So Evil

   Chen Chloe is wearing a baseball cap and a mask covering most of her face as she nervously steps into The Rainy Day Cafe. When she doesn’t see Peng Hua she hesitates getting cold feet. She doesn’t mind the idea of drugging Emmi but she doesn’t want to get caught. She turns around to leave when the image of Jiang Weiming and Emmi on the forum surfaces in her mind. Combined with her crush boldly announcing Emmi is his girlfriend ignites her anger. She digs her fingernails into her palm, Peng Min assured me the experimental drug is colorless, odorless and completely untraceable. The Winter Ball is the perfect venue to destroy the fox faced bitch! Bring her down into the gutter  where she belongs!

   She straightens her spine and confidently walks to a corner table in the back of the quaint cafe. The Rainy Day Cafe is on the edge of the city before the highway to Catang City. Only travelers stop here which is why she suggested this as a meeting spot. I didn’t tell Jiang FeiFei my plans so with only Peng Hua and me being involved the likelihood of being discovered is negligible. If anyone discovers the plot… well I will push the pot to Peng Hua. She is jealous of Chen Emmi because of Professor Liu.

  A pleasantly plump middle aged woman walks over to her table. She takes out a pad, while chewing gum says, “Honey, the Special today is Ham Steak and Potatoes smothered with Country Gravy. Comes with two Buttermilk Biscuits.”

  Chen Chloe lips curl up in a sneer, sounds like a million calories..She regains her composure, “Just an Americano. I am waiting for someone.”

   The waitress taps her pen on the pad. “Sorry, we only got regular coffee or decaf I brewed this morning.”

    ‘Brew a fresh pot. I will have a cup.”

   The woman doesn’t like Chen Chloe’s tone of voice and sneers, “No way. We close in an hour it would go to waste.”

   “I will have a cup of green tea.”

   “If we have any tea bags.”

    “…”  After the waitress walks away she drinks a sip of water while glancing at the door. Getting annoyed that Peng Hua hasn’t arrived she looks at her watch, where is she? She didn’t change her mind did she? She holds up her fingers nodding in satisfaction, I’m glad I went to the Mall with FeiFei, she paid for my manicure, my diamond encrusted nails make my fingers look longer and delicate. She sees a water stain on the old wooden table, maybe I should have picked a different spot to meet. Wondering where Peng Hua is she looks in her purse for her phone.

   She raises an eyebrow when a mechanical voice says to leave a message. The bitch turned off her phone! She angrily stands up then sees a tall beautiful woman with a noble aura looking around the restaurant. Chloe doesn’t want to draw attention to herself but she makes a slight motion when Peng Hua looks in her direction.

   Peng Hua smiles and heads towards the table with her 10cm heels clicking across the linoleum floor. Several men are ogling her as she passes their tables. Chen Chloe rolls her eyes, she especially changed into a low key  black track suit after she went to the Mall with Jiang FeiFei. She wanted to bend in with the people who frequented this homespun cafe. Why didn’t the stupid woman She might as well have brought  a flashing sign that said “Look at Me..Look at me!”

   Putting away her thoughts she  politely smiles at Peng Hua, “Miss Peng.”

   Peng Hua takes a napkin and wipes the seat before she sits down. She grimaces, “Why did you pick such a broken down Cafe? I’m late because I couldn’t find it hidden behind all the signs in front of the parking lot.”

   “That is why I picked it, no one we know will see us together.”

    “Hmm…makes sense.”

    Chen Chloe lowers her voice, “Did you bring it?”

   “Of course, why would I come to this god awful place to meet you if I didn’t.”

   The waitress walks back to the table, “Are you ready to order?”

   Peng Hua has a disgusted expression looking at the overweight woman. “Nothing for me.”

   “Well you can’t just sit here for free. You need to order something.”

   “Coffee…a cup of coffee.”

   Chen Chloe is going to mention the coffee was brewed this morning but  doesn’t. It will be funny to see the look on her arrogant face when she takes a sip of the bitter coffee.

  She looks at Chen Chloe,“I found a tea bag.”

   Peng Hua:  “…” 

  Chen Chloe, “I will have green tea.”

  The waitress stares at the two skinny women, “No food? There is a minimum charge per table.”

   Peng Hua looks at the people eating at the next table, You call that food? Ewww.. “No food. I will pay the surcharge.”

   After she leaves Peng Hua stares at Chen Chloe, “I thought I was ruthless but you…you do realize what will happen when she ingests this drug. She is a young girl… the rest of her life will be ruined.”

   “As long as she won’t die… should be a good show.”

   Peng Hua shakes her head, “ I decided you have to make sure that Liu Ling also takes the drug.”

   Chen Chloe spits out,”WHAT!?!?” She breaks out into a sweat because several people are staring at them after she raises her voice.  She quietly reminds,“Miss Peng, that wasn’t part of the plan.”

   “The plan has changed.”

    “I..I thought you agreed because you wanted Professor Liu to be disgusted with Chen Emmi.  I don’t understand..he is your fiance..why..”

    Peng Hua looks at her ring finger that should have her beautiful engagement ring on it. She has a cold and icy glint in her narrowed brown eyes, “Liu Ling is no longer my fiance. “ She has a strange expression that sends a chill down Chen Chloe’s back. Peng Hua continues, “He wants to destroy my family. I need to ruin his credibility, now do you understand? I would have the bastard killed but now isn’t the time.

   The waitress comes back with the coffee and tea.

   Chen Chloe plays with the string on the tea bag, “I don’t know Professor Liu well enough to get close to him..hand him a drink.”

   “That is for you to figure out. I am supplying the drug which you couldn’t afford if you sold a kidney. If you randomly bought an aphrodisiac there would be evidence in her blood. This drug is not an aphrodisiac, that effect is merely a side effect that was discovered during clinical trials. We had to shelve the drug until the formula can be improved to eliminate the harmful side effects. Several of the people in the trial also hallucinated to the point they had no sense of reality at all.”

Peng Hua lifts her lips in an evil smile, “Won’t that be see the woman you hate not only become an insatiable whore but lose her mind also. I know the thought of that self disciplined and abstinent man crawling on the floor craving sex makes me smile. We need to make sure to get that on camera.”

     Chen Chloe tries to maintain an expressionless face. She is insane. Professor Liu will lose everything he has worked for…I hate Chen Emmi but Professor Liu… except when he defended Chen Emmi I admire him. He is handsome..brilliant…dammit..I don’t want to ruin him. I am even a little shocked that the drug could make someone lose their mind..this crazy bitch  didn’t mention that on the phone. 

   Peng Hua screws up her face as she drinks the old coffee. “As expected of this place the coffee is undrinkable.” 

   Chen Chloe has the remnants of a conscience and makes a decision, ‘It is true I hate Chen Emmi but I have no grievances with Professor Liu. I think this drug..well.. forget I contacted you. I will think of another way to deal with my cousin. To be honest I thought from our conversation you agreed because you wanted Chen Emmi out of the picture… not come between you and Professor Liu.”

   Peng Hua leans across the table with her face in her hands, her elbows resting on the table. She has a scorching hot gaze staring into Chen Chloe’s eyes. “Little girl, do you think it is that easy to walk away? Change your mind?’ She laughs, “Naive.”

Chen Chloe has a terrified look on her face knowing she is in over her head. 

   She watches as Peng Hua opens a package of artificial sweetener and pours the white crystals into her coffee. “You came to me…remember? I was sitting at my desk unaware of your pathetic existence. I drove all the way to this dreadful place… for what? The worst cup of coffee I have ever had… You sounded so resolute and vicious on the phone. Sweetie, I never expected that you are actually a little wet behind the ears chit just playing at is not a game you can quit because you are squeamish. Sorry to inform you.. having a sudden attack of conscience? That is your problem not mine. You will do as I say.”

  Chen Chloe has an incredulous expression staring at the woman across the table. Peng Hua is gorgeous and elegant with an air of nobility, worthy of being voted one of the most beautiful people in Bashu City. The woman’s makeup is perfect accentuating her delicate features, her stylish dark brown hair shimmers from the blond highlights… not a hair out of place and the wind is blowing heavily outside. She is wearing an expensive light blue cashmere Chanel dress giving her a gentle appearance. Chen Chloe gulps, but her vicious words cut like a sharp knife. She is pure evil!

   Peng Hua sips the bitter coffee then looks over the cup without blinking, “Well?”

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