I Wasn’t Dreaming?

“Sihao do you know that girl?”



  “Remember what I said, don’t publish the magazine until I tell you.” He walks towards the door, quickening his pace when he sees Emmi waving at a taxi. Zhen Sihao knocks into a man as he steps onto the sidewalk. The man stumbles and angrily approaches him, “Watch..” He doesn’t finish his complaint when he is surrounded Zhen Sihao’s powerful aura.

    Emmi gets into the taxi and is looking at her phone when the door opens. She gazes up at the man who rudely climbed into the taxi, “This is my..” Emmi gulps, “Wang Hao..haha..good you can pay since you lied to me.”

   Zhen Sihao isn’t sure why he cares but he is relieved she called him Wang Hao. He got into the taxi thinking his real identity had been exposed. “Fine. I did lie to you.”

  “I don’t know why you didn’t say you were entertaining a client…or is she your girlfriend? Or both haha. Next time tell me the truth..I hate liars the most.” She looks at her phone and smiles.

  [I am looking forward to it]

  Zhen Sihao sees the message.“Looking forward to what?”

  “Nosy! Mind your own business.”

   “Do you have time to give me a massage before your class?”


  “I will pay triple. I pulled a muscle in my leg chasing you.”

  Emmi has an impish grin on her face.“Are you sure you didn’t hurt yourself while you were entertaining that woman? And I didn’t hear an apology for lying to me.”

  “Pfft! I said I would pay triple.”

  “Didn’t you say you have a meeting? Was that a lie also?”

  “I do have a meeting but it isn’t until this afternoon.” Actually I don’t mind letting that bitch Daphne Drake sit and wait for me. I am tense. I want a massage.

  “I guess I have time. Can you pay me after the massage? I am treating someone to lunch today after class.”


  “Well, I am excited so I will share. Jiang Weimeng. He said he has some good news to share with me. I think he found a medicinal herb farm for us to buy.”

  “You two are going into business together?”

  “Yes. He is willing to take a chance and invest with me.”

   “What do you know about running a business?”

  “Not much but I have been researching. Jiang Weimeng is a business genius, with him as a partner I think we’ll be able to succeed. I know about medicinal plants and he knows the business side. I asked Brother Ling to advise me and he agreed.”

   Zhen Sihao gazes at her beautiful face as she excitedly tells him about her plans. She is glowing, her green eyes are sparkling and she is happily smiling. The little girl certainly attracts the bees and the butterflies! He feels itchy that two other men are helping Emmi. I could easily buy you a medicinal farm and help you build your business with my connections. Why didn’t you ask me? 

  “Why didn’t you ask me to invest?”

  Emmi ignores Zhen Sihao when sees another message from Lu Ying Yue. [All the little boy talks about is you teaching him to swim.]

 [Have you talked to Ruan YaoYao about practicing the piano on Saturday?]

  Zhen Sihao is very irritated she didn’t answer him. He childishly snatches the phone from her hand and holds it up. “Answer me.” How dare Chen Emmi ignore me! Does she have any idea how many women want my attention.She really has guts!

  She tries to grab the phone and ends up in his lap with her lips brushing against his. He looks down at her soft petite body pressed onto him and panics when he feels his body heating up. Zhen Sihao pushes Emmi off his lap. He regains his composure and has a mischievous gleam in his dark eyes. “Stealing a kiss? I know I am good looking but you aren’t my type.”

   Emmi’s face turns bright red as she lands on the seat. She wipes her lips with her sleeve and angrily puffs out her cheeks. “WANG HAO! GIVE ME MY PHONE!”

  “When you answer my question.”

  “What question?”

  “Why didn’t you ask me to invest?”

  Emmi taunts him. “Did you satisfy the woman and she gave you a bonus?”

  Zhen Sihao has flames rolling in the bottom of his eyes. He grabs Emmi and lays her over his lap and spanks her bottom. She squirms around, “OWWW! STOP! WANG HAO!!!”

  The old taxi driver looks in the rear view mirror at them. He barks, “Mister, I don’t want no trouble! Control yourself or you need to get out of my cab.”

  He let’s Emmi go and she grabs her phone. She bites her lip then furiously spits out, “Wang Hao you find another masseuse! I won’t work for you!” They aren’t far from campus, she has never been spanked and is very embarrassed. “Driver, stop here.”

  The old man swerves over to the side of the road and Zhen Sihao has a threatening tone, “Keep going to the address I gave you. Miss Chen, we have an agreement unless you want me to sue you. I suggest you fulfill your duty.”

  Emmi’s butt is stinging, she clenches her fists on her lap. “If I am your employee I will sue you for sexual harassment!”

  “Who was it that just kissed me?”

  “I..I.. SHUT UP!” 

   Zhen Sihao laughs as he pays the driver when they reach the apartment building.Chen Emmi, you will never win when dealing with me. No one ever does.

  When they exit the taxi Emmi sees Liu Ling leaving and she pushes Zhen Sihao, “I will meet you at your apartment.”

  He doesn’t want to be recognized by Liu Ling so he readily agrees. “ Don’t be too long.”

  Emmi hurries over to the sidewalk. She smiles prettily, “Brother Ling.”

  He turns around “Chen Emmi. Were you visiting your friend?”

“I am on my way there now.”

 “How is your investment project going?”

  “I am meeting Jiang Weimeng later to discuss it. I wanted to ask you if you could join us at lunch later. I have some questions I would like to ask you.”

  “I can’t, I have a lunch commitment. If you and Jiang Weimeng want to stop by my office tomorrow I will be available in the morning.”

  “Thanks. I won’t keep you then.” Emmi walks back to the apartment building, she claps her hands together, “Yes!”

   She knocks on Zhen Sihao’s door and he doesn’t answer,What the heck! I said I would be right up. She tries the door and it is open, she looks in the living room, “Wang Hao? It’s me.”

Emmi walks down the hallway to the Master bedroom. Zhen Sihao walks out wrapped only in a white towel and is drying his hair. Emmi’s eyes widen staring at his muscular body. She has seen him before but for some reason with the water dripping down his chest to his mermaid line Emmi’s ears turn red. He really is incredibly handsome in an unruly way.“Wang Hao! Put on some shorts. I don’t have a lot of time!”

  “I thought you would be talking to Professor Liu for longer from the way you were drooling when you saw him.” He picks up the blow dryer. “Dry my hair.”

  “Dry it yourself! When you have some clothes on I will be back. I am getting a bottle of water.”

  “Bring me a glass of orange juice.”

  “…” Does he think he is the Emperor! Domineering… Arrogant..Demanding… Shameless!

  He sits on the edge of the bed and dries his hair, he chuckles why is it so much fun to tease the little thing?

  Emmi brings the orange juice and drinks some water. “Pay me now in case you go to sleep.”

  He raises an eyebrow and takes her phone, “Don’t let me go to sleep I need to go to the meeting.” 

  She lights the soothing incense and takes out the massage oil out of the drawer. He is lying on his stomach waiting for Emmi to begin. She rubs the massage oil on her hands until it is warm then begins massaging his neck and shoulders. He sighs, The bunny girl really applies the right amount of pressure and her soft hands are warm. 

   After Emmi gets into the rhythm of rubbing and kneading his muscles she begins to sing. Zhen Sihao listens to the sound of her soft voice and relaxes. He can feel all his stress leaving his body. Ahh..feels so good.

   She massages his body and is thinking about seeing Brother Ling while singing the romantic theme song from ‘My Beloved Concubine’ She finishes and shakes her head. He falls asleep every time. She watches him sleep and her lips curl up into a smile, I never noticed how long and dense his black eyelashes are. He must have really worked hard last night... Haha. After I wash my hands I will wake him up.

  Emmi blows out the incense and puts away the massage oil then goes to the bathroom. She washes her hands and smells the scent. Smells like Wang Hao..woodsy with a hint of orange.  She pictures him walking out of the bathroom, he is a sexy guy…peerless good looks…perfect toned body. No wonder women want to sleep with him haha..

  She walks over to the bed and taps his shoulder, “Wang Hao..wake up.” When he doesn’t move she has the urge to smell his hair and impulsively leans over him. Ohh… smells really good. I wonder if it is as soft as it looks. She lightly runs her fingers through his hair. Soft. She comes to her senses, what are you doing!

  Zhen Sihao is dreaming about Emmi and stimulated by her actions. Before Emmi can react he presses her under his strong body and kisses her soft lips.

    He pries her lips open and his hot tongue swirls around Emmi’s. She struggles pressing on his bare chest with her small hands but can’t stop his tyrannical kiss. Emmi can’t breath and a strange sensation is running through her body as he kisses her deeply. She is quivering in his strong embrace inhaling his hormonal scent mixed with the woodsy orange fragrance.

Emmi is finding it hard to resist him. Zhen Sihao’s eyes are closed as he greedily touches her body. When his large hot hand slips up under her blouse onto her breast she comes to her senses.Oh My God!

He is sucking on her neck when she is able to reach her arm up and slap him. Emmi is panting heavily, “Wang Hao you beast! Let me go!” She pushes him with all her strength.

   He is stunned and rolls off of Emmi. She takes the opportunity to run out of the bedroom. Grabbing her back pack she curses him as she enters the hallway. Emmi rushes to the elevator pressing the button several times. She pats her chest, her heart is racing am I crazy…crazy.. She steps into the elevator. Devil! He is the Devil!

   Zhen Sihao is half awake and touches his cheek. I wasn’t dreaming?  


Trouble At Qiao Corporation

     Rui and Dr. Woo are watching from a short distance away.  Rui clenches his fist at his side. LiMei recognizes Xinghi’s voice? She is Qin Daiyu! Dr. Woo feels the dangerous aura surrounding Rui. He holds onto Rui’s arm, in a low voice he says,”Don’t disturb them. He has barely begun.”

   LiMei stares past Xinghi, she wrinkles her nose while looking suspiciously at Rui and Dr. Woo. She crooks her finger for Xinghi to come closer. Speaking in a hushed voice she says,“Uncle Xinghi isn’t that man, the handsome doctor who saved Kuang Bo in the mountains. Why is he here?”

  Xinghi isn’t sure how to respond before he answers LiMei continues, “ I don’t recognize the man with him.”  Suddenly she feels her heart beating erratically. “Uncle Xinghi, make them leave.” LiMei feels the man’s gaze is too intense, she can see complicated emotions in his deep dark eyes. 

  Both Rui and Dr. Woo have martial arts skills and can hear LiMei. Rui’s face blackens, she is Qin Daiyu and is pushing me away. No!

  Xinghi motions to them then reassures LiMei, “If that is what you want.”

   When Rui appears as though he is going to rush  to LiMei’s bed Dr. Woo pulls him back holding his arm in a tight grip. He warns, “ Let’s go.” Rui doesn’t budge staring at LiMei and Xinghi.  “Dammit Rui, if you interrupt Xinghi who knows what will happen. Don’t interfere.”

   Rui reluctantly leaves with Dr. Woo but is not reconciled to the situation. He pounds his fist on the wall outside her hospital room “Xixin, I don’t like this!”

   “Calm down. Your interfering will not help Feng LiMei.”

   “Feng LiMei..or Qin Daiyu! I want LiMei..I need LiMei.”

   “If Xinghi is successful you will have your wish. Qin Daiyu is Feng LiMei. She needs to integrate all her memories so she can function normally. Qin Daiyu wants a stable normal life, which is why she created the identity of Feng LiMei and escaped from Kuang Fu. You need to stop being selfish and think about what is best for the little girl. If it is your fate to be with her then you will.”

  “Fate my ass! I don’t believe in that shit! I make my own destiny, and I won’t let Feng LiMei go. She will be mine in this life and the next. No one can take her away from me. NO ONE!

  “Rui, you are a goddamn doctor. You need to think about Feng LiMei for fuck’s sake!”

 He glares at Dr. Woo and is surrounded by a dangerous aura. Rui’s eyes are red and filled with a crazy gleam , “Xixin, I am a doctor as a profession, I enjoy the adrenaline rush when I successfully complete a difficult operation. I like the money this hospital puts into my pocket. I have never been a compassionate man, doing it for the greater good. She is all I want. If I can’t have Feng LiMei none of what I have means shit!”

  “ Rui, your problem is you don’t think you deserve a girl like Feng LiMei’s love. You finally let someone into your frozen heart and now you are afraid. Afraid you will lose the little girl who brings light into your dark life. I know you. I have watched you grow up. Instead of thinking she will reject you, why not have confidence in yourself. The same confidence you bring to the operating room…to the board room. I know you have never been in love before but all relationships have ups and downs.”

   Rui smirks, “Save your breath.I am going to repeat myself. I won’t let Feng LiMei leave me. I expect a call when Xinghi finishes.” He knows if he stays he will barge into the room and disrupt the therapy session. He storms down the hallway towards the main building of the hospital. If I have to chain her to my bed she won’t escape me.

  When he arrives at his office Bai Chiyu is working at her desk. She looks up when he walks into the room. “Dr. Qiao.” Rui is in a daze thinking about LiMei and doesn’t answer. Bai Chiyu repeats, “Dr. Qiao.”

   He sits down at his desk, “Yes.”

  “ Your father has been calling for the past few days. He said he has an urgent matter to discuss with you and has been unable to contact you.”

  Rui has been ignoring his calls but there is a Board meeting coming up. He sounds tired as he loosens his tie, “Chiyu, go make me a cup of tea.”

   When she walks out of the office she looks back at the door. Qiao Rui looks terrible, it is all because of that little slut Feng LiMei. Bai Chiyu knows he personally carried LiMei to a VIP room in the unopened Holistic Healing Wing. She should just go die! How did she seduce him? There is nothing special about the little witch! 

   Rui returns his father’s call, “What?”

  “You ungrateful bastard! I have been calling you for three days!”

 “I’m on the phone now, what do you want?”

 “You need to come home. I will discuss it with you then.”

 “I’m busy. Tell me or I will be hanging up.”

  “If you aren’t here within the hour I will have the caretaker remove your mother’s ashes and flush them down the fucking toilet.”

   Rui stands up and the veins bulge on his neck, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE OLD MAN!” 

  “If you had the ability I would already be in the ground. I know you hate me but Qiao Corporation was built by your mother and I. Do you want to see it go bankrupt?”

   Since LiMei was kidnapped in Cambodia all his attention has been on her. He ignored several calls from the Director and his father. “I am coming.”

   When Bai Chiyu returns to the office Rui is gone. She frowns as she sets the tea down, did Dr. Qiao go back to Feng LiMei’s room? I thought when he broke his engagement with Wang Rebecca I would have a chance.

   Wearing designer sunglasses, Wang Rebecca is  sitting on a deck chair under an umbrella on a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranian.  She takes offthe large pair of sunglasses then leans back adjusting her red string bikini as a muscular man kneels rubbing lotion on her slender thighs. He tenderly strokes her soft skin, his hand reaches up to the red bikini bottom untying the string holding up the tiny piece of fabric. He spreads her legs, exposing her smooth sensitive area, and begins licking and sucking on her pink flower petals. Not far away a handsome man is drinking a medicinal tonic watching them.

    When the muscular man begins to thrust his finger in and out of Rebecca the handsome man watching the obscene play puts hand into his swim trunks. Since he was injured by Nikolai Naralov at Diego Bellini’s party Ivan Rushnikov has been unable to touch a woman. He has developed some perverted fetishes, watching sex play is one of his favorites. He sets down the bitter drink and slides off the swim trunks. Laying naked on the recliner he begins to rub himself.

Ivan Rushnikov was in Pushong City he went with a business associate to Sun Woo’s brothel the man suggested he become a voyeur to get some satisfaction. While he was there he saw Wang Rebecca being sexially abused by three men. It was the first time his body had a reaction so he bought her on a whim. Since then he has had different men play with her body in front of him,  when she climaxes she must call out his name. The man today is the Captain of the yacht. He was reluctant but Ivan Rushnikov forced him by saying either he has sex with Wang Rebecca or he becomes a eunuch.

   Wang Rebecca has taken an aphrodisiac and lays back enjoying the feeling of the cool ocean breeze and the man’s hot hands stimulating her body. After Rui sent her to Sun Woo she endured a tortuous month being manhandled and bullied. Most of the men were wealthy married businessmen who wanted to vent on a beautiful woman. But this taught her a valuable lesson, she learned to smile and be flirtatious under the most despicable circumstances so she could survive.

The only goal she has in life is to seek revenge on Qiao Rui for tossing her away and her adopted brother Wang Kai whose betrayal wounded her more deeply. She kept thinking he would come and save her from that hell but he never made an attempt. She discovered after Ivan Rushnikov bought her that Wang Kai married Zhou Dandan.

   The Captain becomes excited as Wang Rebecca’s body reacts, her soft moans arousing him. He forgets he was forced to have sex with her and he tears off her bikini top exposing her large breasts. Unable to resist temptation he buries his head between her soft breasts then begins sucking and licking her erect buds. She runs her fingers through his hair and whispers, “Help me run away.”

   The Captain gazes up at Rebecca’s beautiful flushed face, her almond shaped brown eyes are watery and she is fluttering her eyelashes. She looks like a fragile doll but if I do I am dead. He has no intention of helping but he kisses her lips then presses his mouth on her ear, “I will try.”  Right now all he can think about is putting his throbbing member into her dripping wet pussy.

   The handsome man watching them hears her plea, she asks every man lately to ‘help her’. He laughs, In a weak moment I did what the slut begged me to do and fucked with Qiao Corporation so she would give me the best visuals…now… ungrateful bitch…do you think any of these men will risk their life for a piece of ass that has been had by a so many men. You really are an arrogant bitch.

Wang Rebecca is clinging to The Captain as he penetrates deeper and deeper, she cries out as she spasms in pleasure…”MMMM..Ivan..Ahhh..Ivan..You are so big..Ahh..”

Liar !

   Emmi looks at the time on her phone, seven o’clock, I’m glad my first class isn’t until ten, I have time to eat then go to the stupid tyrant’s apartment. I am starving and my head hurts. Wheww… When she gets off the bed to find some medicine in her purse she steps on the potato chips on the carpet. I really must have flopped on the bed…dumping all this crap onto the floor

  Emmi’s phone rings and she sees the caller is Jiang Weiming. Why is he calling so early? She doesn’t answer, I will call back after I eat. I can’t think right now.  Well, it might be important I should message him anyway. [What’s up?]

  Jiang Weiming is walking through campus on his way to meet with his advisor. He looks at Emmi’s WeChat message then replies [Can you talk? I have good news.]

  [It isn’t convenient now.]

 He is disappointed because he wanted to hear Emmi’s voice when he told her Qiao Rui is back in Pushong City. 

 When he doesn’t immediately respond Emmi sends another text curious about the ‘good news’. [Are you at school today? We could meet for a late lunch. I am done with classes at three.]

  He can barely contain his excitement. [I can meet.] This is great! I have been thinking about her since we had dinner together.

 [Do you want to meet at the little Italian restaurant by school? The one down the alley. I can’t think of the name.] I can barely think haha..

[I know which restaurant, D’Amico’s. I will be there at three or do you want to meet at school and I can drive?]

[No need. It is a short walk. I will meet you there.] All I need is for Cousin Chloe or one of her friends to see me with Jiang Weiming…I don’t have the mental bandwidth today to deal with that nuisance. The Italian restaurant is out of the way and there shouldn’t be too many customers at that time of day.  

[Okay.] He has a brilliant smile on his face as he walks towards the steps to his advisor’s office.

Chen Chloe has been waiting for him by the bushes. She overheard him say yesterday that he had an appointment at seven thirty with his advisor. She sees him smiling while on the phone and wonders who is texting. Chloe watches him, it is rare to see Jiang Weimeng without a serious expression on his face,he appears to be in a very good mood. Perfect!She pops out from behind the bush clutching a small box in her hand. “Jiang Weiming .”

   He turns around when he hears her high pitched unpleasant voice. Chen Chloe sways her hips as she walks up to him. She is wearing a light blue dress today that hugs her curves because his sister, FeiFei said blue is his favorite color. She shyly smiles at him while reaching out with the box, fluttering her eyelashes as she lies, “ FeiFei mentioned to me yesterday that you had an early meeting so I made you some breakfast buns thinking you might not have time to eat first. I hope you like them.” Actually they were made by  the old woman who works in our kitchen. I told her if they weren’t delicious she could find another job.

  Jiang Weiming’s face shows his displeasure, why do I have to look at her ugly face right now? Such a phony bitch… If it weren’t for her mercilessly bullying her own cousin I could openly pursue Chen Emmi. She is ruining my good mood. He smirks as he pulls his friend Wong Yi by his collar as he walks past them. “Yi, Chen Chloe was looking for you. She made you breakfast.” He ignores the awkward expression on her face and walks up the steps of the business building chuckling to himself.

   Chen Chloe glares at Wong Yi then throws the box into the trash can as she stomps away. I know he is being rude because of that little bitch seducing him! I will fix her good this time!

     Wong Yi: ???? 

   Emmi can’t find her work shoes as she packs her bag to leave the hotel. Where could they be?

  Yan Jing is staring at her shoes by the couch in Zhen Sihao’s hotel suite. He has a strange expression on his face, whose shoes are they? They are tiny and look like cheap black work shoes.  Well, none of my business but I’m intrigued, Sihao has been acting distracted since I got here. He hands Zhen Sihao the report for this morning’s meeting with Daphne Drake. “I think we will need to send someone to check on the situation at the factory in person. Did you want me to go?”

  Zhen Sihao absentmindedly takes the report and doesn’t answer. How the little girl is feeling? I wonder if she remembers anything from last night? Probably not…she was extremely drunk.

  Yan Jing looks at Zhen Sihao staring off into space with a complicated expression on his face. This is the first time he is having a meeting since his accident. Is he worried about it? No. He could easily handle Daphne Drake. “Sihao?”

 “If needed I will go myself.” Maybe I will take the bunnygirl. He questions himself as to why he would consider taking Emmi to England.. to thank her for saving me… She has probably never been abroad that’s it… a thank you..that is why I thought of that idea. “Yan Jing you can leave. Check on the situation with the Zhou  Group. I heard my cousin Jason had some trouble at the site of his Mega Mall Project.” He and Zhou Mo are the only family members I like.

   Yan Jing looks at his watch, “I will see you at the meeting then.”


   Zhen Sihao taps the pen on his desk then picks up the phone,  But then she would definitely find out my identity…for some reason she really hates ‘Zhen Sihao’. He puts the phone down deciding not to call Emmi.

   Emmi is baffled by the disappearance of her shoes, well..whatever they were super cheap, I got them on sale. She finishes packing after her shower and picks up her purse to leave. In the elevator her stomach growls and she holds her stomach, I need to eat now. I can’t wait  to go to the stall by campus. One last splurge… After she checks out she enters the small cafe, “Yum..smells good.”

   After she is seated she calls Zhen Sihao, he is sitting at his desk in a daze when sees a message.

   [Wang Hao are you at the hotel?]

  Why is she asking me that? Does she remember last night? He sees her shoes by the couch and the image of Emmi half naked pop into his mind and his ears turn red. [Why?]

  Emmi looks at the menu then orders the yam congee and a bowl of rice. That’s enough food to pad my stomach, the prices are outrageous! [Well, I am having breakfast at the hotel cafe. If you are in your friend’s hotel suite I can give you a massage now. It would be more convenient.]

    [I am not at the hotel. I am at a meeting.]

   [Well. Were you going to let me know?]

  Zhen Sihao leans back in his chair laughing. I can picture her cute little angry face. She probably looks like a cat whose tail got stepped on right now.

  [You know now.]

 [Devil emoji angry face emoji ]Why is that man so annoying! Emmi starts typing then deletes the message.

Zhen Sihao texts [Something?]

He waits a few minutes for her response then gets his coat to leave. The little girl is really amusing.

  When he is leaving the hotel he walks by the cafe and can see Emmi stabbing at her food with her chopsticks. He starts laughing as he watches her angry expression while mumbling staring at a piece of meat in her chopsticks.

Han Qing is walking through the lobby on her way to her brother Weisheng’s office, she looks over “Sihao?”  She is curious, what is making the iceberg laugh?

  He turns around and he has an emotionless expression, “Qing.”

 She decides not to ask, “I’m glad I ran into you. I have an advanced copy of the magazine. I was going to give it to Weisheng. I am very pleased with the cover.” She pulls it out of her bag to show him. He looks towards the cafe. Would the little bunnygirl see me on the cover? I am having fun being ‘Wang Hao.’ “Delay the release.”

  Han Qing is stunned, she shakes her head and furrows her eyebrows, “Sihao! No way! Do you know how much that would cost my company!”

  “Delay or cancel it is your choice.”

  “You agreed. Why are you changing your mind now.”

  He gives her an icy stare, “I agreed to the interview as a favor to you. Now as a favor to me you will delay.”

“Zhen Sihao!”

Emmi looks out the window that faces the hotel lobby and sees Zhen Sihao and a beautiful woman in a purple dress. Not too many women can pull off that look. Isn’t she the woman I saw him eating with at Ming’s. It looks like they are arguing, the beautiful woman’s face doesn’t look good. She shivers, Wang Hao looks scary.  She slams down her chopsticks, Wait didn’t he say he wasn’t at the hotel? What a liar!

Emmi has an idea and her lips curl up in a mischievous smile, she calls over the server and asks for her bill. After she pays she hurries out the door and as passes Zhen Sihao she kicks him in the leg, “LIAR!” Before he can react Emmi runs through the lobby. When she reaches the door she playfully turns around and sticks out her tongue at Zhen Sihao.

 Han Qing:????

 Zhen Sihao : Did she hear my name ?

Shameless Devil

    After Emmi’s shocked reaction Zhen Sihao realizes he completely misunderstood the situation.He gazes at the drunk little girl in front of him and panics. She is swaying on her feet trying to keep her balance as she stares at her reddened palm. Okay, right now the bunnygirl thinks I am Han Chao…I can’t have her know it was me being shameless. She would definitely hold a grudge with her stubborn personality. Chen Emmi would never give me a massage again! 

   He impulsively hits her acupoint to make her instantly fall asleep. He holds Emmi under her arms as she slides down the wall, then embraces her limp body undecided as to what to do.Should I just put her skirt back on her and take her to her hotel room? She will wake up in the morning thinking she was drunk and slept in her clothes. Yes, that is the best idea.

   After he lays her motionless body on the couch he picks up the crumpled black skirt from the floor. He buttons up her blouse. Dammit… I missed a button, Fuck it I will leave as is…I can’t touch her soft skin again I wanted to… He tries to control his body’s reaction as he slides the skirt up her slender legs. Emmi is like a lifeless doll as he turns her over and pulls up the zipper. When his fingers brush against her warm snow white skin, Zhen Sihao feels a rush of heat through his body  I need to get the little girl the hell out of my room.

   He picks up her purse and hurries to the door with Emmi firmly pressed to his chest. He stops and grabs his black suit coat. Staring at her flushed cheeks and her half parted lips stained red from the wine his Adam’s apple slightly rolls. He puts the coat over her in case anyone sees them leave his hotel suite. Little thing you need to stop tempting me.. I am a man… I only have so much willpower.

   When they arrive at Emmi’s hotel room he holds her up with one arm over his shoulder so he can find her room card in her purse. He hurries as her warm breath tickles his neck, trying to ignore the rush of heat running through his body. He looks inside three strawberry lollipops, lipstick, her phone. He takes out her wallet, one credit card, a VIP pass to his Black Dragon Club, she doesn’t need that, he puts it in his pocket. 100 yuan, a 20% discount punch card from a hot pot restaurant and no fucking room card. Frustrated he unzips a side pocket, his face turns as black as the bottom of a pot, what the hell! Condoms!?!? His veins bulge on his forehead as he glares at Emmi, he wants to spank her ass after that discovery. You foolish little idiot…you are too young! What are you planning? He takes the condoms and puts them in his pocket with the VIP card. Zhen Sihao finally finds the room card in the front pocket and slides it to open the door.

   Zhen Sihao carries Emmi like a sack of potatoes to the messy bed, shaking his head gazing at the scattered crumbs on the bedspread.  After brushing the clothes and empty snack bags onto the floor he yanks down the  white cover while balancing Emmi over his shoulder. He removes his suit jacket covering her as he lays Emmi on the clean sheets.

While he is leaning over Emmi fixing her head on the pillow she suddenly opens her eyes. She stares fixedly at his incredibly handsome face, in a daze she places her small hands on his cheeks, “Wang Hao, you really are the most handsome man I have ever seen. No wonder you can seduce all those women…but they don’t know the real you..” She taps the tip of his nose while staring deeply into his eyes, “You are a demon…the devil!” She purses her lips and puffs out her crimson red cheeks, “ Stingy devil! Always threatening to deduct my money!”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry listening to her nonsense. He takes her hands off his face, “Go to sleep.” 

   Emmi grabs his tie, she shakes her head and twists her delicate eyebrows, “How can I sleep? I promised you I would give you a massage. I need money…I have big plans..” She smiles exposing her cute dimples while putting her hands on his shoulders, “BIIIGGG PLANS with Jiang Weimeng.” She pats the bed, “Take off your shirt.”

  “…” The little girl has no idea she is playing with fire. I need to leave now..or I might not be able to restrain myself.. She looks too fucking tempting. 

   Emmi mutters, “Too slow.” She impatiently starts to unbutton his black silk shirt, “Hurry up, I will even sing for you…no extra charge. Han Chao said I sing like an angel.” Emmi giggles, “You should be honored..” Emmi’s eyes are sparkling and he is momentarily stunned by her pure and beautiful face as she looks up at him . She pokes him in the chest with her slender finger.“A beautiful angel like me will sing for a stingy devil like you! Hahaha..”

  Zhen Sihao’s thoughts become muddled and he’s about to lose his reason. “You can have the night off. No deduction.”

  Emmi’s green eyes light up, “No deduction?”

  “You can add a day to our agreement.”  Zhen Sihao can’t help but smile at her aggrieved expression. He has regained his composure and teases as he stands up grabbing his suit coat. “Well… most women have to pay to put their hands on me.”

  She crosses her arms on her chest with a contemptuous expression, she “Hmmph..As expected…shameless devil!”

   A pillow hits his back as he walks to the door. Once Zhen Sihao is in the hallway he has a devilish grin, where does the little girl get these ridiculous ideas… 

Emmi wakes up in the morning and rubs her head then smacks her lips, soo thirsty. She rolls over on the bed and grabs a bottle of water on the nightstand. After she gulps down the water she sits on the edge of the bed staring at the wrinkled uniform she is wearing. I must have been really drunk to sleep in my clothes. Noticing the buttons she laughs…really drunk. I hope I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Han Chao. She yawns while trying to remember. Hmm.. last thing I remember is agreeing to go to his studio and collaborate with him. She can smell a faint scent of sandalwood on her clothes. Was Wang Hao there?


   After they have dinner Emmi feels relaxed around Han Chao and Dong He. She has had several glasses of wine thanks to Zongmeng diligently refilling her glass. Emmi’s cheeks are flushed and she is laughing at Dong He describing Han Chao working with Meng ChuChu who is notorious for her strange demands and behavior on set. She holds her side laughing uncontrollably when he says, “It wouldn’t have been so bad except Meng ChuChu’s character the Queen, insisted Han Chao who was playing her slave not only take the skin off the grapes but also feed her..Meng ChuChu would intentionally lick his fingers.”

   Han Chao’s ears turn red, “Shut up! Chen Emmi don’t listen to him!”

   Dong He picks up his bottle of beer, “It is all true.Every word.”

   “Han Chao, don’t worry I won’t repeat what he said.” She thinks working with these two will be fun. “I admire you for not losing your temper.”

   “Well I was a newcomer so I didn’t want to complain. The way she turned her head slightly, no one could see so… ” He blushes, “It was just weird.”

    Emmi’s phone in her pocket vibrates and she wrinkles her forehead when sees the caller is Wang Hao. What does the annoying man want? If I don’t answer he will keep calling knowing him. “Hello.”

    Zhen Sihao is standing on his balcony of his hotel Suite. He feels tense after finishing a report for the meeting tomorrow with Daphne Drake. He called Han Weisheng to tell the manager of Ming’s to let Emmi off early because he wants a massage. Han Weisheng told him Emmi isn’t working but having dinner with his brother Chao. This news made him upset for some reason. He takes a gulp of his glass of whisky. ” Are you having dinner with Han Chao?”

  How does he know? Well it is none of his business. “I’m working.”

   He smirks, “Don’t lie.”

   Emmi walks out to the balcony, “Well, don’t ruin my good mood.”

  “Are you drinking?” She definitely sounds like she is drunk.

   She takes a sip of wine, “No.” Why am I hiding that I am drinking from him, she giggles, “ What if I am..haha..I said don’t ruin my good mood. I am very happy right now.”

  “Why?” He frowns as he lights a cigarette, “Because you are having dinner with your male idol?”

     “Haha..well if you must know..hahaha.. I’m very excited. Han Chao made me a proposition… for only a few hours he will pay me $50,000 cash. He doesn’t care that it is my first time, he said that is why he wants to do it with me. $50,000 ! So much money! He even said he would take his time until I was comfortable so I would enjoy the experience. ” 

 Zhen Sihao’s veins pop out on his neck and he raises his voice, “Don’t be stupid! Give the phone to Han Chao!” He stands up grabbing his suit coat from the chair. What the hell! She will even sell her body for a little cash! How desperate is the little miser!

 Emmi glances through the glass door  at Han Chao who is scolding Dong He for revealing his embarrassing past. “NO! I shouldn’t have told you. It’s a secret. I’m hanging up.”

 He calls her phone again and she turns it off as she walks back into the private room.

Goddammit! I need to stop the little girl before she makes a big mistake. He calls again, she turned off her phone ! Furious, he calls Han Weisheng, “What’s that little bastard’s phone number?”

 Han Weisheng is having drinks with a blind date his mother set up, this is a good excuse to cut the evening short. “Hold on a minute.”

  “Sorry this call is about business.” He walks away from the table, “What little bastard?’

  “Your brother Chao!”

   “What did he do?” Sihao sounds very angry… is it because he is jealous that Chao is having dinner with the little songbird? 

 “Just give me the fucking number.”

   Han Weishing tells him his brother’s number and has a slight smile as he walks back to the table. He immediately changes his expression as he faces his blind date, “I apologize but there is a problem at the hotel. I need to leave immediately.”

   Emmi comes back into the private room, the night air made her feel a little dizzy, “Han Chao. I can come to your private studio anytime that doesn’t interfere with school and a project I am working on with a friend of mine. I will email you my schedule. If you don’t mind..” She hiccups, I..I will be going now.” I don’t want to say I feel drunk but my vision is getting blurry. It is a good thing I have the hotel room.

  Han Chao can tell she has had too much wine, he feels guilty for not paying attention, “I will drive you home.”

 “I have a room here I booked for the weekend so no need.”

” Well I will walk you to your room.”

Emmi waves her hand, “N..no need.” She staggers and he reaches out to catch Emmi as she trips. She smiles up at Han Chao as he holds her in his arms. She stammers, ‘Ahh sorrrryy..”

  Zhen Sihao bursts through the door and misinterprets this scene. He grabs Emmi out of Han Chao’s arms, emitting a cold and terrifying aura as he picks her up into his embrace. Emmi’s head is spinning, “Wa..Wang Hao..”She pinches his face, “It’s yo..you.. Wh..why are you here?”

  He glares at Han Chao, “Shameless! “

???? Han Chao and Dong He watch as Zhen Sihao storms out of the room carrying Emmi who is barely conscious. She snuggles into Zhen Sihao’s chest inhaling his distinct masculine scent, “Mmm..Wang Hao..you smell sooo good.”

   He looks down at the silly expression on Emmi’s face, stupid girl! If I didn’t come when I did…Zhen Sihao takes long strides through the crowded restaurant ignoring the curious people ha passes.

   Emmi doesn’t wake up as he carries her to his hotel suite, she sleeps peacefully in his warm embrace. He opens the door to his luxurious suite then places her on the couch. Looking down at her young and innocent face he lifts an eyebrow, little girl don’t you have any sense at all?  A measly $50,000.. You would.. And what was Han Chao thinking offering to pay to sleep with you! He has been in the messy Entertainment business too long!

  Zhen Sihao walks over and sits at his desk then. takes a cigarette from the desk drawer.He has a strange sensation running through his body after holding Emmi to the room. He plays with the lighter, flicking it off and on while deep in thought. There is a burning flame deep in his black eyes staring intensely at Emmi’s vulnerable appearance on the couch.The disturbing image of Han Chao holding Emmi’s soft body in his arms replays in his mind. Little fox girl,  how many men have you seduced with your fairy-like face and delicate body…Liu Ling…Jiang Weiming… the Young Master at my Club chasing after you as you left..now Han Chao.. who knows how many others…

  He can’t take his eyes off Emmi’s half parted cherry red lips and fluttering black eyelashes. Her chest is undulating as she breathes and the skirt is short exposing her slender snow white thighs. Feeling restless from the seductive sight he takes a blanket from a cabinet then tosses it over Emmi. Afterwards he goes out onto the balcony and lights the cigarette.The little girl is too naive…someone needs to straighten out her thinking. 

  When he finishes the cigarette he comes back inside, Emmi has kicked off the blanket and one of her legs is hanging off the couch. He lifts her slim leg up onto the couch and covers her body again with the blanket. She complains, “Too hot..” then kicks the blanket again. He can see sweat beads on her forehead and her face is flushed. He touches her forehead, no fever. Suddenly Emmi sits up and stares at him with a blank expression, “Han Chao, I need a bath. Your house is too hot, then we can do it.” 


   Emmi is extremely drunk and hallucinating. She stands up and wobbles while pulling at the top button of her blouse, “Bath?”

   “…” Zhen Sihao’s face turns bright red, “CHEN EMMI!”

  Emmi touches his sleeve, she sounds coquettish, “Don’t be impatient. I just need a bath first.” She unzips her skirt, “Oh, there it is.” She steps out of her skirt staggering to the bathroom.

  Zhen Sihao grabs her arm his eyes filled with dark desire, “Chen Emmi are you trying to provoke me!”

  “Huh?” Why does Han Chao sound angry, “No..no..I’m sorry…” I want that $50,000 wuhuhhuu.. Tears form in her beautiful green eyes , “I feel sticky…I  can’t perform well if I am uncomfortable.”

  He pushes her against the wall, he leans down, his face is extremely close and a chill is coming from his taut body, “Have you done this before?”

  “Well, not for so much money.” She blinks her eyes and smiles showing her cute dimples, “ So I want to be at my best for you.”

   Zhen Sihao can smell her light jasmine scent and loose strands of her silky hair are brushing against his neck tickling him. Emmi’s shirt is unbuttoned and she has stepped out of her skirt. Mesmerized by how beautiful and seductive she looks he can’t resist her alluring appearance. Leaning in to kiss Emmi he doesn’t care she thinks he is Han Chao. He gazes at her tempting wine stained lips and his Adam’s apple rolls, I want to taste to see if her lips are as soft and sweet as they appear. I have never had scruples… She is doing it for money anyway…I have more to offer than Han Chao.. why not ?

As he is about to kiss Emmi when pushes him with her small hands on his chest. “Han Chao… Hooligan ! What are you doing !”

Zhen Sihao’s breathing becomes uneven as he presses his body against Emmi’s petite body with his arm around her tiny waist. He puts his mouth next to her ear and his voice sounds raspy, ” I’m paying you $50,000 shouldn’t I be able to kiss you before we go to bed? Or is that extra ? “

She slaps Zhen Sihao, “You said..said to sing with you! SING ! Not have sex ! Forget it !”





    Emmi nervously walks into the restaurant kitchen apprehensive after her disastrous first night at work. She notices two servers by the lockers looking in her direction. Emmi decides to ignore the awkward atmosphere as she puts her purse into her assigned locker. While bending down to pick up a pen she dropped she hears Mrs. Huang’s stern voice, “Chen Emmi, come to my office.” Emmi hurries behind her thinking she sounds irritated. Is she upset about last night?

   When they enter the office Mrs. Huang says, “Sit.”

   Emmi sits down and Mrs. Huang paces around the small room, “Are you still going to say you don’t know the CEO?”

   “I really don’t…honestly.”

  Mrs. Huang has had several servers complain about the situation last night. She likes to treat all the workers fairly to avoid jealousy among the employees. It disrupts the flow in the kitchen and restaurant when there are conflicts. “Then how do you explain the fact that last night the CEO requested your service then excused you from work. Now tonight the CEO instructed you to serve his brother in the CEO’s private room.”

  “What? I thought tonight I would train with a server in the main room.”

  “I can’t refuse a request from the CEO of the hotel.” She sighs, “I will be honest if I knew you had a connection to the Han Family I wouldn’t have hired you. Coming in the back door causes disharmony among the staff. Ming’s cousin Peng said you are a struggling student which is why we hired you.”

  “Mrs. Huang I am a struggling student! Until last night I never met CEO Han or his brother.”

    Mrs. Huang studies Emmi’s reaction,“I believe you. Anyway, he won’t be arriving until seven so until then stay by the food line and study the dishes. Help any server that needs help.”

  “I will.”

   Mrs. Huang rubs her temple and takes her anti anxiety medication, “Go.” Ming better come back from Catang City soon!

   Emmi leaves the office, What is going on? Wang Hao was with CEO Han, maybe he knows something. She takes her phone out of her pocket. She sends a WeChat message then quickly deletes it. No… I should just do my job.

  Zhen Sihao [Something?]

  [No. Wrong person.]

  He puts down his phone and looks at his watch, the little girl should be at work. Who was she messaging?

    Emmi hangs out in the kitchen studying the dishes and helping servers carry out food. She ignores the mutterings of the other servers and quietly works as her coworkers resentfully glare at her. At seven o’clock she warily walks to CEO Han’s private room holding some menus. Han Chao gets up from the couch and takes the menus from her hand. “Didn’t Mrs Huang tell you that you are my dinner guest tonight?”

  “No. What is going on?”

  “Do you want a glass of wine?”

  “No.” Emmi turns to leave, “ I think I need to go talk to Mrs. Huang.” 

   When she reaches the door a server comes into the room. He is the server who was looking at the calendar last night when I first arrived at work. “Chen Emmi I will be the server Mrs. Huang said for you to accompany Mr. Han to eat.”

   “What?” This is too weird! 

  The server gently pulls her to the side, “Chen Emmi, don’t make problems. Last night you made me lose money…just do it. I need the money and Han Chao is a big tipper.”

   She looks up at him, “What are the other servers going to think?” 

   “They don’t know, Mrs. Huang said I am training you.”

   Emmi glances over at Han Chao who has an expectant look on his face, does he like me? No..I heard he is dating Lili. Well, it is just dinner.. “Okay.”

   The server breathes a sigh of relief, last night was not profitable and he only succeeded in drawing the attention of a drunk middle aged agent. He shivers thinking about the obese woman stumbling into him while trying to shove her room card into his hand. The thought of her fleshy hand on his makes him feel sick.

   Han Chao walks over and tells the server, “Zongmeng bring two bottles of 1985 Lafite Bordeaux.”

   After he leaves Han Chao blurts out, “Chen Emmi, I want to collaborate with you on the theme song for ‘The General’s Secret Lover’.

   “No. If this is why you asked me here well I should go.” She turns to leave. I guess I won’t be working at Ming’s any longer. 

   “Wait! Hear me out.”

  Emmi  stops, “Mr. Han I told you last night I am not a professional singer nor do I want to be one.”

   He takes out his phone, “Last night someone on the next balcony took a video of us singing then uploaded it. The video is trending.. the number one top search.”

   Emmi’s face pales and she purses her lips, “Can you get rid of it?!?” She looks at his phone and her heart starts racing thinking the worst. After seeing the angle she pats her chest, because of how tall Han Chao is and the way I am standing my face isn’t exposed. It says a mystery woman with Kang Jin. “You need to get this taken down!”

  Han Chao looks at her worried expression, “I thought you would be excited. This could be a big break for you. Look at all the positive comments and reposts.”

  Emmi’s green eyes turn dark with a fire burning in them as she watches the video, “Mr. Kang, not everyone wants to be in the Entertainment business! If my name is attached to the video it will cause me a lot of trouble! A LOT OF TROUBLE! You need to get your people to take it down!” Oh my God, Cousin Chloe and Uncle Yihong will throw a fit! They are already angry about the Art Studio deed and this well…I don’t want to think of the consequences. They have been doing everything in their power for Cousin Chloe to debut..why..why…

  Han Chao has an idea to coerce Emmi, his eyes light up, “I can have it taken down immediately if you do me a favor.”

  “What favor?”

  The server comes in with the wine and Han Chao says, “Have a glass of wine and listen to my proposal.”

   Emmi nervously gulps down the wine, “What?”

  “Sit down and relax. If you don’t want your identity exposed it can easily be taken care of by my people.”

   She sits at the table and the server refills Emmi’s wine glass. Nie Zongmeng lips curl up, drink up this wine is 50,000 yuan a bottle. Han Chao tells him to leave and come back in ten minutes for their dinner order.

    Emmi clenches her fists on her lap,“Then hurry and tell me so you can delete the video and anything related to it.’

   “Simple… record the theme song with me.”

   Emmi slams her hand on the table. She angrily raises her voice “Do you not speak human language! Forget it! I will figure out a way.” 

   Han Chao’s musician friend who is sitting quietly on the couch spits out his beer, “Holy Shit!” I have never heard a chick talk to Chao like that!

  Emmi hadn’t noticed the man until he started laughing. She finishes her wine and stands up cursing under her breath at the two men.

   Han Chao grabs her hand, “Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions! I promise I have a way no one will know the singer is you and I will pay you 50,000 USD… cash.”

    Emmi can’t resist the lure of money, she shakes off his hand, “No one will know it is me and I get 50,000 not yuan but dollars?”


  “I agree if what you promised is true. Now, remove the video and all traces from the internet. Hurry.”

  He takes out his phone calling his assistant, “Remove the video from the balcony at Ming’s. Get rid of all traces.” He hands his phone across the table, “Give it a minute.”

  Emmi stares at the phone then looks up at Han Chao who has a devilish grin on his face. She hands him back the phone, “Wow… how did.. nevermind..what is your plan?”

    “You can use the name you used at the Black Dragon Club, Fang Jiao. All you need to do is come to my recording studio probably about six times. It is a private studio attached to my villa, my security is extremely tight. The only people present will be..” He points towards the couch, “Dong He.” Dong He tips his cap. “Miss Chen.” 

   Han Chao continues, “And two sound engineers who are very discreet.”

   Emmi drinks her wine, “What about public appearances? I won’t participate.”

  “I have that covered. I will say you are an artist borrowed from a company abroad and you went back to England. I have a girl in mind to pose as Fang Jiao if needed.”

   Emmi runs her slender finger around the rim of the wine glass. Curious about his motive she says,“Mr. Han I have to ask, why go to so much trouble. There are so many singers better than I am who would love to sing with you. Aren’t you dating Lili ? She has a beautiful voice.”

   “I have my reasons…and Lili and I are are only friends.”

   “Well, I don’t want to sound pretentious, but am very busy. I have school, a fashion design presentation due soon and I am working on a business venture. When did you want to schedule the sessions?”

   “I am flexible I will be in Bashu City for the next month. The theme song needs to be completed during this time before the movie goes into production. I have the score finished and am completing the lyrics. I brought it with me if you would like to take a look. We could eat then go over the song together.”

   “Sounds good.”$50,00 yeah! So much money just to sing one song!


   Zhen Sihao languidly walks down the hallway to the elevator. Haha… the exasperated expression on the little idiot’s face was priceless ! No one can defeat me in an argument..let alone a  naive girl. He glances at his phone as he enters the elevator, very good..unblocked. 

  Emmi throws her phone TYRANT! Well giving him an hour massage twice a day is easy and extra money.  She closes her eyes within moments falls asleep.

  Lu Ying Yue and Ruan YaoYao are finished in the practice room and YaoYao is packing up her sheet music. “Thank you Ying Yue, your suggestions helped me find my inspiration for the upcoming Music Competition.”

  “You have no idea how much I enjoyed this afternoon. It has been so long since I was immersed in music.”

  YaoYao zips her bag, “Do you think you will perform on stage again?”

   Ying Yue takes her phone out of her purse to call Emmi. She looks over at YaoYao. A little regretful she she was too timid to fight back allowing Lu Si’s mother to bully her into giving up her career. “I don’t know. I am definitely not at the level I was after being away for so long. Also I have JunJie to think about.”

  “I would like to continue learning from you and..” YaoYao points to the black Faziola piano,  “You can practice here. These pianos are top notch. I’m sure Emmi would watch JunJie again.”

   Tempted by YaoYao’s offer she considers practicing again.“When I called earlier she did say she was having fun…I will talk to her when I pick up JunJie.” Ying Yue’s eyes are sparkling staring at the pianos, “A University always has spent a great deal of money on providing the best for their students.” She wistfully runs her fingers along the keys of the piano by the window. I really want to..

  When they are walking out of the building Ruan YaoYao sees Jiang FeiFei.She anxiously pulls Ying Yue’s arm to hide by the corner of the Music building. She whispers to Ying Yue, “Sorry,I want to avoid that girl. I am in too good of a mood to be bullied today.”

  Ying Yue nods and stands quietly by the wall while YaoYao peers around to make sure Jiang Fei Fei has left. “Wheww.. Okay we can go.”

  When they are in the parking lot Ruan YaoYao tells Ying Yue, “She is the Queen of the Music Department, Jiang FeiFei. I try to avoid her whenever possible because she always tries to pick a fight with me and undermine my self confidence. You know how we were discussing the fierce competitiveness between the Music students? Well she is the perfect example of fueling rivalries… pointing out faults.. the most aggravating part is she does it in such a way that she never gets tainted. Everyone thinks she is kind and supportive. So two faced ! She has a little army of followers who she uses to bully people. Although…” YaoYao laughs,  “me… she likes to bully me personally when no one is around.”

  Ying Yue gently touches YaoYao’s arm, “ After listening to you play the piano this afternoon I am extremely impressed by you! You are very talented YaoYao..You have the charisma and talent to become a great pianist. Don’t let that girl tear down your self confidence. People like Jiang FeiFei, instead of relying on their own abilities to succeed try to dismantle the competition to make themselves look better.”

  “Thanks Ying Yue, coming from you, that means alot to me. Do you want to get a milk tea?”

  “I should pick up JunJie maybe next time.”

  “Next time then.”

  Ying Yue waves goodbye as YaoYao walks to a black Bentley waiting by the school gate. The driver hurriedly throws his cigarette on the ground then opens the back door for YaoYao.

     Ying Yue gets into her small economy car, as she puts the key in the ignition she has a melancholy expression. University hasn’t changed much I guess since I attended, still the girls who bully and the girls who get bullied. I hope YaoYao doesn’t succumb to their pressure. She seems to have a fragile ego which can make her extremely vulnerable.

   Before she leaves the parking lot she calls Emmi to say she is on her way. The call wakes up Emmi, she yawns, “Okay, he is sleeping. Do you want to come to my room or I can meet you in the lobby.”

  “I can come to your room.”

  “Sounds good.”

  Emmi stretches and sits up while rubbing her neck, Oww.. this couch isn’t as comfortable as it looks. She walks over to the small refrigerator and takes out a tall can of Coke, I need a sugar rush.. After she takes a gulp of the ice cold soda she sighs, AHHH SOOO GOOD!

  She smiles gazing at Jun Jie who is sleeping soundly curled up in the corner of the big bed.  His fluffy little head is sticking out from the quilt and drool is glistening at the corner of his heart shaped mouth.  She touches his chubby cheek then wipes the drool with a tissue.Little Dumpling you look like you don’t have a care in the world..haha.

  Emmi looks at the pictures on her phone she took of JunJie while he was playing with Jiang Ning..so cute. I will send them to Ying Yue. She chuckles, should I send the one where he is gnawing on the fat chicken leg ?

  Lu Si is sitting at a desk in his Penthouse apartment holding the paper JunJie gave him at lunch. He runs his long slender finder over the colorful drawing thinking he needs to find a way back into Ying Yue and his son’s life. After he carefully places the drawing in the top drawer he picks up his phone, I need to get closer to JunJie first. He dials Han Weisheng, “When Chen Emmi checks out, give her a VIP pass to the hotel’s pool and amenities. Say she won the VIP pass or something.”

  Han Weisheng responds, “What are you up to?”

 “She mentioned giving JunJie swimming lessons, I don’t want her taking him to a dirty public pool.”


 “Also include free meals at the Cafe.” He has an amused expression thinking of how JunJie’s eyes lit up when he saw his lunch. “Charge my card.”

  “If you want to see your son, why don’t you try to reconcile with Ying Yue. Stop trying to force her to a dead end. I heard you were using underhanded methods to close her Dessert Shop.”

  “I have new plan. If I can slowly bond with JunJie I think Ying Yue will realize the boy needs a father.” He leans back in his chair looking at the pictures he took of JunJie on his computer. “I also need the time to sort out my enemies.”

  “If you need my help let me know.”

  “I will.” He hangs up and walks out to the balcony, Lu Si lights a cigarette reminiscing about when he first fell in love with Ying Yue. They were in Middle School, she was standing on the stage next to a black piano. She was wearing a white and pink dress, her curly brown hair framed her delicate oval face. Obviously nervous she was blinking and her long eyelashes were fluttering. Her voice was light and sweet when she timidly introduced herself. She resembled a fragile porcelain doll under the lights.

When she sat down at the piano he thought it would be another boring performance so he was going to the basketball court. He turned to leave but suddenly stopped, the sound of the piano music filled the auditorium with an incredibly soothing melody. He looked back to see her fingers moving in a flurry across the keys. Ying Yue’s head was bent but from the angle where he was standing he could see a brilliant smile on her face and her big brown eyes were sparkling. Lu Si’s dark eyes were riveted on the beautiful girl as she performed the difficult piece. He  crushes the cigarette out in the ashtray, I will get you back.

  Ying Yue knocks on the door to Emmi’s hotel room. When she answers Emmi points to JunJie wrapped in the white quilt like a little cocoon on the bed, “Should we let him sleep a little longer?”

  “No. I have taken up enough of your time today. Don’t you need to go to work?”

  “I do but I have some time. Sit for a minute I want to hear about your day with YaoYao.  Do you want some juice or a soda?”

  “A bottle of water would be good.”

  Emmi hands her the water bottle“We had a great time today. JunJie is so cute! If you and YaoYao want to get together next weekend I will watch him again. I promised him I would teach him to swim. I sent you some pictures.” Ying Yue takes out her phone, the pictures of him by the pool wearing the floaties are hilarious. They both burst out laughing at the second picture, he has his hands on his hips staring at the pool with a determined look on his face. He is pursing his lips and wrinkling his forehead. Ying Yue sighs, JunJie looks exactly like Lu Si with that expression

“I will send you all the pictures I took today.” Emmi scrolls through them, “This is the little friend he made today in the playroom, Jiang Ning.”

  Ying Yue smiles, “The little girl is adorable. Thank you Emmi. JunJie doesn’t get a chance to play very often.”

  “I’m serious, I had as much fun as JunJie did and I am happy you can mentor YaoYao. She needs positive reinforcement. I always tell her how awesome she is but I think having someone like you guide her will help improve her confidence.”

 “I really like YaoYao. After listening to her play the piano you didn’t exaggerate she is extremely talented.”  Ying Yue finishes the bottle of water then walks over to wake up JunJie.

He opens his eyes with a confused expression, “Mom?”

  She helps him sit up then hugs him, “Did you have fun?”

  JunJie’s eyes widen, “Mom, soooo much fun!”

 “Time to go home. Chen Emmi needs to get ready for work.”

  He rubs his eyes, “Okay.”

  Ying Yue picks him up and takes him to the bathroom, “Call me when you need to wash your hands.”

  Emmi walks to the balcony and picks up his swim trunks off a chair. When she comes back inside she puts them in his little backpack. JunJie comes running over to her and hugs her legs, “Sister Emmi, you won’t forget your promise to teach me to swim will you?”

  She rubs his messy hair, “If your Mom says okay you can have another lesson next weekend.” Emmi winks at Ying Yue, “But, you need to behave all week and not give your Mom any trouble.”

  “I will be good..soooo goood!”

  Emmi and Ying Yue walk to the door, “Drive safe. See you next week.”

  After they leave Emmi walks back out to the balcony and leans on the railing. Ying Yue is so sweet and JunJie is too cute. Oh.. I forgot to mention Wang Hao’s friend Lu Si to see if they are related.

Unblock Me

When Zhen Sihao meets Lu Si at the Cafe he sees Emmi sitting with Lu Si’s son at a round table by a large window. He  recognizes Han Weishengs’s nephew but not the woman and little girl. “Si, I think you have reached stalker status.”

  “Fuck off. I never have a chance to see my son.”

  “Why don’t you swallow your pride and talk to Ying Yue. Even if she doesn’t want to forgive you, a boy needs a father.”

   “You know if I recognize him the kid’s life will be in danger. My mother made sure of that. Why do you think Ying Yue left me? She is afraid of my family. The only people that know JunJie is my son are you, Weisheng, Sun Zhi and my mother.”

   “Your Grandfather doesn’t know?”

   “ That old man hates Ying Yue’s family down to his very bones. Eventually, I will take them all down and be able to acknowledge JunJie.”

  “Well, let’s find a table where you have a good view.” I can’t imagine how miserable he must feel. He can ruthlessly handle business matters but can’t have his wife and son.

   As they are walking through the restaurant Jiang Longwei is coming into the restaurant to meet his wife and daughter for lunch. He greets them, “CEO Zhen, I’m glad I ran into you. I want to thank you for investing in my new Variety Show. We are only lacking two contestants and we can begin filming.”

   “Very good. Look forward to it.”

    “Would you like to join us for lunch. Hua decided to come on this trip and we brought Ning’er.”

   Lu Si recognizes the name of the little girl from the playroom, he nudges Zhen Sihao.

   Zhen Sihao looks across the room debating if this is a good idea. He notices Lu Si affectionately looking at his son,“Sounds good. This is my friend Lu Si.”

   They walk over to the table, Jiang Longwei gently touches his wife’s shoulder, “Honey, look who I met  on the way into the Cafe.” She smiles at Zhen Sihao and Jiang Longwei introduces Lu Si, “ This is his friend LU Si.” He motions to a waiter to bring two more chairs.

  Emmi  dropped one of her earrings on the floor and has her head under the table. She isn’t paying attention to the introductions, when she lifts her head her mouth drops open at the sight of Zhen Sihao. Why does Wang Hao turn up everywhere!  Well, I am going to act like I don’t know him. She quickly composes herself and looks at the menu. “JunJie what do you like to eat?”

  He is coloring a picture the server gave him. He looks up, “Do they have Fried Chicken? French fries? Cheeseburgers?”

  Emmi sees his excited expression but thinks he probably shouldn’t eat greasy food. “Umm..I don’t think they have those here.”

  “Sister, look, I see a boy at the next table with fried chicken and lots of french fries with ketchup!”

  Jiang Ning looks at her mother, “I want fried chicken!”

  Emmi blushes and looks helplessly at Jiang Hua for some back up. 

  Jiang Hua chuckles, “Chen Emmi, once and awhile is okay to indulge a child, I don’t think his mother would mind. The Children’s plate is small.”

  Lu JunJie gives her a big thumbs up, “Yeah, mom says once and awhile I can have fried chicken.I will only eat ten french fries.”

   “…” Emmi wrinkles her forehead, the little fat man has support, not much I can do. 

  Zhen Sihao has a slight smile while looking at his menu. The little girl acts so tough but Si’s kid seems to have her wrapped around his chubby little finger. Haha.

  Lu Si watches JunJie’s concentration while coloring. For a three year old he is pretty good. Staying in the lines and using different shading techniques. He looks over at Jiang Ning’s messy drawing and his eyes are full of pride thinking how much more talented Jun Jie is.

  One of JunJie’s crayons rolls across the table and Lu Si picks it up then hands it back to him. JunJie has a cute grin exposing his dimples as he clutches the green crayon, “Thanks Uncle! Do you want to see my drawing so far?”


  JunJie holds up this drawing and points to a stick figure wearing a dress in the corner, “I added my Mommy.”

  Lu Si smiles, “Looks good.”

  “Well then I will give it to you when I finish!”

  Emmi glances at the warm expression on Lu Si’s face as he stares at JunJie. He doesn’t have the frightening aura he had surrounding him standing by the elevator. She blinks  looking back and forth between the two. Wait..his surname is Lu.. they look eight tenths alike especially the eyes. But obviously JunJie doesn’t know him. She shakes her head, Lu Ying Yue said her husband died.

  Director Jiang starts to ask Zhen Sihao about business and he quickly cuts him off, “We can talk later.”

  Jiang Hua can’t help but notice Zhen Sihao has been gazing at Chen Emmi. She is a very beautiful girl. Maybe CEO Zhen can convince her to join the crew of the Variety Show. Her thoughts are interrupted by JunJie’s clapping when the plate of crispy fried chicken is placed in front of him. Everyone laughs as he rubs his hands together in anticipation.Emmi takes the napkin and tucks it in JunJie’s shirt, “Eat slowly.”

   After a very harmonious lunch, Director Jiang insists on treating everyone. Emmi stands up, “Thank you so much Director Jiang, it was my pleasure to meet you and your beautiful family.” She politely nods towards Zhen Sihao. Han Shi left after the appetizer because he got a call from his Uncle. Lu Si was worried Ying Yue would show up so after receiving the drawing from JunJie he left.

    Director Jiang is being pinched under the table by his wife, “Chen Emmi, think about what I said. Being on this Variety Show would be a great opportunity for you.”

   She picks up Jun Jie who is half asleep in his chair, “I will.”

   As she walks to the door carrying JunJie she sighs, Little fat man you are so heavy now that you are asleep! Suddenly Zhen Sihao is by her side, “Let me carry the boy, he looks heavy.”

   Emmi is tired from not sleeping well and babysitting JunJie. “Fine. But don’t think this means I have forgiven you.”

   Zhen Sihao has a faint smile on his handsome face, “Well you are the first person to dare block me so I overreacted.”


   When they enter the elevator he says, “What floor?”


    When they reach her floor she holds her arms out, “I will take him now.”

  “Now that I have carried him this far I might as well take him to your room.”

  “I hope you don’t expect a massage in return, I’m tired.”

  He bursts out laughing, “No charge.”

 Once they are in the hotel room Emmi pulls down the covers so Zhen Sihao can lay him on the bed. After she covers JunJie with the quilt she brushes his soft black hair off his forehead.  Wang Hao gazes at her gentle expression. She has a sweet smile staring at the little boy, JunJie’s long black eyelashes are fluttering and he is smacking his lips in his sleep. She points to his face, “Wang Hao look, I bet the little fat man is dreaming of a chicken leg.” He smiles, I have seen that look on your drooling little face before but I’m sure you were dreaming about money.

  Emmi picks up a water bottle then lays on the couch. “You can go now. I need a nap too.”

   Zhen Sihao watches her kick off her shoes then rub her calf, “First,unblock me.”

  “Wang Hao, we are like oil and water. We aren’t destined to be friends.” She takes a sip of water, “The hotel has an awesome spa. Get a masseuse from there, I’m sure with your charm one of the women or even one of the men will make a house call.”

  He resists the urge to take her over his knee and spank her for being insolent. “I need you as an employee, not a friend. I am satisfied with your massage technique and we had an arrangement. Now that you have so many opportunities to make money you are casting aside one of your original employers? Don’t you have any business ethics?”

  Emmi sits up and puffs out her cheeks in anger, “You are twisting the situation around!”

  “Am I? We have a verbal agreement for two massages a day. I am not your driver. You called me for a ride when it was inconvenient. If you hadn’t rudely hung up on me, I was about to tell you I would send the driver the company gave me to pick you up.I even tried to call you back to send the driver  knowing you must have called me because I was your last resort. What did I get..I was blocked.”

  Emmi is speechless, what he is saying is true. He had no reason to drop what he was doing because I called. 

  “Nothing to say?”

  Emmi sits up, “Well..”


  “Fine. I will unblock you. Two massages a day for two months as agreed.”

  He lies, “I am staying at my friend’s suite at the hotel while they fix a pipe in my apartment.” The suite is his to use whenever he wants. “I will expect you tonight for my scheduled massage after your shift at Ming’s.” 

   After he leaves Emmi throws a couch pillow at the door. Errrr…No wonder he is so good at manipulating his women clients! He has the ability to turn black to white!


   While JunJie plays happily with the other children in the playroom Emmi sits with a very pretty young pregnant woman.They are talking while watching the children play. The woman has been staring at Emmi thinking she looks familiar. “Are you in the Entertainment Industry? You look familiar.”

  “No haha..I am a University student.”

  “I feel as though I have seen you before.”

  “I livestream a sewing show, but I am not that popular.”

  “That’s it! My sister loves your designs! She is your follower. I have watched with her a couple times. I especially like your embroidery.”

  “Really? That’s cool.”

  “My husband and I are here on business.” She reaches into her purse, “Here is my business  card. He is directing a new Variety Show and I think you would be perfect to join.”

   Emmi takes the card but refuses, “I am not a professional, I don’t think I am qualified.”

  “It is only for three weekends and the pay is really high. The show is sponsored by Zhen Media and the company is very generous.”

  The woman’s three year old daughter comes running up to them. Her round cheeks are flushed red and she has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead. She dramatically holds her head, “Mommy..ahh.. I am so thirsty.”

   The pretty woman wipes her small face with a tissue.“Oh Sweetie, I didn’t think to bring water. Let’s go, we can go to the cafe for a drink.”

  “NO! I am playing with a Handsome Brother I don’t want to leave!” The little girl frantically shakes her head making her curly hair fly around. “I haven’t had this mich fun in forrrevver!”

   Emmi reaches into her bag next to the bench, “Have a water. I brought extra.”

  The pretty woman looks at her gratefully, “Are you sure?”

 “I brought a few. Here is one for you too.”

  JunJie hurries over following the little girl, he lays his head on Emmi’s lap, “Sister Emmi, I am dying of thirst too! DYINGGGGG!”

  Emmi laughs at his exaggerated behavior imitating the little girl’s enthusiasm. She takes a small white towel out of her bag then wipes his face. “Have some water and take a rest.” She sees him secretly glancing over at the little girl. “Do you still have the energy to go swimming?”

  The little girl takes JunJie’s hand, “I want to go swimming!”

   Emmi chokes on the water she is drinking, this little girl is a hilarious drama queen..haha The little girl’s mother laughs, “Ning! Let go of his hand!”

   She drops his hand and puffs out her cheeks,“Mommy! I want to go swimming!”

   “We are meeting Daddy, we don’t have time.” I am also eight months pregnant and am not going in a pool!

  “Tell Daddy to come swimming with us!”

    She ties the loosened blue ribbon on the little girl’s hair, “How about we invite your new friend to lunch. What do you think?”

  She puts her hands on her hips and turns to JunJie, “Forget about swimming, come to lunch with us.”

  JunJie looks to Emmi for guidance.Jiang Ning is the first new friend he has met and he doesn’t want to disappoint her, but he really wants to go swimming.

  Emmi sees he is conflicted, “Well, I invited a classmate to meet us at 2:30 in the cafe. If it is convenient we could all eat together.”

  Ning’s mother looks at her daughter who is moments away from throwing a tantrum. “Sounds good to me. Let me add you as a friend on WeChat.”

   The little girl is satisfied. When she sees the disappointed look on JunJie’s face she decides to comfort him.Patting him on the back she says,“Handsome Brother, don’t be upset, we can go swimming next time.”

   JunJie has a pitiful expression, I really wanted Sister Emmi to teach me how to swim today!

   Emmi plans on still taking him to the pool but doesn’t want the little girl to throw a fit. “

  Jiang Hua takes her daughter’s hand, “See you at the cafe at 2:30.” The little girl waves goodbye as they leave.

  After they are gone, JunJie sits on the bench next to Emmi, he looks at the clock on the wall. His quivering voice shows his unhappiness but he knows he needs to behave.“What are we going to do until lunch?” He wants to cry but reminds himself he isn’t a baby anymore he needs to be strong.

  Emmi picks him up and swings him around, “Go to the pool of course!!”

  JunJie’s eyes light up and he hugs her, “Sister, you are the best! I really didn’t think..YEAH!”

   Lu Si is watching the scene on the monitor and smiles. He calls Zhen Sihao, “Do you want to go to the hotel pool?”

  Zhen Sihao is still in his hotel suite finishing reading the latest report about tomorrow’s meeting with Daphne Drake. “Hell no!”

 “Hmm..I thought you might want to go to the pool since the little chick from last night will be there.”

  Zhen Sihao throws down the report, “Chen Emmi?”

  “En.She is babysitting my son.”

  “Chen Emmi knows Ying Yue?”


    The corner of his lips twitch, she left before he woke up and blocked him again on WeChat.“I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

  Lu Si has a faint smile, “ Very good.”I can use him as a shield and spend some time with my son without looking suspicious. Chen Emmi looked at me with a guarded expression in the elevator like I was a goddamn human trafficker.

  JunJie’s mouth drops open looking at the sparkling blue water in the pool, “Beautiful Sister! So pretty!”

  Emmi blows up the bright orange floaties and puts them on his short chubby arms,”This is an awesome pool! Have you ever been swimming before?”

  “No. Mommy doesn’t like the water.”

  “She doesn’t know how to swim?”


  “Well I will teach your Mommy too, then we can all go to the ocean together!”

  He widens his eyes, “The ocean? I have never seen the ocean!”

   “It is really beautiful!”

   She holds his hand and walks to the edge of the pool.“Stand here. When I am in the water I will hold you into my arms.”


  Emmi gets into the water and stands in the shallow area. She puts her arms out, “It is a bit cold but not too bad. Jump!”

   He is a little afraid, “Jump?”

   “I will catch you.”

   “You are sure you can catch me?”

   “Trust me. Sister will catch you.”

     Emmi smiles looking at the apprehensive expression on his face. “Hold your breath so water doesn’t get into your nose.”JunJie closes his eyes and takes a deep breath then fearlessly jumps.

   She catches him as his body enters the pool and water splashes onto his face. She wipes his face with her hand, “Okay?”

   He sputters  and coughs, some water dribbles out of his mouth, “Okay.”


  “Not cold.”

  He hugs her around her neck and she laughs, “I won’t drop you,don’t strangle me.”

  Lu Si and Zhen Sihao walk into the pool area and witness this scene. Worried, Lu Si wants to rush into the pool and grab JunJie. Zhen Sihao holds his arm. “He is fine.” He smiles watching Emmi wipe the boy’s wet hair off his face. “Go over there so she doesn’t notice us.”

  Emmi holds JunJie so his body is laying on top of the water. Her hand is firmly placed on his back and she is slowly walking in the pool to relax him.”Don’t be nervous I won’t let you go.”

Listening to her soothing voice JunJie feels comfortable. After she is confident he is getting used to being in the water she says,“Okay now we are going to try what is called the doggy paddle.” He laughs, “Doggy paddle.. that is funny!”

“Yes you will look like a cute little fat poodle!”

He protests and sucks in his belly, “Now..Fatty Mo is fat… but I’m not fat!”

“I’m teasing you! You are not fat at all. You are very handsome! The handsomest.”

“My mom said I am very handsome. She said more handsome than my Dad and he is the most handsome man she ever saw!”

Lu Si grins listening to JunJie. I know Ying Yue still loves me.

Emmi picks him up and holds him under his arms. “Kick your feet and move your arms, with the floaties you won’t sink.”

   He listens intently to her instructions and after a few minutes gets the hang of it. Emmi is impressed, “Jun Jie you are a natural!”

   Lu Si proudly watches JunJie, he turns to Zhen Sihao, “My son is just like me, I learned to swim in one day!”  He takes his phone and snaps a few pictures.

  Zhen Sihao laughs, “True but as I recall you were fourteen at the time.” He is enjoying watching Emmi and Lu Jun Jie. He decides he won’t ruin their fun and approach them. If she sees me she will get angry.

  Emmi and Jun Jie practice for awhile when Jun Jie looks tired Emmi says, “We need to go shower and meet Jiang Ning at the cafe.”

  “I don’t want to leave yet.”

  “JunJie, remember your mom said to listen to me. Your muscles will be too tired if we continue. If your mom says it is okay I will give you a swimming lesson once a week okay?”

  “You will! Not just today?”

  “Of course. If I say I will, I will! It is good to know how to swim so you will be safe around water. I live by a lake and I can teach you to fish too! Then your mom can barbeque the fish and we can sit on the porch watching the fireflies at night!”

  “That sounds awesome! I will catch lots of fish for Mommy to cook. Mommy loves fireflies! She told me my Daddy was super awesome! He knew a secret place with lots of fireflies. She said she was very happy sitting on a grassy hill watching the fireflies with him.”

  Lu Si’s heart tightens listening to his son, we were very happy together before…

  After Emmi and JunJie leave the pool, so do Lu Si and Zhen Sihao. “Sihao, do you want lunch?”

  Zhen Sihao feels sorry for his friend, he and Ying Yue were considered the perfect couple. He was a business genius and she was a music prodigy. It is too bad they couldn’t overcome the problems they encountered after they married. He remembers their beautiful wedding as he glances at Lu Si’s pale complexion.“I could eat. I will change, want to meet at Ming’s?”

 “No. The Cafe on the first floor.”

  “The Cafe? Their food sucks.”

 “The Cafe.”


Little Songbird

   Emmi nervously enters the kitchen of Ming’s Restaurant looking around for Mrs. Huang. She said she would introduce her to the server who will be training her tonight. Several servers are glaring at Emmi and she feels very uncomfortable as she walks around the kitchen. She gathers up her courage and asks a tall man who is looking at the calendar hanging on the wall, “Excuse me, my name is Chen Emmi.I am a new server. Do you know where I can find Mrs. Huang?”

  He scratches out his name on the calendar. Emmi watches him,Oh this must be how people exchange shifts. 

  The man turns around as he answers,”She is her office.”

“Thank you. Could you point me in that direction?”

  “ Go past the oven on the right down that hallway.” He puts on his apron while he watches her walk away, she is beautiful but why would the owner request a newbie to serve the CEO and his guests? If you ask me, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

  A young pretty woman approaches him, “Deng Lee, is that girl the new server?”


  “Did you hear Mrs. Huang say she would be the server assigned to the Golden Dragon Room?”


  “Aren’t you upset? Doesn’t the Boss usually assign you to serve the CEO?”

  “Why should I be upset? I would rather work in the Main Dining Room where I can make connections. It is a waste of my good looks serving a bunch of men.” Yeah the CEO tips alot but the money can’t compare to meeting a rich woman to raise me.

  “Well even if you don’t care the rest of us do! I have worked here since they opened and never had a chance to meet the CEO!”

  “I suggest you keep your dissatisfaction to yourself. The CEO has never personally requested a server so she must be special.”

   Emmi knocks on the office door, “Mrs. Huang, it is Chen Emmi.”

   “Come in.”

   Emmi walks into the room and Mrs. Huang tells her to sit down. “Chen Emmi, do you know the CEO of Han Group Hotels, Han Weisheng?”

  Emmi shakes her head, “No. I have never met him.”

  “So do you have any idea why he would request you to be the server for his guests in his private room tonight?”

  When she hears Han Weisheng wants her to serve his guests her face pales, “Mrs. Huang, it is my first night! I can’t handle a group of distinguished guests! I mean all the guests at Ming’s are distinguished but I thought I would be following an experienced server tonight for training.”

  Mrs. Huang watches Emmi’s face for any trace of deception. She doesn’t like scheming women who work at the restaurant to seduce rich customers. The girl appears innocent. She is nervously twisting her hands in her lap and looks like a scared rabbit. Ming’s cousin recommended her and vouched for her upright personality. “Well it is his personal request so you will be the server in the Golden Dragon Room.”

  “I don’t want to show any disrespect to you but I am afraid..very afraid! I don’t want to make mistakes on my first night!”

  Mrs. Huang can’t help but smile, the girl is really cute no wonder Ming’s cousin Peng likes Chen Emmi. Well, I have to honor the CEO’s request so I should calm the girl down. “Chen Emmi relax. I understand you are being thrown into a tough situation on your first night. The CEO is not an unreasonable man, I told him tonight is your first night at work. He won’t make things difficult for you. I asked the server who usually takes care of him and he assured me the CEO is not demanding. As long as you know the menu and get their orders right there won’t be a problem. You studied the menu right?”

  “Yes. I am confident I know all the dishes and their ingredients.”

  “Then don’t worry. Be polite and attentive, serve the food properly and there won’t be any problems. If you want an incentive Huang Peng said you need money for your school projects, the CEO is extremely generous.” Mrs. Huang pushes out her chair from behind the desk and stands up. “Let’s go to the kitchen, I will introduce you to the other servers and the chefs.”

  Emmi stands up and her knees feel weak. Why in the name of heaven would the CEO of Han Hotels request me? This is a nightmare..a nightmare..

  Han Weisheng enters the restaurant while talking to Sun Zhi.”Tonight should be interesting. Sihao’s little songbird will be the server.”

  “What? She works here? Last night she was with Young Master Jiang in the private room next door. I assumed she was from a wealthy family.”

  “I don’t know what Chen Emmi’s background is. All I know is Sihao seems to be interested in the little girl, he told me to request her as our server.”

  “Is your brother Chao coming?”

  “Should be. He is in town for a concert tomorrow night.”

  “His acting career is really taking off. I saw he won the Newcomer Award for the period drama he starred in directed by Yun Xie.”

  “I wasn’t expecting the drama to be as good as it was since it was her directorial debut.”

  “Who would have thought when we were in High School she would become a world famous director. I remember her following you around like a little tail.”

  Han Weisheng has an amused expression.“Haha… She was cute, it was hard to get angry at Yun Xie.When I would get irritated having her as a small shadow and told her to stop following me, she would look up at me with those doelike brown eyes of hers and shyly say, “Brother Han, I just like you.” He shakes his head, “How did that timid mouse turn into a fierce tigress? Chao told me that she kicked an investor in his balls when he said something suggestive. He tried to pull his investment from the movie afterwards and she threatened to expose him if he did. She would sue him for sexual harassment.”

  They walk into the private room, Han Weisheng is surprised. “Fourth! Long time no see.”

  “I had some time.”

  “ Congratulations. You succeeded with the hostile takeover of Phoenix Airlines. I didn’t think their own Board of Directors would facillitate you”

   Young Master Lu sips his glass of whisky, sarcastically commenting, “ Weisheng I am deeply hurt..you doubted my ability?”

   “Well..haha..you have to admit it was a bold move on your part considering the c. The probability ofownclout of the Hu family. Being able to accomplish swaying the Board was doubtful.”

   “Those old fossils won’t hold any power at all when I am finished.”

    Han Weisheng takes out a cigarette,“Fourth,remind me not to offend you.”

   “I thought you said Sihao is coming.”

    Emmi enters the room and timidly looks around, Han Weisheng smiles when he sees her trepidation. “I’m sure he will show up.” 

   Emmi’s legs are shaking and her voice cracks, “Ca..can I get you gentlemen something to drink?”

   She doesn’t know which man is Han Weisheng; they all have powerful auras. She nervously looks between the three men while blinking her eyes. I hope the man in charge speaks up.

  Han Weisheng walks over to Emmi, “Do you remember me?”

  Emmi looks up at him and gulps, he is the man outside Wang Hao’s apartment building this morning. Should I admit I remember or act ignorant? Jeez I am so nervous I am sweating. Emmi has an awkward smile, “Well yes, This morning.”

  “You don’t need to be nervous I am a friend of Wang Hao’s, Han Weisheng. Bring a bottle of Lafitte 1987.”

   “Yes Sir.”

   Their conversation peaks Lu Si’s curiosity and he looks over towards them. He clenches his fists at his side and the veins bulge on his forehead. Dammit! Isn’t that the girl who was advertising Ying Yue’s dessert shop. What is the little bitch doing here! I would like to strangle her! I was so close to destroying Ying Yue. It would have been a matter of time before she came begging me. 

   After she leaves to get the wine he stands up and faces Han Weisheng. “You know that girl?”

   Han Weisheng notices the murderous gleam in Lu Si’s eyes, “Do you?”

   Lu Si doesn’t want to say anything about Ying Yue. “She looks inexperienced. You know I hate bad service.”

 “Well, Zhen Sihao requested the girl as the server so even if her performance is subpar, bear with it.”

   Lu Si narrows his eyes as he looks toward the door, I will settle things with you later. I’m sure if I give you a wad of cash you will forget you know Ying Yue!

  Emmi has no idea she has incurred the wrath of the vindictive psychopath sitting on the leather couch. She asks a server in the kitchen where she can find the wine. The servers have been warned, they need to assist the new girl otherwise it is their job. Mrs. Huang has been in the restaurant business long enough to know servers can sabotage another server they feel is favored. The woman she asked politely walks over and shows her the wine selection. She even takes out the two bottles and shows Emmi how to serve the wine. Emmi looks at the woman with appreciation, “Thank you so much for your help.”

   In the private room Han Chao has arrived and is on the balcony smoking a cigarette talking to Sun Zhi about possibly switching companies. “My contract is up next month, a representative from  Entertainment approached me but my agent is hesitant.”

  “ I know Nikolai Naralov’s new Entertainment Company would like to poach you and is willing to meet your terms, why is your agent reluctant?”

  “Are you acquainted with the CEO Nikolai Naralov?”

  Sun Zhi raises an eyebrow, what is Nikolai up to? It should be an easy task to grab Han Chao his current company is near bankruptcy. They lost the bid to get ‘The General’s Reluctant Concubine’ they are forced to rely on variety shows for their present artists under contract and have no fresh talent to develop.  

  Emmi comes back to the private room carrying the wine and glasses. She attempts to open the wine and Han Weisheng can barely stand watching her struggle. Sihao’s little girl looks like she is about to cry. He takes the wine bottle from her, “I will pour you serve my guests.”

  “Mr. Han please, I can.”

  He pours two glasses, “Take these to the men on the balcony.”

  Emmi takes the glasses on the tray and Han Weisheng opens the door for her. She hands a glass of wine to Sun Zhi and as she is about to give the other glass to Han Chao his eyes widen. “It is you! Fang Jiao!” Emmi looks around who is Fang Jiao? He takes the glass of wine and sets it on the table. He grabs her arms, “I looked everywhere for you.”

  She looks closely at him. Oh my God he is  Kang Jin! But why does he think I am someone named Fang Jiao? “Um my name is Chen Emmi not Fang Jiao.”

  “What? When you were singing at the Black Dragon Club I asked for your name and the woman said Fang Jiao.”

  Emmi starts laughing, “Haha..I was drunk. I didn’t want to use my real name.”


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