She Is In My Bed

   Bai Cai gazes at Emmi lying unconscious on his lap. He lightly touches her cheek with his long slender finger. Such a delicate girl could have had her entire life ruined tonight. That bastard Zhen Sihao! Announcing his engagement to Fang Hua while his girlfriend was nearly brutally raped. He doesn’t deserve Chen Emmi!

   When the car is in the circular driveway of the mountain villa the garage door automatically opens. The driver pulls into the garage filled with several expensive vehicles. He parks the black Maybach next to a Limited Edition silver Bugatti then gets out of the driver seat.

He opens the back door and is shocked to see Chen Emmi lying on Bai Cai’s lap. The tinted partition was up so he couldn’t see into the back seat and tries not to show his astonishment on his face.

The driver controls his facial expression and politely asks, “CEO Bai, do you want me to carry the woman?”

  Bai Cai ignores his question and exits the car with Emmi tightly held in his embrace..

   The driver catches a glimpse of Emmi’s face before Bai Cai gives him a threatening look causing him to immediately turns away. He senses he will be severely punished by the Boss if his eyes linger for even a moment longer on the little beauty. She looks like a fairy…a small oval face with flawless snow white skin and cherry red heart shaped lips. The little girl’s eyes are closed but her long black eyelashes are thick and curled. Her neck is long and slender and her exposed delicate clavicle makes a man want to take a bite.

He wonders who the little girl is that can catch the attention of an abstinent man like Bai Cai. She looks a bit young for the Boss…but it is good to know the rumors about the Young Master are false.

    Bai Cai carries Emmi into the house then directly to the second floor guest room. He lays her on the bed then covers her with a soft white hypoallergenic comforter. Touching her forehead he frowns because she has a fever. He walks into the bathroom to get wet towel then returns to the luxurious bedroom.

    After wiping her face he impatiently takes out his phone to call his brother. Bai Chuan walks in the bedroom door with his ringing phone in his hand and laughs, “I seldom get to see human emotions on your that a look of panic?”

   “Shut up. She has a fever.”

   Bai Chuan walks over to the bed then takes Emmi’s pulse. “The girl’s qi is chaotic. Are you sure she was only chloroformed?”

  “As far as I know.”

  He lifts Emmi’s eyelids and shines a light in her eyes. Afterwards he listens to her heartbeat. “I don’t detect any abnormalities. Her pulse is concerning, I would need to take blood and have it analyzed to find out the reason. The fever could be due to being outside in the freezing weather in such a thin dress. She should go to the hospital.”

  “If I wanted to take her to the hospital I would have.”

  “Well, she should wake up in an hour or so. I will give her a glucose drip to rehydrate.”

  “When the bag is finished, remove the needle from her arm and put a piece of cotton then tape over the injection site. I don’t want to get stuck here, I have an important meeting at the hospital tomorrow.”

   Bai Cai sneers, “You aren’t going anywhere until the girl wakes up. I’m not a doctor I can’t take a fucking needle out.”

   “Cai, it is very simple. I can’t stay.”

  “You can and you will. Chen Emmi’s recovery is essential. I told you she is the only one who has helped my migraines and might be able to cure the poison. You can reschedule the meeting. Nothing is more important than Chen Emmi, do you understand?”

  Bai Chuan feels the invisible pressure coming from his brother and warns, “Relax. You need to control your internal energy. I know enough about your condition to tell you getting angry will speed up the poison reaching your heart. I will stay until she is stable but then I am leaving. After the successful birth of her fat little grandson after a difficult pregnancy The Old Madam of the Ruan family is willing to donate a wing to the hospital. I can’t be disrespectful and blow off the meeting.”

  “If you miss the meeting, so what. If she changes her mind, Bai Group will build the new wing.”

  Bai Chuan lifts his thin lips into an arc, “I will be happy to let you both invest.”

   He unfolds a portable stand and puts a plastic bag of a glucose solution on the hook. Bai Chuan sits on the bed and holds Emmi’s wrist then wipes an antiseptic swab across her delicate skin.

Bai Cai watches as his brother inserts the needle attached to a small tube into a blue vein on Emmi’s almost translucent skin. He sees a drop of blood and furrows his sword like eyebrows, “Why is she bleeding? Are you out of practice since you became the Director?”

  “I just inserted a needle, of course there will be a small amount of blood.”

  Bai Chuan stands up. “I need a cup of tea.” 

  “You know where the kitchen is. I didn’t expect to come here and I don’t have any maids. The old housekeeper is probably asleep.”

  After he leaves the room Bai Cai’s dark and unfathomable eyes are glued to Emmi’s face. He has a flashback. A pretty little girl accompanied by a beautiful woman who was a frequent visitor at his parent’s home before they died. 

   He was on his way out the door to meet his friends at the basketball court. The little three year old girl chased after him asking him if he saw Meilin. She wasn’t paying attention as she ran into the driveway, he pulled her back as a black car sped out the driveway. 

   The little girl looked up at him with an innocent smile. “ “Little Uncle! You saved Emmi!” She had a puzzled expression and shook her head making her curly black hair bounce, “No you are aren’t…haha… you are LinLin’s big brother.” The little girl suddenly had a sad expression on her cute little face and her eyes were misty, “ I heard Mommy say…” She sniffled and wiped her eyes, “Little Uncle is missing.”

    For some reason he feels something terrible happened that day but he doesn’t remember. Why can I clearly remember that scene and nothing else of the day?

   He fixes the quilt around Emmi and walks out of the bedroom deep in thought. Bai Cai goes downstairs and into the kitchen. Bai Chuan is pouring a cup of Chamomile tea, “Do you want a cup? It will help you sleep.”

  “No. Do you think Chen Emmi looks like…a woman who used to visit our house when we were young… before Mother and Father died?”

  Bai Chuan sets down the teacup, “What woman?”

  “Forget it. I just had some flashes of memory.”

  “Cai, I told you that you need to avoid stress. You should call Dr. Lambert he can help you sort them out through hypnosis.”

  “No. I don’t like the idea of spilling my guts, not even being aware of what I am saying.”

  Bai Chuan laughs, “Brother, don’t be so suspicious of everyone. I have known Dr. Lambert since Medical School, he is a reputable psychiatrist.”

  “So you would let him hypnotize you? Possibly become privy to your dark secrets?”

  “…but you never killed people on a regular basis like I did.”

   Bai Cai pours a glass of red wine. “I gave the orders, isn’t that the same thing as wielding the knife myself?” 

  “Okay. I see your point. My advice is leave the past in the past. You took revenge and are now the CEO of Bai Group.”

  “True, but there are  unanswered questions that have bothered me over the years.”

  “After you are cured…pursue the hidden culprits. Don’t let the poison’s deadly effect accelerate because of your anger.”

   Bai Cai’s phone rings and his eyes shine with a cold light. It took the bastard longer to call than expected. He answers and Zhen Sihao sounds enraged, “I am at your mansion and your brother said you aren’t here. Where the fuck did you take Chen Emmi?”

  “I think you lost the right to ask that question.”

   Zhen Sihao slams his fist into the wall. “Motherf****r do you think I won’t kill you if you touch my woman? Tell me where she is now!”

  “Shouldn’t your first question have been, is Chen Emmi okay?”

    He swirls the red wine around in the crystal goblet. “ I didn’t like it when you told me you were deceiving her as to your real identity but I didn’t interfere. But, tonight, If I didn’t intervene the innocent little girl would have been brutally raped, while you were on stage announcing your wedding date with that insipid bitch Fang Hua. The woman on the screen behind you… would have been Chen Emmi not Peng Hua. She is my little sister’s good friend and under my protection now.”

   Zhen Sihao grips the phone tighter unable to refute what he said. He growls, “I had my reasons. Now tell me where she is.”

  “She is in my bed.”

    Bai Cai abruptly ends the call and Bai Chuan raises an eyebrow, “Chen Emmi is Zhen Sihao’s mistress? Why did you make the situation sound ambiguous? That is definitely not like you. Are you interested in Chen Emmi? Why make an enemy of Zhen Sihao?”

    Bai Cai pours another glass of wine, “Like I said Chen Emmi is under my protection now. Zhen Sihao has been lying to the girl and tonight he left her in a precarious situation. If Maisie hadn’t discovered the plot… the innocent and pure girl would be ruined in a beastly manner by Professor Liu. He was drugged by that crazy bitch and Chen Emmi almost was injected with the same aphrodisiac.”

He lights a cigarette, “Zhen Sihao..that arrogant prick crossed my bottom line when he deserted the vulnerable little girl in the garden.”

Bai Cai has a serious expression and his usually unfathomable dark eyes are tinged with a hint of possessiveness.  “Zhen Sihao is a cold and heartless bastard and I am not going to let him have Chen Emmi.”

   Tea sprays out of Bai Chuan’s mouth, “What the fuck!?

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