We Could Be A Fake Couple

   Emmi finishes the last question on the Calculus test and heaves a big sigh. My brain hurts! So hard! It is good I made it to class on time, if I took a makeup test I would fail!  She taps her pencil on the table as she  looks out the window of the classroom. Why does my cousin insist on making trouble for me at every turn! I do my best to stay out of her way but I made a promise to Bai Chenxi that I would participate in the Variety Show. I can’t go back on my word because she threatens me. Pfft! Like I want to be on a show with that  brat! 

  Emmi’s tablemate, Yue Hua, nudges her arm, “Chen Emmi, do you want to go to the cafeteria with me? Today’s special is your favorite… pork ribs.”

  “Hmm..pork ribs?”


  Emmi remembers she wants to go to Liu Ling’s office to check his mood. He should have received the email from Peng Pharmaceuticals. But pork ribs..very tempting. She shakes her head as she picks up her backpack, “Sounds good but I can’t.”

  They walk out of the classroom and Jiang Weiming is leaning against the wall talking to his friend. When he sees Emmi he quickly walks over to them, “Chen Emmi,do you want to have lunch at the cafeteria? Today’s special is pork ribs.”

  Emmi laughs and looks at Jiang Weiming and Yue Hua. “Does everyone know pork ribs is my favorite? Yue Hua just asked me to go also but I had to say no. I have a few things to do this afternoon. I need to stop by Professor Liu’s office.” She looks at her watch, Brother Ling should be in his office before his next class.

  Although Yue Hua would like to stay and feast her eyes on Jiang Weiming a bit longer she really wants to eat pork ribs.  She reluctantly tears her eyes away from him and turns to Emmi, “Okay, well I will be going then.” She hurries down the hallway, if I don’t hurry those juicy and delicious pork ribs will be gone!

  Jiang Weiming tries not to show his disappointment, he was waiting for Emmi to get out of class. “Did you still want to check out the medicinal farm?”

   Emmi looks out the window at the snow falling, “I think it might be dangerous on the country roads the way it is snowing. You know they don’t clear them right away. I am satisfied after reading the information you sent me. Should we proceed with buying the farm without an inspection?”

  Students walking by them are whispering and Emmi notices, “Do you have time to walk with me over to Professor Liu’s office?”

  Jiang Weiming raises an eyebrow, he saw on the forum that Liu Ling stood up for Emmi earlier. He had his assistant delete the posts but knowing her cousin that wouldn’t be the end of the bullying. He wants to tell Emmi that she should put some distance between them to squelch the gossip. “Sure.”

  They leave the math building and while they are walking across campus Jiang Weiming says, “Chen Emmi, I don’t want you to think I am interfering with your affairs but as your friend I should warn you. I deleted the posts about this morning but there is quite a bit of unpleasant gossip about your relationship with Professor Liu.”

  “What? That is ridiculous!” 

  “Well apparently after you went to class Chen Chloe was slandering you and Professor Liu got angry. There were quite a few students gathered watching as he defended you.  Chen Chloe and her malicious followers twisted his words and made it appear as though you have an inappropriate relationship with him.”

  Emmi’s cheeks puff out and she has rolling flames in her eyes, CHEN CHLOE! Well now you have crossed my bottom line! I will not let you cause any problems for Brother Ling!

 Jiang Weiming has an idea,  “This may sound..well…I think I have a solution to this problem. If you and I become an official couple it will put an end to the rumors. I know you have always tried to ignore your cousin but she won’t stop.”

  Chen Emmi stops walking and stares at Jiang Weiming, “A fake couple?”

  “Well…yes. Although she likes to stir up trouble she wouldn’t have the nerve because I am the Student Council President. If you are linked with me I can protect you.”

  “Jiang Weiming this is idea isn’t fair to you. Isn’t there someone you like?” She shakes her head, ” No I can’t agree. I appreciate your concern but I will deal with my cousin. I have been passive for too long because of my family situation.  I can’t let you make this sacrifice for me. Cousin Chloe would make your life hell because she likes you and I am her enemy. Emmi’s eyes are covered with a thin layer of mist, “But you have no idea how touched I am by your offer.” Emmi affectionately pats him on the shoulder, “You are a good friend Jiang Weiming, thank you.”

    “…” He clenches his fist in his pocket, FUCK! Someone I like? YES… IT IS YOU! I want to be a real couple with you ..not fake. I thought this might be an opportunity to get closer…for you to develop feelings for me. 

   Emmi grabs his arm and starts walking, “From now on, who I am friends with..who I like… I won’t hide anymore!”

  Jiang Weiming looks at the slender hand on his arm and his heart starts racing. He smiles looking at her determined expression. “That is good. I will always support you.”

   When they reach the Medical Research Building Emmi let’s go of his arm, “Call me later. If we can finalize the purchase I will contact Fang Chao about building our website.”

  “Sounds good.”

   He has a complicated expression on his handsome face watching Emmi walk up the steps. We will be spending a lot of time together developing our business, I can make you fall in love with me. 

   Emmi knocks on Liu Ling’s door and there is no answer. She looks at her watch, did he go to lunch? It is early for his class. She is standing at the door wondering whether she should knock again when she smells a familiar aroma. She turns around, “Brother Ling!”

  He is carrying a bag and she licks her lips, “Did you go to the cafeteria?”

  Liu Ling laughs as he opens the door, “Hungry?”



  Emmi follows him into the office and sits on the couch. He walks over to a small table, “What are you sitting there for? Come and eat.”

  “I can’t eat your lunch.”

  “I was walking into the cafeteria and I overheard your friend saying you were missing out on your favorite pork ribs to come see me.”

  Emmi blushes, “So you brought me lunch?”

  “En. What’s up?”

  “I wanted to thank you for your help this morning outside the Math Building. I made it into class just in time.”

  He places chopsticks and plates on the table, “How did you do on your test?”

  Emmi wrinkles her nose, “Well..Calculus isn’t one of my best subjects but I think I did okay.”

  He puts the saucy pork ribs on Emmi’s plate and she licks her lips, “Thanks!”

“Well from the silly grin on your face staring at the plate I can tell your friend was right. You do love the pork ribs.”

 Emmi chuckles as she picks one up, “They are the best.”

 After she takes a bite he wipes the sauce from the corner of her mouth. He teases, “Still a messy little piggie when you eat.”

  She pushes his hand, “I am just savoring the delicious flavor.”

  Emmi notices his mood is lighter, “Brother Ling, did something good happen?”

  He takes a sip of water, “Well I am going to have more time to focus on my research. I have informed the University I will accept a more permanent position.” I can finally break free from that fucking bitch and her unscrupulous father!

 Emmi’s green eyes sparkle, “Brother Ling, that is great news!”

 Emmi’s phone rings and she sees the caller and turns off her phone. What does he want? No..I am not answering. I am in a very good mood. 

 She receives a WeChat message from Zhen Sihao  [Not answering?]

 Emmi frowns and angrily types [ Do I need to block you again?]

[Dare you?]

[I dare. Watch me]

 Zhen Sihao leans back in his chair and smirks, [ I guess you don’t want road access to your Art Studio]

 She looks up at Liu Ling, “Sorry.”

[I’m in class I will call you afterwards]

[Make sure you do]

Yan Jing walks into Zhen Sihao’s office, “Why are you smiling?”

“No reason.” I was picturing the little girl’s angry expression. She probably had her cheeks puffed out and narrowed her beautiful green eyes while cursing me. She looks so cute when she is angry. 

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