Winter Ball Part 1

  Zhen Sihao gazes at Emmi with a thoughtful expression, “Who are you going with to the Winter Ball?”

   Emmi is focused on devouring the delicious porridge, not paying attention to the man sitting across the table. She looks up with a confused expression, “Huh?” 

  He repeats, “I asked who you were going with to the Winter Ball?”

   “The Winter Ball? Oh..No one. My family and the Zhou family sponsor the event so I have to go but I don’t really want to attend.” She laughs, “I usually sit in the back of the ballroom the entire time trying to avoid my family. I find a cozy spot and try all the awesome pastries..haha.” She has a very bad memory of approaching ‘Zhen Sihao’ and being humiliated when she was in High School. Since then she attempts to be ‘invisible’ hoping never to run into that old man again.

   He narrows his eyes dangerously and  clenches his fist on his lap, those bastards in the Chen family…I will deal with them for you one by one. Except for your cousin,Chen Yi, they are all scheming assholes.

   She finishes the plate of Cashew Chicken with Snow Peas then puts down her chopsticks and pats her stomach. Emmi’s eyes bend into a crescent shape and she has a satisfied smile. “Wang Hao, you are a really good cook.” She stands up and clears the plates, “I will wash the dishes then leave.”

  “No need. The maid will be here shortly.”

  After she rinses the plates she stacks them in the sink. Drying her hands on a blue striped towel she says.“Then I will go.”

    “Okay.”He doesn’t insist on driving, “I will see you tonight”, and tell you who I really am before the announcement and explain the situation.

   Emmi puts on a white puffer jacket and heads to the door. Zhen Sihao says, “Wait a minute.” He takes a man’s Hermes plaid scarf from a rack by the door and wraps it around her neck. He brushes her neck with his hand and leans down,pressing his mouth against her ear, in a low and seductive voice he teases, “Since I made you breakfast you owe me a dance.”

    “Wang Hao!”

   He takes her hair that is tucked in the scarf and brushes it back with his fingers, “Hmm?”

  Emmi’s body quivers from his closeness. She pushes him back,  “Nevermind.” Emmi is about to say, ‘ please don’t find me at the Winter Ball’  but remains silent. He just wants to see me agitated will be with a date he won’t bother with me.

Emmi isn’t quite sure why but she has a strange feeling in her heart thinking about seeing him tonight. It must be because he kissed me last night…that is why I feel weird. He doesn’t seem affected at all…he is treating me the way he always does… so I should forget about it.The Big Devil just likes to see me flustered for his amusement…it is a game to him.

   He opens the door for Emmi and watches her walk to the elevator with an intensely possessive gaze. 

    Wearing his scarf Emmi is enveloped in Zhen Sihao’s woodsy scent and her heart flutters. She immediately takes off the scarf and holds it in her hand as she hurries out of the building and trots down the sidewalk towards the University.

When she enters the school grounds, someone comes from behind and twists her arm, “Damn you Chen Emmi! I have been calling you all morning! Where have you been? I waited outside your dorm room for an hour. Were you spending the night with that wild man? I want my fucking dress!”

  Emmi glances around, “Cousin, aren’t you afraid someone will hear you cursing like a shrew and ruin your image?”

  “It is Winter Break. Only pathetic people like you who have nowhere to go are still in the dorms.”

  Emmi cocks an eyebrow and sneers, “ are here..does that make you one of the pathetic people?”

     A luxurious black Rolls Royce Phantom pulls up not far away and neither Chen Chloe or Emmi notice.

   “Brother, Chen Chloe  is a terrible wench..I need to go help Emmi.”

    He stops his sister from opening the door. “You sit.” Since Emmi has brought his beloved sister out of her depression and helped him he recognizes Emmi as his person. He won’t let her suffer any grievances.

     Bai Meilin has a slight smile, good… Cai scare the heck out of that bully…Chen Chloe…hahaha… you are about to see what a real bully looks like..Hahaha.

    Chen Chloe is used to her cousin being easily bullied by her and wonders where she got the nerve to be so salty. She  pushes Emmi, “CHEN EMMI,YOU BITCH! I WANT MY DRESS!”

    Emmi stumbles backwards and slips on a piece of ice. She puts her hands up to protect her face anticipating hitting the ground, but is caught by a strong arm that pulls her into his strong chest.

   Bai Meilin is watching from the car and her mouth makes an O shape as her mysophobic brother holds Emmi in his embrace.

    Emmi uncovers her eyes and gasps, “B..Ba.. ” before she says his name he puts his finger on her mouth.

    Chen Chloe has an incredulous expression staring at the extraordinarily handsome man who has his arms wrapped protectively around her cousin. The tall man is inconspicuously dressed in casual black pants and a long black windbreaker. The clothes are all  custom made especially for him by an Italian designer,CK, most people would not know they cost thousands. The designer only has one client-Bai Cai. The unique and luxurious material is hypoallergenic and repels even fine dust.

   Chen Chloe comes back to reality and smirks pointing at Bai Cai, “So this is your wild man? Wait until I tell Dad!”

   Emmi can feel a suffocating  murderous aura surrounding the terrifyingly cold man next to her and is afraid for her cousin’s life. Calling the head of the Bai family a wild man?!? Although she doesn’t like Chen Chloe she still is her family. Emmi quickly steps away from Bai Cai and stands in front of Chloe. Nervously stuttering, “Don’t…don’t mind my cousin, she is always spouting nonsense.” she prays to Buddha he doesn’t shed blood.

   Chen Chloe has a revelation as she looks at his attire and sees the Rolls Royce parked not far away, “Oh so you are fooling around with a driver.” She laughs and holds her stomach, “Haha..A  lowly driver..I wonder what family he works they know your lover uses their car to bring you home after sleeping with you? Suits a stupid  cheap woman like you!”

Emmi can’t believe her cousin doesn’t see she is provoking a very dangerous man. She feels like her head is going to explode watching the situation escalate.

Emmi takes a deep breath, I can only hope he appreciates me helping with his pain the other day, it might prevent the scary man from killing Chloe on the spot. She looks at Bai Cai with teary eyes when several muscular men surround Chen Chloe.

Bai Cai growls, “Drag her away.”

Emmi quickly bows down in front of him, “Please! I beg you…forgive my cousin’s insolence!”

    Bai Cai gazes at Emmi with an unfathomable expression as he pulls her up. He leans down and whispers in Emmi’s ear in a low and penetrating voice, “ I never forget or forgive. I owe you for relieving my pain. but.. Your cousin better never appear in my sight again.” He motions to the men and they disperse, he lights a cigarette as he lazily strides back to the car. He blows out a thin stream of smoke then mutters, “Little girl, you are too forgiving.”

    Chen Chloe’s knees are knocking together and she holds onto a nearby tree for support. After speechlessly staring at Emmi with a stunned expression on her pale face she blurts out, “ are sleeping with a gangster..he…he is an Underworld B..B..Boss?” When the muscular men dressed in black silently came out of nowhere and surrounded her, Chen Chloe almost fainted in fear from the killing intent they emitted.

    Emmi shakes her head, “If you see that man again you better hide. I will bring the dress to the house. You should hurry and leave.” Chen Chloe sees the horrifying man hasn’t left, he is leaning on the Rolls Royce smoking a cigarette. Stumbling in her high heels she runs over to her Red Lamborghini.

She has never been so terrified in her life, she fumbles to put the key in the ignition while looking at Bai Cai, her boyfriend is a dangerous Underworld Boss surrounded by killers..and I am supposed to drug Chen Emmi tonight? He will murder me for sure..She breaks out into a sweat..I just can’t get caught. Peng Hua made it clear I will be exposed with the video if I don’t. 

   After Chen Chloe speeds out of the parking lot Bai Meilin gets out of the car and walks towards Emmi. When her brother got back into the car he was laughing which was really strange. He only said, “Call Martin when you are ready to go home.” Nothing about what happened by the door to the dormitory. She saw his dark guards surround Chen Chloe and she thought the vicious wench would be dragged away. Suddenly the guards disappeared and Chen Chloe ran to her sportscar. 

   Emmi takes the dress and her backpack  from Bai Meilin and softly says, “Thanks for bringing the dress.”

   Bai Meilin has quite a few questions but Emmi looks frazzled, “I brought some soup for you.”

    Emmi holds her other hand, “Bai Meilin,I am sorry about last night…and you and your brother witnessing the messy scene right now.”

   “Emmi, I shouldn’t have poured you so many glasses of Champagne. I just wanted you to be happy.”

   “It was my fault. I really do love to drink haha..sometimes I don’t realize I am overindulging. I had some wine when I was talking to Jean Paul…I think that and the excitement of him asking me to be his assistant, I got carried away.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes widen, “Jean Paul wants you to be his assistant?”

  “Yeah. I need to think about his offer but it sounds good.”

   Emmi opens the door to her dorm room and sees her comfortable bed, “I don’t want to go to the Winter Ball. I am so tired! You have no idea how stressful it is to go to my Uncle’s mansion and ride with the family.” Knowing Chloe she won’t let this go so I need to prepare to face Uncle Yihong’s anger. She flops down on the bed and hugs a plushie. So tiring!

   Bai Meilin sits on the edge of the bed and smoothes Emmi’s hair. “Why don’t you come with us.”

   Emmi gazes at Chen Chloe’s dress on the chair.” I need to take the dress to Chloe anway.”

   “No you don’t. I can have a courier from the company send it. You should sleep…you look tired. You could come to my house and we could get ready together. Chenxi is sending a stylist from his company. You wouldn’t have to do anything but sit and have them put on makeup and style your hair.

   Emmi rolls over and puts her head on Bai Meilin’s lap, “You are like a fairy godmother haha..taking all my worries away. But…  I have troubled you enough to bring my backpack and the dress.”

   Meilin twists a strand of Emmi’s hair on her finger. “Emmi, we are friends. I had fun yesterday. It has been a long time since I played and laughed with another girl.”

   She looks down and Emmi is asleep hugging the plushie. Meilin smiles and  takes out her phone, “Maisie, could you come to A University. I need you to deliver a dress.”

   Bai Meilin touches Emmi’s cheek, you are my very best friend. I would do anything for you. I was disappointed Cai didn’t teach Chen Chloe a lesson but she will receive her punishment for bullying you.

    Brushing Weibo, Bai Meilin’s eyes narrow when she sees the people participating in the Celebrity Assistant Variety Show next week. I don’t think Chen Chloe needs to be one of the participants. I will talk to Chenxi later.

    Maisie picks up the dress and asks Bai Meilin, “Anything else Miss?”

    “Yes. My friend will be accompanying me to the Winter Ball and I want a diamond set prepared for her and a designer gown..” She affectionately strokes Emmi’s hair. “A dress that is pure and fairy-like..beautiful…like my little goddess Emmi..haha..I don’t care which designer, but the dress needs to be breathtaking and one of a kind. Have it sent to the mansion and I was going to call Chenxi but you can handle it..another stylist to do her makeup and hair.”

   “Yes Miss.” Maisie sees how happy Bai Meilin is and smiles, the Boss said the Young Miss has been livelier since she met Chen Emmi. It has been a long time since she took an interest in any social gatherings..first the dinner party last night now the Winter Ball.



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    1. Hi my awesome friend ❤! Yes Bai Meilin is a very sweet friend to Emmi…she was mentally exhausted after dealing with Zhen Sihao and her terrible cousin…It is such a good feeling to be comforted by a friend isn’t it! We girls need to stick together not bully each other haha.

    1. No. Since Emmi brought his little sister he adores out of her depression he will protect her…and he wants Emmi to treat his poison.

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