Emmi Wants To Leave

   Bai Meilin anxiously looks around the crowded Ballroom wondering where Emmi could be when she sees Chen Yihong greeting several men. She has a worried expression, “Chenxi, I see Chen Emmi’s uncle but she isn’t with him.”

   “Maybe she went to the Ladies Room.”

   “I am going to look.”

   “Do you want me to come with you?”


    Bai Chenxi is drinking a glass of orange juice when his eyes widen in disbelief. Did the sun rise in the West today? “Cai, Maisie. Brother, this is a surprise. Why did you decide to come?”

   “I came to make sure no one bullies Little Mei. She hasn’t been to an event like this before.”

  “Oh.” He laughs, “You didn’t think I could protect our little sister? I already made sure the reporters didn’t bully Chen Emmi.”

  Black lines form on Bai Cai’s forehead , “Was there a problem?”

 “Well,  her cousin is a typical White Lotus.  Before we arrived I think she was throwing dirty water on Chen Emmi. She inferred Chen Emmi was unfilial and got the part on the Variety Show because she has a Gold Master. I cleared up all the misconceptions.”

   Bai Cai’s aura darkens and he scans the crowd.That  insolent wench again. She really must not want to live.

    Maisie watches Bai Cai’s expression and looks up at him, “Mr. Bai, do you want me to check on the situation?” Why is he concerned with that girl? Sure… she helped him with his migraines but any masseuse could do that. He is usually apathetic.  CEO Bai wouldn‘t care if a woman lived or died after they served him. I can see the Young Miss being worried because she is her only friend but…this is the second time CEO Bai has shown an unusual concern for Chen Emmi. I can handle him not looking at me because he doesn’t pay attention to any woman but if he actually has an interest in her, well… I might have to eliminate the little threat.

    Maisie’s thoughts are interrupted when Bai Cai growls, “Go.”

   “Yes Sir.”

    She glides through the crowd searching for Chen Emmi.  

    Emmi is pushing the button on the elevator when the door opens and Chen Chloe steps out followed by a couple reporters. She smiles brightly,“Oh sister, I found you.” She links their arms as Emmi tries to free herself Chen Chloe whispers, “Your professor is in trouble. Cooperate.”

    Emmi knows the satisfied smirk on her cousin’s face very well, she is definitely up to no good. So she walks with Chloe down the hallway back towards the ballroom worried about Liu Ling. After the reporters walk into the ballroom Emmi stops. “What are you up to Chloe? Didn’t Uncle Yihong vent your anger for you? I just want to leave. You can have this farce all to yourself. I want no part of it. You don’t want me to appear in the Variety Show…fine..I won’t appear…I really don’t care.”

   Chen Chloe has a murderous gleam in her eyes. Jiang FeiFei gave her back the aphrodisiac and said she wanted no part of her scheme this time. She used the excuse that if she were caught she would be sent abroad. Peng Hua dragged her into the garden and to incentify Chloe showed her the incriminating video again. 

  She has had a few glasses of wine and her courage has returned. “Chen Emmi, I would like nothing more than for you to disappear tonight but how would that look? My father would lose face and reporters would begin to start rumors about our relationship. If you didn’t come into the Ballroom in such a grand fashion drawing the attention of all the reporters it wouldn’t be a big deal. You can only blame yourself for causing such a stir with your diva attitude.”

  Emmi shakes her head, “You certainly can spin a story. You should quit acting and become a screenwriter.” Emmi has reached her limit after her Uncle’s venomous attack. She smiles prettily and flips her curled hair, “Cousin, I can’t help it if I am more beautiful than you…more talented than you and Jiang Weiming likes me not you.”

   Digging her fingernails into Emmi’s delicate arm Chen Chloe rages, “Bitch!” She angrily reaches to grab her hair but instead gently tucks a wisp of Emmi’s hair behind her ear. The sudden change due to the fact out of the corner of her eye Chen Chloe sees a group of people getting out of the elevator led by a sophisticated looking woman in her late twenties.

Chloe recognizes the strikingly attractive redhead as the editor of Beautiful Lifestyles Magazine so she stops her abuse. Chen Chloe has a malicious smile, “Chen Emmi, I was going to tell you where Liu Ling is so you can help him but…well…you can find him yourself.” She turns to walk away then cryptically says, “Peng Hua…oh… never mind.” 

   Emmi grabs Chloe’s hand as she pleads, “Even if you hate me, Professor Liu never did anything to you. Where is he?”

   When the group gets closer Chen Chloe’s eyes tear up and she sounds pitiful, “Emmi, you are hurting me. I know you like Professor Liu, I am only trying to help you. Getting a room at this hotel so you can be with him..if people find out..”

   Emmi has a crease between her eyebrows, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

   Chen Chloe pretends to trip, Emmi instinctively yanks on her hand to pull her forward and Chloe cries out, “Ahh..don’t!’

   A handsome young man has been listening to Emmi and Chloe with a complicated expression. He made eye contact with Emmi and felt a pang in his heart when she ignored him while bullying her cousin.

When he notices Chen Chloe is about to fall he stops talking to his friend and takes two long strides over to the two girls. Embracing Chen Chloe from behind to prevent her falling, Zheng Muyan glares at Emmi, “Chen Emmi, you have really changed.”

Chen Chloe recognizes Zheng Muyan as the heir to the Zheng group and an aspiring fashion designer. She is attracted to him because she thinks she can use him, not only is he handsome and super rich..but he has won several prestigious awards and has a high profile. He is often featured in magazines and appears on several talk shows as a fashion commentator. If I dated Zheng Muyan I would get a lot of exposure and Jiang Weiming will notice me. She gazes up at him with a gentle and innocent smile, “Thank you. It..it was an accident. When I made this dress I left the hem a little too long and it caught on my heel.”

   She catches the attention of the group and the stylishly dressed woman comments, “You designed this gown?”

  Chen Chloe shyly flutters her eyelashes, “Well..yes..” She lightly chuckles, “I am only a student and didn’t take into consideration the proper length. I’m sorry I let you see my joke.”

  From their viewpoint it did look like Emmi pushed Chen Chloe. When Chen Chloe ‘covers’ for Emmi, Han Qing increases her opinion of the pretty girl being bullied. She takes a business card out of her purse. “I think you are very talented. Call me, my friend has an internship available.”

  Chen Chloe never expected this result and excitedly takes the card in both hands and bows, “Thank you so much Miss Han!”

  Emmi recognizes Han Qing as one of Wang Hao’s women and mutters “Stupid” under her breath. She doesn’t care at this moment that Chen Chloe lied about the dress she worked so hard on for two months. . She rolls her eyes and wants to go find Liu Ling. She pushes through the group as she brushes past Zheng Muyan, she has a hurt expression as she gazes at the arrogant Young Master she used to play with as a child. You should know who really designed this dress…we worked on many projects together in the past before you stole my design…how ironic  that the two thieves are..my dearest childhood friend and my own cousin.

Emmi rushes into the ballroom anxiously looking around for Liu Ling. When she doesn’t see him she thinks he may have been lured outside by Peng Hua…what will the vindictive woman do to him? Emmi’s heart is racing as she lifts up her dress and out the door to the garden. She bumps into Wang Hao’s chest. He smoked half a pack of cigarettes then gave up on Emmi coming to the Pavillion. He chuckles as he embraces Emmi, “Slow down. I’m here. Did you get held up by the reporters?”

  She pushes away from him, “What?”

  He can see her puzzled expression and his body stiffens, “You weren’t rushing out to meet me?”

  “Meet you? I don’t know what you are talking about…Oh yeah. No. I wasn’t. I am looking for Liu Ling. Have you seen him?”

   Zhen Sihao looks like a volcano that is about to erupt. He grabs her by the arms and his voice is deep and threatening. “Say that again.”

  “Wang Hao, let go of me.” She doesn’t want to say Liu Ling might be in trouble. “I don’t have time for you right now.’ She snidely remarks, “You should probably go inside, your beautiful date is waiting and your other woman Han Qing is in there too.”

  Zhen Sihao is consumed with jealousy, that bastard again! What does she see in that pompous asshole! Little girl, you are mine! I won’t let another man have you!

   He holds on tighter to her arms, Chen Emmi, you aren’t going anywhere. I have something to say to you.”

   She squirms, “WANG HAO! THAT HURTS!” He is gripping where Chen Chloe scratched with her sharp nails.

   He sees the bloody mark on her arm and his eyes narrow dangerously. “Who did this to you?”

   “Pfft! A bully just like you! Let me go!”

   “I won’t let you go to look for that bastard Liu Ling I have something important to tell you that can’t wait.”

“Are you crazy? I need to find Brother Ling! You can tell me whatever it is later! Later! I don’t have time for you!”

   He puts his hand over her mouth as he aggressively drags her to a dark corner. If she says that bastard’s name again I might commit murder! He presses her against the wall and fiercely kisses Emmi as she struggles helplessly.  He pries open her pink lips and his hot tongue sucks mercilessly to vent his rage, entangling her small tongue. Unable to control the flames of desire Zhen Sihao sweeps his hungry tongue over the entire inside of her mouth tasting her sweetness. He puts his hand on her breast while continuing to pillage her mouth. I don’t care if this is wrong. I have to make you mine. I can’t let Liu Ling take you from me.

  Maisie witnesses this ambiguous scene and her beautiful red lips curl up into a wide grin. It looks like Chen Emmi has a boyfriend. She happily walks back into the ballroom to find Bai Cai and Bai Meilin.

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