Han Chao’s Studio

    Emmi can’t help but gasp as she follows behind Fang Chao into his luxurious villa. The living room is up a spiral staircase and has a vaulted ceiling. The floor to ceiling windows in the room offer an awe inspiring panoramic view of the surrounding snow covered forest and Crystal Lake. She nods her head in appreciation while scanning the spacious open room. It is decorated in an eclectic style, the leather couch is a vibrant orange, scattered on the sectional are colorful anime inspired accent pillows. The room is bright and spacious.

She smiles when she sees a large black and white portrait of Han Chao on the pristine white wall next to a few framed movie posters. Emmi walks over to a glass cabinet and comments, “Han Chao, you collect anime figurines, so cool! Isn’t this a Limited Edition Naruto?”

  He takes two long strides over to Emmi, “Yeah, my sister Bi gave it to me for my last birthday.”

  She points to another figurine, “I think Itachi Uchiha is my favorite character.”

  “Yeah, Itachi had a good storyline. Do you want something to drink?”

   “I will take a bottle of water, thanks.” Emmi glances around and sees a shelf lined with awards, this room really has a unique vibe.

   He comes back from the kitchen with two bottles of water. He hands one to Emmi, “Dong He will meet us at the studio.” 

   The doorbell is ringing and Han Chao goes downstairs, he looks at the security monitor then opens the door. A beautiful girl wearing a blue and black plaid jacket and a short skirt comes rushing inside then hugs him around his waist. She is shivering and buries her head in his warm chest. She coquettishly pouts her heart shaped lips, “Chao, it is freezing! What took you so long to get the door!”

   He rubs her head and helplessly laughs, “Dummy, look at what you are wearing, of course you are cold in that outfit. I will make you some tea to warm you up. Let’s go to the living room, I have someone I want you to meet.”

    He holds her hand and they walk upstairs. Emmi is admiring an abstract painting when she sees them. She raises her eyebrow, Fan Mi? Holding hands with Han Chao…what about Wang Hao? Maybe the incident at D’Amico’s really did frighten her into leaving him.

   Han Chao takes Fan Mi’s jacket then introduces Emmi to Fan Mi as Fang Jiao. Setting aside her curiosity, Emmi smiles, “I am a big fan of yours, it is my pleasure to meet you.”

  Fan Mi stares at Emmi with a hint of jealousy hidden deep in her eyes. Who is this beautiful girl to Han Chao? A new actress? I don’t recognize her.. Fang Jiao..hmm.. “Thank you, are you new to the Circle?”

  Emmi shakes her head, “I am not in the Entertainment Business. I am just collaborating with Han Chao on a song.”

  Han Chao chimes into their conversation, “I am going to make tea. I will be right back.”

  Emmi and Fan Mi sit on the couch and Fan Mi continues interrogating Emmi, “You are a singer?”

  Emmi chuckles, “Not professionally.”

  Fan Mi crosses her long legs, then why would that picky man want to work with you? He is interested ?  She taps her fingers on her knees,“How did you meet Han Chao?”

   Emmi can sense her possessiveness and wants to clarify the situation. She decides to use Jiang Weiming as a shield, “I was with my partner Jiang Weiming”, she can misinterpret that hehe..”I met Han Chao at Ming’s Restaurant.”

   Fan Mi relaxes, “Oh I see.” It is good that Young Master Jiang is her boyfriend…

  Han Chao walks into the living room with the tea. “A photographer will also meet us at the studio. I borrowed a couple costumes so we can get some promotional shots.”

  Fan Mi sips the tea while sneaking peeks at Han Chao to see if he is interested in Chen Emmi. Hmm..doesn’t seem to be… “Are you two going to sing the theme song from The General’s Secret Lover?”

   Han Chao responds, “Yeah.I heard Chen Emmi’s voice and thought she would be perfect. When you hear her sing you will see she is the only person capable of capturing the romantic essence of the song.”

   Fan Mi tightens her hand around the tea cup, romantic essence?

   Han Chao’s phone rings and he answers, “You are at the Studio?”

   Dong He answers, “Yes.”

  “Okay, get set up, we will be over shortly.”

  After he hangs up he tells Emmi, “I put the Hanfu for you to wear in the guest bedroom. Down the stairs on the right. I am going to change also. Fan Mi, go to the Studio and help Kari with the props.”

  Fan Mi finishes the tea and stands up, “Okay.” Pfft! So this is why he asked me to come over…I wondered why he suddenly called me! Well, at least I can keep an eye on the situation. 

  Emm walks to the stairs followed by Fan Mi and she wants to break the awkward atmosphere.  “Fan Mi,I am not used to being photographed. If you could give me any tips I would appreciate it. You always look stunning in every picture.”

   Fan Mi smiles listening to Emmi’s compliment forgetting she considered her a rival a moment ago. She says,“Well I will help you with your makeup. Although you look good without any, when you are being photographed you need to accentuate your eyes and lips.”

  “Thank you.”


  When they get downstairs Fan Mi points to a door on the right, “That is the guest room. Down this hallway leads to the Studio next door.”

   Emmi chuckles when she enters the guest room, Fan Mi is so cute…it is good she is with Han Chao instead of the Big Devil. She sees the light blue diaphonous Hanfu and picks up the ancient style dress. She runs her fingers over the delicate embroidered white lotus patterns. I wish I could live stream singing with Han Chao while wearing this gorgeous costume,my audience would love it!

   She carefully puts on the complicated dress then looks in the floor length mirror.  She takes her brush out of her purse and fixes her half of her hair into a butterfly bun. She leaves the rest of her long black hair down then inserts the gold and jade hairpins. Satisfied, Emmi takes out her phone and snaps a couple selfies then walks out of the guest room.

   Han Chao is about to knock on the door when Emmi walks out. He gazes at Emmi with his mouth open, “Chen Emmi, you look like a little fairy in that dress.”

  Emmi laughs, “You look quite handsome yourself Han Chao! Like an Immortal.” She fixes the collar of the white flowing robe embroidered with bamboo, “Is this the costume you wear in the drama?”

  “Yes, when I am hiding my identity and join the Flying Crane Sect. Afterwards, when my character becomes dark I wear a black and red robe. The song depicts the pure love between my character and the princess who is my Master’s disciple”

  “Oh. I am looking forward to watching the drama when it is completed. I love the genre..the martial arts…the costumes..the ancient settings.”

  They walk down the hallway, “Did my friend, Bai Chenxi, talk to you about the Celebrity Assistant Variety Show? He mentioned he was going to ask you to sign with his company. If you decide to join, you could be my assistant and come to the set with me.”

  “You know Bai Chenxi? You are going to be on the show?”

  “He is a good friend, I have known him since High School. And yes,I will be participating, so is Fan Mi and Kang Xie from our cast. I’m not sure who the other members are going to be.”

  “Well, I said I would think about it. I met his sister Bai Meilin and I owe her a favor.”

   They arrive at the Studio and Han Chao opens the door. Dong He drops the pastry in his hand, “Fuck! Chen Emmi you look amazing!”

   Emmi blushes, “I think any girl would look good in this exquisite dress.”

   Fan Mi is talking to the photographer and turns around and her face pales, Chen Emmi and Han Chao look like a perfect couple. He has a gentle and charming appearance in the flowing white robe and Chen Emmi is really incredibly beautiful in that pink hanfu…like a real princess. How did she fix her hair in that complicated style? Even the hair stylist on set has trouble creating that bun.

    Han Chao says, “Do you want to take some pictures first or practice the song?”

   “I don’t care, it is up to you.”

   He sees they aren’t done fixing the small set, “Sing first.” He opens the door to the recording booth then hands Emmi the music and points out some notes on the side. Emmi nods, “I see. Uh huh..” She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows, “Then here it is only me singing?”

  “Yes, then in the next verse I sing, then we continue together. I have confidence you can hold your own. Don’t be nervous…we will practice until you are comfortable.”

   Zhen Sihao and Han Weisheng enter the studio and Fan Mi exclaims, “Cousin, what are you doing here?”

  “Han Weisheng said his brother discovered a new singer.”

  “…” Han Weisheng has a faint smile.

  “Oh..well she is beautiful but she isn’t a professional..don’t expect too much…this is her first time recording.”

   She walks with them over to the two way glass partition. “Her name is Fang Jiao.”

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