Han Chao’s Studio Part 2

   Zhen Sihao stares with a scorching gaze at Emmi’s delicate face and fairy-like appearance in the diaphanous light blue Hanfu. Emmi’s flawless skin is snow white and her tempting cherry red lips are curved in a seductive arc as she smiles at Han Chao. She truly has an ethereal natural beauty. He has a gloomy expression and black lines on his forehead watching Han Chao as he leans over her shoulder pointing at the sheet music she is holding in her small jade like hands. Zhen Sihao’s eyes are glued to the pair and darken filled with possessive thoughts of hiding her away so only he can see her beauty.

Emmi has her head lowered and the dangling gold earrings are resting on her swan like neck making him want to take a bite of her small earlobe. He clenches his fist in his pocket as Emmi tilts her head to look up at Han Chao, her wide smile is dazzling exposing her perfect white teeth. Zhen Sihao turns to Fan Mi, “Why are they dressed in costume?”

   She is intently watching the scene also and remarks, “They are going to take promotional photographs after they rehearse.”

   Han Weisheng has a mischievous twinkle in his eyes as he comments, “My brother and the girl are well matched. They really look like they walked out of a painting.”

   Both Fan Mi and Zhen Sihao glare at him and he coughs then walks over to talk to the photographer. He chuckles, Sihao really likes the little songbird.

   Fan Mi puffs out her cheeks, “Cousin, do you really think they look that good together?”

   “Not good.”

   She sits down next to the sound engineer, “Brother Gao, what do you think?”

  Gao Rong is getting ready and adjusting the controls, not paying attention to them. He looks up from the controls and his eyes instantly light up, “The girl is very beautiful…it is seldom you see such a pure and innocent face in our business. Who is she?”

  Zhen Sihao’s eyes are covered with a layer of ice, he tenses his body and takes a cigarette pack out of his pocket. He wants to go into the recording booth and grab Emmi to whisk her away. He lights a cigarette and tries to suppress his jealousy as he sees Emmi’s green eyes bend into crescent shape as she smiles at something Han Chao is saying . Why does she laugh and smile so coquettishly at other men! He tells the sound engineer in a domineering tone, “Turn on the audio.”

  Gao Rong doesn’t recognize Zhen Sihao but assumes he is a powerful figure from his expensive clothes and intimidating aura but hesitates, then Fan Mi anxiously says, “Yeah, turn it on.” Gao Rong flips on the audio. Emmi holds her side while laughing. She wipes a tear from the corner of her eye, “Han Chao you are so funny!”

   He responds, “You should tell Bai Chenxi yes, I think we would have a lot of fun together on the Variety Show.”

   She clutches his sleeve trying to catch her breath then replies, “Well, it is Winter Break and I don’t have anything planned.”

   He impulsively brushes some loose strands of hair behind her ear. She seems to be short of cash. He coaxes Emmi, “The pay is good for a week’s work.”

   Fan Mi clenches her little fists at her side and pouts, he is flirting with Fang Jiao! She can feel a burst of cold air coming from Zhen Sihao and looks up at him. He has a terrifying expression on his handsome face then storms into the recording booth. Both Emmi and Han Chao are startled by his sudden appearance and Emmi’s eyes widen, “Wa..Wang Hao what are you doing here?”

  Han Chao turns to Emmi, “Why did you call Zh..” he is interrupted by Zhen Sihao, ” I came with Han Weisheng.” He has a smile that is not a smile as he grabs Han Chao’s arm, “Your brother needs to speak with you.”

  Han Chao has a puzzled expression but says, “Familiarize yourself with the song. I will be right back.”

  Emmi ignores Zhen Sihao then sweetly smiles at Han Chao, “Sure.”

After they leave Emmi distractedly looks at the sheet music. I can’t believe the annoying man in here!  Oh…Fan Mi! He is jealous and came here with Han Weisheng as an excuse to find Fan Mi. She relaxes, haha.. A man like Wang Hao…you can’t easily run away from him…he is too self centered. He needs to be the one to break up I’m sure. Wheww..for a moment I thought..haha..what was I thinking.

 Fan Mi and Han Weisheng watch as Zhen Sihao angrily pulls Han Chao out into the hallway. Once the door shuts, Zhen Sihao purses his lips and his eyes are tinged with hostility. He calmly says, “Chen Emmi is my woman. Terminate this cooperation.”

  Han Chao has a puzzled expression, “If that is true, why did she seem anxious when you appeared and called you Wang Hao.”

  “You don’t need to know the details just do as I say.”

   He doesn’t want to find another singer he thinks Emmi’s voice compliments his perfectly. Plus, he finds her straightforward personality refreshing. “I respect you as my brother’s friend but it is up to Chen Emmi if she wants to cooperate with me or not. Even if she is your person as you say, she has a right to make her own choices. Nothing good comes from trying to control a woman. She will resent your interference.”

   Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow thinking about what Han Chao said. He might have a point. “I will allow you to continue but don’t tell Chen Emmi I am Zhen Sihao. She thinks I am a salesman named Wang Hao. Do not have any physical contact and…don’t make her laugh.”


  “What was that about Bai Chenxi and a Variety Show?”

  Han Chao says, “Chenxi saw her picture on the University forum and approached Chen Emmi about appearing on Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. I will be one of the celebrities as will your cousin, Fan Mi.”

  Zhen Sihao leans against the wall, “You can go back. Remember what I said.”

  Han Chao shakes his head and walks back into the Studio. Zhen Sihao is a strange man…the powerful and imposing CEO pretending to be a salesman to get a girl..hahaha

  Fan Mi has a worried expression and hurries over to Han Chao. She looks at him up and down his body apprehensively, “Are you okay? My cousin looked angry. He didn’t hurt you did he?”

  He smiles looking at her worried expression and rubs her head, “No.” He then walks into the recording booth and asks Emmi, “Are you ready?”

  Emmi wrinkles her nose, she wants to ask about Zhen Sihao and Fan Mi but decides it isn’t her place. “I think so.”

   He hands her a pair of headphones, “Let’s start then.”

   Zhen Sihao smokes a cigarette then languidly strides back into the Studio. Fan Mi and Han Weisheng are listening to Han Chao and Emmi singing. Han Weisheng pats Zhen Sihao on the shoulder, “Did you warn my little brother to stay away from your little songbird?”

  Zhen Sihao removes his hand, “I don’t mind putting a word in to your mother about setting up another blind date for you.”

  Han Weisheng snickers, “ When I was buying a birthday present for Bi I saw your future wife Fang Hua wistfully looking in the window of Elle’s Wedding Boutique..haha.”

  Fan Mi pulls on Zhen Sihao’s sleeve, “Cousin, you are interested in Fang Jiao? I support you! She really is a beautiful and talented girl.” This is good..Han Chao can’t compete with my cousin, I won’t mention Jiang Weiming is her boyfriend.

  He ignores Fan Mi and watches Emmi singing. I can’t let the little girl enter the Entertainment Circle, she will attract too many bees and butterflies. When they begin the song over again he takes out his phone to record Emmi. Both Han Weisheng and Fan Mi are speechless watching the cold faced man smile with a pampering expression.

  Emmi is concentrating on singing and gets lost in the beautiful song. She doesn’t realize how alluring she looks, her long black eyelashes are fluttering and she is gracefully swaying with the music.

   When they are finished Han Chao takes off his headphones and excitedly compliments Emmi, “This was even better than I anticipated! Your singing  was perfect!”

  Emmi blushes, “Thanks. Your song inspired me, I felt like I was that princess whose heart belonged to her first love.”

  He continues, “Are you sure you don’t want people to know you are the singer? You will be famous.”

   Zhen Sihao is interested in her response and doesn’t barge into the studio as he planned when Han Chao was touching her sleeve.

  “Positive. As long as you pay me the agreed upon money I will be very happy.”

  Zhen Siaho raises his lips in a slight smile, the little miser…only interested in how much money she will receive. 

   Fan Mi and Han Weisheng are surprised by her answer, Fan Mi says, “Is she stupid? I should talk to Fang Jiao, with her talent she could…“ Before she finishes her sentence Zhen Sihao says, “Don’t encourage the little girl, I don’t want her in the Circle.”

  Han Weisheng smirks, “Little Mi, can’t you see your Cousin doesn’t want to share his little songbird?” 

  Zhen Sihao snaps, “Shut up! Don’t think I won’t call Auntie.” He walks into the recording studio and grabs Emmi’s hand, “Let’s go.”

   She uses all her strength trying to shake off his hand, “Wang Hao! We aren’t finished. We still need to take some pictures!”

   Han Chao can tell Zhen Sihao has lost his patience and doesn’t want to provoke the big devil. “It is getting late. We can take the photographs when we meet next to record.”

  “Fine.” She struggles to free her hand from Zhen Sihao’s grip, “ But, I am not going with you Wang Hao!”

   Zhen Sihao picks Emmi up into his embrace and carries her out of the recording studio to the amazement of Han Chao. When he passes Fan Mi and Han Weisheng in the outer room they look at him as though they have seen a ghost.

   Emmi is pounding on his chest as they exit the room, “Wang Hao are you crazy? Put me down! I am not going with you!”

   He looks down at her with a smug expression, “I still need a massage.”

  Emmi’s  green eyes have small flames rising in them, “I don’t have time I will come in the morning. The dormitory will be closed.”

  “Then you can stay at my apartment.” 

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