The Bored Vampire’s Bliss

I am experimenting haha..I hope you enjoy this humorous little Vampire story. It will be short.

Chapter One- Running Away

The  heavy freezing rain was pouring down and I could barely see as I blindly ran through the dense forest. Clutching my throbbing neck with my frozen hand, my only thought was to escape from the madman or more appropriately mad Vampire. Blood streamed down from the two holes in my neck mixed with the rain fell onto the muddy ground as I stumbled along.

 Half naked and barefoot I regretted my decision to cave into my agent’s badgering and join the reality show ‘Vampire Games’. How the hell did I know they were really blood sucking Vampires. I thought they were otherworldly beautiful not just otherworldly.

 My greedy agent’s words echoed in my mind as she was spitting saliva onto my face, irritated by my ‘insolent’ attitude. She screeched,  “Bliss Quinn! Who do you think you are? Do you have the right to turn down this show? The last part you had was in September on that shitty Web drama, you didn’t even get billing. You have become a losing proposition for me.”  Guilting me into taking the gig she assured me that as realistic as the fangs looked, they were fake. Fake my ass! I am going to change agents as soon as I get to a phone!

  As I navigated through the forest the moonlight filtered through the trees. On one hand I was grateful there was a full moon but on the other hand as I heard the howls of wolves I was conflicted. As a diehard fan of the Twilight series I assumed if there are Vampires…most likely there are Werewolves. 

  After running as fast as I could over broken branches, dense vegetation and through what I think was a disgusting mushy pile of Werewolf poop I saw the lights of the highway. I bent over and clutched my knees gasping for breath. “Holy mother of god. I can’t believe I had sparkly eyes when I first laid eyes on Luka Lenovich. I actually swooned when he said call me Luka in a husky voice infused with male hormones.

  Before I moved to the edge of the highway I thought it best to cover my exposed left breast littered with glaring red marks. I didn’t know Vampires liked a little frisky foreplay before getting to the main event, sucking the life out of an unsuspecting little human.

   After I turned my blouse around I chuckled at my ingenuity. My long blond hair covered the torn blouse in the back and now except for the awkward zipper I was at least feeling less violated. No, I still felt violated…very violated, just less exposed.

  I stood on the highway then realized besides being a fan of Bella and Edward, I have watched too many low budget horror films. I pictured a semi truck pulling up and the sleazy driver with two strands of hair swept over his bald head offering me a ride. Next thing you know my decaying body is found in a wheat field and I am featured on an episode of True Crime.

 My mother always told me I had an overactive imagination and I would say that is true if I wasn’t thrown onto Luka’s, the incredibly handsome Vampire, four poster bed earlier.

  The rain and fog didn’t do anything to calm my frazzled nerves. I decided to walk rather than stick out my thumb and risk certain death. After walking endlessly I felt my legs were about to give out. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of how enjoyable it would be to see my agent’s face turn red and purple as I tightened my small hands around her throat and watched her beady eyes silently plead for mercy.

   When I reached the small town of Bradford I saw a flashing Motel sign missing the E and my stomach formed a knot. I shook my head as another movie popped into my mind. As excited as I was at the thought of curling up on a cheap twin sized bed, I continued to walk to a bus stop. 

   I looked at my watch, the handful of sleeping pills I dumped into Luka’s glass of wine should still be in effect and the sun is coming up. I should be good…I was worried sleeping pills wouldn’t work on a Vampire but apparently they did.

    While I swished my feet around in a deep puddle by the bus bench trying to wash the stink off, I was applauding my quick thinking. If I hadn’t stashed my prescription pills in my booties when they confiscated our purses I would still be trapped in Luka’s bedroom. At the time I was afraid one of the crew was a notorious pill head might steal them. Little did I know my naturally suspicious nature would be my life saving straw.

    I stared down the road wondering when the bus would arrive. I felt confident until a black Mercedes screeched its tires to a stop in front of the bus stop and a handsome tall man in a black trench coat got out. I dejectedly shrugged my shoulders, Dammit! I was sure my plan worked.

He had an amused expression, “The crew wondered where you went and I said I would find you. Since my scent was on you it wouldn’t be hard to locate you after my short nap.”

   My face paled, “Mandy is still there, she was eyeballing you at the introductions. I saw her wandering around the garden in a daze go find her. I decided I wasn’t cut out for a reality show. Call my agent and complain if you want.”

   Luka slowly walked over and sat down beside me. “But Mandy…well she doesn’t suit my taste.”

  “Listen, you are unbelievably handsome but I will be frank, I don’t want to be your blood bank. Mandy is into Vampires that is why she signed on, if she isn’t your cup of tea.. or blood, Nicole is gorgeous, tall…umm.. voluptuous and dumb as a rock. Can you let me go? Seriously, I am a short thin girl without that much blood.”

  He ran his long slender finger down my face sending a shiver down my spine, “Bliss Quinn, you are the only one I want. I don’t have much demand. I only need to snack on you occasionally. I will give you whatever you desire.”

  “I refuse.”

   His eyes turned pitch black and he stared with an intensely possessive gaze into my crystal blue eyes that clearly reflected my determination.“You can’t.”

   “I can and I will. Didn’t you get the message when I drugged you with all my precious sleeping pills and hit you over the head with that jade statue. As hot as you are, I am not even tempted. Look at the sorry state I am in right now. I ran through wolf poop and thorny bushes to escape you. I hate getting dirty, I turned down ‘Survivor Games’ because I am a delicate girl with no survival skills.”

   He burst out laughing, “You are so funny.”

  “Listen you crazy Vampire, I am being serious. Kill me now if you want, just make it quick and painless. I am a Buddhist, I will take my chances in the afterlife.”

   He suddenly hugged me into his embrace and kissed the top of my tangled hair. “How about we take it slow. I promise I won’t feed on you. I just want you to be with me. I was so bored until I met you.”

   Pushing his chest with all my strength Luka didn’t budge. “Let go of me you psycho.”

   “No. Not until you agree.”

   “Do you not understand human language? I said no. Maybe if you had treated me with some respect at your creepy castle I might consider it but not now. Look at what you did to my neck. I have an audition on Tuesday and I will need to wear a scarf.”

   He tenderly touched the fang marks on her neck then kissed them.

   The hair on the back of Bliss’ neck stood on end, “”

   Luka replied, “My fang marks are gone. I bit my tongue and my blood healed the wounds.”

  “If you think I am going to forgive you I won’t. I hold grudges.” My agent is about to find that out.

    Noticing her teeth were chattering, he tightened his embrace around her rain soaked body and she instantly warmed up. “I will drive you home and give you time to think about it.”

   “I will wait for the bus.” That was pretty cool how he turned up his body heat and dried my clothes. I would thank him but I’m in this dreadful condition because of his inconsiderate treatment.

   Luka raised an eyebrow, “I see you are stubborn too but do you have any money for the bus? Didn’t the crew take all your belongings?”

   “Fine. I will take the ride, you owe me that. But, don’t think I will change my mind.”


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