Where Is The Little Liar?

   Ye Yunxian flicked the ash on his cigarette as he sauntered over to an older model white car in the garage’s parking lot. He pinched the cigarette tightly, Shao Zu Tang you bastard, if you think you are going to dissuade me from getting to the truth about that lying little sister of yours dream on!

He took out a thin piece of metal from his wallet then fiddled with the  door lock.  I overlooked this car during my investigation because I was too focused on the murder scene. I should inform the station so they can tow it in and  see if there are any clues. When the door clicked he opened it and searched the backseat for any blonde hairs. He grinned when he saw a few strands on the rim of the door, won’t be long before I prove that you were in the garage!

    He imagined them pushing Skye into the back seat and her long blonde hair being caught as she bumped her head. For some reason the image disturbed him, stupid woman, why wouldn’t you want the person behind your kidnapping caught and punished? Why be so unreasonable and not cooperate with the investigation. It is true I misjudged you and thought you lured the kidnap victim to the garage but why not explain?  He didn’t have a plastic bag so he removed the cellophane from his pack of cigarettes and placed the blonde hairs inside.

    Curious if there was any other evidence connecting these men to Kang Jimmy he opened the front door to check the glove compartment. The contents didn’t seem unusual: car registration, insurance card, a pack of cigarettes. A case for a pair of glasses caught his eye, none of the dead men were wearing glasses. He took his handkerchief and opened the case, inside were five small plastic bags containing white powder. Putting the tip of his finger into one of the bags, he  smelled the fine powder on his fingertip, cocaine.  He shook his head then made a call to the police station.

    Senior Officer Chu answered, “Ye, where the fuck are you? The Chief is red faced and hopping mad. He suspended you ya know.”

   “I heard. I will talk to him after I have the evidence I need. There is a car in the parking lot of Dong’s Garage. I’m sure it belongs to the kidnappers. Older model sedan, License number G GL 994.”

   “You are off this case..hell you can’t even investigate any case including the one you have been working on, he gave that hot potato to Detective Wong.”

   “What the hell! That idiot will screw the shit up! I am close to a breakthrough!”

   “Then you should have thought of that before you fucked with Shao Zu Tang. What were you thinking! Right… Fatty told me you thought his sister was a prostitute. Hahaha. “

   “Shut up. Just send someone down to get this car. Tell Wong Tu I will be reinstated within a couple days so don’t do anything stupid to alert those assholes.”

   Ye Yunxian was infuriated that because of Skye he might be unable to continue pursuing the corruption case. He had personal reasons for wanting to topple the Black Dragon Organization and bring to light the illegal activities of the Henshi Group. He slammed the door of the car and quickened his pace towards his car. SKYE BENNING!

   Once he pulled out of the parking lot he called to prevent Wong Tu from screwing up his investigation of the Black Dragon Organization. Wong Tu was eating breakfast at a small restaurant with his girlfriend. He put down his chopsticks and answered, assuming Ye Yunxian just got the news he was suspended. “First, don’t bitch me out. I tried to refuse but the Chief was spittin fire. You think I want to take over that fucked up case? Hell no.”

  “I will be reinstated within a couple days. I need you to stay out of it, or the whole thing could blow up. I am going to tell you the depth of the corruption goes very deep far beyond the involvement of the Black Dragon Organization, those gangsters are merely tools.”

   Wong Tu walks away from the table,“Listen, do you think I want to get killed?” He glances at his pretty girlfriend who is sipping a cup of coffee. “I’m getting married next month and Xiong Qing wants me to work for her father’s company as head of security. I would quit now but he hasn’t officially offered me the job. At the very least I would ask to be transferred to a desk job in the department. I want to start a family and after I was shot last year she won’t agree until I change jobs.”

  “ I have an idea. Sit tight. I will get back to you later. You can look like you are making headway and it won’t disrupt my investigation.”

   “As long as the Chief will get off my ass I’m okay with that. Are you sure you will be reinstated soon?”


   Wong Tu walked back to the table and his girlfriend noticed he wasn’t as stressed out. “Honey, who was that?”

  “You know I can’t discuss police business.But we can go to your sister’s birthday party tonight I don’t need to work.”

   Xiong Qing smiled, “That is great, I haven’t met her new boyfriend yet and he will be there.”

  Ye Yunxian was relieved Wong Tu agreed to wait and he called one of his men. “Where is Skye Benning now?”

   “Fuck Boss, I have been following her for an hour and I don’t know where the hell the chick is going. She left Shanghai and is in the countryside.”

  “Didn’t you say you bribed a maid at Tang’s villa.”

  “I did but the woman didn’t know. She only overheard them say something about a Temple. What Temple is in this area?”

  “What road are you on?”

 “ Highway 45 headed towards the mountains.”

  “I am going to drive that direction, when she stops, give me her exact location.” I need to get that hair sample as soon as possible. Could she be going to the Immortal Mountain Temple? Why the fuck would she go to that dilapidated Temple when there are so many Temples by Shanghai? Could she be meeting someone there?

  Skye arrived at the Immortal Mountain Temple and had a look of shock on her face. The area surrounding the Temple was unkempt, puddles of water and windblown leaves covered the yard and walkway. No one had cleared away a fallen tree that blocked the steps leading to the Temple. Is the place deserted? The red roof was missing some tiles and the sign above the door was hanging by a thread. There is a bamboo forest behind the Temple so this must be the right one. She dialed Chen Nuying’s phone number but there was no signal. Well, I will go see if there is anyone here. They might know the Old Man and how to get to his home.

   She stepped out of the car and the two bodyguards followed her to the door. The one bodyguard who didn’t want to come has a thin layer of sweat on his forehead, “Miss Benning, the Temple appears to be deserted, we should go back.”

  Skye glanced back at the tall muscular man and giggled when she noticed his panicked expression. Skye teased, “Are you afraid?”

 He coughed, “No..no..but this run down Temple looks like it could collapse at any time. How could I explain it to CEO Tang if something happened to you.”

  “I think the structure looks sturdy enough. If it was going to collapse it would have already from the thunderstorm a couple of days ago. If you don’t want to go inside, I can go by myself.” 

   The two bodyguards reluctantly followed as Skye trudged through the tangled vegetation. When she stepped in a muddy puddle covered by leaves she frowned, Ahh, my tennis shoes are soaked! I wish I had worn boots.  She kept walking towards the Temple, it does look deserted but since we are here I can’t just turn around and leave.

   They climbed over the tree and up the three wooden steps. The heavy red door of the Temple creaked as the hesitant bodyguard opened it. There were rumors this Temple was haunted. It was the scene of a horrific killing five years ago. He ducked when several black birds flew towards him. He immediately shielded Skye with his coat as the startled birds were furiously flapping their wings dangerously close to her delicate face.

    After the birds flew out a large hole in the roof, the nervous bodyguard took his coat away, “No one seems to be here. We should go.” I don’t want to see any ghosts!

   When the several men in the back room of the Temple heard the sound of the birds they stopped what they were doing. A dangerous looking man put down the stack of cash in his hand and pulled a gun from his pocket. He aimed the gun at a man wearing monk’s robes. “Who the fuck is that?”

The Game Has Begun

    Skye was gazing out the window at the lush scenery as they travelled through the verdant countryside. She took a sip of water as they passed a tea field surrounded by several rolling hills. She was fascinated watching the villagers in the expansive field picking the tea leaves. She impulsively put down the window and took a deep breath inhaling the refreshing fragrance from the Longjing tea leaves.

Skye smiled while admiring the picturesque landscape,This countryside is absolutely beautiful. I feel like I have been transported back into ancient China looking at the charming villages. Such a contrast from the bustling city of Shanghai, I’m glad I decided to go to the Immortal Mountain Temple! Suddenly Sky begins to  violently sneeze and the bodyguard turns around from the front seat, “Miss Benning, are you cold? I can turn on the heater.”

    She wiped her watery eyes with a tissue then laughed, “No. Haha..I think someone must be talking about me.”

    Ye Yunxian’s eyes were red and the veins on his neck bulging as he furiously threw the tea cup in his hand against the wall. The delicate porcelain cup shattered and tea splashed onto the Persian rug. “I don’t believe it! Run the fucking test again!” I know the hair belongs to the little liar, Skye Benning. I absolutely am 100% positive!

    The lab technician scratched his head, “Detective Ye. I ran the test twice. The hair you brought into the police lab doesn’t match the hair found at the crime scene.”


  “It is an irrefutable fact. The test can be run by another lab technician but the results will remain the same, “No match.”

  Ye Yunxian knew Hui Ping’s personality, he is an honest man and would never accept a bribe. Plus, Huo Ping is the best technician in the Police Lab. Could the samples have been switched out?

  “Did anyone else have access to the hair samples?”

  “Not to my knowledge. I had my lunch in the lab then ran the tests because you said it was an urgent matter.”

  “I want the evidence bags tested for fingerprints. Someone tampered with the evidence.”

  “Detective Ye, that is a heavy accusation.I wouldn’t casually throw that around especially since..”

  “Since what?”

  “Well, I heard a rumor this morning that you are suspended.”


  “ Well Pei Shu told me. So… I think it is true.”  She was gloating at your misfortune. The woman’s usually dull eyes and lifeless eyes were shining, her malevolent expression was both malicious and filled with amusement. Pei Shu actually said, “The arrogant bastard will explode when he hears the news..haha. He finally insulted a man who can not be crossed…Shao Zu Tang!’ 

     Huo Ping casually took off his glasses and wiped them with a cloth while glancing around to make sure no one was in close proximity. “Fatty and I are good friends so I am telling you the results, if anyone knew my job would also be on the line. Dust for fingerprints? That is not happening.” He studied the report on his desk then had an idea. “I have a suggestion, if you think this is an erroneous result. Get an additional hair sample from the crime scene if there is any; one from the person whose hair you wanted to compare. Take them to be independently analysed at a private lab. If they match then there is reason to believe the evidence here was compromised.”

   “What if I got a blood sample?”

   “The blood? Probably wouldn’t help. I told you that the blood from the scene was Type O. It would be hard to use that as definitive proof, because it is the most common blood type.”

   After he hung up the phone Ye Yunxian slammed his hand on the Rosewood dining room table, “FUCK!”

  He grabbed his coat and stormed out of the luxurious apartment he kept in the City Center. I know the little liar was at Dong’s Garage. Skye Benning was kidnapped… a victim… Why is that bastard Shao Zu Tang blocking the investigation? Is he involved with drugs? No, his name has never come up and as far as I know he has no dealings with the Underworld. Doesn’t want the kidnapping exposed publicly? He could easily prevent that..what would his motive be?

   Ye Yunxian prided himself on his ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Possessing an analytical mind combined with his ability to uncover minute details others overlooked was why he was the number one Homicide detective.

He drove to Dong’s Garage which was still sealed as a crime scene. When he didn’t see any detetectives in the garage or area he called the owner.He didn’t want to forcibly enter and he was unable to ask anyone on the police force to come open the door.

   Dong He was sweating when he arrived, “Detective Ye, the woman told me I couldn’t enter until the police gathered all the evidence. Why do you need me to open the door?”

  “Just open the door.”

  The owner was frightened by Ye Yunxian’s imposing aura and fumbled with the keys then opened the door. Ye Yunxian walked inside then impatiently said, “That will be all. You can leave.”

  The middle aged man wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve, “O..Okay.” He hurried out the door without asking any questions.

   Ye Yunxian entered the garage through the office then walked to the back. He reexamined the chair where he found the strands of hair and found nothing. Dammit! Leaning up against a truck he had an idea. The kidnappers were killed, so the car they drove here should still be parked somewhere close. He walked back outside and spotted an older car parked on the side of the building. He was about to break into the car when his phone rang, why is Bai Qiu calling, “Speak.”

  Bai Qui crushed a cigarette in a crystal ashtray, “ Old Five, who did you piss off lately? Some bastard is undermining the company, he has deep connections to find out you are behind the scene.The way you set up the company as far as the public knows I am the CEO and owner.

     Suddenly the land we had nailed down for the expansion of the Electronics factory is no longer available. The owner said his lawyer informed him there was a problem with the deed. I didn’t get all the details yet. Look at the hot search on Weibo. Netizens are outraged that Du Yao has an illegitimate kid and you will never guess who the father is… Yang Haoran! Two of the biggest stars we have in the company embroiled in this kind of scandal…I can’t fucking beleve it someone uncovered their past.

I vetted both of them when they came to the company and I never uncovered this information. The new movie we invested over 200 million, it is going to be boycotted by the netizens. You know Yang Haoran’s fiancee is Angela. Her image is promoted as an innocent white rabbit… fans are going crazy condemning Yang Haoran and Du Yao for hurting their goddess.”

  Ye Yunxian was listening while walking to the door of the office, “Isn’t there a clause in our agreement with Gao Real Estate that if they fail to deliver the deed they need to compensate for our loss?”

   “Yunxian, do you remember telling me it was a sure thing because you were seeing his granddaughter? You didn’t want to insult him.”

   “Hmmm…I vaguely recall. I thought I would show my sincerity to the old man so he would sell the land to me instead of holding an auction. Whatever, so we don’t expand right now. As far as those two idiots, Du Yao and Yang Haoran, get rid of all the negative publicity.

Call them into the office, get the full story, then have the PR department put a spin on it. Hold the series’ release date until this is sorted out, the drama is too far into production to replace either of them. This will be forgotten when the next big scandal happens. After you figure it out you can hold a press conference if need be.”

 Bai Qui paced around his office then stood in front of a floor to ceiling window overlooking the river. “I’m glad you are taking this so well but I sense this is only the beginning. What if the prick exposes your identity as the owner of YYX Enterprises? Won’t that ruin your plans?”

  “It would certainly present a problem because of the timing,  I haven’t completed my preparations for my revenge. See if you can find out who is behind these attacks, I think it is more of a warning. Start with Shao Zu Tang.”

  “SHAO ZU TANG! What in fuck’s name did you do to anger that lunatic?!?!”

   Ye Yunxian exhaled a thin stream of smoke, “Don’t worry about it. Do what I say. I will think of a counter attack. Just maintain your cool, don’t make any unnecessary moves.” He raised an eyebrow and his thin lips curled up into a slight smile, “I think the game has just begun.”

Immortal Mountain Temple

 Shao Zu woke up in the morning with Skye comfortably nestled in his arms and he smiled. The little girl is still afraid of ghosts..haha..During the night he was pleasantly surprised when he felt Skye crawl into his bed, shivering and mumbling about a restless spirit. 

     Hesitant to get out of bed he ran his finger down Skye’s face. When you are asleep you look like an angel with your blonde hair spread across the pillow… my angel. He gently brushed the loose strands of blonde hair hanging onto her cheek behind her ear. Gazing at her beautiful face he was tempted by her cherry red lips Shao Zu lightly kissed Skye, if I could wake up with my beautiful angel in arms everyday I would be very happy.  Shao Zu had an important meeting scheduled about the beachfront property so he had no choice but to take his arm from around her soft waist.

    After he showered he walked to the closet and chose a custom made light gray Gucci suit and a crisp white shirt. He languidly walked out, Skye was sitting up in the bed with a dazed look on her face. He laughed at her confused expression, “Wondering why you are in my bed? You ran into my room last night because a bloody ghost was chasing you haha…”

   Skye’s face turns bright red, “Brother…I..I..”

  “I shouldn’t have told you the story about the restless warrior spirits.” He teased, “But, I had no idea you were still such a crybaby.”

   Skye threw the pillow she was clutching in her arms at him, “SHAO ZU!”

Last night she had a nightmare and in her dream she was captured by several terrifying looking men in bloodied armor. They called her Princess Jade and wanted to use her as a hostage so they could threaten her brother the Emperor. After they tied her to a chair she finally convinced a young warrior to help her escape. One of the men returned then swung a bloody sword narrowly missing her head. She was able to escape but they were chasing her through the woods…

   He caught the pillow then took two long strides over and sat on the edge of the bed. “Little girl, I will have a monk come and drive away the evil spirits if you want.”

   Skye’s eyes lit up and she grabbed his hand. “Good idea.”


   She reached over and grabbed his hand, “When can the monk come? Today?”

  “Tomorrow. I have a meeting today.”

 “ Shao Zu, I am going to the Temple today. I will get a few talismans.”

   He laughed, “Sure. If they don’t work you can sleep in my bed again tonight.”

   “Stop making fun of me. I was scared to death!”

  He stood up, “I have several meetings  but if you want to check out the company come at four o’clock.”

  Skye jumped out of bed then hugged him, “Shao Zu, thank you.”

  He patted her fluffy head, “Well,  before I contact Grandfather you should see if you really want to work there. If you have the skills needed to contribute to the company.” Inwardly he chuckled, you don’t need any skills or to do any work. I will make you my personal assistant. If I can have you by my side that is enough. But, I need to act strict.

   She looked up at him adoringly, “You are there, so of course I want to work at the company.”

   Shao Zu flicked her forehead, “We don’t support idlers, you would actually have to be capable of the work.”   Inwardly he chuckled, my little angel, you don’t need any skills or to do any work.  If I can have you by my side that is enough. But, I need to act strict.

    She met his gaze, her amber eyes full of confidence, “I am quite capable! You will see!”

   “Go get dressed, we can have breakfast together before I leave.”

The weather was hot and humid so Skye picked out casual clothes from her friend Serena’s Springwear Collection. She was dressed in a pair of cropped wide leg khaki pants with a sleeveless white linen blouse. Skye decided to wear a pair of high top tennis shoes because the Temple she was going to visit was in the countryside.

  While they were eating, thr Butler came into the dining room. “Sir, there is a woman at the front door delivering a dress for Miss Benning.”

   Skye put down her chopsticks and excitedly asked, “Brother, can she come in?”


    Skye ran to the living room, “Assistant Yang. Thank you!”

   Assistant Yang handed her the dress, “Miss Murong sent these shoes also.”

   Skye opened the lid of the shoe box and her eyes widened, “I love them!”

   Shao Zu lazily walked into the living room and Skye said, “I bought a dress for the Chou Entertainment Banquet. I received an invitation from Charlotte Chou.”

   Assistant Yang hasn’t been able to stop looking at Shao Zu. She has heard about him but never seen him in person, he is unbelievably good looking. She hated to admit it but even Murong Hui’s couldn’t compare to this beautiful man. 

   Shao Zu noticed the woman staring at him, “You can leave.”

  Assistant Yang changed her mind when she felt the frigid air surrounding Shao Zu and met his cold and indifferent gaze. She shivered, CEO Tang is a beautiful man but too frightening..scary! my knees feel weak from his imposing aura.. Murong Hui’s gentle appearance is much better..yes..much better.

   She composed herself, “Miss Benning, if you need any alterations please call CEO Murong.” 

   After she left, Shao Zu raised an eyebrow, “How did you get a personal invitation from Charlotte Chou?”

   Skye bit her bottom lip, “Well, I helped her when I was at the 527 Club. Three women were bullying her in the restroom.” I won’t tell him the whole story, that I was also pushed to the floor.

  He knew when Skye bites her bottom lip that there is more to the story. “Go on.”

  Skye had an innocent expression as she blinked a few times and fluttered her eyelashes and . “Nothing more. She gave me her card.” She wrinkled her forehead thinking about their conversation. “Come to think of it, I don’t think I told her my surname.”

    It wouldn’t be hard for Charlotte Chou to find out your name using her husband’s powerful connections. “Did you plan on telling me about the invitation?”

   “Of course! I just forgot. Are you going with Chloe Wang? I met a very nice doctor at the hospital. I thought I might ask him to be my date, I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

    Jealous that Skye would invite another man instead of asking him, Shao Zu clenched his fist in his pocket. He was unwilling to let any man stand at Skye’s side, which was the reason he convinced their grandfather to send Skye to an exclusive all girls school in Switzerland. The smile on his face didn’t reveal his turbulent emotions. “Who is this man?”

    “Dr. Zhou Jiang.”

   “No.” Fucking Zhou Jiang! NO! That bastard..Now he is convinced he must tightly hold her in the palm of his hand. The naive little fool would be easily deceived by a man like Zhou Jiang who can turn black to white!

   “Brother, what do you mean no?”

  “I will escort you to the party. Chloe Wang won’t be available to go.”

   Skye’s was very happy that she hadn’t invited Dr. Zhou yet.  She sweetly asked, “Shao Zu, you want me to go with you?”

  He pulled Skye into his embrace then kissed her forehead, “Of course. Since my sister is here, who else would I ask to accompany me?”

  “Yeah! You can’t take another woman Chloe Wang would be jealous!”

  “…” Who cares what that bitch thinks.

    He noticed the dress on the couch and was curious about what Skye would be wearing to the party.

  Skye hurried over to block his view of the dress by holding out her arms. She coquettishly said, “Don’t look at the dress. I want to surprise you.”

   He had a doting tone as he complimented Skye, “You always look beautiful in whatever you wear.” 

   Skye hugged his arm , “You are my brother, of course you think I look good in everything. Haha..”

   He looked at his watch, “I need to get to the meeting.”

   She walked him out to a black Bentley parked in front of the villa. The driver quickly extinguished the cigarette he was smoking and rushed over to open the back door.

   Skye hugged Shao Zu, “Brother, don’t work too hard, make time to eat lunch. I will see you at four.”

 .“See you then.”

    Getting into the backseat Shao Zu had a brilliant smile softening his facial features. Skye sounded like a little wife sending off her husband. It would be great if I could take her in my arms and kiss her goodbye.

   Skye waved at him as the car pulled out of the driveway. Yeah! I can go with Shao Zu to the party and no Chloe Wang! 

   When Skye happily ran into the villa then called her assistant. “Wyatt, we are going to visit the Immortal Mountain Temple. I will be at the hotel to pick you up in twenty minutes.”

He coughed, “Miss Benning I was going to call you. I came down with a cold and I don’t want to infect you. I called CEO Tang. He said he would send his assistant Austin to accompany you today.”

“Hmm…” She doesn’t want to have Shao Zu’s man along today, she plans on searching for the crazy Old Man’s home in the Bamboo forest after she goes to the Temple. Chen Nuying called her cousin and he won’t be back for a month because of a problem in Tokyo. So Skye decided to find the Old Man by herself. “Okay, you rest and take it easy. Do you need anything?”

“No. The doctor was here earlier and said I should rest today, take the medicine he prescribed and I will be better tomorrow. “

“Well, get better. If you need anything call me.”

   Skye looked at her phone then told the bodyguard standing behind her, “I want to go to Immortal Mountain Temple.”

   He had a strange look on his face, normally he wouldn’t speak but obviously she doesn’t know about that Temple. “Are you sure you don’t want to go the the Seven Wonders Temple?”

  “No, I want to go to the Immortal  Mountain Temple.I heard there is an old man who lives in the bamboo forest and sells jade. I want to see if he is home.”

  The muscular bodyguard’s face paled, ‘Miss, I will need to get approval from CEO Tang.”

  She scrunched her nose wondering why a big man seemed to be..shaking?  “I did. What are you waiting for? Let’s go. I want to be back by four o’clock.”

    She asked the bodyguard, “Is it cooler in the mountains?”


    “I will be right back.” Skye ran upstairs and returned with a pink cashmere sweater. She took a pair of oversized suglasses out of her purse then smiled “Ready.”

Destroy Detective Ye

Sha Zu knocked again on the bathroom door. He raised his voice. “Skye, say something or Im coming in to check on you! The butler said Skye came into the villa and she went directly upstairs.. He opened the door. Panicking when he saw Skye leaning back in the tub he rushed over but hesitated, only Skye’s head and thin shoulders were visible above the bubble filled water. If I see Skye’s naked body I won’t be able to restrain my urge to press her down under me. Now is not the time to give into my desires.

When he gently touched Skye’s shoulder and she didn’t awaken he called downstairs to a maid’s room. “My sister fell asleep in the bath. I need you to take her out of the bathtub and get her dressed for bed.”

     Everyone who worked in the villa was a martial artist .The beautiful maid who answered the phone was highly skilled and much stronger than her very feminine appearance suggested.

She immediately went upstairs to the Master bedroom then entered the bathroom. The maid, Peony’s heart fluttered when she saw Shao Zu standing in the doorway. When Peony’s Master sent her to the villa she was very dissatisfied. She had been training since she was young to become an assassin and when he said she would be a maid she protested.

He had her whipped twenty lashes for her insolence and said that it would be an honor for her to serve Shao Zu Tang. She endured the whipping and planned to escape once she arrived at the villa in Shanghai. 

     That changed when she first saw Shao Zu. She stood in line with the other servants to greet him when he returned from a business trip. He stretched his long legs out of the backseat then stood not far from her position while talking to his driver. She thought he was beautiful like a sleek panther emitting an intoxicatingly dangerous aura.

    Shao Zu was wearing a form fitting dark blue suit, she estimated he was over 190 cm. tall, with long legs and a broad chest.The sunlight shone on his flawless face and when he removed his sunglasses Peony felt her heart stop. Shao Zu’s eyes were deep and pitch black resembling a bottomless abyss that sucked in her soul. Mesmerized by his outstanding appearance and powerful aura she couldn’t take her eyes off of Shao Zu. When he walked past her she told herself one day she would make this god-like man her own.

   She stood in the bedroom and longingly eyed the luxurious bed. Shao Zu saw Peony standing motionless and his face darkened. What is the stupid bitch doing standing there like a goddamn statue ” Get over here.” He was worried Skye would catch a chill.

   Peony bowed and quickly hurried into the bathroom. She saw the undisguised love in his eyes as he stared at the young blonde woman in the bathtub. A flash of jealousy crossed her face, Peony thought she had a chance because she was very beautiful and Shao Zu never brought a woman to the villa. She then remembered he said the woman was his sister, that would explain him not taking her out of the bath himself and the adoring look in his eyes.

   He had a domineering tone as he instructed Peony, “Be extremely careful, my sister is very fragile. Gently dry her body. If you rub her delicate skin roughly she will bruise. After you get her dressed in the nightgown on the bed, carry her to the bedroom next door.”

   “Yes, CEO Tang.” Yes.. he said his sister… that would explain him not taking her out of the bath himself and the adoring look.

  “I will be in the living room. Come down and tell me when she is settled.”

  Shao Zu went downstairs then into the kitchen to make Ginger and Lemon Tea for Skye. One of his men entered the spacious kitchen and Shao Zu looked up from the teapot. “What is the situation?”

   “My informant said Song WeiWei ordered a toxicology report on Kang Jimmy. It looks like the police believe the murders were linked to a drug deal that went wrong.”

   “Let them continue to think that. Kang Jimmy was a cokehead…The Red Scorpion Gang was involved in drug distribution and smuggling.”

  “He also said that Ye Yunxian was in the police lab earlier. He wanted a test run on some blonde hair to see if it matched the blonde hair at the scene.”

   Shao Zu was reaching for a tea cup and turned around, he confidently ordered him. “I want the results to show that the hair does not  match.”

   Meng Han scratched his chin, “That might be a problem.”

   Shao Zu raised an eyebrow, “Problem?”

   Meng Han suddenly couldn’t breathe from the suffocating aura surrounding Shao Zu. He stepped back and coughed. “I will handle it.”

  “If you can’t, I don’t see any use for you.” The bastard knows Skye was at the scene, he just can’t prove it. As long as he doesn’t have solid evidence he can’t bring Skye in for questioning. If he can’t place her at the scene nothing points to me. “Go.” 

   He finished making the tea when Peony came into the kitchen. “CEO Tang, your sister is in her bed.” She smiled expecting to be praised and added, “I dried her hair also.” I wasn’t going to dry the spoiled bitch’s hair but thought you would appreciate my extra effort.

   The teacup in Shao Zu’s hand shattered from his tight grip. He was looking forward to drying Skye’s silky hair.  “Did your Master not teach you the rules? You are to follow my instructions, did I say dry her hair?”

   Peony’s face turned crimson red and she nervously stuttered, “Well, no… but I thought..” He interrupted, “You aren’t supposed to think. You are to do what I say. Nothing more. Nothing less. Go for your punishment, don’t let me see your face again. I am sending you back to your Master to let him train you.”

    I am not afraid of punishment but if Shao Zu Tang sends me away I won’t see him again.  Peony’s heart tightened and her beautiful doelike brown eyes had a layer of mist as she pleaded, “CEO Tang, double my punishment but don’t send me away. I want to serve you..only you.”

  He had an idea, the woman is beautiful… she has a voluptuous body. Maybe I could use her to distract that motherf*****r Ye. She was sent with three men and another woman from his Master. He didn’t bother to ask about Peony’s particular skills, he needed a maid and knew she had martial arts skills.“Did your training include seduction techniques?”

  Peony’s eyes sparkled, “Yes…Yes…I know many forbidden techniques. . I was personally trained by Madam Bai.” No man can resist once he tastes me. I am able to make him think I am a virgin and he is my first man. Men are so stupid, what virgin could do what I do to make a man reach the heavens and beg for more.. She was excited and thought Shao Zu wanted to her to be his bed partner. 

   She swayed her hips as she moved closer to him and he sneered, “What are you doing?” He had a malicious smile as he mockingly said , “Did you think I wanted you? Step any closer and you will be whipped to death. I want to use you to subdue an enemy. If you succeed you live, if you don’t you die. Go for your punishment, tell Old Man Fang to use the Snow Lotus Powder after the whipping so you heal in two days.”

  Peony can’t help but be aroused by his viciousness. I won’t die…I will succeed then use the special incense Madam Bai gave me and make you my man.

   After the maid left, Shao Zu was in a good mood. He had a satisfied smile on his handsome face as he placed the teapot and cup on a tray to take upstairs. Detective Ye or should I say Young Master Ye, I won’t let you go for bullying my precious sister. I will destroy you!

Shao Zu Rushed Home

   When Skye returned to the table Murong SuSu said, “Skye, your phone rang quite a few times.. It seemed the person calling was very impatient for you to answer.”

   Skye had a bad feeling, she looked at her watch, eight thirty!?! OH NO! She gulped, “I’m sorry I need to leave. I was supposed to meet my brother and his fiancee a half hour ago. I will have my driver give you a ride whenever you want to leave.”

   Murong SuSu noticed her brother coming through the patio door , “You don’t need to do that, Hui can give us a ride.”

   Skye looked back and when she saw Ye Yunxian with Murong Hui she hid her emotions. “Okay. “

   Murong SuSu said, “ Thanks again for buying the Evening Gown for the Chou party.  I will send my assistant tomorrow to deliver it.”

   The men were getting closer and Skye picked up her jacket and purse. “I will take care of the bill. Let’s do this again when I have more time.” She headed towards the exit in a leisurely fashion not wanting Ye Yunxian have the impression she was leaving because he bullied her.

    Once she left the bar she took a deep breath and called Shao Zu. He  immediately answered with a hint of worry in his voice. “Skye, where are you? I told you eight o’clock.”

   “I’m sorry Brother, I’m on my way.” Before he could ask any questions she hung up. 

   Chloe Wang saw he was angry and inwardly smiled. Shao Zu hates to be kept waiting. She forced herself to show a concerned expression, “Shao Zu, is everything alright with your sister?”

  He picked up the crystal goblet and swirled the red wine, “Skye is delayed because of traffic. Did you want another glass of wine?”

   Ye Yunxian had a slight smile watching Skye leave thinking it was because of him. The satisfied smile didn’t last long. Murong SuSu explained , “Hui, you need to take us home later. Skye was late to meet her brother for dinner. She was going to leave her driver but I told her you could give us a ride.”

  “Get a taxi. I have plans tonight.” He wanted to see a good show between Ye Yunxian and Skye but unfortunately she left.

   “I lent you my car! You can at least give us a ride!”

   Chen Nuying put her hand on Murong SuSu’s arm, “I got a message from MoMo she is going to meet us here. We can get a ride from her later.”

    Murong SuSu glared at her brother, “Well, you are lucky Li MoMo is coming! See if I ever lend you my car again!”

   He affectionately patted her head and teased, “See if I lend you any money again..haha.”

   Ye Yunxian walked outside the bar to call Song WeiWei. The bar was becoming lively, people were pouring in because the DJ was beginning to play dance music.

   Exhausted after a long day, Song WeiWei soaked in a warm bath. Afterwards, she put on  comfortable baggy cotton pajamas and was presently stretched out on her couch eating a piece of fried chicken.When the phone rang she reluctantly put down the crispy chicken leg she was gnawing.  She  wiped her greasy fingers on a napkin, “Dammit! What does he want?” She picked up the remote next to a beer on the coffee table then muted the television. “Make it quick.”

    “I am going to need the toxicology report on Kang Jimmy.”

   “Why did you call me? Call the lab. Aren’t you fucking that scary bitch who works there?”

   “Rumors. I need you to get it because I ran into a little problem at the station. I need to wait for a lab report on the blonde hair I found at the scene.”

  She took a sip of beer,  “What are you hoping to get from that?”

   “I gave Fatty some strands of blonde hair to see if they matched. I think the hair belongs to a kidnap victim. I have reason to believe there is a connection between Kang Jimmy and the men murdered at Dong’s Garage. The murders might be tied in together; possibly a drug deal gone bad. This is merely my speculation, I need to investigate further.” 

   He piqued Song WeiWei’s interest , “How does the kidnapped woman fit into the equation..was she Kang Jimmy’s woman?”

    “I don’t know what the tie in could be.” Ye Yunxian shook his head and wanted to laugh, I doubt that… the arrogant little Princess and that scumbag, no way! 

    She had an idea, “Ye Yunxian, if I help you solve this case, I need you to get me transferred.”

  “As you can see I have no clout. I don’t think I could help you.” He kept his identity as the heir to the Ye Group secret; he didn’t want to rely on his special identity.

  “Ye Yunxian, don’t play stupid with me. I know you are Young Master Ye. I went to High School with Mu Bingbing and she was in your Finance class at A University.  She saw you talking to the scary bitch outside the station when she picked me up after work. I never mentioned it before because I had no reason. But, after being fucking screwed out of my promotion by that fat bastard I want out of Tianmu. I might be tempted to commit murder.”

  “I will talk to that prick, Lin, is that good enough?”

  “I will email you a copy after the lab finishes the autopsy.”

  He hung up the phone and called his driver, “Pick me up at The Starlight Club.” He touched his cheek, Skye Benning, how do you fit into the picture?

  Skye was in the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom fidgeting in her seat. I am in no mood to have dinner with Chloe Wang. I feel a little dizzy…I don’t know if it is from the Champagne or dealing with that beast Detective Ye. I want to go home and take a long bath. Yeesh... I can smell his scent on me.

   She decided to call Shao Zu. “Brother, I don’t feel well…I am a little feverish. Would you mind if I went back to the villa?”

   “Have the driver take you to the hospital. I will meet you there.”

   Skye frowned, “NO!” then softens her voice, “ I mean no..I think I am just really tired. I want to take a bath and go to bed. I don’t want to ruin your dinner. I will be fine. I’m going to hang up now and rest, the traffic is terrible.”

   Shao Zu didn’t hesitate to abandon Chloe Wang, “My sister is ill. I need to go home. We can do this another night.”

  When he stood up Chloe Wang put down her glass of wine. “I will go with you.”

   “No need.” 

  Chloe Wang watched him take long strides to the door of the restaurant and her eyes narrowed, that little minx! Shao Zu couldn’t leave fast enough when he heard she was sick! I had the flu last week and he never came to visit me..not once! So what if he sent flowers and fruit! He probably had that weasel of an assistant send them! I spent three hours at the salon getting ready for tonight! Bitch!

   She called her friend and screeched, “Meet me at The Purple Moon Restaurant! Now!”

  Skye walked into the guest bedroom that had been cleaned earlier then had second thoughts about taking a bath. What if they didn’t fix the faucet? I will take a bath in Shao Zu’s bathroom. He won’t be back until later.

   She opened the drawer and took out a pale yellow nightgown then went to Shao Zu’s room. Skye filled the bathtub then took off her clothes. She sniffed her black silk camisole that was covered in Ye Yunxian’s lingering masculine scent.I will never let that annoying man have the chance to bully me again! I was going to let you go and ignore you but not now! I need to think of a revenge plan! Detective Ye! You will pay for kissing me!!

   When Skye slipped into the warm water her entire body went limp. Ahh..this feels so good!  She washed her hair and body then she leaned back closing her eyes. I am really tired. After a few moments she drifted off to sleep.

   Zhao Su ran up the stairs to the guest room expecting to see Skye in bed. When he saw the empty bed and bathroom he realized Skye must be in his room and he smiled. He entered his room then went to the bathroom. He knocked on the door, “Skye?”

   There was no response so he knocked louder and raised his voice, “Skye.”

The Starlight Club

   Ye Yunxian finished the bowl of spicy noodles and downed the last of his third bottle of beer . He impatiently looked at his watch then called Murong Hui. “Where the fuck are you? “

   Murong Hui gritted his teeth at his friend’s annoyed tone. I rushed as fast as I could you ungrateful asshole! “ I am pulling up now. Order me a bowl of noodles. Not the spicy beef, Pork and Mushroom.”

   “Hell no. I don’t have time for you to eat.”


    “I need you to take me to Changde Park.”  He walked out the door and saw Murong Hui in a silver BMW.

   He got into the passenger seat, “Where did you get this car?”

   “I borrowed it from my sister. I had to lend her the Lamborghini, if anything happens to it you are responsible.

”You worry too much.”

  Murong Hui honked the horn as he almost side swiped another car as he entered the flow of traffic. Ye Yunxian quipped, “SuSu should be more concerned about your driving skill.”

  “Why do you want to go to Changde Park?”

  “Kang Jimmy was found dead.”

   “Kang Jimmy is dead? I’m not surprised.” Murong Hui saw him last night at a Club when he stepped outside to sober up and smoke a cigarette. Kang Jimmy looked high as fuck and was arguing with a skinny man dressed in torn jeans and a short sleeved black t shirt. The skinny man was  spitting out threats. Kang Jimmy swung his fist but the man easily dodged then kicked him in the chest. An older model car pulled up  and the gangster hopped into the backseat then the car sped away.

  Everyone knows Kang Jimmy has a short temper and lately has been on a downward spiral. There have been rumors in the Circle of his heavy drug use. Since his wife left him he has been partying hard every night. I saw him last night outside The Starlight Club arguing with a gangster.”

  “What did the gangster look like?”

  “It was dark and he was wearing a cap so I couldn’t see his face. He was short… muscular. Yeah.. he had a tattoo on his arm.” He noticed the tattoo when the man raised his arm to block Kang Jimmy’s punch.

  “What did the tattoo look like?”

  “Maybe a spider, it was red and black.”

  “Could it have been a scorpion?”


  Ye Yunxian had a serious expression. A pissed off drug dealer might mutilate Kang Jimmy before he killed him. Send a message.

   “Let’s go to The Starlight Club .”

   “I thought you wanted to go to Changde Park.”

   “The Club.”

   Murong Hui made a sharp turn at the next street, “Do you take me for your personal driver?”

  “ Stop whining.”

   When they arrived at The Starlight Club Ye Yunxian and Murong Hui sat at the bar. 

   The bartender recognized Murong Hui and had a big grin on his face. My night is looking good already, Mr. Murong is a big tipper. I wonder who the man is with him? “Mr. Murong, what can I get you to drink?”

   “I will have a glass of Merlot. Let me see the menu.”

   The bartender looked over at Ye Yunxian, “What would you like?”

   “A beer.”

     The bartender handed Murong Hui a menu and went to get their drinks. When he returned Ye Yunxian said in an overbearing tone, “Tell Ruan Ning to come over.” Ye Yunxian wants to look at the security cameras.

   “Miss Ruan? The Boss isn’t here. She doesn’t come to the Club until around ten.”

  Ye Yunxian had an overbearing tone when he said, “Call. Say Ye Yunxian is here.”

   The bartender glanced at Murong Hui. Who is this guy? 

  Murong Hui knew the bartender had no idea of Ye Yunxian’s identity because he kept a low profile. He nodded, “Do it.”

   Ye Yunxian gulped down the beer then laughed at the expression on the bartender’s face. “Hui, since when did I need your help?”

   “He doesn’t know you are Young Master Ye. He thinks if he calls Ruan Ning for some random guy he will lose his job. You know what a bitch Ning’er can be.”

    Murong Hui ordered food then said, “Do you want to move to a table?”

   “No. I can see the entire room from here.”

   The bartender returned from making the call wondering who the man was that could make his boss nervous. When he relayed the message she stuttered and said to say she would be right there. “Miss Ruan will be here shortly.”

   Ye Yunxian responded, “I will have another beer.”

    Murong Hui’s eyes lit up when his meal arrived. He picked up a shrimp with his chopsticks but dropped it when he saw Ruan Ning approaching. Normally she dressed like a man to avoid being approached by customers. She was taller than an average woman, had short slicked back hair and an adrogenous look. Tonight she was wearing a short red pencil skirt and a ruffled sleeveless white silk blouse. Ruan Ning’s black hair was curled and swept to the side with a diamond clip. She applied delicate makeup and painted her lips a sultry deep red.

   She saw Murong Hui’s surprised expression and blinked her eyes signalling him not to say anything. The three of them went to University together and were close friends. She hadn’t seen Ye Yunxian since her  University roommate’s wedding a year ago. Ye yunxian was always her ideal man, incredibly handsome, smart  and aloof. She compared every man she dated to him, in her eyes he was an unattainable male god. She was shocked when the bartender called and said he was at her Club. 

    She greeted Ye Yunxian with a bright smile startling the bartender. “Ye Yunxian, long time no see.”

    Ye Yunxian sets down his beer, “Can we talk in your office?”

     Ruan Ning tried to control her breathing so she didn’t appear as anxious as she felt seeing him again.  “Of course.”

   He followed her into a luxuriously decorated office. A spectacular view of  the cityscape could be seen from the floor to ceiling window behind an antique desk. The furnishings were a fusion of Chinese and Western design inspired by a drawing she once saw in his dorm room.

   The  familiar design didn’t go unnoticed by Ye Yunxian but he refrained from commenting. He was aware of her admiration for him but never encouraged Ruan Ning. Murong Hui was his best friend and he knew that he liked the woman since they were freshman at A University.

   “I need to see your security footage from last night. Both inside the Club and the perimeter.”

   She protected her clientele from any unwanted scrutiny that was part of the allure of The Starlight Club. She had tight security and the Club was membership only.

   Ruan Ning hesitated, “So you are here on police business? Ye Yunxian, I don’t know if I can give you access. It could affect my business.”

   “Ning. It would be more conspicuous if I had to get a warrant. I don’t want to do that. I have no intention of involving your Club. Kang Jimmy was murdered last night and I have reason to believe he met with the man outside of your Club. I want to see who he was with previously and get a look at the man. Nothing more.”

  She holds onto the edge of her desk and her pretty face pales, “Kang Jimmy was murdered?”

  “Yes. Are you familiar with him?”

  “Well, he was a frequent customer. He used one of the private rooms for business meetings.”

   “Did he reserve one last night?”

   “I would need to check. Last night I wasn’t at the Club. I was at my parent’s home, my brother just returned from England.”

   “Can you check?”

   “Ye Yunxian, I will cooperate but don’t drag my Club into it. I respect the Club member’s privacy.”

   “I can’t give you my word until I see the tapes. One way or another the footage needs to be viewed. If I don’t see anything illegal there will be no problem with that.”

  Ruan Ning knew Ye Yunxian’s personality; he would never cover anything up in the name of friendship. I can only hope that bastard Kang Jimmy wasn’t using my Club for illegal activities. “I will check the reservations.”

   Ye Yunxian sat on the couch and leisurely stretched out his legs watching her look on her computer.

   Murong SuSu, Chen Nuying and Skye happily walked arm and arm into the  Starlight Club. Skye glanced around and remarked, “This Club is really cool.”

   “I thought you would like it. Starlight is one of the most popular Clubs in Shanghai.  I had to beg my brother for the membership card.”

    A beautiful woman in a red Cheongsam led them to a table by the window. Murong suSu commented, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a private room, they are hard to book.”

   Skye smiled, “I like this. Private rooms are nice but I like to be by the dance floor and see all the action.”

  “Well, it is early, it doesn’t get busy until after ten, that is when the music starts. But the food is delicious. Are you hungry?”

   “I could eat.”

    A handsome server  approached the table, “Would you ladies like something to drink?”

    Skye looked at the other two women, “Would you like a bottle of Champagne? I want to celebrate our meeting.”

Murong SuSu

   When Skye arrived at the Murong Building she turned heads as she glided through the spacious lobby. Skye’s breathtakingly beautiful appearance and Wyatt Malone’s outstanding good looks combined with the two intimidating tall and muscular men was very eyecatching. Skye noticed and frowned at the unwanted attention. She didn’t want to appear pretentious in front of Chen Nuying and her friend.

   When she entered the elevator she told the two bodyguards, “I want you to wait by the elevator. Wyatt can accompany me, he is highly skilled.” She chuckled, “I don’t foresee any problems going to a fashion designer’s office.” 

  “Miss Benning, CEO Tang told us not to leave your side.”

  Skye wrinked her forehead while staring at the two terrifying looking men, “I think he meant when we were shopping. Do as I say, I don’t want to make such a grand entrance. You saw the strange looks we got in the lobby.”

  “Very well. But when you are shopping we must stay by you at all times.”

  “I understand.” The elevator arrived at the 25th floor, Skye and the three men stepped out. “Wait here. I won’t be long.”

   Skye told the secretary she wanted to go to Murong SuSu’s office and the secretary called and confirmed. She led Skye down the pink carpeted hallway and opened the door, “CEO Murong, your visitor Miss Benning is here.”

   Murong SuSu was sitting at her desk and Chen Nuying was leaning over her shoulder looking at some designs. They both look up and Murong SuSu runs over to Skye, “Is that skirt from Dolce &Gabbana’s Spring Collection?”

   Skye smiled, “Yes.”

   Murong SuSu stood back with her hands on her slim hips, “I love the way you paired it with the black silk camisole! Is your necklace from Tiffany’s?”

   Chen Nuying pulled her friend back and laughed, “Stop! You are scaring her!” She quickly apologized, “Don’t mind SuSu, she is easily excited by fashion.”

   Skye giggled, “I can be the same way. As a matter of fact I was admiring your outfit CEO Murong. I don’t recognize the designer.”

  Murong SuSu’s lips curled up into a cute smile, “Thanks it is my own design.”

  Skye’s eyes lit up, “Wow! You are really talented!”

   Murong SuSu was a very outgoing person and didn’t hesitate, “Do you want to see some of my designs? Nuying and I were looking  at my latest over at my desk.” If I could get this beautiful girl to wear one of my dresses to the party on Friday that would be great! 


  Chen Nuying pulled her friend’s arm because she could read her mind and in a low voice whispered, “Don’t.”

   Murong SuSu blinked her eyes innocently, “Why not?”

  Skye saw Chen Nuying was embarrassed and lightened the atmosphere, “I am very interested to see your designs.I love supporting new designers, a very good friend of mine, Serena Simon recently started her own clothing company. Self promotion is very important when you are new to the industry.”

  Murong SuSu has met Serena Simon and was impressed with her innovative designs. “You are friends?”

   “She is my best friend. We grew up together. Do you know Serena?”

  “No. I met her in Milan and we had a brief conversation. I do like her use of color and unique designs.”

  “I know right. She has been making her own clothes since grade school.” She has a bright smile as she tells them about some of her friend’s crazy ideas. They laugh and Skye says, “I have an idea, Murong SuSu if you have a dress that is appropriate for the party on Friday I will buy it. Then instead of shopping the three of us could go out for a drink. What do you think?”

   Murong SuSu really liked Skye, Nuying was right she is so sweet. Now I feel guilty about taking advantage of her kindness. “Miss Benning..I well..” Skye interrupts her, “Call me Skye.”

   “Well Skye, you might not be aware but the party you are attending on Friday night is a  really big deal. The guests are celebrities, and powerful people. Everyone will be wearing top designer clothes and the paparazzi will be going crazy taking photographs.”

   Skye smiled, “Then that would be the perfect venue for you to gain recognition. I will be honest if I don’t find a dress in your collection I like, I won’t wear it because of what you just said. It wouldn’t do me or the dress justice if you know what I mean. I am Shao Zu Tang’s sister so I must look perfect. Does that make sense?”

  Both Murong SuSu and Chen Nuying nodded their heads in agreement. Murong SuSu says, “I think what you said makes a lot of sense. I like your straightforwardness. It is true a dress and the woman must compliment each other.”

  Skye sat on the couch. “Well, if you want to show me some dresses I will try them on and we can see if one will work.” 

   Murong SuSu called in her assistant, “The evening dresses on the third rack in my studio.” Then she calls her secretary, “Bring in a bottle of red wine and some snacks.”

   Wyatt Malone had been silently standing at the door watching the three women. He didn’t like the way it appeared Skye was being manipulated. He walked over to Skye and leaned down saying something in her ear. Skye raised her delicate eyebrow while she listened then whispered, “Wyatt, I know.”

    He stepped back and put his hands in his pants pockets and angrily clenched them into fists. Dammit! She does not know! Skye is too naive and gullible! He narrowed his eyes glaring at Murong SuSu and she felt a shiver go down her spine. She glanced over at Wyatt, there was no discernable expression on his face. Was I imagining that murderous aura surrounding him a moment ago? The phone on her desk rang and she walked over to answer. “Hui, did you need something?”

   “I need to borrow your BMW. I don’t have time to go home and change cars.” He hesitates, “You can drive the Lamborghini home.”


   “What does it matter why? Have your assistant come to my office and bring me your keys. I will give her my keys.”

      When the assistant brought the dresses she handed her the keys to the BMW, “Take these to CEO Murong.”

    Chen Nuying smiled, “Your brother will let you drive his precious Lamborghini, did the Sun rise in the West?”

   “Who knows why he wants to switch cars. It must be important.”

   Murong Hui had an ugly look on his face as he clutched the keys in his hand. He begrudgingly handed the assistant the keys.“ Tell CEO Murong if there is one scratch on my baby I will pull my investment!” 

   Assistant Yang was excited to have this task, she secretly loved the incredibly handsome man in front of her for the past two years. She gazed at him adoringly, “Rest assured,I will convey your words to my Boss.”  She could still feel the warmth from his hand on the keys and remained standing in a daze.

   He lifted an eyebrow when the woman didn’t move and he noticed her blank expression. “Anything else Miss Kang?”

     She came back to reality.Yang.. Yang Yi! She inwardly cries, last time he called me Miss Fang. Am I that bland and unattractive, he can’t even remember my name? Yang Yi sounded dejected, “No. I will be going.” 

    When Assistant Yang returned to the office, Skye was wearing an evening gown with an asymmetric draped waist that hugged her lithe body. The apricot color accentuated her creamy white skin and her sparkling amber eyes shone with golden almost translucent color. The dress was adorned with shimmering crystal beads.

   Assistant Yang exclaimed as she walked into the office, “ Miss Benning, you look so beautiful!”

   Skye smiled, “Thank you.” She was very satisfied with the design and the fit. “I will wear this gown.”

    Murong SuSu happily held Skye’s hand, “You really look stunning. It is as though the dress was made for you.”

    Skye nodded then exclaimed, “Now that I have a dress do you want to go have a drink?”


Chloe Wang

     After Skye left the kitchen Shao Zu had an intimidating gaze riveted on the chef, he noticed the chef’s shocked expression while he held Skye in his embrace. The aura surrounding Shao Zu was frigid and terrifyingly demon like as he reminded the middle aged man. “You signed a nondisclosure contract when I hired you. Keep that in mind, if you forget you could lose more than your job.”

Shao Zu strode out of the kitchen in a domineering fashion. The chef gripped the edge of the counter his hands trembled and his knees weakened from the intense pressure. Gasping for breath he broke out into a cold sweat. CEO Tang is terrifying!

  Shao Zu went upstairs two steps at a time then quicked his pace down the hallway to Skye’s room. He knocked on the door and when she didn’t answer he entered the luxuriously decorated room. He sat on the edge of the bed, bewitched listening to Skye singing in the bathroom.

It was a habit of his when they lived at the mansion to sneak into her bedroom while she bathed. He loved to listen to the sweet sound of Skye’s enchanting voice as she bathed. He would lay on her bed imagining how Skye’s naked body would look glistening with water droplets and covered in bubbles.

   Shao Zu slipped his hand into his pants and his breathing became heavy as the image of Skye in a bubble bath aroused him. The beautiful fantasy was cut short when his phone rang. FUCK! What does the ugly bitch want? I should have silenced the goddamn phone!  Shao Zu looked towards the bathroom then hurried out of the bedroom into the hallway.

    He adjusted his breathing and choked down the words in his mouth. I can’t sound impatient with the bitch because I need to play the role of the gentle fiance. Although the marriage was for business purposes he maintained this image to avoid any suspicion about his character. When he looked down at the tent formed in his pants he had a murderous glint in his eye, but his voice sounded affectionate when he answered. “Miss Wang. You need something?”

  Chloe Wang was sitting in a salon having her nails done. Even though her parents made the marriage arrangement she wasn’t dissatisfied, she was looking forward to the marriage.  She believed Shao Zu was an extraordinarily handsome and gentle man. He had no romantic entanglements and was clean so she mistakenly thought he was a virgin. She attributed his gentleness and lack of experience to why he never touched or kissed her.

     There were several times she dressed seductively and took the initiative to be intimate with no results. Shao Zu would stop her, saying they should wait for the wedding night, that he wanted the first time they made love to be special.

Today she felt a sense of urgency after hearing his sister arrived. It was obvious Shao Zu valued Skye so she wanted to win her over so she wouldn’t become an obstacle. Chloe Wang’s father taught her to keep her friends close; her enemies closer. “Why do you have to be so formal, we are going to be married soon.”

   He replied, “Why did you call? I am in a meeting.”

   “Well I don’t want to interrupt your business but I wanted to invite you and your sister to dinner. A welcoming dinner for my future sister in law.”

    “I will ask Skye after my meeting if she agrees I will call you. Anything else? I need to rejoin the meeting.”

  “No. Call me then.” She hung up and complained to the manicurist, “Stupid! Look at this nail! I said I wanted the diamonds on the tip!”

   “Yes, Miss Wang. I will correct that immediately.” 

    Shao Zu walked into the master bedroom next to Skye’s and impatiently stripped off his clothes as he entered the bathroom. He turned the handle in the shower and a spray of cold water hit his face.  Angrily slamming his hand on the shower wall to vent his frustration he sneered,that stupid woman! 

    After the cold shower he wrapped a white towel around his waist. He was drying his hair when Skye wearing a thin short white robe burst into the bathroom. She grabbed his arm and sounded hysterical , “Brother! Hurry! The bathroom!” 

   Shao Zu followed Skye to her bedroom. Soapy bubbles and water was pouring out of the bathroom onto the white carpet. He walked into the bathroom to see the overflowing bathtub. He tried to turn the faucet but it seemed to be stripped. He reached into a cabinet and turned off the main water valve. He couldn’t help but laugh at Skye’s exaggerated reaction, “Calm down it’s just water.”

   “But the water will ruin the carpet!”

   He rubbed her head and teased, “Do I look like I can’t afford to have this cleaned up?”

   Skye eyes were glued on Shao Zu’s half naked body. When she realized she was staring at his bare chest and mermaid line she blushed, “Sorry, you just got out of the shower?”

  He was pleased when he noticed her lingering look then her innocent and shy expression. He teased, “Is Brother good looking?”

  Skye turned around so she isn’t facing him then timidly responded, “Very good looking.”

   Shao Zu’s eyes darkened with desire at her charming appearance. The thin robe was slightly open and he could see a hint of her creamy white breasts. Skye’s slender legs were barely covered by the short robe and she was barefoot. He wanted to hug Skye into his embrace and take her to bed.  “Come to my room to take a bath. I will have Butler Han take care of this mess.” 

   “Okay. I will.”

   “Pick out what you are going to wear while I  get dressed. I have a meeting so I can’t join you for lunch. Do you want to have dinner with Chloe Wang tonight?” 

  “Umm… sure if you want.”  Damn you Chloe Wang! I wanted to spend tonight alone with Shao Zu! 

     “Austin will be here shortly with a new phone for you. I will call you with the details.”

      When Shao Zu returned to his room he made a call. A beautiful young woman with long dark hair answered. The eighteenth tier actress possessed a face that could be mistaken for Skye, only she was lacking by several points overall. He growled, “Meet me at the apartment.” If I don’t relieve myself I might do something to Skye that I will regret. The little girl has no idea how sexy she looks right now. She has a pure and innocent face and her body is perfect.I want to press her undeneath me and make her scream my name.

   “Yes, CEO Tang. I will go immediately.” When she hung up the phone she smiled looking at a long blonde wig on her dresser. This is the fourth time in a week he has called for me to go to his bed. She picked out a white dress because he liked her to look pure and innocent. Then reached into a drawer for white lace underwear. I know I am a substitute for the  woman whose name you call out, but eventually you will be mine Shao Zu. 

  Shao Zu dressed and put on a Limited Edition Retro Rolex . There was a knock on the bedroom door and he called out “Come in.”

   Skye entered the bedroom carrying her dress and shoes then set them on the bed. She walked over to him and stood on her tiptoes, “Let me fix your tie.”

    When he gazed down at the valley between her breasts and felt her soft fingers brush across his Adam’s Apple he took her hand away. “That’s good.” An electric current ran through his body that was hard to ignore. Don’t tempt me little girl. I am barely holding onto my rationality right now. I want to kiss your cherry red lips and throw you down on the bed. All I need to do is pull that sash and your luscious body will be revealed.

    Skye thought Shao Zu was rejecting her and her heart tightened.  I always used to straighten his tie for him, why did he stop me?  Skye looked up at him with misty eyes and her face full of grievances. “Shao Zu. When you get married will you ignore me?”

   He noticed she looked a bit sullen and lonely so he impulsively hugged her into his embrace, “Don’t be silly. I love you the most. I will always love you.”More than you could possibly know. 

 He kissed the top of her head, “Why would you say that?” 

    She  gazed up at him and pouted, “You are getting married. You won’t have time for me.”

   Shao Zu’s voice was slightly hoarse because Skye was pressing her body onto him making his heart race with desire. “Skye no one can replace you in my heart.” He lifted her chin with his finger and gazed into her clear amber eyes reflecting only him. “I told you this is an arranged marriage, there is no love between Chloe Wang and me.”

He flicked her forehead, “Stop worrying, you are my favorite girl.” 

   “I will believe you then.”

Barely able to restrain the beast within him he wanted to distance himself from Skye. He looked at his watch, “I need to go.”

   Shao Zu left and Skye walked into the bathroom. She picked up the shower gel and smelled the fragrance. Smells so good. She set the black and gold tube back on the counter and stared at the masculine products neatly lined up. Shao Zu you still are a little OCD haha.. She sighs, I would miss you so much if you ignored me.

  After her bath Skye put on a Dolce and Gabbana short high waisted white lace skirt with a scalloped hem and a black silk camisole. She completed the look with a short black linen jacket. Looking in the full length mirror she marvelled how Shao Zu seemed to know her style very well.

When she was looking in the closet she couldn’t decide which of the beautiful clothes to wear. She picked this outfit because it was simple and demure, perfect for dinner later with Chloe Wang.  Nodding in satisfaction she slipped on a pair of minimalist black slingback heels from Manolo Blahnik’s Spring Collection. Flirty but  with a touch of elegance.

    She decided to wear a delicate gold chain with a diamond butterfly pendant that hung down her neck to her chest. The bracelet she chose was a wide gold engraved cuff from Tiffany’s that contrasted with the dainty necklace.

    Skye walked back to her room to get her purse and several maids were cleaning up the watery mess. She stood at the doorway, “Excuse me. Could you hand me the purse on the small table?”

   One of the maids shut off a machine she was using to suck up the water from the carpet. She stared at Skye in the doorway with an incredulous look. This girl is CEO Tang’s sister? They look nothing alike. Butler Han warned the staff earlier that the CEO dotes on his sister and to be very respectful of the woman. CEO Tang personally prepared the room and clothes for his younger sister. She bowed respectfully, “I will get it for you. Please don’t walk into the room you might slip.” Then my little life will be gone!

“Thank you. I will trouble you then.”


The Police Lab

   Ye Yunxian had a slight smile watching the Rolls Royce Phantom disappear from view. He lit a cigarette, when Shao Zu Tang was holding the little con artist she looked like a greedy cat who just ate a big fish. I didn’t believe that Shao Zu would bother searching for his bed partner, let alone be able to discover this place. He inhales deeply, she must be very good at what she does.

   After he finished the cigarette he went into the cabin directly to the kitchen. He grabbed a plastic bag from a drawer then placed the blonde hair he ripped from Skye’s ponytail into it. After he turned off the lights he locked the door and left. I will take this hair sample to the lab to confirm the hair matches the hair found in Dong’s Garage, bring the little con artist in for questioning again. Even Shao Zu Tang won’t be able to refute solid evidence.

   He drove directly to the police lab and parked. Confident that hair will match he sauntered in the front door of the Police Lab then surveyed he room to see if Fatty returned. Fatty was sitting at his desk eating a salad. He decided to go on a diet and get a membership at a gym nearby after work hoping to woo Little Jiao.

Before Ye Yunxian approached Fatty a haggard fifty year old woman wearing a white lab coat came out of her office. She stopped when she saw the tall handsome man in front of her office. She chortled seeing his clueless expression. “Detective Ye what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in front of the Chief’s desk kowtowing?”

   “ Mrs.Gao, what are you talking about?”

   Gao Ning’s brown eyes showed her astonishment as she laughed, “You really have no idea of the shitstorm you caused, do you?”

   “What?” He sarcastically remarks, “Shao Zu Tang made a stink about me questioning his little whore? I think I can survive that. I’m sure he doesn’t want their relationship made public.”

    Gao Ning dropped the stack of papers in her hand. “ Detective Ye, I never thought you were an idiot. His whore? Are you crazy? You bullied CEO Tang’s sister, Skye Benning! J. Barret Benning’s beloved granddaughter. You will be lucky if you aren’t kicked off the force! What were you thinking? I heard you took her from the hospital without Shao Zu Tang’s permission to god knows where.”

  Momentarily rendered speechless by this unexpected turn of events, Ye Yunxian squeezed the plastic bag in his hand until his knuckles turned white. The sneaky little bitch! Keeping her identity secret! Watching me like a jumping clown! No wonder she said I would pay heavily for mistreating her. 

   He had a strange expression on his face, a mixture of anger and disbelief. Gao Ning snapped her fingers in front of his face. She liked Yu Yunxian and knew one day with the man’s overbearing personality he would definitely anger the wrong people. He has come close to being fired too many times to count since he joined the force. Fortunately, he was the station’s number one homicide detective, solving every case handed to him over the past few years. “Hey! Ye Yunxian! You better get over there and figure a way to make this right.”

  He took a couple deep breaths to force down his boiling rage. Unwilling to admit his error in judgment, Ye Yunxian returned to his usual cold and indifferent demeanor. He responded in an emotionless tone. “I need to speak with Fatty, there is no rush.” Pfft. I am Ye Yunxian, I don’t need to panic but I am angry! Very angry! Little girl, just wait and see how I exact my revenge!

   Gao Ning raised an eyebrow, “You are a cocky asshole, I will say that. Anyone else would run over there with their tail between their legs.”

  “She was in the wrong, not me. The nurse said her surname was Baili. She could have cleared up the misunderstanding at any time.”

  “Did she say she that was her name? If she did well… that is lying to a Police Officer.”

  He furrowed his eyebrows, No. But she didn’t correct me either. “I will take care of it.”

   He quickened his pace towards the back of the room. He wanted to give the hair sample to Fatty before he was spotted ny anyone from the station sent to look for him. He bent down and in a low voice said “Fatty, I want you to compare this hair to the hair from Dong’s Garage.”

   Fatty put down his chopsticks, a piece of lettuce stuck in his throat, he coughs then nervously picks up the plastic bag for a closer look. He has a bad premonition when he examines the contents. Fatty’s eyes darted around the room to see if anyone was watching them, “Detective Ye. Where did you get this hair?” He heard about the situation, Shao Zu Tang isn’t someone to offend.

   “Don’t worry about it. The less you know the better. Just run the tests and give me the results. Also, what blood type was the blood on the piece of cloth?”

    He nods towards an angry looking woman staring at them from a door to the lab. “You need to ask Sister Shu.”

    “Okay. Rush this for me.”

    Ye Yunxian leaned on the door as the pretty lab technician attempted to leave. “Not so fast. I have a couple questions for you.”

   The dark haired woman pursed her lips and through gritted teeth says, “Fuck off.”

   Ye Yunxian’s thin lips curled into a taunting grin, “ Miss Pei, it was you who broke up with me.” He lifts an eyebrow, “Shouldn’t I be the one with the angry expression.”

    Flustered from the narrow distance between their bodies and the familiar hint of tobacco and mint on his breath, the memory of kissing those lips resurfaced. Pei Shu round eyes narrowed into slits  “You…you bastard! It was obvious you were using me to…forget it. I’m not revisiting that unpleasant period.” She pushed him away and snarled, “ The Chief said if you came to the lab to call him. I called when I saw you come in the door.”

    A hint of mockery flashed in his dark eyes, “Women are such spiteful creatures.” while brushing past her into the room, “What blood type was on the piece of cloth from Dong’s garage.”

   A short thin man pushes up his rimless glasses, “Ye Yunxian, long time no see. Type O.”

   Pei Shu raced over and angrily kicks the thin man in his shin. Raising her voice she screeched, “What are you telling him for! He is suspended!”

   Ye Yunxian winked at the thin man holding his shin, “That is wishful thinking on Miss Pei’s part. Thanks ”

   He took long strides through the department ignoring people’s astonished stares. Leaving the black SUV in the parking lot he lazily walked down the sidewalk. The Chief might be so infuriated he could put out an order to pull my car over if spotted. I need to avoid the station until I get the results from Fatty about the blonde hair. Type O blood..could be argued since it is common the blood wasn’t the little con artist..oh I need to change her name to little liar. Once I have the confirmation in hand I can place the little liar at the scene anyway, most likely she was the kidnap victim. 

  Taking out his phone he makes a call, “Meet me at Yang’s Noodle Shop by the University.”

   Murong Hui was in a meeting with several of his managers  when he got Ye Yunxian’s call. “Busy. Call Lou.”

  “Do I need to remind you who invested in your firm when you were near bankruptcy?”

  Exasperated, Murng Hui walks away from the conference table. “Didn’t you make a hundred million when I struck a deal with Sunrise Real Estate?”

  “Yes. But if I didn’t rescue you with a timely influx of cash into your dying company there would have been no deal. Get over here. Don’t drive that showy yellow Lamborghini either. It is an eyesore.” He hangs up and grabs a taxi, “Yang’s Noodle Shop on 89th St.”

   Murong Hui gets off the phone cursing Ye Yunxian then turns towards a beautiful woman, “Director Xiao, finish the meeting. After you have the numbers make an appointment with Benning Group China to discuss cooperation.”

  Ye Yunxian sits in the backseat of the taxi looking out the window. Damn that bitch Skye Benning! 

  Skye sneezes as she walks into the kitchen at  Shao Zu’s villa. Shao Zu touches her forehead, “Did you catch a cold?”

  She giggles, “No. I feel fine, someone must be cursing me. I know who too..hahaha..serves you right  Detective Ye for being a narrow minded arrogant man!

  She took a bottle of water from the refrigerator, then asked the chef, “Smells so good, what are you making?”

  He was surprised when they walked into the kitchen and wondered who the beautiful foreign girl with Shao Zu could be. He had worked at the villa for two years and never saw even a glimpse of a woman. “I am preparing Spicy Honeyed Chicken Wings, Shen Jian Bao, Sliced Bejiing beef with Broccoli, Baked Tofu and Stuffed Eggplant With Schezwan Sauce.

  Skye’s amber eyes lit up and she smiled. “Oh. They are all my favorite Chinese dishes!” She lifted a lid from a pan and inhaled, “Yummy!”

 She hugged Shao Zu who was standing beside her and rubbed her head on his warm chest. “Brother, you are so sweet!” 

  He affectionately kissed the top of her head and frowned. ”He could detect a slight smell of tobacco on Skye from the moment he held her at Ye Yunxian’s cabin and has been stewing about it. That insolent bastard! Smoking around Skye!

Well, I want you enjoy Chinese cuisine while you are in Shanghai. Go bathe. There are clothes in the closet in your room. Butler Han will show you the way. ”

Can I Sleep With You?

    After going back and forth for an hour Ye Yunxian’s frustration with Skye’s ability to dodge his questions was showing on his handsome face. He leaned back in the chair with his hands behind his head, “We can stay here all day if you want. I’m not leaving until you actually answer my questions.”

   Skye stood up and stretched out her arms, “Detective Ye, I think you should find another line of work. Nothing about you makes me want to make me answer your questions. It is as though you don’t have a sincere bone or a hint of empathy in your entire body. No matter what I say you won’t believe me because you have already formulated an opinion about my character. I am looking forward to you discovering your narrow mindedness prevented you from obtaining any useful information from me. Soon my brother will arrive and take me away. All that will be left is you facing a suspension for your atrocious behavior.”

  Ye Yunxian had a genuine smile that reached to his eyes listening to her evaluation. She isn’t wrong I have no empathy and sincerity? Not since I learned that only brings trouble. I don’t think I have ever met anyone like this little con artist. She twists my words then answers never revealing anything. I have to wonder how an extremely intelligent and quick witted girl ended up as a prostitute. He laughed, “Are you finished? No one will find this place. Your so-called ‘brother’ will be spinning his wheels trying to locate you. Your only hope of seeing him today is honestly answering my questions. Now let me ask you again, “How long have you worked for the Red Scorpion Gang? Did you witness the shootings?”

  Suddenly the sound of tires screeching to a stop can be heard. Skye clapped her hands together and had an impish grin, “10..9..8…He is coming… Told you so!”

   Listening to the sound, Yunxian’s face was blacker than the bottom of a pot. He looked out the window to see a tall man stepping out of the back of a black Rolls Royce Phantom. Three black SUVs were in his front yard. I underestimated CEO Tang’s abilities.

   He decided to take a strand of Skye’s hair to compare with the hair found at the crime scene. He pulled her ponytail as she rushed towards the door. She turned and grimaced, “Oww..what are you doing? ”

  Ye Yunxian smiled, “Nothing. “ He looked at the strands of blonde hair in his hand. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

  He opened the front door and Skye rushed past him leaping into Shao Zu’s arms, “Brother! I knew you would come!”

   Shao Zu patted her head and gazed at Skye with eyes full of undisguised love, “Sorry I’m late.”

    Eyeing Ye Yunxian behind Skye, Shao Zu instantly changed his expression. He narrowed his pitch black eyes and his body exuded a strong killing intent. He didn’t say anything to Ye Yunxian and picked up Skye into his embrace, “Hungry?”

   “So hungry.” Skye lifted her lips in an arc smiling at Ye Yunxian then snuggled into Shao Zu’s embrace.

   Ye Yunxian watched them leave, surprised that Shao Zu didn’t threaten him. The man must have deep connections to find this place in such a short amount of time. It has never been discovered in the ten years since I had it built. I don’t believe he will let me go that easily after the oppressive momentum he displayed when he saw me. If I didn’t practice martial arts from a young age I would have suffered internal injuries and been coughing up blood. The little con artist must have bewitched him, he definitely wanted to if not kill me, have me crumple to the ground in pain. Interesting.

   Shao Zu put Skye on his lap then kissed the top of her hair, “Were you frightened?” 

   Skye played with the button of his shirt, “No. I knew you would come and he is a Detective. What could he do to me? He doesn’t want to lose his job I’m sure. I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you but I thought if I cooperated and went willingly it would be better. I remembered what you said and didn’t say anything.”

   He hugged her tighter wrapping his arms around her thin waist, “Next time wait for me. This isn’t New York. As you could see the unscrupulous man felt free to take you to this secluded place instead of the police station for questioning. He wanted to isolate and intimidate you.” You have no idea that if my assistant Austin wasn’t a talented hacker, I never would have found you. There is no record of that property belonging to Ye Yunxian. I will make him pay for his insolence. I don’t care the bastard is the heir to the Ye Group. I will fucking destroy him! 

   She sensed the rage boiling up inside of Shao Zu and wanted to calm him down. Or I might never be allowed to leave the villa!

 “Shao Zu, I will listen to you .Umm..part of the reason he might have not gone straight to the police station is I..well..I didn’t mention your name at the time but I said my brother was very powerful and would come. He would be forced to release me.” 

  He lifted her chin with his finger, his eyes reflecting Skye’s innocent and pure expression, “You think I am powerful?”

  She gazed into his deep eyes with an infatuated look, “Of course! You are strong and I know I can always depend on you. Brother, you have never let me down. You are the best in every way.”

  He buried his head in her neck inhaling her sweet fragrance, what would you think of me if you knew how much I want you. Not as a brother but as a man. I want to possess you..have you be mine..my woman. Lifting a strand of her honey blonde hair he absentmindedly twirled the silky hair around his finger, “Skye, what if I told you…” He stopped himself from confessing his true feelings. No this isn’t the time. I need to be patient.

   She had a curious expression, “Told me what?” 

   “Never mind. It isn’t important. You need to call Grandfather when we get to the villa. He called and said he couldn’t get through to you. I told him I needed to replace your phone. Where is the phone the stylist I sent brought you this morning.”

  “Oh.” She quickly lied, “Don’t be mad I accidentally dropped it out the window of Detective Ye’s car. I was trying to get a signal to call you. We were on the highway so it was no use trying to retrieve it.”  I’m unfortunately protecting that annoying man but I don’t want Shao Zu to know I was bullied. I will look weak.

  “Not a problem. It was insured. I will have my assistant get you another one.”

   Skye leaned on his warm chest, “Brother, do you have to marry Chloe Wang?”

   He wrapped his arms around her tighter, wanting to press her into his bones, “Skye, when you ask me that question I want to say no.  But I would be lying. I do. Grandfather has his reasons. I don’t agree with them but he is the head of the family so I have to follow his wishes.”

   They arrived at the villa and Skye stared at the imposing stone tiger statues at the gate and smiled, “Guardian Tigers? I love it!”

   He chuckled, “The Tigers came with the villa when I purchased it two years ago. The man who built the villa supposedly hired a Feng Shui expert. The elderly man told him the area was the site of a raging battle during the Han Dynasty; many warriors died. The Tigers guard the villa suppressing the heavy yin energy that remained from their restless spirits-”

   Skye gripped his sleeve, her amber eyes widened in fear, “ Restless spirits?”

   He can’t resist and kissed the tip of her nose, “Didn’t you say I am the most powerful? You don’t need to be afraid. I’m here.”

   “Brother, you know what I am most afraid of are ghosts!”

   He burst out laughing, “Skye, you know that was the Butler scaring you. When you were little you liked to sneak down to the kitchen at night to snack. Grandfather noticed you getting a little chubby and told the Butler to stop you. Every time he did you would act like a baby…cry and pout…so he would give in to you. After being reprimanded by Grandfather for being useless he devised that trick. Haha..I can still picture you running into my room locking the door then pouncing on my bed crying, ‘Brother! A Ghost! I saw a Ghost.’ You climbed under the covers and wouldn’t come out. I wanted to tell you the truth but it was too funny. Think about it though, the funniest part of you running into the room was you stopping to lock the door. I think a ghost could pass right through right? Haha.

   Skye lifted an eyebrow and puffed out her cheeks, “ Now as I recall you said, ‘since there are ghosts you should sleep with me. I will protect you.’ Now I see it was a scam so you could make fun of me.” Haha locking the door was pretty stupid.

   He inwardly smiles, no I just liked the way you would curl up next to me like an obedient little milk cat. You smelled so good and were so soft to hug to sleep. It was a warmth I never felt before I met you.

  Skye teases, “Well, if one of the restless warrior spirits should chase me in the villa, can I sleep with you? 


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