The Illusion Of A Perfect Boyfriend

Hungry, I obediently sat in the chair Luka pointed to at a gorgeous pub style table. I ran my hand over the unusual table top, I had never seen such beautiful raw cedar but looking around the ultra modern kitchen the table looked somewhat out of place.

From my vantage point I watched as Luka didn’t waste time. He got rid of the soggy noodles then opened a cupboard by the shiny stainless steel stove. Recalling how it took me opening and closing several cupboards to locate what I needed, I could see he was very familiar with the kitchen. I was becoming more curious about this man..or rather Vampire, because right now he seemed so…perfect.

As he filled the pot with water he turned towards me, “Do you want a glass of wine?”

 After what I witnessed of course replied “Yes.”

 He put the pot on the stove then walked to a wine rack towards the back of the spacious kitchen. After running his finger across a few bottles he nodded then chose one and grabbed two glasses and a corkscrew. 

Taking a few long strides to the table he set the glasses down and opened the wine. “I chose this rosé because of the light fruit flavor and this wine isn’t too strong. He leaned forward and in a low breathy voice teased, “I don’t want you to think that I am trying to get you drunk.”

“Very considerate of you.”

 He poured the wine into an exquisite crystal goblet and handed it to me. I took a sip and my eyes lit up. The sweetness was just right, the wine was so delicious I felt like smacking my lips.  “Mmm..very tasty.”

 Louie lazily strolled into the kitchen, his plaid shirt lifted and scratching his stomach. “Hey, Little Bliss, did you forget my soda?”

  I glanced at him and his six pack, has Louie been working out? “Oh, sorry Louie. I got distracted.”

  Luka was in front of him in a flash holding a can of Coke, “Go.”

  Louie puffed out his chest and I got worried for him, please take the Coke and go. He didn’t hear my subliminal warning and snapped, “Bachelors aren’t supposed to have alone time with the contestants until tomorrow. You need to go.”

  Surprisingly Luka didn’t bare his fangs and teach the poor dude a lesson. He calmly retorted. “I am the Producer. Leave.”

  Obviously those few words were enough to frighten Louie,without saying another word he turned and left the kitchen. The only noise being the sound of his boots across the marble floor and the popping sound as the can of Coke was opened.

  Luka poured me another glass of wine. “He sent you to get him a cola?”

  “Well, He didn’t ‘send’ me, I was going to the kitchen.”

  “Stay away from that man.”

  “Louie is the main camera guy. If I want any decent closeups I can’t avoid him. Plus, I like Louie, he is observant and helps me alot. When I work with him he will tell me who I should avoid on set so I don’t fall into anyone’s traps. He is a super nice guy.”

  “People plot against you?”

  I took another sip of wine then I had to laugh, “Well, the roles I play aren’t that important so I am not the target usually but there have been a few instances. One of the reasons I hate appearing on variety shows is because of the crazy competitiveness. The last one I appeared on was a ‘skill’ oriented show. We were out in the boonies and there was a river. One of the activities was racing down the river on rafts. 

My partner and I were pretty well coordinated with the oars so we were in the lead. A raft came up next to us as we turned the bend, an oar hit me in the chest causing me to fall into the water. It was terrible, I can swim but I’m not that strong of a swimmer. I thought I was going to drown as the fast moving current tossed me around.

Of course, it was in the blind spot and the cameras didn’t catch what happened but I know it wasn’t an accident. As a matter of fact the culprit is here which was another reason I didn’t want to come.”

  “The person is a contestant?”

  “No. She is with the Director. She wants to be cast in his next movie so she is here warming his bed I assume. Enough gossip, I’m starving. Should I help cut the veggies?”

 Luka raised an eyebrow. “After witnessing your lack of knife skills, no.”

 He walked back over to the counter and skilfully sliced the vegetables into perfect pieces. He placed them in a saute pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Luka stepped away from the stove and was on the phone talking in a hushed tone. I was paying too much attention to his every move so I picked up the wine glass I leisurely walked  to the large window facing the garden.

  The leaves on a row of maple trees on the side were vibrant red and orange. The last bit of sunlight was filtering through them onto a bed of beautiful wildflowers, some of which were beginning to wither from the change in weather. I lifted the wine glass to my lips while taking in the tranquil scene. My eyes drifted to the left where an imposing Pavillion faced a lake.

This mansion is really the most splendid home I have ever seen.I watched as the stunning woman I saw next to Luka yesterday glided across the manicured lawn while holding a phone to her ear. My attention was diverted by the aroma of the simmering sauce and I swiveled around to see if the food was ready.

   I inwardly sighed when I looked over towards the stove. In a trance I gazed at Luka .His face definitely could be called beautiful, a high bridged nose, a strong chiseled jaw and very sexy lips.His ink black eyes were incredibly deep and when they flickered with red flames they were absolutely mesmerizing.

Luka was leaning over the sizzling pan and from this side view his curled black eyelashes were enviably dense and long, his complexion flawless.  The sleeves of his form fitting black silk shirt rolled up exposing his strong forearms, the thin material clinging to his taut chest. My eyes roamed down his long muscular legs wrapped in a pair of designer pants.

  Setting the half empty glass of wine on the table I approached the stove. Eyeing the vegetables and the shrimp sizzling I was impressed. Luka was not only incredibly handsome but from the delightful appearance of the food and mouth watering aroma, an excellent cook.

 Luka Lenovich looked like the perfect boyfriend.

 Too bad he is a Vampire. 

  Luka pointed to the cupboard by the sink, “The food is ready. The plates are there. The drawer underneath you will find the silverware.”

   When I tried to open the cupboard door, I wasn’t tall enough even on my tiptoes to grab the knob. I felt Luka’s warm breath on me as he stood behind me and stretched his arm up. Once again I was engulfed in his scent and tried to ignore the surge of heat pulsating through my body.

   He handed me the plates and I tried to think how to word it..I didn’t want him to know he had an effect on me but I had to ask. “Luka, after a Vampire, laps up a human’s blood. Is there any sequela?”

   “What do you mean?”

   “After effects..side effects?”

  “Depends. Varies.” He put the pasta on a platter then spooned the shrimp and vegetables on top. “In your case, other than other Vampires knowing I imprinted you. No.”

   I set the table and didn’t know whether to believe him or not. 

   He placed a bowl of salad in front of my plate then the steaming hot platter of Shrimp Scampi on the table. 

   Luka walked back to the wine rack and brought another bottle of wine. I hadn’t realized that I drank the entire bottle.

Blaming my increased heart rate and my turbulent emotions on the wine, as he put the corkscrew into the cork I blurted out, “I don’t think I should have any more wine.”

   He chuckled, “Well, I would like a glass with my meal.”

   My cheeks were burning and I assumed bright red so I lowered my head in embarrassment.

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