Chen Chloe Wants Emmi Destroyed

   Chen Chloe is in a rage as she throws her phone onto Jiang FeiFei’s bed after looking at the school forum. She has a hateful gleam in her almond shaped eyes, “FeiFei, how could your brother like my stupid cousin! This has to be a lie! She can’t be his girlfriend!”

   “Chloe, I confronted him when he got home from Basketball practice and he confirmed it. He also said if I make trouble for the bitch he will settle the account with me.” She sips on her milk tea, “I can’t believe it myself! Weiming is perfect in every way…he could have any girl he wants… why he chose that little no name slut to be his girlfriend I have no idea. I can only assume she bewitched him with her fox like appearance.”

   Kicking her backpack laying on the floor Chen Chloe glares at Jiang FeiFei. She grinds her back molars then spits out, “NO! I WON’T LET HER HAVE HIM! HE IS MINE!”

   Jiang FeiFei rolls her eyes, what alternate Universe is Chloe living in…my brother has never had her in his eyes. Since grade school he treats her like air. But it is my duty as her best friend to support her I guess. She sets down her drink, “Yeah..if it weren’t for the bitch seducing him with that face he would definitely be your boyfriend.”

  Chloe flops down on FeiFei’s bed and furiously slaps a Hello Kitty pillow a few times then throws it at the wall to vent her anger. “CHEN EMMI! DIE! DIE!” I have never let my cousin get the better of me but now she has Jiang Weiming and is going to appear on Celebrity Assistant. No! I can’t let that happen. I need to find a way to finally destroy her…that little bitch has been a thorn in my side since she and her mother moved into my house. The mother is dead now it is time for her daughter to follow her to the after life! 

  Jiang FeIFei can feel the killing intent emitting from her friend and shivers, “Calm down Chloe, you can’t kill Chen Emmi! You would go to jail for the rest of your life!”

   Chloe’s pretty lips curl up into a sinister smile and she starts laughing, “Kill? No that would be too easy…I will torture the bitch until she kills herself!”

   “That is more like you. Do you have a plan?”

   “Not yet but I will think of something.”” She gets off the bed then paces around Jiang FeiFei’s luxuriously decorated bedroom. “I want to humiliate her at the Winter Ball so your brother will break up with the little seductress and she will lose her chance to be in Celebrity Assistant.”`

   “Well…I will support you but your plan better be foolproof. I can’t risk pissing off my brother. If Weiming says a disparaging word about me to my parents I will be shipped abroad to study. You know they listen to everything he and my elder brother say! I have absolutely no way to defend myself…my grades aren’t good and he has the evidence we tampered with the test remember?”

  “Shut up and let me think.” 

   After picking up her milk tea she chews on the straw. Fei Fei is right, I can’t let anything point to me. Although my father and mother don’t like my cousin they want to keep face, always pretending in public to be her loving Uncle and Aunt. Also, since my family is sponsoring the Winter Ball along with Zhou Group I need to be extra careful I am not exposed. Hmm..

  Chen Chloe has an idea, and she picks up her phone and watches the video secretly recorded in the hallway outside Liu Ling’s office. She points to the screen, “FeiFei, who is this woman? What is her name?”

  “You don’t recognize her? She is Peng Hua, heiress to Peng Industries, Professor Liu’s fiancee.”

   “Do you know her?”

  FeiFei laughs, “How would I know her? I recognize her because my brother Chonglin handled some investment for her a couple years ago. She was in his office when I interned at the company for the summer.” She looks in the mirror and flips her hair,  “Remember my father forced me to was so fucking borrrrring! Anyway I remember she was scolding him for something and looked fierce.”

  “ the video she looked like someone not to be messed with when she confronted my cousin.” Chloe’s eyes light up, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Maybe I can use her to destroy the bitch!

  “ What are you thinking?”

    “The Peng Group owns Peng Pharmaceuticals right?”

   “Yeah. I think that is where she met Professor Liu, they both work there.”

    “Oh..yeah makes sense… I heard Professor Liu took a leave from there to teach at the University.”

  Jiang FeiFei puts a gold and diamond clip in her long burgundy colored hair “You didn’t answer my question, what are you planning?”

   “Get me Peng Hua’’s private number from your brother.”

   Jiang FeiFei shakes her head, “Forget it. He will wonder why I want her number. I can see you want to use Peng Hua for your revenge, I don’t need anything pointing to my involvement if…if your plan backfires.”

   “Dammit! You are so fucking useless!”

   “Hmmph! I said I would help but asking Chonglin for her number..why would I want it? Huh? He would immediately be suspicious! My brothers are exceedingly smart, you know that! Why don’t you call her at  Peng Pharmaceuticals?”

   There is a knock at the door, “Miss, lunch is ready.”

  Jiang FeiFei whispers, “Let’s eat then we can discuss the situation further when we go shopping.”

  “The Winter Ball is tomorrow night. I don’t have much time to devise a strategy to ruin the bitch for good.” She picks up her backpack, “I’m leaving.”

   “I will get the number for you…stay for lunch and I need you to help me pick out some jewelry to go with my dress for the Winter Ball.”

 Chloe puts her phone into her small Chanel clutch. “Why did you wait until the last minute to get jewelry?”

  “My mother bought me a diamond set that was delivered yesterday and I don’t like it. So old fashioned! Only this hairclip suits my style. I want to go to LTJ in the mall and get jewelry from Navarre’s Pink Lotus Collection.”

  “Call Chonglin and get Peng Hua’ss number then I will accompany you.”

  “I said I can’t ask him!” She nervously twists her skirt “Okay.. I will look in his study for his address book.”

  Chloe narrows her eyes, “FeeiiiiFei! Why didn’t you mention that as an option!”

  “Well, I just thought of it. Go downstairs, tell mother that I will be right down..say..hmm… I am going poop.”


  FeiFei pulls her towards the door, “Otherwise she will wonder why we didn’t come down together.”

  They leave the bedroom and Chloe walks down the stairs and FeiFei goes down the hall to her brother’s study. She has a thin layer of sweat on her forehead as she knocks on the door of his study, “Brother?” When she doesn’t get a response she hesitates then slowly twists the doorknob. FeiFei softly says in a trembling voice, “Brother?” as she enters the room.Why do I have such an unreasonable best friend! If I get caught in Chonglin’s study I’m toast!

  Chloe is a regular visitor to the Jiang mansion so she casually walks past a maid into the dining room. She greets Madam Jiang and sits down. “FeiFei will be right down”, reluctantly adding, “She is…in the bathroom.”

  Madam Jiang smiles knowingly and responds, “That girl! FeiFei has been on a diet to lose weight for the Winter Ball and has been pooping nonstop for a week! The maids refuse to go near her room it is so stinky!”

  Chen Chloe’s corner of her mouth twitches, like mother like daughter, they can say poop so easily. She glances at the food on the table and her stomach turns. Ewww!

  Madam Jiang sees her looking at the food with a disgusted expression on her face, “Chen Chloe are the dishes not to your liking?”

  “ They look delicious.” She smiles awkwardly, “I have a show next week so I am watching my weight also.”

“Dear, you can’t starve yourself! Have the Ginseng Chicken Soup, the cook adds a special medicinal will fill you up but later will pass right through you! FeiFei loves it!” She motions to the servant behind Chloe to give her a bowl of soup.

Chen Chloe looks at the elderly man with a ladle in his white gloved hand then towards the stairs, FeiFei where the hell are you!

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