Genius Doctor Qin Gao

  Leng Shuai stares at Rui shamelessly pretending to be pitiful and LiMei anxiously rushing to get ice for his face. punch barely grazed his cheek, the internal injury I sustained with his palm strike is much worse. While she is gone he glares at Rui, “I’m not fucking around. I won’t let you take Feng LiMei out of China. I instructed the airport not to give your plane clearance.”

   LiMei comes back with the ice and they halt their conversation. LiMei sits on the couch next to Rui and he takes the towel filled with ice from her hand, “Baby, I need to talk to Leng Shuai.” He kisses her tenderly and says, “ Go rest… afterwards we can order food.”

   She shoots Leng Shuai a disdainful look as she obediently walks to the bedroom.

   After she enters the bedroom Rui’s eyes narrow dangerously, “Do you think that will stop me? LiMei is my wife and she is coming with me. If you know where I am going then you must know why.”

  “Wong Chao can be handled.”

  “I am not going to take that chance and I gave my word.”

 “No one is stopping you from going.”

 “Who is behind your orders? The government? How could they be aware of Subject 456? Her special existence has been highly guarded.”

  “None of your business.”

    “When it concerns LiMei it is very much my business.” Rui’s expression changes when he comes to a realization and clenches his fists,  “BASTARD! You made a deal with that motherf****er Xinghi didn’t you? I heard your grandmother is suffering from a rare disease and she is going blind. Did he say he could save the old woman? Is that it?”

   Leng Shuai has a stunned expression but then regains control of his emotions, “No reason to hide the fact now that you have figured out the situation. Since you are well aware I am also the next in line to be the leader of the entire Underworld, I have the power to prevent you from leaving with Feng LiMei.”

  “You don’t have the jade amulet so that is still up in the air.”

  “How do you know I don’t have it in my possession?”

  “If you did…well, you wouldn’t bother to negotiate with Xinghi. You would order him to give you the cure for her disease. Although he has his personal army and is well protected he would have to bend to the King of the Underworld. No one would dare do business with him if he defied you.”

   Leng Shuai lights a cigarette, “You are smart I will give you that. But, Hirachi City is my home turf, I can easily stop you from taking Feng LiMei.”  He inhales deeply then continues, “I didn’t want to forcefully take her away because as you are aware I have feelings for the girl. I thought I could reason with you…this trip could turn deadly…do you think Wei Qing will accept you have a woman? Not only a woman by your side.. but a cute little wife.”

  Rui’s eyes redden with a demonic glint. He doesn’t want to expose his true self to LiMei so he restrains the urge to kill Leng Shuai on the spot for mentioning the Snake Woman.

He grits his teeth then sneers, “Leng Shuai, what if I said Xinghi is playing you? What assurances did he give you that if you hand over LiMei he can cure your grandmother? He is not a neurologist…the reason she is going blind is because of the pressure on her optic nerves. I would need to look at the CAT scan but the tumor most likely is inoperable because of its precarious location.”

  Leng Shuai listens intently then replies, “He has a rare herbal medicine that will dissolve the tumor.”

  Rui starts laughing, “I didn’t think you were that naive. Is the main ingredient , Golden Pylimna Scediris?”

  “How did you know?”

 “Who do you think you are dealing with? I studied under my Master and am an expert, if you researched me you should know that. The majority of the medicinal plants and herbs Xinghi uses for his research he buys from me, particularly the rare plants. It is true if you extract the essence from the Golden Pylimna Scediris plant it can temporarily suppress the tumor. Gradually the tumor will become smaller but will not be completely destroyed by the medicine. As soon as the effects wear off the tumor will grow again and be more resistant.The only way to save your grandmother is to remove the tumor completely…and I know the only man who is capable.”

  Leng Shuai studies Rui’s expression;he appears to be telling the truth. He hesitates, “Every doctor we consulted said there’s no way to operate.”

  “No one wants to take the chance of the Old Matriarch of the Leng Family dying under their scalpel during surgery. It is safer to say it is inoperable.”

  “You say there is a doctor who can successfully remove the tumor?”

  “If you allow us to leave Hirachi City without a glitch I will contact him. I would rather not have LiMei be involved with a confrontation between us. I am determined to take her with me…you are determined to prevent that from happening. The only result is a bloody fight.”

  Leng Shuai crushes out the cigarette, “If you are lying…”

  “I am not. “

  “When the doctor arrives in Hirachi City you can leave.”

     LiMei is restless lying on the bed, afraid that Leng Shuai will hurt Rui again. She walks over and listens at the bedroom door, she hears Rui talking. Good they don’t seem to be fighting, what doctor?  LiMei presses her ear to the door to hear better because their voices are muffled.

    Rui walks over and picks up a bottle of water. “No. I am leaving tonight. I don’t have time to waste. You can rest assured if I tell him to come he will definitely come. He is the only hope you have to cure your grandmother’s condition. If you choose not to believe me…we can only settle this matter the hard way. Also, LiMei can never know about Subject 456 and her painful  past.”

       LiMei can detect the concern in Rui’s voice, My painful past? Who is Subject 456?  Suddenly her head starts throbbing and she feels a sharp pain and her eyes roll back. She faints onto the thick carpet as her mind is filled with disturbing images of being strapped to a table in a white room.

      Out in the living room Leng Shuai scoffs, “I was right! What did you do to make Feng LiMei forget her past?”

    “She lost her memories, I had nothing to do with it.” Yes, when LiMei was beginning to remember I suppressed her memories of Qin Daiyu and the Black Sky Organization. But, that was for her own good. I won’t regret what I did.

   “Is she being treated? A person with a memory disorder needs therapy.”

  “Don’t worry about Feng LiMei. You need to leave.” 

   “I am not going anywhere until I am sure you aren’t fucking with me. Call the doctor.”

   Rui takes out his phone and dials a private number. A man is sitting at a hotel bar located in a bustling resort town in the Carribean.

He is kissing a voluptuous woman straddling his muscular tanned legs. She is rubbing his crotch as he bites her earlobe. He has a mischievous gleam in his Peach Blossom eyes, ‘Honey, keep this up and I am going to fuck you right here.”

    She puts his slender hand under her short skirt, “I don’t mind.”

   He takes his phone out of his khaki shorts, his voice is hoarse,“What the fuck do you want? I’m busy.” He moves free hand up the woman’s soft thigh then without warning tosses her off his lap. He growls into the phone, “No fucking way! I said that I would never go back to China and I fucking meant it!”

    Furious that he tossed her off his lap the woman stands up from the floor with a vicious look in her eyes. She angrily straightens out her red sun dress and fixes the sunglasses hanging crookedly off her nose. Dare to humiliate me! She grabs a bottle and breaks it on the bar then puts it to his neck. He laughs and twists her wrist, in one swift motion he tosses the bottle away, “Get lost.”

   The woman digs her red fingernails into her palm as she screams, “Bastard!” She kicks at him and he grabs her leg across his thigh. He squeezes her sensitive area between her legs.  “Sophie, behave.”

   Rui is impatient, “Get rid of the bitch we need to talk.”

  The man pushes the woman away, “Go.” He licks his lips watching her tight ass as she sways her hips storming towards the hotel entrance. “What? You just ruined my good time.”

  “You need to fly to Hirachi City immediately.”

   The disheveled man takes a gulp of  beer, “I said I won’t go back.”

  “You owe me. I am collecting on the debt. 

   “You can have the set of silver needles of mine you like. Or anything else…if I go back I will murder that woman. Is that what you want? Her dead and me a murderer?” He lifts his empty beer bottle towards the bartender, “Bring me a shot of tequila too..Hell… bring the bottle.”

  “I said Hirachi City.. not Pushong.”

  “Once in China I will feel the bitch’s magnetic pull and end up in Pushong with a knife in my hand.”

  “It has been four years, get over it.”

  “Easy for you to say she didn’t try to castrate you.”

  “You woke up and ran away before she did. Maybe you should have thought twice before fucking her best friend. Anyway I don’t have time to listen to you reminisce. You need to perform brain surgery on an elderly woman.”

   Qin Gao spits out his beer, “Hell no! I haven’t performed surgery since I left China. The only thing  I have sliced open is a lime for my beer.”

  “Although you are utterly incompetent in your personal life…you are a  highly skilled genius in the operating room. I trust you can get it together. Get the next plane.”

 Qin Gao drinks a shot of tequila and bites on a lime then yells into the phone “QIAO RUI YOU FUCKING BASTARD!! I WON’T GO BACK!”

  “Qin Gao! You and I both know you can’t say no to my request. When you get to Hirachi City, contact Leng Shuai, his number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I will email you the woman’s information.”

  After he hangs up he tells Leng Shuai, “Email me your grandmother’s information I will forward it. He doesn’t like to give out his private number or email.”

  Leng Shuai has dark lines on his forehead, “Qin Gao is the doctor? The deal is off. I will take my chances with Xinghi.”

  “Don’t be affected by the rumors surrounding Qin Gao’s sudden disappearance four years ago. The man is the absolute best at what he does. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of angering a vindictive woman who had the power to destroy his reputation. Instead of refuting the allegations he decided to leave the country to lick his wounds.”

    “There is no guarantee he will come. I could hear him say he will never come back to China. You can’t leave until Qin Gao arrives in Hirachi City. No negotiations.”

   Rui has a malicious smile, I guess I will need to call Yang Chenxi.“I am leaving as planned.”

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