Bai Family Part 1

   They arrive at the dorm and when they enter a tall girl pushes Emmi up against a wall. YaoYao tries to pull her away, “Sung Lan What are you doing, let Chen Emmi go!”

   The girl viciously slaps Emmi with her large palm while berating her, “Bitch! Slut! The President is too good for you!” She stretches her hand to slap her again and Emmi retaliates. She kicks Sung Lan in the leg, as she stumbles backwards Emmi hits her with her backpack and she falls down. Emmi is standing over her when three girls come in the door and see the scene. A short muscular girl grabs Emmi’s ponytail, “Get off of Lan’er!”

   YaoYao pushes the wild eyed girl who is holding onto Emmi’s ponytail. “Chen Emmi is just defending herself, Sung Lan started it!”

   A middle aged woman hears the noise and comes out of her office. She has her hands on her hips staring at the three girls. “What are you doing fighting!”

   All the girls stop instantly when faced with the the Residence Hall Director’s angry appearance. Sung Lan has tears in her eyes and complains, “Mrs. Zhang, it was Chen Emmi! She hit me for no reason!”

   YaoYao pushes through the girls and pipes in to defend Emmi.“She is lying, look at Chen Emmi’s red and swollen cheek!”

   She holds her leg, “I slapped Chen Emmi after she kicked me!”

  Mrs. Zhang raises her voice, “SHUT UP! YOU THREE GET IN MY OFFICE NOW!”

   The three girls obediently follow her into the office and sit down. Mrs. Zhang paces in front of them, “You are worse than a bunch of hooligans!” She knows their stories will contradict each other and she has no way of finding the truth. The witnesses are friends and will stand on the side of their friend that was involved. They were fighting in a blind corner where there are no security cameras. The only solution is to punish all of them. 

   There is a knock at the door and Mrs. Zhang brusquely says, “Unless it is important, come back.”

    A timid voice softly responds, “Mrs. Zhang, can I come in..I..I..have evidence.”

   Mrs. Zhang opens the door and Bai Meilin takes small steps into the room. She is clutching her phone tightly. “I…I was coming down the stairs and witnessed Sung Lan grab Chen Emmi then..then she threw her against the wall.” She flutters her eyelashes, “Umm..” Noticing the intimidating glares from the two girls sitting on the chairs to the left her knees feel weak. She lowers her head and reaches her hand out with the latest iPhone, the designer case is embedded with pink diamonds, “Here Mrs. Zhang look at my phone.”

   Emmi doesn’t recognize the delicate looking girl and wonders why she would stand up for her. The other two girls are notorious bullies and followers of Chen Chloe. The timid little student is inviting trouble. 

   Mrs. Zhang frowns while looking at the video. It would be easier to punish all three girls so there are no repercussions from their families. But…faced with the video proof, I have no choice but to punish the two aggressors. She hands back the phone to Bai Meilin.“Chen Emmi, you can go, but I won’t let you off so easily next time.”

   Bai Meilin shyly smiles at Emmi as they leave the room. They walk to where YaoYao is standing waiting for Emmi. YaoYao’s phone rings and she rolls her eyes, “Yes…okay.. Mother I’m coming.” She wrinkles her forehead looking at Emmi’s cheek, “I need to go, my mother is throwing a fit because I said I wouldn’t go on a blind date. I need to go home and smooth her ruffled feathers. Sweetie, make sure you put ice on your cheek right away.”

  Emmi replies, “I will. Tell your mother I have a new calming sachet for her…hahaha..”

  After YaoYao leaves Emmi turns to Bai Meilin. “Thank you, but you shouldn’t have interfered, they won’t let you go for helping me.”

   Bai Meilin blinks a few times gazing at Emmi with an infatuated look in her soft brown eyes, “It was the right thing to do. I saw her slap you first.”

    Emmi notices her strange expression… “Do you know me?”

   “Well…I am in the same Textile Design class as you. I..I admire your talent very much.” She wonders if her brother Chenxi has contacted Emmi yet but is afraid to ask.

   “Thank you. If you are free for lunch tomorrow I would like to thank you for your help. Oh..what is your name?”

   “Bai Meilin. Yes, I would like that.”

   “Bai Meilin? Is your brother’s name Bai Chenxi?”

   The girl’s round eyes sparkle, “Do you know my elder brother?” 

   Emmi smiles and gazes at her with a puzzled expression, this is a strange coincidence… “Well I met him earlier today. So… you showed him my picture from the forum.”

   She sees Emmi doesn’t seem angry but.. “Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t gossiping…I just think..well my brother has been depressed lately because he can’t find someone he wants to promote. I showed him your picture because…because you seem to meet his requirements. You are beautiful..sweet..talented..perfect.”

   Emmi laughs, she is like a cute little fangirl.. “Bai Meilin, I am far from perfect as you can see..hahaa..”

   “I think you are. I interned last summer at Chloe Designs and I think your designs are on the same level and you haven’t graduated yet.”

   “That’s impressive, they only take two interns.”

   “I would like to think it is because of my talent but my other brother, Cai is good friends with Henri Armand. I wanted to refuse but my brother said that if I passed up such a good opportunity he wouldn’t pay my tuition. I know he forced me because he thinks my personality is too weak.”

  “I disagree. If you were weak you wouldn’t have given Mrs. Zhang your phone to prove I was the one attacked first. Let’s exchange WeChat, I have to go and put ice on my cheek. I will message you later about lunch.”


   “Remember to avoid those girls.” Emmi lightly touches her cheek that is stinging, she wanted to quickly go put ice on it but felt she should speak with the girl who defended her to Mrs. Zhang.

   Bai Meilin watches her leave then hugs her phone to her chest, Brother, I helped you…and made a new friend. She happily walks out the door, although she was nervous facing those girls she knows she doesn’t need to worry. Her eldest brother, Bai Cai has two female shadow guards follow her at all times because of his business.

   After Bai Meilin leaves the dormitory to go to class, one of the shadow guards following behind calls Bai Cai, “Boss, the  Little Missy bravely stood up for a fellow student.”

   A cold handsome man steps on a man squirming on the cold concrete floor of an abandoned warehouse. The sound of bones being crushed and a man’s screams can be heard. Bai Cai smiles and has a doting expression, “Tell me about it.”

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