Emmi Is Drunk

Zhen Sihao smiles watching Emmi slip under his arm. She scurries over to the counter and picks up the glass of wine. She gulps down the sweet liquid then straightens her back and finishes chopping the scallions.

     He wants to continue teasing Emmi but there is a knock at the door. Secretary Shu wonders why the CEO needed the rice cooker. The house has no servants let alone a chef. She decided if he is cooking she will volunteer to help.

   The door opens and she smiles brightly, “CEO Zh..” He quickly grabs the rice cooker and slams the door in her face when Emmi approaches. Secretary Shu has a look of disbelief on her face, who is the girl with CEO Zhen? She rings the doorbell again because he took the rice cooker but not the cord. “CEO ZHEN! CEO ZHEN.”

  Emmi stares at Zhen Sihao and he says, “I smell something burning go check.”

  Emmi hurries into the kitchen and he opens the door. He has a menacing tone, “Leave.”

  Secretary Shu feels her knees get weak from the oppressive aura surrounding him, “But..but” Any thoughts of trying to get close to him go out the window. Now she is filled with fear he will fire her on the spot. She has a thin layer of cold sweat on her forehead, “The… the cord..you need the cord.”

  Zhen Sihao grabs the black cord from her hand then shuts the door again. He is nervous that Emmi heard Secretary Shu call him CEO Zhen. Carrying the cord he is apprehensive as he enters the kitchen. Emmi is standing at the counter staring at the brand new rice cooker. All his worries disappear when she says in an irritated tone, “ Wang Hao, there isn’t a cord to plug it into the wall!”

  He waves the black electrical cord  and she sighs, “Good. Hand it to me.”

  Outside the villa Secretary Shu has regained her composure and makes a call. “Miss Fang, this is Secretary Shu.” She stares at the intricately carved wooden door that was just rudely closed in her face, “I have some information for you.”

   Fang Hua replies in a snarky voice, “If it is useless as your last, pfft.. don’t expect to be paid.”

  “I think you will find it interesting.”


  “CEO Zhen is with a woman at his new villa in the Waterfront Development.”

  Fang Hua throws a stack of documents she was organizing into the air, as they flutter to the ground she snarls, “WHAT! WHO?”

  “Well, I don’t know who she is, I only caught a glimpse. She looked very young and…very beautiful.”

  Fang Hua digs her fingernails into her palm, “Are you sure she wasn’t one of his employees?”Father said that the villa wasn’t finished. I thought he was having it built for us…our newlywed home.

  “Definitely not. She was dressed like a college student wearing a sweater and a short skirt. No employee would be dressed in such casual attire. Plus, Director Yan sent me there with a rice cooker because CEO Zhen needed one immediately.” She decides to throw salt on the wound because of Fang Hua’s annoying superior attitude, “I don’t know if I should say but the CEO… well… he had a pampering tone when he told the young girl to go back to the kitchen.” Then abruptly slammed the door in my face. He obviously didn’t want the little slut to be seen.

  Fang Hua’s face is flushed with anger but she calmly replies, “Anything else?”


  “The usual deposit will be made into your account.”

  Secretary Shu’s red lips curl up into a smile as she happily walks back to her car. That was satisfying, I got to rattle the haughty woman and  paid for it! She pictures Fang Hua’s expression, haha.. the arrogant bitch  sounded calm but I’m sure she was seething in anger. The cold and aloof man ignores his fiance yet dotes on a beautiful young University student..haha. 

   Fang Hua in a fit of rage swipes her hand across her desk and everything falls onto the floor. “ZHEN… SI… HAO! DO YOU THINK I WILL IDLY STAND BY WHILE YOU HUMILIATE ME!” Dialing her father, her hand is trembling, Daddy will think of something…he needs Zhen Group to help the company. He will make sure to get rid of the little whore!

  Zhen Sihao pours another glass of wine for Emmi then takes the marinated meat and places it n a heated pan on the stove. “Set the table, the steak won’t take long.”

  Emmi looks in the cupboards and takes out plates and bowls, she touches the gold rimmed porcelain plates, “Should we use these? They look expensive, what if I drop one?”

  He can’t help but laugh, “ Are you that clumsy?”

 “Shut up! I’m just worried that’s all.”

  “He can deduct my salary…then I will deduct the money from you.”


 He chuckles as Emmi’s expression instantly changes from worried to angry. Fuck…she is so damn cute! “Just set the table.”

   After all the food is ready Zhen Sihao puts the steak onto a platter and carries it to the table. Emmi puts the rice into two small bowls and the stir fried vegetables into a larger bowl. Zhen Sihao watches Emmi trying to juggle the three bowls and walks over, “Let me.” He takes the big bowl and his fingers brush against Emmi’s hand. Both of them quickly walk to the dining room table with their own thoughts.

   Zhen Sihao picks up a piece of thinly sliced steak and places it on Emmi’s plate. He teases, “You will see the steak is worth the price.”

  She gives him a look for reminding her of the grocery bill then takes a bite. The steak melts in her mouth and the light marinade is delicious. “Yumyum..you are right..this steak is very tender and delicious.” She has a twinkle in her beautiful green eyes, “Do you cook for your women? Your skills are very good. No wonder they flock to your side.”

  He sips the wine and has the urge to see Emmi’s flustered look, “Combined with my other skills, I have never met a woman who could resist me.” He chews on a piece of steak then drinks some wine watching her reaction then has a mischievous idea.

     Zhen Sihao leans over and whispers seductively in her ear, “Do you want to test my other skills to see if what I say is true?”

     Emmi’s face turns red as his warm breath tickles her neck and chokes, Keke…”Shameless!”

 “I am just stating the facts.”He crosses his long legs and languidly leans back in the chair with a smug expression, making Emmi furious.

    She points her chopstick at his face, “Wang Hao, this hedonistic lifestyle of yours is going to blow up in your face one day! You..you can’t use women like you do!”

  “Little girl, you are too young and naive.” He has a devilish grin, “When you grow up you will see the benefits for the women also.”

  Emmi gulps down her wine and gathers her courage, “Let me tell you. Sex without love is momentary pleasure. Hmmm… Like this steak.. Delicious and gratifying but when you finish the meal in a while you feel empty again. She rambles, “ Sex with the person you love is well…better..much better.. More satisfying..more delicious…okay…hahaha… maybe that doesn’t make sense… but you know what I mean.”

  He wrinkles his eyebrows together and takes a big bite of steak, “There is nothing wrong with trying the steak at different restaurants, each has its own flavor. Why settle for the steak at one restaurant when there are so many to choose from?”

  Emmi taps her chopstick on the edge of the plate while thinking then has a resolute look in her eye. “Because Wang Hao, the one special steak..the most delicious juicy piece of meat you have ever had or will have in the future… is only served at one restaurant and it becomes your favorite restaurant! You don’t even have the slightest desire to enter another restaurant!”

   Zhen Sihao starts laughing uncontrollably, HAHAHA…HAHAHA…HAHAHA. She is hilarious..absolutely hilarious.

   Emmi knows what she said is ridiculous but his laughter is infuriating. She puffs out her cheeks and pokes him with the chopstick in the chest, “Do you even have a heart in there?”

  He gazes at her innocent and clear  eyes, his heart skips a beat. He grabs her hand and pulls her closer Emmi instinctively closes her eyes thinking he is going to kiss her lips. Zhen Sihao’s scorching gaze is locked on her tempting lips but he restrains the urge to kiss Emmi. She hears his raspy voice, “Do you want me to kiss you?”

   Emmi’s eyes open wide and her eyelashes flutter as she denies, “No!” Flustered, she sits back in her chair and her heart is thumping erratically. She takes a deep breath as she pours another glass of wine. After she finishes gulping down the sweet wine she says, “I am leaving. I need to do…my…my… live stream.”

    She stands up and slightly wobbles while shaking a finger at him, “Wang Hao. Change your ways.”

    Zhen Sihao stands up and walks over to Emmi and gazes down at her flushed face, “Do you think you are in any condition to do a live stream?’

   “I’m fine.” She staggers towards the door and he blocks her way, “I will give you a ride.Have some coffee to sober up first.”

  Emmi scratches her head, “Yeah..coffee sounds good. Do you have any sweets?”

  Zhen Sihao has a helpless expression, “Ice cream bars.”

  “Yummy. Okay.”

   Emmi leans on him as they walk to the couch.

He turns on the televison. “Sit. I will bring the coffee and ice cream.”

  Emmi obediently sits down and Zhen Sihao goes to the kitchen. The corner of his lips turn up as he passes through the dining room and sees the two empty bottles. The little drunk is not going anywhere tonight.

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