Zhen Group Part 2

   The woman has a malicious smile as she pushes CiCi. “Bitch!” CiCi is wearing 10cm heels and is unable to stabilize herself, she stumbles falling backwards landing on Emmi.

  “…” Emmi braced herself for the imminent collision, she has watched enough dog blood dramas to know where this confrontation was going. When CiCi lands on her she catches her so she doesn’t roll onto the floor.

  Flustered CiCi looks up at Emmi who is smiling sweetly with a look of concern, “Are you alright?”

 CiCi quickly gets off of Emmi’s lap and straightens her tight dress. She knows any further entanglement with Wang Boquin’s fiancee will cause her more problems. CiCi glares at her but doesn’t say anything. Just wait you bitch until Bo leaves your fat ass. I can’t wait to see the ugly look on that smug face of yours! She pulls Lana’s hand leading her towards the door of the restroom.“Come on Lana. Let’s go.” 

   Emmi looks at her watch conflicted as to whether she should follow them for more information or go find Zhen Sihao. I probably should just find the old fart. But I could use the information for leverage and the more I know..damn!  She hurries out the door looking to see if the two women have left the building and collides with Yan Jing. “Oww..”She rubs her sore nose after she hits his broad chest. Looking up she blushes, My God! He is the handsome man from the elevator at the hotel. She bows and apologizes, “Sorry.”

  He lifts her chin to look at her nose,   “Are you alright?” 

  “Yes..Yes.. haha..” Emmi’s heart is racing from his fingers on her chin. “I’m fine.”

  He lets go of her chin, “Are you a friend of Han Shi’s? What are you doing at the Zhen Group?”

  Emmi has a confused expression, “Han Shi? Yes…well he is a schoolmate of mine.” How does this handsome Uncle know Han Shi?

   “I see. What are you doing at the Zhen Group?”

  “Ah. I have an appointment.”

  Several secretaries pass by them and stare at Director Yan wondering who the beautiful young girl is standing with him. It is a rare occurrence to see him showing such a genuine smile. Emmi feels the women’s intense gazes on the two of them and thinks this man must be popular with his charm and good looks.

  He ignores the women and says, “Who is your appointment with? I will take you there.”

  “No need. No need. I can find my way.”

  Yan Jing thinks Emmi is cute and wants to tease her a little, “Well I see you don’t have a visitor’s badge. You won’t be able to enter the elevator without one.”

  Emmi’s crystal blue eyes widen and she bites her lower lip.“Really?”

  No, but I am having fun. “ I will take you to the reception desk to get one.” Obviously the girl doesn’t have an appointment. I wonder who she is here to see? The online fashion department maybe? She is furtively glancing around like a nervous little rabbit.

  “I can’t bother you! I will go myself.”

  “No bother, Han Shi is my good friend’s nephew. I should take care of his friend.” He starts walking to the front desk, Emmi reluctantly follows him moving very slowly. Handsome guy don’t you have work to do! Why are you bothering with a small chicken like me! Emmi feels a thin layer of sweat forming on her forehead. Dammit! It will be humiliating to be rejected! Should I be honest? No, he will kick me right out of the building!

  Yan Jing turns around, “Coming?” He chuckles as he sees Emmi hurrying towards the elevator. I was right she doesn’t have an appointment. I wonder where she is going?

    Emmi sees the elevator door open not far away and quickly runs for it. She sticks her slender arm in the door and smiles at the several people inside the elevator. “Just made it.” She looks at her watch, “My goodness I don’t want to miss my interview.”

  Emmi assumes the CEO’s office must be on the top floor. She notices an amiable looking young man next to her so she asks him, “This building has so many floors! Can you go to the rooftop? I bet the view of the harbor is amazing!” He looks up from his phone and notices how beautiful the girl speaking to him is then answers, “No. The only access is from my cous..the CEO’s floor below it.”

  “Oh..The CEO. Too bad. I’m new to the city and wanted to see the view from there.” Wow that was easier that I thought it would be.

  “ There is a rooftop restaurant on Harbor Way where you can see the harbor and the new Amusement Park.”


  “Which department are you in?”

  “Oh, I am here for an interview in the online fashion department.”

  He takes out his business card, “I am in R&D if you need anything you can contact me. Good luck.” He gets off the elevator and realizes he didn’t ask her name. Fuck! I will go to the design department after my meeting and find her. She is the most beautiful girl I have seen since I started working for my cousin.

   Emmi smiles watching him get off the elevator, What a cute guy. Too bad I am not here for an interview..haha. She puts his business card in her purse as the last person gets off the elevator on the 20th floor. Emmi pushes 25. Okay, don’t be nervous. Think about Grandfather and the cabin. When the elevator door opens she takes a deep breath and walks down the hallway. A pretty woman looks up from her computer when she hears Emmi approaching. What is she doing on this floor? The secretary has a harsh tone, May I help you?

  “I have an appointment with CEO Zhen.”

  “ Leave or I will call security.”

  “ Check his appointments. I am his four thirty appointment, Chen Emmi.”

   Ridiculous! What a little liar. The CEO has been on his private island for a week.  “I do all of the CEO’s scheduling and I know you do not have an appointment.” She picks up the phone next to a pile of documents, “I will give you one more chance to leave before I call security.”

   Yan Jing’s office is located down the opposite hallway from Zhen Sihao’s. When he gets off the elevator he can hear Secretary Woo. He walks over, “Secretary Woo is there a problem?”

  Emmi’s face turns bright red and she lowers her head, unable to make eye contact. Wuuhuuu it’s the handsome guy! Well I have come this far I can’t run away now. She lifts her head and smiles brightly, her eyes are sparking and two cute dimples are exposed. “Hello.”

  Secretary Woo has a smug expression she expects the Director to call security. He hates it when random women try to get close to him or the CEO.

   Yan Jing heard the conversation between the two women. He has a faint smile,“This is a surprise.”

  “Well yes it is. Are you here to see the CEO also?”

  “…” What is this girl up to? Why did she come here looking for Sihao. She is extremely beautiful but so fucking young. He lifts his eyebrow, No way..he wouldn’t.

  Emmi notices several different emotions flashing across Yan Jing’s face. Does he think? Ewww! Ewww! She pictures the old man’s face at the banquet, cold and fierce. Emmi shivers at the thought. She composes herself, “I have some sensitive  information that I can only share with CEO Zhen.”

  “Come to my office.”

  “Ah, I need to speak to CEO Zhen personally.”

  “If you want to see CEO Zhen you will need to come with me.”


  Yan Jing leads Emmi down the hallway to his office. When he opens the door Emmi gasps. The decor is the standard straight man choice of black and gray. But, the black leather couch has colorful pillows and there are several vibrant abstract paintings on the walls. Looking out the floor to ceiling windows Emmi’s mouth drops open. She exclaims, “Wow. What a view!”

   Yan James notices Emmi’s infatuated look and smiles at her naive appearance. “Have a seat.” He picks up the phone, “Send up some tea and desserts.”

   Emmi remains standing, “This is a private matter I can’t discuss with anyone other than Zhen Sihao.”

  Yan Jing leans back in his office chair and crosses his long legs. He taps a pen on his desk, “How do you know the CEO?”


  “I can’t help you unless you are honest with me. Since you are Little Shi’s friend I will do my best to help you.”

  Emmi looks around, the handsome guy must have an important position to have this office on the same floor as the Old Man. “Do you mind if I ask you a couple questions first?”

  “Don’t mind.”

  “Since you are on the same floor as the Old Man..I mean Zhen Sihao. What is your job?”

   Old Man hahaha..This little girl is too funny.

 Yan Jing has a mischievous smile, “Excuse me I need to make a call then we can continue.” His secretary Gu Chao comes in with the snacks. Yan Jing looks up from his phone,“ Miss Chen have some tea and cake. I won’t be long.”

  He is laughing as he texts Zhen Sihao. [Look at the camera in my office. Make sure you turn on audio.]

Zhen Sihao is looking at the stock market when he gets the text. [I’m busy.]

  Yan Jing glances across the room at Emmi swinging her legs on the couch while happily eating the cakes.[Believe me.You will want to see this.]








Zhen Group

    Emmi says goodbye to Han Shi then sits on a nearby bench to change her shoes. Once she has the comfortable tennis shoes on her feet she puts the heels into her large black purse. She takes a moment to look around at the lively city center where most of the large corporations in Bashu City have their offices. Emmi feels a little out of her element gazing at the crowded sidewalk  flooded with stylish looking men dressed in business suits accompanied by confident looking women. I need to muster up my confidence before I meet with that old devil, Zhen Sihao. It is very important I make him understand I will not give up the deed. Emmi mutters to herself, “There is absolutely no way, Zhen Sihao! You will need to find a way to build around the fishing cabin.She clenches her small hands at her side, I need to be strong! Emmi just because he made you cry in high school you are not the same wimp!  Don’t be afraid of the old fart…  face him like an equal opponent. He can’t make you give up the deed! If you can convince him to change his plans then you don’t have to deal with Uncle Yihong. After her pep talk Emmi quickens her pace weaving her way through the crowd in the direction of the Zhen Group Headquarters. 

   While Emmi is marching towards his company unaware the man she met at the banquet was his father not him, Zhen Sihao has finished applying the medicine on his itchy face. Several patches of the medicinal plaster has fallen off his cheek, the gashes have completely healed and he notices there is no scarring, the area is only slightly pink. He is very surprised Emmi’s medicinal herbs work so well he assumed when he went back to the city he would need to see a dermatologist. Now if my leg would get better, I’m tired of using this fuckng cane.He limps over to the table and looks at the laptop waiting for a reply from Director Yan. When he doesn’t see an email he searches the news to see if there’s any push back from his father after he acquired the subsidiaries Zhou Gao was planning to absorb. He has a sinister half smile while surfing Weibo , let’s see how the sly old fox tries to spin this situation to placate his Board of Directors.The old man isn’t one to take defeat lying down.I need to recuperate completely before I show up  my company.

 Emmi stands in front of the Zhen Group looking up at the impressive sky scraper. The entire time she was walking over she kept trying to build up her confidence to deal with meeting Zhen Sihao. It’s been four years since the incident and it is still fresh in her mind. He humiliated her when she approached him at the  banquet.  Emmi shivers then laughs, in retrospect I was naive to believe he would give me a chance but I never expected the old fart to be so unbelievably cruel in front of  everyone. Seriously, for God’s sakes I was in high school.. haha.. couldn’t he have just cut me some slack. Emmi shivers and shakes her head recalling the awkward scene at the Chen Group banquet. Well, no matter what I’m not going to take no for an answer today, this is much too important and I’m not the little girl I was the last time I faced Zhen Sihao. I will not let him bully me.If he doesn’t  listen to reason the worst case scenario I refuse to turn over the deed to Uncle Yihong. I will use the money I’ve saved from my live stream and hire a lawyer.If Uncle Yihong kicks me out of the family I will just live in Grandpa’s fishing cabin until I graduate University.

       Emmi  decides to use the restroom to change into her heels and freshen up before she attempts to locate Zhen Sihao’s office. I know if I ask the woman at the reception she will check to see if I have an appointment. Well, when I come put of the restroom I will follow anyone getting into the elevator and sneak up to the highest floor. Yeah..most likely that is where the CEO’s office is located.

She enters the spacious restroom and notices a comfortable looking couch in a separate area. Emmi smiles and casually nods at a woman who looks up from washing her hands as she walks by.When she sits on the couch to change her shoes,directly in front of her are two women dressed in business attire looking in the full length mirror applying lipstick. They glance in her direction and then continue talking ignoring her presence. 

    “Are you sure about that CiCi?” 

    “Positive. You don’t think I’m the type of person to put all my eggs in one basket to you? “

    “If what you are saying is true it will affect the whole company. I don’t want to have to find another job.”

     The woman named CiCi takes a brush out of her purse and begins to fix her short brown hair. “Well, Lana if you help me I can guarantee your position as an executive secretary to the Vice President of the Zhao Group.The position pays ten times what you make in the accountanting department.”

  Lana is shocked and stammers ,  “I.. I don’t have the qualifications to be an executive secretary. I’m not even a manager, I do the tedious work no one else wants to do.”

   CiCi has a slight smile, which is exactly why I think you will get the information I need . If I can convince Lana, I will make $2,000,000 USD and destroy that cocky son of a bitch ,Zhen Sihao. She puts her hands on Lana’s narrow shoulders and stares into her eyes . “ If you help me you won’t regret it, believe me.” She whispers in her ear, “Aren’t you getting married soon? There’s a signing bonus of $ 25,000 USD.”

   Lana’s eyes widen, tempted by the money , “Are you sure that’s all you need me to do? Nothing else?”  It would be easy enough for me to access that information why would CiCi offer me so much.. better job… money?  Those three companies haven’t  made a significant profit as long as I have worked here.Why are they important to Zhou Group?

   Emmi is intrigued, it looks like the woman named CiCi  is up to no good. I wonder what her plan is? If I can find out maybe I could use the information as leverage when I talk to the old devil.  Not that I want to help him out in any way but…  Emmi yawns then leans back on the couch closing her eyes so she can inconspicuously listen to their conversation

    CiCi continues, “Didn’t you say your future in-laws look down on you because you  have a low-level job? Don’t you want to see the look on their faces when you tell them you are the executive secretary of the Vice President of Zhou Group?” 

   Lana smirks, picturing her in-laws ugly faces when she tells him of her promotion. “So all I need to do is put the flash drive in my computer and download the information. That’s it? Then I can sign a contract with Zhou Group?”

   “Well, to avoid suspicion you will need to wait to turn in your resignation. You need to continue to do your job for at least two weeks. Don’t get me wrong no one will be able to pinpoint who  leaked for the information. I’m not going to tell her when she initiates the program a virus infect the entire network. But, it would be best to remain until the company is in chaos and you will be just one of many employees who choose to quit or are laid off.”

  “Two weeks?  What guarantee do I have that you will fulfill your end of the bargain?”

  “ Lana, how long have we been friends? Of course you can trust me. you must realize what I’m saying makes sense.When you give me the flash drive to show my good faith I will advance you the signing bonus.”  I picked the right person, Lana really isn’t very bright.That money is a drop in the bucket compared to the two million  I will receive and I don’t have to get my hands dirty. Even if the plan is discovered there is no way to trace the corrupted files back to me.

  Lana’s eyes light up at the mention of the money, “ You will give me the entire 25,000?”

  Emmi wants to laugh out loud listening to the two scheming women . This scene is right out of a TV drama.The one named CiCi, she doesn’t sound trustworthy at all. Obviously, she has no loyalty to Zhen Group, why would that stupid girl Lana think she will follow through on her promises? She is the one doing something illegal, CiCi is just going to reap the benefits. Not to mention hahaha I am sitting here and they are both oblivious I can hear every word. 

  Two stylishly dressed women are laughing as they enter the restroom. CiCi suddenly grabs onto Lana’s arm, “You still have some time on your lunch break, let’s go to the coffee shop next door and talk about your wedding.”

    CiCi recognizes one of the women as Wang Boquin’s fiancee, she wants to avoid a confrontation but the women stands in her way. The woman has a malicious smile as she pushes CiCi. “Bitch!” CiCi is wearing 10cm heels and is unable to stabilize herself, she stumbles falling backwards landing on Emmi.




Han Shi Part 2

   The little barbecue restaurant is a short walk around the corner from the hotel. When they enter, an elderly man greets them, “Little Shi who is the beautiful girl?” 

    Emmi blushes and Han Shi smiles, “Grandpa Wu, this is my friend from University, Chen Emmi.” Emmi says hello and politely bows.

   The old man picks up a couple paper menus,  “Come, follow me.”

    The small restaurant is very busy and all the tables are full. They wind through several tables towards the back to a stairway. Han Shi and Emmi  follow behind him up  the narrow wooden stairs. There is a short hallway with four doors at the top of the steps. He takes them to a room at the end and opens the door, “ I will send Bingbing right up.”

      Emmi looks at Han Shi with a puzzled look on her face. The room has a big window with a little balcony outside, it appears to be one of the small restaurant’s only private rooms.

     Noticing the look on Emmi’s face to avert suspicion he says, “We are very lucky, Grandpa Wu must not have a reservation for the room.” Grandpa Wu’s grandson was a subordinate of Han Weisheng’s in the military. When he heard the restaurant was being targeted by a local tyrant demanding protection fees he helped the old man out. He crushed the gang and sent the leader to jail. So when Han Shi comes to eat with friends Grandpa Wu gives him a private room.

      Grandpa Wu’s daughter Bingbing carries in a tray with several plates with different barbecued meat on skewers. Two bowls of rice and Long Noodle Soup.  Emmi enjoys the barbecue, “I think that is the most tender spicy pork I have ever eaten.” She reaches for her glass of water and gulps it down, her eyes are watering from the heat . While waving  her hand in front of her face she sputters,“Wow… haha.. my mouth is on fire.

   Han Shi thnks Emmi looks very cute as she puffs out her flushed cheeks, he heatily laughs, “Well I would have warned you that skewer is their signature super spicy pork. But you didn’t give me a chance you put the meat in your mouth so quickly.”

    Emily’s face turns bright red, “Haha..weIl, I couldn’t resist when I saw how delicious the glaze looked on the little pieces of pork.” She dabs her mouth with a napkin, “ I will have to come here often when I begin working at the hotel.”

   He’s curious why she would want to be a server, she always gave the impression of being a very serious student. “What made you decide to work at the hotel? Won’t working interfere with your school work?”

   Since  Emily believes he also needs to work to pay his tuition she feels comfortable with him. “No.I am only going to work on the weekend. I have some plans and I need some extra money.” She takes a sip of water, “Like you, I need to pay my tuition and some living expenses. The money I make from selling medicinal herbs and my live stream I use for that. The money I hopefully make at the restaurant I can use for the supplies I need.”

    He had no idea she was working so hard. “You grow medicinal herbs?”

   “Well, it was my grandfather’s herb garden. I used what he taught me to expand a little and grow some different medicinal herbs. I sell them to a doctor in the town by where I live.” 

   He puts down his chopsticks and stares at Emmi with an admiring look.“That’s impressive.” Most of the girls that he knows are  spoiled and they’re only hobby is shopping. 

   “I just really enjoy growing them and I’m happy that I can make some money too.” Emmi finishes her rice.

   Bingbing comes into the room to clear their dishes and Han Shi slips her his credit card while Emmi is looking in her purse. She takes out her wallet and some cash, “Even though the meal is free I want to give Bingbing a tip.”

   Han Shi always gives a big tip but can see Emm’s sincerity “No. She will be insulted if you do. Maybe next time you could bring some of your medicinal herbs for Grandpa Wu . He has some stomach problems but is very stubborn and won’t give up spicy food. His body can’t handle it like he used to but he refuses to change his eating habits.”

  “Of course that’s a great idea.” Emmi’s phone rings and she frowns. What does he want? She ignores the call.

  “Chen Emmi, do you think  you could add me to WeChat. Then if  we are both working we can come back here and eat together. I am not always in the front of the hotel working, sometimes they have me unload supplies.”

   “Sure maybe on your lunch hour we can eat before I start work. I think they’re going to put me on the evening shift on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Do you work those days?” 

   No, but I will now.  “I do.” 

   They leave the room and walk down the stairs. Emmi’s green eyes sparkle, ” I am so full.” She pats her stomach. “The skewers were so delicious. Thanks for lunch!”

We should definitely come when you start working at the hotel.”

    Emmi’s phone rings as they  walk through the still crowded restaurant, him again…well maybe it’s important. She answers sounding abrupt, “What?”

    Zhen Sihao hears all the noise in the background, “Where are you?”

     Emmi scrunches up her nose, “Eating lunch with a friend. What do you need?”

He could hear Han Shi when she answered the phone. “What friend? I thought you had an interview.”

” Wang Hao I thought you needed the laptop to do your work. How are you so free to worry about my afternoon?”

“Don’t flatter yourself little girl. My face itches and I can’t concentrate on my work. Do you have something to stop the itching. “

“In the medicine cupboard there is a white bottle. Take a swab and carefully dab on the cream on your face. DO NOT RUB! DO NOT GET WET!”

“Shouldn’t you be taking care of your patient? I should dock your pay gor your negligence. When are you going to be back the bandage on my leg needs to be changed.”

“I told you around dinner.” Angry he mentioned docking her pay she stomps her heel. “Don’t even think about taking one yuan out of my pay Old Man! I didn’t offer twenty four hour unlimited service!” Emmi angrily hangs up the phone then mutters “Cheap..So cheap!” Zhen Sihao has a devilish grin on his face when Emmi hangs up on him picturing her expression.

Han Shi walked to get his card from Bingbing and came back only hearing the last part. He gulps and has a shocked expression. She services old men? No! No way! “Chen Emmi is everything alright?

“Yeah, I just hate cheap old men!” Zhen Sihao sneezes as he walks to the medicine cabinet.

“…” She really has a rough life…

Emmi laughs, “Sorry you had to see my little temper..haha..I have a patient who is very disagreeable and hard to get along with.”

Han Shi sighs and his face turns red thinking of what he was imagining. “Oh that explains it.”


“Nothing..nothing.” While they walk down the sidewalk Han Shi wishes he didn’t promise he would return in an hour. Emmi looks down the busy street. “Han Shi do you know which direction the Zhen Group’s building is located.”

He wants to ask why but he points to the next street. “You should take a taxi it is about three streets over then another ten blocks.”

“Thanks. I like to walk.”

He looks at her high heels, “It will be difficult in those heels. I could get my friend who is a driver for the hotel take you.” Actually he is my driver but I can’t tell her that.

“Thanks but I want to walk off lunch and I brought some tennis shoes. I haven’t walked along the ocean in a long time so I also thought I would go there.”

Dammit! I want to go with her! Why did I say an hour lunch? I should have said three!

Han Shi

    Emmi enters the large kitchen fascinated watching the chefs preparing food. All the delicious aromas wafting through the kitchen cause her stomach to grumble. She swallows her saliva, yum… it really smells good in here, I bet the food’s delicious. Looking around the bustling kitchen she thinks maybe she was too impulsive and should have waited out front for the owner. While she is considering walking back out the swinging door a short plump woman wearing a red apron approaches her.The woman places the bowl she’s holding down on a counter,with a pleasant voice she asks Emmi,”Can I help you? We aren’t open for another half hour.”

  “I’m sorry, I probably should have waited out front.” She smiles brightly,  “My name is Chen Emmi,  I am here about the weekend server position. I spoke to Mr. Huang on the phone earlier.”

   “Oh yes, my husband told me you were coming.” My goodness! This girl is very beautiful and her dress looks expensive.She looks like a family’s Young Miss I wonder why she wants to be a server? “He is busy in the restaurant speaking to some people about a photoshoot.Come over here and have a seat, he shouldn’t be too long.” She points to the opposite side of the kitchen where there’s a large grill and stove.“I need to finish preparing today’s special but if you need me I will be over by that stove.

     After the woman walks away Emmi is intrigued watching the flurry of activity in the kitchen. A tall young man wearing black slacks and a white shirt comes rushing through the swinging door.He has a sheepish grin on his boyish face as he walks over and opens the stainless steel cabinet by the table where Emmi is sitting. Taking out a black apron he calls across the kitchen,“Sorry I’m late Auntie Huang.” He notices Emmi sitting there quietly and wonders who she could be. But because he is late he hurries over to do some prep work for the dining room.

    Emmi patiently waits while observing the people preparing for lunch. Mrs.Huang glances at Emmi wondering what could be taking her husband so long, the restaurant opens in ten minutes. Seeing how quiet and obedient Emmi is sitting at the table and the fact that her husband’s  brother recommended the girl she decides to hire Emmi on the spot. She hands her a piece of paper. “Come to work Saturday at four o’clock to train. Write down your information,name an. phone number. I will have my husband call you to give you more details.”

    Emmi has a quizzical expression on her face. Does this mean I’m hired? It looks like it…  strange… I didn’t have to go through an interview. She seems very flustered so I don’t want to bother her by asking any questions. I will just come in on Saturday if there’s a problem  I’m sure Mr. Huang will call me. She politely smiles as she hands the piece of paper to Mrs. Huang, “Thank you… then I will be here on Saturday.”

     “Okay.” She points to the back of the kitchen,” You can go out the back door to the hallway and you will see an elevator. Use that entrance when you come on Saturday.”

     Emmi leaves the kitchen then looks at her watch, I think I will get some lunch then go by the Zhen Group to see that old fart Zhen Sahao. There is no way I’m giving up the deed to grandfather’s fishing cabin.The elevator opens and she enters thinking about where she should have lunch, it isn’t often she gets to come to Bashu City. When the door to the elevator opens she hears someone calling her name. Glancing around she sees a very good looking boy wearing a hotel uniform waving at her, “Chen Emmi! Wait!”

    Emmi recognizes him from the Accounting class she took last semester so she stops.

   “What are you doing at my Unc..”  he quickly catches himself. She doesn’t seem to like capitalists. “At this hotel?”

    “I was applying for a job as a server at Ming’s Restaurant. Han Shi, you work here?

    “Yes.”  He is being punished for crashing his new Porsche, his Uncle makes him work at the hotel three days a week.

   She is a little worried about him.It is the middle of the day, shouldn’t he be at school? Maybe his family is poor and he needs the money. 

    He notices her sympathetic look and scratches his head, “I accumulated a bit of debt, so I work a few shifts at the hotel.”

   “Oh..Did you borrow money to pay your tuition? I know how that is, if you work hard you will be able to pay it off.  It’s good you’re going to school, that is the only way to secure your future.”

   “…” Han Shi notices his Uncle and his friend Yan Jing coming out of the elevator, he quickly pulls Emmi behind a pillar. He doesn’t want to be discovered, afraid his Uncle will come over and she will become suspicious of his identity.Placing his finger on his mouth, he whispers,”Shhh.”

  Emmi looks over to see the three distinguished-looking people who had been in the elevator then at the restaurant. They must be big shots for Han Shi to be hiding. He probably doesn’t want to lose his job for talking while he’s working.So she stays behind the pillar until the three exit the hotel.

  Once the three people leave Han Shi breathes a sigh of relief.  “Ha ha..sorry that was the owner of the hotel.”

   “Oh..” That explains the powerful aura I could feel in the elevator from those two men. “Well you should get back to work I don’t want to get you in trouble.Maybe I will see you again when I begin working at the restaurant.” Emmi starts to walk away. Han -Shi wants to take this opportunity to spend some time with Emmi so he blurts out, “I get off in five minutes for lunch. Do you want to get something to eat with me? I know a place that has delicious barbecue skewers.” He overheard her telling her friend in class how much she likes spicy BBQ.

   Emmi’s eyes light up at the mention of  barbecue, “All right but it’ll be my treat.” She could tell how nervous he was about possibly losing his job he must really need the money. “ I want to celebrate getting a job.” I have extra money from picking up the laptop for the arrogant man.

   “I do work for the man who owns the restaurant so don’t worry about it, he said the next time I come in I should bring a friend. The meal will be on the house.” I will just give him my credit card when she isn’t looking. I can’t have her pay


  “Yes. Wait over on the couch to the left by the large mirror. I will be done in five minutes and we can leave.”

  Han Shi excitedly takes several long strides across the lobby to the front desk and talks to a woman who is looking at the computer. Listening to his request she frowns looking over at the beautiful young girl sitting on the couch then replies, “ CEO Han explicitly told me you need to work a full shift.”

  He responds, “I will be back. I just want to go to lunch. Don’t employees get an hour break for lunch?”

  The desk clerk takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes, “You just got here twenty minutes ago, you were supposed to be here at 8 a.m.”

  Han Shi is very charming, especially when he wants to persuade someone. He leans over the desk with a serious expression,  “ I will make sure to tell my uncle how much I am learning from you Miss Wang. Tomorrow I will be here 8 a.m. sharp.” Then he gives her his signature smile guaranteed to melt any woman’s heart as he pleads,   “Please…”

   The middle aged woman looks at the handsome boy staring at her with an exoectant gaze and shakes her head, “ “Fine but be back in an hour.”

    He hurries to the employee’s changing room and puts on the long sleeved shirt he wore to work. After he changes  Han Shi rushes over to Emmi, “Let’s go.”

    Outside of the hotel Han Weisheng and Yan Jing walk to his car. Yan Jing says, “Wasn’t the girl with your nephew the same one who was in the elevator with us earlier?” Han Weisheng saw his nephew duck behind the pillar but decided not to embarrass him in front of the girl.  “Seems to be.” 

    Han Qing wasn’t paying attention as she walked through the lobby, she looks up from her phone  interjecting, “Ask Little Shi to find out who designed her dress.”  Han Qing has been bothered trying to figure out who might have designed the girl in the elevator’s dress.

  “…”  I am not asking my idiot nephew who designed the little girl’s dress!

Huang Electronics

  When she finishes her livestream she is very excited. Emmi’s green eyes are sparkling while counting the money she made from all the gifts she received tonight and happy lazy fairy bought the ruffled blouse and pencil skirt. Giggling while considering she can pay her tuition and have extra money to buy more supplies she gazes at her embroidered backpack. I didn’t know my embroidery would be so popular with my viewers. She forgets Zhen Sihao is behind the  embroidered screen and starts dancing as she hugs her backpack, “ Yeah! So many gifts! I’m rich..I’m rich..so very rich!” Emmi begins singing as she twirls around her hair flying, “Nothing can stop me now.. I will soar among the clouds..”

  Zhen Sihao steps out from behind the screen startling Emmi and she abruptly stops singing and dancing mid step. Noticing his amused expression dampens her mood and she throws the backpack onto the white wicker chair. She binks a couple times and blushes that he saw her being silly. “Hehehe..Wang Hao you woke up.”

   “Noisy.” He gazes at Emmi’s carefree appearance with a hint of desire in his deep eyes. Emmi’s beautiful face is flushed red, her long black hair is pulled up into a high ponytail giving her an innocent youthful look but a few strands of hair are seductively hanging down her creamy white neck. Her emerald colored eyes are sparkling and she has a shy expression, her thick black eyelashes fluttering from my sudden appearance. His Adam apple rolls looking at her flawless face, those cherry red lips and her dimples when she was smiling as she was dancing. The bunnygirl really is a beauty. Is that how she makes money.. flaunting her beauty on camera? He thinks about the person named i’m here for the beauty and becomes irritated..he gives her gifts? Shameless girl! She will do anything for money!

   Emmi notices the changing expression on his handsome face, first he looked dazed from being awakened but now he appears angry,“Why are you looking at me like that? He must be mad because I suddenly woke him up. “I forgot you were here.

  Am I that easily forgotten! Well yes.. the little miser was busy prancing around in front of a camera making money letting strange men leer at her body. Feeling annoyed he says, “My back hurts from laying on this lounge chair. I am going to have to dock your pay.”

   Emmi stomps her foot,“That is not fair! I told you I have a livestream at eight and you fell asleep at the table. I had no choice but to put you on the lounge chair” 

  “Pfft! It is more important to entertain strangers than take care of your patient!”

  “What?! That is ridiculous!” Emmi waves her hand at him dismissively, “Forget it.. I’m too tired to deal with your idiocracy, I’m taking a shower and going to bed. If you want me to go pick your stupid laptop in the morning you better..you better.. change your attitude.” Seriously! Emmi walks to the bathroom, Well I’m not going to let his rotten personality ruin my good mood!

  Zhen Sihao’s face turns black, who does the little brat think she is! Telling me to change my attitude. He stretches his back, if I didn’t need to stay out of sight for a few more days I would call Wu to pick me up right now. I am tempted to put that little girl over my knee and spank her for her insolent behavior!

    The next day Emmi arranges for Butler Han to meet her at the edge of the woods with breakfast for Zhen Sihao before he drives her to town. This time she doesn’t bother waking Zhen Sihao up and sets the insulation container on the counter. Hmmph! He didn’t bother to acknowledge me when I came out of the bathroom last night. I thought he might apologize but I guess that’s too much to ask of the arrogant jerk.

    Emmi glances back at the bed waving her little fist at Zhen Sihao who appears sound asleep as she opens the door to the cabin. After she leaves he has a faint smile on his face watching her little angry gesture. He can smell the delicious aroma coming from the container and slowly gets up.

   When Emmi is in the car she asks Butler Han, “Was Uncle Yihong home this morning?”

  Butler Han knows Emmi doesn’t want her Uncle to know she has a guest at the cabin. “No. I drove him to the company early this morning for a meeting. Don’t worry he thinks you are at the University. ”

  “Thanks Butler Han. Besides the fact I have a friend staying at the cabin, I..well..I am avoiding Uncle.”

  “May I ask why?”

  “Well, Uncle wants the deed to Grandfather’s cabin so he can sell the lakefront property to Zhen Group, Chloe told me yesterday. Uncle Han..” Tears start to form in her eyes, “I don’t want to give up the cabin..it isn’t right… Grandfather gave his fishing cabin to me.”

  Butler Han tightens his hand on the steering wheel, that greedy bastard. He thinks for a moment but can’t come up with a solution. The poor Miss has no backing, if Chen Yihong wants it what choice does she have? “Have you spoken to your cousin Young Master Ji? Maybe he could intercede for you with your Uncle.”

  “ Cousin Ji..well..you know his cold personality. He won’t get involved. I mean..he has always been nice to me when I see him more so than Uncle or even his sister Chloe. But, when it comes to business…I think he will want the profit of the sale to strengthen the company.”

  “The Young Master..well yes..I think you are right. Do you have any ideas?’

  “I think I am going to contact the Zhen Group. Maybe they could begin the development further away from my little bit of property.” Although I hate that old man Zhen Sihao for what happened to me in high school I have to give it a try.

   “That is a good idea Miss, there is so much land by the lake, your few acres of woods and the cabin shouldn’t matter to a big company like Zhen Group.”

   “I think so too. Okay, I see Huang Electronics up ahead, this shouldn’t take long.”

   Butler Han pulls the black Maybach into a parking spot in front of the shop. Emmi goes into the shop looking around for a salesperson, she bumps into a muscular man in a navy blue suit, “Oh sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

   He looks down at the petite young girl, obviously you weren’t paying attention. Is she the girl the CEO sent? She doesn’t look very reliable. He continues to look at a shelf containing electronic equipment while watching Emmi out of the corner of his eye.

  She sees Huang Peng bending down tying his shoe by the counter. “Mr. Huang!’

  “Miss Emmi! Long time no see!”

  “How is your daughter? Dr. Liu said the medicinal ointment worked well.”

  “Did your grandfather make it before he..” He stops when he sees Emmi’s complexion pale. “Well, it worked great.” He wants to kick himself for mentioning Chen Bingwen.

  Emmi can see he is embarrassed so she breaks the awkward silence, she sweetly smiles,“Mr. Huang please don’t shy away from mentioning Grandfather. He valued his friendship with you and I like to be reminded of him. In answer to your question I made the medicinal ointment. He taught me alot about medicine and I use some of his formulas and also create my own.”

  “ Jiao’er has no scars after using the ointment. We were so worried after the accident. She is only in high school after all.”

  “ That is great! You should bring Little Fang over to the lake to go fishing. I miss eating all the fish you guys used to catch.I turned Grandfather’s fishing cabin into an art studio but I kept all Grandfather’s fishing gear and the boat is in good shape. I take out into the lake once and a while.”

   “We will!” He looks up as the door chime rings, “ Did you hear Liu’s boy Ling’er is coming back from abroad?”

   Emmi’s face lights up at the mention of Liu Ling, “Dr. Liu told me when I dropped some medicinal herbs at his house. Liu Ling is going to be a guest professor at the University.”

  Huang Peng has a broad smile on his weathered face. “Yeah, you should hear him brag about that boy’s accomplishments! Haha. Why did you stop in the shop? Is there any problem with the microphone you bought?”

  “Oh no. It works great! Last night was the first time I tried it out during my livestream and my viewers said my voice was very clear. I am here to pick up a laptop. It is for Wang Hao, from his company.”

   Huang Peng’s round eyes narrow and has a complicated expression, “How do you know Wang Hao?”

   Emmi doesn’t want to explain the situation. “I don’t really. I am earning some money by picking it up for him, it wasn’t convenient for him to come to your shop.”

  The intimidating man looking at the electronic equipment has been listening to their conversation. The young girl doesn’t look suspicious, as a matter of fact she seems naive and innocent. Where the hell did the CEO find a University student to run this errand. I should have checked with Chen Yi to see who was picking up the laptop. He texts Chen Yi [Boss there is a beautiful young girl at Huang’s to pick up CEO Zhen’s laptop.]

Chen Yi looks at the text [Young girl?] Zhen Sihao didn’t say who he would send [Let me check]

 He sends a text to Zhen Sihao [Who did you send to pick up the laptop. My man says there is a beautiful young girl asking for it.]

  [I hired a University student to pick it up. I thought it would be less suspicious. Just in case.]

  [ I will inform him] That was smart.

 Zhen Sihao picks up the chopsticks and eats a bite of the flavorful egg dish. Beautiful young girl..is Chen Yi’s man staring at the little thing right now?

 He sets down his chopsticks and sends another text.[Tell your man to leave.]

   Huang Peng takes the laptop from a cabinet under the counter then glances over at the man dressed in black worried Emmi will have a problem after picking up the laptop. He dropped off the package a half hour ago but has been hanging around the shop.. Obviously he has been waiting to make sure everything goes right. Fucking Zhen Sihao! How does he know Chen Emmi!

   Emmi looks at the silver laptop in Huang Peng’s hand, “Is that it?”


   “Do you need me to sign for it or anything? It looks expensive.”

   “No.Let me put it in a bag for you.”

   “You can save a bag. I am going to deliver it now before I go back to the University. “

  Huang Peng watches the intimidating looking man leave then breathes a sigh of relief but still has a concerned expression. “Emmi you shouldn’t run errands for people you don’t know.”

  “Haha..thanks for your concern Mr. Huang. This is a one time thing, my tuition is coming due so I need some extra money.”

  “Well if you need part time work my cousin could use a server at his restaurant on the weekends.”

  “Really?  But I have no experience.”

  “He could train you, it isn’t hard. Let me give you the phone number, tell him I recommended you.”

  “Only weekends? I have school during the week.”

  “Yes. That is his busiest time and he needs extra help. One of his employees went back to their hometown so he is short a server.”

  Emmi looks at the card with the name of the restaurant and the phone number. “Thanks! I will call if he doesn’t mind training me.”

  Huang Peng has known Emmi since she was a child so he gives her some advice. “Avoid taking random jobs.”

   “Thanks for your concern. Remember to plan a day you can come fishing!” She carries the laptop and waves as she leaves the shop. Emmi shakes her head then laughs wondering why he looks worried.

   Butler Han is leaning against the black Maybach smoking a cigarette when Emmi walks over, “I didn’t think it would take that long but I was talking to Mr. Huang.”

  “Did you want to go to the University now?”

  “No. I need to drop this off for my friend so she can write a sales report that is due. I will go to school afterwards.”


    Zhen Sihao stares at Emmi’s slender figure as she takes his empty dish away, momentarily wondering how Emmi developed such a miserly attitude towards money. The girl can’t be that desperate for money… She is a Young Miss from the Chen family and they are one of the elite families of Bashu City. Although their wealth can’t compare with mine or the top three families they still have a high status. He is snapped out of his daze when his phone has a notification from Director Yan.[I received a call from Chen Yihong he wants to meet concerning the Lakefront property. I informed him you were out of the country.]

   [Shit! I told him we would go over the purchase agreement this week.]

   [I don’t know if it is a ploy to get a higher price for the land but he told me the Li Group from Catang City has shown interest.]

  [Li Tian? I thought he was busy with my uncle’s company and the Mega Mall Project in Catang City.]

  Director Yan keeps an eye on their competitors for Zhen Sihao. [The Li/Zhou project is at a standstill, according to my source they ran into a stumbling block acquiring the land.]

  [ Fuck! When the Han Family decided not to compete I assumed it would go without any hitches.]

 [ Chen Yihong could be bluffing, he isn’t that sharp but his son Ji has the business acumen to use this method to push up the price. He said he would only deal with you personally.]

 [After I acquire a laptop tomorrow that will prevent anyone from accessing my location I will have a video meeting with him]

   [Let me know if you need my assistance.]

  [Continue monitoring the situation with my father.]

    Emmi notices Zhen Sihao has a serious expression as he is texting on his phone while she is doing the dishes. She feels guilty for losing her patience with him at the. table , the poor guy is injured and probably worried about his job. After she cleans the counter Emmi brews some of her special tea and pours two cups, then carries one to the table. Setting down a cup of steaming tea in front of him she sweetly says, “This is my White Peony tea, it helps with high blood pressure and has a calming effect allowing your blood to replenish and flow smoothly . The tea will also boost your immune system.” She has a worried expression, “You are recovering, you shouldn’t stress out about work.”

  He glances up at Emmi with a cold expression, in a condescending tone he replies, “I only drink Tieguanyin.”

  Emmi’s face turns red all the way to the tips of her ears listening to his arrogant tone and she regrets feeling sorry for him, “Huh! I have no idea what that tea tastes like but.. well..forget it!” She reaches to take the cup, when he notices her blushing in embarrassment, he touches her hand before she can take the cup, “Leave the tea, I will try it.”

  She walks away muttering under her breath,  “Whatever. Drink or don’t…Everyone loves my White Peony tea..” 

   He shakes his head and has a faint smile hearing her mumbling as she runs away. The little girl really has a temper. He lifts the cup to his lips and a refreshing aroma drifts to his nose. Looking at the light color he isn’t expecting much flavor. He chuckles thinking about her angry expression. Well, the little bunnygirl made the effort. I will try it. He takes a sip and nods in satisfaction surprised by the flavor,a clean and slight sweetness. A slight floral taste but not too sweet. Hmm..not bad.

    Emmi takes a quick peek at Zhen Sihao, I don’t know if I can live with him for five more days, where does his arrogance come from anyway? True he is extremely good looking… but… the man is a poor salesman why do I feel such an intense domineering aura surrounding him? Like he is the Emperor and I am a lowly palace maid!  Forget it! I need the 8000 yuan and right now I don’t have any time to waste before my livestream. I need to get my outfit ready that I want to sell tonight. She takes the black pencil skirt to be hemmed out of the closet then sits cross legged on  the white wicker chair ignoring Zhen Sihao. Looking at her watch she thinks the skirt should be finished in time for her livestream. Wrinkling her forehead she plays with the headphones in her hand, if the annoying man doesn’t need anything. Putting on her headphones she listens to her favorite k pop band while she sews.

   When she finishes hemming the skirt she irons it and puts it back on the dress form with the ruffled silk blouse. Preparing her workspace she gets ready to begin her broadcast then she remembers Zhen Sihao, he has been awfully quiet. Looking over at the small table his head is laying on it and he appears fast asleep. What the heck? I can’t leave him slumped over the table, he will be in the background when I am demonstrating tonight’s lesson.

   She taps him on the shoulder, “Wang Hao! When he doesn’t respond she shakes him.”Wake up! WANG HAO!” Did I add too much Hirfra root? Troublesome man! I was going to ask him to sit in the enclosed patio during my livestream. She puffs her cheeks and puts her hands on her slim hips while trying to decide what to do with him. Where should I put him? I can’t drag him that far.

  Emmi goes to the patio and pulls in a lounge chair placing it beside the table, this will work.. Holding onto his waist she rolls him off the chair onto the lounge then lifts his legs onto the cushion. She rolls her eyes at Zhen Sihao who is peacefully sleeping, such a nuisance! Afterwards she moves an embroidered screen she uses to block that part of the room a little more to the left so he is hidden.Satisfied Emmi breathes a sigh of relief, Perfect! As long as he doesn’t wake up and disturb my livestream I won’t hold it against him since I miscalculated the amount of Hirfa root I brewed in the tea.

  Back at her workstation she takes a deep breath, only ten minutes late. She adjusts her camera at the right angle, places her design and pattern on the table then begins. She smiles brightly and her deep green eyes sparkle, “Sorry I am late! Tonight I am going to demonstrate the first step to take a design and turn it into reality. The first step is” Emmi holds up her design.

   “You look so cute! Did you make the sweater you are wearing? I love bunnies!”- Little Fluff

   Before she can answer two more viewers add comments.

  “Are you selling the pink sweater you are wearing? I want it!”- lazy fairy

  “Hey I want it!”-suzi loves fashion

  Emmi  waves her hands to stop the viewers before they get carried away“ Wait! Wait! haha..I love this sweater too, it is very soft and the bunny makes me smile but I did not make this sweater. If you like it you can find it in Bunnygirl’s latest collection. At the end of the livestream I will be selling.” She points to the dress form behind her “This white ruffled silk blouse and black zippered pencil skirt. You can also order it in my online store. But first, let’s get to the lesson!”

  After she begins her lesson comments start flying in.

   “Teacher you are so awesome!”- suzi loves fashion

   “Finally someone who can explain the process in simple terms!” – lazy fairy

   “Right! I was so confused in class!”-suzi loves fashion

  “Thanks lazy fairy and suzi loves fashion. Now we need to measure the length of the sleeve.” Emmi continues her lesson and notices several people have joined the livestream.

  “ I just noticed the ancient style screen. Can you zoom in on it? Did you embroider it?”- eating melon seeds

   Emmi’s nervous gaze lands on the embroidered screen. I can’t zoom in on it, what if a viewer notices Wang Hao! 

   “Will you show us how to embroider?-little fluff

     “Really! But… that would be a huge embroidery project”-lazy fairy

     Emmi starts laughing, “little fluff let’s finish making a dress first! Maybe next month I can.”

    You are so beautiful when you laugh!”-i’m here for the beauty

    “Stop it i’m here for the beauty, can’t you see Teacher is blushing now!”-suzi loves fashion

    Emmi thinks for a minute then grabs her embroidered backpack off the wicker chair, “We could do a smaller project. First, I could teach you how to make a backpack, then embroider it like this one.”

   I don’t think I would be good at embroidery. Do you sell embroidered backpacks in your online store?”-lazy fairy

  “ lazy fairy, not right now maybe in the future I am busy with school until Winter Break.”

   “Will you sell me that one?”- lazy fairy

  Emmi looks at the backpack, I could use the money but.. “I have used it several times..”

  “I don’t care, I love the embroidered design. It reminds me of my grandfather’s house in the mountains.”- lazy fairy

   Suddenly stars start falling across the screen.

   A notification pops up- lazy fairy sent you a thousand stars.

 “Wow! Thank you so much lazy fairy.”

   “Sell me the backpack pleeeeezzz.”-lazy fairy

  “Well… alright.”

   “Not fair! I want one!”- suzi loves fashion.

Another notification appears- suzi loves fashion sent you a castle. Suddenly a castle on a cloud appears on the screen.

“suzi loves fashion thanks! I will try to find the time to make you a backpack. Do you mind waiting a couple weeks?”

“Yeah! Take your time!”

Then another notification- i’m here for the beauty sent three castles.

“Oh my God! i’m here for the beauty are you a rich second generation?”- little fluff

“My little beauty is working hard tonight.” -i’m here for the beauty.

“Thank you i’m here for the beauty but I love teaching you guys!”

Zhen Sihao wakes up, who is the little bunnygirl talking to? Is she doing that stupid livestream she was talking about? Unfamiliar with livestreaming he leans back with his hands behind his head listening. Who the hell is I’m here for the beauty? What nonsense is that..

   Emmi thinks she shouldn’t have said she would sell her embroidered backpack. Several other viewers start sending gifts “I will offer them in my online store next month and you guys who have gifted me can have the first ones. I will make a list of your names. How is that?”

  “Alright I can wait. Thanks!”- eating melon seeds.

“Okay let’s continue making the pattern. If you have any questions at the beginning of Wednesday night’s livestream I will answer them.” Emmi continues demonstrating the steps involved in converting the design into a pattern to use. At the end of the lesson she is surprised at how many viewers have entered. Her eyes light up when she sees all the gifts she received tonight, but she suddenly thinks about how time consuming it is to make and embroider a backpack. She sighs thinking about it but keeps a smile on her face.

  “Well, that concludes my sewing lesson for tonight. Now, let me describe the outfit I am selling tonight. Here… I will zoom in so you can take a closer look.”

  Yaoyao just got back to her room from practicing the piano and quickly turns on her computer. She tosses her purse on the bed then looks at her laptop Dammit! it looks like Emmi is finished with her livestream.


    Startled, Emmi loses her balance and falls backwards into Zhen Sihao’s strong chest. He reaches his arm around her thin waist so she doesn’t fall, a sharp pain runs through his body from the collision. He ignores the stinging sensation as he teases Emmi with his face next to her cheek, “Little girl, are you trying to seduce me?”

  Emmi blushes as she pulls his muscular arm off her waist, “Stop your nonsense Old Man. Did you need to use the bathroom? I want to change.”

  Zhen Sihao winces, Old Man? “ I need the phone and you can call me CE.. Wang Hao.”

  “Cewang Hao?”

  “Wang Hao.”

   “ Phone is in my backpack. The receipt is with it.”

   He leaves the bathroom noticing her embroidered backpack open on the white chair. holding it in his hand he admires the intricate handiwork, interesting design . Unzipping the front he reaches in the opening unable to feel the phone, he pulls out her underwear and a bra and a pair of shorts. He stuffs them back into the backpack and picks up a pair of underwear that fell onto the chair.

   Emmi realizes she should have said front pocket and peeks her head out the bathroom door and witnesses him holding her pink lace underwear in his hand. She puffs out her cheeks and yells, “FRONT POCKET! FRONT POCKET!” Shameless man playing with my underwear! Slamming the door she leans up against it muttering over and over, “8000 yuan..8000yuan…”

  Zhen Sihao’s lips curl up at her angry expression as he tosses the tiny lace underwear back into the backpack. When he takes the green box out of the front pocket he removes the plain black phone.. What a piece of shit!  Well,at least the little miser bought a phone card. He raises his eyebrow, fuck! Could she spare the 200 yuan?  He glances at the door of the bathroom, how poor is this girl? 

  Trying to calm down Emmi washes her hair, I need to get through this week and collect my money. That arrogant man is so smug and inconsiderate, I said I would take care of his medical needs not be his maid. I will talk to him when we have dinner. Set some rules.  She finishes her shower and slips on a pink sweater with a picture of a bunny on the front and a pair of skinny blue jeans.

  She comes out of the bathroom drying her long black hair while talking to herself about her upcoming livestream, “ Tonight I will demonstrate how to properly create a pattern from a design sketch.”  In a better mood after her shower she feels refreshed and is looking forward to selling her clothes... Although Chloe took the dress from my presentation I have the white ruffled top and black pencil skirt. I only need to finish the hem on the skirt. I think I should be able to sell the outfit for 2000 yuan. Ignoring Zhen Sihao who is texting on his phone she clears the table and puts the dirty dishes in the sink. I guess it would have been hard for him to use a walking stick and carry the dishes.

   Emmi’s stomach growls as starts to fix dinner. First, she heats up the crab soup she bought at the soupermarket then opens the container of noodles. She frowns, they look soggy I wish I had eaten them as soon as I arrived at the studio. After the soup is heated she puts the noodles in the microwave with a bag of sliced vegetables to steam.

   While the food is cooking she places the plates and chopsticks on the table. “Come and sit, dinner is almost ready.”

   Zhen Sihao looks up from the phone, there isn’t a stove, how did she make dinner? He hears a beeping and frowns, a microwave dinner?  “ Order takeout.”

    Glancing his direction she dismisses the idea. “I already made the food, I got noodles from Gong’s on my way home, don’t be fussy.”

   After she has the dishes on the table when he doesn’t come to the table  she turns around, “Well, eat or don’t eat it is up to you. I’m starving so I’m not waiting while you decide. No restaurant would deliver to this cabin anyway.”

  Emmi sits down then scoops up some noodles and vegetables onto her plate. Hungry,  Zhen Sihao reluctantly limps over to the small wooden table setting the walking stick on the side. Unhappy with the simple looking dishes he reluctantly picks up the spoon to try the soup. Pleasantly surprised at the flavor he nods in satisfaction,hmm.. not bad.. After he finishes the bowl of crab soup motions to Emmi,”I will have more.”

  Emmi looks up as she slurps up her noodles, “I only bought two portions.” She uses her chopsticks to put food onto his plate. “Have the noodles and vegetables.”

     He shakes his head as he watches her, I am a man! Do you think this little meal will satisfy me!  “I don’t like green peppers.”

  “Then pick them out.”

  He has no choice because of his hunger to use his chopsticks to remove the green pepper, “I will give you a list of the foods I don’t eat.”

   Emmi thinks for a moment tapping her chopsticks on her plate.“If you want to pay extra, I could ask Grandma Kang to make your food. She would need to be compensated for her hard work.”

    Zhen Sihao wants to laugh watching her serious expression, she must be calculating how much to charge me.

   “Additional 1000 yuan, you can pay when you go back to work.”

    “Agreed.” The food she brought this morning was decent. He finishes the noodles, and looks at his phone to text Chen Yi.

    Emmi gets up from the table taking the empty dishes to the small sink to wash them. “Wang Hao.”

     He doesn’t answer so she speaks louder, “Wang Hao!”

     Zhen Sihao glances up from his phone. “What?” 

     “ When I finish washing these dishes I am going to change the bandage on your leg and I will heat up your medicine.”

    “En.” He looks at the text from Chen Yi and responds [ I need a clean laptop with encryption software ] Shit! How am I going to have it delivered to this cabin.I can have the bunnygirl pick it up at Huang Peng’s shop in town. [Send it over to Huang Peng, I will have someone pick it up.]

   [Will do. I noticed someone has been following me so I will have one of my men deliver it tomorrow]

  [ As expected.He will monitor everyone I know for any clue to my actual whereabouts. The video was good but I knew it wouldn’t dispel the old man’s suspicions] 

  [Any other instructions?]

  [Not right now I am working on a plan.]

  Emmi wipes off the counter in her small kitchen area then walks over to the cabinet where she keeps the medical supplies. “Wang Hao, lay on the bed.”


  She sees he is still sitting at the table with a strange look on his face. “Hurry up, I have stuff to do before my live stream. I need to change your bandage.”

   Zhen Hao puts his phone in his pocket, haha..what was I thinking. Using the walking stick for support he slowly limps over to the bed.

   Emmi sounds impatient,“Take off your pants.”

   He has a devilish grin on his face, “I can just roll up my pant leg, or didn’t you see enough last night?”

    “Shut up! Fine but I don’t think that will work as the injury is too far up on your thigh.”

  Zhen Sihao realizes she is right then self consciously begins to slide the pants down his legs. Thinking he is taking too long Emmi grabs the pant legs and quickly yanks them down, “Tortoise! I told you I have things to do.”

   Used to having people ingratiate themselves to him he responds, “What do you have to do that is more important than taking care of me?”  I have never in my life been spoken to in such a disrespectful manner. If I didn’t need this little thing to take care of me I would teach her a lesson!

   Emmi wonders how a poor salesman has such a demanding tone, maybe because he is so handsome..“I said I would take care of you but I’m not devoting my life to serving you! Right when we are done add me as a friend on WeChat and pay me the 8000 yuan.”

    “I think I should pay you at the end of the week to make sure you do a good job and don’t slack off.”

   As she carefully removes the bandage on his thigh she scoffs,  “Pfft! I told you when you wanted to stay, I have a livestream in the evening and you agreed you wouldn’t bother me.” Trying not to look at his muscular body she keeps her eyes on the wound. When Emmi hurriedly dabs a cloth soaked with disinfectant on the closed gash, his leg twitches from the pain and he grits his teeth.  She notices his movement and the hissing sound as she wipes the area. Gazing up at his handsome face with sweat beads on his forehead she suddenly feels guilty. I was a little rough, Emmi softens her tone as she apologizes, “Ss.. sorry, once I put the medicinal ointment on the wound it will numb your leg and it won’t hurt.”

  “Not painful.”

  “…” Then why are you sweating and your eyes are watering? Emmi applies the medical ointment and places a new bandage on the wound.” I think it is healing well, I don’t see any signs of infection. In a few more days you should be able to walk normally.” She starts to put his pants on his legs, he grabs her hand, “I can do it.”

      “Good. I am going to boil your medicine.”

   Irritated, his body had a reaction to her touching his skin he pulls up the black athletic pants, he hmmphs.. the girl is shameless! Touching a man’s bare thigh without even a little bit of shyness! He lifts his eyebrow watching Emmi putting the medicine in the microwave, how many men has she seen naked? He recalls that she undressed him when he was unconscious then mentioned a male model having a better body than his. The girl has an innocent and pure looking face but how many men has she been with to have such a casual attitude! For some reason thinking about the little bunnygirl touching another man bothers me.

   Emmi feels Zhen Sihao’s eyes burning a hole into her back, is he mad I was too rough changing his bandage? What a big baby! When the medicine is ready she hands him the bowl, “This should numb the pain in your leg” She focuses her attention on his face noticing some of the plaster is flaking off his injuries. Emmi touches his face startling him and his hand trembles splashing some of the medicine. Unnerved by the sudden contact he blurts out,“What are you doing!” Emmi’s soft fingers gently touching his face sent a strange sensation down his body.

  “Why are you so jumpy! I was checking the medicine on your face. It is beginning to come off, I wanted to see how your facial injury is healing.”

  “Well next time give me some warning!”

   Exasperrated from first having to deal with her cousin now him she impatiently snaps,“Just finish the medicine I need to get to work.”

  He hands her the bowl, “Tomorrow my company is sending a laptop to a shop in town so I can complete a sales report. Go pick it up for me.”

  Emmi was walking towards her sewing machine she whips around, “I don’t have time.”

  “500 yuan.”

  “How are you going to pay me?”

  “The company is giving me an advance on my salary.”

  “Oh..alright but I can’t do it until on my way home from class in the afternoon.”

  “ I need it by eleven o’clock, 1000.”

  “Let me think about it.”

  “ The company needs the report, 2000.”

  Emmi puts her finger on her chin considering doing it in the morning. I can skip my first class but the new instructor throws a fit if a student misses class without permission. “Where are they sending the laptop?”

  “Huang Electronics”

  “I will do this favor for you but I am not your errand girl.”

   “…” Favor? Errand Girl? I am paying 2000 yuan for you to walk into a store and pick up a fucking laptop! Shameless!


At The Dorm

    After Emmi finishes giving the presentation in her Fashion Design class she carries the dress she designed to her dorm room, when she enters she hears a familiar voice. What is Chloe doing in my room? Closing the door she sees her roommate, Yaoyao rolls her eyes, “You are finally back. Your cousin has been waiting for you. And driving me crazy with her incessant chattering!

  Exhausted from taking care of Zhen Sihao and the stress of the presentation Emmi has no patience. She purses her lips and in an irritated tone asks, “Cousin, what do you need?”

   Chloe runs her finger across Emmi’s desk, “Do I have to have a reason to come see you?”

   “Well, usually you do.”

   “I will get to the point. My friends and I are going to the new KTV on Willow St. tonight and I don’t want to go home to change.” She greedily stares at the beautiful dress in Emmi’s hands. “Lend me the dress you used for your presentation.” She happened to walk past the classroom and saw the dress, it would be perfect, just what Weiming likes, simple, feminine and his favorite color blue.

      Emmi grips the delicate blue chiffon dress in her hands,“You have a closet full of clothes in your dorm room.” I planned on selling this dress on my live stream tonight!

   “I don’t. I donated most of them thinking I would receive my Autumn clothes but they haven’t arrived from Paris yet.”

   Yaoyao is trying to study and listening to Chloe’s whining is irritating. She slams her testbook shut and walks to the door, “I’m going to the library.”

   Emmi has a very good relationship with this roommate, “No wait Yaoyao, you don’t need to leave.” Emmi shoves the pale blue chiffon dress into Chloe’s hand while pushing her towards the door. “If you spill anything on the dress you need to pay me. I was going to sell this dress.”

  Chloe frowns, as expected of the poor girl,  “I won’t.”

  Once she leaves, Emmi apologizes to Yaoyao, “I’m sorry if my noisy cousin disturbed your study.”

    YaoYao affectionately pats her on the back, “I pity you having such an annoying cousin. The only time she comes to see you is when she wants something or to bully you.”

  Emmi laughs as she flops onto the bed, “Do you have to be so blunt!”

  “I just think you should say no and not always give into her demands.”

  “Well, if I say no she complains to my Uncle saying I bully her at school. It is easier to let her have what she wants. I only need to put up with my cousin’s demeaning behavior until I finish school or my online business makes money. When I can support myself I will cut ties with the Chen family, until then I have no choice.” 

   She takes some snacks out of her backpack and tosses one to Yaoyao. While she rips the top of the bag in her hand she comments “These are really spicy…so delicious .”

   Yaoyao puts one in her mouth, “Where did you get these?” She looks at the yellow and red bag, “I haven’t seen these in the snack machine.”

   “The little convenience store around the corner from the front gate.”

   Yaoyao studies the back of the bag, “I wonder how many calories.”

    “Stop worrying!”

   Yaoyao has a mouthful of the spicy snacks, “I barely fit into my dress and the Music Competition is next week.”

  Emmi rests on her bed talking with Yaoyao about the upcoming Music Competition she is participating in next month. “Do you really want to enter the Entertainment Industry?”

  “Yes. My parents are against it but I have my own dreams.”

   “I think with your talent you can definitely win. Your so pretty and your voice is beautiful.”

   Yaoyao throws one of the crispy fried snacks at Emmi hitting her on the forehead. Emmi starts laughing, “What was that for?”

    “No reason. I just felt like it.”

     In retaliation Emmi tosses her pink stuffed rabbit at her roommate, “I am going back to my studio to spend the night I am working on a project, I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I will be back Wednesday. ” She sits up then takes an envelope out of her backpack, “Here is the money I borrowed from you last week.”

   Yaoyao takes the envelope, looking at the money inside then over at Emmi,“If you need it I’m not in a rush.”

   “No. I am getting paid this week.”

   “I was rehearsing so I only saw part of your livestream, did you sell the black silk off the shoulder dress you were modeling?”

   “I did and also I sold my medicinal herbs at a good price.” 

   “Will you have enough money for your tuition payment that is due? If not you can definitely wait to pay me back.”

   “En.” I wonder if I should tell her about the injured man? No she will worry. Come to think of it I don’t even know his name. Emmi blushes thinking about how the situation could be easily misunderstood.

   Yaoyao notices her face turning red, “What are you thinking about? Your face suddenly turned red.”

  Emmi touches her face, “Nothing, I..well..” She tries to think of a reasonable answer, “Remember the doctor I told you about? The incredibly handsome man whose father buys my medicinal herbs?”

  “The guy who went to England?”

   “Yeah, well… guess what? He is going to be a guest lecturer at our University.” 

    Yaoyao excitedly reacts to the news, “I finally get to see the only man who has ever got your attention!”

    “When you see him you will understand. Liu Ling is not only as handsome as an Immortal but brilliant and compassionate.”

      Yaoyao teases Emmi,“Stop drooling..haha..”

    Emmi throws a snack at her and Yaoyao catches it in her hand then pops it into her mouth continuing, “Is he really that good looking? Well, he must be to make our Ice Princess melt.”

“Shut up! Believe me you will not be able to look away when you see him. But remember he is mine!”

     “Don’t worry you know I have an engagement with that idiot Meng Jingchen since we were in diapers.”

       Emmi stretches then gets off the bed straightening her dress, “Only you would call the Student Council President an idiot..haha.. I need to pack a few things, Butler Han should be here to pick me up soon.” After she puts her books into her backpack she takes some clothes from her drawer. I don’t want anyone at the mansion to know I am staying at the studio tonight.

     Emmi walks over to the bed then hugs her roommate, “Yaoyao, I’m leaving, ignore my cousin if she comes to the room.”

    “Okay, what time is your livestream tonight?”


   Butler Han is waiting at the front gate for Emmi, he sees her rushing over to the car. Shaking his head as he remembers picking up her mother at this gate many years ago. Such a beautiful girl..

   Emmi is breathing heavily when she gets into the backseat, Catching her breath she holds her chest. She saw Jiang Weiming approaching her from the basketball court with a serious expression and ran through the grass to avoid him. “I hope you didn’t wait too long.”

  “I arrived only a few moments ago. Next time don’t run, you could fall wearing high heels.”

  “…” Do I look that uncoordinated? “Butler Han, I am going to my studio to check on my friend. Could we stop at the Gong’s Noodle Shop on the way.”

  “If you want.”

   After they stop at the Noodle Shop she goes into the supermarket next door and buys some supplies.  She looks at everything she bought and the phone. I won’t charge him for the toiletries but I can’t believe this phone cost 800 yuan.

  Butler Han pulls up to the edge of the woods when they return to the mansion. Butler Han notices the several bags on the backseat, “Miss do you want me to help you?”

  “No I have it, thanks. Please don’t mention you brought me back. I am going to spend the night in my studio.”

   Waving good bye she struggles carrying the takeout and several bags of groceries through the wooded area by the cabin.

   After she opens the door she drops the bags looking at the small table littered with dirty dishes. What a mess! She glares at Zhen Sihao asleep on the daybed. He could have at least put the dishes in the sink. Emmi puts the takeout and the groceries on the counter, then takes a tissue to wipe off her face covered in a thin layer of sweat. I should have changed into tennis shoes at the dorm. She plugs in her phone to charge then glares at Zhen Sihao as she passes the bed on her way to the bathroom with her backpack.

Walking into the bathroom she slips in a puddle of water on the bathroom floor. What the hell! After she removes her wet high heels, Emmi curses Zhen Sihao as she bends over with a towel to clean up the water. “Lazy jerk! He couldn’t pick up the dirty dishes? He couldn’t throw a towel on the floor? So damn lazy! Opening the medicine cabinet above the sink she puts the razors and shaving cream she bought inside, along with a toothbrush and deodorant.

   While closing the cabinet door she suddenly feels warm breath on her neck and hears a deep masculine voice, “I will need to deduct your pay for cursing me.”




Lifting the covers his face turns red from anger, then he glares at Emmi with a murderous gleam in his eyes. He sounds like the King of Hell when he roars, “Bunnygirl.. Did I say you could take my pants off!”

   Emmi blushes then stammers,, “Doc..doctors…well, hmmm.. don’t pay attention to such matters, I needed to check your injuries. I will bring clothes from Uncle’s then we can take you to the hospital.”

  He raises his swordlike eyebrow then teases, “You are a doctor?”

  Emmi pulls on her fuzzy pink pajamas, “No more talking! You need to drink another bowl of medicine then I will go.” She hurries over to the small counter by the microwave. He is not easy to get along with!

  From behind her she hears his low voice, “BunnygirI, I need to go to the bathroom just bring me my pants.”

   This man is one problem after another! She puts the medicine in the microwave then turns around,“Ah, they were disgusting, covered in blood I threw them out. Give me a minute I will find you something to wear”

      Emmi looks in the closet she searched last night and no clothes would fit his tall muscular body. She is tiny and her grandfather was a short thin man. Reluctantly she brings a fluffy white towel out of the bathroom, “Just put this on for now then when you are finished get back under the covers.” 

    “…”  He grabs the towel from her small hand.

   After he has wrapped the towel around his taut naked body Emmi sees him struggling to stand up. She remembers her grandfather’s treasured walking stick. The walking stick is carved intricately with scenes of Immortals and the jade dragon on top is the highest quality black jade. Rushing over she steadies him by holding onto his waist, “Use this.”

  He looks down at her lowered head, her eyes appear to be focused on his towel wrapped waist as her warm hand touches his bare abs. What an audacious little girl! “ Seen enough?”

  “Huh?” She looks up glaring at him, her green eyes ablaze, “Mister, don’t flatter yourself! The male model I had last week looked much better than you! I just don’t want you falling down, it will be difficult for Butler Han and me to get you into the car if you can’t walk!” When Emmi sees he isn’t moving she urges him, “I need to get to the University so hurry up and use the bathroom so you can drink your medicine.” His arrogant attitude is making me regret I saved him last night. He is incredibly handsome but he loses a couple points for being such a narcissistic pain in the butt.

    What a bossy little thing! Zhen Sihao’s face blackens, he is the most sought after bachelor in the city. And what does she mean..had a male model?  Yeah right.. He laughs at the ludicrous idea then slowly limps to the bathroom while holding onto the walking stick.

   Emmy puts the warm medicine on the counter then walks over to the bathroom door. She hears water running, “Don’t wash your face! Also, don’t come out, I am going to change.”

    She decides she will shower at the mansion then get dressed for school. She takes clean underwear, a pair of ripped jeans and a short cropped black sweater with white polka dots from a drawer. Once Emmi is fully dressed she sits on the bed putting on a pair of white canvas shoes. She is bent over tying her shoelace when Zhen Sihao comes out of the bathroom. He tried to wash the green hardened paste off his face but he couldn’t remove it. Angry because it was very painful trying to remove the medicine and he didn’t succeed, he comes through the door, “WHAT THE HE..”.. He stops mid sentence when he sees Emmi sitting on the bed swinging her legs absentmindedly. The bunnygirl is really beautiful… He shakes his head then composes himself, “What is on my face.”

   Emmi glances over and jumps up. When she gets close to him she scrunches up her face as she touches his cheek. Turning his head to look at both cheeks she admonishes him, “Didn’t you hear me? I said don’t wash your face!”

  Since she is reaching her arms up the cute short sweater rises exposing her stomach. She is so petite he thinks oneof his hands could wrap around her thin waist. The contrast between the black of the sweater and her snow white skin makes his Adam’s apple roll up and down. Is this what the little thing wears to school? He frowns,“Isn’t that outfit rather sloppy for a University student?”

  “I’m going to the mansion to take a shower and get dressed for school. Don’t change the subject. Get on the bed and cover up. The herbs I put on your face harden so you don’t need to keep reapplying the ointment. After three days plaster naturally falls off. It looks like you rubbed a bit off on the left cheek.” Under her breath she mumbles, Welp..So wasteful.. I will need to waste more of my herbs.”

   Zhen Sihao relies on his ability to judge people to assess their capabilities. His impression of Emmi is she is immature but seems to be knowledgeable in Chinese medicine.   By her serious expression and her confident tone I wonder if she does have skills. I’m not in a great deal of pain, I feel I have a low grade fever now and I was burning up last night before I fell unconscious. The injuries I had weren’t light by any means and after examining myself in the bathroom there are no signs of infection. I can’t go to the hospital. Yang should have followed my instructions at this point showing me on getting on a plane with a beautiful woman. Yang can follow my plan about the acquisition and it will take time for my father to discover my deception. He has a faint smile, the old bastard can’t disrupt my company or tell the media I am dead without proof. I’m glad I had the foresight to have a contingency plan for this type of situation. It helped the old man tipped his hand by sending that asshole Wang Boquin to my office. He can never resist an opportunity to taunt me.

  Emmi looks at Zhen Sihao’s strange expression, “Hey, could you snap out of it and lay down.” She impatiently looks at her watch,  “I have a presentation at one o’clock. I need to prepare.”

  He looks towards the daybed, “I will lay there, it will strain my wound on my leg to get down on the mattress placed on the floor.”

  “Okay, that is a good idea.” He is in the way so she motions to him,  “Move.”

   Emmi picks up the end of the mattress dragging it up onto the daybed. Tossing the pillows onto the bed she says, “Lay down. Prop yourself up with the pillows.Cover yourself with this quilt, I will be right back with the medicine.” Wow! This is a lot of work. I wonder if I can bring up how expensive those herbs were I used, not to mention the ones he crushed in the garden. 

   Zhen Sihao has an amused expression as he makes himself comfortable, no one would dare order me around and it comes so naturally to this little girl. Well, I will indulge her since I plan on staying here until I recover. Emmi hands him the bowl of medicine, “Drink this you still have a slight fever. I am going to get Butler Han and will bring you some porridge. Don’t move around while I’m gone.”

  He reaches out and grabs her hand, “Wait. I can’t afford a hospital. You can just drop me off in the nearest town.”

  “WHAT?” Emmi’s beautiful green eyes widen in shock. “You have to go to a hospital.” She recalls he said he was a salesman. “You were on your way to that old fart Zhen Sihao’s house for business. It is work related. Your company should pay.. no problem.”

  “…” OLD FART! What the fuck! I will be twenty five next month! How does this girl come up with this shit! He controls his temper, “The company where I work is on the verge of bankruptcy and Zhen Sihao graciously agreed to bail my boss out. I was on my way to personally deliver the paperwork.” He looks worried, “I can’t lay this on my boss since obviously it was my fault. ”

   Emmi starts laughing and her eyes have a mischevous gleam.“ Yeah right! That demon probably plans on swooping in and gobbling up your company like an afternoon snack with his cup of Da Hong Pao”

   Zhen Sihao spits out the medicine in his mouth then starts coughing. Unbelievable! I need to find out why she has these outrageous assumptions! “You don’t seem to have a very good opinion about Zhen Sihao.”

   “Long story, back to you.”

   That is ME!

  “Well.. it sucks but you will need to contact your own insurance company. Your premium will go up but you need to be hospitalized.”

  “No insurance.”

   “WHAT? That is bad! The police can arrest you for no insurance.” She looks at her watch then has an idea,“Hey your watch! Pawn it! It looks like it is very expensive.”

  “I’m embarrassed to say the watch isn’t a Rolex Limited Edition but a cheap  imitation. You know a salesman has to present a certain elite image.”

   Emmi looks crushed and puts her hands on her head, There goes my compensation.

  Zhen Sihao is surprised she looks so upset over his situation. The little Bunnygirl looks like she is going to cry her eyes are misty and she is sighing heavily. No way will she just drop me off somewhere. 

   “I’m sorry for your situation Mister. It is hard to keep up appearances on a budget I know that feeling. Well, we can drop you off at Liu’s Clinic, Dr.Liu.. he is a good Buddhist and will treat you for a reasonable fee. You can find a cheap hotel then take a bus to Bashu City.”

  Fucking Shit!  I thought the little idiot would immediately say I could stay here until I recover. “I tell you what, I feel comfortable with you treating me for a few days until the herb plaster falls off. I have limited funds but since you saved me and I’m sure the herbs you used weren’t cheap… You were crying about the herbs under your breath…

  Emmi sees where he is going with this and immediately responds,“Not possible.”

 Zhen Sihao has to play hardball, this is the perfect spot to hideuntil he can resurface. “I didn’t want to bring this up but do you have a medical license?”

 “No. Why?”

  “You know it is against the law to practice medicine without a license right.”

   Emmi is angry, Is he threatening me? “I just did what anyone would do who finds a half dead old man on their doorstep.”

   “8000 yuan.”  Half dead old man??? What a little insolent brat! I would like to throw her over my knee and spank her little butt!

    “I have one rule” She shakes her finger at him. “DO NOT! DO NOT! TELL ANYONE YOU ARE HERE!”

    Zhen Sihao wants to burst out laughing, “Agreed.”

    “Oh yeah very important rule number two.. when I am live streaming you can’t bother me or make any noise.”


Zhen Sihao Wakes Up

   When the microwave beeps Emmi removes the bowl of herbal medicine then  takes a spoon from the drawer. She kneels down next to Zhen Sihao, propping his head up with one hand, she blows on the medicine then tries to feed it to him. It runs out his mouth down his chin because he remains unconscious. Frustrated she can’t get the medicine into his mouth she tries to think of other methods. Emmi frowns realizing it will be difficult to feed him while he is unresponsive. His fever won’t come down unless he takes the medicine, what can I do?

   She pushes his shoulder, “Mister, open your mouth.” She smiles looking at his perfect features, although you are the most handsome man I have ever seen.. there is no way I am feeding it to you with my mouth! When he doesn’t respond Emmi sighs then her eyes light up. She puts his head back on the pillow and runs over to her clutter drawer where she tosses random items. She pulls out a pack of droppers she bought to use when she painted a design on a silk skirt at the beginning of the Summer. Unwrapping one she walks back over to Zhen Sihao. This time she puts a couple pillows behind his head so she can free up her hands. She fills the tube and squeezes his mouth open, then uses the dropper to slowly feed him the medicine. Emmi laughs, “You are like a giant baby bird..hahaha..” When the bowl is empty she puts his head back down. Picking up the wet cloth she wipes his face, “Well Baby Bird, I have done all I can for you right now. I think you will be stable enough in the morning to go to the hospital. I will have Butler Han take you then drop me off at school.” 

   Emmi stands up and stretches her armsabove her head, so tired.  I hope no one notices I haven’t come home. Not that they would be concerned but I don’t want to deal with them. Usually she stays at the studio she calls her cousinl Chloe.. She looks at Zhen Sihao on the small mattress . I will sneak back in the morning,I don’t think I should leave the man here with a fever by himself.

  Yawning she takes some extra blankets out of the cupboard and puts them on the bed. Once she finishes she takes a shower then puts on her pink bunny pajamas. Before she climbs into bed she puts her small hand on his forehead again, he is still hot but not burning up. She lightly touches the hardened green medicinal paste on his face satisfied the wounds shouldn’t get infected. Emmi climbs into bed turning on her side and gazes at Zhen Sihao wondering who he is; he had no wallet or identification. Too tired to keep her eyes open she drifts off to sleep.

  During the night Peng Kai and his men scour the area where Zhen Sihao’s car went off the cliff. Chen Yi is Emmi’s second cousin but has no idea there is a fishing cabin down at the end of the woods. He grew up in England and rarely visited his Uncle and isn’t familiar with the property. After a few hours Peng Kai  calls off the search, he is resigned to the fact the car went into the lake. Chen Yi calls him over, “Don’t make the news public or call the police. I will have a private team of divers search the lake. There’s a possibility he exited the car before it went off the cliff and will contact you or Directer Yang. I wouldn’t assume he is dead, he is a very resilient man.”

  Peng Kai wipes the sweat from his forehead, “What did you tell your Uncle when you arrived in the helicopter.”

  “I told him it was an experimental helicopter for rescue and I wanted to do a night test.”

 “He believed you?”

 “Why wouldn’t he? I said you were part of my team. He was half asleep and asked me to let him know ahead of time in the future.”

  “Okay. Let me know what you find out. I am going to call Director Yang.”

  Emmi tosses and turns while she sleeps picturing the man covered in bloody wounds. She pops up with a thin layer of sweat worried about Zhen Sihao.She crawls out of bed and sleepily turns on a light then walks over to the mattress where he is laying. He hasn’t changed his position and seems to be breathing normally. Emmi goes to the bathroom to wet another cloth to wipe his forehead. She sits cross legged next to him and gently touches his forehead then wipes his exposed skin avoiding where the medicinal paste is applied.  I think his fever has gone down considerably.  

   After she runs the wet cloth down his neck she looks at the clock, I can sleep for a couple more hours.  After she gets a drink of water she goes back to bed.

    Emmi wakes up when her alarm goes off at five o’clock in the morning. It is still dark outside but she wants to return to the mansion as soon as it is light outside. Rolling over she is still half asleep, she stretches her legs over the side of the bed then stands up. Forgetting about Zhen Sihao, she trips on the edge of the mattress as she gets out of bed. This jars Zhen Sihao awake. Suddenly a large hand grips her ankle pulling her down, then a deep masculine voice growls, “Who are you!”

   Emmi lands on the hardwood floor hitting the back of her head. “Owww!” Tears form in her green eyes from the pain, she holds her head not immediately getting up. Zhen Sihao’s body doesn’t respond as he tries to sit up to see who is in the room with him. The room is too dark for him to see the person but from the small ankle and the sound of the voice it is a woman. He doesn’t let go of her ankle and repeats himself in a threatening tone, “I said who are you? If you don’t want me to snap your chicken bone ankle speak!”

   Her head is ringing and she angrily screams, “Shut up!” Holding her head she says, “Jerk! Let go of my ankle I need to go to the bathroom!”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t sense any other movement in the room and the voice sounds like a young girl. “I will let you go if you answer me, is there anyone else here?” The room is too dark and his vision is blurry.

  She hesitates her imagination running wild, what if he is escaping from the police and is a murderer. Should I say I am alone? 

  Emmi panics and kicks him in his injured leg with her other foot. He groans from the pain as he lets go of her ankle and she scrambles as he tries to stand up. Running over to her Grandfather’s closet she pulls out his gun, what was I thinking saving a fugitive?  She turns on the light and with her hand shaking she aims the old gun at Zhen Sihao. 

   He carefully sits up leaning on the pillows and when his eyes adjust to the light he starts laughing at the petite girl dressed in pink  bunny pajamas  holding a gun. The pain from his injuries makes him cough, holding his ribs he says in a pained voice,“Girl, put the gun down. I won’t hurt you. I was startled when I woke up.” 

  Emmi knows he probably can’t even stand up. “First tell me who you are.”

  Zhen Sihao looks around it looks like a small art studio. The girl lives here? It must be on Chen’s property but I don’t recognize her. He recalls floating down the lake.

  When he doesn’t answer Emmi says, “If you won’t answer a simple question I need to call the police now.”

  He studies her innocent expression, if she was going to call the police she would have when she found me. then answers in a mild manner, “Please put the gun down you are making me nervous. Rest assured I am not a criminal, well let’s say I have never been caught for any of my criminal activities. I am a salesman for a small company in Bashu City and am not familiar with the road. I was on my way to a client’s house and I guess I took the curve too fast.”

  Emmi listens then sets the gun back into the cupboard it doesn’t even have any bullets in it. She has a worried expression on her face, “Oh, Blue Crystal Highway should have a sign there is a dangerous curve ahead. I petitioned the city a few times. I can hear the traffic and although you are the first person to crash through the guardrail there have been a few accidents.”

  “…”  Fuck! He holds back from laughing, she is too freakin cute with that serious look on her face while wearing those ridiculously childish pajamas.

  She walks over to him, “You were going to a see a client? Was it Chen Yihong? If so after you go to the hospital do me a favor and don’t mention me.”


  “Well the only other property down the way belongs to that ogre named Zhen so did you take the wrong road?”

 ??? Ogre what the fuck! When did I ever step on your little tail! “Maybe.” Obviously she doesn’t recognize me.

  “Gee Mister you have some shitty luck. Well, I see at least you aren’t a fool or have amnesia after falling into the lake I was a little worried. Anyway, you have some luck that you crawled to my doorstep.” She touches his forehead, “It looks like the medicinal paste is working. Let me look where I super glued your thigh.. Then I will ride my bike to  get Butler Han to take you to the hospital.”

   Zhen Sihao’s veins bulge out on his forehead. This little Bunnygirl Super fucking Glue-d my leg! Holy fuck! Lifting the covers his face turns red from anger, then he glares at Emmi with a murderous gleam in his eyes. He sounds like the King of Hell when he roars, “Bunnygirl.. Did I say you could take my pants off!”

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