Your Little Songbird Part 1

   Emmi walks to the apartment building where Liu Ling lives and frowns thinking about what happened  earlier. She gazes up at the nineteenth floor of the luxurious apartment complex. That shameless Wang Hao! He just wanted to embarrass me! How did  I provoke him!

   Zhen Sihao left some documents in the apartment and is driving to the gate when he sees Emmi. He chuckles, the little girl must have realized her mistakes and come to apologize in person.  He confidently tells his driver, “Pull up by the girl standing by the tree.”

   Tang Tao  angles the car between two parked cars directly in front of Emmi. Zhen Sihao rolls down the window, “Get in.”

   Emmi is texting Liu Ling, she looks up and utters in a contemptuous tone “ Hmmph! I don’t get into stranger’s cars.” She continues texting not noticing the dark expression on Zhen Sihao.

  “Don’t make me say it again.”

  She avoids eye contact and curtly replies, “I’m waiting for someone and I have nothing to say to you.”

  The temperature in the car plummets and the driver looks in the rear view mirror. The CEO’s expression is very ugly…he looks like he will strangle the girl if she refuses.

  Emmi backs up to hide behind a large gingko tree when she notices Liu Ling  down the sidewalk. She doesn’t want Liu Ling to see her talking to Zhen Sihao.

   Zhen Sihao is about to explode when he sees her nonchalantly backing away avoiding contact with him. Before she can take three steps he stretches his long legs out of the car. He drags Emmi then tosses her onto the backseat. As he gets in she kicks him, “What are you doing! We have laws! This is kidnapping!”

   He growls, “Drive.”

   Emmi has an incredulous expression, “I said I am meeting someone! What are you doing!”

   He doesn’t answer as the car enters through the gate. When Tang Tao parks in the Underground Garage, Zhen Sihao smiles, “Did you forget you need to make my dinner and clean my apartment for a week?”

   Emmi takes out her phone, “What do you want to eat, I will order takeout for you. I don’t have time tonight, I’m busy.”

   “That won’t do. I want you to cook.”

  She wrinkles her nose and puffs out her cheeks, “I can start tomorrow…a week starting tomorrow. “

  “I might have been willing to compromise if you hadn’t blocked me…but”


 He narrows his eyes and leans close to Emmi, “Me… unreasonable? Who threw an apple at me and slapped me this morning?”

  The driver gulps when he hears Zhen this little girl courting death?  

  She softens her tone, “Yes, I was angry with you for kissing me and blocked your number. I will unblock you…honor the bet and start tomorrow. I can’t change my plans.”

  “Tell me what is more important than cooking my dinner?’

  Emmi inwardly sneers,Everything…Anything… I have no choice but to text Liu Ling…I know this annoying man won’t let me go.

  Emmi glares at him, “Fine. I will message my friend.” She turns to the side and messages, [I’m sorry Brother Ling…I have to help my friend…the one who lives in your complex… I just ran into her and she said it was urgent] 

  Liu Ling approaches the apartment complex and looks around for Emmi. She texted me she was here. I wonder where she went. He takes out his phone and reads the new message. [Is there anything I can do to help?]

 Emmi bites her bottom lip [No..just please take care of yourself. There is a light at the end of the tunnel]

   ??? He shakes his head and chuckles while reading her message then walks through the gate. I think the tunnel will be very long and dark with no end to be seen. 

  Zhen Sihao can’t see who she is messaging but is getting impatient, “Finished?”

  She puffs out her cheeks, “Yes. But after dinner I have to go back to the dormitory, I will come back later to give you a massage.”


  “I have homework.”

  “You can use the laptop you left at my apartment.”

  Emmi clenches her fists under the sleeves of her coat. “Wang Hao, I have a life and it doesn’t revolve around you!”

  The driver breaks out into a sweat fearing for Emmi’s safety. He will definitely strangle the little girl if she continues. How can she speak to the CEO in such a disrespectful manner..wait why does she keep calling him Wang Hao?

  Zhen Sihao bursts out laughing, surprising the driver. He grabs Emmi’s hand, “Let’s go.”

  When they enter his apartment Emmi takes off her coat and scarf then goes directly to the kitchen followed by Zhen Sihao. He raises an eyebrow looking at her short skirt then says, “Unblock me first.”

  She rolls her eyes and takes out her phone, “Done.Where is an apron?

   Emmi puts on the blue and white apron he hands her and walks to the refrigerator. “You can go to your study. I will call you when dinner is ready.”

   He walks to his bedroom then takes off his tie and suit coat then tosses it on the bed. He decides to watch Emmi in the kitchen.

Emmi is washing the vegetables when she hears him come into the kitchen. She turns around and gulps down her saliva at his sexy appearance. The top two buttons of his black silk shirt are undone and he is leaning on the granite island, rolling up his sleeves exposing his strong forearms.

   She blushes as she stares at him, his head is lowered and his long eyelashes cast a shadow on his flawless face. The shirt clings to him reavealing his taut muscles. He is an incredibly handsome man…very handsome..Emmi stop! He is an annoying shameless tyrant! 

   Emmi coughs, “Wang Hao, I said I will tell you when dinner is ready. Don’t you have work to do?” 

   “I can help.”

   He stands behind Emmi and reaches into the cupboard pressing his chest against her back. She inhales his masculine scent and his warm breath tickles the back of her neck. Emmi is flustered and turns around, “What are you..” Her voice trails off as she looks up at his handsome face then sees the bottle of oil in his hand.”

   He has a devilish grin and he teases, “What did you think I was doing? I am going to stir fry the vegetables.”

   She turns crimson red then ignores him as he picks up the bowl of vegetables on the counter. She puts the chicken breasts on the cutting board and starts chopping pretending the innocent chicken is Wang Hao.

   He has a slight smile listening to her mumble as she cuts up the chicken.

Emmi doesn’t realize that after a few minutes her anger has dissipated and they are working together harmoniously preparing dinner. She sweetly says, “Wang Hao where is the rice?”

   “The second cupboard on the right. Use the Jasmine rice. The rice cooker is on the far counter by the tall cupboard.”

  “Okay that will be good.”

   She is making the rice and Wang Hao has his eyes glued to her perfectly shaped snow white legs. That skirt is too short.. If she were to bend over…I should have Yan Ran send her a few longer skirts and some pants. 

  He is not listening when Emmi is talking to him. He is thinking about all the guys at school leering at her legs and he is getting angry.

  When he doesn’t answer she turns around and sees he is in a daze. “WANG HAO! What are you thinking about? Check the roasted barbeque pork ribs..”

  He snaps back to reality and walks to the oven and takes out the pan.  When he does a delicious aroma wafts through the kitchen.The pork looks tender pulling away from the bone and the  barbeque sauce covering the meat is slightly charred. He nods his head in satisfaction then says, “Looks done.”

  “Okay put a cover over the pan, the rice isn’t quite ready.”

   Zhen Sihao takes out a cover from below the stove and places it over the barbeque pork then turns off the burner under the vegetables. His phone rings and he answers, “Speak.”

   Han Weisheng laughs, “After the way you pulled your little songbird off the stage at your Club I was surprised to hear you were letting her record a duet with my brother.”

   Zhen Sihao glances at Emmi putting the rice into a bowl. “What are you talking about?”

  “I was at my brother’s villa earlier and he said he couldn’t meet Bi and me for dinner. You know how he dotes on Little Bi and she came to town especially to see him. When I asked why he told me that he invited Chen Emmi to record the theme song of his new drama.”

   Zhen Sihao raises an eyebrow as he walks into the living room.  What a little liar! Homework huh? “Chen Emmi said she didn’t want to be in the Entertainment Industry.” At least that is what my assistant told me when I had him investigate her.

  For a Big Man it is strange but Han Weisheng likes to gossip like a little girl. He smirks, “She is using the name she used that night at your Club, Fang Jiao. She asked him not to show her face in any of the promotional posters or appearances.”

  “What are you doing tonight?”

  “After dinner with Little Bi, no plans, do you want to go to the Club? Zhi is out of town but I could call my brother Chang and Zheng Si to meet.”

  “No. Let’s go to the recording session.” He has a two way glass partition as I recall. “I don’t want Chen Emmi to know, so tell Chao. She might be uncomfortable if she knew I was watching.”

   Han Weisheng has a mischievous gleam in his eyes, this should be fun. “Okay, he said he is picking the little songbird up at her dormitory for dinner then they are going to the studio.”

   Dinner? Hmmm.. “I will pick you up at eight.”

   “I will call Chao now.”

   “Remind him not to tell Chen Emmi.”

   Han Weisheng laughs, “I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

   Emmi sets the dining room table then walks to the living room, “Dinner is ready. “ She takes off the apron, “I am going back to the dormitory.”

   He blocks her way, “I want you to eat dinner with me.”

   “Wang Hao I said I have homework…a lot of homework to do.”

   “It is the least you can do for me helping you with your  Statistics homework last night.”


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