Your Little Songbird Part 2

   During the meal Zhen Sihao kept piling food into Emmi’s bowl and by the end she felt she couldn’t breathe.

    She leans back in the seat patting her stomach, “No more. I am going to burst!”

   He puts down his chopsticks, “You are a very good cook.”

   “Well, my mother liked to cook so she taught me. After she died I was very lonely so I would hang out in the kitchen with Grandma Kang and help her cook. She practically raised my mother so she was like my family. Afterwards, I would eat with her in the kitchen.” She thoughtfully continues, “There is something comforting about cooking then sharing food with someone you love. I didn’t like to eat with my Uncle and his family because I would always lose my appetite…haha..”

   Emmi is picking up the empty dishes and doesn’t notice the strange expression on Zhen Sihao’s face. He ponders what she said. With someone you love…is that why this food tasted very delicious? We made the food together then shared a meal? No, I don’t love Chen Emmi…I am just attracted to her beautiful face and body.

  He stands up and carries the remaining dishes to the kitchen. “I will drive you to the dormitory, it is dark and dangerous for a girl to walk alone.”

  “No. I need to digest my food. I ate way too much. I will walk.”

  “ I will walk you there. I don’t want to be responsible if anything happens to you.”

  She is over being angry with him so she agrees, “Okay. I will do the dishes then we can go.”

  “Leave them. The maid will clean up.”

   Looking at the sink Emmi frowns, “It isn’t good to leave dishes overnight. I will do them.”

  He wants to laugh, the maid will come whenever I call. “Alright you wash, I will dry.”

   When they finish, Zhen Sihao brings the laptop from the bedroom, “Take it or throw it away. What I have given, I don’t take back.”

   Emmi refuses to take the laptop, “Don’t be frivolous Wang Hao, although your company gave you this laptop, it is quite expensive. Sell it online.”

   “…” He walks into the kitchen and tosses the laptop into the trash. Shocked he really threw it away, Emmi hurriedly takes it out and brushes it off with her hand. “Are you crazy!” She opens up the laptop and breathes a sigh of relief that it isn’t broken. She wipes off the top with a wet paper towel then washes her hands. “If the laptop broke that would be like throwing away money!”

  “I said take it or throw it away.”

  Emmi mutters under her breath, “So crazy…”, then calmly puts the laptop into her backpack and without looking at him says, “I will keep the laptop then.”

   He takes her coat and holds it up for her to put her arms in, “Chen Emmi, you shouldn’t be so stubborn.”

   She looks like a pufferfish as she responds, “I am not stubborn! I have principles!” Did you already forget what a shameless thing you did! She decides to remind him, “You kissed me without my permission! Of course I was angry!”

   He touches Emmi’s lips with his finger, “As I recall you pushed me down and kissed me first. I only reacted to your seduction as any man would.”

   She pushes him, “It was an accident! An accident! I didn’t want to kiss you!”

   He leans down and his warm breath tickles her neck as he whispers, “I think you did it on purpose to see what a real man tastes like.”

   Emmi’s face is burning and she sputters, “ playboy! Not every woman is like those women you bed… taken in by your good looks!”

   “So you are saying I’m good looking?”

   “You are missing the point. Of course you are good looking…very good looking… you know that. The point is I am not attracted to you! I like Brother Ling!”

   Zhen Sihao’s face darkens and his eyes are instantly filled with rolling flames. He lifts her chin, “You are quite fickle, does Young Master Jiang know you like the good doctor?”

  “WANG HAO! Why is talking to you like walking through a maze! Jiang Weiming is my friend! My friend!”

   “You continue to amaze me Chen Emmi, you do know your precious ‘Brother Ling’ is about to marry the beautiful heiress to Peng Pharmaceuticals, Peng Min?”

   Emmi’s face pales, “Shut up. I don’t need you to walk me to the dormitory, I will be fine.” She takes her pink cashmere scarf from his hand and wraps it around her neck. “Wang Hao, you should worry more about your own love life…didn’t that woman in D’Amico’s want to kill you?” She mockingly raises her lips in a smirk, “How did your little girlfriend, Fan Mi feel about that.”  She storms to the door then turns around, her green eyes bend and she has sly smile on her beautiful face. “Pfft! Or you should worry that one of the women you play around with might come knocking on your door with a little bun!” 

   He chuckles at her angry expression and grabs his coat, “You are worried about me?”

   Emmi angrily stomps her foot, “Of course I am not worried about you! I’m just saying…hmmph..mind your own business.”

    He follows Emmi out the door and she snaps , “ Do you not understand Chinese? I said I don’t need you to walk me to the dormitory!”

   “I’m just walking to digest the greasy food you fed me.”

   “..” I can’t..I can’the is driving me crazy! The thick faced man does whatever he wants regardless of what I say!

   They exit the building and as they walk past the guard station the guard stops them, “Miss Chen, here this is for you.” He hands her a bag. “ I told my wife about you bringing me medicinal tea and pastries and she wanted to thank you. She was fretting because of the snowstorm I might catch a cold.”

   Emmi looks into the bag and smiles brightly, “Jujube Paste Cake! I love it! Is your wife from Daoxiang Village?”

   The old man smiles, “Yes. How did you know?’

  “I went there with my mother when I was young and we stopped at a small cake shop and she bought me one!” Emmi takes a bite, “Oh…just the way I remember, please thank your wife for me!”

   “I will.”

   He watches as they walk away, what is a sweet girl doing with that cold faced man. He has a frightening aura and my knees felt weak as he stared at me when I handed Miss Chen the bag. It was like he wanted to chop off my hand!

    While they are waiting for the light to turn Zhen Sihao wipes the crumbs from the corner of Emmi’s mouth with his finger, “Is it really that good?”

   Emmi’s green eyes sparkle, “Yummyy..yes. Not only does the cake taste delicious but it brings back very happy memories.” Here, do you want a bite?” She puts the cake to his lips and he takes a bite while licking her finger.

   Emmi quivers as he sucks on her finger. She pulls her finger from his mouth and shakes her head, “Wang Hao, do you always have to be perverted?”

  “I don’t know what you mean.”

   She shrugs her shoulders and finishes the piece of cake, it is no use I never win with him…

   When they arrive at the school gate Emmi holds up her hand. “This is far enough. I don’t need any more rumors flying around about me. Luckily, Jiang Weiming got rid of the ridiculous posts on the forum. I don’t need someone seeing you and me together.”

   Zhen Sihao lazily leans on the fence, ”So Young Master Jiang got rid of the pictures and posts?” Should I burst her bubble and reveal I removed the posts and unsightly pictures?

  “Well, he didn’t say he did but who else has that kind of power to totally erase all posts about me entirely. I really owe him for doing that. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me today.”


  “Never mind.” She pulls him off the fence, “Go. I see a group of students walking this way.” She runs through the school gate and he watches her ducking her head as she passes a group of girls. The little girl shouldn’t have to lower her head for anyone. He makes a call, “Find out what happened to Chen Emmi at the University today.” 

    He lights a cigarette as two girls walk up to him on the sidewalk outside the school gate. Two girls were staring at him because of his outstanding appearance, trying to decide if they should approach him. The prettier of the two girls bravely steps over to the fence. She is wearing delicate makeup and flutters her eyelashes coquettishly, “Senior, could you give me your WeChat?”

   Zhen Sihao ignores them and blows out a thin stream of smoke as he continues to watch Emmi until she reaches the dormitory. Once she opens the door he walks away without responding.

   The girl is embarrassed after being ignored and scowls, “Did you see the girl he was looking at?”

   Her friend shakes her head, “No. I only saw her back, but she went into the B Dormitory.”

   Emmi rushes into the dormitory and up the stairs to her room. Once inside she leans over trying to catch her breath…ohh..I ran too fast. Why did I eat that Jujube Cake after I was already so stuffed! Ahh.. She stands up and weakly walks to the small refrigerator and takes out a bottle of water. She drinks a few sips then lays on the bed holding her stomach. Errr…She looks at her watch, then calls Han Chao, “Hi, I will have to pass on dinner. Could you pick me up after you eat?”

  “Sure.  D Dormitory right?”

  “Yes. Is eight thirty good? I need to be back by eleven. They lock the doors.”

  “That will work. Tonight we will rehearse and get to know each other. Take some pictures, I promise they won’t reveal your face.”

   “Alright. Sounds good. Call me when you are here.”


   Emmi hangs up and lays on the bed staring at the ceiling thinking about Zhen Sihao. Wang Hao really knows how to push my buttons! I am a very calm person except when I am around that exasperating man!


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  1. It seems to me that now Brother Ling will definitely not get out of this marriage, Xihao will definitely marry him to this vile woman.

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