Drive Faster!

   Maisie takes out her phone and calls Bai Cai. He steps away from his sister to answer the phone. “What’s the situation?”

    Bai Cai attempts to suppress his dark energy as he listens to Maisie. Several people around him begin to shiver and their legs feel weak from his suffocating aura. He hurries towards the exit facing the garden and narrows his eyes dangerously. “Tell her bodyguards to take that woman to the designated room and inject her with the drug…have Madam Yvette send a man and a woman to accompany the scheming bitch on her ride to hell. I will be right there.”

   He storms out the door and Bai Meilin turns to her brother Chenxi. He has been using all his internal energy to shield her from the fierce killing intent being emitting from Bai Cai’s body, “Where is Elder Brother going in such a hurry?”

   Bai Chenxi could feel the  pitch black darkness surrounding his brother and thinks, whoever made Cai angry won’t meet a good end.

  “I have no idea. Do you want to sit? I see our table is over there.”

  She glances around the Ballroom looking for Emmi.  “Well, I guess.” Chen Emmi must be with her boyfriend.

    Maisie tells Big Hu the plan and gives the syringe back to him and a card from her purse. “After you complete the task go to 1020 Gingko Blvd.,give the man at the door this card.”

   Big Hu is a bit skeptical as to whether he should follow this woman’s orders. Humiliating and destroying Peng Hua? He looks at the ordinary white card with simple black lettering he doesn’t understand.

    Maisie can read his thoughts looking at his expression, Idiot! “You are now working for CEO Bai.”

   Big Hu’s body quivers in excitement and he quickly bows deeply, pushing his buddy’s shoulder to bow also.

   Maisie senses Bai Cai coming, “Go. Don’t disappoint.”

   The two men rush out of the gazebo. Shortly after they leave, Bai Cai arrives. He has a complicated expression looking at Emmi curled up in a ball on the cushioned couch. Liu Ling is babbling while sitting on the floor and still swinging the shoe in the air. Bai Cai raises his eyebrow remembering his sister said Emmi is close to this man. “Take Professor Liu to Dr. Dong’s lab for treatment.”

  He quickly lifts Emmi limp body into his arms and stretches his long legs out of the gazebo. Maisie frowns watching Bai Cai but leave but comforts herself that Emmi has a boyfriend. The man she was kissing looked powerful from his clothes and domineering aura.

   Once Bai Cai and Emmi are in the backseat of the black Maybach he tells the driver to go his mountain villa. He doesn’t want Bai Meilin to see Emmi in this condition. Emmi is leaning on his shoulder still unconscious and he calls his brother Bai Chuan, “Come to my mountain villa. I have an unconsious woman you need to examine.”


  “Get your  mind out of the gutter. She is a friend of Little Mei’s and was chloroformed at the Winter Ball. I don’t want to worry Little Mei.”

  “Little Mei’s friend? The girl that is helping you deal with your migraines?”


   Bai Chuan walks over to his medical bag and picks it up.That explains my cold and heartless brother rescued the girl. I want to meet this interesting girl…but why was she chloroformed? An enemy of Cai’s?

   After Bai Cai hangs up he looks out the window at the snow falling heavily again. If this keeps up we might get snowed in at the villa.

Gazing at the delicate young girl whose head is on his lap now..should we go to the mansion? No.

Bai Cai’s ink black eyes linger for only a moment on her snow white legs as the chiffon dress rides up exposing her slender calves.

He takes a white cashemere blanket from a compartment and covers Emmi’s thin and fragile body. He is fuming and mutters, “I will make the entire Peng family pay for that evil woman hurting this innocent little girl.”

He has a murderous gleam in his eyes thinking if Maisie hadn’t discovered the plot in time the little girl would be raped by Liu Ling and humilitated.

  Maisie hits Liu Ling’s sleeping accupoint and it has no effect, on the contrary it seems to stimulate him. He grabs Maisie into his tight embrace. She is surprised by the gentle looking man’s strengh as he holds her with only one arm wrapped around her slim waist.

She struggles to get free but he has her securely in an iron grip. Liu Ling’s eyes are unfocused and his voice has a desperate tone.“ You shouldn’t have come. Stay quiet or they will attack you too.”

He continues to randomly slash through the air with his black leather shoe. Maisie’s beautiful face is pressed on his bare chest and she can smell his unique fragrance of sandalwood mixed with a strong masculine scent . She has never been this close to a man and is momentarily stunned.

   Liu Ling whispers in her ear in a low and seductive tone, “Don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

   Liu Ling’s warm breath on her neck makes her body involuntarily quiver and her heart skip a beat.  When she regains her senses she inwardly laughs at her reaction  well…no on has ever said they would protect me…and in such a serious tone as though the imaginary insects are attacking… Idiot! 

  She slaps his face with a great deal of force, “Professor Liu!!”

  He has a hurt expression on his beautiful face, “Do you hate me?”  He suddenly kisses Maisie and she tries to push him but he doesn’t stop. He licks and bites her lips then pries her lips entangling their tongues until she is breathless.

A slight soft moan escapes her lips as the kiss ends. Completely flustered from strange feeling she puts her hand on his neck to strangle him. As she exerts pressure with her fingers he doesn’t resist.

Liu Ling’s voice is faint, “You should kill me.” He looks deeply into her eyes and brushes her messy blonde hair off her face ignoring the fact she is about to squeeze the life out of him. “I failed you.” Maisie  looks at his pitiful state and hmmphs then takes her hand away. 

    Wondering how to subdue him she decides maybe the best way is to enter the play with him and get him to cooperate. She says, “We need to escape.”

   He shakes his head, “There are too many of them. I don’t mind them biting me but if you move they will attack you.”

    “Your coat. Cover me with your coat and”..she bites her lip at how ridiculous this is… “We can escape.”

   He looks at the crumpled coat and nods in agreement. After he puts the coat around Maisie he holds her horizontally and rushes out of the gazebo.

   “…” Maisie’s face is crimson red, the lunatic stole my first kiss now is holding me in a princess carry. How dare he be so frivolous! I must kill him for his impudence!

   She thinks about Bai Cai and resigns herself to the fact she has no choice but to roll with it, “The car is there.”

   As they approach she gives the man dressed in black leaning on the car a look.  The man crushes his cigarette. The tough and independent Miss Maisie is being carried by a man. A man who is disheveled and his shirt is unbuttoned..what the hell!

   He stifles the urge to laugh because form the looks of it …haha..  He opens the back door of the black SUV and Liu Ling gen

carefully puts Maisie on the seat as though she is a previous treasure.

   He gently runs his long slender finger across Maisie’s cheek and his Peach Blossom eyes are full of guilt, “ Oh your beautiful face..I am useless… unable to protect you from those hideous flying monsters.” He lightly kisses her forehead, “Baby, don’t worry..I have medicine at my apartment.”

   Maisie doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She sees the driver looking in the rear view mirror and shoots him a death glare as she puts up the partiton.

She has never comforted anybody and has no idea what to say. Liu Ling’s  dark brown eyes are covered with a layer of mist and she has to look away. Is the beautiful fool going to cry?

   The aprodisiac has not completley kicked in but Liu Ling is beginning to feel uncomfortable. He leans back in the seat and closes his eyes trying to supress his dark desire.

   Maisie can see the tent in his pants and figures the aphrodisiac is starting to take effect. Fucking shit! I am doing my best not to kill this man! If he dares unleash his dragon I will! Let CEO Bai send me to Africa! She growls into the intercom. “Drive faster!”

   The driver replies sarcastically, “Miss Maisie,the roads are very icy and the visibility is low because of the heavy snowfall. Ahh… It might be dangerous.”

  Dangerous? She looks at Liu Ling’s body flushed red and his beautiful sword like eyebrows are furrowed. His peach blossom eyes are tightly shut and his face is contorted in pain. The man is clenching his fists at his side, the blue veins exposed on the back of his jade like hands, obviously trying to control his impulses. She has a crease between her delicate eyebrows staring at the huge thing bulging between his legs quickly rising.


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