After Li Tian leaves the Hotel with Han Weisheng he growls, “Why the fuck did you invite the two bitches to dinner?”

  “Zhao Lanfen would destroy the little cook in the press. You know how people are, they are invested in Long Jinxi’s pure and innocent image as the National Sweetheart. Do you think they will look beyond the allegations for the truth? Hell no! The little girl’s reputation will be ruined..and in the worst case scenario they will find out Song Sara is pregnant with your child.” 

  Li Tian clenches his fist and calls Yang James.

 Yang James has been expecting Li Tian’s call since he gave Zhao Lanfen his itinerary. As is his habit when dealing with problems he repeatedly taps his gold pen on the desk. He answers in his usual calm tone, “Yes, Boss?”

  “No one knows I am in Bashu City how the fuck did Zhao Lanfen find out I would be in the Harborview Hotel right now?”

  ”Not from our end.” He retorts with a reasonable explanation, “That scheming bitch Zhao Lanfen must be restless because Long An was released from the hospital and sent home.The two daughters have been quarreling nonstop according to our spy in the Long mansion. Long An has been demanding that the marriage contract revert back to her now that she is recovered. You know that Zhao Lanfen favors Long Jinxi and doesn’t want Long An reinstated. The father doesn’t give a shit which of his daughters becomes your wife.” He asks, “Why has she made contact?”

 “Fuck yes..why do you think I am fucking calling you! How incompetent is the spy in their midst? She should have notified you immediately that they followed me to Bashu City. I’m beginning to think you are slipping. First, you couldn’t find evidence that Long Xixue paid those men to loosen the railing and pushed Song Sara . Secondly, you couldn’t locate Song Sara with all our resources. Now you let them approach me without prior warning.. I’m beginning to think I should send you  to reorganize our office in Tanzania.”

  Yang James breaks out into a cold sweat, but he maintains his composure. “If you think that is where I can best serve the company, I am willing.”

   “I will give you one more chance to prove you haven’t lost your edge. Get all the information you can about…” He turns to Han Weisheng, “What is the Prosecutor’s name again.”

  “Dong Yi.”

 “Get all the information on the City Prosecutor’s death last year and the connection to the Guo Family.”

  “Will do. Did Kang Mingshun meet Old Man Guo and get the signed papers?”

  “He hasn’t contacted me yet.” Li Tian looks at his watch, “ Should be soon. I will check them over then send them to the Shen and Long Law firm.”

    While the two men are driving to the Black Dragon Club for dinner Sara is in the kitchen with Li Shaoting. He has been helping Sara make dinner and says, “I will call my cousin and see what time he will arrive.”

   “Good. The other dishes can simmer but I think the steak should be grilled right before dinner.”

   Li Shaoting calls Li Tian, “When will you be here for dinner?”

   Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, “I have a business dinner. I won’t be back until later.” Dammit, I need the human face mask. I could eat her cooking and spend time with the little kitten.

   Li Shaoting looks over at Sara who has been cooking for over an hour and his temper flares. He walks out into the living room. He has an irritated tone, “Cousin, you specifically asked my cook to prepare dinner, now you aren’t coming?”

  “You have a problem with that?”

  Li Shaoting would rather not see his cousin but he is irked thinking about his inconsiderate behavior. Sara painstakingly looked at recipes to please him. “I think you could have called.”

  “I’m telling you now.”

  Li Tian hangs up and walks up the stairs to the private rooms. He has a gloomy expression on his handsome face, “Get me the human face mask by tomorrow morning.”

  Han Weisheng responds, “It will take a couple days if you want it to be flawless.”

  They walk into the private room and Han Weisheng’s brothers,Chao and Tingfeng are sitting on an Italian leather couch. Han Chao sets down the beer he is drinking and walks over to Li Tian. He growls, “Why did you invite that bitch, Jiang Wenli and Long Jinxi?”

  Han Weisheng has a slight smile, “They are here already?”

  “They went to the ladies’s room.”

  “I didn’t… your brother did.” 


  A beautiful young woman dressed in black leather shorts and a short red sequined top that reveals her toned stomach enters the room.The woman’s 10cm heels click accentuate her long legs as she glides over to the men. She flutters her eyelashes and smiles at Li Tian, “Do you want something to drink? Wine?”

  Li Tian doesn’t put her seductive gaze in his eyes, “Whisky..Macallan on the rocks.”

  She turns to Han Weisheng, “What would you like?”


   When she leaves the room, Long Jinxi pulls her to the side. “Do as we agreed upon, after dinner he always has a glass of brandy. Got it?”

   “Hmm.” After seeing Li Tian she decides to change the plan, she will be the one to sleep with the incredibly handsome and rich stranger. The Han brothers are out of the equation; they are friends with the Boss. She licks her lips, “But the handsome man with them looks strong and virile. She touches the packet in her pocket and smiles at Long Jinxi, “Of course.”


   Long Jinxi and Jiang Wenli walk into the room. Jiang Wenli looks around expectantly, “CEO Li, will your cousin Tang Wu be joining us tonight?”

   Han Chao answers, “Give it up. He doesn’t like you, it was the company creating a CP.”

   Jaing Wenli’s face turns bright red and she grits her teeth. “Kang Jin, shut up. You don’t know anything!”

   Long Jinxi laughs, “Kang Jin, don’t be jealous because Fan Mi locked you in the friend zone.”

  Li Tian frowns, “Noisy. Leave. Go to the next private room. You can eat dinner there.”

  Long Jinxi’s expression shows her displeasure and she haughtily responds, “HA! Li Tian you should remember what my mother said. If you don’t want…”

   The air around Li Tian drops to below zero and his ink black eyes are filled with rage as he approaches Long Jinxi. He leans down and in her ear threatens in a low tone, “Do you think I don’t know it was you who tried to kill my woman? If it weren’t for my grandfather you would already be rotting in the ground.”

  Long Jinxi’s face pales and she trembles, “I..I..told you at the time it wasn’t me.”


   Long Jinxi pulls Jiang Wenli out the door into the next room. She slaps Jiang Wenli, “Why did you start with Han Chao!”

 She holds her cheek, “You bitch! I can’t believe you slapped me! Should I tell Li Tian what you plan to do?”

  Long Jinxi pushes Jiang Wenli and she stumbles onto the couch. Long Jinxi looks down at her, “You dare? Do you want to stay in the crew of —–. One phone call and you are out on your fat ass. The Director loves me…he will do whatever I say.”

  Jiang Wenli has heard rumors but didn’t believe Long Jinxi would sleep with a middle aged married man. She stutters, “ slept with Director Fang.”

  “Gross! Of course not. I am like a daughter to him.” My mother discovered he has certain fetishes. I dress up like a baby and he holds me on his lap while feeding me a baby bottle of milk. I just have to gurgle and coo…call him Dada…Funny.. but I actually enjoy him pampering me. He kisses me and says what a beautiful baby I am.

  “But rest assured one word from me and he would recast your role.”

  Jiang Wenli stands up, “Jinxi, I won’t say anything but you and I are no longer friends.”

  Long Jinxi hugs Jiang Wenli and gazes into her eyes with crystal tears hanging on her eyelashes. She puffs out her cheeks and in a coquettish voice says, “I’m sorry.  But Wenli, you don’t know how frustrating it is being engaged to a man like Li Tian. He ignores me…insults me…but I have no choice. My mother makes all the decisions  and she says I have to marry him. I wish my sister was still engaged to him. Not me…”

  Jiang Wenli looks at her friend’s aggrieved expression, “Well, I will forgive you this once. If you ever slap…”

   Long Jinxi tightens her arms around Jiang Wenli then buries her head in her chest. “Never..never..I promise. You know the Limited Edition Hermes purse my mother gave? It is yours.”

  Jiang Wenli’s eyes light up, “Really?”

  “Yes.” Sorry Mom… but I need this idiot. I have to show my sincerity.  

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