counter begins.”

   Sara’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle with excitement. “Wow! That soon?” She remembers she wanted to question him about naming the restaurant. “Ahh..Wang Xiaoming..we don’t have a name yet. Do you have any ideas?”

  He puts down the invoice in his hand. When he first considered owning his own restaurant he wanted to call it Xiaoming’s but now.. “What about you? Any thoughts?”

  “I was thinking we could keep it simple and call it Xiaoming’s”


  Sara sees the incredulous look on his handsome face. “If that would be alright with you. You are a well known chef and I think your name would be the best choice. People will be attracted by your fame to come to the restaurant.”

  “I’m flattered, but what about you?” He thinks for a moment, “ We could name the restaurant, Sara and Xiaoming’s.

  Sara shakes her head and waves her arms.“I don’t want my name on the restaurant. I named my bakery Sweet Dreams because I wanted to stay in the background. People who know the Song family know I am the unwanted daughter and it might deter them from coming.” She has a complicated expression and slight smile, “Or they would come and make trouble.”

  “Then we can find a neutral name.”

  “Wang Xiaoming…I am serious…I think  using your name is the best choice. It is a beautiful name and you are the owner and chef. Really it is the perfect name.”

  “We are partners and I don’t think it is fair to only use my name.”

  “As long as we treat each other sincerely and as true partners does the name matter in that regard? Your fame will get us customers whereas using my name could be detrimental. I vote for Xiaoming’s.”

   Starfire has been listening while standing next to Sara. She clenches her small fists at her side and her aura becomes dangerously black. The air surrounding her drops to freezing. I didn’t know Song Sara was mistreated by her family. She is such a nice person..those bastards!

   Sara senses the drastic change in Starfire’s aura, “Starfire, are you okay?”

   Starfire suddenly regains her composure, “Yeah.. I just got a little cold”,  her eyes dart around the kitchen. “Brr..Is the heat on in here?”

   Wang Xiaoming narrows his eyes behind his glasses he also felt the drop in temperature. Starfire is definitely very protective of Song Sara. “We can go back into the dining area to finish discussing the name.”

    Sara looks at the teapot on the stove. “I will make tea and be right in there you two go first.”

   When Wang Xiaoming and Starfire walk back to the dining room he wonders if he should find out more about Starfire. “Miss Starfire, are you from Shanghai?”

   “I am. How did you know?”

   “I spent time in Shanghai after I graduated from Culinary School.”

  “Oh. Mr. Wang, do you know Miss Song’s family?”

  Now he knows why Starfire’s aura suddenly turned dark. “I don’t.”

  “Why not?”

  Wang Xiaoming laughs, “Although the Song family has declined in the last few years it is one of the elite families in Catang City I had no reason to intersect with them, my family is rather ordinary. Why do you ask?”

  “I don’t like the fact Miss Song could be bullied by them. Why shouldn’t her name be included?”

  “I agree with you but that is her decision. I would be happy to name the restaurant Sara and Xiaoming’s.”

  Starfire props her elbows on the table with her face resting on her palms. She gazes intensely at his sincere expression, “You are a good man Mr. Wang.” Thinking about the fact he is a world renowned chef she sweetly smiles and adds, “ I look forward to tasting the food you make.”


  Wong Duan lazily strides into the restaurant and sees Starfire staring with an infatuated gaze at Wang Xiaoming. What is the little fool thinking with that silly expression on her face?


    Sara calls Fu Chian, “I’m ready.”

   “We just dropped off the girls at school. I am on my way to pick you up now.”

   “I will wait downstairs.” She puts on a black coat and a bright blue cashmere scarf then heads down the stairs. She greets the old woman who lives next door then pets the black cat she is holding. “Have you found a new place to live?”

  Mrs. Long smiles brightly, “My son said I can live with him. My daughter in law is going back to work and I can watch my grandson.”

   “That is great!”

   “The only problem is my little grandson is allergic to cats.” She tenderly strokes the cat’s face. “I need to find a good home for him.” Mrs. Long’s eyes light up, “Would you be interested in adopting Mr. Black?”

   “Well, I don’t know. I am going to be living in a friend’s villa. I’m not sure if he likes cats or not.”

   “ I see. I might have to take him to the shelter.”

   The sleek black cat narrows his bright green eyes staring at Sara. She feels a chill go down her spine from his intense gaze. “Let me ask.” Mr. Black seems satisfied with her answer and meows.

   “Okay. You have my phone number just let me know. The movers are coming in two days.”

  “I will.” Sara glances back at Mr. Black as the old woman opens her door, such a strange cat. He is so spoiled I can’t imagine him being put in a shelter…

  Sara reaches the bottom of the stairs, when she sees the familiar black Bentley she walks outside. Starfire quickly unbuckles her seatbelt and hops out of the car faster than Fu Chian to open the door for Sara, “Good Morning Miss Song!”

  “Good morning Starfire.”

   Sara gets into the backseat then Starfire enters. She brushes the snow off of Sara’s shoulder. “Miss Song, thank you for letting me be your assistant.”

  “You don’t need to thank me, you should thank Mr. Cadieux when you see him. I will be honest, this is all new to me so I appreciate your help.”

   Fu Chian smiles looking in the rear view mirror. “Miss Song, the girls really loved the clothes you picked out.”

   Sara laughs, “Mr. Fu you should also thank Mr. Cadieux, he paid for everything. I had fun shopping! All the clothes were so adorable it was hard to choose. I hope I have a little girl someday so I can dress her up prettily.”

  “I definitely will. It was very thoughtful of you to individualize their clothes. I never considered that before. “ He rubs his chin, “I would just buy two of each. haha. Xiaoxiao pointed out that she and Xiaoyue have different tastes.”

  “Well, although the girls look alike they have very different personalities. I noticed as soon as I met them. Are we taking them ice skating this afternoon?”

  Fu Chian replies, “If you still want to go.”

  “I think I can. Mr. Wang said he has an appointment this afternoon so he will be leaving the new restaurant at two o’clock.”

  “I will pick up the girls and then come to the Waterfront Towers.”

  “Sounds good.”

  They arrive at the Waterfront Towers and Fu Chian opens the back door for them to get out, “I am going to my garage if you need me before that time, call me.”

  Starfire frowns because Fu Chian’s black boot is untied. She immediately bends down and ties his shoe. She pops up afterwards, “Careful Mr. Fu.”

  Fu Chian’s ruggedly handsome face turns red after being treated as a child. “Um..thank you Miss Starfire.” 

  She grins as she pats him on his shoulder, “You were so busy getting the girls ready you forgot about yourself.” Starfire stands on her tiptoes then fixes his scarf, “See you later Mr. Fu!”

   He shakes his head as he watches the two women enter the Waterfront Towers. If I didn’t see her skills I never would think that little girl is a highly trained martial artist.

   When they are in the lobby Sara turns to Starfire, “Do you like Mr. Fu?”

  “Yeah.  If we can be friends I can eat at the guesthouse.” Starfire swallows her saliva, “ He is a really good… great cook. “


   They take the elevator to the rooftop. Wang Xiaoming is speaking to Yang James pointing to the patio area.

   Sara walks over to the two tall men followed by Starfire. Wang Xiaoming stops talking then introduces Song Sara, “Director Yang, this is my partner Song Sara and ?”

   Sara introduces Starfire, “Starfire is my assistant.”

   The men have complicated expressions staring at the short pretty girl standing next to Sara. They both can sense Starfire has very high martial skills from assessing her internal energy. She is suppressing her dark aura which is making her qi fluctuate.

  Wang Xiaoming remarks, “Pleasure to meet you.”  Assistant or Bodyguard?

   While they are judging Starfire she is also checking out the two men. I should tell Mr. Cadieux. Miss Song’s partner has an extremely high spiritual cultivation and the other man is a black fox. Although he is smiling, his unfathomable dark eyes are narrowed behind his elegant gold rimmed glasses… his smile is not really a smile.

 “Miss Song, I am going to finish with Director Yang then I will come inside.”

 Sara and Starfire stroll into the restaurant and Starfire gazes around in awe. “Miss Song, your restaurant is beautiful.” She excitedly quickens her pace over to the window, “The view of the water is spectacular.”

  “Well, I really can’t take any credit. Wang Xiaoming and Mia Malone are the ones who designed the restaurant. Give me your coat and I will hang it in the office.”

   Starfire grins, “Miss Song, I am the assistant..haha..give me your coat and scarf, I will hang them up.”

   Sara unbuttons her coat and takes off her scarf. When she hands them to Starfire she comments, “It will take some time to get used to having an assistant.” She points to the rear of the spacious dining room. “ Follow me.The office and the kitchen are this way.”

  Across town Wong Duan confidently strides into a luxurious private club followed by five men dressed in black. A woman runs over to them, her red heels clicking across the shiny marble floor. She looks up at the incredibly beautiful man, “Sorry, we aren’t open yet.”

  Wong Duan has a malicious smile as he continues to walk towards the back of the bar. “Good. We won’t disturb your customers.”

  The woman trails after him, “ can’t go back there.”

  He turns and grabs her thin neck with one hand, easily lifting her off the floor, “Can’t?” He laughs as he watches her face pale and contort in pain. The beautiful woman’s brown eyes bulge and fill with tears as she gasps for breath. He squeezes tighter until the woman loses consciousness then ruthlessly flings her limp body onto the hard floor.

A cracking sound can be heard and blood runs out of the back of her head as she hits the white marble. Wong Duan glances down at the woman sprawled on the floor. The short black skirt is up to her hips and the tight red top she is wearing has ridden up. He lifts an eyebrow at the tattoo of a red and black snake on her abdomen. The whore is very lucky that I am in a good mood today.

    Sung Ren’s bodyguards are instantly surrounded and subdued by the men Wong Duan brought. The men were a blur as they entered the room catching his highly trained guards by surprise.

Sung Ren leans back in his chair and puts down his chopsticks as Wong Duan approaches. He holds the gun in his pocket trying to appear unfazed.  “Long time no see, Beautiful.”

  Wong Duan sneers, “Little Ren, you are as ugly as ever. I told you to go to Dr. Park Soo Jun. He is the best plastic surgeon in Gangnam.” Wong Duan grips Sung Ren’s chin and turns his face to the side. ”He could shave that jaw…fix your unsightly flat nose.”

  Sung Ren smiles, “If I could end up looking like you I might go.”

  Wong Duan dramatically sighs as he runs his slender fingers through his thick black hair, “You know I was born with this curse of a face. It gets tiring. Even a straight man like you can’t take his eyes off me.” He leans down and gazes into Sung Ren’s infatuated eyes then seductively licks his lips. “ I bet you want to see if my lips taste as good as they look.”

  “Unfortunately, I was informed…a little too late that you don’t kiss women or men.”

  Wong Duan takes out the poison lipstick from his pocket and opens the cap. He provocatively whispers in Sung Ren’s ear. “I could make an exception for you, Little Ren.”

  Sung Ren takes a sip of wine. “We could die together. You don’t have the protective antidote.”

  Wong Duan pulls out a small green vial, “Oh..are you referring to this?” After he smears the clear liquid onto his lips they glisten. He is about to apply the lipstick when Sung Ren grabs his wrist. “You made your point. What do you want?”

  “ Silly Boy, you did try to assassinate me. I had planned on coming here and killing you.” Wong Duan glances around the luxuriously decorated club. “But then I thought, where is the profit in that ? Sure, I would feel euphoric for a moment looking at your ugly face crushed in my hands but that is only temporary satisfaction. I am a businessman after all, so I decided for compensation… you can give me this club.”

  Sung Ren smirks as he places his finger on the trigger of the gun in his pocket, “I think this club is worth more than your measly life. I can’t agree.”

  Wong Duan’s pitch black eyes have a murderous gleam, “Can’t?”


  “Hmm.. that is the second time I heard that word since I entered this club.” In a flash he grabs Sung Ren’s hand holding the gun in his pocket. Sung Ren struggles as Wong Duan’s iron grip tightens and he sarcastically quips, “If I pull this trigger you definitely ‘Can’t’ in the future..hahaha..”

  Sung Ren can feel the gun pressed against his Little Brother and breaks out into a sweat. “Motherf****r!”

  “Shouldn’t you be begging me not to render you impotent?”

  “ Crazy Bastard! You can have the goddamn club! Take your finger off the trigger.”

  Wong Duan’s men are snickering while Sung Ren’s men are sweating profusely. They will all be dead if anything happens to their Boss’ jewels.

  “Tell one of your men to bring the necessary paperwork .”

Morning at Leo’s Villa

    Wong Duan watches the dancers and chuckles, women will do anything for money. The only one that had any self esteem was the squeamish little dancer who left the room in the beginning. 

  Lishi Tao comes into the room, “I’m glad you didn’t decide to commit murder on the opening night of the Club. It would have been a bad omen. What did you think of the performance?”

   “I doubt the useless woman will survive until the morning. As for the dancers…you can build the stage.”

   “Who sent the woman?”

  “Sung Ren. He must be short on capital to send such an incompetent assassin. I am going to the villa. Call me tomorrow when the truck arrives.”

   Starfire wakes up in the morning at five o’clock to train. She is sitting on a bench wiping the sweat from her face when Wong Duan walks into the training room. He furrows his eyebrows when he notices Starfire. Taking the towel from her small hand he gently wipes the beads of sweat from her flushed face.

 Wong Duan opens the bottle of water in his hand and hands it to Starfire.“Stupid girl! I told you not to train if you are on your period. Do you have cramps?”  He rubs her stomach sending his internal heat to her body.

   Starfire chokes on the water. She wants to say she isn’t having her menstrual period but is afraid he will be angry she lied. Plus, the warmth from his hand feels really good as he rubs her stomach.

  He pats her back, “Drink slowly after exercising, are you a child?”

    Starfire looks at the workout clothes he is wearing and is surprised, she has only seen him wearing designer suits. This morning he is wearing a  tight gray t-shirt and a pair of black pants with the Henri Couture Sportswear logo on the side. “Mr. Wong, what are you doing in the training room?”

  “Can’t I?”

  She has a bewildered expression as she “You practice martial arts?”

 “A little.” He is a highly skilled martial artist and proficient assassin.

   She touches his bicep, “I wondered how you kept your physique so toned. If you sat at a desk all day you would get flabby.” She gulps down the water. “You are trim with a perfect BMI.”

   Wong Duan chuckles to himself, ???? This silly girl has absolutely no filter at all.

    Leo walks into the training room and Starfire jumps up from the bench. “Good morning Mr. Cadiuex!” He is also dressed in workout gear, are they going to train together? I wish I could stay and watch. Then she remembers the scene in the hallway and shivers, how can they fight each other…they are lovers.

     Wong Duan notices the confused look on her face. What is she thinking?

   Leo doesn’t like to be stared at by anyone he snaps. “Go get ready. Fu Chian will be leaving in an hour.”

   Wong Duan stops her before she leaves the training room, “Go eat. I told the cook to make  congee and a light breakfast. Don’t snack during the day and no cold drinks. Tell the cook to make Brown Sugar Ginger Tea to take with you.”

   “Thank you Mr. Wong.” She hurries out of the training room excited she will go with Song Sara today.

   Leo has a strange expression as he watches Starfire skipping out the door.Wong Duan a self proclaimed misogynist had a smile on his face and spoke with a pampering tone to the little girl.

    Wong Duan turns to Leo, “What time is Qiao Rui arriving?”

   Leo is distracted, “What?”

  “I asked when Qiao Rui would arrive.”

  “Around noon. Duan don’t make the little girl fall in love with you. I need her to focus on protecting Song Sara. Do you recall what happened with. Natalia. She called earlier crying saying you ignored her last night.”

  Wong Duan can’t help but laugh. “Starfire is a fucking little girl! I’m not into lolis. Hahaha..”

   Leo walks over to a rack on a wall and takes down two swords.“Well, why were you being so attentive?”

  Wong Duan takes the sword from him. “Shit..I guess because she reminds me a little of Lan’er. The girl’s bright eyes are clean and free of impurities. Also, she is slightly pitiful, like a stray kitten out in the rain you want to bring into the house. Take care of it.”

   Leo smiles, “ Well, just don’t let the little kitten get too attached. You and I both know women can’t resist your beautiful face and evil charm. Let alone a naive sheltered little girl.”

   Wong Duan puts his arm around Leo’s shoulder, “She has the brain circuit of a child. Don’t worry.”

   Starfire takes a bath then gets dressed in the clothes the maid set out for her to wear. Loose black pants and a green Cheongsam blouse embroidered with small white flowers on the collar. She ties her hair into a ponytail and inserts a gold hairpin from on the dresser. She slips on the black flats and walks out of the room. 

   She goes to the kitchen and the cook politely greets Starfire thinking the scary beautiful man seems to care about the little girl. He instructed me to make the Brown Sugar Tea last night and a special breakfast for the girl today.

   Starfire glances around, “Mrs. Zhang where is everyone else?” There is only one place setting at the table.

   “The men eat in the back dining room.”

   “I should go eat with them so I get to know everyone.” She fixes a plate then picks up the bowl of congee.

   Mrs. Zhang’s eyes widen, “No! Miss Starfire,Mr. Wong said for you to eat here.”

  “Well, how will I get to know my coworkers?”

   The cook has no idea what to say. “At dinner.”

   Starfire sits down and begins to eat. “Mrs. Zhang, the congee is delicious.”

   “Thank you Miss. I have a thermos of Ginger Tea on the counter don’t forget it.” She takes off her apron. “I am going to the store. Do you need any feminine products?”

   Starfire puts down her spoon. Damn that man! “No thanks. I am good.”

   After she finishes breakfast she goes back to her room to brush her teeth. After she applies lipgloss she returns to the kitchen and grabs the thermos. Starfire takes her coat from the closet by the door then walks to the French doors that lead to the garden. 

   Leo and Wong Duan finish practicing, Wong Duan wipes the sweat from Leo’s face. “Once you have the files are you going to see the old hag?”

  “Yes. I want the proof in my hand so the scheming old woman can’t deny the fact that Song Sara is my sister. Afterwards I will have the old woman tell Sara I am her brother. I want her to tell Song Sara, I am afraid if I do, Song Sara will be too shocked.

   Starfire hides behind a large embroidered screen. She forgot her phone and was coming back to get it from her bedroom. Song Sara is Mr. Cadieux’s sister! She doesn’t know! It is some sort of dark secret! I don’t want to know this! I really don’t. Why did I forget my phone! Why am I finding out their secrets!

    She waits until they leave to run to her room and retrieve the phone. Once she has it in her hand she closes her bedroom door and hurries to leave the villa.

   Leo looks at Wong Duan. “Well your little kitten overheard our conversation. I guess this is a good chance to see if she is loyal.”

   Wong Duan has no doubts she will remain quiet. He could sense her anxiety and trepidation. It was a coincidence, he is sure. The little girl hid out of fear. “ I will bet my Porsche she won’t say anything.”

   “Your Porsche? Didn’t you wait for six months for them to customize it to your specifications?”


  “I hope your little pet doesn’t disappoint.”

 “I am going to send a message to Sung Ren. He sent an assassin last night to Ecstasy. I want to use a show of force to deter any future threats to the Club.”

  “Where is the assassin now?”


 “ You killed him?”

 “No. Sung Ren. After she failed and betrayed him I knew she wouldn’t last long. I heard the woman’s scream from the balcony. Hit by a speeding truck. She was lying in the street in a pool of blood.”

 “A woman?”

 “It was interesting. “ He takes the tube of lipstick from his pocket. I haven’t seen the poison before. The woman coated her lips with an unknown substance and then applied the poisonous lipstick. One kiss on the lips and I would have been dead.”

  Leo starts laughing, “Hahaha..I guess the stupid bitch didn’t do her homework. You never kiss a woman.”

  He caresses Leo’s cheek and looks deeply into Leo’s strange eyes, “Yours are the only lips that have tempted me.”

  Leo jas an amused expression. “If I didn’t know better I would believe you. Is it fun to tease X?”

  Wong Duan has a devilish grin and whispers in Leo’s ear. “Very.”

  “One day he might take you seriously and kill you.”

  Wong Duan glances behind Leo and he has a faint smile. “If he has the ability.”

   X can only move if Leo gives the order so he stands in the shadows glaring at Wong Duan. Pretty bastard! Shameless! Always touching the Master!

Back To The Hospital

  Sara and Bi are laughing as they walk up the stairs to their small apartment. Leo had his driver Peng Han send them home. Bi comments, “Sara, did you notice all of Leo Cadieux’s employees are really handsome? The driver just now, for example, Peng Han, he could be a model.”

   Sara opens the door, “Well, you should see his secretary Wong Duan. The man looks like an Immortal! The extraordinarily handsome man has better skin than any female celebrity, poreless. I met him briefly at the guesthouse. When he was standing in the doorway with the moonlight behind him, I thought I had died and gone to heaven..hahaha…the only word to describe the man is beautiful.”

   She walks to the kitchen to boil water for the medicinal tea she drinks before bed. “Bi, do you want some tea?”

   “No thanks.” She sits on the couch and crosses her legs. “I was surprised at Mr. Cadieux’s sense of humor. He always appears stiff and cold, in the car on the way to the villa he didn’t say more than two words.

  “I think he wanted to make you feel comfortable.”

 “Well, I do think that living at his villa would save us the stress of rushing to find a place.” She frowns, “How can a company give only two weeks notice that they are going to demolish a building? It doesn’t make sense.”

  “The person who bought the properties must be powerful to make the Commission move swiftly. Usually this type of project gets tied up in red tape for at least two months.” The water is boiling, “Sure you don’t want any tea?”

  “Well, okay.”

   Sara pours the tea then walks over to the couch. After she hands a cup to Bi she sighs, “I will miss this apartment.”

  Bi blows on the tea then takes a sip. “Yeah, we have had some fun times here.”

  Sara has a smile on her face, “Bi, I have been meaning to ask you. Did you start playing video games again?”

  Bi has a guilty look on her pretty face. During University she was addicted to gaming and her classes suffered so she hesitated to tell Sara when she began playing again. “Well, yeah. I was stressed out at work and I found that playing helped me relax. Why?”

  “You looked like a kid in a candy store when we entered the Game Room at the villa.”

  Bi hits her with a pillow from the couch, “I did not!”

  Sara holds the pillow and starts laughing, “You did. Is that why you are considering us living there?”

  “I think you have a point. You are busy with the new restaurant and I am trying to adjust to my new position at Fang Group. The only problem is the district where the villa is located  a bit far from the city center.”

  Sara drinks her calming tea, “I thought about that too, no busses run by the community, a taxi would be expensive. I don’t want to impose on Fu Chian to take us everyday. I think I am going to buy a car.”

  “I thought you don’t like to drive.”

  “Well, I need to change my way of thinking. I might have to go to the restaurant at odd hours and run errands. I can’t expect to always depend on other people and even in the city taking busses all the time is inconvenient.”

  Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Bi and Sara stare at each other, Bi says, “ Who would come by this late at night?”

   Sara has a bad feeling. “I will see.”

   Bi grabs her arm, “Don’t just open the door! Look through the cat’s eye.”

  Sara wrinkles her forehead, “Bi, I am not a child! I am not going to impulsively open the door!”

   When she looks out the peephole she rolls her eyes, “Yup. Kang Mingshun.”

   She opens the door and the tall muscular man steps into the apartment. “Kang Mingshun, why didn’t you call? It’s late, you scared Han Bi.”

  Han Bi awkwardly smiles at the tall muscular man standing by the door. Sara, weren’t you scared also!

  “Miss Song,I have been trying to call you all day but your phone has been turned off “

 “Oh, I turned my phone off when I went to the new restaurant. I guess I forgot to turn it back on again. What did you need me for anyway? “

” Well, it is about CEO Li..The doctor said the massage helped immensely. Today the CEO responded to tactile stimuli by moving his fingers. I need you to come to the hospital and give him another massage. I understand it is late. I am authorized by his father to pay you handsomely. They’re very encouraged by the fact he was able to show some sort of blank. “

  Sara hesitates but then thinks about purchasing a car.

  Bi sees her reluctance, “Mr. Kang, can’t Sara go in the morning? It is late, she is still recuperating from being sick.”

  “It’s okay Bi, I could use the money since I decided to buy a car.”

  Kang Mingshun has an idea,I don’t think the Boss would mind. Anything to get the little chick to the hospital. What’s a car? “Miss Song, if you will commit to helping the CEO recover, giving you a car is not a problem I’m sure.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. I will come with you and accept payment. If the CEO does need me to give him a daily massage to help him recover you can pay me accordingly. But, I do have a responsibility to my new partner. I need to be at the restaurant early in the morning so we can’t keep doing late late night massages.”

  “Understood. “

“You will have to wait though I need to take a shower and change my clothes. this time you need to bring me home directly after I give him a massage, it has stopped snowing. ” 

Sara walks into her bedroom leaving Kang Minshun and Bi in the living room.

 Bi feels uncomfortable with him just standing there. “Mr. Kang, please sit down.”

“I will stand .”

” Well, I would rather you sit down and wait. You hovering over me is unnerving.”

   He walks over and sits in a chair next to the couch. Kang Mingshun can feel Bi’s eyes drilling a hole in him. Miss Song’s friend has a worried expression on her face. Should I try to explain? No. I will just wait quietly…how can I possibly explain the Boss is obsessed with Miss Song. He is using unscrupulous means to have her at his side.If she knew he was faking she would be furious. 

  Bi finally breaks  the silence, “Mr. Kang. Why doesn’t the Li family hire a professional masseuse?”

 I was afraid she would ask me that question. “I can’t speak for them. I only relay the message.”

 Bi continues, “Do you have an opinion on it?”

 “I work for CEO Li. I have no opinion on any of their matters.”

Sara comes out of her bedroom, and is beginning to feel drowsy from the medicinal tea “Ready.”

When they arrive at the hospital Kang Mingshun looks in the rear view mirror, Sara is fast asleep in the backseat.  He gets out to open the door, damn Miss Song must be exhausted. 

 Zhao Lanfen and Long Jinxi are leaving the hospital and recognize Kang Mingshun as Li Tian’s bodyguard. They watch as he helps Sara out of the backseat. Long Jinxi has an uneasy feeling and turns to her mother, “ Is that vixen who has confused Li Tian?”

  “That is the conniving slut!” She starts to rush towards the white Range Rover and Long Jinxi pulls her back. “Don’t cause a scene.”

   Zhao Lanfen stares angrily at her daughter, “Let me go. I am going to teach that little hoof a lesson.”

   Long Jinxi sneers, “Mother, are you stupid? Kang Mingshun will report to Li Tian when he wakes up and he will be furious. There are more subtle and better ways to deal with the woman.” She has been in the Entertainment business long enough to know it is best to cause trouble behind the scenes. 

  Zhao Lanfen admires her daughter’s ability to be a White Lotus. “You are right.” Zhao Lanfen’s eyes bulge out of her head and her face is red. “It is just when I see that insufferable woman I want to strangle her.” She recalls having to kneel in the bathroom at the Jewelry Competition by Feng LiMei and being humiliated by Li Tian.

  Long Jinxi’s lips curl up into a malicious smile and she hugs her mother’s arm. “Mother, will return the insult ten times over to the slut after I grab Li Tian away from her clutches.”

  “You go wait for me in the car. I am going over to say hello.”


  “I need you to let me handle the situation. If they see you his mistress will be on guard. She doesn’t know me. I want to establish a friendly connection so she won’t be suspicious of me.”

  “Very well.”

  Zhao Lanfen walks to the parking lot and Long Jinxi approaches Kang Mingshun and Sara. 

Ecstasy Club Part 2

   Wong Duan puts on a mask and black Yankees baseball cap then strides to the back entrance of the Club. He enters the passcode on the heavy metal back door, when he slides it open a spacious kitchen can be seen. A tall muscular man wearing a white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up approaches him, “Boss, I didn’t expect you to come tonight.”

  “I want to check out the clientele and the progress on the Casino.”

  “Well, as expected the rich second generation assholes that have too much time and money are here.” He motions the chef to watch a sizzling skillet. “A couple of Underworld Bosses came to either check the Club out or cause trouble. I am not sure which yet.”

  Wong Duan watches the activity in the kitchen then inquires,“When are the Casino’s tables and slots expected to arrive.”

   “The driver said they are still at the port in Bashu City. They should be delivered early in the morning. If we work all day the Casino should be operational by tomorrow night.”

   “I don’t want any of the employees or guests to know my identity, you can introduce me as your friend.”  

  Lishi Tao quips,  “Boss, they know I don’t have any friends.”

   Wong Duan puts his hand on his shoulder,  ‘Would you rather introduce me as your boyfriend?’

  Lishi Tao chokes and pushes his hand away “Shut up! You know I’m a straight man! That was just a nasty rumor..nasty rumor!”

   Wong Duan laughs, “I will go to the Casino and check the progress then watch the dancers from the private room.”

   “I think you will be satisfied with the dancers. I auditioned almost fifty women and chose the best looking, hahaha.. who could actually dance.”

   They walk through the crowded Club to a large black lacquered door in the back. “If I see the crowd is pleased you can build the stage you wanted with the poles.”

   Lishi Tao opens the door and Wong Duan nods in approval, “You followed my instructions well. The room is decorated luxuriously.” He looks up at the ceiling suspiciously, “Where did you get the crystal chandeliers?”

A gorgeous woman steps down the spiral staircase. She is wearing a black Cheongsam embroidered with red spider lillies up the side and 10cm black high heels. Swaying her hips provocatively she sashays in front of the two men. She flips her wavy red hair, and coyly remarks, “Wong Duan, it has been awhile.”

  “You picked out the chandeliers?”

   She smiles and puts her slender hand on his sleeve.“Of course, who else knows what you like better than I do?”

   Wong Duan shakes her hand off his sleeve and sneers, “Almost anyone.”

  He gives Lishi Tao a look, “You have grown balls, you hired Natalia without my permission.”

   Lishi Tao feels the temperature drop to freezing surrounding them and Wong Duan ‘s eyes darken with undisguised killing intent. “Wong Duan give me a fucking break! It was short notice to get the Casino ready. Natalia decorated the Qian Street Casino and I thought bringing her to Catang City would expedite matters.” He glares at Natalia, “I thought the annoying woman would be gone before you came.” Fucking bitch! Hiding upstairs until Wong Duan came.

  Wong Duan ignores Natalia and walks back to the door leading to Esctasy Club with Lishi Tao on his heels.

   Natalia lifts her thin eyebrows and mutters as the door shuts, “ Wong Duan, you aren’t going to get rid of me that easily.”

  Once Wong Duan enters the Club several women oggle him. One brave woman approaches, “Are you Young Master Jing?”

  He doesn’t answer and continues to take long strides through the Club. ” Send a bottle of Chateau Villane 88 to my private room.” He looks at his watch, “Send the dancers to the room. I want to see them first. “

  “Wong Duan, no. Your standards are too high. You will reject them all and I already had the DJ announce the performance would start in a half hour. The drunk bastards in the Club have lower expectations. As long as the women have big tits and shake their asses they will be satisfied! They will throw their money around!”

  “Send the women up.”

  He walks up the steps and passes a pretty woman wearing a tight blue dress with a slit up the side. She bumps into him. He immediately grabs her hand and she winces in pain, “You don’t need to be so rough.”

   Wong Duan noticed the gleam from a dagger strapped to her thigh. He slips his hand onto her thigh.Pressing her against the railing be slides his hand up snatching the dagger then slightly exerts pressure with the shiny blade on her neck, “I can be gentle if you tell me who sent you.” 

   The pretty woman smiles coquettishly, “Handsome, no one sent me the knife..well.. is for my protection.”

   He slices into her thin neck with the exceedingly sharp knife and blood trickles from the thin cut. The woman clenches her fists at her side. When she saw Wong Duan’s elegant attire and beautiful face she thought he would be easy to kill.

    “Don’t want to talk? I really love playing with knives.” He raises the blade to her cheek and she shivers, “Stop. Don’t. Let’s go to a room.”

    The woman’s plan was to seduce Wong Dong and then kill him. She didn’t think he would notice the dagger strapped to her inner thigh.

   “I would like to see if you have any talent at all. You are a waste as an assassin.”

   Unruffled the woman remains calm and curls her red lips into an arc, she has another method to complete the job. “I have many talents.”

   He drags her into the private room and throws her onto the couch. Lishi Tao knocks on the door.


   He stares at the disheveled woman on the couch. The  beautiful woman is clutching her neck and a thin red stream of blood is trickling through her slender fingers down her neck. “She is?” He sets the wine and glasses on a glass table then opens the sinfully expensive wine. He hands Wong Duan a glass of wine.

  “No idea.”He holds out the dagger.

  “Tried to kill you? Should I take care of the bitch, the dancers will be here soon.” He takes a gulp of wine while keeping his eyes locked on the woman.

   Wong Duan says, “Take off your tie.”

   Lishi Tao reluctantly loosens his designer tie and he tells him to tie her hands.  Wong Duan drinks the wine while studying the woman. She doesn’t struggle or speak while Lishi Tao is tying her hands behind her back.

    “Put the woman in the chair.”

      Wong Duan picks up her small black purse that is on the couch and dumps it out. The woman doesn’t appear anxious as he empties her purse . He can see why when the contents scatter on the couch.There is no identification in the wallet, only a few thousand yuan. No credit cards. He unzips the makeup pouch and looks inside. He feels the lining of the purse to see if he can find any clue as to the woman’s identity or who sent her to kill him. Nothing.

   He leans down with the knife to her face, “Last chance who sent you?”

   The woman laughs, “Maybe no one sent me. Maybe I came on my own. I saw how handsome you are and wanted to fuck you.”

 Lishi Tao  hears the dancers outside the door chattering and has a helpless expression looking at Wong Duan.

   Wong Duan laughs, “Let them come in.”

   “What about the woman?”

   He lifts the woman’s chin, “You will be obedient, eh?”

   She smiles and nods.

  Lishi Tao opens the door and ten women come rushing in the door. They stop chattering when they see the woman with the bloody neck sitting on a chair with her hands behind her back.

  Wong Duan is leaning back on the couch, they don’t notice him because their eyes are riveted on the woman. He calmly says, “Anyone who is squeamish can leave.”

   The dancers turn to look in his direction when they hear the low and melodic voice. They see a man with unworldly good looks sipping red wine while lazily reclining on the couch.

   All of them are frozen on the spot. He casually says, “Stand in a line.”

   The dancers nervously form a line while one young girl slips out the door.

   He motions to Lishi Tao and he goes out after the girl.

   Wong Duan stands up and walks over to the shivering women. He lifts one beautiful woman’s chin, “Too much makeup. You look like a clown” She bites her lip so she doesn’t cry. I spent  a small fortune on the expensive makeup and an hour and a half getting ready.

  He steps in front of a tall woman wearing a shimmering silver low cut top. He reaches into her bra and pulls out the foam pads and puts them in her hand , “You should embrace your own body.”

   As he goes down the line he finds fault with each woman and shakes his head. “Go to the dressing room and Antoine will fix your imperfections. The name of the Club is Ecstasy. When the customers watch you pathetic women dance they should at least get a fucking hard on.”

   They stare at Wong Duan and they all share the same thought. The man is a demon. He is the most beautiful man they have ever seen but extremely terrifying! Why is the woman in the chair just watching without any expression on her face?

   Suddenly Wong Duan smiles, mesmerizing the women, “Go. I look forward to your performance.”

   They hurry out the door and then the woman laughs, “I heard you are a beautiful devil. Seems to be true.”

   He sits on the couch looking at the woman then stands up walking lazily over to the chair. “You are prettier than most of the dancers but not as beautiful as I am.I think you could use a little lipstick. First I should wipe off the old lipstick.”He looks at the tube of red lipstick Rather ingenious of you, I wouldn’t have noticed except for the faint smell.”

   The woman’s eyes widen and she frantically tries to get up from the chair, “NO! NO!”

   He has a murderous gleam in his eyes, “Don’t you want to die beautifully?”

   “It was Sung Ren! He sent me!”

   Wong Duan brushes her hair back then puts the tube of lipstick into his coat pocket . He unties her hands, “You can leave.”

   The woman has an incredulous expression, “Just like that I can go?”

  “Well, how long you can live since you betrayed Little Ren will depend on how fast you can run in those cheap heels.”

Ecstasy Club

    Wong Duan and Starfire walk through the well lit flower garden back to the main house after dinner at the guesthouse. Starfire glances at Wong Duan as they walk down the path, Mr.Wong is a really complicated man. He can be incredibly cold like an ice sculpture but when he wants he can be charming and warm. I thought he would be angered by the noisy children but he was smiling. Noticing Xiaoyue is shy and hesitated to ask for help when she couldn’t reach the plate, he  put the slice of pork she was eyeing into her bowl. When she had trouble with the chopsticks Mr. Wong patiently showed her how to hold them properly. 

    He notices Starfire sneaking peeks at him and teases, “Have you seen enough?”

   Starfire blushes, “Mr. Wong, I didn’t think you would like the children.”

  “I don’t.”

  She has a stunned expression, “But..but.. you were very attentive and gentle with the girls.”

  “I did what should be done. Mr. Cadieux wants Fu Chian and his nieces to feel comfortable. If I was to show my impatience it would disregard his wishes.”

  “Oh. I see.”

  He has a faint smile seeing Starfire’s confused expression. Wong Duan is a chameleon; he can be whatever the situation requires. Staying for the simple dinner I was able to ascertain that Fu Chian is a responsible and honest man. Leo Cadieux’s kindness is deeply ingrained in him now and he will be extremely loyal. He is inexperienced with women and showed no interest in Starfire. Possibly he has someone he likes… hopefully not Miss Song for his sake.

   Starfire is a simple girl who is easily amused and craves warmth and love. She demonstrated this by her genuine care for the annoying girls. She is a foodie but when the noiseir of the two  children was about to fall she rushed to catch her dropping the precious chicken in her greasy paw. She treated Fu Chian as a good food source, more interested in his culinary skills than the man. Obviously she lived in a cold environment at the Old Master’s compound. Surrounded by male disciples of her Master who were only concerned with cultivating, she lacks social skills.

The two children Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue are like magnets neither Miss Song or Starfire could resist the cuteness factor. Fu Chian is a ‘daughter slave’ although from my inquiries there is no blood relation.  Xiaoxiao is the more extroverted and steals most of the attention while the slightly smaller girl is shy. She entertains herself as demonstrated by her one sided dialogue with the dreadfully very pink stuffed bunny.

    Wong Duan concluded from his visit the children are not thoroughly unlikable but the less he has to interact with them the better. Fu Chian is loyal and Starfire is a little fool.

   They silently walk to the French doors in the back of the villa. Once inside Wong Duan tells Starfire, “You consumed over 4,000 calories at dinner. I suggest you go to the training room. Mr. Cadieux doesn’t like fat women.”

     She takes off her coat. “Hmmph! Mr. Wong! I have a high metabolism. I never gain weight!”

    He pokes her slightly protruding stomach, “Girl, you should have some self awareness. Since you came to the villa with all your snacking and voracious appetite you have put on at least 3kg.”

    Starfire angrily puffs out her crimson red cheeks then storms down the hallway running to her room. She turns around and sticks her tongue out at him, Hateful!

   Wong Duan chuckles as he walks to the living room. He sees Leo in the hallway. “Did Miss Song leave?”


  “Is she going to move into the villa?”

   Leo has a smile thinking about the greedy look on Han Bi’s face. “Han Bi was hesitant until she saw the Game Room. I think she will agree. They are going to discuss it further when they get to their apartment.”

  “Fu Chian is very grateful, the guest house surpassed his expectations. I think he is a good seedling.”

  “Did you notice how Starfire performed in front of Song Sara?”

  “Very well. I got a glimpse of Starfire’s ability. She is low key but able to react very quickly. The one little girl was about to fall in the living room. Starfire was in the kitchen apparently not paying attention but was there in a flash and caught the child in her arms.”

“How about with Song Sara.”

  “They seemed to bond instantly with the two children as a catalyst.”

  “Very good. Are you going to Ecstasy?”

  “I thought I would shower and change then go.”

 “So Ecstasy is up and running we are only waiting for the gambling set up.”

  “That is what I am going to check on tonight.” He looks at his watch, “The manager arranged a performance by a few dancers at midnight. I want to see the reaction of the guests. If it is favorable we can add a stage.”

   “You have good business acumen. How many private rooms are booked?”

   “All of them. Lishi Tao used his connections to put the word out.”

   “How is security?”

   “I brought men from Shanghai. They arrived this morning.”

   Leo runs his finger down Wong Duan’s flawless face, “My beautiful Brother, I trust you will protect yourself. If the word is out the competition won’t sit still.”

   Wong Duan embraces Leo, “Don’t worry my brother, I have a sense of measure.”

  Starfire changed into work out clothes and is heading to the training room when she witnesses this scene. She puts her hand over her mouth as she gasps,  Mr. Wong and Mr. Cadieux  ?!?!!!!!??  She hurries back to her room, well that makes sense, Mr. Wong is so good looking even Mr. Cadieux can’t resist his beauty.

   Leo and Wong Duan have no idea the strange thoughts whirling around in Starfire’s head. Wong Duan goes to his room and Leo goes to the study.

   Wong Duan changes into a black silk shirt, black striped tie and a custom made Armani black suit. He puts on a pair of black leather shoes then picks out a Limited Edition Rolex watch. After  brushing his short cropped black hair he rubs lightly scented moisturizer onto his face.

   He takes two pills and washes them down with water then leaves his room.

  Starfire nervously waits in her room until she thinks Leo and Wong Duan are no longer in the hallway then she peeks out the door.She breathes a sigh of relief when she sees the hallway is deserted.  She feels she is privy to a big secret and is uneasy. Ah good they are gone.She has the image of the two extraordinarily handsome men embracing as she lazily walks down the long hallway.

     Outside the training room while she is distracted she runs into a hard wall and holds her nose, “Owww.”

   She looks up at the hard wall, it is Wong Duan’s back.

   He turns around, “Girl, could you watch where you are going?” 

  Starfire gulps down her saliva and tries not to drool, staring at Wong Duan. Oh my God, wearing all black Mr. Wong looks like a handsome devil. His face is so white and his thin lips are red. The suit perfectly highlights his tall and taut body and what is that scent? So fresh and manly, woodsy with a hint of spice.

  Wong Duan was going to check on her progress before he left. He pinches her cheek, “Stop staring. Why aren’t you practicing?”

   She twists the towel in her hand, I can’t say I saw you and Mr. Cadieux “ My stomach hurt had to go to the bathroom first.” 

   Wong Duan furrows his eyebrows. “Are you feeling alright now? I told you that your eating habits are unhealthy.”

   Starfire is embarrassed and decides to embarrass him. “I’m fine. It wasn’t the food, it is a woman’s know the time of the month.”

   Wong Duan has an understanding look on his face, “Do you need any woman products at the store? I can have Peng Han drive you.”

   What a thick skinned man! Starfire wants to slap him, are you not embarrassed by anything! “Thank you. Mr.Wong but I have what I need.”

   Wong Duan pats her head affectionately, “You should have mentioned earlier. No need to train tonight. Have the cook make you Brown Sugar Ginger Tea. Don’t drink anything cold and go rest early.”

  Now seeing his concerned expression she feels she can’t be mad at him any longer, “Mr. Wong, where are you going so late at night?”

  “I have a date.” He saw the flash of infatuation in her eyes and decided it is best to quell the little girl’s interest.

   “What about Mr. Cadieux?”

   Wong Duan languidly leans on the wall repeating her words,“What about Mr. Cadieux?”

  Starfire waves her small hand,“Nothing..nothing.” She looks up at him with a worried look and her bright eyes are wide, “Mr. Wong, don’t drink too much and be careful. Master said there are unscrupulous men who want to take advantage. You are so incredibly beautiful your date might drug you.”

  “…” Wong Duan bursts out laughing at her cute expression and naivete. He leans down and teases, “What else did your Master teach you about men?”

   She can tell he is making fun of her, she stomps her foot, “Forget it! So much for worrying about you!” Starfire runs down the hallway.  Mr. Wong is infuriating! 

   He watches her petite figure as she runs away. Really an adorable and innocent little girl..she has such a big temper…haha.. Before Wong Duan leaves he tells the cook to take Starfire Brown Sugar Ginger Tea.

  When he arrives at the Ecstasy Club Wong Duan parks the sleek black Porsche in the back of the Club. He notices the front parking lot is filled with expensive luxury cars.

He has a faint smile, “Very good.”

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