The Zeus Club

  When they got back to their small apartment Syren wearily took off her coat and scarf then curled up on the corner of the couch. She pulled a soft blue woolen throw blanket over her legs. “Lanie, can you grab me a beer and some chips? Thanks. I want to forget about everything. I don’t want to think about Jake…or my Uncle or…what happened last night in the park… acting..not acting..”

   Lanie handed her a beer and sat next to Syren. She had a worried expression on her pretty face.  “I know it is rough, but you are a strong person, you will work through it.”

  Syren  leaned her head on her friend’s shoulder, “Am I? Ha.. I don’t feel strong at all. I almost completely lost it on Professor Barton’s distinguished guest. I would have not only embarrassed myself but the University as well. I’m usually unperturbed by those pretentious men, no matter how unreasonable. Today I really was annoyed to the max by CEO Wong. He seemed to be able to see through me and kept pushing my buttons.”

  Lanie gulped down her saliva recalling seeing CEO Wong at Night Sky. Syren definitely won’t participate in the filming if he has any involvement.  Am I being too selfish? I want to open an agency next year and I know if Syren is in this movie she will become a big star. She has it all, beauty, talent and charisma. It will be good for her too because she loves acting.

  Syren sipped her beer then reached for the bag of chips on the coffee table. “Lanie, how does a person change so much in the course of a year? I don’t want to believe Jake didn’t care about me, we were friends and had so much fun together, then before I realized it I fell for him. He seemed to change when he was recruited by Alexander’s Agency.”

   Lanie smoothed Syren’s hair, “Well, I guess the ego boost of becoming so popular and sought after made him think he could do what he wanted and still have you. He probably has people flattering him and telling him how hot he is all day. Look at those lunatic girls at school who harassed you when they found out you were dating him.Or, it could have been his agency got wind of your dating and told him to break it off with you.”

   “I guess for whatever reason I need to accept and move on. There is no going back after he betrayed me.”

    Lanie hugged Syren, “Tonight let’s go crazy on my brother’s money! I heard there is a hidden casino at the Zeus Club. We can and gamble… Miss Gina Hastings..hahaha.”

   Syren sprayed out the beer in her mouth, “It sounds so funny when you call me Gina…haha. Every time we go to Fat Freddy’s and that cute waiter calls me Gina it takes a moment to respond after a few beers. That fake ID really is authentic looking. No one has ever questioned its validity, it was worth the money I spent.”

   “Well tonight make sure you remember. I’m sure they would toss us out if they knew you were underage.”

   “I will put on a little heavier makeup and hmmm… and wear the Versace blue sequined mini dress you gave for my birthday… Dance…drink and gamble my cares away at the Zeus Club!”


    At the Zeus Club in Nikolai Naralov’s private room he was having dinner with James Wong and a woman. He sounded irritated, “I told the Director I want two popular stars not some unknown.”

   James Wong swallowed a bite of the Lobster Ravioli, “I think the girl has an extraordinary talent. She hates Jake Noone from my understanding yet did a superb job acting with him.”

   Nikolai Naralov, “All the more reason to go with Mara Martin. One of the best ways to hype a movie is to create a CP. If this actress hates Jake Noone would she be willing? Very doubtful, and netizens in particular are quick to see flaws in a fake relationship.”

  “Watch the video. If you still want Mara Martin, it can be arranged. She was the Director’s second choice but she was far behind this girl.”

   “Let me see it.”

   Anton walked over and handed his phone to Nikolai Naralov. As he watched he leaned back in his chair, “Who brought the girl to audition, which agency?”

   James Wong replied, “I don’t think she was affiliated with an agency, she was with a girl about her age, her friend.”

   Nikolai knit his eyebrows together, “You seem to know a lot.”

   “Well, I was interested in her audition because she was the girl who accompanied me at the University today. I was surprised she was auditioning because she was Elizabeth Barton’s assistant. I told you the girl intrigued me. 

  He tossed the phone down on the table, “Too many coincidences. Syren Flynn was the witness in the park. Anton, tell Director Bane to go with Mara Martin.”

   James Wong stared at Nikolai Naralov with an incredulous expression, “Syren Flynn is the witness?”


    “You think she is trying to get close to you for some reason?”

  “I have no idea,  but she was the only other person in the park besides Chang. A Finance major suddenly attends an open audition…not to mention the girl’s Uncle is Bradley Barrett.”

   James Wong shook his head, “Usually I would go with your instincts but I spent the entire day with the girl. She seemed to be your typical University student.”

   “I don’t want an unknown  actress anyway, this simply makes my decision easier.”

  “Your decision, but Mara Martin might end up being a disappointment.  Her performance was adequate but somewhat flat. This is the first film you have produced outside of China and you don’t want it to get mediocre reviews.”

   “My main goal is to launder money. That can be done with either actress in the title role. I’m not inviting problems.”

   “I guess you have a point.” James Wong  walked over to the large window facing the bustling Casino. “Looks like the Club will generate enough profits to offset the movie production costs.”

    Downstairs on the dance floor Syren and Lanie were provocatively dancing together in the middle of the floor. The striking contrast between the two beautiful girls was very eye-catching. Lanie looked like a model, very tall and slender, her spiked raven colored hair highlighted with a deep shade of purple. She applied smokey eye makeup at the corner of her eyes and dark red lipstick giving her a sultry look. Lanie’s long diamond earrings sparkled as they swayed under the lights. Wearing thigh high black leather boots and a short black silk dress, she had a sophisticated aggressive vibe which sharply contrasted with Syren.

 Syren’s honey blonde hair was curled and hung to her thin waist. Even with the 10cm heels on her feet she only reached Lanie’s shoulders. She opted for delicate makeup which made her face look vivid and charming.The blue sequined mini dress clung to her petite body. She had an innocent but seductive appearance which ignited the imagination of the men watching. 

  After drinking several shots of tequila both girls were uninhibited, moving to the pulsating beat oblivious to the lecherous stares of a group of dangerous looking men. Syren felt unfettered by the events of the past twenty four hours and was smiling brightly as Lanie twirled her around.

She was laughing, “Stop! I’m getting dizzy!”

A handsome Brazilian arms dealer couldn’t take his scorching hot gaze off Syren. He told his friend who was leaning on the bar next to him. “I want the little blonde.”

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