Feeling Threatened

 Rui stops the hostess, “We are not with them, a table for two.”

 Chen Jianyu knows Rui doesn’t want his family to know about the marriage or he would have heard the news. He raises an eyebrow, ‘Rui, either we have lunch together or I call Qiao Muzhe to congratulate him on welcoming a daughter in law.”

  The hostess senses the tense atmosphere between the two intimidating men and stands to the side awaiting their decision. 

 LiMei blushes then pulls on Rui’s sleeve, she softly says, “Umm..Rui… let’s eat with them.”  I don’t want any problems with your family! We need to keep our marriage a secret! I’m shocked you told Lau An we are married!

  The corner of Rui’s mouth twitches thinking about Chen Jianyu coveting LiMei. “Fine.”

   He plans on dealing with his family when he returns from the island. It was impulsive of me to tell Lau An that  I married Feng LiMei.

  The four of them follow the hostess to a table on the patio. LiMei gasps at the spectacular view and squeezes Rui’s hand, “So pretty.”

  Chen Jianyu’s heart skips a beat while unabashedly staring at LiMei’s enchanting face. LiMei’s sleeveless white linen top reveals her delicate clavicle and the slight breeze blows her pale yellow skirt revealing a glimpse of her snow white thighs. She is dazzling with a pure and innocent expression while marveling at the lush scenery. LiMei’s green eyes sparkle while gazing at the ocean and Chen Jianyu gulps down his saliva. She should be mine…not that bastard’s wife. How did I not see that Feng LiMei is my Kang Mei? He clenches his fist in his pocket, I will find a way to bring her to my side whatever it takes.

 Intoxicated by LiMei’s natural beauty he is in a trance when Lau An takes his arm, “Jianyu…Jianyu.”

  “Huh?” He grimaces looking at Lau An because she interrupted his sweet daydream. He was imagining himself with his hand on LiMei’s waist instead of Rui as she excitedly pointed to the sailboats on the water. So cute…

   Lau An digs her manicured red fingernails into her palm. He can’t take his eyes off the little vixen! I am not going to let her ruin my time with Jianyu!  She calmly remarks, “Maybe we should have a separate table. They are on their honeymoon after all.”

 “Did I ask for your opinion?”

  Lau An’s face turns red from embarrassment but she doesn’t say anything. She feels the temperature surrounding him drop and she sheepishly sits at the table, damn that little bitch!

  A waiter comes over and Chen Jianyu growls, “Bring us a bottle of Chateau Lafitte Cabernet.”

 “Yes Sir.”

  He can feel a rush of anger as he watches Rui bend down and kiss LiMei, whispering something in her ear. LiMei giggles exposing her cute dimples then stands on her tiptoes wrapping her slender arms around his neck. Chen Jianyu’s eyes turn red and is consumed with jealousy watching their intimate behavior. Agitated, he takes the glass of the expensive red wine the waiter poured and gulps it down in one go. 

   Rui holds LiMei’s hand as they leisurely stroll over to the table. Rui tries to pull LiMei onto his lap but she pushes his chest. She shyly flutters her long black eyelashes, “Rui…no.”

    He reluctantly loosens his grip and she sits on the chair next to him. He pulls the chair closer and takes a sip of wine then kisses LiMei. She blushes and he wipes the wine dripping down her chin. He teases,“Sweet.”

   Chen Jianyu pours another glass of wine and pretends he didn’t notice Rui’s shameless PDA. 

   Lau An stares at the stunning ring on LiMei’s finger and her heart tightens in a knot. The flawless diamond is at least 3 carats plus the surrounding diamonds ..her ring must have cost over 50 million dollars! The unique design…it must have been created by Navarre. She can’t resist asking, “Feng LiMei, your wedding ring…was it designed by Navarre? 

   LiMei looks at her ring then at Rui. She was overwhelmed when he put the exquisite diamond ring on her finger and thought it was too extravagant. She told him she liked the delicate silver ring that was his mother’s. He insisted she wear this diamond ring, he never mentioned he personally designed it.

   He intertwines his long fingers with LiMei’s and answers, “No. I purchased the Forever Diamond at auction then designed LiMei’s wedding ring. Navarre simply made the ring according to my instructions.” Rui tenderly brushes the loose hair behind LiMei’s ear and  warmly smiles,“Naturally I wanted to give my beautiful and perfect wife a unique ring that reflected my endless love.”

  LiMei gazes at Rui, her eyes overflowing with adoration as she softly says, “You..you designed the ring for me?”


  Forgetting Chen Jianyu and Lau An are at the table, she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. LiMei’s beautiful green eyes are covered in a layer of mist as she stammers, “Rui..you are so amazing…I love you so much.”   Rui deepens the kiss and they are lost in their two person world. 

   Chen Jianyu glares at Lau An for asking about the ring  then fills the wine glasses.  He begrudgingly spits out “We should toast your marriage.”

   LiMei hears him and snaps back to reality. She smiles brightly, “Thank you CEO Chen.” She hands a wine glass to Rui then picks up her wine glass. 

 The four of them clink their wine glasses and Chen Jianyu says, “Congratulations.”


  The waiter walks over to the table, “Did you want to order?”

 Chen Jianyu replies, “We need to look at the menu. Another bottle of Cabernet.. Also four shots of tequila..1800 Coleccion.”

  LiMei drinks the glass of wine and sighs, this is very awkward but I don’t want the stupid tyrant to tell Rui’s family about us.  She taps on her wine glass then asks, “CEO Chen, is the Shingu Resort finished?”

   Chen Jianyu looks up from the menu and smiles, “Soon. We are going to open next month.”

  “Oh. Shingu Island is very beautiful, the resort should be very busy when it opens.”

    Rui doesn’t like LiMei paying attention to Chen Jianyu and puts his hand under LiMei’s skirt. He caresses thigh then his hand roams under her thong. She reaches under the table grabbing his hand and he has a mischievous smile as he continues. When he wantonly rubs her wet pussy she bites her lower lip so she doesn’t moan. 

  Across the table from them  Lau An is fuming at being ignored by both Chen Jianyu and Rui. She puts her hand on Chen Jainyu’s arm, “Jianyu has worked hard. He even persuaded me to open a Morning Glory Cafe at his Hotel.”

   The waiter brings the shots of tequila and LiMei quickly drinks it, making her eyes water.I am not going to make it through this lunch…between Rui teasing me…Chen Jianyu studying my face to see if I am Kang Mei and Lau An’s spiteful looks..She coughs then picks up Rui’s shot of tequila and drinks it down.  She raises her delicate eyebrow and looks at Rui, “I need to use the restroom.”

   Lau An wants to confront LiMei so she takes the opportunity to say, “ I will go with Feng LiMei.”

    Rui gives Lau An a warning look as they stand up to leave the table. After they walk away Rui declares sovereignty over LiMei. “Feng LiMei is my wife… my woman. Jianyu, I am warning you if you don’t stop staring at her I will gouge your eyes out.”

  “I want to ask you. At the ski resort…did Feng LiMei disappear for a period of time?”

  “What kind of question is that?”

  “Just answer me.”

  Rui lies, “No. We spent the entire time together.”

  Chen Jianyu doesn’t see any fluctuation in Rui’s eyes or tone of voice and continues, “Does Feng LiMei have a sister?”

  “No. I know what you are thinking and Feng LiMei is not this woman Kang Mei you are looking for.” Rui knows she went to the hot springs at the ski resort when he was sick from the aphrodisiac. Chen Jianyu must have seen her true appearance and because she disguised herself working at the Chen Group, she gave him a false name.

  Chen Jianyu slams down the shot of tequila and waves to the waiter, “Another round.” He lights a cigarette, “How did you meet Feng LiMei? Why did she dress as a plain little mouse while working as my assistant?”

  Rui tightens his hand on the glass of wine. “Jianyu, none of that shit matters. Feng LiMei is my wife. So get it through your fucking head, SHE IS NOT KANG MEI!”

  Meanwhile in the bathroom Lau An puts on lipstick then turns to LiMei washing her hands. “Feng LiMei, we are alone now. I want to ask you, how did you bewitch both Qiao Rui and Chen Jianyu?”

  LiMei looks up from the sink, she was waiting for what Lau An would say. She answers without any hesitation.“Miss Lau, I don’t know why Rui loves me..he is far too good for an ordinary girl like me. CEO Chen…well..he mistook me for another woman. I have no relationship with him at all.”

   Lau An pushes LiMei, “Liar! Don’t forget I saw you at my cafe with Jianyu. He was fascinated by your fox face then and he still is..KANG MEI! What would your precious Qiao Rui think if he knew you slept with Chen Jianyu.”

  “Miss Lau! I never slept with CEO Chen..please don’t slander me.”

  “Hmmph! Slut! You seduced him…he only has Kang Mei in his heart. He should be mine…but he is obsessed with you. She pokes LiMei in her chest with her long fingernail, “ KANG MEI!”

   Lau An is much taller than LiMei and she is wearing 10cm heels so she towers over LiMei’s petite frame. LiMei is slightly drunk and she staggers backwards. “I am not Kang Mei. If  CEO Chen doesn’t like you, well…  don’t blame it on me.” LiMei’s head starts throbbing and she hears a harsh voice in her mind, “Are you going to let this haughty woman push you around? Really? You weak little mouse…Let me out…I will teach her a lesson for you.” LiMei mutters, “No… No.. You will spoil everything if he knows about me.”

  Lau An thinks LiMei is speaking to her and laughs, “Haha..you admit it..you did step on two boats with Qiao Rui and Chen Jianyu. Once Qiao Rui knows with his personality he will throw you out into the street. He hates anything that belongs to him to be touched by someone else.”

  LiMei’s eyes widen and she starts to cry as the voice in her head becomes louder and more threatening. “Don’t..don’t..” her voice becomes inaudible as tears stream down her cheeks..”Don’t come out…I love him… he will throw me away.”  Suddenly LiMei feels darkness surrounding her and she falls onto the bathroom floor.

Lau An thinks LiMei is faking and leans over her, “Get up! Stop acting. I’m not going to reveal your identity.” When LiMei remains motionless on the floor Lau An panics and pats her cheek, “Wake up.” I just wanted to scare you into staying away from Jianyu.

  Lau An runs out of the bathroom onto the patio, “Qiao Rui, come quickly..Feng LiMei..she..she fainted.”

  Rui jumps up and runs towards the bathroom followed by a worried Chen Jianyu.

He rushes into the bathroom then grabs Lau An’s arm. Rui’s body emits a strong killing intent as he dangerously narrows his pitch black eyes, “Lau An! Where the hell is LiMei!”

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  1. Can’t wait to see how Rui convinced himself again that removing her memories is the best thing for her

      1. And more power to her! I just hope that Rui will help her deal with her trauma instead of hiding it away.

    1. I hope Rui won’t leave LiMei if she goes back to being her old self hopefully he has enough love for all of her

      1. Rui knows LiMei is really Qin Daiyu and he is afraid she will leave him if she remembers. He knows LiMei ❤ him but does Qin Daiyu?

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