Surprise In The Supermarket

   Emmi and Zhen Sihao are standing at the checkout and several women are whispering about them. First because of their striking good looks and secondly because he is tossing out the snacks she has in the basket. “Too unhealthy.”

   Emmi has her cheeks puffed out and her face is red as she stomps her boot. “I like them! I am paying for the groceries so stop!” She bends over picking up the bags and he quickly snatches them from her hand. “I noticed you have red blotches on your skin. It is probably from your terrible eating habits.”

  A tall handsome man bends down and picks up a bag of pork rinds that landed at his feet. He smiles at Emmi, “You forgot one.”

  Emmi flutters her eyelashes when she sees his face, ” Cheng Li! Whe..when did you return to China?”

  “A month ago. “ He has a pampering look on his handsome face, “ Emmi, I see you still like pork rinds.”

  Zhen Sihao glares at Cheng Li and the temperature surrounding him drops drastically. He possessively grabs Emmi’s small hand, “Let’s go. I’m hungry.”   Zhen Sihao has an urge to punch this man for no other reason than the way he addressed Emmi so intimately. 

   Cheng Li stares at Emmi’s hand firmly gripped by Zhen Sihao. He raises his eyebrow trying to recall where he has seen him before. Studying the imposing man standing next to Emmi he draws a blank. Ignoring the jealous vibes coming from Zhen Sihao, Cheng Li pats her head affectionately, “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

  Emmi struggles to take her hand from Zhen Sihao, “He..he is.”

 Zhen Sihao wants to smash his hand for touching Emmi, “Wang Hao…Her boss.”

 “…” Emmi looks up at his expressionless face. My Boss?!?

 The middle aged cashier rolls her eyes and interrupts, “Could you please move forward in line. Other people are waiting.”

 A muscular man in a black suit and a little girl wearing a pink princess dress walk over to them as Emmi starts putting the groceries on the line. The little girl  recognizes Emmi and excitedly tugs on her coat from behind, “Emmi! Emmi!”

  Emmi hears her sweet and milky voice and turns around, “Baobei!” She hugs the pretty little girl into her arms, “I missed you so much!” She pinches her rosy cheek and the little girl pouts, “I’m too old for you to pinch my cheeks!”

  Emmi teases “Can I still give you a kiss?”

  The pretty little girl wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together, “I guess… but only one.”

  Emmi laughs and kisses her forehead. The little girl turns to Cheng Li,“Daddy, can Emmi live with us?”

   ?!?! Zhen Sihao feels a strange sensation looking at the three of them, they look like a happy little family. How do they know each other?

  Cheng Li takes his daughter from Emmi’s arms and he gazes at Emmi with a nostalgic gleam in his eyes. He has a gentle tone, “If she wants.”

  Emmi laughs not realizing Zhen Sihao has a murderous glint in his eyes staring at them. “Sweet Pea, I go to University now I live in the dorm.”

  Zhen Sihao’s phone rings and he steps away to take the important call from Daphne Drake headquarters in England.  

  The cashier impatiently taps on the line with her pudgy fingers, “That will be 1,351 yuan.”

  Emmi has a thin layer of sweat as she pulls out her credit card and her hand trembles. Cheng Li takes out his black card and hands it to the cashier. Emmi pushes his hand back, “No. I can’t let you pay.”

  “You can fix dinner for Baobei and me one night. I miss your Spicy Pork Rib Soup.”


  He nods at the cashier and as he reaches out with the card Emmi grabs his hand. “I will definitely come to your villa and cook for you. No need to pay.” Emmi cringes as she says, “ I owe my Boss a dinner.”

  Cheng Li gives Zhen Sihao a disdainful look as he strides down an aisle while talking on the phone. Even if she needs to cook his dinner, why should she pay? He is aware of Emmi’s situation with her family and can see from Zhen Sihao’s designer clothes and expensive watch he could easily afford the groceries.

  The little girl reaches into her pink purse and pulls out a pink phone inlaid with diamonds. “Emmi, give me your WeChat.”

  Emmi looks at the little girl holding her  iPhone and smiles, “Are you in kindergarten now?”

  “No. I am in first grade, I skipped kindergarten, those little kids were so annoying. What is your WeChat? She sighs, Daddy…well.. he will never think to ask. 

  Emmi exchanges information with the little girl then says, “Saturday I am giving a little boy a swimming lesson. Do you want to come?”

  Cheng ChuChu’s eyes light up and she pulls on her father’s arm, “Daddy! Can I?”

  He looks at Emmi, “Are you sure teaching two children won’t be difficult?”

  “Not at all, Lu Jun Jie can already stay afloat without me holding him.” I  think Lu Ying Yue  and Cheng Li would make a good pair.  He must be lonely since his wife died and Ying Yue is a gentle sweet person who might be able to help him move on with his life.

  Cheng ChuChu gazes up at him with a pleading look in her beautiful dark brown eyes. “Pleazzz Daddy!”

   He can’t say no when she looks at him with those eyes that resemble his wife’s. He lovingly brushes her loose black hair behind her ear and agrees, “Well… I guess it will be okay.”

  Emmi says, “Give me your WeChat and I will message you the time. The swimming lesson is at the Harborview Hotel  indoor pool.”

    Zhen Sihao hangs up and walks over to the three of them. He overheard their conversation as he approached and gives Cheng Li a warning look. Cheng Li isn’t affected by his dangerous aura and meets his intimidating gaze with an emotionless expression.

Putting his phone back into his pocket, Cheng Li knows Emmi doesn’t drive so he offers to give her a ride.“I can pick you up at the University on Saturday. We can go to the pool together.”

  “Okay.” Emmi fixes the ribbon tied around the fluffy ball of hair on top of the little girl’s head, “See you on Saturday then.”

  After they walk away Emmi chuckles, “ChuChu is as feisty and cute as I remember.”
Zhen Sihao pushes the cart out of the Supermarket and casually asks, “How do you know Cheng Li?”

  “Cheng Li? When I was in High School I was a nanny. I took care of ChuChu after her mother died. It was very sad. The poor guy was devastated and could barely function let alone take care of a baby. I am surprised he returned to Bashu City, last year he moved to the United States and opened an Art Gallery in Los Angeles.”

 He opens the trunk and starts to put the groceries inside. “He is an artist? I don’t recognize the name.”

 “He doesn’t use his full name. I’m sure you have heard of his work. He goes by “C. Li”

 Zhen Sihao has a stunned expression, Cheng Li is the world famous artist, C.Li.?”

 “Yes. But it isn’t common knowledge. When he appears in public he wears a mask and a hat. He doesn’t like the whole ‘celebrity thing’. He wants ChuChu to live a normal life and not be under a microscope because of his fame. I really admire him. He always puts his daughter’s well being first. He doesn’t even date. But I am going to put an end to him leading a lonely life!”

 ?!?! What does she mean by that? Is she going to date him now that he has returned? I have heard stories of the nanny falling in love with the child’s father after spending time with them…

  Zhen Sihao’s thoughts are interrupted when Emmi blurts out, “Hey, that almost made me forget. You disappeared when it came time to pay! You said you would pay for the beef!”

   Zhen Sihao opens the car door, “Get in. I had to take the call. I didn’t intentionally leave you to pay.” Haha..the little miser…she probably almost fainted when she saw the bill.  “I will send you the money for the groceries.”

  Emmi breathes a sigh of relief as she sits in the car, “Don’t forget.”

 Zhen Sihao shakes his head as he starts the car. 

  Emmi looks out the window with a pensive expression on her face as they leave the parking lot. Poor Cheng Li,he is such a good man. I really hope he can find happiness.

  Zhen Sihao glances over at Emmi leaning on the window with a thoughtful expression on her beautiful face. Is she thinking about that man? He can’t resist asking, “What are you thinking about?”

  She turns towards him, “Huh?”

  “What were you thinking about with that stupid expression on your face.”

  “Pfft. A womanizer like you wouldn’t understand.”

  “What did you just call me?”

  “A womanizer…you can’t deny you string women along for your own benefit. To get a sale for your company…the latest designer expensive hotel suite.”


  “Come on Wang Hao… you know it is true. During the short amount of time that I have known you..well..I have seen you with at least three different wealthy looking women. I’m sure that you seduce them with your incredibly beautiful face and perfect body then take them for whatever they can offer you. I am not criticizing..I am just stating the facts.My point is with your personality I don’t think you could empathize with a devoted man like Cheng Li. He loved his wife so much that after she died he couldn’t let go. She still occupies his heart. A one woman man.”

  Zhen Sihao doesn’t respond, he clenches his jaw and takes a cigarette from the console. Where does the little dummy get these crazy assumptions about me! I am a one woman man! 

   Irritated by Emmi’s assessment of him, Zhen Sihao steps on the accelerator. As the car speeds down the highway the freezing atmosphere in the car makes Emmi shiver. She fixes her scarf tighter around her neck then shrugs her shoulders as she gazes out the window, I only told Wang Hao the truth…he seduces every woman he meets…I even find myself  uncontrollably attracted to him physically…must be his strong pheromones… yeah.. The intoxicating masculine scent that exudes from his body…that explains the way I feel when I am too close to him. She inwardly laughs but I have no money he would never be interested in poor little me haha...

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