Killed In Self Defense

   Syren was exhausted and as they drove to the police station she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She leaned back in the seat and quickly fell asleep, not long afterwards her head slid down onto Nikolai Naralov’s shoulder. He grimaced as her head rested on his arm but his hands were handcuffed behind him and he was unable to push the annoying girl away. He sighed, forget it, she did distract Louis Chang.

   While she slept she inhaled Nikolai Naralov’s masculine scent mixed with the fragrant smell of his shower gel. He reached his limit of tolerance when Syren wrapped her small hand around his arm and mumbled in a soft voice, “Umm…Jake…you smell sooo good when did you change your shower gel?”

  Nikolai Naralov’s face darkened, he lowered  his head growling in her ear, his voice tinged with a slight Russian accent. “Little girl, if you don’t want to lose that hand, remove it now.”

  Syren didn’t hear his threat and only felt his warm minty breath on her ear. She quivered then tilted her head causing her soft lips to brush against his cheek. She rubbed her cheek on his then pouted, “You need to shave.”

   Angered by her audacious behavior he roughly moved his body causing Syren’s petite body to fall to the side. Syren bumped her head on the door and was jolted awake from the sharp pain. Could this night get any worse! She rubbed the side of her head and exclaimed, “Could you drive a little better!”


  When they arrived at the police station the policeman in the passenger seat got out of the car and opened the back door. Syren nervously looked at the front of the police station and remained frozen on the seat.

  The policeman sounded irritated,  “Get out.”

  Syren slowly stretched her legs out of the police car then stood on the snowy pavement unable to move her legs. “I don’t want to go in there. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve decided I’m going home. I told you I didn’t see anything.”

  The policeman looked at the girl’s frightened appearance, her small oval face devoid of color and glistening beads of sweat on her forehead.  He softened his tone, “We need an official statement. It won’t take long.”

   Syren saw Nikolai Naralov being led into the station and shook her head. “No. I have my rights. You can’t make me go in there.”

   “Don’t be difficult.”

  “Give me my purse. My statement is… I didn’t see anything.”

  He handed Syren the small blue purse and the corner of his lip twitched, “Are you forgetting you told me you saw them fighting? Miss, there is nothing to be afraid of, from my understanding it appears to be a case of self defense. The perpetrator is dead, he can’t harm you.”

  Syren thought for a moment, true..and this man I would be doing him a favor by saying I witnessed the gangster attack him first. Self defense..yes..why would he hurt me? I just don’t want to go in there…the only time I have been in a police station was when I was in Middle School..she had knot in her heart and shivered recalling the horrifying events that year.

  The burly policeman impatiently said, “It’s freezing out here. Come inside and think about it.”

  “ Well…Okay.”

   She slowly walked up the stone steps, overcome by fear her heart pounded erratically in her chest . Syren took a deep breath when he opened the door then followed him inside the imposing building. 

    The policeman stopped and spoke to a middle aged woman wearing a gray pantsuit.  After listening to him, the woman glanced at Syren then smiled, “Miss Flynn, I am Officer Swan, I will take your statement.” She had a soothing tone as she led Syren down the hallway past several interrogation rooms. 

    Syren noticed Nikolai Naralov in one of the rooms. He was no longer handcuffed and speaking to a well dressed man standing next to him. She assumed the distinguished looking man must be his attorney. The man clutched a brown leather briefcase and was looking at a paper.

   Officer Swan paused by the breakroom, “Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

   “No thank you, but I would like a bottle of water.”  A beer would be nice.

   “Of course. Let’s go to my office, you will be more comfortable.”

While Syren was  barely midway through her statement, Nikolai Naralov was already seated in the back of a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom. Speaking in Russian, he instructed the muscular man sitting in the passenger seat, “Anton, I want any news  squashed immediately. I checked that bastard Chang’s body, he didn’t have the Jade Amulet.”

   “I have informed Alexi to control the situation. Concerning the microchip, my source in Shanghai confirmed what Nadia Koslow told you. Chang’s partner smuggled the microchip inside of the Jade Amulet. The freighter docked at the Port of New York yesterday. Maurice Lamont transported the crates of antiquities from there to the scheming bitch’s auction house accompanied by Louis Chang.”

    Nikolai Naralov calls Nadia Koslow, “If you try to run I will kill everyone in your family including your precious Ilya.”

   Nadia Koslow set the glass of red wine she had been leisurely sipping down on a glass table. She gazed at the starless sky from the balcony of her luxurious Penthouse as she answered in Russian. “Nikolai darling, why so cranky?”

  “I think you know why.”

  “I merely set up the meeting, as far as that ugly little Chinese man double crossing you… I had no idea.” She tightened the black sable coat around her curvaceous body. “ Really dear, am I stupid? No. He is or should I say was.. ant you could easily crush under your foot. I have a good life why would I upend it by betraying you.”

 “ I guess whoever you had watching the exchange didn’t hear the Chinese man’s last words.”

  She picked up the glass of wine and tightened her grip on the crystal goblet , “Do tell, what did the little weasel have to say before he exited this world.”

  “I think that is something I should tell you in person. I will be at your Penthouse in one hour.”

  “Should I order room service? You must be starving since you weren’t able to eat dinner. I will have them send your favorite dishes.”

  Nikolai Naralov sneered, “Since it might be your last meal if I don’t like your answers, you should order all your favorite dishes.”

   Nadia Koslow furiously stomped her high heels. The sound of glass shattering could be heard as the expensive goblet the wall as he hung up.

She flung open the sliding glass door and screamed, “Maurice, you incompetent bastard get the fuck in here!”

   She tossed off her black sable fur coat onto the white carpeted floor, “Damn him! Threatening me with my son!”

   Maurice Lamont hurried into the living room from the kitchen, before he could speak she slapped his face. Nadia Koslow’s eyes were red and her nostrils flared, “Idiot! How hard would it have been to kill the arrogant bastard? He was drugged and weak. You said that fucking Chinese gangster had skill.”

She slapped him again, her long red nails digging into his cheek. Unsatisfied and unable to vent her anger by slapping him, she fiercely ground her high heel into his foot. Enraged that Nikolai Naralov was alive and possibly aware of her subterfuge she clenches her fists at her side. “Double the guards around Ilya. If anything happens to my sweet boy you will die  a thousand deaths!”

  Maurice was not new to his Boss’s temper tantrums, he suppressed he pain and bowed respectfully. He explained, “It was unforeseen that Naralov would be able to suppress the poison in his body. Then the situation reversed itself before my man could intervene. When the situation went awry it seemed a more viable course of action to let it play out and have Naralov charged with murder. I immediately called the policeman on our payroll in the 3rd District and they arrived quickly before Nikolai Naralov could disappear. Unfortunately… there was a witness that saw Louis Chang attack him first.

  “That is why he was released?” She stomped over to the bar, “I thought he would at least be held on suspicion of murder to buy time.”

“You know his lawyer quickly arrived and claimed Naralov killed Chang in self defense. The witness probably corroborated his story so they couldn’t hold him.”

   Nadia Koslow knitted her eyebrow as she poured a glass of vodka. She dropped one ice cube into the glass. “Where is the chip? Bring it to me. I want to put it into the vault.”

“It is in the study.”

“Hmm… kill the witness.”

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