Peng Hua and Fang Hua

   Emmi struggles in his embrace but she is dizzy from his hot kisses and her mind is muddled.  Zhen Sihao sucks and bites on her lips as his hands roam over her body and Emmi is unable to escape the intoxicating feeling from his touch.The situation escalates when he begins to rub her sensitive spot through the thin chiffon dress. Emmi involuntarily moans in pleasure and Fang Hua, who has been looking for Zhen Sihao, hears the ambiguous sounds.

   Fang Hua’s almond shaped eyes reflect her rage as tiny flames flicker, that bastard met his whore out here! No wonder he said don’t follow! Fueled by her suspicions she hurries around the dark corner. She puts her hand over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming at the two bodies tangled together.

The light is dim. A tall man has his head lowered kissing a beautiful young girl pressed against the ivy covered wall. Although I can’t see his face…the man is Zhen Sihao…I would know that body if there was only a hint of light and…  the girl is Chen Emmi!

   Zhou Gao told her to bring his son to the stage so he could announce their upcoming marriage. She hesitated because Zhen Sihao said not to follow but because of his father’s urging, came to find him.

   Standing there watching the two lovers, Fang Hua narrows her eyes..have your little whore for will be my husband and I have ways to make that little seductress disappear.  She is willing to let him continue with his tryst until she sees her nemesis Peng Hua walking from the lotus pond.

She has always had a contentious relationship with Peng Hua because they have the same name. The Peng and Fang families do business together and maintain a close relationship. When she was young she was a little chubby and everyone called her Fatty Hua to distinguished the two girls.

   Fang Hua looks at Zhen Sihao and Emmi then glances at Peng Hua.  If she sees me being humiliated by Zhen Sihao I will never hear the end of it. When her engagement fell through with that lowly professor I made fun of her being unable to hold onto a man.  She swore she would get her revenge.

  Disturbed by the idea of being ridiculed by her circle of friends, she makes a snap decision and storms over to Zhen Sihao. 

   Emmi’s breathing is ragged and her body is melting into his arms. Suddenly he hears Fang Hua’s impatient voice “ Your father wants you. It’s time.”

   He abruptly lets go of Emmi and turns around glaring at Fang Hua. He rushes over to stop her from speaking. He growls in a low and threatening tone, “I thought I made myself clear, not to look for me.”

   Emmi’s eyes are misty and hazy as she tries to focus after being passionately kissed by the domineering man.  She is leaning against the wall with her hand on her wildly beating heart, stunned by her body’s pleasurable reaction to ‘Wang Hao’.

Emmi snaps out of her daze when she sees Zhen Sihao with Fang Hua then remembers Liu Ling. Taking the opportunity to escape while he is involved with Fang Hua, she quietly slips away to find Liu Ling. 

    While Emmi hurries down the snowy pathway to the garden she curses him for being a beast and a big devil. Worried about Liu Ling she isn’t paying attention and doesn’t notice two men in black suits approaching from the side.

Peng Hua has a vicious smile, it looks like the little slut delivered herself right to me. I knew I couldn’t count on that little flake Chen Chloe. If you want something done right you need to do it yourself.

She lifts her finger motioning to the two men and they quickly capture Emmi. Before a burly man puts a cloth over her nose and mouth Emmi screams once then the chloroform takes effect. Emmi slumps down and the man looks towards Peng Hua.“Miss, where do you want me to take the woman.”

   “The Pavillion of course.”

    Liu Ling is in the Pavillion. Peng Hua lured him here saying she had Feng LiMei, then a muscular man injected him with the hallucinogenic aphrodisiac.

   “ I have to return to the Ballroom.” She hands her other bodyguard a syringe. “Inject the slut, use the back elevator and take both of them to this room.” She hands him a room card and her red lips curl up into an evil smirk, “Don’t forget to film it all..every nasty sex filled moment of their deranged coupling.” Both of them on that drug they should be out of their minds and fuck like wild animals.

 She lazily walks towards the ballroom humming a song and thinking I can’t wait to have that lewd video playing on the big screen in the ballroom. She picks a plum blossom and inhales its sweet fragrance and pulls off a few petals. Peng Hua then tosses the beautiful white flower onto the bluestone pathway, crushing  it with her high heel.

Staring at the ground she has a murderous look in her eyes. Just like this perfectly pure white flower you will be crushed by me, Chen Emmi..lose your innocence…and have it played for everyone to witness. Liu Ling, my love,  you will be a deranged beast and lose all of the prestige you have worked so hard to achieve. Revenge really is sweet.

   Not far away from Peng Hua, Zhen Sihao informs Fang Hua in a very harsh tone that he will be in when he is finished. She huffs away and runs into Peng Hua, quickly adjusting her expression she smiles, “Hua, darling girl, I’m surprised you came.”

  “Why wouldn’t I? Peng Pharmaceuticals hired Zhou Construction to build a multi million dollar complex. Uncle Zhou invited me personally to The Winter Ball.”

   Fang Hua hooks her arm with Peng Hua “Well, I am so glad my very dearest childhood friend came to hear my good news.”

   Peng Hua frowns, “What good news.”

  “Sihao’s and my wedding date. Father-in Law is going to make the announcement tonight.”

  Peng Hua raises an eyebrow, “Honey, are you sure you aren’t delusional. Boquin and I had lunch the other day and he shared some juicy gossip with me. Zhen Sihao has a little girl he is raising.”

  Fang Hua digs her fingernails into her palm and smiles, “So what.” She laughs heartily, “What man in our elite circle doesn’t have a little whore.” She decides that since Peng Hua knows about Chen Emmi she won’t hide and appear vulnerable. “ Hua, honestly! Do you think a nobody like Chen Emmi is a match for me? I will be Mrs. Zhen. Little beauties with no background don’t know how to keep a man. He will tire of her and toss her out as soon as the novelty wears off.”

   Peng Hua starts laughing hysterically, “OH MY GOD! Hua you and I have fate! We both hate that little bitch! Hahahaha…”

   Fang Hua looks confused , “What are you talking about? You know Chen Emmi?” 

  Peng Hua stops and stares at Fang Hua with an intense gaze,  “Zhen Sihao is not the only man the little vixen seduced.” Of course I thought she was a  virgin… will still be fun seeing her destroyed by Liu Ling and him losing everything. I should still be angry at Fatty Hua ..but we have been friends forever, I will let her know what a slut Chen Emmi is. It feels good to share.

   They walk into the ballroom and Fang Hua pulls her into an empty hallway. “Hua,can you make sense?”

   “Chen Emmi is why I am no longer engaged to Liu Ling. The little fox bewitched him with her pure and innocent act.”

  “Damn! The girl had the nerve to put a green hat on Sihao? That is unbelievable!”

  “Not only my Ling. She is dating a student at A University, the Jiang boy, Jiang Weiming.”

  “Thank you for telling me. Now I only have to wait for Sihao to find out and kill the bitch..hahaha.”

  “It won’t be long. Fatty Hua, I have a little surprise. I would tell you but it would spoil the fun.”





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