Too Vicious

   Bai Cai is talking to Bai Meilin when he notices Zhen Sihao at the bar slamming down a glass of whisky. He glances around for Chen Emmi then raises an eyebrow questioning Maisie, “You said Chen Emmi was with Zhen Sihao.”

  Bai Meilin has a strange expression, “What? No… Chen Emmi would never be with CEO Zhen, she is afraid of the old man. Maisie, you said she was with her boyfriend. That would be… well I don’t know his name but.. He is very tall and handsome..not old at all.”

  Both of her brothers stare at her and Bai Chenxi teases, “Little Mei, what are you rambling on about.”

  “Well I can’t say why because it is a secret but I know she would definitely avoid CEO Zhen …most definitely.”

  Bai Cai orders Maisie, “Find Chen Emmi.”

  Zhen Sihao shakes his empty glass at the bartender, “Another, a double.” He can’t calm down, after Fang Hua left he turned and Emmi was gone. He looked in the garden but couldn’t find her anywhere. He hurried inside thinking she came back but didn’t see her among the crowd in the Ballroom. 

   He picks up the glass of whisky. After I finish this drink I will go and check the security cameras I need to find the little thing before the marriage date announcement. I don’t want her to discover my identity in such a  shocking manner..especially after kissing the little girl…she will think I am a scumbag. Zhen Sihao tightens his hand on the glass then gulps down the fiery liquid.  Did she locate that bastard Liu Ling? Is she with him?

   Finishing the glass of whisky he angrily takes long strides towards Han Weisheng. “I need to find Chen Emmi.”

   Han Weisheng points to the stage, “Maybe, it is better if your little songbird doesn’t see this.”

   Zhou Gao is on stage and Zhen Sihao takes out his phone, “Is my mother secure?”

   The person that answers laughs, “Your beautiful mother is secure but not with your men. I suggest you do as your father says if you don’t want any misfortune to befall the befuddled woman.”

  Zhen Sihao clenches his jaw and growls, “Wang Boquin! You dare! Why do you have Harry’s phone?”

  “The old fart is tied up right now and couldn’t get to the phone.” Wang Boquin is still very pissed he had to take the blame when the assassins failed to kill Zhen Sihao. Not only didn’t he die but when he resurfaced he was able to fuck with the Zhou Group making a second attempt impossible. How Zhen Sihao got  incriminating recordings of Zhou Gao and him, he has no idea.

  “If you harm my mother in any way I will kill you without leaving your corpse intact.”

  Wang Boquin pushes up his gold rimmed glasses, “Sihao…brother…I grew up in your house and have boundless affection for Auntie. I would never harm the woman…unless your father ordered me…then of course I would have no choice. As you like to remind me I am his loyal dog. Brother, all you need to do is obediently stand on the stage and smile…maybe hold the insufferable bitch’s hand and commit to the marriage. Hmm.. look excited when the marriage date is announced…that would be a nice touch.”

  Zhen Sihao is seething and seeing his father on the stage he can barely control the urge to  kill the despicable man.

   Wang Boquin has a sly smile,“Are you still there..yes… I hear you breathing and can feel your murderous fury through the phone.”

  “Let me talk to my mother.”

  “She is sleeping, it was a long trip. Be a filial son for a change and no harm will come to Auntie.”

  “Listen you motherf****er…”


   Zhou Gao taps the microphone, “Family and Friends I have an exciting announcement.” He waves at Fang Hua who smiles as a bright spotlight lands on her, “Little Hua, you and Sihao join me.”

   The crowd’s attention is on the beautiful woman in the shimmering gold dress by Chanel. The spotlight makes Fang Hua look like a goddess highlighting her fair complexion and the sparkling diamonds hanging around her neck. Fang Hua’s father beams when he hears the man next to him say, “Zhen Sihao is a lucky man to marry such a beautiful and smart girl.”

     Feeling everyone’s admiring eyes, Fang Hua’s confidence swells as she takes Zhen Sihao’s arm. When he doesn’t immediately move his feet, she continues to smile brilliantly and in a hushed tone coaxes him, “I said I would break the engagement. You promised to give me face tonight.” The dazzling smile doesn’t reveal her inner trepidation, if he humiliates me now I will lose the contract, I need to show my sincerity, Gritting her perfect white teeth she whispers, “Don’t worry, I won’t trouble you and your little girlfriend.” 

    She slyly winks at Peng Hua who is sipping a glass of wine not far away. But, will you want the little slut after you find out about her betrayal? I don’t think so. I will be there to comfort you and you will see I am the only woman for you.

  Zhen Sihao knows he has no choice but to go up onto the stage if he wants to protect his mother. He slowly walks forward hoping Emmi isn’t in the crowd watching.

  Emmi is unconscious in the burly man’s arms and the other man dressed in black says in a concerned voice, “Big Hu look at the girl, the little thing doesn’t look more than twenty years old. She is so tiny and delicate as a porcelain doll. She looks like a little fairy. This is too fucked up.”

   The burly man replies, “Yeah, it is one thing to drug her ex boyfriend I get it… but drug this little fairy girl…too vicious. What did she do to the bitch to make her go more crazy than usual. I can’t do it man..I really can’t. It will ruin this beautiful little girl’s whole life.”

  “Did you go crazy? I was just venting that It is fucked up… we still need to follow the lunatic’s orders. If we don’t do it we are dead or worse than dead. Remember what happened to Feng when he disobeyed the villianous woman’s  orders? Last time I visited him in the mental hospital he was drooling like a fucking idiot. She personally shoved the needle into his vein and laughed hysterically as he convulsed on the floor. A smart man like that… reduced to a drooling idiot with the brain of a three year old.” 

     Startled, the bodyguard named Meng Fu eyes widen staring in disbelief at a beautiful blonde woman dressed in red who suddenly appears in front of him. did you..I didn’t hear your approach. He regains his senses and scratches his head, “ friend’s girlfriend fainted.”

  Maisie raises a delicate eyebrow and has a slight smile, “No need to lie. You aren’t very good.” She swiftly hits the bodyguard’s accupoint and he falls to the ground.

   She points a long slender finger at the burly man holding Emmi. “You. I can help. I need more information first. What did you do to Miss Chen.”

  He is holding Emmi and from what he just saw the gorgeous woman has high martial arts. Even if he dropped Emmi to the ground he realizes he isn’t this woman’s opponent judging from the terrifying aura surrounding Maisie. He cautiously asks “How can you help?”

 “I have a very powerful Boss. I can take care of the woman who you work for and get you another job. But you need to be honest.”

  “What is the name of your boss? .Well.. to hire a woman with her skills you would need to be very rich..maybe richer than the they are having difficulties lately.”

   “That is two questions too many. I can kill you now and grab Miss Chen as you take your last breath or you can cooperate. I would rather have a full explanation for my boss..but killing you I wouldn’t mind…a man who violates a woman is scum.”

   “Lady, I didn’t do anything! I swear! I don’t want to hurt the little girl but the woman I work for is a vengeful bitch.”

  “I am only going to say this one more time. I can help you.”

   He weighs his options and agrees. “Fine.” He tells her the whole story and shows her the syringe.  “Really she is only unconscious from the chloroform.” Maisie takes the full syringe from him and puts it into her purse. CEO Bai is going to be very angry. He might even punish me for not bringing Chen Emmi back in the first place. She shivers at the thought of him possibly sending her to Africa.

  “Take me to the Pavillion.”

  He looks at his buddy sprawled on the ground. “What about Meng Fu? I can’t leave him. We are blood brothers.”

  Maisie rolls her eyes, this big man is so soft. How did he become a bodyguard for someone like Peng Hua? 

  She wakes up Meng Fu. He has a glazed look on his face then jumps up, what the ..

  “Listen Fu. This woman is going to help us. Don’t ask any questions.”

  Meng Fu nods his head and rubs his stiff neck, “Okay.”

  Once they are in the snow covered Pavilion, Maisie sees an incredibly handsome man with beautiful delicate features sitting on the floor. The beautiful man’s face is flushed red and his eyes are glazed. Black strands of damp hair are stuck to his forehead and he is sweating profusely. The black and white striped tie around his neck tie loosened, the wrinkled white shirt unbuttoned exposing his broad wheat-colored chest. An Armani black suit coat is crumpled next to him and he is only wearing one shoe. He is scratching his chest with one hand and the other hand he is waving a black leather shoe in slashing strokes in the air.

Maisie is unable to take her eyes off the beautiful disheveled man. When Big Hu told her about the woman’s ex boyfriend in the Pavillion, she had no intention of helping him. It is unusual for her to feel compassion for anyone but strangely she is disturbed by this man’s pitiful appearance. She can tell from his aura he is a man worth saving.

Liu Ling is losing his grip on reality imagining a horde of giant flying purple insects  buzzing around him. He pants, Fuck! so unbearably hot.. these monstrous insects will eat me alive if I don’t leave. 

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