Murder In The Park

   Syren Flynn reluctantly sat in the backseat of the police car and quietly looked out the window at the dimly lit, snow covered park. The perfectly tranquil scene from earlier ruined by crimson red blood spattered on the ground and splashed onto a headless snowman. A handsome snowman she had painstakingly built not one hour ago while drowning her sorrows drinking multiple bottles of cheap beer.

   Pitifully lying in the snow, the once cheerful looking snowman’s black eyeglasses were crooked, the  straight carrot nose broken on the misshapen head. The head that rolled past my feet as I returned from the convenience store. The precious six pack of beer I purchased with the last of my cash broken on the concrete path. Mother of God! Why me? I just wanted to forget about Jake…drink a few beers…play in the snow after work.

  .  Syren replayed in her muddled mind what happened and the whole situation seemed unreal, like a trailer from a crime drama. The last thing she remembered before passing out from shock was the terrifying scene by the playground. A very tall man in a long black coat fighting with a muscular gangster wearing a leather jacket, his flat round face covered in tattoos. The gangster was incoherent, speaking garbled English mixed with Chinese as he wielded a large knife lunging towards the man in the long black trench coat.

In her drunken state Syren impulsively picked up a rock and threw it at the gangster, barely grazing his arm. The tall man kicked the gangster and the knife flew out of his hand onto the snow.

   Staring at the policemen huddled together over the lifeless body sprawled on the ground by the merry go round, Syren Flynn pinched her wrist. She yelped in pain, “Ouch! Not a dream…AHH! Not dreaming!” Syren broke out into a cold sweat as the stark realization hit she actually was sitting in the back of a police car…next to a murderer.

      She anxiously glanced at the man sitting next to her wearing handcuffs. The emotionless man was watching the policemen examining the corpse and ignored Syren’s outburst. Nikolai Naralov narrowed his ink black eyes and inwardly cursed the poisonous woman who was responsible for the present situation . If she didn’t say Louis Chang had the stolen microchip I wouldn’t have so easily fallen into her trap.

  One of the policemen opened the front door and a rush of cold air hit Syren’s face, which snapped her out of her daze. She mustered up the little bit of courage she had and pleaded. “I…I  need to go to the bathroom.”

  The policeman snickered as he took a pair of latex gloves from a box, “You will have to wait.”

  “I can’t. I..I drank a lot..a lot of beer.”

  Annoyed because she was delaying him, the burly policeman lifted Syren by her thin arm out of the backseat. He growled, “Go behind that tree. I don’t have time to take you to the restroom.”

  “I have tissue in my purse. Could you hand me some?”

 He muttered under his breath as he grabbed her purse, “What a pain in the ass.”

  Nikolai Naralov watched the policeman drag the young girl out of the car. Another pesky detail, I wonder how much the little drunk heard before she fainted? Or was she conveniently arranged as a witness? No. If she hadn’t clumsily thrown the rock,  I wouldn’t have been able to gain the upper hand I was still weak from the poison. He stared at the young girl as she staggered through the snow. I will need Anton to investigate.

   Syren stumbled behind the large Oak tree then hastily unzipped her tight blue jeans, sliding them down her slender legs. She breathed a sigh of relief as the snow was dyed yellow. “Thank God! I would have seriously wet myself if he didn’t…” She looked down by her left boot. “ What is that?”

   She gazed at an intricately carved white jade pendant nestled in the yellow snow. She chuckled, Kind of gross, a drenched but really beautiful piece of jade. I wouldn’t have noticed it in the white snow. Maybe we are fated. She used the last scrap of tissue to pick up the the beautiful piece of Jade, so smooth and the carved dragon is absolutely breathtaking.

Looking at his watch the policeman growled, “Hurry up!”

Syren called out, “Almost done.”

She hurriedly shoved the wrapped Jade Pendant into her boot then zipped up the tight jeans.

    Contemplating whether she could leave she slowly emerged from behind the tree. The policeman had his hands on his hips staring impatiently at Syren lazily strolling towards him while kicking the snow. He was getting antsy watching the girl move at a snail’s pace. He wanted to wrap things up and meet his buddies from the 3rd District for a beer at Hannigan’s Bar.

When Syren approached the disgruntled man she argued, “Officer, I told you that I didn’t see anything. Why do I need to go to the Police Station?”

   “Any information you can give will help the investigation. You were the only other person in the vicinity of the crime scene.”

   Syren twisted the corner of her blue plaid jacket as she lied, “Seriously… I…I have night blindness, even though the lights came on in the park I could only make out the shadows of the men fighting.” I have enough problems without being a witness to a murder, even though the gangster attacked the handsome man first. 

   “So you saw the two men fighting?”

   Syren bit her lower lip and wanted to dig a hole to climb into for her lame explanation. I am such an idiot! “Could I have a bottle of water? I am really thirsty.”

  The policeman scratched his unshaven chin while looking at the pretty young girl’s changing expressions. He shook his head, this stupid girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The dead man, Louis Chang is a member of the Serpentine Syndicate and the Russian man in custody…well… after running his ID he is Nikolai Naralov the CEO of Naralov Group.

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    1. Haha…the sexy Russian is the ML in this story. I hope you enjoy. I am not working this summer lol so I have time to write. It will be a little different from my other stories I think.

    2. I feel a little brazen but I was wondering if you could possibly check this story out on kindle vella. Review it if you have time?😊 Disregard if I’m being too bold to ask. Haha

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