Diamond Casino

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    The lights suddenly go out. Li Tian uses the light on his phone to maneuver through the crowd followed by Leo Cadieux. When they arrive at the backstage the lights flicker then turn on illuminating the area. Anxious models are pushing out the door as he anxiously looks around for Sara. Marisa approaches him with a smug expression then taunts him recounting two men abducting Sara. He pushes her away and she stumbles to the floor, “LI TIAN YOU BASTARD! I HOPE THE BITCH’S CORPSE IS COLD WHEN YOU FIND HER!”

  Li Tian fiercely kicks Marisa out of his way. “Fucking c*nt” as he rushes over to Qiao Rui who appears enraged talking with his Korean bodyguard. He glances around and doesn’t see Feng LiMei either, were both women kidnapped? He grabs Qiao Rui’s arm,  “Do you know where Song Sara is?”

 Qiao Rui shakes his hand off, “No” He has a worried expression. “Feng LiMei is missing as well. According to my bodyguard a suspicious looking  delivery truck was pulling out of the parking lot and he got the license plate number. Feng LiMei’s bodyguard hopped onto the back of the truck but hasn’t been in contact.”

 Leo Cadieux on the side narrows his eyes, those two women made a big mistake getting involved with these two fucking bastards! The target could be either one. He hears Qiao Rui continue and takes note of the license plate number.When he hears him say he has a contact in the police department he interrupts, “It is better if I call the people I know.” Song Sara must be sick or she wouldn’t have Feng LiMei model Navarre’s necklace.We need to find her quickly or her baby could be in jeopardy! He has no intention of informing Li Tian of the fact Sara is pregnant. He decides to call a doctor also to be ready when they locate the two women. 

  Li Tian sets aside his animosity towards Leo Cadieux and readily agrees, “Do it. Let’s go check the security cameras.” He runs his hand through his messy black hair, Song Sara.. I will find you.

   Leo watches Li Tian and Qiao Rui walking towards the door,  “I will meet you in the security room.” He takes out his phone and calls a man named Pierre.When he answers he says, “I need you to find two Chinese women who were just abducted from the Etienne Hotel. The kidnappers left in a delivery truck with the license plate number AA 639AA. It is urgent you locate them quickly, one is pregnant and most likely ill.”

  Pierre plays with the poker chips in his hand. He can detect in Leo’s tone the pregnant woman is important to him. I wonder who the Chinese bitch is? His woman? No, he is fucking gay from what I heard. The pretty little motherf****r never is with a woman. “It might take some time.”

  Leo tightens his grip on his phone,  “Listen, if Song Sara isn’t found soon you can kiss my investment goodbye.”

  “I need to hack into the traffic CCTV and I am at the Diamond Casino. I don’t have access to a computer.”

  “Are you stupid! Use the computer in Yvette’s goddam office. Don’t make me repeat myself. I want her found immediately!” He growls in a threatening tone, “Or you might lose more than the investment.”

  Pierre breaks out into a sweat knowing Leo will fuck him up. He pushes the big breasted woman sitting on his lap, “Scram.”

  Unwilling to leave the stack of chips in front of Pierre she holds onto his neck, “But baby you are winning. Why are you leaving?”

  He ignores her and takes long strides through the casino to the office. When he arrives he knocks on the door, “It is Pierre. Hurry! Open the door.”

  A beautiful woman with short curly blonde hair sitting behind a large intricately carved antique desk motions to a muscular man to open the door.

  Pierre rushes into the room. He has a thin layer of sweat coating his forehead and he sounds panicked, “I need to use your computer.”

  Yvette looks up from the paperwork on her desk. She laughs looking at his nervous appearance, “No.”

  “Listen,  a woman’s life is in danger.” Mine too if I don’t find the little bitch.

  She takes a cigarette from a pack on the desk next to a computer, “Not my problem.”

  “Not your problem? If I tell that maniac Cadieux you refused to let me use your computer it will become your problem real fast.”

  “Leo? He wants you to find the woman?”

 “Yeah. So what is your answer now.”

 “Still no.”

 “You have balls. I will give you that!”

   Unhappy because Pierre is disrespecting Yvette, her bodyguard grabs him by the collar, “Watch your mouth asshole!”

  Yvette exhales a puff of smoke then smiles revealing her perfect white teeth, “Let him go.”

 The bodyguard reluctantly loosens his grip while glaring at Pierre.

 Yvette crosses her long slender legs while studying Pierre.”Pierre, unlike you I don’t need to jump through hoops to please Leo Cadieux. But..” She pauses, “If you can tell me the relationship between him and the woman I might consider your request.”

  Pierre has no clue who the woman is and her relationship to Leo but he urgently needs to use the computer. He doesn’t want to waste any more time so he lies, “She is his woman and pregnant.

  Yvette’s beautiful brown eyes widen and her face pales. She shakes her head, “Impossible!”

  “He said so himself when he called. Have you ever heard of him being concerned over a woman? He said if I don’t find her quickly I am as good as dead.If he finds out you delayed me..well..I don’t think I need to paint you a picture. You know his sick temper.”

   “Give him the laptop on the shelf to the right.” She taps her long red fingernails on the desk.”What is the woman’s name?”

  “Didn’t say.” He did but I will keep that information to myself.

 “Ridiculous. How are you to find a nameless woman.”

   He takes the laptop from the bodyguard, “All I have to go on is she was abducted from the Etienne Hotel and the license plate of the kidnapper’s vehicle.”

    Yvette has a knot in her stomach, Leo is mine! Who is the little slut that climbed into his bed? I will make sure she doesn’t come back alive! She stands up and walks over to the couch where Pierre is sitting. “That is it?”

   “What is the password?”

   Yvette presses her index finger to unlock the computer. “I can send some of my men to help you. After all, Leo and I grew up together. I am happy he found a woman who doesn’t find his different colored eyes disturbing.” They need to kill the scheming bitch!

  Pierre begins to access his files, “Hmmph.. Yeah, those eyes are strange but what woman can tolerate his cold personality. She must be special. Oh… he did say she is Chinese.”

  Yvette looks over his shoulder, “Chinese?”

 “Yeah, that is all I have to go on.”

 Yvette walks away, after she enters a side room she has a murderous glint in her eyes. She speaks to a handsome man sitting on the couch. “Yuri, find out about an abduction of a Chinese woman at the Etienne Hotel tonight.”

  He sets down a financial report he is reading and pushes up his gold rimmed glasses. Speaking French with a faint Russian accent he quips, “Miss Aubert, I am not your lackey. Your father sent me here to ensure the casino runs properly. Unless it concerns the Diamond Casino I am not obligated to comply.”

  “I know you have contacts at the hotel. It is a simple matter for you to get the information quickly for me.”

   “Of course it would be the matter of a phone call, but I refuse.”

  Yvette clenches her fists at her side, “What would it take for you to do me this favor.”

   He looks her body up and down then mockingly replies, “You have nothing that I want.”

  “What if I said the woman who was abducted is Leo Cadieux’s girlfriend.”

   He raises his eyebrow, if I help save his woman… “He asked you to help?” 

  “Yes.” Indirectly anyway.

 “What is your  relationship with Mr. Cadieux.”

 “I grew up with his sister Lois..we are friends. I will give you 500,000 euros.”

  He laughs, “Miss Aubert, I am not short of cash but if you will do me a favor in exchange I will consider it.”

  “Depends on what it is.”

 “Introduce me to Lois Cadieux.” 

  She is surprised at his request. He doesn’t pay any attention to me and Lois is well.. not as beautiful and has a prickly personality. She knits her brow,“You are interested in her?”

 “Yes.” If I can manipulate that woman…have Leo Cadieux indebted to me..I will easily find a way to get close to their old man. I need to find the ancient scroll and Remy Cadieux is my only lead. 

 “It is a deal.. now call.”

  Looking at the computer in Yvette’s office Pierre watches the hotel’s security camera footage of the vehicle as it leaves the parking lot. He shakes his head when he sees a man hopping onto the back of the truck. Must be the woman’s bodyguard. He switches to the traffic CCTV camera images and watches the truck move onto the highway headed away from Paris. He can see the monitoring until the truck exits in the countryside where it is dimly lit and without coverage. He checks a satellite map of the area and takes note of the possible destinations of the kidnappers. Very good. They must be at one of these three warehouses because the road they exited onto is by the river.  He hurriedly cleans his searches from the laptop.The only other person in the room is the bodyguard. Pierre puts the laptop on the coffee table, “I’m leaving.”

  The bodyguard grabs him as he is heading for the door and growls, “You need to wait for the Boss to come back.”

  “Fuck you asshole!”

  Yvette walks out of the side room when she hears Pierre, “What did you find?”

  “Possible location.”

 “You don’t have time to arrange for your men to rescue the woman. Take several of my men.”She tells the bodyguard next to her, “Jean, Get ten men and go with Pierre.”

  Pierre knows she is right his men are across town and it would waste at least an hour waiting for them. He glances at the tall muscular man who grabbed him. “Will they listen to me?”

  “Yes. Jean follow Pierre’s orders as if they were mine.” She leans into his ear and in a barely audible voice she orders her bodyguard to kill the woman during the rescue. “Implicate Pierre.”

He nods and sneers following behind Pierre out the door.

Pierre calls Leo Cadieux as he leaves the casino, “Located three possible locations. I am taking Yvette’s men and heading to check them out now.”

   “Make sure no harm comes to Song Sara. She is my first priority. Save the woman with her  unless rescueing her will jeopardize Song Sara. Contact me immediately.”

  “Will do.”

  Leo walks into the security room where Li Tian and Qiao Rui are watching the surveillance tapes. They both turn when Leo enters the room. Li Tian questions him, “Did you find anything out?”

  “My men have located three possible locations and are heading there now.”

   Li Tian breathes a sigh of relief they have narrowed the search. “Where? We can send additional men.”


    Li Tian stops talking when Sara approaches. “Song Sara, Julien was looking for you, what took you so long in the bathroom?”

    Uncomfortable the situation in the bathroom with Zhao Lanfen will be exposed she ignores his question while looking around. She takes a deep breath to calm herself then asks, “Oh.. did Miss Dupont need me to go backstage?”

   “Yes. She said she would look for you in the bathroom.”

   Sara panics not expecting Navarre’s would go look for her. Oh my God! What if she sees Zhao Lanfen in there? Well, she wouldn’t have the nerve to say anything after Feng LiMei threatened her. “I will go see.”

   Li Tian holds onto Sara’s slender arm to prevent her from leaving. “No. Wait here. Navarre’s assistant will be back.”

   Leo and Lois Cadeaux walk up together. Lois’s eyes fill with jealous glint when she notices Qiao Rui holding Feng LiMei’s hand.  The Pink Lotus necklace around Feng LiMei’s neck and the stunning  matching bracelet sting her eyes. No one has ever snatched what she wants.The Pink Lotus set should  be mine, it would look perfect with the Chanel dress I am wearing. She reaches out her hand towards Qiao Rui, “Mr. Qiao we meet again.”

  Qiao Rui ignores her outstretched hand as he raises his eyebrow, “Have we met?”

  Lois Cadeaux’s face turns bright red, “ Well it was brief, yesterday at LTJ Paris. I wanted the Pink Lotus necklace and bracelet, unfortunately I was a bit slow, you purchased the set before I had a chance.”

   Leo chuckles, No wonder Lois was in a foul mood yesterday.  He witnessed her cursing and slapping one of her assistants when he went to his father’s mansion. He decides to stoke the fire, “Navarre’s creation looks beautiful on you Miss Feng, I don’t think my sister would have done it justice. You have the ethereal fairy-like beauty needed to compliment its exquisitely delicate design.”

   Both Lois and Rui are annoyed. Qiao Rui responds, “I agree.” He possessively  wraps his arms around her thin waist then kisses Feng LiMei. He bites her earlobe then whispers in her ear, “Baby, how do you know Leo Cadeaux?”

   She shakes her head and in a soft voice responds,“Don’t know.”

   Leo smiles at Qiao Rui’s unexpected reaction, with his arrogant personality I didn’t expect him to be enthralled with a little girl, although she is incredibly beautiful. Enjoying the awkward atmosphere he doesn’t stop his provocation there. Li Tian glares at Leo when he ignores him and walks in front of Sara. “Miss Song, you look absolutely gorgeous tonight. I am looking forward to seeing you wearing the Midnight Lover’s Necklace.” He then uses his poisonous tongue to embarrass Long An who is quietly standing next to Li Tian. She has a complicated expression wondering where her mother could be and what happened. Long An snaps out of her daze when Leo taunts Li Tian. “Tian, why isn’t your fiancee wearing any new creations from LTJ?” He creases his eyebrows pointing at the necklace Long An is wearing. He shakes his head and his lips curl up in malicious smile,“Sad.. just an uninspired necklace from last year’s collection…I don’t even remember the designer’s name..” 

   Long An’s face can’t conceal her humiliation at his insulting observation. Li Tian refused to allow the store to send her the jewelry she had meticulously chosen to wear. She digs her fingernails into her palm while cursing him in her heart. Who is this venomous man! 

    The atmosphere between the groups becomes extremely tense, Sara can’t wait for Navarres’ assistant to arrive so she can escape. These men’s overwhelming auras are suffocating. What a dangerous group! 

   After the specified time set by Feng LiMei Zhao Lanfen got up from kneeling in the bathroom with her legs shaking. She was forced to sit for several minutes afterwards from the numbness needing her bodyguard to pound her legs before she could even stand. Growing up privileged and in a family with deep ties to the Underworld she has thick skin and won’t give up until she finds a way to avenge Long An. Zhao Lanfen knows Song Sara won’t mention the incident in the bathroom so she boldly exits the restroom to find Li Tian and Long An.

     Sara nervously clenches her hands at her side when she sees Long An’s mother approaching. Zhao Lanfen’s eyes narrow and she grits her teeth noticing the couple standing next to her daughter. When she approaches the group for a fleeting moment she has a shocked expression witnessing Qiao Rui hugging the little bodyguard who bullied her in the bathroom. Who is the little bitch!  She quickly returns to normal, “Mr. Cadeaux, I couldn’t help but hear your snide remark. Unfortunately, my daughter’s luggage was lost on the flight from Milan which contained the gorgeous jewelry she was planning on wearing this evening.” She affectionately touches the necklace around her daughter’s neck. “ I gave her this necklace to wear because it has sentimental value, Tian’s mother gave it to me on my birthday last year.”

   Li Tian flinches at her familiar tone, he knows she is lying but doesn’t care. I will deal with the old witch later. Sara doesn’t look well, she looks extremely pale. 

  Feng LiMei also notices Song Sara’s sickly appearance and volunteers to go get her a bottle of water. After she leaves Michelle Dupont walks over, “Miss Song it is time to go backstage.”

  Relieved Song Sara follows her through the crowd. She holds her stomach, What is wrong with me? I have felt nauseous all day. When they arrive at the entrance to the backstage Michelle Dupont shows her badge to a burly security guard. He opens the door and when they enter Sara is very nervous glancing around at the glamorous models.

  Michele Dupont’s phone is ringing, after she answers she frowns. Dammit! I don’t have time for this nonsense! She turns to Sara, “I will be back.”

  Sara walks past two famous models then hurries to the back of the room when she sees Marisa walking towards them. She shivers, My God! I doubt Marisa would recognize me but I don’t want to take a chance. I want this night to be over and go to sleep! I can’t wait to get back to Catang City. She sits on a couch and closes her eyes waiting for Michelle Dupont to return. This trip has been a nightmare! 

  Feng LiMei brings her a bottle of water. She can’t help but worry when she sees the thin layer of sweat on her new friend’s forehead.“Song Sara are you okay? Drink some water.”

   Sara takes the water bottle, her hand is trembling,“Oh, Feng LiMei, thank you.” She gulps down some water as Feng LiMei takes a tissue and wipes her forehead. 

   Feng LiMei has a worried expression, “Is it your stomach?”

   Michelle Dupont returns and locates Song Sara sitting on the couch. She stares at Feng LiMei, “Who are you?”

   “I am Song Sara’s friend. She isn’t well. I am going to bring her a doctor.”

    Michelle Dupont’s eyes widen,“There is no time for that!” She was informed that Navarre’s Midnight Lover Necklace will be evaluated soon.

   After a short heated discussion between the two women it is decided that Feng LiMei will model the necklace. Michelle Dupont will go find Qiao Rui to examine Song Sara.

  Meanwhile in the main hall the tension between Li Tian and Leo Cadeaux is reaching a boiling point. They are arguing about Song Sara as Qiao Rui walks away to find Feng LiMei.

  Li Tian pushes Leo Cadeaux, “Why the hell are you so concerned about my woman you little fuck!”

   Leo’s eyes are filled with rage because he knows Sara is pregnant, “She is obviously ill. She should go to the hospital not model a fucking necklace so you can exand your business!”  He shoves Long An into Li Tian’s chest,  “Isn’t this slut your fiancee?” 

  Li Tian’s veins bulge on his neck as he pushes Long An away and she lands sprawled on the floor. He grabs Leo by the collar, “ Bastard! Do you want to die!”

   Leo smirks as he grips Li Tian’s hand and kicks him away, “You are a fool. You don’t deserve Song Sara.”

   Li Tian lunges at him and he dodges the fist. Suddenly they come to their senses when they hear the announcement, “Now, Navarre’s Midnight Lover’s Necklace modeled by Miss Song Sara.” They look towards the stage and are shocked when they see Feng LiMei modeling the necklace. 

   Li Tian and Leo Cadieux have the same thought What the fuck! Where is Song Sara!


Lights Out

   Concerned about Song Sara LiMei quickly exits the stage after the judges examine Navarre’s Midnight Lovers Necklace. I wonder how Song Sara is feeling? After coming down the stairs into the backstage area she sees an older man leaning over Song Sara while talking to Michelle Dupont. Where is Rui? 

    Before she can question Michelle Dupont the lights go out and LiMei feels a man’s rough hands on her face pressing a cloth over her nose. Caught off guard she has no time to react inhaling the chloroform soaked into the cloth. She immediately passes out and the man drags her out the exit to a delivery truck parked outside the door. Another man pushes the doctor away from Song Sara then grabs her covering her nose with a cloth. He carries her limp body out the door then throws her into the back of the truck along with LiMei.

   After the man who carried Song Sara out slams the back door of the truck he motions to the other man, “Hurry up! Let’s get the fuck out of here!”  He removes his night vision glasses as he jumps into the vehicle. 

  When they are in the truck the driver’s hands are trembling as he fiddles with the key in the ignition, “Do you think that crazy bastard will be pissed we didn’t know which Asian chick was Feng LiMei?”

   “Who cares. They were the only two Asian women backstage so one is definitely Feng LiMei and the other one well..it is just her bad luck. The freak can use the Chinese bitch for one of his fucked up experiments.”

     When the lights suddenly go out Morgan is worried about LiMei. FUCK!  He uses the flashlight on his phone to maneuver his way through the other bodyguards to the entrance to the backstage. The security guard tries to stop him but he easily overpowers the muscular man knocking him out of the way. He rushes into the dark room and has a bad premonition when he searches the room for LiMei. When he doesn’t locate her he notices a sliver of light as the exit door is closing. He rushes out the door followed by Hak Byung-soo. A produce delivery truck is pulling out of the parking lot so he sprints over then jumps onto the back of the truck. Holding onto the handle he tries to keep his balance on a narrow protruding metal plate. He jostles the handle of the heavy metal door but is unable to open it. Realizing that the likelihood of him being able to hold on once they speed up is not good he forcefully yanks on the handle.

  The door swings open and he slides into the back of the truck then quickly reaches the door handle to close it. He knows if the heavy metal door swings back and forth the noise will attract the driver’s attention. The interior is pitch black, he uses his flashlight to look around. He feels his heart stop when he sees LiMei and Song Sara lying motionless on the floor. He puts his finger under LiMei’s nose and sighs in relief when he feels her warm breath. He checks Song Sara, Good she is alive also.

   Morgan gently lifts Feng LiMei onto his lap, smelling the slight lingering scent of chloroform he mutters, “Fucking bastards!”. He hugs her limp body then brushes her hair behind her ear. I won’t let anything happen to you. Dialing Qiao Rui he frowns, FUCK! no signal! Hopefully Hak Byung-soo got the license plate number or at least saw the name on the side of the truck. Qiao Rui said Gunnar Hedwig is under control. Who would dare kidnap Feng LiMei and Song Sara? Is Feng LiMei the target or Song Sara..or both?

  Morgan can feel the truck accelerating, they must be on the highway. I need a plan for when they arrive at their destination. He scans the back of the truck. There are empty crates and several empty pallets. The interior is dark… if I can squeeze behind the stacked pallets to hide, I can follow them when they take the two women out. If it was only Feng LiMei I could grab her and jump out when they are at a stop but with two women that is impossible. 

    The guests panicking inside of the Main Room is causing chaos and the manager tries to remain calm. He is sweating heavily thinking it is a robbery. The jewelry in this International Competition is worth over a billion dollars. If anything happens during this event I am screwed!  “ Please don’t panic, the lights will be back on shortly. We have an emergency generator for this kind of situation.  Stay in your seats. If you try to leave you may incur an injury.” 

     Rui has already headed to the backstage to collect LiMei after she modeled the necklace. His eyes were full of jealous flames when he saw all the men leering at Li Mei and commenting on her ethereal beauty. Li Tian and Leo Cadieux ignore the manager’s warning and rush towards the backstage area pushing aside anyone in their way. Li Tian has a bad feeling and wants to find Song Sara as quickly as possible. He believes she isn’t a woman who would easily put aside her responsibility and have Feng LiMei take the stage in her place. Leo Cadieux is equally worried.  He thinks because LiMei modeled the Midnight Lovers Necklace Song Sara must be experiencing complications from her pregnancy. She must be frightened with the lights suddenly going out. When they arrive at the entrance to the backstage the lights flicker then brighten. The frightened models are rushing out of the door and passing them.

  When they enter the room they witness Rui holding onto Hak Byung-soo’s collar with a murderous aura surrounding him.  “You fucking useless piece of shit! Why weren’t you guarding Feng LiMei.”

  Li Tian ignores him and looks around for Song Sara. Marisa hesitates then approaches Li Tian with a contemptuous look on her face, “Looking for your little whore?” She recognized Song Sara when she was laying on the couch and was reminded of the humiliating scene at her villa before it burnt down. Additionally, her best friend Margot complained nonstop for two days that Navarre was using Li Tian’s girlfriend as a model instead of her, saying he wanted a fresh face.

 Li Tian’s face is black and he grits his teeth, “Where is she!”

   Marisa could hear the conversation between the two unsavory looking men. Apparently they wanted to abduct Feng LiMei but weren’t sure which Asian girl was her so they grabbed both women. I won’t tell him that..or should I? Hmm.. “Two men grabbed her and the other little Asian girl.”

   “What two men?”

  “How would I know. I’m sure it could be any one of your enemies.”

   He pushes Marisa out of the way and hurries over to Rui, “Two men abducted Song Sara and  Feng LiMei.”

    Rui narrows his eyes,  “Have you pissed anyone off lately?” Rui doesn’t want to deal with Li Tian, he couldn’t care less about Song Sara, but he wonders why both women would both be kidnapped. I know Gunnar Hedwig wouldn’t put his mother in danger and go back on his word. Who else knows Feng LiMei is Subject 456? Or is it about Song Sara? LiMei got grabbed because she was with Li Tian’s woman?

  “Have you?”

  Rui has an uneasy feeling that LiMei might be the target so he doesn’t press Li Tian any further. “We need to look at the hotel’s security cameras. Hak Byung-soo got the license plate number and has a description of the truck. He takes out his phone, “I will use a contact in the police department to see if they can locate the delivery truck.” He takes out his phone as they walk out to the main room to locate the manager. 

  The delivery truck has been travelling down a highway at a high speed then suddenly brakes. Morgan holds tightly onto LiMei and stabilizes Song Sara with his other hand. He can hear the men’s muffled voices in the front discussing where to turn off the highway. Morgan thinks they should be arriving at their destination soon from the men’s conversation. His assumption is proven correct when he feels the truck make a sharp turn down a bumpy road. We must be in the countryside. When the truck slows down he hears the driver talking to a guard to open the gate. Morgan tenderly caresses LiMei’s cheek and can’t resist the urge to kiss her and lightly presses his lips on her forehead. Afterwards he stares lovingly at her delicate face and traces his finger across her curled black eyelashes, I promise I won’t let them hurt you. He carefully lays LiMei down next to Song Sara then moves behind the stack of pallets towards the back of the truck.


   “ Bitch! you dare to hurt my daughter if I don’t make you die tonight my name isn’t Zhao Lanfen.” She waves over one of the women who is sneering at Sara, “Hold the slut for me.”

   Sara doesn’t have the strength to resist as the muscular female bodyguard holds her shaking arm. She feels guilty about her indecent relationship with Li Tian and the strange feelings she is developing for him. Resigned that she can’t escape Long An’s mother’s wrath, she closes her eyes expecting a heavy slap.

   All of a sudden she hears Feng LiMei’s voice, “What are you doing! Let her go.” The bodyguard sneers “How did you get in? Little girl leave if you know what is good for you.” Song Sara opens her eyes to see Feng LiMei fiercely glaring at Zhao Lanfen then in a flash suddenly hit the unprepared bodyguard in the neck. The tall woman slumps soundlessly to the floor. The other guard rushes over but Feng LiMei has her arm around her neck strangling Zhao Lanfen. Feng LiMei threatens in a decisive voice, “Come any closer and I will snap her neck. Don’t think I won’t do it.”

  Song Sara is in shock as Zhao Lanfen fearfully says, “Do what she says.” Zhao Lanfen can feel a murderous aura surrounding the girl who is tightening her grip on her neck. 

  Feng LiMei thinks for a moment and says, “Tell your guard to wait outside.”

  Zhao Lanfen’s eyes are red and tearing from the pain, she is terrified. This woman must be one of Li Tian’s people. She is skilled and ruthless.

  Feng LiMei tightens her hold and her voice sounds cold and intimidating in Zhao Lanfen’s ear, “Not saying?”

  Zhao Lanfen spits out, “GO!”

  The woman reluctantly steps outside and sees Morgan and Hak Byung-soo standing in the hallway. She casually stands to the side. Fuck! That old bag!  She should have known Li Tian would protect his woman. Now Myra and I will be in trouble with Old Man Zhao if anything happens to the stupid bitch!

  Inside the bathroom Feng LiMei lets go of Zhao Lanfen and hits the back of her knees so she is forced to kneel in front of Sara. She glares at the woman, “Don’t move.”

  Sara is in shock and shivering. It was obvious Zhao Lanfen wasn’t going to let her leave the bathroom before she was beaten. Feng LiMei holds Sara’s trembling hand and comforts Sara in a soft voice, “Don’t be scared. I won’t let them hurt you.”

  Sara knows Feng LiMei has martial arts skill but her precise and forceful actions were unexpected. She sounded serious when she said she would kill Zhao Lanfen. Sara saw Feng LiMei’s aura at the time, it was purple meaning loyalty. She has only seen this aura surrounding Han Bi and Tzu Yibo, her childhood friends. Feng LiMei thinks of me as her friend, that is why she had a murderous air confronting them?

  Now that Zhao Lanfen can see Feng LiMei better she is incredulous. What the hell! Song Sara’s bodyguard is wearing Navarre’s Pink Lotus Necklace..a delicate cocktail dress from Chloe Designs and her face looks innocent as she comforts the slut. Li Tian went to that much expense so she would blend in with the crowd to protect Song Sara?  That bastard values the little whore that much?

  Feng LiMei gently pats Sara’s hand , “Would you like to slap the horrible woman a few times?”

  Song Sara looks at Long An’s mother kneeling on the cold bathroom floor with a terrified look on her heavily made up face. The fear in the woman’s eyes is palpable. Song Sara glares at Zhao Lanfen, if Feng LiMei hadn’t barged in I don’t know how I could model the necklace.“No, let’s go.” I don’t want to invite more trouble later.

  “Well I really need to pee, Song Sara can you wait for me?” Feng LiMei gives Zhao Lanfen a warning look, “If you get up before I finish, you don’t want to know the consequences.”

   LiMei goes into the stall and sits down, Ahhh.. my underwear is soaked from messing around in the backseat of the car with Rui, should I just take them off? Maybe there is a Boutique open, I could buy one.  Yeah…I can’t stand the feeling. She slips off her lace panties and throws them into the small waste container in the stall. Haha..if Rui knew I wasn’t wearing underwear he would go crazy..Well it was his fault…

    Outside the stall Zhao Lanfen grits her teeth and in a low voice she threatens, “Don’t think because your bodyguard showed up this is over. I will get my revenge.”

   “…” Bodyguard? She thinks Feng LiMei is my bodyguard? Sara wants to laugh, what bodyguard wears a multimillion dollar necklace.. 

   LiMei hears Zhao Lanfen because of her martial arts skill. I would like to teach that old woman a lesson. Maybe later when Song Sara is modeling. She walks out and washes her hands then glances at Zhao Lanfen. “You can get up in ten minutes, not a minute before. If you do don’t mind me for being impolite next time I see that ugly face of yours.”

   After Sara and Feng LiMei leave the restroom Zhao Lanfen’s bodyguard is going to rush into the bathroom but Feng LiMei stops her, “Your Boss asked me to tell you to wait outside until she comes out. She has a stomachache and it will be much worse if you disturb her.  Feng LiMei smirks, “Much worse.”

Feng LiMei’s two bodyguards follow behind them as they walk to a quiet area away from the main room. Feng LiMei tells Sara, “Sit here, I am going to get you a cup of tea.”

   Sara sits waiting for Feng LiMei to return, tea does sound good. I am feeling nauseous. If Feng LiMei hadn’t come into the restroom when she did… Long An’s mother wouldn’t have listened if I tried to explain I mean nothing to Li Tian. Obviously Long An told her mother I pushed her down the stairs and she wanted to take revenge for her spoiled daughter’s grievances.

  Feng LiMei returns with the tea she sounds concerned,“Here, drink this herbal tea. You look very pale, are you alright?”

  Sara sips the tea, “Thank you Feng LiMei. If you didn’t stop them I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to model and caused a big problem for Mr. Navarre.”

  “Please call me LiMei. Song Sara if you don’t want to talk about what happened that is fine but I have one request. It is complicated but I would rather not have Qiao Rui know I intervened.”

  “Of course. I really don’t plan on mentioning the confrontation at all. I appreciate your help.”

   “You aren’t going to tell Li Tian?”

   “No.” Who knows what will happen if I tell him. I don’t want to cause him any problems or myself for that matter. “ I feel I owe you some explanation…” Feng LiMei interrupts, “No. No need. We all have our own situations. I want to give you a word of advice though, entitled women like that old witch won’t let go if they think you are weak. You might think I am wrong but you should have slapped her a few times to show you aren’t a soft persimmon she can bully at will. At the worst she would have a red and swollen cheek but you would have shown her there are consequences to bullying you.”

  Feng LiMei sips a glass of champagne, “Is the tea helping?”

  “Yes, thank you. I was feeling a little sick earlier then that was upsetting.”

  “You know Qiao Rui is a doctor, do you want him to check you out? I think while I was in the bathroom he booked a Suite.”

   “No. I have troubled you enough.”

  “No trouble. Oh, here he comes now.”

  Qiao Rui gives Feng LiMei a look then says hello to Song Sara. He bends down kissing Feng LiMei,“Baby, I was wondering what took you so long.”

  “I ran into Song Sara. She isn’t feeling well, take her pulse.”


  Song Sara feels awkward, she can sense his displeasure. “That is alright, I feel better after having the tea.”

  He doesn’t care about anyone besides Feng LiMei but since she wants him to check he says, “You do look very pale. Are you experiencing any discomfort, fever?”

  “I have been nauseous and very tired. Probably from stress. It isn’t a big deal.”

   He feels her forehead, “No fever. Could you be pregnant? Have you missed your menstrual period? Those are symptoms that can occur in the first trimester of pregnancy.”

She blushes denying the possibility. “No. They checked before x rays recently.”

“If your stomach issues persist you should consult a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.”

  “Thank you. I will.”

   He takes Feng LiMei’s hand,“LiMei.”

  “Ah..Rui, I am going to sit with Song Sara for a few minutes to make sure she is okay.”

  He has black lines forming on his forehead.“Miss Song, I will go inform Li Tian that you aren’t well.”

  Sara immediately stands up. “I am much better I don’t want to worry CEO Li. I have to model the Midnight Lover Necklace soon.”

  Feng LiMei wants Sara to be able to sit in order to calm her nerves but Qiao Rui looks angry. She has a worried expression, “Are you sure?”


   “Okay we can walk over together.”

    Qiao Rui holds Feng LiMei’s hand tightly as they weave through the crowd to find Li Tian.

   Li Tian has an agitated look on his face while talking to Long An when they approach. Long An sees Sara and has a surprised expression she expected her mother to at least slap her face. What happened? 

   Sara notices her look of surprise, Hmmph she knew her mother planned on assaulting me in the bathroom so she stayed with Li Tian to avoid any suspicion.

   Li Tian stops talking and asks, “Song Sara, Julien was looking for you, what took you so long in the bathroom?”

Jewelry Design Competition

   Li Tian watches Sara walk down the stairs, in the light blue shimmering dress she looks like a goddess descending from the Heavens. He gulps down his saliva as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. The makeup artist put blue glitter on the corners of her deep blue eyes. and they are sparkling. The pink lipstick she is wearing makes him want to bite her lip then passionately kiss Sara.

  He is about to say how beautiful she looks when Sara smiles, showing her perfect white teeth and exposing her two dimples. Sara’s blue eyes take his breath away as she sincerely thanks him. “Really, thank you so much CEO Li. This dress is heavenly.”

  Li Tian has a genuine smile that goes all the way to his eyes, “You look.. absolutely beautiful. If you like the dress please stop calling me CEO Li. Call me Tian, I have asked you before.”

  Sara blushes making her look even more alluring and he gazes at Sara with sparks of desire in his deep dark eyes. It is taking all of his self control not to take Sara back upstairs and rip that dress her alluring jade like body.

 Sara bites her bottom lip then shyly says his name.”Ti..Tian. Thank you. I have never worn such an exquisite dress.”

  “Well, I think Julien’s necklace will have trouble out shining your beauty.”

  Sara giggles at the unexpected compliment, “I didn’t think you could be such a flatterer.”

  Li Tian laughs and when he does his face lights up, Sara is taken aback by how god-like he appears. Sara’s heart jumps, he is a strikingly handsome man and when he smiles he could overturn a city with his devastating good looks.

  He casually takes her hand, “Let’s go.”

   Sara looks up at Li Tian and has a warm feeling holding his strong hand as they walk outside. 

  Kang Mingshun opens the back door of the black Maybach. Li Tian holds his hand up so Sara doesn’t bump her head getting into the backseat. Sara notices his gesture and has a faint smile as she enters the car. CEO Li can be quite a gentleman when he wants. She thinks about what the stylist said, ‘ Li Tian is a woman’s dream man.’

  They are both quiet on the way to the Jewelry Competition. Li Tian is reading an email on his phone and Sara is nervously looking out the window. She is full of complicated emotions wondering why Li Tian was so meticulous picking out the dress. Does he have some feelings for me because we slept together or just because he wants LTJ to be represented well tonight.

 When they arrive at the Etienne Hotel they step out of the car and attract the attention of the paparazzi. Li Tian protects Sara as they enter the luxurious hotel amid flashing cameras. She is leans on his chest inhaling his unique masculine scent. He has a pleasant feeling as she puts her hand on his chest as he blocks the intrusive reporters. While the paparrazi are shouting questions he ignores them hiding Sara’s face with his suit coat. Li Tian knows it would not be good to be photographed together. He doesn’t want Sara exposed to any gossip.

  Once inside the magnificent Versailles Room Li Tian relaxes his vigilance because only a few photographers are present who were invited to photograph the Jewelry Design Competition. No tabloid or social media journalists are allowed to enter the room so there isn’t any tension in the atmosphere. Many celebrities and distinguished business men are mingling having cocktails waiting for the highly anticipated Competition to begin.

  Julien Navarre is speaking with an elegantly dressed middle aged socialite when he sees Li Tian and Sara enter the large ballroom. He politely excuses himself and after greeting a few people makes his way across the lively room.

Margot a Supermodel he is dating is curious as to who is modeling his Midnight Lover’s Necklace tonight so she follows him through the crowd.She was positive he would ask her to be the model. When Michelle told her the woman was an Asian woman without any experience she wondered if she was one of his many bed partners. She stays at a discreet distance behind Navarre well aware he doesn’t like a clingy woman. Margot in order to come to the event tonight accepted the invitation to model a Ruby necklace designed by Yvette Marchanne.

She casually sips her white wine spritzer as she watches Navarre approach Li Tian and Sara. Navarre is very pleased with the dress Sara is wearing. My necklace will look beautiful against her flawless snow white skin. Her delicate clavicle is what drew me to her at first.. but now I see everything about the girl is perfect! “Miss Song, you look absolutely gorgeous!”

  He gives Li Tian an appreciative look, “Tian the dress..” He gives Sara an admiring look, “Stunning. I will be presenting my Midnight Lover Necklace in about an hour. Song Sara, my assistant Michelle Dupont will come take you backstage at that time.”

  Sara nods that she understands but is a little apprehensive, when they walked into the room she recognized at least three Supermodels. “Mr. Navarre, I am not a professional model. Is there anything I should do.” She shudders when she sees Marisa hanging on a powerful looking man. Those two people look extremely beautiful and refined who could imagine the poisonous heart they possess.

  Li Tian notices Sara shivering, “Are you cold? Kang Mingshun can get your coat.”


   He glances over where she was looking and remembers she was held hostage at Marisa’s villa. Li Tian’s eyes narrow and there is a murderous air surrounding him. Bitch! What is she doing here with that bastard Hedwig! He doesn’t want to deal with Gunnar Hedwig right now or he would have Marisa thrown out by his bodyguards. He glares at them with an icy expression in his eyes. I will wait until she goes outside then deal with the woman. 

    Navarre sees Li Tian giving Gunnar Hedwig a penetrating look but ignores the drop in temperature surrounding him. Fucking Hedwig! I wonder what he did this time. One of these days he will go to far and Li Tian will kill him. Hopefully he doesn’t choose tonight..haha..I need tonight to go smoothly. He laughs, “ Song Sara, your beauty is unique among these women. Beautiful Girl, all you need to do is smile.” Most of the models are European so she stands out among them with her unusual blue Peach Blossom eyes and snow white skin. He notices Sara’s long ink black hair is like a waterfall hanging down her slender back…I see why Li Tian is obsessed with this woman. She truly possesses an ethereal quality. “Don’t be nervous. I picked you because you are not a professional.” He glances at Li Tian who is gazing at Sara with a tender expression on his usually cold and indifferent face. He playfully winks at Li Tian while teasing Sara.“My Midnight Lover’s Necklace should be worn by a Cinderella.” 

  After being reminded of how dangerous it is to be at Li Tian’s side she ignores his remark.

  Navarre’s mood is very good after seeing Sara very satisfied his necklace will look exquisite around her neck. He drinks his Gin Martini and has an amused expression, “I see Philippe has his eyes on us.”

 Li Tian takes a glass of champagne from a server then raises his glass to Phillipe taunting him. Phillipe and his son Claude walk over, “CEO Li, I didn’t expect you would come personally to support your little pet. Aren’t you afraid there will be rumors.” Claude snickers when he hears his father’s comment. There are always rumors circulating that Li Tian is gay. When he is accompanied by a woman no matter how beautiful  he never touches or appears intimate with his female companion.

  Li Tian impulsively grabs Sara into his embrace and kisses her lips. Caught off guard Sara tries to push him away after the kiss as he whispers in her ear,“100,000 off your debt if you play along.”

    Her answer is she angrily steps on his foot with her heel. How could he say that? Like I would sell myself for money? Does he think I am a cheap woman because I seduced him when I was drugged?

    Li Tian ignores the pain in his foot and wraps his arm around her thin waist, “Julien, Sara is hungry we are going to the buffet.”

  Navarre watches Li Tian and Sara walk away and has a faint smile, “ When I win Phillipe don’t forget the bet we made on the plane.”

Sara feels nauseous as they walk to the buffet table, “CEO Li, I need to use the bathroom.”

Li Tian notices her face is extremely pale, “Are you feeling ill? I will go with you.”

“No..no need.”

 After they leave Albert stands next to his father and brother Claude, he clenches his hand tighter around his wine glass, “Asshole don’t be so confident. Do you think the judges will give the prize to an uneducated upstart like you.” He doesn’t know the men his father bribed have been dismissed from the Committee judging the Design Competition.

  The ballroom is crowded, Li Tian doesn’t see Long An and her mother, Zhao Lanfen who have entered the room looking for him. Long An’s mother was furious when she heard Li Tian’s mistress had pushed her daughter down a flight of stairs. She arrived this afternoon from Catang City determined to seek justice for An. Long An catches sight of Sara going down a hallway. She whispers into her mother’s ear, “MOM..MOM! That is his slut Song Sara.” She points to Sara. Zhao Lanfen has an idea.  Very Good! Better to deal with the little bitch without that bastard Li Tian around.

  Zhao Lanfen’s voice sounds very soft as she comforts her precious daughter “She must be going to the bathroom, Mom will take care of the little whore for you honey. She won’t dare to make trouble when I am done! I don’t want Li Tian to be suspicious. You go join him.”

   Long Ann puffs her cheeks and pouts, “But Mom, he was so mean to me at the Charity Event at Alexandre’s Club. She cautiously looks around the room. “ There are so many reporters, what if he throws me away in front of them.” She knows if her mother is next to her he wouldn’t dare be disrespectful in front of an elder.

  Zhao Lanfen is a crafty woman and as she lovingly smooths Long An’s hair she forms a plan. “Call Grandpa Li, have him warn his insolent grandson. They still have the Mega Mall Project we can delay. The old fart has always doted on you so use that to your advantage.”

  Long An nods she has confidence in her mother, “I will do what Mom says.” 

  “That is Mom’s good girl.” She holds her hand, “Smile brightly and be confident, Mom is here.”

    Long An squeezes her mother’s soft hand. “Thanks Mom.” She scans the crowd to locate Li Tian then finds a secluded spot behind a pillar to call. Keeping her eyes on him she coaxes his grandfather on the phone until he agrees to talk to Li Tian. Long An sees Li Tian reach into his pocket and frown then leave the group of men talking  by a jewelry display. 

  Li Tian goes onto the balcony overlooking the hotel garden then lights a cigarette. What the hell does the old man want. Did Long An run over to the mansion as soon as she returned to China.

  Sara is in a bathroom stall retching when Zhao Lanfen enters the bathroom with two of her female bodyguards. An’s maternal grandfather has deep connections to the Underworld so her mother has grown up being surrounded by bodyguards. After Long An was born Zhao Lanfen decided to switch to female only guards so the little girl wouldn’t be frightened. These two women are inconspicuously dressed as her assistants but both are well trained killers.

  Zhao Lanfen gives the order to one of the women to guard the door and the other bodyguard stands a short distance away waiting for Song Sara to come out of the stall.

   Sara comes out holding her stomach and her legs are weak. She isn’t paying attention to the three women as she slowly walks over to the sink. Sara is leaning on the sink when Zhao Lanfen grabs her arm startling Sara, “Slut! Do you think you can become a phoenix and fly up to the highest branch! Never!”

  Sara has a shocked expression staring at the stylishly dressed middle aged woman , “Who..who are you?”

  The enraged woman squeezes her hand around Sara’s arm digging her long nails into Sara’s tender skin. Tears are forming in Sara’s eyes as she tries to shake off the woman’s painful grip. “Why are you..”

 “ Bitch! you dare to hurt my daughter if I don’t make you die tonight my name isn’t Zhao Lanfen.” She waves over one of the women who is sneering at Sara, “Hold the slut for me.”


He is Dangerous

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   Sara comes back from the bathroom and her face is very pale, “I took some anti inflammatory medicine this morning and I guess it didn’t agree with me.”

  Li Tian frowns this stupid little woman has no common sense. “You need to eat something when you take that type of medicine. Go lay down and I will send up some plain congee.”

 Song Sara is surprised that Li Tian is so considerate. “Thank you CEO Li.”


  Sara goes up to the guest room and lays down on the bed. She looks at the bottle of anti inflammatory pills, yes, it clearly says take with food.

   She is resting on the bed holding her stomach when the door opens. CEO Li brought it up himself?

    Sitting up she says, “Thank you. Sorry to bother you.”

   He sits in a chair by the bed holding the bowl of yam and millet congee.  “Well I want to make sure you eat. I need you to witness the signing of the paperwork later.”

   Sara reaches to take the bowl and he stops her, “You look shaky. If you drop the bowl the old man will need to cook more.” He blows on a spoonful of the congee and puts the spoon to Sara’s lips.

   Sara’s face turns bright red as Li Tian feeds her the mild dish. She obediently opens her mouth as he continues to feed her the warm food. Staring at his serious expression as he carefully scoops out the congee her heart flutters. The CEO is a very handsome man. Li Tian’s long eyelashes cast a shadow on his perfectly angular face as he looks down at the ceramic bowl. Sara thinks about her dream as she notices his large hands, his fingers have distinct joints and are really beautiful. In the dream those hands caressed my body giving intense pleasure.

   He notices Sara sneaking a peek at him and he looks up with a playful expression, “Am I that handsome?”

   Sara chokes on her mouthful of congee, cough..cough.. “Umm..”

   Li Tian laughs,  so cute…she looks like a frightened bunny “ Rest. If you don’t feel well at noon I can call someone to witness the transaction.”

   “I feel better already. I can accompany you. I read the bottle, you were right, the medication should be taken with food.”

   “See how you feel after you rest. The Jewelry Competition tonight is important to Julien and there is no time to replace you as the model.” He hands her a cup of warm water, “I have work to do in my study. If you need anything, call downstairs for Kang Mingshun.”

   Li Tian pushes the chair back and walks to the door, as he opens it Sara says, “CEO Li.”

   He turns around and Sara has a shy expression, “Really..CEO Li …Thank you.”

   After he walks out the door Li Tian has a faint smile on his face, I’m glad I decided to take the bowl of congee personally. He thinks about her infatuated look when he caught her peeking. Song Sara you will fall in love with me.

  Sara drinks the warm water then closes her eyes picturing Li Tian. Is CEO Li one of those men who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside? He is so strange. He can be domineering and arrogant then thoughtful and considerate. It is too confusing! The CEO is too complicated! My feelings are all mixed up about him..he definitely bullied me..but he caught me when I was close to crashing into the window I know I saw a certain affectionate look in his eyes…then today he seemed genuinely concerned I was sick Sara blushes, I can’t believe he fed me the congee…

Sara reaches over and picks up the warm water. It is probably because Mr. Navarre needs me to model the Midnight Lover’s Necklace..that’s it.. She drinks the water while thinking about her feelings towards Li Tian.Sara just because you are strangely attracted to him don’t read anything into his behavior. What about the Spring dreams? I wonder..no..It is because we had sex when I seduced him because of the aphrodisiac. I should call Bi.

  Sara takes her phone out of her purse then dials Han Bi. “Hi Bi,What are you doing?”

  “Sara honey! Not much. I got off work a little early today. I am getting ready to go out to dinner with my parents. They came to Catang City to attend a Conference and Chao is in town before goes on a World Tour with Lili.”

  “Oh Wow! Lili! I love her music!”

  “Yeah Chou Yi is one of the headliners too. I’m going to get a couple VIP tickets from Chao so we can go when they play in Pushong City.”

   “Cool. Bi..I called because I have a question for you.”

   “Okay. Why do you sound weird? Haha..”

   Sara twists the white sheet with her finger, ‘Don’t laugh..”  Bi interrupts, “Why is it when you say that I know I will want to laugh.”

   “Forget it.”

  “No tell me I won’t laugh.”

  Sara spits it out, “I have been having erotic dreams about CEO Li.”

  Bi starts laughing, “Haha..Sorry Sara but Li Tian?”

  Sara doesn’t want to say they have had sex which is most likely the reason but there must be more to it.”Bi! Stop laughing or I am going to hang up!”

  “Bi wipes the tears from her eyes, “Honey I’m sorry but I pictured his iceberg face and couldn’t help it. Granted he is extremely handsome but he looks too emotionless. He always has that ‘don’t get too near me or I will kill you’ vibe.

  Now Sara laughs, she knows that look. “Well, remember you said when you had dinner with CEO Li he was funny and not that cold?”

  “True..but even so he still seemed unapproachable, just not like a killer haha.”

   “Bi! I am being serious. My question is this, have you had an erotic dream?”

  “Of course. I think everyone does when they are attracted to someone.”

  “Okay. So attraction.”

  Sara thinks she could feel Li Tian’s every touch and movement, even his scent left a vivid impression. “Was it realistic?”

  “I’m a virgin. How would I know..”

  Sara’s face gets hot, “Haha..yeah..”

  Bi continues as she walks to the couch, “I think though if a person was experienced it would be realistic don’t you think? You know..they have done it so..”

  “Enough..enough.. Let’s drop the subject.”

  “I think the point is…Sara do you like Li Tian?”

 “No! Of course not!”

  “Then why would you dream about him?”

   “…” Maybe I like the feeling of having sex with him? No I can not tell Bi! Hmm… Bi is my best friend I can tell her, no… I will when I get home.


  “I don’t know. This trip has been crazy..maybe I lost my sanity..haha. I will tell you when I get home.”

  “I will give a word of advice. Li Tian..he is an extremely dangerous man and you shouldn’t get any ideas about him. I have overheard my brother Chang and him talking and he is not a good thing. You are too sweet for a powerful man like him. Li Tian didn’t get where he is without being ruthless. My family and the Li’s have always been close and his entire family is afraid of him except his old grandpa. Li Tian gets along with my brother because well.. they are childhood friends.

Sweetie, have you ever heard of Li Tian being with a woman? Chao told me he saw him on the Red Carpet at a Premiere, the beautiful and popular star of the film tried to get close to him and he kicked her..I mean literally kicked the poor woman into a row of reporters. She was so embarrasse…humiliated! One of her 10cm red high heels hit the Director in his pudgy face as she flew past him. When she rolled on the ground her low cut dress slipped down revealing her padded bra.The woman never made another movie. Need I say more?”

 “No. I get it. Don’t worry. Once we get back to Catang City I will be working at the Zhou Group again and avoid him.”

 “Speaking of Zhou Jason I have a little gossip. It is a good thing you are over him, rumor has it he is getting married to Zheng Lan of the Zheng Group in Bashu City.”


  “My brother Weisheng told me because the engagement banquet will be held at our new hotel in Bashu City. I do part time work there when they need a wedding banquet coordinator.”

  “You are the wedding planner?”

  “I just coordinate with the hotel and the wedding planner. I think Weisheng said their wedding planner is Tang Tang from Beautiful Peonies. They are sparing no expense. It might be the biggest wedding of the year.”

 Sara’s heart tightens, “Bi. I need to get back to work. I’m coming home tomorrow. Can you pick me up at the airport at six o’clock?”


  “Okay thanks.See you then.” Sara’s hand holding the phone is trembling as she hurries to get off the phone.

   Sara throws the phone on the bed then starts crying. No..it can’t be true…hugging the pillow her body shakes as she sobs, tears streaming down her face. Even though Sara knows they have no future together, Zhou Jason was her first love and she still loves him. She mutters, “Jason and Zheng Lan..no..not Zheng Lan..”as she cries herself to sleep.



This chapter has 18 and older content

  Li Tian returns to the villa after the Charity Event at Alexandre’s Club then stumbles up the stairs to the guest bedroom. He was drinking heavily during the evening trying to relieve his irritated mood because his Grandfather forced him to attend with Long An. During the evening his patience was stretched to the limit between having to deal with the Cadieux family and Long An hanging on him. 

  All he could think about was getting back to his villa and fucking Song Sara. Peeling off his clothes as he enters the guest room he stumbles to the bed then collapses. Sara is sleeping soundly and doesn’t awaken when he wraps his arm around her thin waist. Drawn to the light floral fragrance on her body he gently hugs her to him muttering, “Smells so good.” The scent calms him and he quickly passes out burying his head in Sara’s soft breasts.

   Sara is dreaming and has a warm feeling as Li Tian’s heart beats in rhythm with hers . After being asleep for a while Li Tian slowly opens his eyes to see Sara snuggled into his body, her soft long black hair scattered on his bare chest. In the soft moonlight coming through the window Sara’s beautiful face looks flawless and her pink lips are slightly parted. His body has a reaction and his breathing becomes heavy as he tenderly kisses her soft lips and runs his fingers through her silky raven hair. Not satisfied with just kissing Sara he slips his hand under the thin nightgown she is wearing. He fondles her breast then rubs her bud until it stiffens between his fingers. 

   Deep in slumber after taking a sedative Sara thinks she is in the midst of an erotic dream as Li Tian touches her sensitive body. He inserts his finger and her nectar drips down as he gently moves it in and out to get her ready for him to penetrate. Although his mind is muddled from the alcohol he doesn’t want to wake up Sara so he slowly enters her flower hole lying on his side. He  pumps in and out enjoying the feeling of her wet walls tightening around his hardness without quickening his pace. He cuddles her petite body to him wrapping his arm around to gently rub her nub and Sara softly moans in pleasure. Excited by the alluring sound of her purring Li Tian thrusts harder and faster. He continues until he can’t hold back and shudders as he explodes.

   Li Tian hugs Sara tighter as he falls into a peaceful dream state. When the sun comes up he feels himself getting hard again and notices Sara is still in a deep sleep. Earlier when he was thirsty he noticed the sedative the doctor prescribed on the nightstand when he grabbed a water bottle. He is sober now but can’t control his insatiable hunger to taste Sara’s sweet body again.The desire he feels for Sara’s body is like a whirlpool sucking him in..drowning him in lust. Craving her delicious flavor he has the uncontrollable urge to absorb all her pure essence to stabilize his turbulent qi. It is the little thing’s fault for being too beautiful and tempting. If she wakes up..well..He takes a few strands of her soft black wrapping around his finger then inhales the sweet fragrance.

    He leans over Sara and kisses her, prying her pink lips open then encircling her small tongue with his savoring her taste. Li Tian proceeds to lift her nightgown then sucking and licking her perfectly formed breasts. Not sure if she will wake up he wants to satisfy his lust so he immediately penetrates Sara. He can barely put his thick shaft halfway as she clamps down and he has a painful feeling being unable to move inside.He realizes he should have got her body aroused first and stops. Running his hand up her soft thigh he puts his handsome face between her snow white legs and kisses her sensitive mound. He rubs her nub with his thumb as he spreads her flower petals with his tongue, gently licking and biting. Ahh so sweet.

   Deep in her dream Sara whimpers and moans, “Ahhh.. Ummm..” as Li Tian stimulates her with his busy hot tongue. Sara arches her hips towards him as his tongue skilfully moves in and out while her sweet honey splashes out onto his lips. She is ready now..

He puts his pulsating erection in and begins pumping, his pillar welcomed by her slick tunnel. When he is in the deepest depths and Sara’s unique pure yin mixes with his dark yang he growls in satisfaction. Like a wolf with his delicious prey under him his glassy eyes glow red as he ferociously takes full possession of Sara’s body. Li Tian’s heart races as he spasms from ecstasy.

Sara quivers and her body is on fire from the intermingling of her pure yin and his dark yang. Li Tian has a sense of peace whereas Sara absorbing his darkness feels drained.

   Li Tian straightens out her nightgown and pulls the covers over Sara’s flushed body. He decides it would be best for now not to remain in the bed.Before he leaves the room he picks up his crumpled clothes off the white carpet. I need to find a way to solve this..make her mine..Song Sara is the only woman whose body makes me feel pleasure. While walking down the hallway he smells the lingering scent from her body and smiles. He opens the door to his bedroom and tosses the dirty clothes into the trash. The suit reeks from Long An’s heavy perfume and cigarette smoke. He takes off his retro style Rolex and goes into the bathroom to shower. He has an appointment with Qiao Rui to deliver the Tianshu Dragon Sword today.

   Sara wakes up, her nightgown is damp and sticky . I had another Spring dream? She shakes her head why do I keep dreaming of CEO Li! This is too embarrassing! I need to shower, what should I do with this nightgown? I really can’t wait to get home to Catang City! I think I will book a flight for tomorrow morning. I wanted to sightsee but I am not in the mood anymore. This trip has been a disaster ever since I left home! I will model the Midnight Lover’s Necklace at the Jewelry Competition tonight then get a good night sleep ..leave in the morning. Before she gets out of bed she takes her phone from the nightstand and books a nonstop flight to Catang City.

  After Li Tian is dressed he goes into his study to call Qiao Rui to confirm the time. He looks at the black sword on the table wondering why anyone would pay that much money for a plain sword with no jewels or embellishments. He organizes the paperwork he needs to bring with him then goes downstairs.

  He is in a good mood when he sees Tang Qiang. “You got Long An on the plane?”

  Tang Qiang confidently replies, “I couldn’t go through the security checkpoint but I watched Miss Long as she was walking towards the gate. Boss, after you showed her the photos I think she is afraid of disobeying you. Miss Long was not as arrogant as usual.” Although she kept bitching and hitting me with her tiny little fists blaming me.

 “Very good. I will deal with her when we return.”

  Kang Minshun walks over to Li Tian, “The cook prepared Hangover Soup for you.”

  Li Tian walks into the dining room and a short elderly man in an apron brings the soup. He is French but lived in Beijing and studied Chinese cuisine. “CEO Li, this recipe is from a villager in Huangdon. It is said to cure the worst hangover.”

  “En.” Li Tian thinks for as much as he drank at the Charity Event he doesn’t feel that bad. He contributes that to the fact the sex was satisfying and he slept unusually well. He is drinking the Hangover Soup when Song Sara comes into the dining room with a timid expression on her face. Sara compose yourself, he doesn’t know you had a realistic erotic dream about him “Good Morning CEO Li.”

  Li Tian puts down his soup spoon. “Miss Song. Did you sleep well?” 

   Sara sits at the table across from Li Tian. She sips some water then nervously responds, “Very well. Thank you.”

  “I have a business appointment at noon. I will need you to take notes.”

  Sara thinks it would be too weird to spend any time with him. Everytime she looks at him she thinks about her erotic dream. “ CEO Li, I don’t work for you any longer. I planned on sightseeing until I need to go to the Jewelry Competition.”

  “Miss Song, do I need to remind you that because of your negligent behavior you were  abducted and I suffered a two million dollar loss.” He has a spoonful of soup then glances at Sara’s reaction.


  The cook brings out breakfast, “I made both Western and Chinese dishes.”

  Sara smiles at the cook, “Thank you for your hard work.”

  The old man winks at Li Tian as he takes away the empty soup bowl.

  Sara is starving but when she smells the scallion pancakes her stomach feels queasy. She pushes away the chair and says, “Excuse me. I’m not feeling well.” She hurries away from the table and rushes into the downstairs bathroom.

  Li Tian watches her run off through the living room, what is wrong with her? She was fine a few minutes ago.


  Sara sits on the couch next to Li Tian. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.

  Li Tian’s ashen complexion worries Sara and she notices he has a strange expression. Sara thinks it is because his head hurts. “CEO Li.. you don’t look well. Let me call the doctor for you.”

   “No. It is nothing. What else did the doctor say?”

   “I have a mild concussion and some bruising.” She doesn’t want to stay in the hospital so she lies, “I can be discharged any time.”

    “That’s all he said? Nothing else?” Li Tian studies Sara’s face, she appears to be telling the truth.

  “…” Why does he sound anxious? “No. CEO, don’t need to stay. I can take a taxi to a hotel.”

    He controls his emotions and his voice sounds cold, “You need to be monitored. I’m taking you to my villa. Julien doesn’t have time to find another model for the Jewelry Competition tomorrow night.”

     Sara sighs thinking about having to spend more time with Li Tian. He did save me from cutting my face. If the CEO hadn’t caught me I would have been pushed straight into the Boutique’s window…but..damn!  I don’t want to go back there! I had a strange feeling when he was holding me and looking at me tenderly. Right now being this close to him and inhaling his distinct masculine scent I feel my heart beating fast.I need to get far away from Li Tian! “Really, I will rest and be there.”

   Li Tian remains resolute, he frowns slightly, “Get dressed. Clothes are on the chair.”

   Sara doesn’t have the mental bandwidth to argue with him; she puffs out her cheeks as she picks up the new dress and stomps into the bathroom. Why is he so domineering! 

  Li Tian steps out into the hallway to call Sun Peizhi. Either Song Sara doesn’t know or she is keeping the results of the blood test from me. 

   Sun Peizhi glances at his phone, what the hell does that arrogant bastard want? I told Yang James I have another job now that my work in Milan is finished. “I sent the restored pictures of Tang Qiang and Miss Long to his phone. I don’t work for you anymore.” He is about to hang up when Li Tian quickly says, “Wait!I will pay you separately for this job.”

     “Whatever it is…I am not interested.”

Li Tian blurts out, “Song Sara is in the hospital..” Before he can finish his sentence Sun Peizhi snaps, “What happened to Song Sara?”

    Li Tian doesn’t answer his question.“I need you to hack into medical records at Centre Private Hospital in Paris to check Song Sara’s blood test results.”

  Sun Peizhi clenches his fist at his side, I knew I should have brought the little girl back to Catang City with me. I could have found some reason. BASTARD! What happened to Song Sara? He controls his temper. “I need more information.”

  “She was injured and admitted to the hospital. They took blood before she was sent to x ray. I want to know if she is pregnant. I need the information as soon as possible to deal with the situation.”

  Deal with the situation? What the hell does that mean? “What do you plan on doing if Song Sara is pregnant?”

  Li Tian ,“None of your fucking business. Do it unless you want me to tell Zheng Tielen I was unhappy with your work. You won’t get another job as a bodyguard in China.”

  Sun Peizhi wants to laugh, I am Sun Zhi, heir to Sun Group and the only reason I worked for you asshole was to complete my mission. But, I want to know… I have a bad feeling about this. “I will have the information for you in an hour.” It is better that I do it than for him to find someone else, so I can protect Song Sara. If I know that bastard.Li Tian won’t want her to keep the baby if she is pregnant.

   After Sun Peizhi hangs up he goes upstairs to his computer room at his mountainside villa. The room contains high tech equipment from his company, Futuretech. It doesn’t take long for him to access Song Sara’s hospital records on the computer. His handsome face darkens, she has a concussion and injuries to her back. He accesses her x rays. How the hell did that happen? Fucking Li Tian! He continues to look at the paperwork for the blood test result. He breathes a sigh of relief..not pregnant. Scanning the pertinent information he notices the time. Why would the blood test be taken after the time of the x rays? That doesn’t make sense. He twirls a pen between his fingers then switches to another program. Someone accessed this record…who?..He checks the IP address, it is hidden and heavily encrypted. Hmm.. he types several codes..still nothing..after ten minutes he is able to pinpoint the geolocation. He zooms in, a company called Tristan Investissments. Isn’t this a front used by Leo Cadieux for money laundering?

    He continues to examine the medical records and has a gut feeling. I need to find out from the lab technician..it looks like the data was altered but I can’t find a trace of the original blood test.   Walking out of the computer room Sun Peizhi takes a piece of toffee from his pocket as he leans on the railing overlooking his living room. Why would Leo Cadieux access Song Sara’s medical records?

    Remembering a new ghost program recently developed at Futuretech he turns and walks back into the computer room. Using the advanced software program developed for the government to fight cyber crime he searches for an anomoly. There is a line between his swordlike eyebrows as his fingers deftly move on the keyboard. When he hits Enter the screen displays the original result of the blood test and he slams his hand on the desk, pregnant… two months. Wait.. from the information Freddie gave me Song Sara has only been with Li Tian for a little over a month. Sun Peizhi raises an eyebrow and narrows his dark Phoenix eyes, Who is the father?  Song Sara’s fiance Tzu Yibo? Not that maniac Leo Cadieux! No that can’t be possible, he was in New York. But..What is his involvement? 

   He takes out another piece of toffee then sets it on the desk, Fuck I need a cigarette! Opening his desk drawer he grabs a new pack of cigarettes then leaves the computer room. At the end of the hallway there is a glass door that leads to a spacious balcony overlooking a lake. Once outside the cold breeze hits his face as he cups his hand to light the cigarette. He inhales deeply savoring his first cigarette in two weeks then exhales, Dammit! Who was the man? Li Tian will be furious if he finds out Song Sara is pregnant by another man even though he probably doesn’t want an illegitimate child.  

His gloomy mood worsens as he stares affectionately at the picture on his phone of Sara and him taken on the hotel balcony before the Bellini Reception. I have secured the location for a restaurant so you can be independent of that bastard. Should I fly to Paris? He tenderly runs his finger across Sara’s playful smile. I will do whatever I can to help you. Sun Peizhi has a complicated expression on his handsome face as he gazes at the stars in the sky, wondering what Sara will do when she finds out she is pregnant. 

  Li Tian and Sara have arrived at his villa outside Paris. Sara is in the kitchen and Li Tian is impatient to find out the results of the blood test. He takes this opportunity to call Sun Peizhi. “Well?”

   Sun Peizhi sits down then crosses his long legs while flicking an ash from his cigarette. He tries to find a connection between Leo Cadieux and Song Sara but is stumped. When his phone rings he crushes the remaining half of cigarette in the ashtray as he calmly lies, “Not pregnant.”

  “Are you sure?”

  “I can email you the report.”

  “Do it.”  Relieved that Sara is not pregnant Li Tian pours a glass of whiskey. Fuck yeah!

 Sara comes into the living room with a plate of sliced fruit and sees Li Tian with a satisfied smile on his face, “CEO Li, I cut up some fruit for you.”  He looks like he just won the lottery..haha.. When the CEO smiles he really is a very handsome man.

  Li Tian’s phone rings and he walks out of the living room without saying a word. Watching him leave Sara sets down the fruit on the coffee table. Rubbing her temples because she suddenly has a throbbing headache her voice sounds weak,“Kang Mingshun when the CEO gets back will you tell him I am tired and went to lay down.”

  Outside on the patio Li Tian’s face turns black listening to his grandfather. Unable to restrain his pent up anger he throws the glass of whisky smashing it against the brick wall. “Grandfather, I told you I am not taking Long An to the Charity Event. I don’t care if Remy Cadieux expects me to attend with my fiancee, I have plans tonight.”

I’m Fine

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  Li Tian’s vein bulges on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”

  “ Right now? I am leaning over Song Sara gazing at her beautiful flawless face while she sleeps.”

  “You little shit, do you want to die?”

 “This isn’t China bro, haha..you have no power here and my surname is Cadieux.”

  “If you are still in my woman’s hospital room when I arrive you will see..” Li Tian angrily hangs up, “Speed up. I need to get to the hospital!” Fucking little prick! I will gouge the freak’s crazy eyes out!

  Leo hangs up the phone then sits on the edge of Sara’s bed. He isn’t sure why he cares but for some inexplicable reason he wants to protect Sara. He gently touches her stomach. What do you see in that loathsome man? Looking at Sara’s blood test results Leo folds the paper and puts it into his pocket. I don’t think it would be a good idea for the bastard to know you are pregnant. I need to find out more information before I make any decisions.

   An Indian doctor comes into the room. The nurse said the patient’s brother was inside the room but he never expected the man to be Leo Cadieux “You are Miss Song’s brother?” The patient’s last name is Song. He looks at Leo, his facial features are similar to the patient but I have never heard of Remy Cadieux having a daughter..only his socialite stepdaughter Lois.

 The Indian doctor looks at his watch, “Do you have any questions?”

 “No. But I have a request. Do not allow non-family members to visit. I don’t want my sister upset. I would like her to peacefully rest and recover. I have called for my personal bodyguards to come to prevent any disruptive visitors but before they arrive I can only rely on your security guards.”

  The Indian doctor arches his eyebrow. I can assume he means CEO Li. Well in France the Cadieux family wields a great deal of power. If it were China I would need to refuse. “I will let them know.”

  “My family will show our appreciation at the hospital fundraiser next week.”

   The Indian doctor has had a long day and after dealing with Li Tian earlier he decides Leo seems more reasonable. He also doesn’t want to upset a member of the Cadieux family. “After looking at the x rays your sister doesn’t have any bone damage. The CAT scan was normal. Miss Song should wake up soon but she needs to stay overnight for observation. The contusions on her back are rather severe so she will be uncomfortable for about a week. I will prescribe an anti inflammatory drug to reduce the swelling. Also there is a long shallow cut on the middle of her back from the impact. So additionally I prescribed an ointment that is quite effective in preventing any scarring.”

  “ Merci.”

 “I will put in the order now.”  He leaves the room and sighs wearily while slowly walking to the nurses’ desk thankful his shift is almost over for the day.

    Leo picks up a bottle of water from a side table then lays down on the couch stretching his long legs out. After he fixes the red and white accent pillow behind his head he twists the cap off the water. I wish I could see the look on that asshole’s face when they say he can’t visit Song Sara. He gulps down the water then takes out his phone to call Alexandre.

  Before he can dial the number his phone rings, “Leo, you need to return to the mansion immediately.” 

Leo takes the wrapper off a piece of peppermint candy. “I’m busy.”

 “This isn’t a request.” Remy stares at a middle aged man sitting across from him. The man has his head lowered and is sweating profusely while twisting his fingers around an empty cylinder.

 “Who are you to order me?”

 “I am your father!”

 “I recall the last family meeting you kicked me out.”

 “ If you don’t come you will regret it.”

“Haha..you dare threaten me old man?”

 “Listen Leo, I know we have had our problems but you are still my son. I had no choice at the time, I was being pressured by the Board after your reckless and violent  behavior at University. If I didn’t distance myself from the situation our stocks would have plummeted and our reputation would have suffered. I was planning on waiting until the whole mess blew over to bring you back. If you want to remain heir to Cadieux Enterprises you need to help me solve this problem.”

 “I really could give a rat’s ass about being your heir old man. I want three million euros deposited to my account for me to make the trip over to the mansion. Make sure your bitch and her daughter are not there or I turn around and leave. When I solve the problem I want another five million deposited.” He finishes the water and sits up on the couch, “Agreed?”

  His father Remy swallows his saliva, Ungrateful little fuck! then resentfully spits out, “Oui.”

  Leo puts his phone in his pocket and walks over to Sara. Confident he can solve his father’s problem, he smiles as he tenderly touches the blanket covering Sara’s stomach. Leo doesn’t need the money but enjoys make his despicable father pay when he needs his help just to aggravate him. Leo’s strange eyes shine, Song Sara,I will give you and your baby the eight million so you can leave that cold bastard. Leo feels certain that Li Tian would force Sara to have an abortion if he was aware of the pregnancy and she would never kill her child.

  As Leo exits Sara’s room his bodyguards are walking down the hallway. He gives them instructions not to allow anyone to enter her room. Leo raises the corner of his mouth as he presses the elevator button thinking about Li Tian’s reaction when he is not allowed to see Song Sara. The elevator door opens and Li Tian steps out along with Kang Mingshun. Leo laughs as he passes them while entering the elevator, he has a mischievous smile,“Think of the devil and he will appear..hahaha.”

  Li Tian is curious why Leo is leaving. He turns to confront him but the elevator door closes. Li Tian looks towards the hallway, “Fuck him…it is good the little shit is leaving. I need to find out if Sara is pregnant.” He rushes to the nurse’s station. The nurse looks up from the computer, “Can I help you?”

  “Yes. I want to know the results of Song Sara’s blood test.”

  “Can I see your identification?”

 Li Tian takes out his ID and hands it over the counter.

  The woman’s friendly attitude changes, her friend Michelle told her before she ended her shift about the patient and her abusive relationship with this man. Also, she met Leo who reinforced the idea that Li Tian caused Song Sara to have mental health issues. The nurse sneers but her tone remains polite, “I’m sorry Sir, the patient is not allowed visitors other than family.” 

  Li Tian’s face blackens and the temperature drops below freezing surrounding him. No wonder that fucking asshole Leo had a smug expression on his face when he was leaving. He softens his tone. “I am Miss Song’s fiance. I’m sure she would want to see me.”

  “The patient hasn’t awakened or she could give verbal permission. As of now I have instructions from the doctor not to allow any visitors.”

  “Let me speak to the doctor.”

  “Dr. Patel has left for the day.”

  Li Tian is ready to explode, first I couldn’t get answers from the nurse I paid off now the goddamn doctor has left for the day! Fuck it! He angrily takes long strides down the hallway to Sara’s room followed by Kang Mingshun. The nurse calls security then hurries down the hall after them. Frightened by his terrifying aura she stutters, “ Stop! Stop right there! You can’t..you aren’t allowed to see the patient.”

  The two men outside Sara’s room block Li Tian and Kang Mingshun from entering.Pushed to his limit Li Tian loses his mind grabbing one of the muscular bodyguards pulling him away from the door. Kang Mingshun has the other man with his arm twisted behind his back. Suddenly Li Tian is hit in the head from behind by a security guard. Kang Mingshun lets go of the man he is holding to pick up Li Tian slumped on the floor.A female doctor sees the confrontation and hurries down the hallway. “Are you crazy! This is a hospital!”

  Li Tian holds the back of his head, “Is this the way you run a hospital? Allowing gangsters to assault visitors?”

  The doctor isn’t aware of the situation but she can recognize the fact the cost of the man’s clothes and watch could pay her salary for a year. What is going on? 

   Sara woke up and was drinking water when she heard the commotion outside her room. Is that the CEO?  She hurries to the door and when she opens it her blue eyes widen, Li Tian is holding the back of his head  and is surrounded by several security guards. Sara weakly says, “CEO Li.. what happened.”

   He sneers at Leo’s men and the security guard then through clenched teeth he growls,“Sara, tell them you want me to come into your room.”

  Sara has a bewildered expression, what is he talking about? “Ah..sure..he is my Boss… he can come in.”

   Li Tian walks into the room and Kang Mingshun doesn’t know whether to follow or stand outside. He decides it would be prudent to wait outside. The doctor and the security guards leave and only Leo’s bodyguards remain. The three of them stand motionless staring at each other.

  Inside Sara’s room she holds onto his arm, “CEO Li how did you get hurt? Let me see.”

  It is nothing, get back in bed. What are you doing up?”


  He wants to know if she is pregnant, being in the dark has been driving him crazy. “Sara, did the doctor tell you the results of your test?”

  She sits on the couch next to him. “I overheard the doctor when I was waking up. I’m fine.” He was talking to Leo Cadieux. I have no idea why he was here. I pretended to be asleep because then Leo was on a call with his father and it was intense. I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

  ??? What the hell does that mean ‘I’m fine’? I’m fine, I’m pregnant? I’m fine, I’m not pregnant.


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  Satisfied, Ronaldo zips up his pants then reaches into his desk drawer, “Get out.”

   Diana quickly pulls up her dress over her sticky breasts then grabs the money Ronaldo tossed onto the floor. As she bends over he slaps her fat ass, “Tell Laren to come.”

  Laren is pouring a cup of coffee when Diana walks over to him. Gripping onto her hard earned cash in one hand and rubbing her sore breast with the other she says, “Asshole, the Boss wants you.”

  He stirs the coffee and looks at Diana with a contemptuous expression responding, “It’s Mr. McGowen to you, whore.” Laren taunts Diana, “You should change, your shift starts in ten minutes.”

  Diana looks down at her stained blue dress, Dammit this dress cost me a week’s worth of tips. She composes herself and shoves the euros into her bra. She has a malicious smile on her pretty face, “ I always keep an extra dress in my locker. The Boss is very..umm.. potent.” Diana unexpectedly grabs Laren’s crotch. “The Boss said he is ready for you next handsome boy, did you bring an extra set of clothes?” She sways her hips as she struts across the room then winks at a gangster who is grinning watching them from the side.

  Laren’s face turns pale, he has only been working for Ronaldo for two weeks during which he witnessed both men and women leaving Ronaldo’s office in a sorry state. No fucking way..I’m a fucking Treasury agent not a goddamn male prostitute. Coffee splashes on the floor as his hand holding the coffee cup shakes while he apprehensively walks back to his desk. He sits at his neatly arranged desk shuffling through some papers. Fucking pervert! I will act as though I didn’t get the message. I hate this fucking face of mine! I am too damn good looking. Last job the crazy bitch couldn’t keep her hands off me..now Ronaldo.. hell no..I am insisting Vince replace me when I report back. If I can get some good pictures of Ronaldo and Li Tian that should suffice with the money and black market artifact. I know the department wanted the old woman but fuck..

  Ronaldo looks at his watch. Li Tian should arrive soon. He scratches his balls. Well.. it will be cut and dried since the old woman backed off. Where the hell is the new assistant?

  Several SUVs and a black Maybach pull into the parking lot of Ronaldo’s Gentleman’s Club. Ronaldo insisted on cash payment so Kang Mingshun and another bodyguard take four large black canvas bags containing neat bundles of money out of the trunk. Surrounded by twelve armed bodyguards Li Tian confidently approaches the door. Looking at a security monitor a greasy looking gangster snacking on peanuts says, “Tell the Boss Li Tian is here.”

  A short man with long blond hair knocks on Ronaldo’s office door. “Boss the buyer is here.”

 “Let him in.”

 A buzzer goes off and the heavy wooden door opens. Kang Mingshun walks in first and Li Tian follows along with his elite group of bodyguards surrounding him. Ronaldo’s bodyguards and a few random gangsters are assembled in the deserted bar lined up with their hands on their guns.

Li Tian smirks as they walk through the luxurious room past a stage equipped with stripper poles. Looking at the empty black iron cages hanging down from the wall, opulent red velvet couches and crystal chandeliers he shakes his head. For a man with two Doctorates and a family of scholars Ronaldo’s taste really is base and vulgar.

   Ronaldo comes out of his office and saunters over to the group of men. “Let’s sit in the Club and have a drink. I haven’t seen you since last year.” Li Tian knows Ronaldo has thin skin and doesn’t refuse. He glances down at Ronaldo who is a head shorter than him, the slovenly bastard’s office last time I came was full of trash and disgusting… this room is at least clean.

Ronaldo motions to a man by the bar to turn on the lights. Several beautiful naked women are illuminated on the stage who begin gyrating to rock music, sliding up and down the poles provocatively. A topless woman brings over a tray with two drinks, Ronaldo hands Li Tian a glass of whisky. “As I recall Tian you prefer Scotch. This is Sixty Year Old Macallan.” He has a charming smile on his devilishly handsome face, “I stole it from Grandfather after he called me a useless degenerate.”

“…” Li Tian has a sip, “Very smooth.”

Li Tian’s bodyguards are not distracted by the naked women and stay focused on Ronaldo and his men. Ronaldo’s highly trained guards can feel the oppression coming from Li Tian’s formidable looking men. They are relieved the two men are talking in an amiable fashion because they are unsure if they would survive if a battle broke out between the two factions.

   Li Tian is anxious to get back to Sara,. He impatiently says, “Let’s do it. Where is the sword.”

   “The money?”

  Kang Mingshun opens the bags for Ronaldo to see the cash. Ronaldo nods his head and one of his guards leaves the room. He gulps down a shot of tequila then sucks on a lime, “I am having an Underground auction in Shenshuan next month of the remaining treasures.”

  “Ronaldo, robbing a tomb…aren’t you worried the artifacts are cursed?”

   Ronaldo crosses his long legs and then snorts a line of cocaine from the glass table, “I don’t believe in that shit. If you do… why are you buying the sword?”

 “I told you it isn’t for me.” Li Tian isn’t happy he was forced to obtain the artifact from Ronaldo to secure the land deal. He sarcastically quips, “If that bastard is cursed all the better.”

 Ronaldo is high and he laughs, “You are a cold son of a bitch. Isn’t the man your associate?”

  Li Tian twirls his jade ring on his long slender finger, “So. It is a mutual exchange for benefits nothing more. He has something I want when I acquire the sword I have something he wants.”

   Laren brings the sheathed black sword to Ronaldo who lays it on the glass table in front of Li Tian. “If you ask me it is an ugly piece of shit.” He uses a razor blade to line up the coke, “You don’t know what you are missing this is straight from a Colombian drug lord’s private stash.”

Li Tian raises his eyebrow, “You should slow down. Isn’t your grandfather expecting you to attend the charity event at Alexandre’s tonight?”

Ronaldo’s eyes are glassy and his heart is racing from the cocaine. “Fuck me! I forgot about that boring obligation. Lois complained to Grandfather I have been ignoring her lately, so I need to be her escort.”

“I thought you were trying to get out of that marriage contract.”

“Well, I do have evidence that proves Lois is screwing Phillipe. But, I am waiting for the right time to expose the cunning little slut to my grandfather. The senile old fart still thinks Lois is the same sweet girl who would come to our family’s villa by the sea in the Summer.”

While Ronaldo is talking Li Tian stares at the dull looking sheath on the table with a complicated expression. He picks it up then pulls out the long black sword.  Previously he had only seen pictures which made the sword appear unremarkable. He recognizes the intricate carving of a fierce Black Dragon, the carving is nearly invisible because the hilt itself is black as obsidian. This type of ancient sword would be coated with poison and used by the Black Dragon Assassins in the Jianghu. They were extremely feared because of their lethal poisons and martial art skills. Additionally, only the Divine Doctors of the Black Dragon Clan had the antidotes. Li Tian read the members of the clan were immune to over a thousand poisons. Interesting.. It makes sense… Qiao Rui is a doctor… I can see him wanting to add this unique artifact to his weapons collection. Many myths and legends surround this ancient Tianshu Black Dragon sword. 

 “Ronaldo, you said the artifacts were found in a Warlord’s tomb?” Li Tian was busy at the time and didn’t pay attention to the conversation on the phone.

  “Chou Ji works for Grandfather’s antique business… the Shanghai location.” He sneezes, “You know my grandfather he has a stick up his ass and would never accept any antiquities that were questionable. So when Chou Ji made this discovery he called me. At first I didn’t want to fuck with it… I don’t know shit about Chinese artifacts and if my grandfather found out he would disown me. Anyway..” Ronaldo leans back on the couch as he smokes a joint, “Chou didn’t want to deal with anyone in China. He said those ruthless Chinese motherf****rs would feed him to the dogs and take the treasure. He said if I could offer him protection he would split the profit 60/40. When Chou told me he thought the treasure could be worth close to a billion I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Damn this BC bud is..”, cough cough.. He holds out the tightly rolled joint. “Take a hit man, you are always so fucking tense.”

   “…” Li Tian ignores Ronaldo, “Why are you having an auction in Shenshuan?”

 “The bulk of the goddamn treasure is still hidden in China. The auction…well… long story I have no fuckin choice.” A big breasted blonde woman pours Ronaldo another shot of tequila. After he slams it down his face is flushed red. “Fuck..I am so fuckin high..FUCK! He hooks his finger in the half naked woman’s thong pulling her down onto the red velvet couch then motions to her twin sister to come over.

 Li Tian gives Ronaldo a look as he abruptly stands up. Ronaldo is wedged between the two blondes with his arms around them and his hands resting on their bare breasts. He knows Li Tian has a cleanliness fetish so he teases him, “Stay and enjoy. These Swedish twins are both virgins.” 

   Li Tian picks up the sword, “Let me know the details of the auction. If I have time I will come.”

Ronaldo doesn’t answer as one of the women gets on her knees between his legs and her twin sister is kissing his neck.

  Li Tian  leaves followed by his bodyguards. Once he is in the car he makes a call, “ I obtained the sword when do you want to meet?”

  Qiao Rui is sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce Phantom texting his girlfriend when he gets the call. “Bring the sword and paperwork to my chateau tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock. I will send you the address.” He hangs up and smiles when he sees the cute emojis his girlfriend Feng LiMei sent. It is worth taking a loss on that property outside Catang City to get the Tianshu Dragon Sword. I will need to make arrangements as soon as we get back to Pushong City to go to the Washu Mountains.

  Li Tian calls the hospital anxious to find out if Sara is pregnant with his child. Nurse Lavigne is off duty and her replacement answers the phone. “Chevrelle Hospital Fifteenth floor may I help you?”

 “I want to know if the blood test results are back for Song Sara.”

 “May I ask who is calling?”

 “CEO Li. Is this Nurse Lavigne?”

 “No she left for the day. Are you a relative of Miss Song’s? You will need to come into the hospital, we don’t give patient information over the phone.”

  Li Tian grips his hand on the phone. The bitch left without calling me with the results after she took my fucking money! “Is Miss Song awake?”

   “I can’t give any information over the phone.”

  “Can you connect me to her room.”

   “Yes. Please hold.”

   The phone rings and rings, Li Tian is about to hang up when a man answers, “ Oui, Allo.”

   Li Tian’s vein bulge on his neck and his face turns black when he hears the man’s familiar voice, “LEO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN SONG SARA’S ROOM?!!?!”

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