What Is So Good About Him?

   After the door closes behind Zhen Sihao, Fan Mi wants to know what is going on with her iceberg cousin. She has never seen him be close to a woman and obviously there is something going on between him and Fang Jiao. She has her hands on her slim hips as she bluntly asks, “Han Weisheng, does my cousin like Fang Jiao?”

  He rubs the top of her head, “Seems so.”

  “Why does she call him Wang Hao?”

  “The girl doesn’t know his identity.”

   Han Chao has a serious expression and butts into their conversation “Is Zhen Sihao playing a game with the little girl? Weisheng, someone needs to tell Chen Emmi!” He has a good opinion of Emmi and doesn’t want her to be hurt.

   Fan Mi wrinkles her eyebrows in confusion, “Who is Chen Emmi?”

  Han Chao realizes his slip and in an exasperated tone says, “Okay I will explain, but Fan Mi, you can’t tell anyone. She is using the name Fang Jiao because she doesn’t want anyone to know she is Chen Emmi. She didn’t say it directly but apparently the Chen family is suppressing her because of Chen Chloe. That is why I promised not to disclose her identity or have any of the promotional photographs show her face.” 

  Fan Mi scowls, “I know Chen Chloe, she is spiteful but she is just an eighteenth line insignificant actress, she has no power. If my cousin Sihao is Chen Emmi’s backer she should be able to avoid any pitfalls.”

  Han Weisheng likes to gossip so he asks, “You know Chen Chloe?”

  “Well, my friend Su Kathy won the second female lead in ‘The Peach Blossom Fairy Concubine’ beating out Chen Chloe. She was only chosen as a palace maid. Chen Chloe was jealous of Su Kathy and secretly poured dirty water on her by saying she got the part because she slept with the Director Zhou. Chen Chloe, the scheming bitch, pretended to be friends while ruining her reputation.”

   “Zhou Hao from Lin Entertainment?”

   “Yeah, Su Kathy and Director Zhou don’t have any special relationship at all, but at a banquet one of the servers bumped into my friend and she was wearing 10cm heels. Of course she couldn’t maintain her balance so she fell forward.”

She walks over and grabs a bottle of water on a table, as she takes off the top she continues, “Director Zhou happened to be close by and naturally reached out to grab her so she wouldn’t fall face first onto the marble floor. Chen Chloe took a picture and it looked like he was embracing Su Kathy. The picture was very ambiguous.

Chen Chloe used a trumpet account to post the picture  and a couple photographs from the set where Director Zhou and Su Kathy were laughing while discussing the script. The studio released a statement denying they had an improper relationship but the cast and crew became alienated from my friend.”

  Han Chao shakes his head, “What a little snake in the grass! But, that is an example of what goes on in the Industry. Once dirty water is poured on someone even if the truth is revealed and they are proven to be only rumors there still are repercussions.”

  While they are discussing, Zhen Sihao and Emmi have returned to Wang Hao’s apartment. Emmi has calmed down and accepted the fact that she can’t win against Wang Hao. She takes off her coat and puts it on the couch. “Wang Hao, I am hungry. Before I give you a massage I need to eat.” She walks into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator and takes out a carton of eggs. 

   He lazily leans in the doorway watching Emmi, his eyes gleam revealing dark desire. Zhen Sihao resembles a hungry gray wolf eyeing his unsuspecting prey. He can’t take his eyes off Emmi. Dressed in the light blue Hanfu she looks like a beautiful fairy as she glides around the kitchen. Emmi still has the gold hair ornaments in her hair and they are dangling onto her jadelike neck as she puts on an apron. I don’t want anyone else to see my little woman’s alluring appearance. I need to find a way to stop Han Chao.

  Emmi can feel him watching her and she has no idea about what he is thinking. She turns and waves a knife, “Don’t just stand there like a lump.Come and help me chop the vegetables while I make the noodles.”


  Emmi bends over to take a pan from a cupboard and Zhen Sihao is aroused by the sight of her willow waist and perky butt.  He has an urge to grab Emmi into his arms and carry the disobedient little girl into the bedroom and punish her. She takes out a pan and turns around, “Why aren’t you chopping the scallions?”

   He can smell a light fragrance of lilies as she walks by him with the pan. He reaches out and brushes some loose strands of hair behind her ears. Emmi feels a strange sensation when she feels his cold fingers lingering on her cheek, the tips of her ears turn crimson red. 

   Realizing that was an intimate action he teases, “I don’t want hair in my food.” He has a faint smile gazing at her flustered expression, so adorable. I never get tired of looking at all the different expressions that flash across her beautiful face.

  “Pfft!” She can feel her face is burning from his touch so she lowers her head as she hurries out of the kitchen down the hallway to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror, her heart is fluttering and her face is flushed red. Emmi takes out the hairpins and pulls her hair into a high ponytail then splashes water on her face. That annoying man! I know he likes to tease me but I fall into his trap every time! When he has that devilish grin and his pitch black eyes are shining he is like a seductive demon! No wonder all those women willingly climb into his bed!

    Zhen Sihao is deep in thought watching the vegetables on the stove. Not only is she  recording the song with Han Chao but she is going to be on a Variety Show with the little bastard. Hmmm..I could invest and make sure she fails the audition. If she found out she would resent me. I could invest then be on set to make sure she doesn’t fall for that  pretty boy. Yes. That would be the best plan.

   Emmi walks back into the kitchen and ignores Zhen Sihao. She makes the noodles and adds them to the vegetables sizzling in the frying pan with ginger and garlic then prepares two fried eggs. When she is finished she takes two bowls out of the cupboard and fills them with the noodles. She places a fried egg on each one then carries the steaming bowls to the dining room table.

  “Wang Hao, I want to drink wine.”

  He looks at his wine rack and smiles, this wine has a fruity flavor but is strong. He grabs two glasses and a corkscrew and walks into the dining room.

  Emmi silently watches him pour the wine, when their eyes meet she averts her gaze and picks up her chopsticks.

   Zhen Hao sets the wine glass in front of Emmi, “I don’t know if you should drink, your face is flushed, do you still have a fever?” He has a faint smile as he places the back of his hand on her forehead. Emmi knocks his hand away, “No fever. I…I think you have the heater turned up too high.”

   He plays along and walks to the thermostat,  when he walks back to the table he sees she has her head buried in her noodles and her cheeks are red. “I turned it down.” 

   She picks up her glass and gulps down the wine. “Thanks.” The man is too beautiful that is why I was staring at him. Emmi drinks the wine and comments, “Wang Hao, this wine is very tasty.”

   “A friend of mine gave it to me when she returned from France.”

   Emmi decides to probe him a bit, curious about his relationship with Fan Mi. “Oh..the woman I saw you with at the Hotel?”


  “Fan Mi?”

  He swirls the wine around in his glass and he has a strange expression, “No.”

 The little girl thinks I am dating Fan Mi? Is she jealous?  

    After she has another glass of wine  Emmi has her head lowered with a mischievous smile as she taps her chopsticks on the bowl then looks up, “Wang Hao, Fan Mi…she dumped you after the incident at D’Amico’s didn’t she.”

   Zhen Sihao almost spits out the wine he is drinking when he hears her ridiculing tone. He regains his composure, “Why do you ask?”

    She has a  sympathetic expression and hesitates as though she is considering whether to tell him. “Well, it seems she likes Han Chao.”

     He sees through Emmi, haha..the little kitten is angry at me for teasing her and wants to scratch a sore spot to retaliate. Zhen Sihao eats his noodles without responding as Emmi eagerly waits for his reaction.

    Zhen Sihao restrains the urge to laugh, she has no idea that Fan Mi is my little cousin haha…He swallows a mouthful of noodles then replies, “Little Mi is just trying to get my attention.” 

   Emmi gazes at his handsome face and inwardly sighs, as expected of a narcissist, he can’t believe Fan Mi is no longer interested in him. She shakes her head, “I didn’t want to tell you but..she was holding Han Chao’s hand.”

   He pours her another glass of wine and laughs, “You seem to have the mistaken idea that I care if she is with Han Chao.”


   Emmi grips her chopsticks tighter and curses him in her heart, I can never get the better of that annoying man! 

   Zhen Sihao gazes at Emmi mumbling and stabbing the chopsticks into the bowl. He sips his wine, “What about you? Are you jealous? It looked like you were flirting with Han Chao.”

    Emmi is feeling the effects of the wine and thinks about Liu Ling and mutters,  “Huh? I wasn’t. I told you I like Liu Ling.” 

   He feels his heart tighten, fucking Liu Ling! “Chen Emmi do I need to remind you again the man is getting married.”

   Emmi waves her empty wine glass and shakes her head, “Nooo..noo..no..no. I will save Brother Ling.”

   Zhen Sihao wants to bully Emmi when he stares at her infatuated expression. Emmi’s beautiful green eyes are sparkling and she has a dazzling smile. He is consumed by jealousy, what is so good about that fucking arrogant bastard!  The chopsticks he is holding snap in half and he viciously snarls,“Are you stupid! Why would Liu Ling give up marrying the heiress to Peng Pharmaceuticals for a poor girl like you. You should wake up and stop fantasizing about him. Liu Ling is an ambitious man…what can you offer him?”

   Zhen Sihao’s heartless words are like a slap in the face. Emmi’s feels a sharp pain in her chest and her eyes cloud over with a layer of mist. She unsteadily stands up and wipes a tear from the corner of her eye, “You..you..you soulless playboy! Even if I am not worthy of Brother Ling so what! I can still love him…You can’t insult him! He is an amazing doctor and if he is ambitious..huh.. what man isn’t! How many women have you ruthlessly used to get ahead!”

Emmi staggers towards the couch to get her coat and trips on the hem of the Hanfu she is wearing. Zhen Sihao quickly catches Emmi and pulls her into his embrace. She pushes his chest fighting back her tears, “I’m leaving. I hate you Wang Hao!”

   He lifts her chin and his eyes are like a black bottomless abyss, “Hate me? In that case I will give you another reason to hate me.” He fiercely presses his lips on Emmi’s biting her bottom lip then licks the blood. She struggles in his strong arms as he pries open her lips and entangles their tongues. He tightens his arms around her waist as he wantonly sucks her tongue. Emmi’s heart is racing and she feels weak from his demanding kisses. Zhen Sihao comes unglued and loses control pushing her down on the couch. Emmi’s heart is still weak from the poison, combined with the effects of the wine she faints.

  Zhen Sihao leans on top of Emmi, when he sees she has fainted he brushes her hair back and caresses her cheek. He gazes at her long black eyelashes casting a shadow on her delicate face and runs his finger across her red and swollen lips. Zhen Sihao’s Adam’s apple rolls and his deep voice is hoarse, “Little girl, why do you provoke me?”

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