Emmi On Hot Search

    While Emmi and Bai Melin are getting dressed for the Winter Ball, Zhen Sihao is drinking at a bar with Yan Jing.

 “Dammit, my father is forcing me to take Fang Hua to the fucking Winter Ball. He plans on announcing a marriage date. I fucking hate that bastard!”

  Yan Jing takes the bottle of whisky away from him. “Slow down, getting drunk before you go will only make matters worse.”

  Zhen Sihao takes the bottle back. “You don’t understand. I finally meet a girl I like and now it is going to be over before it begins.”

  “What are you talking about? You aren’t making sense.”

  “Chen Emmi. She thinks I am Wang Hao and for some unknown reason she hates Zhen Sihao.”

  “Right. I remember when I met her about the Waterfront Development she seemed more like she was afraid of him…you.”

  “I don’t understand either but I know with her personality finding out I am Zhen Sihao coupled with I am getting married well..she won’t speak to me. Chen Emmi won’t even give me a chance to explain.”

  “Why don’t you explain to her first before the Winter Ball.”

  Zhen Sihao swirls the whisky in his glass, “Yeah. But she might accept I am Zhen Sihao..but getting married..what girl would commit to a scumbag who has an impending marriage. What is going on with moving my mother to another location?”

  “We eliminated your father’s spies and she is in transit now to another facility. But, there is no way to ensure he doesn’t have another deeply hidden spy. It will take several days to contain the situation. You said Zhou Gao would take action immediately if you don’t adhere to his demands.”

   Zhen Sihao angrily gulps down the rest of his drink and shakes his empty glass at the bartender.

   Yan Jing raises an eyebrow. “Are you hoping Fang Hua is repulsed by your drunkenness and willingly cancels the wedding. Give it up. I know that woman because she is a good friend of RanRan’s…she is a shrewd businesswoman..she will weigh the benefits against the fact you are having a temper. She will definitely take the benefits ignoring your childish tantrum. She will soothe you and make it appear that she is supportive even as you attempt to humiliate her at the Winter Ball. Not to mention your father will act if you are disobedient and embarrass Fang Hua.”

  “Fuck! I can’t deny your reasoning but I am so fucking pissed!” He laughs, “I even considered the bitch having an accident and being unable to attend.”

   He stands up and sways then strides towards the door, “Looks like I need to sober up and get ready for the fucking Winter Ball.”

   Meanwhile at the Bai mansion Emmi and Bai Meilin are dressed and ready. Emmi drinks a glass of orange juice, “Meilin I don’t know how I can repay you. The dress and jewelry you loaned me are so beautiful.” She holds out her delicate wrist, “ I never thought I would be able to wear a pink diamond set from Navarre’s Pink Lotus Collection.

   Bai Meilin knows if she says the jewelry is a gift Emmi will refuse so she answers, “Don’t be bothered, the rental price is nothing and the dress is a gift. You don’t know how relieved I am that you can help my elder brother. He silently endures so much for our family. I know his migraines have been getting worse although he never complains.”

   “He is a very strong man and very dedicated to family which is admirable.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes water, “He is so strong which makes it harder to watch and not be able to do anything when he is in pain. She blinks back her tears, “Thank you for helping him.

   Emmi picks up a tissue and gently dabs Bai Meilin’s eyes, “Don’t cry.” She smiles, “You will ruin your gorgeous  makeup. I will do whatever I can for him, your family has been so nice to me. You are a good friend and your brother Chenxi got me a spot on a Variety Show and today your elder brother really put the fear of God..haha..into my Cousin Chloe.”

   There is a knock at the door, “Girls are you ready?”

   Bai Meilin answers the door, “Chenxi, we will be down in a minute.”

   After he leaves Emmi says, “I think I should check on your brother before we leave.”


   Emmi walks up the stairs to the third floor and knocks on the treatment room’s door. When no one answers she opens the door and enters. Bai Cai appears to be sound asleep and she walks over to check his pulse. She touches his wrist and smiles, “I think you should be pain free for a few days anyway.” She touches his forehead and Bai Cai pretends to be asleep. He heard Emmi enter the room but wanted to see what she would do, he is still somewhat wary because of her relationship with Zhen Sihao.

She sits in the chair next to the bed and stares at the sleeping man. “I admire you Bai Cai…working hard for your family even while you are experiencing excruciating pain. The way you pamper and indulge your little sister and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me for you to defend me in front of my Cousin. I promise that I will sincerely do my best to cure you so you can lead a happy and long life.”

Emmi has a wistful expression looking at the exquisite dress and pink diamonds she is wearing, “I feel like a princess wearing this dress and  jewelry your adorable sister arranged for me…you taught her well..Meilin is sweet…funny and too generous. So I want to make sure she always has her big brother to protect her and keep the smile on her face.”

   Emmi stands up and brushes the hair back that is hanging on his forehead then leaves.

   Bai Cai opens his eyes and catches a glimpse of Emmi as she leaves. He was shocked she would sit and talk to him so freely. He was touched by her words and the sincerity of her promise. Due to his position in both the business world and the Underworld most everyone is terrified of him, it felt strange to be spoken to in such a gentle way. He smirks, Chen Emmi is very naive, admire me? she has no idea I almost snuffed out her little life when we first met for knowing my secret. If any of my enemies were aware of me being poisoned and  my weakened state it would cause me problems. How many people I have killed for less without losing a moment of sleep…as though they are merely ants to be crushed under my feet. Little girl, I am a very bad man…not someone who deserves your kind words or sympathy. 

    Emmi walks down the stairs, Chenxi gasps and takes out his phone. He takes a picture then says, “Meilin stand by Chen Emmi.”

     Meilin stands next to Emmi and they put their heads together and smile as he snaps a few more pictures. “I am accompanying the two most beautiful girls going to the Winter Ball.” He posts a picture on Weibo and it is instantly liked by Kang Jin and he comments “Beautiful Fairies.”  Film Emperor Tang Wu reposts it and Fan Mi likes it and the internet blows up. Bai Chenxi laughs and shows Emmi his phone, “Little girl, you will be famous before The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show starts!”

    Emmi frowns, “Bai Chenxi shouldn’t you ask my permission before you post a picture of me!”

    At the Chen villa Chloe is looking in the mirror very satisfied with the stylist. She hears the two stylists chattering, “Is that bracelet from Navarre’s new collection?” 

  The other woman chimes in, “Look at the marble staircase and the Van Gogh on the wall to the left, I wonder where this was taken? Is it a photo shoot?”

   “It looks like it but i don’t recognize the two young models. They must have signed with Bai Chenxi’s agency recently.”

    “Look at this! Kang Jin commented and reposted. Those girls are going to be on the top of the hot search.”

    Chen Chloe turns around to see them looking at a phone. Curious she walks over and peers over the one woman’s shoulder. She reaches and grabs the phone startling the woman. “NO! NO!” Impulsively she throws the woman’s phone at the wall, “BITCH!”

    The two women nervously look at Chen Chloe and then the cracked phone on the floor. The woman whose phone is broken wants to cry, she just paid off the expensive iPhone. She picks up the phone when she sees Chen Chloe pulling at her hair she grimaces, I spent over an hour styling.“Miss Chen, calm yourself.”

    Chen Chloe’s body is quivering, “GET OUT!” She stomps her feet when they stay frozen in place and brushes the crystal perfume bottles onto the floor, “I SAID GO!”

    Chen Xue hears the screams and reaches the door as the two women brush past her anxious to leave. She stops them and in a threatening tone warns, “I don’t know what happened but if you breathe a word about my daughter you will never work again. Do you understand?”

    They both nod their heads, “Yes Mrs. Chen.”

    Chen Xue opens the door to her daughter’s room and sees the mess on the floor and Chloe sitting on the bed clutching a porcelain bottle. She sits down on the and puts her arm around her daughter, “Honey, what is wrong?”

    She sniffles while caressing the bottle in her hand, “Mom, it’s her.. Cousin Emmi..I hate the bitch so much.”

   “You are so much better than that little hoof why do you let her bother you? Come sit, Mommy will fix your hair.”

   Chen Chloe walks over and sits in front of the mirror. “Mom, she has a backer now. I don’t think I can compete with her anymore.”

   She takes out the diamond hairpin and brushes Chloe’s hair, “What do you mean ..a backer?”

   Chloe picks up her phone on the table and shows her the posts. Chen Xue taps the screen, “Who is the other girl in the photo?”

   “A nobody, but the man who posted the picture is her brother, a golden agent. He represents top names in the industry and he has taken the little bitch under his wing. She is going to be on the Variety Show I am appearing on next week. This photo shoot is probably to hype her up before she appears.”

   “Why didn’t you tell me about her appearing on the Variety Show with you? I could have found a way to prevent her from appearing.”

   “I wanted to handle it myself.” She gazes at the bottle in her hand. “I have a way… but I am worried I might get caught.”

   “Tell Mommy.”

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