Another Woman…

  The morning sun filters through the window bathing the spacious bedroom in a warm color. Zhen Sihao slowly opens his eyes then gazes at the little girl he likes…likes very much. When Emmi sleeps in his bed he finds he is able to peacefully sleep through the night and isn’t plagued with insomnia.

Hugging the little girl wearing a thin white nightgown wrapped around him like a koala bear he affectionately buries his head in her neck. Breathing in Emmi’s light scent of lilies he feels incredibly refreshed. He has a wicked smile on his handsome face, don’t blame meif I didn’t carry you away you would have been found by your friend. 

   He plays with a long strand of her ink black hair, Zhen Sihao’s Adam’s apple rolls and his eyes flicker with desire while recalling bathing her tender soft body last night. Little beauty, your luscious body can only be seen by me. Zhen Sihao doesn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt for touching her naked body last night. Soon you will be my wife and I can completely possess you.

  Emmi snuggles comfortably into his warm embrace unaware she is trapped like a little rabbit in the man’s arms. Only last night  she vowed to stay far away from ‘Wang Hao’ after kissing him in the indoor garden. She rubs her face on his chest and he can feel his body reacting. He lightly kisses the top of her fluffy head then reluctantly untangles their legs. Zhen Sihao quietly gets out of bed to take a cold shower.

   After he showers he walks back into the bedroom wrapped only in a towel. He chuckles at Emmi curled up into a ball under the black and gray cover. Only her head is sticking out and she is mumbling, “Where is the heater?… cold..”

   He doesn’t want to wake her up so he takes his clothes into the guest room. 

  Emmi sleeps until noon then wakes up, she stretches her arms and sighs, “Never..never drinking again.” She smacks her dry lips and opens her eyes then sits up in bed, “WHAT THE…” She angrily furrows her eyebrows, why am I in Wang Hao’s bed? She looks at the thin nightgown and has no memory of coming here last night. The last thing she remembers is hiding from Bai Meilin after..OH MY GOD! She nervously reaches for a bottle of water and her hands are trembling as she hurriedly unscrew the top. She gulps down several mouthfuls then wipes her lips…Emmi you are such an idiot! Flustered, she kicks her legs up and down, “AHHHHHH!”

  Emmi looks at the other side of the bed that appears undisturbed and is relieved, it doesn’t look like he slept in the bed with me…but.. Holding her head in her hands she admonishes herself for lack of self control. Are you crazy Emmi? 

  There is a knock at the door, Emmi’s eyes widen and she doesn’t answer. Zhen Sihao heard her scream, he chuckles, “Chen Emmi I know you are awake. I made breakfast, come and eat.”

  Emmi answers, “Not hungry.”

  He opens the door and walks into the bedroom, “Don’t lie. You didn’t have dinner last night and drank too much. I made lean meat porridge. There are the clothes Yan Ran brought in the closet.”

  Emmi’s stomach grumbles and Zhen Sihao teases, “Your body is honest if you aren’t. Get dressed and come to the kitchen.”

   After he leaves she lays down and pulls the covers over her face. I might as well eat. What is done is done…

   Zhen Sihao goes back to the kitchen and makes a spinach smoothie. He is pouring the thick green drink into a glass when his phone rings. He frowns when he sees the caller, “What do you want?”

  Zhou Gao grits his teeth, “I got a call from Little Hua…you told her that you wouldn’t be taking her to the Winter Ball?”

  He sips his drink then calmly replies, “Definitely not.”

 “Listen you asshole, I made it clear it is imperative to move forward with the cooperation between Fan Group and the company. Do you think if you insult his little girl that bastard won’t pull out? He dotes on Hua and she wants to go with you. Fuck, because you have your own company you think you can do what you want?”

  “This marriage contract was your idea. I never agreed.”

  “The company will have to pay punitive damages in the millions if the project falls through…do you think I won’t make someone compensate me? That person will be your mother…just because we are divorced don’t think she is rid of me. You and I both know she still loves me and her mental condition is very fragile. You think she is hidden far away from my grasp but I recently located the woman.”

  Zhen Sihao’s eyes are red and he stops him, “BASTARD! You dare bully Mother and you are fucking dead!”

   “That simple woman will die with me. You ruin this project and I will fly to the United States and bring her back. You are taking Fan Hua to the Winter Ball and I am announcing the date of your marriage. Got it!”

   Zhen Sihao purses his lips knowing his weak mother would easily be manipulated by this monster. I need to agree and move her to a different villa. Dammit! Who leaked the information? It has been two years and mother’s mental state has been gradually improving. Just seeing Zhou Gao will trigger an episode. 

  When he doesn’t answer, Zhou Gao knows paying for the information about the stupid woman’s whereabouts was worth the money spent. “Well..I am waiting for your answer.”

   “I will take Fan Hua. But I am warning you if you make any move on my mother…I will destroy you and Zhou Group.”

   “As long as you do what I say I have no reason to contact the woman. Call Little Hua now, she is waiting.”

  Zhen Sihao hangs up and the surrounding area’s temperature drops several degrees. He leans on the counter with his hand tightened on the phone. When that bastard makes the announcement Chen Emmii will discover I am not Wang Hao but Zhen Sihao. Dammit!

  He calls Fan Hua and when she sees he is calling she smiles brightly at her father sitting at the dining room table. “Sihao.”

  “I will pick you up at seven o’clock.”

  Before she respond he hangs up.

  Fan Hua’s face turns red and she excuses herself from the table. Once she is in the living room she calls him back. He stares at the phone unwilling to talk any further with his father’s chess piece. When the phone rings again he thinks about his mother’s unstable emotions and answers, “Fan Hua, I said I would take you to the Winter Ball. Why are you calling?”

  “Sihao, I want you to know it is our fathers that are pushing us together. I accept that you don’t want this marriage but they won’t. So please don’t blame me.”

  He wants to laugh, if you didn’t want it your father wouldn’t pressure that bastard of a father of mine. “Be ready. I don’t like to wait.”

  Emmi was standing in the doorway and didn’t want to interrupt his phone call. She hears the end of the conversation. Who is this woman…Fan Hua…another one of his conquests? But he sounded annoyed and looks angry.

   He glances over and sees Emmi staring at him. She is wearing a pair of high waisted faded jeans that accentuate her tiny waist that could be encircled by only a hand. On her upper body she is wearing a pale yellow over the shoulder sweater that reveals her fair skin and delicate collarbone. The loose pants are rolled up exposing her thin ankles. She isn’t wearing any makeup and her hair is loosely pulled back in a low ponytail. 

 Zhen Sihao’s eyes are glued on the petite girl as she walks towards him, because she is wearing slippers she barely comes up to his chest. Emmi’s fresh and natural appearance sharply contrasts with the woman he just hung up the phone with and he gulps down his saliva. Why can’t I just tell the little girl that I like her and my name is Zhen Sihao. I have no other women…she is the only girl I want… only she occupies my thoughts.

  The atmosphere is awkward because it is obvious she overheard him on the phone. Emmi tosses the empty water bottle into the trash, “Umm..sorry I wasn’t eavesdropping.”

   He is wondering if he should explain then decides now isn’t the time he hasn’t organized his thoughts. “Sit and eat before the food gets cold.”

  Emmi obediently sits down and picks up a spoon, “Wang Hao, this porridge smells delicious. Thank you.”

  He sits down opposite Emmi, “I can give you a ride to your Art Studio after you eat.”

  She looks up from the bowl of steaming porridge, “Wang Hao, did you see my purse? I need to call Bai Meilin first to apologize and secondly my cousin Chloe’s dress for the Winter Ball is at her house.”

  “No. It must still be at the Bai’s estate.”

  “Could I use your phone to call Bai Meilin?”

  He presses a button so his number is blocked and replies, “What is the number? I will dial for you.”


  He dials and hands her the phone. Bai Meilin has been pacing around her room worried about Emmi. She had no way to contact her since her phone is on the table. She sees the blocked number and hesitates then answers.

  Emmi is embarrassed and her voice is soft, “Meilin, it is Emmi.”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “EMMI! I was so worried about you!  Butler Heng said you left with your  bodyguard because you weren’t feeling good. You didn’t bring a bodyguard so I was very concerned you were abducted by a strange man. Who was he?”

  She glances over at Zhen Sihao who is picking up a piece of chicken and putting it on her plate. “Yeah..I think I drank a little too much..the man…umm..he is a friend of mine.”

  “How do you feel now? Do you need me to send you some breakfast? I can have the cook make whatever you want to eat. Are you at the dorm?”

  “I am having breakfast now. Thanks for your concern, that is so sweet of you. Meilin will you be home? I need to get my backpack and Cousin Chloe’s dress for the Winter Ball.”

  “Yes. I will be home all day.”

  “Do you mind if I come after breakfast?”

  “Emmi, you should stay in bed if you aren’t feeling well. I can bring your backpack and your cousin’s dress to the dorm if you want.”

  “I don’t want to trouble you.”

  “No trouble. I want to see you and make sure you don’t need to go to the hospital.”

  Emmi laughs, “Haha..Meilin, I don’t need to go to the hospital..haha..I just have a bit of a hangover.”

  “Well, I’m coming to the dorm. You stay in bed.”

  “Okay. Thanks Meilin.” 

   After she hangs up she hands him the phone “I don’t need a ride. Bai Meilin is bringing my stuff and the dress to the dorm so I will walk there after I eat.” 

   “I will drop you off.”

  “No. The fresh air will clear my head.” I need to distance myself from you…I am feeling an inexplicable physical attraction  to you and well…the women around you keep adding up. I like Liu Ling…you aren’t my type at all…it is just your pheromones are too heavy.


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