Emmi Is Bullied

    Zhen Sihao’s dark eyes flash with possessiveness and jealousy when he witnesses the chaotic scene at the entrance of the ballroom. Emmi looks stunning and is attracting the attention of everyone in the room. Emmi’s petite body looks both pure and seductive in a strapless pink and white gown with sparkling crystals that  shimmer under the lights. He is on a daze, the little seductress is like a beautiful doll that would break under a man. Zhen Sihao wants to gouge out the eyes of the men devouring her body with their lecherous looks.

Delicate pink diamond earrings dangle alluringly on her snow white neck and a unique Pink Diamond Lotus Necklace hangs into her cleavage. The veins bulge on his neck as she smiles at something Bai Chenxi said. He recognizes the jewelry. It is an exclusive set from the world famous jewelry designer Navarre.Did that bastard Bai Chenxi give her the diamonds? 

  The dark look on his face and the way his body stiffens while staring at the scene upsets Fang Hua. She never thought she would have to compete with a young girl to win Zhen Sihao. Flames of jealousy flicker in her brown eyes while shooting daggers at the two beautiful young girls who are causing a commotion not far away. Is one of those girls the college student who was in his mansion? 

    Initially she can’t tell which girl has caught Zhen Sihao’s attention, both girls are beautiful and wearing gorgeous designer gowns. But when Bai Chenxi steps in front of Chen Emmi to field  questions from the reporters Zhen Sihao’s aura becomes suffocating. The fairy-like girl in the Chanel dress. Hmm.. She decides to say something when she sees him moving in that direction. “It wouldn’t be prudent for you to act hastily. My mother is standing next to Chen Xue.”

   He clenches his fist in his pocket. If the little thing doesn’t go to the garden to meet me, I will walk over and snatch her away from that pretty boy.

   Fang Hua can’t believe her eyes, Zhen Sihao never shows his emotions on his face but he is visibly angry. What does a little girl have to attract a cold and aloof man like him? He is surrounded by beautiful women so it can’t be just her beauty. Is she connected to the Bai family? 

     Emmi is protected by Bai Chenxi as he answers the questions directed at her by the reporters. When he finishes he says, “Please allow Chen Emmi to enjoy the evening. The Studio will set up a greet and meet before filming begins on Monday for The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show.. I hope to see you all there.”

  Han Weisheng has a mischievous smile, “Sihao, I heard you invested in The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. It looks like people will tune in to see the fireworks between the Chen Cousins.”

    Fang Hua has a shocked expression and her voice trembles in anger, “You…you invested in a Variety Show that Lin Entertainment is producing? Why?” Why would you screw me over like that! 

   He raises an eyebrow at her questioning him then grabs a glass of wine as a server walks by them. “Why not?”

   She is unable to control her emotions thinking she had blocked all potential investors, now she finds out he invested. “You know very well that I am in negotiations with Lin Entertainment. I don’t want that show to be aired!”

   He sneers, “What does that have to do with me? My investment is none of your business.”

   Fang Hua’s face turns bright red and she grits her teeth, “Does your father know?”

  Zhen Sihao lifts his lips into a sarcastic smile. “Would that matter? You should realize something, I am only cooperating tonight for one reason. When the situation is contained I will sever our relationship.”   He continues to keep an eye on Emmi and Bai Chenxi. “If you want me to continue this charade  I advise you to not concern yourself with my affairs.”

   She notices his obsidian eyes reveal his extreme possessiveness while riveted on the girl shielded by Bai Chenxi. She hears the reporter’s question and realizes the girl’s name is Chen Emmi and she will be appearing on The Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. Fang Hua looks up at Zhen Sihao, her face contorted in anger, “Affairs? Is Chen Emmi the reason? You are her backer?”

   “No, she got the job on her own merit.”

   She impulsively grabs his arm, “But you invested because of her involvement, am I right?”

   Han Weisheng can see the situation is escalating and regrets stirring the pot. He knows Zhen Sihao is protecting his mother by accompanying Fang Hua tonight. Uneasy because he flippantly mentioned the Variety Show to see his friend’s reaction and possibly ignited her fury,  he interjects, “Fang Hua, you misunderstand, my brother is one of the stars and approached Sihao.”

    Irritated by both Fang Hua and Bai Chenxi, Zhen Sihao decides to go to the Pavillion and smoke a cigarette. He sees the interview is wrapping up and wants to gather his thoughts and wait for Emmi. He tells Fang Hua in an annoyed tone, “I will  be back. I told you I have some personal business to attend to, Weisheng can entertain you while I am gone.”


    The reporters respectfully thank Bai Chenxi for his cooperation and leave. After the group walks away Emmi sighs, “Bai Chenxi you were amazing. I felt like the woman in the green dress wanted to stir up trouble between my cousin and me.”

   He pats her on the shoulder and laughs, “They want to create drama, don’t worry I won’t let anyone smear your name. But you need to watch out for your cousin. If what the reporter quoted Chen Chloe as saying was accurate, she made it seem as though you went in the back door.”

   “I know.”

   Bai Meilin holds her arm, “My brother will make sure to protect you.”

    Not far away, Chen Yihong has his wife and daughter complaining nonstop in his ear and is furious. Tonight is supposed to be a night to show off his darling daughter and gain momentum in pairing her with one of the heir apparents that are gathered here at the Winter Ball. She is pretty..a popular student at the University, a budding actress and has been groomed since she was young to marry a son of one of the elite families in the city. Now Chen Emmi is who everyone is talking about instead of his daughter. 

    Chen Chloe’s eyes are watery as she clutches onto his hand, “Daddy, she is ruining my night! My life! I hate her!”

     “I will take care of it, don’t worry.” The dead bitch’s daughter has nerve! Coming late and taking the spotlight away from my precious little girl! He plasters on a fake smile and walks over to Emmi. “Excuse me Mr. Bai, I would like to have a word with my niece.

     Emmi is apprehensive because she knows he must be infuriated by the attention she is receiving but smiles. “Of course Uncle.”  While she follows him she feels a piercing gaze and meets Fang Hua’s scorching glare. Why is that woman giving me a death glare? Well.. who cares why…I need to deal with Uncle. 

She ignores Fang Hua and wonders where her Uncle is taking her to ‘talk’.  Now she knows she can’t avoid his punishment when they reach a secluded area of the ballroom. Chen Yihong stops. He grabs her by the arms and shakes Emmi, his eyes are bulging as he spits out, “How dare you! Didn’t your mother teach you not to block Chloe? You would pay the price if you tried to fly onto a high branch?”

    Emmi continues to have a frozen smile on her beautiful face as though he is air. Enraged by her calm appearance, Chen Yihong fiercely slaps her cheek, “BITCH! YOU ARE A FOX SPIRIT JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER!”

   Blinking from the stinging pain as she holds her cheek she defiantly responds, “You can say what you want about me but don’t disrespect my mother!”

   “You dare talk back to me!” He slaps her again and it takes all of her willpower not to burst out in tears. Chen Yihong has lost all of his well honed noble appearance, he is spitting saliva as he rages, “That fucking slut relied on her looks to seduce my idiot brother! If he wasn’t so obsessed and blinded by her beauty he wouldn’t have..” He stops mid sentence and Emmi’s eyes widen, “Wouldn’t have what? What did my father do to my mother! TELL ME!” She wants to know what happened, her grandfather would never talk about her father. It was as though her father never existed.

   “Shut up!” He pushes her into the pillar and Emmi bumps the back of her head. Out of control being reminded of the past he wants to strangle Emmi to wipe out the images of her incredibly beautiful and alluring mother filling his turbulent mind.  Staring at Emmi’s delicate and beautiful face he thinks you are the spitting image of that fox bitch.

He uses a great deal of force grabbing Emmi’s chin and squeezing, “Listen to me girl, you better be invisible tonight. If you take the limelight away from Chloe I won’t let you off. You need to withdraw from that fucking Variety Show too or I will have this fox face of yours destroyed so you can’t seduce any man! Do you understand?!?”

   Emmi knows not to argue with him right now because she is at a disadvantage and her uncle seems to be out of his mind right now. Chen Yihong has been angry with her before but never this violent..even disregarding that he is in a public place. I will find out what happened to my mother. you wait and see! If you were involved you will pay! Fighting back her tears that are about to fall she bites her bottom lip to suppress the pain. She doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. “I understand.” 

   He storms off and Emmi’s delicate body quivers being reminded of the mystery surrounding her father..her mother’s poisoning and subsequent death. The mental anguish is worse than the physical pain of being bullied by her own uncle. She wearily leans up against the pillar, I want to leave. There is no reason for me to be here. I am not a part of the Chen Family…they would like nothing better than for me to disappear.

   Emmi wipes the tears at the corner of her beautiful green eyes and takes down her hair so it covers her swollen red cheek. She can still feel the stinging pain but stands up straight and walks down the hallway to the restroom. I won’t let them trample me. I will get stronger find out the truth and live my life well. 

   When Emmi is in the bathroom Jiang FeiFei comes through the door. Emmi is finishing putting makeup on her face to cover the redness and Jiang FeiFei walks to the sink. “Chen Emmi you are too much.” She is tall and with 10cm heels she towers over Emmi as she pushes her shoulder. “Whore! Dating my brother while also sleeping with an Underworld Boss!”

   Emmi grits her teeth, why did I come? First my Uncle, now Chen Chloe’s stupid follower!  “Jiang FeiFei, I am not going to go there with you. You need to start thinking for yourself and stop being my cousin’s puppet. I have known you since we were kids, do you really think I am such a person? I am aware you help Chloe scheme against me but have I ever retaliated? No. Why? Because I feel sorry for you that you don’t see that she uses you as a tool for her unreasonable revenge against me just because she feels I am a threat. One day she will go too far and you will be her scapegoat. You should think about that.” 

    After Emmi leaves the restroom Jiang FeiFei thinks about what Chen Chloe told her this afternoon..her plan to ruin Emmi completely and she thinks about what her ‘best friend’ wanted her to do. Maybe I have been blind. She opens her purse and looks at the porcelain bottle. Why should I risk being caught? If I think about it Chen Emmi is right she has never done anything to me. 

     Disturbed by being bullied as soon as she arrived at the Winter Ball Emmi walks out into the ballroom. She impatiently looks around the crowded room for Bai Meilin to make her excuses and leave, completely forgetting she told ‘Wang Hao’ she would meet him in the Pavillion.

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  1. Poor girl. I had a feeling that at the moment when her uncle beat her, a hero should have appeared and saved her =)

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