Yan Ran

    Emmi runs out of Zhen Sihao’s apartment holding her pink scarf and Smoothie. She bumps into a stylishly dressed woman and quickly apologizes, “I’m so sorry.” Emmi wraps the cashmere scarf around her neck then bends over to pick up the bags that fell from the woman’s hands due to the sudden impact.

    Yan Ran reaches out her hands and smiles as she takes the bags from Emmi.“No worries.” She stares at Emmi’s innocent face with an amused expression , “I’m Yan Ran, a friend of Zh..Wang Hao and you are?”

   Emmi’s eyes widen in excitement, “Yan Ran. No… haha… I’m Chen Emmi. It is my pleasure to meet you. I admire your design collection very much!”

   “Well thank you. I think these clothes are for you. Wang Hao asked me to bring them to his apartment.”

   “Oh.” Emmi blushes and waves her hand. “I’m fine. I don’t need them. Um..Wang Hao…well the reason I am at his apartment…”

   Yan Ran noticed the red marks on Emmi’s neck before she put on the scarf. She winks, “Sweetie, you don’t need to explain.”  But I would love to get the scoop. I can’t believe a cold and indifferent man like Zhen Sihao is keeping an adorable little University student. He is even hiding his identity from you…

  “Miss Yan, our relationship is not what you think!” Emmi blushes, “ Umm..we have no relationship!”

  Yan Ran insists, “Take the clothes. He already paid and told me to deliver the clothes to you. Little girl, you say you like my collection so don’t refuse his generosity. He can afford it.”

   Emmi wrinkles her forehead as she blurts out, “How can a salesman afford your prices! No. Take the clothes back.”

   Yan Ran laughs so hard she holds her side, “Hahaha..You really don’t know do you?”

    Emmi has a perplexed expression, “Huh? Know what?”

    “Little girl..no never mind. Take the clothes, if you want to give them back to Wang Hao, that is between you two. Don’t worry, I gave him a deep discount.”

    She shoves the bags towards Emmi, “I have an appointment.” She turns and chuckles as she walks towards the elevator.

    Emmi looks at the five bags and opens the door to Zhen Sihao’s apartment. She puts the bags on the couch and stares at them, what did she mean? 

   She leaves the apartment and looks at her watch. I don’t have time to go back to the Studio and get medicine. She tightens the scarf around her neck, I will stop at the pharmacy on the corner.

   Yan Ran gets into her red Lamborghini and puts on a pair of Fendi sunglasses. She is pulling out of the Underground garage when her phone rings. She answers, “Hua, I thought you were going to Zhen Group this morning.”

  “I did..but Zhen Sihao practically threw me out!”

  Yan Ran purses her lips, hesitant to tell her friend about Chen Emmi she says, “Why are you determined to marry him? You could snag any man you want, why waste your time on that cold hearted man?”

   Fang Hua is at Yan Ran’s Boutique and holds a dress up to her curvaceous body. “Where are you? I need to talk to you, I am at your Boutique.”

   “I delivered some clothes to a special client. I’m on my way back to the store now.”

   Fang Hua hangs the dress back on a rack, “You personally delivered the clothes…to whom?”

   “You don’t know the woman.”

   She teases, “RanRan…I’m jealous…you have never brought the clothes I ordered to me.” Fang Hua curls her red lips into a faint smile “Who is she that the arrogant designer Yan Ran personally sent over the clothes? Did you charge double for the outfits?”

  “…” Should I tell her that Zhen Sihao is raising a little girl? She is my best friend, maybe I should fill her in on the situation. “I will be at the store in about fifteen minutes. We can talk in my office. Unless you want to go have breakfast.”

  “I will wait at the Boutique. I need a dress for the Winter Ball next Saturday night. One that will dazzle Zhen Sihao when he sees me.”

  “He doesn’t usually attend those types of parties.”

  “Well the Zhou family is one of the sponsors this year so he has to attend. Although he and his father are always fighting  they are forced to at least pretend to get along to give the old man face. Whether Zhen Sihao likes it or not he is Zhou Gao’s son.”

  Yan Ran laughs thinking about the last time she saw Zhen Sihao ignore his father at a banquet. Zhou Gaio was furious, his face turned bright red and he was sputtering obscenities as he walked past. “The Winter Ball should be interesting. I heard Zhou Jason will attend with his fiancee.”

  “I met Zheng Lan at a charity dinner, they make a good couple. I was surprised to hear they were getting married soon.”

   “Errr..she is a real bitch! I heard Zhou Mo arranged the marriage because his company was facing difficulties and needed the support of the Zheng family. Poor guy… Zheng Lan doesn’t compare in looks or personality to that little beauty he dated in University. Listen, we can gossip more when I get to the Boutique, I have another call.”

   Yan Ran answers, “Brother, what’s up?”

   “RanRan, you didn’t tell Fang Hua about Sihao’s little chick did you?”

   She changes lanes and turns down a side street to avoid a traffic jam. “No, of course not.”

   “Don’t. Sihao would be very angry. Fang Hua came barging into the company this morning and he practically threw her out.” He taps his pen on his desk, “I don’t know why you are friends with that woman. She has a pig brain. It is obvious Sihao doesn’t want to have anything to do with this marriage arrangement.”

   “Brother, you know Hua, she won’t give up.”

   “Well I just don’t want you to get involved.” Zhen Sihao came into his office and wondered how Fang Hua knew about the meeting with Jean Paul.

   “Okay. Are you free for lunch? I wanted to discuss opening a new store.”

   He looks at his watch, “I can meet you at two thirty.”

   “Do you want to go to the Crescent Moon Restaurant at the Harborview?” Yan Ran has a crush on Han Weisheng and she hopes to run into him at the hotel.

   “Do you want me to ask Han Weisheng to join us? He has retail space available at the hotel and the Han family owns several properties that might be suitable.”

   Yan Ran’s eyes light up, this is better than I expected! She calmly answers, “If he is available that would be good.”

  “I will give him a call.” He hangs up and laughs, so cute…RanRan tried to sound nonchalant but couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice. He dials Han Weisheng’s number, I wouldn’t mind having Weisheng as my brother in law.

   Han Weisheng agrees and Yan Jing calls in his secretary. When she enters he says, “Cancel my appointments this afternoon I will be out of the office.”

  She hesitates then replies, “Director Yan, did you forget CEO Zhen scheduled a video conference with Marra Gaines and wants you to join.” 

  “It did slip my mind, thank you for reminding me.”  Well, this will give RanRan a chance to spend time alone with Weisheng. 

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