Bai Meilin Part 2

  Bai Meilin affectionately holds Emmi’s arm and chatters non stop as the luxurious car moves down the highway. The driver looks in the rear view mirror and smiles at the two girls talking and laughing, I haven’t seen the Young Miss this happy in a very long time. 

  Emmi listens attentively and laughs while holding her side, “Bai Meilin, I didn’t know you are so funny!” She wipes the tears from her eyes, “I don’t think I will be able to look at your brother Bai Chenxi without laughing. He really did that when he was in high school?”

  “I am not making it up! It’s all true!”

  Emmi whispers something in Bai Meilin’s ear and she giggles. 

   When they arrive at the mansion Emmi stares at the formidable men dressed in black suits guarding the door and her eyes widen. When Bai Meilin notices Emmi’s expression, Bai Meilin orders the driver, “Tell them to go away, they will scare my friend!”

   “Young Miss, I don’t have the authority to tell them to disperse.”

   Bai Meilin puffs out her cheeks as she angrily steps out of the car, “Then I will!”

   Emmi holds her hand, “I am not afraid. I think they looked incredibly handsome all standing in a row.”

   Bai Meilin gazes at Emmi with an incredulous expression, “Really? You aren’t scared?” She forgot to tell the guards to remain hidden from view. The last girl she brought here was frightened to death by their intimidating presence.

  “Of course not. They are here to protect you right?”

  “Well… yes.”

  “No worries then.”

  “Okay. Let’s go in, I can’t wait to take you to my sewing room!”

  As soon as they enter the mansion the housekeeper greets them, “Young Master said you are to eat. The food is prepared, please go to the dining room.”

   She breezes past the elderly man, “Just tell my elder brother I ate, I want to take my friend upstairs.”

  “I can’t lie to the Young Master. The cook made all your favorite dishes.”

  Emmi can see the concerned look in the housekeeper’s eyes. She did hear that Bai Meilin had missed last semester because she was ill and she does look too thin. “ I hope I am not being impolite but I didn’t have time for breakfast and I am starving.”

   The housekeeper gives Emmi a mental thumbs up and Bai Meilin hooks Emmi’s arm with hers, “Well, then let’s go to the dining room.”

   Bai Cai comes downstairs and witnesses Emmi putting food on his frail sister’s plate while exclaiming, “Oh…this is so delicious! I have never tasted such scrumptious dim sum.”

   Bai Meilin’s pretty brown eyes bend as she picks the perfectly formed steamed Shumai with the chopsticks, Cai poached the cook from his friend’s Michelin five star restaurant..haha…he was so angry but no one can refuse my elder brother. But I can’t say that. “It is good.”

  Bai Cai was worried his sister wouldn’t eat and came home. He has a faint smile watching the two girls  and decides not to disturb them. Well as long as Chen Emmi makes Little Mei happy unless she touches my bottom line I will let her be. He walks to the living room and the elderly housekeeper hurries down the hallway. “Young Master! The Little Miss didn’t want to eat but her friend said she was hungry. She winked at me…I think she is a good girl! Finally, the Little Miss might have a real friend!”

  “Keep an eye on the girl. I have to go back to the office. It is too early to make a judgment.”

  The old Housekeeper nods, “You are right to be cautious after the last incident caused the Young Miss to fall into deep depression. I think if the little girl was betrayed again the consequences..” His trembling voice trails off, “Do you want me to turn on the monitoring system in the sewing room?”

  “No. I told her I would give her privacy when she was there. Just keep an eye for any unusual behavior on Chen Emmi’s part. I will be home for the dinner party later. Are all the preparations made?”

  “Yes. The garden area has been readied and the heated structure for the guests has been constructed. May I ask why you are having the dinner party outdoors?”

  “Meilin was in the garden and remarked it would be fun to have the party there.”

  The Housekeeper looks out the window, “The Young Miss does love the garden.” The Young Master is a tyrannical lunatic but he certainly loves his little sister

  “En.” He glances at the dining room as he leaves, it would be nice if Meilin smiled more.

   Bai Meilin and Emmi finish eating and they take an elevator to the fourth floor. Emmi follows Bai Meilin down a hallway. When she opens the door Emmi looks around the spacious and well designed room, she turns to Bai Meilin, “WOW! This is awesome! It rivals the design room at Chloe Designs!”

  “It was designed by their team, a mini version.”

  Emmi laughs, “I am so jealous..haha..”

  “You can work here anytime you want.”

  “I’m just teasing you. I like my Art Studio. Although it isn’t as good as this I am very comfortable working there. When Ihave a mental roadblock I work in my medicinal plant garden or go out on the lake…or just sit on my patio and stare at the river haha.”

   “That sounds so cool.”

   “You should come over when the weather warms up. We could sew, then go out in the boat and catch fish to put on the grill.”

   Bai Meilin’s eyes light up, “I would like that!”

    Emmi opens the bag with her cousin’s dress and Bai Meilin gasps when she sees it, “You designed this dress? It is gorgeous!”

   “Yes. My Uncle cut off my cousin’s allowance when she crashed her new Lamborghini. He refused to pay for a designer dress so she came crying to me.”

   Bai Meilin holds up the shimmering evening gown, “You are so talented! This dress is incredibly beautiful.”

  “Thank you.”

“Chen Emmi..” Emmi interrupts, “Call me Emmi.”

  Bai Meilin has a huge silly grin, “I can call you Emmi?”

  “Of course, we are friends aren’t we?”

  Yes! Yes! You call me Meilin then.”

  “Okay, what did you want to ask?”

  “Even if your cousin wanted a dress she is so mean to you. I understand you have a complicated relationship and felt you had to make her dress…but why would you …well.. design such an eye-catching and unique dress for her?”

  “Meilin, although I don’t like my cousin because of her arrogant  attitude and the way she likes to bully me… My mother taught me to always do my best in whatever I do. I can’t compromise my principles because of my feelings. I want to have pride in my work. I want people to be enchanted by the clothes I design.”

  ‘I see.” Bai Meilin has a wistful look in her eyes and Emmi holds her hand, “What’s wrong?”

  Bai Meilin’s eyes flicker and tears form at the corner of her eyes, “I wish my mom was still alive.”

  Emmi hugs Bai Meilin, “Don’t cry. My mom also left me. It is hard but you need to remember the happy memories and know she is always watching over you.”

  Bai Meilin wipes her teary eyes, “Your mom also died?”

  “Yes and my grandfather who I loved dearly passed away six months ago. You have your brothers who love you…I can see how much they care for you by looking at this exquisite sewing room. She smooths her hair, “And you have me.”

  The housekeeper is at the door that isn’t completely shut and hears Emmi. He wipes his eyes remembering Madam. He swallows a big sigh and knocks on the door, “Miss, do you and your friend want tea?”

  Bai Meilin sniffles, “Do you want tea?”

  “I’m good. Maybe a bottle of water.”

  “No, thank you Uncle Ming” She walks over to a small fridge and takes out two bottles of water. When she hands a bottle to Emmi she smiles and touches their bottles, “Friends.”

   They walk over to the work area and Emmi comments as she walks by the window, “What are they building in the garden?

   Bai Meilin replies, “It is for the dinner party later. Did you bring a dress? If not, I have one you can wear.”

  “I did. It is a dress I designed for the Paris Competition.”

   Emmi’s phone rings and when she doesn’t recognize the number she ignores the call.

   Jean Paul paces around his hotel room, why doesn’t Chen Emmi answer her phone? 

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