Han Qing clenches her fists at her side when Zhen Sihao enters the lavishly decorated Pavillion. Annoyed, she rushes over to him, grabbing his arm she glares at him, “SIHAO! I held off as long as I can… I need to publish this month’s issue! Are you trying to ruin all my hard work! I got a letter from your legal department yesterday.”

  He stares at the hand on his arm with an icy look, “Remove now or lose that lovely hand.”

  Han Qing regains her composure knowing he just might, she hastily retracts her hand . “Tell me the reason you are pulling out of the issue? The interview will show your powerful influence in Bashu City and help your image. The cover shot..well you will have women beating down your door!”

  He sneers, “Do I need that? I accepted on a whim now… I changed my mind.” I don’t want the little kitten to know my true identity yet. She seems deathly afraid of ‘Zhen Sihao’.

  Han Qing pouts, “Sihao, it isn’t fair…”

  “Stop acting like a child, if you read the letter I gave adequate compensation to your magazine. You have ample time to change the cover and lead article.”

  She notices his eyes are riveted on Emmi and suddenly smiles, “If you are interested in that little girl you can forget it, she is enamored with that playboy Jean Paul.”

  He narrows his eyes dangerously and a burst of cold air surrounds Han Qing, Zhen Sihao’s deep voice is low and tinged with anger, “Unless you want your magazine to go bankrupt…I suggest you mind your own business.”

  Han Qing’s bright red lips curl up into a bright smile realizing her words struck a nerve, “Sihao, save your threats, my brother is your best friend, you wouldn’t go that far. I am just giving you a heads up, Jean Paul’s sweet little assistant…well…she definitely wouldn’t like a cold and heartless man like you.” She turns on her heels to walk away and he stops her, “Chen Emmi is Jean Paul’s assistant?”


 Emmi feels a scorching hot gaze and looks around to see who is staring at her so intensely. She gulps down her wine when she sees Han Qing and Zhen Sihao.  Wang Hao is here with one of his women and it looks like she is angry. haha..I wonder if she discovered the existence of his other women. Pfft! Serves the shameless man right for stringing several unsuspecting women along. Intoxicated from the Champagne earlier and the strong red wine she has a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she winks at him. She provocatively smiles then shakes her head, mouthing “Shameless.”

  Jean Paul looks up from his phone and interrupts her thoughts, “So Chen Emmi… will you be my assistant?”

  Emmi chuckles, “Jean Paul, you make it hard to refuse. But, I need to be honest, my studies are my number one priority. I need to attend classes and do my assignments…if we can come to an agreement that takes that into consideration..I am willing.”

  He reaches across the table and grabs her hand, “We can do great things together…change the fashion industry with our designs.”

  Zhen Sihao’s body stiffens as he watches Jean Paul and Emmi. He takes long strides through the crowd ignoring several women who are trying to get his attention. When he reaches their table he can’t control his possessive desire. Before Jean Paul or Emmi can react he pulls her up from her chair and grits his teeth, “I need to talk to you.”

  Emmi tries to free her hand, “WANG HAO!”

  “…” Jean Paul looks back and forth between Zhen Sihao and Chen Emmi. He doesn’t want to interfere because he will be working for Zhen and Drake China but..she is my little assistant.I can’t sit by and watch her be bullied.He stands up and coughs, “It doesn’t seem Miss Chen wants to talk to you.” When he grasps Emmi’s other hand, Zhen Sihao gives him an angry look and warns in a threatening tone, “Stay out of it.”

  Emmi doesn’t want to cause a scene at Bai Meilin’s home so she quickly says, “Jean Paul, it is fine.” She purses her lips as she angrily grinds her heel on Zhen Sihao’s foot, “Let’s find somewhere else to talk.”

  Jean Paul watches as they walk towards the back of the dining area. Zhen Sihao is consumed with jealousy as he opens the back door and drags Emmi into a spectacular indoor garden. She is momentarily stunned by the gorgeous flowers and mutters “So beautiful.”

  Zhen Sihao pushes her up against a wall and traps her hands above her head, “Chen Emmi, you dare mock me?”

  Emmi feels muddleheaded from the wine and blushes as his warm breath sprays on her face. “WANG HAO! Yes..I was! Did Han Qing find out about your other women? Is that why she was angry?”


  She tries to wiggle her hands out of his iron grip, “Just because your woman is angry with you don’t take it out on me! You can only blame yourself for toying with women’s hearts!’

   Listening to Emmi’s nonsense he wants to silence her little pink mouth. He impulsively lowers his head and presses his lips onto Emmi’s, licking and biting savoring her sweetness. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Emmi is in a drunken daze and doesn’t immediately struggle. Zhen Sihao pries open her inviting lips and entangles their tongues. Emmi’s heart is racing as he expertly uses his tongue to lick every bit of her mouth. He places his large palm on the back of her head as he deepens the kiss. Inhaling her sweet fragrance he loses control and his kisses fall on her neck moving down to her delicate collarbone.  She softly moans and her body melts into his arms as his other hand wraps around her slim waist.

  Both of them are breathing heavily and Emmi’s body is on fire from his wet hot kisses. Suddenly she hears Bai Meilin’s voice and Emmi’s face turns a crimson red as she pushes Zhen Sihao’s chest. He is caught off guard as she escapes. Hiding behind a row of colorful potted Peonies Emmi places her small hand onto her heart that is pounding in her chest. OH MY GOD! What was that! How could I let that pervert kiss me! Was he demonstrating his skill? No woman can resist his beauty?!? 

  Zhen Sihao has a satisfied smile on his face as he glances over to where Emmi is hiding. He nonchallantly takes out a cigarette and lights it as Bai Meilin approaches. She looks startled, “Ahh..hello.”

  He calmly blows out a puff of smoke then replies, “Miss Bai.”  

  Zhen Sihao has an indifferent and cold expression that intimidates Bai Meilin so she hesitates while nervously clutching her dress. Wow!I have never seen such a handsome man! He must be one of Cai’s friends…he has the air of a domineering President. She shyly blinks a few times then speaks in a soft voice, “Umm…I..I was looking for my friend, Chen Emmi. Did you see a beautiful girl wearing a white Cheongsam? I thought she might have come here to admire the flowers when I couldn’t find her in the Pavillion.”

  “No. Haven’t seen.”

 “I guess I will look around.” 

   She starts to walk towards where Emmi is hiding and Zhen Sihao has a faint smile. Should I let the little girl be exposed? No.. she would be even angrier at me.  “Miss Bai, I wonder if I could trouble you to help me find your brother, I need to speak to him about a business matter.”

  Bai Meilin stops, “Oh..of course.”

 “Thank you.”

  After they leave Emmi slumps down on the floor, well at least the Big Devil has some conscience!  She puts her hands on her head, it must be his strong pheromones! That is the only explanation for me kissing Wang Hao! It was though I was under a spell! I couldn’t resist his incrediblely beautiful face! Emmi you must not let the pervert take advantage of you ever again! Don’t be confused..stay as far…far away from him as possible!

   Feeling dizzy she leans back on a large ceramic pot and closes her eyes.

  Zhen Sihao follows behind Bai Mielin and licks his lips thinking about how delicious Emmi tastes. Little are the only woman I want. I will slowly make you accept me then reveal my true identity.

  Bai Meilin spots her brother at a table on the left and turns to Zhen Sihao, “There he is. I am going to look for my friend now.”

    Bai Cai puts down his glass of whiskey and greets him, “Zhen Sihao..haha..I mean Wang Hao… have a seat.”

   “Bai Cai.” A server walks up to the table and Zhen Sihao says, “I will have what he is drinking.”

   Bai Cai has an amused expression, “So you didn’t tell me, what’s the deal? I’m curious…”

   He taps his slender fingers on the table, “The little kitten is afraid of ‘Zhen Sihao’. It is a long story.”

  Bai Cai sips his drink, “I have time.”

  Bai Meilin has been looking for Emmi without any results and frowns, where is she? Did she leave? I don’t think she would leave without saying goodbye. When she remembers Emmi was talking with Jean Paul she hurries to find him.

  Jean Paul is talking to Henri Armand when Bai Meilin walks over to the two men. “Mr. Paul, have you seen Chen Emmi?”

  Observing her worried appearance he says, “She was talking to CEO Zhen, he might know.”

  She wrinkles her eyebrows, “CEO Zhen?”


   Bai Meilin doesn’t know what CEO Zhen looks like but doesn’t want to bother the two men. “Thank you.” I will go ask my brother.

  She stops and grabs a bottle of water then winds through the Pavillion towards her brother’s table. She sips the water to moisturize her dry throat then asks,“Cai, what does CEO Zhen look like?”

   Bai Cai’s lips curl up into a faint smile as he gazes at Zhen Sihao sitting next to him. ‘Why are you looking for him?”

  “I can’t find Chen Emmi and Mr. Paul said she was with CEO Zhen.”


 Zhen Sihao doesn’t say anything as he stands up, wondering where Chen Emmi could be. Knowing the little girl she wouldn’t make her friend needlessly worry.  He scans the Pavillion and notices Jean Paul with Henri Armand, Emmi is not with him. The little girl couldn’t still be hiding in the indoor garden could she? He quickens his pace towards the indoor garden, when he enters he walks directly to the large pots of Peonies. Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow when he sees Emmi curled up into a ball leaning against one. He bends down and gently touches the little girl that is fast asleep. “Chen Emmi…wake up.” She knocks the hand on her shoulder, “YaoYao…so sleepy..go away.”

  He has an idea and calls his driver, “I’m ready to leave.” Taking off his suit coat he wraps it around Emmi then picks the petite girl up into his embrace. She snuggles into his chest mumbling, “YaoYao..I need to stay away from the big bad wolf..”

  Zhen Sihao chuckles, Big bad wolf..haha.. He kisses the top of her head then strokes her silky hair as he exits through the back door of the indoor garden. He makes sure Emmi’s face is covered by his coat as he passes through the tunnel to the main house. He sees the Butler and says, “Give Miss Bai a message, Chen Emmi apologizes for leaving abruptly. She isn’t feeling well.” This was more than Zhen Sihao would normally say but he knows Emmi wouldn’t want Bai Meilin to worry.

  The Butler doesn’t recognize Zhen Sihao but assumes he is the young girl’s bodyguard. “I will.”

   Zhen Sihao has a big grin on his face as he gets into the backseat of a black Maybach. He tells the driver, “Drive to the apartment”. Then raises the privacy partition. He places Emmi on his lap and kisses her forehead, don’t blame me…would you want your friend to know you passed out at her party and to see the love bites on your neck?

He brushes his finger across Emmi’s swanlike neck covered with his love bites. Filled with the desire to possess Emmi he wantonly lowers his head and nibbles on her small ear. Not satisfied Zhen Sihao hugs her tighter as he licks her soft lips that are red and swollen from his fierce are so delicious little kitten I can’t resist the temptation to kiss you.

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