Naughty Little Bunny

LiMei, girl you really surprised us!”

This chapter is sponsored by my **** loving friend Lily…are you happy? HaHa..

This chapter is only for 18+ readers

  While the poisonous woman on the Island fantasizes about seeing Rui again, he is in bed with the woman he loves. Rui has his arm draped over LiMei and her slender leg is spread across his muscular thigh. After the intense love making, Rui and LiMei’s naked bodies are tangled together as they sleep, pressed together with LiMei’s cheek resting on his strong chest.

  When LiMei wakes up, she  slowly opens her beautiful green eyes to see Rui’s incredibly handsome face. She listens to the sound of his heartbeat and has a slight smile, my handsome husband…I love you so much. Taking advantage of the fact he is still sleeping, she stares at his flawless features and sighs, how did I marry such a perfect man?

A few thick strands of his ink black hair are messily hanging down on his forehead and his long black eyelashes create a shadow under his eyes. Rui doesn’t have the cold aura that usually surrounds him or the burning intensity he has when he tosses her on the bed, softening his perfect features. Unable to resist  his beauty she lightly touches his lips with her finger then gives him a feathery kiss. Seeing he didn’t wake up she gets bolder and greedily licks his tempting lips with her small pink tongue. LiMei’s heart nervously races and she momentarily stops, checking to see if Rui notices her roguish behavior. She blinks a few times, no he must be exhausted..I will stop in a minute.. the addicting taste of his lips is too good. She takes a little bite of his lower lip then keeps her lips glued to his as her body heats up from the excitement of stealing kisses. Inhaling the woodsy fragrance of his shower gel mixed with his unique masculine scent she feels ntoxicated. Hubby you smell so goodand your lips are so delicious.

LiMei continues to induge, unaware Rui woke up the minute her soft finger touched his lips.

   Rui controls the urge to press LiMei’s alluring body underneath him and pretends to be asleep.When she bit his lip with her small teeth he almost couldn’t stand the rush of heat that instantly flowed to his lower abdomen. What is my little wife going to do next? The sensual feeling of LiMei slowly exploring his lips is novel, at the most the little girl will usually let me take control after she gently kisses me. LiMei is acting like a greedy little kitten while licking my lips.

  LiMei can feel a hard object pressing on her thigh and in a panic her eyes pop open, did he wake up?!?! When she sees his eyes are still closed she is relieved, that’s right men tend to have that reaction when sleeping sometimes…but I better stop now… She can feel herself dripping honey and the urge to go farther can’t be ignored…I want more. Should I wake Rui up?

   LiMei has a mischievous smile, he is sound asleep…he won’t wake up. She kisses his neck and imitates the way he sucks on her skin..I should leave a few love marks myself..he is my husband there is nothing wrong with that. She doesn’t notice Rui clutching the cover as she wantonly rubs his chest while kissing his neck. Baby…you are so brave when you think I am sleeping! I should pretend more often…damn..this feeling is indescribable…

   LiMei’s body is on fire as she moves her lips down to his chest. LiMei’s soft breasts are pressed on him as she twirls her moist hot tongue around his hardened nipples causing him to almost lose his mind. Rui’s breathing gets heavy and his body stiffens, LiMei is too engulfed in flames of lust to realize Rui is reacting to her stimulation.

The tip of his dragon is twitching and his c*ck throbs as LiMei clumsily wrecks havoc on his body. He is covered in a thin layer of sweat and can’t stand being unable to enter LiMei.. .does the little girl have any idea how painful her teasing my body is?!?! This is sheer torture!

  All Rui’s self control is gone as her hot kisses move down his taut body. I can’t wait! I will lose my fucking mind if my c*ck doesn’t get inside her tight little pussy soon.

Rui is about to roll the naughty little bunny over when her soft lips kiss his c*ck and she licks the leaking juices. Holding his enlarged shaft in her hand she begins to lick from bottom to top then curls her tongue around the tip.

Rui stifles a moan as she puts his c*ck into her small wet mouth and begins to bob her head up and down. Unbelievably aroused by her unpredictable behaviour Rui wants to explode inside of her mouth.FUCKKKKK! I never thought LiMei could be so fucking bold! It feels so goddamn good! Should I suddenly wake up now so I can taste her sweet pussy? The naughty little girl is soaking my leg with her honey…the sheets underneath are drenched. Before he can make the move, LiMei surprises him by taking his c*ck deep into her mouth until the tip reaches her narrow throat making him unable to hold on any longer. LiMei gags as he shoots his essence into her small mouth.

  Rui doesn’t know what to do at this point..should I suddenly wake up? What should I do. There is a loud knocking on the door and LiMei panics. Rui opens his eyes slightly to see LiMei furtively looking for something to wipe her mouth glistening with her saliva and his essence. Her lips and chin are covered with the white turbid liquid and she looks dazed. He wants to hug her into his arms but she suddenly  jumps off the bed and runs to the bathroom.


  LiMei returns with a wet cloth and gently removes the evidence of her plundering from his c*ck . The knocking continues and LiMei guiltily stuffs the wet cloth under the bed. Rui waits until she is finished to open his eyes. He sleepily looks at her standing naked by the side of the bed with the cutest expression on her face…a combination of fulfilled lust..guilt..nervousness.. He yawns then calls out, “What?”

  Yang Chenxi replies, “Dinner will be ready in a half hour.”

   Rui pulls LiMei’s hand and she tumbles onto the bed, he hugs her seductive body to him, “What were doing?”

  “Ahh..nothing..I..I..was going to take a shower. Let you sleep.”

  He kisses her forehead then brushes her tangled black hair behind her ear, “Thank you for letting me enjoy my dream..” He licks his lips as he gazes into her eyes that are full of complex emotions, “It was very..very good.”

  ‘Well..good..good..well..we should get ready if dinner is almost ready.” She pushes his chest, “I should see if Mr. Yang needs help.”

  “I am the one who needs your help. He glances down at his c*ck that is beginning to rise again. “My dream was very stimulating, a brave little bunny attacked me in it…” He traces his finger down her cheek, “I didn’t think such a soft shy little bunny could be so ferocious…devouring me..”

  LiMei’s eyes flicker and she flutters her eyelashes, “Bad bunny! Naughty Bunny!”

  “Yes… the bunny was very naughty.”

  LiMei has a confused expression, “Wait..I thought you said it was a good dream.”

 “…” Rui has an amused expression as he hugs LiMei off the bed. little wife is so fucking adorable…“Let’s shower.”



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