Sara sits on the couch next to Li Tian. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.

  Li Tian’s ashen complexion worries Sara and she notices he has a strange expression. Sara thinks it is because his head hurts. “CEO Li.. you don’t look well. Let me call the doctor for you.”

   “No. It is nothing. What else did the doctor say?”

   “I have a mild concussion and some bruising.” She doesn’t want to stay in the hospital so she lies, “I can be discharged any time.”

    “That’s all he said? Nothing else?” Li Tian studies Sara’s face, she appears to be telling the truth.

  “…” Why does he sound anxious? “No. CEO, don’t need to stay. I can take a taxi to a hotel.”

    He controls his emotions and his voice sounds cold, “You need to be monitored. I’m taking you to my villa. Julien doesn’t have time to find another model for the Jewelry Competition tomorrow night.”

     Sara sighs thinking about having to spend more time with Li Tian. He did save me from cutting my face. If the CEO hadn’t caught me I would have been pushed straight into the Boutique’s window…but..damn!  I don’t want to go back there! I had a strange feeling when he was holding me and looking at me tenderly. Right now being this close to him and inhaling his distinct masculine scent I feel my heart beating fast.I need to get far away from Li Tian! “Really, I will rest and be there.”

   Li Tian remains resolute, he frowns slightly, “Get dressed. Clothes are on the chair.”

   Sara doesn’t have the mental bandwidth to argue with him; she puffs out her cheeks as she picks up the new dress and stomps into the bathroom. Why is he so domineering! 

  Li Tian steps out into the hallway to call Sun Peizhi. Either Song Sara doesn’t know or she is keeping the results of the blood test from me. 

   Sun Peizhi glances at his phone, what the hell does that arrogant bastard want? I told Yang James I have another job now that my work in Milan is finished. “I sent the restored pictures of Tang Qiang and Miss Long to his phone. I don’t work for you anymore.” He is about to hang up when Li Tian quickly says, “Wait!I will pay you separately for this job.”

     “Whatever it is…I am not interested.”

Li Tian blurts out, “Song Sara is in the hospital..” Before he can finish his sentence Sun Peizhi snaps, “What happened to Song Sara?”

    Li Tian doesn’t answer his question.“I need you to hack into medical records at Centre Private Hospital in Paris to check Song Sara’s blood test results.”

  Sun Peizhi clenches his fist at his side, I knew I should have brought the little girl back to Catang City with me. I could have found some reason. BASTARD! What happened to Song Sara? He controls his temper. “I need more information.”

  “She was injured and admitted to the hospital. They took blood before she was sent to x ray. I want to know if she is pregnant. I need the information as soon as possible to deal with the situation.”

  Deal with the situation? What the hell does that mean? “What do you plan on doing if Song Sara is pregnant?”

  Li Tian ,“None of your fucking business. Do it unless you want me to tell Zheng Tielen I was unhappy with your work. You won’t get another job as a bodyguard in China.”

  Sun Peizhi wants to laugh, I am Sun Zhi, heir to Sun Group and the only reason I worked for you asshole was to complete my mission. But, I want to know… I have a bad feeling about this. “I will have the information for you in an hour.” It is better that I do it than for him to find someone else, so I can protect Song Sara. If I know that bastard.Li Tian won’t want her to keep the baby if she is pregnant.

   After Sun Peizhi hangs up he goes upstairs to his computer room at his mountainside villa. The room contains high tech equipment from his company, Futuretech. It doesn’t take long for him to access Song Sara’s hospital records on the computer. His handsome face darkens, she has a concussion and injuries to her back. He accesses her x rays. How the hell did that happen? Fucking Li Tian! He continues to look at the paperwork for the blood test result. He breathes a sigh of relief..not pregnant. Scanning the pertinent information he notices the time. Why would the blood test be taken after the time of the x rays? That doesn’t make sense. He twirls a pen between his fingers then switches to another program. Someone accessed this record…who?..He checks the IP address, it is hidden and heavily encrypted. Hmm.. he types several codes..still nothing..after ten minutes he is able to pinpoint the geolocation. He zooms in, a company called Tristan Investissments. Isn’t this a front used by Leo Cadieux for money laundering?

    He continues to examine the medical records and has a gut feeling. I need to find out from the lab looks like the data was altered but I can’t find a trace of the original blood test.   Walking out of the computer room Sun Peizhi takes a piece of toffee from his pocket as he leans on the railing overlooking his living room. Why would Leo Cadieux access Song Sara’s medical records?

    Remembering a new ghost program recently developed at Futuretech he turns and walks back into the computer room. Using the advanced software program developed for the government to fight cyber crime he searches for an anomoly. There is a line between his swordlike eyebrows as his fingers deftly move on the keyboard. When he hits Enter the screen displays the original result of the blood test and he slams his hand on the desk, pregnant… two months. Wait.. from the information Freddie gave me Song Sara has only been with Li Tian for a little over a month. Sun Peizhi raises an eyebrow and narrows his dark Phoenix eyes, Who is the father?  Song Sara’s fiance Tzu Yibo? Not that maniac Leo Cadieux! No that can’t be possible, he was in New York. But..What is his involvement? 

   He takes out another piece of toffee then sets it on the desk, Fuck I need a cigarette! Opening his desk drawer he grabs a new pack of cigarettes then leaves the computer room. At the end of the hallway there is a glass door that leads to a spacious balcony overlooking a lake. Once outside the cold breeze hits his face as he cups his hand to light the cigarette. He inhales deeply savoring his first cigarette in two weeks then exhales, Dammit! Who was the man? Li Tian will be furious if he finds out Song Sara is pregnant by another man even though he probably doesn’t want an illegitimate child.  

His gloomy mood worsens as he stares affectionately at the picture on his phone of Sara and him taken on the hotel balcony before the Bellini Reception. I have secured the location for a restaurant so you can be independent of that bastard. Should I fly to Paris? He tenderly runs his finger across Sara’s playful smile. I will do whatever I can to help you. Sun Peizhi has a complicated expression on his handsome face as he gazes at the stars in the sky, wondering what Sara will do when she finds out she is pregnant. 

  Li Tian and Sara have arrived at his villa outside Paris. Sara is in the kitchen and Li Tian is impatient to find out the results of the blood test. He takes this opportunity to call Sun Peizhi. “Well?”

   Sun Peizhi sits down then crosses his long legs while flicking an ash from his cigarette. He tries to find a connection between Leo Cadieux and Song Sara but is stumped. When his phone rings he crushes the remaining half of cigarette in the ashtray as he calmly lies, “Not pregnant.”

  “Are you sure?”

  “I can email you the report.”

  “Do it.”  Relieved that Sara is not pregnant Li Tian pours a glass of whiskey. Fuck yeah!

 Sara comes into the living room with a plate of sliced fruit and sees Li Tian with a satisfied smile on his face, “CEO Li, I cut up some fruit for you.”  He looks like he just won the lottery..haha.. When the CEO smiles he really is a very handsome man.

  Li Tian’s phone rings and he walks out of the living room without saying a word. Watching him leave Sara sets down the fruit on the coffee table. Rubbing her temples because she suddenly has a throbbing headache her voice sounds weak,“Kang Mingshun when the CEO gets back will you tell him I am tired and went to lay down.”

  Outside on the patio Li Tian’s face turns black listening to his grandfather. Unable to restrain his pent up anger he throws the glass of whisky smashing it against the brick wall. “Grandfather, I told you I am not taking Long An to the Charity Event. I don’t care if Remy Cadieux expects me to attend with my fiancee, I have plans tonight.”

I’m Fine

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  Li Tian’s vein bulges on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”

  “ Right now? I am leaning over Song Sara gazing at her beautiful flawless face while she sleeps.”

  “You little shit, do you want to die?”

 “This isn’t China bro, have no power here and my surname is Cadieux.”

  “If you are still in my woman’s hospital room when I arrive you will see..” Li Tian angrily hangs up, “Speed up. I need to get to the hospital!” Fucking little prick! I will gouge the freak’s crazy eyes out!

  Leo hangs up the phone then sits on the edge of Sara’s bed. He isn’t sure why he cares but for some inexplicable reason he wants to protect Sara. He gently touches her stomach. What do you see in that loathsome man? Looking at Sara’s blood test results Leo folds the paper and puts it into his pocket. I don’t think it would be a good idea for the bastard to know you are pregnant. I need to find out more information before I make any decisions.

   An Indian doctor comes into the room. The nurse said the patient’s brother was inside the room but he never expected the man to be Leo Cadieux “You are Miss Song’s brother?” The patient’s last name is Song. He looks at Leo, his facial features are similar to the patient but I have never heard of Remy Cadieux having a daughter..only his socialite stepdaughter Lois.

 The Indian doctor looks at his watch, “Do you have any questions?”

 “No. But I have a request. Do not allow non-family members to visit. I don’t want my sister upset. I would like her to peacefully rest and recover. I have called for my personal bodyguards to come to prevent any disruptive visitors but before they arrive I can only rely on your security guards.”

  The Indian doctor arches his eyebrow. I can assume he means CEO Li. Well in France the Cadieux family wields a great deal of power. If it were China I would need to refuse. “I will let them know.”

  “My family will show our appreciation at the hospital fundraiser next week.”

   The Indian doctor has had a long day and after dealing with Li Tian earlier he decides Leo seems more reasonable. He also doesn’t want to upset a member of the Cadieux family. “After looking at the x rays your sister doesn’t have any bone damage. The CAT scan was normal. Miss Song should wake up soon but she needs to stay overnight for observation. The contusions on her back are rather severe so she will be uncomfortable for about a week. I will prescribe an anti inflammatory drug to reduce the swelling. Also there is a long shallow cut on the middle of her back from the impact. So additionally I prescribed an ointment that is quite effective in preventing any scarring.”

  “ Merci.”

 “I will put in the order now.”  He leaves the room and sighs wearily while slowly walking to the nurses’ desk thankful his shift is almost over for the day.

    Leo picks up a bottle of water from a side table then lays down on the couch stretching his long legs out. After he fixes the red and white accent pillow behind his head he twists the cap off the water. I wish I could see the look on that asshole’s face when they say he can’t visit Song Sara. He gulps down the water then takes out his phone to call Alexandre.

  Before he can dial the number his phone rings, “Leo, you need to return to the mansion immediately.” 

Leo takes the wrapper off a piece of peppermint candy. “I’m busy.”

 “This isn’t a request.” Remy stares at a middle aged man sitting across from him. The man has his head lowered and is sweating profusely while twisting his fingers around an empty cylinder.

 “Who are you to order me?”

 “I am your father!”

 “I recall the last family meeting you kicked me out.”

 “ If you don’t come you will regret it.”

“ dare threaten me old man?”

 “Listen Leo, I know we have had our problems but you are still my son. I had no choice at the time, I was being pressured by the Board after your reckless and violent  behavior at University. If I didn’t distance myself from the situation our stocks would have plummeted and our reputation would have suffered. I was planning on waiting until the whole mess blew over to bring you back. If you want to remain heir to Cadieux Enterprises you need to help me solve this problem.”

 “I really could give a rat’s ass about being your heir old man. I want three million euros deposited to my account for me to make the trip over to the mansion. Make sure your bitch and her daughter are not there or I turn around and leave. When I solve the problem I want another five million deposited.” He finishes the water and sits up on the couch, “Agreed?”

  His father Remy swallows his saliva, Ungrateful little fuck! then resentfully spits out, “Oui.”

  Leo puts his phone in his pocket and walks over to Sara. Confident he can solve his father’s problem, he smiles as he tenderly touches the blanket covering Sara’s stomach. Leo doesn’t need the money but enjoys make his despicable father pay when he needs his help just to aggravate him. Leo’s strange eyes shine, Song Sara,I will give you and your baby the eight million so you can leave that cold bastard. Leo feels certain that Li Tian would force Sara to have an abortion if he was aware of the pregnancy and she would never kill her child.

  As Leo exits Sara’s room his bodyguards are walking down the hallway. He gives them instructions not to allow anyone to enter her room. Leo raises the corner of his mouth as he presses the elevator button thinking about Li Tian’s reaction when he is not allowed to see Song Sara. The elevator door opens and Li Tian steps out along with Kang Mingshun. Leo laughs as he passes them while entering the elevator, he has a mischievous smile,“Think of the devil and he will appear..hahaha.”

  Li Tian is curious why Leo is leaving. He turns to confront him but the elevator door closes. Li Tian looks towards the hallway, “Fuck him…it is good the little shit is leaving. I need to find out if Sara is pregnant.” He rushes to the nurse’s station. The nurse looks up from the computer, “Can I help you?”

  “Yes. I want to know the results of Song Sara’s blood test.”

  “Can I see your identification?”

 Li Tian takes out his ID and hands it over the counter.

  The woman’s friendly attitude changes, her friend Michelle told her before she ended her shift about the patient and her abusive relationship with this man. Also, she met Leo who reinforced the idea that Li Tian caused Song Sara to have mental health issues. The nurse sneers but her tone remains polite, “I’m sorry Sir, the patient is not allowed visitors other than family.” 

  Li Tian’s face blackens and the temperature drops below freezing surrounding him. No wonder that fucking asshole Leo had a smug expression on his face when he was leaving. He softens his tone. “I am Miss Song’s fiance. I’m sure she would want to see me.”

  “The patient hasn’t awakened or she could give verbal permission. As of now I have instructions from the doctor not to allow any visitors.”

  “Let me speak to the doctor.”

  “Dr. Patel has left for the day.”

  Li Tian is ready to explode, first I couldn’t get answers from the nurse I paid off now the goddamn doctor has left for the day! Fuck it! He angrily takes long strides down the hallway to Sara’s room followed by Kang Mingshun. The nurse calls security then hurries down the hall after them. Frightened by his terrifying aura she stutters, “ Stop! Stop right there! You can’ aren’t allowed to see the patient.”

  The two men outside Sara’s room block Li Tian and Kang Mingshun from entering.Pushed to his limit Li Tian loses his mind grabbing one of the muscular bodyguards pulling him away from the door. Kang Mingshun has the other man with his arm twisted behind his back. Suddenly Li Tian is hit in the head from behind by a security guard. Kang Mingshun lets go of the man he is holding to pick up Li Tian slumped on the floor.A female doctor sees the confrontation and hurries down the hallway. “Are you crazy! This is a hospital!”

  Li Tian holds the back of his head, “Is this the way you run a hospital? Allowing gangsters to assault visitors?”

  The doctor isn’t aware of the situation but she can recognize the fact the cost of the man’s clothes and watch could pay her salary for a year. What is going on? 

   Sara woke up and was drinking water when she heard the commotion outside her room. Is that the CEO?  She hurries to the door and when she opens it her blue eyes widen, Li Tian is holding the back of his head  and is surrounded by several security guards. Sara weakly says, “CEO Li.. what happened.”

   He sneers at Leo’s men and the security guard then through clenched teeth he growls,“Sara, tell them you want me to come into your room.”

  Sara has a bewildered expression, what is he talking about? “Ah..sure..he is my Boss… he can come in.”

   Li Tian walks into the room and Kang Mingshun doesn’t know whether to follow or stand outside. He decides it would be prudent to wait outside. The doctor and the security guards leave and only Leo’s bodyguards remain. The three of them stand motionless staring at each other.

  Inside Sara’s room she holds onto his arm, “CEO Li how did you get hurt? Let me see.”

  It is nothing, get back in bed. What are you doing up?”


  He wants to know if she is pregnant, being in the dark has been driving him crazy. “Sara, did the doctor tell you the results of your test?”

  She sits on the couch next to him. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.


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  Satisfied, Ronaldo zips up his pants then reaches into his desk drawer, “Get out.”

   Diana quickly pulls up her dress over her sticky breasts then grabs the money Ronaldo tossed onto the floor. As she bends over he slaps her fat ass, “Tell Laren to come.”

  Laren is pouring a cup of coffee when Diana walks over to him. Gripping onto her hard earned cash in one hand and rubbing her sore breast with the other she says, “Asshole, the Boss wants you.”

  He stirs the coffee and looks at Diana with a contemptuous expression responding, “It’s Mr. McGowen to you, whore.” Laren taunts Diana, “You should change, your shift starts in ten minutes.”

  Diana looks down at her stained blue dress, Dammit this dress cost me a week’s worth of tips. She composes herself and shoves the euros into her bra. She has a malicious smile on her pretty face, “ I always keep an extra dress in my locker. The Boss is very..umm.. potent.” Diana unexpectedly grabs Laren’s crotch. “The Boss said he is ready for you next handsome boy, did you bring an extra set of clothes?” She sways her hips as she struts across the room then winks at a gangster who is grinning watching them from the side.

  Laren’s face turns pale, he has only been working for Ronaldo for two weeks during which he witnessed both men and women leaving Ronaldo’s office in a sorry state. No fucking way..I’m a fucking Treasury agent not a goddamn male prostitute. Coffee splashes on the floor as his hand holding the coffee cup shakes while he apprehensively walks back to his desk. He sits at his neatly arranged desk shuffling through some papers. Fucking pervert! I will act as though I didn’t get the message. I hate this fucking face of mine! I am too damn good looking. Last job the crazy bitch couldn’t keep her hands off Ronaldo.. hell no..I am insisting Vince replace me when I report back. If I can get some good pictures of Ronaldo and Li Tian that should suffice with the money and black market artifact. I know the department wanted the old woman but fuck..

  Ronaldo looks at his watch. Li Tian should arrive soon. He scratches his balls. Well.. it will be cut and dried since the old woman backed off. Where the hell is the new assistant?

  Several SUVs and a black Maybach pull into the parking lot of Ronaldo’s Gentleman’s Club. Ronaldo insisted on cash payment so Kang Mingshun and another bodyguard take four large black canvas bags containing neat bundles of money out of the trunk. Surrounded by twelve armed bodyguards Li Tian confidently approaches the door. Looking at a security monitor a greasy looking gangster snacking on peanuts says, “Tell the Boss Li Tian is here.”

  A short man with long blond hair knocks on Ronaldo’s office door. “Boss the buyer is here.”

 “Let him in.”

 A buzzer goes off and the heavy wooden door opens. Kang Mingshun walks in first and Li Tian follows along with his elite group of bodyguards surrounding him. Ronaldo’s bodyguards and a few random gangsters are assembled in the deserted bar lined up with their hands on their guns.

Li Tian smirks as they walk through the luxurious room past a stage equipped with stripper poles. Looking at the empty black iron cages hanging down from the wall, opulent red velvet couches and crystal chandeliers he shakes his head. For a man with two Doctorates and a family of scholars Ronaldo’s taste really is base and vulgar.

   Ronaldo comes out of his office and saunters over to the group of men. “Let’s sit in the Club and have a drink. I haven’t seen you since last year.” Li Tian knows Ronaldo has thin skin and doesn’t refuse. He glances down at Ronaldo who is a head shorter than him, the slovenly bastard’s office last time I came was full of trash and disgusting… this room is at least clean.

Ronaldo motions to a man by the bar to turn on the lights. Several beautiful naked women are illuminated on the stage who begin gyrating to rock music, sliding up and down the poles provocatively. A topless woman brings over a tray with two drinks, Ronaldo hands Li Tian a glass of whisky. “As I recall Tian you prefer Scotch. This is Sixty Year Old Macallan.” He has a charming smile on his devilishly handsome face, “I stole it from Grandfather after he called me a useless degenerate.”

“…” Li Tian has a sip, “Very smooth.”

Li Tian’s bodyguards are not distracted by the naked women and stay focused on Ronaldo and his men. Ronaldo’s highly trained guards can feel the oppression coming from Li Tian’s formidable looking men. They are relieved the two men are talking in an amiable fashion because they are unsure if they would survive if a battle broke out between the two factions.

   Li Tian is anxious to get back to Sara,. He impatiently says, “Let’s do it. Where is the sword.”

   “The money?”

  Kang Mingshun opens the bags for Ronaldo to see the cash. Ronaldo nods his head and one of his guards leaves the room. He gulps down a shot of tequila then sucks on a lime, “I am having an Underground auction in Shenshuan next month of the remaining treasures.”

  “Ronaldo, robbing a tomb…aren’t you worried the artifacts are cursed?”

   Ronaldo crosses his long legs and then snorts a line of cocaine from the glass table, “I don’t believe in that shit. If you do… why are you buying the sword?”

 “I told you it isn’t for me.” Li Tian isn’t happy he was forced to obtain the artifact from Ronaldo to secure the land deal. He sarcastically quips, “If that bastard is cursed all the better.”

 Ronaldo is high and he laughs, “You are a cold son of a bitch. Isn’t the man your associate?”

  Li Tian twirls his jade ring on his long slender finger, “So. It is a mutual exchange for benefits nothing more. He has something I want when I acquire the sword I have something he wants.”

   Laren brings the sheathed black sword to Ronaldo who lays it on the glass table in front of Li Tian. “If you ask me it is an ugly piece of shit.” He uses a razor blade to line up the coke, “You don’t know what you are missing this is straight from a Colombian drug lord’s private stash.”

Li Tian raises his eyebrow, “You should slow down. Isn’t your grandfather expecting you to attend the charity event at Alexandre’s tonight?”

Ronaldo’s eyes are glassy and his heart is racing from the cocaine. “Fuck me! I forgot about that boring obligation. Lois complained to Grandfather I have been ignoring her lately, so I need to be her escort.”

“I thought you were trying to get out of that marriage contract.”

“Well, I do have evidence that proves Lois is screwing Phillipe. But, I am waiting for the right time to expose the cunning little slut to my grandfather. The senile old fart still thinks Lois is the same sweet girl who would come to our family’s villa by the sea in the Summer.”

While Ronaldo is talking Li Tian stares at the dull looking sheath on the table with a complicated expression. He picks it up then pulls out the long black sword.  Previously he had only seen pictures which made the sword appear unremarkable. He recognizes the intricate carving of a fierce Black Dragon, the carving is nearly invisible because the hilt itself is black as obsidian. This type of ancient sword would be coated with poison and used by the Black Dragon Assassins in the Jianghu. They were extremely feared because of their lethal poisons and martial art skills. Additionally, only the Divine Doctors of the Black Dragon Clan had the antidotes. Li Tian read the members of the clan were immune to over a thousand poisons. Interesting.. It makes sense… Qiao Rui is a doctor… I can see him wanting to add this unique artifact to his weapons collection. Many myths and legends surround this ancient Tianshu Black Dragon sword. 

 “Ronaldo, you said the artifacts were found in a Warlord’s tomb?” Li Tian was busy at the time and didn’t pay attention to the conversation on the phone.

  “Chou Ji works for Grandfather’s antique business… the Shanghai location.” He sneezes, “You know my grandfather he has a stick up his ass and would never accept any antiquities that were questionable. So when Chou Ji made this discovery he called me. At first I didn’t want to fuck with it… I don’t know shit about Chinese artifacts and if my grandfather found out he would disown me. Anyway..” Ronaldo leans back on the couch as he smokes a joint, “Chou didn’t want to deal with anyone in China. He said those ruthless Chinese motherf****rs would feed him to the dogs and take the treasure. He said if I could offer him protection he would split the profit 60/40. When Chou told me he thought the treasure could be worth close to a billion I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Damn this BC bud is..”, cough cough.. He holds out the tightly rolled joint. “Take a hit man, you are always so fucking tense.”

   “…” Li Tian ignores Ronaldo, “Why are you having an auction in Shenshuan?”

 “The bulk of the goddamn treasure is still hidden in China. The auction…well… long story I have no fuckin choice.” A big breasted blonde woman pours Ronaldo another shot of tequila. After he slams it down his face is flushed red. “Fuck..I am so fuckin high..FUCK! He hooks his finger in the half naked woman’s thong pulling her down onto the red velvet couch then motions to her twin sister to come over.

 Li Tian gives Ronaldo a look as he abruptly stands up. Ronaldo is wedged between the two blondes with his arms around them and his hands resting on their bare breasts. He knows Li Tian has a cleanliness fetish so he teases him, “Stay and enjoy. These Swedish twins are both virgins.” 

   Li Tian picks up the sword, “Let me know the details of the auction. If I have time I will come.”

Ronaldo doesn’t answer as one of the women gets on her knees between his legs and her twin sister is kissing his neck.

  Li Tian  leaves followed by his bodyguards. Once he is in the car he makes a call, “ I obtained the sword when do you want to meet?”

  Qiao Rui is sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom texting his girlfriend when he gets the call. “Bring the sword and paperwork to my chateau tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock. I will send you the address.” He hangs up and smiles when he sees the cute emojis his girlfriend Feng LiMei sent. It is worth taking a loss on that property outside Catang City to get the Tianshu Dragon Sword. I will need to make arrangements as soon as we get back to Pushong City to go to the Washu Mountains.

  Li Tian calls the hospital anxious to find out if Sara is pregnant with his child. Nurse Lavigne is off duty and her replacement answers the phone. “Chevrelle Hospital Fifteenth floor may I help you?”

 “I want to know if the blood test results are back for Song Sara.”

 “May I ask who is calling?”

 “CEO Li. Is this Nurse Lavigne?”

 “No she left for the day. Are you a relative of Miss Song’s? You will need to come into the hospital, we don’t give patient information over the phone.”

  Li Tian grips his hand on the phone. The bitch left without calling me with the results after she took my fucking money! “Is Miss Song awake?”

   “I can’t give any information over the phone.”

  “Can you connect me to her room.”

   “Yes. Please hold.”

   The phone rings and rings, Li Tian is about to hang up when a man answers, “ Oui, Allo.”

   Li Tian’s vein bulge on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”


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    Li Tian gets up from the bed then paces around the hospital room, his mind in chaos and he is unable to concentrate. He is a decisive man but when faced with the possibility Sara could be pregnant he is conflicted. This isn’t a problem that can be solved with the stroke of a pen or the stab of a knife. Li Tian’s emotions are turbulent..on one hand Sara is the only woman he wants but on the other hand he has no intention of marrying Sara. I can’t have an illegitimate child. If she is pregnant.. once I force her to abort the fetus with her personality she won’t want to have anything to do with me.  Where is the doctor with the fucking results!  He twirls the flawless black jade dragon surrounded by gold ring on his finger that his grandfather gave him when he was made CEO of Li Group. Goddammit! He angrily opens the door without looking back at Sara. Kang Mingshun is standing in the hallway and Li Tian storms past him, “Let’s go.” If he doesn’t secure the artifact for the owner of the land outside Catang City the Mega Mall Project is dead in the water. The asshole won’t sell the property to Li Group or the Zhou Corporation.

  Li Tian stops at the nurses’ desk when he recognizes the woman behind the desk as the nurse who took Sara’s blood. He hands the nurse his black and gold personal business card. “When the results of Miss Song’s blood test come back, I need to be informed immediately.Song Sara doesn’t need to be aware of the test. Do you understand?” Kang Mingshun hands her a stack of euros. She cautiously looks around, after she is sure no one will witness her accepting the money she doesn’t refuse.The nurse eagerly stuffs the bills in the pocket of her uniform. “Of course CEO Li.”

  When they exit the hospital Li Tian takes out a cigarette, “Kang Mingshun, you better forget what you heard.”

  “I didn’t hear anything Boss.”


  Li Tian lights the cigarette as they walk to the parking lot. “Are the men ready?”


  He gets into the backseat and takes out his phone. When the person answers Li Tian growls, “Don’t try to fuck with me Ronaldo. I am in a very bad mood. I will be there in a half hour.”

“I’m waiting.”

  After he hangs up Ronaldo gulps, Damn! He sounds pissed off. Did he find out about the old woman? He raises his eyebrow looking at the long sword on the table next to him. When Chou and his men found the ancient Warlord’s tomb deep in the Washu mountains I never thought out of all the precious artifacts this piece of shit black sword would bring the highest price. No jade.. no jewels..ordinary… Ronaldo picks up the sword and swings it around as his assistant walks into his office. “Hey! Fuck Boss! You almost cut me.”

   Ronaldo heartily laughs as he touches the edge of the sword’s blade, “I don’t think the blade is sharp enough to cut a tomato.” He tosses it back on the table, “Did you find out why the old bitch dropped out of the bidding?”

 “ No. Her representative said something came up. But she does want the ice jade necklace and bracelet.”

 “Fuck no. I am taking the remaining artifacts to the Underground auction in Shenshuan next month.” He sits down at his messy desk to watch a soccer match on his computer. Glancing over at the sword he is curious, why is that asshole Li Tian willing to spend a hundred million USD for that piece of shit. He said an associate wants it for his ancient weapons collection, but the other swords found in the tomb are much more impressive. Ronaldo loosens his black silk tie , what the fuck do I care why he wants it those collectors are a bunch of freaks with too much money. I am happy to benefit from their stupid obsessions.  He scratches his beard, “Send Maria into my office I am feeling a little tense.” He rubs hand on his crotch, “No send Diana.” The fat whore has a sweet mouth and I like to put my d**k between her plump breasts. 

Laren rolls his eyes, Boss, you don’t look tense at look like a fat cat who just ate a big carp. “Yeah. Boss, the Charity Event at Alexandre’s are you going? Might be a good time to take care of the little bastard.” Then I can get the fuck back to my life.

 Ronaldo has his hand inside his blue pin striped designer pants. “Leo will be attending? That OCD Motherf****r? Ha.. I doubt it. Who was your source?”

 “His stepsister Lois.”

 “ Hmm.. Ahh..I will think about it. I’m not in a rush. I said go get the fucking whore.” 

    He leans back picturing Lois as he strokes himself, “I wonder if she is still fucking that disgusting old fart Phillipe.”

  After Laren leaves he squeamishly shivers, Fucking Ronaldo is so damn disgusting! “Hey, Diana! The Boss wants you.”

  Diana drops the raspberry pastry she is eating onto her plate and quickly wipes the crumbs from her mouth. She takes out a small mirror and applies some red lipstick. After she brushes her curly red hair and sprays perfume she stands up. Diana is wearing a tight lowcut blue dress, Laren can’t help but notice the crumbs on her exposed breasts. He impulsively points to her ample chest, “You are such a slob, get the crumbs out of your cleavage.”

  Diana’s brown eyes light and crumbles more of the raspberry pastry on her chest. Diana doesn’t like Laren’s arrogant attitude, always looking down on her and the other women who work at Ronaldo’s Gentleman’s Club. She coquettishly licks her full red lips as she touches his broad chest with her long red fingernail, “Haha.. Sweetie, the Boss likes to clean me up.”

  Laren’s ear tips turn bright red as he removes Diana’s finger from his chest, then he mutters under his breath, “Perverts.”

  The unsavory looking men sitting at the round table all laugh at the scene. A tall muscular man with his elbows resting on the table teases , “You get used to it.”

   Laren walks to his desk and rolls up his sleeves ignoring the vulgar taunts from behind him.Gross! Get used to Ronaldo’s perverted behavior.. NEVER!. Why am I the one who had to infiltrate this disgusting organization..why didn’t the Boss send Vince? Fucking shit!  He can hear the lascivious sounds coming from Ronaldo’s office Shit! Why is my desk so close to the psycho’s goddam office. He looks around, I am going to move my desk over to that corner after these assholes leave. 

  At the hospital Leo sits by Sara’s bed. He had one of his men follow them worried about Sara after she left Alexandre’s with Li Tian. Leo also convinced the old woman to give up obtaining the artifact to protect Sara. He reasoned if Li Tian smoothly acquired the artifact it would lessen the danger surrounding Sara. He was surprised at himself that he would help Li Tian in any capacity but when he met Sara he had a strong sense of familiarity. Until he can find out what connection there is between them Leo feels compelled to keep Sara safe.

    Leo gazes at Sara’s pale and weak appearance. Lowering his head he touches her cheek and glances at her slender neck and clavicle. She is too frail and delicate.He clenches his fists, from what George said it appeared to be an accident but is that really the case? Leo knows the area because the Boutique is located by his step sister Lois’ Art Gallery. Song Sara you should get far away from that bastard Li Tian. 

  Leo fixes the cover on Sara then gently runs his fingers through her soft black hair. Upset thinking about Sara’s injuries he angrily strides to the nurses’ station. When he heard about the accident his first impulse was to see Sara. He rushed in to check on her after telling the nurse outside that he is her brother. Now he wants to gather more information about her situation. He leans his long body across the counter and touches his tinted gold rimmed glasses. Leo’s voice is low and seductive, “Beauty, can you tell me about my sister’s condition?”

  The  nurse’s heart flutters looking at the handsome young man.  It makes sense the patient is extremely beautiful and so is her brother. “Well we are waiting for blood test results before your sister can have x rays. The patient has a concussion which is why she is unconscious” She notices his worried expression, “But don’t worry she is stable at present. They will also do a CAT Scan.”

 “Why the blood tests? Shouldn’t you hurry and do the x ray?” The nurse hesitates, the patient’s chart states she is single should I mention the possibility of pregnancy needs to be addressed?

Leo smiles brightly showing his perfect white teeth. The woman is obviouslty hiding something. What is it? “I am her brother. I want to be able to contact our parents about my precious sister’s condition.”

  She furrows her brow, “Well, we need to test for pregnancy before they can safely take x rays.”

  Leo face darkens only for a moment then he reverts back to a gentle expression. He crooks his finger for the nurse to come closer and he looks at her name tag, “Nurse Lavigne if the blood test states my sister is pregnant I need you to write on the chart she is not.”

  The young nurse has a worried expression, “But..but they need to take precautions during the x rays, it could be dangerous.”

  She can feel his warm breath as he leans down and can smell a hint of mint and tobacco. Oh my god he is so sexy. Taking off his tinted glasses he stares deeply into the young nurse’s eyes. Leo’s low deep voice and intense gaze have a hypnotizing effect on the young woman. “I trust you can make sure the technicians take the appropriate measures. But, I don’t want my sister, my parents or CEO Li to know. Sara has been having mental health issues due to the abuse she is forced to endure from that maniac.”

  Nirse Lavigne puts her hand in her pocket touching the Euros the scary looking bodyguard gave her earlier. Yes, that man CEO Li had a very domineering and intimidating aura surrounding him. Poor girl, in an abusive relationship with a rich and powerful man. Must be hell.

  Leo can see from the different emotions flashing across Nurse Lavigne’s face his Persuasion Technique worked. Using his unique ability always gives him a headache from eye strain. After rubbing his different color eyes Leo puts back on his tinted glasses

To seal the deal I could offer her money but she might be insulted. I will ask her out for dinner. The woman is almost drooling, staring at me. “I can see you are a compassionate person. Little Beauty, I would like to get know you  better. Are you free for dinner tomorrow?”

  Her brown eyes light up, Song Sara’s brother is handsome…looking at his designer clothes and expensive watch he is rich…he seems like a gentle man. “Okay I will put down she isn’t pregnant on the chart and make sure the necessary precautions are taken. But you can’t keep this information secret for long. Your sister will need prenatal care if she is pregnant.”

  While Leo is standing at the desk a lab technician approaches with a white sheet of paper in his hand, “Nurse Lavigne, this is the expedited blood test results. I need to hurry back David Behange called in sick and I am the only one working in the lab.” He frowns when he sees Leo talking to Nurse Lavigne, usually she is alone and talks to him for awhile. 

  He hands the paper to Nurse Lavigne and Leo has to catch himself before he rips the results out of her hand. He looks at the lab technician, I will need to hack into the hospital computer and change the result if Song Sara is pregnant. That man and this stupid nurse will need to be transferred to a different hospital.  He looks at the man’s ID hanging around his neck, David Behange .

Leo waits until the lab technician leaves and Nurse Lavigne looks at the results. Leo sounds like a nervous and concerned brother, “Is my little sister pregnant?”

Blood Test

    Sara has a strange sense of security holding Li Tian strong hand as they walk down the crowded sidewalk. Suddenly a man carrying a large box knocks into Sara from behind sending her forward. As she trips, Li Tian quickly catches Sara wrapping his arms around her thin waist pulling her into his embrace. Startled she looks up into his dark eyes and her heart starts thumping and her soul flies away inhaling his unique scent. It feels as if the world has stopped around them as her eyes meet his intense gaze. The CEO.. seems to be staring at me with.. Affection?  Suddenly everything goes black in front of her eyes as Sara passes out. 

   Li Tian frantically calls her name as he touches her pale face.“Sara..Song Sara.” He puts his finger under her nose, good she is breathing.  “Kang Minshun get the car!” He impulsively kisses her forehead and strokes her hair. “Wake up Sara..Wake up.” He touches the back of her head and can feel a lump and there is some blood at the base of her skull.. The corner of the fucking box must have hit her head. Dammit!

  Kang Mingshun drives up and Li Tian gets into the car putting Sara on his lap, “Go to the nearest hospital.”  

   Li Tian nervously looks at Sara wondering why she passed out suddenly. He kisses her face, “How far?”

  “Not too much further Boss.”

   Sara has her head on his strong chest and inhaling his unique fragrance she drifts into a dream. She and Li Tian are in bed, he is pressing her down and kissing her body. His handsome face is above her with a gentle expression. She listens to his heartbeat and in a barely audible whisper Sara mutters, “Tian..” as she hugs his waist and snuggles into his embrace. 

 “…” Did she just say my name in her sleep? He feels her arms tightening around his waist and he smiles. Should I try to wake Sara ? No, it would be best to have a doctor examine her and wake up naturally. He holds her petite body tighter as his fingers play with her silky black hair.

  When they arrive at the hospital Li Tian quickly carries Sara into the Emergency demanding to see a doctor immediately. A young Indian doctor comes from around a curtain after examining a patient that was brought into the ER after cutting his fingers at work. He hands the chart he is holding to a nurse then walks over to Li Tian looking at Sara in his arms. Speaking Chinese with a faint French accent he asks, “What happened?”

  Li Tian tells him what happened and the doctor turns to a nurse, “The third bed.”

  Li Tian sneers looking at the crowded emergency room. “I want  a VIP room.”

 “You need to fill out paperwork first.”

    “My name is Li Tian.”

    “Nurse, bring a wheelchair for the patient.”

    Li Tian kisses Sara on the top of her head and responds “No need.”

   “Very well” He grew up in Shanghai and knows how powerful the Li Family is in the South. I don’t need to anger him over formalities. “The patient’s name?”

“Song Sara.”



The doctor asks Li Tian several more questions as they wait for the elevator. “Well, CEO Li, since you aren’t aware of her medical history we will proceed cautiously to avoid any problems should she have any drug allergies.”  They take the elevator to the15th floor. The doctor opens the door to a luxurious room. Li Tian carries Sara to the bed and lays her down. 

   The doctor tells Li Tian to have a seat so he can examine Sara. Li Tian furrows his eyebrows looking at Sara lying motionless on the bed. He reluctantly walks over to the couch and checks his phone. Fuck! That greedy bastard! I will call after I find out about the little thing’s condition.

After the young Indian doctor examines Sara he orders some tests. He hesitates, usually the patient’s information can’t be shared with a non related person. Obviously CEO Li has a close relationship with the young woman. He finishes writing his notes then approaches Li Tian.

  “CEO Li, Miss Song sustained a head injury. Due to the position of the impact and subsequent swelling she is suffering from a concussion. Her back is badly bruised and we will need to take x rays to see if there is any bone damage. She has a very delicate physique. Before we do xrays I need to ask could Miss Song be pregnant? If you don’t know we will need to take her blood and check.” He pushes up his glasses and begins writing the orders, “CEO LI?” 

   “Pregnant?” He glances over at Sara, I never used protection and didn’t think of giving her any contraceptives after we had sex.  “Do all the necessary tests.” 

  The doctor walks towards the door, “I will send a nurse to take her blood.”

  Li Tian walks over to Sara’s bed and holds her small hand thinking about the possibility Sara is pregnant. He is staring at her lying unconscious on the bed and is deep in thought when Kang Mingshun comes into the room. “A bitch at the desk said someone needs to bring Miss Song’s ID, Passport and Visa to the Admittance desk.”

  “Her purse on the floor in the back seat of the car. Should be in there.”

 “Boss what do you want to do about the merchandise?”

 “As soon as they run some tests on Song Sara I will take care of the problem.”

  “I wil handle the paperwork.”

  A nurse comes into the room speaking French she says, “I am going to draw Miss Song’s blood now.”

  Li Tian looks at his watch, “How long for the results of the blood test?”

 “The lab will expedite the blood tests because the patient needs x rays and a CAT scan immediately.”

  She inserts a needle in Sara’s vein and draws two vials of blood. After she puts the vials and needle on a tray she smiles at Li Tian. “Done. Are you going to wait with the patient?”


  “Very well. If you need anything push the buzzer by the bed.”

  “En.” He sits on the edge of the bed and fixes the covers on Sara then touches her face, you are so sweet and beautiful..I never thought about having children… He runs his finger over her pink lips.. And now isn’t the time. I have too many enemies and my family would never accept you. I need time to take control..then.. He gently kisses her soft lips, you would be a very beautiful mother.. But if you are can not keep the child.

   He gets up from the bed and looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, I wonder how long for the results from the bloodwork. I need to secure the artfact.

Sara is dreaming about Li Tian…They are on a beach and a beautiful little girl is building a sandcastle. The little girl looks up and smiles exposing two cute dimples. She sweetly calls, “Mommy…Daddy look..look.”


      Li Tian looks at Sara holding another man’s hand and is about to explode, not to mention the fact she breezily tells him she is going to lunch with a psychopath! A deranged killer! Leo most likely just killed people downstairs. The naive little fool is unbelievable!

   He does his best to control the rage boiling inside of him when he notices the injuries on Sara. Leo that little bastard! He must have put the bandages on her arm and leg. I want to kill the brat for touching my woman!

   Sara’s aggrieved expression on her beautiful small face and Leo smugly standing behind her with a self satisfied smile is hard for Li Tian to accept. He is an expert at controlling his emotions except when it comes to Sara, his dark eyes are filled with a deeply possessive gleam. Fuck! I need to calm down.The killing intent he is emitting disappears, “Little Leo, it has been a long time how is your father?”

    Little Leo! One of Leo’s triggers is people mistake him for a high school student because of his boyish good looks, the other is his domineering father. He is agitated but standing next to Sara on the surface he appears unaffected by the hidden barbs, surprising Li Tian. Leo has one hand balled into a fist in his pocket while he continues to hold Sara’s hand with his other. He smirks as he replies,“He and Lois came back from New York for the International Jewelry Competition. My step brother is representing  the company tomorrow.” See if you can restrain your anger after this, “Uncle, you should call Lois.”

  Sara has a strange stuffy feeling in her chest, Who is Lois?

   Li Tian’s temper is about to flare and black lines form on his forehead, UNCLE! 

. The tension between the two makes Alexandre nervous and he can’t afford to offend either man. One is his partner, the other is a powerful ally. Alexandre looks at the time, “Tian, don’t you have an appointment at one?”

  Sara gazes up at Li Tian and decides to compromise in order to protect Leo. She turns and smiles at Leo, “Thank you for the lunch invitation, but I will leave with the CEO. I need to discuss something with him. Are you going to the Jewelry Competition? I will be modeling Mr. Navarre’s necklace.”

  Leo hadn’t planned on going but he smiles, “Yes.” I wasn’t but now I am!

 “Well, then I look forward to seeing you there.”

 She takes the initiative to take Li Tian’s hand pulling him towards the door. Why is the CEO such an unreasonable man!

  Once they leave, Leo brushes all the dishes off the table, “BASTARD!”

   Outside the door Li Tian pushes Sara up against the wall caging her petite body between his strong arms then lowers his head. Sara’s blue eyes widen and her heart beats wildly. She has her small hands on his chest. What is he going to do?

Li Tian gazes at Sara’s adorable expression. She looks like a bullied little bunny. Doesn’t she realize when she stares at me with that look it brings out my inner beast. He has a mischievous light in his eyes as he lifts her chin, “Naive.” Stupid little girl has no idea how to judge people..her fiance is a womaninzer and Leo is a cold and ruthless assassin. He takes his hands off the wall then stands back and his lips curl up into a devilish smile. Sara had instinctively closed her eyes when he leaned down obviously waiting for him to kiss her, “Let’s go. I will take you to the art gallery.”

  Sara felt her legs got weak when he pressed her to the wall. She could smell his distinct masculine scent and her heart was thumping thinking he was going to kiss her lips. Her cheeks turn red when she realizes he was amused at her reaction. Errr.. Li Tian you are sooo annoying! She stomps behind him; sounding like a kitten who had her tail stepped on she angrily hmmphs, “ No way am I going anywhere with you! Don’t you have an important appointment? I can get a taxi.”

   Li Tian ignores her and walks down the stairs. After Sara was abducted he changed his plans, obviously too many people were aware of today’s scheduled exchange. He called and made different arrangements by enticing the man with two million dollars in addition to the classified information he was providing. Knowing Garth he will pocket the two million without disclosing the change of plans. Satisfied that he was able to salvage the situation he has an idea, turning around he sounds serious, “You obviously screwed up my plans. How are you going to compensate me? I lost a lot of money.”

  Sara’s face pales, “How much money? I will compensate you then please don’t bother me again.”

  “Two million USD.”

  She gulps down her saliva, “TWO MILLION?”  Sara breaks out in a cold sweat, Where would I get that much money? Was it a breach of contract fee? Maybe I could make installments. This is terrible!

  Li Tian almost bursts out laughing, she is really an idiot!  “Two million.”

  Sara apprehensively looks at her watch, “Maybe you still have time to make the meeting if you hurry.”

  “No time.” 

  Kang Mingshun opens the back door of the Club as Sara grabs Li Tian’s arm. She shakes her head, how does he twist everything around! “Wait. Why should I compensate you! If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have been kidnapped.”

  He opens the back door of the car, “Get in.”

   Sara obediently gets into the backseat forgetting the fact she was dead set on distancing herself from him, “You should compensate me!”

  Li Tian furrows his brow, “Miss Song, let me explain the situation to you. We are riding in a car that has bulletproof glass and is virtually impenetrable. Well protected by Kang Mingshun, an experienced ex Special Force elite bodyguard.

The men who grabbed you did it impulsively because you gave them an opportunity to threaten me. They were driving an older nondescript car and I can assume their job was simply to follow us to inform my competitor of the location of the meeting . This would have been impossible for them to accomplish because on route additional bodyguards in several SUVs were to meet this car and would have blocked their ability to follow. You have to admit the men who abducted you were low level gangsters with no ability to disrupt my plans. But YOU Miss Song..YOU gave them that opportunity when you willfully stepped out of the security of my car. So because I couldn’t take a chance you might be injured or even killed by those incompetent losers if they panicked I immediately did everything in my power to find you. Which included disregarding a meeting I set up a month ago.” He carefully watches the emotions that flash across her face, so cute!  haha..this is a perfect way to keep the little thing by my side.  No way does she have two million dollars haha..

   Sara nervously listens to his explanation, CEO Li is right it did seem as though those smelly men were flustered and unprepared. She doesn’t know what to say, it looks like I do owe him because I was impulsive earlier. “Well CEO, I can pay you in installments.” My God it will take me forever… wuuhuuu there goes my savings!

   “How about you work off your debt with me? I told you I have never had a chance to enjoy Paris I will deduct 50,000 if you accompany me today.”

   Sara doesn’t hesitate and nods her head,“50,000? Hmm.. okay.”

   Kang Mingshun looks in the rear view mirror, Boss you are shameless! Bullying a beautiful girl like Miss Song! The main reason you didn’t go is because Yang James told you that the meeting was compromised. What is two million to you? When you possess the artifact you will make 150 million! You are a goddamn Billionaire!

   Li Tian gazes at the anguished expression on Sara’s beautiful face but doesn’t feel the least bit guilty. When have I, Li Tian, ever passed up an opportunity to get what I want? And what I want is you Song Sara and I will do whatever it takes to keep you by my side.  He wants to press her down in the backseat and crush her into his bones right now.

  “Do you want to go to the art gallery?”

   Li Tian can hear Sara’s stomach making noises so he suggests eating first.“I am hungry. We can go after lunch.”

   “Do you want to try a small restaurant by the art gallery? My friend recommended it to me because her cousin owns it.”


   Sara looks at her phone to give Kang Mingshun the address.

   Li Tian can’t take his eyes off Sara’s profile while she checks the address on the internet. Her long black hair is hanging down onto her white swan like neck and she is surrounded by a faint sweet scent of jasmine. She is so pure and innocent looking with delicate features like a fragile doll. He can’t recall any woman who has made his heart race like she does. Sitting next to her being unable to touch her is almost unbearable. Sara seductively bites her lower lip while concentrating and he is having trouble restraining himself from kissing her tempting pink lips

   Sara looks up from her phone and meets his intense gaze. “CEO Li..your is very red.. do you have a fever?” Sara reaches over and touches his forehead with her small hand sending a jolt of electricity through his body. He immediately grabs her hand, “Kang Mingshun, didn’t I tell you to turn up the air conditioner!” 


Red Poppy Room

      Alexandre wonders why Leo hasn’t returned with the woman and pours himself a glass of whiskey. When he finishes his drink he lazily walks down the hallway looking for them. He pauses at the outside of one of the private rooms. Leo is sitting next to Sara on the couch carefully applying medicine to her scraped knee. Did the sun rise in the West? Leo is not only touching a woman but gently applying medicine to her leg? He coughs and Sara looks up meeting his gaze, her body stiffens when she recognizes Alexandre. He is the dangerous man who was with Li Tian at the Crystal Mountain hot spring! Leo sees Sara’s expression change abruptly while staring at Alexandre and is pissed off by the interruption. Motherf****r! The little beauty let down her guard and was smiling so beautifully at me now she looks terrified again! 

   Alexandre notices the murderous gleam in Leo’s unusual eyes and quickly says, “Lunch is ready in the Red Poppy Room.” For some reason he can’t look into Leo’s eyes without shuddering. It is not the fact that one eye is blue and the other is brown but more their bottomless depth, particularly when he is angry. 

   Sara flutters her long black eyelashes wanting to ask if Alexandre called CEO Li yet but swallows back the words she wants to say. Leo ignores Alexandre while continuing to disinfect the wound on Sara’s hand and enjoying the warmth from her soft skin. He sounds gentle when he replies to Alexandre, “We will be over as soon as I finish.”

  “En.” What the fuck! I don’t like the way Leo is looking at Li Tian’s woman. I need to call him to pick the little chick up before more problems are created for me!

  After Alexandre leaves Sara attempts to withdraw her hand and Leo smiles up at her, “ I still need to put on a bandage.”

   When their eyes meet Sara can’t help remark, “Your eyes are really beautiful.”

  Most people are frightened by his strange different colored eyes. This is the first time anyone has said his eyes are beautiful since that little girl after the fire so many years ago. Leo doesn’t respond but carefully wraps Sara’s hand with the white gauze. He can’t remember the last time he felt this calm. No treatment or medicine has been able to control his bloodlust or suppress his powerful aura because he suffers from a rare condition that causes his qi to be extremely turbulent.  

    Leo’s obsession with beautiful objects allows him to momentarily take the focus away from his internal demons, possessing and touching beautiful things is the only fleeting happiness in his life. But, ever since he was young he doesn’t like being touched or close to people no matter how beautiful. Sara’s aura is surrounding him with a layer of warmth that is causing his raging blood to slow down. Being this close to the little beauty I can actually see a faint golden glow surrounding her body and the girl’s refreshingly sweet jasmine scent is intoxicating. He is drawn to her pure and innocent beauty and has a sense of familiarity for some reason. “Miss Song have we met before?”

  Sara looks closely at him, “No. I don’t think so.” I would never forget a man who is this beautiful, his eyes are mesmerizing. 

  He reluctantly lets go of her small hand, “Finished.” It must be my imagination but I feel a strange connection to this beautiful little girl. “ Follow me.”

   When they get to the Red Poppy Room Leo turns to leave and Sara blurts out, “You aren’t having lunch?” I don’t want to be alone with this murderer!

  Leo restrains the urge to pat Sara on the head, “I have something that needs my attention. I will join you when I finish.”

  Alexandre pulls out a chair for Sara, “I wasn’t sure if you like Western food so I also had the chef prepare some Chinese dishes.”

  Sara nervously sits down, “I am not a picky eater but thank you.” She stares at the delicious assortment of food but has no appetite. Thinking about the conversation she overheard at the hot spring that day between this man and Li Tian her stomach tightens. 

   Leo stops by his office and sits at his custom made Agarwood desk and unlocks the bottom drawer of his desk removing a beautiful black case. Taking off his gold rimmed glasses he cleans them then opens the case revealing a gun used by the French Special Forces he had modified to his preference. Since the little girl is here I should use a silencer. He adjusts his glasses then screws on a silencer as he walks towards the door of his office.

  Meanwhile, in the Red Poppy Room Alexandre sees Sara hasn’t touched any of the food on her plate. “Is the food not to your liking?”

  Sara snaps out of her trance and looks across the table at him while blinking her eyes, “I’m not very hungry.”

  “Don’t be nervous. CEO Li and I are friends, you aren’t in any danger. I will call him now if it will make you feel more comfortable. I know he has an important meeting so I had planned on calling him after we finished lunch.”

   Oh.. is that explains why he hasn’t called the CEO. Sara relaxes but she doesn’t want to go with Li Tian either. Maybe if I explain this man will just let me leave. No reason to involve Li Tian. She says,“ The CEO was just giving me a ride. We were caught in a traffic jam and my destination wasn’t far away that is why I got out of his car. You don’t need to bother him, I can take a taxi.” Sara puts her napkin on the table and stands up to leave.

 Alexandre didn’t think the woman would assume she was free to leave. He quickly walks over and blocks the door. Alexandre is 190 cm tall and his body in front of Sara is like a wall. He politely tells Sara, “Now that you are here Miss Song I am responsible for you until Li Tian arrives. If I were to let you leave and something happened..well..I can’t take that chance. Sit and eat. The meeting should be over soon and I will call.”

   Sara reluctantly sits back down at the table but is startled when she hears noise from downstairs, “What is that?”

  Alexandre has black lines form on his forehead. That maniac Leo must have killed the men who brought Song Sara. Dammit!

  Downstairs Leo is standing over the corpses of the driver and the greasy man. The two gangsters are lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. Both men were systematically killed execution style without even a chance to beg for their lives.  Leo puts his gun in the back of his pants while looking at Harry who is sweating profusely and the other gangster who fainted. He instructs Harry in an emotionless voice, “Get rid of them. Tell Maurice the next time any of his men act on their own I will wipe out his entire crew and then his family.”

  Satisfied after avenging Sara, Leo runs up the stairs two steps at a time anxious to see Sara. He hurries to his office and cleans the gun then places it back in its case. After he puts the gun case back into the drawer he locks it and then goes into the bathroom.Leo washes his hands several times then furrows his eyebrows when he notices a little blood that sprayed onto his white shirt. Fuck! Those bastards! Now I need to change! He unbuttons his shirt and tosses it into the trash. Not wanting to delay he grabs a new white shirt from his office putting it on as he quickens his pace down the hallway to the Red Poppy Room. 

  He opens the door to the Red Poppy Room and frowns Sara is absentmindedly picking at her food. He glares at Alexandre, I told him his chef’s food is unpalatable. Sara glances over at Leo approaching the heavily laden table and smiles brightly, “You finished your business?”

  ‘Finished.”  He pulls out the chair next to Sara, once seated he has a pampering tone, “Miss Song, if you don’t like the food I can have my personal chef send lunch over to the Club.”

  “…” Alexandre takes a gulp of his wine wondering if Sara put a bewitchment spell on Leo. Since when does this iceberg have any human emotion?  He is a ruthless and heartless killer.I have never seen him smile at a woman in all the years I have known him. Judging from the sound I heard before he came back he killed the men who abducted the woman. 

  Leo pours Sara a glass of wine, “Try this wine it is from my family’s vineyard.”

  Sara waves her small hand, “Thank you, but I can’t drink alcohol. I’m allergic.” Actually if I drank that wine god knows I would do!

  Leo pours a glass of wine for himself. He orders Alexandre, “Call downstairs and have them bring her a glass of fresh squeezed juice.”

  Sara stops Alexandre, “No need. I don’t want to bother anyone.”

    Leo insists so Alexandre calls the kitchen. After he hangs up the atmosphere is very awkward with no one speaking.  Leo is unhappy watching Sara pushing a piece of asparagus around on her plate. He looks at his diamond encrusted watch, obviously Li Tian won’t miss acquiring the artifact so he won’t come to the Club until after the meeting. Leo impulsively stands up and takes Sara’s hand pulling her up from her seat. “I am taking Miss Song to eat. We will be back before Li Tian arrives.”

   Alexandre’s veins bulge on his neck but he is reluctant to attempt to stop Leo. He knows many dangerous men but no one is as terrifying as this Young Master when he is provoked. Before Alexandre can say anything suddenly the door to the Red Poppy room bangs open. Li Tian has a crazed look on his face when he sees Sara holding Leo’s hand, he grabs Sara’s arm pulling her away from Leo. Alexandre can feel the sparks flying between the two domineering and dangerous men, both are emitting strong killing intent.

Sara stands in front of Leo not realizing his aura is equally as strong as Li Tian’s. The two men are so close to each other she assumes the terrifying oppression is being emitted from Li Tian. Sara is afraid that Li Tian will hurt Leo and pushes Li Tian, “CEO Li, he took care of my injuries! Let him go!”

   Leo has a faint smile on his face as Sara defends him. Quickly hiding his aggressiveness pretending to be weak he holds onto her hand.

   Li Tian has just enough time to get to the meeting he doesn’t want to fuck around any longer with Leo or Alexandre. He glares at the two men and commands Sara, “Come here. We are leaving. ”

  Sara looks between Li Tian and Leo still annoyed at Li Tian she refuses, “No. CEO Li, I’m fine. You should go to your meeting. We are going to get lunch, then I am going to the art gallery.”

   “…”  When Li Tian and Kang Mingshun entered the club there was a strong stench of blood. He was panicked thinking something happened to Sara. Now he looks at her holding another man’s hand and is about to explode, not to mention the fact she breezily tells him she is going to lunch with a psychopath! A deranged killer! Leo most likely just killed people downstairs. The naive little fool is unbelievable!

Alexandre’s Club

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  The greasy gangster gets out of the backseat then forcefully pulls Sara out by her arm. The man in the passenger seat hears Sara exclaim, “Ow” and wince in pain as she falls to the ground. He reaches over pushing the greasy man away, “Asshole!”  He picks up Sara then looks at the glaring red mark on her thin white arm and bloody knee. He sounds concerned as he helps her stand, speaking English with a heavy French accent he asks,“Are you alright Miss?” while brushing off the gravel on her scratched hands.

   Sara quickly withdraws her hand and steps back from him responding by nodding.

   The greasy man doesn’t understand what the big deal is, he scratches his head as he responds, “ What the fuck! I was just helping the skinny little bitch out of the car. It isn’t my fault she is so fucking clumsy.”

   Harry glares at the man who is leaning up against the car, “ Stupid! The Boss said don’t touch the woman!”

    “…” Sara has remained silent, afraid of what they might do if she causes them a problem. Although the men’s auras are only a gray color and they don’t emit any murderous vibes she is still cautious. She is a little surprised by the rugged looking man’s attitude, his aura seems to be the least dangerous. She can sense from the fluctuations in his aura that he is not comfortable with the situation. He sounded genuinely worried about me.

    Sara laughs to herself,sure enough they want to use me against Li Tian. Probably if he agrees to their demands I will be safe. Wow.. how unlucky am I? Why do all these people want to coerce CEO Li using me? I am just a little disposable secretary! I am beginning to doubt the fortune teller’s prediction I will have a long life… Of course she definitely was right predicting I would be bound to an unlucky star.

   The driver is eager to take credit for bringing Sara to Alexandre so he rudely shoves her towards the Club’s back door. Harry certainly doesn’t want to be in the forward position after speaking with Alexandre but he warns the driver, “Listen, for your own good don’t be rough with the woman. The Boss said not to touch her and she already has a couple injuries.”

 The driver doesn’t like a young guy like Harry giving him advice. “Fuck off! You don’t think I know how to handle the Boss?” He pushes Sara into the darkened Club. She isn’t able to adjust her eyesight coming from the brightness outside and trips as she enters the dimly lit club.

   Alexandre and his partner Leo are looking at the security monitor and see them at the back door, the air condenses around them when the ugly fat man pushes Sara. Alexandre has black lines on his forehead, didn’t I make it clear to treat the woman with respect. He crushes out his cigarette as he calls down to the kitchen, “I am having a guest make lunch featuring both Western and Chinese food.”

  Harry hangs towards the rear of the group of men trying to diminish his presence when he notices Alexandre’s associate Leo coming down the stairs.  Leo is wearing a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of black tight fitting jeans and black leather boots. He pushes up his gold rimmed glasses as he smiles at Sara with a gentle expression on his face. Sara thinks he looks like a handsome University student. But as he reaches the bottom of the stairs Sara’s face pales and she feels her knees weaken from his extremely strong oppressive aura. Leo notices her body trembling and he suppresses his overwheming killing intent. He was in Alexandre’s office getting briefed on the situation when he saw Sara being manhandled. The killing intent isn’t directed at Sara but at the greasy man who grabbed her delicate arm causing her to fall onto the pavement and the man who rudely puts his hands on her as they entered the Club. They must die for hurting the delicate little beauty. As for the other two men they don’t seem to have any greedy or malicious intentions they can be punished.

   Leo balls his hands into fists in his pockets restraining his urge to immediately kill them so as not to frighten the beautiful girl. Speaking French he tells the men to have a seat. He will be back to reward them.

   Harry knows from the cold and murderous gleam in Leo’s crazy eyes that the devil has no intention of ‘rewarding’ them. The stories he has heard about Leo’s cruel methods make his skin crawl thinking about what is going to happen. He realizes he has no choice but to sit and wait for the consequences of working alongside men with such low intelligence.

  Leo can tell Sara is terrified. The little girl has tiny sweat beads on her forehead and she is nervously clutching the sides of her dress. Distressed looking at the beautiful injured girl he decides, I must reassure her immediately. He speaks fluent Chinese and has a reassuring tone, “Miss, there has been a mistake. The boss means you no harm and will contact CEO Li immediately to pick you up.”

  Sara’s crystal blue eyes widen, “Really?”

  “Really. The Boss is waiting upstairs for you.”

  Sara can sense the man isn’t lying and his aura is not as frightening as when he first approached. “He will call CEO Li?”

  “Yes. Follow me.” He can barely contain his rage staring at her scraped knee and the red fingerprints on her slender snow white arm.

  Of course Sara is aware she has no choice but to follow Leo so she nods in agreement. This is a strange turn of events. 

   Leo escorts her into a lushly decorated private room with retro furnishings. She has seen quite a few luxurious private rooms but this particular room has a unique appeal. Sara can’t help but admire the designer’s eclectic style. She spins around taking in all the beautiful accents. “This room is awesome. Who is the interior designer? I absolutely love the 70’s vibe!” 

   Leo isn’t a talkative person and doesn’t want to say that he is the designer so he nonchallantly answers, “Not familiar.” He looks down at Sara’s delicate and youthful appearance as she touches the large porcelain statue of a leopard. After I told the little girl Li Tian would come and get her she seems to have disregarded the fact she has been kidnapped. Really a naive and stupid girl! Does she have no sense of danger?

    Disappointed the man doesn’t know the designer Sara sighs, “Oh, well he has a unique vision.”

   “I will return with the Boss.” Leo always refers to Alexandre as the Boss but he is actually Alexandre’s hidden partner. He keeps a low profile so no one is aware of his involvement. The only reason he is at the club today is to handle the final preparation for the club’s charity event tonight. 

  Sara’s throat feels scratchy and is very thirsty, “Ah would it be okay if I had a bottle of mineral water on that table? My throat is a little dry.”

  Leo has a complicated expression looking at Sara’s slender arm stretched out with the glaring red mark on her snow white forearm. He loves beautiful things and finds the only imperfection on her otherwise perfect appearance to be disturbing. “Of course. Wait here.” He leaves and goes to his office to retrieve medicine to treat Sara’s injuries instead of getting Alexandre.

Left alone in the room Sara drinks the water while admiring the expensive furnishings. This is definitely an exclusive Club, why would those gangsters bring me here? Who is the ‘Boss’?


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   The greasy looking man sitting next to Sara grimaces because he is squeezed tightly in the back of the compact car. Dissatisfied with the driver’s decision to kidnap Sara he bellows, “ You fuckin asshole, if the Boss gets mad that you acted on your own I swear I will beat the living shit out of you for dragging me into it! We were just supposed to follow the prick to find the location of the meeting.”

   The driver swerves around a crumpled blue sedan then turns the steering wheel to change direction from the chaotic accident scene. Cursing he barks, “Shut up!” as he sideswipes several cars that are at a standstill. While he weaves in and out of traffic he looks in the rear view mirror to see the white Land Rover attempting to maneuver out of the traffic jam. Shit! We need to lose that fucking bastard. “Nick, that is why I’m gonna move up in the organization and you are small time. You have no ability to see a golden opportunity right in front of you!”

   The man in the passenger seat motions for the other gangsters to be quiet while he is on the phone. Looking in the rear view mirror he frowns, Sara is uncomfortably wedged between the two husky men in the narrow backseat. Dammit! I can’t believe while I was dozin off they grabbed the woman.

    Listening to his boss Harry has a chill run down his spine, Fuck! The Boss sounds pissed! He has a serious expression as he respectfully responds to the man on the phone. “Yes Boss.” When Harry gets off the phone sweat is pouring off his forehead wishing he had stayed at the warehouse. He sounds distraught as he glares at the driver,“ Go to the Boss’ nightclub.”

   The driver makes a sharp turn. Sounding excited he turns to Harry as he hangs up the phone, “What did the Boss say? Is he going to reward us?” He has a pile of gambling debts he was calculating he could clear when he gets paid for delivering the woman. 

    Sara almost falls into the smelly man’s arms next to her when the car makes the sudden movement. Oh my God when was he last time these men took a shower! She gags and puts her hand over her nose feeling as though she can’t breath inhaling the stagnant air in the cramped car, “Ah, could you please roll down the window.” The stinky man next to her has no idea what she is saying and tells her in a raspy voice to speak French. 

    Agitated after the conversation with his boss the man in the passenger seat tells him to shut up then speaks English. “Sorry Miss, we can’t.” Alexandre told him to treat the woman with respect, she better not have a hair out of place. He was extremely angry when he was informed they abducted a woman who exited Li Tian’s car. Worrying he might be punished, Harry glances at the driver who is smiling as he lights a cigarette. Pauly is not going to have a good ending for grabbing the woman. I can feel it in my bones…when the Boss sounds that calm he is about to explode in rage. I hope the Boss doesn’t fucking kill me. Damn.. why wasn’t I paying attention until they threw the little woman into the backseat.

  Kang Mingshun is having trouble maneuvering the Land Rover and Li Tian’s aura is suffocating he feels as though he can’t breathe. Li Tian bangs on the seat  when he sees the car blocking their path and bellows, “Fucking ram the car! If you lose them you are fucking dead!” Kang Mingshun has never seen this degree of terrifying darkness emanating from the man. Fuck it! He plows into the deserted Audi next to them moving it enough to get out into the next lane and follow the  fleeing car.  Li Tian is on the phone, “A compact black car license plate number AC-614-ET headed south on Rue de Vaugirard.” When he hangs up he takes out a gun from under the seat, I will kill every one of those motherf***rs!

   Meanwhile in a fashionable restaurant Alexandre is having lunch with a distinguished looking man and a beautiful blonde woman. After he hangs up the phone he taps his wine glass with his fingertips then picks up an exquisite pink diamond bracelet from a velvet box on the table. He meets the man’s expectant gaze, “I am satisfied with the quality of the diamonds.” The woman’s eyes sparkle thinking the bracelet is a gift for her and anxiously waits for Alexandre to put it on her delicate wrist. The beautiful illusion shatters when Alexandre picks up the bracelet and carelessly puts it into his suit pocket as he pushes his chair out from the table. He stands up, “I have urgent business that needs my attention.” He bends down and lightly kisses the beautiful woman’s cheek, “I will see you at the Jewelry Competition.”

   “…” She watches him leave and her face turns red from embarrassment that he didn’t gift her the beautiful bracelet. Marie nervously smiles at the thin man sitting opposite from her at the table who now has a fierce expression. “Alexandre probably wants to have a romantic dinner then give the bracelet to me.”

   The man furrows his eyebrows as he closes the empty velvet box left on the table and he has a bad feeling. His voice is low so only she can hear him. “Slut, you assured me that he would be giving you the bracelet. What happened?”

     Marie twists the napkin on her lap but  her face remains expressionless, “I don’t know. I am the only woman he is seeing right now and my assistant takes care of any woman who approaches him.” Using her acting skills she remains calm not exposing her turbulent emotions. When Alexandre asked me to meet for lunch he said he had a surprise for me. “Don’t worry.”

    Arthur isn’t a patient man and he reaches over squeezing Marie’s hand tightly completely abandoning the mask he was wearing while pretending to be a gentleman. “The debt must be paid. You understand what will happen if the pink diamond bracelet is not returned by Friday?” He has an evil smile as his eyes linger on her breasts. “I was told your skills were better than this.”

    Marie flinches from the pain she feels is it as though he is crushing every bone in her hand but she doesn’t dare resist. She forces the tears back that are ready to fall, “Don’t worry the bracelet will be returned before she comes back.” If I have to steal it from him or the woman he gifts the damn bracelet.

The man finishes his wine, “It would be a shame for that pretty face of yours to be ruined.”

Marie straightens her back and ignores the throbbing pain in her red and swollen hand. She confidently meets his gaze, “I will meet you Friday at the hotel. I expect you to bring me the contract.” She tosses the napkin on the table then stands up touching her stomach. When she walks away from the table a young girl timidly approaches her, “Could i have your autograph?”

Maries smiles brightly and bends down, “Of course what is your name cutie?”

 Alexandre walks down the street to where he parked his car and wonders if he should call Li Tian or wait until he sees the woman first. He has no intention of pulling the tiger’s tail. The men were ordered to follow Li Tian and report back when he acquired the merchandise, that was to be the extent of my involvement. Now those stupid idiots have complicated matters. If she is really Tian’s woman I don’t want to think about what he will do. He won’t believe I had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He gets into his Limited Edition Rolls Royce Phantom and heads to his newly opened nightclub, Alexandre’s.

    When he reaches into his pocket for a cigarette he touches the pink diamond bracelet worth millions. I will give this bracelet to his woman as compensation and send her back to Tian. After Alexandre lights his cigarette he pulls out onto the road and he receives a call from Gunnar Hedwig. He touches his Bluetooth,  “Did you secure Subject 456?”

   Gunnar walks across a luxurious garden to a sparkling pool where his father’s illegitimate daughter Ning is reclining on a lounge chair. She is reading a fashion magazine relaxing under a blue and white umbrella. He stops a short distance away staring at her as she sips a drink. He responds to Alexandre, “Soon.”

   Alexandre is stopped at a stoplight not far from his club. “Li Tian has a meeting at one to pick up the merchandise. I haven’t been able to find the location but..” maybe I should use the woman to negotiate. Well I will assess the situation.  I won’t cross Tian’s bottom line even for Hedwig.

   Gunnar impatiently looks at his Limited Edition Cartier watch, “Continue.”

    “Don’t worry the artifact will be in your possession soon.”

   “You have never disappointed me in the past. I will leave it to you.” Gunnar hangs up and moves like a cheetah approaching its prey staring at Ning. He takes a drink of her orange juice she is holding then leans down, “I hear your lover will be here soon.”

     Ning stretches her thin arms and wraps them around his neck, “Brother, are you trying to ruin my mood.” She is wearing dark sunglasses that conceal her eyes that are filled with complex emotions.

    Gunnar smirks then kisses the tip of her nose, “As expected of a selfish little bitch like you.”

    She lets go of his neck and flips her wavy burgundy colored hair. “But, I could never compare to you.” She stands up and removes the floral sarong wrapped around her body revealing a tiny red string bikini. Narrowing his icy blue eyes he recalls how she got the long scar on her stomach… an unpleasant reminder of her relationship with his enemy. He  roughly grabs her slim waist pulling her into his arms then whispers in her ear, “I look forward to welcoming your special guest.”

    Ning pushes him away then touches his heart with her long red fingernail. Provoking him she retorts, “Gunnar, I am not the only one with a weakness.”

  He laughs as he puts his large hand lightly on her creamy white neck, then arrogantly reminds Ning , “The difference between you and me little sister is I am capable of protecting the woman I love.” Gunnar releases his hand and she stumbles backwards, “You are the devil!”

   “So don’t make me force you to hell.”

  Ning dives into the pool splashing water on Gunnar’s navy blue designer suit. He walks away chuckling, Childish!

   Alexandre arrives at his Club. It is closed in the afternoon and he seldom comes before eight o’clock so his arrival startles the middle aged cleaning woman who is mopping the dance floor. He walks over to the woman, “Leave.”

   She has only mopped half the floor, “Sir, it won’t take me but a half hour to finish.”

   He frowns looking at the scrawny gray haired woman holding the dirty mop, “ If you still want this job,leave.” or should I say if you want to keep your life… leave.

    Moving as fast as her short legs can go she takes the mop and bucket running towards the back. She doesn’t bother emptying the dirty water then tosses the mop and rolls the bucket  into the closet. Patting her chest she opens the back door, Oh my goodness! So handsome but scary!  After the woman hurries down the alley a small black car pulls up to the back door of the club.

Unlucky Star

     Picking up the conservative cream colored dress on the couch Li Tian tosses it to Sara and barks, “NOW! We are leaving. I will take you to Chloe Design. You can’t represent LTJ in this cheap dress. ” I want to tear it off of you and press you down on the bed right now. So hurry up! He puts his hands in his pockets clenching them into fists.

   Sara looks down at the beautiful couture gown ??? Cheap dress..the price tag is six figures!

  When Li Tian sees Sara standing there motionless he walks over to her and suddenly turns her around unzipping the black silk dress that is clinging to her body. Before Sara can protest the dress slides down her legs onto the white carpet.  Flustered and embarrassed Sara’s face turns bright red as she quickly pulls the dress from the floor, “YOU! YOU GET OUT!”

   Sara is bending over in front of him and her pert round bottom is raised in the air only covered by a small pair of white lace  panties. Li Tian’s Adam apple rolls gazing at Sara’s seductive pose but he restrains himself as he lazily strides over to the small couch then sits down. He leans back with his arms behind his head while watching Sara hold the dress up trying to hide her petite body that is flushed red. He teases Sara, “Isn’t it a little late to be shy?”

    Sara curses his eighteen generations of ancestors as she scurries into the bathroom When he hears her muttering he has an amused expression, she has the cutest expressions when she is angry at me.

   When Sara comes out of the bathroom she has regained her composure and ignores Li Tian she walks towards the bedroom door. Li Tian grabs the black silk dress from her hand, “I will take care of this.”

  Sara angrily follows him down the hallway. Under her breath she complains about his overbearing personality then nonchalantly responds, “Whatever.” If the stupid tyrant had given me a chance I would have told Mr. Bernard I thought the dress didn’t suit me. Why is he so damn annoying!

  When they enter the living room Bernard has a confused expression looking at Sara “Did the dress not fit?”

  Navarre has a smirk on his face as he lounges on the couch, in the hallway Tian’s face turned black when he saw how sultry Song Sara looked in the low cut dress. He is curious to hear Sara’s explanation. 

   Li Tian playfully pats Sara on the head, “She is a little..well..lacking.” He stares at her chest then tosses the dress on the couch. “Not suitable for this dress.”

  Sara puffs out her cheeks as she knocks his hand away. Pfft!The dress fits perfectly! It was just a little revealing.  She rolls her eyes and clenches her fists at her side. Who can understand this man’s brain circuit. He is crazy. 

   Li Tian continues in a cold and indifferent tone, “Since Song Sara will be representing LTJ I will ensure the dress is appropriate. We won’t be needing your services Bernard.”

   ??? Bernard is stunned, Since when does CEO Li care about a little model. Bernard is extremely arrogant and not used to being treated in such a dismissive manner but he knows he can’t afford to offend Li Tian. He swallows the words he wants to say. In his opinion Sara would look stunning in the black silk dress with her flawless snow white skin. He points at a rack of designer gowns,“CEO Li, I assure you I brought several dresses for Miss Song to try. If you are dissatisfied with the Chanel I also brought..” Li Tian interrupts him, “No need. I contacted Chloe, she knows my aesthetic. Julien, we will see you at the Competition.” Without leaving any room for an argument he takes Sara’s hand and walks towards the door. Sara struggles to remove her hand but his grasp is too tight. He really is a domineering tyrant. 

   After they leave the apartment Sara glares at Li Tian, “CEO Li, please let go of my hand.”

   Li Tian reluctantly loosens his grip and releases her warm hand, “Miss Song you should learn to speak up for yourself. Don’t be such a coward in the future. You knew the ill fitting dress was not appropriate. Yet, you obediently put on the cheap dress and would have worn the ugly piece of shit if I didn’t intervene. You should be thanking me. Well, I did reject the dress for selfish reasons, so LTJ wouldn’t be embarrassed by you at the International Jewelry Competition.” Actually , I did it because I don’t want other men seeing your body. You belong only to me.

   The hair stands up on the back of Sara’s neck listening to his convoluted reasoning. The dress was beautiful! I looked great wearing it! She sneers, “Thank you CEO Li for your care. When you need me to try on the dress you choose, call me.”

   Li Tian looks down at Sara, “We can go now.”

  Unhappy that he wants to screw up her plans to go sightseeing Sara scrunches up her nose and blurts out,“I thought you have a meeting.”

   “Not until one.”

    Sara wants to cry,  No I am not going to spend one more minute today with this man or I will go insane. What did I do in my past life, Buddha please! Help me get rid of this unlucky star. I don’t work for LTJ! I told Mr. Navarre I would model for him. He is the one paying me not you! Sara takes a deep breathe as she musters up her courage,“CEO Li I didn’t want to mention anything in Mr. Navarre’s apartment but I don’t work for LTJ. Mr. Navarre is paying me so I only need to answer to him. I have plans this afternoon.”

   The elevator opens and they enter then Li Tian pushes Sara up against the back, “Really. Only need to answer to him? Who do you think sponsors his work?”

  Sara feels dizzy in the enclosed space when he leans into her body. Inhaling his unique masculine scent her heart starts pounding. She pushes his chest with her hands, “What are you doing?”

   Li Tian has a stuffy feeling in his heart, why does the little thing always want to run away from me?  He suddenly backs up and doesn’t say anything. When the door to the lobby opens he concedes, “I will have Chloe call you.”

  Sara is surprised he acquiesced so easily and his aura isn’t as dark. So unpredictable. “Okay.”

  When they walk outside of the apartment building he turns to Sara. “Where are you going? I will take you there.”

  “ No. I can grab a taxi. I want to do some sightseeing.”

  “I can drop you off on the way to my meeting.”

  “Well I actually want to go to the 6th Arrondissement. My friend told me there is a unique Modern Art gallery I should check out.”

   “Not a problem. My meeting isn’t until one o’clock.”

    Kang Mingshun crushes his cigarette on the ground by the car then looks towards the sidewalk where they are standing. Boss, we need to meet the men at the Paris headquarters at 12:30.

  Sara knows it is useless to argue with him, “Alright. I will trouble you then.”

  They get into the Land Rover and Li Tian asks, “Have you been to Paris before?”

  “When I was a student in Italy I came a couple times with my friends.What about you?”

   Li Tian is gazing out the window.“I have been here many times but I am usually too busy working to enjoy the city.”

   Sara glances over at Li Tian’s serious expression, that’s a shame to come to such a beautiful city and only work. She suddenly feels sorry for him and impulsively invites him to go out with her later. Sara sweetly smiles,“If you want after your meeting we could explore the city together.” Jeez what am I thinking! 

   Li Tian raises his eyebrow as he turns his head towards Sara. Is she caring for me? Upset for me working too hard? He inwardly laughs that he has never wanted to spend any extra time in a foreign city. It is his choice.  He surprises Sara with his answer, “I have plans.” After he gets the merchandise he has an appointment with an expert to evaluate the authenticity.

  “Oh.”  Sara shakes her head, maybe I am overreacting..haha..I thought he liked me and would want to spend time with me..haha. This is for the best though.. I should stay away from him he really stirs up some strange feelings in me.

   Li Tian thinks Sara sounds disappointed and he has a faint smile as he takes out his laptop.

   As they turn the corner Kang Mingshun slams on the brakes. Li Tian instinctively holds his hand in front of Sara so she doesn’t bump her head. What the fuck!

   Kang Mingshun turns around, “Boss,it looks like an accident up ahead.”

   Sara realizes she would have banged her head on the back of the driver’s seat and softly says, “Thank you.”

   Four French men in a nondescript car behind Li Tian’s vehicle are waiting for instructions. 

  Sara is getting fidgety sitting in the car wondering how long they will be stuck in traffic. Being in the backseat with Li Tian she is enveloped with his unique scent and it is starting to make her feel itchy. She looks at the street sign then at her phone. The gallery she wants to visit is only about six blocks away, “CEO Li, we aren’t far from the art gallery I want to check out so I am going to walk.”

Li Tian isn’t listening to Sara because he is immersed in reading the disturbing content of the email Yang James marked urgent. Motherf****r this is some fucked up shit !

Sara doesn’t wait for his answer and opens the car door quickly exiting the car. Li Tian is deep in thought because of the serious content of the email. He looks up from his laptop when he hears the car door close. Where the hell is she going? Li Tian is deliberating if he should get Sara back in the car when he sees two musculer men grab her by the arms. He unbuckles and jumps out of the car as the men shove her into the backseat of a small car. FUCK! He grabs onto the car door handle unable to open the car door. He can see Sara’s terrified expression as she looks out the window at him as the car screeches away.

   The driver of the car smirks, we just got lucky snatching the stupid woman, she will be a good bargaining chip. He tells the man in the passenger seat, “Fatty, call Alexandre tell him we grabbed that bastard Li Tian’s woman.”

Sara thought her abduction was random. She doesn’t understand French but when she hears LiTian’s name she feels like her head will explode.


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