Help Liu Ling

   Emmi and Liu Ling are having lunch when her phone rings, she frowns when she doesn’t recognize the number. She doesn’t answer, then receives a WeChat message from Han Chao.

  [Where should I pick you up?]

  [The dormitory]

  [Is six o’clock good. We can have dinner then go to my studio]


  She looks up at Liu Ling, “Brother Ling why aren’t you eating? Don’t you like the food?”

  He has a faint smile, “It’s good. I haven’t had much of an appetite.” The closer the wedding gets I feel nauseous thinking about having to sleep with Peng Hua. I really hate that woman.

   Emmi has a concerned expression,“You need to eat or you will get sick. Try the chicken, it is very delicious.” She puts a piece on his plate. “If something is bothering you…well… you can talk to me.”

   He suddenly laughs, “Little Emmi, don’t look so serious. I just have been busy.” He eats the piece of chicken she gave him, “You are right the chicken is very tender and delicious.”

   Peng Hua angrily lifts her heels and swings open the door of the restaurant. She went to surprise Liu Ling in his office but the fat bald man sitting at a cluttered desk said he left with a student.

  When she question the unattractive man he hesitated then said he thought they said they were going to Kang’s Dim Sum Restaurant. He had met Peng Hua before and wondered why a popular bachelor like Liu Ling would marry such a shrew.  Every time she came to the office she was rude and insulting. Although she is pretty she doesn’t compare to the little student just now.

   She flips her red hair back and storms over to the table, her heels clicking noisily on the tiled floor. When Peng Hua recognizes Chen Emmi she digs her fingernails into her palms to control her inner rage. It’s her again! The little slut that was seducing Ling in his office! I want to beat the girl until no man will look at her fox face!

   Peng Hua curls her full red lips into a smile that is uglier than crying. “Ling, I went to your office looking for you and your colleague said you were having lunch with a student. She pulls out a chair and sits down, “I’m sorry I met you before but I forgot your name. I am Ling’s fiancee, Peng Hua.”

  Emmi puts down her chopsticks, “Chen Emmi.”

  Liu Ling tightens his grip on his chopsticks, “If it isn’t important. I will come by your father’s estate after my last class. We are discussing her thesis at the moment”

   ??? Emmi lowers her head to eat, My thesis? I have never seen that look on Brother Ling’s face…repulsion? Is he trying to get rid of Peng Hua.

  Peng Hua holds his hand and coquettishly gazes at him with watery eyes , “ Ling, it is important or I wouldn’t interrupt. We need to discuss the guest list for our engagement party.”

   Emmi picks up the spicy noodles with her chopsticks. YaoYao told me that the invitations were sent out and Lu Ying Yue was invited. 

   Liu Ling’s body tenses from her touch, he stands up and politely says, “Chen Emmi, excuse us for a moment.” Peng Hua has a satisfied smile when she stands up but when Liu Ling roughly drags her into the hallway by the restroom the smile disappears from her face.

    Behind the lens of his gold rimmed glasses his eyes narrow dangerously.  “What are you trying to do? I thought you were self aware…the only reason I am marrying you is because your father is blackmailing me. I was framed by him and have no other choice. If you constantly disrupt my life maybe prison would be a better choice. I have known Chen Emmi since she was a child..she is like my little sister…you don’t need to be jealous. I told you I would fulfill my obligations as your husband but you are not allowed to interfere while I am teaching at the University.”

   Peng Hua’s eyes fill with tears, “Ling, don’t be cruel. I love you…I tried to convince Daddy but he wouldn’t listen.” She clutches onto his suit coat, “I had nothing to do with his treachery…I am also a victim. If he didn’t force this marriage…I know you had feelings for me before.”

  He scoffs, “Feelings for you? You are delusional. I would never fall in love with a poisonous woman like you!”

   Emmi is around the corner listening, she couldn’t stop herself from following them. Besides the crush she has on Liu Ling, she also wonders if his fiancee has something to do with his haggard appearance. His reaction when he saw Peng Hua wasn’t that of a man in love…more like his enemy was approaching. A woman bumps into Emmi and she is startled, she hurries back to the table. Oh my God! If they knew I was eavesdropping..ahhh.. She covers her face with her hands, this is terrible..the woman’s father is blackmailing Brother Ling…He was is going one is more outstanding than him! 

   She sips her water watching for them to come back to the table. I need to find a way to help him…he can’t marry that witch! He would be miserable..but what can I do..I know I will contact Feng Chao he can find a solution!

   Only Liu Ling returns to the table, “Peng Hua received a phone call from work, she left.”

    “…” Oh Brother Ling you are a terrible liar..but I will play along. I can’t let you know that I am aware you drove her out of the restaurant.

    Liu Ling absentmindedly moves his chopsticks around in the bowl of noodles in front of him and Emmi feels terrible seeing him unhappy. “Brother Ling, after your class can you give me a ride to my Art Studio? I want to check on my garden and Butler Han can’t pick me up.”

   “A ride? Sure.” 

    Emmi smiles brightly, “Thank you.” I will do my best to help you get rid of that horrible woman! I will have Feng Chao meet us there and he can figure out how to expose those blackmailers!

    After they finish eating they walk out of the restaurant, Emmi impulsively holds his hand. Emmi looks up at him with a beautiful sweet smile, “Brother Ling, when you come to my Studio I will show you the hybrid orchids in the greenhouse that recently bloomed. You can take one to your mother.”

  “She would like that. Mom loves the Pink Moth Orchid you gave her for her birthday.” He wants to pull his hand away because it seems inappropriate but he can’t. Feeling her small warm hand in his reminds him of happier times, before his ambition let him trust the wrong people. He never thought he would get caught in their web and be unable to extricate himself. Now he needs to marry a woman he hates and be under the thumb of the man who betrayed him. 

    When they arrive close to the campus Emmi let’s go of his hand. “I will meet you at the gate to your apartment then.”

   “En.” He watches her as she walks away, I hope you can always stay as pure and innocent as you are Chen Emmi. 

    Emmi happily hums a song as she kicks the snow on the path to her dorm. I will solve the problem of your marriage then you will be free Brother Ling! Free to fall in love with me!

    YaoYao is returning to the dorm and she sees Emmi, she waves her arms, to get her attention. Emmi stops and YaoYao runs over to her then links her arm with hers,“Where were you?”

   “I went to lunch with Brother Ling.”

   “Emmi you shouldn’t torture yourself…he is getting married soon. You know Jiang Weiming…”

   Emmi puts her finger on her mouth, “Shhh..” A group of girls pass then Emmi smiles prettily and says, “Who knows what tomorrow will bring, Brother Ling might change his mind.”

   “I love you Emmi but your little dream world is about to be shattered. Once people like the Peng family make a marriage contract it can’t be broken. What is most important to them is their face…I sometimes think they will do anything to maintain their reputation.”

   “Well…Brother Ling…nevermind.”   

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