Emmi Warns Bai Cai

    After Emmi woke up, Bai Meilin convinced her to come to her house and get ready for the Winter Ball.

They enter the mansion and Bai Cai looks up from his laptop surprised to hear his little sister laughing uncontrollably. When Meilin sees him she wipes her eyes, “I’m sorry I thought you were at the office.”

   “What is so funny?”

    Bai Meilin walks over and sits down on the couch next to him then hugs his arm.  “Nothing. Brother, are you going to the Winter Ball tonight?” She thinks he might like Emmi because of what happened at the University.

  “Not going. Chenxi will accompany you.”

  Bai Meilin pouts, “I want you to go.”

   He takes off his gold rimmed glasses and rubs his temples,“I have work to do.”

  “It is Saturday.”

  “I have a project I need to complete before I leave next week.”

  “Where are you going? I thought you said you would be home for the next couple months.”

   He glances over at Emmi who is looking at her phone, “We can talk later. The stylists arrived a short time ago and they are waiting for you. Go tell them you are home. I want to speak to Miss Chen for a minute.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “Oh…okay.”

  Emmi nervously walks over to him, “You want to talk to me?”

   “I will pay you, do you have time to give me an acupuncture treatment?”

   “You are having a migraine?”

   “Yes, the frequency is becoming very troublesome. I am going to New York next week to meet with a man who might possibly have a cure. He is widely known as an expert in dealing with rare poisons.”

   Emmi wrinkles her forehead, “Mr. Bai, I would be very careful. I told you my mother died from the same poison that I think is in your system. She went to several so-called poison experts and the result was their treatments possibly worsened her condition. That is why my Grandfather dedicated himself to finding a cure. I told you I would do my best to stabilize your condition and review my grandfather’s research.”

   He stares at the young girl in front of him, “I admit your acupuncture treatment relieved my headache and the muscle spasms, but…sorry if I am skeptical you can cure me. I will take my chances with Dr. Burgess.”

   Emmi’s eyes widen and she grabs his arm, “Dr. Raymond Burgess? No!..Don’t believe that man! He is scamming you! My mother paid him thousands and after the initial treatment in his New York Clinic she returned from the United States. Expecting to continue treatment at his Shanghai Clinic, she went to the Clinic as instructed but it was closed down. The building was vacant and his New York number was unreachable.”

   Suddenly Bai Cai’s aura blackens and his eyes narrow dangerously as he slams down the laptop. How dare that fucking bastard try to scam me! I will personally tear his body limb from limb!

 Emmi nervously takes his hand, he looks like a volcano that is about to erupt and that will worsen his condition. She looks him in the eyes with a worried expression, “Mr. Bai you need to calm down…anger will make the headache worse. Now you know and that is a good thing. You aren’t alone…I will help you. You need to trust me.”

   He regains his composure and realizes the killing intent he emitted probably frightened the little girl. “I will investigate Dr. Burgess, I appreciate you sharing your mother’s experience with me.”

   “Mr. Bai, I also have a selfish reason to help you. I think there is some connection between my mother being poisoned and your poisoning. It is too coincidental because according to my Grandfather the poison is very rare. I think with your capabilities you will find the answer for me. My mother was a kind and loving woman and she didn’t deserve to meet such a horrible ending. I want to know who killed my mother..they robbed a beautiful woman of her life and me of a loving mother. My grandfather convinced me not to pursue the matter because he worried about me being hurt.  I think you are powerful and can find out who the culprit is without suffering any losses.”

   Bai Cai gazes at Emmi and is filled with a strange emotion as though they do have a connection. “It might take some time but I will find the person and make them pay.”

   She grips his hand tighter and bows her head, “Thank you Mr. Bai. Should we do the treatment in your room?”

   “No. I had one of the guest rooms converted into a treatment room. It has a massage table and everything you will need.” After the mess in the bedroom and inappropriate scene in his bed last time he immediately called a designer to fix up the guest room.

  Upstairs Bai Meilin looks at her watch then tells the stylist, “I will be right back.”

   She runs into the living room and sees Emmi holding her brother’s hand. She smiles and under her breath she sighs, “Yes!” Emmi is just the type of girl my taciturn brother needs in his life. She coughs and Emmi quickly releases Bai Cai’s hand. 

   He raises an eyebrow while looking  at the wide grin on his little sister’s face. “Lose the silly grin, it isn’t what you think. Miss Chen is going to help me relieve my migraine. She will meet you in your room afterwards.”

   “Okay. I will have the kitchen prepare some fruit and snacks. We have plenty of time.”

    Emmi smiles, “Thanks Meilin.”

    Bai Cai tells Emmi, “Third floor the room at the end of the hall. I need to make a phone call.”

   Emmi walks with Meilin up the stairs and she says, “Emmi what do you think of my brother?”

  “Well your brother is rather imposing but I don’t think he is as cold as he appears. Building a Pavillion for the dinner party because you said you wanted one shows how much he loves you. Very thoughtful! He rescued me today when he could have just ignored the situation.”

  “You forgot to say how handsome he is.”

   “Yes. He is very handsome.” She rubs the top of Bai Meilin’s head, “Haha..you sound like a matchmaker. Don’t waste your energy…your brother isn’t interested in me and I..well..I have someone I like.”

   “Oh right Jiang Weiming. I saw on the forum you are dating.”

   “No..no..we are just friends.”

   “Who? Tell me!”

   Emmi blushes, “I can’t.”

   Bai Meilin puffs out her cheeks, “I will keep your secret.”

  Emmi shyly says, “I have had a crush on Professor Liu since I was in Middle School.”


    “I want to marry him. I’m working on making him see me as a woman not as his ‘little sister’”

   “Isn’t he engaged?”

  “No, he broke off the engagement.”

  “He is amazing. Well, wearing the dress I picked out for you he will be captivated by your ‘womanly’ charms!”

  “What dress? I brought one to wear to the Winter Ball.”

   “I have a surprise for you after you finish helping my brother get rid of his headache.”


    Bai Meilin hugs Emmi, “I want us to be coordinated.”

   Emmi sees Bai Cai coming up the stairs, “I should go prepare.” She hurries down the hallway and opens the door to the treatment room. She gasps when she sees the interior and a voice behind her says, “What are you waiting for..go in.”


   An hour later Emmi stretches her arms, “Done.”

   Bai Cai is asleep on the specially designed table. Emmi chuckles as she covers him with a soft quilt after cleaning the black blood from his chest. You really are an incredibly handsome man…she is gently wiping his face with a wet towel when Maisie silently appears out of nowhere.. Emmi looks up and is startled, “AHH…” She holds her chest, “You scared me.”

  “Sorry, the Young Miss is anxious and sent me to see if you are finished.”

  Emmi lifts the lid of a stainless steel trash can with her foot then tosses the towel into it per Bai Cai’s instructions. “Finished. I just need to wash my hands.”

   After Emmi leaves the room Maisie’s expression softens as she gazes lovingly at Bai Cai. She fixes the quilt around him then runs her fingers through his messy black hair. Afraid of being discovered when his eyelashes flutter she quickly leaves the room. Leaning against the wall she takes a deep breath and regains her icy demeanor.

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