I Want To Eat…Rice

  Zhen Sihao turns the wheel sharply onto the access road to the Waterfront Development.. When he arrives at the bottom instead of parking he makes a left and drives to the iron gate of a luxurious mansion. Emmy has a puzzled expression. “What are you doing? Whose house is this?”

  He wants to say, This is my house.. I built it using my hard-earned money from being the CEO of Zhen Group… not by seducing women! But he answers, “Zhen Sihao’s house. Your kitchen is too small.”

  Emmi’s beautiful green eyes widen in horror She frantically waves her hands “Na..NOOO! I am not going to that man’s house! I am going to my Art Studio!”

  He lifts an eyebrow and asks a question that has been bothering him, “Why do you always have such a big reaction to the name Zhen Sihao?”

  “I told you! That old man humiliated me when I was in High School.” She shivers, “I never want to see him again! Wang Hao drive back to my Art Studio or I will walk.”

  “Calm down.” Why do I not have any impression of ever meeting Chen Emmi before my accident. What could I have possibly said that traumatized her to this extent. She obviously doesn’t recognize me… an old man? I am in my mid twenties, four years ago I was twenty one. “Zhen Sihao is on a business trip. I need to meet with the electricians tomorrow for him about a wiring issue. I told you I was coming to the Waterfront Development..that is why.”

  He pushes the password and the gate opens, “I am staying here tonight, you can make dinner here.”

  The Bugatti Veyron heads down a long driveway lined with Plum Blossom trees and Emmi is amazed at their beauty. “This area was all forest. Wow..he had these trees planted.”

  “Yes.” You told me once how you love Plum Blossom trees. “The gardens will be completed in the Spring.”

  She looks down the driveway at the magnificent mansion. “I thought the Waterfront villas wouldn’t be built this quickly.”

  ”This is the only one that is finished and the access road ends at this property. The other residents need to enter at the South end and the construction of their villas won’t be completed until Summer at the earliest.”

  “Oh…so CEO Zhen has a private entrance. Makes sense. Although I don’t ever want to see him again I appreciate him allowing me to use the access road. It saves me a lot of trouble not having to deal with my Uncle when I come and go.” She chuckles then says, “Thank you for getting him to agree. I guess your seduction skills don’t just work on women..Haha..”

  Zhen Sihao slams on the brakes and Emmi lurches forward, “I’m kidding..haha..don’t be so serious!”

   He leans over and his face is very close to Emmi’s, “If you continue, I will make a call and have your access denied.”

    He unbuckles her seatbelt, she feels his warm breath on her face and blushes.  Emmi nervously laughs as she opens the car door. “It was a joke. A joke!” 

    Zhen Sihao has a faint smile as he gets out of the car. He opens the trunk and takes out the bags of groceries. “Take this one it is light..and dripping.”

   Emmi notices the pink juice on the bag, “Ahh! My Strawberry Creamsicles! Hurry and open the front door. I need to put these in the freezer before they totally melt!”

   He takes long strides over to the massive wooden door and presses the passcode on the wall. Emmi rushes into the house and flings off her coat and quickly removes her boots. “Which way to the kitchen?”

   Zhen Sihao points to the right. He grimaces at the drops of pink ice cream on the polished marble floor. When did she sneak those ice cream bars into the basket?

   He picks up a pair of woman’s slippers, didn’t she see these right here. She will slip on the  marble floor only wearing socks.

  When he enters the kitchen he sees Emmi sprawled on the floor surrounded by the melted ice cream bars. She is putting them back into the bag. He sets the grocery bags on the nearby granite counter then extends his hand, “Why didn’t you put on these slippers?”

  She puts her sticky hand in his as he pulls her up. “Well I was in a hurry and didn’t know if I should. They might belong to CEO Zhen’s wife or mistress.” 

  “He doesn’t have either. Throw the melted ice cream away and wash your hands.”

  “A couple are still good.” She puts them into the freezer then throws the other four into the trash. After she washes her hands she puts on the slippers. Emmi watches Zhen Sihao take off his suit coat and roll up his sleeves after he wash his hands. He teases, “Staring at my incredibly beautiful face? Or my perfect body?”

  Emmi blinks her eyes regretting having said that in the car, “Wang Hao you are shameless.” She takes the vegetable out of the grocery bag and walks to the sink. “I will chop the vegetables, do you know where the cutting board is?”

  “I have never been here. I will look.”

  Emmi rinses the mushrooms then turns off the stainless steel faucet. Glancing around the fully equipped modern kitchen admiringly she remarks,“This kitchen is awesome. So beautiful.”

  He puts the cutting board on the counter. “I will marinate the meat.”

  She sees a rack of wine bottles, “Wang Hao, do you think we could drink some wine then replace the bottle before CEO Zhen returns.”

  “Which one do you want to drink?”

  “I don’t care. You choose.”

  He walks across the kitchen then through a door. He goes to the wine cellar, I know the perfect wine for tonight.

   Emmi watches him, where is he going?

  Zhen Sihao returns with two bottles of red wine. Emmi  looks up from chopping the onions and remarks, “Did you get them from his wine cellar? Put them back… they might be expensive.”


 He opens a bottle, “He won’t care.”

 “Well it’s on you then to replace them. I already spent too much at the grocery store.”

  He pours two glasses of the red wine and walks over to where Emmi is placing the chopped vegetables into a bowl. He sips the wine, “Good.”

  Emmi tastes the wine, “WOW! This is great, what is the name?”

  “The bottle has no label.”

   “Oh, it must be cheap so he removed the label… but it tastes delicious. I didn’t think CEO Zhen would have a frugal side..hahaha..”

   ??? How does this girl’s brain circuit work? This wine is from my friend’s vineyard’s private reserve. You can’t buy it for any amount of money!

   He stands behind Emmi then reaches into the cupboard above her head. He presses his chest against Emmi’s back. When she smells his intoxicating woodsy fragrance and feels his body next to hers a wave of heat rushes through her body. She springs forward and bumps her head on the open cupboard. She holds her forehead, “OWW! What are you doing?”

  He innocently answers, “I was getting the red chili powder.”

   “Next time just ask me to move.”


   Emmi sips the wine then refills her glass, “I need the rice cooker.”

   Zhen Sihao is in a daze while leaning on the counter watching Emmi. As she bends over the chopping board her sweater has slipped down revealing the beautiful curve of her delicate collarbone. Emmi’s slender snow white hands are holding the knife as she carefully slices a cucumber. He has a lustful gleam in his eyes as he gazes at her biting her lower lip that is stained red from the wine. I want to taste those sweet lips again. I don’t want the bunch of useless women you have seen with me. I only want you Chen Emmi.

     She waves the knife at him, “Wang Hao, snap out of it, I need the rice cooker.”

    He looks in a few cupboards then realizes there isn’t one. He takes out his phone, “I need a rice cooker now.”


   “A rice cooker. Bring one to the Waterfront villa..”

   “I’m at my parents. I will call Secretary Shu.”

   “Tell her to hurry I am making dinner.”


   Zhen Sihao walks over with the wine bottle and pours Emmi another glass. “Someone will bring a rice cooker.”

  “What? If there isn’t one here I have one at my Art Studio I can go get.”

   “Drink your wine, there is no rush.”

   “I need to make dinner then go do my livestream.”

  “You can do it from here.”

  “I can’t do a livestream from CEO Zhen’s house.”

  “Why not?”

  “What would I do? Nevermind… why am I having this conversation with you. Stop dawdling and marinate the meat. We don’t need rice.”

   He moves towards Emmi and she backs up into the wall. He leans down and traps her with his arms. She stares at him nervously as her heart suddenly jumps.

Zhen Sihao is pleased with her flustered appearance and teases in a low and seductive voice, “I want to eat…” He licks his lips staring at her beautiful face, “Rice.”

   Feeling dizzy as his dense masculine aura surrounds her body, she pushes his chest “Jeez, you could have one meal without rice.”


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