We Need Leverage

 Li Shaoting and Sara are talking in the kitchen when his phone rings. When he sees the caller he thinks the Director is impatient to begin shooting his scenes. “I am leaving soon.”

 “No need. We won’t film until tomorrow.” The Director angrily watches in frustration as the crew breaks down the equipment silently cursing Li Tian. The weather is clear and the conditions are perfect to shoot the fighting scene between the two rival cult leaders.

  “I thought you said you need to do the scene today.”

  “Well, the second female lead has a cold. We will resume tomorrow.”

  “Okay.” After he hangs up he says, “They delayed filming but would you like to go to the mountains for the afternoon?”


  Kang Mingshun is busily working on the monitoring system to divert the footage to Li Tian’s phone. When he finishes he calls Li Tian but he doesn’t answer.

   Li Tian is sitting in a chair and a stunning woman is preparing a cast of his face. “CEO Li, I know you want a rush job but there is no way to speed up the process.”

   “How long will it take?”

   “The earliest Is tomorrow.”

   “Very well.” He leans back as she applies a sticky paste on his face.

  Meanwhile Sara is sitting in the back of the nanny van with Li Feng and the tutor, Lee Ani. Li Shaoting starts the car and jerkily drives down the circular driveway. Sara chuckles, “Tang Wu have you driven this car before?”

  “Well no, my driver is off today. Don’t worry I can figure it out, I just don’t usually drive a stick shift.” 

   Lee Ani volunteers to drive, “I can drive if you want Mr. Tang, I have a driver’s license. When I worked as an assistant in the marketing department I would drive when we went to team meetings.”

  “No, the roads might be snowy on the way to the mountain.”

  Li Shaoting pulls out of the community and a black SUV follows. The man in the passenger seat calls Alexandre, “What do you want me to do?”

  Alexandre has his feet propped up on a coffee table and looks at a middle aged woman pouring a glass of vodka. “I need leverage. Are you sure your information is correct?”

  “Yes. Li Tian’s right hand man contacted me. But, I don’t know if this is a good idea. Maybe we should wait until the woman is alone. She is with Li Tian’s cousins and an unidentified woman.”

  “We don’t have time to wait. I lose a shitload of money if this deal doesn’t go through tomorrow. I am with your mother now. Do you want to speak to her?”


   Alexandre holds out his cellphone to Madam Olga, “Hamid.” 

  Hamid nervously says,  “I am in a bad position. If Rashid finds out I am doing this for Alexandre I’m in deep shit. Why are you forcing me to help him?”

  “Because it is in our best interest. The buyers are desperate and if we enable the transaction they will locate that bitch that stole the flash drive from you. Are you forgetting how Wang Rebecca tricked you?”

   “Are you sure they know her whereabouts?” I want to lock her traitorous ass up and beat the shit out of the bitch for playing me!

   “Positive. He showed me a picture.”

   Hamid instructs the driver to follow at a short distance behind the nanny van, “What should I do about the Li brothers and the other woman?”

   “I will let Alexandre make that decision.”

  Alexandre takes his phone back.  “Leave them be. I don’t need any problems with the Li family. No one will care about the woman except Li Tian. The informant said they are going to the filming site in the Washnu Mountains. Once they are there it shouldn’t be hard to snatch the girl. The site is by a very backward small town.”

  “I will let you know when I have his woman.”

 Sara is laughing at Li Feng as he munchs on his second bag of potato chips, “Li Feng, you will get a stomachache if you eat anymore.”

  He takes a sip of soda, “I can eat four bags.”

  Li Shaoting looks in the rear view mirror seeing them laughing and regrets not allowing Lee Ani to drive. “Sara are you getting hungry? We will be in Chengi soon, there is a really good Noodle shop.”

   “That sounds good. I am getting a little hungry.”

    Li Feng crumples up the bag, “Noodles? Boring.” He looks at his phone, “There is a Vietnamese restaurant that got good reviews. Hmmm…There don’t have very many restaurants in Chengi.”

   “Well, there aren’t many people that reside in the town year round. They get a few tourists and it is a popular spot for filming fantasy shows. Other than that it is a rather sleepy town.” 

   Sara looks over at Lee Ani, “I’m not picky about food what do you think?’

  Lee Ani has been staring out the window and not paying attention, “Huh?”

  “What would you like to eat?”

  “I don’t care.” I am so happy to be in the same car with Tang Wu! I couldn’t believe it when my advisor said his brother Tang Feng needed a tutor. I jumped at the chance.

  Li Feng scrolls down, “Looks like the only other restaurant that has a review is a Barbeque restaurant.”

  Sara’s eyes light up, “Oh..let’s eat there!”

  Li Shaoting passes a car then says, “Isn’t that too spicy for you?”

  “No.” She giggles and pats her stomach, “I am actually craving pork ribs dripping in sauce.”

  They arrive in the quaint town and Li Shaoting says, “Give me the address and I will put it in the GPS.”

  “1440 North 15th St.”

   When they pull into the parking lot there are no cars and Li Shaoting purses his lips into a straight line. Looking at the small restaurant with the sign hanging by one nail he has his doubts. “Are you sure this restaurant is open?”

“Positive it got 5 stars and the last review was two days ago.”

   Li Shaoting parks the car and opens the back and helps Sara to step down. When she leaves the warmth of the van she shivers, “Wow. It is really cold.”

   Li Feng and Lee Ani get out of the backseat and they walk to the entrance. When Li Shaoting opens the door of the restaurant he smiles, half the crew of the drama are sitting at the long tables. One of the men waves at him, “Tang Wu what are you doing here? The Director said you were sick.”

   “He told me Xue Ning is sick. Filming was resuming tomorrow. How are the ribs?”

  “Really good. This is the fifth time I have come here to eat. Have a seat.”

 “I’m with friends.”

  “There is room, sit.” He motions at three men to move down.

   Li Feng immediately sits next to the man and Li Shaoting pulls him up by the collar, “Thanks but I see a table in the back. Is the Director around?” He wants to know why he lied to him.

   “Maybe in his trailer on the site. He was in a bad mood so we got the hell out of there.”


   Hamid is sitting in the SUV in the parking lot considering if he should go inside and grab Song Sara. He rolls down the window and  smokes a cigarette. 

  There are several cigarette butts in the ashtray when Sara emerges from the restaurant. Hamid watches as she smiles at Li Shaoting and smirks. Little girl you are quite beautiful. Maybe I should taste you before we make a deal with Li Tian.

  Sara touches her protruding belly, “I am so full. Do you want to walk around a little bit? I saw an interesting shop as we drove down the street.”

  Li Feng chimes in, “Yeah, I want a piece of cake there is a bakery about half a block from here.”


   He tosses Li Feng the keys to the car,“You and Lee Ani wait in the nanny van, “Do your homework.”

  “Bro, I need dessert.”

  “We will bring you back a cake. I told you I don’t want to deal with Dad.”

   “Make sure to get me a piece of mango cake.”

   He kicks a stone as he walks back to the van while muttering and Sara chuckles, “Your brother is really cute.”

   Li Shaoting shakes his head, “He is a pain in the ass.”

  They walk down the sidewalk and when they reach the shop Sara smiles.”Look at the cute baby clothes.”

  Li Shaoting glances around and pulls down his baseball cap, “While you are looking at the baby clothes I am going to the bakery. I’m afraid that if I go in there with you someone might take a photo. What kind of cake would you like?” 

  “Umm..if they have macarons I would like a couple.”

  “I will meet you back here in twenty minutes.”


  Sara opens the door of the small shop. An elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair is knitting and looks up over a pair of rimless glasses.  “Hello. If you need any help finding anything let me know.” 

   Sara walks over to a table, “Did you knit these baby blankets? They are beautiful.”

  “Thank you. This is my daughter’s store so I knit a few things for her to sell. The clothes are all handmade by her. What were you looking for?”

  “Nothing in particular.”

  “Are you having a boy or a girl?”

  Sara blushes, “Ahh…I don’t know.”

  “You are having a boy and a girl.”

  “What?” Sara chuckles, “ I am only having one baby.” 

  “No. Two.”

   Sara picks up a blanket with a cute pink bunny on it and the woman says, “You should get the one with the blue bunny too.”

     “…” Poor woman must be a little senile..

    The bell rings on the door and an attractive woman enters the store. “Hi. I had to run home for a minute. Is there something I can help you find?”

   “She is having twins. I told her she should buy the bunny blankets.”

   The woman’s eyes sparkle, “Twins! How exciting!”

   Sara gazes at the old woman whose eyes are crinkled into crescent shapes and doesn’t have the heart to refute her words. She clutches her purse. I just got paid… I can afford both… I don’t know if I am having a boy or a girl. “These blankets are adorable. I will take both.”

   The old woman smiles, “You are so beautiful are you part of the cast that is filming on the outskirts of town.”

   Sara replies as she pays for the blankets,, “No. I just came for the afternoon with a friend.” 

   The old lady says, “Honey, give her the two matching bunny hats as a gift.”

   Sara waves her hand , “No. I can’t accept.”

  “Of course you can. When your babies are born come back, I want to see them wearing the hats and wrapped in the blankets.”

  Sara can only inwardly sigh, “Well..thank you and I will.”

   She walks out of the store and glances down the street to see if Li Shaoting is coming. She takes out the pink hat and touches the little bunny ears..so cute.

   Li Shaoting walks down the street carrying a cake box and sees Sara. As he waves his face freezes as a tall man in a black overcoat grabs Sara from behind. Li Shaoting drops the cake box and runs down the sidewalk and helplessly watches as the man tosses Sara into the back seat of a black SUV and the driver speeds away.

Li Shaoting’s heart is racing he memorizes the license plate and calls 120. “My friend has been kidnapped, black Mercedes SUV license plate #FW-5908.”

 A woman sounds startled,“What?”

 “I said my friend has been kidnapped. Hurry before they get too far.”

 “Sir. The only police car we have is being repaired.”

 “Are you fucking serious!” He picks up the bag Sara dropped and runs towards the restaurant where the nanny van is parked. There is only one highway leading from this town. I will catch the bastard.

  He gets to the van and opens the door and jumps in the driver seat startling Li Feng and Lee Ani. “What the hell!”

  “ Give me the keys. Someone kidnapped Song Sara.”

   Li Feng’s hands are trembling as he passes the keys to Li Shaoting’s outstretched hand “Why? Why would someone take Song Sara?”

   “How the fuck would I know!” Maybe the culprit is the person she was running away from in Catang City.

   He knows he needs to find out who owns the black SUV. He taps his hand on the steering wheel and reluctantly calls Li Tian as he pulls out of the parking lot.

   Li Tian is washing his face after the woman made a cast for the human mask.. He hears his phone ringing in his pocket and dries his face. He tosses the towel down and takes out his phone. He furrows his eyebrows, what does he want? Did the Director tell him I called?


   “Cousin..I need your help!”

  “What’s wrong?”

   “My cook..my cook.. I think someone thinks she is my girlfriend and kidnapped her!”

   Li Tian’s face contorts in anger and he rages, “What did you say!”

  “I don’t know why else they would take Song Sara.” Well I do but I can’t say.

  “From your villa?”

 “No. We are in Chengi a small town in the Washnu Mountains.” He is frazzled and blurts out, “She..she was in a baby clothes shop and as she came out a man grabbed her.” He wipes the tears in his eyes, ” I shouldn’t have left her alone.”

 Li Tian feels as though he is going to lose his mind. His eyes redden and the veins pop out on his neck. He looks like an Azura from Hell as he growls,”I will have a helicopter search the area. There is only one highway. Describe the vehicle. The man don’t leave out any details! “

I will fucking kill the motherf****r who kidnapped my woman !

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  1. Wait…isn’t Alexandre Leo’s partner? And he just kidnapped his pregnant twin sister? Oh my 🫣

    1. Yes he is Leo ‘s partner he will be in deep sh*t when Leo finds out what he did on his own. Is this Li Tian’s chance to be the hero? Xd😳

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