Where Is Chen Emmi?

Zhen Sihao and Fang Hua are standing under spotlights on the stage with Zhou Guo. When the wedding date is announced by Zhou Gao, all eyes are focused on the them. People are applauding and Fang Hua is beaming. The corner of Zhen Sihao’s mouth twitches but he restrains the urge to rip the microphone from his father’s hand and refuse the marriage.

  Suddenly the large screen on the wall behind them used for presentations lights up. People gasp and several men cover their wives eyes so they don’t see the lewd scene. The luxurious room has gaudy clothes strewn everywhere and a stylish red designer gown ripped to shreds.

There are three people on a large bed. An obese woman with messy black hair has her head between the thighs of a curvaceous red haired woman. The red haired woman who has her legs spread is licking her lips and drooling.

Peng Hua is completely out of her mind from the hallucinogenic aphrodisiac. Begging a naked man whose body is covered in tattoos her voice is raspy and full of lust. “Give it to me! I want it!”

   The man is grinning exposing two gold front teeth as he teases the red haired woman. Holding his hardness in front of her face while spewing obscenities. She is writhing on the bed her incoherent pleading intermingled with lascivious moans from pleasure.

The fat woman is playing with her body and Peng Hua has her long red fingernails digging into her fleshy back. 

Peng Hua’s body is on fire and she needs to taste a man. She raises her voice to admonish then coax him. “Bastard! Motherf**cker..don’t tease me! I will make you feel good if you let me suck your big ****. Or fuck me..yes..fuck me with that fat ****.”

  Chen Chloe’s eyes are riveted on the screen, the woman on the bed isn’t Chen Emmi..but..Peng Hua? She breaks out into a cold sweat and clutches the sides of her dress. Oh my god!  Chen Emmi must have been rescued by her Underworld Boss boyfriend… That could be me! 

  Although the deranged woman’s face can’t clearly be seen, Old Man Peng is horrified when he recognizes his daughter’s voice. “STOP! TURN THAT OFF NOW!”  How could this happen? Where are her goddamn bodyguards? Disregarding the fact his actions reveal who the unidentified woman is he charges to the back of the stage. “Pull the goddamn plug now!” 

   The man he is yelling at is half asleep in a chair. He opens his eyes and doesn’t recognize Peng Mo. He stands up and scratches his head, “What is going on? I can’t do that without permission.”

   Peng Mo’s bodyguard bends the technician’s arm behind his back. If he used anymore strength the man’s arm would break.“Do it”

  The technician screams, AHH…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??”

  Han Weisheng rushes into the room, “Let him go.”

  He walks over and rips a cord from the wall and Peng Mo vents his anger on Han Weisheng. “Is this how you run your fucking hotel? I will fucking sue you!”

  Han Weisheng is smart enough to easily figure out what happened and he replies, “Mr. Peng. Your daughter is an adult and from the video..well it appears the sex was consensual. It is not the hotel’s responsibility. If you want to locate your daughter you can go to the security room and find out the room number. If she was plotted against, I will cooperate with the investigation in any way I can.”

   Peng Mo storms out of the room to go to the security room.

   Meanwhile, the people in the Ballroom are stunned. Zhou Gao observes the speechless and apalled expressions of the guests and wants to explode in anger. Furious that his well planned joyous announcement has been overshadowed by the pornographic images projected on the wall screen. He inwardly curses the person responsible vowing to destroy their entire family.

   Zhen Sihao has a strange expression, he can’t take the chance to anger his father at this point but he is worried about Chen Emmi. She was looking for Liu Ling who is the crazy woman in the video’s ex boyfriend. He can only deduce something went wrong with the poisonous woman’s plan to design Liu Ling and Chen Emmi. Are they together?

  He walks over to his father and calmly says, “I participated in this farce now I’m leaving. I expect you to hold up your end of the agreement.” 

  Fang Hua is in shock. It should be Chen Emmi not Peng Hua in that crazed state! What..what went wrong! She was so sure of herself when I saw her in the garden…thank god I had no part in it. She watches Zhen Sihao leave knowing he is going to look for Chen Emmi.

   She sees Zhou Gao is fuming, she walks over and bows, “Uncle, thank you. I’m sorry this happy moment turned out this way.”

   He feels a little sorry for Fang Hua, she has always been an obedient girl and probably deserves a better man than my cold son. But, I need the cooperation of the Fang family.  “Disregarding the unfortunate disruption marring this happy occasion…the announcement is made. The wedding will be held as planned.”

   She smiles prettily, “I will be a good wife for Sihao.”

   Zhen Sihao sees Han Weisheng coming out of the room behind the stage. “I want to see the security footage.”

   Han Weisheng raises an eyebrow. “Worried about your little songbird?”

   “So you figured it out too. Peng Hua wanted to ruin Liu Ling for revenge and was going to use Chen Emmi. But somehow her plan backfired and she was the one with her reputation shattered.I want to know where the little girl is and if she is safe. Then I will deal with that bitch Peng Hua.”

   They walk towards the security room and Han Weisheng replies, “If I know Old Man Peng, the crazy bitch will be shipped off to a mental hospital to avoid the publicity. Of course if he doesn’t kill her himself for pulling this stunt at such a critical juncture. Peng Pharmaceuticals is in a downward spiral because of an investigation. The stocks have been dropping steadily.”

  When they reach the security room Peng Mo and his two bodyguards are rushing out. He glares at Han Weisheng as he passes them, “If any of what happened leaks out I will hold the hotel responsible.”

  Han Weisheng smirks, “As I said before if you need the hotel’s cooperation in a criminal investigation we will oblige. I have no control on guests gossiping.”

  Peng Mo shakes his fist and spits out, “You bastard! Your father and I went to University together! You can’t do me one favor?”

  “You are wasting time. Shouldn’t you find your daughter?”

  He hurries down the hallway muttering under his breath and Han Weisheng laughs, “Bringing up his relationship with my father..hahaha..my father doesn’t have one good word to say about that fat fuck.”

   When they enter the security room Han Weisheng motions to the security guard to leave. If Chen Emmi was comprimised in any way and the man witnesses it ..well… The aura surrounding Zhen Sihao is very dark.

  Han Weisheng sits down in the seat the security guard just vacated.”You say you last saw the little songbird in the garden?”


  “The monitoring out there only extends slightly past the patio.’ He pulls up the security footage as Zhen Sihao leans his tall body over his shoulder for a better look.


   The images show Zhen Sihao pulling Emmi into the shadows then nothing… Fang Hua approaching…him talking to Fang Hua…Emmi running away. Not towards the hotel entrance but towards the garden.

Zhen Sihao’s face contorts in anger when the next images are Peng Hua walking towards the hotel from the garden and stopping to talk to Fang Hua. Zhen Sihao clenches his jaw, “If that bitch had any part in this..she is fucking going to pay.”

  Han Weisheng says, “Don’t make any snap judgments. Fang Hua has known Peng Hua since we were all children. She of course would stop and talk. Now they are walking into the Ballroom. No sign of Chen Emmi.”

  “I am going to look in the garden.”

 “Wait. Let’s look at the outside of the hotel. Didn’t you say she wanted to leave?” He points to the dark area where he pressed Emmi against the wall. “She could have gone through this door that leads to a hallway to the storage area. There is an exit.”

  “Bring it up.”

   Zhen Sihao slams his hand on the back of the chair, “Right there. Freeze it.”

  Bai Cai is coming from the back of the hotel carrying someone in his arms. The woman’s face can’t be seen but the beautiful and unique dress is easily recognized.

Watching as Bai Cai gets into the backseat of a black Maybach with the petite woman he can barely contain his jealous rage. Staring at the monitor with cold blooded eyes tinged with red, similar to eyes from Hell, Zhen Sihao growls, “I WILL KILL THAT MOTHERF***ER!” 

   Han Weisheng hurriedly stands up and grabs Zhen Sihao’s arm as he heads for the door. “You need to calm down. Don’t go off half cocked..you don’t know the situation. She is his sister’s friend. Maybe he discovered Chen Emmi in a bad situation and rescued the little girl. Don’t you think that would explain Peng Hua ending up in the room instead of Chen Emmi? He definitely could make that happen.” Bai Cai isn’t the type of man to play hero saving the Beauty.

   Zhen Sihao thinks that could be the case but he is still upset wasn’t the one to rescue Emmi. Seeing his little woman in another man’s arms he is consumed by jealousy and possessiveness.He reaches into his pocket for a cigarette to calm his frayed nerves. “Bai Cai knows Chen Emmi is my woman. Why not find me?”

  “Well..you were on the stage announcing your wedding date…” Han Weisheng wants to laugh at his friend’s lack of self awareness. “Call Bai Cai.”

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