School Forum Part 1

  Emmi sits on the edge of the bed and texts YaoYao,  [Are you in the dorm?]

 YaoYao is putting on a pair of brown leather boots when she hears a WeChat notification on her phone. [Yes, I am leaving for class in about ten minutes.]

  [Could you see if my sketchbook is by my drawing board?]

 [Sure.] YaoYao walks over to the drawing board, [No.]

[Thanks. I must have left it in my Studio.]

[Aren’t you at your Studio?]

Emmi bites her lower lip..Duh! I am a dummy! Now YaoYao will wonder where I spent the night! [ I am on my way to school. I will go back and get my sketchbook]

 [Emmi, have you seen the forum?]

[You know I don’t pay attention to it. Most of the people on the forum are just there to gossip and spread rumors.]

[You should look. You and Jiang Weiming were photographed at the White Rabbit Cafe looking intimate.]

 Emmi is curious and looks at the school forum then kicks her feet and screams, “ AHHH!” 

 Zhen Sihao hears her scream and comes rushing into the bedroom, he sounds panicked, “What’s wrong?!?!”

  Emmi’s hand is trembling while holding the phone. She shakes the pink phone and mutters, “I’m dead! Dead!” He takes the phone from her hand. When he sees the picture of Emmi feeding Jiang Weiming a bite of  Strawberry Cake his iron grip almost crushes the phone. He scrolls further down and sees a picture of Jiang Weiming affectionately wiping white cream from her mouth; his eyes darken filled with jealousy and rage. He controls the tone of his voice and ridicules, “Chen Emmi, I didn’t think you would engage in this kind of PDA.”

  She looks up at him with wide eyes, “It isn’t what it looks like…they are distorting the facts.” She impatiently waves her jade-like hand. “Give me my phone. I need to contact Jiang Weiming.”

  He raises an eyebrow and sneers, “Isn’t Young Master Jiang, the Student Council President? He could have removed these pictures. Obviously, he wants everyone to know he is your boyfriend.”

   Emmi springs off the bed and tries to grab the phone. “Wang Hao! Don’t slander Jiang Weiming! Give me my phone and get out!”

  She jumps as he holds the phone out of her reach. “Get out? This is my bedroom.”

   Emmi puffs out her cheeks and glares at him. Reaching towards his arm she loses her balance and trips into his chest. They both fall onto the bed, she is on top of Zhen Sihao and her lips press against his unintentionally. The loose pajama top slides down igniting a fire in the depths of his body. He flips Emmi over, his hands hold her arms above her head as she lays squirming underneath him trapped by his strong body. Zhen Sihao’s heart is pounding and his pitch black eyes are filled with possessiveness and jealousy as he growls, “Is this how you seduced Young Master Jiang?”

   She is in a trance staring at the handsome face so close that she can feel his hot breath on her face. When she hears what he says her reason returns and Emmi struggles to get free, “You! You! Get off me…you are hateful!”

   He has a strange expression, “Hateful?” He comes unglued, thinking she has kissed Jiang Weiming and possibly done even more with him. The pictures from the White Rabbit Cafe were like sharp deadly knives piercing his heart. She was coquettishly smiling and he was staring at her with an intense gaze… like a pair of fucking lovebirds. He bites her lip and licks the tiny drops of blood then pries her lips open, kissing her deeply. She helplessly pushes on his chest but becomes dizzy from his domineering kisses .He sucks on her neck tasting her sweet flavor as his fingers unbutton the pajama top. He suddenly stops and releases Emmi and gets off the bed. He tosses her phone onto the bed and leaves without saying anything.

   Emmi’s heart is racing and she can barely breathe gripping the half open black silk pajama top to her chest. Furious, in her heart she curses the eighteen generations of his ancestors. Pervert! Shameless! Hmmph! She hurriedly finds the clothes she was wearing yesterday and gets dressed. She kicks a chair to vent her frustration, I hope I never see Wang Hao again!  She picks up her backpack and takes out the laptop and leaves it on the table. Grabbing her phone off the bed she puts it in the backpack then angrily slams the door as she leaves the bedroom.

  When she storms down the hallway Zhen Sihao stops Emmi, “You need to make breakfast. Forgotten our bet already?”

   Emmi purses her lips and stares at him with a disgusted look. She stomps into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator taking out an apple. She throws it at his head, “Breakfast.”

   He catches the apple then grabs her hand as she rushes past him. He pulls her into his embrace then leans down and kisses her pouty lips. When he is satisfied he lets her go and licks his lips,“Delicious.”

    She swings her hand to slap him, he could easily avoid her hand but he doesn’t. Emmi’s hand leaves a red mark on his face and he smiles. “Little girl, I’m just teaching you a lesson. When you provoke a man you need to bear the consequences.”

   She is speechless and shakes her head as she leaves his apartment. When did I provoke that crazy man?!?!

   After she leaves he takes a bite of the apple then walks down the hallway to his study. He makes a phone call then lazily sits back and eats the apple. Not as sweet as the taste of the little girl… Chen Emmi…you forced me…I am going to have you no matter what it takes.

   Emmi hurries to the White Rabbit Cafe and orders an Americano. I am not going to school until this is solved. If I run into Cousin Chloe and her followers they will beat me to death!

   Once she sits down she looks at the comments under the pictures and cringes. What a bunch of trolls! Suddenly the pictures and all the comments disappear. Emmi blinks a few times and stares at her phone. Did Jiang Weiming see the forum and delete all the pictures and posts? He must have..who else has the ability.

   She sends a Wechat message to Jiang Weiming [Thank you for deleting the pictures and posts.]

    Jiang Weiming is reprimanding his friend for removing the pictures and posts on the forum. “I told you to leave the pictures.”

   “President, I didn’t delete them! I don’t have any idea who did it! They broke through the firewall and hacked into the mainframe. Not only those pictures and posts but anything about Chen Emmi has also been deleted.”

   Jiang Weiming has a puzzled expression as he stares at his phone, “All posts about Chen Emmi?”

   “Yeah, even if her name was only mentioned the post is gone.”

     Emmi sends a  private WeChat message to Jiang Weiming [Thank you for deleting the pictures and posts.]

   [It is what should be done.The Vice President actually was the person who rectified the situation]  She will naturally think I asked him and I can say if the matter comes up in the future I was under the impression he did. 

  [Thank him for me then! happy emoji happy emoji]

  [Are you feeling better?]


 [Do you want to go to Springwinds Medicinal Farm this afternoon?]

[Yes. I need to go to my Art Studio and check on my garden then I can go.]

[I can take you then we can go to Springwinds from there.]

Emmi sips her Americano, [Alright.]

[Call me when you are out of class later.]



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