Internet Cafe Part 1

   After an uneventful dinner Shizi is relieved as he walks towards his bedroom. He knits his eyebrows together, I need to think of an excuse so I can go to the internet cafe.  He has his chance when his father calls him to come to the living room.  

    Shizi’s father, Fan Zhang is a building supply salesman and travels frequently on business trips. He is strict with Shizi because he wants him to have a better life. Go to a good University and find a reliable job. If  Fan Zhang doesn’t make his monthly quota of sales the company cuts his salary and threatens on a regular basis to have him replaced. He worries about providing for his family and has anger issues because of the stress he is under at work. 

   “Ji, I got a call from the school.”

   Shizi’s first reaction is to panic; he did have a confrontation with his math teacher on Monday. He nervously runs his fingers through his ink black hair, “Dad..I can…”

   “Son, it is impolite to interrupt how many times have I told you.” Shizi’s father is holding in his anger because of the phone call from the school.

   “Sorry Dad.”

   “As I was saying I got a call from the school on my way back from the airport.The principal, Mr. Hong told me you have been selected as the representative to the Math Competition in Catang City.. He also complimented you on your dedication to community service and as a class leader. “

   Shizi forgot the Principal called him into his stuffy office to discuss some Math Competition. Dad looks excited I hope the Mr. Hong didn’t tell him I refused to go and recommended Ming Wei.

   He detects a slight smile on his father’s usually frozen in anger face and decides to reconsider and represent the school. Although it sounds terminally boring...I could. Maybe there is a cash prize. Tomorrow I will tell the old fart Mr. Hong that I will go to Catang City. I have never been there.

    “Why didn’t you tell me that you are ranked first in your class?”

   “They posted on Monday and you were in Shanghai.”

   “Keep up the good work.” 

     “Dad, I have a report due tomorrow. Can I go to the library?”

   “Be home at 9:30, not a minute later. Take the trash out when you leave.”

   “Yes Dad.”

    Shizi runs into his bedroom and grabs his backpack then goes to the kitchen to get the trash. He impulsively hugs his petite mother who is doing the dishes. She laughs, “Ji! What are you doing?”

   “I’m just happy.”

    He takes the garbage  and as he walks through the living room he smiles at his father, “Thanks Dad.”

   Fan Zhang looks up from the newspaper in his hands and nods. He stares at his handsome son’s dazzling smile. I can’t remember the last time the kid had a genuine smile when he looked at me. He has grown into a very handsome and smart young man. He chuckles thinking, Ji looks  just like his stunning mother… the school goddess back in the day. Ji has her beautiful Peach Blossom eyes, fair skin and red lips. The only thing the boy inherited from me is my height.  

   Shizi jumps down the stairs three at a time and is humming a song as he leaves the apartment building. He is itching to get on the computer at the internet cafe and start the search for Song Sara. 

He walks through the parking lot and tosses the garbage into the dumpster. Once he is on the sidewalk he jogs down the street. He stops at the convenience store on the corner for a soda and notices there are no thugs hanging around.

   Shizi enters the store and gets a bottle of Coke then walks to the counter. The teenager behind the counter is jumping up and down in excitement. Dong Heng has been waiting to tell one of his buddies what happened an hour ago. He was getting thoroughly depressed because no one he knew came into the store.

Dong Heng spits saliva as he exclaims, “Ji aren’t going to believe what happened…Ugly Fu’s gang got run out of here by some badass looking men. . Bro! You should have seen these guys.. two black Limited Edition Mercedes SUVs pulled up in front and the men that got out looked like…fuck…like they were out of a goddamn movie. Seriously fuckin scary looking fuckers…not one shorter than 190cm and each one built like Mt. Tai.”

      Shizi opens the Coke while he is listening and the awestruck teenager continues the story.

“ I was watching at the window, Ugly Fu and the whole gang were bowing and I swear their fucking legs were shaking. Bro! Next thing you know Ugly Fu and his gang pick up all the beer bottles and shit on the sidewalk. When they finished they scurried away like a bunch of cockroaches when the lights came on..So unbelievably cool!”

   Shizi grabs a bag of spicy pork rinds and puts 15 yuan on the counter.He rips opens the bag and puts one in his mouth. After he swallows he says, “Did you hear who sent them?”

  “No. I didn’t want to be too conspicuous so I stayed inside. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Big Fu and the rest of those morons looked scared as shit.”

  “These pork rinds are stale. I’m heading to the internet cafe… I gotta go.”


  Shizi thinks it can’t be a coincidence…Mr. Li sent them to get rid of the scum…he is serious about buying the apartment building. But shouldn’t he wait until he makes the purchase? I need to find Song Sara.

   He tosses the empty snack bag and bottle into the trash then stretches his long legs and runs to the internet cafe.

   Once he is inside the cafe he walks to the counter. A pretty girl with short purple hair is chewing gum. She  quickly spits the gum out into the trash when she sees him approaching. Gazing at him her eyes are sparkling,“Shizi, I’ve missed you.” She pouts, “ Did you find another cafe?”

   “I have been busy.” He looks around, “Is Skinny Pei here?”

  “No. He went to the barbeque stall down the street to eat. Should be back soon.”

He looks at her with puppy dog eyes, “Ahh…he usually gives me a discount. I guess I’ll come back.”

   She doesn’t hesitate, “I can do it! I’m the Assistant Manager now. Is 30% discount good?”

   He smiles, “Wow! Congratulations.” Shizi reluctanly admits, “Skinny Pei only gives me 15% discount.”

Mimi wrinkles her nose, hope he doesn’t yell at me..Uncle Pei is so cheap only 15%? “It’s fine. I already rang it in and don’t know how to void a transaction.”

    Shizi hands her the money, “Thanks then. Two hours.” 

    When he touches her hand Assistant Manager Mimi’s heart flutters, OMG… Shizi is so damn handsome. “Go to Number 15 it is brand new.”

    Shizi finds the computer and sits down. He cracks his knuckles and begins typing. First…umm… I should hack into the cameras in the hospital. Mr. Li said she was there for a check up around eleven.

    After ten minutes he accesses the hospital’s security cameras and smiles. Okay, seventh floor. He said she was on the seventh floor. 

    A friend spots him and sneaks up then taps him on the shoulder. Fan Ji is startled and turns around, “What the hell! Asshole!”

    Shorty leans over and stares at the computer, “What are you doing?”

   “Fuck off. Don’t disturb me, I’m working.”

  “Whatever man. I thought you could join us for a game.”

  “Not tonight. This is important.”

    After Shorty leaves he brings up the footage but the screen is black. Huh? He types in a series of numbers and stares at the still black screen with a perplexed expression. Nothing. He tries another method and has the same result. Someone erased the footage? He decides to check another floor and there are people walking out of the elevator… down the hallway… checking in at the front desk. He taps a pen on a pad he has next to the computer .This is what the seventh floor should look like…some activity anyway.

   He mutters to himself, ”Okay…shit of course…the lobby.”

   His fingers fly across the keyboard and  he kicks back in the chair, “Another fucking black screen!” Who is this woman anyway!” Mr. Li is obviously a very powerful man and unable to find this chick. Considering his resources it should have been a slam dunk. Someone equally or more powerful is preventing him. 

   After an hour of searching for a way to locate Song Sara, he is beginning to see why no one can find the woman. She is like a goddamn ghost!

  Mimi has been watching him while leaning on the counter. I think Shizi’s ‘I’m so serious face’ is even cuter than when he smiles and his Peach Blossom eyes bend into a crescent shape. Mimi secretly takes a picture of him on her brand new iPhone. When she looks at the quality of the picture she worth eating instant noodles every day to pay for it. She hugs her phone to her chest. 

  Skinny Pei walks in and sees Shizi on his brand new computer. He is a fat..very fat man, his plaid shirt barely covers his belly and the buttons look like they will burst open at any given moment. He is wheezing as he stomps over to the counter. He growls, “Mimi! Stinky brat! I told you Computer 15 is for my personal use. If Auntie didn’t insist you work here I would fire you!”

   “Little Uncle, I’m sorry but the other computers that were available were crappy. You don’t want one of our best customers to go somewhere else do you? He is so handsome and popular, he looks like an Immortal that has come down to the mortal world! Shizi attracts a lot of business.” She points to a group of  teenage girls that keep staring at him. “His friends come here too to play games. Look on the right side. If he went somewhere else we would lose business.”

   “Yeah I guess you are right.” He burps and Mimi covers her nose, “Gross!” Skinny Pei burps again and looks at Shizi. “The kid is really something. He could be a fucking Idol if he wanted. That’s why I give him a discount. But, little girl, don’t you dare let any other one of these brats use number 15 after he leaves. He burps again, “You got it?”

   Mimi is holding her nose as she responds, “Yes, Uncle Pei.”

He lights a cigar and the smoke chokes Mimi, “Keke…Keke..”.Honestly! She waves her hand in front of her pretty face as she steps back, “Little Uncle, you really should stop smoking and eat better you are only thirty! How are you ever going to find a girlfriend!” The prime of your life and you look and smell like a crusty old man!

He blows out a smoke ring and laughs, “With my money of course!”

Mimi shakes her head as she wipes off the barbeque sauce on his shirt with a wet cloth that she was using to clean the counter. Muttering in a very low voice as she walks to greet a customer, “Uncle Pei I love you… but you are sadly delusional… you own one shitty internet cafe that Grandpa gave you the money to open.”

Skinny Pei burps again, “What was that?”

Mimi hurries towards the customer, “Nothing…nothing.”


Where Is Chen Emmi?

Zhen Sihao and Fang Hua are standing under spotlights on the stage with Zhou Guo. When the wedding date is announced by Zhou Gao, all eyes are focused on the them. People are applauding and Fang Hua is beaming. The corner of Zhen Sihao’s mouth twitches but he restrains the urge to rip the microphone from his father’s hand and refuse the marriage.

  Suddenly the large screen on the wall behind them used for presentations lights up. People gasp and several men cover their wives eyes so they don’t see the lewd scene. The luxurious room has gaudy clothes strewn everywhere and a stylish red designer gown ripped to shreds.

There are three people on a large bed. An obese woman with messy black hair has her head between the thighs of a curvaceous red haired woman. The red haired woman who has her legs spread is licking her lips and drooling.

Peng Hua is completely out of her mind from the hallucinogenic aphrodisiac. Begging a naked man whose body is covered in tattoos her voice is raspy and full of lust. “Give it to me! I want it!”

   The man is grinning exposing two gold front teeth as he teases the red haired woman. Holding his hardness in front of her face while spewing obscenities. She is writhing on the bed her incoherent pleading intermingled with lascivious moans from pleasure.

The fat woman is playing with her body and Peng Hua has her long red fingernails digging into her fleshy back. 

Peng Hua’s body is on fire and she needs to taste a man. She raises her voice to admonish then coax him. “Bastard! Motherf**cker..don’t tease me! I will make you feel good if you let me suck your big ****. Or fuck me..yes..fuck me with that fat ****.”

  Chen Chloe’s eyes are riveted on the screen, the woman on the bed isn’t Chen Emmi..but..Peng Hua? She breaks out into a cold sweat and clutches the sides of her dress. Oh my god!  Chen Emmi must have been rescued by her Underworld Boss boyfriend… That could be me! 

  Although the deranged woman’s face can’t clearly be seen, Old Man Peng is horrified when he recognizes his daughter’s voice. “STOP! TURN THAT OFF NOW!”  How could this happen? Where are her goddamn bodyguards? Disregarding the fact his actions reveal who the unidentified woman is he charges to the back of the stage. “Pull the goddamn plug now!” 

   The man he is yelling at is half asleep in a chair. He opens his eyes and doesn’t recognize Peng Mo. He stands up and scratches his head, “What is going on? I can’t do that without permission.”

   Peng Mo’s bodyguard bends the technician’s arm behind his back. If he used anymore strength the man’s arm would break.“Do it”

  The technician screams, AHH…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??”

  Han Weisheng rushes into the room, “Let him go.”

  He walks over and rips a cord from the wall and Peng Mo vents his anger on Han Weisheng. “Is this how you run your fucking hotel? I will fucking sue you!”

  Han Weisheng is smart enough to easily figure out what happened and he replies, “Mr. Peng. Your daughter is an adult and from the video..well it appears the sex was consensual. It is not the hotel’s responsibility. If you want to locate your daughter you can go to the security room and find out the room number. If she was plotted against, I will cooperate with the investigation in any way I can.”

   Peng Mo storms out of the room to go to the security room.

   Meanwhile, the people in the Ballroom are stunned. Zhou Gao observes the speechless and apalled expressions of the guests and wants to explode in anger. Furious that his well planned joyous announcement has been overshadowed by the pornographic images projected on the wall screen. He inwardly curses the person responsible vowing to destroy their entire family.

   Zhen Sihao has a strange expression, he can’t take the chance to anger his father at this point but he is worried about Chen Emmi. She was looking for Liu Ling who is the crazy woman in the video’s ex boyfriend. He can only deduce something went wrong with the poisonous woman’s plan to design Liu Ling and Chen Emmi. Are they together?

  He walks over to his father and calmly says, “I participated in this farce now I’m leaving. I expect you to hold up your end of the agreement.” 

  Fang Hua is in shock. It should be Chen Emmi not Peng Hua in that crazed state! What..what went wrong! She was so sure of herself when I saw her in the garden…thank god I had no part in it. She watches Zhen Sihao leave knowing he is going to look for Chen Emmi.

   She sees Zhou Gao is fuming, she walks over and bows, “Uncle, thank you. I’m sorry this happy moment turned out this way.”

   He feels a little sorry for Fang Hua, she has always been an obedient girl and probably deserves a better man than my cold son. But, I need the cooperation of the Fang family.  “Disregarding the unfortunate disruption marring this happy occasion…the announcement is made. The wedding will be held as planned.”

   She smiles prettily, “I will be a good wife for Sihao.”

   Zhen Sihao sees Han Weisheng coming out of the room behind the stage. “I want to see the security footage.”

   Han Weisheng raises an eyebrow. “Worried about your little songbird?”

   “So you figured it out too. Peng Hua wanted to ruin Liu Ling for revenge and was going to use Chen Emmi. But somehow her plan backfired and she was the one with her reputation shattered.I want to know where the little girl is and if she is safe. Then I will deal with that bitch Peng Hua.”

   They walk towards the security room and Han Weisheng replies, “If I know Old Man Peng, the crazy bitch will be shipped off to a mental hospital to avoid the publicity. Of course if he doesn’t kill her himself for pulling this stunt at such a critical juncture. Peng Pharmaceuticals is in a downward spiral because of an investigation. The stocks have been dropping steadily.”

  When they reach the security room Peng Mo and his two bodyguards are rushing out. He glares at Han Weisheng as he passes them, “If any of what happened leaks out I will hold the hotel responsible.”

  Han Weisheng smirks, “As I said before if you need the hotel’s cooperation in a criminal investigation we will oblige. I have no control on guests gossiping.”

  Peng Mo shakes his fist and spits out, “You bastard! Your father and I went to University together! You can’t do me one favor?”

  “You are wasting time. Shouldn’t you find your daughter?”

  He hurries down the hallway muttering under his breath and Han Weisheng laughs, “Bringing up his relationship with my father doesn’t have one good word to say about that fat fuck.”

   When they enter the security room Han Weisheng motions to the security guard to leave. If Chen Emmi was comprimised in any way and the man witnesses it ..well… The aura surrounding Zhen Sihao is very dark.

  Han Weisheng sits down in the seat the security guard just vacated.”You say you last saw the little songbird in the garden?”


  “The monitoring out there only extends slightly past the patio.’ He pulls up the security footage as Zhen Sihao leans his tall body over his shoulder for a better look.


   The images show Zhen Sihao pulling Emmi into the shadows then nothing… Fang Hua approaching…him talking to Fang Hua…Emmi running away. Not towards the hotel entrance but towards the garden.

Zhen Sihao’s face contorts in anger when the next images are Peng Hua walking towards the hotel from the garden and stopping to talk to Fang Hua. Zhen Sihao clenches his jaw, “If that bitch had any part in this..she is fucking going to pay.”

  Han Weisheng says, “Don’t make any snap judgments. Fang Hua has known Peng Hua since we were all children. She of course would stop and talk. Now they are walking into the Ballroom. No sign of Chen Emmi.”

  “I am going to look in the garden.”

 “Wait. Let’s look at the outside of the hotel. Didn’t you say she wanted to leave?” He points to the dark area where he pressed Emmi against the wall. “She could have gone through this door that leads to a hallway to the storage area. There is an exit.”

  “Bring it up.”

   Zhen Sihao slams his hand on the back of the chair, “Right there. Freeze it.”

  Bai Cai is coming from the back of the hotel carrying someone in his arms. The woman’s face can’t be seen but the beautiful and unique dress is easily recognized.

Watching as Bai Cai gets into the backseat of a black Maybach with the petite woman he can barely contain his jealous rage. Staring at the monitor with cold blooded eyes tinged with red, similar to eyes from Hell, Zhen Sihao growls, “I WILL KILL THAT MOTHERF***ER!” 

   Han Weisheng hurriedly stands up and grabs Zhen Sihao’s arm as he heads for the door. “You need to calm down. Don’t go off half don’t know the situation. She is his sister’s friend. Maybe he discovered Chen Emmi in a bad situation and rescued the little girl. Don’t you think that would explain Peng Hua ending up in the room instead of Chen Emmi? He definitely could make that happen.” Bai Cai isn’t the type of man to play hero saving the Beauty.

   Zhen Sihao thinks that could be the case but he is still upset wasn’t the one to rescue Emmi. Seeing his little woman in another man’s arms he is consumed by jealousy and possessiveness.He reaches into his pocket for a cigarette to calm his frayed nerves. “Bai Cai knows Chen Emmi is my woman. Why not find me?”

  “ were on the stage announcing your wedding date…” Han Weisheng wants to laugh at his friend’s lack of self awareness. “Call Bai Cai.”

Drive Faster!

   Maisie takes out her phone and calls Bai Cai. He steps away from his sister to answer the phone. “What’s the situation?”

    Bai Cai attempts to suppress his dark energy as he listens to Maisie. Several people around him begin to shiver and their legs feel weak from his suffocating aura. He hurries towards the exit facing the garden and narrows his eyes dangerously. “Tell her bodyguards to take that woman to the designated room and inject her with the drug…have Madam Yvette send a man and a woman to accompany the scheming bitch on her ride to hell. I will be right there.”

   He storms out the door and Bai Meilin turns to her brother Chenxi. He has been using all his internal energy to shield her from the fierce killing intent being emitting from Bai Cai’s body, “Where is Elder Brother going in such a hurry?”

   Bai Chenxi could feel the  pitch black darkness surrounding his brother and thinks, whoever made Cai angry won’t meet a good end.

  “I have no idea. Do you want to sit? I see our table is over there.”

  She glances around the Ballroom looking for Emmi.  “Well, I guess.” Chen Emmi must be with her boyfriend.

    Maisie tells Big Hu the plan and gives the syringe back to him and a card from her purse. “After you complete the task go to 1020 Gingko Blvd.,give the man at the door this card.”

   Big Hu is a bit skeptical as to whether he should follow this woman’s orders. Humiliating and destroying Peng Hua? He looks at the ordinary white card with simple black lettering he doesn’t understand.

    Maisie can read his thoughts looking at his expression, Idiot! “You are now working for CEO Bai.”

   Big Hu’s body quivers in excitement and he quickly bows deeply, pushing his buddy’s shoulder to bow also.

   Maisie senses Bai Cai coming, “Go. Don’t disappoint.”

   The two men rush out of the gazebo. Shortly after they leave, Bai Cai arrives. He has a complicated expression looking at Emmi curled up in a ball on the cushioned couch. Liu Ling is babbling while sitting on the floor and still swinging the shoe in the air. Bai Cai raises his eyebrow remembering his sister said Emmi is close to this man. “Take Professor Liu to Dr. Dong’s lab for treatment.”

  He quickly lifts Emmi limp body into his arms and stretches his long legs out of the gazebo. Maisie frowns watching Bai Cai but leave but comforts herself that Emmi has a boyfriend. The man she was kissing looked powerful from his clothes and domineering aura.

   Once Bai Cai and Emmi are in the backseat of the black Maybach he tells the driver to go his mountain villa. He doesn’t want Bai Meilin to see Emmi in this condition. Emmi is leaning on his shoulder still unconscious and he calls his brother Bai Chuan, “Come to my mountain villa. I have an unconsious woman you need to examine.”


  “Get your  mind out of the gutter. She is a friend of Little Mei’s and was chloroformed at the Winter Ball. I don’t want to worry Little Mei.”

  “Little Mei’s friend? The girl that is helping you deal with your migraines?”


   Bai Chuan walks over to his medical bag and picks it up.That explains my cold and heartless brother rescued the girl. I want to meet this interesting girl…but why was she chloroformed? An enemy of Cai’s?

   After Bai Cai hangs up he looks out the window at the snow falling heavily again. If this keeps up we might get snowed in at the villa.

Gazing at the delicate young girl whose head is on his lap now..should we go to the mansion? No.

Bai Cai’s ink black eyes linger for only a moment on her snow white legs as the chiffon dress rides up exposing her slender calves.

He takes a white cashemere blanket from a compartment and covers Emmi’s thin and fragile body. He is fuming and mutters, “I will make the entire Peng family pay for that evil woman hurting this innocent little girl.”

He has a murderous gleam in his eyes thinking if Maisie hadn’t discovered the plot in time the little girl would be raped by Liu Ling and humilitated.

  Maisie hits Liu Ling’s sleeping accupoint and it has no effect, on the contrary it seems to stimulate him. He grabs Maisie into his tight embrace. She is surprised by the gentle looking man’s strengh as he holds her with only one arm wrapped around her slim waist.

She struggles to get free but he has her securely in an iron grip. Liu Ling’s eyes are unfocused and his voice has a desperate tone.“ You shouldn’t have come. Stay quiet or they will attack you too.”

He continues to randomly slash through the air with his black leather shoe. Maisie’s beautiful face is pressed on his bare chest and she can smell his unique fragrance of sandalwood mixed with a strong masculine scent . She has never been this close to a man and is momentarily stunned.

   Liu Ling whispers in her ear in a low and seductive tone, “Don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

   Liu Ling’s warm breath on her neck makes her body involuntarily quiver and her heart skip a beat.  When she regains her senses she inwardly laughs at her reaction  well…no on has ever said they would protect me…and in such a serious tone as though the imaginary insects are attacking… Idiot! 

  She slaps his face with a great deal of force, “Professor Liu!!”

  He has a hurt expression on his beautiful face, “Do you hate me?”  He suddenly kisses Maisie and she tries to push him but he doesn’t stop. He licks and bites her lips then pries her lips entangling their tongues until she is breathless.

A slight soft moan escapes her lips as the kiss ends. Completely flustered from strange feeling she puts her hand on his neck to strangle him. As she exerts pressure with her fingers he doesn’t resist.

Liu Ling’s voice is faint, “You should kill me.” He looks deeply into her eyes and brushes her messy blonde hair off her face ignoring the fact she is about to squeeze the life out of him. “I failed you.” Maisie  looks at his pitiful state and hmmphs then takes her hand away. 

    Wondering how to subdue him she decides maybe the best way is to enter the play with him and get him to cooperate. She says, “We need to escape.”

   He shakes his head, “There are too many of them. I don’t mind them biting me but if you move they will attack you.”

    “Your coat. Cover me with your coat and”..she bites her lip at how ridiculous this is… “We can escape.”

   He looks at the crumpled coat and nods in agreement. After he puts the coat around Maisie he holds her horizontally and rushes out of the gazebo.

   “…” Maisie’s face is crimson red, the lunatic stole my first kiss now is holding me in a princess carry. How dare he be so frivolous! I must kill him for his impudence!

   She thinks about Bai Cai and resigns herself to the fact she has no choice but to roll with it, “The car is there.”

   As they approach she gives the man dressed in black leaning on the car a look.  The man crushes his cigarette. The tough and independent Miss Maisie is being carried by a man. A man who is disheveled and his shirt is unbuttoned..what the hell!

   He stifles the urge to laugh because form the looks of it …haha..  He opens the back door of the black SUV and Liu Ling gen

carefully puts Maisie on the seat as though she is a previous treasure.

   He gently runs his long slender finger across Maisie’s cheek and his Peach Blossom eyes are full of guilt, “ Oh your beautiful face..I am useless… unable to protect you from those hideous flying monsters.” He lightly kisses her forehead, “Baby, don’t worry..I have medicine at my apartment.”

   Maisie doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She sees the driver looking in the rear view mirror and shoots him a death glare as she puts up the partiton.

She has never comforted anybody and has no idea what to say. Liu Ling’s  dark brown eyes are covered with a layer of mist and she has to look away. Is the beautiful fool going to cry?

   The aprodisiac has not completley kicked in but Liu Ling is beginning to feel uncomfortable. He leans back in the seat and closes his eyes trying to supress his dark desire.

   Maisie can see the tent in his pants and figures the aphrodisiac is starting to take effect. Fucking shit! I am doing my best not to kill this man! If he dares unleash his dragon I will! Let CEO Bai send me to Africa! She growls into the intercom. “Drive faster!”

   The driver replies sarcastically, “Miss Maisie,the roads are very icy and the visibility is low because of the heavy snowfall. Ahh… It might be dangerous.”

  Dangerous? She looks at Liu Ling’s body flushed red and his beautiful sword like eyebrows are furrowed. His peach blossom eyes are tightly shut and his face is contorted in pain. The man is clenching his fists at his side, the blue veins exposed on the back of his jade like hands, obviously trying to control his impulses. She has a crease between her delicate eyebrows staring at the huge thing bulging between his legs quickly rising.


Too Vicious

   Bai Cai is talking to Bai Meilin when he notices Zhen Sihao at the bar slamming down a glass of whisky. He glances around for Chen Emmi then raises an eyebrow questioning Maisie, “You said Chen Emmi was with Zhen Sihao.”

  Bai Meilin has a strange expression, “What? No… Chen Emmi would never be with CEO Zhen, she is afraid of the old man. Maisie, you said she was with her boyfriend. That would be… well I don’t know his name but.. He is very tall and handsome..not old at all.”

  Both of her brothers stare at her and Bai Chenxi teases, “Little Mei, what are you rambling on about.”

  “Well I can’t say why because it is a secret but I know she would definitely avoid CEO Zhen …most definitely.”

  Bai Cai orders Maisie, “Find Chen Emmi.”

  Zhen Sihao shakes his empty glass at the bartender, “Another, a double.” He can’t calm down, after Fang Hua left he turned and Emmi was gone. He looked in the garden but couldn’t find her anywhere. He hurried inside thinking she came back but didn’t see her among the crowd in the Ballroom. 

   He picks up the glass of whisky. After I finish this drink I will go and check the security cameras I need to find the little thing before the marriage date announcement. I don’t want her to discover my identity in such a  shocking manner..especially after kissing the little girl…she will think I am a scumbag. Zhen Sihao tightens his hand on the glass then gulps down the fiery liquid.  Did she locate that bastard Liu Ling? Is she with him?

   Finishing the glass of whisky he angrily takes long strides towards Han Weisheng. “I need to find Chen Emmi.”

   Han Weisheng points to the stage, “Maybe, it is better if your little songbird doesn’t see this.”

   Zhou Gao is on stage and Zhen Sihao takes out his phone, “Is my mother secure?”

   The person that answers laughs, “Your beautiful mother is secure but not with your men. I suggest you do as your father says if you don’t want any misfortune to befall the befuddled woman.”

  Zhen Sihao clenches his jaw and growls, “Wang Boquin! You dare! Why do you have Harry’s phone?”

  “The old fart is tied up right now and couldn’t get to the phone.” Wang Boquin is still very pissed he had to take the blame when the assassins failed to kill Zhen Sihao. Not only didn’t he die but when he resurfaced he was able to fuck with the Zhou Group making a second attempt impossible. How Zhen Sihao got  incriminating recordings of Zhou Gao and him, he has no idea.

  “If you harm my mother in any way I will kill you without leaving your corpse intact.”

  Wang Boquin pushes up his gold rimmed glasses, “Sihao…brother…I grew up in your house and have boundless affection for Auntie. I would never harm the woman…unless your father ordered me…then of course I would have no choice. As you like to remind me I am his loyal dog. Brother, all you need to do is obediently stand on the stage and smile…maybe hold the insufferable bitch’s hand and commit to the marriage. Hmm.. look excited when the marriage date is announced…that would be a nice touch.”

  Zhen Sihao is seething and seeing his father on the stage he can barely control the urge to  kill the despicable man.

   Wang Boquin has a sly smile,“Are you still there..yes… I hear you breathing and can feel your murderous fury through the phone.”

  “Let me talk to my mother.”

  “She is sleeping, it was a long trip. Be a filial son for a change and no harm will come to Auntie.”

  “Listen you motherf****er…”


   Zhou Gao taps the microphone, “Family and Friends I have an exciting announcement.” He waves at Fang Hua who smiles as a bright spotlight lands on her, “Little Hua, you and Sihao join me.”

   The crowd’s attention is on the beautiful woman in the shimmering gold dress by Chanel. The spotlight makes Fang Hua look like a goddess highlighting her fair complexion and the sparkling diamonds hanging around her neck. Fang Hua’s father beams when he hears the man next to him say, “Zhen Sihao is a lucky man to marry such a beautiful and smart girl.”

     Feeling everyone’s admiring eyes, Fang Hua’s confidence swells as she takes Zhen Sihao’s arm. When he doesn’t immediately move his feet, she continues to smile brilliantly and in a hushed tone coaxes him, “I said I would break the engagement. You promised to give me face tonight.” The dazzling smile doesn’t reveal her inner trepidation, if he humiliates me now I will lose the contract, I need to show my sincerity, Gritting her perfect white teeth she whispers, “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble you and your little girlfriend.” 

    She slyly winks at Peng Hua who is sipping a glass of wine not far away. But, will you want the little slut after you find out about her betrayal? I don’t think so. I will be there to comfort you and you will see I am the only woman for you.

  Zhen Sihao knows he has no choice but to go up onto the stage if he wants to protect his mother. He slowly walks forward hoping Emmi isn’t in the crowd watching.

  Emmi is unconscious in the burly man’s arms and the other man dressed in black says in a concerned voice, “Big Hu look at the girl, the little thing doesn’t look more than twenty years old. She is so tiny and delicate as a porcelain doll. She looks like a little fairy. This is too fucked up.”

   The burly man replies, “Yeah, it is one thing to drug her ex boyfriend I get it… but drug this little fairy girl…too vicious. What did she do to the bitch to make her go more crazy than usual. I can’t do it man..I really can’t. It will ruin this beautiful little girl’s whole life.”

  “Did you go crazy? I was just venting that It is fucked up… we still need to follow the lunatic’s orders. If we don’t do it we are dead or worse than dead. Remember what happened to Feng when he disobeyed the villianous woman’s  orders? Last time I visited him in the mental hospital he was drooling like a fucking idiot. She personally shoved the needle into his vein and laughed hysterically as he convulsed on the floor. A smart man like that… reduced to a drooling idiot with the brain of a three year old.” 

     Startled, the bodyguard named Meng Fu eyes widen staring in disbelief at a beautiful blonde woman dressed in red who suddenly appears in front of him. did you..I didn’t hear your approach. He regains his senses and scratches his head, “ friend’s girlfriend fainted.”

  Maisie raises a delicate eyebrow and has a slight smile, “No need to lie. You aren’t very good.” She swiftly hits the bodyguard’s accupoint and he falls to the ground.

   She points a long slender finger at the burly man holding Emmi. “You. I can help. I need more information first. What did you do to Miss Chen.”

  He is holding Emmi and from what he just saw the gorgeous woman has high martial arts. Even if he dropped Emmi to the ground he realizes he isn’t this woman’s opponent judging from the terrifying aura surrounding Maisie. He cautiously asks “How can you help?”

 “I have a very powerful Boss. I can take care of the woman who you work for and get you another job. But you need to be honest.”

  “What is the name of your boss? .Well.. to hire a woman with her skills you would need to be very rich..maybe richer than the they are having difficulties lately.”

   “That is two questions too many. I can kill you now and grab Miss Chen as you take your last breath or you can cooperate. I would rather have a full explanation for my boss..but killing you I wouldn’t mind…a man who violates a woman is scum.”

   “Lady, I didn’t do anything! I swear! I don’t want to hurt the little girl but the woman I work for is a vengeful bitch.”

  “I am only going to say this one more time. I can help you.”

   He weighs his options and agrees. “Fine.” He tells her the whole story and shows her the syringe.  “Really she is only unconscious from the chloroform.” Maisie takes the full syringe from him and puts it into her purse. CEO Bai is going to be very angry. He might even punish me for not bringing Chen Emmi back in the first place. She shivers at the thought of him possibly sending her to Africa.

  “Take me to the Pavillion.”

  He looks at his buddy sprawled on the ground. “What about Meng Fu? I can’t leave him. We are blood brothers.”

  Maisie rolls her eyes, this big man is so soft. How did he become a bodyguard for someone like Peng Hua? 

  She wakes up Meng Fu. He has a glazed look on his face then jumps up, what the ..

  “Listen Fu. This woman is going to help us. Don’t ask any questions.”

  Meng Fu nods his head and rubs his stiff neck, “Okay.”

  Once they are in the snow covered Pavilion, Maisie sees an incredibly handsome man with beautiful delicate features sitting on the floor. The beautiful man’s face is flushed red and his eyes are glazed. Black strands of damp hair are stuck to his forehead and he is sweating profusely. The black and white striped tie around his neck tie loosened, the wrinkled white shirt unbuttoned exposing his broad wheat-colored chest. An Armani black suit coat is crumpled next to him and he is only wearing one shoe. He is scratching his chest with one hand and the other hand he is waving a black leather shoe in slashing strokes in the air.

Maisie is unable to take her eyes off the beautiful disheveled man. When Big Hu told her about the woman’s ex boyfriend in the Pavillion, she had no intention of helping him. It is unusual for her to feel compassion for anyone but strangely she is disturbed by this man’s pitiful appearance. She can tell from his aura he is a man worth saving.

Liu Ling is losing his grip on reality imagining a horde of giant flying purple insects  buzzing around him. He pants, Fuck! so unbearably hot.. these monstrous insects will eat me alive if I don’t leave. 

Peng Hua and Fang Hua

   Emmi struggles in his embrace but she is dizzy from his hot kisses and her mind is muddled.  Zhen Sihao sucks and bites on her lips as his hands roam over her body and Emmi is unable to escape the intoxicating feeling from his touch.The situation escalates when he begins to rub her sensitive spot through the thin chiffon dress. Emmi involuntarily moans in pleasure and Fang Hua, who has been looking for Zhen Sihao, hears the ambiguous sounds.

   Fang Hua’s almond shaped eyes reflect her rage as tiny flames flicker, that bastard met his whore out here! No wonder he said don’t follow! Fueled by her suspicions she hurries around the dark corner. She puts her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming at the two bodies tangled together.

The light is dim. A tall man has his head lowered kissing a beautiful young girl pressed against the ivy covered wall. Although I can’t see his face…the man is Zhen Sihao…I would know that body if there was only a hint of light and…  the girl is Chen Emmi!

   Zhou Gao told her to bring his son to the stage so he could announce their upcoming marriage. She hesitated because Zhen Sihao said not to follow but because of his father’s urging, came to find him.

   Standing there watching the two lovers, Fang Hua narrows her eyes..have your little whore for will be my husband and I have ways to make that little seductress disappear.  She is willing to let him continue with his tryst until she sees her nemesis Peng Hua walking from the lotus pond.

She has always had a contentious relationship with Peng Hua because they have the same name. The Peng and Fang families do business together and maintain a close relationship. When she was young she was a little chubby and everyone called her Fatty Hua to distinguished the two girls.

   Fang Hua looks at Zhen Sihao and Emmi then glances at Peng Hua.  If she sees me being humiliated by Zhen Sihao I will never hear the end of it. When her engagement fell through with that lowly professor I made fun of her being unable to hold onto a man.  She swore she would get her revenge.

  Disturbed by the idea of being ridiculed by her circle of friends, she makes a snap decision and storms over to Zhen Sihao. 

   Emmi’s breathing is ragged and her body is melting into his arms. Suddenly he hears Fang Hua’s impatient voice “ Your father wants you. It’s time.”

   He abruptly lets go of Emmi and turns around glaring at Fang Hua. He rushes over to stop her from speaking. He growls in a low and threatening tone, “I thought I made myself clear, not to look for me.”

   Emmi’s eyes are misty and hazy as she tries to focus after being passionately kissed by the domineering man.  She is leaning against the wall with her hand on her wildly beating heart, stunned by her body’s pleasurable reaction to ‘Wang Hao’.

Emmi snaps out of her daze when she sees Zhen Sihao with Fang Hua then remembers Liu Ling. Taking the opportunity to escape while he is involved with Fang Hua, she quietly slips away to find Liu Ling. 

    While Emmi hurries down the snowy pathway to the garden she curses him for being a beast and a big devil. Worried about Liu Ling she isn’t paying attention and doesn’t notice two men in black suits approaching from the side.

Peng Hua has a vicious smile, it looks like the little slut delivered herself right to me. I knew I couldn’t count on that little flake Chen Chloe. If you want something done right you need to do it yourself.

She lifts her finger motioning to the two men and they quickly capture Emmi. Before a burly man puts a cloth over her nose and mouth Emmi screams once then the chloroform takes effect. Emmi slumps down and the man looks towards Peng Hua.“Miss, where do you want me to take the woman.”

   “The Pavillion of course.”

    Liu Ling is in the Pavillion. Peng Hua lured him here saying she had Feng LiMei, then a muscular man injected him with the hallucinogenic aphrodisiac.

   “ I have to return to the Ballroom.” She hands her other bodyguard a syringe. “Inject the slut, use the back elevator and take both of them to this room.” She hands him a room card and her red lips curl up into an evil smirk, “Don’t forget to film it all..every nasty sex filled moment of their deranged coupling.” Both of them on that drug they should be out of their minds and fuck like wild animals.

 She lazily walks towards the ballroom humming a song and thinking I can’t wait to have that lewd video playing on the big screen in the ballroom. She picks a plum blossom and inhales its sweet fragrance and pulls off a few petals. Peng Hua then tosses the beautiful white flower onto the bluestone pathway, crushing  it with her high heel.

Staring at the ground she has a murderous look in her eyes. Just like this perfectly pure white flower you will be crushed by me, Chen Emmi..lose your innocence…and have it played for everyone to witness. Liu Ling, my love,  you will be a deranged beast and lose all of the prestige you have worked so hard to achieve. Revenge really is sweet.

   Not far away from Peng Hua, Zhen Sihao informs Fang Hua in a very harsh tone that he will be in when he is finished. She huffs away and runs into Peng Hua, quickly adjusting her expression she smiles, “Hua, darling girl, I’m surprised you came.”

  “Why wouldn’t I? Peng Pharmaceuticals hired Zhou Construction to build a multi million dollar complex. Uncle Zhou invited me personally to The Winter Ball.”

   Fang Hua hooks her arm with Peng Hua “Well, I am so glad my very dearest childhood friend came to hear my good news.”

   Peng Hua frowns, “What good news.”

  “Sihao’s and my wedding date. Father-in Law is going to make the announcement tonight.”

  Peng Hua raises an eyebrow, “Honey, are you sure you aren’t delusional. Boquin and I had lunch the other day and he shared some juicy gossip with me. Zhen Sihao has a little girl he is raising.”

  Fang Hua digs her fingernails into her palm and smiles, “So what.” She laughs heartily, “What man in our elite circle doesn’t have a little whore.” She decides that since Peng Hua knows about Chen Emmi she won’t hide and appear vulnerable. “ Hua, honestly! Do you think a nobody like Chen Emmi is a match for me? I will be Mrs. Zhen. Little beauties with no background don’t know how to keep a man. He will tire of her and toss her out as soon as the novelty wears off.”

   Peng Hua starts laughing hysterically, “OH MY GOD! Hua you and I have fate! We both hate that little bitch! Hahahaha…”

   Fang Hua looks confused , “What are you talking about? You know Chen Emmi?” 

  Peng Hua stops and stares at Fang Hua with an intense gaze,  “Zhen Sihao is not the only man the little vixen seduced.” Of course I thought she was a  virgin… will still be fun seeing her destroyed by Liu Ling and him losing everything. I should still be angry at Fatty Hua ..but we have been friends forever, I will let her know what a slut Chen Emmi is. It feels good to share.

   They walk into the ballroom and Fang Hua pulls her into an empty hallway. “Hua,can you make sense?”

   “Chen Emmi is why I am no longer engaged to Liu Ling. The little fox bewitched him with her pure and innocent act.”

  “Damn! The girl had the nerve to put a green hat on Sihao? That is unbelievable!”

  “Not only my Ling. She is dating a student at A University, the Jiang boy, Jiang Weiming.”

  “Thank you for telling me. Now I only have to wait for Sihao to find out and kill the bitch..hahaha.”

  “It won’t be long. Fatty Hua, I have a little surprise. I would tell you but it would spoil the fun.”





Emmi Wants To Leave

   Bai Meilin anxiously looks around the crowded Ballroom wondering where Emmi could be when she sees Chen Yihong greeting several men. She has a worried expression, “Chenxi, I see Chen Emmi’s uncle but she isn’t with him.”

   “Maybe she went to the Ladies Room.”

   “I am going to look.”

   “Do you want me to come with you?”


    Bai Chenxi is drinking a glass of orange juice when his eyes widen in disbelief. Did the sun rise in the West today? “Cai, Maisie. Brother, this is a surprise. Why did you decide to come?”

   “I came to make sure no one bullies Little Mei. She hasn’t been to an event like this before.”

  “Oh.” He laughs, “You didn’t think I could protect our little sister? I already made sure the reporters didn’t bully Chen Emmi.”

  Black lines form on Bai Cai’s forehead , “Was there a problem?”

 “Well,  her cousin is a typical White Lotus.  Before we arrived I think she was throwing dirty water on Chen Emmi. She inferred Chen Emmi was unfilial and got the part on the Variety Show because she has a Gold Master. I cleared up all the misconceptions.”

   Bai Cai’s aura darkens and he scans the crowd.That  insolent wench again. She really must not want to live.

    Maisie watches Bai Cai’s expression and looks up at him, “Mr. Bai, do you want me to check on the situation?” Why is he concerned with that girl? Sure… she helped him with his migraines but any masseuse could do that. He is usually apathetic.  CEO Bai wouldn‘t care if a woman lived or died after they served him. I can see the Young Miss being worried because she is her only friend but…this is the second time CEO Bai has shown an unusual concern for Chen Emmi. I can handle him not looking at me because he doesn’t pay attention to any woman but if he actually has an interest in her, well… I might have to eliminate the little threat.

    Maisie’s thoughts are interrupted when Bai Cai growls, “Go.”

   “Yes Sir.”

    She glides through the crowd searching for Chen Emmi.  

    Emmi is pushing the button on the elevator when the door opens and Chen Chloe steps out followed by a couple reporters. She smiles brightly,“Oh sister, I found you.” She links their arms as Emmi tries to free herself Chen Chloe whispers, “Your professor is in trouble. Cooperate.”

    Emmi knows the satisfied smirk on her cousin’s face very well, she is definitely up to no good. So she walks with Chloe down the hallway back towards the ballroom worried about Liu Ling. After the reporters walk into the ballroom Emmi stops. “What are you up to Chloe? Didn’t Uncle Yihong vent your anger for you? I just want to leave. You can have this farce all to yourself. I want no part of it. You don’t want me to appear in the Variety Show…fine..I won’t appear…I really don’t care.”

   Chen Chloe has a murderous gleam in her eyes. Jiang FeiFei gave her back the aphrodisiac and said she wanted no part of her scheme this time. She used the excuse that if she were caught she would be sent abroad. Peng Hua dragged her into the garden and to incentify Chloe showed her the incriminating video again. 

  She has had a few glasses of wine and her courage has returned. “Chen Emmi, I would like nothing more than for you to disappear tonight but how would that look? My father would lose face and reporters would begin to start rumors about our relationship. If you didn’t come into the Ballroom in such a grand fashion drawing the attention of all the reporters it wouldn’t be a big deal. You can only blame yourself for causing such a stir with your diva attitude.”

  Emmi shakes her head, “You certainly can spin a story. You should quit acting and become a screenwriter.” Emmi has reached her limit after her Uncle’s venomous attack. She smiles prettily and flips her curled hair, “Cousin, I can’t help it if I am more beautiful than you…more talented than you and Jiang Weiming likes me not you.”

   Digging her fingernails into Emmi’s delicate arm Chen Chloe rages, “Bitch!” She angrily reaches to grab her hair but instead gently tucks a wisp of Emmi’s hair behind her ear. The sudden change due to the fact out of the corner of her eye Chen Chloe sees a group of people getting out of the elevator led by a sophisticated looking woman in her late twenties.

Chloe recognizes the strikingly attractive redhead as the editor of Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine so she stops her abuse. Chen Chloe has a malicious smile, “Chen Emmi, I was going to tell you where Liu Ling is so you can help him but…well…you can find him yourself.” She turns to walk away then cryptically says, “Peng Hua…oh… never mind.” 

   Emmi grabs Chloe’s hand as she pleads, “Even if you hate me, Professor Liu never did anything to you. Where is he?”

   When the group gets closer Chen Chloe’s eyes tear up and she sounds pitiful, “Emmi, you are hurting me. I know you like Professor Liu, I am only trying to help you. Getting a room at this hotel so you can be with him..if people find out..”

   Emmi has a crease between her eyebrows, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

   Chen Chloe pretends to trip, Emmi instinctively yanks on her hand to pull her forward and Chloe cries out, “Ahh..don’t!’

   A handsome young man has been listening to Emmi and Chloe with a complicated expression. He made eye contact with Emmi and felt a pang in his heart when she ignored him while bullying her cousin.

When he notices Chen Chloe is about to fall he stops talking to his friend and takes two long strides over to the two girls. Embracing Chen Chloe from behind to prevent her falling, Zheng Muyan glares at Emmi, “Chen Emmi, you have really changed.”

Chen Chloe recognizes Zheng Muyan as the heir to the Zheng group and an aspiring fashion designer. She is attracted to him because she thinks she can use him, not only is he handsome and super rich..but he has won several prestigious awards and has a high profile. He is often featured in magazines and appears on several talk shows as a fashion commentator. If I dated Zheng Muyan I would get a lot of exposure and Jiang Weiming will notice me. She gazes up at him with a gentle and innocent smile, “Thank you. was an accident. When I made this dress I left the hem a little too long and it caught on my heel.”

   She catches the attention of the group and the stylishly dressed woman comments, “You designed this gown?”

  Chen Chloe shyly flutters her eyelashes, “Well..yes..” She lightly chuckles, “I am only a student and didn’t take into consideration the proper length. I’m sorry I let you see my joke.”

  From their viewpoint it did look like Emmi pushed Chen Chloe. When Chen Chloe ‘covers’ for Emmi, Han Qing increases her opinion of the pretty girl being bullied. She takes a business card out of her purse. “I think you are very talented. Call me, my friend has an internship available.”

  Chen Chloe never expected this result and excitedly takes the card in both hands and bows, “Thank you so much Miss Han!”

  Emmi recognizes Han Qing as one of Wang Hao’s women and mutters “Stupid” under her breath. She doesn’t care at this moment that Chen Chloe lied about the dress she worked so hard on for two months. . She rolls her eyes and wants to go find Liu Ling. She pushes through the group as she brushes past Zheng Muyan, she has a hurt expression as she gazes at the arrogant Young Master she used to play with as a child. You should know who really designed this dress…we worked on many projects together in the past before you stole my design…how ironic  that the two thieves dearest childhood friend and my own cousin.

Emmi rushes into the ballroom anxiously looking around for Liu Ling. When she doesn’t see him she thinks he may have been lured outside by Peng Hua…what will the vindictive woman do to him? Emmi’s heart is racing as she lifts up her dress and out the door to the garden. She bumps into Wang Hao’s chest. He smoked half a pack of cigarettes then gave up on Emmi coming to the Pavillion. He chuckles as he embraces Emmi, “Slow down. I’m here. Did you get held up by the reporters?”

  She pushes away from him, “What?”

  He can see her puzzled expression and his body stiffens, “You weren’t rushing out to meet me?”

  “Meet you? I don’t know what you are talking about…Oh yeah. No. I wasn’t. I am looking for Liu Ling. Have you seen him?”

   Zhen Sihao looks like a volcano that is about to erupt. He grabs her by the arms and his voice is deep and threatening. “Say that again.”

  “Wang Hao, let go of me.” She doesn’t want to say Liu Ling might be in trouble. “I don’t have time for you right now.’ She snidely remarks, “You should probably go inside, your beautiful date is waiting and your other woman Han Qing is in there too.”

  Zhen Sihao is consumed with jealousy, that bastard again! What does she see in that pompous asshole! Little girl, you are mine! I won’t let another man have you!

   He holds on tighter to her arms, Chen Emmi, you aren’t going anywhere. I have something to say to you.”

   She squirms, “WANG HAO! THAT HURTS!” He is gripping where Chen Chloe scratched with her sharp nails.

   He sees the bloody mark on her arm and his eyes narrow dangerously. “Who did this to you?”

   “Pfft! A bully just like you! Let me go!”

   “I won’t let you go to look for that bastard Liu Ling I have something important to tell you that can’t wait.”

“Are you crazy? I need to find Brother Ling! You can tell me whatever it is later! Later! I don’t have time for you!”

   He puts his hand over her mouth as he aggressively drags her to a dark corner. If she says that bastard’s name again I might commit murder! He presses her against the wall and fiercely kisses Emmi as she struggles helplessly.  He pries open her pink lips and his hot tongue sucks mercilessly to vent his rage, entangling her small tongue. Unable to control the flames of desire Zhen Sihao sweeps his hungry tongue over the entire inside of her mouth tasting her sweetness. He puts his hand on her breast while continuing to pillage her mouth. I don’t care if this is wrong. I have to make you mine. I can’t let Liu Ling take you from me.

  Maisie witnesses this ambiguous scene and her beautiful red lips curl up into a wide grin. It looks like Chen Emmi has a boyfriend. She happily walks back into the ballroom to find Bai Cai and Bai Meilin.

Emmi Is Bullied

    Zhen Sihao’s dark eyes flash with possessiveness and jealousy when he witnesses the chaotic scene at the entrance of the ballroom. Emmi looks stunning and is attracting the attention of everyone in the room. Emmi’s petite body looks both pure and seductive in a strapless pink and white gown with sparkling crystals that  shimmer under the lights. He is on a daze, the little seductress is like a beautiful doll that would break under a man. Zhen Sihao wants to gouge out the eyes of the men devouring her body with their lecherous looks.

Delicate pink diamond earrings dangle alluringly on her snow white neck and a unique Pink Diamond Lotus Necklace hangs into her cleavage. The veins bulge on his neck as she smiles at something Bai Chenxi said. He recognizes the jewelry. It is an exclusive set from the world famous jewelry designer Navarre.Did that bastard Bai Chenxi give her the diamonds? 

  The dark look on his face and the way his body stiffens while staring at the scene upsets Fang Hua. She never thought she would have to compete with a young girl to win Zhen Sihao. Flames of jealousy flicker in her brown eyes while shooting daggers at the two beautiful young girls who are causing a commotion not far away. Is one of those girls the college student who was in his mansion? 

    Initially she can’t tell which girl has caught Zhen Sihao’s attention, both girls are beautiful and wearing gorgeous designer gowns. But when Bai Chenxi steps in front of Chen Emmi to field  questions from the reporters Zhen Sihao’s aura becomes suffocating. The fairy-like girl in the Chanel dress. Hmm.. She decides to say something when she sees him moving in that direction. “It wouldn’t be prudent for you to act hastily. My mother is standing next to Chen Xue.”

   He clenches his fist in his pocket. If the little thing doesn’t go to the garden to meet me, I will walk over and snatch her away from that pretty boy.

   Fang Hua can’t believe her eyes, Zhen Sihao never shows his emotions on his face but he is visibly angry. What does a little girl have to attract a cold and aloof man like him? He is surrounded by beautiful women so it can’t be just her beauty. Is she connected to the Bai family? 

     Emmi is protected by Bai Chenxi as he answers the questions directed at her by the reporters. When he finishes he says, “Please allow Chen Emmi to enjoy the evening. The Studio will set up a greet and meet before filming begins on Monday for The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show.. I hope to see you all there.”

  Han Weisheng has a mischievous smile, “Sihao, I heard you invested in The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. It looks like people will tune in to see the fireworks between the Chen Cousins.”

    Fang Hua has a shocked expression and her voice trembles in anger, “You…you invested in a Variety Show that Lin Entertainment is producing? Why?” Why would you screw me over like that! 

   He raises an eyebrow at her questioning him then grabs a glass of wine as a server walks by them. “Why not?”

   She is unable to control her emotions thinking she had blocked all potential investors, now she finds out he invested. “You know very well that I am in negotiations with Lin Entertainment. I don’t want that show to be aired!”

   He sneers, “What does that have to do with me? My investment is none of your business.”

   Fang Hua’s face turns bright red and she grits her teeth, “Does your father know?”

  Zhen Sihao lifts his lips into a sarcastic smile. “Would that matter? You should realize something, I am only cooperating tonight for one reason. When the situation is contained I will sever our relationship.”   He continues to keep an eye on Emmi and Bai Chenxi. “If you want me to continue this charade  I advise you to not concern yourself with my affairs.”

   She notices his obsidian eyes reveal his extreme possessiveness while riveted on the girl shielded by Bai Chenxi. She hears the reporter’s question and realizes the girl’s name is Chen Emmi and she will be appearing on The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. Fang Hua looks up at Zhen Sihao, her face contorted in anger, “Affairs? Is Chen Emmi the reason? You are her backer?”

   “No, she got the job on her own merit.”

   She impulsively grabs his arm, “But you invested because of her involvement, am I right?”

   Han Weisheng can see the situation is escalating and regrets stirring the pot. He knows Zhen Sihao is protecting his mother by accompanying Fang Hua tonight. Uneasy because he flippantly mentioned the Variety Show to see his friend’s reaction and possibly ignited her fury,  he interjects, “Fang Hua, you misunderstand, my brother is one of the stars and approached Sihao.”

    Irritated by both Fang Hua and Bai Chenxi, Zhen Sihao decides to go to the Pavillion and smoke a cigarette. He sees the interview is wrapping up and wants to gather his thoughts and wait for Emmi. He tells Fang Hua in an annoyed tone, “I will  be back. I told you I have some personal business to attend to, Weisheng can entertain you while I am gone.”


    The reporters respectfully thank Bai Chenxi for his cooperation and leave. After the group walks away Emmi sighs, “Bai Chenxi you were amazing. I felt like the woman in the green dress wanted to stir up trouble between my cousin and me.”

   He pats her on the shoulder and laughs, “They want to create drama, don’t worry I won’t let anyone smear your name. But you need to watch out for your cousin. If what the reporter quoted Chen Chloe as saying was accurate, she made it seem as though you went in the back door.”

   “I know.”

   Bai Meilin holds her arm, “My brother will make sure to protect you.”

    Not far away, Chen Yihong has his wife and daughter complaining nonstop in his ear and is furious. Tonight is supposed to be a night to show off his darling daughter and gain momentum in pairing her with one of the heir apparents that are gathered here at the Winter Ball. She is pretty..a popular student at the University, a budding actress and has been groomed since she was young to marry a son of one of the elite families in the city. Now Chen Emmi is who everyone is talking about instead of his daughter. 

    Chen Chloe’s eyes are watery as she clutches onto his hand, “Daddy, she is ruining my night! My life! I hate her!”

     “I will take care of it, don’t worry.” The dead bitch’s daughter has nerve! Coming late and taking the spotlight away from my precious little girl! He plasters on a fake smile and walks over to Emmi. “Excuse me Mr. Bai, I would like to have a word with my niece.

     Emmi is apprehensive because she knows he must be infuriated by the attention she is receiving but smiles. “Of course Uncle.”  While she follows him she feels a piercing gaze and meets Fang Hua’s scorching glare. Why is that woman giving me a death glare? Well.. who cares why…I need to deal with Uncle. 

She ignores Fang Hua and wonders where her Uncle is taking her to ‘talk’.  Now she knows she can’t avoid his punishment when they reach a secluded area of the ballroom. Chen Yihong stops. He grabs her by the arms and shakes Emmi, his eyes are bulging as he spits out, “How dare you! Didn’t your mother teach you not to block Chloe? You would pay the price if you tried to fly onto a high branch?”

    Emmi continues to have a frozen smile on her beautiful face as though he is air. Enraged by her calm appearance, Chen Yihong fiercely slaps her cheek, “BITCH! YOU ARE A FOX SPIRIT JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER!”

   Blinking from the stinging pain as she holds her cheek she defiantly responds, “You can say what you want about me but don’t disrespect my mother!”

   “You dare talk back to me!” He slaps her again and it takes all of her willpower not to burst out in tears. Chen Yihong has lost all of his well honed noble appearance, he is spitting saliva as he rages, “That fucking slut relied on her looks to seduce my idiot brother! If he wasn’t so obsessed and blinded by her beauty he wouldn’t have..” He stops mid sentence and Emmi’s eyes widen, “Wouldn’t have what? What did my father do to my mother! TELL ME!” She wants to know what happened, her grandfather would never talk about her father. It was as though her father never existed.

   “Shut up!” He pushes her into the pillar and Emmi bumps the back of her head. Out of control being reminded of the past he wants to strangle Emmi to wipe out the images of her incredibly beautiful and alluring mother filling his turbulent mind.  Staring at Emmi’s delicate and beautiful face he thinks you are the spitting image of that fox bitch.

He uses a great deal of force grabbing Emmi’s chin and squeezing, “Listen to me girl, you better be invisible tonight. If you take the limelight away from Chloe I won’t let you off. You need to withdraw from that fucking Variety Show too or I will have this fox face of yours destroyed so you can’t seduce any man! Do you understand?!?”

   Emmi knows not to argue with him right now because she is at a disadvantage and her uncle seems to be out of his mind right now. Chen Yihong has been angry with her before but never this violent..even disregarding that he is in a public place. I will find out what happened to my mother. you wait and see! If you were involved you will pay! Fighting back her tears that are about to fall she bites her bottom lip to suppress the pain. She doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. “I understand.” 

   He storms off and Emmi’s delicate body quivers being reminded of the mystery surrounding her father..her mother’s poisoning and subsequent death. The mental anguish is worse than the physical pain of being bullied by her own uncle. She wearily leans up against the pillar, I want to leave. There is no reason for me to be here. I am not a part of the Chen Family…they would like nothing better than for me to disappear.

   Emmi wipes the tears at the corner of her beautiful green eyes and takes down her hair so it covers her swollen red cheek. She can still feel the stinging pain but stands up straight and walks down the hallway to the restroom. I won’t let them trample me. I will get stronger find out the truth and live my life well. 

   When Emmi is in the bathroom Jiang FeiFei comes through the door. Emmi is finishing putting makeup on her face to cover the redness and Jiang FeiFei walks to the sink. “Chen Emmi you are too much.” She is tall and with 10cm heels she towers over Emmi as she pushes her shoulder. “Whore! Dating my brother while also sleeping with an Underworld Boss!”

   Emmi grits her teeth, why did I come? First my Uncle, now Chen Chloe’s stupid follower!  “Jiang FeiFei, I am not going to go there with you. You need to start thinking for yourself and stop being my cousin’s puppet. I have known you since we were kids, do you really think I am such a person? I am aware you help Chloe scheme against me but have I ever retaliated? No. Why? Because I feel sorry for you that you don’t see that she uses you as a tool for her unreasonable revenge against me just because she feels I am a threat. One day she will go too far and you will be her scapegoat. You should think about that.” 

    After Emmi leaves the restroom Jiang FeiFei thinks about what Chen Chloe told her this afternoon..her plan to ruin Emmi completely and she thinks about what her ‘best friend’ wanted her to do. Maybe I have been blind. She opens her purse and looks at the porcelain bottle. Why should I risk being caught? If I think about it Chen Emmi is right she has never done anything to me. 

     Disturbed by being bullied as soon as she arrived at the Winter Ball Emmi walks out into the ballroom. She impatiently looks around the crowded room for Bai Meilin to make her excuses and leave, completely forgetting she told ‘Wang Hao’ she would meet him in the Pavillion.

Emmi Warns Bai Cai

    After Emmi woke up, Bai Meilin convinced her to come to her house and get ready for the Winter Ball.

They enter the mansion and Bai Cai looks up from his laptop surprised to hear his little sister laughing uncontrollably. When Meilin sees him she wipes her eyes, “I’m sorry I thought you were at the office.”

   “What is so funny?”

    Bai Meilin walks over and sits down on the couch next to him then hugs his arm.  “Nothing. Brother, are you going to the Winter Ball tonight?” She thinks he might like Emmi because of what happened at the University.

  “Not going. Chenxi will accompany you.”

  Bai Meilin pouts, “I want you to go.”

   He takes off his gold rimmed glasses and rubs his temples,“I have work to do.”

  “It is Saturday.”

  “I have a project I need to complete before I leave next week.”

  “Where are you going? I thought you said you would be home for the next couple months.”

   He glances over at Emmi who is looking at her phone, “We can talk later. The stylists arrived a short time ago and they are waiting for you. Go tell them you are home. I want to speak to Miss Chen for a minute.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “Oh…okay.”

  Emmi nervously walks over to him, “You want to talk to me?”

   “I will pay you, do you have time to give me an acupuncture treatment?”

   “You are having a migraine?”

   “Yes, the frequency is becoming very troublesome. I am going to New York next week to meet with a man who might possibly have a cure. He is widely known as an expert in dealing with rare poisons.”

   Emmi wrinkles her forehead, “Mr. Bai, I would be very careful. I told you my mother died from the same poison that I think is in your system. She went to several so-called poison experts and the result was their treatments possibly worsened her condition. That is why my Grandfather dedicated himself to finding a cure. I told you I would do my best to stabilize your condition and review my grandfather’s research.”

   He stares at the young girl in front of him, “I admit your acupuncture treatment relieved my headache and the muscle spasms, but…sorry if I am skeptical you can cure me. I will take my chances with Dr. Burgess.”

   Emmi’s eyes widen and she grabs his arm, “Dr. Raymond Burgess? No!..Don’t believe that man! He is scamming you! My mother paid him thousands and after the initial treatment in his New York Clinic she returned from the United States. Expecting to continue treatment at his Shanghai Clinic, she went to the Clinic as instructed but it was closed down. The building was vacant and his New York number was unreachable.”

   Suddenly Bai Cai’s aura blackens and his eyes narrow dangerously as he slams down the laptop. How dare that fucking bastard try to scam me! I will personally tear his body limb from limb!

 Emmi nervously takes his hand, he looks like a volcano that is about to erupt and that will worsen his condition. She looks him in the eyes with a worried expression, “Mr. Bai you need to calm down…anger will make the headache worse. Now you know and that is a good thing. You aren’t alone…I will help you. You need to trust me.”

   He regains his composure and realizes the killing intent he emitted probably frightened the little girl. “I will investigate Dr. Burgess, I appreciate you sharing your mother’s experience with me.”

   “Mr. Bai, I also have a selfish reason to help you. I think there is some connection between my mother being poisoned and your poisoning. It is too coincidental because according to my Grandfather the poison is very rare. I think with your capabilities you will find the answer for me. My mother was a kind and loving woman and she didn’t deserve to meet such a horrible ending. I want to know who killed my mother..they robbed a beautiful woman of her life and me of a loving mother. My grandfather convinced me not to pursue the matter because he worried about me being hurt.  I think you are powerful and can find out who the culprit is without suffering any losses.”

   Bai Cai gazes at Emmi and is filled with a strange emotion as though they do have a connection. “It might take some time but I will find the person and make them pay.”

   She grips his hand tighter and bows her head, “Thank you Mr. Bai. Should we do the treatment in your room?”

   “No. I had one of the guest rooms converted into a treatment room. It has a massage table and everything you will need.” After the mess in the bedroom and inappropriate scene in his bed last time he immediately called a designer to fix up the guest room.

  Upstairs Bai Meilin looks at her watch then tells the stylist, “I will be right back.”

   She runs into the living room and sees Emmi holding her brother’s hand. She smiles and under her breath she sighs, “Yes!” Emmi is just the type of girl my taciturn brother needs in his life. She coughs and Emmi quickly releases Bai Cai’s hand. 

   He raises an eyebrow while looking  at the wide grin on his little sister’s face. “Lose the silly grin, it isn’t what you think. Miss Chen is going to help me relieve my migraine. She will meet you in your room afterwards.”

   “Okay. I will have the kitchen prepare some fruit and snacks. We have plenty of time.”

    Emmi smiles, “Thanks Meilin.”

    Bai Cai tells Emmi, “Third floor the room at the end of the hall. I need to make a phone call.”

   Emmi walks with Meilin up the stairs and she says, “Emmi what do you think of my brother?”

  “Well your brother is rather imposing but I don’t think he is as cold as he appears. Building a Pavillion for the dinner party because you said you wanted one shows how much he loves you. Very thoughtful! He rescued me today when he could have just ignored the situation.”

  “You forgot to say how handsome he is.”

   “Yes. He is very handsome.” She rubs the top of Bai Meilin’s head, “ sound like a matchmaker. Don’t waste your energy…your brother isn’t interested in me and I..well..I have someone I like.”

   “Oh right Jiang Weiming. I saw on the forum you are dating.”

   “ are just friends.”

   “Who? Tell me!”

   Emmi blushes, “I can’t.”

   Bai Meilin puffs out her cheeks, “I will keep your secret.”

  Emmi shyly says, “I have had a crush on Professor Liu since I was in Middle School.”


    “I want to marry him. I’m working on making him see me as a woman not as his ‘little sister’”

   “Isn’t he engaged?”

  “No, he broke off the engagement.”

  “He is amazing. Well, wearing the dress I picked out for you he will be captivated by your ‘womanly’ charms!”

  “What dress? I brought one to wear to the Winter Ball.”

   “I have a surprise for you after you finish helping my brother get rid of his headache.”


    Bai Meilin hugs Emmi, “I want us to be coordinated.”

   Emmi sees Bai Cai coming up the stairs, “I should go prepare.” She hurries down the hallway and opens the door to the treatment room. She gasps when she sees the interior and a voice behind her says, “What are you waiting for..go in.”


   An hour later Emmi stretches her arms, “Done.”

   Bai Cai is asleep on the specially designed table. Emmi chuckles as she covers him with a soft quilt after cleaning the black blood from his chest. You really are an incredibly handsome man…she is gently wiping his face with a wet towel when Maisie silently appears out of nowhere.. Emmi looks up and is startled, “AHH…” She holds her chest, “You scared me.”

  “Sorry, the Young Miss is anxious and sent me to see if you are finished.”

  Emmi lifts the lid of a stainless steel trash can with her foot then tosses the towel into it per Bai Cai’s instructions. “Finished. I just need to wash my hands.”

   After Emmi leaves the room Maisie’s expression softens as she gazes lovingly at Bai Cai. She fixes the quilt around him then runs her fingers through his messy black hair. Afraid of being discovered when his eyelashes flutter she quickly leaves the room. Leaning against the wall she takes a deep breath and regains her icy demeanor.

The Dress Is Delivered

      After Bai Cai’s unexpected intervention at the University, Chen Chloe is very frightened about the possible consequences after she drugs Emmi at the Winter Ball. The sportscar she is driving weaves in and out of traffic speeding down the highway. She keeps glancing in the rear view mirror, paranoid she is being followed by those terrifying gangsters. The confidence she had when drugging Emmi was her idea and she thought she was in control has disappeared completely.

    Being under that crazy bitch Peng Hua’s thumb is disturbing enough but now with the addition of Emmi’s boyfriend being an Underworld Boss I am over my head. Mumbling to herself she can no longer pretend to be strong. “I need to talk to FeiFei. Maybe she has an idea.” She calls Jiang FeiFei to come to her house because she can’t handle the pressure of drugging Emmi. “I don’t care what you are doing! Get over to my house NOW!”

   Jiang FeiFei is sitting on the couch with her mother in her grandparent’s living room. She covers her mouth and whispers,  “But… I am at my grandparents we are about to eat. I can’t right now, I will come as soon as we finish.”


    Afraid Chen Chloe will spout more nonsense Jiang FeiFei anxiously puts her hand over the phone to muffle Chloe’s voice. Jiang FeiFei sighs, why does that girl bring so much drama everytime she calls! Resigned to the fact she needs to find out what is going on with her friend in a low voice tells her mother, “Mom, I need to take this call.”

    Looking at her daughter’s distraught appearance she wrinkles her thin eyebrows together after hearing Chen Chloe’s shrill voice on the phone. Chen Chloe is not a good thing. I need to talk to FeiFei..she needs to find a new best friend. “FeiFei..”

   “Mom, I will be right back.” She hurriedly walks to the bathroom. Once inside she says, “Chloe, why were you yelling! My mom could hear you.”

   “FeiFei! I am in big trouble. I need you!”

   “What is going on? Why do you sound so hysterical?”

   “I can’t tell you on the phone. I need you to come to my house. It’s that slutty bitch Chen Emmi! It is all her fault I am going to be killed!”

   “HUH? KILLED? Chloe don’t be so melodramatic.”

  Chen Chloe paces back and forth in the living room then kicks the couch, “Do you think I would be in a panic if it wasn’t serious? Let me tell you FeiFei, that little whore hooked up with an Underworld Boss.”

    Jaing FeiFei’s mother knocks on the bathroom door, “FeiFei, lunch is being served. Don’t make your grandparents wait for you.”

   “Okay. Sorry, Mom… I will be right there.”

 Jiang FeiFei turns on the faucet so the water drowns out her voice. “No way. Your cousin is too much! Seducing my brother Weiming isn’t enough? Now, she is putting a green hat on him with a gangster. UNBELIEVABLE!”

   “You need to help me…I will tell you the whole story when you get here.”

   “Okay. I will get out of lunch and be there as fast as I can.”

   “Good. Hurry.”

   Jiang FeiFei has been Chen Chloe’s best friend since elementary school and she has never heard her friend in such a state of panic. It has become routine for Chloe to scheme and plot against her Cousin Emmi. She has never been caught..what in the world happened this time? Did she go too far?

   When Jiang FeiFei walks to the living room she holds her stomach, “Mom…I don’t feel well.”


    Chen Chloe nervously sits in the living room waiting for her friend when the doorbell rings Chloe hurries to the door thinking it is Jiang FeiFei. Chloe stares at the beautiful blonde woman wearing a long black leather coat and stylish black boots with 10cm heels. The woman is holding a long wide box in her hands.

     Upset because the person isn’t Jiang FeiFei she sneers, “Who are you?”

     Maisie has a sarcastic tone, “Is it a maid’s place to ask?”

     “A maid! I am Chen Chloe!”

     “Are you short of servants?”

     Chen Chloe’s hair stands up on the back of her neck, “Is this for my mother?” She impatiently holds out her hands. “You can give me the package.” I don’t have time to deal with you! 

   Maisie’s eyes sweep over the area and when she doesn’t detect anyone around she hands her the box. In one fluid motion she steps into the foyer, smoothly grabbing Chen Chloe’s neck with one hand. Holding a dagger in the other she presses the dull side of the blade against the terrified girl’s throat, “I am here to remind you to treat Chen Emmi with respect or face the consequences.” Bai Meilin told Maisie to frighten Chen Chloe but not harm her so she didn’t draw blood.

    The woman lets go of her neck and Chen Chloe drops the dress box onto the floor. Stunned, she touches her throat and feels a drop of warm liquid. Ahhh…“WuuHuuuu.. What the hell!” Tears stream down her face..“I’m disfigured! Chen Emmi!”  Who are these people?

She runs into the bathroom and turns on the water then stares in the mirror with reddened eyes expecting to see blood. She frantically touches her neck but only tears are dripping down. Putting her hands on the sink she splashes her face with water. Chen Chloe’s heart is pounding from the murderous aura that surrounded the beautiful woman.“OH MY GOD! THE MAN SENT AN ASSASSIN SENT TO WARN ME! AHHHHHH!!”

    Jiang FeiFei walks into the house and hears Chen Chloe’s scream. The bathroom door is open and Chen Chloe is shaking like a leaf while holding a towel on her face.

“Chloe, what is wrong with you?”

   Chen Chloe turns and grabs Jiang FeiFei, “Chen Emmi…That man..he is going to kill me!”

    Jiang FeiFei has a confused look on her face, “What man?” She furrows her eyebrows, “Chloe, what did you do this time?”

   Chen Chloe grabs her friend’s hand, “Let’s go to my room. I need your help FeiFei or I will be in big..BIG TROUBLE!”

    Chloe’s  mother walks in the front door and picks up the dress box then opens it. She holds up the dress and has mixed feelings when she sees the intricate design and exquisite embroidery. On one hand the dress will highlight her daughter’s beauty, on the other hand Chen Emmi will be recognized for the superb workmanship. Well, we will need to keep the name of the designer a secret.

   She sees her daughter and Jiang FeiFei walking towards the living room, “Chloe honey, come here.”

   Chen Chloe straightens her back, “Mom your hair looks great.”

   “Thanks honey, I need to talk to you. Jiang FeiFei, go upstairs and wait in Chloe’s room.

   She notices Chloe’s pale complexion and touches her clammy forehead, “Baby, Are you feeling sick?”

  “No. I just got home. I’m still a little cold. What did you want to talk to me about?”

   Chen Xue shows her the dress, “Why did you leave the dress box on the floor?”

    “Ah. I didn’t see it. Maybe the maid left it there.”

   “Well I will punish the little bitch for being so careless.”

Knowing how fierce her mother can be Chloe calms down a little. I have Mom, she loves me and will protect me. Didn’t she intimidate Chen Emmi’s mother so she wouldn’t let Cousin Emmi compete with me. But.. I need a foolproof plan and a scapegoat.

   “Mom, maybe she was busy. Anyway let me see.” Chen Chloe’s eyes light up then she shrugs, “ is okay.”

   Chen Xue tosses the dress on the couch, deciding it would be best for Chloe not to wear the gorgeous dress. “I think it isn’t good either. I will have Chloe Designs send over a dress. There is time.”

   “But, that would be off the rack… ” She picks up the delicate gown. “I want to wear this dress.” 

   “Darling, then you can’t tell anyone Chen Emmi designed and made this dress.”

   Chloe has a malicious smile because she plans on using Jiang FeiFei to drug Emmi. “Mommy, you don’t need to tell me that…of course no one will know from me and she isn’t the type to brag.” She laughs as she swings the dress in the air. “I will stay out of the discussion while dropping hints to my friends that she stole the designs from me.”

   Chen Xue has an excited expression, “As expected of my daughter! But.. the little hoof has the original designs.”

   “Mom, I’m sure you can figure something out. I’m going to hang out with FeiFei until the stylist comes.”  I can’t have those horrible people think I am in any way doing anything to harm that little bitch.

   After Chloe goes upstairs, Chen Xue walks to the bar and pours a glass of wine. I will send someone the little bitch’s precious Art Studio to retrieve them, then put Chloe’s name on them. While I am at it I will have the men burn that eyesore to the ground.

Another Woman…

  The morning sun filters through the window bathing the spacious bedroom in a warm color. Zhen Sihao slowly opens his eyes then gazes at the little girl he likes…likes very much. When Emmi sleeps in his bed he finds he is able to peacefully sleep through the night and isn’t plagued with insomnia.

Hugging the little girl wearing a thin white nightgown wrapped around him like a koala bear he affectionately buries his head in her neck. Breathing in Emmi’s light scent of lilies he feels incredibly refreshed. He has a wicked smile on his handsome face, don’t blame meif I didn’t carry you away you would have been found by your friend. 

   He plays with a long strand of her ink black hair, Zhen Sihao’s Adam’s apple rolls and his eyes flicker with desire while recalling bathing her tender soft body last night. Little beauty, your luscious body can only be seen by me. Zhen Sihao doesn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt for touching her naked body last night. Soon you will be my wife and I can completely possess you.

  Emmi snuggles comfortably into his warm embrace unaware she is trapped like a little rabbit in the man’s arms. Only last night  she vowed to stay far away from ‘Wang Hao’ after kissing him in the indoor garden. She rubs her face on his chest and he can feel his body reacting. He lightly kisses the top of her fluffy head then reluctantly untangles their legs. Zhen Sihao quietly gets out of bed to take a cold shower.

   After he showers he walks back into the bedroom wrapped only in a towel. He chuckles at Emmi curled up into a ball under the black and gray cover. Only her head is sticking out and she is mumbling, “Where is the heater?… cold..”

   He doesn’t want to wake her up so he takes his clothes into the guest room. 

  Emmi sleeps until noon then wakes up, she stretches her arms and sighs, “Never..never drinking again.” She smacks her dry lips and opens her eyes then sits up in bed, “WHAT THE…” She angrily furrows her eyebrows, why am I in Wang Hao’s bed? She looks at the thin nightgown and has no memory of coming here last night. The last thing she remembers is hiding from Bai Meilin after..OH MY GOD! She nervously reaches for a bottle of water and her hands are trembling as she hurriedly unscrew the top. She gulps down several mouthfuls then wipes her lips…Emmi you are such an idiot! Flustered, she kicks her legs up and down, “AHHHHHH!”

  Emmi looks at the other side of the bed that appears undisturbed and is relieved, it doesn’t look like he slept in the bed with me…but.. Holding her head in her hands she admonishes herself for lack of self control. Are you crazy Emmi? 

  There is a knock at the door, Emmi’s eyes widen and she doesn’t answer. Zhen Sihao heard her scream, he chuckles, “Chen Emmi I know you are awake. I made breakfast, come and eat.”

  Emmi answers, “Not hungry.”

  He opens the door and walks into the bedroom, “Don’t lie. You didn’t have dinner last night and drank too much. I made lean meat porridge. There are the clothes Yan Ran brought in the closet.”

  Emmi’s stomach grumbles and Zhen Sihao teases, “Your body is honest if you aren’t. Get dressed and come to the kitchen.”

   After he leaves she lays down and pulls the covers over her face. I might as well eat. What is done is done…

   Zhen Sihao goes back to the kitchen and makes a spinach smoothie. He is pouring the thick green drink into a glass when his phone rings. He frowns when he sees the caller, “What do you want?”

  Zhou Gao grits his teeth, “I got a call from Little Hua…you told her that you wouldn’t be taking her to the Winter Ball?”

  He sips his drink then calmly replies, “Definitely not.”

 “Listen you asshole, I made it clear it is imperative to move forward with the cooperation between Fan Group and the company. Do you think if you insult his little girl that bastard won’t pull out? He dotes on Hua and she wants to go with you. Fuck, because you have your own company you think you can do what you want?”

  “This marriage contract was your idea. I never agreed.”

  “The company will have to pay punitive damages in the millions if the project falls through…do you think I won’t make someone compensate me? That person will be your mother…just because we are divorced don’t think she is rid of me. You and I both know she still loves me and her mental condition is very fragile. You think she is hidden far away from my grasp but I recently located the woman.”

  Zhen Sihao’s eyes are red and he stops him, “BASTARD! You dare bully Mother and you are fucking dead!”

   “That simple woman will die with me. You ruin this project and I will fly to the United States and bring her back. You are taking Fan Hua to the Winter Ball and I am announcing the date of your marriage. Got it!”

   Zhen Sihao purses his lips knowing his weak mother would easily be manipulated by this monster. I need to agree and move her to a different villa. Dammit! Who leaked the information? It has been two years and mother’s mental state has been gradually improving. Just seeing Zhou Gao will trigger an episode. 

  When he doesn’t answer, Zhou Gao knows paying for the information about the stupid woman’s whereabouts was worth the money spent. “Well..I am waiting for your answer.”

   “I will take Fan Hua. But I am warning you if you make any move on my mother…I will destroy you and Zhou Group.”

   “As long as you do what I say I have no reason to contact the woman. Call Little Hua now, she is waiting.”

  Zhen Sihao hangs up and the surrounding area’s temperature drops several degrees. He leans on the counter with his hand tightened on the phone. When that bastard makes the announcement Chen Emmii will discover I am not Wang Hao but Zhen Sihao. Dammit!

  He calls Fan Hua and when she sees he is calling she smiles brightly at her father sitting at the dining room table. “Sihao.”

  “I will pick you up at seven o’clock.”

  Before she respond he hangs up.

  Fan Hua’s face turns red and she excuses herself from the table. Once she is in the living room she calls him back. He stares at the phone unwilling to talk any further with his father’s chess piece. When the phone rings again he thinks about his mother’s unstable emotions and answers, “Fan Hua, I said I would take you to the Winter Ball. Why are you calling?”

  “Sihao, I want you to know it is our fathers that are pushing us together. I accept that you don’t want this marriage but they won’t. So please don’t blame me.”

  He wants to laugh, if you didn’t want it your father wouldn’t pressure that bastard of a father of mine. “Be ready. I don’t like to wait.”

  Emmi was standing in the doorway and didn’t want to interrupt his phone call. She hears the end of the conversation. Who is this woman…Fan Hua…another one of his conquests? But he sounded annoyed and looks angry.

   He glances over and sees Emmi staring at him. She is wearing a pair of high waisted faded jeans that accentuate her tiny waist that could be encircled by only a hand. On her upper body she is wearing a pale yellow over the shoulder sweater that reveals her fair skin and delicate collarbone. The loose pants are rolled up exposing her thin ankles. She isn’t wearing any makeup and her hair is loosely pulled back in a low ponytail. 

 Zhen Sihao’s eyes are glued on the petite girl as she walks towards him, because she is wearing slippers she barely comes up to his chest. Emmi’s fresh and natural appearance sharply contrasts with the woman he just hung up the phone with and he gulps down his saliva. Why can’t I just tell the little girl that I like her and my name is Zhen Sihao. I have no other women…she is the only girl I want… only she occupies my thoughts.

  The atmosphere is awkward because it is obvious she overheard him on the phone. Emmi tosses the empty water bottle into the trash, “Umm..sorry I wasn’t eavesdropping.”

   He is wondering if he should explain then decides now isn’t the time he hasn’t organized his thoughts. “Sit and eat before the food gets cold.”

  Emmi obediently sits down and picks up a spoon, “Wang Hao, this porridge smells delicious. Thank you.”

  He sits down opposite Emmi, “I can give you a ride to your Art Studio after you eat.”

  She looks up from the bowl of steaming porridge, “Wang Hao, did you see my purse? I need to call Bai Meilin first to apologize and secondly my cousin Chloe’s dress for the Winter Ball is at her house.”

  “No. It must still be at the Bai’s estate.”

  “Could I use your phone to call Bai Meilin?”

  He presses a button so his number is blocked and replies, “What is the number? I will dial for you.”


  He dials and hands her the phone. Bai Meilin has been pacing around her room worried about Emmi. She had no way to contact her since her phone is on the table. She sees the blocked number and hesitates then answers.

  Emmi is embarrassed and her voice is soft, “Meilin, it is Emmi.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “EMMI! I was so worried about you!  Butler Heng said you left with your  bodyguard because you weren’t feeling good. You didn’t bring a bodyguard so I was very concerned you were abducted by a strange man. Who was he?”

  She glances over at Zhen Sihao who is picking up a piece of chicken and putting it on her plate. “Yeah..I think I drank a little too much..the man…umm..he is a friend of mine.”

  “How do you feel now? Do you need me to send you some breakfast? I can have the cook make whatever you want to eat. Are you at the dorm?”

  “I am having breakfast now. Thanks for your concern, that is so sweet of you. Meilin will you be home? I need to get my backpack and Cousin Chloe’s dress for the Winter Ball.”

  “Yes. I will be home all day.”

  “Do you mind if I come after breakfast?”

  “Emmi, you should stay in bed if you aren’t feeling well. I can bring your backpack and your cousin’s dress to the dorm if you want.”

  “I don’t want to trouble you.”

  “No trouble. I want to see you and make sure you don’t need to go to the hospital.”

  Emmi laughs, “Haha..Meilin, I don’t need to go to the hospital..haha..I just have a bit of a hangover.”

  “Well, I’m coming to the dorm. You stay in bed.”

  “Okay. Thanks Meilin.” 

   After she hangs up she hands him the phone “I don’t need a ride. Bai Meilin is bringing my stuff and the dress to the dorm so I will walk there after I eat.” 

   “I will drop you off.”

  “No. The fresh air will clear my head.” I need to distance myself from you…I am feeling an inexplicable physical attraction  to you and well…the women around you keep adding up. I like Liu Ling…you aren’t my type at all…it is just your pheromones are too heavy.


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