I Will Only Marry You

     Emmi is unsteady and leans on him as they walk to the couch. 

      He holds her shoulders and gently pushes her onto the couch. “Sit. I will bring the coffee and ice cream.”

  Emmi’s eyes light up at the mention of ice cream. She obediently sits and Zhen Sihao goes to the kitchen. The corner of his lips turn up as he passes through the dining room and the two empty bottles on the table enter his sight. The little drunk is not going anywhere tonight.

   After he brews the coffee he frowns when he takes an ice cream bar from the freezer. How can the little girl eat this crap? He peels the wrapper off the misshapen bar and places it on a plate then carries the tray to the living room.

   Emmi is switching channels on the television when he enters the living room. She happily smiles spotting the ice cream on the tray. He sets down the tray and Emmi eagerly picks up the Strawberry Ice Cream Bar and takes a bite. Her eyes light up and bend into a crescent shape. “Oh..so cold and sweet.”

    Zhen Sihao eyes darken with desire as she seductively licks her lips, “Eat slowly or you will get a headache.”

   She already greedily took another bite.Emmi waves her hand as her eyes water, “Oww.. hurts. Ahh…You are right”, and  slowly licks the dripping ice cream.

   Zhen Sihao watches her small pink tongue lap up the dripping ice cream and his Adam’s apple rolls. He dabs the corner of her mouth with a napkin, “Messy.”

    Emmi has a dazzling smile as she gazes at him. She sighs as she sets the stick on the plate. “You should have the other one. Once you taste it you will see how sweet and delicious it is.”

    He takes her small hand and licks her fingers covered in the melted pink ice cream, “Very sweet.”

    Stunned by his unexpected intimate action Emmi doesn’t retract her hand then snaps back to reality, “WANG HAO! ARE YOU CRAZY?”

   He laughs thinking about his impulsiveness, “Maybe.”

  Emmi looks like a frightened kitten as she wipes her fingers on her sweater, “Take me to my Art Studio.”

  “ Chen Emmi, you have been drinking. Do you want your fans to see you like this?”

   She picks up the coffee cup off the tray, “I will be ready to go after I drink this coffee.”

   Zhen Sihao’s phone rings and he walks towards the dining room. What the fuck does the old fox want? He sounds impatient, “What?”

   Zhao Gao’s veins bulge on his forehead when he hears his son’s disrespectful tone, “Listen you little prick. I just got off the phone with Old Man Fang. You will be married to his daughter soon and he was furious! He told me that you are keeping a woman hidden at your newlywed villa! Get rid of the little slut! Don’t forget I expect you to take Fang Hua to the Winter Ball whether you like it or not…or there will be severe consequences.”

   “Fuck off.” Zhen Sihao hangs up and calls Yan Jing. “Fire Secretary Shu. No severance pay.”

   Zhao Gao clenches his fists at his side as  paces around his study, Why didn’t that bastard die in the crash! He is nothing but a thorn in my side! Unfilial and selfish!

   Zhao Gao loosens his tie, he feels like he can’t breathe due to anger. He walks to the bar and pours a glass of whiskey then makes a call. The man that answers spits out a wad of chewing tobacco. “Yeah.”

   “Find out the woman’s name that the bastard son of mine is keeping. Unless she has strong connections, I want her to disappear. Tonight.”

   Zhen Sihao is irritated after listening to his father’s tirade and walks into the living room. Emmi is curled up on the couch sound asleep which brightens his mood. You will stay with me tonight. He sits on the edge of the couch and touches her soft silky hair. I made a mistake not warning that bitch to keep her mouth shut. Knowing my father he will investigate but I won’t  let anyone harm you. As for my wife..she can only be you. This will be our villa. The third floor has already been designed with a sewing room and in the back of the property is a recording studio.  He kisses her forehead, I love you. I need to find a way to tell you that I am Zhen Sihao not Wang Hao before someone else reveals my identity. Knowing your personality you will be angry that I deceived you but I will explain why. I did it to protect you and selfishly because being Wang Hao is fun. 

   He lifts Emmi’s petite body into his arms and she instinctively snuggles into his warm chest as he walks upstairs to the master bedroom. Once he enters the room he lays her on the luxurious bed then leaves. Zhen Sihao goes down the hallway to the guest room, he enters, then takes a few long strides to a walk-in closet. The closet is filled with beautiful women’s clothes he had delivered for Emmi. He opens a drawer and takes out a thin white nightgown embroidered with small pink and blue flowers. I need to reward Yan Ran, she did a good job.

   He walks into the Master bedroom holding the nightgown then into the bathroom to fill the bathtub. Walking to the bedside he rationalizes giving Emmi a bath.,. she will be my wife soon. Zhen Sihao has no qualms about  pressing her sleeping accupoint after his inner dialogue absolves him of any guilt.

 After a good night’s sleep  Emmi stretches her arms and yawns. then smacks her lips, so thirsty. She opens her blurry eyes and suddenly sits up in the bed looking around the spacious bedroom. I…I am..she pulls on the beautiful nightgown trying to remember last night. She reaches for the bottle of water on the nightstand and unscrews the top. Wuuu Wuuu.. I slept in CEO Zhen’s bed! Ahhh..”

  The door opens and Zhen Sihao enters carrying a tray of food. “Woke up?”

   “Why,..why am I here?”

  “You were drunk and insisted on sleeping in CEO Zhen’s bed. I tried to dissuade you but you threw a temper tantrum.” He points to a scratch on his face, “I decided it would be easier to let you sleep here, “

   Emmi’s face turns bright red, “I scratched you?” I am never drinking again..NEVER!


   “I am not hungry.” She pulls the covers over her head, am I crazy? I insisted on sleeping in..she shivers, CEO Zhen’s bed.

  Zhen Sihao sits on the edge of the bed and pulls the covers off her head, “Eat the Congee while it is hot.”

  She timidly sits up, “I have medicine for your face at the Art Studio.”

  “Okay.” He has a momentary twinge of guilt, she scratched him while he was kissing her last night.

  Emmi’s stomach is growling so she takes a spoonful of the steaming hot Chicken Congee. She softly says, “Umm..thank you. This is delicious.” She stares at his casual clothes, “Don’t you have to go to work?”

  “I have to deal with the electricians so I am not going to the office today.”

   “Oh right… you mentioned that yesterday. Well, after I eat I will walk over to my Art Studio, get the medicine and come back.”

   “I can drive you.” He looks at his watch, “They won’t arrive until later this morning.”

   “Well if you can, that works for me. I am getting picked up at eleven.”

 “Where are you going? I thought you didn’t have classes today.”

 “ I don’t” She takes another spoonful and blows on it, “My friend Bai Meilin’s driver is picking me up to go to her house.”

   “Bai Meilin? Her brother is Bai Cai?”

  She swallows the creamy congee, “Hmm..he is her elder brother.”

  “You can’t go.”

  She laughs, “No one is asking your permission.”

 He clenches his fist in his pocket, the man is too dangerous!  “Tell her that you aren’t feeling well.”

  She wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. “Wang Hao, don’t be ridiculous. Bai Meilin and I are going to work on my cousin’s dress for the Winter Ball then she invited me to dinner. My idol Henri Armand will be there.”

   He doesn’t say anything and leaves the room. Emmi watches him storm out with an incredulous expression on her face. What is with him? She picks up the bowl and finishes the Congee, he might be a shameless playboy but he really is an amazing cook.

  Zhen Sihao walks into his study and calls Bai Cai. “Invite me to the dinner party tonight.”

  Bai Cai puts the cigar he is smoking in the ashtray, “Why should I?”

  “You want Dong Electronics. I can get it for you.”

  Bai Cai looks out the window watching his sister in the garden, “That would be nice but tell me the reason you want me to invite you. Because Henri Armand will be here? Do you have a crush on him?”

  “Listen you motherf****r, tell me the time.”

  “You never could take a joke. Eight o’clock.”

  “When I get there my name is Wang Hao… not Zhen Sihao.”

  “Sihao, what game are you playing?”

  “None of your business.”

  “I will play along, send me the information I need to acquire Dong Electronics.”

  Pacing around the study Zhen Sihao adds, “Also, Chen Emmi is my person. She said she will be coming to play with Meilin today. Treat her well. Don’t mention me.”

Bai Cai laughs, “So that is what this about… I thought you wanted to meet Henri Armand because of your new acquisition of Daphne Drake. You have never accepted an invitation I extended before, now you’re willing to bribe me. Hmmm… Meilin’s little friend from University.” He smirks,  The little girl is quite a little beauty…she mesmerized Chenxi the moment he first laid eyes on her picture.”

  “Remember what I said. The paperwork will be sent tomorrow.” After he hangs up, he kicks the chair…Fucking shit! Jiang Weiming…Liu Ling…Bai Chenxi…  He opens his laptop and looks at the Variety show she is to appear in next week then calls Yan Jing. “Schedule a meeting for me with Lin Morgan about the upcoming Celebrity Assistant Variety Show.”

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