Bai Family Part 2

    After Bai Cai heard about his little sister defending Chen Emmi, he took his foot off the man’s bloodied face under his foot. He had an unusual smile on his face as he told his right hand man, Rong Ye to finish the interrogation. He strode out of the abandoned warehouse leaving his right hand man befuddled, the Boss was enjoying torturing the treacherous bastard. I wonder what Little Missy did to make him leave suddenly.

    Bai Cai gets into the backseat of a black Bentley Mulsanne. He calls his assistant, “Get me all the information on a young woman named Chen Emmi.” He sends his sister a message, [Baby girl, Brother is very proud of you. What would you like as a reward?]

   Bai Meilin is in class and sneakily takes out her phone and smiles. She was waiting for a message. She knows the two guards monitor her and report back to her eldest brother. Since their parents died in a plane crash when they were young her eldest brother has been taking care of her and Chenxi. Although she knows he is a ruthless gangster he never shows that side to her, he is always gentle and pampering. Behind the scenes he also secretly clears the way for her brother Chenxi. She loves and admires her brother so when he praises her she is very happy. If it wasn’t Chen Emmi being bullied, she knows she would have silently passed the scene with her head down. It isn’t in her timid nature to get involved but she has always wished she could have a friend like Chen Emmi so she summoned up her courage to act.

   She holds the phone on her lap and replies [It was what I should do..Chen Emmi is my friend]

   [Bring her to the house for dinner. I want to meet your friend]

  Bai Meilin bites her bottom lip, Brother, I’m afraid your King of Hell aura and cold face will frighten her and she won’t want to be friends. [I will see when she is free. She is very busy]

  ??? He stares at the phone with an incredulous expression then decides not to point out it wasn’t a request. [I am going to New York on Friday so dinner on Thursday, eh?]

    [Brother, how about when you get back. She should have time, we will be on Winter Break] That will give me time to figure out how to get out of dinner. Wuuhuuu.. I really want Chen Emmi to be my friend!

   He chuckles, he can picture her cute expression biting her lip and worrying. Well, I will meet Miss Chen whether the baby girl likes it or not. I can’t have a person next to my baby sister I have not personally vetted. [Next week then. You didn’t say what you wanted for a reward]

   [I want to be on the new Celebrity Assistant Variety Show. Chenxi said no.] I could spend time with Chen Emmi, after me saving her for sure she will say yes to Chenxi.

   [No.] You are too fragile and pure. [The Entertainment Industry is too dirty.]

   [How can I get strong if you keep treating me like a baby? Han Chao will be on the show, he won’t let anyone bully me. You asked what I wanted this is it]

  [ You are getting braver, daring to talk back.] His expression is full of indulgence. [ Fine]

  [I don’t want to go in the back door. I want to audition]

  [Meilin, let me call Lin Morgan]

 [Brother, could you please have some confidence in me!]

  He laughs, this is the first time the little girl has shown interest in something other than drawing. I had to force her to go to Chloe Design and Henri said she would quietly work without interacting with anyone. [ I will await the results]

  [Don’t forget to tell Chenxi not to block me]

 [I will let him know I gave my approval]

 [Thank you Brother! You are the best! Happy emoji happy emoji]

 He puts the phone in his pocket and lights a cigarette, I am looking forward to meeting the girl that made Meilin come out of her protective shell. 

    Emmi is in her dorm room, she takes out a tray of ice from the small refrigerator and puts it in a towel. She has no idea that she caught the attention of the powerful head of the Bai Family, Bai Cai. She lays on the bed and holds the ice on her cheek, why don’t those idiots understand I am not chasing Jiang Weiming! She has an idea, if he gets a girlfriend they will forget about me. But who…does he like anyone? Of course all the girls like him…who would be a good match? 

  After she applies some soothing medicine to her cheek she sighs looking at her reflection in the mirror. The pain and redness is diminished but still swollen. When I go to the Studio I can use Snow Lotus Oil. She looks at her watch, then sits at her desk and calls Feng Chao. “Are you busy?”

   He is leaning over one of his programmers pointing at a computer screen when he answers, “What’s up? Are you ready to build your website?”

   Emmi taps a pen on the desk and her gloomy voice reveals her disappointment. She didn’t want to make Jiang Weiming feel bad so she pretended not to care. But, she did have her heart set on that property. “No. We hit a snag, someone bought Springwinds out from under us.”

  He points out the jumping figure in the corner of the computer screen and in a low voice he says, “Fix it.”

  “I thought Jiang Weiming put down a deposit.”

  “Well…there was a bit of a miscommunication and he didn’t. Anyway we will find another farm, it’s not a big deal, just more time. That isn’t why I called you. I was hoping you could do me a favor.”

   Feng Chao walks over to his desk and sits down, “If I can I will.”

   “Well, my friend is being blackmailed into marrying a woman he doesn’t love. He is being framed.”

   He takes a piece of candy out of his drawer and unwraps it, “Tell me the situation.”

   Emmi explains, “I’m not sure what the situation is, I overheard bits of a conversation. My friend’s name is Liu Ling.”

  Feng Chao interrupts, “Dr. Liu Ling?”

  “Yes. Do you know him?”

  “No but I know of him. I got an invitation to his wedding with Peng Min. The Peng family lives down the street from my father’s new mansion. So the Peng family is blackmailing him?”

   “We need to expose the conspiracy so he doesn’t need to marry Peng Min.”

   Feng Chao chews the peppermint candy, “Chen Emmi, do you have any more details?”

   “No. But I know Liu Ling works for Peng Pharmaceuticals, developing their traditional Chinese medicinal products. Right now he is a consultant while he is teaching at the University; previously he was the Director of that division. I think they did something illegal and put the blame on Liu Ling, if he doesn’t cooperate they will expose the situation, using him as the scapegoat.”

   “I wouldn’t put anything past Old Man Peng. He strikes me as a person who will do anything to increase his company’s profits.”

   “Do you think you can help Liu Ling?” 

   “I won’t say for sure but I will try. Give me a day.”

   “Thank you. He is very special to me and I don’t want to see him manipulated by those horrible people.”

   “I will do my best to help Liu Ling and expose the people who are guilty. I despise people who ruthlessly trample on others for their own gain.”

  “If there is anything I can do for you please ask.”

  “I will keep that in mind. I will contact you about Liu Ling tomorrow.”

    After she hangs up she takes a deep breath, Brother Ling I will get you out of this marriage! Feng Chao is the best…he will definitely destroy the evidence they have against you and expose Peng Pharmaceuticals wrongdoing.

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