Rui wakes up in the morning and quietly gets out of bed so as not to wake up LiMei. He tucks the quilt around her naked body then gently kisses her forehead.Smiling while recalling last night he runs his finger down her cheek, my Baby seems to be getting more adventurous.They were crazily entangled on the lounge chair and then continued after he carried her downstairs. I wish we didn’t have to go to the Island and could stay like this a while longer.

  After he showers he goes to the galley where Yang Chenxi is preparing breakfast. He picks up a cup and pours the freshly brewed coffee, “Gu left?” He heard the seaplane’s engine earlier.

  “Yeah. We should arrive at the Island in an hour. Is your little wife still asleep?”


  Yang Chenxi flips a scallion pancake, “Good. I want to speak to you privately.”

  Rui raises an eyebrow, “What?”

  “I don’t think it is a good idea for Feng LiMei to accompany you to the Island. After spending time with the little girl it is more than obvious that she is absolutely no match for that bitch Su Wanqing. I could take your wife back with me and she could wait for you in the City.”

  Rui has an incredulous expression, “No fucking way. Are you doubting my abilities now? I can protect my wife.”

  “Bro, you don’t seem to understand…I tried to explain the situation. Su Wanqing is obsessed with you…she even fought with the Master telling him you were her soulmate begging him to summon you back and make a marriage contract.”

  “The woman is delusional.” He has a malicious glint in his dark eyes, “If Master didn’t force me at the time I would never have touched the poisonous slut.”

   “You are the only one of the three of us disciples that was able to ascend to the fourth level because of absorbing her yin. The power it brought you…do you regret?”

   “True, the forbidden technique I was able to master was due to the Snake Woman’s toxic yin being absorbed into my body during sex. I was able to seek revenge on my enemies so I don’t regret…doesn’t mean I am not disgusted by the situation. You could say we mutually used each other… I wanted to ascend to the fourth level…she wanted what Master offered… why she developed feelings for me I have no idea. I never showed the whore any affection. The only woman I love or have ever loved is my wife, Feng LiMei. I will kill the persistent bitch if she touches even a hair on LiMei.”

   Yang Chenxi reaches into the refrigerator and takes out a carton of milk, “I still think you should reconsider.”

  “I won’t. I don’t want to disappoint LiMei, she is looking forward to meeting Wong Hu and learning to swim.”


  “ Also, I have decided to confide in Master about LiMei’s mental condition to see if he can help her regain her memories without jeopardizing our relationship.”

  Yang Chenxi pours a glass of milk then leans on the counter, “That would be for the best. You can’t keep the little girl’s true identity a secret forever. The longer you delay… well.. she might become resentful when she finds out about your deceit.”

  He picks up a piece of melon, “It would be easier if I wasn’t going to the Island to retrieve some mysterious treasure. If I anger Master…” He harrumphs, that fucking never ends well.”

  On the Island Wong Hu’s face is red and the veins on his neck are bulging as he comes out the front door of the main building. He sees Baobei running across the Courtyard and angrily shakes his fist at the small boy,  “Brat! Drop it!”

  Baobei is laughing and can barely breathe as he runs, “Gran..grandpa… haha..” He scurries up a tree and sits on a branch next to Jack who has been observing them with a hint of a smile. Huffing and puffing the little boy holds his side gasping for air, “I only borrowed the sword. I need to practice! Chenxi will be here soon!” He waves a thin silver soft sword embedded with rubies on the hilt.

  The old man stands at the bottom of the giant Banyan tree. He calmly looks at the huge black hawk sitting next to his unruly grandson, “Jack, bring it to me.”

  Jack doesn’t hesitate quickly snatching the priceless Jian from Baobei’s hand as he struggles to hold on to it with one hand while steadying himself on the tree branch with the other. Baobei puffs out his flushed cheeks as he wobbles, his short chubby legs dangling over the sturdy branch. He has tears in the corner of his eyes and in a loud voice tinged with anger, “JACK…YOU… YOU TRAITOR! NO MORE OF AUNTIE’S CAKES FOR YOU!”

   Su Wanqing’s purple eyes momentarily flash with greed, staring at the precious bejeweled artifact in the bird’s talons.You should beat that little brat or let one of my snakes dine on his tender baby fat…he is so damn annoying! Always pestering me for one thing or another… the last time he went with me to the mountain I lost a precious Silver Rhimba because he screamed in fright when he saw the snake slithering down the Mango tree. 

   She has an idea, I could steal the Jian and blame the little eyesore for losing it in the mountains. She smiles at Wong Hu and has a doting tone to her soft voice,“Master, Baobei didn’t mean any harm. He just wants to finally win in a sword fight against Brother Chenxi.”  

   Baobei has a big grin, I knew Sister Wanqing would be on my side, she always is so nice and plays with me in the mountains.“Yeah isn’t like you ever use that old thing. It was in a dusty old wooden box. I found it when I was playing hide and seek with Uncle Mo. The sword is just the right size for me. I will return it right after I defeat him!”

  Wong Hu gazes with a strange expression at the ancient soft sword in his hand. This should have been too heavy for the little kid. He always spoils Baobei and looking at his eyes riveted on the sword he relents. “Come down, we can discuss.”

  While Baobei triumphantly climbs down the tree Wong Hu turns to Su Wanqing. She is wearing a white silk Cheongsam embroidered with cherry blossoms. Her shiny chestnut colored hair is down and curled, she applied delicate makeup even drawing a pink flower between her thin arched eyebrows. “Why are you dressed up? Weren’t you going this morning to the mountains for the dew on the Chyllas flowers to make the antidote? Are you traveling to the Mainland to meet a client?” If you got dolled up to seduce that stinky brat Qiao Rui you should give it up. He made it clear to me he didn’t want anything to do with you after he achieved his goal of ascending to the fifth level. I thought he also told you when he left that year not to contact him.

  “I am going to the Mainland this afternoon. Mr. Kang gave me this dress as a thank you gift last time I sold him the rare Nimbus Viper venom. I thought I would wear the dress to please him. I will go tomorrow to gather the dew.”

  Baobei pulls on her dress with his dirty hands and looks up at her with a pleading look. “Can I go?!?”

  Su Wanqing grinds her teeth and wants to kick him away as he clutches the beautiful dress.   Hiding her disgust she affectionately rubs his head and sweetly agrees, “Of course…but then you won’t have much time to play with Brother Chenxi.”

  Baobei furrows his delicate eyebrows, he puts his hands on his hips pondering what she said. He excitedly decides, “He can come to the mountains with us!”

   “If he wants.” Su Wanqing’s lips curl up, the little devil will definitely bring the soft sword. All I need to do is find a way to separate Yang Chenxi and the kid to steal the Jian.

  “When will Brother Chenxi arrive?” I have everything prepared in my bedroom…even if Qiao Rui isn’t willing I have ways to seduce him. I can hardly believe I finally have a chance to touch my love again. Brother Rui is the most handsome and perfect man I have ever met. His  beautiful body…incredible stamina…the way he made me reach the heavens like no other man has been able to do. I want him and will do whatever it takes to have him in my bed again.  

  Wong Hu senses the hint of anticipation in her voice although she is masking her emotions. “Sometime this morning.” He wonders if he should have a talk with his disciple so she doesn’t get her hopes up concerning Rui…as beautiful and alluring as Wanqing is, she was never able to enter his heart then and I’m sure his cold attitude towards women has not changed. 


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